Topic: Fiction Branches is back

Give giving the heads up that fictionbranches.net is now back up and running. The format is a bit different, but I hear they are still changing a few things.

Well, you know what they say; "When in Rome, do the Romans"


Re: Fiction Branches is back

Just dropped in to say this, yes. They're back.

Faster, better, stronger


Re: Fiction Branches is back

Phoenix says he wont stop anyone from archiving writing.com interactives on FB either. Just an FYI for those who may be interested in that.


Re: Fiction Branches is back

If some Writing.Com branches could be brought back that would be great, the Universal Remote branch was so fucking good.


Re: Fiction Branches is back

if you have a link to the story frontpage or outline, it can potentially be scraped from archive.org or alexa. go onto the FB discord and talk to them.


Re: Fiction Branches is back

Just an FYI too, FB today opened up a new page JuSt For independent interactive stories, "The Drafting Board".

While legally FB will not be able to say they can post archives of writing.com content, they wont' stop people hosting dead W.C stories in the Drafting Board if people have copies of them.