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Topic: How to write a Belial story?

Hello! This my first post here on the forum despite years of lurking. A pleasure at last! My first question I would like to ask is, how does one create a story for the Legends of Belial world? Does one go through Demon Man or other trusted members with the concept and proceed from there? Do we just write something of questionable canonical value and it is appraised? I pretty much just read stories from here so the process of actually contributing is very new to me. Also, any etiquette I should know? Any help would be lovely, thank you!


Re: How to write a Belial story?

I think you've started with the best approach to writing in any universe, which is reading the stories and getting to know the cannon.  There's no formal process to go through (or not one that anyone has ever held me to), but if you think your story is going to really stretch the cannon (say a story without any transformations or reversible transformations), you might want to consult Demon-man.  I've occasionally asked him about little world building things like the number of moons, because I'll remember reading it in an old story and not be able to source the fact otherwise.  If you want one of the senior members of the forum to appraise your outline and provide feedback, I'm sure several of us would volunteer to help.


Re: How to write a Belial story?

Thank you for the response. I'm glad to see contributing is relatively simple as I hope to start contributing to this more as I've enjoyed it for so long. If I do set out to make a Belial story, I'll make sure to consult first. Thanks again!


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Another question for anyone who knows. In the Belial world, has there ever been transformative warfare? I know several stories feature the magistaff devices but I don't remember any stories that involved anything other than transforming helpless victims. An idea I had is for actual conflict between two parties using alchemy and whatever else to transform the opposing force. I'm pretty busy at the moment so if anyone else wants to take up that idea, be my guest.


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Lore-wise, the Ondorian Kingdom was pretty infamous for its intensive use of transformative warfare during the Era of Mad Kings.

Conflicts where transformative weapons were used on both sides would probably have been rather rare. Unfortunately classic weaponry is still easier to produce and more effective at disabling your opponents. However some of the Mad Kings contemporaries might have dabled in transformative weaponry, either out of desperation or some form of twisted admiration. Not to mention inner-Ondorian conflicts that might have happened on a smaller scale (e.g. conflicts between noble houses or a brave province declaring independence). Furthermore some smaller realms might also have had their own equivalent of the Mad Kings at some point in their history.