Topic: What are your Favorite Transformation Stories?

I'm curious to hear what each of your favorite transformation stories are, Belial or otherwise, and what you like most about them. There's obviously a large pool of different sub-genres/fetishes and writing styles under the transformation umbrella, so I'm sure everyone has different tastes. Thought it'd be interesting to get some discussion going.

Personally, some of my favorites are:

- Monsters in Dorm 13 by Von Krieger. One of the first transformation stories I remember reading. Lot of unique transformations in this one, plus I like the master-pet dynamic.

- Drugs, Drugs, Drugs Chapter 3 by Demon-Man. I'm a big fan of conjoinment, especially involving family members. Like the gender reversal as well.

Hoping to hear your opinions!

- The Cruelty of Men by The Nome King. Lots of anus tfs and mind degradation.


Re: What are your Favorite Transformation Stories?

Some of my favourites are:
Candy Bowl Party (Halloween 2017)
Suma - by Hedonism
A Dairy Princess' Revenge
Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights (all three)

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Re: What are your Favorite Transformation Stories?

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs  (all of them) by Demon-Man
Mutual Need by Anawyn
Cruelty of Man by TheNomeKing
Family Bonding
In the Eyes of the Beholder - Yuo's Story

I particularly like the ones with merging between multiple people, especially into single individual creatures or body parts.


Re: What are your Favorite Transformation Stories?

I'm more of a traditionalist so my favorites tend to involve TF of the more lightweight modular variety. So stories like

State of Emergency
Lab Accident
Pussy Face Syndrome
Conservation of Mass

are right up my alley. I also think they make good gateway/showcase stories which is why they are stickied.

In the end it comes down to descriptive writing and its quality that really brings TFs to life. There are many stories with interesting TFs that don't do anything with them, sexual or otherwise. Or if they do, the scenes often aren't written well. Helen's morning pillow scene at the start of State of Emergency II is something of a gold standard for me when it comes to sexual TF descriptive writing. At the same time I recognize that there is some bias since the more grounded a TF is, the more relatable it is and the easier it is to write about.


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I tend to enjoy stories that focus more on experimentation and avoid permanent transformations. High density transformation fests like Magical Cream on DA. It throws everything at the wall and it works in it's favor. It has something for everybody. Multiple limbs/boobs, anthros, Amazonian, melting, nbm, and a little bit of vore.

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It’s tame by this site’s standards, but I like how An Ordinary Week by Bucephalus has such a slow, steady buildup of WTFery that it doesn’t actually feel WTF until you think about it. While you’re reading, everything seems like a normal progression of what came before. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3932491/


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My favorites are not necessarily stories from the Belial universe.
For example.
Muleboy's "The Seeker", unfortunately he seems to have retired.
Cyberhorn's "Finding Paths"
Von Krieger's "New Found Form" series


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My favorite are:
Queen Daisy
In Neck Deep with the Sharks
The Dakini Ring pt 1
Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs product demonstration-Dakini worms
The Dakini Queen

The Greatest Show
Jizza's Zoo
Morben at the Mall
Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: Transformation Machines
A Mother’s Sacrifice for a Daughter’s Dream

A shitty solution
Mary's choice

And if you ask which of these stories I would choose if I could, my answer is clearly becoming a Dakini spawn with a Jalash worm. I absolutely love Dakini Worms and Spawns.

Otherwise, I would also be very interested in the transformation of Mary from Mary's choice, becoming the living anus of a cow, I like cows very much.


Re: What are your Favorite Transformation Stories?

I'm a huge fan of Demon-man's D-virus concept and most of the stories that were based of it.
They just have everything I love. Human-to-anthro, permament heavy life altering changes and especially female-to-male stuff.

For me, the best one is Summer Bucks The Trend by xerox2