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The Witch Sister

Dan walked into the street leading up to his house. Another day of crummy school over. Now he was 16, he didn't actually have to go to school. Well, technically. Of course his parents wouldn't let him quit. He'd come too far to give up now.

He wished he didn't have to go to school, like his sister Kat. It was her 18th birthday today. Dan didn't get her a present, of course. He never did. It wasn't like she ever got him one! But this morning, his parents didn't get on his back for it; because Kat had recieved a very big present from her parents. Dan had her his mom say something about "all the girls in the family get this on their 18th birthday", and it being "something you have to keep secret". Dan had made a remark about it being a sowing quilt, and was consequently told off for it. But he had wondered what it was...

He went up to the front door, and rang the bell. Kat answered.

"Oh hello, fair brother, how was your day?" She said.

"Er... whatever. Dad said you couldn't start drinking until the party." Dan answered, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, I haven't been drinking", she said, grinning menacingly. "And I'm not going to the party, either."

"Dad paid $100 for that, you can't just 'not go' to your own birthday party!" Dan replied.

"He never did, that was just to keep me happy until I got my present. It was all a lie."

"It must have been a pretty darn good present if you're willing to give up your 18th birthday party for it!"

"Oh it was. And you, my pathetic little brother, will now experience it." She stood up, and picked up a small book, opening it at a marked page.

"What the heck..." Dan moved back towards the door. "If you do anything to me, mom and dad will kill you."

"Oh, I don't mind. In fact, I'm sure mom and dad wouldn't mind a new pet rabbit, or dog, or cat, or maybe a chicken for dinner or a pig for the barbeque."

"What, did they get you a pet store for your birthday?"

"You were just born an evil little kid, weren't you, Daniel? Well I think you'd make a far better animal."

"What?!" Kat raised a small wooden stick in her hand up into the air, and began reciting something from the book. When she was finished, the wand began to glow, and Dan began to feel slightly strange.

"Every female memeber in our family turns into a witch on their 18th birthday. Mom is more patient than me, she would never use her powers for wrong, but I'm not that kind."

Dan begans to feel very worried indeed....


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan felt a weird tingle go through his body. Then he blacked out. When he woke up, he was in a cramped place. His head was pressed against something soft and white. His mouth was oppened, hanging opened as if that was natural. He tried to close it, and he realized that it required much more of his strength. He did manage to close it though, and then he relaxed. As he did, his mouth slowly opened again. What was wrong? He tried to reach up to his mouth, but realized he had no arms. He had no limbs at all. He tried to shut his eyes, but he didn't seem to have any eyes. He tried to speak, opening his mouth, but he no sound came out. He heard gigling coming from far above him.

"Hello Dan" he heard someone say. It was his sister. Then he felt movement, his lips were scraping together. He strained to look down, and he saw legs moving. The feet were miles away, and he couldn't see them from where he was. His sister must've become a giantess. But he still couldn't figure out what he was. Then he heard a door close. Then the white cloth was taken out of his view, and he saw himself staring at the wall. He recognized it as the wall to the guest bathroom in his house.

"How is it down there?" he heard his sister ask. He tried to respond, opening his lips up more than they already were.

"Whoa!" he heard his sister say, and a hand went over his face. "Hold your horses there, Dan. I don't think you want me to get horny"

'Horny?' Dan thought. 'What does she mean?' Then he felt his veiw shifting, and then he was staring in a mirror. Staring back at him was the giant crotch of his sister. He had never actually seen a girl's crotch, and looking at it now seemed almost creepy. Dan opened his mouth just a little to try to speak, and he saw the hole on his sister's crotch open.

"You see Dan" his sister said, "You're my pussy"


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

'This is sick!' Dan thinks, as his sister told him the sittuation. She had actually turned him into her pussy. He was her body part! Her...sex. He was just a hole in her body that streamed pee from her bladder to the toilet.
"Let's try you out Dan" he hears his sister say. Kat sat down on the toilet, and let her full bladder empty itself. Dan felt warm liquid running through his throat as he stared down at the white toilet. He clamped his lips together, holding them there. He felt the pee his the back of his lips, and build up. The more pee that came to his lips, the harder it was to keep them closed.

"Stop Dan!" he heard his sister say. "I need to pee!" But he kept his lips closed. The pressure continued to build, more and more pee trying to come out of her body. He refused to be used like this. But finally Kat interveened. Dan saw his sister's giant hands coming toward him, and he felt her hands grab his lips. He ressisted for a little while, but finally she ripped his ripps open, and gush of piss flowed from his mouth. He felt like he was vomitting, and the taste was horrible! He tried to close them again, but the flow of piss kept his mouth opened. Finally is slowed down to a trickle, and he felt toilet paper wipe his mouth clean. Then the white cloth was puleld over his face, and he was left in darkness again. His lips scraped against eachother as his sister's legs moved. He became very bored, just sitting on her crotch. Once he bit his sister's panties, but his sister felt it, and she pulled them out of his mouth. About five or six hours later, his sister pissed again. It was a horrible expirience, but it made the day just a tad bit more interesting. Finally that night, his sister took off her panties.

"Dan" Kat said, "I bet your day has been quite...boring"

'Yes' Dan thought, annoyed.

"I can hear you" said, "I just cast a mind reading spell, but it'll only last for ten minutes."

'Oh' Dan thought. 'Great, well can you turn me back now?'

"No" she said, "You've only just begun to find out what it's like to be a pussy. Pussies weren't made just to transport my piss out of my body" She slowly reached down with her hand. Dan saw them, and they started to rub where his cheeks used to be. He realized that his body was much more sesitive. He started to feel aroused, and he didn't know why. He tried not to, but he was actually enjoying this.

"Oh I know you like this, don't try to fight it" she said. Her finger got closer and closer to the opening of Dan's lips, which Dan seemed to be opening wider and wider without thinking about it. Dan felt so good, and he felt hungry. He craved to "eat" something, he was so empty. His sister's finger came to the edge of Dan's mouth, and Dan opened wider welcoming it in. It came in, deeped and deeper. Dan closed upon it, and started sucking on it. His excitement was building.

"Ohhhh! Keep going!" he heard his sister say in excitement. He loved it, he continued to suck hard on his sister's finger. But it wasn't enough...it didn't satfisfy him. He didn't reach the peak that had been expected. All the finger did was make him yearn for something more, something bigger. The ten minutes had passed, but because he was a part of her, Kat could sence his unsatasfaction. She stopped, and put a pair of panties and then a nightgown on.

"You know Dan" she said, turning off the light. "You'll be satisfied soon enough.

What did she mean?


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

"I've decided that I don't want you to get too bored as my pussy," said Kat, "so I'm going to do something nice for you." She whispered a few strange words and there was a flash of light. She then removed her skirt and panties, leaving herself nude from the waist down. Dan now had a clear view of the ground.

"I wonder what she did," he thought to himself.

"What did I do, you ask? Well, that last spell did a couple of things. First off, people now think it's normal for me to be naked from the waist down. Secondly, I made the telepathy spell permanent, so you can always communicate with me telepathically, but I can block you out if you whine, so don't push it! I also expanded it, so you can talk to other people if I let you. Last of all, people will remember that you used to be human, but will all accept that you're my vagina now. That should make things interesting for you..."

Kat then walked downstairs, still partially nude. On the way down, she passed her mum.

"Hello Kat, hello Dan," she said cheerfully. "I'm so glad you found a way to get closer to your brother, Kat, even if it is a little... odd. I never expected you to use The Power in such an unorthodox manner, but I'm impressed with your ingenuity. Just think of all the money you'll save us now that we won't have to pay for Dan's food or clothes. Plus, since he's going to be attached to you, we can save on college expenses by sending him with you, so we can educate you both for half the price!"

"Mum! Help! Kat's gone crazy! She turned me into her pussy! Change me back now!" Dan telepathically shouted at his mother. It was no use, however.

"Hush now, Dan! When I was your age, I would have jumped at the chance to become part of someone else's body! In fact, you should thank your sister for sharing such a special part of her anatomy with you! She could just have easily turned you into her butt, you know, or even an internal organ. Besides, in a few weeks time, you won't even want to go back to being human; it's just so much easier to let someone else take care of you and all of your needs."

Dan was in shock. His own mother, instead of rescuing him, was trying to convince him to enjoy his new form. He felt utterly hopeless...

"Well, we'd better get going," said Kat, "I have to..."

*Dan finds a loophole


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

In his hopelessness Dan had a realization.

Kat was interrupted mid sentence as Dan asked their mom a question. “Hey Mom... If I’m Kat’s pussy, does that mean I’m a girl?”

“I suppose it does sweetheart...” Mom replied as she continued up the stairs.

Before she moved further away he asked, “How old am I?”

Their mom stopped and thought for a moment. “You were 16, but I suppose you’re both 18 now... Happy birthday Dan!”

As Mom continued up the stairs, Dan felt magic flood into his being. With it, he knew that he would be able to free himself from Kat.

Kat caught on to his plan. “That won’t save you... If you change back to a boy, you’ll lose the magic and I’ll just turn you into something else.”

“Good point...” He replied. “I guess I’ll have to try something else.”

Before Kat could react, he visualized himself separated from her body and cast a spell. Like earlier, there was a flash of light...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

His vision was spotty but soon returned. He didn’t feel any different aside from a misplaced headache and some dizziness. He noticed his sister’s legs on either side of his pussy self. He thought the plan failed but something felt different. He tried to move the legs. They responded to his command. As the muscles flexed, he began to feel more control over her lower body. That was the extent of his control. He couldn’t feel anything above the waist.

“Fuck... What did you do?” Kat groaned somewhere above him.

Dan stood up and turned around to see where the detached voice had come from. His body, or half body, felt too light. He had to lean back in what was undoubtedly a lewd thrusting pose to look up the stairs. He found his sister. Her body ended just below her belly button. Her lost half was now his to control. Before his sister could recover he quickly used his newfound magical abilities to cast a spell that allowed him to speak of his own accord. He also put up a ward to prevent her from using anymore spells on him.

Kat was furious as she propped herself up on the smooth bump that capped her lower torso. She cursed and cast a few spells in his direction. Light streaked through the air and harmlessly bounced off of an invisible shield between them. Dan smiled, though he knew that the expression wasn’t much more than his labia spreading. The attempted smile gave him goosebumps and made Kat blush. Dan wasn’t safe just yet and decided to take refuge in his room...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

He ran past her, narrowly avoiding her reach. At the top of the stairs he turned back. Kat glared furiously in his direction. Before he left, Benny, their golden retriever, came around the corner. Kat was never very friendly to their pet and did something unthinkable. Dan watched as she cast a spell on their dog. The poor thing cried as it climbed the stairs unwillingly. He pushed his muzzle into her smooth underside and whimpered. Her flesh began to ripple. His cries were muffled and then silenced as his mouth was pulled into her liquefied flesh. Her body continued to absorb him until his shoulders became her new waist.

She carefully stood up on her new legs and looked up the stairs with an evil grin. Dan knew it meant trouble and high tailed it back to his room. He could hear her four paws thumping against the floor as she ran after him. Dan managed to enter his room. Without arms he relied on his magic to quickly pull the door shut. He immediately cast several wards to keep her out. She beat on the door and shook the knob. When that failed, she attempted to use spells to break in.

Without success she conceded. “You win this round Dan...”

“But don’t you dare think this is over.”

He listened as her four paws padded away from the door...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan noticed a book on his dresser. He was certain it hadn’t been there before. With a spell, he made the book levitate to his groin. It was a spell book similar to the one Kat had in her hand when she transformed him. Apparently this was the gift that every 18 year old girl received in his family. So far, he had been conjuring up mental imagery and using words that just came to him.

The book was written in a language he had never seen, yet somehow he could read it. In the first few pages he found that what he had done was actually a very rare talent. Most witches needed a wand to direct their magic, and only very skilled witches could cast without words. He didn’t see a wand accompanying the book, but guessed that it had a lot to do with his lack of hands.

He felt proud, but a little somber. His sister was the star in their family and he didn’t have many friends at school. He could be the best magician in the world and nobody would care. With a sigh, he paged further into the book. As it turned out, there weren’t many one-off spells. Most of it was concepts that needed to be strung together. He found one spell that explained how to make a person mold-able, then several others that explained transforming one object into another. He guessed that his sister combined a few spells like those to turn him into her pussy.

“Her Pussy...” He thought.

He was his own person now. He might just be the lower half of a girl, but he was in control. Still, he didn’t want to live out his life in that form and kept reading to find a way to transform back in to a human. He toyed with the idea of transforming into an 18 year old girl so he could keep his magic. Dan found several spells that should have worked, but none of them had any effect on his unusual body.

He had been reading for several hours and knew he’d eventually have to leave the room. The pressure building in his face wouldn’t let him wait much longer. Dan removed his wards and quietly opened the door. His sister was nowhere in sight. He tip toed to the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

Once on the toilet, he relaxed. The awful tasting urine poured from his pussy. As the flow decreased he wondered why the hell he still had to barf up piss if he had nothing above his waist. The answer became clear as he opened the door. His sister stood before him.

She grinned, “Thanks, that was becoming uncomfortable...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan and Kat were now about the same height. He was intimidated by her four legged form and tried to run. She stepped in front of him to block his escape routes.

“You can’t curse me again!” He sputtered from the still damp lips.

He was glad he could speak, but felt aroused anytime he moved his pussy.

“I cast my own spells to keep you from messing with me.”

“I fucking noticed.” She moaned. “Stop talking so much!”

“And please stop casting new spells!”

“Do you really want to be stuck like this forever?”

Dan was confused. She was as mean as ever, but almost seemed afraid.

“Why should I listen to you? All of this is your fault!” Dan retorted.

Kat shivered and put her hands on her face. “You’re such a fucking idiot!... Don’t you get it? Transformation spells are easy to cast, but damn near impossible to undo...”

“Why do you think I gave you telepathy and kept you uncovered?”

“I don’t know... Maybe for once in your life you felt nice?” Dan spat.

“Well, yes... The truth is, I couldn’t figure out how to undo it.” Kat replied with a hint of sincerity mixed in with her angry arousal. "There's a way to undo it, but I needed to study more. I decided to at least let you talk with people while I worked on it."

Dan tried not to sound desperate. “If you could undo it all, would you? Would you fix this and leave me alone?”

His question made him feel weak in the knees. His pussy was wet and hungry and the feeling increased with every word. He concentrated to keep his composure.

Kat was quiet for a moment. “... If you cooperate with me, I’ll find a way to make us normal.”

“And?...” Dan pressed.

Kat felt her lips move and groaned. “Ugh... I’ll cast a spell to make you impervious to magic as well... Happy?”

Dan looked down at her furry lower half. “What about Benny?”

“Animals are a lot easier than people. I can change him back any time...” Kat explained.

“His head is... ... Jammed into your stomach... Is he alright?” Dan stuttered.

He almost couldn’t finish his sentence. The vibrations tickled his clit and sent shivers down his legs. Kat seemed to feel it as well. The hair on her dog half stood up.

Kat ignored it and sarcastically replied, “I made you into my pussy and you’re alright aren’t you?”

Dan understood but didn’t like it. Regardless, she had no right to abuse their poor dog like that.

He sighed. “Could mom help us fix this?”

“No...” Kat answered.

“If you recall, I said that everyone would think this is normal. She’d talk to me the same way she spoke to you when you asked for help.”

“We’re on our own...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

“So what should we do?” Dan asked as a line of pussy juice dripped down his thigh.

“First... You need to shut up. You’re giving Benny a boner and it’s making me really uncomfortable.” Kat complained.

“Fine, I’ll stop, but you need to stop acting like such a bitch.”

That last phrase made her moan and hug her torso. Dan felt vibrations and pleasure with each word, but ignored it as best he could. He was determined to stay on top of the situation. He watched her squirm and wondered why she had her arms around her stomach. She answered his question by pulling her shirt open to reveal four, no... Six nipples forming in three rows on her torso.

“Stop casting spells!” Kat yelled.

“I didn’t do anything!” Dan argued.

His knees buckled as he spoke, he managed to catch himself and regained his composure. Kat moaned and her dog half attempted to mount him. He jerked away and used his telepathy.

“Kat... Get a hold of yourself...”

“I’ll stop talking, alright?”

Dan was quick enough to avoid her attempts to mount him again. Kat gave up and moved towards a nearby pile of laundry. She still had her shirt unbuttoned and was fondling the new breasts that slowly grew on her torso. She seemed to zone out completely as her Benny half mounted the pile of dirty cloths. Dan was turned on by the show, but forced his gaze away. They needed to work together and Kat was useless when she was this horny. He wasn’t much better. He walked towards the stairs. He could feel moisture all over his pussy and thighs, but the tingle began to subside with each step. He sat at the top of the staircase and waited for Kat to calm down.

Kat was uncomfortably horny and Benny wasn’t helping. His pink dog dick pointed out of the sheath and twitched. The feeling wasn’t like human arousal. Her lower half just needed to penetrate something. No pleasure or fun, just an instinct for survival. She barely kept control and was grateful to her brother for finally shutting up.

After a few minutes, Benny ejaculated on the dirty laundry. Kat let out a long sexual moan. With her canine cock satisfied, she regained her senses. Her distant pussy still tingled, but that was nothing compared to what Benny had just put her through. She buttoned up her shirt with some difficulty since there were now six breast on her stomach. Once composed, she met her brother at the top of the stairs.

She sat down next to him. “Truce?”

Dan replied. “I’ll agree to a truce, but first you need to apologize to me...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

“You can’t put all of this on me! You’re the one who tore my body in half!”

Dan couldn’t see much. He carefully slid one leg up and propped his butt against the railing. He now had a clear view of Kat beside him. Her shirt bulged out along her stomach. Her original set hadn’t changed, but the others had grown. They seemed to gradually decrease in size as they trailed down her torso. Dan tried not to think about her chest. He still wanted his apology.

Without telepathy, he insisted. “Do you want to fix this or not?”

The hair on Benny’s back stood on end. Dan felt it too but didn’t give into the urges. He was a little surprised that it affected Kat so much but guessed that it had more to do with Benny.

As a blush traveled up her cheeks, she replied. “Fine... Just please... Stop speaking from there...”

“Dan, I’m sorry I turned you into my pussy...”

Dan was happy to hear it. “Alright Kat. We have a truce...”

“Gah, please use the telepathy...” She moaned.

Dan grinned at her discomfort but quickly let his lips relax. It was affecting him too. The moisture covering his groin and thighs made that perfectly clear.

Kat relaxed after a moment and said, “OK, If we want to undo this, we’ll need to trace our steps. Simpler spells, such as nobody caring that you’re naked won’t be an issue, but at the very least, we need to come back together.”

“Bullshit! You just want to control me again!” Dan answered.

“No Dan... We made a truce and I’m gonna respect it. Magic is tricky and usually the best way to undo a complex spell is to play it in reverse.”

“I promise, by the end of this I’ll make you normal again.”

Dan was reluctant but decided to follow her suggestion. He did recall reading something like that in his spell book. Either way, what choice did he have?


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

“Are you ready?” Kat asked.

“Guess so...” Dan replied.

Kat looked down at her temporary dog legs. “Alright, let me just disconnect Benny and we’ll get started.”

She reached into a small pocket on her shirt and pulled out her wand. She must have cast a spell on the pocket. There was no way the minuscule thing could have held her wand otherwise. Of all thing things to surprise him, why that? He was a fucking pair of legs. As he contemplated the situation he heard her mumble some magic words. He recognized a few from his earlier reading.

Once her spell ended, she poked Benny with her wand. The place where her body joined their dog began to ripple. The liquid flesh offered no support and she fell towards Dan. She barely missed his pussy as she landed with one hand on either side of his right leg. Benny’s head emerged from her stomach. He looked confused, barked fearfully, then dashed down the hall to hide in the bathroom.

“I hope you don’t freak out like that when you switch back...” Kat said as she watched him go.

She looked down at her lower half, which was currently Dan’s entire being.

“I wish people were that easy...”

Dan felt a little uncomfortable with his sister so close. “Can you back off now?”

“What’s the matter Dan?” She smiled. “My pussy should want to be close to me...”

Dan was annoyed with her comment. “I’m not your pussy. I’m Dan. You’ll get your legs back when you return my real body.”

“See Dan, this is why we don’t get along. You have no sense of humor...” Kat joked as she tweaked his clit.

Both of them shivered as she pushed herself away.

“Alright... Let me see if I can reattach myself...”

She leaned against the opposite wall and prepared a new spell. Before she could test it out, their Mom came up the stairs with an empty laundry basked under her arm.

Mom didn’t seem at all concerned about Kat being split in two, but did notice of the bulges in Kat’s shirt. “What’s up with your stomach?”

She blushed. “I... It’s just... Something I wanted to try out... I’ll change back soon...”

“You should... Those buttons won’t hold up very well and cloths are a pain in the butt to transform...”

Mom looked at Dan and said, “Why are you so wet?”

“I... Uh...” Dan stuttered.

Kat glanced over. Her groin was soaked and glistening.

She was embarrassed and quickly interrupted Dan. “Sorry mom... He’s still getting used to it.”

“OK. Just, please wipe off you pussy Kat. I don’t want Dan to catch a cold.”

Their mom stepped over Dan’s outstretched leg to retrieve the dirty laundry at the end of the hall.

She must have noticed Benny cowering in the bathroom. Apparently his fear just looked like guilt to their Mom. “Dammit Benny...” She muttered as she picked up a shirt with a streak of cum on it. Once the cloths were placed into her basket, she went back downstairs...

As she walked past Dan and Kat, she said. “You two be nice to each other, alright?”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Once their mom disappeared from view, Kat resumed her spell. Unfortunately, it had no effect. She tried again, then once more.

“What the hell... Why isn’t it working.”

“I knew this would be hard to focus, but it’s like my spells have no effect at all...”

Dan realized the issue. “Uh... They won’t. That was one of the first things I did when I separated from you...”

Kat’s heart sank. “But how? You never said anything...”

“You don’t even have a wand, much less hands to hold it...”

“I don’t really know how I did it, I just imagined what I wanted and felt the power.”

“Seriously? Maybe this is why guys don’t get magic in our family... You’re too damn reckless.”

“Hey, do I need to remind you who started all of this?” Dan argued.

Kat sighed, “No... But what you did is near impossible to undo. We may really be stuck like this...”

Dan could see tears forming in her eyes and made a suggestion. “Why don’t you teach me the spell?”

Kat sniffed and wiped her eyes. She didn’t like it, but decided that it was the only way they could proceed, unless Dan found a way to undo his ward. A near impossible task if he couldn’t remember the spell he used.

“Alright, but we should probably go somewhere more private.” Kat replied.

“My room is a mess, can we use yours?”

Dan didn’t care. He stood up, turned, then crouched in front of her. “Grab on...”

“What?” Kat asked as she looked at her own ass.

Dan repeated himself. “I said grab on... Or would you rather drag yourself down the hall?”

Kat didn’t know why he was being nice but took the offer. She reached up and wrapped her arms around her own detached waist. Dan lifted her and began to walk towards his room at the other end of the hallway. He felt her rows of breasts rubbing against his ass. The pussy that had become his face was already wet from their heated argument, but the thoughts made him drool even more. His lips were just too sensitive and his sister’s warm chest wasn’t helping the situation. Perhaps he would have been better off just leaving her to crawl.

Kat noticed, “Stop getting weird ideas Dan...”

Dan tried not to think about it but he hadn’t gotten any attention in so long. He felt hungry...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

They made it to his room and he deposited his legless sister on the bed. She pushed aside his pillows and propped herself against the headboard. Dan had to take a small running start to get himself up. He then spread his legs to face her. Kat could see moisture leaking from her cunt. She was doing a poor job hiding her arousal. She may not have any control over the muscles, but she still felt everything. The feeling of her strange new breasts against her own ass, the dripping pussy... She was turned on and really wanted to play with herself.

Dan could sense her discomfort and tried to diffuse the situation. “So what do we do now?”

“I need to teach you... A spell that can join us... But...” Kat groaned.

“There’s no way I’ll be able to concentrate on anything... So long as you’re so damn wet...”

Dan tried to deny the way his body felt. He didn’t want to give into his sister’s sexual needs.

“It’s... It’s just sweat... I’m fine.” He countered.

Kat knew better and giggled, “Is that so? What if I do this?”

With one quick motion, she unbuttoned her shirt. Dan’s pussy gaped open as he looked at her torso. Her original pair of breasts were still held in a bra, but below were the three new rows that he had accidentally given her with a spell. The sight turned him on even more. Kat let out a moan when she felt it.

She undid her bra and let it fall. Dan marveled at the eight naked breasts on her chest. Each row slightly smaller than the set above.

With a shaky voice Kat said, “ooh.... Fuck Dan... I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so wet. You're driving me crazy.”

“... I need to calm you down or I’m going to lose my mind.”

Dan was now too aroused to object. Kat pushed herself forward, then dropped her face down to meet his lips. She began to lick their clit.

Between each taste she let out excited moans. Dan felt it each time her dimpled tongue tugged on his clit and hood. If he still had a dick, this would far surpass anything he’d ever tried on his own. His legs shook as Kat inserted her tongue into his vaginal opening. He sucked on it and continued to dribble fluids. His sister was so caught up in the moment that she drank it down without hesitation.

The surreal cunnilingus session didn’t last long. The separate halves of his sister’s body were already so close to their breaking point that Dan couldn’t stop himself when hot cum began to drool onto his labia. Kat licked it clean and pushed herself back into a seated position. Dan couldn’t look away. He had a perfect view of his sister’s eight breasted torso as she breathed.

He watched them rise and fall and reached one more orgasm, sending them both into another round of euphoria. If he had kept his pussy aimed at her, he may very well have had another. The thought of his hands on those breasts kept him hungry for her fingers or tongue but he forced himself to stop. It felt wrong to stare at his sister like that. With weak legs, he pushed himself into a position against the wall next to his bed. The new view was of his bedroom door on the opposite side of the room...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

“Well shit... Does this mean I’m a lesbian now?” Kat joked.

“I think our predicament is a bit more unusual than girl on girl...” Dan answered.

“As bad as this situation is for us... I can’t lie, I really fucking enjoyed that. Who knew my own pussy could taste so great” Kat laughed.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but your 16 year old boy brain sent some pretty insane signals to my fun zone...”

“Uh... Thanks... I guess.” Dan replied as he slipped down from the bed.

He turned around and leaned back to look up at her. “Will you teach me your spell now?”

Kat let out a long sigh and began to button her shirt. “I know you had fun too, you don’t have to be so cold.”

She was right, but Dan didn’t ask her for it. He saw her breasts squeeze together as she fastened each button. He tried not to think to about them, but just looking gave him goosebumps. She must have felt it too. As the shiver traveled down his legs, she paused... Then slowly resumed buttoning the shirt. He continued to stare until something near the edge of the bed caught his eye.

Dan pointed it out. “Hey, don’t forget your bra...”

Kat laughed. “That’s a considerate thought, but I think I’ll leave it off... It’s not like it’s doing much good anyway...”

She knew that her chest turned him on. Every time he caught a glimpse she felt goosebumps on her detached thighs.

“You really shouldn’t think about your sister like that Dan.”

He ignored her comment. “Do you plan to get rid of those any time soon?”

Kat replied, “Hmm... I don’t know. You did it without words or a wand, so undoing it will be a serious challenge.”

"Mom has a hard time transforming cloths but, who knows, it might be easier for me."

"Besides, I’ve kind of got a fetish for this sort of thing...."

Kat blushed when she realized what she admitted. "... Uh... Lets ... keep that between us... Alright?"

"...Anyway, I may just add a spell to make these seem as ordinary as you becoming my pussy."

Dan couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. Either way, she seemed far to comfortable telling him all of this.

“Whatever... Just pull your shirt on and teach me this spell so we can fix this.” Dan replied growing impatient.

“I wish you weren’t such a grump.” Kat said as she hooked the last button.

"I'm not a grump!" Dan shot back.

"You just aren't taking any of this seriously!"

She fell forward and pulled herself to the edge of his bed to face him.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Dan asked.

She scrutinized. “Actually, before I teach you anything. I need to clean myself up.”

“There’s something else too, and you’re not gonna like it...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

“I don’t suppose you feel that pressure in the bottom of my stomach?” Kat continued.

Their pussy opened. Had it been his face, it would have shown a look of utter dismay. He had felt a pressure and knew what it reminded him of. He hadn’t relaxed his anus for the past hour out of habit.

“Given they way you’re standing with my lips spread open, I’m guessing you know...”

“We had better head to the bathroom. I need to use the toilet and you know I can’t do it without you.”

“If it makes you feel better, I had gone before this whole thing started, and I really haven’t eaten much.”

"It doesn't feel like a big one..."

He knew that a trip to the bathroom was inevitable but begged. “Can’t it wait until after I’m back to normal?”

Kat was more serious as she said, “I’m afraid not. Difficulty aside, this particular spell will require us to stay together for a few hours. I imagine our best bet would be to use it, then fall asleep together. You should be attached by tomorrow morning.”

“I’m sure things will go a lot smoother if we’re clean and comfortable.”

“Also, don’t get any weird ideas. I can show you the details in my book if you don’t believe me.”

He didn’t say anything else as he walked to the edge of the bed and turned around. Kat hugged his waist and held tight. On her signal, Dan moved forward. Her torso fell from the bed and slapped the back of his legs. Since he was expecting it, he didn’t falter. Together, they went to the bathroom...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

As they entered, Kat explained her original spell, “When I turned you into my pussy, I set the spell up so that you would still have your senses.”

“Yea, what’s your point?” Dan asked.

Kat continued. “We don’t really get along... I’m not sure we ever will, but I do want to change you back and put this behind us. I guess the reason I bought up the original spell is that...”

“Um... I guess I’m just really sorry about what’s gonna happen next... It’s not something I had in mind when I started this.”

“You mean shitting two inches away from the place that is currently acting as my nose and mouth?” Dan questioned.

“Yea...” Kat sighed.

“Just set me down by the bathtub. When you’re done on the toilet I’ll wipe you off, then we should take a quick shower. You’ll need to help me reach the knobs and the soap on the shelf.”

“A shower?” Dan asked.

“Yea, you’re a sticky mess and I’m all sweaty from earlier.” Kat answered.

Dan didn’t argue. He knelt down and let her off. She waited by the bathtub while he slid onto the toilet seat. The pressure wasn’t anything to serious but his asshole released a medium sized log when he pushed. As suspected, the smell was just awful. It was so strong that he could almost taste it. To make matters worse, urine ejected from his pussy while the poo slid free.

As he relieved their shared bodies of waste, Kat grabbed a small handful of toilet paper. Dan pushed out the last of it and stood up. He was glad to put distance between himself and the odor in the toilet bowl, but still felt gross with the remaining poo on his asshole.

Kat instructed him to turn around in front of her. He leaned forward and she pulled his left butt cheek away for better access. She used a few folded squares of toilet paper to wipe away any excess shit and tossed them into the toilet. She also wiped some moisture from his pussy. He was glad to be rid of some of the urine taste right at his opening.

Kat told him when she had finished and reached over to flush the toilet. “Can you lift me up so I can start the water?”

Dan crouched down in front of her so she could grab on. She braced herself with one arm on his waist and reached in to turn on the water. She held the position with her hand under the spigot. When the water was warm, she pulled a tab to switch on the shower above.

“Go ahead and step in. I’ll join in a second.” She said as Dan let her down by the tub.

Dan stepped inside. The water was a little cooler than he preferred, but not uncomfortable. His sister pulled off her shirt and climbed over the edge to meet him. Without really thinking about her eight breasts, he turned around to face her. His vision rested on them, each wet orb shining in the dim bathroom light. He was horny again, and she knew it. He could see her face blushing red.

“Dan, you really aught to stop with the dirty thoughts... I’m am your sister after all.”

As she pulled the shower curtain closed he said, “Funny, you didn’t seem to have any problem sticking your tongue into me, even though I’m your brother.”

“That’s my pussy, those are my legs and ass. Besides, you enjoyed it!” She argued.

“I did, and I’m a boy who enjoys looking at tits. It doesn’t matter what I look like. Until this spell is undone, you need to remember who you’re talking to.”

“Don’t expect me to shrug it off when you lick this pussy or flash me.”

His comments must have hurt her feelings. She stayed quiet for the rest of the shower, only occasionally asking him to turn around or spread his legs as she scrubbed him off with soap and a rag.

Dan didn’t care if she was mad. He felt like he made his point and was content to spent the rest of the time letting her scrub him down. He stopped caring so much about guilty thoughts and enjoyed looking at her breasts whenever he aimed his crotch at her. Weird as they were, they still turned him on. He could see her cheeks turning bright red when she lathered soap between each row. At one point she had to ask him to turn around so she could concentration. It felt so nice to be wiped down by his sister, to make her feel his arousal. There was almost a sense of revenge as she cared for him.

When she was satisfied that they were both clean, she asked him to lift her up once more. This time Dan faced forward as he bent down. Kat noticed and rolled her eyes. Her expression made it clear that she thought he was a pervert, but she didn’t hesitate to grab hold. Dan had a close up view of her lower breasts as he stood up. He could feel their warmth against his legs and shivered. He nearly laughed out loud when he felt her shiver almost immediately after. Kat turned off the water and he set her back down.

Her cheeks were red and she was smiling. “You’re such a dork...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan stepped out first, then Kat climbed out behind him. He helped her reach a towel on the wall and she wiped him down, then dried herself. Dan carried her towards the door. Kat pushed it open and looked out. Nobody was in the hall and she asked him to go to her room.

“Why should we go there? Isn’t your spell book sitting in my room?” Dan joked.

The damp naked breasts pressed into his ass were as good of reason as any to take her to her own room.

“Come on Dan... I need a new shirt...” Kat whined.

“Maybe I’ll just drop you off here and head back to my room...” Dan replied.

“No! Don’t make me drag myself across the floor... We just took a shower.” She cried.

Dan could heard her desperation, “Jeez Kat, did you think I was being serious?”

“Hell I don’t know, you always sound so serious...” Kat argued.

“Is Dan branded sarcasm really that foreign to you?” He asked.

Kat was quiet for a moment. “I guess I never thought you had much of a sense of humor...”

“Yea, maybe if you took some time to know me instead of always putting me down, things would be different.” Dan shot back.

“Hey stop that... If our truce means that I can’t be mean to you, then you should start being nicer to me as well!” Kat complained.

He felt bad and apologized.

“Thanks... And I’m sorry too. I’m not trying to be mean either, It’s just old habits I guess.” Kat said as they reached her door.

The room inside was clean with the exception of a few wads of paper near the trashcan by her desk. Her bed was made and her things were organized.

“I thought you said your room was a mess?” Dan asked.

“Yea... I just didn’t want you in here... I’m over that now.” Kat replied.

“You, my brother Dan, are currently substituting for my lower half. It would only make sense that I grant access to my own body parts, right?”

"Come to think of it, from what little I saw back when I was still connected to you, it didn't look dirty at all." Dan laughed.

“And you thought I was the dork...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan crouched down and let her off near the dresser. She had some trouble, but managed to pull a shirt from one of the higher drawers. As she pulled it on, Dan glanced at the digital clock up on her wall. It read 10:48pm. Waiting in her panties earlier that day had felt like an eternity. Now, he wondered where the evening had gone. He was feeling a bit tired and wondered if his sister did as well.

She interrupted his thoughts. “Hey, can you lift me up again?”

He lifted her and went to the edge of the bed. She managed to pull herself up from there.

“You might as well join me.”

“Why? Don’t we need to get your spell book first?” Dan asked.

She smiled and said a few magic words. After a moment, her wand and book floated through the cracked door and landed on the bed.

“Cool trick huh? That was the first spell mom showed me after I got my book.”

Dan was impressed, but couldn’t really smile it without making both of them uncomfortable. Since she had her book, he had no reason to wait. With a running start, he hopped up onto the bed. He maneuvered himself into a comfortable seated position near the wall. Kat situated herself next to him and opened her book.

She found a section about undoing transformation spells. The book made it clear that undoing complex spells wasn’t always as easy as casting them. In it there were details about basic reversals as well as an assortment of concepts. Like casting new spells, these had to be pieced together. She explained the methods she had tested when he was still in her pants. She leaned over and held the book between his spread legs.

“See, I couldn’t get any of these to work, but I don’t think they were specific enough...”

“But if we use this one, then these two... That should fuse us back together.”

“Once we’re fused, we can use these four spells to switch you back to normal...”

“Unfortunately it says that the effects could take anywhere from two minutes to twelve hours depending on the strength of the magic.”

“We’re both beginners, so I doubt it will be quick.”

“That’s why I suggested that we clean up first.”

Nothing about the spells seemed suspicious, but they were complex. One mistake could mess everything up. The spell she explained to him had yet to be tested but she no longer had the ability to use it on him. Fortunately, he had no magical barriers keeping him from sending the spell’s back. Of course, he could also cast things on himself.

He read the lines several times until he had them memorized. “Alright... Keep the book in front of me and I’ll recite the spell...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Before Dan began, Kat made a suggestion. “As much as I’d prefer it... I don’t think you can use your telepathy to cast this.”

“One stray thought and we might turn inside out...”

“Alright...” Dan answered with his mind.

It would be his last mental response for a few minutes. Kat held the book still as Dan spoke from their pussy. Vibrations sent shivers down his legs, making it hard to read. Dan forced himself to focus. At one point Kat couldn’t help stifling a moan. Dan ignored her quiet squeak and continued. After nearly twenty seconds of continuous stimulation, the spell was cast.

“Did it work?” Kat breathed.

Dan could feel wetness on the edge of his lips and switched back to his telepathy. “I’m not sure...”

“Wait... I feel something...”

Kat replied, “Oh... I feel it to. Like that pin prick feeling you get when you leg goes numb, but not as painful right? I feel it at the bottom of my stomach...”

“We’d better get into position.”

As they rearranged themselves, Kat noticed that her underside, along with the prickly feeling, felt really sticky against the bed sheets. She managed to pull herself free without leaving any sort of residue. With some effort she made herself comfortable at the head of the bed.

“Alright Dan, get in front of me and I’ll help you get centered.”

He scooted into a seated position just below his sister and laid back. She reached down and held either side of his waist to guide him into the sticky flesh. Once aligned she had him gently push himself up the bed until they made contact. Their separate parts almost felt magnetized as they came together with an abrupt slap. Kat was whole again, but there was a visible line around her waist. As it was, they could still be pulled apart with little effort.

“I guess that’s it... Now we just have to wait for it to finish.” Kat said as she stretched her arms and yawned.

“It’s almost midnight... We might as well sleep.”

“Yea...” Dan replied. “Goodnight Kat.”

“Night Dan...” Kat echoed.

She reached over and pulled a blanket across them, then cast a basic spell to turn off the lights. Dan felt a little funny as his body slowly merged into Kat’s top half. He was sad to lose his freedom, but knew that it was a necessary step towards recovery. The tingling subsided and he began to feel numb around his waist. He tried not to think about it and soon fell asleep. Kat felt her legs relax. It wasn’t long before she dozed off as well...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

“Hey... Hey Kat. Are you awake?” Dan asked through the sheets. He had barely awoken and wanted to know if the spell had worked. He could still feel everything from the waist down and seemed to have control of the muscles. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing and continued to call out.

Sunlight crept through the blinds. Kat could hear her brother saying something. She groaned and tried to roll over, but only her upper body responded. With that she remembered everything from the previous day. She cursed and yanked off the blanket. The line where they had been divided was completely gone. She ran her hands along her stomach and down her waist, stopping just short of her pussy when Dan yelled, “Hey, this isn’t the time for that!”

She pulled her hand away. “I’m not split in two anymore...”

“But I still can’t I move my legs...”

“Apparently I’m still in control.” Dan replied as he moved her toes around.

He tried not to sound to pleased about it. They did have a truce after all. Still, he was glad to have leverage in the situation.

Kat didn’t like it, but decided that it was better than no legs at all. “Alright, lets try to stand up.”

Together they slid to the edge of her bed and dropped off. The first attempt ended with Dan having a sore ass after they hit the floor.

“You’re too heavy.” Dan joked.

“It probably has something to do with these breasts you gave me!” She jeered.

They carefully pulled themselves up with the help of her nearby office chair.

With a bit of practice, she managed to balance herself on the autonomous pair of legs. She could still feel every part of her body, but couldn’t predict what her brother might do. They made a few test strides and she slowly got used to leaning and adjusting to keep balanced. So long as he didn’t make any sudden moves, they would be fine.

“I suppose we should try out the other spells...” Dan suggested.


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

“Alright, let me get my book. It’s there on the night stand.” Kat replied.

Dan slowly turned and walked towards it. Once Kat had it in hand she opened to a marked page and began to recite the spells in sequence. Once finished, she set the book on her bed and looked down at her groin. Dan didn’t say anything but she could feel her pussy spreading. Little did she know that it wasn’t a change, rather it was his crude smile.

“Is it working?” Kat asked.

Dan laughed. “Did you seriously forget.”

“Dammit. You still have those wards.” Kat blushed. “Stop laughing... I’m still tired. It's Saturday and you didn’t let me sleep in at all!”

Dan’s laughter subsided. “That was pretty long... You might want to sit down before I read it...”

Kat remembered that he’d need to use her pussy to cast the spell and said, “Wait... I need to pee first... I don’t think either one of us wants to piss midway through the spell.”

“Ugh... She’s right...” Dan thought as the pressure in his groin gradually became his main focus.

“Fine, lets get this over with...”

Dan turned her around and went to the bathroom. Kat struggled to keep herself upright as his pace quickened. They sat down on the toilet. Dan didn’t want to be there any longer than necessary and relaxed the muscles holding back the piss. Seconds later, urine rushed out and dribbled along his lips. The piss was especially nasty that morning. Dark yellow, smelly, and salty. He groaned verbally and made them both shiver. Kat didn’t think too much of it as she wiped him clean.

“Alright... Lets give this another try...” She said as they stood and went back to her room.

They helped each other back onto her bed. He spread apart his legs and she held the book in front of her pussy. Dan cast the spells in order. Kat was careful to turn the pages when he reached the end of each one. Near the end, She was shivering and Dan’s words came out with a wet lisp. A significant amount of fluid filled his hole and the vibrations were nearly unbearable. Kat set the book aside and pushed them forward until Dan’s feet fell to the floor. He had a hard time standing and felt very hungry.

“Fuck Dan... I wish you weren’t so great at making me feel good down there.” Kat said as she grabbed a tissue from her night stand and began to wipe the moisture away. “Calm down before you make me cum...”

Dan was about to reply but stopped when he felt something strange happening. Without warning, his knees gave out and they toppled forward.

“What the hell Dan!” Kat yelled.

Dan replied, “I... I can’t feel my legs...”

“You mean my legs!” Kat shot back as she pushed herself up.

Dan continued, “I’m... .. I’m numb... Help me Kat... Help...”

Kat could feel the muscles in her legs. They were weak but gradually becoming more responsive. She wanted to be happy, but something felt off. Dan’s consciousness seemed to be leaving her body. Was he going to reappear nearby? The spell was meant to separate two souls from one body, one would be reborn... It was all pretty clear in her book.

Kat wasn’t sure what was happening, but tried to reassure him. “We’re separating Dan... Just hang in there.”

There was no response...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan felt his influence over her lower body diminish until he was barely even aware of her pussy. Soon even that was gone. He felt nothing, saw nothing... He barely registered a thought. Suddenly, a body began to form. It was very small, very weak. He was trapped somewhere warm and damp. It wasn’t like before. He tried to move. He managed to go downward. His consciousness was returning but the body didn’t feel like his. Where was he? It was so dark there. There's an opening. Must escape.

Kat carefully stood up. She couldn’t sense her brother at all. Her pussy was motionless and she began to worry. Suddenly, her stomach expanded, pushing her lower six breasts aside. She had spontaneously become pregnant and could feel something trying to push free. As the growth pushed and poked at her insides, her breasts began to lactate. It was a weird mix of pleasure and pain as the creature forming inside found her opening.

Her pussy stretched painfully and a tiny hand reached out, followed by another. The hands pulled apart her labia to make room for a tiny head. She breathed hard and pushed. She couldn’t think about anything, she just needed to get that thing out of her as soon as possible.

With a violent pop a child emerged and slid across the floor in a puddle of afterbirth. Kat fell backwards and passed out.

The tiny version of Dan writhed on the floor. He coughed up some strange fluids and felt blinded by the bright lights in the room. Once he had adjusted, he looked around to assess the situation. He had escaped the damp cave, but everything around him was huge. He spotted his sister. Her shirt was soaking wet around each of her breasts and her stomach seemed unusually flabby. A trail of blood and puss stretched from his feet to her crotch. Her pussy sagged open and looked awful. Nothing like it had been whenever he saw it in a reflection.

Staring at his unconscious sister made him realize what had happened. Did she just give birth to him? He thought back to the spell and realized that one of the lines referenced something like being reborn. He puzzled over the situation and wondered how he’d deal with his minuscule stature. Fortunately that issue didn’t last long. His body was wracked with pain as his bones grew. His skin stretched and hair formed on his head. It was excruciating, but lasted only a few minutes.

The pain nearly made him pass out. When it stopped, he was back on the floor in the puddle of vaginal discharge. He was back to his usual size. More importantly, he was separated from Kat...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

He carefully stood up and shook his head. Kat seemed to be in pretty bad shape but something was happening. He watched as her stomach deflated. Her shirt was still soaked and held far more breasts than it should have. Still, he was glad to see her stomach going back to normal. His eyes were drawn to her bloody crotch. It was shrinking as well. Soon, her pussy closed up and took on the appearance that he had become familiar with, though it was still a bit bloody. Seeing it like that made him glad that she didn't change him during her period.

She gasped and opened her eyes. “Dan... DAN!”

She looked back and forth then pushed herself up to see him standing a few yards away from her groin.

“Are you OK?” Dan asked.

Kat barely kept her composure. “I... I thought you were gone...”

“It’s alright... I’m here...” Dan answered. “It worked.”

“What happened? Why do I feel so sore?” Kat said as she grabbed her stomach. “You used the spell... Then we fell down...”

“Is that blood?”

She began to remember what had taken place as she followed the trail of goop back to her own pussy.

“You have got to be kidding me...”

She lifted her shirt to reveal the lower two rows of breasts. Dan was surprised to see milk dripping from each nipple. That explained why her shirt was soaked. For some reason, seeing her breasts didn’t illicit feelings of arousal, rather, they made him feel hungry.

He pushed the thought aside and joked, “You’re a mess...”

“Speak for yourself!” Kat shot back.

Dan was still covered in clumps of afterbirth. He looked at the clock on her wall. I was past 11, and their parents would likely call them down for lunch soon.

“We’d better get cleaned up before Mom and Dad find out what happened.” Dan suggested.


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Kat pulled down her shirt and carefully stood up.

She stretched her arms and let out a long groan. “I can’t believe I just gave birth to my own brother...”

“Try not to think about it... The important part is that we’re finally separated.” Dan answered.

“Yea, I suppose you’re right.” She replied. “Lets go take a shower...”

She grabbed a clean shirt from her drawer and went to the door.

She stopped just outside and looked back, “You coming?”

Dan was confused. “You... You want me to go to the shower with you?”

Kat shrugged. “May as well, it’s not like you’ll be seeing anything new...”

It was unusual, but Dan felt compelled to stay near her and decided to follow. He left a few messy footprints in the hall as the remaining afterbirth drooled down his body. Kat had Dan start the water while she pulled off her damp shirt. He adjusted the cold and hot tap until the temperature was comfortable and stepped in. His sister followed.

Dan was a little turned on by her naked body and excessive breasts, but more shocked by everything that had happened. He paid her little mind as he cleaned and explored his body. It really was back. His arms and legs were there, he was free to move on his own. His mouth didn’t taste funny or feel overly sensitive. He could speak without repercussions. He looked down. His penis hung limp in his groin. It seemed larger than he remembered. Would his mom still think he was a girl? It would be difficult for anyone to argue that he had the right parts for it. Admittedly, his sister had more than enough breasts for the both of them. The thought nearly made him laugh out loud. He was a little disheartened when he realized that he would no longer be able to use magic, but was happy to be back regardless.

For whatever reason, Kat wasn’t bothered at all by Dan sharing the shower. Granted, she couldn’t help noticing his cock. It was surprisingly large for a 16 year old's. That wasn’t the only thing that seemed strange. He was taller now, about an inch taller than her. That couldn’t be right, she had always been taller than him. He looked different. Maybe older?

“Dan... How old are you?” Kat asked as he scrubbed shampoo into his hair.

“Huh?... I... I’m... That’s weird...” He answered. “I’m not sure... How long has it been since the spell?”

“It couldn’t have been more than an hour or so.” Kat replied.

“You’re taller than me... Have you always been... Um... That big?”

Dan looked back down. “Honestly, no... I was wondering about that myself. Not that I’m complaining or anything...”

“Maybe the spell just matched our ages when we separated.” Kat reasoned.

She was actually a little intimidated by his height, given that she had always been his “big” sister.

“Maybe...” Dan shrugged.

He stepped under the shower head to rinse off. The entire time they were in there, Kat felt something strange in her groin. It was like something was occasionally rubbing the skin along her thighs and vulva. It wasn’t unpleasant but did seem weird since her brother was no longer living in there. She guessed that it was just her body getting used to an unconscious pussy again. She did her best to ignore it.

Dan was finished rinsing off and stepped out of the shower to dry himself. With him out of the way, Kat stepped under the running water.

Dan patted himself off and said, “Hey Kat, I’m gonna head back to my room, OK?”

“Alright, I’ll see you later.” Kat answered.

Something was different between them. Dan couldn’t quite place his finger on it, but it felt like they were getting along well. Almost too well. He was glad for it and definitely preferred that over their previous relationship. A few minutes after Dan had left, Kat turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She dried herself and walked to the vanity. Her crotch was back to normal but still felt odd. It was strange but she knew that she’d get used to it after a while. She wondered if she would ever be able to reach the same level of pleasure that Dan had given her.

She took a moment to look herself over. It was nice to truly be alone again. She examined the eight breast on her torso. They were perfect clones of her original set, just scaled down in sequence. She gave one a squeeze and it dripped a little milk.

Kat dabbed it off with a rag and complained. “I sure hope this is temporary...”

She pulled on her clean cloths. The breasts really didn’t bother her. When she told Dan that it was a fetish of hers, she wasn’t kidding. Still, it was more fun to think about other people having them than growing her own. At the very least, she would cast a spell to make them ordinary looking to outside observers. At most, she’d try to undo them. The chances of pulling that off were slim to none if Dan couldn’t explain what he did. As far as she knew, he just asked her to stop acting like a bitch and forced out some magic.

“Wait... Was that it? Did he just dump some magic into an English phrase?” Kat thought.

It was still a mystery, but at least she’d have something to base her research on.

Once fully clothed, she opened the door and went back to her room...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

On the way, she noticed that Dan’s door was closed. She didn’t care, a little privacy was well deserved after what had happened. As she walked she felt something strange in her crotch. She ignored it. At her door the feeling came back, this time stronger. It was concentrated on her clit. Something was stimulating it.

“What on earth...” She said as she pulled her skirt and panties forward to look.

Her clit was very stiff and held her hood up. As she looked, it sent another tingle up her pelvis. Her knees nearly gave out as she stepped into her room.

Meanwhile, Dan was lying on his own bed. He hadn’t masturbated in so long. His dick was bigger. It was more sensitive too. Ordinarily he’d use lotion to reduce friction, but this time was different. His dick produced more than enough precum to keep things slick. It wasn’t anything like the full body pleasure that he had in his sister’s crotch, but it still felt really nice. Very liberating.

He stroked and rubbed his cock for several minutes, then felt warmth building at the base of his shaft. Seconds later, cum shot out and landed on his stomach. His dick spat out a few more lines of jizz before it began to soften. He released his grip and relaxed.

While Dan had been masturbating, Kat had been lying in bed with her fingers deep in her cunt. She hadn’t planned to masturbate right after her shower but her throbbing clit needed attention. She felt dizzy and continued to rub and finger herself. She would have usually taken a while to reach an orgasm, but this time reached a climax in minutes. Cum leaked out of her pussy and sent shivers down her spine. After that, her clit softened and everything down below abruptly relaxed. It was unusual, but she decided that it was just her body adjusting to the way she had been before.

Kat stayed there for a few minutes to regain her composure. When she felt the world stop spinning, she sat up. There was a small mess on her sheets just below her gap and the blood and afterbirth puddle still remained on her floor. She meant to take care of that as soon as she had gotten back, but had to drop everything when her pussy went nuts.

She sighed and slid off of her bed. Her shirt had eight damp spots where here breasts had started leaking again. With an annoyed grumble, she pulled off the wet shirt and found another. This time, she tucked tissues in-between her nipples and the fabric to catch some of the milk. She had managed to pull off her panties and skirt before going to work, so they were still clean. She wiped her pussy with another tissue then pulled on her pants. Once re-dressed she picked up her wand. Fortunately cleaning was a cinch with magic. With some basic words the mess on her bed and floor vanished.

While she admired her handy work, she heard her dad yell up the stairs. “Lunch is ready, come down and eat!”

Kat thought she felt her clit wiggle as she went towards the door. She guessed that it was just her imagination and kept walking...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan heard their dad and quickly hopped off of his bed. His cock was still semi-erect and bounced against his legs. He pulled a handful of tissues from a nearby dispenser and wiped off the cum on his stomach. He didn’t want to make them wait and pulled on some underwear, then jeans and a t-shirt. The shirt fit alright, but the jeans seemed a little too short for him. Was he really older now? His new height suggested as much.

Now clothed, Dan left to meet his parents in the dining room. He caught up to Kat just as she entered.

Mom looked at them, then turned her attention to Dan, “What are you wearing Kat?”

Kat wasn’t sure why she was looking at Dan and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Why did you dress up your vagina?” Mom inquired, this time more sternly.

Kat remembered her spell that made it fine to keep her lower half exposed. She didn’t want to try and explain herself and quickly removed her skirt and panties. Neither Mom nor Dad paid her any mind. They were still looking towards Dan curiously.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Dan asked.

“Sorry Dan... It’s just weird to see Kat’s genitals wearing jeans and a t-shirt...” Dad answered before turning back to his lunch.

Mom continued to stare. “Please take that off. It looks ridiculous.”

Dan looked over at Kat. She was just as shocked as he was. “You still think Dan’s my vagina?”

“Of course! Now please take those off so we can eat.” Mom demanded.

They weren’t making the situation any better just standing there.

Kat turned to Dan. “I... I suppose you should take those off...”

Mom was becoming impatient. “Hurry up, your food's getting cold.”

Dan stuttered. “I... I don’t want to...”

“You need to do as you’re told Dan. I won’t have my daughter walking around with her crotch covered up like that!”

Before he could even register what she said, their mom pointed her want at him. She conjured up a spell and his cloths evaporated, leaving him completely nude. Apparently, she didn't feel the need to keep her powers a secret from him.

Mom turned back towards the table. “Now please sit down.”

Their parents completely lost interest in Dan after that. His mouth was agape as he looked towards Kat.

Before taking her seat, she leaned in and whispered, “Just play along for now... We’ll figure this out after lunch...”

Kat wondered how they were still connected. If Dan was indeed her pussy, that would explain why her groin felt so unusual. She blushed when she realized what he must have been doing behind his closed door. She watched as he went towards his chair. Certain feelings down below did seem to correspond to his movements. She sighed and followed him to the table. Only three plates of food were set out. Fortunately, there were still four chairs.

“Where’s my plate?” Dan asked as he took his usual seat.

Mom replied. “Don’t be silly Dan, Kat’s not going to eat with her crotch...”

Dan didn’t like it, but couldn’t help noticing that he didn’t feel hungry at all. He wasn’t thirsty either. Was he really still his sister’s pussy? It was very confusing. He tried to leave but Dad made him stay until Kat had finished.

“Shit, they really do think I’m just a piece of her body don’t they?” He thought as he watched them eat.

Kat knew he was uncomfortable with the whole thing and ate quickly. Unlike Dan, she was famished and very thirsty. She managed to down two whole glasses of water, but declined seconds. Not because she was full, but rather to get away from the table as soon as possible. Once finished her parents excused her. Dan was able to follow without incident...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Once in the living room, and out of ear-shot of their parents, Dan said, “They seriously still think I’m your cunt? I have to walk around naked now? Fuck Jen, is this ever going to end?”

“I’m sorry... I thought we fixed it.” Kat replied.

“So what are we gonna do now?” Dan grumbled.

“I’m out of ideas. I think we’re going to need help.” Kat suggested.

“Well, the only other witch in the family is Mom and she doesn’t think very highly of me right now.” Dan explained.

“Yea, I’m afraid she’ll be pretty useless to both of us since I made this seem normal to them. To anyone actually...” Kat continued.

“The only person I can think of who might be able to see through all of this would be Grandma.”

Dan’s eyes went wide. “Grandma’s a witch too?”

“Hmm... I guess she’d have to be...”

Kat shrugged. “No sense waiting around here. Lets pay her a visit.”

She went back to the kitchen and told their parents that she was going to go visit their Grandma.

“Alright, Please be back before dark.” Mom replied.

Dan still couldn’t believe that she was just walking around without pants. Of course, he was completely naked. Somehow, it felt a little more comfortable than when he had worn cloths. He hadn’t realized it until his mom forced him to disrobe. As he pondered the situation, he noticed damp spots appearing on a few of Kat’s breasts.

Dan pointed. “Um... Kat? Your shirt...”

Kat looked down. “Dammit... Do these things ever stop?”

“Ugh, let me change and grab some things, then we’ll head out.”

She made a trip upstairs to get her purse, wand, and spell book. When she returned, she had a different shirt on, though a few small wet spots had already appeared in the fabric. She didn’t seem to notice and Dan decided not to point it out again. It’s not like they could do anything about it anyway.

They said goodbye to their parents and left for Grandma’s house...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

They pulled into the driveway. Dan followed Kat to the front door and she rang the bell. Grandma answered and gave them both a weird look before inviting them in. Dan couldn’t help feeling like his condition was a bit more transparent in her eyes. He was embarrassed but hopeful. Their mom wasn’t able to see past Kat’s spell, but maybe Grandma could.

Something unusual happened moments after they passed under the doorway. The familiar decor began to ripple and fold. They watched the living room stretch out. Stacks of spell books, cauldrons, and ornate decorations popped into existence in the extra space. An assortment of wands and flasks appeared on a nearby table. The lights flickered out and were replaced with candles. As suddenly as it had started, the shifting scene settled.

“Damn Grandma, you’re really into the whole witch thing aren’t you?” Dan said as he reviewed her inventory.

“Wait... What are you seeing?” Grandma asked.

Dan raised an eyebrow. “Books... Lots of books... Candles and stuff... Why?”

Grandma smiled, “My grandson can use magic?”

“That explains a few things...”

She lifted her hand and caught a wand that had jumped from a nearby table. With a flick, a skirt appeared on Kat, then a shirt and shorts popped into existence on Dan. They both blushed when they realized that Grandma had watched them come in mostly naked.

Grandma looked at Kat. “First of all, happy birthday sweetheart.”

“It looks like you’ve been having fun with your new abilities.”

Kat stuttered, “Uh... Fun might not be the most appropriate word here...”

Grandma looked towards Dan. “Let me guess. You turned your brother into a wizard, then one of you cast a passionate spell, and the other was caught in the cross fire? Now you two have a problem that you can’t solve?”

Kat lowered her head, “Yea...”

“Well... Most young witches don’t realized how risky those sort of spells are. It’s not that they’re evil or dangerous. They just come with side effects that aren’t always predictable.” Grandma explained. “That old saying that love conquers all is a good rule of thumb in the magic world. What they don’t tell you is that lust packs a pretty powerful punch too.”

“I must admit, I’ve never seen this sort of thing between siblings. Kat, is there anyone else I need to worry about?”

Kat blushed, “No... Just us...”

Grandma took a moment to ponder the situation. After a long moment of silence she asked, “Did either of you ever wonder why I have four knockers?”

Dan looked up at her chest. Sure enough, she had four perky breasts pressed against her sweater. Not all that different than Kat’s extras. She looked surprisingly young as well. Maybe only a few years older than their mom. That wasn’t right. Had she always been so young?

She saw Dan’s confused look and continued her explanation. “I’ll spare the details. Grandpa and I tried out some magic in the bedroom. I got these and Grandpa... Well... You don’t want to know what he sprouted...”

Dan wasn’t interested in her sex life and quickly interrupted her. “Grandma... I don’t want to be rude, but why didn’t we ever notice them... And how are you so young?”

She grinned. “One of the benefits of being a witch is that you don’t have to look your age. Non-magic users just see an old lady, you two get to see me as I really am.”

“As for my chest, well... The illusion of normalcy is broken if I point them out. Sorry about that...”

Dan shivered when he remembered the spell that made it OK for Kat to keep him naked. “How did you know I wasn’t supposed to be naked?”

“I didn’t realize it at first, but I’ve got wards in place that let me know when somethings out of whack.” Grandma laughed.

“There are definitely a few things wrong with you two...”

Kat listened, but had been more interested in a nearby stack of books. “What about your house? Where did all of this come from?”

“Ah... This is my true house. What you had seen before was just an illusion.” Grandma answered. "It's a little complicated to pull off, but I can teach you some of the spells if you'd like."

“Oh, speaking of magic. Kat, it’s so nice of you to share your powers with Dan. Not many witches are willing to split their magic like that.”

Dan found it a little humorous that she made such positive assumptions. He knew full well that she didn’t share her magic on purpose.

Kat interrupted. “That’s not exactly what happened...”

Dan added. “Grandma, we need help and didn’t know where else to go...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

“Alright, tell me what brought you here, and I’ll see if I can help.” Grandma replied.

Kat spent the next half hour explaining everything that had happened, being careful to leave out the parts where they played with each other. She started with the evening she transformed Dan into her pussy. With an annoyed tone, she recalled him gaining his own magic and splitting her body in half, then mentioned the extra breasts. She explained the spells they used to merge back together. She also explained her spontaneous pregnancy and Dan’s rebirth. Finally, she recalled the way her parents treated them, which prompted the visit.

Grandma raised an eyebrow. “You ... Gave birth to Dan?... I suppose that would explain those wet spots...”

Kat was embarrassed and crossed her arms to try and hide her shirt. Dan filled in some blanks from his perspective.

Grandma closed her eyes and let out a breath. “I’m disappointed in you Kat. You should know better than to do such awful things to your own brother.”

Dan was glad Grandma sympathized with him, but tried not to show it. Kat seemed plenty ashamed without him rubbing it in.

“And you!” Grandma said as she looked towards Dan. “Don’t think you’re off the hook.”

“I’m 86 years old and I still haven’t figured out how to removed these extra boobs.”

“You aught to take some responsibility and figure out how to undo that. Also, let me know when you figure it out.”

Dan was confused.

“It’s the least you can do for me... I mean... For your sister. It’s the least you can do for your sister...”

Kat caught on to the humor and couldn’t help giggling. She really didn’t mind her own extras, assuming they wouldn’t leak so often. It was funny to learn that Grandma had a similar problem. Her serious expression had turned to a smirk, revealing her sarcasm. Dan couldn’t help laughing once Grandma joined in. As their laughter subsided, Grandma’s serious expression returned.

With a hint of hesitation, she said, “Dan, you really aught to just get used to it. She was kind enough to make you a part of her... After all...”

“Isn’t that how their Mom reacted?” Kat wondered.

“Grandma...” She said, “I shouldn’t have changed him... Can you help us undo it?”

Grandma shook her head. “Oh... Right...”

She used her wand to lift a large dusty tome from a nearby bookshelf. It floated across the room and fell onto the coffee table. With another flick, it opened and pages began to turn.

“Lets see...”

“Kat, you effectively bound your brother’s soul to your own when you shoved him in your honey pot.”

“Everything after that was pretty harmless, all things considered.”

“You two actually did me a favor by splitting apart, granted you did it in a rather unusual way...”

She continued to shuffle through the book until she found a chapter titled “Spells For Souls.”

“Here we are. All I need to do is unbind your souls, and you should be good to go!”

She found a particular spell and began to read while waving her wand in the air. The words sounded foreign, unlike those found in Kat’s book.

After a moment Dan was lifted from the ground. He looked over at his sister. She was also levitating. There was a sudden flash in his vision, then everything went dark. There was someone there with him, but he began to fall away. The other presence growing smaller and smaller until he could no longer feel it. There was nothing but the sensation of falling now. Just falling. There was no way he had gone so high. Would he ever land? The sensation gradually turned into a throbbing in his head and he opened his eyes...