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Topic: So, which beings are completely immune to transformations

Me and Demon Man have been conversing PM lately and he said that while canonly only Demons (well especially Greater Demons) and maybe Avatars are immune to transformations (or Mana) in the world of beliali/Assiah but non-canonly though I wonder what else should be immune to transformations?

Of course I'm assuming you can't transform a corpse since I'm speculating that Mana only effects living things while Demon Man also told me that while Undead and Vampires don't exist in Assiah but lets say if you dropped one into that world, since they're dead that means that cannot be Transformed anyways?

Therefore probably as a Vampire for example, I should be able to transverse the world of beliali or rather Assiah safely without the prospect of getting transformed even by Greater Demons since maybe beings like Vampires, Werewolves, etc would be considered Demons in Assiah?

Also what if a dropped a Necroscope Vampire or a Tzimisce into Assiah now that would be a interesting story...

Or maybe I could create a Belial Vampire by scratch in a Extended Universe who are inspired by Necroscope and Tzimisce who have transforming/mana abilities and maybe possibility of "Dark Mana" that could animate corpses or turn people into not sexual beings but rather completely monstrous abominations found in "John Carpenters The Thing" and other splatterpunk type monsters?

And as for Werewolves...maybe a modified version of the B-Virus using that same "Dark Mana" that turns people into monsterous giant hulking wolves that tear people apart or rather they have a shapeshifting feature?

Rather...I wonder how to introduce shapeshifting for everyone in this setting anyways.