Topic: Summer Bucks the Trend

Summer Bucks the Trend
By Xerox2
Edited by: Skiesofsilver

Chapter One

Summer was the living embodiment of the Academy’s ideal student: clever, outgoing, ambitious, and not at all transformed in any way. Those four features, or so she told herself, were the reasons why she was the most popular girl in school.

Even now as she waited for the rest of her friends in the cafeteria, a stream of acquaintances dropped by to say hello. She knew her name, of course, and the fact that her half birthday was coming up, and how is her sister recovering from the flu, and did she hear her favorite band is making a new album? Good bye! See you later! I’ll be sure to make the show! As exhausting as it was, she normally loved being the center of so much attention, but today she just wanted everyone to leave her alone.

She was relieved when Becky finally plopped down in the seat next to her. That was everyone. A small queue had gathered to say hello, but they got the hint and quickly dissipated. When Summer’s core group of friends got together, it was business time.

“Ugh that wait was awful,” Becky sneered at Summer, setting a smoothie down in front of her. “If I’m going to be fetching your lunch every day, you could at least choose a quicker restaurant.”

“Great to see you too,” Summer replied with a roll of her eyes. Becky had been the runner-up in the election for student body president this year, and was now Summer’s vice president. She had been a devious opponent and still held a lot of influence. It was important to keep people like that close.

The four friends made their greetings and took a moment to compliment each other both sincerely and sarcastically. Summer received a few compliments on her choice of a yellow sun dress instead of the prevailing tights-and-tee look. Becky was not a fan, but Summer knew that all the girls would follow her lead and be wearing sun dresses by next week.

“Alright, alright,” Summer said, quieting the chatter. “Enough pleasantries. Let’s get down to it. The first thing on the agenda is Sasha. Her parents are suing the school for refusing to put her in class with the other students.”

The group collectively snorted in disapproval. “It’s not like the school turned her into a horrible mutant.”

“It’s more like no student wants to be in a class with her,” scoffed Janet.

“That is so true,” Gracy chimed in. “I was her TA in Introduction To Dance, and let me tell you it does not matter how many bed sheets she wraps around that udder, you have to look. It’s disgusting.”

“Not to mention those four nipples on each breast. You can see them bulging through her sweater.”

“That’s why the students stopped going to those classes. You can’t force people to endure such an obscene sight. It’s barbaric.”

“The school is doing her a favor providing any sort of materials at all,” Summer agreed.

“She should just drop out and become a mutant prostitute for perverts. That’s how half of them end up anyway,” added Becky.

“I heard that she’s always late because she has to milk herself dry between each class.”

“I heard if you tug on her nose ring, she’ll do anything you want.”

“I heard that all those giant nipples are actually dicks, and all her milk is half cum.”

“Okay, we are seriously going to have to stop talking about this or I am going to throw up.”

“She seemed like such a fantastic person before she turned,” said Janet.

“You never can tell with people. Some people seem perfectly normal, but deep inside they’re just a filthy mutant waiting to come out,” Becky shrugged.

“You’ve been awful quiet, Summer. Thoughts?”

“There’s a reason no mutant has ever graduated from the Academy.”

“Or been accepted into it in the first place.”

“Exactly. It’s because they’re obscene sex perverts. They’re always jacking off and fucking and making a mess. I think it’s a miracle that the rest of the Empire gets anything done at all considering how common they are down there.”

“I bet she drops out within the week.”

“I hope i get a chance to tug on that nose ring before then.”

“Okay, on to something less gross and sad,” Summer announced. ”The summer solstice ball is coming up.”

“I can’t wait to try all the cakes.”

“I can’t wait to hear Summer’s big speech.”

It was a tradition for the student body president to address the school the day before the solstice.

Gracy turned to Summer. “Don’t forget to plug the big dance recital.”

That had been a part of the deal. Gracy had endorsed Summer during the election, securing most of the performing arts vote. In return, she would promote the dance department’s events.

“I most certainly will,” Summer reassured her.

“Does everyone have a date?” Janet asked. “I’m bringing Joe.”



They paused.


“Oh, sorry. I don't know. Too many options.”

“Spoiled for choices as always.”

“You have really been out of it today huh?”

“Ugh totally. I slept like zero hours last night, studying for that Math midterm.”

“Oh I can tell. Look at how big the bags under your eyes are.”

“And look at how uneven your lipstick is.”

“Okay, okay thats enough,” she sighed. “I’m going to go take a nap.”

Summer said goodbye to each of her friends, stood, and made her way back to her dormitory.  At first she walked slowly, but she picked up pace as she got farther away from the center of campus. She waved and smiled at everyone, but she didn’t stop until she had slammed the door to her room behind her. She walked over to her window, drew the curtains closed so not a single shaft of light got through. She flipped on the light and pulled her dress up over her head.

She wasn’t really tired. In fact, she had slept like a log. The real reason she had been distracted at lunch was now staring her straight in the face.

She had woken up with a penis.

The offending dick and balls were hanging through one of her panty’s leg holes. It was a perfectly normal penis. Average size, normal shape. The only thing odd about it was the fact that it was attached to her. That and it seemed to have grown a bit since that morning.

She gently picked up the shaft with her thumb and forefinger and let it flop down against her balls. Yup. It was definitely bigger. She hadn’t examined it very closely this morning. It was just altogether too much for her to handle. After an initial freakout, she had just shoved it into her pants and into the back of her mind and gone off to class. She hadn’t noticed the way the wrinkled skin holding her testicles crawled and churned without her even touching it. She hadn’t noticed how smooth and almost feminine the skin on her shaft was, or how her foreskin tastefully covered most of the pink head. She experimentally pulled the extra skin down watched her glans pop free of its home.


She tried to gather it up into her panties, but the slim strip of lace was not at all up to the task of containing male genitalia. She could bend it back against her balls and pull up her panties to secure it, but it would just flop out to one side or the other as soon as she moved. Frustrated, she bent over and rummaged through her underwear drawer for something more suitable.

This was the last thing she needed. As if there wasn't already too much on her plate with midterms, choosing a date for the ball, and other social obligations, now she had to figure out how to deal with this cock. Despite the undeniable evidence to the contrary, she didn’t think of herself as a mutant. Therefore, this wasn’t the end of the her life as she knew it. Still, she didn’t think that anyone else would feel the same if they caught a glimpse.

Summer didn’t know very much about transformations and mutants, but she assumed it would clear up on its own in a couple weeks like a common cold. She was, after all, not a sex pervert like most mutants. The cock would probably realize that soon enough and disappear. In the case where it didn’t, she could simply part with a few trinkets and hire a professional, mainstream alchemist to do something about it. In the meantime, it was at least easy enough to hide.

She grabbed a pair of spanks and walked over to the mirror. She looked completely normal other than the dick hanging between her legs. She did a turn and nodded in approval. Her ass was still just as plump and smooth as eve, hips still appealingly wide, and waist narrow. At least all that was still okay. She took deep breath and leaned forward so her bottom was directly facing the mirror. She used a trembling hand to spread her generous ass cheeks apart. It was just as she feared. The skin between her asshole and balls was completely smooth. A thin pink line was all that remained of her pussy.

So was she a man now? No that didn’t seem right. She still felt like a woman. She still looked like a woman. She still had her fantastic figure, including the rear end that had bewitched all the men in her life since puberty. She never really understood why her ass was so appealing, but now, looking at it in the mirror, she was starting to get it. It was really sexy. She really couldn’t put her finger on just what it was about it that was so damn perfect. Was it curve of her back as it led to her crack? The bulbous cheeks that jiggled a bit as she shifted her weight? Maybe her perfectly sculpted legs? She lifted her dick up, leaving an inviting gap between her thighs. Now THAT was sexy.

As Summer examined her own ass, she noticed that her dick was even bigger than a few minutes ago. She could barely fit it in her feminine hand, so she let it fall. Her plump cock throbbed in time with her ever increasing heart rate. it swelled and straightened with each pulse. Ogling at herself in the mirror was turning her on!  Before long, she was sporting her first erection. Ew ew no! Wrong idea, dick. She groaned in frustration and tried to push it down, but the touch elicited a twinge of unwelcome pleasure. She jerked her hand away. The cock sprung right back up and stood proudly from her crotch.

She had to admit, it was a really great looking dick. It was straight, hairless, and perfectly smooth save a couple of lage throbbing veins. It was just the kind of dick she hoped to see when she brought a man home. She flexed her pelvic muscles and watched it jump and swell a bit before relaxing. The uniqueness of her situation began to sink in. Everyone has wondered about what it would be like to have the genitals of the opposite sex at one point or another. How many non-mutants have had the opportunity to actually experience it? Surely it wouldn’t hurt to sample the goods, just this once.

Summer wrapped her hand around her dick and gave it a slight squeeze. It was a bit less sensitive than she had imagined. She tried a single stroke. That felt pretty good. A small droplet of sticky pre-cum glistened at the tip of her urethra. She slowly stroked her penis a few more times, closing her eyes and allowing herself to enjoy the alien pleasure. She experimented with other sorts of grips. She tried holding it near the bottom so her fingers touched her balls with each stroke, then up near the head so they brushed against her sensitive glans. She tried gripping backwards with her thumb facing her crotch and her pinky near the tip, and with both hands so that only the bright pink head of her penis was exposed. She expected to have to use lube, but found that her foreskin worked perfectly well in its place. She soon settled on a gentle, one-handed grip near the tip.

Her other hand wandered up to her breast and rubbed her nipple. She watched herself masturbating in the mirror and marvelled at how sexy she was. It wasn't just that she knew she looked attractive, she was actually attracted to herself. Her tits, her ass, her cock. If her reflection had stepped out of that mirror, she would fuck it. She pictured that encounter as she continued to masturbate. She pictured kissing those luscious lips, bringing her mouth down to one of her double’s nipples and flicking it with her tongue. She would kneel  on the ground, and cup her double’s balls, wrap her lips around her flawless cock. . .

Her dick suddenly grew more and more sensitive. She stroked faster as her penis strained and hardened. Finally, she gasped as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. Her legs shook and almost buckled as she lost track of the world around her. Her cock’s first few jets of cum splashed haphazardly onto her stomach, into her hair, on the mirror, the floor, and just about everywhere else.

Almost immediately a massive feeling of shame overtook Summer. She pulled her hand away from her dick and looked at the drops and puddles of cum around and on her with disgust. It didn’t make any sense to her. Why had she done that? She couldn’t believe she had lost control and jacked off like some pervert. She grabbed some nearby tissues and cleaned up the mess as best as she could. She rubbed her skin down until every last hint of cum was gone. Then she ran a very hot shower and sat under the water until her skin turned pink and wrinkly.

Once she had dried off and calmed down, she locked her pinkie fingers together and made herself a promise. She was not going to masturbate again until she was cured. No matter what.

Chapter Two

The rest of Summer’s week was surprisingly routine. She still had classes to attend, friends to hang out with, and midterms to study for. She might have even forgotten about having grown a dick if it weren’t for the random, disruptive erections. All it took was one hot student walking by or an off-color thought, and her dick would start swelling uncomfortably in her underwear. She had been wearing skirts and dresses for about a week and tights were going out of style as a result. It wasn’t a fashion statement she wanted to make. It was a necessity.

Her promise to remain chaste did not survive her first encounter with morning wood. Broken in less than a day, she re-made the oath, but broke it again that evening after reading a particularly erotic scene in a novel. Each time she got horny, excuses and reasons to jack off came easily, and each climax was followed by regret and disappointment.

There was not a pair of tights to be seen on her walk to the library that evening. This was good news for Summer because her condition did not seem to be improving on its own. In fact, it was worsening. That morning she had sat down to pee and was surprised to feel her balls touch the cold water in the toilet bowl. It was undeniable. Her balls had been growing. And not only that, they seemed to be changing shape as well. Her testicles were swelling into a more oval shape, and the loose skin of her scrotum was not keeping up with the growth. To make matters worse, her penis had also gotten longer. Thankfully, the new length only revealed itself during her erections. The rest of the time, the only indication was a bunched up excess of skin near the base of her dick.

Summer passed through the library’s double doors and down the stairs into the lower levels. This was her third late-night visit to the library searching for information about her condition. Alchemy was forbidden at the Academy, so there weren't any scientific books on transformations. She had to settle for sociological texts, opinion pieces, and a few key news archives. Not terribly useful, and just about the last thing you wanted to be found reading without a good excuse. 

She found a lounge chair tucked deep into the back corner of a forgotten room and sat down with her legs spread out in a rather un-ladylike fashion. Tonight’s book was “The Transformed Mind,” a selection of psychological studies done on various individuals before and after their transformations.

She suspected that the only people in town that really knew anything about her condition worked at the hospital, and that was really where she ought to be. Unfortunately, tons of students volunteered and worked there part-time, including Becky. She shuddered to think about just how fast she’d destroy Summer if she caught her in a compromising position. 

“There you are! ” Becky said, as if summoned by the very thought of her, “We’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Summer quickly slammed her book and closed her legs. “Becky! Am I glad to see you,” She lied, giving the warmest smile she could muster through the ache of her now cramped balls.

“Is that so?” Becky asked, suspiciously “What are you doing in here?”

“Ugh, I’ve been here for hours, cramming for another midterm.” She groaned and threw her head back dramatically. “Save me.”

“Really?” Becky reached down and snatched the book from Summer’s lap before she could stop her. “‘Esoteric Societies of Yesod: A Comparison of Metaphysical Symbology.’” Her eyes narrowed. “What class is this for?”

“Um, Philosophy. Supplemental reading,” she explained. Thank the gods she had the foresight to swap out the dust cover with another book’s. She took it and shoved it into her bag. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Yes please.”

“So have you given it any more thought?” Becky asked, as they walked toward the front doors.

“About what?” Summer said, hoping the library alarm didn’t sound as she smuggled a book out.

“About your date for the ball!”

“Oh. No. I guess I’ve been distracted.”

They walked outside. No alarm. Whew.

“Well you should know as student body vice president, one of my primary duties is ensuring that the president is standing next to an absolute hunk when she accepts her honors at the ball.”

“That and picking up the trash after each meeting,” Summer giggled.

Becky was not amused. “Right. Well I thought you might like to know i found a prime date candidate. I would have gone after him myself if I didn’t already have Josh.”

“Alright, who?”

“Green tank top, two o’clock.” She nodded her head toward a nearby group of guys.

“Alex? Just because we talked at one party?”

“Talked? You two might as well have been on Yesod together for how easy it was to break into that conversation.” Well, maybe they had hit if off pretty hard at the party. “He’s got a great body from all that sprinting, a good amount of friends, and no one in our core group is particularly close to anyone in his group. He is risk free and ripe for the taking.”

Summer caught him glancing their way a few times. He was trying to be subtle, but he wasn’t. Not like Summer. She hadn’t taken her eyes off him since Becky pointed him out, and he probably hadn’t even noticed. It was endearing how amateur he was. The more she thought about it, the more she could picture herself with him. He’d be all dressed up for the ball. They’d dance, his strong arms wrapped around her. . .

A stirring in her skirt snapped her out of her fantasy. She felt the familiar straining of her undies as her cock expanded as if to say, “dont forget about how I would factor into this fantasy!” She casually held her bag in front of her crotch.

“I don’t know. I kind of have a lot going on right now,” she groaned as her penis extended up past her waistband and into her blouse.

“Like what?” Becky asked, folding her arms. “If you don't figure something out soon, people are going to start to talk…”

It almost sounded like a threat, but she knew Becky was right either way. Rumors were the last thing she needed.

“Yeah. Alright.”

“Great. I knew you’d listen to reason. Let’s go.”

The pair plotted a course that passed nearby to Alex’s group. Summer was fully aware of how odd it looked to hold her bag in front of her as she walked over, but the alternative was not appealing. Her dick was rampant, and she wasn’t even horny. Something about the anxiety of the situation was making her rock hard. Her waistband was tight against her shaft, and each step rubbed her length against her stomach. The tip reached up past her belly button now.

As they passed by, Alex split off from the group. “Oh, hey. Summer, Becky wait up.”

“Alex. How’s it been?” Summer smiled.

“Great! Actually,” he paused and looked down toward the bag she was hugging to her midsection. “Summer, I was wondering if you’d want to hang out this weekend. Maybe we could go to the river?”

“Yeah! Hanging out sounds fun. I love the river, but didn’t they just issue a warning about carnivorous algae? How about we go for a walk up in the hills?”

“I could do that.” He was obviously excited, but he tried to play it cool as they arranged a time and place. They talked for long enough to be polite but not intrude on each other’s days and then parted ways.

The first thing Summer did when she got back into her room was free her poor testicles from their underwear prison. They hung pendulously between her legs, now far larger than any she’d ever seen on a non-mutant. Their shape was definitely off too, pointed down like they were reaching for the floor. She was already erect at that point. Her cock bobbed out longer and rounder than it had been that morning. Her foreskin was barely visible anymore when she was hard, and her glans was less pronounced, giving her dick a sleek look.

After stripping nude, she retrieved “The Transformed Mind” from her bag, sat on her bed, and continued reading. She had never seeked out information about transformation before, so all of the case studies were new to her. None of the symptoms of any of the subjects in the book seemed to match hers, but she read every word anyway, picturing herself in each situation.

One woman, Erika,  had been a successful lawyer before a disgruntled client slipped a Dakini worm into her window while she was asleep. The worm crawled over to her bed, paralyzed her with a special slime that covered its body, and crawled into her asshole. It fused with her and initiated a brutal and bizarre transformation of their combined body. Her legs were turned into a second pair of arms, and her torso was shortened. Her head shifted into a phallic shape, with the worm’s singular eye in the place of a urethra. Erika’s eyes slid down her body and took their new position just above her pussy, which turned horizontal and became a duplicate of her luscious lips. These lips acted as a kind of sheath for a large penis that slid out whenever the creature was aroused (which was most of the time).

When she didn’t show up for work the next morning, or the day after, the police were called. They found the worm-creature sitting on her bed masturbating. Its foot-hands were both wrapped around its sizable shaft. Erika’s lips were twitching and pulsing in pleasure around the base, eyes rolled back. The worm controlled almost the entire body. Erika could only blink her eyes, move her lips, and clench the creature’s anus. Doctors investigated the creature and found that her mind was completely in tact. However, her inability to speak and the worm’s control over the rest of her body meant that she could not continue her previous life. Her then-boyfriend adopted the docile and harmless creature as a pet. Doctors suspect that she would live another hundred years or so, and are regularly checking in on Erika’s mental state. After a decade of her new life, she seems to finally be accepting her situation.

Summer absently stroked her dick as she read. It really was a tragic story, but she wondered what it would be like to have a sentient body part. Sometimes it felt like her own dick had a mind of its own, but she was pretty sure that wasn’t actually the case. Still, it was strangely compelling.

The next chapter was about a brother and sister that had worked as high-end dog breeders before a demon’s avatar found them and decided to have a little fun. He turned them both into identical humanoid dogs. As was often the case, the transformation was highly sexual. They both sported four rows of teat-like breasts with big black nipples as well as both male and female genitals. When they were found, they were standing back to back, with both of their penises knotted in the other’s pussy.

The doctors that examined them had a hard time communicating, but determined that they had suffered massive amnesia and a personality rewrite. They could only tell which creature was which because the sister’s hoop earrings were still in her ears. The personality changes were so complete that the county allowed them to get married as they were now essentially completely different beings. The pair still produced high-quality purebred dogs, albeit in a slightly different way.

As terrifying as these accounts were, Summer couldn’t help but be excited by the sexual nature of them. Her hand was starting to chafe against her shaft. Her foreskin had disappeared to the point where rubbing it without lube was uncomfortable. She pumped a few dollops of lotion onto her hand and started stroking in earnest. She pictured herself fucking the people she read about. Plunging her shaft into one of the dog people, sucking on Erika’s penis and stealing a kiss with the lips at the base. The one thing all the subjects of the book had in common was that each and every one of them would have gladly bent over and let her sink her shaft into them.

She turned to a page that had a series of illustrations of one of the siblings. She stared at the picture of its behind, tail held out and to the side, asshole plainly visible, wet spade swollen with lust and a fuzzy sack just beyond it. Keeping the picture in her mind, she squirted more lube into her palm and gripped her long dick with both hands. She pictured her shaft sliding in and out of the eager snatch, its walls clenching and squeezing her. She imagined how the furry tail would feel up against her side, and how her balls would rock and slap into her mate’s. Before long, a  now-familiar sensation of climax built in her cock. She moaned loudly as she came. Large globs of cum spurted onto her breasts, the bed, her hair. One glob landed straight in her mouth, which she promptly spat out. It tasted wrong. Too sweet. Not human at all.

Summer sighed, basked in the afterglow for a moment, then reached over and grabbed a few tissues to clean up. She had moved the box over to her bed yesterday. The post-orgasm shame wasn’t quite as strong this time. The strange experience had become a small ritual. It had its pieces (tissues and lotion), a place, and a time that was becoming regular. It didn’t seem strange to jack off once or twice a day. Masturbation was normal and healthy. Everyone did it.

The fear that her transformation might rob her of her mind was what frightened Summer the most. If she went crazy there was no way she’d be able to hide her changes. In the few days before her date with Alex, Summer read every book in the library on transformation searching for a clue on how to stop her mutation. There was an incredible variety of mutants in the accounts, but they had one thing in common: no one was ever cured.

Chapter Three

Summer closed the door to the bathroom stall behind her. Her big date with Alex was today, and she didn’t want to have to pee the whole time. She faced the toilet, leaned forward, and placed her palms on the far wall, and sighed in relief as a stream of piss sailed mostly into the toilet bowl. She couldn’t pee sitting down anymore. Her transformation had progressed in a disturbingly beastial direction over the past few days. Her genitals were already almost fully that of some animal, though she couldn't say exactly which. Her penis was fully concealed in a fleshy sheath, and even though the tip would stick out a bit when her bladder was full, it made it difficult to aim when she used the toilet. She dabbed the tip of her penis with a wad of toilet paper to get any droplets off, then wiped off the toilet. Her accuracy was improving, but she still had to do a little cleanup most of the time.

She took the opportunity to itch her thigh before pulling up her tights and lowering her white and red polka-dot skirt. That’s right. Tights AND a skirt. It was like something her mom would have worn when she was her age. Much to Summer’s dismay, she had began to grow a pelt of fur. It started at her dick and was steadily advancing across her perfect skin. It reached from her belly button to her knees. She had tried to shave it off that morning, but her skin’s color had changed to match the pattern of the fur: white on her stomach and inner thighs, brown on her sides and behind. To make matters worse, the fur was already starting to grow back.

Summer stopped in front of the mirror, made sure none of her changes were visible, and stepped out. Alex was waiting for her at the fountain near the edge of campus. The two met up, exchanged pleasantries, and started down the trailhead. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the forest.  Shafts of light penetrated the canopy and caught the specks of dust and little bugs that floated in the air. Alex did a good job carrying to conversation and finding things to chat about.

“I like your outfit,” he smiled. “Very classic.”

“Retro. Yep. This is the big thing in the city these days. Funny how fashion seems to come full circle.”

“If you say so. I don’t really care much about fashion either way, but I think you wear it well.”

Summer’s instinct was to scrutinize any opinion on her appearance carefully. She had learned long ago to never trust what people said to her face. Truth always came second hand. But in the case of Alex, something about him made her actually believe that he didn’t care about fashion and just liked her look.

“Thanks.” The genuine compliment warmed her heart, especially since she had been very self conscious about her looks recently. “When are the sprint championships?”

Alex’s face hardened. “Oh, I don’t think I’m going to compete this year.”

“Not fast enough?”

“No. I do well at practice,” he sighed. “It’s just my family gets really critical of anything less than perfection. I might just fake some sort of injury.”

“What? That’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t run because they want you to. You should do it because you want to.”


“Trust me. People who are just looking for an excuse to criticize you will find it no matter what you do.”

“Yeah?” He smiled and kicked a pine cone down the path. “I hadn’t thought about it that way. Maybe you’re right. Thanks.”

“No problem!”

They walked together in silence for a while until Alex broke it.

“Do you use that sort of mindset when you’re dealing with your own social anxiety?”

“I don’t have any social anxiety.”

“Yes, you do. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Nope. I’ve got hundreds of friends. I don’t have any time for anxiety.”

“Hundreds? I doubt that.”

“No. It’s true. I have four besties, thirty-three good friends, seventy-two pals, and somewhere between a hundred and sixty and a hundred and seventy acquaintances.” Alex furrowed his eyebrows. “Plus four frenemies if you want to count them.”

“I can’t believe you count your friends like that. That can’t be healthy.”

“I like to know that people care about me. Nothing weird about that.”

“Is that it? I think I know what you’re afraid of.”

“Enlighten me, Dr. Alex.”

“You’re afraid of being vulnerable. You’ve got this big hill of friends to stand on, but show a little weakness and someone will knock you off your throne and take your place. I’d be anxious too.”

That hit too close to home for Summer. She hated it when people looked past the image she projected and saw the real her, and her changes had only exacerbated that peeve.

“I’m disappointed,” she shrugged. “I thought you knew me better than that.”

“I could be wrong. I’m not a mind reader,” he chuckled. “But in the off-chance I’m right, I’d like you to consider something. You shouldn’t count someone as your friend if they would jump on you and tear you apart the second you show a little vulnerability. That behavior’s found more in hyenas than ‘besties.’”

Summer nodded quietly as she considered what Alex was saying. She found him challenging to talk to, but in a good way. The pair stopped to take in a particularly good view, and her mind wandered for the first time in days. She found herself enjoying this date a lot more than she thought she would.

Only the aching in her feet pulled her back to reality. While it certainly beat swimming, Summer was becoming less and less convinced that a hike was the best alternative. Her feet were really feeling cramped in her hiking boots. She thought they looked a little longer this morning, and this just confirmed it. If they got much larger, she would have to buy new shoes. Just one more thing to stress out about. What the hell was happening to her?

They reached the fountain at the end of the hike sooner than Summer would have liked, even with her feet aching as they were.

“Well. Looks like this is where we part ways for today.”

“Yeah. I’d invite you for coffee, but I have to get to practice.”

“That’s the spirit. Gotta train up if you’re going to go to the championship.” Summer winked. “See you around.”

“Oh, one more thing. I heard you don’t have a date for the solstice ball. Wanna come with me?”

Summer beamed.  “I’d like that a lot.”

The pair said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

Summer fumed as walked home. Not because the walk had gone poorly, but because it had been amazing. Things were never going to work out with Alex. If he found out she was a mutant, not only would the relationship be over, but he’d tell everyone. She would be forced to keep this relationship a publicity stunt instead of a genuine attempt at romance. Why was it that the first date in ages where things really clicked happened to also be the one where she was sporting a bigger pair of balls than the person who asked her out?

==___ ;,-,y___==

The next week was difficult for Summer. Her only plan was to desperately hang onto her social life, conceal her changes as they came, and hope that they stopped before she could no longer hide them. If she simply left school she risked not graduating or at least losing the presidential academic honors that she had worked so hard to achieve. She couldn’t hire an alchemist because apparently they could only ADD changes and not revert them, and she most certainly couldn’t come clean. This would be the greatest fashion challenge of her life, but she had never found a style problem she couldn’t devise an outfit to solve.

On Monday she noticed that her new fur was visible under her tights.She went to the campus store and bought two big bulk packages of disposable razors.

“Guess you can’t be too prepared for swimsuit season,” the cashier joked as he rang her up. All of the fur she had shaved off the day before had grown back and then some. She stepped into the shower, lathered up with about a can’s worth of shaving cream and went to work. Two razors later her skin was just as smooth as it had ever been. Her skin color still matched the fur’s pattern: marble white on her stomach, crotch and thighs, brown everywhere else.

The next morning she noticed the start of a tail. It was just a little nub that nestled between her butt cheeks, but she could wiggle it back and forth. It sent shivers up her spine. Worse still,  the fur was back to its full length, and it had spread. Now it covered her from her calves to her shoulders. The white patch ended somewhere in her cleavage, leaving her breasts covered in fine brown fur. Her nipples remained hairless and poked out prominently from the fuzz.

She hopped in the shower and shaved until the water started pooling up in the tub. The drain was clogged. Of course. She huffed and tried to unclog it herself, but it was no use. She did her best to clean up, cover herself up, and called the maintenance man. He gave her some pretty concerned looks as he pulled wad after wad of brown fur from the drain.

“Don’t tell anyone about this,” Summer demanded.

He looked her up and down and raised his eyebrows. “What’s it worth to you?”

She ended up giving him one of her favorite bracelets, a family heirloom. After that, she stopped trying to shave her fur, and just wore thicker outfits that pinched and tugged at the wiry hair. Stripping naked was a relief each night. Her fur was always matted and cowlicked from rubbing all day, though it straghtened out with some conditioner and a long hairdryer session.

By Wednesday, the changes in her feet demanded attention. That morning she broke a strap trying to cram her feet into her shoes. The were much longer now, but just as narrow. Her ankle had adjusted in a way that made it easier to stand on the balls of her feet than her soles. Perhaps worst of all, her toes had merged together into just two large nubs, and her toenails had grown thick and black, the beginnings of a cloven hoof.

Nothing short of this would have prompted her to do what she did next, but desperate times called for desperate measures. She made the trip to a secondhand clothing outlet. Of course, she went alone. If she was caught in there, she wouldn’t hear the end of it. She brought a small selection of giant boots into the dressing room and tried each pair on as quickly as she could, constantly watching the door for prying eyes. She settled on a giant pair of men’s black rubber snow boots. They were absolutely hideous, but they were the only thing that fit with a little room to spare.

Just one day later, Thursday, she went back to the second-hand store to buy more clothes. As if the extra body hair wasn’t enough, her sudden second puberty was also accompanied by a pretty significant growth spurt. At first she thought that her clothes were shrinking in the wash, but soon it was undeniable: even the outfits that she hadn’t washed recently were tight., especially around the shoulders. Her sleeves left her wrists completely bare, and that morning she couldn’t even fasten her favorite bra around her chest. Her breasts might have gotten a bit larger, but she was also putting on a lot of new muscle. She didn’t look like a bodybuilder or anything, but she noticed how much lighter her backpack felt.

Her figure was still feminine, but most of the clothes that fit her were for men. Bulkier coats and longer skirts helped hide her body shape as she hunched down and tried to minimize her size. She was probably half a foot taller now, standing upright, and she didn’t care to know how much heavier.

Friday was when things started to take a more disturbing turn. Her tail was now a good six inches long and covered in long, stiff fur. It was white on the underside and brown on top. Summer realized that all her new features, the tail, the hooves, the fur, the dick, were from the same animal: a deer. Or, more specifically, a buck. She still had no idea why she was transforming in the first place, but  she was even more baffled by the species. She hadn’t been around deer or ever even touched one.

She was sitting next to her friend Janet when the professor started pairing people off to work on the lab.

“I can’t believe what you’re wearing,” Janet whispered. “Lose a bet?”

“I’ll explain it to the group at lunch,” Summer said under her breath. She had been brainstorming ways to justify her new outfits all week, and she hoped it would be enough.

“Summer, you’ll be working with Cynthia,” announced the professor. Summer groaned.

“Maybe she could give you some fashion tips,” giggled Janet. Ouch. Cynthia wasn’t particularly unfashionable, but she was a weirdo. She was always alone, quietly watching people go about their days. Summer glanced over and saw her staring now. It was very uncomfortable. She made no effort to hide it.

“Alright. Group up and get to work. You have thirty minutes.”

Everyone shuffled around as they paired up and went to their stations.

“Hey,” said Cynthia when Summer walked over. Summer nodded a dismissive greeting and started reading the materials on the lab guide. She watched Cynthia fetch the materials as she read. Frizzy unkempt hair, freckles, glasses, was she trying to look like a nerd on purpose? Her outfit was plain, but it sort of worked. The wording on her t-shirt was distorted where it stretched over her breasts. Her jeans were fastened above her hips and hung a little loose, but they still showed off her curves pretty well. Her butt was plump for her size, and Summer could make out each cheek shifting up and down as she walked to and from the supply cabinets. Summer undressed her in her mind. She wondered if she had freckles anywhere other than her cheeks. Did she shave her pubes, or was she sporting a curly-haired brush that matched her head’s hair?

“Where are the tongs?” Cynthia asked, snapping Summer out of her daydream.

“In the lower cabinet I think.” She watched her partner bend over. She didn’t really know where the tongs were. She just wanted to get a good view of her behind.

“They’re way in the back,” she said, biting her lower lip. Her changed balls were pumping her so full of hormones she thought she might burst.

Summer’s genitals seemed to have finished their transformation. Her balls had stopped growing when were a bit larger than pool balls and now hung in an elongated sack that was covered in downy white fur. Her dick was completely concealed in its sheath when she wasn’t aroused, and it had lost any remnants of its human shape. Its skin was deep pink, covered in a network of tiny veins, and terribly sensitive. The length itself was absurdly long, about a foot, and it tapered from a moderate girth to a narrow point at her urethra. Even now, as she sneakily ogled Cynthia, it was peeking out of its home, rubbing against her waistband, dribbling sticky pre that she would have to clean up later.

Her libido had shot through the roof. Everything seemed to turn her on these days. The athletes that walked around with their sleeveless tank tops, her professors, even other women. She had never thought of herself as bisexual, but that had certainly changed. But for how sexy she found just about everyone in the world these days, it was often Alex that she pictured as she stroked herself. His muscled chest, his five o clock shadow, his genuine smile. Sometimes just remembering that voice of his sent her to the bathroom for an emergency jack-off. Masturbating, like peeing or eating, had become a regular bodily function that had to be anticipated and dealt with.

The pair worked through the rest of the lab without saying much. As class ended, Summer reunited with Janet and walked to lunch. Summer was wearing her favorite bug eyed sunglasses today. She kept her head straight but strained her eyes to see everyone gawking at her as they walked. Conversations stopped abruptly as they passed by. Not a good sign.

“Is that Summer?” she heard someone say.

“Why does she look like she’s ready to go skiing?” Whispered another.

“I never realized how tall she is.”

“What is up with those giant boots?”

“I think she’s really lost it. She’s crazy!”

Janet was clearly uncomfortable. She walked a bit quicker and glanced around nervously. Summer tried to seem confident, but it was difficult when she was so nervous she was shaking. Her tail was pushing up against her underwear like it wanted to run away. There was no more ignoring it. Even if people didn’t know she was a mutant, her social life was going to take a huge hit. If all her changes stopped right now, she could probably hide them all. She could still go to the solstice ball and graduate. Maybe she could even salvage a few friends, but she would need a really, really good explanation for these outfits.

Janet and Summer made their way through the quad to their usual table. It sat on the top of a small hill under the shade of an oak tree. Summer had always loved this spot because it allowed her to gaze out over the masses during lunch and people watch. Today it felt vulnerable and exposed.

Everyone’s eyes went wide when they saw her.

“Where’s Gracy?” asked Jule as she she put her bag down.

“She’s sitting down there with the dancers,” explained Becky. “She doesn’t want to be seen near Summer while she’s going crazy.”

“I am NOT going crazy,” Summer said firmly. She sat at the bench, being careful not to accidentally put any weight on her rather large nuts.

“Okay, Summer. I was with your little fashion rebellion for a while,” said Janet, currently wearing a denim skirt and black tights. “But this is ridiculous. Everyone else is showing as much skin as possible, and you look like you’re ready to go skiing.”

Becky squinted at Summer. “You’re definitely changing.”

“What?” Summer’s heart was beating so hard she was worried they’d see it through her jacket.

“Yeah. You’re acting differently,” Janet agreed.

“I assure you I have NOT changed. I’m just making a bold statement.” Summer took a deep breath and got ready to drop her trump card. “Winter in summer is the new breakfast for dinner.”

Everyone sat silently for a moment, considering what she said.


“I said winter in summer is the new breakfast for dinner. Everyone in Ondora is doing it this season. It’s all the rage.”

If it was possible to get this started as another trend, this would be the group that could do it. They looked at each other, considering whether to join in or revolt. This was the moment of truth for Summer’s plan.

Becky raised her finger and broke the silence, “Well I--”

“Hey, everyone look!” Came a voice behind them.

It was Gracy. She was marching proudly up to the table with Sasha, the transformed cow girl they had gossiped about, in tow. Sasha had a large frown plastered on her face and her eyes were puffy. She looked pretty upset. Despite this, she was trying her best to keep up as they walked up the hill. Her udder and breasts were flopping about with each step and looked like they weighed a ton. She had a pretty conservative white cotton dress on that must have been tailored specially to contain her massive breasts. Each one was easily the size of her head. Her udder was mostly covered by the bottom of the dress, but every few steps Summer caught a glimpse. The udder itself was covered in some sort of cream-colored wool garment. Her tail was also under her dress and covered by some sort of wrap. Not an inch of her transformed flesh below her neck was visible.

As the pair got closer, Summer saw more detail. Sasha was wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat with a satin bow, but a gust of wind whisked it away revealing a tiny pair of horns on her head. She yelped and grabbed for it, but missed. Her nose was more bovine than human, and the septum was pierced with a thick golden rin. The skin around the piercing looked red and swollen. One of her flower print flats got stuck in the mud as she walked, and she just left it behind.

“Um Gracy, what is SHE doing here?” asked Janet.

“Remember that rumor that if you pull on Sasha’s nose ring she has to do what you ask?”

The group nodded.

“Well it turns out it’s true!”

Sasha glanced around at the small crowd that was forming.

“P-Please don’t pull on it,” she begged.

“Well, you should have thought about that before you went and got yourself mutated,” scolded Becky.

“Someone sent it in the mail. I didn’t know it was tainted,” she explained quietly.

“Okay enough of that,” Gracy slipped her index finger through the ring and pulled it forward so Sasha had to take another step toward her. “You can’t talk anymore. Now all you can do is moo like a cow.”

Everyone sat in silent anticipation and watched. Sasha’s bottom lip quivered.

“Well?” Gracy prodded.

“M-m” Sasha moved her mouth like she was trying to form words, but then let loose a loud “Mooooo!”

The group giggled. Sasha was mortified.

“Who’s next?”

“Ooh me!” Becky jumped up. The crowd was growing quickly. Summer felt bad for Sasha. It was like watching her worst fears play out in front of her. Becky put her finger through the ring, tugged, and looked around at each person at the table in turn. Her eyes made contact with Summer’s. “Why don’t you go do a little dance for our friend Summer?”

She made sure to play along as Sasha walked over and started dancing uncomfortably in front of her. She laughed and jeered and acted disgusted when the cow-girl’s udder brushed up against her. There was a stirring in her undies as her penis reacted to the touch.

“Your turn, Summer!” shouted Janet.

“Yeah, show us what you got!”

A month ago Summer would have loved this. Her mind, conditioned by years of social competition, reflexively explored which command would be the most humiliating. But Summer didn’t want to hurt Sasha today. She could picture herself in that position all too easily. In fact, tomorrow that could be her. If she fell out of favor with her friends they wouldn’t just abandon her and leave her to her own devices. They’d do what they were doing right now: push her down to pull themselves up.

She wanted to stand up to her friends, take Sasha out for a drink, and ask her what her life was like, but she was on very thin ice. She knew influence wasn’t immutable. I was spent like currency, and saving Sasha and asking her friends to jump on board her new absurd fashion trend were both very expensive purchases. So the question was: would she die on this hill defending Sasha, or would she rally the crowd and buy herself some time?

Summer gently pinched the cold metal ring and pulled it close. Sasha’s eyes pleaded with her.

“Stop dancing.” She stopped. “Why are you dressed like that? Cows don’t wear any clothes. Strip naked.”

The crowd, now over a hundred strong, gasped collectively. Sasha closed her eyes and brought a trembling hand up to unbutton her dress. Summer covered her mouth with both hands and made a “I can’t believe she’s doing this!” look to everyone.

Sasha’s cotton dress fell to the grass. She was wearing a large custom bra that covered her giant breasts, but everyone could see the mounds of four large teats pressing against the fabric. She had a sort of specially tailored underwear that had large pouch to cover her udder. A pair of suspender-like straps ensured that they didn’t fall down. Her tail, which seemed a bit thick for a cow tail, extended from a hole in the back of these unique underwear. It was covered in a sort of knit stocking that looked like it might have been home made. Her tail was drawn up between her legs like a scared dog’s.

“Moo,” Sasha said sadly as she started to undo her suspenders. She must have known something like this was inevitable. It was foolish of her to stay at the Academy after transforming. Next, she pulled her massive bra over her head, messing up her hair and freeing her giant breasts which flopped heavily. Each one had four large teats like a cow’s udder. Their surface was dusted with delicate white fur. They weren’t as mushy as normal breasts, instead full and taut with milk that could be seen beading on the ends of her teats.

She balanced on one foot and then the other as she pulled down her custom underwear and freed her main udder. It wobbled around as she moved. Her teats were bright pink, likely irritated from being confined in the strange garment all day. Finally, she brought her thick tail around and pulled the stocking off the end. The crowd gasped when they saw what was underneath. Instead of ending with a tuft of brown hair like a normal cow tail, Sasha’s tail bulged out into the unmistakable mushroom head of a human penis.

“Oh gods!” shouted Becky, mouth agape. Sasha brought her tail up and tucked the tip between her breasts in an attempt to regain some modesty, but everyone had already seen enough. The sight of that big purple glans and glistening urethra was burned into Summer’s memory. She could still see a few large, throbbing veins running up the length. Sasha turned around, looking for some way to hide. Summer caught a glimpse of her backside. Her tail, pulled up to the side as it was, gave her a clear view of the poor cowgirl’s enlarged anus and pussy. It was all wrinkled and very bovine, but the ribbons of light pink labia peeking out from the fleshy lips of her vulva were distinctly human, as was the clitoral numb nestled close to the start of the udder.

Summer stared open-mouthed. It wasn’t an act. It was the closest she had ever been to a mutant. The sight of Sasha’s nude body was shocking, but instead of being disgusted, her heart was beating with excitement. Her dick slid up out of its sheath and under her blouse, throbbing and surging with arousal. That soft, rubbery pussy called to her. She wanted nothing more than to grab that nose ring one more time and order Sasha to bend over. She pictured herself groping the girl’s breasts as she fucked her. Her balls would slap against that big, full udder. Her mouth watered at the thought of kissing and sucking on her bizarre cock-tail. For a second, she even considered it. What a way to go out.

But instead, she stood up, took a deep breath, and shouted, “Students at the Academy shouldn’t have to see things like this! Go home, mutant!”

The crowd cheered and shouted. Some people chanted “Go home, mutant! Go home, mutant!”

“You’re done now. You’re going to get expelled for indecent exposure!” said one person.

“You belong on a farm, mutant!” said another.

“Eww, who would want to drink milk from a mutant?”

“Eek! I think some got on me!”

Sasha gathered her clothes, now filthy with dirt, and ran awkwardly down the hill. Summer sighed.

“Why are you dressed like that?” Came one voice from the crowd, directed at Summer.

“It’s the next big thing,” she announced. “Winter in summer is the new breakfast for dinner!”

The crowd murmured a bit, paused, then burst into applause.

Summer didn’t stick around to enjoy her bolstered popularity. She quickly made an excuse to leave, dashed over to the nearest bathroom, ran into an empty stall, closed the toilet seat, and sat on the cold porcelain. She opened her purse and retrieved the bottle of lotion she now kept with her at all times. She pulled her skirt down and unbuttoned her blouse in record time, freeing her throbbing erection. The pink shaft stood out from her fuzzy sheath and strained toward the ceiling. The tapered length was long enough that it rested right in her cleavage. She flexed her pelvic muscles and a small spurt of precum leaked from its pointed tip. Without further ado, she squirted the lotion onto her hands and went to work.

She used both hands at once now. Usually her left hand was wrapped around the thicker base of the pink shaft. She used her pinky to play with the loose sheath skin and sometimes reached down to cup her balls. Her right hand was the one that did most of the stroking. When her penis had been more human, most of the sensitivity had been concentrated in the head. Now the entire length was equally in play. Any part that wasn’t being touched begged for attention, so she worked her hands up and down steadily. She pictured just how wonderful it would feel to slide the entire thing into a tight, welcoming pussy like Sasha’s. Each and every inch would be squeezed and rubbed all at the same time. Her hands were just not enough.

Then Summer had an idea. Or perhaps it was more of an impulse brought on by her lust-addled brain. She craned her neck down and wrapped her lips around the pointed tip of her penis. She sucked and savored the musky pungent taste of her animalistic dick. She moaned and flicked her tongue back and forth across her circular urethra, picking up hints of sweet precum as it dribbled steadily with each stroke of her hands. No one else was in the bathroom when she got there, but she wouldn’t have noticed it if someone barged in. She was too lost in the newfound pleasure of her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, taking as much of her length as her flexibility would allow. If only it could last forever, she thought. These days, it was moments like this that she enjoyed the most. Simple, straightforward, therapeutic.

Her orgasm snuck up on her. Her mind had gone totally blank, and by the time it registered the familiar sensation of her balls drawing up and the intensity of the sensation of touch, she didn’t have any time to react. She squeezed her lips around her shaft as spurt after spurt of cum shot into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but there was so much that it puffed out her cheeks. It didn’t taste bad at all. In fact, as much as it horrified her, she realized she loved the flavor. A few gulps later, her mouth was empty. She slid her lips off her penis and leaned back, breathing heavily. She closed her eyes and relaxed as her pelvic muscles twitched with the echoes of her massive orgasm. The air was cold on her sensitive moist shaft, but now it slid slowly back into its warm home.

Summer sighed, grabbed some toilet paper, and wiped off her hands. She then got another wad and massaged the loose flesh of her sheath to push any excess lotion out. She tossed the tissues into the toilet and flushed. Why hadn’t she masturbated more when she had her own pussy? She would give anything to have multiple orgasms again. As a second thought, she realized that if she was wishing, she might as well ask for her old body back.

Nobody seemed to have come in while she was getting off. Good. If only she had some gum, her breath probably smelled like cum. She put her clothes back together, checked herself in the mirror to ensure she was properly covering all the fur, and stepped out. She hadn’t gone two steps when she heard a voice.

“Summer, wait up!” It was Cynthia.

“Uhh. I don’t think so,” Summer said without stopping.

“Let’s get dinner tonight. Lab partner dinner?” She said, walking quickly to catch up.

“I’m really busy, Cynthia. I’ll let you know if that changes.”

Cynthia grabbed her arm and brought her face so close to Summer’s that she felt the heat of her breath.

“I know you’re transforming,” she whispered intensely. “If I don’t see you at Restaurante Liandra tonight at 7:30 sharp, I’ll tell everyone.”

Summer froze like a deer in the headlights. Before she could come up with a response, Cynthia smiled, waved, and walked off in the other direction.


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Thanks for the responses people! I have the next part right here. : )

Summer Bucks the Trend
By Xerox 2
Part 2

Summer’s mind swam with questions as she hurried outside. How had Cynthia known about her changes? Did she see the bulge of her erection? Maybe she was in the bathroom? Had the maintenance man told her something? And what would she ask in return for keeping quiet? Money? An endorsement? One thing was for sure: this was not going to turn out well, and just when things were starting to look up.

Summer was so preoccupied with all these thoughts that she nearly collided with Alex as she turned a corner. She was so startled at the sight that her tail flagged and shot straight up and out of the back of her skirt. She quickly turned and stood with her back against the wall, hoping no one had noticed.

“Woah there, Summer. What’s going on?” he asked.

“Hey, Alex. Sorry I’m just a little preoccupied at the moment,” she said, sweating and holding her arms against the wall to block sight of her tail.

“Hey, I was just wondering if you wanted to go out tonight. Maybe we could grab some dinner, see a show, go out on the town. . ”

Summer kicked herself. She and Alex had often hung out on campus, but they hadn’t gone out on a proper date since the first one a week ago.

“No. Sorry, I really want to, but I have plans tonight,” she said with genuine disappointment.

“Seems like you’re busy a lot, Summer. Are you not feeling this,” he wagged a finger between them, “anymore?”

“I am. I so am. I’m sorry. Things have been really crazy lately. How about Sunday?”

“That works for me!” Alex said with a relieved smile. He had shaved. It was a new look, but a good one, though his seemed to have a less masculine shape without it.

“Excellent,” Summer nodded and slyly slipped her tail under her blouse. The two chatted for a little while. It was an effortless, enjoyable conversation about their favorite public art on campus. Alex must have picked up on the fact that she wasn’t really in the right mindset for anything too challenging. It was always a pleasure talking to that man, but each and every ounce of joy was immediately counterbalanced by anxiety. It felt more like she was building a house of cards than a foundation for a healthy relationship. No matter how high she managed to build it, it would only lead to a spectacular collapse when he found out about her. . . condition.

==___ ;,-,y___==

With the solstice only a week away, it was still quite bright out at 7:30. The shadows were growing longer and the air had gone from muggy and hot to refreshingly warm. Summer was still sweating like crazy under her overcoat. She was more appropriately dressed for a mountaineering expedition than a summer evening. Her outfit was even less appropriate for Resturante Liandra. She stood outside on the flagstone patio and watched waiters in immaculately pressed shirts expertly providing service to a rather put-together clientele. She could tell at a glance that each table had some reason to come here. It was business meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and dates all around.

“Do you have a reservation, miss?” asked the host.

“I am meeting a friend here. Cynthia?” Summer imagined that she looked quite out of place, like an animal trying to blend in with a group of humans. Gods, she thought, that wasn’t far from the truth.

He ran his finger down a handwritten ledger. “Ah yes, she’s been waiting for you.”

“May I take your coat, miss?” asked a well-groomed valet.

“No no, I’ll keep it.” 

“Very well. Mr. Madeo will show you to your table.”

The host gestured to a waiter who nodded a greeting and made his way toward the back of the house. The tables were all set with white tablecloths, finely folded mauve napkins, and wine glasses. People turned to stare when they heard her clomping by. Her feet had grown long enough that the heels were fully outside her boot, and her hoof tips were nowhere near the toes of the boot. It made it impossible to move quietly. Only an extremely aggressive lace-job was keeping the boots on at all.

Cynthia’s table was tucked away deep in the back of the restaurant behind a corner. Thankfully, it was about as private as it could be without being in a different room altogether. Cynthia smiled when she saw Summer and gestured to the seat across from her. She had changed out of her t-shirt and jeans and was now wearing a more appropriate olive-colored knit cardigan and black slacks.

“Summer. I am so glad you came.”

Summer sat, leaned in, and whispered, “Alright, Cynthia. What do you want from me?”

“I am so, so sorry if I freaked you out at school,” Cynthia replied. “I just wanted to have dinner and talk, but wrapping it in a threat was the only way you’d listen to me. I hope you understand.”

“Wait, you just want to have dinner with me? That’s it?”

She nodded. “And talk. Yes.” She took a sip of water. “I hope you enjoy the spot. It’s a little expensive, but don’t worry, I’ll pay. I know you’ve been going through a lot lately.”

Before Summer could ask her next question, the sommelier arrived with a bottle of wine. Cynthia wiggled in her seat.

“You are going to love this rosé. It is my absolute favorite.” The man poured a splash into her glass and Cynthia performed the standard swirl, sniff, sip, nod ritual. He poured a generous amount into both their glasses and left the bottle at the table. “Drink! Tell me what you think!”

Summer took a sip. It was a sweet, simple wine. No complexity, but difficult not to enjoy. “It’s very good. Now. How did you know about. . . me? Who told you?”

“Of course. No one told me. To be honest, I just kind of guessed. The fact that you’re here seems to imply that I was correct.”

“That’s it? You guessed?” Summer’s heart sank. She suddenly felt like her clothes were invisible, and anyone who glanced over could see her warped, naked body.

“An educated guess. I don’t want to make it sound obvious or anything. You’ve done a very good job hiding what I can only imagine are some very extensive changes.” She ran her eyes up and down Summer. “‘Winter in summer is the new breakfast for dinner.’ Very clever. Only you could pull something like that off.

“The reason I knew was because I’m something of a transformee. . . let’s say enthusiast.” She leaned in and lowered her voice. “I find transformed people like yourself to be very, very sexy.” She relaxed back into her chair. “It started when I was just a little girl. I had an obsession for transformation and alchemy. I learned everything I could about it, what little was available in this backwards town. If I were born somewhere else, I’m sure I’d be a professional alchemist by now. When I came of age, I realized that I found the concept very, very arousing. Not to BE transformed myself, mind you, but to sample the endless variety of the bodies of transformees.

“Over the years, I’ve gotten very good at picking up on the little clues that someone is hiding something. The extra bathroom breaks, the subtle bulges,” she sipped her wine. “The sudden unseasonal changes in attire.”

Summer sneered. “You’re a pervert!”

“Call me what you will,” Cynthia said, taking another sip, “I have made peace with what I am and learned to find the pleasure in it. I hope someday you can do the same.”

“I am more interested in curing myself than making peace with the disgusting body I’m trapped in.”

Cynthia rolled her eyes. “You can’t be serious. No one ever gets reverted. People try sometimes. They get some shady back alley alchemist to make them a serum, and they all end up as a pile of breasts or a walking penis or something like that. Like it or not, you’re stuck with whatever you’ve got.” She watched Summer’s face fall and took a moment to read the menu.

“That’s what I was afraid of,” Summer said to herself, quietly. She drained her wine glass.

The waiter came to take their orders.

“I think I’m going to have the meatballs. You should try the steak. It’s awesome here.”

“No. . .I’ll stick with the arugula salad.”

She hadn’t had much of an appetite for meat recently. The waiter collected their menus and left.

“I want you to feel comfortable and have a good time at this dinner,” Cynthia said as she refilled Summer’s wine glass, “but I feel like I have to say that it’s terrible what you did to Sasha today.”

Summer reached down and readjusted her ballsack.

“We both know it was inevitable. She should have left as soon as she became a mutant and couldn’t hide it.”

“Still, you shouldn’t have done what you did.”

“I would have lost all credibility if I hadn’t done what I did. It was her or me, and realistically she was done for as soon as Gracy brought her up on that hill.” Summer looked into Cynthia’s eyes. She seemed unconvinced. “Think about it this way. If you throw an animal into the lion pit, you don’t blame the lions for killing it, do you?”

“Look, I don’t want to harp on the issue. I just feel like it shouldn’t have been you to do it.”

“I do feel bad about it,” Summer admitted after a pause. “I don’t think I would have a month ago.” She took another sip of wine. “I guess I’m the only. . . mutant at the academy now.”

Cynthia chuckled. “You really think so?”

“You mean there’s other people hiding their changes like me?”

“Hiding their changes, yes. I can’t say anyone is doing it quite like you. I’m surprised. I thought your friends knew all sorts of gossip. I expected you to know about at least ONE other.”

Summer’s eyes widened. “You have to tell me. Who is it? And what are they hiding?”

“Now now, not so fast. Those people asked me not to share any info unless I was talking to another transformee.”

Summer furrowed her brow. “You know about my condition. And stop using all this politically correct language. ‘Transformee.’ Just call us mutants like everyone else already.”

“You know, Sasha said the same thing to me right after she got transformed. I think she’ll prefer ‘transformee’ after today,” she mused. “But so far I have yet to see irrefutable proof that you are indeed a ‘mutant,’ and I promised I would only tell if I was absolutely certain I was talking to one.”

Summer huffed. “So what. You want to strip right here in the restaurant?”

“Obviously not. But tell me more about your transformation. It doesn’t sound like it was on purpose. Do you know what caused it?”

Summer shook her head. “No. I just woke up one morning and I. . .” she looked down. “had a. . penis. I don’t know why.”

“Interesting. Transformations are often brought on by some sort of contaminated liquid. Do you think someone poisoned you?”

“No way. That’s crazy. People love me.”

“So Summer has a cock, huh?” Cynthia rested her chin on one of her hands. “Tell me about it.”

Summer blushed.

“It’s um. . . like an animal’s.” She glanced around. “Okay, how about this. I tell you one thing about myself, you tell me one thing about another student. Oh, and no telling this to anyone. Mutant or not.”

Cynthia nodded. “That sounds acceptable. How about I start with a name: Marina Meyers.”

“Marina? The singer? No way.”

“It’s true. Now. What sort of animal? Do you still have your pussy?”

She paused before answering. “I think a deer. It stays in its little pouch most of the time. And no. I lost my female bits.”

“Well hey, no more periods at least, right?” That was an upside Summer hadn’t considered. “Okay remember how Marina’s boyfriend Jeremy died suddenly two years ago?” She nodded. “Well. What if I told you he didn’t die?”


“Yup. He and Marina visited an alchemist. The two of them got merged, and now Jeremey is Marina’s dick.” Summer’s mouth dropped open. “Now, what else has changed?”

Summer refilled her glass again. “I have fur now. All over. Just not on my face.”

“That must be itchy. Jeremy kept his hair. Marina’s got straight black pubes now. He really makes a magnificent cock. He’s huge and thick, perfectly proportioned, big nuts. I can just barely wrap one hand around around him when he’s hard. And oh man, he is insatiable and cums buckets.”

Summer cringed. “You’ve. . . been with her?”

“Of course. She’s great. Jeremey is still alive down there too. Apparently the two share some sort of psychic link. I gather that he’s sort of asleep most of the time, though,”  she said, staring off in the distance as if imagining what it would be like. “How often do you jack off?”

Summer crossed her arms. “Oh come on.”

Cynthia shrugged. “The game ends when you want it to.”

She considered it for a moment, but this was some of the hottest gossip she had ever heard. And she had no reason not to believe the story about Marina. It had always been suspicious how easily she hit those low notes.

“Fine. But it has to be a different person,” she said at length. “Maybe once a day or so.” Cynthia raised her eyebrows and kept her mouth straight. “Okay, maybe more like three or four times a day. It just doesn’t seem like there’s any better way to get my boners to go away.”

“Yes, I imagine it’s very inconvenient.” Cynthia looked up in thought for a moment. “How about I talk about Katerina? You know how she’s always wearing dresses? It turns out she doesn’t have any legs at all.”

“No. . .”

“It’s true. She has four, hefty tentacles, and she’s gotten really good at walking upright with them. They’re longer than legs, but she curls the tips up so that she’s a normal height. You might notice that she’s taller some days than others. But that’s not even the craziest part.”

“Well?” Summer asked impatiently.

“I don’t want to hear anymore about your changes. I want to experience them.”

“What do you mean?”

Summer felt something brush slowly against her skirt under the table. “Well. We have this private table and a long tablecloth. . . How about if you let me touch you with my feet, I’ll keep talking. Don’t worry, they’re very clean.”

Summer’s heart was pumping. Cynthia already knew about her changes, and hearing about all these other mutants was really turning her on. Between that and the wine, she was feeling very agreeable.

“Okay. Just try to play it cool.”

Cynthia scooted her chair forward a couple inches and shuffled as she kicked off her sandals below the table.

“The first time Katerina came over, she kept her dress on the entire night,” Cynthia said, as she brought her foot up and gently touched Summer’s knee through her skirt. She pointed her toes and began to trace a line down her leg. “It was a beautiful black satin gown. She lifted it up and I was struck by just how beautifully colored her tentacles were. They faded from a dark blushing red near her hips to a light pink at the tips.They were thick and smooth. No suckers or calluses.”

Her foot reached Summer’s boot, traveled a bit further, and then slipped under her skirt. Summer gasped as she felt her tiny, cold toes brush through the fur on the heel of her elongated foot. She took a deep breath.

“Then I noticed something odd about the base of her tentacles,” Cynthia continued casually. “There was a sort of skirt that covered the first foot or so. It was her normal fair skin color, in contrast with the angry, deep red of the tentacles below. She sat down on the bed and I kneeled next to her to take a closer look. The skirt skin was plump and spongy. I could feel the heat coming off it.” She started drawing her foot up Summer’s calf, pausing to spread her dainty toes and feel the coarse fur between them. “And as I looked closer, I saw a pink scalloped bit of skin peeking out from under the larger skirt. I recognized it immediately. This ‘skirt’ was actually her labia! It was a huge set of pussy lips that started at her hips and rested over the base of her tentacles.”

Cynthia’s foot had reached Summer’s inner thigh now. She spread her legs apart a bit to give her access. Her penis was sliding out of its sheath, but she had to hear the rest. “So I lifted up her pussy-lip skirt and the scent hit me immediately. Not a bad smell, mind you, but it was undeniably there. Her tentacles were spaced evenly around her opening. It was a sort of radial, star-shaped vagina. And it was huge! There was no sign of an asshole. It took up her whole underside. I watched it twitch and pucker. I imagined it was muscular enough to squeeze tightly around even a single finger.”

At this point, Cynthia’s foot reached Summer’s underwear. She ran it along the outside, indirectly feeling the bulk of her masculinity before pinching the fabric with her toes and giving a tug. Summer lifted her butt off the seat to help her pull them down.

“Katerina told me that her tentacles were sensitive like her clit had been. Not the entire length, of course. That would have made it impossible to do anything. The main shafts were probably as sensitive as your average dick. She loved having them stroked. She even admitted to doing it in class sometimes. The tips were the most sensitive part. She would shudder if they ever accidentally brushed up against something.” As she said this, her toes finally reached Summer’s ballsack. She softly used the arch of her foot to stroke the fuzzy sack and feel the tortured, eager nuts inside.

“Wow, Summer. I am very impressed. I think you have the biggest balls in school.”

Summer blushed intensely.

“Some compliment,” she muttered. No doubt Cynthia could feel Summer’s skirt shifting and sliding up her leg as her growing erection pushed it up toward the bottom of the table. “Keep talking.”

“Well, at that point we started to have a good time. I was right about a single finger being enough to please her. Her muscles gripped and worked at anything inside them with such dexterity. It was almost like she was the one in control. She had her tentacles wrapped around me. One on my waist, one guiding my arm, one between my legs pulling my panties aside. . .” Cynthia rubbed against Summer’s sheath and she gasped. Cynthia had a predatory sort of smile as she caressed the loose skin. She brought her other foot up under Summer’s skirt and started slowly tracing it up her other leg.

“She might have been fine with one finger, but I wanted to see just how much she could take. There was no need for lube. She was producing thick, stringy natural juices of her own. I slipped my middle finger in alongside my pointer finger, then my ring finger and the pinky. I wasn’t stretching her. It was the same amount of pressure, but her moaning told me just how much she appreciated it.”

Cynthia’s other foot reached Summer’s sheath, and she held it between them. Her heels were resting gently on Summer’s balls, toes pressing her skirt into her lower belly. Her pink dick was fully hard and pressed up against the table. Pre was dribbling down the shaft and onto Cynthia’s feet. It was going to be visible on her skirt for sure, but she didn’t care. She bit her lower lip and gripped her napkin as Cynthia softly began to slide her feet up and down the shaft.

“Soon it was my whole hand in that moist tunnel. I thought that would be enough, but she caught me off guard. Her pussy gripped my hand and pulled it deeper, up past my wrist. At that point, the tentacle at my crotch was pressing into me steadily. I felt a little inadequate compared to her, honestly.” Cynthia’s stroking was picking up pace, and Summer’s breathing was speeding up to match it. She could feel her climax approaching quickly.

Just then the waiter arrived with their food.

“Meatballs for you, miss.” He placed the plate down in front of Cynthia. She did not stop stroking Summer’s dick under the table, but she gave no sign at all that anything unusual was happening. “And for you, miss, the arugula.”

“Thaaank oouu--” Summer started but her voice quavered. She gasped as he placed the plate down and felt her balls draw up under the table. She bucked her hips once and ground against Cynthia’s feet, desperate for more contact as she started to cum.

“Are you okay, miss?” Her eyes were clenched shut as rope after rope of cum shot from her dick and splattered against the underside of the table. Gods, it was like a torrent. She could hear it running down onto the hardwood floor. The waiter furrowed his brow and started to lean over.

Summer reached a hand out and touched him.“Yes. I’m fine. Hoo! Just a little light headed.” She smiled. Her orgasm was over. She must have been inches away from a heart attack.

“Very well. Let me know if you need anything else.”

And with that he was off.

Cynthia smiled and chuckled as she withdrew her feet. Summer was mortified. Her penis slid back into its sheath, placing her drenched skirt back onto her lap for her. They said nothing. The drip, drip, drip sound of cum settling to the ground continued as they started to eat. Cynthia seemed content to leave Summer to her thoughts for a little while.

Summer couldn’t believe she had done that. Masturbating was one thing, but having someone else do it was something else entirely. Not only that, but in public, and even worse: she had enjoyed it.  She struggled to sort out all the strange feelings she was having. She felt dirty and ashamed, but exhilarated. Had she just cheated on Alex? Did this count? Should she keep it secret or tell him, and where they even exclusive right now? The whole thing certainly felt wrong.
Cynthia broke the silence. “I hope this will be the start of a very healthy relationship between us.”

Summer balked. “Is this supposed to be some kind of twisted first date?”

“No no. I know you and I aren’t romantically compatible. You’ve got your whole thing with Alex. Good luck with that by the way.”


“That said, I know you’re going through a difficult time, and you don’t have anyone to talk to about it. Plus I know all transformees have additional sexual needs. It’s only natural, and I happen to have compatible attractions. I’m just saying if you need someone to chat with or find yourself with a difficult to scratch itch, give me a call.”

Summer sighed, defeated. “I think I’m going to go now.”  She could feel how matted her fur was from all the cum. “I guess I’ll say I spilled my water.”

“You didn’t bring a spare skirt?” Cynthia asked. She reached into her bag and pulled out a navy blue skirt made of a heavy cotton and passed it over the table. “Sloppy. You better be more careful.”

Summer slipped it on, got up, and walked out without another word. She felt sorry for whoever’s job it would be to bus that table.

Chapter Five

Saturday was a standard meetup time for Summer’s core group of friends. She couldn’t afford to miss it, especially not when this week’s chosen activity was to shop for new winter clothes. The only place they could find that sold new winter clothes during the hot summer months was the mall’s sports equipment store. Becky, Janet, and Gracy were holding up jackets, cracking jokes, and overall having a good time.

Summer pulled out her compact mirror and checked her lipstick. This must have been the hundredth time she’d checked it since she left the house, but she was glad that she did this time. A bit of the pink rose color on her upper lip had been smudged, revealing a sliver of black underneath. That had been this morning’s big surprise: Summer’s lips were now a rubbery black color, and they had lost some of their luscious volume as well. She pulled her lipstick out and touched up the smudge, being sure to overapply a bit to restore her original lip shape.

As she was about to close her compact, she noticed something strange in the hair near her forehead. She looked closer and brushed the hair aside. There were two small brown protrusions emerging from her head just behind her hairline. They were stiff, about an inch and a half long, and covered in soft, suede-like skin. Antlers. Of course. They must have grown in since that morning, and now they were large enough that there was no way her hair would cover them.

“Hey, Summer,” Gracy’s voice startled her. Summer’s tail strained against her underwear as it reflexively flagged. “Do you think this scarf works with my eye shadow?”

Thinking quickly, Summer stashed the mirror and flipped up her hood before turning around.

“It really pops. You look great.”

“Thanks,” Gracy smiled. “So do you. Why are you wearing your hood? Isn’t it hot?”

Summer winked. “I’m wearing it because I’m cool.”

“Oh I get it,” Gracy giggled. “Very good. It looks good on you. You know,  I’ve never noticed how tall you are.”

“Be sure to hype people up on this whole ‘winter in summer’ thing when you give your big speech on Tuesday,” said Janet. She was sporting a pink pom pom beanie and snow pants.

“Don’t worry, I will,” reassured Summer. Her voice was getting deeper. She had to consciously try to speak in a higher register to sound the same. “They’ll eat it up.”

“Speaking of eating,” said Becky. She was still wearing warm weather clothes. “I heard that Summer had a date at Restaurant Liandra last night, and it wasn’t with Alex.”

The girls gasped excitedly.

“So either your parents were visiting or you’ve got a new date for the Ball.”

“Who was it?”

“I heard it was Cynthia,” whispered Becky with a devilish grin. Summer tried to come up with an excuse.

“No way!” said Gracy

“Gods, Summer if you and her are a thing I just want you to know you have my complete support,” Janet said, placing her hand on Summer’s shoulder.

“No, no it’s nothing like that,” said Summer.

“What? So it’s true? But why?” asked Gracy.

“She is pretty weird,” remarked Janet.

“It’s because. . .” Summer was out of time. “She has a lot of really hot gossip.”


“But she never talks to anyone!”

“Yes, but she is always watching. She’s picked up on some interesting things.”

“Like what?”

“Yeah, what did you learn?”

Summer had talked her way into a corner. She didn’t want to ruin any more mutant’s lives by ousting them, and she didn’t have any fresh gossip of her own.

“All in good time. I want to make sure it’s all true, so you’ll just have to wait.”

“No way! Bum deal!” Janet cried. “I’m going to talk to her myself.”

“Me too.”

“Suit yourselves.”

Internally Summer was panicking. Her friends were like a pack of sharks, and the lure of exclusive gossip was like blood in the water to them. They each had their own unique ways of extracting information. Cynthia would be tricked, bribed, blackmailed, and bought by next week, and she had way too much sensitive information for Summer to be comfortable with that. But alas, it was too late to call them off now.

The Saturday hangout continued without any further incidents. Summer felt very distant as her friends laughed and talked and enjoyed themselves. She felt like a ghost, lingering around where she didn’t belong. She was starting to realize that she couldn’t do this forever. Maybe she could still graduate, but she would need to find some way out of the spotlight.

That evening she settled on a new plan. She would make the speech as scheduled on Tuesday. That was the last official action as Class President that she needed to perform, and after that she could fade away and still graduate with Presidential honors. She would be ‘sick’ for the ball then take a special leave of absence with home study. She could have Cynthia turn in her homework and tests for her.

The one other person she wasn’t willing to just leave behind entirely was Alex. She thought about him all the time. Certainly she was infatuated, but she could also see herself falling deeply in love with him.

==___ ;,-,y___==

Summer was completely on edge the next morning. Her date with Alex was that night, and she had resolved to tell him about her condition. It was the only way she had a chance of salvaging this relationship. She kept rehearsing different ways of breaking the news to him. Fantasy Alex was sometimes okay with it, sometimes not. She developed contingency plans for every scenario.

Summer turned on all the lights in her dark room, stood naked in front of the mirror ,and examined herself for new changes. This had become part of her daily routine. The creature in front of her almost looked more like a deer that had evolved to stand on two legs than a human. She sighed and started to dress herself.

First she slid a big pair of men’s briefs up her legs. She had quit women’s underwear last week. They always clutched her ballsack like they were angry about being worn by someone with male genitalia. The briefs were more forgiving. Her hips were still wider than a man’s, so she wore extra large. It was just as well, though, because she used the extra room to fit her balls and tail. She just pushed her tail down between her buttcheeks. She had no idea deer tails were so big. The long black hairs on the tip reached halfway down her thighs. After shoving all this into her underwear, she took a moment to adjust herself. It was pretty uncomfortable.

Socks were next. She now had honest-to-goodness hooves instead of toes. Her feet had become long and narrow, and she couldn’t bend her ankle to walk on the flats of them even if she wanted to. The answer here was stockings made for little girls. The pattern was pink and white stripes with cute bird embellishments. A few hairs of fur poked through the fabric as Summer pulled them up. It wasn’t a look that she would normally choose, but they were snug enough to stay up on their own.

Her final piece of underwear was a pair of thin, black tights that she pulled up around her hips. They were stretchy enough to fit around her oddly-shaped legs, and if anyone caught a glance beneath her other clothes, they would hide the fact that her legs were covered in fur. Of course anyone looking closely would notice the little hairs sticking through. She picked up a long blue skirt and pulled it down over her head and shoulders until it rested on her hips. It really didn’t make much sense with the winter themed outfits she was wearing these days, but even the puffiest, loosest snow pants would reveal just how much her legs had changed.

The first piece for her top was a long-sleeve exercise shirt. She gave up on bras last week. Her nipples were now black, and they stuck out past the delicate fur of her breasts and rubbed pretty bad. This layer helped keep that to a minimum. Next she put on a larger long-sleeved cotton shirt that she got at the second hand store. She didn’t recognize the logo on the chest, but it at least reached all the way down to her wrists and hips.

She sighed with disappointment as she looked at her face. It was a different face than the one she went to sleep with. Her nose was wider and darker. Her nostrils were larger. Her jaw and nose had pushed out into the start of a narrow muzzle. Her antlers were almost four inches long and stood proudly out from her hair. Her ears were big paddle-shaped things that stuck out the sides of her head. She could flick and twist them around.

She had almost become used to having her body’s identity stripped away from her, but there was a certain finality to watching her recognizable facial features morph into something alien. She wondered if people would even recognize her if she walked outside naked. Probably not.

Summer pulled a beanie over her head and tucked her ears up into it. Her antlers strained against it in a pretty obvious way. She was planning on using a scarf to cover up her neck anyway, so she tried pulling it up over her lower face. She could just picture it sliding off. She pushed it down and went to plan B: a white surgical mask that she had purchased just in case this exact thing happened. This one left a little extra space in front of the nose and mouth, and it covered her nascent muzzle nicely.

Almost done. She slipped on her boots and laced them up tight, shoved her hands into a pair of gloves to cover up her black fingernails and fuzzy, elongated palms, and threw on her big black overcoat and hood. There. The only part of her that anyone could see were her eyes, which were still very much her own. Overall it was a terrible outfit to wear on a date or anywhere for that matter, but Alex would understand after she told him.

She stepped out into the summer afternoon and walked to town. It was an especially hot day, and she was immediately uncomfortable. She saw a few other people wearing winter accessories. A scarf here, a hat there. No one was taking it as far as she was. By the time she arrived at the restaurant, she was practically panting trying to cool herself off. It was a much more casual place than the one she went to with Cynthia. This place was all booth seats, cheap food, and friendly atmosphere.

Geg was waiting outside reading a menu. He was wearing big fuzzy earmuffs, a puffy jacket, and long pants. It was more winter gear than anyone she had seen on the walk over. She took a deep breath and greeted him. She was so sure he would immediately laugh at what she was wearing, but he didn’t. He just smiled and warmly returned the greeting. He seemed happy enough to see her, and it put her a bit at ease. In fact, the topic of fashion didn’t come up until they were seated and had already ordered.

“I like your outfit,” he said, nursing his beer. “The gloves are a really nice touch.”

“Oh thanks,” Summer blushed. “It might be a little much. Your jacket and earmuffs are very fashionable.”

“Thanks! I’ve been trying to get the other track and field guys to join in on the ‘winter in summer’ trend.”

“I appreciate that.” Summer didn't feel like it was the right time to explain the true origin of the trend.

“What's with the face mask?”

“Oh, I’m just feeling a little under the weather.” It was at this point that Summer realized how foolish it had been to come to a restaurant when she had a face mask that she couldn’t take off.

“That’s a shame,” Alex said. “Feel free to take it off for dinner. I don’t mind getting sick.”

“Trust me. You don’t want what I have.”

“It’s up to you. What are you going to order? You have to try their pizza.”

“I think I’ll just have. . . “ Summer quickly scanned through the menu for something she could eat without removing her mask. “A milkshake.”

“That’s it? Just a milkshake?”

“I’m doing an all-liquid diet this week.”

“Okay but next time, you’re trying the pizza.”

They ordered their food and chatted for a while. It was another truly enjoyable time together, despite everything stewing in the back of Summer’s mind.  She wondered if this was going to be the last time she went out with Alex. Even if he was okay with her being a mutant, which was unlikely, it seemed impossible that he would still want to date when he found out she had a bigger dick than he did. Their food arrived, and she realized she was running out of time. It was now or never.

Summer took a deep breath and asked, “What do you think about what happened to Sasha the other day?”

“Sasha? Oh, the mutant.” Alex thought for a moment. “It was kind of sad to be honest.”

“Sad how?” Summer asked hopefully.

“Oh, she just seemed seemed like such a normal girl before.”

“You really think her mutation changed her that much?”

“You saw her! She had those udders and that horrible obscene tail.” Alex stuck out his tongue. “Plus she had clearly gone insane. Stripping naked in public like that.”

“Yeah. I guess it is sad.” Summer stuck the straw under her mask and took a long sip of her milkshake. “What if she hadn’t changed mentally? Could you ever see yourself being friends with a mutant?”

Alex scoffed. “What? No way. They’re too weird. I mean, could you imagine hanging out with her? ‘Hey wait up guys, I need to milk myself! It’ll only take a minute!’”

He jokingly pantomimed milking a pair of imaginary breasts. Summer laughed with him.

“But seriously. You wouldn’t give it a chance? Even if it was someone you knew before?”

Alex thought for a moment. “Look. I’m just a regular guy. I don’t want to be around mutants. They’re gross, and generally crazy.”

Summer nodded and took another sip of her drink. She felt like all her organs had weights tied to them. This was basically what she expected. She chided herself for hoping for anything different.

She took a deep breath. “Alex I, have to tell you something. . .”

He looked at her and swallowed his bite of pizza. “Yeah?”

She couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t bring herself to tell him. She’d rather draw out these last few bittersweet moments of pretense. They finished up the dinner. Alex made a few great jokes, Summer said one or two insightful things, and the milkshake really was good. It should have been a great time.

“This milkshake is delicious.”

Alex nodded and went back to eating. “Yeah. The food here is pretty good.”

They split the check and walked together as the sun set. Summer hadn’t noticed just how tall she had gotten. Alex was a few inches shorter than her now. She even caught him standing on his tiptoes a bit as they strolled through a park.

Alex grasped one of her gloved hands.

“Summer, I had a wonderful night tonight. I love spending time with you.”

“I love spending time with you too, Alex.” Summer said, quietly.

He stopped and turned her to face her. They gazed at each others eyes for a moment. Alex gave a half-laugh.

“What’s funny?” Summer asked, heart pounding.

“I want to try to kiss you, but it would feel kind of silly with you wearing the mask.”

Summer’s mind was racing. “I told you. I’m sick.”

She felt the familiar sensation of a growing erection as her penis throbbed in time with her heart.

Alex smiled. “I’ve given it some thought, and I think it would be worth it.”

Summer nodded and leaned in. Alex slowly brought his hand up to her face.  He gently grasped the mask and started to tug.

“No!” Summer clasped her hand over the mask and pulled back. “I can’t! I just can’t. I’m sorry!”

And with that she turned and ran. The image of Alex’s shocked face, lips still puckered, was all she could think about as she ran back to her dorm.

She slammed the door behind her, tears streaming down her face. She ripped off her mask and beanie, freeing her chafed ears and allowing her to breathe easily. Despite the awful whirlwind of emotions, her penis had refused to fully retract back into its sheath, almost like it was holding out some sort of impossible hope that the night might still work out in its favor.

After a while, she took deep breaths and started to calm down a bit. It wasn’t the most graceful exit, but she had to accept the fact that things were over between her and Alex. She had been mentally preparing herself for this. She moped around her room for a while, but eventually grew bored of pitying herself. She wished she could go meet up with one of her friends and talk about what happened. That always made her feel better. She was so accustomed to being surrounded by people. It felt awful not to have a single person she could vent to without revealing her horrible secret.

Then she realized there was one person she could talk to. Cynthia. She didn’t really relish the idea about opening up to her any more than she already had, but it was better than nothing. Summer’s phone had two missed calls and a few text messages from Alex. She clicked past them without reading and dialed Cynthia’s number. Her tongue was feeling swollen. She ran it around her mouth. Her teeth didn’t feel right either.

“Hello?” Cynthia’s tinny voice answered.

“Hey, Cynthia? I need someone to talk to. Can I come over?”

“Of course. I’ll be ready.”


Re: Summer Bucks the Trend

Wow this floored me. From a narrative standpoint, this is one of the best TF short stories in a very long time. Really compelling and believable characters. If "hidden TF" was a genre, this would be an instant classic.


Re: Summer Bucks the Trend

Flicker wrote:

Wow this floored me. From a narrative standpoint, this is one of the best TF short stories in a very long time. Really compelling and believable characters. If "hidden TF" was a genre, this would be an instant classic.

I can't tell you how encouraging it is to hear that! I'm honored you enjoy the story so much. I put a ton of work into it, so it's great to hear that it doesn't go unappreciated.


Re: Summer Bucks the Trend

I agree, it' s a very good TF story. We need more of that!


Re: Summer Bucks the Trend

Alright! Here is the last part for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

Summer Bucks the Trend
By Xerox2

Summer put her headgear back on and locked her room behind her. Cynthia lived in a studio just across campus. She hurried over and took the back roads so that no one would see her. It didn’t really matter at this point. Her entire social life would fall apart when she took her leave of absence anyway. Before long, she was knocking at Cynthia’s door.

The door swung open and Cynthia quickly ushered Summer inside. She was dressed in a dark red nighty, trimmed with lace. The room’s main overhead light was off, and the curtains were drawn and fastened with a ribbon. It was dimly lit with a few lamps and about a half dozen candles. It had clearly been tidied up. The bed was made, and the table and floor were mostly cleared off.

“Hey Summer! Welcome, welcome. Sorry about the mess,” Cynthia said as she quickly shoved an overflowing laundry basket into the closet.

“It’s fine. Thanks letting me drop by.” It smelled like air freshener. “Did you light these candles because of me?”

“No, no. I do this every night. It makes a nice atmosphere.” Cynthia rummaged through the fridge as she talked. “Feel free to take off your jacket and boots. Make yourself comfortable. I have another wine for you to try.”

She produced a bottle, closed the fridge, and set some wine glasses on the table.

Summer peeled off her hat, scarf, mask, and boots and set them in a small pile by the door. She felt like she was getting naked even though she was still mostly covered. Cynthia glanced over and did a double take. Summer blushed and folded her ears back by instinct.

“I changed more.”

Cynthia took Summer’s gloved hands in her own and looked up into her eyes. “You’re beautiful.” She led her over to the table and opened the wine. “I love your antlers. And your ears. You look very regal and elegant. And a little sexy, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

Summer could only guess whether her compliment was an attempt to bolster her self-confidence or a genuine opinion, but it made her feel a bit better all the same. She sat, sipped the wine, and told Cynthia all about what had happened between her and Alex. During the course of her story she took off her jacket and gloves and started to relax. Soon they were done with the wine, and another was opened.

“I just thought, we might have had something special,” Summer moaned, throwing her head back.

“Another beautiful romance falls prey to a backwards, hateful society.” Cynthia remarked, shaking her head. Summer hated that kind of liberal, self-enlightened proclamation. She was going to complain, but she didn’t have the energy. Besides, she didn’t even know if she would disagree at this point. She hadn’t had a lot of extra time to rethink her stances on politics given the past few weeks.

Instead she just sighed. “All this is just between the two of us, right?”

“Of course. I am very good at keeping secrets.”

“That’s good. I told some of my friends you had hot gossip yesterday. Just don’t even talk to them.”

“Noted.” Cynthia refilled Summer’s glass. “You look like you just got run over by a truck. Your fur is all messed up. I bet it’s horrible wearing all those clothes on top of all that fur when it’s so hot out.”

Summer nodded. “It’s the worst.”

“With all the emotional stress you’re under, you really shouldn’t be putting your body under so much physical stress. It’s all connected, you know. Most transformees that are changed as much as you just go naked.”

“I obviously can’t do that. People will recognize me.” Cynthia raised her eyebrows at that. “Or even if they don’t, I still have to live my life.”

Summer reached down and readjusted her balls. Going outside naked was kind of an exhilarating prospect. It wasn’t common in these parts, but it was very common throughout the rest of the continent. It wasn’t like anyone would call the town guard on her.

“Even if you don’t go outside, you have to be kind to your body. Here.” Cynthia grabbed something from her nightstand and stood behind Summer. “Stay sitting down. Just relax.”

Summer felt the familiar pull of a hairbrush stroking her hair. It was a sort of juvenile activity, but it was very calming. It was nice just to have some direct physical contact with someone. She closed her eyes. Cynthia was very careful around her ears and antlers. When her hair was done, she felt the brush move down. It gently stroked the fur on her neck, straightening it and pulling out the knots.

“How does that feel?”

“Good,” Summer admitted. She pulled her tights, skirt, and briefs down a bit and freed her tail. That was much better.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt so I can continue?”

“I don’t know. . . I’m not wearing a bra.”

Cynthia moved her hands down to Summer’s shoulders and started giving her a massage.

“Come on, we’re all girls here. Nothing I haven't seen before. Plus, I did give you that foot job the other day…”

“I still don’t feel great about that.”

“Well this will be strictly platonic. You need someone to give you some care.”

Summer sighed. She had to admit it felt good relaxing all the barriers she had been putting up.

“Okay.” She pulled her shirts up over her head. The air was cold on her dark nipples. They grew hard and poked farther out of her fur. “No funny business.”

“No funny business. Here, come sit on the bed.” Summer sat down on the edge.  Cynthia kneeled behind her and gently brushed the fur on her back. “You know, if you conditioned this, brushed it every day, and didn’t wear all those clothes, I bet your fur would be so soft. It would be just like one of those super-duper luxurious fur coats.”

Each rhythmic stroke pulled tangles out, and stress along with them. Summer took deep breaths and tried to clear her mind. Cynthia worked her way down to her lower back and moved on to her tail. She carefully held the longer hairs by their base so it wouldn’t hurt as she tugged the knots out. She did the top and the bottom but didn’t linger. Next it was on to Summer’s arms. She held onto Summer’s wrist and lifted it up so she could get the underside. Then she did the other arm in the same, detailed manner. She paused to pull a wad of hair from the brush, balled it up by rubbing it between her palms and tossed it into the trash.

She came around to the front and brushed Summer’s shoulders and chest. She was extremely delicate around Summer’s nipples, but she accidentally caught one with a couple bristles of the brush. It sent a tingle straight back to her spine and down to her balls. Her lengthy dick gave a telltale stirring deep within her as blood flowed into it. She opened her eyes and looked down at Cynthia, who was now diligently brushing the white fur on her midriff. She looked good in that nighty. It really showed off her curves, not to mention a good amount of skin. She wasn’t wearing a bra under it. Her nipples pressed against the silken fabric. Cynthia was very light-skinned. She probably had the kind of areolas that blended in with the rest of the skin on her breasts. The tip of Summer’s penis pressed against her briefs uncomfortably. She chided herself for working herself up.

If Cynthia had noticed the growing bulge in Summer’s skirt, she didn’t mention it.

“Well I guess that’s that,” she said as she pulled more hair off the brush. She ran her fingers through the fur on Summer’s back.

“No, wait.” Summer closed her eyes “Could you do my legs?”

“Sure!” Cynthia responded. Summer could imagine the smile on her face. She knew this was what she wanted the whole time, but she liked feeling desired. She stood up, gripped her skirt, tights, and briefs together, and worked them over her hips. Finally, she pulled the stockings off her feet, leaving her completely nude. She covered her swollen sheath and balls with her hands.

Cynthia looked her up and down.

“Gods, you are just perfect,” she half-whispered. She kneeled down. “Your hooves are so cute! We should try polishing them up or painting them later. Here, stand up.” Summer stood, and Cynthia went to work brushing her feet and calves. Summer couldn’t believe she was doing this. It was so intimate, but revealing herself to Cynthia felt empowering. Without her briefs on to contain it, her dick peeked its pink tip out into the cool air. There was no stopping it now. By the time Cynthia was up to her thigh, her dick was standing nine or ten inches out of its sheath. She blushed when Cynthia caught an eyeful.

“Sorry. I can’t help it.”

“Don’t apologize. It’s only natural. Transformees usually have a very overactive libido. You need sex like fish need water.” She snuck a few more glances as she moved around to brush Summer’s generous butt. “I think it’s one of the best dicks I’ve ever seen. I’m not even kidding.”

Summer’s dick grew another couple inches. “No. You really mean that?”

“Oh yeah. You should be proud.”

“What do you like about it?” Summer asked as she watched a small trickle of precum escape the tip.

“I love your balls. I love how big they are, the shape of them. How they hang so low together.” She placed her hand on Summer’s upper thigh as she stroked her backside with the brush. “I like your sheath. It’s very understated, like it doesn’t want anyone to know about the monster that’s lurking inside.” She moved around to Summer’s front and started brushing her hips and thighs. She was face-to-face with the big pink monster now. Her breath was warm as she spoke. “I love how bubble-gum pink your dick is. It’s smooth and elegant, but it seems so sturdy and strong.”

The opening of Summer’s sheath really stretched around the wide base of her cock when she was this hard. It was fully extended now. Over a foot in length. Her breaths were quavering. She knew she only had to ask.

“Do you want to. . . touch it?”

“Can I?”

Summer nodded her head. Cynthia brought one of her lithe hands up and hefted Summer’s balls before sliding it up to her sheath and feeling the extra skin. Then she touched her shaft very, very gently. Too gently. Summer took a sharp breath and moved her hips a bit to grind into her hand. Cynthia wrapped her fingers halfway around Summer’s dick, gave a small tug, and watched it bounce back up into position.

“Come on, stop teasing me.” Summer grumbled.

“Teasing you?” Cynthia asked, running a single finger up her cock.

“I think I’m bisexual now, and that nighty has got to be the sexiest thing you own. I know you wore it on purpose.”

“Guilty as charged,” she smiled, stood, and opened up her nightstand. Inside there were all sorts of condoms of all sorts of different shapes and sizes. She glanced back at Summer’s cock and rummaged around. “Are you contagious?”

“No way.” Summer said confidently.

Cynthia closed the drawer.

“Good, well,l I’m on birth control so I guess we won’t need any of those.”

With that, she pressed her pointer finger into Summer’s chest and guided her back onto the bed. Summer laid down on her back, and watched Cynthia crawl over her with a predatory look in her eyes.

“First, I just have to taste you.” She bent down, grasped Summer’s dick, stuck out her tongue, and ran it all the way from the strained sheath to the pointed tip. She lapped at Summer’s sensitive urethra, taking sticky pearls of precum into her mouth as they formed.

“Mmmm delicious.” She said, with half-lidded eyes. She puckered her lips and gave her dick a few slow, deep kisses. Then she planted one right on the end and pressed forward, spearing her mouth onto the throbbing shaft. Summer closed her eyes and sighed with contentment as Cynthia performed a truly expert blowjob. She took the dick deep into her throat, used her tongue perfectly, avoided her teeth. It made Summer doubt her own oral sex talents.  She knew just how to increase and decrease the intensity such that Summer stayed just on the edge of orgasm. She kept one hand wrapped as far around the base of her shaft as her small fingers could manage. The other one caressed Summer’s balls and taint, sending electric prickles up her shaft as ran through the sensitive fur.

Finally, just when Summer was about to beg for release, Cynthia pulled her head off of her penis with a slurping sound. She wiped away little strings of precum and saliva that ran between her lips and Summer’s dick.

“Mm. Not bad at all.”

She used the extra lubrication to stroke up and down Summer’s cock a couple times and reach down between her own legs to rub herself. The room started to smell of sex.

Cynthia pulled Summer’s cock up so that it was pointing to the ceiling. It was a stretch but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Then she straddled Summer’s legs and got up onto her knees. “How much of this cock do you think I could take?” She asked, pressing it against her nighty. She pulled up skirt so Summer could see the glistening slit nestled between her legs. The tip of her dick reached a few inches beyond it. “This much?” She she lowered herself down a couple of inches. “Maybe this much?” She lowered herself again. If she was just a couple inches forward Summer would have been nine inches deep inside her. “I’m feeling pretty ambitious. . .”. She let Summer’s cock go and it slapped down between her breasts, shooting a jet of fluid onto her chin.

With that, Cynthia crawled up Summer’s body, mussing up the fur that she had just painstakingly brushed. She lifted her nighty over her head, letting her generous breasts bounce free. The looked just like Summer imagined. She lowered herself down so that her labia touched the length of Summer’s shaft. Then, without breaking contact, she leaned forward and slid herself up to the tip of the dick and down onto it. Summer gasped as she entered another person for the first time. Cynthia’s insides felt so hot and tight. She could feel little pinpricks as the stubble on her outer lips rubbed against her shaft. Slowly, Cynthia lowered herself down onto Summer’s cock. Occasionally she stopped and pulled out a bit, but then continued to take Summer deeper and deeper within herself. The farther she got, the tighter her entrance became.

Summer thrusted. Cynthia gasped, and rotated her hips. Summer moaned. All other thoughts melted away as the two explored the experience of their coupling. Cynthia clenched and pulled at the dick inside her. Summer reached up and groped the breasts bouncing in front  of her. Cynthia started to work of a rhythm as she rode Summer’s dick. Back and forth, tight and loose, hot and cold. Summer had never felt anything like it before. It was just so much easier than sex as a woman. She wanted to be deep inside, and it didn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable at all. She had to be careful not to hurt her partner, but that made her feel powerful. She wished it could last forever.

Cynthia stopped rocking back and forth and leaned forward so her tits pressed into Summer’s. Then she went in for the kiss. Summer could taste the leftover pre from the blowjob she had given earlier. She pressed her longer, thicker tongue into Cynthia’s mouth as she bucked her hips and started thrusting into her. Cynthia moaned around the beastial tongue that wrapped around her own. To Summer, Cynthia was nothing more than a twitching, gasping fucktoy.

Finally, Summer felt an intense heat and pressure growing in her dick. Her vision blurred as pure ecstasy overtook her. With one final mighty thrust, she drove herself deep into Cynthia. Her balls drew up, and a moment later, she came. Cynthia threw back her head and opened her mouth in a silent scream of pleasure. The sensation of cumming was familiar, but gone was the feeling of spurt after spurt of cum slapping against her chest. It was all being pumped deep inside the pussy that was stretched around her cock.

Cynthia held that pose, Summer eight or nine inches inside of her, for a few moments before she pulled herself off of Summer and rolled over to lay beside her. Pearly cum poured out of her pussy with a audible plopping sound. She took a deep breath and let it loose.

“Whew! That was amazing.”

Summer flexed a muscle in her abdomen and pulled her softening shaft back into its sheath.

“Yeah,” she sighed.

It wasn’t the last time they fucked that night. They watched TV, chatted, and napped in the downtimes between their lovemaking sessions. Summer wasn’t proud that she was doing this with Cynthia, and she much preferred it when she wasn’t talking. Still, her intense guilt about cheating on Alex had been replaced with a wistful ache of missed opportunity that was much easier to handle. It wasn’t a very emotionally fulfilling night, but it was at least pleasurable, and it was certainly much better than sitting at home alone.

Chapter Seven

Today was the big day. Summer would give her big speech to the entire student body, accept the Presidential honors, and disappear from campus life. Last month she had planned out an entire outfit just for this event, but today she was putting on the mess of layers that she had slowly developed over the course of her change. She recited her speech from memory as she got dressed, practicing her voice just as much as her memorization of the words. The timbre was much more resonant than it had been, but she had no idea to fix it. She would just tell everyone she had a cold.

This was the last time that she had to pass as a non-mutant, but it was also going to be the most difficult time to pull off. The changes across the rest of her body seemed to be coming to their end, but her head was just getting into the thick of it. She looked totally different than she had yesterday. Her muzzle was much longer. Her nose had turned up and gone black, and the mask pressed directly against her nostrils and barely covered it. Her eyes were noticeably bigger and darker. She had finally achieved the doe-like eyes look she had always wanted, or perhaps buck-like was more appropriate. Either way, they were certainly not human looking anymore, so she grabbed a pair of bugeye sunglasses to cover them.

The rest of her had had changed shape too. Her neck was thicker, longer, and furrier. Nothing that the scarf couldn’t cover. Her antlers were longer, but her forehead was shallower, so her red wide-brimmed hat still fit. Her ears were fully-formed deer ears now, complete with thick cords of muscle around the bases that swiveled them reflexively toward the smallest sound. She wrapped a second, thinner scarf around her head to keep them in place. There were still a few small slivers of skin visible around the sunglasses, and they were the only bits of her body that weren’t covered in fur.

She skipped all her classes and waited until just before the big assembly to leave her dorm. She felt out of place walking through the campus, like she was a demon that had cast an illusion on everyone so they saw her as Summer. It was difficult to accept that people couldn’t see right through her and tell that she wasn’t herself at all. No, she was some sort of sex monster that jacks off in women’s bathrooms and once came so hard that the girl in the stall next to her complained about a leak in the ceiling. Summer didn’t do things like that. She was a nice, pure popular girl.

Students were streaming into the front of the auditorium when she arrived. She discreetly used a side entrance and met up with the rest of the presenters. Becky smiled and waved. A couple administrators asked who she was and seemed taken aback when she explained that she was the student body president. The muffled roar of a thousand voices settling into their seats permeated the room. Eventually the dean left the room, took the stage, and made a brief speech about how much potential everyone had. After him, it was Summer’s and Becky’s turn to make their speeches.

Summer stood and shuffled through the double doors with Becky following close behind. The auditorium was arranged so that each of the presenters would enter on the opposite side as the stage and pass down a central aisle that ran through the audience. Thousands of eyes were immediately on her. Summer felt more like she was sized up by a pack of wolves than about to accept an award. Students gasped and whispered as she walked past them toward the stage. Her tail strained against her underwear. Every fiber of her being screamed at her to high tail it out there, but she steeled her nerves and stepped up onto the stage. Becky stood just behind her as she took the podium.

She could see everyone from here. Perhaps a fifth of the students were wearing some sort of winter clothing accessory. That was fewer than a couple days ago. She saw all the different cliques sitting in clumps, all of her friends and enemies. She even spotted Alex over by the track and field people. He was decked out head to toe in winter wear.

“Hello everyone!” Summer paused for a rather disappointing applause. “My name is Summer, and you may know me as the student body president.” She cleared her throat and started her brief speech. “You know, when I first arrived at the Academy --” Suddenly there was a tug as her hat was pulled from her head. She reached up to grab it, but it slipped through her fingers.  Then, before she could react, someone grasped her headscarf and yanked backwards, pulling it off her face and snapping the bands that held her mask in place. She fumbled to catch the mask but it drifted off the stage. The audience gasped collectively. Summer brought one arm up to cover her nose and mouth and used the other to cover her antlers, but her ears flopped out, plainly visible. She glanced behind her and saw Becky tossing the scarf away with a giddy smile on her face.

There was a brief silence before someone in the audience shouted “Summer’s a mutant!” This opened the floodgates and the entire auditorium erupted into frantic mumbling and shouting. One girl in the front row simply fainted. Other people quickly removed their winter accessories. Summer gasped and ran down the stairs toward the exit. Just as she reached the last step, her left boot came loose and she toppled forward. Her sunglasses clattered the the floor and slid under a nearby seat. She scrambled to her feet and abandoned her boot. Her hoof, even covered by the sock as it was, clacked against the floor every other step.

Summer glanced around as she staggered through the crowd. Some people pointed. Others had looks of utter disgust plastered on their faces. Someone stepped on her skirt which sent her back down to the ground. She pulled and kicked her legs to free herself and ended up pulling down her skirt, tights, and underwear alike. Her tail flagged up and flashed its brilliant white underside. Her balls flopped down and hung free between her legs which elicited another mass gasp from the onlookers.

“Summer’s got a dick!” someone shouted.

“Why does it look like that!?” asked another.

“Look how big they are! Eww!” cried a third.

Just as she was about to start running, a male hand grabbed her coat and unzipped it. Someone else held on to her sleeve, and she had to slip out of her jacket to continue on. Now all she was wearing was her socks, gloves, one boot, and a long sleeve athletic shirt. She lost track of which way was out as people crowded into the aisle to get a better look. A small clearing formed around her as she dashed around aimlessly for a moment. Each time she moved, girls, including the ones she called her friends, screamed and dove away like she was some sort of monster. Finally, she found the exit and ran through the double doors into the bright summer afternoon.

She ran and ran and didn’t stop until she was all the way back in her dorm. She slammed the door behind her and slid down it into a sitting position. She began to cry. It was like her worst nightmares had come true. If she had had the wherewithal to be upset about specific things in that moment, she would have lamented about how close she was to escaping unharmed. She would have raged about Becky’s betrayal. She would have sobbed at how truly alone she was. Instead she ripped off what few clothes remained and melted into a puddle of sadness. She remained that way for some time until there was a knock at the door.

She jumped away from it and covered herself with her hands as if the door was see-through.

“Go away!” she shouted.

“It’s me, Alex!” came a familiar voice from the other side of the door. “Let me in. I want to talk.”

“No!” Summer shouted. “I just want to be alone. You deserve better than this.”

He knocked again. “Open the door for just a second. I want to show you something.”

It almost annoyed her. She had already given up on Alex, and yet here he was pounding at her door trying to get back into her life. She picked herself up onto shaky legs and wrapped a big blanket around herself. Then she opened the door a crack, and peeped out with one eye.

The first thing Summer noticed that was different about Alex was that he stood at least a head shorter than her now. The second thing was that he had taken off his earmuffs and the ears underneath were not at all human. They were much longer, more muscular. They looked like Summer’s had a few days ago.

“It’s happening to me too!” he said in a higher pitched voice than she was used to.

“Oh no! Get in here. Someone will see you!” She reached out, pulled him in, and slammed the door behind them. Alex nearly tripped from the force of her pull. He was surprisingly light. The two stood face-to-face and said nothing for a moment as they examined each other.

“You’re a mutant?” Summer touched one of his ears and it twitched away involuntarily.

“No!” he said, grabbing his ear. “Well, maybe. I guess technically. But I didn’t want to change. It just started one day.”

“Same here.” Summer paused then lunged forward and wrapped her arms around Alex. He hugged her back around her midsection.

“Oh, Summer,” came Alex’s voice after a moment. ”What just happened at your speech. . . it was horrible! Are you okay?”

“I don’t know.” Summer was quiet for a while. She pulled away and looked down at him. “I knew, when my face started changing… I knew it was over. I couldn’t be Summer anymore. I had to end that old life. I just didn’t expect it to end like that.” She sighed. “It was horrible, but now that it’s over, and now that you’re here, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.”

Alex nodded. “I can understand that. It’s been so hard hiding myself for the past two weeks. I’ve got this terrible feeling of impending doom all the time.”

“Oh trust me, I know.”

He smiled. “It must have been the same for you, and now you’re free of it. I’m almost jealous.”

“I still don’t know how I’m going to tell my parents. . . Wait, you’ve been changing for two weeks? You’re telling me you were already transforming during our first date?”

“Yeah. And I guess you were too?”

“Yes! Look at me. I’m further along than you. You should have figured it out when I started wearing all those stupid winter clothes!”

“Honestly, I totally thought  ‘winter in summer’ was a normal fashion trend. I was just so preoccupied hiding myself from you that I didn’t suspect you were hiding anything from me. Or maybe I’m just stupid.” Alex chuckled.

Summer smiled. “You weren’t wearing earmuffs on our first date. That means it’s not just your ears.”

“No.” Alex crossed his arms.

Summer squinted and examined Alex’s loose pants and puffy jacket for unusual shapes. “Well? What’s under all that oh-so-stylish winter gear?”

Alex’s face turned bright red. “It’s weird. You don’t want to see.”

“I do want to see it. Besides it’s only fair. You already got to see me naked once today.”

Alex started to sweat.

“No, I didn’t! I just saw you on the stage, which is basically what’s showing right now.” He swallowed. “You look great, by the way. Your antlers are lovely.”

Summer took a step forward and looked down at the little man. “Come now, Alex. I know people have been talking. What did you hear?”

“Well. . . People were saying you have fur. And hooves. And a tail. And--” He paused

“And what?” Summer asked, grinning.

“There was a rumor -- and that’s all it was -- that you maybe had a dick?”

“What? A dick?” Summer acted puzzled. “Let’s see. I do have hooves.” She lifted the blanket halfway up her legs and waved one of her hooves toward Alex. He stared, breathing heavily. “And I do have fur.” She allowed the blanket to slide off her broad shoulders and down past her breasts. She turned around so her back was facing Alex. “And let’s see. Do I have a tail?” She loosened the blanket and wagged her tail back and forth until it came loose. “Looks like I do!” She turned back around. “And what was the last thing? Oh yeah, a dick. Do you want me to have a dick, Alex?”


Summer smiled and started walking toward him. Alex walked backward.

“I said, would you like it if there was a big, juicy dick behind this blanket?” Alex tripped on a boot and landed seated on the bed.

“I, um. Yes?” He whispered.

“What was that?”

“I hope you have a dick.” he said, voice cracking into a higher pitch.

Summer let the blanket fall around her ankles. Alex gasped and clasped a hand over his mouth. He stared, shocked at Summer’s fuzzy package. The tip of her dick poked out into the cold air.

“You like what you see?” Summer asked. Alex nodded, still staring. There was something besides shock in those eyes of his. Desire. She could almost smell it.

“Now it’s your turn.”

“What?” he squeaked.

“I showed you mine. Now you have to show me yours.”

Alex nodded and grabbed his jacket’s zipper with a dainty hand. Summer was pretty confident that she knew what he was hiding under that loose, puffy coat. She only wondered how big they were. He unzipped the jacket and pulled it off, revealing a very feminine -- and very furry -- torso. His fur was fluffier than hers. It was white across his entire front, and reddish brown on his back. His waist was very narrow, and it was now obvious just how wide his hips had grown.

Confirming Summer’s suspicions, there was a tight elastic band around his chest that was struggling to contain an obviously generous pair of breasts. He pulled it off next, freeing a pair of tits that put Summer’s to shame. His nipples were also black, and they stood out clearly from the deep white fur around them.

Summer pictured herself running her tongue across the big, rubbery nubs. They were perfectly positioned on his perky, full, breasts. Alex ran his hands down them to smooth out the fur, causing them to jiggle. Now that his top was off, his facial features seemed more overtly feminine than androgynous.

“Whew. You have no idea how good it feels to take that off.”

“Maybe you should keep it off.” Summer winked.

“You like them? I know one way to tell.” Alex used is hands to push his tits up and together and let them drop. He puffed his chest out, pinched one of his nipples and gasped. He bit his lower lip and made eye contact with Summer as it swelled from the touch. Not to be outdone, Summer’s cock did some swelling of its own. Her heart pumped blood into it as fast as it could. Alex smiled as he watched it rise inch after inch into the air.

“Wow. That’s a really, really big ‘yes.’”

“Damn thing can’t keep a secret.” Summer mumbled. “But I have a feeling you want it as much as it wants you, and yet I don’t see any bulge in your pants.”

“You’re just looking on the wrong side.” Alex hopped up onto the bed, turned around, and sat up on his knees. He gripped the elastic waistline of his pants and gave it a swift tug, freeing a dainty little tail. It was much smaller than Summer’s. He wagged it back and forth. “See?”

“Awww it’s adorable.” She cooed. “No shoes on the bed.”

“Oh silly me.”  Alex sat and pulled off his boots and socks, revealing the beginnings of little hooves. No doubt in a few days they’d look a lot like her own. “There we go. Now where were we?”

Alex returned to his knees and bent forward, presenting his ass. In this position, it was clear that it filled his loose pants far too well to be considered masculine. Slowly, he pushed his pants down past his wide hips. His buttcheeks bounced free one at a time, and they were gloriously plump. A large heart-shaped patch of fluffy white fur accentuated their shape.

Just as the pointed tip of the heart plunged between his legs, there was a pink line. Not human, but an unmistakably feminine organ nestled between his thighs. It was shaped like an elongated teardrop with a dark crease down the center that signaled a readiness to be accomodating. Like her own dick, his pussy was oversized. Not hypersexual or absurd, but indulgent: an extra helping of dessert. His tail, even fully tucked between his cheeks, was only long enough to cover the tip of it. It was like his body had made a attempt at modesty, but had decided halfway along to give up, a failure of self-control built directly into his flesh.

The whole situation seemed completely surreal. She wanted to call it a dream come true, but she had never fantasized about anything like this. She thought about Alex often when she was jacking off, but nothing so completely foreign and depraved. It was almost embarrassing how thoroughly reality was out-performing her imagination.

Summer wondered if she’d see a pair of balls drop free as he pulled his pants lower, but they never showed up. Alex finished sliding his pants down his hips, then off of his legs entirely without a hint of masculinity showing.

“Alex. You’re a girl!” Summer gasped.

Axex frowned. “No. I just have some girlish features.” He said, blushing and crossing his arms over his breasts.

“You look like a short-haired, fuzzy woman.” Summer approached Alex and touched him behind his long ears. “Delicate smooth face, narrow shoulders, petite arms.” She lowered her hand and caressed each feature as she named them. “Wide child-bearing hips. These wonderful tits.” She gently pulled his arms away, revealing Alex’s rack. Summer’s dick hovered in the narrow space between their bodies. Alex stared down at it with half lidded eyes as a small trickle of precum ran down its length. “Not to mention the fact that you have a pussy instead of a dick. You’re basically crossdressing trying to pass as a man.”

“Fine then. I’m a girl,” she said. “But if having a pussy makes me a girl, what does that make you?” She asked, looking down at Summer’s bobbing dick and heavy balls.

“Also a girl. I’ve got tits.” Summer concluded, incredulously.

“They’re smaller than mine. Let’s take a tally. Boobs is one point for female. Then we have these hefty-looking antlers. That’s a male-only feature unless I’m mistaken. Then these broad shoulders. That’s two for male.” She used her hand to touch each part as she spoke it, just like Summer had done. “Muscular arms, big strong hands.” She hadn’t realized just how big her hands had gotten until Alex used both of hers to pick up one of her own. “Then of course you have this giant, beautiful cock.” She touched it with a single finger tip and moved on, leaving Summer wanting more. “And finally these wonderful balls.” She kneeled down and caressed Summer’s balls with one of her hands. Her fingers softly prodded the soft furry skin of her scrotum and outlined the balls inside. It was a careful but confident touch, the kind that only someone who had first-hand experience having balls could achieve without causing any pain.

“Gods, they’re heavy.” Alex said, mostly to herself.

Finally, Alex’s hand slid back behind Summer’s balls and up to her taint. “I don’t feel anything back here. So I think that’s, what, fifteen points for male and only one for female?”

Summer gave a snort through her half-snout. “Fifteen? You didn’t name fifteen things.”

Alex smiled, “That package has to count for more than one.”

“I’m still not buying it.” Summer said, crossing her arms.

“Fine then. This will be the ultimate test.” Alex got back up onto the bed as sensually as she could, giving her hips a little extra sway as she moved. She stood on her hands and knees with her legs spread slightly apart.

“If you can resist plunging that big pink cock of yours into my pussy, we’ll know you’re not a man.” She flipped her tail and swayed her hips from side to side. It was hypnotic. Summer approached slowly. The motion was causing Alex’s pussy lips to shift ever so slightly against one another, coaxing more and more feminine lube from her depths. A little bead gathered at the thick lower part of her opening and dripped down onto the bed. Then the scent hit her. It was a meaty, sweaty scent. Appetizing and raw. She leaned in further. Now she could feel the heat of the organ against her muzzle as she continued swaying her hips from side to side. Back and forth. Summer reached out with her hand and touched the fat outer lips. They were so soft and moist that her finger almost slipped inside by accident. Then ever so gently, with hardly any force at all, she slowly pushed her finger between the folds. It was slick and hot inside. The swaying stopped.

The walls squeezed and pulled her finger as well as they could, but she pulled it out and popped it straight into her mouth. The taste was even better than the smell. At that point, there was nothing in Summer’s mind besides a desire to taste more, and so, without any further hesitation, she leaned in and dragged her long tongue up between the folds in front of her. She went to work lapping and twisting driving her tongue deeper and deeper into the pussy. Alex let loose a moan, sounding more like a porn star than a man. Summer huffed and snorted and lapped, sounding more like an animal than a human.

Finally her thick tongue grew accustomed to the taste and she found herself wanting more. At that moment, there was nothing left in Summer except a bestial desire to rut. So without saying anything at all, she stood up, pressed the tip of her penis against the female’s folds, and slid himself deep inside. Oh gods, it was better than anything he could have imagined. Alex’s needy pussy took each and every inch that he could give it, and it quivered around his entire shaft all at once, pushing and pulling. Alex panted, moaned and rocked her hips back and forth as Summer fucked her. His dick reached deeper and deeper with every thrust, pushing into virgin areas deep inside the female, past the point her horny fingers had undoubtedly probed. His balls swung back and forth and jostled, trying desperately to swing in accordance with the rhythm of his thrusts. But there was no rhythm, just mindless bestial lust.

Finally, he pushed himself as deep into Alex as he could. His hips pressed against her soft ass cheeks. Her pink lips kissed the tip of his sheath. His balls slapped against her thighs, but the fur cushioned the collision.

“Oh gods! You’re so deep!” She reached down to her stomach “I can feel your dick pressing up against my hand.”

Summer was too far gone to listen to the animal-woman under him. He rocked his hips back and then forward again. Alex dropped her hand back onto the bed for stability and moaned so loud there was no way the people in the rooms around her couldn’t hear. He leaned forward and groped Alex’s breasts as he finally started working his thrusts into a rhythm. He pinched her nipples, eliciting a sharp intake of breath.

His penis felt immaterial, like a white hot poker that disappeared and mingled with the essense of the being he was fucking. He knew that feeling of building climax so well now, but this one was different. It built and built as his mind melted into a soup of pleasure without any sort of thoughts at all. His balls drew up to his crotch as close as they could as they could. In the back of his mind, he noticed the pussy he was fucking clenching and unclenching around his penis, signaling Alex’s own orgasm, but his was an intense building pressure that he could only possibly release by fucking this woman as hard as he could.

Finally, the dam burst. Summer drove himself so deep inside of Alex that his sheath disappeared a couple inches into her. His muscles spasmed, shooting pulse after pulse of cum deep inside of his mate. Just as the build up had lasted forever, so did the orgasm. He could only imagine the sheer volume of the fluid that he was pumping into his mate. Eventually it started to die down, and the two sat there, frozen for a while. Summer’s dick was shrinking inside of Alex, pulling back into its sheath without ever touching the air. By the time he withdrew, there were only a few inches of dick to be seen.

Alex stood up on her knees and grunted.

“Oh I’m soo full. . “  She flexed her pussy and a small geyser of cum flooded out of her pussy onto the bed. It made a soft bubbling raspberry sound as it subsided. “Sorry.”

A voice in the back of Summer’s mind told him to be upset about the mess or grossed out or something, but it was very quiet and easily ignored. Instead, he flopped down on the bed next to Alex and sighed contentedly. She laid down next to him and snuggled up against him. Summer leaned down and give her forehead a kiss.

“I think I’m falling in love with you, Alex.”

“Same,” she replied sweetly. The bed was soft, the room was just the right temperature, and Summer felt completely at east. The earlier events of the day seemed like they were a lifetime ago. Instead he thought about how excited he was to be laying next to such a perfect woman as his afterglow carried him off to sleep.

Chapter Eight

Summer opened the curtains. It was nearly eight at night, but golden rays of sun still flooded into the room.

Alex shot up in bed and pulled the sheet up to cover her breasts. “Summer, the curtains! People will--” She yawned. “Ah fuck it.” She stretched, stood up, and walked over to the window. There were people down below, but none of them seemed to notice the mutants up above, or none of them cared if they did.

Then there was a dull buzzing sound from Summer’s purse. It was his phone. He reached in and answered without checking the name.


“You have a lot of explaining to do!” Shouted an angry, tinny voice. Summer had to move the phone farther away from his sensitive ear.

“Cynthia? Is that you? What’s wrong?”

“Yes it’s me, you asshole! You said you weren’t contagious!”

“I didn’t think I was. . .” Summer mumbled.

“Well, then how do you explain the fact that I woke up with a cock this morning?”

“Oh! What’s it like?”

“What? What do you mean what’s it like? It’s a human dick and balls and my vagina is gone.”

“I’m sorry, Cynthia. I didn’t know. I’m sure you’ll learn to love it eventually.”

“I can’t even begin to think about that right now. I’m going to to hospital, and you should too before you infect anyone else. I’ll see you there.”

With that she hung up the phone.

“Cynthia? Who’s that?” asked Alex.

Summer took a deep breath. “Alex, I have something kind of difficult to tell you.”

Her ears perked up. “Go on.”

“Earlier this week I. . kind of hooked up with a girl I know named Cynthia. It didn’t mean anything! I just needed the sex, and I wasn’t sure we were even still together one of the times.”

Alex visibly relaxed. “Oh, good. I thought something horrible had happened.”

“You don’t care?” Summer asked.

“No, I mean I’m okay with it. Our relationship was very wishy-washy for a while, and we have certain needs now. But this seems like the right time to mention that I also hooked up with someone the other night.”

Summer’s ears stood at attention. “What? You found someone who wanted to hook up with a mutant too? I thought Cynthia was the only one.”

She nodded. “Yeah actually it was my roommate, Ben. He walked in on me fingering myself one night. I was so embarrassed, and he said he would tell everyone that I was a mutant if I didn’t let him fuck me.”

Summer felt the fur on the back of her neck bristle up. “That bastard! You poor thing!”

Alex shrugged. “Honestly I still would have done it if he hadn’t been blackmailing me. He didn’t even try to proposition me without the threat. It doesn’t compare at all to sex with you, though.”

“Same as sex with Cynthia.” Summer nodded. “Normal humans just can’t hang.” Then he had a realization. “She was calling me to say that I’m contagious. She grew a dick today! I couldn’t have infected you, could I?”

They both thought for a while.

“No I don’t think so,” Alex finally said. “We hadn’t touched or anything before our first date.” A devilish grin spread across her face. “If I’m contagious too then Ben is in for a big surprise.”

Summer nodded. “Good. Serves him right for fucking MY girlfriend.” He leaned down and planted a kiss on Alex’s head. “Cynthia is going to the hospital now, and we should probably do the same. Ben should too. You better call him and break the news.”

“The look on his face is going to be priceless! I can’t believe I’m going to miss it.“ Alex picked up her phone and started dialing.  “I’m also a little sad we’re going to miss the Solstice Ball tomorrow night. Oh well. Small price to pay for finding love, I suppose.”

While Alex made her phone call, Summer stood in the window deep in thought, mind wandering. Alex seemed to punctuate her side of the conversation for his benefit, but he wasn’t paying much attention. After a short while, he hung up.

“Oh man, he was pissed!” Summer nodded but didn’t say anything. “What’s gotten into you? What are you thinking about?”

“I think I’ve come up with a plan,” Summer said, turning to face her. “We’re going to have to wait to go to the hospital.”

“What kind of a plan?”

“A crazy one. But it needs to be dark outside.”

Alex looked outside. “It looks like we have a couple hours of daylight left. Want to fuck to pass the time? We haven’t tried missionary yet,” she cooed in a sing-songy voice.

“There is nothing I would rather do,” Summer smiled.

By the time they were done fucking, it was very dark outside. Then they fucked one more time for good measure. Finally, Summer decided it was dark enough to put his plan into motion. He wrapped a sheet around himself, grabbed his key ring, and passed out into the night. No one was out and about at this time in the evening, so he made it all the way back to the auditorium in the center of the campus without being seen.

He approached the door, produced the keyring, and opened it up. The class president was always given a skeleton key to the Academy’s facilities as a symbol of trust. No doubt he would be stripped of that position and expelled for indecent exposure after the day’s events, but for now he still had it. He tried his best to be silent as he slipped inside the great hall, but it had the kind of acoustics that made that impossible. Every little clattering of his hooves echoed loudly through the emptiness. All of the chairs had been cleared out in the afternoon, and it was halfway set up and decorated to host the ball. He walked down to the far end past the stage and again used the key to get open up another door. This door led to the kitchen. It was shared between the cafeteria and the Ball, and this was where the food would be prepared for the big event. He let the sheet drop to the ground and got to work.

Each year on the solstice, the cooking club had their big annual bake-off. Guests of the ball would taste and judge their cooking and a big vote would be taken to determine who the winner would be. Each contestant would be pulling out all the stops, and everyone always looked forward to it. This was the kitchen they would cook their cakes in, and the one where the rest of the event’s food would be prepared. All the ingredients were already here. Summer opened up the refrigerator and pulled all of the jugs of milk onto the floor. He brought his hand down and rubbed his sheath until he got an erection and started jacking off.

Summer had been thinking about his new status as a mutant. It occurred to him that in this community, mutants were classic scapegoats. They existed as the lowest caste only to be used to lift everyone else up above them. He had done it several times himself as he gathered social power and influence. However, now that he himself was a mutant, he wasn’t looking forward to living on the other side of the fence. He didn’t want to be expelled. He didn’t want to have to finish his education in some special school far away from all the people and places that he knew. Changing everyone's minds would take generations of work. Putting down mutants was such an easy way to elevate oneself that it was almost unthinkable that the change would come easily. He simply didn’t have the patience.

Fate had presented him with a very tantalizing opportunity.

Summer imagined how he would have reacted if he had heard about a mutant jacking off into the food a month ago. He could never have pictured herself doing something like that, and yet here he was, furiously stroking his shaft over a massive jug of milk. Had he gone insane? He didn’t feel crazy. What did it feel like to go crazy? He felt his lust ebbing and decided to stop thinking about his mental health and instead think about Alex’s ass.

He reached out for a measuring cup as he felt his orgasm approach and held it out in front of his dick. He carefully aimed into the container and let loose with a grunt. Even spent as his balls were, he still managed to produce nearly four tablespoons of cum. Not bad at all. Next,
he unscrewed the jugs of milk and poured a little bit of his still-hot cum into each one.

Then he moved on to the contains of flour and sugar. He opened them up, leaned over them, plunged his fingertips deep into his fur and scratched wildly. Little bits of dandruff floated down into the ingredients like snow. He pulled out all the clean serving platters and punch bowls and licked them all. He mixed his cum into a big vat of frosting in the fridge, and scratched his back with all of the toothpicks that would eventually be stabbed into each of the hors d'oeuvres. He made the rounds inside the kitchen and left not a single piece of cutlery untainted. When he was done, he painstakingly put everything perfectly back into place and grabbed his sheet from the floor. It really was time to get back to Alex and head to the hospital. It was time to disappear for a little while.

==___ ;,-,y___==

Summer shivered as he opened the classroom door and walked straight into a blast of cold, autumn air. That was one of the downsides of going naked full-time: coldsnap days. His winter coat couldn't grow fast enough.

It was surprising just how normal walking through the Academy felt despite the fact that so much had changed. This was his first week back at school after being expelled then re-enrolled. They never would have let him back in if it weren't for the sudden outbreak of B-virus.

It turned out that’s what the disease was called, and it was pretty well-known throughout the rest of the continent and now here too. After all, almost half the school had been infected with it at the Solstice Ball. The outbreak had been quickly contained thanks to a vaccine that was shipped up from Downhill, a distant town where the virus was discovered. The treatment prevented carriers from spreading the disease but did nothing for the symptoms. Everyone infected turned into an animal-human hybrid of the opposite sex within a few months. Usually the changes erred more on the animal side than human, although most people managed to retain their powers of speech and upright stance. Most. Summer’s changes were all finished now. His head was fully that of a buck deer, massive twelve-point rack of antlers and all. His breasts had gone the way of muscled pecs a month ago. Overall, he liked the look.

All sorts of animal hybrid creatures, most naked, bastled through the halls. He apologized after almost stepping on a mouse girl, and had to rush out of the way of a musclebound rhinoceros jock. Most of the victims of the outbreak returned to school after being inoculated with the vaccine. Only those whose transformation might be dangerous to themselves or others remained under the hospital’s watch while they changed. This included people turning into fish, venomous creatures, invertebrates, and the like. Summer really felt bad for those people because he was, after all, mostly responsible for their predicament.

No one ever found any evidence that he was to blame for contaminating the food at the ball, but a good number of people suspected him anyway. For this reason, the student body’s feelings about Summer varied greatly from person to person. He was no longer the most popular person in school. That honor went to Janet who just so happened to be fasting during the Ball and remained human. She quickly pivoted to a very accepting and body-positive stance while half the students were transforming and bridged the gap between the infected and non infected.

The core group still met up at the same table, but Summer was no longer welcome. He glanced over as he walked by and caught a pretty nasty glare from Becky. She had decided to keep her original name and gender identity despite turning into a hairless, male sphynx cat creature. She was one of the few transformees to still wear clothes, and they were very often the girliest clothes she could find. Today it was an orange dress and a felt hat with a magnolia pinned to it. She licked her pink, exposed shoulder with a rough tongue.

Not everyone at the table was so cold. Gracy —now Gray — gave a friendly wave as Summer walked by. He had a lot to be thankful for, as he had turned into a devilishly handsome male snow leopard. He was making waves across the continent for his pioneering approach to “tail dancing,” and was extremely popular with women everywhere, transformed or not. Janet ignored Summer. To her, he was probably at best a complication and at worst competition. He didn't mind, though. He had no desire to return to the world of social politics.

Just then a white-furred rabbit hybrid hopped from the crowd.

“Hey Summer! Where you headed?” he asked.

“Hello, Cyn. Just going to meet Alex.” Summer smiled.

“Very sweet. You two are such a great couple,” he beamed, showing off his buck teeth. “Hey, whaddya say we jump into one of the nap rooms for a quicky? I know you can be quick if you put your mind to it.” He winked.

“Very tempting, but she’s expecting, and I really shouldn’t be late.”

“Come on. . . “ The rabbit hopped in front of Summer and raised his butt in the air. “I’ve been stretching myself out all morning. I’m sure I could take the whole thing right now.”

Cynthia had really gotten insatiable since he was infected, and he was absolutely obsessed with ass-play. Summer was starting to wonder if he even attended classes anymore.

“I’ll find you later today, how about that?”

Cyn jumped impossibly high. “Yay! I knew I could count on you, Summer.” He reached around, slapped Summer’s ass, then turned and hopped away. “Hey, Al! How’s it going?”

A few of the vanillasm a newly coined term to refer to untransformed individualsm looked grossed out at the blatant proposition, but Summer just laughed.  He wondered how long they could go on being disgusted all day every day. Most of the people who hadn’t been infected at the ball were shy or loners anyway, and overt bullying of transformees was pretty rare. In fact, Summer had been involved in both of the two most recent bullying events that resulted in expulsions. One was during his speech as the victim, and the other up on the hill when he forced Sasha to strip naked. He wrote a formal letter of apology to the cow girl and asked the school to re-enroll her, but she wrote back saying that she had no interest in coming back, that her luxury cheese business was doing very well thank-you-very-much, and no, she did not accept his apology.

Fair enough.

The Academy was a much safer place for transformees in general, now. A few people that had been transformed for reasons entirely unrelated to the outbreak started coming out. The most surprising was a girl whose body beneath the neck was nothing more than a mass of tentacles. She had managed to remain unnoticed for two years using a cloak draped over a wooden mannequin that she controlled like a puppet. The faculty had to attend “transformee awareness” seminars to teach them how to accommodate transformed students in the classroom. Students were even allowed to masturbate in class as long as they weren’t disruptive about it.

Summer watched a skunk-woman walking by with a small retinue in tow. She was one of the more interesting cases from the outbreak. At first, her case seemed to follow all the normal patterns of the disease: Human male turned female skunk person. But soon it came to light that the scent of her spray was actually extremely addictive. It was said that once you’re hit with the scent twice, it no longer bothers you. Three times and you start to enjoy it. Four or more and you begin to crave it. Now she had a small band of people she called “slaves” that followed her around wherever she went.  At least one of them had once been an academic that was sent out specifically to study her, but now gladly did her bidding for a chance to get hit with the spray again.

Finally, the fountain came into view. Alex was sitting at the edge, waiting patiently, no doubt watching for him with those big, herbivore eyes he had gotten from his pronghorn antelope side. She rose to her legs carefully when she saw Summer and waved.

“There you are!” She said, smiling. “What took you so long?”

“Sorry. Stopped to talk to Cyn for a moment.” They hugged, and he licked her cheek, a small gesture of affection they had adopted.

“How are you two?” Summer asked. He placed his hand on Alex’s stomach. It seemed even bigger than it was that morning.

“We are excellent. Happy and kicking.” She returned a lick.

The two sat together for a while and watched the autumn leaves fall. There were going to be a lot of changes coming, and the future was ever uncertain. At least they faced the next change in their lives, they had each other.

The End


Re: Summer Bucks the Trend

Honestly? I normally don't like furries at all, but this story is so well written and includes quite the right amount of other weirdness that i might even change my attitude towards them ;-)


Re: Summer Bucks the Trend

I agree! You do a great job of writing realistic dialogue and using the right amount of detail. Hope to read more from you in the future!


Re: Summer Bucks the Trend

I rarely go out of my way to read furry TF stories, because so many of them are so rote and routine to the point of not feeling alien at all. Part of what makes this story so great is how you used each part of the slow change to accentuate and bring back that feeling of exoticness to an otherwise ordinary furry transformation. Being able to tie that with great characterization was key to making it feel natural and relatable.


Re: Summer Bucks the Trend

Must also say well done, I enjoyed the story immensely, and I normally loathe furry stories.  This was well-handled, well done and fits the setting well.