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So good!


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I was just about to post this, but it looks like someone beat me to it. LF is such a great writer, love their stuff.


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Here's a picture drawn by Modulokss

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All in all, Nicole Strahan didn't have a whole lot to complain about. A good job, running her own business, a nice apartment in the city, an active social life – things were good. Nontraditional, but good.

Nicole was better known to her fans online as Fae Dawn, a "cosplayer" if you were being diplomatic or were in mixed company, and a "porn star" if you weren't. With a naturally fit, swimsuit model body, Nicole had started out simply doing cosplay, but finding her reach and her crowdfunding climbing higher the more skin she showed until she comfortably moved into fully-lewd output.

However, Nicole had two problems: one in her own head, one very real.

"Nicole, your followers are bored."

Her eyes perked up when she heard that. That was Craig, her agent/business manager/confidante, occasional lover, but a generally effective no-nonsense rock on which she could lean.

"What do you mean bored?"

"I mean they're bored. They've all seen you. They've seen, well, pretty much everything. You get a bump with new costumes but aside from that you're in a holding pattern."

"Who's growing?"

"Funny you should ask that. The girls who are growing are, well. Growing."

The meaning was clear, even before Craig slid a list of girls over the table. The girls who were grabbing a bigger share of the "market" were the ones dabbling in nanocosmetics, or outright diving into them. Body-modifiying nanobots. Nicole had had some nano done, but only some very simple procedures – breast lift and firming, toning, a treatment that permanently kept her long hair in a glittery pink-and-purple mermaid cut. Some of these girls were getting much more elaborate nano.

Nano was in an inconvenient price range where it was accessible for the average moderately-successful online porn starlet, much like outdated plastic surgery had been, but was far too expensive to be something that could be swapped in and out on a whim. It could be an investment, but an essentially permanent one. There was also a six-month "cooling off" period between nano treatments that was just long enough to be inconvenient.

That meant that the #4 on the list of her rivals, Mara Mounds, legitimately did have to tote around a pair of breasts big enough to sit in her lap in her everyday life. #2, Queen Prick, had to deal with the day-to-day impacts of a fourteen-inch erection. Nanokinks, the internet called them – not just people who'd had nano, but people whose sexually-charged nano turned a chunk of their life into fodder for their online persona.

That segued nicely into the other problem with her life – which was that she found these people and their freakish sexual bodymods, the girls especially, to be impossibly, unbelievably sexy. Nicole had lost count to the number of times she came to pictures of Queen Prick, of Mara, of any of the dozens of hardcore nanokinks. She knew it was counter to her better judgement but she wanted to be a nanokink herself, and the only thing stopping her was she'd always thought it would irreparably damage her business.

"So Craig, just so I'm perfectly clear, are you suggesting I should get hardcore nano?"

He coughed. "I'm not saying that, I'm just presenting the facts-"

"If you were making the decision for me, would you get nano?"

"Nic, I could never be in a position to make that-"

She sighed. "If it were you, would you get nano?"

Craig looked at her levelly. "I believe getting nano would mean highly positive impacts for your business. That doesn't mean-"

She stood up. "Do you know a good bioengineer?"

Craig paused. "Nic. You need to fully understand what you're doing-"

"Craig. I'm a grown woman. I know what I'm doing. Do you know a good bioengineer?"


Half an hour later Nicole was sitting across the desk from a man in a white lab coat. Craig sat next to her. Without further context it could just have been any upscale doctor's clinic. The doctor was shuffling a set of laminated pictures across the table, before-and-after images of various treatments the clinic was particularly proud of. Massive breasts, outsized hourglass figures, plump lips, muscles, sex changes, it was a large selection.

"So, Miss Strahan, any of these can be tailored to your specifications. Depending on the extent of the change, we will build in maintenance nanomachines that allow your body to physically support the changes. Of course, this means you'll require ongoing checkups and need quantum batteries for the machines, but these are, relatively speaking, low-impact requirements."

That explained how some of the nanokinks she knew were able to support some rather excessive changes. She looked at the briefing on the quantum batteries – about the size of a watchface, and could be worn as a watch, as a choker, or optionally installed directly into the body for security. She recalled Mara Mounds' glowing green choker.

"You're welcome to take these home and give it some thought-"

"No need. I know what I want."

Craig's jaw dropped. The doctor's composure faltered slightly. Nicole looked at the pair of them.


"Nic, how could you-"

"Oh Jesus, Craig, how dim can you be?" She shuffled a few of the pictures out. "I definitely want a boob upgrade, like some fucking huge tits. A dick, of course, best of both worlds is all the rage in nanokinks right now and I've just totally always wanted one. Now here's a more recent one, Craig, I'd like your opinion on it, what do you think about four arms? Bit odd, but imagine the possibilities right?"

The doctor managed to insert himself into the rapid-fire. "Miss Strahan, remember, there's a six-month moratorium between nanocosmetic treatments, to allow your system to recover. Most of those changes are beyond a single treatment's worth of instructions."

She nodded. "Right, but surely you have someone here who can do parallel cellular scaffolding? You know, that new treatment that lets you combine multiple instructions into the one nanite?"

The doctor clucked his tongue. "You've definitely been doing your homework. Yes, I have an engineer who can put together a PCS, but the PCS is still very new and not perfectly stable technology."

"Don't care. I'm not waiting a year and a half to get where I want to be and shelling out for three procedures when you can use PCS."

The doctor shrugged. "You very clearly know what you want. You'll have to sign the PCS waiver, but aside from that, no problem. Let's go through dimension selection..."

Using a 3D model, Nicole sculpted a pair of breasts that hung past her ribcage, taut and full in a perfect teardrop. She adjusted sliders to deliver a thick, thirteen-inch cock, paired with a set of egg-sized testicles. She carefully positioned a copy of her own set of arms just below her shoulder joint. The doctor took the tablet from her and made a few quick calculations.

"Okay, so, adding in the muscular enhancements for the chest and the arms, the additional strain on the heart and vascular system... You won't strictly need a quantum battery, but you'll be in absolutely top health with one. Otherwise you could see the occasional issue with blood pressure and muscle tension."

Nicole nodded. The doctor made a few more quick taps, then looked at Nicole over his glasses. "Miss Strahan, can I once more strongly encourage you to go with a traditional instruction set, rather than PCS?"

She shrugged. "You can."

"Are you going to listen?"


"Then that's that." He passed over a stack of paperwork. "Sign here, here and here. Your nanites and quantum battery will be ready in half an hour."


Nicole got back to her apartment as giddy as a child. In one hand she held a vial full of a clear solution that looked nondescript but was, in fact, full of miniature flesh-shaping robots. In a bag in her right hand were two of the quantum battery chokers – one for the transformation, one for the maintenance. It was possible to do slow transformations that worked off ordinary body energy, especially for people doing low-key body mods they didn't want to draw attention to, but for Nicole, the slight additional expense of a battery-driven transformation was worth having her dream body in only an hour.

She followed the instructions exactly. Drink a litre of water. Wait half an hour. Strap battery onto neck. Uncap and consume nanite solution. Head to a safe, comfortable place, remove all clothing, and wait.

She sat back on her bed, surrounded by fluffy pillows, completely nude. She'd heard stories about nanokinks' first experiences with a real hardcore mod - the flood of hormones alone could be a transcendent sexual experience, and that was ignoring any amount of sensitivity built into or resulting from their new anatomy. She grinned and wiggled her hips gleefully, settling back into the plush bed, mind racing with thoughts of what she was going to look like, what she was going to do with her new body, how her life was going to have to change. Craig had briefly tried to suggest that Nicole film it for her site, but she'd swept out of the clinic with barely a thought.

Going to need a whole new wardrobe – at least modify some of my clothes to start off. Hah, Christmas is going to be weird. Aunt Emma is going to totally freak out.

Soon, Nicole realised she was starting to take deeper breaths, like she'd just finished a brisk walk. The feeling got worse, like she was exercising without even leaving the bed, her body exerting itself without doing anything. She realised that it was her body starting the changes, draining her of energy. She touched the jewel around her throat, drawing some comfort from its presence as she continued to enervate.

She felt it in her breasts first – prickling, and then a growing sensation of warmth, like someone was pointing a sunlamp at her boobs. She gasped as her nipples suddenly hardened without explanation, followed by a tight, pressurised feeling behind them like a full stomach after a huge meal. Slowly, but visibly, they began to swell.

Nicole practically squealed, her hands flying to her growing chest, moaning as her hands shifted and pushed around the pressure inside them. She lifted them, pressed them against each other, flicked her thumbs across the rigid nipples, felt the doughy flesh expanding against her fingers.

Another sensation cut through, this one from between her legs. In contrast to the full, pleasurably stuffed feeling of her breasts, this one was sharp, like a stitch, centred in her pubic mound just above her clitoris. She dropped her right hand off her breast to caress the sore point in her groin, breath catching as she felt a fleshy lump starting to build there – a fleshy lump that she knew was going to be the culmination of years of fantasies about big-dicked nanokinks. She caressed it as it pulsed and thickened between her fingers, willing it to continue growing.

She sat playing with her transforming body, expectantly waiting for the final change she knew was coming. She was giddy about the idea of a second set of arms – it was something she'd only seen once before, on an obscure Russian blog where a four-armed girl was the centre of a nanocosmetic-enhanced gangbang, and she'd frequently imagined herself as the epicentre of it, covered in gouts of thick cum extracted from a ring of cocks by her four-way dexterity. She didn't stop as she felt the pressure at each side of her ribcage, the strain on her bones, she just kept touching herself and imagining the final product.

As her fledgling cock expanded, joined by a slowly-swelling pair of testicles underneath it, she went from just caressing it to stroking it, the flesh loosening to allow a smooth motion up and down the new shaft. Her tongue lolled from her mouth, her brain being bombed by sensations she'd never come close to imagining. All doubts about whether or not this was a good idea washed away with the sheer, unbridled pleasure of stroking her own fat cock. As her new arms extended out from the side of her body, she flexed them, unfurling fingers and using what little brainspace she had left after the feeling from her cock to establish new connections to the nerves.

Clumsily, she reached the two new arms up and mashed the uncooperative hands into her bloated breasts, giving her a plush and pleasurable anchor as she slowly gained control over her new extremities. Her remaining hand, her original left hand, she decided to snake down and under her new scrotum to rub against her neglected pussy.

Stroking her cock, fingering her pussy, thumbing her clit and groping both of her breasts – she was a one-woman sexual dynamo. She sank back into the bed, losing herself in the sensations of her new body. She was so deep that she didn't notice the prickling, sharp sensation on her chest just below her new breasts, instead focused on the empty, yawning sensation flooding out through her groin and up all twelve inches of her still-growing dick.

She let go of the shaft, letting it pulse and quiver, raising her jerking hand to her mouth to bite down on her index finger as the magic moment built up and unleashed. Her huge dick jerked, shooting off hard into the air, ropes of cum flinging up and down across her body, her lower arms mashing the substance into her breasts. Her hips kicked up with each shot, like it was taking hold of her muscles and tugging them with each pulse of pleasure down her cock.

She snuggled back with a satisfied moan as she let the afterglow wrap around her, but in a few moments her brow wrinkled. That stuffed-feeling pressure was still in her breasts. Her chest was prickling and hot. Her cock still had that intense sharp sensation thudding through it, made all the worse for the sensitivity of her recent orgasm.

Isn't it... Supposed to be done now? She lifted up her breasts, craning her head to assess their size. She spread them apart and looked down at her cock, comparing it to the size she'd had in her head. If anything, it looked bigger than what she'd requested – not that that was abnormal for people with penises.

She trailed her lower hands up her torso and stopped when she felt bumps underneath her breasts. Her new hands less clumsy now, she was able to move the fingers across and get a sense for the shape of the bump. It felt good to touch. In fact, it even felt like-

Eyes wide, she rose off the bed in shock. Fighting through the fatigue and aching muscles she ran to the bathroom, lifting her breasts, her blood running cold as she saw two new nipples on her chest, just underneath her newly-enhanced rack. She held her breasts up with her upper arms, using her lower hands to probe the site, when she realised that, before her eyes, flesh was starting to bud in underneath the nipples. At the same time, she realised her breasts were still swelling, definitely growing beyond the size she'd requested at the clinic.

What the fuck is going on? No, stop! Stop it! She ran back to her bed, uncomfortably aware of her breasts and erect dick bouncing, scrabbling for her phone on the bedside table. She didn't have the doctor's number, only Craig's. She tried to take deep breaths, focusing on flicking the correct thumb. Her other hands almost subconsciously drifted between her legs – despite her panic, she was still ridiculously horny.

"Come on, come- ooh, ffuck pick up!" Ring ring, ring ring. The digital ringer sounded as her body grew. With a free hand she quickly noted that the new flesh under her second set of nipples was showing no signs of slowing down. No longer just buds, they were easily a new set of B- or C-cup breasts now, fitting nicely into her palm.

"Hi, you've reached Craig McKenzie. I don't love you enough to come to the phone, so leave a message and I might get back to you."

She groaned, partially in frustration, partially because one of her hands had gone back to gently stroking her dick.

"Craig, it's Nicole. I am havinghh-oooh, a fucking emergency with- ggh, with the nano. Shit's fucked uuuppoh fuck me. Bring the fucking doctor over!"

She threw her phone at the pillow, falling back and groaning as a second hand joined the first around the shaft of her cock. That made her stop for a moment and internalise that her cock was actually big enough that the second hand didn't look ridiculous around it. Beneath it, testicles the size of grapefruits bounced in a soft sack.

Fuck me, it must be nearly two fucking feet long. I'll be twice as big as Queen Prick soon! The idea was- well, of course it was frightening. Horrifying. But it was also, if she was being totally honest, a little bit enticing. Part of being a nanokink was all about public transgression, after all. Wearing your sexuality like a banner. What could she even wear that would hide this? Cover, yes, but hide? Stop it from being obvious what it was, what she was?

Besides, she already had four arms – those alone were going to be almost impossible to hide. On top of that, did an extra-large dick and four huge tits really change anything about how she'd have to live?

That was when she felt a prickling sensation and a sharp pain down in her groin again. Not from her cock – in her groin. Right beside the base of her dick. She let the hand on one of her tits drop down to press two fingers into the spongy flesh – or at least, the flesh that should have been spongy. She felt a denser core just underneath it, one that made her grunt when she pressed it.

Oh no. No, no, you've got to be fucking joking.

Despite the throbbing insistence of her still-growing cock, and the shock of her quad-stack of swelling breasts, she pulled it all aside to stare down at her crotch, noting the nub swelling out next to her cock, watching it grow in exactly the same way her cock had grown.

She fell back, covering her face with her top pair of hands, trying to take deep breaths and get on top of the thudding panic in her chest.

Okay, so, from the top. Your boobs are growing way bigger than you asked for. They're still growing, so you have no idea how big they're going to get. You're growing a second pair of boobs, and you have no idea where they're going to stop either. You have a cock. It's two and a half feet long. You have what appears to be a second dick growing next to it.

What happened after your cock grew in before? Oh, right, the new arms. She reached a hand down to the side of her ribcage, below her lower armpits, and pushed in. The pain made her draw back a hissing breath through her teeth. Tender. Pressure. Any reason that I wouldn't be growing more arms? Aside from the idea being fucking insane?

It only took her a few minutes to be proven grimly right as a pair of wiggling stumps began to protrude from the sides of her body. Blessedly, however, that sight was accompanied by the pressure in her upper breasts and her cock fading, letting her take stock for a moment and note that they'd stopped growing.

About fucking time.

Despite wanting to do nothing more than sit back and jerk off, she knew it was important to get a sense of exactly how big she was. Getting out of the bed was more of a production than it had been. First off, her new gigantic nutsack was pooling between her thighs, and to shuffle them off the bed like she normally did would involve a lot of bouncing and possibly some pinching between the thighs. It gave her a moment to examine them and separate them from each other. They were each roughly the size of canteloupes, heavy and warm. She shuffled over to the side of the bed and gently dropped them, eyes going wide at how far down they hung.

She grunted, preparing to push herself off the bed with multiple hands. She could feel strain on her back from the weight of her gigantic breasts, but at the same time, nowhere near as immense as it should have been. The doctor had explained that standard with the package was a nanomuscular enhancement, the nanites taking place of muscle fibres and strengthening as demanded to help her easily bear the weight of her changes. Whether or not it was still functioning as intended with her extreme growth remained to be seen. Her tits were the size of soccer balls, nearly a foot of smooth, quivering flesh across, topped with nipples that she couldn't see but felt in her hand like they were as big as cocktail glasses. The new ones underneath them were only half that, but still full of pressure and growing like weeds. The volume of her breasts was such that they bounced against each other, and when not moving formed their own line of cleavage.

Her cock stood up ramrod-stiff, glistening with precum, throbbing with need. Its weight bent it down at an angle to her body. It would have gone roughly to the level of her mouth standing straight. Nestled just next to it, almost an afterthought, was a second six-inch cock that was happily growing to match its mate. Beneath it a pair of testicles had already budded in and were swelling alongside the shaft.

Nicole took a moment standing up to readjust her centre of balance. Her giant dick was putting leverage on her whole body. Her balls bobbled at just over knee-height. She would have had to stand bow-legged for them to fit between her legs, and moving her legs only confirmed they were going to bounce uncomfortably against her knees with every step.

Every motion of her body caused something to bump or bounce or jiggle. Just the motion of breathing bobbled her breasts against one another, and turning to the side involved swinging the heavy stem of flesh sprouting from between her legs. She shuffled to the cupboard in her room, pulling out an extra-long roll of dressmaker's tape.

The first thing she needed was a bust measurement. Oddly enough this was the first thing her new body made more convenient, as she was able to raise her upper arms and use her lower (that is, the lowest-functional, given that she had a jointed set of stumps growing in) to wrap the tape around her. After some manoeuvring, the tape returned a measurement of fifty-seven inches.

58 inches. What the fuck. I only have a thirty-inch chest, so that's twenty-eight inches of tit. That means I'm... what, a ZZZ cup?

Mashing her hands into her breasts, walking around bumping her sensitive bits and the ever-present hormonal fog of growth meant that It was taking all of her concentration to keep her hands off her dick. It jumped and lurched, belching out enormous handfuls of precum and dripping wads of the fluid all over her carpet. Her face was flushed, her breath shallow, every fibre of her being demanding another orgasm.

She turned and faced the bed, laying her dick across it. Tucking her balls behind her thighs, she was able to lean forward with the tape and extend it up to the very tip.

Thirty-three. Fuck me. What have I fucking done to myself? A few circumference measurements later she found her dick ranged between thirteen and sixteen inches around. The one growing next to it was already a quarter of its size.

She clambered back into the bed, carefully sliding around her giant genitals, and sat speechless for a moment. It was cry or masturbate, and before long the lust took over from the depression and she reached out to start tugging on her cock again. Although one hand couldn't circle it, it was enough to tug the soft skin of the fleshy pole with her nanite-enhanced strength. A second hand reached down, bumping against her two right breasts, and started to stroke her second cock as well.

Her free hands roamed back up her midriff to slide up and lift her lower breasts, to palm and play with them, but on the way they encountered another set of bumps, barely even on her chest and now better described as on her torso. A quick inspection, jerking off the whole time, told Nicole what she'd feared, and that they were another set of nipples. There was nothing she could do about it, though, except wait for Craig and the doctor, so there wasn't any point in giving up stroking herself.

A few more minutes of desperately tugging her dicks and another pair of clumsy but enthusiastic hands were able to join in, each massaging one of the bloated nuts under each of her cocks. Her smaller dick started to shoot off first, and halfway through its orgasm her larger cock throbbed, strained and started to launch enormous ropes of thick, hot cum with great velocity into the air, travelling across to the far wall and starting to knock ornaments off her shelf. Her smaller cock flagged, merely pumping gobs of cum out and down the growing shaft, while unbelievable volumes of it kept shooting out of her first dick like a firehose. Some fifteen shots later it finally flagged, dribbling spunk onto the bedsheets, leaving a panting, bedraggled Nicole to look through her swelling sea of breastflesh and wonder exactly what she'd managed to create.

Oddly enough, her growing dick refused to go soft, even after shooting off, but her first cock was actually starting to grow soft, shrinking back down until it was a (still hefty) rubbery one and a half feet long. By the time it grew completely soft, though, not only were her third pair of breasts packing on weight by the second, Nicole observed a new bump making itself known in her groin, this one to the left of her first cock rather than the right.

A sob broke through her desperate panting. Just stop, please. Stop! I can't- I can't handle this, this is too much...

She could only sit, watch in impotent horror and stroke as she watched a third cock forming a neat line in her groin. Her second dick had already cleared two feet hard, and its companion balls were swelling up rapidly. She noted with some irony that her pairs of arms keeping pace with her cocks meant she wasn't short of options for jacking herself off. Stroking three cocks at the same time had certainly been part of her nanokink fantasies, but she hadn't pictured them all belonging to her.

On the other hand, as she managed to lift her mood above the panic and the sensation of how her life was going to change, she had to admit her body felt good. All six of her jostling breasts were smooth, firm and super-sensitive, and touching her gigantic nipples sent pulses of fuzzy pleasure straight to her hindbrain. The only reason she wasn't engaged in groping more of herself was because the sensations from her three dicks were even more mind-melting.

Her three-foot central cock had rallied back to its full erect length. Her right cock was more than two, now, and her left was nestling comfortably into her hand but throbbing and growing in time with her heartbeat. The different sizes meant finding a rhythm was near impossible but the nanites were boosting her dexterity, making it much easier to coordinate what could easily have been an ungainly tangle of conflicting limbs.

Between her thighs two scrotums, one smaller than the other, were bumping and jostling for space until the smaller one settled into the cleft formed by her thighs and the larger set of balls. She could feel the larger ones churning with fluid, while the smaller ones just carried the pressure of growth.

Her left cock came, and despite it being a weak, dribbling orgasm compared to her other two, it still gripped hold of her spine and drove pleasure into her head for a few seconds. It was dwarfed, however, by her main cock shooting off again, firing more high-pressure thick ropes of cum into the air and across her body, pumping out litres of hot spunk until it dribbled down the drooping shaft. Before she'd even managed to recover from the assault of pleasure, her right cock tightened, and started to lurch and shoot off.

Her left and right cocks both stayed rigidly erect, growing as they were, and if anything having them both erect made her feel even hornier and more needy than before. It was as if she had a separate libido tied to each shaft, that combined together in her head when they were "active" to make one pulsing super-libido. Focused on masturbating, it almost went without fanfare when her third row of breasts expanded past ordinary cup sizes and another pair of arms sprouted below her third pair, now anchored well past her ribcage on her midriff. She was both too emotionally desensitised and horny to care.

She was, however, starting to become desperate. While her right cock finally hit its full length, allowing her to finally end its constant erection with a voluminous orgasm, her leftmost had hit two feet in length, and another was starting to bud, underneath and between her centre and right. More breasts had budded in and swelled underneath her third set, this pair set an inch or two above the level of her navel. Her second pair had grown to the same size as her top ones, and it was becoming difficult to see and manoeuvre her hands around their bulk. She was accustomed now that this was her lot, and she was going to have to learn to deal with this new body, but now she just wanted to know when it was going to finish.

Grunting, sweating, jerking off with four hands while her fourth pair wiggled uselessly. If this doesn't stop soon, I'm going to fucking run out of space for tits. What if it didn't stop? It seemed like it wouldn't be even in the top ten of her problems, but something about it stuck in her brain. Am I going to end up with hands growing out of my fucking legs or something?

Something about the thought and image popped in her head like a soap bubble, and, arms still pumping on her cocks, she started to giggle.

"Haha. Ahaha. Wow. I am so fucked. Heehee. Oh my god, just fucking look at me. Hahaha, what the fuck am I going to do?!"

She giggled maniacally, tears rolling down her cheeks, helpless to do anything but stare and stroke. When her fourth cock had its first ejaculation she kept laughing, the pleasure only drawing more emotion out of her. Cackling, she hugged her two largest shafts against her body, suddenly realising she'd been missing out on an idea. Using all but her top pair of arms, even the proto-hands on her fourth pair, she squished her rows of breasts together, nestling her two largest dicks between them and starting to pump – frotting her own dicks against each other and tit-fucking herself.

A new pair of nipples budded in underneath her lower breasts, these ones on her stomach, level with her navel. She'd once been proud of her trim, smooth stomach, but soon it was going to be completely invisible behind gigantic mounds of breastflesh. Her third pair of breasts had reached full size now, and she felt like she was more breast than woman. They glistened with countless orgasms worth of cooling, sticky cum.

Her breasts extracted two huge, messy cumshots from her largest cocks while her upper arms kept jerking off her other two. The space between her legs was a sea of jostling, sloshing testicles, also coated with jizz. The pleasure was barely detectable as individual orgasms at this point – she simply floated in a pink-red pool of aroused lust that peaked and troughed like waves. Her breasts grew, while a fifth shaft started to protrude upwards from her groin, this one taking its place level with her fourth, underneath her centre and leftmost cocks.

It was at that point, though, that she felt a buzz from the front of her throat, a crackling noise, then a hum, slowly dropping in pitch until it became inaudible.  She pulled the quantum battery choker off her neck, eyes wide at the formerly-glowing jewel, now an inert lump of black rock. Almost immediately she was hit with a wave of exhaustion, her muscles suddenly burning with the effort of holding herself up and awake. She heard thumping at the door before she faded to black.


Nicole's eyes fluttered open, her head pounding. She went to shift and her muscles squealed in pain, making her drop them and lay quietly for a moment. She was on top of something soft and warm, like a pile of large, warm cushions with a strange texture. She soon realised that when she moved her cheek, she could not only feel the mound against her face, but also feel the motion of her face against the mound.

Awareness flowed back into her as it jiggled underneath her. Oh fuck. It's me. She groaned and rolled to the side, gasping as not only did she start off a flood of sloshing flesh down the front of her body, but she felt the long, rubbery masses attached to her groin fling out, bouncing off each other and against her like a dropped pile of plastic hoses. Arms pinwheeled in every direction, attempting to help her balance but only making her lose control and roll over onto her back.

She laid for a second, panting, trying to process the sensations flooding her mind. Even though she'd been conscious for her transformation, the actual experience of her new body had been masked by the growth. She could feel everything. Even over the ache of what felt like every muscle in her body, she could not only feel far more flesh than ever before but every square inch of it was more sensitive, warm sensation up to her brain in a way she could barely process.

Grunting over the ache through her body, she pulled herself back up the bed, sliding up against the headboard. Each limb felt soggy and numb, but still independent. If she didn't think about it her arms moved together, but if she concentrated she could position them one-by-one. Each row of breasts slopped downwards as she pulled herself back to sitting position, giving the bizarre sensation of her breasts each sitting on top of the row beneath them. She'd rubbed her breasts against other people's before and it felt like that – except she could feel both sides of the contact.

It was only because of the absurd length of her cocks that she had a hope of seeing them over the bulging, high-stacked shelves of her breasts. They sprouted from her groin and bounced off in random directions, wobbling and bumping against each other. The bases were so thick that they rubbed against each other, creating pressure just from jockeying for space. Nestled between the lower two, spread further apart, was the line of soft flesh that marked the transit down to the sack of skin holding her upper middle dick's scrotum. Four more hung either side of and down from the lower two. She couldn't see it but her legs from upper thigh to knees were covered by haphazardly-stacked mounds of flesh in wrinkled skin.

Her mind buzzed as she fought to gain control of herself, to will away the ache. It buzzed with both the thought of what had just happened to her, and with the sensations that were being produced by her reshaped, expanded flesh. She was simultaneously trying to think, to cope and plan, to work out what had happened and what she was going to do, and also to get on top of the delicious sensations of her heaving flesh all rubbing against itself.

She heard a noise outside, the sound of someone moving plates in the kitchen. She took a deep breath, trying to block out the feeling of multiple layers of tit sliding against each other. "H-hello?"

Clack. Thump-thump. Craig appeared around the corner of the door, his eyes wide. "Nicole! You're awake! Are you okay?!"

Nicole had a moment of shock where she went to cover herself. Her ten arms fumbled clumsily in front of her breasts, until she realised her acres of flesh and her forest of phalluses were incapable of being covered by anything. She let her hands droop down by her side and pursed her mouth sheepishly.

"Uh. Yeah, I'm... fine?"

He let out a tense sigh. "Nic, the doctor told you the PCS was fucking unstable!"

She went red. "Thanks, Craig, I hadn't noticed! You'd think it might have occurred to me some time around the third set of tits growing in but somehow it never quite twigged."

He stared at her, his eyes locked to the curved shapes being made down her body by her multi-stacked mammaries.

"This is so fucked up."

"Love you too honey." She shivered a little bit as his gaze passed over her, reminding her that her nipples were tingling. "Why do you think it stopped?"

"I was on the phone with the doctor while I was kicking down your door. The instructions in the nano were stuck in a loop. The loop only stopped because your battery ran out."

Nicole's hand touched the gem at her throat. He nodded. "Yeah. So, uh, I seriously meant what I asked you before. Are you okay? Does anything hurt?"

She nodded. "Just aches, though. And, uh-" she blushed again. "Never mind. Look, we can fix it. As long as I can put up with it for six months we can go back to the clinic and sort it out."

Craig's face fell. Nicole stared at him impassively for a moment, still except for faint motions in the extremities of her body.

"We... can't?"

"Nicole, it's a PCS! The changes are all bound up in the same set of instructions – they can't be reversed without unpicking the exact genetic path your original nano followed, and they went out of control!"

"So I'm stuck?"

She sat stony-faced again for a moment. Craig swallowed, his eyes back to tracing the lines of her irreparably-mutated body. He couldn't stop himself. Nicole followed his gaze, then dropped hers further.

"Craig... Do you have a boner?"

He went red and squeaked, half-crouching. "N-no!"

"Seriously, you've got a fucking hard-on? Are you kidding me?"

Another minute of stony-faced silence, while Nicole's eyes stayed on Craig's trousers.

"So, like... you think this is hot?"

"Wh-what? No, I-"

"Craig, for fuck's sake, I'm not mad. Can you just answer me?"

He uncrouched, still tensely coiled in a flight response.

"Uh, well, you've got a lot of really big tits..."

"Yes, but" she motioned to herself with a random assortment of arms,  "the rest doesn't spoil it?"

"Nicole, please, I can't-"

"Jesus Christ, Craig, talk to me!"

He swallowed. "Okay. Yeah, it's... it's interesting. I haven't seen a nanokink that looks like you before, only hentai. I mean, look, I like futanari, so I'm not saying everyone would feel the same, but the rest definitely doesn't spoil it. You're, like, a freaky fantasy made flesh."

She looked down at her breasts contemplatively. One of her lower arms lifted up a flaccid log of cock, another gently tracing along the folds of her foreskin with a thumb.  She shook her torso, taking a deep breath as she felt her breasts rubbing against each other.

"A fantasy made flesh, huh? I guess that's what all nanokinks are really, right? The whole point of getting nano is that you stand out, that you've marked yourself with your fetish, that people will see you and know the fantasy that you're trying to be?"

Craig looked on silently as she lifted her top set of breasts and let them fall with a heavy slap on the next pair down. Her nipples were growing erect, already huge and swelling longer and larger. Another hand tugged down on the cock she was teasing with her thumb, slowly sliding the head out of the thick foreskin, gasping as she revealed the glans to the open air.

She started peeling the skin back from her leftmost dick with another hand, while reaching down yet another to caress across one of her giant balls. All her other hands were now searching for targets – four on her upmost and lowest sets of breasts, three exploring three of her penises, two snaking within her mounds of testicles and one tracing up her thigh to try and seek out her pussy.  Glistening globs of precum were building up at the slits of her dicks.

"Uhg- unh... Oh fuck. It feels good, Craig. Really good. Do I... do I want it to feel this good? Shouldn't I-ghhuuh, shouldn't I be afraid? Or-mm, sad? My life is over!"

"Your life isn't over, Nic." Craig approached her on the bed, carefully, like an archaeologist approaching an ancient altar. "You said it yourself. You were already becoming a nanokink, right? Massive boobs, a big dick, four arms for God's sake. Everyone was already going to know what you were. The fantasy you were trying to be. Marked, like you said. You're just... more."

"More." She purred, groping and playing with her hypersexualised body in ten ways. "What I-mmm, wanted, but-aah! But more!" The cocks she was touching were already half-erect, and the remaining two were already pulsing and starting to grow. Every motion of her body caused a breastquake down her torso. Craig stepped forward again, slipping off his shirt.

"You're bigger and better." She moaned again, three of her dicks at their just-under-three-foot erect size, pulsing and quivering as her hands tugged up and down the rigid poles. The two hands exploring her bouncing balls left to trail back up and stroke the remaining two, leaving her jerking herself off with an assortment of arms from the left and right sides of her body. Her top pair of arms slid over to grab her right breast, turning and squeezing it until the nipple pushed into her mouth, her moans muffling into the gelatinous mound.  Thick rivulets of precum were rolling down all five of her shafts, oozing out with each mighty lurch of the massive organs.

Craig's hand found her left upper breast, gripping it firmly, rolling and pinching the nipple. Even his huge hand was dwarfed by the buttery-smooth, wobbling swell of flesh. His other hand gently slid down the sloshing line of titflesh along her torso, tracing the peaks and troughs. His cock strained against his jeans, watching the one-woman orgy writhing in front of him. He moved his hand away and pushed his face into her breast, feeling it mashing around his face, her gigantic nipple filling his mouth. He felt a hand curl around behind his head, then one around his shoulder, then one pushing against the cheek of his ass. He heard a pop as her mouth left her tit.

"Oh fuck, Craig, please, suck on it!"

As he suckled at her tit, he felt her hands exploring him. One stayed on his head, but the others slid down to his jeans. Two hands slid under him to unbutton his fly and gently unzip while another two started sliding them down his body. Once his boxer shorts were revealed the first two reached in, caressing his erect cock, slipping the waistband down to reveal it to the open air. She mashed his face even harder against her breast, and devoted two hands to gripping his ass and pulling his cock into the fields of breastflesh that sprouted from her torso, not so much tittyfucking him as smothering him.

She was still jerking off all five of her penises. The shafts and her hands were both slick with the precum that belched in rapid gobs from the yawning tips of each massive prick, which slipped down into the stacked, bulbous pile her testicles made between her thighs. Her eyes alternated between shut tight and a wide thousand-yard stare, as if she was looking directly into the abyss of pure pleasure that was flooding her mind.

The first cock to relent to her desperate masturbation was the one she had started out exploring and teasing first – the top-right shaft. A gurgling moan rose up from her chest and echoed through the bedroom as her muscles tightened, her abdomen flexed and that feeling of dull emptiness began to spread up the length of the shaft. Her hips jerked up as much as possible with the weight on her body, and she began to shoot. Thick, pearly ropes of cum flew out as her cock lurched, travelling high and fast enough to hit the ceiling and drip down onto the floor. The pleasure of cumming was shutting down her conscious thoughts, and it was only instinct and nanite-dexterity that kept her other hands stroking herself.

Four enormous cumshots in, the two other cocks she'd started playing with next also began to buck and lurch, although Nicole was in no condition to recognise what was about to happen. Instead she simply shrieked as, one and then the other, they also began to lurch and pump, adding their production to the bounty of cock-batter rapidly starting to cover her room. As the first finally began to flag, starting to droop and dribble rather than fire, the last two finally joined in, meaning by the time they finally spent themselves Nicole had cum for a straight minute, leaving her slumped against the pillows on her bed, unable to do anything but pant and gurgle. Almost as an afterthought, Craig, still humping her frontage, finally seized up, groaning, unloading what in comparison was barely a drop of his own cum across the sticky mess of her body.

He collapsed on top of her, the pair doing nothing but breathing. His head snuggled into the cleavage of her upper breasts, his body finding perfect, supportive clefts along the length of hers. Her cocks drooped, bumping against each other and dripping.

When Nicole recovered, she ran her fingers through Craig's hair, purring, his weight delicious against her breasts.



"I think... I think this is going to be okay. There's only one problem though?"

His head rose up, concern rolling across his face. She bit her lip.

"Having you on top of me is making me really horny."


Nicole smiled beatifically, sitting across the table from the slightly skeezy but extremely passionate talk show host. She tossed a strand of pure-white hair back behind one shoulder – a recent nano-facilitated affectation – and smoothed down her outfit with a spare hand or two.

She wore what had become her usual outfit by now – effectively a toga, yards upon yards of light, white fabric wrapped around her in a complex pattern that managed to hold itself together over her ten huge, jostling breasts and leave enough to form a set of flapping skirts that did most of the job of covering her flaccid dicks and fivefold scrotums. Of course, it was impossible to hide that something was happening under there, given how both her dicks and her balls bounced and rebounded off each other as she walked, but it gave her a modicum of modesty – at least until she inevitably started to get hard.

"So come on, uh, goddess, let's chat seriously. How did this happen? Is it, like, something you chose, or was it an accident? Like did you walk into a nano clinic and just go, like "fuck me up, fam?""

She responded with a small, crystalline laugh. "We told you. The spirit of Aphrodite visited Us during the night, and bestowed upon Us both a great gift and a great responsibility. A body of pure sexual fantasy, to give and receive pleasure, and in return-"

He groaned. "You're really committed to this, hey."

She smiled again, tilting her head. "We are committed to Our mission."

"So let's talk logistics. This-" he cast his hand up and down her body, "must get inconvenient sometimes."

Her smile didn't falter. "Human society is not built to accommodate the bounty of the Goddess, it is true. Our acolytes do most mundane tasks for Us. What is most inconvenient is the reaction of society to when the Goddess Lust makes itself known upon Our body. A simple expression of a natural, primal urge, but one that society calls "indecent" and "obscene."

The talk show host coughed. "Are you talking about when you get, uh-"

"Erect, darling?" She giggled. "Yes, Our prongs do certainly make themselves known, and sadly no mortal clothing We have encountered is sufficient not to cause offense among the more unfortunately prudish of your folk."

She took a deep breath. The arousal was starting to stack up. She could already feel tingling and stirring within a couple of her penises. Her gigantic nipples were outlining against the fabric of her pseudo-toga. She moaned lightly.

"Forgive Us. The rigours of the Goddess Lust are ceaseless. Such is Our burden. Our gifts are for sharing, and Our body does not brook lightly being forced to withhold it for too long."

The host was sweating slightly, trying hard not to let his eyes lock on her heaving, mutated body. "Um. How long is too long?"

She bit her lip, focusing hard on willing all ten of her arms to stay resolutely by her side, while she could feel erections stirring between her legs. "It has been an hour since We last felt release."

"An hour? You seriously have sex every hour?"

She smiled, more lasciviously this time. "Goodness no. We release far more often than that."

She moaned again, leaning back, her hands starting to roam across her body completely unbidden. A bump was already rising in her skirts, lifting the fabric up with each pulse.

The camera suddenly panned back to the host, wide-eyed in panic. "Well, it looks like we're going to have to cut this short! Thank you for speaking to us miss, uh, Sex Goddess, and we hope your career flourishes!"

Craig chuckled, closing the window on his laptop. Absolutely perfect interview – they'd probably get a dozen new followers who just wanted to see the end of that clip. Nicole was fitting perfectly into the new persona she'd crafted for herself, the Sex Goddess. Her previous work really wasn't something she could slip back into, but instead she'd adopted a sort of permanently-"on" affectation and began liveblogging and documenting her extremely sexual new life. The Sex Goddess was extremely popular.

Enough business for today. He closed his computer, standing up and beginning to strip down as he left the office. Shrieks, growls and moans echoed down the corridor as he approached a door at the end, leaving his pants in the threshold as he entered Nicole's bedroom.

Nicole hadn't been playing up her needs on the talk show. As it turned out, ten gigantic testicles pump out unbelievable amounts of hormones. Already a naturally amorous woman, Nicole's sex drive hit the ceiling. With a thorough servicing beforehand, if she was extremely careful, she could maybe manage up to an hour before something inevitably set her overactive libido off. The longer she lasted, the less of a push she needed. Once her nipples hardened or one penis started to grow erect, it would set off a cascade of sensation that would grip hold of her, body and mind, until she finally came.

Four cameras blinked around her oversized bed. It would have been wasted content, otherwise. Nicole demanded sexual stimulation at all hours of the day and night, and while she preferred partners her built-for-masturbation body was enough to keep her occupied. All of that was streamed live to her website as a baseline around which Craig and a couple of in-and-out videographers and "consultants" planned special photoshoots and videos.

The last had been Craig's favourite. Nicole was so domineering and demanding that Craig had enjoyed watching all ten of her arms be handcuffed to the bed while she was filmed to see what happened when she was denied release. As it turned out, half an hour after all of her penises became completely hard, the answer was "a mind-breaking series of spontaneous orgasms."

Right now she was on her back, being attended to by six people. One guy rested atop her breasts, a foot of cock being massaged from multiple directions and sliding against one of Nicole's own cocks, projecting up between her breasts. A woman lay next to her, Nicole's five hands on that side groping her breasts, fingering her pussy, squeezing her ass and snaking into her mouth. The woman was covered in streaks of cum. Nicole's face was pointed to the side, a slim, pretty woman feeding a good-sized dick into Nicole's mouth. Several arms on her left side pushed a man's face into her breast and stroked his cock. A girl with breasts the size of her head lay back with her legs wrapped around Nicole's, stroking a three-foot cock with her breasts and feet. A bearded person with defined muscles ground their pussy up and down another of Nicole's cocks while stroking and licking a third. Nicole handled her remaining two cocks herself with two spare arms.

Craig slid onto the bed between the bearded person and the woman on Nicole's right, his hands displacing Nicole's own on her cocks, which he started to lovingly stroke in practised motions, watching on as the woman he loved writhed and moaned under the ministrations of seven lovers. Her orgasms came hard and suddenly, the one between her tits cumming first, followed by the one being serviced by the girl with the large breasts, then the two being serviced by the muscular vulva-owner, then Craig's two. Nicole's lovers all finished off to various degrees while Nicole came, filling her mouth, spraying across her breasts and seizing and bucking against her body.

As afterglow settled on the group, Craig shot the other participants with knowing glances. They nodded sheepishly and picked themselves up and out of the room, leaving Craig and Nicole alone. Craig reached over and flipped the control switch for the cameras, shutting them off. Nicole's eyes fluttered.

"Mmm... where'd they go..."

He stroked her hair. "Just asked them to go for a second, honey. Wanted to talk to you."

She smiled and moaned contentedly. "Oh? What about?"

"About the thing we were chatting about the other day, remember?"

Nicole suddenly perked up, propping herself up on a couple of arms. "Yeah?"

He nodded. "I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna get nano."

She couldn't hide the glee that broke across her face. "Oh my God, Craig, that's awesome, oh fuck we're gonna have to talk about your design-"

"There's just one thing."

She stopped, brow wrinkling. "We're doing it together. I don't want to just be a random nanoguy. I want it to be us. Forever. Uh, if you understand what I mean..."

They stood looking at each other for a moment, before Nicole's eyes went wide and she grabbed Craig, pulling him into a deep kiss, moaning as the pleasure of kissing her fiancé flooded through her, already starting to bring some of her shafts back to tingling and throbbing.

He broke off the kiss, panting, red in the face, then grinned. "Is that a yes?"

She looked him up and down, then down at herself, then back into his eyes.

"Let's build you a new body, Sex God."