Topic: Story idea

Hi, first I would like to thank the many talented authors and artists who post here and on discord, some really amazing stories and images that give the imagination a ride.  Anyway I had an idea that could be used as a short Halloween story or as part of a larger story maybe.  A woman, maybe a bit evil or power mad has grown a huge penis through maybe nefarious means, like an unwilling ctf or something,  At any rate the first time she ejaculates it doesn't go as planned, and the whole of her body is sort of sucked through and shot out as cum.  It could happen all at once or maybe  a series of ejaculations where she has time to realize what is happening and can't stop or is unable to stop,  anyway if anyone wants to use this idea or flesh it out please do.  If it has already been done then I apologize, I think ti is an original idea, but maybe anymore there are no truly original ideas.