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The Carnival Of Transformations
Unending BE - episode 644

As the virtual reality device swept him away, Jim wondered what he was getting into.

He found himself standing in front of a carnival barker:

"Welcome young man! Just step through one of the doors and find yourself transformed to a new and better self! Looky here we've got lots...."

Jim wondered which he should choose:

*The Tent of Changing your Species


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Jim was surprised to find the tent larger inside than out.there were three panels in front of him

*Become an Morphic animal

Jim sees two more flaps. One with the symbol found on the men's bathroom, The other the lady's room.

*Jim heads into the Femme zone

Jim enters the flap to the female area. He sees row upon row of trans- parent cylinders. Each has a picture of the animal morph you'll become. ON each Cylinder there's panel with a toggle switch, labeled, Heat <* >Regular. He also see a sign reading, "Choose a cylinder, set switch, remove your clothes and step in." "Your clothes will be alter for your new body as your changed." "We accept no responsibility for the actions or knocking up of patrons once they leave thier Cylinders."

*Try the well built Vixen (Set to heat)

Jim steps into the cylinder without paying attention to the swtich. He sets his clothes down. A strange green goo flows out and makes his feet tingle and feel nice. He starts getting a hard on as the ooze flows up him. As it reaches his knees he feels his toes stretch and grow claws. Fluid reaches past his waist and he starts to shrinnk, his feet change shape forcing him to walk on his toes. His cock starts to shrink and he thinks "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea!" Jim's nipples grow larger and he feels the beginnings of a large fluffy tail pushing out above his ass. The goo seems to dissolve his cock, replacing it with a cute little pussy that is quickly surrounded by red fur. Her breasts start to bud, grow larger. Then another pair blossoms under them, and another. Jim starts running her hands from breast to breast and now her pussy is wet for another reason

Her face pushes out into a muzzle, her ears become large and pointy, and she can see fur sweeping up her body, over her siz small breasts. At last her luxurious coat covers her from head to foot. Then Jim finds that

*Something goes wrong


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Just as Jim expected the process to be over, he could see the control panel beginning to light up like a christmas tree. Even through the thick glass, she could hear alarms going off with her newly enhanced hearing. Jim was worried, the door wouldn't budge no matter how hard she pushed at it. Her claws scratched at the seemingly glass tube, but they didn't even nick it.

Suddenly the once pleasure of her transformation turned to pain. She clutched her sides and assumed a fetal position as she felt a new set of arms tear out through her flesh just below her existing arms. Her ass grew wider and wider. Another pussy grew in next to the first one. Jim gasped, releasing air bubbles into the now bloodied red goo. A third leg grew between the two pussies. Waves of discomfort and pain traveled up and down her body. Her body contorting in surreal ways. Yet another row of legs formed as her ass streteched away from her body, complete with another pair of pussies. Five more tails grew from her ass as her ass itself split in two.

Her breasts migrated to the sides as a new nipple grew between each row. 9 nipples also grew along her new lower torso. Then all at once, they all increased in size until they were each about a DD. The pain entered her head as it felt like someone grabbed each side of her face and pulled. She couldn't take much more of this. She had to escape. Outside Jim noticed carnival workers scrambling to free her. But her attention was soon back on herself as yet another pair of arms shot out. Her fingers grew about 5 inches long with deadly claws on the ends. Her toes did the same. They also grew thicker. Suddenly they began to split at the tips, just as Jim heard a *Plunk* as the hinge pins holding the door closed, were driven out by her rescuers......

*Jim looks at herself in a mirror in horror

Jim was still stunned as the rescuers pulled her out of the tube. "Relax Ma'am... there was a little malfunction." "Ya think?!" Jim replied in a higher pitched voice that took her by surprise. "Where's a mirror? Get me a MIRROR!" she cried. "Right this way ma'am," The rescuer replied, "Right over here."

*As they turned the corner, WOAH! there was really a mirror there!

Jim stared in complete shock at what she had become. The first thing she had noticed was her face and head. It had stretched out to the point her fox muzzle more resembled the snout of a Crocodile, yet still vulpine. Her nose now had three nostrils. Above this were three gorgeous blue eyes that both looked confused and furious. A pair of rams horns adorned her forehead, and four foxy ears now resided on the top of her head.

A waterfall of golden blonde hair cascaded back down over her shoulders, and shoulders, and shoulders... Not stopping until it reached her new second back. Jim was about to have a nervous breakdown. Her hands were slowly tracing out her new body. Jim saw why her fingers were growing wider during the transformation. She was going to end up with ten of them on each hand. But since the door was opened abruptly and the transformation cut short, each of her finger resembeled a "Y" shape, splitting off right at her joint.

Looking down, she saw nothing but 9 DD-sized breasts jockeying for space on her slightly widened chest. Looking in the mirror didn't help much either. So she jumped up and put her new fore-paws against the wall on either side of the mirror, and her new third leg dead center of the glass. The first thing she noticed was her toes. They had transformed similarly to her fingers. The second major thing she noticed was a second group of nine breasts, the same size as the ones on her chest, dangling down off her lower torso.

She dropped back down to all sixes and looked at herself from the rear. There she found her third and fourth pussies slightly under her two assholes. Theses were adorned by six tails, three each above her holes. Everyone sat by, stunned and silent until Jim screamed.....

*Wait! Why do I still feel tingly?


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As Jim started to scream, he felt a sever tingling from his new rear cunnys. Stopping her quickly turned around to place ihis rear to the mirrors and raised his tails to see just what was going on. Something was growing just beneath his pussys! Leaning downward, Jim lifted a rearleg and soon recognized what was growing, balls, four of them each becoming a bit large...then a penis formed and grew forward, actually two of them. Jim watched as each grew...

*...between all his lower breasts and between his forelegs...

Jim watch as he saw his (twin) penis (penii?) grow from his (rear)groin up his (lower) chest toward his breasts. The rapid growth slowed just as each penile head reach the closest breast valley. As each head sank into the tit-fles valley, Jim not only felt each cock being given a tit-massage, each titpair was also getting a cock massage!!

Jim quickly straighten up as the pleasure built, his hand all came around to massage six of his upper breasts to enhance the feelings. The sensations ebbed somewhat as each head 'broke' into the clear (though the shafts were still being massaged) then plunged into the second tit set (double twin tit-fucks!) then the ebb and flow increased when they heads came between the last set of tits. Jim then had 4 female orgasms as his hips (both sets) began a rocking motion in time with his penile growth. Jim had a massive twin male orgasm (and four more 'lesser' female ones) as both heads grew between his forelegs, cum landing in a stream a few feet in front of him. Even the attendants were suprised when...

#1 ...each penile head became a full fox head...
#2...Jim's foreclit grew into oversized foxcocks...
#3...both 1 and 2 happened...
#4*...Jim bolted forward as he heard Sharon scream (with 1,2 or 3 happening)...


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Due to the orgasmic haze, Jim didn't even know he had moved when he burst out into another tent. He really wasn't aware on what was happening to him, only that something needed to be ... done? Enhanced senses (three noses!) lead him, unknowingly, into another area where attendants were scattering from ... Sharon? Jim recovered and saw a Sharon that was ...

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