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Chapter 2: Female   
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A girl finds the stone in front of her apartment. Who is she, what sexuality?


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Chapter 3: Lesbian 
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She's a lesbian. What does she look like?


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Chapter 4: Redhead, tomboy 
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She is a lesbian, tomboyish redhead. What is her personality?


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Chapter 5: Hilde's new
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Hildegarde, or 'Hilde' as she preferred to be called, strode out of her beachfront apartment, mug of coffee in hand, to enjoy the early morning. She walked over to the sidewalk that bordered the sandy beach, her intent to stroll along it enjoying the view on this early Sunday morning.

Hilde was a fairly thin woman, white, 5"9 and in her late twenties, with an athletic body and almost no breasts to speak of (something that still irked her). She had short crimson red hair, natural, and her eyes were a pale shade of green. On her cute face, she had several piercings; a ring in her lip, several on either ear, and a stud above her right eye. She several others, including a tongue stud, nipple rings, and little ring through her clit. On her left arm she had a single tattoo, a set of Nordic runes in a line around her bicep, a little shout out to her heritage. Her wardrobe,which was pretty consistent, was a pair of tight jeans, short sleeve shirt and a pair of leather sandals.

She was website designer by trade, and an off and on graphic artist. As such, her work schedule was pretty flexible, and allowed her to work from home and live nicely on her more than decent income.

She sipped from her coffee mug, enjoying the cool morning air, when glimmer out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Off to the side of the sidewalk, partially buried beneath the sand, was a shimmering object. Curious, she bent down and picked it up, wondering what it was. To her surprise, it was what appeared to be a gemstone roughly the size of large marble, and oval shaped. It gave off a curious sheen, and if she looked closely she could see purple swirls moving around inside of the stone. Another curious thing, the gemstone felt warm to the touch despite the cold weather outside.

Hilde liked it, and decided that maybe she would have it appraised, and if it was worth anything she might turn it into a necklace or some such. She sipped the last of her coffee and headed back inside. Her apartment was on the third floor, so she rushed to grab a slowly closing elevator. Inside was another of the apartment's residents, a blonde bombshell by the name of grace. Hilde didn't know what her profession was, but she did know two things about her; she had a huge rack, and she wanted to get into those pants!

Hilde had always been lesbian, something her parent's were thankfully respectful of, after a while that is. She had had several relationships over the years, and she didn't know how many hookups. However, she had a tendency to--- go overboard. She liked the weird stuff, and sometimes she could keep a girl around for a while and some were pretty receptive, but eventually either she grew board of them or they left her. She hadn't tried to hook up with Grace yet, mostly because she was a little intimidated. She had an imposing, if not regal figure and she couldn't really see her being a lesbian, much less having sex with one. She tried to imagine it a couple of times though, when she was lonely, or bored. She just wanted to suck on her tits, to feel them, to bite them. But, she couldn't find the courage that usually came so easily.

Instead, she gave her a small smile as she waited for her stop. She reached the third floor without a word spoken and left in a hurry. Hilde imagined that to Grace, she was just that weird computer chick on the third floor. She blushed and rushed inside.

Once she had closed the door, she felt a warmth emanating from her pocket. She had almost forgotten about the gem she had picked up. Curious once again, she reached in and pulled it out, marveling at its fluorescent beauty. As she gazed at it, she felt this... need. A compelling desire to ask for something, like it was a magic lamp. She laughed and broke her gaze with it. Ha!, she thought, yeah, like some stone is going to grant me wishes. Might as well rub my lamp for a genie.

But, she still felt the compulsion. She shrugged and said, "Eh, what could it hurt? I, uh" she waived the stone around for dramatic effect, "I wish I had bigger tits. This small chest sucks!" She chuckled and was about to put the stone down on her table when she felt an odd tugging sensation from her chest. Startled, she looked down to see that her shirt was little tighter. Then, before her very eyes, her breasts ballooned out, snapping her bra and straining the limits of her shirt. Where she had barely been able to fill a b-cup, she now had breasts that were a comfortable pair of c-cups. Hilde let out a startled scream before ripping off her now too tight shirt. Her bra fell away too, useless as her new breasts bounced out from beneath her shirt. She stared in awe at the now ample cleavage on her chest. She dropped the rock and felt them. "Holy shit, they're real!" She gave them a squeeze, then felt her nipples up too. She let loose a small moan. "Oh man, these are much more sensitive." she had to force herself to stop, lest she cum from rubbing her boobs!

"Well fuck, how did this happen?!" and instantly she looked at the gemstone that she had dropped. She picked it up, the stone's warmth comforting in her hand. "It wasn't you, was it?" She shook it apprehensively. Nothing happened. "Hmm, maybe I need to wish for something? Oh, I wish I had, um, a new bra on my table." Nothing happened even more so. "Mmm, I wish I had... a bar of gold." Still nothing. "Fuck, whatever. I wish this rock would do something, I dunno..." she licked her lips while thinking, a tick she could not control. "Oh, yeah, wish I had a longer tongue!" Her tongue suddenly burst out of her mouth, elongating until it reached her clavicle. "Thuh thuck?!" she cried. Without thinking, she pushed her tongue back into her mouth where it thankfully stayed. "The hell? Did that really just work?" She stuck her tongue out again, only this time there were an extra six inches of tongue included. She gasped and reeled it back in.

"So it was you!," she stared at the stone just in case it said something. "Well, alright then, I wish my tongue was back to normal." She didn't feel any different, so she stuck her tongue out again. It was till the same length, nothing ad changed. "Damnit! Okay, I think I've got you figured out! You can change my body, and that's it, but you can;t undo anything." She studied the rock, observing the never ending swirls within. "Oh, you're dangerous. But, who the fuck would believe that I'd find a magic stone!" This was it, the key to any perversion she wanted. With this she was sure she could enact her darkest fantasies!

She sat back on the couch, her shirt still off, and eyed it carefully. "Well, she said, "I bet you and i will have a lot of fun, but...


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  Chapter 6: Her head falls off (oops!) 
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"But," she said, "I had better not lose my head over this rock or I-!" Hilde cried out as her vision blurred and then turned upside down. She hit her head on the floor, not too hard but she knew she'd have a bump there later. "Woah, ugh. How did I fall off the couch? I was just sitting ther-!" Hilde had reached up to rub her head, and found only blank space. From her position on the floor she could see the side of her couch and a foot leaning off of it. Confused, she waved her hand around were her head should be. Eventually, her hand felt the pillow she had been resting on. Frightened, but with realization dawning, she slowly brought her hand down between her shoulders. She felt her skin, but it was smooth, from one shoulder to the next. "Ffffuck! What is happening!"

She stood up and was half shocked towatch her body lift off of the couch and stand before, a towering giant from her position. Hands shaking, in fear and curiously she noted, excitement, she reached down and picked up what could only be her head. Apparently, she could still control her body, although how she could and also wasn;t suffocating right now was a mystery. One that was was somewhat solved as she turned to the rock. "Well fuck, looks like I really have to watch what I say around you, huh?"

She took stock of her situation. Her head was now detached from her body, although she thankfully had her neck attached too and so she was able to set her head down on her coffee table while her shirtless body sat down on the couch, facing her, and picked up the stone. Also, if what she had guessed about the stone was correct, she may be stuck like this forever! Nevertheless, she gave it a try. She gingerly scooped up her head, her hand resting under her chin, and with the stone in her other hand, placed her head on her shoulders and wished for it to be reattached. She let go for a second almost didn't catch her head as it fell right off of her body.

"Damnit! What the hell am I going to do now? I'll have to get a brace or something! Or else I'm stuck carrying myself around!

With her head safely back on the table, she had an excellent view of her half naked body. "Well, I'll admit, this does pose some interesting new possibilities..." truth be told, Hilde was getting seriously turned on. Body modification and detachment were some of her biggest fetishes, but she hadn't told anyone for fear of being labeled a freak, and because she never really believed it to be in the realm of possibility until now. She had always wanted to try it, begin headless that is, but i a much more temporary fashion. Permanence wasn't preferred, but she could make do. And what she wanted to do, something she had always wanted to do, was eat herself out. She salivated at the thought of it and hardly hesitated in ripping off her jeans and panties despite her recent shock.

She laid the stone on the table and picked her head, laying back on the couch and spreading her legs to prepare. her pussy was already quite wet, a steady trickle running down her thighs. Without pause, she shoved her face into her crotch, her long tongue darting i and out, exploring her depths like no other had before. She knew all the right spots, it was her pussy after all, and after she gave a little tug on her clit ring, something that always set her off, she came, squirting all over her face.

Hilde was in ecstasy! This was the kind of sex she had been looking for, had wanted so badly! She went back for several more rounds, stopping only when she noticed the rather large puddle and stained couch. "Mnnnn, fuck that was good!" She licked her cunt clean, and then her face making sure her extra long tongue reached every nook and cranny. "Okay, I think I can live with this, but from now on I just really need to watch what I say around that stone!" She sat up straight, cross-legged, with her head resting comfortably in her lap. She then grabbed the stone and held it before her face. "Now, what to do with you...?" she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.


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  Chapter 7: Make some more changes
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"I think that I could go for a few changes. At the very least I am going to need some more arms while I have to carry my head around." She held the rock tightly to her chest and said, "Another pair of arms, right below my originals!" Hilde suddenly felt her insides shift, and with a sickening crack two new arms burst out the sides of her torso. They looked exactly like her original arms, sans tattoo, and were about an inch beneath each arm. She watched this happen from the comfort of her lap. She smiled and simply stated, "Neat!" Using her lower arms, she picked her head up while her original arm picked up the stone. It was working quite well, for now she would have a free pair of hands even when she had to hold her head. She didn't question how she was able to move her new arms so well, simply believing it was probably due to the stone.

She walked over to the fridge and puled out a carton of milk. "i wonder if I can still eat the same?" So she poured a glass of cold milk, brought the cup to her head and drank. She felt it rush past her mouth and into her stomach, the cool sensation linked between the detached woman. "Well, that's one less thing to worry about."

Having figured this out, she walked into her room to...


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Chapter 8: Try to figure out getting dressed in her new form
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Hilde walked into her room and threw back the door that opened into her closet. Inside were various clothes, shirts, jackets, pants, etc, including some fetish wear as well. She had not even thought about how she was going to hide her recent changes, especially her arms. Her head she could maybe glue on or something with Velcro, but the arms were pretty obvious. She stood before her closet, her head resting under her arms, rubbing her chin with her third arm. She contemplated her options, looking at the vast collection of clothing laid out before her. Eventually, she settled on an idea, although she would be the firs to admit that it wasn't entirely fool proof.

She reached in and pulled out: a loose tank-top, tight jeans, a large sweater, and a rather long scarf that she had almost never used. She put on the pants and shirt first, then she took the scarf, and while her first pair of arms held her head in place between her shoulders, she tied it around her neck and under her arms, creating what she hoped would be a decent holder for her head. She then put on the sweatshirt, hugging her lower arms beneath her breasts as she pushed her originals out through the sleeves.

She looked at herself in the large standup mirror next to her closet and gave a little 'hmph' of approval. It wasn't great, she knew that, but she at least appeared normal to the naked eye. It was during this inspection of herself that she heard the doorbell ring. Her heart skipped a beat. "Who the fuck could that be!" she said in a hushed tone. She slipped the stone in her pocket and walked gingerly over to the door, careful not to let her head slip from its holder. She peered through the eyeglass, and was greeted by the face of-


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Chapter 9: Change her landlord (for better or worse) 
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It was her landlord, Mr.Reynolds. He was, for lack of a better word, a piece of shit. Hilde could not count the number of times he had insinuated or flat out sexually harassed her, not even if she counted with all of her new fingers. he had never touched her, mostly because she could have kicked his ass right into the ground, but she didn't leave her apartment either because he was actually giving her a pretty good deal for it, even if it was for nefarious reasons. As a matter of fact, most of the tenants int eh apartments were women. No surprise there.

Hesitantly, she opened the door a crack and peered from between the door and the wall. Her stare could have melted steel. She said very flatly, "What."

Reynolds was around his thirties, dressed like he was from the 1920's and had a mustache from the 1950s. Nothing about him was very appealing to Hilde. "Well," he said with his irksome side smile, "I just wanted to let you know that rent is due soon."

"Yeah, I know."

"And I was just thinking that you could get "a head" of it if you know what i mean?"

"You what?" Did he know she wondered.

"Just saying that I was giving you a 'heads' up. Heck, maybe we could 'head' back to my place and-"

"Okay, okay, enough with the fucking innuendos. You know about my head?"

"Well yeah sugar, I thought everyone did. First time I saw you take it off all I could think about was-"

"Ew, ew! No, don't say it!"

"Aw come, it's only natural."

"No! You know what, I think it's time I changed things around here." She pulled out the stone and showed it to Reynolds. "You had better stop with all this bullshit, or else I'll be forced to use this."

"What, a mood stone? I tell you what, I'll set the mood and then we can-"

"Too late." she raised the stone to his face and quickly uttered, "You are a blonde, big tittied slut."

"Haha, what?" he said, but his voice caught in his throat when he say his chest expanding and felt his pants slide down to his knees. His hips were expanding and his waist thinning as the bulge in is chest burst outward, pooping the firs three buttons of off his shirt before his new bountiful cleavage erupted from his chest. "What did-!," he, now she coughed as she heard her seductive and raspy voice," What the hell did you do to me?" She instinctively reached down between her groin and consequently let out a shriek when she could not find what she was looking for. "It's gone! You bitch, my dick's gone!" She looked up at Hilde, tears of anger streaming down her new feminine face, long blonde locks falling down her face, her plump lips contorted in a frown. She lunged at Hilde, who easily caught both of her hands with her spares.

"Change me back! Change me back now! I don;t want to be goddamned woman!"

"Well that's too bad, because those changes are permanent." She smiled cruelly as realization dawned on her landlord's face. "That's right, and if you don't want this to get any worse you'll do as I say."

"Fuck you!"

"Fine then, maybe I will later. You look a lot more appetizing now anyways. But, that comment can't go unpunished." She shoved Reynolds to the ground and said,"You have a really big pussy." I her current position, she could see the transformation take effect. The blondes pussy, neatly shaven and tight, expanded and grew in size until parted her hips a little and engulfed her abdomen until it nearly touched her belly button. Over all, Hilde guessed that she would be needing pus sized toys from now on, as even a hand in there wouldn't be much.

"Oh my god, it's fucking huge," she sobbed.

"Get over it. I'm sure they make dildos big enough for you. Or maybe you can just use your back door." She took her sweatshirt and scarf off, and carried her head with her lower pair of arms, not worried now that it seemed people would assume this was normal. She walked over to Reynolds and bent down, shoving her face next to hers. "Now listen good, ok. I've been taking your shit for years, but that ends now. You are going to stop with the harassment, you are going to give me my apartment for free, and you are not going to utter a word of this to anyone or else I'll turn your mouth into a pussy too. Maybe even make it so the only thing you can ingest is cum. Got it?" Reynolds nodded dumbly, too scared to reply. "Good! Now clean yourself up and get out of my sight. And hey, look on the bright side! Now you can do all those things you've been talking about to yourself. And if you're really lucky, you might even meet a nice guy, ...or girl."

She went back inside to grab some sandals and locked her apartment. By the time she got back out, Reynolds had picked up her stuff and was running down the hallway. Hilde just smiled and walked to the elevator. She was going to...


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Chapter 10: Beach time fun 
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The beach would be the perfect place to mess around with the stone! Everyone there would be wearing bathing suits so she could see most of the changes, and the beach next to her place usually attracted an older crowd, mostly college students and sports teams who either used the beach to party or practice. She would go there and hopefully go unnoticed as she indulged herself. See, she loved transformation, especially detachment, and after changing Reynolds she only wanted to do it more. The way she rationalized it, as long as she didn't hurt or maim anyone, it was alright. Besides, it was almost impossible to link back to her anyways.

And so, with a glimmer in her eye, she stepped purposefully out of the elevator and towards the exit. On her way out she saw Peggy, the receptionist that managed the building's residents as well, was busy filling out paperwork. Hilde whispered beneath her breath and an instant later she heard a thump and a scream from behind her. She didn't need to look back to know what had happened. Peggy's head had fallen off her shoulders and was now lying on the desk. She quickly picked it up and clutched her head tightly to her chest. However, when she noticed that no one else was freaking out she began to examine her new-found headlessness.

Hilde laughed and stepped out into the warm daylight, ready for a nice day at the beach.


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Chapter 11: Change the beachgoers 
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As she stepped onto the warm sands of the local beach, Hilde took in her surroundings. Warm sun, cool weather, and lots of people enjoying the day, whether that be tanning on the sand, playing volleyball, or playing in the ocean, the beach was full of people. To her right there was a group of people from the university playing volleyball, across the beach were numerous sunbathers and their friends, and several surfers in the water. She chose-


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Chapter 12: Morph the sunbathers 
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Hilde walked over to the lifeguard tower, which was empty this time of day, and leaned against it, her head held near her stomach. She surveyed the area, taking in the people and sights. She really wanted to do this, change people that is. It was something that has always intrigued her, but she had no clue about how to go about it. That was until she found that gemstone. Now she could unleash her twisted fantasies on whomever she chose. Something in the back of her mind told her this might be a bad idea, but the majority of her told she was just spicing up people's lives and hers as well. Besides, the only people who would really know would be her and the transformee. What was the worst that could happen?

She took the stone out of her pocket with a free arm, and pointed it at the crowd, although she wasn't quite sure if this was necessary. Although it did feel right, in a way.

"Okay rock, let's try something," she said as she pointed it at the unaware beach patron's. "Just for the time I spend here at the beach today, I want it so that when I change people they will notice, but they will not freak out. Just sort of, accept it I suppose." She felt the stone heat up, usually meaning something had happened, but she still couldn't be sure. So, she decided to test it out. Hilde looked over and saw two young women tanning near the shore. One was on her back, and the other was facing the sun with a pair of shades. They were both pretty and skinny, and perfect for Hilde's experiment. She muttered something under her breath, and the two began to change.

The woman laying face down was the first. Her arms and legs separated at the hips and shoulders and started to crawl off in different directions, leaving bare patches of skin from were they had been stuck. She took immediate notice of this and called for her friends help. "Ugh, hey Janet, can you gather up my limbs? They're running away." The other girl, Janet said okay and stood up to grab them. As she did, her breasts, which had become large DDs, popped off her chest and landed near her friend, her chest now covered in flat even skin.

"Damnit!", she cursed, "My tits fell off! This bra sucks!" She stomped around a bit, but eventually picked her breasts up and placed them near her friends head. "Watch these while I grab your arms and legs, okay?"

"Yeah," said the girl who was little more than a torso, "Sorry bout that, they just kinda up and left. Thanks by the way."

"No problem Stacey."

Hilde giggled as she watched Janet pick up Stacey's limbs, which had tried to run away but had not gotten very far. She gathered them up in her arms with little effort, although Stacey's left foot wouldn't stop shoving her face. She ran back over to her friend and plopped them down next to her. She then proceeded to wrap and tie a towel around them to immobilize the errant limbs. She then sat back down, her detached breasts by her side, making sure they got an even tan too.

Well, this is going to work out just fine! Hilde thought. Now knowing her ability, she turned her attention to-


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Chapter 13: Butts on the beach 
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There was a group of ten people, five men versus five women, who were playing volleyball on the beach. Everyone was dressed up in only their trunks and bikinis, and they seemed to be having a pretty good time. Hilde, seeing a great opportunity, picked head up and headed over towards the game in action. The group was currently tied, with the men's team leading by a couple of points, but no one really cared.

Hilde sat down at a bench near the court, placed her head on the table, and folded her four arms across her chest. She watched them play for a bit, hitting the ball back in forth, but soon grew tired of it and decided to change the group as a whole. None of them were wearing shirts, which worked perfectly for Hilde because she had made their top halves vanish, leaving the five males as only a pair of hips and legs. Then she made a second change, and due to their new physical forms, their trunks fell down revealing their new shapes. Each of the men had become the bottom half of a woman; their bodies now consisting solely or hips, butt, legs and a brand new vagina.

She changed the women next. She morphed them in a similar fashion, and in mere moments their were discarded bras littering the ground as there were now ten 'half' women on the beach. Hilde made the rest of their bikinis fall off too, just to be fair. The legs, hardly missing a beat, continued their game of volleyball, although now they were kicking the ball over the net with profound dexterity given their new situation. Hilde smiled, watching the nude butts play in the sand. "That's hot," she muttered to herself. "But, not enough."

She used the rock again, and now something else was happening to the legs. Above their pussies, a brand new dick and balls grew in, turning both sides into hermaphrodites. It didn't stop there though, for their dicks grew until they were almost the size of their legs, and nearly as thick too, their balls growing to match their size too. She also included a way for them to talk as well.

One of the futa legs, this one on the mens side, tripped over her long cock and fell 'face; first into the sand. Another pair of legs, they appeared to be asian, came over to the legs and hiked it's right legs up, revealing her pussy. It moved as she spoke"Hey man, you okay?". The other legs replied, stating that she wasn't watching where she was stepping. They both laughed, and the asian legs picked up her friend by hooking her foot under the others groin and hoisting her up. Then they ran back and rejoined the game.

"Nice," said a smiling Hilde. Next, she chose to...


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A chapter bobboled forgot to post

current chapter
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Chapter 14: Hilde head needs a body
    an addition by: Bananas-san

Hilde really enjoyed the sight of these butt people she had created, their form was very pleasing to her. This made sense to her too: she had always been more into girls with pretty asses and toned thighs, often ignoring what size their breasts were(although she still liked those too) as long as their lower half appealed to her. She watched the sexy futanari butts playing in the sand, thinking about maybe hitting on one of them and taking them home. She could play with her, pet her, stroke her... Hilde snapped out of her erotic fantasy and wiped away the drool that had collected on her chin, then sat her detached head in the sand. She had to have a butt person, one of her own.

She decided to leave the butts playing volleyball, opting instead to change some more people into these sexy creatures. She picked her head up and headed for the shore, where many men and women were tanning in the noonday sun. As she walked to them, she tripped and her head fell face first in the sand. She spat out the sand in her mouth adn managed to wipe away most of it from her face, but it made her realize something; she could't live headless forever. Before she started making more pretty butt people, she figured she would grad a new body while she was at it. She was pretty certain it would work, as her head was unable to attach only to her body, meaning she could possibly take someone else's and give them hers. So she went down to another section of the beach, this one part of a local gym that expanded out into the beach. Outside were people working out in the sun, lifting free weights, practicing yoga and other outside exercises. Hilde was looking for a specific type of body though. She had always been lacking in the feminine department. Sure, she had a cute face, but she lacked the rest to pull it all together. And yes, she could change her new body any way she liked, but she liked the idea of taking someone else's. She was tired of getting mistaken for a pretty boy at the clubs. This would change that.

Luckily, she found what she was looking for: a white woman with a similar skin tone and an amazonian build. The woman looked to be model at best, most likely a fitness model. She was just shy of six feet tall, had the toned body of a rock-climber, powerful legs, girly hips, a six pack, and DD breasts that made Hilde more than a little eager to get on with her plan. The woman had long blonde hair tied into a ponytail and wore large sunglasses to keep the sun out.

HIlde took the stone out and focused her thoughts on the woman and spoke her wish aloud. "That woman wants to trade bodies with me, right now." The stone glowed and hummed with power as her will was made real. The woman put down her free weights and headed straight for Hilde with a smile on her face. She held her hand out for Hilde to shake it. She did. "Hi! My name is Susan. And yours?"

"Hilde," she replied, a smile creeping across her face. The woman's energy was infectious.

"Nice to meet you Hilde! The reason I came over is, I saw you and your body over here and I had to ask you something."

"What would that be, I wonder?"

"Well, I like training up bodies, and I think I could do some good work on yours! I eman, you have foru arms, how cool would that be?!" She clapped her hands in hope.

"Well sure, take it if you want. Does that mean I can have yours then?"

"Oh yeah, of course! I wouldn't leave you without one! Here-," she placed her hands on the sides of her head and lifted up. Her muscular arms picked her head up off of her body and presented it to Hilde. Hilde thanked her and stuck her head on the fit girl's neck. Hilde thanked the gods silently when her head stuck and didn't fall off. She found she was still in control of both bodies, and the woman now had neither.

"Well come on girl, put me on!"

Hilde hesitated for a moment, thinking about whether or not to tease the woman now that she held all the cards. However, she put the woman's head on her neck and lost the connection to her original body. Susan immediately began to feel up Hilde's body with all four of her arms, even going so far as to grope her new breasts and shove a hand down Hilde's shorts.

Hilde saw this and came face to face with the girl. She bent down and placed her hand, Susan's old hand, down her old body's shorts and rubbed her old pussy. Susan gasped, and with her attention elsewhere Hilde took the stone out of her pocket and placed it in the small back pocket of Susan's body's workout shorts. "Sorry," Hilde said sarcastically," Just saying goodbye."

"Heh...haha yeah. That was some goodbye."

HIlde started walking away in her powerful sexy new body, and Susan went back to the gym in Hilde's slimmer old body. Curious, HIlde lifted the front of her elastic waist band and looked at the her new pussy, covered in a film of sweat from the workout Susan had been doing. Her labia were engorged and her large clit poked out of its hood. A small and neatly trimmed landing strip of blonde hair grew above it. Hilde kinda of liked it, having someone else's body, playing with a stranger's body and feeling everything. The idea of stealing Susan's pussy and masturbating with it sent shivers down her spine. "Later," she reminded herself. There would be tons of time to mess around. Right now, however, she wanted to...


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Chapter 15: Make more butt people   
    addition by: pillas (27) 

Hilde strutted down the boardwalk in her new fitter body, enjoying the tightness of it's muscles, the sway of it's toned ass and the pleasent jiggle of her heavier and fuller breasts. Taking a deep breath and for once not wheezing was a welcome change and the energy she felt was very empowering, Hilde gaped at the possibilities she had before, she could do this as many times as she wanted, and change her bodies nearly however she wanted.

Glancing down at the stone, she brought it to her lips and kissed it passionately.

"You're the best gift a kinky lesbian nympho could have asked for" Hilde proclaimed to the stone. As she practically began to skip down the boardwalk now, picking up her pace and running backwards effortlessly as her new body could handle the pace with ease without her chest feeling like a jackhammer was working on it.

After a very brisk and enjoyable run Hilde stopped near the pier area and gazed at her surroundings, there was food stands and people fishing along the pier along with restaurants and street vendors and entertainers, there was a veritable smorgasbord of unwitting victims at her disposal, and all of them would be none the wiser.

Going with her previous idea Hilde scanned around for her first couple of victims, she stopped at the sight of young man and young woman sitting down to get their portrait drawn by a street artist. They hugged eachother close and snuggled their heads together. Hilde already had the change in mind as she focused with the stone in hand and watched as their forms quickly changed shape to her whims. Hilde laughed as she sat back on the bench and waited for the street artist to finish his drawing.

"Alright, there we go and we're done" The Artist said, as he deftly used on his dainty petite feet to hand it to the couple. Hilde had not spared the artist in her changes either, where there was once a scruffy older man sitting in the artists chair now sat an odd sight. A very shapely female lower body with long smooth and tanned legs leading to a very tapered waist. Above the waist was attached another identical shapely female lower torso. Whereas the bottom half was clad in a pair of very tight jeans the upper half was bare assed, literally. Like some sort of torsoless queen of harts style conjoiment the double pair of legs acted as one, the upper half used it's upside down legs as makeshift arms, which were shown to be very very flexible and dexterous. Between the upper thighs could be seen the what was left of the scruffy mans face now having been transformed into a very meaty pair of feminine nether lips, what was left of his beard making for a rather bushy but soft looking pubic hair. It's large labia squished as he used his upper legs to rip the portrait from the canvas and hand it to the couple.

"Oh honey doesnt it look wonderful?" The young woman asked as she faced her husband, accidentally brushing her large cheeks against him as she turned her head, bumping him off balance.

"Whoops sorry honey" she giggled causing lewd noises to emit from her "mouth" The young woman was largely unchanged besides the fact that her face had been replaced entirely with an identical copy of her own buttocks. No recognizable eyes or proper mouth, her cheeks flapped slightly with every word and what could be seen was just a regular looking pink little sphincter in the middle of her face. The girl already had a particularly large derriere and having a similar copy attached to her face was just as distracting. Hilde couldn't help but become aroused as she admired the young womans face, she could stare deeply into her one brown eye all day long. Hilde giggled at her own joke as she turned her head towards the young "man".

"Yes honey it looks wonderful, could you get my wallet from your purse" The man asked, however Hilde just shook her head, what was there could hardly be called a man anymore, barely human at that even. Sitting on a large bar stool where the young man once was, now was nothing more than pair of naked and very well endowed pair of feminine ass cheeks. He was now about the size of a medicine ball, with an almost apple like shape, large supple voluptuous cheeks stood firm on the bar stool, it's shape perfect for standing on it's own two cheeks. Hilde could make out the small whisps of pubic hair where the ass cheeks tapered to where it would meet a spine if it were attached to one, obviously he had gained a pussy to go along with his new very female form. The man now reduced to the definition of feminine booty blushed at each of it's cheeks as his girlfriend brushed her ass face against his cheeks in a strange but chaste kiss.

"Sure thing honey, I'll let you pay this time" She giggled as she reached for his wallet in her purse. After gathering her things and paying the quad legged, double assed artist and picked up her "boyfriend" and lowered him into a modified baby stroller for him. After nestling him into his stroller comfortably she scurried off as the couple enjoyed the sights of the pier, each bump of the stroller causing the young "man" to jiggle enticingly.

The young woman carrying a "foot" drawn portrait of the couple, a pair of sexy butts snuggling up against one another.

"What a beautiful couple" Hilde laughed wiping a fake tear from her eye.

Continuing her walk down the boardwalk Hilde scanned for more people to change.

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