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Topic: A "Non" Transformation Belial story?

Here's a idea I've been thinking for some time.

Has anyone thought of a story set in Assiah that isn't really transformation focused but instead focuses on or rather explores what Assian normal life is like or rather Transformations only exist in the background in the story?

Since I really like to see to see a story if one exists already that further delves into or immerses into the world of Assiah beyond than just Transformations although they can be still referenced though.

Or rather the story that the protagonist doesn't transform into the entire story but maybe she has friends who are transformees though possibly? Or a story set in Empyres where transformations are less common and especially focuses more on depth of it's society especially Imperial royal family for example so can know more about them?

Or even better what about a story where the protagonist becomes a Avatar instead at the end of the story?

Anyways I wish there are more stories that focuses on more in-depth about Assiah rather than focusing on Transformations all the time although they still be referenced though as in they're not completely ignored either but maybe they exist in the background or rather have characters who are transformees that at least still functionable in society though.

Or maybe no Transformee characters at all but only referenced in the background so since would not distort how common are transformees really are like the rest of the stories do? Or maybe if Transformees do show up at all but I guess it could be possible that the protagonist has sex with one of them perhaps and it doesn't have transformative cum so allowing the protagonist to stay normal throughout.

Any ideas?


Re: A "Non" Transformation Belial story?

I think I read a story somewhere here involving a Belial thanksgiving. There's a lot of transformed family members in a gathering together, but no transformations happen within the narrative itself. Or at least I think not.
There's also 'The Escapist', a story of a woman who nearly gets transformed multiple times, but manages to avoid every single one, though she gets to witness other people transforming.

Honestly, the Belial universe is a convenient backdrop to excuse all kinds of weirdly bodily changes. In terms of culture and technology, if you take away the TF it's not too unique from most generic fantasy worlds, or stories set in an alternate-universe modern day. Transformation is the special aspect of this universe, and so you'll see a lot of stories focused on it.

Also, a lot of the existing TF stories involving Belial do go in-depth with how the world functions, and how normal people behave alongside transformed individuals. They also discuss the culture of the Belial world, with various holidays and customs.