Topic: Demon-Man's Story Ideas

This is a list of ideas for stories or other projects collected over the years.
Anybody is welcome to take any of these ideas to use fully or in part fors their own projects. If somebody is interested in an art-story-trade or does commissioned stories, just PM me.

The ideas are organised into different groups with a common theme or setting:

A: General, small-scale Ideas (Few TFs)

A1) An amputee-type story of a dalsur or captured dark elf being mistreated. The idea is of a "Little Matchgirl" type of story but with a happy end.

A2) A girl gets involved in a heavy accident (hit by a car, a broken machine, etc). The doctors can only save her life by taking what’s left of her (torso and head) and dose it with pure D-cum (due to its healing effects, which are a sideeffect of the TF). The result is little more than a small, limbless blob with any kind of gender or additional modifications, able to bounce around but little else. The plot's focus could be about how she adjusts, maybe with the help from a family member, friend or lover.

A3) A proper, sappy romance. Maybe between adventurers. With dramatic climax (one of them being in mortal danger, or believed to be dead before he/she returns, Damsel in Distress that needs to be rescued from captivity or from a villain, etc) and happy end. TFs could be mild or extreme, depending on the plot.

A4) A very shy and demure girl confides to her best friend or her boyfriend her deep wish to be transformed. He/she helps her out and they have the procedure done at a specialized alchemist/shop/resort/love-hotel. The twist is that she does not only want to be changed but in a very particular way: Ultimate bondage. In the end she'd be blind (no eyes), limbless and her body small, round and completely immobile, still able to speak, though, in order to express her extreme lust and enjoyment of her form, fulfilling her most perverse dream. As another twist her friend or boyfriend might have secretly request a few additional, unexpected alterations, e.g. a different gender, additional genitals or other weirdness that doesn't negate the girl's „bondage“.

A5) Part of what could be an entire series: A very naive but helpful avatar of Freya travels the Empire in order to spread love and happiness, her (or hir, as she would more likely be a herm) self-proclaimed mission is to solve people's problems. She got a very odd idea of solving problems, though, usually involving all kind of sexual transformations.
In this case it'd be about a play on the topic of "friendzone". Main characters are a girl and a male friend (or even her best male friend) who has a total crush on her. There are three variations for the plot:

- The girl is a little naive and doesn't know that the guy has a crush on her. She is not sexually interested in him/sees him only as a friend, instead choosing to have unhappy, short affairs with all kind of stereotypical machos. The guy on the other hand is too shy to confess his true feelings. The demon notices them and sees what is going on. She is convinced that they belong together and thus decides to add a little force in order to get them together and make them both happy. Thus she turns the girl into a cute, multi-breasted dog-shemale. The demon might brainwash her into a loyal petgirl and maybe even transport her to the guy's apartment, so that she can surprise him when he wakes up. Alternatively her mind might stay unchanged and her current lover runs away immediately (most classic machos in Belial prefer unchanged, "pure” girls). Still shocked she tries to find comfort from her friend. Her libido either overcomes her then or she finally realizes what she got in him, or both. Happy end.
- The girl knows that the guy loves her but keeps him at bay with stuff like "Let's just be friends", using him as a useful minion/helper, while preferring to have sex with "proper men". Summarized, she is the stereotypical kins of slut that only sees a useful tool in the guy and deliberately uses his crush in order to control him. The demon decides to punish her and make the guy happy, transforming the girl again into a multi-breasted dog-shemale or other type of petgirl.
- Alternatively, rather than a crush, even the guy might actually only wants sex from the girl, so that secretly none of them has a white west. In which case the demon decides to punish them both. Rather than turn the girl into a sexy and/or cute petgirl, the demon turns her into something ugly and masculine, a big chubby anthro or troll-like creature. She brainwashes her, however, to fall in love with the guy and become incredibly horny, so that she basically forces herself upon him. He finally gets to have sex the girl of his dreams, only for her to no longer look anything like her former self.

A6) A story set in a very popular and specific TF-Strip-Club. Instead of just having transformees dance and serve customers, the club also features on-stage transformations and has a very special type of private lap-dance: The dancer will be transformed during the dance according to the customer's wishes, which the girl (a volunteer) is not told, so that the result is a surprise for her. Logically those are unique shows, due to the irreversibility of the TFs, so they are not the cheapest, either.

A7) A mother and her adult daughters are kidnapped by a criminal organisation or captured for some minuscule reason by the government in case of Ondora in the Mad King's Era. Either way the mother is given the choice to have her daughters transformed and be left alone or sacrifice herself so that her daughters will be let free. She sacrifices herself and gets transformed in an extreme way (e.g. just a penis rooted to the wall or the genitals or anus of an animal or sexcreature). When asked if she wants to her daughters to be transformed after all (communicating with blinking or some other method that allows yes-no answers), she agrees, due to her mind having been corrupted utterly. Thus her daughters get to share her fate or get transformed in some other cruel way.

This scenario also works with other character pairings, e.g. lovers or friends instead of blood relatives.

A8) A girl was transformed into some small, male creature, a feminine anthro, goblinoid or other less masculine form. She wants some femininity back, however, more precisely her breasts. But the doctor informs her that the TF would have heavy sideeffects, due to the stability of her current form. Nevertheless she is determined and goes through with it. She gets back her tits, bigger than ever, but the sideffects are:

- Either that her body becomes otherwise more masculine. Hairier, more muscular, slightly larger, etc. Her voice gets darker and her dick larger. Basically she becomes a man with tits.
- Or her body blows up. She grows massive, into ogre-like proportions. Instead of muscular, she is rather fat though, with short legs and overlong arms. Her dick grows, too, but in exchange she got suitably massive tits. Despite her size, her overall appearance is still relatively feminine and soft.

A9) A story about a were-rat. Also known as kobolds, they are a very rare humanoid species, probably demon-made a millenium ago and virtually unknown by the general public. They live solitary or among humans, rarely among each other. The thing about them is how they reproduce: All were-rats are born as human females, at least outwardly. At the age of about 25 they undergo a very quick transition into their adult were-rat form (thus the name, its not reversible, though). A mature were-rat is a chubby, short humanoid with rodent features (more bestial than human). They are shemales with large breasts and quite impressive male genitalia. When were-rats reproduce with a human (either before or after the transition), the child will be 100% a were-rat.

The story could be about a 25 year old woman who gets told by her mom that her father had been a were-rat, when she starts too feel odd. Focus being on her preparations for the inevitable transformation and the adjustments afterwards.

A variation with a slightly different focus could be, that she already knows and confesses to her boyfriend what she is and that the transition will happen soon. Thus the focus would be more on their relationship and how both deal with it. The transition itself could happen in form of what looks at first like a pregnancy on high-speed: The girl's belly growing within less than a week to 9-month size. Then she starts to get into a form of labour but instead of giving birth in the end, her penis appears and she rapidly transforms.

The chubby rat-form is only my initial thought. The entire concept would work with other TFs, too. So suggestions are welcome.

A10) A girl gets affected by a rare TF-disease, has a lethal disease where the only therapy has heavy TF-sideeffects or gets d-cum poisoned. The concept is more of a romantic one:
The disease or poisoning starts with a heavy fever, eventually she ends up in hospital where she slowly undergoes the transformation while being barely conscious for days. A risk of death could increase the drama. Her husband/boyfriend stays at her side, taking care of her. Afterwards the focus would be on both adjusting to her new form, similar to some of the other ideas. Her form could also be a reduced one, so that the guy got to take care of her even after the recovery.

A11) A girl and a friend or her lover go through a TF convention or exhibition for TF-machines (partly inspired by the Freyan ones) and she gets herself transformed bit by bit, via different methods/machines, maybe even deciding very spontaneously, until her final form is unrecognisable from her former self. Her friend/lover could support her/push her on or even join in.

A12) A lesbian couple gets willingly infected with dakini-worms. They could belong to a certain group of people that want to give up human life and only exist as part of beasts. Thus the final dakini-spawns are not even identical in form but are programmed to be loyal lovers. Maybe they are even left into the wild, pre-programmed with the instincts to get along and pheromones that keep predators away.

A 13) The idea is for that of a group of feared skypirates (or regular pirates or large bandit force in pre-imperial times) that not only attacks passenger airships to get loot but also enslaves the passengers to turn them into sex-slaves/pets to sell on the blackmarket. Rather than using conventional weapons, this group might use some form of transformative weaponry. Either simple water-guns filled with D-cum or they got their hands on pre-imperial TF-weapons, like the magi-staffs that were employed during the Mad Kings' reign.

Furthermore the pirate master might actually be a transformee herself, cruel and forceful while also being overly sexual herself. One possible scenario is how she tortures some of her victims for amusement, e.g. transforming lovers and relatives in front of each other's eyes. A more specific idea is that of a particular or powerful man, maybe even a politician or army officer who organizes the hunt for the pirate master. It ends with him getting captured and the master surprising him by showing him that she has fused his wife with her asshole. This could continue with her transforming the man's daughters.

A14) A expanded version of the "Memorial Changes" concept: A story following a couple for 50 years or more, showing how they (at least the wife) get changed more and more extremely over the years, the choices they make and how their children grow up and eventually decide to be transformed themselves (at least the daughters) when they reach adulthood. It could have an episodic nature, jumping several years each time.

A15) A mother and her son are conjoined, with the focus being on how they adjust to having certain bodyparts of the other gender. Furthermore they might start a career as porn-stars or prostitutes, either because they want to or because their financial situaiton leaves no other option.

My original idea for their final form is that of a bipedal but armless creature, either a shemale with humanoid faces or with pussy-mouths, making them a herm. Either case they could have some other classic modifications, e.g. three large tits. Obviously the plot works with all kind of body-forms.

A16) A young couple decides to travel the continent or wander in some remote location. Either way they end up falling into the hands of a large bandit gang or organized crime. Both get conjoined and changed in one way or another, forced to work as a prostitute or fucktoy in their new form.

A17) This idea comes in two very different versions which only share the conjoinment and genderbender nature of the transformations.

- Two couples decide to do a double wedding, maybe as part of a TV show, like the Greatest Show, or in private. The girls have an idea to spice things up and trick their boyfriends into going to a hospital or alchemist shop. Either way they black out and wake up conjoined and fully female, with a humanoid and very feminine body. It could either be a bestial type of body or a different kind of bizarre, armless, triple breasted and with vagina-mouths. The former guys are told to prepare for the wedding, not getting to see their girlfriends before that. They are told to make themselves even more feminine by shaving, using make-up and getting into high-heels and a lingerie wedding fetish dress. At the ceremony it turns out that the girls have been fused into a male counterpart to them but maybe as a twist a cross-dressing one that is just as feminine as them, as the girls wanted to be male but not masculine.

- Two couples get kidnaped by the mafia or pirates (maybe even the sky pirates from Checkmate's story Treasure Chest). The boys end up conjoined with a female body as described above and forced to work as a prostitute. They are not told what happened to their girlfriend until they behave. Not sure what actually could happen to the girls. They could become a male counterpart as above and also work as a prostitute, they could have been reduced to a simple minded sexpet or maybe even a simple sextoy like a living dildo.

A18) A Belial version of Beauty and the Beast. Like in the original story, the girl ends up as captive of the beast (maybe an ogrish hermaphrodite or other bestial looking transformee) but eventually false in love with it. The twist is that when confessing their love, the beast doesn't turn human but the girl into a copy of the beast. The lesson being that its not about beauty but love after all.

A19) A con-artist getting her comeuppance. She does her biggest scam by entering a remote village and pretending to be a demon. With a combunation of high-class make-up and some beginners level magic tricks she convinces the poor people. Maybe she even transform one or two using alchemical substances in clever disguise. She tries to get all their valueables in exchange for leaving them alone. Unfortunately a real demon is just visiting the place and doesn't take too kindly on an imposter.

B: General, large-scale Ideas (Many Tfs)

B1) A story about the fate of one city during Karma's retaking of his Realm (the area north of Grave-Town), transforming every citizen (except for kids and some of the men). This setup offers all kind of possibilities:

- A succession of quick transformations, moving from one person to the next in style similar to Hugo's Morben stories or focusing on a small group of people witnessing the chaos raging around them before getting changed themselves.
- Transformations could be caused by Karma himself, his avatars, an outbreak of sex-creatures infecting people or even more esoteric phenomena like D-cum rain or transformative plants.
- The transformations themselves could focus on a specific theme (gender-shift, conjoinment/fusion, animal-hybrids, etc) or be very varied in nature.

B2) A city is hit by a disaster that causes all kind of transformation in a wide area almost instantaneously, e.g. the explosion of a large mana-powerplant, a disastrous alchemical or magical experiment at a lab, a powerful demon releasing a single spell/shockwave of mana, etc. Based on the nature of the disaster, all Tfs might follow a very specific theme or even be a single type of Tfs repeated in all its variations, e.g. all people become basically "genital-plants" (a collection of genitals and boobies rooted to the ground), fuse with animals or a species of magical creatures (that basically invade the city), turn into one specific type of creature, etc.

B3) A Survival-Horror/Post-Apocalypse type of story. A larger town or area was completely devastated and the majority of people turned into abnormal creatures. Aside from demonic influence (e.g. during the re-creation of Karma's Realm), an accident could also have been responsible (e.g. the blown up power-plant scenario) or the aftermath of a military strike (using the magical/alchemical equivalent of the atomic bomb in pre-imperial times or during the later Wizard War). A group of "survivors" tries to get out of the affected area but is taken apart one at a time by sexcreatures and other hazards.

Rather than the usual sexcreatures, the monsters could also be typical horror-beasts. Misshapen monstrosities with proper claws, horns and jaws, maybe even tumor-like growths and asymmetric anatomy. Something more at home in a conventional horror-movie or post-apocalyptic video game. Or maybe something in-between the two concepts, an overall more typical mutant-monster but still possessing obviously and maybe oddly placed genitals. Rather than killing humans, though they might instead use them to breed via infection or feed on them by absorbing them and digesting the additional biomass (the victim perhaps fusing with a bodypart of the monster). In an extreme form, some beasts might swallow people whole, transforming them in the stomach and digesting most of their bodymass. In the end the critter would "shit out" a far smaller creature, the only thing left of the victim.

B4) A series of tortures in the dungeon of one of the Ondorian Mad Kings. One such case could be a girl getting transformed into a bunch of penises fused to the ceiling of a circular room. She is too serve as an organic transformation-device: Her cum is transformative and her penises would spray it all over the room when she ejaculates. To get her cumming, despite mental resistance, she got a remote-controlled dildo shoved inside her still existing anus. Her first victims would be her mother and sister.

B5) A larger TF story set in the era of the TF-obssessed Mad Kings. The oldest prince celebrates his 20th birthday with a big party. However, once all guests are present, he declares that he intends to have the party turn into a "sausagefest": All females present shall leave the party either as shemales or males, transformed by their own hand (and according to their own wishes) or the prince's (and his ideas), or by one of the many random choices offered. Some ideas for Tfs:

- A group of slaves or servants is dragged into the nearby garden and transformed around a newly made fountain. They turn into giant cocks that endlessly spew cum, forming a cum-fountain, that produces highly transformative cum that can be used by the guests.
- A woman drags her husband into a nearby guestroom, where she gets herself changed into a huge, chubby humanoid (animal-hybrid, ogre or even weirder). Knowing that she cannot escape her fate, she at least wants to have it happen in private and explore her new body with her husband alone before going back to the party. She might even change herself hidden behind a half-transparent partition wall/folding screen, so that one can only see her silhouette changing.
- Another woman gets changed by the prince with a specially made serum. To her husband's surprise she turns into an armless, female creature, with a vagina-mouth and three breasts. After sucking his cock, she changes further, though: Her mouth changes into a cock with balls, her three breasts grow dicknipples at first and then move and shrink down to eventually end up as three cocks between her legs, above the one that replaces her vagina. Her toes turn into dicks, too, as well as her anus, which bends around to eventually rest beneath her main-cock, larger but facing the same direction. Maybe the penis that had been her anus is big enough for her urethra to be penetrated.
- A servants girl spills some whine and is transformed in a particularly humiliating way by the prince.
- The prince's fiancée has a special "present" for him. A servant-girl or relative awaits them at his bedroom. His fiancée and the other woman enter together and ask him to wait five minutes. A squeaky, gender-neutral voice asks him to enter and he is asks to lay on his bed. A small, male creature appears and starts to pleasure him. It turns out that its the other woman and he asks about the whereabouts of his fiancée. The creature turns around and he sees a single eye above its anus, his lover. He enjoys this perverted change and accepts the creature as his new lover.

B6) A different kind of game-show. Anyone remember Takeshi's Castle? Something like this, starting with like a hundred candidates who have to go through all kind of obstacles, all with TF-related traps, heavy enough to kick the victims out of the show. Furthermore there is no guarantee of a winner. If all participants fall victim to the traps - tough luck. Maybe, if at least one person wins, the victors may choose for a transformation of the moderator or a celebrity hired by the show.

B7) Gremlins are loose. Two women (maybe sisters or mother and daughter) are turned by accident or somebody else's design into male, gremlin like creatures. Their personalities change to that of sex-obsessed, mischivous, reckless, little pranksters. Their new physiology ends up with transformative cum, which they can either harvest the old fashioned way or maybe they are afflicted with a constant orgasm that gives them a non-stop supply. Either way they use their cum to play tricks and pranks on the neighbourhood. Transforming people wherever they go, not into more of their own but in all kind of random ways.

C: General Female-to-Male Ideas

C1) Two girls are transformed into cute, male anthros against their will. Cause for the TF could be a demon, madman with D-cum or just an alchemical accident. The plot's focus could be on how they deal with their situation afterwards and their primal urges turning simple friends into lovers, unable to control their libido even if ashamed of it. They could either simply move into an apartment-building or resort for disadvantaged transformees like them or be forced to "survive" for some time alone, e.g. because the TF happened while in a remote hut or vacation home where they wanted to spend their holidays.

My original idea for their final forms is that of cute, quadrupedal dog or wolf-hybrids, fully male but with a rather puny set of male genitalia. Another ideas is that of cute, bipedal rabbit-hybrids. Obviously the plot works with any kind of animal-hybrid, including ones that are far less cute.

C2) A middle aged housewife and mother or lone mother is infected by a TF-virus turning her into somekind of male creature (primarily with a humanoid form in mind), showing the slow adjustment to her new body and mental shift from "she" to "he".

Possibly, she infects her adult daughter, too, leading to them either becoming a couple themselves (e.g. in case of a lone mother) or both becoming so identical in apperance that they start to share the role of housewife (or rather husband at this point) keeping each other's true identity secret.

C3) A variation on the "girl in a relationship with a guy becomes male herself"-scenario. Rather than one surprising the other, they both have already talked about it and agreed on it beforehand. Thus the boyfriend supports the soon-to-be-male girl all the way through the transformation/transition. Focus could be on her transition and adjustment to her new life, where she does not only want to be physically male but to be truly a guy - clothes, behaviour, social interaction, status, etc. Her (or rather "his" at this point) boyfriend helps and might even give some lessons in how to be a man.

My original idea is for the girl to end up basically as a form of femboy, still humanoid but not human. Either a goblin like being, similar to a Sutonian woman, or as a feminine or cute animal-hybrid. There are, however, two variations to this idea:

- The girl wants a very masculine guy rather than a femboy - muscular, buff, etc, even choosing mental/emotional alterations (maybe combined with or caused by deliberate hormonal changes) to become the men she wants to be. Her boyfriend agrees but only if she keeps her large breasts. Thus the end result is a very masculine shemale, more a "man with tits" than a "girl with a dick", especially in regards to her (or rather his) personality.  My original idea for her appearance is that of a pig-anthro, rather humanoid, even with human genitalia, but a very animalistic face. The body is muscular but not overblown, more athlet than bodybuilder. Bodyhair and proportions are all absolutely male but she/he got huge tits and still a feminine voice, despite the pig-face. The personality would be rough and manly, behaving more like a "buddy" to her/his boyfriend.
- The girl chooses a slow-working method to transition into a male, e.g. a commercially modified and controlled strain of the B-virus or a combination of different processes similar to the real transition process of transsexuals: She gets to take a slow-working substance regularly which makes her body and temper become more masculine over time but also causes the other changes (e.g. growth of animal features). Halfway through she gets her breasts removed at the alchemist's shop or in a clinic, and at the very end, as the final step to transition from woman to man, her vagina is alchemically replaced by a set of male genitals, done in the same shop/clinic.
This concept would work fine with a feminine humanoid form but could also be interesting with an even more extremely changed body, e.g. a very inhuman form or a very masculine or heavy-built (more chubby than muscular) anthro.

C4) A group of women decides together that they want to be transformed into males. Maybe they met in a club, are old friends or met online in a forum for women who discovered that their husbands/boyfriends have a secret TF fetish. So far I only got ideas for two of these women:

- One girl in her twenties surprises her boyfriend in her new form as a large, chubby crocodile man. The boyfriend is a bit intimidated at first but the former woman takes the initiative, asks him to play some video-games or watch a movie, so he can slowly get used to his appearance. The reptiles big, humanoid cock distracts the guy more and more, though, and eventually they have sex.
- Another woman surprises her husband by becoming a kind of goblin or gremlin-like creature, fully female though and with massive, oversized breasts. She has sex with him, not telling him that his cum will trigger the final stage of her transformation. After his ejaculation, she changes into a male version of herself (breasts deflate to nothing, vagina is replaced by a large set of male genitalia and her bodyhair grows). "She" tells him that if he wants to keep her than only as a guy. Being secretly bisexual, the husband can live with that and they have sex. Maybe its even him that gets fucked by the "goblin", to have some variation.

C5) A story about a town where all females decide to become male dragon-like creatures. Reasons for that could be a curse, demonic influence or the town is a suburb of Jizza but for some reason the water affects people with this bizarre focus on dragons. My initial thought for the women's forms is that of rather cartoonish looking dragons and dragon-like creatures, something more suited to a Saturday morning cartoon than a fantasy epic. Not even close to Belial's actual dragons. Nonetheless forms could be varied, ranging from genuinely cute or elegant to outright goofy appearances. There might also be multi-headed forms, resulting from conjoinments.

While my original idea is for all the women to become males, the concept also works with other genders or a mix of configurations.

D: Jizza specific Ideas

D1) After the several years the so called Masculinity Clinic"has become the centre or focal point of the city, due to the chemicals in the water causing most women in the town to eventually want to become male beings. The Masculinity Clinic is a mix between a hospital, resort and cultural/social centre with a focus on delivering all kind of transformative therapies to give the city's women the bodies that they want. It also offers social help, therapies/counselling for family and partners, services for the adjustment to the new body and sexual services (a kind of in-built brothel, weekly sex-meetings, etc). A story could consist of multiple little stories inside the hospital, highlighting the different services of the Clinic.

D2) A mother and her daughter, living in Jizza, want to become males and the father is meant to support and help with the transformative process. The process could be a very technical, slow and deliberate one, to make sure that mother and daughter look identical or to make sure that the daughter is still recognizable as her mother's offspring in form (maybe even with element of the father in her form, e.g. her penis could be a virtual copy of the father's, showing that she also got his genes after all).

D3) Something about the "Green Goblin Club" in Jizza. A very expensive club/restaurant offering a very specific type of TF and only employing former girls changed this way. They transform women into fully male, green goblins (http://f3.to/demon-man/sketches-odd-and … ent/odd-31). While rather simple, is still sold as a form of prestige-TF, advertising it as the membership in an exclusive club. Still could include all kind of additional benefits but also additional requirements, e.g. that the entire strip and TF is filmed and put online or a form of brainwashing to add some character traits or habits that are important to the Green Goblin image, maybe even going as far as giving the new goblin a new name and personality to show that the former woman has become a completely new person.
Furthermore the strip itself could be advertised as "the last time that the customer/stripper undresses", since Green Goblins don't wear clothes, enforced either by a mentally added distaste for clothes or a physical inability to wear any (e.g. a permanent erection or even ejaculation).

The club might also offer special services for special occasions, e.g. if the new goblin's proposes marriage or even a big celebration in case of a "goblin wedding", a lesbian couple undergoing the transformation into goblins and then marrying on the spot.

D4) A short-story collection about couples who just moved for one reason or another to Jizza and how the women eventually turn into male creatures, either by accident or self-chosen transformations. Or because their men transform them (see E5). Some of the men might get changed, too, either because they've been thinking about transforming themselves already anyway or because their women want to see them transformed and do so against their will.

D5) A story focused on the effect the water in Jizza has on a growing number of ordinary men:  They start to feel more and more attracted to the idea of sex with male transformees and watching women get transformed in such a way. As a result they start to secretly transform their wifes, girlfriends, etc, or convince them to undergo the transformation voluntarily.

D6) Another mother and daughter couple in Jizza want to get transformed. Only this time there is no father/husband. The plot could go two ways:

- Mother and daughter end up marrying each other after their transformations into males. The extreme physical changes would allow this, as they'd be legally defined as new and genetically unrelated persons. The wedding could have been the plan from the beginning or they only fell in love with each other after their changes.
- Both get conjoined to share their lives as one being. My original idea for their form would be a chubby, male humanoid. Possibly without faces, only a big eyestalk for each woman, making them even more look like a single being, rather than a conjoined duo.

D7) A woman decides she wants to get transformed but not sure yet how. She sees another woman (I was thinking the traditional housewife type) in front of the alchemist's shop, looking through the window and apparently contemplating what to do herself. The first one decides to do something spontanious and stupid, thus she approached the other woman and convinces her to join in. They get conjoined and out of the shop comes:
- A large two headed dagon-like being, quadrupedal or bipedal, but rather chubby and more cartoonish/cuddly than menacing. Nonetheless they end up very large, barely able to fit into a building, maybe even not at all to to some post-TF growth. They could be fully male or a shemale/herm form. Maybe they even decide to leave the town and live in the wilderness due to their form and size.
- A bipedal, chubby being. Maybe a form of sexual ogre or a more cartoonish interpretation of an animal, e.g. a large chubby, flightless bird or an anthropomorphic reptile or a shaggy almagation of mammal traits. More likely to be fully male but a shemale/herm form could be interesting, too. Maybe they even start fully female and decide to slowly swap genders over time, one trait at a time.

Alternatively, rather than just meeting the housewife alone in front of the shop, she might be argueing with her adult daughter who is not a fan of transformations at all. After talking to the other woman, they both drag the reluctant daughter to join them inside. There she becomes part of the two women's final form, either as a third head or as a bodypart, e.g. penis or anus.


Re: Demon-Man's Story Ideas

Adding some more story idea(s), if anyone is willing to give it a try, or use it as inspiration for their own creation:

The concept is an onstage and/or television contest called Double Dare or some other name that is a reference to the show's content. The winner will be given either money or another prize of great value. We have a handful of females, from five to a dozen or another number, with the participants either chosen from the audience or volunteers who has already agreed in advance, which enters the stage. They are all given a drink containing a mind altering substance that gives them an irresistible urge to be transformed. Then they sit down in a sofa to have a little chat with a host as the desire keeps growing even stronger within them, while telling about who they are, their background, what they do and their interests and so on. Due to the effect of the solution, they could perhaps open up more than normal, admitting certain fetishes, dirty little secrets or certain experiences, things they would normally never speak loud about. Each female can pull out of the contest anytime in one of two two ways; either by asking for an antidote that will take away her desire, or surrender to it and transform on stage (which could be referred to as getting an "extreme makeover"). If she choose the latter, she will also be given a small prize as well. A double prize. Of course all of them think they will either be the winner, and if not, able to resist long enough to be given the antidote (possibly with one or two exceptions among them, which could have a kinky side and secretly realize there is a big risk they may not leave the stage in the same form they entered it).

The intention is that in the end, there will only be a single remaining female that has been able to resist (in theory some of the others may pick the antidote, but most likely they have surrendered without regrets), which is then declared the winner. Not that the "losers" are complaining. The winner is then given two options; take the money and the antidote, or join the other transformees and win twice as much money (if the transformation is really heavy, the money could go to her family or charity instead if that's what she want). 

When they decide to be transformed, there are again two choices; empty a glass of D-cum with completely unpredictable effects, or accept an alchemical solution especially prepared for the specific person meant to change (or if the transformation allows it, a machine like the Omnicopier). The alchemical elixir could be based on the idea of turning an innocent looking girl into something as twisted as possible, or inspired by her lifestyle, background and present status, or her recently revealed secrets if some juicy stuff has slipped out of her during the small interview/conversation. The end results can be of great variation, like a plaything, an anthro animal, something limbless and/or immobile, a sexual beast in both body and mind, or fusion/absorption (turning into a body part of or conjoin with someone already altered or wait for the next one to succumb, or if two or more decide to transform simultaneously).

A third option is to pick a random number where the woman will either go for the unpredictable D-cum, the solution made just for her, or a surprise. If she picks the surprise (partly inspired by Demon-man's own ideas), which could be referred to as the cave of the beast or such, she is dressed naked and placed inside a (dark?) cage she has to share with a Dakini worm or a large hungry beast (could be bipedal, quadrupedal, snakelike or something else) or another creature that will turn her into something else. As for the beast, it will swallow her whole without killing her or causing any pain. On the contrary, it will actually feel good. Most of her body is digested and used to nourish it, but her mind and a small part of her mass is kept alive and pushed out from the digestive system as something small and corrupted (the whole body could be dissolved inside the digestive system, with the remains being solidified again near the end of its intestinal journey).  If female, the beast can also push her into its vagina and womb, and then giving birth to her again after some time, this time changed into something unrecognizable or a smaller version of the beast. If possible, two females could also enter the cage together.


Re: Demon-Man's Story Ideas

I have another "story" idea: What do you think about short newspaper articles about terror-attacks with d-cum, interviews with transformees, (or wanna-be's, family members of transformees, etc...). shows or other related things?


Re: Demon-Man's Story Ideas

Here's a creature that could be used:
Imagine a creature that's pretty much a giant mouth on legs with two melon-sized testicle sacks and a long, tentacle-like penis. The thing about the monster is that it sneaks up on unsuspecting victims and swallows them whole, turning them into transformative cum and storing them in it's ballsack. It then goes and finds a female and fills her with the contents of its nuts, transforming her into some bizarre sex creature. The kicker is that the victims-turned-cum are still alive, are are merged into the woman during her transformation, usually getting their consciousness stick in some part of the new creature's body. The story could be about the creature and it's habits, setting everything up as a documentary; it could be about the victims (both the swallowed and the transformed girl) and focus on the transformations only; or it could be about the final traqnsformed creature, briefly mentioning the backstory while focusing on how the new thign adapts to the strange changes that created it.
Alternatively, the means of transformation could be different: the creature could have an oversized womb instead of a ballsack, swallowing victims and giving "birth" to other strange creatures, or it could simply use regular women as hosts while leaving them untransformed. Or there might even be two creatures: a male who swallows and "digests" victims and a female that reforms them into something new.

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Another concept:

The 40s Club

It's called so because it's mostly women who are 40 or older that joins it, even if younger females can try to be accepted if there is a good reason for it.

Most women feel they have a duty in society; marry, have children, to their job and so on. While some spend years on higher education and make themselves a career, others are content with just having a regular job and family. Once their children has become old enough to move out, and the mothers feel they have made their contributions to society, at that time many of them are perhaps divorced and/or tired of their old jobs, they sometimes feel they are free to spend the rest of their life as they want.

Normal transformations are not a problem, but extreme transformations makes it difficult to do the daily tasks. Once the women feel "free", they can choose to become whatever they desire. If they do go for something so extreme that they can no longer care for themselves, they will be given an early pension. The monthly payment will be lower than if they had retired some decades later, but in their new form, they won't need that much money to keep them content. They may also have a husband, lover or adult children who are willing to take care of them.

The club is a place for enthusiasts where those willing to transform will be given the opportunity to do so for free. It could be once a month, once every third month or once a year. All she has to do in return is to transform in front of the audience (both humans and transformees). While all the transformations are extreme, there is usually an agreement about how far they are willing to go, if there is something specific they want or not want, or if it's okay for them to become whatever that is chosen for them.

Many of those who transform are housewives and milfs tired of the daily routines, keeping themselves in shape, increasing weight, worrying about the first gray hairs and signs of  crow's feet, spending time in front of the mirror adding make-up and fixing their hair, deciding which jewelry, clothes and shoes to wear, behave decent and similar. The idea of saying goodbye to all that and become something simpler and more kinky, never wearing clothes again or worrying about their face and body, is tempting to surprisingly many females, and a little encouragement from their friends or partners is often all it takes. Others do it to celebrate that they have just ended a suppressing marriage, simply want more sex or they have discovered new sides of themselves after visiting the club to see one of their friends become transformed. It could be a decision that require a lot of time and thinking, or they could act just on impulse, suddenly deciding to transform the same evening they are watching others transform in the club.


Re: Demon-Man's Story Ideas

I like the premise.  Does the 40s club double as a brothel, or does it do the transformations exclusively?

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Re: Demon-Man's Story Ideas

So far it's just a suggestion, so everything is possible. If someone wants to write about it, they can use the concept as they like. But what I had in mind was just a regular club that offers transformation, but there is no reason why the club can't be in the same building as a brothel. The club doesn't necessary need their own locations if it only happens once a year. Then it would be sufficient to rent a place for the evening somewhere, for instance a room in a brothel that is normally used for striptease or porn shows. If it is a brother where the prostitutes are both transformees and normal humans, the women who transform can choose if they want to become one of their employees or not. Some may accept the offer or wants to give it a try, and some politely decline.

Since most of the women who have been transformed usually are extremely horny once they find themselves in a new body, they will probably be more than willing to have some fun with those present, unless they already are in a steady relationship. They could be married with transformation fetishists who wants nothing more than a transformed wife they can proudly show off to their fellow fetishist friends. The wives and girlfriends knows they can't compete with much younger females, and they know that their bodies will not become younger in the following years, so they decide they can might as well get rid of their old body completely and get a new start while they are still able to enjoy it. Especially if it means they will be taken care off and there is some kind of prestige associated with it.

Another alternative is women who wants to join the brothels directly instead of going through the club. The process is the same; the brothel pays for the transformations and turn it into a happening for the guests (instead of transforming a single woman now and then, they wait till they have at least a handful on their list), and the women will work for them in return.

There may also be women who wants to transform without using the club. Which means they must either pay for the d-cum themselves, or they are willing to be test subjects for alchemy students who are experimenting with substances, which mean they don't have to pay anything if the outcome is unpredictable or causes major changes to their body.
That could also be an idea; alchemist students who are taking an exam, and needs to find volunteers who agrees to be transformed by them so they can prove their skills and knowledge.

Back to those who choose to change outside the club; they invite their closest friends over to them to have what can be called a goodbye party, where they will see her in her human form for the last time. Sometimes two or more friends can decide to transform at the same party, for instance if they have agreed that once they all are free from their past, they will celebrate it together.
I can also imagine that the most extreme transformations could become a sort of status symbol among rich and powerful women. Like owing a car to show you are not so poor that you need to walk everywhere, or you have servants so you don't need to clean your own house or cut your lawn. Or become so helpless that you need assistants to do everything for you, and still be powerful enough to run your own company and have important friends. It could also be a sign of being a "strong woman", to sacrifice much in order to do whatever you want without caring what others may think.


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Nice!  Lots of promise on this theme...although, as a story line, it could start out as someone with an ulterior agenda that comes to an end where, after he or she falls, the club continues with a greater purpose...sorta.


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Added three more ideas to the list. smile


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Added idea Nr. 26


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Added Nr. 27


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Added a Variation to Nr. 24.

By the way, are some of the writers here open for commissions? I'd love to see a specific type of story with multiple ftm transformations.


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I had a few female-to-male related TF ideas which I wrote down in 24.2) and 28).


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Added idea Nr 29, inspired by Indigocarmine's story.


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Takeshi's castle is actually one of the gameshows I scoured over looking for challenge ideas.


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Just re-organized and updated the idea-list and divided them into categories. Also added a new one in the A and D section each.


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Had an idea for sets of duelling blades, highly illegal in more modern timeframe/settings in the world.

Nothing particularly complicated, simple short swords or other bladed weapons that are infused with D-cum over time up to the point where even the metal itself might start warping, so saturated.  The resulting weapons are utilized by duelists who wish to humiliate their enemies rather than murder them.

Wounds caused by the blades don't bleed, instead triggering alterations to the flesh, with the more grievous wounds becoming more severe changes.  IE a nick might result in a vagina or anus opening at the point of the "injury" wheras someone struck through the heart would completely boil over in massive, unpredictable transformations as though exposed to D-Cum.

Weapons have an upside that isn't as much as an upside as anyone would think.  The more dependent upon mana a creature is for survival, the less it transforms and the more it just causes pain.  Often used by would-be demon-hunters who think it would give them an advantage, or people who just want to hurt the demon/half-demon/poor bastard who has to feed on mana to survive that wronged them, the weapons are still incapable of fatally injuring said creatures.

The blades are illegal in most locales because a pain-maddened Demon or half-demon will usually take out their wrath on anything that moves, creating blasted, desolate areas infested with aggressive or infectious sex-beasts or living carpets/forests/structures from the flesh of anyone unlucky enough to be in reach.  Because the blades are infused with demonic mana, hitting a demon's mana core will simply drive the demon into a supercharged state, causing tragedy in it's wake until it calms down.

But there is certainly no shortage of fools that might think that being able to cause a demon pain will give them advantage on a hunt.  Just one more reason why there is hardly such a thing as a demon-hunter who succeeds more than once.

Just a concept, dunno how appropriate to the setting it would be


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Added B7 to the list.


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Added two more ideas: A17 and D7


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Demon-Man, I think you should make your own stickied thread with links to all your paid works. It should let more people know about anything new that you make and it should boost your sales.

Personally, I typically only find out about your new works a few days after the fact while browsing FA, and it bums me out because I want to be on top of these things.


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Added idea A18.


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Added idea A19.