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You are a male college student who is walking back to your dorm one day when you find a curious black orb by your doorstep. After touching it, you are turned into a goddess and you gain the ability to morph, swap, change, transform, and detach anyone anyway you want.

Main Characters:

*Alex (You) = Main character, always the POV character
*Morrigan: Your lesbian friend and roommate, you get along well
*Gordon: Your best-friend, a nice guy you get along with
*Emily: stalker, creepy girl that believes in magic, jealous of relationship with Morrigan
*Alise: Girl in your English studies that you often fantasize about
*Zeke: Your other friend, working on a computer science degree

You are always the main character, and will always be female more or less. She just can't become a full man (I.E. male in appearance) She will never return to being male as that would mean she wouldn't have the powers. She can however, change the gender of others around her freely.

Please try to add a few sentences, no one word/one sentence additions please. If the additions are too short, I may delete them.

Other than that, have fun and enjoy!

- I give GP for good chapters, must be at least five sentences!


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

You are walking back to your on-campus dorm one night when you spot a large, shiny black orb in front of your door. Curious, you go to pick it up and then the world turns black. You lost in a sea of darkness, no sensation other than a light pressure all over your body. You see a light in the distance, and it appears to be coming closer to you. As it approaches, you are able to make out the shape of a woman, clothed in flowing silks. She floats close to and you are able to see that she is no ordinary woman. She seems to positively glow with energy, a radiance of light surrounding her. She is magnificent, as if the word were created to define her alone. Her body is beautiful and curvaceous, but you notice something off about her, and that would be the giant dick resting between her thighs. You can't help but stare in wonder at this strange and astounding sight before. You are snapped out of you stupor when she speaks to you in a voice like golden silk, "I have found you at last," her voice is sultry and it echoes in your head, "you will be the one to succeed my power."

"What!" you ask incredulously. Is she saying what you think she's saying.

"What I speak is true mortal, for too long have I been imprisoned in this cage of human design. They feared my gift, the sorcerers of your past, and they saw fit to bind me here." she pauses, then continues, "But now the time has come, their bonds are weak with the passage of time, for they could not bind me forever. However, I have grown weak and tired as well, and I wish to finally attain peace, but I do not wish for my legacy to end there, so I have searched for a suitable replacement and you are the one I have chosen. You meet all the qualities that I desire in a successor, and I believe that you will use my power correctly. Of course, how that is done is for you to figure out." she says with a smirk.

"But-," you begin to say, but she pushes a finger against you lips to silence you.

"You have no choice in the matter, I;m afraid. You are going to continue in my steps whether you want to or not. Although I am sure you will come to love it eventually. You will transform, you will change, you will pervert. This is your destiny, now accept it." and with that she cackles as she glides up to your face and shoves her dick in your mouth. Your whole world goes white.

You wake up with a shock. Was it a dream?, you think to yourself. You stand up and feel a strange shift in your gravity. As your vision clears you notice one thing first and foremost, there are two mounds underneath your shirt. You frantically reach underneath your shirt and confirm that they are real. The pleasure you feel from this is unmistakable. Panicking, you reach down to confirm what you already expected, you have a pussy down there now. You rush into your room, thankful that Morrigan hadn't returned from her weekend at her parent's house yet. Opening the door with shaky hands, you find her head mirror under her bed. You look at yourself and it is not your face that is reflected in the mirror. It is an entirely new, entirely female one. Your face is beautiful, easily model material, it's beautiful enough to catch any guy, and a lot a of girls too. Your hair falls down to your shoulder blades in straight dark red locks that have a dazzling sheen in the light of your bedroom. You body is nothing to scoff at either. Your skin is a pale white white, making you look more like an elf than a human. Your breasts are practically bursting out of your top, they must be C-cups at least. The rest of you body is filled out in a shapely and athletic manor, and when you lift you shirt up yo see that you have a decent amount of muscle tone. Also, thankfully, your still around your same height of 5'11". Altogether, you'd have to say you were hot. Really hot...

While you were admiring yourself, you failed to notice that the door was open, and your roommate had returned. Morrigan was a cute girl, at 5'7" with a slim body, short raven hair, b-cup breasts and a nordic facial structure, she was the envy of many of the girls in your dorm, and many of the boys were jealous that you got to room with her. She stood there looking at you with impatience. "Well, aren't you going to say hello, or are you too busy checking yourself out?" she says in a mocking tone. She smiles and gives you a hug before she flops down on her bed.

You are aghast. Did she not notice? You speak up, "Uh, Morrigan, does anything seem different to you?"

"No, not that I cans see. Did you get a haircut maybe?"

"Uh yeah, I got it cut a little longer," you say, and you both start laughing. Apparently, reality has shifted so that everyone remembers you always being this way. Then you remember that the goddess said that you would have powers. Sitting down on your own bed you decide to...


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

Chapter 2: Turn her into just her lower half

The two of you decide to go to sleep as you both have had a long night. Not really caring about appearances, and still a little daunted by you new female body, you plop onto your bed without taking off your clothes, ready to sleep and figure this new body out tomorrow. You turn to say goodnight to Morrigan, but bite your tongue when you see that she is sleeping in just her underwear, a set of black panties and bra. She mumbles "night", to you, and pulls her covers over her. However, her ass is poking out from the blanket. You cannot help but stare, after all, she was an avid jogger and bicyclist so her butt was nicely toned. You try to shake it out of your mind, but your gave just keeps coming back to it, and although you finally found sleep after half an hour of deliberation, you found yourself continually returning your gaze to her curvacious backside. All that night, your thoughts were of here ass, caressing it, biting it, eating her out, even penetrating her (although that would be a little harder now...).

You wake up a couple of minutes before your alarm goes off, likely from your fretful sleep. Trying to sleep while horny never works out well, especially when you have a hot roommate! You sit up and rub the sleep out of your eyes. You let out a yawn, and stand up to stretch. Almost fully awake now, you look at Morrigan's bed, her ass still partially reveled by the blankets. "Morrigan, it's time to get up. You want to grab some breakfast?

"Mnmm, yeah, I guess so. Just let me get up." she mumbles, although it is a bit muffled. Probably just the sheets covering her face.

You watch her legs shift, setting her feet on the floor, and that is when you are absolutely certain that you are still dreaming. Morrigan is there all right, standing in front of you, except that not 'all' of Morrigan is there. Morrigan only exists from the belly button down. You pinch yourself, wincing at the pain. Apparently, this is not a dream, and well, you are still a girl so this fits pretty well in line with your new weird, but still, this is just too weird. You pause, mouth agape, then manage to spit out, "Uhm, Morrigan, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just fine, but these panties are in my way and it's hard to speak."


"Yeah, I put them on to keep warm, but now they are just a hindrance. Could you please take the off? Thanks!" she says with a little hop. It's kinda cute, you think to yourself.


You reach over and pull her black panties down, only to pause as you stare at her blushing pink pussy. You shake your head and pull her panties all the way off, making sure she doesn't trip when she pulls her feet out.

"Thanks!", she chrips. You note that when she does this her vagina mo- holy shit her vagina is her mouth and she-
You squint at her, and slowly ask, "Are you okay, do you fell, er, different?"

"No, why do you ask? Is the something on my face."

No, you think, Shockingly there isn't, not even a face. Haha.

"No, I was just wondering."

"Oh, you're so sweet!"

She comes over and hugs you, her bare pussy rubbing up against your thigh.

"Well, let's get dressed and grab some breakfast, I am starvin'!"

Deciding to go along with it, at least until you can figure out just what the hell has happened. Maybe what that woman said to you has something to do with this?


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

Chapter 3: Get dressed and have a very awkward breakfast
an addition by: Blakgers

You quickly get dressed and go to the kitchen. You grab some bread and some cheese and make yourself breakfast. You then move to the living area to eat.
You sit down on the couch. Just as you take a bit of your bread Morrigan comes in.
She's pushing a chair out in from of here. "We're having breakfast in the living room and you don't even move my chair." She says half jokingly from her pussy. He vaginal lips moving like that still cause you to stare at her.
You then look at the chair. There is a pump at the bottom and something is sticking out at the top. You put your sandwich back on your plate as Morrigan turns to sit on the chair.
You suddenly realize what you're looking at. It's a feeding chair with a large dildo on top!
Morrigan slowly sits herself down on the dildo. You hear muffled moans coming from between her legs. The machine pumps up and down as she slowly feeds on whatever that chair contains.

As she moves along in the rhythm of the machine you feel your own hunger leaving you. You do however feel a heat emanating from between your legs. The spectacle is starting to arouse you.


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

You can't help but become a little wet from the obscene show playing out before you, your roommate's lower half humping a dildo right in front of you. You turn away from her abashedly, color rising on your cheeks. This was turning you on to much! any more of this ad you were going.... The things you would do to her! The thought rips through your brain, setting your emotions and libido on fire.

Since when were you this perverted, this bizarre. Images of hermaphrodites and concubines, monstrous beauties and taboo pleasures flood your mind. You close your eyes and concentrate and are able to regain a modicum of self reservation. Calming down, you think think you know what is going on. That lady last night must have done more than just change you into sex goddess. Now you were thinking like one too!

Quickly, before anything worse happens, you turn back to Morrigan, who is happily slurping up the rest of her 'breakfast', and think very hard about her returning to normal. You have the image of her in your head, and you will it to be, but your concentration falters. You are thinking of Morrigan, but your also thinking about her pussy, the way she talked from it, the way her lips looked so seductive, so plump, so...

NO! You clech your eyes shut and push that to the back of your mind and really concentrate on just keeping her normal! You feel the magic course through you, its warmth indicating that it is working. You slowly open your eyes to see a full bodied Morrigan, clothed even (although they were last night's clothes as that is the image you were thinking of). You breath a sigh of relief, only to choke it down when you look up at Morrigan.

Yes, did have a full body once more, but your concentration was apparently flawed from your lust. On Morrigan's face, were her mouth and nose should have been, now sits her salivating pussy. A drip of her honey lands on her bosom as you gape at her.

You snap and lunge at her, your mouth connecting with her 'mouth'. Hunching over her toppled form, you begin to furiously lick and suck the the slick pussy on her face. However, you quickly pull away, horrified at what you have done. Morrigan, however...


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

Chapter 5: She grabs your head to bring you in for another...
an addition by: Blakgers

Just as you pull back Morrigan grabs your shoulders and pulls you back. "That felt divine." She slobbers through her pussy mouth. "My mouth is burning, I need something to fill it with." She pushes her pussy against your mouth, the scent of her cunt penetrates your nose. Overcome with aroussal you plunge your tongue back in.
As you kiss her, Morrigan's hand moves down into your panties. She obviously knows the female body better than you as you feel her fingers touching you in all the right places down below.
Both shiver at the same time as an orgasm hits them.
As you lay there panting you review the strange day you've been having so far in your head and consider the implications. Just then you notice the clock. You need to get going.

You nudge Morrigan. "Look at the time!" Morrigan, as far as her soaking wet pussymouth allows it, gasps. "We're going to be late."
At least that's what you imagine she just said. With her mouth still wet with lubricants you can't understand a word she's just said.

You quickly change your underwear, toss the dishes in the sink and get your bag. You meet Morrigan in the hallway. Her slitmouth still proudly in the center of her face. You consider changing her back, but maybe it's the guy still inside of you or maybe it's the sex goddess' influence, at any rate you feel that it looks hot on her. More women should have this.
"What are you staring at, let's go!" Her mouth had apparently gotten rid of the excess fluids. You could now understand her again.

Together you quickly go to the busstation.


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

You and Morrigan just barely manage to catch the morning bus to the university, arriving just seconds before it was about to leave. Thankfully, the driver saw the two of you and stopped long enough for the two of you to hop in. Tired and slightly out of breath, the two of you take your seats near the back of the bus. The bus itself was quite clean, and was one of the many shuttles used in your university town to access the campus from the apartments. As such, the bus was usually full of students and today was no different. The bus was packed with men and women alike, and you two were lucky that there was room enough for you to sit down together.

As you sat there next to Morgan, you realized that no one had said anything about her very different mouth. In fact, people were hardly even looking over at the two of you, and were more interested in their conversations than the girl with a pussy on her face. While Morrigan's head was turned away from you as she watched the scenery pass by, you tapped the girl next to you on her shoulder and asked her if anything about you or your friend looked amiss. She looked at you funny as she did not notice anything amiss, although she did note that Morrigan had a nice looking shirt, and that you should get some prettier clothes. You brushed off the remark and turned back to Morrigan. She was lost in thought as she stared out the window, but you snapped her out of it by tapping her shoulder to grab her attention.

"Morrigan, don't you think it's weird that you have a vagina on your face, as well as one down below?"

She gave you a curious look and replied, "No, I've always been this way. Are you ok?"

"Well, mostly. But seriously, you weren't like this before, I did this too you."

"Uh huh, and I was the first man on the moon."

You struggled to find a way to make her understand. It just didn't make sense that everyone should think this was normal. However, maybe if you concentrated, you could make her see. You felt the power inside you tingle once more, in the middle of your chest is were is seemed to resonate. You channeled the power into your arm and could feel the current of the arcane energies coursing through your muscles. It all coalesced into your hand, were a warm purple glow exuded from your palm. You pressed your palm against her forehead and for a second the light stayed within your palm, then it jumped onto her forehead and into her body. Morrigan sat motionless and for a second her eyes glowed with that same eerie light. Then she turned to you and was about to scream before you vanished her mouth pussy altogether, thus avoiding a scene.

She thumped and bashed her arms against you and at the same time frantically searched for her mouth. You ushered words of comfort to her, trying to calm her down, telling her that everything would be okay. That you would give her mouth back if she would just calm down. It took a little while, but eventually she did, but not before leaving a couple of decent bruises on your arms and chest. Now she simply glared at you. Admittedly, you were a little hesitant to give her her mouth back, but she was your friend and if anyone should know the truth, it should be her. On her face, a bulge formed and split into two distinct halves which became her original pair of lips.

She got in close so that no one on the bus could hear the two of you. "Okay, how the fuck did you do that? And why did you do that to me? And...and...why are you a girl?!"

You fumbled a bit at the start of your reply, but the words soon came out. You took a deep breath and said, "Okay, so last night this wired orb thing was in front of the door, I touched it and inside was this sex goddess and she gave me all of her powers and changed me into a girl for some reason. I can't turn all the way back into a man, I know that, but I am still the same person on the inside, you have to believe me about that. Then, before we went to sleep and I just couldn't go to sleep and you were there so I...kinda tried out my powers on you. And then you came onto me and I couldn't really help myself it just felt so right and now here we are and I'm so sorry Morrigan, I really am."

She had her arms crossed and was just staring at you with a poker face that made you just a little uneasy. It was hard to tell if she was mad or merely contemplating, but it was unnerving nonetheless. Thankfully thought, she spoke.

"I guess I'm not really that mad at you, although I should be. And you know, I didn't really hate it. I actually sort of enjoy that thing. I'm just a little surprised and hurt that you didn't tell me earlier."

You just sat there, mouth agape.

"And as for you being a girl, you sure turned into a pretty one. I'll tell you what, I'll forgive you if you do two things for me."

"Sure, anything!"

"One, you let me choose some transformations whenever I like, no matter what."

"Yeah, I can do that, I'll change whoever however for you."

"Great," she said with a big smile, "And second, you have to become my girlfriend," She said right before grabbing your head and bringing you in for a wet, and most notably, normal kiss. She released her firm grip on your mouth after a about a minute and let you catch your breath. Damn she's good at this, you thought. you then kissed her back and replied, "I think I can live with those terms."

"I'm glad we could agree on those terms Alex." she giggled in delight, then wrapped her arm around yours. "So, how about we test out that first term, hmm?"

"Of course! So what do you want to do?"

"Hmm," she rubbed her chin as she contemplated, "Let's start with something vanilla. Why don't you turn all of these people on the buss into a bunch of well endowed dickgirls?"

You were a little shocked to say the least, "Wait, how is that at all vanilla?"

"Because what i want to do after that makes it look normal." she replied with mischievous tone in her voice.

"Well, alright, but I'll have you know that I love the way you think." And with that you started to transform all of the students on the bus. Each and everyone one of them turned into a busty and well endowed futanari, although their hair styles and clothes remained the same. Soon, the bus was filled with a plethora of dick-girls, their huge breasts practically bouncing out of their shirts every time the bus hit a rough spot and their dicks either bulging in their pants or tenting their skirts. Even the bus driver, who was originally a middle aged man, had become a gorgeous blonde bombshell with a dick the size and thickness of a water bottle. Some of the new dick-girls even unzipped their pants so that their new equipment would rip their pants or cause them pain from being so tightly kept.

Morrigan nudged your shoulder and said," Hey, I think you missed a couple." she said as pointed to you and then herself. Not needing to be told twice, both Morrigan and yourself grow new thick foot-long dicks as well a heavy scrotum beneath them while still retaining your pussies. Morrigan eagerly freed hers of her shorts and then did the same to yours so that both of you had you junk out for all to see. She idly stroked yours and hers at the same time as she told you her next transformation. "Okay, now I want you to listen closely. I wan to you change everyone except for you, me, and the bus driver, okay? Good, now I want you to turn make everyone's head detachable at the base of their neck. At the base of their neck, they will each have a clone of their original pussy, and were their necks had attached to their bodies, there will be a clone of their original dicks sans testicles. Got it?" You nodded you head but jerked it a little as she used her thumb to rub the head of your dick.

You prepared to do the transformation, but waited until the timing was perfect. you saw that the bus was about to hit a road bump and thus spotted your opportunity. Just before the bump, you transformed everyone to Morrigan's specifications. As soon as the bus hit the bump, everyone's head popped off of their shoulders and landed all over the bus. In laps, on the floor, one dick-girl even managed to skewer her neck onto the dick of the girl sitting across the way from her. As an added twist to Morrigan's transformation, you made it so that the bodies themselves held the entire consciousness and the heads could then be exchanged and used at will. A Latina girl picked up a black girls head and placed it one her dick neck and immediately used it to begin talking to the heads previous owner, who now had no head to speak of. Another girl, in the front of the bus, picked up her friends head and her own. She then proceed to fuck her own head with her lower cock as she placed her friends head on backwards. Another girl was using her own head to give herself a blow job as she waited for the bus to arrive at the university while the headless dick girl next to her stroked both of her cocks. The bus had turned gone from strange to weird fuck-fest over the course of several seconds and it was really turning you on. You noticed that the girl you had talked to earlier had replaced her head with some Asian girls and was lifting said head up and down on her dick neck. meanwhile, her original head laid before your feet, smiling as her she and her body experienced the same sensations. Morrigan stopped stroking your dicks and reached down to pick the girl's head up, only to then place it upon your cock. She then stood up, careful to maintain her balance as she inserted her shaft into the girls warm mouth all the way to back of her throat were her tip brushed against yours. She began to pump her hips and push on the girls head as she fucked the both of you. The three of you came quickly and messily, and hardly even noticed the that the bus had stopped. You gave the girl her head back and made you way off the bus, careful not to step in any of the mess.


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

Chapter 7: Go to your classes together (ID #1537243)
an addition by: Blakgers

"That was soooo hot." Morrigan clings to to you. "Let's go to the computercenter and 'study'." She uses airqoutes as she says study.
You shake your head. "No, let's go to class. You get to pick transformations, but I think class is the best place to do this."
While walking through the busy hallway Morrigan considers your suggestion. "Ok."
Together you walk to the classroom. The door is already closed, the fun at home and in the bus made you late. You can hear the teacher talking on the other side. Morrigan glances at you. You nod and putting on your bravest face you open the door. You step aside so Morrigan can go first. "Ladies first." You smile.
Morrigan snickers and walks into the busy classroom, you follow shortly behind.

The teacher was at the board but he now turned to the new arrivals. The rest of the class stares, except one who yells a redundant "They're late!"
"Why are we late?" The teacher asks as he walks to his desk.
"The bus ran late." You reply.
The teacher gets a small notebook from a drawer in his desk. "Really now?" He opens the book and writes your and Morrigan's name in.


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

Chapter 8: Morgan wants you to transform him (ID #1537534)
an addition by: bobboled

The two of you take your seats in the back of the class room and open your notebooks to the current chapter. Admittedly, you hated this class, which happened to be Calculus, but you had to take it for your general ed or else you wouldn't be able to advance to your major. However, you took solace in the fact that at least you were able to sit and work with Morrigan during this class and that made it a little bit more bearable. Speaking of Morrigan, she leaned in close to you and grabbed your arm. She whispered to you, all though it would more appropriate to cal it quietly shouting. "Hey, why don't you transform his next? He's an asshole, so why don't you make him one?"

"Oh come, I can't just keep transforming everyone I meet," even though that is exactly what you wanted to do. "I just don't want to let this get out of control, you know?"

"Uh huh," she said as she ribbed you in the chest. "Then let me ask you this; what are the consequences?"

"Well there's th-"

"Let me stop you there. there are no consequences. No one notices out the ordinary, you and I get to indulge in our weird phantasies, and everyone is generally happier too. Like on the bus, right?"

"Huh, you know I hadn't really thought about that. Admittedly I felt a little guilty but when you put it like that-"

"It's exactly like that, so just relax and have some fun."

"You know what, I will! Alright, here we go!"

As the teacher is outlining an introductory problem, he begins to change. In an instant, the middle aged teacher has become a tall, muscular, and big breasted brunette amazonian woman who was testing the limits of her original clothes elasticity. However, her new form would not remain the same for long. Her head disappeared into her body and her clothes vanished as well. Her body then turns around, bends over and spreads her ass-cheeks. Her anus and large pussy are exposed to the entire class, but that is not the shocking part. Just above anus two eyes have appeared, the same color as her originals. Her anus then opens up and then closes, opens then closes again. Finally a voice escapes, a very sultry and seductive feminine voice from her hole. Her tongue pops out and licks her perineum before she begins the lecture anew, talking from her ass to the class while she writes on the board as her breasts and arms are facing away from her new face.

"Nice, but I think she needs a little extra something," she whispers what she wants in your ear, and you grin as you comply.

The blanks spot between the teachers neck bulges forth as seven long thick tentacle cocks emerge from her body. The writhe and wrap around her arms and two even manage to find their way into her wet pussy, but she doesn't allow any to enter her anus so as not to disrupt their lecture. Morrigan gives you a five under the desk, but turns to you again and asks you to...


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

Chapter 9: genital conjoinment for the entire class
an addition by: bobboled

Morrigan turned to you while the newly transformed teacher was engrossed in her lecture and asked, "Hey, can you transform the rest of the class too?"

"I don't see why not. I was kind of thinking about doing it anyway." You leaned and gave her a kiss on her lips, "Is there anything you want specifically?"

"Well, I kind of don't want there to be any more true males, at least here on campus. I just don't most of the male body attractive. Do you?" You shook your head in agreement with her. "Right, so why don't we, just as a general rule transform everyone into a female before we begin to change them." You nodded again. She smiled at you, "Great, then let's begin." Before she had finished her sentence, you had already changed the entire class room which totaled to about thirty students in all, excluding yourselves and the teacher. She was still in the middle of her lesson, her asshole opening and closing lewdly as she lectured her students on imaginary numbers and whatnot. She didn't even notice that the class was now one hundred percent female, and that you had even made it so even the ugliest girl was pretty.

"Awesome, now you pick what happens next," she whispered in your ear. You grinned and got to work. However, in seconds, you had finished, but there did not appear to be any visible changes.

"Done!" you proclaimed, although Morrigan was giving you a skeptical look.

"What do you mean done? You didn't do anything." You put a finger to her mouth to quiet her, then pointed to the girl next to you. She was a twenty something Indian girl who was squirming in her seat, desperately trying to focus on her notes but not quite able to. She put down her pencil and grabbed her left hand. Then, to the surprise of your girlfriend, the Indian girl took her wrist off of her arm. On the end of her hand was a medium sized penis and where her arm ended there was a newly formed vagina. With her hand now detached, she slid her skirt and panties down to her knees, lifted herself from her seat, and then placed her left hand palm down on the seat so that the penis attached to it stuck straight up and aligned with her dripping pussy. She then plunged herself down onto her cock and began to ride it in the middle of class. She started slow but soon picked up her pace, rocking back and forth up and down as she tried to milk the hand/cock combination she was sitting on. She began to moan a little, but she did not want to interrupt the class, so she placed two of her right hand's fingers in her mouth and gently tugged until just like her left hand, her right hand popped off too with the same genital connection. She placed her right hand of her desk, used her fingers to lift her hand's penis up in the air. She bowed her head down and slowly wrapped her lips around her own cock. This muffled her moans quite a bit, but it also intensified her humping of her left hand and she also began to suck on her right hand as well. While she was doing this, her arms, now bereft of hands, but still containing her new pussies began to rub up against each other as she mashed them together further intensifying her experience. Not soon after she began to buck as she came very hard. Cum leaked from mouth and pussy, as well as above her ankles which were also genitally conjoined. Then a curious thing happened. Jism escaped from the base of her neck just seconds before her head just about blasted off and landed on her desk. While this was happening, her breasts had slid off of her torso and lay on the floor right next to her feet. on the back of each breasts was a cum oozing pussy and likewise there were two objects poking out of her chest with wet spots where they touched the fabric. The teacher, finally noticing this, only sighed and hardly even looked up from her viewpoint between her ass. "Will someone please put Ms.Kapoor back together so that she may finish her notes?" You nudged Morrigan, signaling for her to go do it. She got up, her cheeks rosy red with desire and a little embarrassment. Reason being that she could hardly hide the massive erection that had grown in her pants.

Just to mess with her, you made her grow another penis above her original, and their combined size and girth broke the button on her jeans as they escaped their cotton prison. She turned to glare at you, but then stuck out her tongue and winked as she remembered that no one would care. She went over the disassembled girl and started to put her back together. She picked up her head first, not even trying to avoid stroking the girl's dick-neck as she did so. The girl moaned as Morrigan shoved her head back into position. She then picked up the detached breasts and lifted up the girl's shirt. underneath were two erect dicks in place of her breasts. Morrigan carefully stuck one breast on and the the other, but has to switch them when Ms.Kapoor said that they were on wrong. Finally, she placed the hands back into their rightful positions and took her seat next to you.

"Thank you Ms.Fey, now if we might get back to-" but the teacher was interrupted as another girl literally fell to pieces at her desk. She had been shoving her dick neck into her original pussy while one of her feet had been stuck inside of her neck. Then another girl fell apart, then another and so on until the entire classroom was littered with detached girls and sexual fluids. The teacher sighed and rubbed her ass-cheeks in frustration. "I can see that we are not going to be paying attention today. Why don't we just pull ourselves together and try this again tomorrow. I'll write your homework on the board and we'll meet again on Friday. have a nice day!" And with that she gathered her supplied, which she held in with both her hands and cock tentacles and walked backwards out of the classroom.

Glad to have some free-time until your next class together, you and Morrigan tiptoed your way out of the classroom, careful not to step on anything or anyone. As soon as the two of you stepped outside the classroom, Morrigan grabbed you by the shoulders and basically tried to remove your tongue through suction. She kept this up for what seemed like ages as she ground against you, her groin and twin packages rubbing against your own while she kissed you passionately. Eventually, she broke the kiss and said flatly, "We need to go the restroom, now." It wasn't a suggestion, it was an order. She took your hand in hers and led you to the girl's restroom. Once inside she...


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Chapter 10: You both transform (ID #1539201)
an addition by: bobboled

Morrigan turned and faced you, a gleam in her eye. She was horny, that much was apparent, but you knew there was something else. She was idly rubbing her twin cocks when said, "Alex, we should transform each other too! Not into just a couple of dickgirls, but something much more fun! And then we can have fun!" As she said this she was already stripping before you. She quickly pulled all of her clothes off and wrapped herself around you. She put her lips to your ear and whispered, "Come on, I'll do you first if you'll do me next." She licked your ear and then released. You saw absolutely no reason not to comply, so you hastily agreed.

"All right, so tell me what you want."

"Hmm, gimme a sec." She rubbed her chin in thought as she decided how to transform you. She looked down at her dicks, then back to you, then again to her dicks. "Aha!" she half shouted. "Alright, so first I want you to turn those pretty lips into pussy lips and turn your nose in an asshole. Just a little payback for earlier." Noting her playfulness you comply and your mouth morphs into an exact copy of your lower "lips" while your nose sinks into your face and puckers up becoming a new pink anus right between your eyes. She sidles up to you and draws her hand across your face, softly rubbing your clit and inserting the tip of her pinky into the hole on your face before she takes her hand away. The sensation had aroused not only you, nut your member has become taught in your pants as well. She then begins to take off your clothes, one by one. She takes off your shirt first and then your bra revealing your toned abs and bountiful rack. "You know, I think you'll still need to speak, so let's remedy that," she cooed as she tweaked a nipple between her thumb and forefinger. "Turn your nipples into mouths; tongue, teeth and all that." You nipples stretched sideways as they bulged out a little. A line formed in the middle of each nipple and spread out, bisecting your nipples in half. Suddenly they open up and your nipples become a little pinker and supple as they have finally become exact copies of your mouth on each breast. Your left mouth gasps for air as it finally forms so you use your right one to talk.

"Haha, this feels really weird! Like I am hearing myself talk over the phone of something." You licked your lips and experienced sensations similar if not exactly the same as if someone has sucked your nipples. "Mmmm, and it feels good to. Guess I left the sensitivity there." Curious, Morrigan pinched your right lip with her thumb which made you yelp a little little, then moan as she rubbed it between her fingers. You tongue flicked out and began to lick her fingers as you reveled in the sensations, but it would not last as she removed her hand again.

You pouted but she simply smiled at you and said, "Aww, don't worry. We'll get there. I'm almost done anyways." She resumed your undressing, giggling a bit for when she unzipped your pants your dick popped out and smacked her in the face. She pushed it out of the way, but not before giving it a playful lick. She finished taking all of your clothes off and then stood to examine you in your weird naked glory. "Okie dokie, now I want you to detach your arms and legs at the shoulders and hips in the same way you changed the last class. You complied and soon you felt, well, odd and kind of full. Visible lines appeared around at the connection of your arms and legs as four new pussies grew into your body while four new dicks pushed themselves into you as your new dick limbs finalized their transformation. She eagerly gripped your left arm and tugged and it came of with an almost inaudible pop. She held your squirming arm in hers and you could see that were your arm had connected to your shoulder there was instead the head of a dick. Likewise, your shoulder now sported a fairly large vagina to accommodate the penis on your arm. She squealed the end of your arm between her chest, and you took this opportunity to grab onto her top most dick while she wasn't paying attention. She gasped in surprise, but decided to let your had stay there for now. You gently caressed her male parts as she came up with the final part of your transformation. "Lastly, give your pussy a tongue as well, but don't make it able to talk, you have enough mouth holes as it is," sh said with a giggle. The mouths on your breasts giggled in turn. She then looked you square in the eyes and said with a coy smile, "Now it's your turn." You noted that she had not given your arms back yet.

"Alright," you say with your right breast, "My time to shine."

"Ha, let's see what you-" But she was cut short as her head had vanished. She dropped your arm in surprise but you managed to catch it before it hit the floor. You lined it up with your shoulder pussy and stuck it back in. Her hands tugged and pulled at the blank spot between her shoulders, but to no avail. However, her hands finally bumped into something, that something being the new cock that had sprouted from between her shoulders. It was the same shape and size as her lower pair, and it even had the same scrotum beneath it that dangled over her cleavage. She found it and desperately began to stroke it, but you gripped it and pulled her hands away.

"Looking for something?" you asked. Morrigan's body just placed her hands out so as to receive, and receive she would. You reached behind your back and pulled out her head, although it had been drastically changed. Instead of eyes she now had smaller vaginas and her mouth and nose had become a large pussy. Likewise, the base of her neck had also become an anus. She took her morphed head from your hands and attempted to place it on her dick neck, but she had to go slowly as her asshole expanded to accommodate the girth of her neck-penis. However, she had placed her head on backwards so you had to take it off again and put it on the right way. With her head firmly planted on her neck, you moved on to the rest of her transformation. You gently tugged on her nipples and as you did so they elongated and expanded becoming two new dick-nipples upon her perky chest. You then moved downward where had her bend over so that her vagina and anus were bared for you. You ignored her vagina, deciding to leave it alone for now. instead, you decided to give her her mouth back. You plunged a finer into her anus which gave easily as it transformed into a pair of feminine lips. You with drew your hand as her mouth started to move. As an added touch, you gave her eyes right next to her tailbone, just like you did to the teacher earlier. Her mouth sputtered and spat as she got used to its new location. Her first words to you were, "Wow, you really like removing people's heads, you know that?"

"Yeah, it's kind of my thing."

"Well now you're about to get some head!" She shoved her ass face into yours as she knocked you to the ground. The mouth between her ass-cheeks begin to lap away at the cunt on your face as she straddled you without remorse.You couldn't see it, but it felt like she was lifting something. You guessed it was her head, for when you looked past the ass smothering your face you could only see the bobbing dick on her shoulders. You then felt a tightness around the tip of your cock. it was warm and inviting, but tight nonetheless. She must have removed her head and was now using it to screw you! Ha, she really had meant to give you 'head'! Her head, that was. She brought it down all the way to the base and then began to move it. She even twisted it around a couple of times, which felt amazing.


This went on for some time, the two of you humping and grinding and suckling each other in positions that were impossible and had never been thought of. An hour passed before the two of you were finally exhausted enough to consider a break. You were leaking cum from every one of your holes, which Morrigan had made sure of. She had even used her dicknipples on your nipple mouths and there was still a little bit on one lip which you quickly wiped away. You were also completely limbless, your legs ad left amr lying in a pile while your right arm had been shoved into the anus in her neck. Likewise, Morrigan was completely drained and all of her cocks had gone limp, even her neck one which meant that she could not put her head back on. She was the first to move. She slowly picked herself up and stood on shaky knees. She turned her back to you and spread her cheeks revealing her soft feminine lips and she said, "Well, that was probably the best and definitely the strangest sex I have ever had, even if it was one cold hard tile. And a restroom. Not my first choice but oh well."

"Say, if you're done with your speech could you please gather my various limbs so that I might also stand up?'

"Ohh, but you look so cute like that, like a little daruma doll."

"ha ha, but we really do need to get going. The next class is in half an hour and I think we both need to shower first."

Morrigan shrugged an 'alright' and began assembling you. She stuck your legs in first, then your left arm. You stood up as she grabbed your arm and her head, but she stopped. "hey, why don't you just vanish my head away? Its not like I can see out of it or anything and I would hate to lose it somewhere."

"You sure, you'll be headless with nothing to hide that lewd dick on your shoulders."

"Like I care."

You shrugged and vanished her head away, leaving only your arm and exposed cock-head. She gave it back to you and you plugged it back in. The two of you, now with your lust sated, gathered your clothes and while quite naked made your way to the athletic building so that the two of you could shower. When you arrived, you found that a couple of of other girls were already showering. You...


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Chapter 11: Change the girls in the showers (ID #1539962)
an addition by: bobboled

You and your penis headed girlfriend had entered the campus showers in order to clean up after your little "episode" in the girl's restroom, but you discovered that the two of you were not the only ones in need of a shower. A couple of girls from the track team were there too, for a total of four. Apparently they had been getting some extra practice in before their next meet and they had come to the showers in order to clean away their sweat. The two of you went to a shower just a couple feet away from the girls, who were all showering together for some reason, not much minding that they were all naked. You decided to ignore them, for now, in favor of cleaning yourselves up first. You turned on hot water and began to bath yourself as Morrigan did the same next to you. You lathered yourself up and began to wash up, making sure to scrum all over and especially around where your genital limbs combined as those were the 'messiest' areas. Likewise, Morrigan was scrubbing her many cocks and rinsing between her cheek, and you giggled a little when a spout of water escaped from between her buttocks. "Plegh, I got some soap in my mouth!" You laughed as you spread her ass-cheeks and wiped away the soap. She thanked you and after the two of you were adequately cleaned you relaxed for awhile in the warm waters streaming down your bodies.

You leaned into Morrigan and wrapped your arm around her waist then had her pint her ass towards the girl's so that she could see. 'So, what should do with the girls?" you asked.

'Hmm, how about I change half and you change the other half?'

'Sounds like a plan. You first.' you said as you used your free nipple mouth to plant a kiss on her shoulder. She told you to bend down so she could whisper, meaning you basically had to stick her ass in your face. She quietly told you her transformations as the girls showered, their impending changes unbeknownst to them. Having listened closely to Morrigan's request, you turned to the girls and began. The first girl, a brunette with a bob-cut was the first to change. Her entire midsection vanished, leaving her as a pair of legs and a pair of breasts with arms and a head. She started to fall but managed to halt herself by placing her hands on her hips and balancing. As she balanced on her hips, she continued to chat with her friends, her body separated in half. However, as per Morrigan's demands, her change was not yet finished. Just above her vagina a new penis, along with a large sack, grew outward until it reached a comical length being that it was so long that it reached her ankles. Now when she ran her cock would dangle wildly between her disembodied legs. Her final transformation was for a new vagina to grow in between her breasts and her mouth to transform into one as well. She then lowered herself to the ground, spun around to face her detached legs, and began to insert her long cock into the pussy tucked unto her cleavage. After a couple of seconds, the head of her cock poked out of her mouth pussy as well as she skewered herself on her lengthy shaft.

The next girl, a tall blonde with a ponytail, began to morph. Her arms melted into her body as her ass began to stretch and lengthen behind her. By the time her arms had completely disappeared she had grown a second torso that attached at her hips, which came equipped with second pair of legs and another vagina as well. Now looking more like a horse than a human, her changes continued. Two new pairs of breasts grew on her front torso for a total of six, and the pussy on her second torso disappeared to be replaced by a large three foot long penis with a heavy sack that hung low from her groin. As was apparently Morrigan's thing, that thing being detachment, the girl's neck changed into a dick and a pussy developed to contain it. One of the girls, being playful, picked took the blonde's head out of her upper pussy and placed it on her second torso's back where she was unable to reach it without arms. Finally, her last change was for her body to become much more muscular, but not overly so. Her thighs and calves grew in size as they gained muscle, and both of her abdomens developed six packs, although this was hard to see on her original body with her six breasts covering them up.

Now it was your turn, and oh man where you ready. You began with the girl who was teasing the blonde one. She was a girl of Japanese decent, with long beautiful black hair and a pale complexion. Her head sunk into her body and was replaced by a very large pink anus which gpaed slightly even when she was completely still. Her original followed suit as it too increased in size to match the one up top. Her breasts then merged together together to form a new butt on her chest, with her vagina facing down and her new anus facing up. Then her original vagina vanished, only to be replaced by the eight new foot and a half long dicks that sprung forth from her groin and a large pair of nuts about the size of lemons that hung several inches below her bouquet of cocks. The humantaur girl, now reheaded thanks to help of the untransformed girl, reared up on her legs and knocked the anus girl onto her knees. She then maneuvered her massive cock and lined it up with the asshole on the girl's neck as she drove her dick home. Thankfully the girl was able to handle her stallion girth, and as the blonde bottomed out, the tip of her dick poked out of the asshole girls lower hole, but just barley. The blonde girl muttered something akin to "serves you right" and continued to shower as the Japanese girl tried to remove herself but to no avail.

The last girl, a cute redhead with a couple of freckles, was the last to be changed. You had something a little different in store for her, but not too much so. Her pussy pushed outward, but instead of turning into a dick it just kept growing and growing until what she had sort of looked like a trunk of an elephant, with a pink slit at the end. Her pussy had extended out ward and was now at the end of a two and a half foot long tube of flesh that led directly to her groin. "So are you going to turn her head into a penis so she can fuck herself?" Morrigan asked from down below.

'What, psh, no, like I was going to do that!' You were totally going to do that, but now you had to come up with something else. Didn't want her to think you were a one trick pony! Instead, a large line appeared right down the middle of the girl's torso. it extended from just above her belly button to right below her chin. the girls head began to shrink down into her shoulders, but did not disappear entirely. instead it turned into a fist sized ball of flesh and turned a very warm pink color. As this was happening, folds were appearing along the sides of the line on her body and as they grow more prominent it became very clear that the slit was in fact a very large vagina that took up most of her body, and that her head had become her new hyper engorged clitoris. The pussy bodied girl, in an effort to not trip over the tube of flesh that was her original pussy, picked it up and wrapped it around her waist. she then resumed her showering, and even spread her pussy torso open so as to clean in there as well. It was quite a sight at that too, as her breasts and abdomen were pushed to the side as she easily stretched herself open.

Satisfied, you and Morrigan dry of and clothe yourselves, although you had to admit she looked a little more comical than you with her clothes on. For one thing, the dick between her shoulders stuck out of the top of her shirt like a sore thumb, and she also had to roll up her shirt and lower her pants so that she could see where she was going. 'Here, let me help,' you said as you pulled her jeans down. Firstly, you reached up and detached the dick from between her shoulders. You placed this in your pussy mouth as you continued your work. You vanished her eyes above her ass and instead placed them above her groin so that she could merely unzip her pants and walk forward. Then you reached between her cheek and pinched her mouth between your fingers and peeled it off like a sticker. You then placed this in the middle of her shoulders where her dick had been. Next you peeled off her pussy in much the same manner and placed it between her ass-cheeks, although you had also placed it upside down, but you didn't tell her that. Finally, and with a little hesitation, you removed her her war detached cock from your mouth pussy and added to the duo of cocks already in her groin for a total of three side by side.

'Thanks Alex,' she said, "But it is getting a little crowded down south if you don't mind my saying.'

You stroked her menage a trois of dicks and told her, 'You'll be fine. Just make you sure you don't get a hard on, or else you won;t be able to see anything.'

She was about to say something but you shushed her and pointed to your watch. You had to get to your next class, and the time to leave was now. The two of hurried of towards the science building and managed to get there just in time. You took your seats and...


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Chapter 12: Human anatomy class (ID #1545306)
an addition by: bobboled

Your next class was human anatomy. The two of you had chosen it because you needed it for your general education curriculum and it had sounded like an interesting class overall. Today, however, it was going to be much more interesting, and the anatomy you had learned earlier in the semester probably would not be very relevant anymore. Before you stepped inside, you surprised Morrigan by doing something unexpected. You changed the two of back to normal, or at least the new normal as you were still a female. She asked you why, but you only told her that you "liked to start with a clean slate". She was obviously a little disappointed, but you told her that there was definitely more transformations were that came from, and that this next class would be full of them, She smiled and ribbed you in chest in a show of good faith before the two of you stepped into the classroom. The teacher, Dr.Harrison was getting ready to begin the days lesson. She was a nice teacher, and had a good reputation among both the faculty and her students. She was in her late thirties, but she was still a very attractive woman. She wore her long blonde hair in a french bun, and had a very fair complexion. Also, for a human anatomy teacher, she had quite the anatomy herself. She was gifted with slim body, and her breasts were a much talked about topic, as they measured int he G-cup range and there was always the speculation of whether they were real or not.

Dr.Harrison nodded as you walked through the door. She was a lot more generous than the day's previous teacher had been, but she was still a teacher nonetheless so the two of you hurried to your seats. The classroom was a large lecture hall, with the seats and stairs arranged in a semicircle and the instructor's desk residing in the middle with a whiteboard behind it and a projector. You turned to Morrigan and whispered, "Keep your eyes peeled, this is going to be a very interesting lesson." She was about to question you, but room suddenly fell quiet as the lights dimmed and Dr.Harrison turned on the projector.

She picked up her notebook, collected herself, and began the lecture. "Today's lesson will be about abnormal anatomy. This is a condition that affects approximately ten percent of the world currently, but studies indicate that that it may be rising by 0.0000000001 percent every two years. It is a random genetic mutation in the human DNA that affects around 1 in every 100,000 births, with most of them occurring in more modernized nations. Speculation leads to the theory that this is caused by new elements and chemicals introduced to the human population that did not exist many years ago. The most prominent theory is that it is an offshoot in the evolutionary chain, but is often shot down as there is not much verifiable proof that these abnormalities provide any survival benefits, as the only pros are sexual and to an extent social interaction." She paused to pick up the remote for the projector, then pressed a button which loaded up the slideshow. "For today's lesson, we are just going to go over some of the basic mutations, although I will say this many times, there are many mutations that do not fit into a basic category and as such there are no predetermined mutations." She pressed the remote and picture of naked woman with three penises came on screen. "There is one thing that all of these, as they have been coined by the media, 'transformations', is that they only affect and turn people into females, although on rare occasions there are male subjects. However, those are one in ten million odds."

She flipped to another picture, this time of a woman with just one penis. "The most common of these mutation is hermaphroditism, or the development of both male and female genitalia. Hermaphrodites are the most commonly seen and have integrated fairly well with modern culture. They are functional and only experience a few key differences, those being increased sexual activity from their dual gender, and on average have larger genitalia than men." She flipped to another slide, this one of a girl with a penis that was so long that she was able to sling it over her shoulder, and was so thick she could wrap both of her arms around it. Another was of a girl with a penis that was as long and as rigid as her arm. "Of those born as hermaphrodites, roughly thirty percent are born with or grow hyper genitalia, meaning that either their vagina, penis, testicles, or breasts are well above the average human size. Another ten percent are born with mutligentitalia as I depicted on the first slides. These women often have more than one penis, and sometimes even have two vaginas as well as separate wombs" As she finished her sentence, a girl in the front row was pushed back in her seat as penis that measured seven feet long and as thick as her leg burst out of her skirt and flopped on her desk. She blushed and excused herself as she hurriedly tucked it under her chair in embarrassment. It wasn't very well hidden though, and trailed out from underneath her desk and onto the floor for a good two feet. The girl next to her, a black girl with some generous cleavage told to 'keep a leash on that thing' so that she could pay attention to the lecture. However, the black girl began to shift uncomfortably in her seat as a bulge appeared in her pants, but then began to push its way up her shirt. You could see the outline of it as it moved past her stomach and in between her breasts, where finally it peaked out from between her breasts, the head of a dick. It was long, and easily as thick as your wrist. It wasn't done growing though, as it grew longer still until it was pushing against the girl's lips. It parted her lips and shoved itself inside of her warm mouth, were she began to lick and suck herself off so that she could get her own dick out of her face. Another girl, this one closer to you and your girlfriend, was wearing a skirt, which was fortunate for a second later a bouquet of penises grew out out from her groin, tearing away her underwear and peaking out from the hem of her skirt.

You turned your attention back to Dr.Harrison, where she was preparing for the next slides. They were about...


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Chapter 13: Genital morphs   (ID #1589025)
    an addition by: pillas

Dr Harrison regarded the three students who were affected by the conditions she was speaking of.

"I know this is a touchy subject for some of you, but we all need to be aware of these afflictions so they're not seen as a misconception. Ever since mutations like these are occuring more often, it is wise for all of us to be more knowledgeable of them" She gestured to the class, as she eyed the black girl sucking her own cock through her school shirt.

"It may seem perverted to some, but these are medical conditions and each one is a special case and we are tolerable to those afflicted...Take for example Lisa here...she is afflicted with Hyper Hermaphroditism, as such whenever her penis becomes engorged she has no choice but to relieve the pressure otherwise it will become painful to her...we have become aware of the plight of those afflicted with mutations and try our best to acommadate them, thus we have also seen a change in how society perceives perverse or sexual acts in public" She explained while the girl sucking on her penis blushed as attention was drawn to her, never stopping her bobbing up and down motions on her own cock. The embaressment seemed to only spur her on as she picked up speed and began to use her hands to fondle her balls and caress her shaft through her shirt until with a muffled cry she shuddered and came inside her own mouth. She clamped her lips down around the thick cockhead before her eyes rolled back into her head and her orgasm progressed. Her cumming was so powerful jets of cum started to squirt from her nostrils and splattered all over her desk. After a minute or so of cumming her eyes rolled back into a normal position and she slumped forward, cock still embedded in her mouth, trails of jizz leaking from her nose as she seemed to fall asleep for the moment.

"We'll leave Lisa to recover, meanwhile let us move on with the more rare types of mutations, these aren't as common" she moved on to a slide showcasing what seemed to be a normal woman, she was nicely built with large breasts, wide hips and a cute delicate face. "This Subject used to be a fifty year old male janitor, mutations of this nature often occur sporadically and without prejudice to age or gender" Dr. Harrison took out a laser pointer and highlighted parts of the slide. "As you can see here, In 90% of these cases the breast size is increased to an above average level, this includes the Hips, buttocks as well. We have no theories on why this occurs but we're still researching...however the highlight of this slide is to show her other mutations" She moved on to the next slide.

This one showcased the same woman as before however, her mouth was completely obstructed by a large thick penis that seemed to have replaced her tongue, it stretched out a good twelve inches in front of her face. The next thing you noticed was that her cute nipples as well were replaced by another set of twelve inch erect dicks, each one as hard with bits of pre-cum at their tips. Further below at her groin you were surprised to note that her pussy was there albeit very odd. Her labial lips looked swollen and resembled the bee stung lips that would be more identifiable on a porn stars face, only sideways. "Here are the extent of this subjects mutations, her tongue has been replaced with a fully working male penis, as well as her nipples. The interesting part is that she no longer breathes from normally, her vagina has transformed into a fully working albeit toothless mouth while still retaining it's sexual productivity. She can no longer wear underwear otherwise it obstruct her breathing, as well as her breasts have grown larger to house the production large quantities of semen she needs for all of her penises" Dr Harrison regarded the class."This is to show that mutations are not limited to just the regular genitals, it will often make some creative use of all of a persons body parts as seen through these next slides" she began to go through a series of slides. A woman who had her fingers and toes replaced with slender cocks. A woman whose hands and feet ended in a pair of large beach ball sized breasts. A woman who's face was entirely dominated by cocks that replaced her eyes, nose and mouth, her eyes now located above her belly button. A woman whose arms were replaced by long flexible penises, and her mouth and nose replaced by a large pussy and clit. A woman who's entire head seemed mishappen, her head now converted into a large soft breast, her nose now a large nipple that dripped with milk. The Last slide showed a woman who's face was now nothing more that large shapely female buttocks with long red hair in a feminine cut cascading down her cheeks from the top of her head which also seem to contain another pussy.

Giving you some ideas you switched your attention to some of the students behind you. Becky, A young girl who you knew to be a miss goody two shoes, prudish and wore only a traditional schoolgirl outfit, black leggings, plaid skirt, and black school vest. You concentrated on her and watched the magic happen.

Becky's hair began to fall from her head has her neck turned darker and more cylindrical, her face started to smooth over as the last of her hair fell from her scalp, which soon began to swell. Her neck gained a few more inches as her cheeks grew more rounded and smooth, her nose vanished as her lips thinned and became a vertical slit below her eyes. After a few more seconds, Becky's head was now a large basketball sized cock head. The only remains of her face, her eyes now placed farther apart on each side of her glans. This also came with an upgrade to her small A Cup breasts which now blossomed and nearly tore the limits of her school vest, her breasts having grown to become makeshift testicles to fuel her new penis head, beocming nearly G Cup in size. Becky's eyes seemed to panick and you watched as her head seemed to sink into her neck, what you thought looked like the crumpled collar of a turtleneck sweater was actually her foreskin. Without proper stimulation her head would become swallowed up by her own foreskin. You giggled silently as you watched her try and fevershly revive her dwindling neck, and began to run her face in deliberate motions, touching the back sides of her glans gently and her shaft like neck in an up and down motion. A few moans escaped from her lips as she frantically rubbed at her head, which began to grow larger and more red. Her actions causing her neck to stiffen at a full foot above her shoulders. Unfortanately this caused her eyes to point directly towards the cieling. Becky had to move back in her seat and bend forward with her arms crossed below the shaft that replaced her neck and used them to support her head, causing her face to hit the back of another students head. "Dammit Becky, I dont care if you cant see I'm tired of you slobbering all over me" The student said as he moved his chair to the side and left Becky's enlarged cock head to poke forward. "Sorry" a gurgled reply came from between her penis face.

Watching becky's plight aroused you to no end, she had to be in a constant state of sexual frustration just so her head doesn't sink into her own body. You felt like a few more students could benefit with a few more changes before heading onto the next section of slides.


Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

Chapter 14: Genitals Morphs 2   (ID #1596432)
    an addition by: pillas

While students were taking notes and you were watching Becky teasing her head into an erection you focused on finding a few more students to experiment with. You chose the student that Becky was annoying by her head bobbing side to side near.

Nathanial was trying his best to ignore becky, but sitting in front of the penis headed girl was proving to be more difficult than he imagined. He felt sorry for her sometimes, but it was a pain that she constantly got her "drool" all over his clothes and backpack. He remembered the day that she got a little too excited and "barfed" all over his back and his chair, his clothes were ruined and Becky promised to buy him a new backpack and how sorry she was, he could swear he still had some of her dried saliva in his old one still.

focusing on Nathaniel, you blinked your eyes and sitting where he was, was now a young pretty girl completely naked batting gingerly at a large basketball sized cock head with eyes peering over her shoulder. You decide that "Nathaniel" should be more supportive of Becky's affliction. You watched as suddenly her arms and legs went limp and all over her body seemed to plump up and swell. Fat was building up all over her body in large amounts, oddly most of it was building in large mounds in certain places. Her hands began to inflate like two balloons, her fingers being absorbed by the swelling flesh. Soon her body was covered in lumps, which kept growing larger and larger. You watched as each of the larger lumps began to puff up and in it's centers the skin grew more flush, and little nubs worked up from the middle. By now you could tell that her entire body was completely covered in huge pairs of breasts and most of her limbs now converted into boneless pairs of breasts as well. Starting from her head, which now resembled a large medicine ball sized breast from which light brown hair tapered from it's top, her eyes situated above a large two inch thick thumb sized nipple and below that her mouth with bee stung lips. Her head was connected to another pair of breasts in an odd formation, her shoulders were replaced by single large breast on each side of her head. Beneath her head, her body was made up of six pairs of beach ball sized breasts three pairs running down on front and back of her body down to her hips. Her hips and buttocks were replaced by another single large breast on each side, with a larger pair that replaced her ass cheeks. Her vagina was situated as a middle breast between her hip breasts, the nipple was replaced by her vagina however her clitoris was large and erect in the center acting as it's nipple. Her arms and legs were converted into just multiple masses of tit-flesh, fingers and toes turned into wiggling longish nipples at the ends of swollen tits. Her entire body was completely immobile and it seemed she didn't contain a single bone in her jiggly body. You doubted this new tit-pile you created could even move of her own will.

You watched as Dr. Harrison clicked her heels over towards the wriggling pile of boobs and the dick headed girl that was trying to aim her head forward. "Nitty...however did you get out of your chair?" she asked the girl made of breasts. "Nitty" shrugged her shoulders setting off a jiggling quake of boobs that shook all of her parts for more than a minute or two. "I took a nap while everyone was writing notes and I noticed I wasnt in my special chair...sorry Dr. Harrison" this caused the Doctor to emit an annoyed harumph. She sharply turned on her heel and regarded her classroom as a whole.

"I will not tolerate the wreckless endangerment of any my students, afflicted or othwerwise to be the subject to childish pranks" she shouted, and then pointed towards two male students in the front of the class. "You two, grab Nitty's chair in the back and remove her from that desk immediately!" the two kids scrambled to do as she told, one running towards a fairly complex wheel chair off to the side and the other gently trying to lift "Nitty's" limbs from the confines of a desk that could not contain her. Once the chair was in place the boys took great pleasure in feeling up and groping her multiple pairs of luscious boobs. Nitty could feel the pleasure and warmth from the boys ministrations, her body was particuarlly sensitive to touch, it sent ripples of pleasure throughout her entre body. When she was in place they lowered her into her special chair. Her chair lacked traditional backing and seating from a regular wheelchair, instead it was lined with large silk lined indentions, and each of her back and bottom breasts were lowered into these holes for comfort. When all her breasts were lined up in her chair, they tied up her arms and legs to the hand and leg rests with strips of silk attached to velcro cuffs.

"Thank you boys, be sure though class, when I found out who has tinkered with Nitty's chair, there will be swift punishment" she warned, and then moved over to stituate N ofitty in front of Becky once again. "Nitty....why dont you let Becky lean on your shoulder for comfort, she's looking a little frantic" Nitty just stared up at the doctor from her immovable head and said "Sure thing Doctor Harrison, I dont mind at all....I know she's shy and all but all she has to do is ask and I'm willing to be her neckwarmer anytime she needs it. "Thank you darling, I'm sure she'll appreciate it"

Dr. Harrison wheeled her near Becky's head and very gently guided becky's swollen cock head with pleading eyes over to relax upon Nitty's swollen shoulders made entirely of titflesh. Both Becky and Nitty moaned at the sensation of Becky's large smooth head resting on her large tit shoulder, the heat emenating from her glans sending gentle ripples of pleasure to each of the many nipples that coated her body. Becky moaned louder and longer as Nitty rolled her enormous soft head over and let it flop over Becky's neck, her lips and nipple were brought close to one becky's eyes, which she used to smother wet kisses and tease her "nose" with.

"Oh Nitty....please not so much this time....you know what happens when you go too far" Becky moaned her neck was swallowed underneath firm beautiful boobflesh. Nitty didn't really care, for a woman who isnt even able to move her head up and down of her own free will, she loved this type of power she had over becky, her body suited perfectly to tease Becky enough to let her concentrate and keep her on the brink of an oncomming orgasm. She loved it when Becky did this, it meant that her body would be encase from foot boob to head boob in Becky's tasty warm jism. She loved being coated in the stuff, feel it's hot gooey mass spreading into all over cleavages and body, her nipples becoming beacons of need and want all over her body. When Becky came all over her, it was an intensely sensual experience and she was soon developing romantic feelings for the shy little dick head.

"Let me know if you need anything else" Dr Harrison asked the two girl as she left them to their devices.

"Like Becky and Nitty here, we were all made aware of just how spontaneous and bizarre that these mutations can occur, we all knew them as who they were before they developed the Trans-gene, but after their infection became evident, we would all have to adjust, and this is a good opportunity to get to know first hand what these people have to go through" Dr Harrison gestured towards the pile of boobs in the wheelchair. "Nathanial...or Nitty now as she likes to be called, suffered far worse, though her attitude is far from loathsome about it. Without any form of independent locomation we have set her up with a symbiotic partnership with other changed students, like becky here" stopping slightly as you noticed large drops of drool dripping down Becky's lips and into the many clevages below, Nitty's eyes becmong half lidded with pleasure. "They are a perfect fit for each other, what Nitty lacks in locomation, Beck makes up for in taking care of her needs, while becky benefits from proper stimulation to her head, face, neck and glans to function normally, lest her eyes and mouth get obstructed by her foreskin."

Becky and Nitty, however ignored the teachers speech and continued to gyrate against one another, large globules of precum falling down and coating Nitty's body in creamy clear white lotion. "Ahem, Nitty, becky...please keep it light until after class, you and Becky can take it to one of the special locker rooms and finish off before you next class" she warned them, the last thing she needed was another girl releasing a gallon of cum at her blackboard at nearly 120MPH, the last girl, Tricia with the 6 foot long penis and balls stuffed tightly under her desk cracked her last blackboard in half when she came into the class that day with blue balls the size of car tires.

"Now Lets move on to other stranger and rare conditions in these next couple of slides" Dr Harrison announced, igrnoring the moans coming from Nitty.