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Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Rick and Brenda go outside
Unending BE - episode 170288

Rick and Brenda walk straight through the house. Two long hallways branch out to either side, leading to the main wings of the house. They arrive at the back door and step outside. Rick decides it might not be such a bad idea to see what else is around the house. There is a chill in the night air. Crickets chirp, which normally sounds cheerful, now adds to the oddly menacing quality. Rick tells himself he's just nervous because they are trespassing and it has nothing to do with the fearful reputation of the place. A bright full moon provides some light. They are standing on a brick patio. The surface is uneven, the ground has shifted under the patio since it was built. There is a set of a few chair and a table, made of metal, extremely heavy, like someone's grandparents would have. Paths lead away from the patio, some leading to obvious things, like the carriage house / garage, the barn behind the garage. One path is decorated with statues. Another leads to a sound of running water. Weeds grow through the stones in the path, the whole place is overgrown. It feels thouroughly creepy and abandonded. Who knows what mysterious force could be waiting for them in a place like this?

Brenda takes Rick's arm, half hiding behind him, which has the pleasant effect of left breast pressing into his back. Rick pulls out a large flask of whiskey and takes a few swigs. He hands it to Brenda and she chugs a few shots. Feeling slightly warmer and braver they decide to

*Go to the barn


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HH: Rick and Brenda check out the barn
Unending BE - episode 368481

As they walk along the path to the barn Rick notices it isn't as overgrown with weeds as the other paths. They here a distant animal noise which makes Brenda jump and walk close to Rick. She takes Rick's arm again and walking on the rough path sometimes her hips or breasts brush against him. Rick tries not to get too turned on by this and fails. Brenda has such lovely breasts . . . but Rick wouldn't want to do anything to hurt Candace's feelings, and knows better than to suggest anything like a threesome with Brenda or girlfriend swapping with Brad. Is it possible there is something in the big building after all these years? It doesn't seem possible. Rick pulls open the large door and the bright moonlight provides some light. It smells faintly of animals inside, faint enough to be kind of pleasant. There is a large workbench built into a wall with a number of objects on it, including a saddle, a bridle, some strips of leather, an animal inseminator carved somewhat realistically, a short tube with long hairs coming out of one end. There are several stalls, including a larger one with a wooden sign that says "Bessy" and contains an automatic milking machine.

*Rick notices something in one of the stalls


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Rick sees something in one of the stalls
Unending BE - episode 368493

Even though they'd been lead here by a strange sound, Rick is still startled to see something in one of the stalls. After all, this whole place is supposed to be empty. He leans in closer in the darkness and sees

*A mare lying down


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: The mare
Unending BE - episode 368501

The mare is lying there with her legs folded under her. When she sees Rick looking at her she stands up. She has brown fur except for the lower parts of her legs, tail and mane which are all black. She has pretty brown eyes and looks a little scared.

*The mare bolts from her stall and collides with Rick. Somehow they merge together and become a strange centaur with Rick's upper half and the body of the mare.


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Now Rick's mare-ier...
Unending BE - episode 368509

Rick, surprised by seeing a live animal in the old barn, actually moved closer to the mare as she stood. He became even more surprised when she moved, right into him, pushing him out of her way as she bolted from the stall. Rick felt something as she seem to go through him but soon found himself on the floor feeling strange from his hips down his legs but soon pushed himself up somewhat with his arms, looking for the horse that had gone by. When he didn't see the animal, he also realized that he didn't see Brenda either and tried to get to his feet. That's when reality took a turn.

Rick couldn't get to his ffet and turn to see his legs, which he could feel on the floor. He saw that his legs were now black, at least from the knee down, like the mare was, and brown upward on to thigh. He also realized that he wasn't wearing pants and when he brushed the lower part of his shirt, he felt his maleness respond. Lifting the shirt he saw that he now sported a bigger package then before, but that it emerged a from brown furred area that started at his waist. Turning his head toward his rear, he saw that there was an equine attached to it, with two more legs and tail, mainly covered with a brown pelt except for the lower part of the rear legs which were black. 'OK,' Rick thought, 'let's try this again.' This time he got to his feet, all four of them, and looked around, no sign of the horse or Brenda. His tail twitched a bit as he looked, then realized that he was still partially in the stall. It was as he moved out into the center of the barn that he felt something between his rear legs. He stopped and twisted his upper torso around his lower and felt under his tail. 'Damn, that's where she is, part of me now.' Rick straighten up and heard some noise, it was...

*Brenda, in another stall, now a centaur...


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Horsing around with Brenda
Unending BE - episode 368551

Rick looks around. He though he heard a horse noise. He sees Brenda in one of the stalls. She seems way too tall. When she walks out he hears hooves clopping on the ground. Brenda is now a centaur. Her blonde hair, main and tail look great against the white pelt of her equine body. Her breasts are bigger than ever, tipped with cute pink inch long nipples. Her pussy, right where her human and horse parts meet in front is still completely human, if a bit larger. Brenda's equine body is a little larger than Rick's, making her taller than him now. As she walks around him, checking out his new look Rick notices that

*Both of the above


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH2: Barn Fun
Unending BE - episode 391691

Rick looked over to Brenda as she emerged from a stall and saw that she was a) taller then him, eye level being just under her chin, B) bustier, Brenda now looked like she was sporting an H cup rack, c) nude, she wasn't weariing anything, mainly because nothing he had on would fit so that her sex was exposed, just below where her skin became a pelt, d) a centaur with a grey no white lower half with matching blond mane and tail, e) deliciiouisly male smell - WHAT?? Rick's eyes snap open as that news came it, he could smell her maleness?

Brenda had by this time come completely into the barn and was walking around Rick, noting that he was standing there with a nice piece of meat projecting out and had a smell to him that said mare to her. She shook her head on that one and walked over to confirm. When she reached his rear, his tail flicked to one side and she saw a moist dark slit that she felt something to her rear respond to. She stopped (on the Rick's other side) and bent down to see what that response was and was surprised to find her cock coming out of its sheath!

Rick, coming to terms with his nose and Brenda's maleness, turn to find Brenda looking between her forelegs, noticing that her tail was now swinging behind her and that he could now smell her mareness as her tail moved the air around. Rick moved his rear around (more or less turning in place) so that he was facing her. Brenda felt Rick move and straighted out. They stood there facing each other, both likeing what they saw and smelled (in this case, she looked down at his shaft and felt her foresex moistening while he was looking at her moistening slit and his maleness pulsed harder. Then...

*...they leaned forward to kiss and ended up with Brenda inside Rick...


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH2: Instincts?
Unending BE - episode 391880

Brenda leaned in and couldn't help herself. She kissed Rick. Her lower half began to get ansy without her even realizing it. Before either realized it, Brenda was behind Rick. Her lower half reaered up and mounted Rick. Rick tried to escape, but Brenda's strong forelegs kept him under control. She used her human arms to wrap around his head, and turn it into her breasts.

The two were locked in animaliztic rutting for several minutes. Brenda felt a boiling from her lower half, and quickly felt herself bear down on Rick. For his part Rick could do nothing. Brenda had guiding him into a corner of the barn, and there was no way to get away. When he felt the surge from Brenda, he began a completely unfamilar orgasm of his own.

Brenda felt the cool air on the cock as it pulled out of Rick. As soon as it was free there was the sound of mixed fluids hitting the hay covered floor. Brenda backed up to a post and held on as she caught her breath. She still was a little fuzzy from the rush she had felt, but was slowly coming around. She tried a few expermental steps with her lower half, and found it was quite natural to walk.

She walked over to the smaller Rick and put her hand on his hindquarters. The muscle rippled in response to it. Then Rick backed up a could of steps and turned around. Brenda was shocked to see that Rick...

*had grown a pair of human breasts.


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

Automorph: Rick with a pair and a kicker...
Unending BE - episode 391920

Brenda, recovering from a makeout session she fuzzily remembers, look as Rick turned around to face her. Brenda was shocked to find that Rick now sported a large pair of breasts, at least her current size! But that's not all, he was still sporting a nice kicker that was pointing at her. Brenda's shock gave way as she moved forward and began to lick the 'offered' gift and soon Rick orgasmed into her mouth. Even as Brenda cleaned the offering, she continued to hold it with one hand while reaching up to curess one of Ricks pair and brought her head to the other and suckled. Brenda was soon drinking Rick milk, enjoying the taste. She soon switched breasts and after that kissed Rick and placed his still hard shaft into her silken folds. Her two pair pushed into his one, heightening their sensations. Both rocked on their four legs, each building their sexual bliss to a new level (or at least as good as their previous one).

Both enjoyed the afterglow, each looking at the other, Rick now seemingly recovered (as well as still inside her). Rick murmered to her, 'You mounted me.' 'Yea, sorry but I think instincts got us, twice.' 'Twice?' 'Uh-huh, that's why you're in me now.' 'Oh...ahhh...' With that, Brenda kissed Rick and began rocking one more time. Rick soon joined her rythum and both came again. After this afterglow, each cleaned the other and ...

*...a farmer entered, 'Girls, it's time get plowin!'


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

Rick and Brenda get plowing
Unending BE - episode 392077

The sun was coming up. The farmer was wearing some really old fashioned clothes, Rick couldn't tell if they were 30 years old or 100. He got something leather from the barn. Rick and Brenda were so astonished they didn't know what to do and let the farmer hook them up to a plow. The could see the Hill house from the field, it looked brand new. With a little effort from their strong equine legs they started to plow a field. It was hot and sweaty work. It kind of felt like a pleasant work out. After a few hours they stopped for an early lunch. The farmer poured some water into a trough and some oats. He went off to get lunch for himself.

"He's treating us like animals." Rick protested. He'd giving up on holding his arms over his breasts when Brenda or the farmer looked at him.

"I know, isn't it kinky." Brenda smiled. The oats were quite good, and the water tasted good, so they had lunch. "You know, the farmer stands right behind us when he's guiding he plow, he can see our pussies every time our tails swish."

"Would you do him?"

"Sure, he's kind of cute."

*The farmer leads them to a room in the barn where he chains their feet to the ground a leads a stallion in behind them


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH2: Brenda and Rick go plowing alright
Unending BE - episode 392301

As the farmer led the two back to the barn, he walked them around back and through another door. "Well, I couldn't help noticing how randy you two were today." He then locked a restraint around each of their front legs and clipped it to the bottom of the pole in the middle of the pen. Rick pulled at the chains, and found them strong. "See, he did notice!" Brenda whispered to Rick.

"Shhh." hushed Rick.

"Guess I'm just lucky." the farmer said as he walked around behind them. Brenda smiled at Rick and nodded. She was expecting the farmer to take her right then. But was unprepared for him to continue. She heard a latch open behind them, and they both turned around. "Guess Brutus here has his work cut out for him.

Rick and Brenda stared with jaws open as the farmer led in the largest grey horse either had ever seen. Immediately Brutus caught their scent and started snorting. The farmer unclipped his lead and pulled the gate closed behind him. Brenda and Rick immediately pulled at the chains, but before they could free themselves...

*Brutus mounted Brenda.


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH2: You too, Brutus?
Unending BE - episode 392411

Brutus put his long nose by Brenda's rear and sniffed. He knew well the smell of a mare's wet pussy. He reared up and came down on her equine back. Brenda felt the head of his huge penis slide across between her legs until the entrance of her sex and slid smoothly in. Brutus walked forward a bit until his cock was in her all the way. Brenda's eyes went very wide. Brutus started humping her. Soon she was saying "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" and playing with her breasts. From where he stood to the side of her Rick could see her own stallionhood was rock hard and dripping with precum. The way Brenda's huge breasts bounced as she was fucked by a horse was quite impressive.

Brutus keeps going at it far longer than a stallion normally would. He even varies his sexual technique. He slows down his thrusts until he's s l o w l y pushing in and out with his hips. Brenda closes her eyes, her hands on her nipples stimulating them in circles. She's coming and coming and wondering if it will ever stop.

Rick wouldn't admit it but he's a little jealous of Brenda. He can't help but fondle his own breasts a little. He strokes the cock in front of him a little, not having a stallion penis like Brenda, but his pussy is quite aroused. Rick can feel it getting wetter.

*Rick gets mounted next


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH2: Rick is next
Unending BE - episode 393535

Rick wouldn't admit he's jealous, but given the way Brenda closes her eyes and tips her head back she seems to be having a wonderful time. Brutus pauses and gets off her back. He sniffs Rick's tail. Rick struggles but the chains doen't allow him to move. Rick's pussy is all wet from watching Brenda's boobs jiggle as she was fucked by a stallion and Brutus smells this. In a minute he's recovered enough and mounts Rick. His stallionhood is slick with his and Brenda's juices and it slides right into Rick's big mare pussy. Rick's pussy starts pulsing, gripping the intruder and encouraging it on.

Having just come, Brutus manages to fuck for a lot longer this time. Rick can't fight it and is soon thrusting back with his hips and holding his bouncing bust, lightly rubbing his nipples. He starts to come, an intense physical rush that sends his mind off into some happy dimension of pure sex.

As he comes down from his orgasmic high, Rick notices that

*Something else


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: back in the field
Unending BE - episode 396187

The session with Brutus has put Rick into a most delightful sensual haze. When Rick had recovered, he found himself back in the field, pulling the plow alongside Brenda. Looking over, he couldn't find any difference with what had happened that morning but checked with Brenda just in case... Brenda related that after his session with Brutus the farmer had come and led the stallion back to the barn and had unhooked both of them then harnessed them and back into the field they went. Small talk between them continued until near sunset when they were led back to the barn. The farmer cleaned their lower halfs, gaves them a brushing and examined their rears. 'Sure hope these girls catch, can't really afford to have Brutus stay much longer.'

Then the farmer leaves Rick and Brenda in the middle of the barn as he leaves, presumably to the house. Rick and Brenda wait until he has left the barn before using the facilities and clean their upper halves. Of course, the two have their own make-out session stretching their cleansing time out. They had just finished putting everything away when the farmer returned and led them back to Brutus. Again they were chained to the floor before the farmer led the stallion in and let Brutus have his way with them once again. Afterwards, they were led back to the barn where...

*...one of their friends was now in the barn as...


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

  • HH: Return to the barn
    Unending BE - episode 396359

Rick and Brenda’s hooves clopped as they were lead back to the barn. They were both smiling, feeling the aftereffects of a pleasant sexual encounter. Rick couldn’t not notice the slight bouncing of his new breasts or the way his tail flicked behind him. He still wasn’t used to being mounted, but he was starting to sort out the sensations and the pleasure was greater each time. They were lead back to the barn and its nice smell of hay and animals. Rick and Brenda were put in a large stall. They heard a noise like snoring. Looking into the next stall they see their friend

*Sharon, now a cow ‘taur


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HH: Sharon is now twice the ...
Unending BE - episode 396973

After the late Brutus session, the farmer led Rick and Brenda back into the barn, placing them in their stalls. After the farmer leaves, Rick and Brenda leave their stalls and would have started their own make-out but were stopped by a noise in another stall. Their ears perking, the noise became snoring and they followed it to the stall, looking over the stall door they find ... a form under a blanket, a rather large horse blanket. Quietly, they opened the stall door there was Sharon, or her hair. As they looked, they both noticed a pair of horns coming from the temple and that the ears under the horns were bovine in nature. It looked like Sharon had come in and had fallen asleep with the blanket over her, her hands pillowing her head. Then a third hand moved out form under the blanket! Then...

*...Sharon wakes up startled, stands and shows...


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: She had a cow, two of them...
Unending BE - episode 397168

Brenda and Rick had found Sharonn sleeping (and snoring) in a stall in the HH barn and were about to pull the blanket off her to she what changes had been made when Sharon woke suddenly and stood ... on four legs! Both Rick and Brenda were shocked to see the new Sharon. Sharon face hadn't changed much, mainly the cow's horns and ears, her face was still Sharon and the hair remain mainly in Sharon's style. below her head, Sharon now sported four larges breasts, each was obviously larger than Rick's or Brenda's. Each of Sharon's breasts had four nipples, each nipple jutting out like a cow's teat but looking like a human nipple. There was also four arms, all four looking normal (even down to Sharon's nail polish), the second pair being a bit lower though even with the lower pair of breasts. Below the breasts was an udder, a very decent sized udder that didn't sag. It also stood out from Sharon's form, like a firm double breast. It also have four nipples though these looked more like cow teats but retain some human coloration. Under the firm udder was a pair of legs, human legs in shape and color.

Flicking behind all this was a tail, not a standard cowtail, but a thicker one, lookling more like a cat's tail, though there was a tuff at the end of it. The tail swung behind another pair of legs that looked like the front pair, human in shape and color. Between the legs was not a cow's body, but a human one that looked like Sharon's new upper body. There were four breasts behind the forelegs and an udder between the hindlegs and all though all five 'dangled' due to gravity, all five seemed to be as firm as Sharon's upper breasts and udder. Sharon was a cowtaur, but her skin looked human in all respects, no bovine color showinig anywhere that could be seen.

Sharon, blinking rapidly, noticed the two forms, one holding the stall door. Recognition showed in her eyes, "Brenda? Is that you?" When Brenda nodded her head, Sharon looked at the other with her ... "Rick???" Rick blinked and shook his head a bit, "Yea, it's me Sharon..." "What happened to you - and Brenda for that matter?" "Well...

*...the pair explain what they can, then point out Sharon's new form...


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Rick and Brenda explain
Unending BE - episode 397177

Brenda started to explain as best she could. “Me and Rick started out when we split up back at the house. We wandered into the back yard and saw the barn. When we went inside I thought I saw something in one of the stalls, perhaps a ghost horse. I went in to get another look and suddenly found myself on the floor looking like this. My boobs were bigger and I was a centaur but I still had a vagina, two of them now, and that’s not all,” gesturing back towards her stallion cock. “Then I saw Rick had changed too, and was mostly a mare now, and our animal natures kind of took over and we ended up having sex twice. That’s when Rick grew these,” Brenda said, playfully squeezing both of Rick’s huge breasts.

“Hey!” Rick protested.

“Next thing we knew, a farmer had us pulling a plow, then a break for lunch, and then mated us to a gorgeous stallion. Then more plowing, followed by more hot and heavy sex. After that we got cleaned up – it felt soooo good to have my body brushed. I’m guessing we get to sleep all night but have to get up early tomorrow, probably for more of the same.”

As she talked Rick admired the way her equine pelt caught the light. Sharon was one sexy cowgirl as well. Rick tried not to stare at Sharon’s many nipples, and naked udders, her four sexy human legs.

Rick pointed out Sharon’s four legged form. Sharon’s reaction is

*Unsurprised – this happened before she took a nap, but Sharon tells them Candace is sleeping in the next stall over


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Candace is here too
Unending BE - episode 398968

Sharon watched as Rick looked her over. She made no move to cover her many breasts or udders, what was the point? "Oh, I was so happy to see you guys I almost forgot. Candace is here too, she's sleeping under the horse blanket in the next stall." Rick was rather relieved, he'd been wondering what had happened to his girlfriend. Rick trotted over to her stall, his breasts bouncing and tail flicking. He threw back her blanket to reveal that Candace was now

*Her normal human self. She hasn't been transformed . . . yet


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

Unending BE - episode 405313

At first Rick was relieved that Canadace looked normal...but then he noticed that she had a dildo stuck up her ass with a power cord with a electric plug on it. Brenda on a whim stuck Candace's plug into a wall socket and soon a blinding flash fills the stall. Rick looks with apprehencsion and fearfully removes the blanket. He was stunned by what he saw. It seems that candace was...a milking machine. There was no other way of saying it. Her body was...well it wasnt much of a body anymore. Her body seemed to cut off at her hips and she acked her beautiful dancer's legs. She also seemed to be missing her arms. However, in the place of those arms she had sixteen tentacles. These tentacles were topped with suction tubes, that looked like nothing so much as biological milking machine suckers. Candace also possessed a pair of massive breats on her chest and another on her back. These boobs were enormous, and rick suspected they would stretch and behave like milk holding tanks for her sucker tentacles. Not only did she have four freakishly large breasts but they had massive odd looking nipples, which might be some sort of spout for her holding tank-boobs. She also possessed another tentacle that originated at her crotch that had a decidedly phallic shape. Rick wondered if she was okay

*Candace wakes up and attaches and fucks Sharon, milking the cowtaur


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Now thats fucking team work!
Unending BE - episode 417377

Candace suddenly woke up. Well, maybe not totally awoken, but conscious at least. With a yawn she stretched moving all her suction tentacles up. Still looking drowsy her suction tentacles moved up and latched on to Sharons sixteen nipples and began to milk them. Peristalsis rippled down the fleshy tubes in waves as milk was pumped out. As milk left sharon's mamories and entered Candace, Candace's four giant breasts began to inflate growing even bigger. Rick figured the breasts were filling up with milk. Candace, still apparently in a trance sent her phallic shaped crotch tube and drove it into sharons rear vagina and began to pump in and out. Sharon moaned and started bucking her fourlegged body trying to impale herself further onto the tentacle. Rick could feel his vagina getting wet and his nipples getting stiff. Brenda too was getting horny and started to feel her own breasts. and stamp her hooves impatiently. Soon Candace orgasmed inside Sharon and retracted her phallic tentacle. Her milking appendages kept working though. Candace blinked and began to look like she was really waking up.

*Candace finished with Sharon and tries to milk Rick


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Rick and Candace reunited
Unending BE - episode 418325

Candace's four breasts have swelled quite a bit from storing cowtaur Sharon's milk. Her 16 long tentacles detatch from Sharon's many nipples and extend out in Rick's direction. Finding Rick's large breasts they instinctively start pumping milk out of them. The feeling of milk pumping out of his breasts makes Rick's tail lift a bit, and he can feel the air on his wet naked pussy. Wanting more, Rick picks up Candace and sets her down on his mare like rear end. Candace's huge breasts on his back felt nice, as did being mliked. Candace's other 14 pairs of tentacles start searching his body and two find the two long nipples of his small mares udder between his hind legs. The remaining 12 tentacles grab on to Rick's equine body, giving her leverage when her phallic tentacle darted under his tail and slid into his vagina. Candace used her tentacles to rock her body up and down, driving her phallic tentacle in and out of rick. The pair of breasts on her back jiggle wildly, the pair on her front alternately get squished against Rick's equine back, or lifted just off him. Rick has a mind melting, horse sized orgasm just as his breasts and udder are sucked dry.

*Candace truly wakes up and realizes what has happened to her


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Candace Awakens!
Unending BE - episode 420402

Candace was in that warm dorwsy place that existed just below conciousness. No, that wasnt quite right...she was in the drowsy place that existed after having sex and nodding off. She liked this place. But one thing troubled Candace: she didnt remember having sex. She had a big yawn and threw out her arms. Except her arms didnt feel right. In fact, she didnt feel right anywhere. Her legs werent responding; her arms felt really really bizar; her breasts felt absolutely massive...and full of milk? But that wasnt all, she felt more breasts! equally huge! ON HER BACK!?! Panicking Candace through her eyes open. A swift glance down revealed she did have two monstrous breasts in front of her that extended from her her neck to the ground, much like two fleshy beck balls. She waved her arms in her face and found she had sixteen, and they were tubes....milking tubes. Candace had to take a bunch of deep breaths to calm herself down. Thats when she felt another "arm". She waved it up by her face discovering she had a penis tentacle as well. She shuddered looking at her new appendage. A swift glance over her shoulder told her she had equally huge breasts on her back. Candace wondered if she could stand up with her new endowments. However her legs were not responding and she could feel the ground against her but...but no legs anywhere. Candace tried to deny it, but she knew her glorious dancer legs were gone. She sniffled and bit back tears releasing a single sob. A single sob that made her four huge breasts jiggle and sway full of milk as they were. Thats when she noticed everyone else. Rick with breasts riding a horse..no make that Rick with breasts halfhorse. And...Brenda, also turned halfhorse. Her eyes continued to scan and she saw Sharon....a strange cow mutant Sharon...who smiled shyly at her and blushed. Candace also saw....

*The farmer returning to empty Candaces Breasts


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: The farmer and his chores with Candace
Unending BE - episode 420512

The farmer entered the barn carrying two large empty buckets. He looked at Rick and Brenda. "You mares try to get some sleep tonight, there's a lot of work to be done tomorrow." He stepped up to Candace, put a bucket under her front left breast and twisted her nipple, causing milk to jet out. He repeated the procedure with her right breast.

Candace looked up at him. "Who are you? Why are you doing this to us?"

The farmer stopped for a moment and seemed to think about it. "My, aren't you a strong willed little lady. I'm John Hill, and I'm doing this because I can. I like transforming people in weird different ways. Either they adapt to it, or they crack. Doesn't much matter to me, it's fun to watch either way." The farmer stepped around to Candace's back, emptying the two huge breasts on her back. He squeezed her breasts with both hands to get the last few drops of milk out. "Normally this is a task I'd leave to my milk maid but heh heh she's a bit busy at the moment."

*The next morning this happens


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: the morning after
Unending BE - episode 420950

Sharon slept rather well considering the fact that she was rolled into a not-so-little ball on the floor of a stable under a dirty blanket. Extremely well when the fact she possessed a brand new body so much different from her original. It took her a long time the night before to get comfortable enough to sleep, what with her new configuration, and all the new breasts and udders to get squashed when she lay on the ground. However, after she nodded off she slept soundly, waking only once when John Hill came to collect Rick and Brenda to go out and work the field. This was only a breif interruption, though, as she managed to return to sleep until she heard a cowbell. At this she awoke, for when they went to sleep there had been no cowbell present. The cow bell no doubt heralded the arrival of a new victim of the farm. Sharon grew excited when she thought it might be Jim or Brad. Sharon's intuition proved correct when a blonde woman looking of scandanavian heritage walked in. Her hair was parted into two braids that dropped to her butt, and she was dressed in a fetish milk-maid outfit. However, the blonde lady was not normal. She possesed six large breasts, and six arms. "I take it your the milkmade Mr. Hill mentioned," voiced Sharon. The milkmaid looked puzzled for a moment then said "Sharon, dont you recognize me? It's me Jim!" Sharon was taken a bit aback; this tall six armed, six breasted woman was her boyfriend. Of course, she was now a four legged cow woman hibred. Jim walked forward and carefully attached the suction tentacles of the sleeping Candace to Sharon's teats as well as placing a cowbell (which she brought) around Sharon's neck. Sharon immediately felt the milking tentacles go to work pumping out her admittedly full breasts. "I hope Candace finishes with your milking soon Sharon, my breasts are getting a little full too...Now where did Rick get off to, I am supposed to attend to him as well." Thats when a heavily changed Brad appeared...

*Jim needs to feed catgirl Brad


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Milkmaid Jim feeds catgirl Brad
Unending BE - episode 421856

Just then Brad, now a catgirl, slinked into the barn. She looked a bit like an anime catgirl. She wasn't furry except for her long tail and cat ears. She had small sharp teeth, large green cat eyes. Her arms were a little longer, and her legs and hips had changed just enough that it was easier and more comfortable to walk on all fours, although she could still walk on her hind legs if she wanted to. Brad had the smallest breasts of all her friends, at a D cup. But she had eight of them, starting at the normal level on a woman's chest, and going down in pairs of two, packed in right up against each other. Since she wore no clothes they swayed when she walkd and bounced all over when she ran. Her hands were small and feminine, she had claws instead of fingernails, and her hands and feet had pads like a cat's. Her hair and fur were orange. "Mew?" she asked.

Jim smiled when she saw Brad. "Oh there you are." Working efficiantly with her six arms, Jim put a bowl with some tuna and dish with some milk on the floor.

Brad lapped up the milk, ate the tuna, and walked past Jim rubbing up against her leg, stopping with her hip and tail touching Jim. "Thank you," she said in a tiny, feminine voice.

Candace stirred a little as she slept. She could feel her breasts expand as they filled with milk, all four of them. Her breasts were rapidly balooning out as they took the combined milk of Sharon's two udders and breasts. It was affecting her dream. She was becoming aroused and her penis tentacle started to respond.

Jim saw Candace's breasts were no longer expanding so she knew Sharon must be done. Jim walked over to Sharon and detached Candace's milking suctionc cups. Jim pulled down the cups of her milk maid dress and attached six of Candaces suckers to her own breasts. Jim sighed with satisfaction as she felt the milk pump out of her. Then she noticed Candace's penis tentacle sliding up her leg.

*Meanwhile, Rick and Brenda were doing this


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Rick and Brenda and Brutus
Unending BE - episode 422291

Rick and Brenda had been pulling the plow again for a while. Rick was starting to get used to the way his breasts jiggled every time he moved. After a few hours of this, they were fed, watered, and taken to see Brutus the stallion again. Once again the stallion mated them. A short while later, the farmer came in and examined them. He looked pleased and declared that they were both pregnant. Then the two were led back to the barn to be milked by milk maid Jim. Jim hooked up Candace's milk sucking tentacles to Brenda's and Rick's breasts. Both Rick and Brenda feel up some of Jim's six breasts when he gets so close to them. Brenda's stallion cock starts to drop and Rick's foresex starts to harden from the delicious sensation of being milked.

*Brenda gets so aroused she mounts Rick, and Jim sets Candace down on Rick's cock


Re: Hill House: Brenda and Rick at the Barn

HH: Brenda and Rick and Candace
Unending BE - episode 448813

Brenda's cock was starting to feel neglected, so while Rick was being milked, she hopped up onto his equine back and carefully inserted it into his mare vagina. Jim thought this was kind of funny. She picked up Candace, whose tendrils were still milking Rick, and set her down on Rick's cock. Rick put his arms under her ass to support her weight. Candace's breasts swelled with milk. Brenda put her arms around Rick's torso and felt them both up, her own immense tits pleasantly pressed against Rick's back. She started humping in a way that shook all their bodies. Candace's penis tentacle slithered up between their breasts. Rick turned his head away.

"Oh, don't be so coy, she's still your girlfriend," Brenda commanded, and guided Candace's tentacle into Rick's mouth. The three friends continued having sex until each of them had several orgasms. Candace looked happier than she'd been since she found out about her milk machine body.

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