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The "Bargain Basement" bin
Unending BE - episode 684

The bargain basement bin was nothing more than a box full of random clothes that were once apart of a costume. Jim saw a bunch of interesting items, but nothing that struck him fancy. He wanted to get Sharon the best present in the world (or at least a really cool gag gift). Then he saw it. The perfect gift. The perfect gag gift. He ran the item up front to the old man in the front and bought it.

The old man said "This has been in that bin for quite a time. I can't even remember when I placed it there. Oh well. Here you go sir and I hope you have fun with this..."

*strap-on dildo.

Jim gleefully stuck the item into the bag, and hurried out to his car. Placing the bag beside him, he sped off to Sharon's house, eager to show her the great gag gift he bought he.

As he handed the bag to her, he made sure to tell her that it WAS a gag gift. Even so, she had a stunned look on her face as she withdrew the item and stared at it.

It was a twenty-inch long flesh-toned plastic dildo with massive plastic balls. Hollow on the inside for the first half of the shaft, it also boasted a series of flesh-toned straps to hold it in place.

*...strapped it on her face, over her mouth

Sharon burst out laughing! What a strange gift! Only Jim would be silly enough to give his girlfriend a strap-on dildo for her birthday!

Sharon smiled and said "This is a gag gift alright!". She strapped the hollow dildo onto her face, over her mouth. Giggling, she chased Jim around the room, jokingly threatening to use the dildo on him. They ended up on the bed together, arms around each other. Then Sharon felt a tingle, and something pushing against the inside of her teeth.

"What the fuck?" she tried to say, but it came out more like "Whahh la hwuck?" Jim stopped giggling and looked up at his girlfreind. Sharon unstrapped the dildo and let it fall from her face.

Jim cried out in horror! Two massive balls, about the size of the ones on the dildo, hung from her chin! Horrified, Jim pulled her mouth open and saw his fears confirmed. Her tounge had changed into a large flaccid penis! Sharon stared at Jim wide-eyed. She tried to say something, but her speech was distorted by the dick. She ran to the mirror to see for herself.

How horrible! Sharon collapsed to the ground with her face in her hands and started to sob.

*Sharon suddenly realized who gave her the dildo! She grabbed the strap-on dildo and tried to get some revenge.

Sharon pinned Jim and growled, he would pay for this! So she....

*shoved the dildo into is mouth and straped it on him!


Re: The New Toy

Jim tried to cry out, but no sound escaped his lips! He panniced as he felt a strange sensation in his mouth and hurriedly removed the dildo. Jim wanted to yell at Sharon, but discovered that still no sound escaped his lips! When he touched his lips, he discovered the reason: Where just a minute ago his mouth had been, he now felt the vertical lips of his new mouth-pussy!! Sharon saw Jim's eyes widen in horror as he tried to understand what had just happened. Sharon on the other hand found the sight of his hairless (Jim always kept his face clean of any stubble) wet slit strangely arousing. She decided ...

*...that Jim deserved a "tongue kiss" for enduring this ordeal.

Jim felt his face disbelievingly, fingers groping desperately and trying to find a mouth. Unfortunately all he discovered was the familiar folds of a woman's labia and a nub that HAD to be a clitoris, from the feelings it released. Sharon took the opportunity to give jim a kiss and all he was aware of was the cock that was her tongue pushing into his mouth, sliding in without resistance. His Eyes popped out as he felt her cock slide into his moist new hole and bump the back of his throat. equally confusing were the sensations. As sharon began sliding her new tongue in and out Jim came to a quick decision...

*...to rub the wetness from his slit under his nose.

Sharon continued rubbing his mouth-pussy and smeared the wetness under Jim's Nose, while commenting on what a horny little cunt he had. She noticed that slowly she grew accustomed to speaking with her new "tongue", as hard as it was (literally, at the moment). For poor Jim on the other hand there was little chance of ever uttering anything other than the slurping sounds he made at the moment. Meanwhile, Jim struggled with his feelings of anger, fear, desperation as well as the arousal that his wet slit as well as his stiff cock betrayed. Sharon then...

*shoved the dildo up Jims ass!

As Sharon shoved the dildo in farther, Jim felt something warm. He never expected the dildo to be as warm as when it was in its hand. The dildo has turned into a complete dick with balls hanging from his ass. They had been permanently stuck up his ass. He tried to pull them out but he started to scream. "If you want it out," Sharon said, "you have to suffer by pushing your dick into your ass until you cum." Jim, feeling so embarrassed didn't want to do it but he did. At first he was a little questionable but he felt great. He wished in the back of his head that he could do that for the rest of his life. He pushed the dick farther into his ass as he was masturbating his main one. After awhile, his cum was shot through in waves. He felt amazing! Sharon, seeing that he did meet the demands...

*did something really odd...

Sharon laughed at the slurping noises that escaped Jim's lips, Sharon thought he deserved more punishment for turning her tongue into a dick. Sharon grabbed the dildo, and strapped it on right above her pussy and let it take effect, she then removed it and strapped it on on her pussy, waited for it to take effect, then strapped it on just below her two new cocks. She then proceeded to turn Jim into Pussy Man (Insert ominous music here.). She held he dildo over each of Jim's nipples and cackled evvily as they turned to glistening slits.She then got another idea and put the dildo over each of her nipples and waited for them to turn into cocks while Jim fainted...... Jim awoke several hours later and thought to himself, " woah, that was one fucked up dream." just then he heard Sharon walk in. He looked up and tried to say, "Hey baby!" but it came out ," slurp sluurrrp sluurrp" he rubbed around his eyes and brushed the sand from them, then he saw that Sharon was like a pincusion of cocks, dangling from everywhere, well, not exactly dangling, all of them looked pretty damn hard to him.

Then Sharon said in a slurry voice, " thats what you get for making my TONGUE of all things into a cock." He thought to himself, "whats what i get?" then he looked down and tried to gape in horror, but couldnt due to his mouth being a pussy, as were his nipples, 4 clustered around his nipples, his ass, his belly button, five in a cross on his crotch, TWENTY THREE in several rows on his chest, 3 on his forehead (oddly enough he didn't feel any lack of brain function), five on each ass cheek, five down the inside of each arm, and 7 in a row along his side and back where someone would put their arms if grabbing his ass while hugging him, and one on his neck. He looked at Sharon again and noticed that the cocks were in corresponding positions except that all her fingers and thumbs. Then he noticed.... As he noticed that she was still holding the dildo, Jim recoiled in fear as she walked up to him."Don be afraid hon, i went to the magic shop after you passed out and got a spell that wil fix all of this, whats better is that i memorized it, so we can do this all the time now." Then she.....

Then she sat on him, pinning him, and then started to hold the dildo over one of his eyes, waiting for it to take effect, " SLUUUUURRRRP SLUUURRRP!!!!!!!!" he 'slurped'."Don't worry Jim! in five hours you'll be good as new, oh, by the way, i stuck it in your 'mouth' and it gave you a tongue just like mine" Just then, his left eye turned into yet another slit. Sharon then held it over her eye and then slid it off after it had taken effect. Jim tried to struggle free but Sharon whacked him on the head with the dildo, "Stay still dammit!" Sharon said as she held the dildo over his remaining eye, she removed it several seconds later, leaving Jim blind and riddled with holes. A several minutes later he felt the dildo being shoved up his 'ass' (as it had turned into a pussy too), heavily lubed with KY jelly. Then... Jim 'slurped' in pain as his skin stretched as he grew breasts, they stopped around 32C, not exactly big, but big enough for what Sharon was wanting to enjoy, which was..... Jim shuddered with pleasure as he felt 12 cocks slide into his body, one in each tit, one between his tits, three in his crotch, one in his 'ass' ( the fake one, but it didn't feel any less alive than the rest), one on his bnelly, one in his 'mouth', on in his neck, and one in each 'eye'.

He moved his body and flexed all of his vagianal muscles on them as he rippled with passon against Sharon's multitude of cocks. Suddenly he felt this amazing fluid warmth flowing through his body as he and sharon orgasmed countless times together. Sharon ripped her tongue out of his 'mouth' and screamed with pleasure.

Jim fainted again, and when he woke up, all was the normal except........ What was Jim thinking? Everything was back to normal. He walked out into Sharon's kitchen and opened the fridge and grabbed a beer as he was thinking, "Damn, I'm gonna go pound the shit outta that guy for not telling me what the dildo did..." Then he walked back in Sharon's bedroom and sat down on the bed next to her, he leaned over and said, "Hey, wake up baby." in an unusually high voice. But before he had time to ponder that, Sharon rolled over and.....

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