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Is it shameful to plug my own story? Probably, but this one is ripe for adding to. Each day Jon wakes up to a new reality. You probably won't like everything, but hopefully you'll like something.

It kind of ran out of steam (I got distracted by other stuff) but anyone can add the next day.......


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Jon groggily looked over at the blaring alarm clock, ugh 6:08 AM? Shit, he had been sleeping through his alarm clock for 8 whole minutes already! He probably wouldn't have time to eat breakfast now. Jon got out of bed and rushed into the bathroom to shower. After quickly (by his standards) showering and getting dressed and gathering up all his crap Jon barely had enough time to run out the door by 7. He had less than half an hour to walk to Karyn's and then walk with her to school.

Jon was walking briskly towards Karyn's house, trying not to be late for her again. Whenever he was late Karyn half heatedly threatened to not wait for him in the mornings. Jon was worried eventually she would follow through on her threat.

Along the way to Karyn's Jon noticed something very strange. A lady in a pink ruffled shirt was walking her dog. That in itself wasn't strange, Jon saw this woman some mornings but today it was what she was wearing that was odd. At first Jon thought he was seeing things, but no, this lady was walking around with crotchless pants on! Jon did his best not to stare, but the woman's pants clearly had no crotch in them and she had no underwear on either. Her naked vulva was out and in full view to the world!

Chuckling quietly to himself at the crazy dog lady's wardrobe choice today Jon continued on his way to Karyn's. About a block later however Jon saw another woman out and about with no pants on whatsoever! Next a young woman on a bike rode by with only a spandex bike top and leg warmers on. By the time Jon got to Karyn's he had seen 5 women out in public without any sort of clothing covering their groins!

When Jon finally arrived at Karyn's he was about to tell her about all the bizarre women running around bottomless when he saw that Karyn too was nude from the waist down!

With Jon's eyes obviously wide with shock Karyn asked him, "Ummm, Jon what's wrong?"

Jon just looked up at Karyn, trying hard not to let his eyes drift down to her exposed genitalia while he was talking to her. "Uh, Karyn, is something going on? How come so many women aren't wearing any sort of...pants today?"

Karyn just said, "Tsk. Because it's WARM out, duh? Why the hell would I want to put on pants when it's like 80 degrees out."

"But" Jon stammered, "What about underwear, why don't you have any underwear on?"

Karyn looked at Jon like he was mental. "Umm Gee Jon, I'm going to go with..I'M NOT A GUY! How's that for a reason? Now stop being weird and let's go, you're late AGAIN."

As she spoke Karyn reached down to scratch her hairy naked crotch absentmindedly, as though it were no big deal to do so in public. Fuck, for some reason apparently it WAS no big deal for women to do that in public all of a sudden...

Thinking he was on some sort of bizarre reality gag show as soon as he got to school, Jon rushed into the school computer lab and booted up one of the ancient XP machines that still had a bulky CRT monitor on it. When it FINALLY loaded Jon loaded up trusty Google and did a search for:

"women nude crotches"

After sifting through the few Wikipedia articles Google always seemed to return first, Jon learned it was considered highly inappropriate for adult women to cover their genitals in any way! It seemed in a few states it was even illegal. He continued to go back and click on more links in the results but they ALL returned the same thing. Not only were women walking around with their muffs on display today, but according to the all of internet, they had been doing that since...ALWAYS! The only exceptions apparently were things like if it was very cold outside. Jon just stared at the buzzing old computer screen slack jawed and confused. There's no way a reality gag show could alter the entire internet for a joke, whatever was going on was REAL.

But, what the HELL was going on?

When Jon finally got to class he saw that every female member of the class was sitting in their desks either totally nude below the waist or wearing some sort of clothing with no crotch. With them sitting at open desks, Jon could clearly see each and every pussy of his female classmates as he made his way towards his desk in back. NO ONE thought anything was amiss except for him.

Jon truly wished he knew what was going on, he felt like he was crazy. If only he had a magic wand or a genie or something.....

What Jon couldn't possibly know is that the day before he HAD made a magical wish. He had been having a hard time deciding on what to wish for, so, he he had wished that for the next 30 days he would forget about the wishing stone and that each morning at 6:08 am the world would change in "a random sexy way", but that only HE would be aware of it. So now for the next 29 days each morning when the clock struck 6:08 the previous day's changes would be undone and a whole new sexy world would await Jon to discover with only Jon remembering the previous changes and the world before the changes. At the end of the 30 days everything would return to normal, he would regain the stone, and all the memories the wish had taken from him would be restored. Jon had figured that if he liked one of his new random surprise realities enough, he just might wish for it to be permanent.

As Jon slept that night weary from an odd day, the clock slowly ticked it's way back to 6:08 AM.

"Blow Job Day" by Monsta on Sun Jan 5 21:37:52 2014

Jon had had a hard time sleeping that night given all the strangeness of the day. Things like this just didn't happen outside of the Twilight Zone. And yet, it WAS happening, it was real.

The next morning Jon's alarm clock went off at 6 am but he was already awake to shut it off. He went to his laptop and sought to see if he could find some answers. All he found though were more bare female genitals. Keep in mind Jon was NOT upset at looking at female genitals, it's just that he wanted to know why women were so freely showing them off now.

But then, suddenly when Jon clicked on a link he saw a woman WITH pants on. In fact all of a sudden all the women had their clothes on again. Well, it was still the internet so maybe 40% of women had their clothes on, which meant things were back to normal. Looking over at the family photo sitting on his desk he was relieved to see that both his mother and his sister Zoe had covered groins once again. Yesterday at family dinner he had seen some things he had rather NOT seen.

Jon struggled to understand why everything had suddenly returned to normal. Then he wondered, had things ever really been not normal? Was he drugged? Had it all been a crazy dream? Jon shook his head and looked at the clock in the lower right corner of his computer screen: 6:12AM. Shit, he was even later than yesterday!

When Jon went downstairs he said a rushed goodbye to his fully clothed family and set off for Karyn's. Along the way he saw the dog walking woman again. This time she was wearing a pink and green diagonally striped shirt AND pink pants.

At Karyn's he met up with her and gave her a smile and said, "Oh thank god everything's back to normal."

"Normal?" Karyn asked.

"Wait, you don't remember anything...odd happening yesterday? You don't remember running around without any pants on?"

Karyn burst out in laughter, "WOW Jon, I guess you had some sort of Freudian dream or something last night? Umm, NO I'm sure I would remember running around without pants! You know, NORMAL people dream they are the ones who go to school without pants, not other people."

Jon couldn't believe she had no memory of yesterday's oddness. But then again she hadn't noticed yesterday when this still were BEING odd. Jon feared he really might be going crazy.

Karyn noticed her friend seemed very upset and said, "Wait, I'm sorry. I was just joking. I didn't know you were so upset by your dream. Let me give you a blowjob, you'll feel better."

"Wait, WHAT?"

"Oh come on, don't act like you don't like my blowjobs all of a sudden. You aren't really going crazy I hope. You must still like blowjobs! And you have said several times you thought I was good at sucking dick."

Jon just looked even more confused and said, "Umm, thanks Karyn, maybe later."

When Jon and Karyn arrived at school though Jon saw that many of his fellow male classmates WERE getting blowjobs from their female classmates. In fact, all over the school Jon saw women down on their knees happily and freely sucking the penises of male classmates! Jon even saw a few guys grunt and shoot their loads into the mouths of happy smiling women. If he was not mistaken, he even thought he heard a woman thank a guy for letting her suck his dick!

Jon once again retreated into the computer lab to try to look up what the hell was up now. This time his internet search revealed that now it seemed to be normal for adult women to casually suck the penises of other adult non-family members. Most women even prided themselves on their oral abilities.

Jon just shook his head in disbelief. He still didn't know what all this was, but this time though, he decided to just go along with things.

"6:08AM: BJ Day Part 2" by Monsta on Mon Jan 6 04:29:51 2014

Jon felt the lovely soft lips of Mai Yamada close around his hard cock. Even his imagination had not prepared him for how soft moist and utterly sensual her lovely mouth felt on his aching member. Jon had always thought the Japanese exchange student who had arrived at the start of his senior year was exotic and stunning. Today, when she out of the blue walked up to him and actually asked him if she could give him a BJ, he seized the opportunity like any guy would have.

Jon had no idea why everyone was bat-shit crazy all of a sudden, but if it meant hot barely legal Asian exchange students sucked his cock, he wasn't going to put too much effort into questioning it right now. As he shot his load into Mai's pretty dainty face she just grinned and swallowed it all like a pro.

The best and probably oddest part about all this was that all these women treated giving blowjobs like it was public service they were all happy to provide. Even guys in relationships didn't seem to mind when their girlfriends or even their wives sucked the cocks of strange men right in front of them. Of course guys probably didn't want to upset a social order that had them getting constant blowjobs from an endless stream of attractive women.

Based on his observations, women would often offer to give a BJ to a guy if he seemed lonely, stressed or sad. If a guy asked a woman for a blowjob, she would often happily oblige unless she was busy doing something else. Jon had been worried about getting an STD from all these orally loose women, but according to Web MD and a few other medical website he visited, STDs were insanely rare. Humans had built up a strong immunity to them over the years and vaccinations took care of the rest. Jon thought that seemed oddly convenient, but he just shrugged his shoulders. Who was he to argue with top medical professionals?

Later that evening when Jon walked home home he saw how happy and calm everyone seemed to be. Especially the men. It's almost as if constant release from sexual tension was a benefit to mankind. Along the way home Jon ran into a tall and busty brunette college aged woman he never would have had the courage to even talk to before today. But feeling oddly confident he looked right at her and said, "Excuse me miss, but would you mind giving me a quick BJ?"

The woman just glanced at her watch and then happily replied, "Sure! I got a few extra minutes, I'd be happy to!"

As Jon unzipped his fly for her, he came up with a new theory. Maybe he had died and gone to heaven.

"6:08AM: Potent Portables" by Monsta on Mon Jan 6 17:49:45 2014

Jon got a FAR better sleep that night than he had the previous night. He slept like a baby. Waking up at 6:05AM Jon went into the bathroom and took a shower. He got dressed and went downstairs at 6:31, enough time for him to eat breakfast, something that didn't happen very often.

At the breakfast table his Mom, Dad, and Mikey all acted like things were normal for a change. Jon secretly hoped that women still loved to give blowjobs, but a return to normalcy would be good too. It would be better for his sanity’s sake anyway.

On the way to Karyn’s the woman walking her dog was wearing a tight yellow stretchy dress with a big frilly hooplike bottom. Holy crap, Jon thought, where does she find this fugly crap to wear? Jon was a bit disappointed to not see any women giving oral sex today. Oh well, Jon thought, it was good while it lasted. At least he knows he’s not dead and in heaven this way.

At Karyn’s place Jon saw she was outside waiting for him even though he was a bit early for a change. They had only gotten a few blocks when Karyn stopped and started frantically fishing through her purse. “Oh shit. Sorry Jon, I have to go back quick, I forgot my vagina at home.”

“Wait, What?”

“Ugh, I had been washing it under the sink after I used it to pee this morning and I must have left it on the counter. I’ll be quick, wait for me.”

Jon had no idea what to say. So while Karyn ran back to house to fetch…her vagina, apparently, Jon waited on the sidewalk outside and looked up today’s weirdness on his phone.

It would seem that as of today, the world now seemed to believe that when women are finished with puberty their external genitals, vulva and all detach from their bodies. However, it said the detached female genetalia remain connected to women’s bodies through quantum entanglement. Ok, Jon thought, THAT makes perfect sense; I can see why no one thinks this is weird! What the hell is wrong with everybody?

Amazingly, Jon learned that a woman can still feel everything that happens to her detached womanhood even though it no longer physically connected to her. The blood from her body continues to flow through the severed organ no matter how far away from her it gets. Because of this…quantum uh enmanglement, or whatever, Jon learned that the disembodied sex organ is still a part of the woman even though it is not physically connected to her.

Also, things can still enter and leave her body through her detached vagina and urethra even if it is miles and miles away from her body! A woman could leave her pussy at home for her husband to have sex with while she went out shopping for example. Or, she could even give it to her husband to take it with him on an overseas business trip so he could still have sex with her from the other side of the planet! The woman back home would feel everything her husband did to her detached vagina too, and his penis would be inside of her body even though the rest of him was on the other side of the earth.

The weirdest article Jon saw was ads for a “birthing center”. Pregnant women would drop off their vaginas at these centers so that when they went into labor their vaginas would already be at a medical center for the delivery no matter where the rest of their body was. It saved them from having to rush to the hospital. During the birth the baby would pass from the woman’s body…pass through time and space seemingly… and emerge from her vagina at the center. She could then go in later and pick up her vagina and her new baby.

Jon saw Karyn emerge from her house and hold up a green box that looked like an oversized case for glasses. “Got it” she said.

Jon just looked at Karyn and said, “Aren’t you worried you might lose that one day? If my penis came off I’d keep better track of it!”

“Oh please Jon, cut it out, you sound like my mom. Yeah, I worry a bit sometimes but women having their vaginas lost or stolen is quite rare. I don’t know anyone whose lost theirs yet.”

“May I…see it?” Jon shyly asked.

Karyn just looked at her friend and said, “Weird Jon, you want me to just show you my pussy? What for?”

“I’ve never seen one in person before. I’m just curious, that’s all”

Karyn raised an eyebrow at Jon and replied, “Sarah claims that she gave you hers for a whole week last year when you were dating her. In fact YOU told me that you had hers and had even…used it! I even told you that was gross because Sarah’s given her vajayjay to a lot of guys already.”

“Uh, she lied.” Jon said, “And I didn’t want people to know I’m a virgin.”

Karyn thought for a bit and then reluctantly said, “Well, this is weird, but ok I guess. Just don’t tell anybody.”

Karyn then led Jon into an alley between houses where they could have some privacy. She reached into her purse and retrieved the green case and handed it to Jon. Jon slowly opened the case to reveal that there was in fact a detached female sex organ in the box! It was lying in the box face up. Karyn’s vulva, labia, clitoris and even her vaginal opening could be seen. Jon even saw Karyn’s vaginal opening move a bit as she shifted her weight to her other foot. It really was still a living part of her body!

Jon looked up at Karyn and asked, “what does the other side look like?”

“Well, flip it over and find out I guess weirdo. But hurry up we’re running late as it is.”

Jon gently picked up the warm wallet sized lump of female flesh and turned it over to reveal there was nothing on the back side but smooth skin.

Jon was truly amazed. This was some whole other level of weirdness. Still curious he then asked Karyn, “So…there’s really nothing in your crotch anymore? It’s just smooth skin like the back of this is?”

Karyn rolled her eyes as she grew impatient at Jon’s impromptu sex-ed lesson, “YES Jon, you should know that at least. You saw me without my swim bottoms on when we were at Jungle Rapids Water Park last summer. In fact you saw a lot of women without swim bottoms on, not many young women wear them after they’ve had their detachment. It’s mostly old ladies that wear them.”

Today’s weirdness just reached a whole new level.

"6:08AM: Potent Portables 2" by Monsta on Mon Jan 6 18:36:41 2014

Later that day as Jon sat in English class he started thinking about all the weird things he had seen this week. First women didn’t wear any clothing on their vaginas, then they happily handed out blowjobs, and now they had detachable portable vaginas! Jon was beginning to think he was living in a sex dream. Maybe he had been in a car crash and he was really lying comatose in a hospital bed having delusions?

His pondering was broken though by strange movements of the girl sitting in front of him. Jon noticed she kept shifting about in her seat and would tightly grip the arm of the desk from time to time. Jon could also see her feet moving about in an odd way, like she was dancing somehow.

Then when a soft moan escaped her lips Jon knew what it was. She was having sex! This girl’s pussy was obviously getting fucked by some guy somewhere while she was sitting right here in class! A few other students noticed and chuckled, but the fact that a girl was getting fucked right in class overall didn't seem to be a big deal to anyone besides Jon.

That evening Jon did what a lot of guys did every day, he looked up internet porn. Only instead of being horny, Jon merely wanted to see how the mechanics of sex even worked in this new world. Well, AND he was a little horny.

In one clip Jon saw online, a guy claims that he found his wife’s pussy in the bathroom. She had forgotten to take it with her to work. He told his audience he was going to give her a little surprise at work. The guy held the vagina sideways up to the camera and then put his entire finger into the opening and it just slid into apparent nothingness. The back end of the detached organ didn’t bulge out; it looked like his finger just disappeared into the thin strip of skin and vulva. In reality, his finger was inside of his wife, wherever she was.

Another clip showed a woman lying on the bed while the man sat in a nearby chair pushing her vagina down onto his cock. Jon could plainly see the woman had nothing but bare smooth skin between her spread legs. When the guy had his dick fully embedded into the pussy, it looked like he had no dick. The smooth skin on the back of the woman’s pussy was all you could see in his groin and so he also appeared to have no genitals like a woman. The woman on the bed thrashed and moaned in ecstasy as the guy moved her detached pussy ever harder and faster up and down his dick. She had no control over what the guy did to her sex organ, she was just along for the ride. The motions of the dick disappearing into the detached pussy began to almost look like the guy was pushing his penis inside of himself and then pulling it back out.

The next clip showed two women in bed together. They handed each other their vaginas and each went to town licking and sucking on them. When one of the women came a bit of fluid could be seen squirting out of the pussy being held in the mouth of the other woman.

Jon then saw a video where two guys were in a bedroom and they said they each had brought their girlfriends pussies with them. They then swapped the female genitals and had sex with them without the women ever knowing the friends had swapped. The women had no idea their boyfriends had let their buddy fuck them. There were a lot of clips like this, apparently the practice was known as a “Subbing” fetish.

Speaking of fetish, in the "weird" subcategory of the porn site, Jon saw an old 1980s video of a woman pasting her pussy back onto her groin with contume glue and then having sex with a man as though her genitals were still attached to her. Based on the few clips Jon saw like this it seemed to be that this was a rather odd fetish that few people had.

In the last clip Jon watched, a woman held her own pussy up to her face and she lapped at her own clit. She gave soft intimate moans of pleasure as she gave herself cunnilingus. She was actually “eating out" her own pussy! At one oint near the end of the vdideo she had actually showed her whole pussy into her own mouth.

About that time Jon came himself from his own efforts. Jon wished he would have had a woman’s pussy to use on himself, but no such luck. Jon then looked at the clock and noticed it was 11:15PM. Tired from a long weird day, Jon went to bed.

"6:08AM: Pink" by Monsta on Mon Jan 6 21:10:36 2014

Jon awoke at 6:05AM on a Thursday morning. Having spent the previous three days facing bizarre and seemingly impossible events, he had no idea what was in store for him today. Before showering today, Jon booted up his laptop and went on the internet. He was actually surprised to see that everything looked rather normal. He didn’t have a lot of time to search, but from what he did see women were wearing pants, their vaginas were attached to their bodies and they didn’t even casually offer oral sex from what Jon could tell. The only thing out of the ordinary was he had an unusual amount of spam in his inbox. Most of it was Nigerian money scams and ads for some drug called Femagra. Satisfied that whatever was going on had finally stopped he showered and got dressed.

Going downstairs for breakfast, Jon only had enough time for pop tarts today. As he toasted them his dad kissed his mom goodbye and gave her a hug. Jon overheard his mom whisper into his dad’s ear, “I had fun last night, don’t forget to pick up some more you know what after work.” Ugh, the thought of his parents buying condoms or lube or whatever was gross. Not a good way to start the day!

On the walk to Karyn’s house Jon noticed the dog walking woman again. Today she had on a green spandex like shirt and hot orange corduroy pants. Wow, Jon thought, she can’t POSSIBLY have fashion sense this bad, she must be doing this on purpose as a joke or something. Jon did notice though that the woman’s breasts looked very large in the tight shirt though, much larger than he had thought they were from seeing her in the past.

Once Jon got to Karyn’s he was glad to see she appeared normal. As they chit chatted on their way to school she seemed normal too. The only odd thing she said was something about still being a bit sad about breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Derrek. Jon thought she had broken up with that shithead a year ago.

Throughout the school day Jon thought about the events of the last three days and couldn’t shake the feeling was amiss today too. Everything seemed back to normal, but there was still a twinge of something being just slightly off. Maybe if he hadn’t spent the last three days watching girls pass their vaginas around, wear crotchless pants and give blowjobs he would be doing better at spotting the new, more subtle change.

Jon could swear a lot of the girls had bigger breasts than he remembered. Of course, it was hard to tell, maybe it was just wishful thinking. But then at lunch Karyn brought up in conversation the apparent "oddness of the day".

Right in the middle of Jon eating his boloney sandwich she looked at him and said, “Jon, I don’t know how to say this but, well, I got some pink at home and since Derrek broke up with me I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over to my place later and use it? I’ve been in the mood a lot lately and using it by myself just isn’t the same. I mean, I don’t mean to assume you’ve had the hots for me or anything but, surely you must have wondered what it would be like if we hooked up, right?”

Jon was confused, “Pink?”

Karyn rolled her eyes, “Jeeze do I have to spell it out for you?” She then leaned in and whispered, “Femagra”.

“What the fuck’s that?” Jon said bluntly with a bite of sandwich still in his mouth.

Karyn grinned, “Hmm, you haven’t been with a girl using Femagra? Oh boy you’re in for a treat.”

“Wait, is that some sort of Female Viagra or something? You’ve been using some sex drug?”

Karyn held up her ample breasts and said, “Uh gee Jon, why do you think my tits got so big all of a sudden? Of course I’ve used it, most of the girls in school have. Half the women in town have. Where have you been, under a rock?”

God dammit Jon thought, here we go again. Oh well, he had to admit he had always wanted to hook up with Karyn, and this was his chance. Plus she’d be on some crazy aphrodisiac so he wouldn’t have to worry too much about putting in a poor performance.

After lunch he went to the computer lab and looked up Femagra. It is indeed a sex drug, a banned sex drug that was originally developed by Pfizer but never released. It was intended as a female Viagra but it had too many…side effects. It’s now only sold on the black market and over the last year it’s become the hot new thing. It goes by the street name of “pink”.

That evening Jon joined Karyn at her house. He saw that her parents were gone and asked her where they were.

“Oh, I accidentally left some Femagra in the bathroom. It’s gone so I’m sure one of my parents found it. I assume they are at the hotel out by the highway by now and won’t be back until late tonight, if at all.”

They went to Karyn’s room and she dug a baggie out from behind her dresser. Inside were the little pink pills that were causing so much fuss.

Karyn smiled and then popped one in her mouth.

“Now what?” Jon asked her.

“Oh we just wait a bit, you’ll see”

Karyn sat on the bed and Jon sat down next to her. They made a bit of idle conversation for a while until Jon noticed something. Karyn’s breasts were larger! In fact, he could actually SEE them swelling bigger right now!

“Holy shit Karyn, your boobs!” Jon said in surprise.

“Mmm Hmm. Just a bit more, they’ll be ready soon.”

Ready for what Jon wondered.

Her breasts continued to swell ever larger. Soon Karyn had to remove her shirt and bra because they had grown too tight. Her huge round breasts were now out on full display for Jon to see. Karyn’s nipples were huge and looked dark and slightly brown. Jon then saw Karyn reach up and begin to play with her own nipples as her breasts grew even bigger. She began to moan and buck her hips a bit as she continued to rub her enlarged nipples.

She was obviously enjoying it, but after a few minutes she needed more and said, “Oh god Jon this feels soooo good. mmm, suck my tits, please! Suck my big tittes.”

Jon went to her and wrapped his lips around one of Karyn’s enlarged nipples and sucked a little. He immediately felt a hot sweet liquid gush into his mouth.

“What the hell is that?” Jon asked.

“Oh Duh, it’s milk Jon”, Karyn replied still lost in lust, “It’s sweet delicious milk. Drink it, you’ll find out what else it does.”

Jon was a little hesitant but obliged Karyn. He suckled on her sweet delicious tits and drank her milk. It was indeed sweet. And given Karyns loud moaning as he sucked on her nipples, she was enjoying things too. In fact, as Jon drank from her enlarge tits Karyn had her first orgasm. Holy shit, Jon thought, she came and all I did so far was suck on her nipple!

But the more Jon drank he began to realize something else was happening too. Jon could feel his own arousal rising. His cock was growing harder and he felt like he could fuck a whole cheerleading squad! Her milk was an aphrodisiac too! Jon switch breasts and began to drain the other Karyn’s other tit. As he did Karyn began to moan and scream in ecstasy as though she were being fucked by a porn star. She had 4 orgasms just from Jon sucking on her tits!

Karyn grabbed Jon’s head after her fourth tit orgasm and looked him in the eyes and said “Oh god Jon, I’m so FUCKING horny! Fuck me! Please Fuck me!!”

Karyn then dropped her soaked panties and revealed her pussy was extremely aroused. Jon had seen Karyn’s vagina before, but yesterday it was just sitting in a box. Now it looked hot, wet, bright pink and ready for action. Her clit was swollen and stood out a bit from her cleft. She was also literally dripping wet. In short, Karyn’s pussy looked like it was in heat. It was almost like it NEEDED to get fucked.

Jon obliged his sex drugged friend and removed his own pants. His cock was harder than it had ever been in his life and he wasted no time sliding it into Karyn’s hot wet pussy. As Jon fucked her with all his ability she responded like no woman Jon had ever seen. She was WILD with passion, screaming and moaning like she was a top porn star. It seemed almost fake, but Jon could tell she was enjoying the sex VERY much. For his own part, Jon felt different as well. The sex felt AMAZING for him too but he was nowhere near cumming. He felt like he could keep fucking for an hour.

Karyn had about 20 screaming mind bending orgasms, well more than a woman would probably have if she was not on pink. Each orgasm seemed far more powerful than a regular orgasm. Jon began to feel his own approach at last. He finally crossed the line and nearly blacked out from sheer pleasure. All the orgasms of his life put together didn’t compare. Jon could almost feel himself leave his own body, it was that good.

Afterwards, both Jon and Karyn passed out from sheer exhaustion. They didn’t awake again until about 3 am when they heard the front door open and Karyn’s parents come home. Jon and Karyn quickly threw on their clothes, thinking they would get busted, but Karyn’s parents simply went to bed.

Jon looked at Karyn and saw her breasts were still rather large and asked, “Are your boobs going to go down or are they stuck like that?”

“Oh, they’ll go down eventually”, Karyn replied, “but not all the way. Each time you use pink your breasts do get a bit bigger.”

Jon had a great time, but he had to head back for home. He crawled into bed around 3:45AM completely spent.

"6:08AM: Finally Friday" by Monsta on Mon Jan 6 22:31:29 2014

The alarm blared at 6 am but Jon had a long tiring night last night and so he just slapped the snooze button. He ended up hitting it again the next time it went off too. When he finally dragged his butt out of bed and started his shower it was already almost 6:30. He was lucky to get out of the house by 7:05, only 5 minutes late. He felt exhausted but at least it was Friday.

When Jon got to the point in his route he normally saw the crazy fashioned dog walker, Jon was a little disappointed she wasn’t around today. Well, he was running a bit behind schedule. Too bad, her crazy outfits were often very entertaining.

When Jon got to Karyn’s breasts had returned to the same size they had been before. He also saw that she looked rather alert and perky, but a bit annoyed that he was late again..

Jon groggily said to her, “Oh..shit, sorry I’m late. I’m so fucking tired. I had a lot of fun with you last night, but man, I’m really dragging today. I don’t know how you’re so awake, I had a hard time even getting out of bed.”

Karyn just got an confused look and said, “Fun with me? Last night? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I was in bed by 10 pm.”

Oh great, Jon thought, if she doesn’t remember yesterday that must mean things are different yet again today. How long could this go on? What the hell was weird now? Jon looked Karyn’s body over carefully for any physical changes as they stared walking to school but didn’t see anything obvious.

At the corner of Hamilton and elm Jon saw a tall girl standing by a tree. As they grew closer Jon could tell it was Abby Winters, a fellow student that he had a few classes with. As Jon and Karyn grew closer to her Abby started walking towards them and Jon saw Karyn picked up her pace walking towards Abby. They then ran up to each other and gave each other a big hug and then a long deep passionate kiss. A very, very long and romantic kiss. Jon could even see Abby’s hand caressing Karyn’s ass and Karyn grabbing Abby's left tit as they made out. It was quite clear that Abby and Karyn were now lesbian lovers.

Once they got too school Jon saw that a lot of women were paired up. They walked around holding hands, some were kissing, and a few were full on making out and groping each other. He didn't see any guy/girl romantic or sexual actions going on.

Jon really hoped that all these lesbians didn’t mean that guys would be hitting on him and he would have to be gay or something, Jon just didn't swing that way. But as Jon looked around it was clear that no, guys were not acting in the same homoerotic manner towards each other that the girls apparently were. Most guys were either by themselves, chatting with friends or tagging along with a lesbian couple just like Jon was. It was apparent to Jon that today he was living in lesbian world.

During first period Jon snuck out his phone and looked up what was going on. It would seem that in this world the default human romantic and sexual pairings were lesbian. Guys either joined into an existing lesbian couple/marriage as a sort of third wheel OR they simply looked around to provide “servicing” to a woman when she and her wife were ready for a baby.

Jon would think guys would be depressed about being mostly excluded from the romantic lives of women, but they all seemed fine with it. He saw from online posts they just hung out and had beers together and/or did guy stuff with their friends most of the time. When they needed sex they just went out and found it, and strings were never attached to it. When they got older if they wanted more stability and a home life they found a nice lesbian couple to hook up with and helped them raise their kids.

If Jon thought he was stuck here he MIGHT find it a bit depressing, he couldn't be sure. It might actually nice to just spend most of his time with some buddies and only seek out women when he wanted to fuck one. However given that his only real friend seemed to be Karyn still, he probably would be sad long term.

In any case, given the last four weird scenarios Jon had been in lasted only a day, he bet this one would too. So, he decided to do what any guy would in his situation, he decided to spend the day watching all the hot lesbian action going on all around him!

"6:08AM: Wet N Wild" by Monsta on Tue Jan 7 00:04:31 2014

Jon’s alarm didn’t go off the next day, as it was Saturday. Instead Jon awoke to a loud knock on his door around 8AM. His mom came in and said, “Jon, get up! Karyn, Hailey, and Rachael are here and they’re all waiting for you!”

Jon was going to say who the hell are Hailey and Rachel but just then Karyn popped in and said, “Jeez Jon, you’re still in bed? Well, throw some pants on and a shirt and grab your trunks. We’re late, they’ll be open by the time we get there and I DON’T want to wait in long lines. I guess you'll have to shower when you get there.”

Jon still seemed out of it so Karyn threw his pants a random shirt from his floor and his SWIM trunks right at his head. Oh shit, Jon remembered, it was opening weekend at Jungle Rapids Water Park. Karyn and Jon always went opening weekend each summer since they were like 12. Jon had been so distracted by his crazy week he had forgot all about it.

Jon got dressed, grabbed his trunks and followed Karyn out the front door.

Outside waiting in a seemingly brand new red mustang convertible with its top down were two other girls Jon had never seen before. They apparently knew him as they both excitedly smiled and waved at Jon when they saw him. He waved back and tried not to let on he had no idea who they were. Karyn crawled into the back seat with a black haired girl and the blonde driving patted the front passenger seat and said, “C’mon Jon, get in! I don’t want to have to drive more than 5 over the limit to get there on time!”

Jon got into the car and barely had time to buckle up as the blonde girl backed out of the driveway and took off as fast as the overpowered car could carry them. Even with the wind of the top down Jon could smell the newness of this car, it looked to be fully loaded too. Jon wondered what the surprise of the day would be, but for now the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, and he was in a hot car with three hot women headed to a fun filled day at the waterpark. Jon just leaned back in the seat and enjoyed the ride. Whatever was going to happen, he was happy right now.

The hour long car ride to the waterpark flew by. As they all chatted along the way Jon learned that Hailey (the blonde) and Rachael (the black haired one) were great girls, and he got along with them as well as he got along with Karyn. They even seemed to have a lot of the same interests and he and Karyn did. At first Jon thought they were all just friends but along the way Hailey would sometimes rub Jon’s leg and Karyn even leaned up over the seat to give him a big kiss. Jon knew that all THREE of these lovely women were his girlfriends. Jon almost snuck out his phone a couple times to see what was going on but the loud music, beautiful scenery and the conversation with his girlfriends kept him plenty distracted.

As soon as they arrived at the park though Jon didn’t need an internet search to tell him what was different today. Well over 3/4ths of the people in the waterpark were female. Looking back, he hadn’t noticed at the time but when they stopped at a gas station on the way here he hadn’t seen any other men there, just women. When he and the girls split up into the mens and women’s changing rooms the difference was very clear. Jon remembered the two locker, shower, and restroom buildings at the front of the park being the same size before. But now the women’s locker and shower building was massive, while the men’s was just basically a little hut. This meant the gender imbalance was not something he was imagining. The very park itself was built to service a clientele that was 70-80% female. Jon was one of the few men on a planet of mostly women.

Jon wasn’t great at math but he knew that that meant at there were least 3 girls for every guy in this world. No wonder he had three girlfriends. Looking around the few guys that were here all had 2 to 5 girls with them. Most of the women were smoking hot too. Jon figured the increased competition for men drove women to keep in great shape. Or on a deeper level, if in this world 80% of people were female maybe with all the competition only hot women got to pass on their genes?

Anyway, Jon gave up pondering the science as soon as he and his girls got up to be next on the RAVE WAVE ride. This was the craziest ride in the park. Jon got into the large four seater tube along with his three girlfriends and the attendant pushed them over the edge of the slide. They dropped down into a big bowl, swirled around a few times and then dropped out the bottom. Then they were picked up by a conveyer which hurled them down yet another long slide as a torrent of water sprayed and splashed all over them. Jon heard all three of his girlfriends screaming the whole way down. At the end though as they got off the ride they were all laughing together.

The day at the waterpark was perfect. The weather couldn’t be better, the rides were all open and working, and Jon had three lovely women all vying for his attention and affections.

By the time 5pm came, they were all tired from swimming and climbing stairs all day. Jon was ready to head back home. When they got back into town though Hailey did not drive back to Jon’s place but instead went into Herman Estates, the rich subdivision. She pulled up to a big house at the end of a cul-de-sac. Apparently Hailey’s family was quite rich given the brand new mustang she drove and now the giant house she lived in.

“We’re here,” Hailey said as she shut of the engine, “and we have the whole place to ourselves tonight. My dad, moms, and my other siblings are gone on that stupid family camping trip. I’m lucky that our annual waterpark opening day was today or I would have gotten dragged along on that too.”

“We really have the whole place to ourselves?” Jon asked with wide eyes as he looked at the massive house in front of him.

“Yeah, and we were all thinking maybe you could have some fun with us tonight.” Karyn said.

“All of us together?” Jon asked.

All three girls looked at each other and started laughing. “Of course Jon, Hailey said, “We thought you enjoyed making love with all of us together. You aren’t thinking of picking just ONE of us for fun tonight, were you?”

“N-No, of course not ladies.”

Once inside Jon was amazed at the sheer luxury of the home. Not only was there a big pool out back and a real home theater, but the place had a billiards room. A real billiards room like in the “Clue” mansion or something. When they were in it Hailey actually called it a billiards room too.

Of course Jon’s favorite room in the whole house was Hailey’s bedroom. Once all four of them ended up in there Jon knew what was going to happen next.

Jon didn’t even have to initiate anything, all three women just started undressing. It wasn’t long before Jon found himself naked on Hailey’s plush king size bed with three naked women pressing their hot bodies up against him.

This was Jon’s first ever FOUR way of course, so he let his girls take the lead. Hailey started things off by sucking Jon’s cock while Karyn and Rachael fingered each other. Jon was glad to see the lesbian action would actually benefit him today, unlike yesterday.

At first Jon was REALLY enjoying his luck but then he started to feel a rising within his balls. Oh shit, he thought, he was about to cum…ALREADY. Jon started to really wish he still had some of that Femagra from Thursday with him right now.

Jon thought about baseball, cold showers, but it was no use. His cock soon erupted into Hailey’s sweet warm mouth. She swallowed his load, wiped her mouth and said, “Ok good I got the easy one out. Rachael, you’re up first.”

Easy one? Jon thought. Without much more ado Rachael pulled away from Karyn and pushed Jon onto his back and crawled on top of him. She used her right hand to guide Jon’s still hard cock into her soft pussy which was overly moist from Karyn’s fingering efforts. Jon was amazed at himself as not only did he stay hard, but actually felt himself building to another orgasm. He seemed to be multi-orgasmic in this world!

“Ah ah AAAH UUUNNNNG… “Racheal moaned loudly as she came hard with her tight pussy spasming on Jon’s rod. “Oh god that was good.” She said in an orgasmic daze, “ Sorry I couldn’t hold out longer, I guess I was really worked up from Karyn’s pregaming me. Hailey and Karyn it’s your turn to ride the Jon ride.”

Holy SHIT, Jon thought in sheer amazement, it seemed in this world MEN were multi orgasmic and women were the ones who had the one and done orgasms!

A guy who won the lottery five times in a row wouldn’t be as lucky as Jon felt right at that moment.

After bringing all 3 women to orgasm and cumming 5 times himself, Jon just relaxed in the plush luxurious bed surrounded by hot naked women. Sleep came quickly after yet another long and tiring day.


Re: 6:08AM (Multi Transformation)

"6:08AM: Feeling Vulnerable" by Monsta on Tue Jan 7 04:37:07 2014

Jon awoke the next morning around 7am. He noticed right away he was NOT in a mansion laying in a plush king sized bed with three beautiful naked girls. He was back in his own bed. Jon had REALLY hoped that things would have stopped changing at yesterday. It would have been nice to spend a lazy Sunday hanging out at the big empty house with his girlfriends. Maybe they could have all sunbathed out by the pool, had a few drinks and then had a burger cookout for lunch before Hailey's folks got back.

Jon dragged himself out of bed and headed towards the bathroom to have a shower. It was in there he discovered the surprise of the day.

Jon had a pussy.

“Son of a BITCH!” Jon said loudly to himself as he ran his hand over his soft new labia folds.

Jon checked the rest of his body over but didn’t notice any other changes besides the obvious one. He was still a guy except for where it counted. Between his legs instead of a penis was a full female vagina. After drying off and peeing sitting down (Jon knew enough to wipe front to back) he went to the internet to confirm what he already suspected. Yup, today girls have a penis and boys have a vagina Jon was finding. Jon found page after page of internet porn with well hung women and “wet N wild” men.

“Why couldn’t things just have stopped yesterday?” Jon wondered aloud to his computer screen full of shemale women.

Jon had grown to really like Hailey and Rachel in the all too brief time he got to spend with them. It was sad to think he’d probably never see them again. They probably either no longer existed or were in another dimension or something. Jon didn’t know the mechanics of whatever was happening to him; all he knew is that today it gave him a pussy.

Jon was only busted out of his funk by the smell of bacon wafting into his room. As upset as he was to be spending today with a vajayjay instead of lounging in a mansion with three women, he still couldn’t say no to bacon. Once he got downstairs he found his mother cooking bacon and pancakes for Sunday breakfast. Everyone looked the same, dressed the same, and even acted the same. Even the bacon was still delicious. Except for one key difference in everyone’s anatomy, this was pretty much his old normal world. Jon looked at his dad as he ate and tried to picture him pregnant.

After breakfast Jon called up Karyn and asked if she wanted to hang out. Karyn responded that she had stuff to do at the mall, but if he didn’t mind tagging along she would stop by and pick him up on the way there. Jon didn’t have anything else to do, so he agreed.

Jon waited patiently outside for Karyn thinking back over the past week. All this weird shit started on Monday, what if it only lasted one week? What if he would be stuck with a pussy forever? Jon had no clue what was causing these “shifts” each day so it was reasonable to assume they could stop just as suddenly as they started. As he was thinking he was interrupted by the dog walking lady going by. She usually didn’t stray this far south, but it was a nice day so she might be taking an extended walk. Today she had on a lavender pantsuit with a yellow cowgirl hat. Jon wondered what her closet must look like, she had on a different crazy costume every day! Today Jon tried not to stare at the bulge in her purple pants that was all too evident in today’s outfit for Jon’s taste.

Karyn pulled up in her faded blue 2004 Toyota Camry and Jon hopped in. Looking around inside the car Jon thought that it was no Mustang Convertible, but it was still better than the piece of crap he drove. On the way to the mall he noticed Karyn sat with her knees apart and that she of course had the outline of a cock and balls in her pants. Seeing his long time "girl that was a friend" have a cock got Jon thinking. All these years he had held back asking Karyn how she felt about him, afraid of what it might do to their friendship if she denied any feelings for him. Since he was slip sliding through some back door to the universe, Jon figured this was a perfect time to test how it would go, should he ever end up back in the "real" world.

Jon asked Karyn, “Have you ever thought about the two of us, you know, being a couple?”

Karyn looked over at her passenger and then right back at the road and said, “Well, yeah I thought about it. Of course. But I wouldn’t want to spoil what we have right now. We’ve been good friends for a long time and if we didn’t work out as a couple, well, we probably couldn’t go back to just this, you know?”

“But what if we COULD be more than just this?”

“Are you saying you want to like, go out on dates and be boyfriend and girlfriend officially?”

“Well yeah. I think we can handle it. We’re both adults now. Plus, we’ll be going off to college soon. If we don’t try it now, we probably never will. You’ll date some college dweeb and I’ll probably knock up some bimbo at a frat party or something.”

“HUH? You’d what?” Karyn said loudly while making a bizarre expression that made Jon realize his mistake.

“Er, I mean I’D get knocked up by some bimbo at a frat party.”

Karyn just glanced warily at Jon a couple times and said, “I don’t know Jon, we’ll see”

At the mall Jon and Karyn walked around with Karyn stopping at various stores. She would browse through all the items in the store, get 10 things to try on and then buy either one thing or nothing at all. She was still a woman even if she had a penis now. Jon noticed as he watched people that everyone still acted the same in spite of the reversed anatomy. Men still were men even though they had pussies. Jon saw guys hitting on women trying to get “laid” same as ever. Of course Jon now also saw guys waddling around noticeably pregnant from their successes at getting "laid".

Women still behaved much as they always did. Giggling groups of high school girls roamed the mall gossiping and texting same as they had before. Wives could be seen dragging their husbands around while nagging them, etc.

At lunch Karyn said something to Jon that caught him off guard. As they were eating their lo mein she suddenly looked at him and said, “You’re right.”

Jon looked back at her with noodles still hanging out of his mouth and said, “Right about what?”

“About us going for it. About us being … a couple. It feels right somehow, so, I want to at least try.”

Jon finished up his bite of noodles and after swallowing said, “Umm OK”.

And just like that Karyn leaned over the table and gave Jon a deep French kiss. Jon closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss, and even though he had kissed Karyn yesterday, this time it felt different. Jon enjoyed the long deep kiss so much that he felt his new equipment growing a bit moist. Karyn tried to hide it but Jon caught a glimpse of her boner straining her tight jeans.

Karyn and Jon left the mall food court much different than they went in. They were holding hands. They were a couple in love now, not just friends denying what they really wanted for the sake of being friends. The rest of the day was about romance, and Jon enjoyed it very much.

That evening when they got back to Jon’s place he saw that his family had taken off for pizza. He invited Karyn in to watch a movie, and she agreed. But of course the movie never really got watched. Jon and Karyn started making out, which led to Jon fondling her breasts, which led to Karyn fingering Jon’s pussy. The movie sat playing in the livingroom for no one as Jon and Karyn headed for Jon’s room.

Jon quickly got undressed and dove under the covers. He watched as Karyn took off her shirt and bra and he got to see her amazing large breasts once again. Jon had always thought that Karyn’s large breasts seemed a bit oversized on her frame, almost like they didn’t belong on her somehow. Nonetheless, she had them and they were beautiful.

Once Karyn dropped her pants the outline of her cock could now plainly be seen in her panties. Jon prepared himself to see something of Karyn’s he HADN'T seen before. Jon watched intently as Karyn dropped her panties and her already semi erect cock burst free. Jon stared at Karyn’s new addition in amazement. It was a fully male cock but on Karyn’s body it somehow looked feminine. She wasn’t any longer than Jon had been, but hers did look a bit thicker.

Jon laid back on the bed with his legs spread and watched Karyn take position over him. Jon felt her large bosom settle onto his chest and he also felt the head of her dick pressing against his sensitive vaginal opening. Karyn gently but firmly pressed her hard cock into Jon’s pussy, taking his vaginal virginity away from him.

Jon found that it was a strange sensation to have something ENTER your body. It was so foreign to think that he was the one being penetrated. He was the one that was vulnerable.

Jon felt Karyn’s hard cock move back and forth inside his sensitive vaginal canal. The strange and overly sensitive nerve endings were sending pleasure signals to Jon’s brain that he had never felt before. Jon had assumed sex with his vagina would feel like his penis but inside out. However it was something else altogether. As Karyn fucked him his vagina responded with varying movements, tightness and positioning of it’s parts. It was secreting lubrication and….Jon realized it was not just the sex pocket guys took it for.

Jon felt his whole body responding to the invasion of Karyn’s penis. He almost felt as though he was yielding to it, like it was making him submit to its will. He began to desire to submit, he wanted to have Karyn make him feel good. And she did make him feel good.

Jon felt an orgasm build unlike any he had ever had before. It was a tingling warmth that spread through his whole lower body. It grew and grew until finally it crashed down upon him like a tree falling upon a car. It HIT him, hard. It felt like his very soul was clenching in rhythm with his orgasmic contractions. A very short while later Jon felt Karyn’s cock pulse as it emptied her semen into his womb. Jon had been fucked, and he had to admit he liked it.

As Jon and Karyn lay in bed together cuddling in post coital bliss, Jon began to think if things did stick like this today, it wouldn’t be bad at all.

"6:08AM: Wetter N Wilder" by Monsta on Wed Jan 8 04:58:22 2014

Jon awoke the next day and immediately checked his crotch to find that his regular equipment had been restored. It was very good news, so aside from the fact that it was Monday, Jon was having a good start to his day. After his usual routine Jon went downstairs to greet his family and have a bowl of cereal. Jon carefully observed his family for any odd behavior or physical changes but they seemed like their usual selves. The only odd thing was that Zoe mention that she needed to be picked up from soccer practice today. Jon did not remember Zoe ever playing soccer before.

On the way to Karyn’s Jon saw the insane fashionista woman walking her dog today. She had on a maroon pantdress thing with big bell bottomed leg flares. Jon noticed that today she was walking a cocker spaniel, her usual dog was a wiener dog. So far Jon had noticed several small little changes like this, but nothing major. He knew that whatever had been happening to him last week was still going on, but so far nothing seriously wrong was detectable.

As soon as Jon approached Karyn’s house he saw her smile and wave at him as usual. As they walked to school Karyn did her usual chit chatting too. Jon was kind of disappointed that his relationship with Karyn was back to usual. Finally expressing his true feelings to her yesterday had gone just the way he had always imagined. Well, he hadn’t imagined them having reversed genitals when they made love as a real couple for the first time, but everything else had been near perfect. But now as he had pretty much expected everything that happened yesterday was forgotten by everyone… except him.

Jon still was thinking about what was odd today when Karyn asked Jon something very odd, “So how did your weekend with Angie go?”

Jon tried not to act clueless and simply replied, “Uh, Great. We had a good time.”

Karyn just looked at Jon with a bit of squint in her eyes and said, “Really? I thought driving six hours away and spending all weekend at some art show would be boring.”

Jon kind of agreed with Karyn, but had to back up his earlier statement. “Uh yeah, you’d think, but there was a lot of interesting stuff to see and, I had fun I guess.

“Well, that’s good. I was kind of bummed we couldn’t do our usual Jungle Rapids opening weekend tradition this year, but we can always go another time. I’m glad you had a good time with Angie, I think you two make a cute couple.”
Couple? Jon thought to himself. He had a girlfriend in this reality? This might be interesting after all.

Just as Jon and Karyn got to school Jon got a text from a number that came up on his phone as “ANGIE”. It said: “Meet me by the main stairs. Wuvoo! <3”

As Jon approached the requested destination he saw three girls there all talking together. One of them was Gina Holzer, who Jon knew back in the real reality. The other two girls he didn’t recognize. One was a slightly chubby dirty blonde girl with large breasts and the other was a tall brunette girl who had an decent body but smoking hot legs. Jon figured one of these two girls had to be his girlfriend, Angie.

Jon was wondering how he was going to pick when thankfully he saw the tall brunette girl run up to him and gave him a big kiss. Trying to not act startled by his apparent girlfriend he never met before Jon gave her a deep French kiss back.

At first she seemed to be responding, but suddenly Angie broke the kiss and pushed Jon away and told him, “Oh, Jon be careful, you’ll make me horny.”

“Why? What’s so bad about making you horny?” Jon asked with a big grin.

Angie blushed and whispered, “Jon! Not here. Jeez!”

Jon looked at Angie and was a bit surprised that she actually seemed to be about an inch TALLER than Jon was. Jon had never dated a girl taller than him before, but Angie looked like a great one to start with.

Jon waited through the day and met up with Angie after school. They went on a date to Lake Park and walked and talked their way around the lake walking path. Jon learned a lot about Angie, including that she was a gifted artist. Sitting on a bench at the far side of the lake she showed Jon some of her latest drawings. Jon was very impressed, they almost looked like black and white photos they were so realistic. Jon heard her say that she had sold quite a few of them at the art show last weekend.

As Jon led Angie back around the rest of the lake path he found that she really was someone he probably would have tried dating if she had existed back in the original timeline. Or maybe it was back in his home dimension? Ugh, before whatever was going on, Jon thought. But, he had to admit that so far today other than a few minor changes and of course his new girlfriend Angie, Jon thought that this day was the most normal one he had had in over a week.

After their “date” in the park, Jon took Angie back to his place. His family was out having dinner at Caballo Loco, a local Mexican restaurant, so they had some time alone together. They went up to Jon’s room and they made out for a while, and like so many other times this past week or so Jon found himself in the mood to get it on. At least this universe hopping is getting me laid a lot, Jon thought to himself.

After a bit more affection, Jon asked his new girlfriend if she was ready to make love.

Angie gave a big sexy grin and replied, “Sure, do you have some protection?”

“Condoms? Umm I think I might have some ar…”

“No” Angie said, cutting him off. “Not that kind of protection. I’m on the pill. I mean do you have any wet sheets ready to go?”

“Wet sheets?” Jon asked with some bewilderment.

Angie cocked her head to the side and scowled at her boyfriend’s mock stupidity, “Oh ha ha. Jon, don’t act like we haven’t used them before. Seriously, go get one; I know you usually hide them in the back shelf of your closet.”

Jon checked the back of his closet and found several plastic sheets folded up. The plastic was unlike any he had ever felt before. It was nearly as soft as fabric but yet rather stretchy kind of like a rubber sheet would be. Why Angie wanted to put these on the bed Jon had no idea but she seemed insistent about it even though they weren't very sexy or romantic.

They both laid down on the soft plastic sheets and Jon began to gently rub Angie’s clitoris. Almost immediately she began to respond to his increasingly experienced sensual touch. Jon had gained a lot of insight into making a pussy feel good yesterday when he had his very own. Jon could feel her sex getting wet with desire, much like his own had not 24 hours ago. But unlike his though, after only a couple minutes Jon noticed her sex was VERY wet with desire, in fact, it was literally dripping wet!

Jon held up his hand and saw it was coated in female secretions. Holy SHIT, Jon realized,that's why she didn't want him getting her worked up earlier, she would have soaked through her pants with this much pussy juice!

Angie’s female cum was literally dribbling out of her when Jon climbed atop of her to line up to enter her. Jon found his dick slid very easily into Angie’s sopping wet pussy. No normal woman could possibly ever be as wet and ready as Angie was. Jon had a sneaking suspicion that this was the twist of the day. Maybe all women had crazy vaginal lubrication?

As he thrust into her overly moist opening, Jon found that the sloppy wet sex actually felt amazingly good. And not only was Angie well lubricated for sex, she was really horny too. After what seemed like not much time, her quickly escalating moans told Jon she was getting close already. Jon glanced at the alarm clock and saw they had been going at it for less than ten minutes. Well, Jon actually liked to think that all the sex he had been getting recently was making him rather good at it.

Angie suddenly shrieked and Jon felt a hot wet spray hit his groin. She had squirted on him! Jon had heard of female ejaculation before but he had never experienced it. It was kind of fun but also quite messy. Jon saw why they had to use these wet sheets! Jon picked up his pace to get himself off but before he could get there Angie had yet another gushing orgasm! By the time Jon finally emptied his load into her flooded pussy he felt like he was back at the water park again. He was soaked.

Angie went into the bathroom to clean up while Jon cleaned up the mess in his bedroom. As soon as Angie was done, Jon then excused himself to go to the bathroom so that he could clean up as well.

While she was getting redressed Angie noticed a small odd colored stone lying on Jon’s desk. Angie wasn’t sure why, but there was something about the stone that made it look…interesting for some reason. She picked it up and examined it. It felt oddly warm even though it had just been sitting on the desk. The stone was slightly metallic, with a reddish hue to its surface, rounded, flattish and about an inch across. It did not appear to be like any stone from around here.

When Jon returned she asked him, “Jon? What’s this little rock on your desk?”

“Oh, that was my grandpa’s. He collected rocks from around the world on his many travels. That was one he got in South America, it was one of his favorites. He left it to me in his will so I would have something to remember him by.”

Angie knew that Jon had been really close to his grandpa. She set the stone back down and went to Jon and gave him a big hug. “Oh, I’m so sorry Jon.”

Jon explained that it was OK, and they chatted for a bit before Angie excused herself and went home. Jon wondered if he would ever see her again, but figured he probably wouldn't. It was kind of sad, but he was starting to get used to it.

As soon as Angie left Jon did a few Google searched and found that indeed it wasn’t just Angie that got so wet and wild. All women on this world secreted massive amounts of lubrication when aroused and were all heavy squirters too. In fact given what he saw on a few videos he found Angie was tame compared to some ladies here.

“Wow” Jon said to himself, “I wonder what weirdness will happen tomorrow.”

"6:08AM: Yin and Also Yang" by Monsta on Thu Jan 9 00:58:49 2014

When Jon’s alarm went off the next morning at 6:00, he immediately slapped the snooze button.

Jon was just barely able to drag himself out of bed to the SECOND blaring of the alarm clock at 6:09 am. As he was grumbling about the alarm and rubbing the sleep from his eyes he noticed something was amiss already today.

He had breasts!

AS Jon had reached for the clock the second time he had felt a shifting weight on his chest and immediately slapped his hands to his chest to find that he had tits. They were not large, barely a B cup at best. But they were breasts, and they were on his chest.

“What the Fu-“ Jon said.

Jon didn’t cut out what he meant to say because he was afraid to swear, but rather he noticed his voice sounded funny. It was higher than usual! Jon immediately feared he had gone all the way to female today and quickly put a hand to his crotch. He found that his standard equipment was still there. However, upon further inspection Jon found that he ALSO had a pussy again.

“Holy shit I’m a hermaphrodite!” Jon said out loud in his strange new voice.

Jon rushed to the bathroom to get a good look at himself. What he saw staring back at him in the mirror was truly shocking to him. His usual face had been replaced with one that was much more feminine than his usual one, but still recognizable as himself. His features were softer, his facial hair was gone, and his Adam’s apple was much smaller. His hair was much longer too, it was now almost shoulder length. He looked like he either had the short cut hair of a young young woman or the long hair of a surfer dude. Maybe it was both styles at once?

Looking downward at his body he could now clearly see his small but undeniably feminine breasts. Below that he saw his hips were a bit wider. His male equipment kept him from clearly seeing his female equipment, but Jon felt around down there and it was pretty much the same as the pussy he had last Sunday. Only this time his groping of his feminine naughty bits caused his cock to begin to inflate.

Jon shook his head at today’s bit of surrealness and decided he had better get going on his shower or he was going to be late. Once he had finished his morning shower he went to get dressed. He found though that his usual wardrobe had been replaced with new clothes that seemed to be a cross between feminine and masculine clothing. A few of the clothes he found even looked like dresses!

The other new clothing item Jon found was bras. He figured he’d better wear one or people would be looking at his boobs bouncing around freely under his shirt all day. After getting dressed in the most masculine clothing he could find, Jon headed downstairs to meet his family for breakfast. He of course found that they all had the same new dual gender bodies that he had, along with the new masculine/feminine blended faces as well. He actually had a bit of a hard time telling his mother from his father. Like him, his father and his brother had been feminized in the face and body and even had small breasts of his own. His mom and sister had been masculinized in a like manor so that everybody was an equal blend of both male and female.

As Jon listened to the breakfast conversation he heard everyone's voices had either risen or fallen to be in the same middle range his was. Of course, with everybody having voices that were in the middle of the human vocal range, telling one voice from another was going to be difficult. Jon tried not to say much because he wasn't sure what else was different now in a world with such a huge change. As soon as he finished his cereal he rushed out the door to head for Karyn's.

On the way to Karyn’s Jon saw the dog walking woman now had her usual wiener dog back but her wardrobe was as strange as ever, but now it was also gender bent. She had on mens navy blue carpenter pants and a low cut women’s blouse that had teal and brown diagonal stripes. She also was wearing a mens fedora!

Once Jon got to Karyn’s he saw that her face had been masculinized too of course. His friend was now both man and woman just like him and everyone else. Karyn’s hips had narrowed, and her breasts had shrunk considerably. Jon was relieved to see Karyn still had breasts that were a bit larger than his own at least. It was oddly comforting to see that Karyn was still a bit more “feminine” than he was. Of course technically both Jon and Karyn were equally male AND female.

Jon listened to Karyn talk about all her usual things in her new deeper voice. Once again she had no clue that anything was different today. Jon decided to poke at her sense of reality, and would ask her questions about all the weirdness today.

Jon asked his friend, “Have you ever wondered why people don’t just have one reproductive organ or the other?”

Karyn shot Jon a confused look and asked him, “What do you mean one or the other? What other reproductive system is there?”

“Well, suppose that half of people had only penises and testicles and the other half had vaginas, ovaries and breasts.”

Karyn started laughing at Jon’s odd comment and replied, “That’s too freaking weird! And it would be stupid!”

Jon scowled at Karyn’s mocking and asked, “Why is it stupid?”

Karyn thought for a couple seconds then replied, “Well, it’s stupid from aaa…aaaa…well, a biological standpoint! Think about it. The half of people that only had penises wouldn’t be able to get pregnant! Why would any species have half its population unable to carry offspring? It wouldn’t be sustainable, and the species would go extinct. Plus it would really suck to be one of the people with vaginas who got stuck having all the kids!”

Jon didn’t have any logical counter argument. Instead of poking at Karyn’s sense of reality, she had made him question his!

Jon spent the rest of his day navigating through a gender blended world. Jon had spent his entire life before today living in a world (or lately, WORLDS) where gender identity was one of the key defining attributes of a person. Here, it had no meaning at all. Of course for Jon that meant even simple things like saying “He’s over there” got him odd stares as there is no such word as “He” anymore. Most of the time it seemed only the feminine version of various words existed now, but not always. People are all referred to as “Men” for example, “Women” do not exist. So Jon had to learn to form sentences with blended gender references to say things like “she’s a good man”.

There were also no “masculine” names or “feminine” names, there were just names now. A person could get named Mary just as easily as they got named Frank. In fact Jon learned by overhearing someone talk about Karyn that she isn’t called Karyn here. She is called Jeremy. Jon was glad that he had not blurted out “Hey Karyn” when he walked up to greet her this morning. Jon noticed a few other people from the old reality had different names than they had before too. For example a person Jon recognized as Abby Winters now went by the name Nathan Winters. Oddly enough Jon soon found out that Karyn (Jeremy) was dating Abby (Nathan)in this world just like in lesbian world. Jon wondered if this was just a coincidence or maybe it meant something. Maybe Karyn back in the real world was secretly attracted to Abby Winters? But if she were lesbian, why did she and Jon end up together on a lot of worlds? Jon was confused enough about gender and sexuality today to wonder about that too, he had plenty enough to wonder about today.

For example, all these blended male and female people got Jon wondering, couldn't someone get themselves pregnant if they weren't careful? Jon looked up some medical articles and found that thankfully no, it was NOT possible to get yourself pregnant. The physical mechanisms that prevented this were medical and scientific terms Jon didn't understand. Hell, it may as well just say "magic" was the reason for all he understood.

LATER that evening Jon looked up more information he had been "wondering" about. Only this time it was some good old internet porn to see how people with both genders got it on with each other. In a lot of videos one person would simply do the fucking and then they both would switch. However, Jon found it was possible for both people to do each other at the same time...IF they were a bit flexible. Even though Jon had set out to gather information, all the porn was having it’s usual effect on him. Jon soon had both a hard cock and a wet pussy begging for attention!

Jon played with his female bits first as he found them to be more new and interesting. Jon started out trying some fingering and clit rubbing, but soon wished that he had a vibrator or something. After the last time he had a pussy, Jon regretted he never got to use any toys with it. It was a real shame to think of all the fun toys women get to use and yet not have any of them around while he had a pussy...

Jon then had an idea and started to rummage through his nightstand drawer. Sure enough his alternate self had a vibrator AND had the same idea where to hide it! Jon turned on the female pleasure tool and then quickly shoved it into his wet and waiting snatch.

"Oh!" Jon thought as soon as the buzzing tool began to work it's magic on his pussy, "I had no idea women had it so good! This thing feels AMAZING!"

After only a few minutes of thrusting and buzzing from the expertly engineered pleasure device, Jon had a hard female orgasm. Jon was actually surprised his penis didn’t cum at the same time. Furthermore, when Jon shut off the vibrator and caught his breath he had expected his usual equipment to “calm down”, but it didn't. A gentle touch to his cock showed Jon that his two genitals were independent from each other! Jon took full advantage of this and soon worked his way up to a male orgasm as well.

Finally sated, Jon leaned back in his chair. As he was sitting there wondering what to do next he noticed his grandfather’s stone sitting on his desk. Jon picked up the stone that Angie had found so interesting yesterday. He carefully looked it over and saw it looked exactly the same it always had. Jon thought it was crazy that with all the odd and massive changes going on all around him this tiny little rock had never changed a bit. Of course holding the stone reminded Jon of his grandpa. Jon turned around and looked at the old picture of his grandpa and him fishing that had sat on his bookshelf for years. Unlike the stone, the picture HAD changed. The picture now had both he and his grandpa in this world’s bodies and well…you know what that meant. Jon turned away, it was weird seeing his grandpa looking like that. Jon thought back to his grandpa, his REAL mono-gender grandpa and how much he still missed him. Jon also missed the old normal world; this shifting reality stuff was getting pretty stressful. Jon wished he understood what was going on.

Of course since Jon hadn’t SAID he wished he understood what was going on, the stone did nothing. After a bit of nostalgic thinking Jon set it back down on his desk, and he went to bed wondering what odd universe he would be living in tomorrow…

"6:08AM: Hump Day" by Monsta on Sat Jan 11 11:06:24 2014

Jon awoke the next day to find that he had his original body back, including his single sexed equipment. He breathed a sigh of relief. While it had been kind of fun to orgasm as both a man and a woman within a few minutes of each other, having a cross gendered body and all the social weirdness that came with that world was just too odd for Jon.

But odd seemed to be the running theme of Jon's life lately, and right away at breakfast Jon already saw his first weirdness of the day. His mother had no breasts. She looked and acted the same in every other way, but she was completely flat chested now. In fact Jon saw about 5 additional women on his way to Karyn’s, and none of them had any breast tissue whatsoever. Even the psyco dog walker lady had a hot pink turtle neck shirt stretched tightly across her flat chest.

“That’s it?” Jon thought, “Women have no boobs? That sure is odd given all the previous sex crazed days I’ve had.”

As Jon rounded the corner on Karyn’s block he could tell even from a distance her oversized breasts had been removed. Karyn was always easy to spot from a distance with her long blonde hair and oversized breasts, but today Jon saw only her blonde hair as he approached her. As soon as he got closer to his friend Karyn though, Jon could see she actually was different than the other women he had seen so far today. Karyn actually still had boobs! They were barely noticeable A cups, but they sure were “big” by today’s standards apparently.

On the way to school Jon decided to ask Karyn to do something tonight, just as friends again. Jon wanted to do something normal to give him a break from all the non-normalness of the past week and a half. “You wanna go see a movie tonight?” Jon asked.

“I can’t go out tonight; it’s my time of the month.” Karyn said solemnly.

“Oh, um, ok. That…sucks I guess. So did you just want to hang out at your place then?”

Karyn shot Jon a grin like he had told a joke and said, “Oh sure, just come on over and hang out with me while I’m riding the E-train, good one Jon! I’m sure you’re just thinking we’ll hang out, have some tea and discuss politics?”

Karyn’s voice was dripping with sarcasm, but Jon hadn’t figured out why yet. He knew there must be more to this day than just flat chested women. So he thought it was time to head to the computer lab again.

The warm CRT display of the old computer soon showed Jon out why Karyn’s “time of the month” was much more than the simple period Jon had thought it was. Women didn’t have periods anymore. Instead women entered estrus once a month, in other words they went into “heat” just like most mammals do. For a 48 hour period once each month their bodies are flooded with sexual hormones, driving them wild with sexual lust. The overcharged libido of a woman “in heat” makes a horny teenage boy look like a chaste nun by comparison.

Jon found women also now only had engorged mammaries (breasts) while they were lactating post pregnancy and delivery like other mammals too. In rare cases some women developed breast tissue during puberty that does not go away as Karyn seems to have done. Women with full time breast tissue may be rare but most guys still had a “boob” fetish anyhow. But in this world the only time most guys got to play with real “boobs” was when their wife was lactating after giving birth.

After school Jon met up with Karyn again and he could already tell something was different about her. She seemed distracted and she kept looking at Jon’s crotch. Well, she was also looking at a lot of other guys’ crotches too. She was obviously either in heat already or getting real close.

Karyn looked desperately at Jon and told him, “Oh god Jon, it’s coming on so fast this time, I barely made it through the day. I even had to go to the restroom to 'relive' myself, if you know what I mean. Please get me back to my house quick and don’t let me talk to any guys along the way. I’m so fucking horny right now I’d fuck any guy that asked me to. You have to get me home before I start outright asking guys to fuck me!”

Jon helped his friend as she asked. Along the way he saw her frequently trying to nonchalantly “itch” her crotch, but despite her best efforts it was clearly not itching she was doing. Once they arrived at Karyn’s house Karyn went right to her room. Jon probably should have left then, but he had to go to the bathroom; he had been holding it in since school. After peeing quickly he went to Karyn’s room to tell her goodbye quick but as soon as he opened the unlocked and slightly ajar bedroom door a bit further to say it he saw something.

Karyn was laying on her bed naked. Not only was she was totally naked but she was also furiously frigging her clit, desperately trying to quench the burning sexual desire she had. And while one hand was working her pussy her other wandered from nipple to nipple on her small pert breasts, tweaking them and rubbing them to add fuel to the sexual fire. Her pussy looked obviously swollen and engorged and it also was dripping with raw horniness and desire. It almost looked like her mouth was trying to say something, but all that came out of her mouth were grunts, groans and sexual moans.

As soon as Karyn saw Jon at the door she turned her crotch towards him and spread her legs wide in invitation. Karyn looked right at Jon and said, “Fuck me Jon, please. I know I’ve told you not to fuck me when I’m on my 'E' but I was only kidding. I want nothing more than for you to slip your hard cock inside me right now and fill me with your cum! Oh god Jon, my pussy is so hot and gooey, it needs your cum in it so friggin bad! Please give it to me, PLEASE!”

It would seem once again fate had given Jon yet another chance to have sex with Karyn. But this time Jon wondered if her horniness was simply exposing a hidden desire in Karyn she had for Jon, or if it was just MAKING her want to fuck Jon. It was hard to tell. But through her own admission a short while ago she said she would have fucked ANY guy that would have asked her...

One of the more disturbing things Jon learned in his research earlier today is something called a “natural consent” law. It protected men who had sex with women in heat from legal action if the women later regretted the “decisions” they made while in heat. It basically said that a woman in heat and out in public had given “natural consent” for a man to have sexual relations with her. As long as a woman was conscious and said “yes” at any point it was all legal. Of course, a woman conscious and in heat probably wouldn't say no...

Even though a woman in heat was under the influence of a torrent of sex hormones, it was considered normal and natural in this world. After all, humans had been living with women going into regular monthly fits of sexual desire since the days of the caveman.

But Jon cared too much about Karyn to “do her” like this. Maybe if they were older and married and she went into heat Jon would have no moral issues trying to fuck away the desire in her, but she was not his wife or even his girlfriend in this world. Even though her body was betraying her right now, if Jon took advantage of that he would be betraying her too.

Instead he closed the door, left her house and headed home. Maybe tomorrow he could talk to her normally again, depending on what or who she was tomorrow. When Jon got home he found his family was getting ready to head out to Caballo Loco again, even though they had just gone there Monday. Well, Jon thought about it and he realized THIS family probably hadn’t gone there, his family in squirting woman world had. All this trans dimensional travel was confusing. Jon hadn’t spent much time with any of his families recently, and he knew Caballo Loco in this universe was probably close to the real one he greatly enjoyed, so he agreed to go with them for a family dinner.

Jon enjoyed spending some “normal” time with his family. They seemed just like the real thing, and thankfully his mom was not having “her time of the month” right now. The bubble of normalcy in Jon’s evening was shattered though by some commotion a few tables over. Looking over at the disturbance Jon saw a man was dragging his wife out of the restaurant. Apparently she had gone into heat during their meal and was already having trouble controlling herself. As he was trying to get his wife out the door though she was literally humping his leg!

Well, Jon thought, today is Wednesday...


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Just excellent! I hope it will continue.