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Once upon a time...

    ...in a modern-day American city...

Joanna had lived in the city all her life, and she was convinced that it was the dullest place in the world.  Nothing ever seemed to happen here!  And today looked like it was going to be just as dull a day as any other; she'd gotten up, showered, eaten breakfast, and was on her way to work.  She paused at a stoplight with a large crowd of other people, looked at her watch, and groaned:  She was late.

    She decides to be wildly late and goes into a nearby store.

"Welcome," said the strange old woman behind the counter as Joanna walked inside. "We've been expecting you."


"Indeed, it was foretold in the stars that you would come," said the little woman. "But, now, come, I shall not keep you waiting. Behold! Choose which you will!" And she waved her hand at the various shelves in the little shop.

"What is this store?" asked Joanna. "I mean... I just came in here because I'm playing hooky from work."

"You came here because it is your destiny! Now choose!" The little old woman gave her a dark look.

Joanna shrugged and continued down the aisles. The shelves were full of herbs, ointments, and drinks, each in a little vial or bottle, all of a hundred shapes and sizes and colors. They were neatly labeled, too, and she began to read them aloud --- softly --- as she passed them.

"Mermaid scales, satyr tail, centaur hoof, harpy feathers, naga skin... what is all this stuff?"

"It is your destiny," said the old woman solemnly. "One of my wares already selected you before you were born. You must merely find it."

"Leg serum? Head powder? Breast potion? Lady, what the heck are you selling here?"

"It is for you to discover," said the old woman, and wouldn't respond again.

    She takes a strange little bottle she can't read.

Among the hundreds of jars and packets that cover the walls Joanna selects a small vial.  The tag so small it is practically illedgible.

    Joanna says "What is this ..."

The old woman perched her glasses on her nose and peared at the tiny bottle that Joanna held out towards her.  Squinting through the thick glass made her face look even older and more wizened.

"Excellent choice dear. That bottle contains ..."

    " ... создатель пениса"

The forgien words tumbled forth from the old woman's lips, but Joanna spoke a little Russian.  The woman has said ... something .. something maker?  She looked at the small glass vial lovingly (if illegibly) labeled and wondered what a tiny bottle like that could possibly make.   Was it a concentrate of some kind?

    Joanna says "How much ..."

"For you, it is free.  After all, it is destiny that brought you here, and who would stand in the way of destiny?"  she replied cryptically.  She then shoes Joanna out of her store, like an old woman with a stubborn cat.

Joanna shook her head.  "Crazy old lady .. how does she expect to make any money giving things away."

Joanna glances at her watch, she was now definately and truely late for work, but the crowd on the street had thinned out so she wasn't surrounded.

    Item forgotten Joanna hurries to work

The city was boring .. dull as dishwater .. and while loosing her job might make it a little more exciting .. it would also make it a heck of a lot less livable.  Breathing a resigned sigh  she tucked the tappered vial into her purse made her way to the towering edifice that housed her cubicle and coworkers.  She fought her way against the 10 o’clock tide of nicotine addicts and into the elevators.

Riding the elevator up she pulled the potion bottle filled with glistening fluid out and turned it over in her hands.  Curiosity and practicallity were struggling as the elevator doors pinged and slid open.

The doors opened onto a sea of nearly empty cubicles.  The smell of coffee was nearly intoxicating. 

    A cheerful hello to her fellow office drones and she got to work

The doors opened onto a sea of nearly empty cubicles.  The smell of coffee was nearly intoxicating.  She was filling a cup with steamy darkness when Chloe sidled up behind her.  “You know one of these days Mr. Anderson is going to notice you coming in late.”  Her friend jokingly chided her.

Joanna shrugged noncommittally and the friends chatted as they walked back to their cubicles.

    Joanna puts some of the potion in her coffee

Joanna popped off the cap and a faint fruity spice smell like apple liqueur wafted up from the open lid.   She poured some of the vial into her coffee, wanting the comforting homey flavor inside her.

    She starts to change as soon as she tastes it


Re: There's a tentacle monster in the bathroom...and it's me.

Apparently there was more than just liqueur in the tiny bottle because Joanna felt flushed and dizzy.  Her stomach writhed in knots and she stumbled.  The flavor of the liquor hit her like a slap.  The odor had been faint, a gentle whisper.  The taste was an angry shout, a burning heat ... it overwhelmed her mouth then traveled like a  spear through her body.
Her pants felt tight ...

    ... her crotch buldged

Joanne's pants felt tight.  There was a nearly uncomfortable warmth and pulsing centering between her legs.  She tries to readjust her pants to make herself more comfortable.  As her hand brushes agaisnt the taunt fabric tickling the flesh beneith .. a wave a pleasure tumbles across her skin.  Her crotch twitched and pulsed straining against the zipper of her pants.  Every movement rubbed the nub of pleasure against something.  The fabric of her pants was taunt across it.  Now there was no mistaking what had happened to her ..

    .. because her pants split open

The mass twitched and pulsed fighting the confines of the fabric restraining it.  Seams groaned under the pressure, a button flew off and the teeth of her zipper lost their grip.  Amber-rose tendrils clawed at the zipper  edging it open with deafening tzchk tzchk.  The mass of tendrils paused .. a daring spelunker savoring the fresh brightness of the open air.

Joanna gawked at the gigersque nest of tentacles and cilia that had taken the place of her vagina.  The tentalces began to writhe again, restlessly caressing her hips, nimble probing digits with the earnest sensitivity of erect nipples rolled her pants down as they continued to grow.

    Joanna runs the the bathroom to hide

Joanna takes a panicked look around the office, then grabs a binder to cover the squirming mass and heads for the ladies room, hurrying to make it before the growing tentacles expand past her impromtu shield.  She rushes to a stall in the empty restroom, flings aside the binder, and removes her pants so she can see the full extent of what is happening to her.

As if in response, the pulsing intensifies and Joanna braces herself against the stall as the writhing tentacles surge down, growing and stretching further until a dozen amber-rose tentacles, each nearly the width of her thumb, reach almost to her knees. As she took a deep breath and steadied herself the tentacles resumed their exploration.

    She looks for the original equipment

"At least it's stopped growing" thought Joanna as she viewed the writhing mass of tentacles that now occupied her crotch. She shivered as three of the sensitive feelers begin to slip up under her shirt.
“Down, down” she muttered as she swatted them away, and to her surprise the tentacles behaved, somewhat, and gently moved down the sides of her legs instead.  With a bit more concentration she found she could at least influence her wanton extremities, though they seemed to very much have a mind of their own. When she had the tentacles settled down to the point they were content to caress her legs she gently pried them apart where they covered her crotch to reveal a pink slit surrounded by a cluster of waving cilia.

Just brushing the cilia spurred a rush of pleasure that caused her (her!) tentacles to get riled up. She struggled for self control and avoided touching the cilia as she carefully inserted a finger to verify that she was, at the very least, still female.  But now it seemed the tentacles wanted in on the act, and as she removed her finger, two of them rushed forward to explore her nether regions.

    She lets them explore

Before Joanna can react the two intrepid tentacles plunge into her, inciting a shockwave of pleasure that made her knees weak. She collapsed onto the toilet seat and leaned back as she began to moan quietly, then more loudly as more tentacles turned back to massage her incredibly erogonous cilia.The cold ness of the tank behind her reminded her where she was and and she covered her mouth with a hand, gently biting down on her finger to stifle her gasps of pleasure.

But she couldn't quit yet, even if she wanted to, and she found she didn't want the stimulation to end, not yet.  She kept her mouth covered, more concerned at the moment at the prospect of having the experience interrupted than the idea of her being discovered, while she leaned forward and used her other hand to begin unbottoning her blouse. Two tentacles surged up, eager to help. They finished pulling apart the final buttons while she reached back to unhook her bra. As soon as it was loose one of the tentacles encircled it and with a corkscrew motion moved the bra down its length while the tip of the tentacle carefully looped around her right nipple and gently began to squeeze and pull at it.  The other tentacle had apparently decided upon a different approach, and wrapped around her entire left breast while stroking her nipple with it's tip.

Somewhere in the back of her mind a voice shouted that this was wrong, that she was a freak, with no way to get out of the office without being revealed as a monster.
“Better enjoy it while it while it lasts, then” Joanna said to herself with a gasp. She had been forced to move her hands to brace herself against the stall. She continued to moan quietly, focusing nearly all her attention to the sensations rushing through her body as she moved towards climax. Only regaining the presence of mind at the last moment, she covered her mouth to silence the cries of pleasure as an earthshaking orgasm erupted from her transformed vagina and left her entire body tingling.

She leaned over and panted, her tentacles now limp, her body dripping with sweat. Just as she was trying to collect herself, she heard the door to the bathroom open.  Her tentacles came together in a bunch and with a unsettling sensation, retracted until they only reached mid thigh.
“Well, that helps a little” she muttered, then started as it sunk in that she was not alone in the restroom.

“Joanna, is that you?”

    It's Chloe

“Yes Chloe, it's me” Joanna replied, as one of her tentacles stretched out and picked up her bra. She gave the helpful extremity a quick pat before hurrying to put the bra back on and button her blouse while Chloe walked to the stall she was sitting in.

“I noticed you'd been gone for a while, I came to check” Chloe sniffed the air. “Are you serious? What the hell Joanna, it smells like my boyfriend's Chrysler after a make-out session. Please tell me you weren't just double-clicking your mouse this whole time.”

Joanna, holding her pants over her now unwelcome additions, flushed.
“ I drank something I got from a strange shop this morning, I couldn't help myself”

    Chloe is amused

From behind the closed stall door Joanna gave Chloe a brief description of the morning's events, carefully excluding any references to the amber rose tentacles that now lay draped over her thighs, squirming slightly from the cold air of the restroom.

Chloe put her face to her palm, as she listened, shaking her head
as Joanna finished her explanation.
“So, even though you have no clue what it does, you drink the mystery potion in the middle of the workday”
She said , continuing with a laugh
“and then Woo Hoo!  You have to rush to the bathroom like Uncle Willy at Hooters”

Joanna said nothing, so completely mortified that she wasn't even thinking of the potion's other effects. She was caught completely off guard when Chloe used the bottle opener on her keychain to pry open the stall door. Too stunned to even react, Joanna sat with her pants in her lap as Chloe continued, still smiling.   
“Come on girl, I'll take the day off with you.”  Chloe grabbed Joanna by the arm and pulled her up.
“Let's . . . “     Then stopped dead as Joanna stumbled, and dropped the pants covering her bizarre extremities.

    The tentacles try to help

To their credit, the amber tentacles reacted, grabbing the pants before they hit the floor, but far too late.  The color drained out of Chloe's face, and she quickly pulled her hand away.
Too quickly, as Joanna still hadn't completely recovered, and she stumbled forward and grabbed Chloe's arm to keep from falling.  Her tentacles milled around, then gathered between her thighs and pulled in as much as they could, still very much visible. Chloe's gaze went to Joanna's thighs, then back up to her face. Her mouth moving but no sound coming out. Joanna broke the silence.

“ Chloe, that potion did a lot more to me than just get me aroused.

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