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Its a story I've been playing around with for a while. Its is far from done but I intend to update it whenever I have the time.

The story is set in Belial's medieval times, during the infamous Era of the Mad Kings, a time when the Ondorian Kingdom was ruled by a dynasty of sadistic tyrants obsessed with sexual transformation. In this particular case a young king celebrates his birthday and invites all noble families of the realm. None of them have any idea what to expect, unaware that the king has planned to celebrate in a very special way.


The letter had arrived this morning by courier directly from the capital. The sun was already about to set but Lady Katharina Ottrich was still worrying about how to respond to it. It was bad news in her opinion.

“Do we really have to go,” she asked her beloved husband Lord Francis Ottrich who was sitting in his favourite armchair, reading a book.

“I fear we do,” he replied, unlike his wife, he was calm and relaxed. He did not even look up from his book. “You know what the response would be.”

Katharina sighed. He was right. The letter was an invitation to the celebration of King Irek II's 30th birthday, ruler of the Ondorian Kingdom and all its vassals. The royal family did not expect their invitations to be declined and they did not tend to hide their disappointment. If Lord and Lady Ottrich were not to attend the party, there would be consequences.

It was odd, however, that they had been invited in the first place. Lord Ottrich was the baron of a small region at the very edge of the kingdom, entirely located in the Waldonthal Mountains. What economy they had was primarily based on mining the local rock, which included high grade granite. They were generally left alone by the rest of the realm. It reflected the estranged relationship the Ottrich family had with the royal bloodline, even though they shared a very distant ancestor.  The royal line of Drakhelm had more and more descended into madness and perversion with every generation and spread their bizarre ideas of beauty and hedonism across the capital and central provinces. Lady Ottrich was glad to be so far away from that cesspool. Her husband's family had retained their traditional, Ondorian sense of decency and order.

Now they had essentially been ordered to leave their home and enter said cesspool and join what would surely be little more than a debased show of twisting and warping bodies. Her husband and her had already been in the capital a few times to participate at similar events where they had been given no choice. She still thought back to what she had seen in utter horror. All the poor people turned forcefully into abhorrent monsters.

“It's not the first time we have to go to Ondora City,” Francis said, interrupting his wife's dark musings. “We go, endure the spectacle and leave as early as is polite. At least young Irek seems at a tad bit more composed than his father.”

“What he did to that girl was unspeakable,” Katharina replied with a shudder, remembering a particularly cruel transformation.

“Indeed,” Francis face twisted into a grimace. “Let's not speak of it any further. We leave in two days and get it over with. Afterwards we return and life continues as normal.”

Katharina nodded, looking forward for the hole ordeal to be over.


Meanwhile, several miles away, Lord and Lady Varhaun reacted to the invitation with a very different attitude.

“How delightful, right darling,” Farah Varhaun declared with genuine joy. “Its so nice young Irek thought of us.”

Lord Casper Varhaun nodded in agreement. He was a man of few words but the smile on his face said more than enough. Both of them looked forward to the celebrations. House Varhaun ruled over a small county, only a hundred miles away from the capital, gifted to the first Lord Varhaun by his king. Since then the family had been staunchly loyal to the crown. That alone was reason enough to attend the birthday celebrations, but Lord and Lady Varhaun actually shared the king's idea of entertainment. While less common than in the capital, bizarre body modifications were still encouraged in their county. The tradition of using extreme transformations as a form of punishment and reward alike had also been adopted.

“I wonder what entertainment he will have prepared,” Farah mused. “He is no less creative than his father had been. Do you remember what he had done to that girl during the midsummer festival? Marvellous.”

Despite their shared interest, neither Casper nor Farah had undergone any modifications of their own. They preferred to stay spectators only which was a common attitude among the lower and upper nobility alike. Casper sometimes joked about different ways his wife could have herself altered but neither had an actual desire to do so.

“Simonna will not be happy, though,” Casper mumbled as he reread the letter. He refereed to their oldest daughter who had also been invited. She had just turned eighteen, which explained why. There was nothing unusual to also invite all the children of the house who were of adult age. They were ready to join the depraved entertainment that was so popular in the capital. More importantly it was the perfect time to encourage friendships with the offspring of other houses and arrange profitable marriages.

What worried Casper, however, was his daughter's rebellious streak. Unlike her parents, she had little interest in the transformed. She didn't care much for her fellow nobles, either, or their gatherings. His wife insisted that her attitude would change with age. He hoped she was right.

“Its not as if she has much of a choice,” Lady Varhaun replied. “Once we are there, I am sure she will have fun. There will probably be a lot of others her age.”

Casper nodded. The thought of the party cheered him up instantly, putting a rare smile on his lean face. He immediately went to make preparations for the coming journey.


Gwendolyn, second daughter of house Dornstein, was just laying out her oil paints when someone knocked at her room's door. Before she could even call out, her mother already entered, a broad grin on her face and a letter in her hand.

“Wonderful news,” she said handing over the paper to her daughter. “It is an invitation to King Inrek's birthday celebration. You are included.”

Gwendolyn's eyes widened. She snatched the paper from her mother's hand and read it. She had to see it with her own eyes. It was true. There it was. Her mother's name, her older sister's, Tabatha and her own. She had just turned eighteen a week ago. She thanked the spirits for such a perfect timing. She would be able to join the infamous celebrations of the court.

It was a shame her father was no longer with them. Since his death ten years ago, her mother had been in charge of their small, remote county. Gwendolyn knew about how much of a burden it was on her mother. All the time she had tried hard to keep up her husband's legacy, while she had been ignored by the other houses and the capital. Their family had always been of low status but her father's demise had just made things worse. There was a reason why she had not remarried since.

Gwendolyn realized why her mother was so overjoyed about the invitation. The party offered a rare escape from her duties but also because it was a long overdue acknowledgement of her as part of the Ondorian nobility. Maybe she would finally meet someone to be together with. She definitely deserved it.

The young daughter was looking forward to the event for a different reason. She didn't care about what she had heard the people at court considered amusement. The people in her county were probably considered rather boring by the rest of the realm. She couldn't even remember if she had ever seen a transformed person in this region. No, what she was looking forward to was King Irek himself. Once her mother left the room to start preparing for the trip, she pulled open her drawer. Inside was a small portrait of the king, she had bought from a travelling merchant. She had only ever met him once, six years ago, when she had accompanied her mother to a political meeting in the capital. She couldn't remember what it had been about but she clearly remembered the young king, then prince, who had welcomed them to the palace. From that moment on, she had known that there would never be a man who could take his place in her heart. She sighed. Now he was king and had already taken a familiar, the closest thing to a wife, one of the royal bloodline could ever have. She knew about their traditions. Nonetheless there was always that sliver of irrational hope she could not let go of. Especially now that she would finally be able to see him again after so long.

She kissed the image and quickly put it away again, dreaming that maybe she could get as close to the real thing.


“Erica, come here,” the voice of kitchen master Hansel boomed across the large room.

The girl was one of the kitchen maids and currently tasked with cleaning the countless dishes for the celebration ahead. The last few days had been insane, as the entire palace was being prepared for the great event. The overseers were pushing the staff to their limits. It was also the reason why she felt terribly anxious as she made her way to the kitchen master. With tensions high, she expected that she was going to be chastised for some oversight, although she could not think of one. She had been working in the palace for a few years now and seen all manner of unjustified punishments, though.

The kitchen master was a large, stern man with little gentleness for his underlings. When he saw Erica approaching he simply pointed to a palace guard standing nearby. The girl's eyes widened and her expression became fearful. What had she done wrong to warrant the guard's attention?

She calmed down a little when she noticed the relaxed, bored expression on the man. He just asked her to follow him, saying that she was needed for a new task. Erica sighed inwardly, feeling instantly relieved. She had no idea what she was meant to do but it already sounded a lot better than the punishment she had been expecting.

The guardsman led her through the corridors of the staff-quarters and into one of the smaller assembly rooms for the palace servants. There were already a dozen other girls waiting, all of them staff but from different departments, kitchen staff, cleaners, servants and even one girl that apparently worked for the gardener, guessing by her work clothes. They were all about Erica's age and looked equally puzzled and anxious as to why they had been called here.

Another guardsman waited at the door but seemed as bored as the one who had brought Erica. She approached some of the girls she knew but they had no idea what was going on either. Together they waited in nervous silence. Meanwhile a few more girls arrived. Once their group was twenty strong, one of the chief servants entered the room, before the guardsman closed the door. She was a tall, slender woman with a cold, professional air about her. She looked at the assembled servant girls with an expression that made immediately clear how little she thought of them. She had the right to be arrogant, for she was one of the highest ranking staff. Those who attended the royal family directly. Erica noticed that she was carrying a large bag. What unnerved her though, was that whatever was inside was still moving.

The chief servant did not even bother to greet or welcome the girls. Instead she got straight to the matter at hand.

“You've been called here because you have been chosen for a very special task. You will attend the King's birthday celebration and serve his esteemed guests for the evening.”

The was a collective gasp from the assembled girls. Some smiled at each other, some looked confused. Tending to the king and his fellow nobles at the event was a great honour. It was the kind of privilege they could usually only dream of. But why had they been chosen? Why not the other high ranking staff that already served in the palace proper. Erica felt that there was something off. Why would they employ such young and inexperienced servants like her.

She didn't have to wait long for the answer. The woman pointed at the bag in her hand and announced: “You will not do so as you are right now, however. Instead each of you will have to fuse with a dakini-worm.”

Confusion and joy were quickly replaced by utter terror. Each of them knew what the woman was talking about and neither of the girl had a particular wish to suffer such a fate. The room was filled with fearful groans and muttering. One girl actually begged for mercy. Erica felt the sudden urge to just run away but realized that the guardsman was standing in front of the locked door. There was not going to be any escape.

A harsh cough interrupted the noise and caused the girls to fall silent once more. Many couldn't help but continue crying meekly but their tears had no effect on the woman. There was no hint of pity or mercy.

“You will strip naked and insert one of these worms into your vagina. There are enough worms for each of you. Make no mistake. This is not a request but an order. Your families have already been repaid. The king demands his guests to be served by dakini-spawn and so his wish will be fulfilled. Don't bother about the actual work ahead. The worms have been specially modified and pre-conditioned to do the tasks asked of them. You are merely needed as their hosts.”

She opened the sack, revealing the squirming things inside. One of the girls screamed. Erica on the other hand stayed silent. She was just too terrified. She tried to blend out what was to come.

“Grab one worm and allow it to enter your neither regions,” she continued. “The rest will happen by itself. Go ahead. NOW!”

Erica flinched at the harsh command, just like many of the other girls. They hesitated, some girls cried, others looked at each other for reassurance. Each and every single one of them looked terrified by the order they had been given. Erica was about to plead for mercy but then noticed the expression on the chief servant's face. Her patience had clearly run out.

“SILENCE!” She did not really shout but the cold, hard tone of her voice was like a slap to the face. The assembled girls shrank back, quiet once more, except for the odd sob. Erica could not suppress her own tears despite trying to keep her composure.

“I gave you an order,” the chief servant said, every word laced with bitter acid. “You will undress and take a worm, each. If you disobey or try to run, you will suffer a fate even worse.”

Saying that the guardsman stepped forward, weapon in hand. It was an ornate magi-staff, one of the army's mana-based weapons that could turn a person into a blob of sex-organs or even worse. Most of the girls knew exactly what the weapon could do to them, having seen it used for public punishments. The girls' fear was palpable. Erica felt close to feinting, realizing how hopeless her situation was. There was a short moment were she almost gave to blind panic but then pulled herself back together. It would just have made things worse. Her spirit was broken nonetheless, though. The only option was to obey. With tears running down her face, she began to undress. Many of the other girls followed her example. What awaited them was horrible but the alternative was probably worse. Once fully naked, Erica took a good last look at herself. She was pretty enough, even if she considered herself nothing special, average height, average built, average looks. Her breasts were a bit on the small side but she liked her wide hips, that made her look rather womanly. She sighed and approached the bag next to the chief servant.

Erica put her hand inside it without looking, suppressing a shriek when she touched the squirming mass inside. It was horribly disgusting. She just grab the first worm she could get a hold of and pulled it from the bag. It was a weird little thing, it almost looked like a disembodied penis, it even had the gland. What stood out, though, was the almost human looking eye where the piss slit should be. She stepped back, as some of the others were ready to pick up their worms. The remaining girls were on their way or still in the process of undressing. Except for one. One girl was just standing at the back of the room, fidgeting, her eyes unfocused. Erica recognized her as one of the girls from the cleaning staff, the ones taking care of the servant quarters. She noticed her lips moving, as if mumbling to herself. If she did not snap out of it and start following orders soon, the chief servant would probably decide to get rid of her. Erica was just about to approach the girl to help her out, when the chief servant pointed at the other maid accusingly.

“Why are you not undressing yet?” the woman asked.

The girl froze, her eyes wide. She stammered something and then just jumped towards the doors. It was a desperate dash out of sheer panic. It was also entirely pointless. The guardsman already had his weapon pointed at her. The girl just got a few metres before she was hit by a blue beam. It almost looked as if she was blown apart but Erica realized that it was just her clothes that were torn to pieces. The girl herself was thrown back by the blast, her body twisting and changing mid air. The process was so quick, that Erica only saw a pink shape pulling into itself. By the time she hit the ground, the transformation was already over. Many of the girls shrieked or gasped when they saw what was left of their fellow. What fell on the ground was little more than a wobbling pile of breasts, maybe a dozen of them, each the size of a small melon. There were no other features, only quivering tit-flesh.

There was a moment of horrified silence but the the girls saw the impatient look on the chief servant's face and continued with what they were doing. Erica sat down on the cold floor and looked at the worm in her hand. It was trying to wriggle its way out, probably eager to get inside of her.

“There goes nothing,” she whispered and sat the worm in front of her. She spread her legs wide to give it easy access. The beast reacted immediately and slithered towards her private parts at alarming speed. For a second the maid almost jumped up but noticed the pile of tits nearby. She bit her lower lip when the worm touched her labia. It didn't hesitate and rushed straight down her birth canal. The sensation was surprisingly pleasant, causing her to moan despite herself. The pleasure intensified, as a strange warmth began to spread from inside her abdomen. She could not stop herself. She started fingering her vagina and play with her breast, while the pleasure inside of her was brining her closer to orgasm. She lost track of the world around her, as she got closer and closer to climax. She was almost there, so close. She didn't care any more what the others might think, as she fingered her clitoris even faster. Almost there. Then the world turned upside down.

Erica's mind was overwhelmed by an orgasm, stronger than anything she had ever experienced before. Through the haze of pleasure, she did notice, however, how her body twisted in impossible directions. There was no pain, only more pleasure, while more and more of her body seemed to fade away. When the phenomenon reached her face, she blacked out.

When Erica regained her senses, she immediately realized that the transformation had to be over because everything was wrong. For a start she was facing the ground  but not lying on it, it was as if she was hanging from the ceiling, with her face about half a metre or so above the floor. Her body felt all weird or at least what was left of it. She could feel neither arms, nor legs but her torso was still there. She could not move her back or spine, though, either, in fact she felt rather boneless over all. The only thing she seemed to have any control over was her eyes. She felt a mouth but no jaw or lips that she could move. There was no tongue, either, although she could taste. There was slimy, bitter and sour sensation in her mouth which was rather unpleasant.

Remembering what she knew of dakini worms, Erica realized that she was probably somehow attached to the resulting creature, which would explain her lack of control. It was rather frightening, now that she though of it, being at the mercy of such a beast. Maybe a look at the other girls could tell her more about her situation. It was very likely that they were all transformed in the same way to offer a uniform look to the party guests. Unfortunately the position of her eyes didn't allow her to see much more than the ground beneath her. She noticed a pair of large, humanoid feet which probably belonged to the creature she was attached to but that was about it.

Just when she was about give up, Erica noticed an odd sensation moving down her body. It was as if she was getting denser, more solid. She was getting....hard. Her vision changed, as her entire body started to slowly rise into a horizontal position. For some reason it made her feel strangely aroused. It started as a pleasant warmth but quickly turned to overwhelming lust. Erica had no idea why she was feeling like this but she could not fight it. It was far stronger than the arousal she had felt when the worm had first penetrated her. By the time the process stopped, she was hopelessly horny, her entire body aching to be touched. The fact that she had no hands to do it herself, just turned it into a form of sexual torture. She felt swollen, hard and hot. There was a sticky slime leaking from her mouth. It was salty, warm and utterly disgusting but it also just aroused her even more.

Despite the haze of lust clouding her mind, she still managed to notice the other creatures in front of her. Now that her body was facing forwards, rather than downwards, she got her first look at her fellow maids. She had been right, they all looked the same. They also did not look human at all. Each creature was about four feet tall and stood on two legs. They had wide hips and slight pot bellies, their upper bodies looking rather pear-shaped, especially since they had neither arms, nor shoulders. In exchange each one sported three massive breasts, d-cups at least with the third tit squeezed between the other two. They had large, rubbery nipples that were hard with arousal. On top of the body were long, thick necks, ending in what Erica took as large penises at first. Then she noticed the vertical eyes inside the slit of the gland, just like the worms. She had heard that when the worm took over the body, its head would keep its penis-like appearance.

The creature's legs were short and scrawny but also had a feminine look to them, due to the creatures' wide hips and large, round butts. The feet were overly large and flat, ending in three large digits, just like the ones she had seen beneath her. Her host probably looked exactly the same. Between the other creatures' legs Erica saw large penises and equally heavy testicles. Each shaft was easily twelve inches long and very thick. Each and every one she could see was fully hard, throbbing with need. She also noticed the pair of small eyes on each gland, flanking the urethra.

Erica was not really surprised when she realized that she was most likely the same. She had been reduced to the creature's penis. She was nothing more than a dick. A stinky, sweaty and very hard dick. If she looked anything like the others, she was a beautiful specimen, large and with a lot of girth. It made her feel powerful, despite her lack of any control. She loved it. She immediately loved being a cock. How stupid to have been afraid. This was the best fate she could ever have hoped for. Maybe it was just her arousal talking but she could not be any more happy. Erica could barely wait filling one of the other creatures' rear.


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Can’t wait for the continuation! Always love seeing how you set up a story since the layoffs are always so good!


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

The following days were full of hustle and bustle, as the palace was prepared for the king's birthday celebration. The entire staff was mobilised to help out. Guest rooms were made ready for their esteemed occupants, hallways were cleaned and the grand ballroom was taken over by an army of artisans making sure that it was as impressive as the day it was built, if not more so. Hand-crafted banners and decorations were put up across the palace and the kitchen worked day and night preparing the luxurious goods that were brought in by a constant stream of merchants. Nothing was left to chance. The celebration would be the biggest and most glorious event since King Irek's coronation.

Meanwhile the freshly created dakini-spawn were trained for their roles as servants. Most important was to teach them not to engage in sexual interaction while doing their duty, instead making it a reward for a job well done.

The first guests arrived a day early, as was custom. They were shown their rooms and given time to prepare. Over the course of the following few hours the rest of the invited nobility trickled in. Every grand house was represented and some smaller ones which lacked their own territories. Not a single family rejected the invitation. While there was no official enforcement, it was no secret that there would be consequences, even if just a grave damage to the family's reputation. The actual programme for the night was kept a secret. In fact the majority of the palace's staff was not informed, either, so that none could tell about it by accident or, which would have been more likely, due to bribery. Even the dakini-spawn that were to attend the guests during the events, were hidden from the rest of the servants, together with their handlers.


Lord and Lady Ottrich were among the last guests to arrive at the palace, one night before the great day. With them were their two oldest daughters Veronike and Arienne. The twin sisters had just turned nineteen a few months ago. Despite their identical looks, their attitudes towards the invitation could not be more different. Veronike shared her parents feelings. She had only come with them reluctantly and was already looking forward to return home. Arienne on the other hand was not hiding her excitement. Their parents' horror stories only fuelled her curiosity and she could hardly wait to see the reality of the court's twisted debaucheries for herself. She had no intention to necessarily join in but she at the very least she wanted to witness it with her own eyes if only once.

Lady Katharina did not approve of her daughter's morbid curiosity but she could not really do anything about it either. They had to attend anyway. All she could do was to keep an eye on her daughters and make sure to keep them out of trouble. Maybe with some luck the girls would make friends with some of the other noble sons and daughters. It would be even better if they could arrange for a favourable wedding with one of the other houses. At least that would have made the journey worth it.

“The room is quite nice,” Francis commented, pulling his wife from her thoughts.

“Yes, its nicer than the wing they had housed us in last time,” Katharina replied. She smiled. It was so typical for Francis. He always tried to find something positive in any situation, even if it was something as mundane as this. She sighed. There was nothing really they could do but endure the celebration. At least they could enjoy what little there was to enjoy.


The next morning, all of invited guests started to get ready early in the day. Everybody was busy with personal hygiene, getting their hair done, choosing the right clothes and accessors and the inevitable application of make-up. Some houses had brought their own servants just for this while others relied on the help of the palace staff.

Farah could hardly wait for the event to start. She wondered aloud which other noble would be present at the party and which of their offspring could be old enough now for an invitation, all while her housemaid Beth carefully painted her fingernails in a beautiful gradient of blue and magenta. She new Simonna was not listening and only nodding in order to avoid trouble but she hardly cared. She was the kind of person who preferred to voice her thoughts, no matter if anybody else was actually willing to listen.

All she was left with was to speculate what the evening had in stock for them. None of the other families they had met so far knew more than they did, nor did any of the palace servants reveal anything. She had tried to bribe a few of the higher ranking ones but they all claimed to know nothing. They hadn't met King Irek yet either. Apparently he wanted to wait until the evening, so he could welcome all of his guests together. An odd gesture but maybe he was just busy himself with the final preparations.

It wouldn't be long and Lady Varhaun enjoyed surprises anyway.


The celebration started with a large fanfare, fireworks and the official announcement of every guest as was proper for such an event. One at a time the invited families entered the large ballroom which was situated right next to the guest wing of the palace. It was a massive hall with a large empty dance floor at the centre which also allowed all guests to assemble as they filed in. At the edge of the hall were enough tables and chairs for everybody organized by houses. At the east end were half a dozen deep alcoves with private tables that allowed guests some more privacy if so wished, a very common feature which allowed the different nobles a measure of privacy when they engaged in political negotiations. At the west end was the entrance towards another hallway. Most likely it lead to small private chambers. They were also a common features when the alcoves were not private enough. The long wall opposite the main entrance was a glass front, offering a view onto the beautiful garden behind it.

Kitchen servants were busy making last adjustments to a vast buffet, the food still hidden underneath lids and sheets. More surprising though was the elderly man arranging bottles and vials full of odd substances on a long table next to the buffet.

“Looks like an alchemist,” Lady Dornstein whispered to her daughter, more to vocalize her own thoughts than to get an actual response. “Maybe he is here for the entertainment.”

Gwendolyn assumed the same but the way he was arranging his items seemed off, as if it was a buffet of its own.

The hall was filling with guests. The nobles greeted each other in the appropriate manner. Rivals largely ignored each other while old allies embraced one another for everybody to see. It was the usual dance of politics wrapped in civility and politeness, as empty as always. Gwendolyn did not care much for it. She hated the duplicity and found it rather pointless. Instead she stayed close to her mother. Few of the other nobles engaged with them anyway. Their house was too small and unimportant nowadays to garner much attention. It weighted heavily on her poor mother.

The young woman cared more about the whereabouts of the king, however. Unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen. She could not deny the nervous excitement she felt. Her heart beat faster just at the thought of him being in the same room. By now the last guests had arrived and the announcer left through the main door and closed it behind him. There were about a hundred and fifty noblemen and -women in the hall, representing all of the major houses and some of the minor ones. Some had clustered together and chatted casually while others kept to themselves, keeping a wary eye on their fellows.

A loud fanfare erupted across the hall, making everybody fall silent and turn around. Two soldiers with trumpets had appeared flanking the door to the garden. Between them stood King Irek. He was just as majestic and proud as she remembered. Riding boots and a tight west gave him the look of a fighter, a man of action, emphasizing his well trained physique, while a richly embroidered coat added an air of wealth and majesty to him. There was a sense of authority about him. Gwendolyn could not move her gaze from him. No other human being had ever mesmerized her like him.

“Welcome to my home,” he announced. Even without shouting, his voice carried easily across the hall. “Thank you all for coming and honouring me with your presence on this special day. I've spared no expenses to make this celebration a memorable one for every one of us.”

Before the king could continue two important looking men walked up to him. One wore the uniform of a high ranking general, his polished breastplate covered in medals and badges of honour. The other man wore the robes of an alchemist, the rich decoration and occult symbology marked him as the royal chief alchemist. It was the general who spoke for the two of them.

“Excuse us my lord but Master Frederik and I would like to present you with a gift in honour of this special occasion. We felt that it would make for an appropriate start to the festivities.”

For a moment there was a look of genuine surprise on the king's face but it was quickly hidden behind the mask of polite superiority. Rather than bristling at the interruption, he simply smiled.

“Please proceed, General,” he said.

The man thanked him and pointed at the garden outside. A horse stood there, close to the door. It was an impressive destrier, attended by two stable hands and the royal stable mage. It was a beautiful specimen, probably a good bit larger than most of its kin and with shiny black fur. Some of the guests who had a closer relationship to the royal family recognized it as Balthasar, the king's own horse. Some even knew the story of how it used to be his father's warhose and was gifted to a young Irek when the old man saw the natural bond between his son and the animal.

Meanwhile two soldiers shoved three females into the garden. One looked like she was in her late thirties or early forties, while the other two appeared to be her daughters, both of them looking like they had just reached adulthood. All three had the refined beauty of the nobility, smooth skin, carefully treated nails and hair, as well as slender but soft physiques. More importantly they were all naked and bound together by ropes. They stood facing each other making it look as if they had been wrapped up like a package. It also made their movements awkward and slow, it was a small miracle that they didn't stumble and fall onto the ground. They looked distraught, tears steaming down their faces which were distorted either by fear, anger or both.

“See the duchess of Rapato, the last city of Opelia to resist your majesty's rule, and her daughters. They are the last of their bloodline and shall pay for their arrogance. Master Frederik suggested to punish them in a manner that would also benefit old Balthasar. I am sure you will like what we have prepared for you.”

As if this was his cue, the old chief alchemist stepped forward and took a vial from his deep pockets. Its content emitted a bright blue glow.

“Don't worry, your majesty. Your horse shall not be harmed. Rather the opposite,” he said and stepped outside.

At his command the soldiers and serfs grabbed the three women, two at their bound feet, two at their shoulders and one in the middle for support. They lifted them up, holding them in a horizontal position. The women shouted in distress. Nobody cared, though, whether they were comfortable or not. Instead the duchess and her daughters were carefully carried towards the horse, until their feet touched the animal's genitalia. The alchemist then opened his vial and emptied its content at the point where all their skins touched. The effect was immediate. Most people couldn't see it at first but a moment later it became clear that the the legs of the duchess and her daughters began to melt together. Their limbs lost definition, while rapidly shrinking. It appeared as if they were slowly pulled into the horse's groin.

The women screamed in abject horror but unable to escape their fate. The stallion on the other hand was perfectly calm, not just due to its perfect training but also because the stable mage used his skills to sooth it. More and more of the three merged together just to slowly disappear into the horse's flesh until after some minutes only their heads were left. Their bodies had fused into little more than a thick tube of flesh, maybe a metre long but getting shorter. The ropes had already fallen off from them. The soldiers and stable hands stood there and watched, keeping just enough of a distance so that the guests in the ballroom could also see the spectacle.

The heads of the duchess and her daughters were locked into position with their chins pressed against one another. They had given up the struggle, only crying silently. There was no chance to escape their fate now. Their hair began to fall off in clumps, while the backs of their heads elongated and melted into the shortening tube that connected them to the horse. At the same time their chins pressed further into each other. After a painful looking moment, their flesh gave in and merged together. Their lower jaws disappeared altogether and when their lips finally came together, there was a confusing moment as their mouths fused and absorbed one another. In the end there was only a single, circular orifice left, ringed by three upper lips.

A moment later the rest of their bodies vanished into the horse, leaving their faces right next to its massive testicles, just where its penis used to be. It was then that what remained of their features melted away. Their skulls liquefied and reformed into a short, tubular shape, while their ears and noses merged shut. Each pair of eyes collapsed and fused together to form a single eye each. They opened wide as something pressed against their reshaping lips. A black shape emerged from them and quickly inflated. It was the horse's penis. The sensation of the fusion was finally having an effect on the stallion, causing its shaft to go erect. Meanwhile the three female's faces finished their transition into what was very clearly an equine sheath. It looked no different than it was a few minutes ago. The only evidence left that the duchess and her daughters had ever existed were the three eyes surrounding the shaft. Tears were still streaming from them but they looked no longer fearful or horrified. If anything they seemed aroused.

The chief alchemist came back to take up position next to the general.

“Its is done,” he said. Its proclamation was answered by polite applause by the assembled nobles and the general. Even the king joined in.

“I hope your majesty is satisfied with our gift,” the general said once it was quiet again. “The duchess and her heirs are fated to spend the the rest of their lives as nothing more than a warm home for old Bathlasar's phallus. It is a fair punishment and sends a strong message to anybody who opposes you. Furthermore the treatment has invigorated the destrier with their essence. It will improve his health and ensure that he will be at your site for several more decades.”

King Irek smiled, it seemed genuine.

“Thank you both. Your kind gift is appreciated.”

The general and chief alchemist bowed and retreated while the horse was lead back into the stables. The young king took a quick look at his rejuvenated mount and then turned back towards the assembled guests in order to proceed with his welcoming speech.

“As I said earlier,” he began, “Thank you for coming. I feel honoured by your presence here and hope you will enjoy the evening. I spared no costs to make you available the best delicacies and beverages that our great kingdom has to offer.”

The crowd applauded politely.

“Many of you might already wonder what kind of entertainment to expect for tonight. I do not blame you. Like my father and his father, I've garnered a reputation for organizing the most outrageous spectacles. Since this is a very special occasion, I've decided to do something different, though. Something...” Irek benign smile twisted into something predatory. “...more interactive.”

There was a murmur spreading among the crowed. Some still clapped, not really understanding the meaning of what they had just heard but most realized that something was off. There was a palpable unease. The king, though, appeared as if he did not notice.

“You see, our family has some very specific traditions and rules in regards to how we engage in relationships, particularly sexual ones. You are surely aware those of my bloodline are not allowed to marry someone of the opposite sex. Even being together with an untransformed is frowned upon. All due to our particular way of reproduction, of keeping our bloodline pure. Its a very unique way of living, with its own burdens and its own rewards. I believe it to be selfish to keep it just to myself.”

Now even the most inattentive were looking at least mildly worried now, while others looked genuinely frightened, clearly getting an idea of where the king was going with his speech.

“Even though it is my birthday, it is you who will be made a gift. I will share at least to a certain degree the experience of what romance means for one of my family.”

Irek cleared his throat and intoned in a loud, official manner.

“Thereby I degree, that tonight all women among the invited guests shall be turned into beings of purely male sex. Every female that has not been changed by the end of the celebrations or tries to leave the palace without permission shall be punished appropriately. Furthermore I like to encourage a little bit of romance and bring people together. Thus my alchemist will only hand his potions to those women already engaged with somebody else, should a lady be still unengaged by the end of the night, she shall be turned into a mere bodypart of somebody or something else. There are more than enough horses in the stables, should the need arise.”

King Irek smiled wickedly, knowing that most people would think of the duchess and her daughters.

“I am aware this affects primarily your daughters. We all know these celebrations are used to come together and arrange marriages. So all I did was to give you another reason to do so. I know that in all fairness the last rule should also affect the sons present but quite frankly, I do not care about them. One might consider me a sexist for that but being unfair is one of the few privileges a king has. Just enjoy yourself and feel yourself honoured to experience this one aspect of what it is like to be a member of the royal family. Master Haberich and his apprentices have prepared a little stand next to the buffet. You can either take one of his unlabelled potions for a surprising result or ask him for more specific modifications, he has enough equipment to create a few custom alterations.”

King Irek pointed at the alchemist and his two assistants who had just finished setting up their wares, a collection of unlabelled bottles and vials, containing different liquids in all manner of colours. They had even put up a small laboratory, a complex array of bottles, valves, burners and other devices. The man and his helpers grinned at the crowd in away that looked like hopeful traders waiting for a customer, while also suggesting something cruel and sadistic. It seemed clear that they would greatly enjoy the evening.

Pointing at the side-corridor leading off from the large hall, King Irek continued: “In case you want some time to yourself or want to explore your or your spouse's new body in private, there are a set of private chambers left prepared for you to use.”

Most of the nobles present looked at one another still confused and unsure. Not a few even looked at the exits, considering if it was possible to just run away. It was a pointless idea, there were at least two guards at every door, holding long magi-staffs of the newest kind. Some women, even a few of the men, had tears in their eyes, afraid for themselves or their loved ones. Others, however, looked outright excited.

King Irek smiled, relishing the mixture of reactions his declaration had caused, as even the last of the nobles fully understood the weight of it. He spread his arms and raised his voice over the murmur: “Let the celebrations begin”.

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I'm anticipating this so far and I hope there are extreme transformations in this story (as in a blob of cock and balls with eyes and penile tentacles for example especially penises that constantly ejaculate).


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I'm really looking forward to the next part big_smile  .


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Indeed quite promising so far!


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

“Let's just get it over with. There is not much we can do about it anyway,” Katharina finally said, about an hour after King Irek's fateful declaration.

There was no doubt that he had been entirely serious. This was not the kind of thing an Ondorian monarch would joke about.  Nonetheless, Katharina's first reactions had been utter shock and denial. Francis had taken it even worse. He had babbled about how he had to find a way to save his wife and daughters. He had talked about negotiating or bribing the king, begging for mercy, even threats of violence, nothing more than pointless fantasies. After two glasses of whine Katharina had calmed down enough to make her husband stop and see sense. They could not escape this. It was best to accept the reality of it and deal with it as well as they could.

“No, there must be a way,” Francis protested, his expression hard.

She took his hand and squeezed it gently. It was cute to see him so enraged in an odd way. It showed how much he cared.

“There really isn't. You know what would happen if we resisted the king,” she answered.

Her husband frowned, looking like a petulant child. For a moment he seemed to protest but then his expression shifted. He seemed to deflate a little and sighed.

“But what about Arienne and Veronike?” he asked, but there was no more fight in his voice.

Their daughters were chatting with one another nearby. The king's announcement had shaken them, too, although to different degrees. Veronike had only stopped crying a few minutes ago and still looked like she was about to panic any second. Arienne on the other hand had overcome the initial shock rather quickly. If anything she seemed almost excited now. Katharina was not surprised. The king had essentially given her daughter the freedom to embrace her interest in the transformed and go as far with it as she liked. Arienne was gently talking to her sister, reassuring her but most likely also trying to convince her to get transformed together. Considering the circumstances it was probably for the better, even if both their parents hated the thought.

“They are going to be alright,” Katharina told her husband. “There is still enough time to get things sorted out. That's why I want to get my own.....change done quickly. So we can focus on them.”

“Alright”, Francis replied. He finished his own whine and put the glass on the tray a passing servant was holding. He tried hard not to look at the bizarre creature. They had entered the hall shortly after the king's speech. Dakini-spawns with no arms and three breasts. They had trays strapped to their bellies, so people could take glasses and snacks as they passed by. Their penises were all erect and some leaking white fluid. The most disquietening feature however were the tiny eyes above each penis. The fact that they all looked rather cheerful did not help either of them to sooth their worries.

Katharina went over to their daughters and told them to wait, explaining how she intended to undergo her own transformation first before they could think of how getting the two of them out of the palace with as few modifications as possible. Before she left, she told them not to act prematurely or do anything rash, keeping her eyes focused on Arienne.

She took Francis' hand and together they went to the alchemist's stand. The man smiled in a manner which was probably meant to be reassuring but to Katharina came across as mocking. She just took one of the random bottles before him, the substance inside a creamy velvet. Francis seemed as if he was about to say something but then sighed instead and kept quiet. They might have asked for a customized transformation but in the end it would not make much of a difference. The man would certainly not help her to craft a potion that would leave her less altered than what the pre-prepared ones would do to her. The couple smiled back, trying to stay polite and swiftly disappeared into side-corridor where they entered one of the private chambers the king had mentioned.

Inside the room the two shared a passionate kiss. Maybe it was the last, for who knew whether she would still have a mouth afterwards. She then smiled reassuringly, almost more for her own benefit than Francis', and pushed him gently onto the bed. To her surprise he began to undress. His wife raised an eyebrow.

“Who knows. Maybe it is not going to be that bad,” he explained with a meek smile. “While we are already here, its as good a time as any to get used to whatever this stuff is going to do to you.”

Katharina laughed, despite herself. She couldn't disagree. His optimism was definitely better than everything just being doom and gloom. With her spirits lifted,she undid her own clothes. She made sure Francis got a last good look at her body. A healthy diet and regular sports had left her with a pretty good figure, despite her age. Sure, she had gotten a little pudgy around the belly and her large breasts sagged more than they used to in her youth but she was still proud of her looks.

“Okay, no turning back,” Katharina said with a sigh and drank the velvet potion in one go.

“That....is actually rather tasty,” she said surprised. Then her eyes went wide and she bent over, hugging her stomach as if in pain.

Francis called her name and jumped up. He was just about to reach out to his wife, when her flesh suddenly turned a greyish purple and swelled unnaturally. Powerless to do anything, he was left to watch his beloved stretch and grow several feet in mere seconds. In the end she was easily two heads taller than him, nearly reaching the ceiling, even though she was still holding her stomach. She started to pant, deep and animalistic, as her body continued to change. Her arms began to shrivel away, like dying plants, until they quickly receded into her shoulder to disappear altogether. Meanwhile her ample breasts suffered a similar fate, deflating until all that was left was a chest that looked more like that of an adolescent boy.

Katharina straightened and moaned so loud, it was almost a shout. More disturbing, however, was how her voice began to change. It became rapidly deeper until it did not even sound human anymore. At the same time her legs wobbled unsteadily as if her bones were dissolving and then bulged out until they looked more like fat tubes. Suddenly they split apart. She almost fell over but quickly caught herself on her four new appendages. They were tentacles, like those of a squid or octopus. Each one was easily five feet long and as thick as Francis' thighs. They even sported suckers on their undersides. Skin stretched between these tentacles, creating what almost looked like a short skirt.

While both lovers were focused on Katharina's new appendages, her hair fell away in clumps. Before she even noticed, her skull was already completely bare. The back of her head elongated, gaining a whole foot in length and coming to a point. Meanwhile her facial features changed, too. Her ears and nose flattened and quickly disappeared, while her eyes sank deeper into her skull. In addition her cheekbones became wider and more sharply defined. Her mouth seemed to stay unaltered at first but then a few small nubs appeared around it. Immediately they shot out and rapidly grew into another set of tentacles, identical to her altered legs but far shorter. There were six in total, each about a foot long. They were wriggling around wildly.

By now Katharina was writhing and moaning as if in the grip of absolute bliss or absolute pain. Francis could not tell, for her voice was so deep and rough it was how he imagined a demon to sound. He noticed something appearing from beneath the skirt of her tentacles. It was another appendage but different from the ones that used to be his wife's legs. It was round and smooth, except for thick veins snaking around it. The bright, pink mushroom-shaped head made it clear what this was. Katharina had not just grown a regular penis but a prehensile one. In the end it reached almost down to the ground, barely shorter than the other tentacles. White slime dropped from the tip.

With that the transformation seemed to end. For a few long moments lord and lady stood still, Katharina breathing heavily and still twitching a little, while Francis stared at her dumbstruck. Her breathing calmed down but not by much and the new Katharina turned to face her husband. Or was it “his” husband now? Francis could not deny the masculinity of his partner.

“I feel so hot,” the creature said. Using actual words made it clear how deep and inhuman Katharina's voice had become. It was a terrifying voice, befitting her, no, his new appearance. He look like a true monster. His torso was still humanoid in shape, despite the lack of arms, slender and almost feminine. His four long tentacles were strong enough for him to stand upright as if on legs, making him stand easily eight feet tall. His elongated head nearly touched the ceiling. Little pointy ridges had formed at the sides of the skull, adding to his monstrous appearance. His face almost looked like a skull if it was not four the lack of a nose and the tentacles hiding his mouth. His eyes were deep in their sockets and had turned into solid black orbs. Francis would have been scared out of his mind if he wasn't aware that this creature was still his wife inside. Nonetheless he had to force himself not to step back when the creature approached him.

“Please help me,” Katharina said, “I need this.”

He made it very obvious what he meant as his penis-tentacle reached out and rubbed along Francis' chest. The man was stunned, his mouth visible agape, as he struggled to decide how to react. On one side he was genuinely horrified at the inhuman monster that his wife had become, his initial instinct urging him to get up and run away. Yet, it was still his beloved inside. Wife or husband, did it really matter? At last, he could not really deny his own arousal, either. He could not explain why, but his own penis had gotten hard, while he had watched the transformation. Maybe it was just a result of his anxiety or there was something in the air. Either way, he felt an irrational attraction to the monster in front of him.

It took some moments but his growing lust and love for his partner won in the end. Maybe he had been right after all and they could use the situation to acclimatize to Katharina's new form. Before even making a conscious decision his hand took the prehensile penis and began to gently stroke it. The dark skin felt moist to the touch but bumpy and uneven, like wet leather. He was rewarded with a deep, guttural moan. Suddenly he found one of Katharina's lower tentacles wrap itself around his already erect shaft. It felt rough and leathery but not unpleasant. The suckers pulled at his skin in an odd way, not strong enough to hurt, though. Instead it added to the experience. If it had been up to him, they could just have continued like this, stroking each others penises until they came.

Katharina, however, had other ideas. He unwrapped his tentacle from Francis' manhood and used it to push him back onto the bed. Amusingly his husband didn't lose his grip on the prehensile penis in the process. He seemed a little surprised at first but quickly understood what the former woman was up to, when he followed onto the bed. In any other situation, it would have been a scene from a nightmare, the tentacle-faced horror sliding onto the bed to approach its helpless victim. Francis on the other hand only saw his lover joining him in bed.

The creature slithered onto his husband's lower belly and then lifted himself up on his four lower tentacles. He spread his appendages wider than was necessary and bent his body slightly back. He obviously wanted to show his partner what else was hidden under his skirt of skin. Francis saw the base of the long, serpentine penis connect to where his lover's crotch would have been. He didn't see a scrotum, not even a hint of testicles. Maybe they were internal, or maybe he had none. Instead he had a good view of what he assumed to be Katharina's anus. He had lost his buttcheeks to his tentacles and the skin between them, so instead he now sported a fat orifice right behind his manhood, close to the central point between the four tentacles. The sphincter was easily the size of Francis' fist, protruding from his body on a swollen mount of flesh, like a flattened volcano. It was actually visibly pulsing, the wrinkled sphincter contracting as if chewing something.

Francis understood what his new husband had in mind. What surprised him, was that he was actually looking forward to it. Katharina looked at him, as if suddenly unsure whether he wanted to have sex with the monster he had become. A subtle nod was all the confirmation he needed. The large creature gently lowered his body, pressing his large anus onto his husband's erect penis. He hesitated just for a second and then let himself drop. Both of them moaned. Katharina was overwhelmed by how sensitive his modified rear had become. It was not the same as his vagina would have been. The sensation was very different but actually even more intense. Not only from the outside of his sphincter but also the inside. He could feel his husbands cock press against his newly formed prostate. He had no words for the pleasure he experienced.

His husband on the other hand was overwhelmed by the tight grip his former wife's anus had on his manhood. All the wobbly mass was apparently not just fat but also a lot of muscle. In the first moment he felt a pang of fear that he might be hurt, when Katharina pushed himself up but instead his penis slid in and out smoothly, despite the pressure. It was the most intense sex he had had in years. The pleasure and excitement was intoxicating.

Kathrina used his four lower appendages to lift himself up and back down to ride his husband's cock, while his own penis was still caressed by Francis' hands. Suddenly he bent forwards, his spine flexible enough to get face to face with his lover, while still riding his cock without missing a beat. His facial tentacles spread apart and wrapped around the man's face. To an outsider it would have looked as if he was eating his husband. In truth they were sharing a passionate, albeit most bizarre, kiss.

After a moment's panic, Francis gave into the kiss. He could still breath and wasn't hurt by the tentacles engulfing his head. From touch, he could tell that his lover's mouth had been turned into a circular, slightly wrinkled orifice. The image of the creature's swollen anus crossed his mind. However this one had a tongue inside. It was surprisingly human. Their tongues intertwined in a way they hadn't done in ages.

Francis had no idea how long they continued like this. Maybe minutes, maybe hours. He didn't care. Eventually he heard the same deep, inhuman moan from Katharina but more drawn out, more lustful. The serpentine penis in his hand suddenly tensed and bucked as if trying to escape his grip. At the same time something warm and sticky landed on his chest. It took him a moment to comprehend what was happening but then his lover's sphincter tensed, too, increasing the pressure on his own penis. This was the moment he reached his own climax. Unlike his former wife, he did not tend to moan when he came. Instead a satisfied sigh escaped his lips as he shot his seed into Katharina's muscular rectum.

They kept their positions for some time, while catching their breaths. When he had recovered enough, Katharina carefully removed himself from Francis' manhood and collapsed next to him. He snuggled against his side liked he had always done as a woman. It was kind of weird to see the large, scary monster cuddle with him, its head resting on his shoulder. Instead of using a hand, his facial tentacles were gently stroking Franci's chest, while one of the lower appendages caressed his right leg. Both noticed the long penis still lying on Francis' belly, leaking more semen into his belly button, but didn't care.

“You know what?” Francis said, unable to hide the exhaustion in his voice?

“What?”, his lover's new inhuman voice asked in return.

“I think I can get used to this,” he said and meant it.

Katharina's reaction was not what he had expected. He saw tears welling up in those dark eyes. Despite his face being so inhuman, he got an impression of relief.

“I love you,” the former woman said.


Erica felt more alive than ever before, which was kind of ironic considering the fact that she was no more than a bodypart now. The orgy after her transformation had been amazing, even though she had not really witnessed that much of it. Most of the time she had either spent inside another dakini-spawn's anus or bobbing up and down wildly while her host had been mounted. In exchange it had been a whirlwind of sensations. At some points the ferocious movements had made her feel nauseous but rather than spewing vomit, it had been hot, slimy cum that had escaped what had once been her mouth. The orgasm had been beyond anything she had experienced as a human. At one point it had become so overwhelming that she had simply passed out and woken up hours later when the spawns had been in the process of being washed by other servants.

Now she was fulfilling the duty she had been transformed for, or rather it was her host that was doing it. The creature and its kin were walking around the hall with trays bound to their bellies, allowing the guests to pick up drinks and snacks or return empty glasses. When the tray was empty or full of used glasses, the spawn would return to the kitchen where unchanged servants would refill the tray.

Erica's hosts was on its second run now. At first she had feared that all she would see of the celebration was the floor, lazily swaying between the spawn's legs in her flaccid state. Fortunately the creature had such a libido that just the sight of the many women present and more importantly its fellow dakini spawns had caused it to get aroused. That meant Erica was now happily rigid and able to see what was going on in front of her.

So far that was not much yet. She had not been able to see the transformation of the duchess and her daughters and so far only a small handful of nobles had actually visited the alchemist's stand. Erica knew, however, that it would soon be more. The king would surely not allow anyone to ignore his orders for long. She could hardly wait to see what the women would be turned into. She hoped that some might even interact with her. That would be amazing.

Right now she stood near two young women sitting at one of the tables. They had waved her spawn over so they could pick up two glasses of whine. Erica assumed them to be the daughters of one of the noble families. They looked like they were twins. Before her transformation Erica had never had any sexual feelings towards women but as a penis she had discovered that she felt equally attracted to women and men. Maybe a sex organ was less picky than a complete human. Whatever the reason, she could not stop fantasizing of being touched by one of the two beauties. They were tall and slender, maybe a bit on the skinny side. Their breasts seemed a bit too small, although it was hard to tell, due to the cut of their dresses. Erica didn't mind. She was especially focused on their luscious lips and how they would feel around her shaft.

Suddenly one of the girls turned towards her. She looked straight into her eyes. Had she been able to overhear Erica's thoughts? Was that even possible? She felt weirdly ashamed and a little exposed.

“Arienne, what are you doing?” The other girl said while her sister reached out with a hand towards  Erica.

“I am just curious, don't worry,” the girl answered, as her fingers gently brushed against the underside of Erica's body. She shuddered. She was still not used to how sensitive her body had become.

“Say, do you like being a penis?” The twin called Arienne said while still staring into Erica's eyes. So far she was the first person to address her directly since her transformation. It was kind of odd being acknowledged in her new form. She was about to answer but then realized she had no idea how. Luckily the girl added: “One blink for yes and two for no.”

Erica didn't have to think about this. She blinked once.

“Really? Even though you are just a limbless cock?” The girl asked, looking incredulous.

Erica just blinked a single time again to confirm her answer.

“Wow. Thanks for answering,” she said. “I think you deserve a reward.”

While her sister looked at Arienne in disbelief, the girl wrapped her fingers around Erica's body.


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great so far!

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Really liking this story so far!


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I just leave it here. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26494030/


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Wolf wrote:

I just leave it here. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26494030/

Wow, that's actually really well drawn!


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Wolf wrote:

I just leave it here. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26494030/

Great work!


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Thank you. I did felt inspired by the great story which I enjoy very much so far.


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Its a very nice drawing. Keep it up. smile


Veronike knew that her sister had a thing for the transformed and was a lot more open with her sexuality but she still had problems to accept what she saw. After asking the server-creature's erect penis whether it liked being a penis, she had started to jerk the thing off with one hand.

Before she could tell Arienne to stop, the creature tensed and thick ropes of semen erupted from its glans landing on the floor next to her. Veronike flinched back instinctively. Her sister grinned and carefully removed her hand without getting any of the gunk onto herself. Nonetheless she cleaned it with a napkin. The creature looked thoroughly satisfied and so did its penis. The little eyes on it were half-closed as if exhausted, while it went flaccid, more cum still dripping from the tip. The creature just turned around and went away, offering the goods on its tray to the rest of the guests.

“I cannot believe you just did that,” Veronike hissed at her sister. “What if its cum was transformative?”

“So what?” Arienne retorted. “Wouldn't make much of a difference. At the end of the day we have to get changed either way. If we are lucky we won't end up as some horse's penis. Although I guess its not all bad if that penis is to trust.”

Veronike's expression fell. She had tried not to think about this but her sister was right. It made her guts knot in fear. Arienne noticed and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“Listen”, she said. “It is going to be alright. I already got an idea how we might be able to avoid the worst.”

Before Veronike could ask what she meant, her sister stood up.

“Come on,” she said and waved her sister forwards with a hand.

“But mother said we should wait.”

“I think she is busy enough with her own change. Come on, I got this.”

Reluctantly Veronike got up and followed her twin. She wanted to know what kind of plan she was talking about, however.

“The king said we had to get engaged before the end of the night, right?” Arienne began to explain. Her sister just nodded.

“But do you want to be married off to some random guy, you don't know?”

Veronike shook her head. She hadn't even thought about that yet. The whole situation just seemed to get worse with every revelation.

“So I had an idea. What if we just get married to one another?” Arienne grinned. She looked very pleased with herself.

“What? We are sisters?”

“So what? I studied the marriage laws recently, since I already thought that mother and father would try to get us engaged some other house's sons. There seem to be no restrictions on weddings between relatives.”

“But...I mean...,” Veronike was lost for words. It was getting far too weird for her.

Suddenly her sister stopped and turned around. She almost ran into her. Arienne looked her in the eyes, her expression hard. She had never seen her sister look so serious before.

“Veronike. Our options are limited. By doing this, we can at least keep some control over our lives.”

No matter how much she hated the situation, Veronike had to face it. Her sister was right. This was the best way to avoid the worst, even if it meant marrying one another. She still had trouble wrapping her mind around it. Nonetheless she agreed to her sister's plan.

Together they approached a man that was sitting in a corner near the entrance. He was rather small, old and had the clean cut look of a born bureaucrat. There was a massive book in front of him, as well as an expensive looking writing set. Neither girl had ever seen him before but they both knew why he was there. The man was the royal recorder of engagements. His role was to record any engagements arranged between noble families during an event such as this. Should the king agree, he could even declare it a binding marriage without the need of a ceremony. At least in theory. The only such cases the girls had ever heard of, were little more than romanticized tales of tragic lovers.

“We would like to declare our engagement,” Arienne said boldly as she approached the man. She grabbed Veronike by the arm in order to emphasize who she meant.

“You mean the two of you?” The recorder of engagements asked, his eyebrows raised. He look rather amused. “You look like sisters to me.”

“We are twins,” Arienne replied. “As far as I know, there is no law that says we cannot get married.

To her surprise the man smiled: “True enough. Its only that I've never heard of twins to get engaged. I just need your names, age and family status.”

Both girls gave the man the information we wanted and he wrote them down carefully in his book. It was all very different from what they had imagined. Instead of a struggle to convince the bureaucrat, it turned out to be no more than a legal formality.

“Alright, without your parents' confirmation I can not finalize the entry, though. You are not old enough yet to get engaged without the head of your family getting involved.”

Veronike didn't know how to react. She still disliked the idea of marrying her sister but then again, the alternative was probably worse. Arienne on the other hand was visibly disappointed. What if their parents disagreed? What if they did not return from the private chambers before it was too late? The clerk noticed their reactions.

“However,” he said, drawing out the world, while his smile shifted into a mischievous grin. “I could ask the king if he agrees with your engagement. In fact if he allows me, I could declare you two officially married right here and now.”

Veronike wondered if the man had figured out the reason for their unusual request and was trying to help them out. It was also possible that he was just amused by the whole situation and wanted to see it play out. Either way, both sisters nodded. He told them to wait while he went to see the king. Half an hour later he returned, a broad grin on his face.

“You are lucky. The king seemed quite amused but expressed his support for your marriage. Congratulations, you are now each other's legally married wives. I just need you to sign here and here to finalize it.”

The twins looked at one another for reassurance. There was no going back. First Arienne, then Veronike took the pen and signed. It was done. They were for all intents and purposes a married couple now. Veronike realized that the scandal wouldn't even be that they were sisters but the fact that they had married without their parents' consent or an appropriate ceremony. It was so bizarre she had trouble accepting that it was real.

“You think we should kiss?” Arienne said as they went away from the clerk. “Its kind of a tradition, isn't it?”

Veronike was about to protest but then saw the broad grin on her sister's face. She just shook her head and sighed. They might have solved one problem but there was still another one they had to deal with. She had not forgotten that they still had to get transformed.

“I guess we should get over to the alchemist's stand,” she said, her tone making it very clear how much she actually did not want to.

“True enough,” Arienne replied. Her expression was still surprisingly light hearted. “Nothing we can do about that particular issue. Maybe the old man got a recommendation that is not too bad.”

Surprisingly the man introduced as Master Haberich had indeed a recommendation for them. Before they could even ask him, he already shuffled among his wares and presented them with two identical vials with a purple substance inside. 

“The young ladies of house Ottrich, am I right?” he said as a form of greeting. They just nodded, a little taken back by the fact that he had recognized them. They were not a prominent house after all.

“I saw the vial your mother took a while ago,” he went on with a smile, ignoring the suspicious stares he got from both girls. “So I prepared this in case the two of you were to visit my stand. The substance inside will ensure that a certain family resemblance will remain.”

“Well. It is no worse than taking a random vial,” Arienne said with a shrug and took one of the vials from the alchemist.

Veronike nodded and took the other one. They decided to make use of the private chambers. It seemed like a save environment, not knowing what the potions would do to them. Not even Arienne was willing to take the risk of embarrassing herself in public. Unfortunately all the rooms were already taken.

“Bollocks, what are we supposed to do know?” Veronike whined. She had spent all the time building up her courage to go through with this and now they were standing in front of closed doors.

Her sister simply shrugged.

“I guess we got to wait then.”

At least one of the alcoves on the other side of the large hall was still free for them to sit down and  be by themselves. Arienne was looking into her glass of whine as if she was able to see something in there that her twin could not.

“You know,” she began to say. “Why not drink this here and be done with it.”

“What?” Veronike's eyes widened in shock. Just the idea made her blush. “You can't be serious.”

“Why not?” Arienne retorted, finally looking up into her sister's eyes. Her expression was serious. “We will have to go around as some sexual freaks afterwards anyway. Most likely our clothes won't fit anymore, either. So how much of a difference does it make to get transformed right here? Nobody is looking, anyway.”

Veronike was about to protest but then fell silent. Her sister was right. What difference did it make? Even if it was embarrassing, it was probably something they would have to get used to anyway.

“Alright,” she said and picked up her vial from the table. “On three.”

Arienne seemed surprised that her twin would agree so quickly but then smiled. “On three.”

They counted down. One. Two. Three. Then they drank the content of the vials in one go.

“Tastes like blueberry,” Veronike said surprised. Then she dropped into pure darkness.

At least that was what it felt like. It took her a moment to realize that her head had dropped into her dress. How was that possible? Had she shrunk so quickly? She could feel her body still changing. Her mouth seemed to swell and her upper lip tickled weirdly before being pulled down by some weight. Her eyes seemed to shift, while her arms went numb and her stomach contracted almost painfully. At some point during the confusion of her changing flesh, her legs went all limp while her lower back twisted awkwardly. As a result she found herself slowly slipping of the bench. She panicked but could do nothing about it. Her limbs were either numb or felt all wrong.

She only managed a weak squeal, when she finally fell, just to land painfully on the ground. She was sure it would leave a bruise on her butt. Her body continued to shift and change for a while, during which she felt an odd but pleasant heat growing in what felt like her groin, although it was a lot closer to her head than was comfortable. Eventually she regained control of her limbs, her nerves re-routing to deal with the new arrangement. Her arms were probably gone but instead her brain told her that she had four legs. Prehensile legs which were positioned around her face. It made no sense but at the same time she found it surprisingly easy to move these odd limbs. All she could do was to drag herself out of her dress and have a look at herself.

After some struggling, she managed to free herself and crawl back into the light. She found herself underneath the table. Everything looked a lot larger than she remembered. That probably meant she had shrunk. Not really a surprise, considering how she had fallen into her own dress.

“You look good, sis, or is it hubby?”

Veronike jumped. She hadn't noticed the creature on the other side of the small space they were in. Her initial reaction was to retreat, to get away from the monster. She almost screamed. It looked like an especially ugly octopus. It's hide was a purplish grey, leathery and bumpy. However, it only had four tentacles instead of eight and at closer inspection Veronike noticed no siphon. Instead the back of its head seemed to have a crack running down the middle, reminding her of a butt, and its protruding eyes were solid black. Otherwise it looked like a common octopus, about the size of a watermelon. The creature was resting on Arienne's dress. Veronike understood what she was seeing.

She lifted what felt like her legs in front of her eyes. They were tentacles, with suckers and all. There was no doubt she looked exactly like her sister. She was on the verge of crying.

“We are monsters,” she wailed. Even her voice was off. She hadn't thought about it but she hadn't recognized Arienne's voice, either. It was high-pitched and scratchy. She sounded as if she had suddenly turned into a heavy smoker.

“It could be worse,” her sister replied. “I think you look kind of hot.”

“Hot? Are you kidding....,” she trailed off, while Arienne shifted her body, revealing something that was hidden underneath her bulk.

She caught a glimpse of her sister's mouth, a fat, pink sphincter, which explained why her own lips felt so swollen. What made her forget about what she was saying, though, was the penis right behind her sister's mouth. It was not really a big specimen, in fact it was far below average, even Veronike could recognize that. It was only maybe three inches long, dwarfed by the egg-sized testicles behind it. However, it made her understand that her sister was no longer a woman. She no longer was a woman. They were both male now. With that realisation, she, no, he became aware of the stiffness underneath his own body. He could not ignore it, either, now that he was aware of it. A pleasant warmth spread through him and with it a deep, physical need to be touched.

Now he understood how Arienne was feeling. He took a good look at his sister....or no longer sister. His brother? No, his husband. He had rejected the idea before. After all the marriage had just been a practical solution to not end up as some animal's genitalia, but now it felt like the perfect excuse to give into his primal urges. Wasn't it perfectly normal to have sex with your husband, especially after the wedding? Veronike realized that he was simply rationalizing his own shift in attitudes but his arousal had grown too strong by now to ignore it. Wrong or not, Arienne looked like the most beautiful creature in the world to him right now. He could not get his eyes off that tiny penis.

For a brief moment Veronike remembered that they were still in the great hall but the chairs on the other side of the table blocked the view for anyone looking. In a weird way they were in their own private chamber right now. They could do whatever they liked.

“I think I still owe you a kiss,” Veronike whispered as he dragged himself towards Arienne.

As if they had done this before, their tentacles wrapped perfectly around one another, so that they could press their mouths together in a kiss. Luckily they still had tongues which were now erotically pushed into their swollen sphincter mouths. Meanwhile Veronike moved one of his tentacles around to cup his lover's heavy balls, careful not to rub against his penis, teasing Arienne instead of giving him release. He was rewarded with a husky moan, muffled by the tongue in his mouth.

A moment later Arienne detached himself from his husband but not before whispering: “I love you.”

He then turned his body around to present his rear. Veronike noticed the large anus hidden between the fat buttchecks that made up most of what was their actual bodies. It was pulsing slightly.

“Do me, darling,” the octopus-creature said in as erotic a voice he could muster.

Veronike didn't need any more cues. He dragged himself onto Arienne's body and pushed his own member into the thick sphincter. He could not suppress a moan. His penis was as tiny as his husband's but the fat anus was surprisingly tight, squeezing his shaft as if it barely fit in. On instinct he began to push his dick into his lover's rear in an increasingly faster rhythm. He could feel that there were no bones left in their bodies. Arienne's rear was soft and wobbly like jelly. Veronike had to make good use of the suckers on his tentacles or otherwise he would just bounce off.

Nonetheless the experience was just perfect. That tight sphincter made up for the awkwardness of their new anatomies. He did not care that he had become nothing more than a twisted octopus with a penis. He did not care that he had married his sibling. Maybe it was only his arousal talking but he  could not regret this. He loved Arienne. The idea of being his husband, of them being a couple, was suddenly more appealing than anything else.

He lost his track of though as the pleasure increased. His world boiled down to his penis rammed into that tight hole. Eventually the sensation reached a climax and he felt hot cum rushing through his shaft and into his husband's rear. It triggered Arienne to have an orgasm of his own, semen spurting from his small dick.

A moment later they were both cuddling in the spoiled folds of their dresses, tentacles wrapped around one another's body. They both felt content and happy. All the fear and anxiety of before was gone. The worst was over and their fates had turned out to be rather good after all. They liked their new forms and they were happy to be a couple.

“I think I could do with another drink,” Arienne said after a while. They were still covered in semen and would certainly not fit back into their clothes. It did not matter. Veronike agreed and together they dragged themselves away from under the table. Nobody noticed them. They did not care about leaving their dresses behind. They would not need them anymore, although Veronike felt quite embarrassed exposing himself like that but his spouse reached out with a tentacle for reassurance. Their tentacles touching, as if they were holding hands, the newly wed couple went back to join the party.


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Gosh, normally i don't really like f2m. But this TF is great!


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Thank you Demon-Man. Here is another one. Just finished it.


By the way how can i post pictures here?


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Wolf wrote:

Thank you Demon-Man. Here is another one. Just finished it.


By the way how can i post pictures here?

Use the 'img' tag on the top right of the comment form. Though since you're uploading those pics to Furaffinity, another way you could do it is upload them here as attachments (you have to click the 'preview' button in the bottom first).


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Also, keep em' coming DM, these are great!


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BrotherOriginal wrote:

Use the 'img' tag on the top right of the comment form. Though since you're uploading those pics to Furaffinity, another way you could do it is upload them here as attachments (you have to click the 'preview' button in the bottom first).

Thank you


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The mother is a squid, and the daughters octopuses. Curious about what's next.


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Too bad this is just male-on-male! The triple CTF at the beginning really had me going.


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Faye wrote:

Too bad this is just male-on-male! The triple CTF at the beginning really had me going.

Agreed. Love the story so far, but hoping to see some more CTF, FTP, or other body part transformations in the latter chapters (be they on animals, humans, or whatever else is there).


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Soooo, how's progress on the next chapter?


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Almost done but I had no time lately to do the editing. I hope I can post some more this weekend.


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Awesome. big_smile. Take whatever time you need.


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While the Ottrich sisters were still making out underneath the table, Lord and Lady Varhaun were discussing the fate of their daughter.

“Lord Semander's sons are already courting the daughters of House Dolgar and Ummjarf. This means that all the young men here are already promised to someone or in the process of arranging the engagement,” Casper explained.

He wasn't shocked by the prospect of his wife getting transformed. He had never considered it but then again it appealed to his fantasies. He knew Farah was looking forward to it, too. Neither of them, however, was willing to let their daughter end up as part of some animal. Thus they had to make sure that she was promised to another noble by the end of the night, at least formally.

Unfortunately there were not that many young bachelors present to begin with, for one reason or another. Obviously they had been approached immediately after the king's speech by those families with daughters that were still unengaged and thus threatened by the king's final declaration. By now there was probably not a single boy left not yet promised to someone.

“I've heard that a few houses have arranged for their daughters to be promised to one another. But I do not know how many of the ones left would be willing to do the same,” Farah explained. It sounded like a good tactic. By the end of the night, everybody left would be male, anyway. Thus the prospect of offspring was no longer relevant for arranging a marriage.

“Maybe we need to accept that Simonna will have to be fused to a horse, I've heard those turned into penises are quite happy with their new lives,” Farah continued. It sounded more like she was trying to convince herself.

Casper knew that it was not so much the idea of her daughter becoming some bodypart that she objected to. He knew his wife's opinion on this kind of transformations well enough and agreed. The real problem was the thought that she would become part of an animal, most likely deprived of the touch by another human.

Around them the celebrations were rather calm. Most of the guests still seemed stunned and insecure how to go about what King Irek had demanded of them. Many were huddled in small groups whispering among each other, while others gulped down glasses of whine with a bit too much haste, probably in order to calm their nerves. Aside from the dakini-spawns they had not seen any transformees yet. At least until they heard a familiar voice.

“Farah, Casper. It is good to see you. I missed you in the crowd earlier,” a high pitched, female voice called from behind them.

Farah would recognize that voice anywhere. It belonged to Lady Bhelbrecht. Her house was one of the most influential with close ties to the royal court. And she was a good friend of Farah. The creature approaching her and her husband didn't look anything like Lady Bhelbrecht, however. At first sight Farah thought of a pear on legs. The being was a good bit dmaller than herself and its body had almost the exact shape of the fruit, a round, almost spherical lower body and a smaller, round bulge on top. The upper portion was obviously the head, bald and only sporting two bright, eyes and a wide mouth with blown up lips so thick that they no longer looked human at all. Without a neck, it appeared more like an extension of the torso, which in return was little more than a sphere with a belly-button. There was no chest or even nipples. The creature had neither shoulders nor arms but short and thick legs sprouting from its hips. The feet were large and ended in two fat digits. Between those legs swayed a surprisingly small penis, no larger than Casper's thumb. Farah couldn't see any testicles underneath it which struck her as odd.

She hesitated at first but then noticed Lord Bhelbrecht following a few steps behind the transformee.

“Matilda, is that you? You look different,” she finally replied, her lips curling into a smile. “Its also nice to see you, Robert.”

Casper also greeted the two and for a short while their worries were forgotten. Instead the two men engaged in a discussion about local politics while Farah congratulated Lady Bhelbrecht on her, or rather his, new form.

“Its just a shame with my new genitalia. I do not mind the size of my penis but I had hoped for some testicles to go with it. Don't mind me saying that but if I have to become a male, I deserve to have an appropriate set of balls, don't you think?” he said and giggled. Then his expression suddenly shifted, though, into one of genuine concern. “But tell me, dear, are you alright? You looked like something was wrong a moment ago.”

Farah sighed and explained the whole situation concerning Simonna to her friend. The odd pear-creature nodded at every important point, which looked like its head sunk a little more into its body.

“Ah, that sounds like quite a pickle,” he replied. “We did not have to deal with such a problem. Our Willard couldn't come here with his wife since he is currently wrapping up the campaign in Feldearth. If I can help you with your daughter, just let me know.”

It was a nice gesture but Farah shook her head. She told her friend the same she had told Casper, that they probably just had to accept Simonna's fate. Lady Bhelbrecht nodded but then looked away as if in thought.

“Wait a moment,” she said. “I have an idea. Maybe we can help each other.”


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

At first Simonna had outright rejected her parents' proposal. It had sounded insane.

“You remember Lady Matilda Bhelbrecht? We used to visit them at their winter mansion,” her mother had said. “She asked if you where interested in becoming her testicles?”

It was the most bizarre and outrageous idea she had ever heard. Yet, her mother's arguments had begun to make sense. There was no way to avoid being fused to someone. So at the very least she could make sure that it was not an animal she became a part of. In addition the gesture would improve relations with House Bhelbrecht and thus improve her family's standing with the royal court. It was not that Simonna was necessarily afraid of such a fate. It was not one she would have chosen, but she had spent so much time around the transformed that she knew that there was something to enjoy even about the most extreme alterations. What vexed her was the fact that she had no real say in the matter. In the end she had reluctantly agreed nonetheless. She was not happy but it was probably one of the better options. She had not been thrilled about the idea to be married off to some random guy, either.

Half an hour later Matilda Bhelbrecht was waiting for her in the middle of the ball room, sitting on a stool with his legs spread wide. One of the alchemist's assistants was standing next to him, a small bottle in his hands. A crowd of curious onlookers had formed around him, standing in a semi-circle.
With so many eyes on her, Simonna finally felt the first onset of anxiety. She had not thought the fusion would occur here. Her mother gave her a final hug and her father squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. To her surprise the both of them looked proud. Before she could say anything they gently turned her towards the waiting creature that she was supposed to become a part of.

“Don't worry, child,” Matilda said. “I will take good care of you.”

“I am sure you will enjoy it,” Simonna's mother said, sounding genuine.

She gulped and tried to muster her courage. It was dumb to be nervous about this. It was beneath the daughter of a noble house like her. She took a step forward, ready to face her fate. But then the alchemical assistant cleared his throat.

“I fear the young lady has to undress for the process to work,” he said.

Simonna was about to protest. That was just too much. She could barely force herself to have the fusion done in front of other people. This was enough to make her nearly panic. Lady Bhelbrecht must have noticed the shift in her expression and snapped her out of it.

“Nothing wrong about that, right, Simonna,” his voice was warm and comforting. “I do not intend to ever cover my new genitalia. So what difference does it make if you undress now? As my testicles you will stay naked forever, anyway?”

This twisted logic actually helped Simonna to calm herself. The creature was right. She was about to become the former woman's genitalia, so who cared if anybody got to see her naked now? At least some people might remember what she looked like as a human. With renewed courage, she began to take of her dress. Layer after layer fell away until she was entirely nude. She still felt embarrassed, despite herself.

“Okay,” she mumbled, feeling every pair of eyes on her exposed skin. “Lets get this over with, okay?”

The waiting assistant motioned her to sit down in front of Lady Bhelbrecht with her head resting against his crotch. It was a humiliating position, causing Simonna to blush even more. It didn't help that she could feel the tiny penis resting on top of her skull. Before she could tell the alchemist's aid to hurry up, the man poured the content of the bottle over her head. It was a thin, green slime which made her scalp tickle instantly.

At first the sensation just spread across her head and down her neck but nothing else. She even wondered if the substance had been a dud. If all this embarrassment had been for nothing. Then all her muscles tensed at once. It felt like an all-body cramp but strangely without pain. The sudden tension was immediately followed by an odd sense of motion, as if she was dragged backwards. Her head stayed where it was, however. Instead Simonna saw her legs slowly pull back into her body, shrinking at an increasing pace. The same was happening to her arms. Even though this had to be expected, she could not suppress a surprised shriek. Only that no sound escaped her lips.

Without even noticing, her mouth had fused shut. Not just her lips but she could actually feel her tongue being absorbed and her jaw merging into her skull. Her nose also began to melt into her changing face, while she was that her ears were disappearing, too. Meanwhile her limbs were entirely gone, her body only kept upright by leaning against the chair and Matilda's body.

At this point her stomach began to grumble loudly. She felt no pain or nausea but she could clearly tell how her insides were rearranging and changing. It was the most surreal experience so far. At the same time her stomach began to bulge outwards while her torso lost its form. Her ribcage seemed to dissolve, causing the mass of her body to sack down into her inflating belly which was absorbing her abdomen into itself. Simonna's eyes widened when she felt her vagina suddenly pull together and disappear into her changing flesh.

The transformation continued to accelerate. The skin of her lower body became thicker and developed deep wrinkles. She noticed her hair falling out, while her head was slowly pulled into Matilda's crotch. Her breasts and shoulders had vanished together with her remaining bones, leaving her body little more than a formless sack resting on the ground, while her head was just a smooth sphere with only her eyes left.

Simonna could now easily see her organs moving and swelling inside the loose skin of her body. To her it was like seeing invisible hands working with putty. The twisting mass reformed into a single round shape which then separated into two. In the end there where two large egg-like shapes, two testicles filling what was obviously a scrotum. Simonna wondered if that was it, but there was still that pull at the back of her head. However, she also felt a growing pressure inside her two new organs. She could tell that they were filling up. Within seconds the sensation turned from mildly uncomfortable to almost painful.

Suddenly a voice screamed loudly just above her. It took the former girl a moment to realize that it was Matilda. Was he in pain? It did not sound like pain, more like...lust. Before she could wonder any more about what was happening, a thick, white substance landed in front of her, half a metre away. It was only a tiny amount, maybe a tea spoon's worth. It was immediately followed by another load and then another. A second later it was a continuous stream. Finally Simonna understood. The creature was ejaculating. She had not even noticed the little penis lifting off her head from going erect. However, she could feel the pressure inside her lessening. It was a wonderful sensation. Not just the relief itself, which was brilliant on its own, but also something other, more sexual. The pleasure was almost orgasmic and Simonna lost herself in it, to the point where she did not notice how her body continued to change.

After what felt like hours the sensation finally stopped. It took some moments for the former girl to come back to her senses. She hadn't experienced a climax per se but it was very close. A part of her wanted to doze off, hazy from the pleasure but then she realized that she was no longer resting on the ground. Instead she was hanging freely, her head now firmly merged  into Lady Bhelbrecht's crotch. The fusion was over, she was no more than a scrotum and pair of balls now.  Oddly enough it was a liberating thought. Her fate was sealed and she could focus on making the best of it.

“Oh she looks great,” she heard her mother's voice say. “I am sure she will enjoy this new life.”

Farah and Casper Varhaun had witnessed all of their daughter's transformation and were now having a good look at her final form while congratulating Lady Bhelbrecht to the new addition. Below the tiny penis was now an oversized pair of balls. The loose scrotum hang rather low and contained testicles the size of apples. The only remainder of their daughter were her eyes, slightly smaller in size now and positioned to either side and a little below Matilda's penis. They still looked a little dizzy.

“Don't worry, I will take good care of her, as promised,” Matilda replied and swung her hips for emphasis, causing her new balls to sway back and forth.

The motion made Simonna slightly nauseous. The boneless nature of her new form did not help. It was such an odd sensation to feel her insides, no more than two large, solid spheroids moving around in a loose sack of skin. It reminded her of her stomach dropping whenever she had jumped off a tree as a child or ridden a horse at full gallop. It wasn't as pleasant as her transformation had been, making her wonder if she would get used to it with time.

At least she was sure she could adjust to the little penis in front of her eyes. It was almost like having an oversized nose, only that she could not feel it. All she could experience was her own scrotum of a body, everything above her eyes did not exist, including that little cock she now served. Thinking about it, she noticed that the faint pressure in her two testicles which was slowly increasing once more. She was pretty sure she would get emptied several times more this night. She was looking forward to it.


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This was definitely worth the wait. Great TF!  And well written too.


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specifically testicle tf is wild. Nice work.