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Transform or Dare?

Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively
simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to. Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the
theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

"I'll choose trans.."

"Too late, now you get both."

"Fine then, give give me your worst you cock sucker."

"What you just said then gave me a good idea. You have always been known as the schools best cock sucker, so how about if your sucking your own cock Jen."

"What the hell are you talking about Kyle."

"For you transform, your tongue will transform into a foot long cock. It will take up the whole space of your mouth, although you won't choke, you don't need to breathe anymore to live and you don't need to eat. Your breasts will grow to a DD cup size and will be filled up with sperm that is attached to you tongue cock. Whenever someone says your name, your cock will instantly grow fully erect and grow an extra inch, the only way to get it to go down is to down one of three things. 1, you can masturbate using your cock. 2, you can shove it down another girls throat. Or 3, you can shove it up another girls pussy. For your dare, I dare you to masturbate with it three times a day. Everyone will think all of this is weird but treat it as normal. Have a fun day."


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

Jen took a breath and prepared to give Kyle a piece of her mind, but Kyle had already hung up. She tossed the
phone on the bed, then fell back on it herself with a frustrated groan.

"What a jackass!" she said out loud. "Who says that sort of thing? Creeper."

Still, a lingering paranoia grew in her mind. She thought back to Kyle getting pants'd at school and
remembered the intense looks of anger and humiliation he'd thrown her way as she and her friends had walked
away laughing.

The transform or dare story she'd heard her friends tell her back at junior high summer camp started to replay
in her head. It couldn't be true.

Could it?

Just to reassure herself, she rolled off the bed and went over to the vanity mirror in her bedroom. Looking
her reflection in the eyes with an overly compensatory smirk, she stuck her tongue out at herself. Her tongue
was still a normal shade of reddish pink, in its usual shape, with ordinary taste buds. She poked it
experimentally with her finger, and felt the normal sensation of a soft, damp tongue.

Feeling silly, she closed her mouth and began to gather up her things and get ready for school.

But then, her tongue began to feel a bit...weird.

Suddenly, she felt a twinge at the base of her jaw. It quickly intensified to a wave of tics and rolling
muscle spasms in her neck muscles and mouth, and then it began to spread.

She rushed to the mirror, feeling her tongue start to stiffen in her mouth as the discomfort advanced to her
jaw and throat. She could see a visible writhing movement under the delicate skin of her neck. Remembering
Kyle's words, she opened her mouth.

Inside, her tongue was visibly swelling. Before her eyes, its shape grew more cylindrical and its taste buds
morphed into wrinkly, vein-rippled flesh.

She watched, horrified, as a hole appeared in the tip of her tongue and the ridge of a glans formed, sloping
back from it. It was quickly enveloped by the loose rolls of a thickening foreskin. The organ, already more
penis than tongue, grew longer by the instant.

Jen tried to scream but found no sound emerged from her windpipe. Nor air, for that matter - in or out. The
instinctual panic of suffocation began to overtake her, until she realized that she wasn't actually
suffocating even though she wasn't breathing. The rest of her body's transformation immediately regained her

The muscle tics advanced downward as Jennifer's tongue-cock grew steadily in her mouth. Her pert breasts,
smallish but well-shaped, began to tingle. Jen instinctively cupped them to stop what was happening to her,
but to no avail.

The pinching of her bra straps made her realize they were growing. In a matter of seconds, the supportive
parts began to dig into her skin. Jen raced for relief, nearly tearing her shirt to get it off over her head.
She almost had to rip her bra straps apart to undo the strained fasteners to keep them from drawing blood.

In the mirror, she saw her boobs, already twice as large as they were when she'd dressed, visibly expanding.
Her tits grew fuller and wider by the instant. The deep pink circles of her areolae enlarged accordingly,
puffing outward as her nipples grew. It didn't stop until each of her breasts was as large as a ripe
cantaloupe. Thankfully, at least, Jen noted, her boobs retained a feminine teardrop shape.

In no more than one minute in all, Jen's body had become exactly as Kyle had dictated. As the sensation of
change subsided, Jen found herself staring at herself in the mirror, hands trembling. A teardrop coursed down
her cheek.

Several of the final twelve inches in length of her newly-formed cock still stuck out from Jen's mouth. She
grabbed it to shove it back in, hoping that might make it all go away somehow.

As her fingers seized the cock, she was unprepared for the sensation it gave her. The touch of her girlish
fingers on the new dick-flesh sent a wave of pleasure straight down its length, on through her mouth, throat
and chest, then spread out as lovely tingles across her body as her pleasure center registered the act for the
first time. Her tongue-cock twitched involuntarily in her grip, and her boobs registered a very nice, electric

Her dick hardened ever so slightly. It invited more.

But that was all too much for Jen for the moment. She snapped out of her momentary shock, shying away from
making -that- happen again.

She sat down on the floor to think, overwhelmed.

She wasn't wearing a shirt, none of her bras could possibly contain her new boobs, she apparently couldn't
breathe -- didn't need to breathe -- and her tongue was now a foot-long cock. How the hell was she going to
deal with this?

Reining in her focus somehow, she tested her new anatomy and found her mouth still had a good deal of
articulation. Thankfully, her cock's resting inside her mouth didn't cause the same reaction as touching it
with her fingers had, and she found she felt somewhat normal when her new penis was tucked away inside.

As Kyle specified, her cock filled her entire mouth, but something that had happened to her throat during the
transformation made it -just- able to permit the whole length to retract inside her mouth when it was soft. It
felt not much differently than her tongue had in its previous form.

She briefly considered the possibility of being able to suck herself -- Kyle had been explicit about that --
but when the small arousal that thought created caused her cock to press against the insides of her lips, she
decided not to test that theory out lest she become unable to close her mouth.

After additional concentration, Jen discovered she could still make normal sounds, though it was through
entirely different means than before. She didn't even pretend to understand how she was doing it, but it was a
great relief to her that it was happening. Learning this trick led to the realization that she had somehow not
lost the ability to talk, unlikely as that was with a penis for a tongue. Apparently whatever twisted magic or
curse was behind "transform or dare," it was merciful enough to make some accommodation.

It took much more concentration than she was accustomed to, but before long she was able to speak normally

Clothes were still a problem. Going through everything in her drawer, she found everything either didn't fit
and/or looked comically scandalous. She rummaged through her closet until she found what had been a baggy
sweater that she hoped would downplay her new endowments. To her dismay, her boobs now filled the garment out,
but at least she could wear it comfortably.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Her mom peeked in.

"Honey, are you going to school today? We're going to be late," her mom said.

Jen went pale, feeling caught, waiting for her mom to react. However, her mom seemed not to notice any of
Jen's new additions.

Then Jen remembered Kyle had said that everyone would treat it as normal. Her tension subsided a notch, but
not much. Jen decided to go to school.


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

Unsure what to do next, Jennifer opted to avoid a fight with her mother. As uncomfortable as she was, it would
be far worse to get into a huge fight with her mom and have to explain everything that was taking place. She
nodded to her mom.

"See you in the car, sweety," her mom said, and left the room.

Jen gathered up her things from the bedroom vanity, looking once more at herself in the mirror as a sense of
dread overshadowed the day ahead.

Her huge breasts put her a little off balance, even more than they had immediately after the transformation.
She noticed that they felt very heavy, and felt as if they were filling up. She twisted at the waist to look
at them in profile, experimentally lifting up a breast with her hand through the fabric of her sweater.

The breast was definitely heavier and hardly as springy-soft as she was used to. It grew even more rigid as
she held it - she could feel through her fingers that it was definitely engorging with some kind of fluid.

"Crap," she thought, remembering Kyle's phone call. Her breasts were filling themselves with sperm.

With no time to explore further, she dashed out the door, school tote in hand, and went down to the car.

Most mornings, it was incredibly convenient for Jen that her mom worked as an office manager in a business
park just a few blocks from her school, since it meant she never once had to take the bus. However, the curse
on her body -- and what could happen because of it -- filled all her thoughts this morning.

She sat curled up in the passenger seat, as withdrawn as possible, and avoided her mom's usual cheery attempts
at conversation as the morning drive passed slowly by. Her mom naturally suspected something more serious than
usual was wrong, but Jennifer kept it to herself, not least because she had no idea what she would say about

Eventually, they arrived at school and Jennifer got out. Her mom waved and Jen returned it half-heartedly as
she made her way towards the entrance.

She just hoped she could make it to class without anyone noticing her. Strangely enough to her, no one seemed
to pay any more attention than usual. She did notice a few cowardly boys stealing glances at her chest, but
they quickly avoided eye contact and pretended nothing happened. She realized that it was probably because her
boobs were simply very big, and not because they happened to be bigger today.

Suddenly her best friend Kirsten hurried up beside her, books in hand. Kirsten was dressed in her usual
fashion-forward way, with a nice white button-up blouse, an A-line skirt and an assortment of silver jewelry
that pulled everything together, though a pair of carefully matched retro sneakers and socks kept the look
flirty and young. The ensemble played up her slender figure's curves while only pretending to reveal too much.

Jen hated her for a moment for looking so put together on a day when she felt like a freak in an over-sized
sweater, but was glad to see her friend.

"Hey there," Kirsten said. "How's it going? You are not gonna believe what just happened! Mike just asked me
out! I can't believe it! He's been acting like I don't exist for weeks and I finally... hey, what's wrong?"

They stopped. Jennifer looked at Kirsten, who knew her better than anyone. She hesitated, but the desire to
tell -someone- about what happened was overwhelming.

"Kirsten, you know that 'transform or dare' curse?" Jen asked.

"Yeah -- that's, like, the only urban legend Glendale has to show for itself. Why?" Kirsten replied.

"Remember that guy we pants'd last week? Kyle, that little dork with that stupid ski vest? He gave me the
curse," Jen said.

"No way!" Kirsten said. "Really?"

Jen turned her chest towards Kirsten and rolled her shoulders back to display them, and opened her mouth,
letting the head of her cock slide out a few inches. Kirsten only looked confused.

"What?" Kirsten asked. "What am I supposed to be seeing? You look the same as you always have. I mean, I know
your cock-tongue thing is a little wierd -- I'm sorry, no offense -- but, you know? I mean, it's normal."

"But this isn't normal! I wasn't like this even last night! Kyle made this happen with that curse! I'm so..."

Kirsten looked at her in disbelief. "Sorry, Jen."

Suddenly, Jennifer felt a flood of pleasure rising from her chest, up through her throat and into her cock-
tongue. Her lips parted and its entire length pushed itself out from her mouth. Jen's eyes widened as she
watched her member stiffen into a full and impressive erection. The tip twitched, and her cock grew another

"Ohm my gothm...!" Jen said, suddenly unable to speak clearly. Part of her was horrified, but she hadn't felt
anything remotely as pleasurable in her life. If she had still been able to breathe, she would have been

"Jen?" Kirsten asked again, unaware of that condition of the curse. Kyle had said that if anyone said Jen's
name, her cock would stiffen up and grow another inch.

Jen's cock spasmed again, and pushed itself out further as it grew again for a moment. Another wave of
pleasure came over her. It was like the nice feeling she had after getting horny in class, but this was vastly
more intense and it encompassed her whole head and chest. It was impossible to ignore.

"I hafth to doth thomething," Jen mustered.

She reached up and wrapped her fingers around the shaft, meaning to shove it back before anyone noticed. This
time it was totally unyielding as she tried to push it back inside her mouth.

However, it felt unbelievably good as she touched it.

It was literally feeding her more of the warm, pleasurable feeling -- she could feel the sensation pass
through her mouth and down her throat -- and she began to stroke her shaft in earnest.

She'd given a hand job to an old boyfriend once, her hand hidden under a coat on his lap during a movie, but
she'd had no idea that it felt -this- good to be the receiver. She was quickly lost.

She tugged firmly on the loose skin, working her hands up and down the length. She worked the web of her hand
around the head, pushed her fingers into the softer underside, and let the foreskin work back and forth as she
moved her hands up and down. A tear of pre-cum the size of a marble formed on the tip, and she slathered it
across the cock. It got even better, so she stroked faster.

It didn't take long before she felt a rising sensation in her chest, and it was sharper and far more intense
than anything she'd ever experienced with her pussy. She moaned as her breasts suddenly tightened, and Jen
came with a force and a wave of pleasure that she was unprepared for. A gout of cum exploded from her dick
with a little squirty pop and splashed audibly onto the ground.

It didn't stop. She felt unfamiliar muscles, deep in her throat, pumping hard in rapid waves, shooting jets of
the milky fluid through her shaft and out into the air. She watched through half-closed eyes, reeling in
sensation, as the pressure spent the contents of her cum-filled breasts across yards of pavement and grass.

Almost a dozen pumps later, the pressure subsided and the feeling ebbed away. Her breasts felt slightly sore,
but they were also much lighter and greatly relieved. Her dick started to soften, shrinking visibly as it did
so, and in twenty seconds or so it had shrunk enough to return itself to her mouth.

Kirsten, who'd watched the whole thing, eyed Jen with a vacant and somewhat hungry look that Jen was unused to
seeing from another girl, much less her best friend. As the wash of endorphin at last disappeared, Jen began
to feel embarrassed by it, and what had happened.

The evidence was all around. Long splatters of cum mess coated the sidewalk and school yard across a fifteen
foot arc in front of Jen. Incredibly, she'd avoided getting any on Kirsten, though some of it had landed mere
inches from her friend's sneaker-clad ankle.

As Jen's head cleared further, she looked around, expecting someone to catch her. But, except for Kirsten, it
was clear that no one else had really noticed her fireworks.

The bell rang. She had only a few minutes left to get to class.


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

A couple of seconds after Jen managed to close her mouth she felt her breasts start to fill up again. They felt heavier and heavier with each passing second again but this time when it stopped Jen could swear that they felt a little bit tighter. What she didn't know was that each time her tongue-dick grew it needed more sperm and so more was produced. The only problem was nobody said that her breasts would grow in order to accommodate more semen...

Jen didn't want to go to her class. Not after her first ever ejaculation... She managed to convince Kirsten they should ditch the class and they went to the ladies' room.

As they walked Jen could feel how her breasts tugged the skin around it uncomfortably. Again, she didn't know that soon they would need to keep more sperm that could fit in them...

As soon as they entered the bathroom Kirsten made a great mistake:

"Oh, Jen, Jen, Jen..." she said. "Now seriously, please don't tell me you believe in all this curse crap..."

Jen's eyes opened wide in terror as she hear Kirsten call her name three more times. The flesh in her mouth started to spring to life again...


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

"NOOOOOOOOlllllllllmmmmpph!" Jen moaned in terror as her tongue quickly and forcefully pushed out, separating her lips and obscuring her speech. Her massive member hardened almost instantly. She grasped the shaft, and as she did, it began to grow it's new three inches. It pushed further and further outward, the moment lasting a lifetime for Jen. As her cocktongue grew longer, extra girth was beginning to show in it as well. It started to force her mouth open wider and wider, stretching her jaw muscles. Finally the growth stopped, and Jen grasped her forehead, pushing her long blonde hair out of her face. Kirsten had stood idly by, texting on her phone. She paid no mind to Jens second transformation, thinking it was completely normal. For some reason, during her growth, she had not received any waves of estacy she had her first time. At least not yet...

Jen gathered herself. Her tongue was throbbing madly. Since she didn't feel an obligation to masterbate, she decided to leave her massive cocktongue alone for the time being. Massaging her jaws, she turned to Kirsten. Kirsten was busy in her phone. Jen leaned in and grabbed the phone out of Kirstens hands, and underestimating how large her cocktongue was, poked Kirsten in the lips in the process, parting them slightly.

"Bah, hey what are you doing with my phone?" Kirsten turned, surprised. Jen made no attempt to speak, and instead held the phone above her tongue, and began to text. "Hey Jen, come on!" Kirsten said, getting peeved. Jen rolled her eyes as again, her tongue stiffened even more, and pushed its' way another inch out into the world. This officially made her cocktongue a foot and a half long. Jen managed to finish up with the text, despite her hands starting to quiver. She handed the phone back to Kirsten. Kirsten looked at the screen, and read the unsent text out loud. "Stop saying my name, it makes it grow, and it's already too big." Kirsten looked up at Jen, who began motioning to her huge tongue. "Oh, ok I get it..." Kirsten replied.

"Mmhmm," Jen nodded her head. At this time, Jen just wanted to close her mouth as it was open to an uncomfortably wide point. But that was the only thing that was starting to become uncomfortable. Her chest was starting to get warm, unnaturally warm for the cool bathroom.

"Uhh, Je- I mean, you..." Kirsten said tentatively. "Your nipples," Jen instinctively looked down, even though her enormous tongue completely obscured her view. The warmth in her chest was beginning to build. She decided to carefully explore what she couldn't see. She slid her hands underneath her sweater. She brought her fingertips up to the bottoms of her perky tits. They were very warm, and the sensation didn't seem to be fading. Slowly, she ran her hands up from the crease of the bottoms of her breasts to her areolas. they were swollen, and puffy, but there wasn't any change there. Then finally, she started to move for her nipples. To her surprise, she found them sooner than expected.

"Mmmph!" She moaned in surprise. They were huge. They were thick. And as soon as she touched them, a massive wave of heat washed over her chest and up her neck, all the way to the tip of her cocktongue. She gently grasped them in her hands. they were as long as her index finger, and as thick as her wrists. The heat kept building, her chest getting noticeable hotter by the second. Then suddenly, a familiar feeling. Her tits were beginning to fill. It was a slow, dull feeling, but she could feel it. They were filling back up with sperm, as they had been emptied the couple minutes before. She cupped her boobs in her hands. They were hot, and she could feel them filling with sperm. And the feeling was only growing. They were filling faster. Then the thought finally hit Jen. Her penis had grown a full six inches in the past 15 mintues, with no noticeable change to her breasts. Her heart sank as she realized, this was probably her tits catching up. Her attention snapped back to her boobs, as the continued ramping growth began to spread her fingers apart. They were getting heavier and heavier, and Jen's posture worsen as she sloped her shoulders forward from the adding weight. The sweater was starting to get tight, so she pre-emptively rolled it up off her chest, so it could rest on top. Her boobs had ceased to be cantalopes, and were now looking more like watermelons. They were even getting the oval shape, from her perky mammaries resisting gravity, but nonetheless being effected by it.

"Oh my gosh, Jen..." Kirsten sighed, and immediately covered her mouth, realizing her mistake. Jen glared at her, and winced as her cock spasmed, then pushed another inch out. Jen winced at her jaw, which seemed to be at the limit. This time, as it grew, Jen started to feel slightly aroused. Her body was readying for another go, and she could feel it coming on. Meanwhile, her tits were still filling, and were quickly leaving the realm of the most over-ripe watermelons.

"I'm so sorry," Kirsten said. Jen wasn't paying attention. The weight was quickly becoming too much, and Jen was worried that she would soon be incapacitated. the weight caused her to lose her balance for a moment, and struggling to keep them up she stepped forward to catch herself. The movement caused her tits to jolt forward. She was becoming incredibly full, she could feel the massive amount of sperm sloshing around inside. Finally, rush of growth began to slow, and trickle to a stop. She could feel a dribbling warmth on her hands as she struggled to hold her boobs up. The feeling of arousal was building more now, but before Jen lost her mind, she waddled over to the bathroom mirror. Kirsten stepped aside, dumbfounded. Jen took a look at herself, and a tear rolled down her cheek. Her cocktongue was so large and thick it could satisfy a horse. It curved upward slightly, the apple-sized head at the same level as her forehead. She looked at her tits. She was fully bent over, the weight of her now beach ball sized mammaries pulling on her torso. They were so engorged that semen was starting to dribble from her massive nipples, running to her hands.

"I'll never be normal again..." The thought came to her, but before it could settle, the arousal began to overtake her.


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

I really hope this continues; I rather like the "unintentional influence of others" theme in stories. Not that it cant' get trite at times (it's just fine here).


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

aadder wrote:

I really hope this continues; I rather like the "unintentional influence of others" theme in stories. Not that it cant' get trite at times (it's just fine here).

Unfortunately, it seems that this story was put on hold quite a long time ago. Fortunately, anyone can add chapters to it on CYOC. Because of that, I'm writing a continuation of this because I like the storyline so far.

See my FurAffinity account, where most of my stuff is found: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thetransformationguru/


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

"Ummm, Jen...shit!" Kirsten worries. "What's happening to you? Your boobs are huge!". Clearly, Jen is unable to respond, her sperm-filled breasts now larger than beach balls and her nipples now larger than naturally possible, longer than her hands & thicker than her calf. She can feel the constantly pumping sperm sloshing around inside her massive boobs like two large water balloons. It doesn't help that her cocktongue just got bigger thanks to Kirsten accidentally saying her name again, now extending past her head in it's erect state. But while Kirsten stares on in shock, Jen stands arched forward in a mix of terror, sadness and arousal. Jen's tits continue to dribble thick sperm all over her hands, leaving a small mess on the floor as it drips onto the ground. She grips her massive boobs tightly, pushing them upwards, allowing more sperm to lactate from the over-sized mammaries. She hopes that doing this will stop the pressure, squeezing her boobs so hard they actually hurt from her grip and she lets them drop down again, watching in horror as sperm oozes from her over-sized nipples.

Suddenly, Jen grabs her cock with both hands as if by some strange force beyond her control. Then she remembers about the curse and realizes that she must masturbate at least three times a day. She starts thrusting her hands up and down her massive cock, letting it dribble drops of pre-cum that run down the cock and her face. Jen tries her hardest to get her dick to the point of orgasm, but this time masturbation doesn't seem to be the most satisfying way of relieving the massive beast erecting from her mouth. In her extremely aroused state of mind, Jen thinks of one option and turns to Kirsten, a look of hunger in her eyes.

"Um, why are you staring at me like that?" Kirsten questions, confused as to why Jen is staring at her like a tiger that's just seen it's next meal. Jen heaves her dripping breasts with her hands and edges closer to Kirsten. She's surprised she's still standing without any support considering the size and weight of her boobs, but nevertheless, she moves closer to her friend but making sure to be far enough away so that her tongue won't touch her. Jen kneels down to her knees... and rips her friend's skirt straight from her body.

"Jen! What the fuck!" Kirsten gasps. Jen winces as her tongue grows another inch, now touching the smooth fabric of Kirsten's silk panties. She's surprised that her jaw isn't hurting from the growths, as if it is adapting to them by growing itself. Jen thinks that it's a good thing, because at least she won't be in pain whenever she gets an erection. But she leans in slightly closer, barely feeling the lips of Kirsten's pussy through the silk before being slapped in the face.

"Fucking hell Jen! Are you trying to stick your tongue into my vagina?!" Kirsten angrily questions, to which Jen nods yes, grabbing her almost two foot long cock as it stretches out again. "Forget it Jen! I'm not having weird sex with you! I don't care if it gets bigger every time someone says your name, so you can shove your dick up someone else's pussy because I won't do it. I will stay with you while you, um, let loose but I won't fuck your tongue!" Kirsten rages.
"Oh my god! I've had enough of her saying my name!" Jen thinks. "I need to do something, now!". At this size she knows her cock won't properly fit back in her mouth now, even when flaccid, nor will she be able to talk without sounding muffled, but she wants to lose the erection and the weight from her breasts sooner rather than later. So without a second more thought, she pushes Kirsten onto the ground. Kirsten is helpless as Jen jumps onto her in the 69 position and thrusts her cocktongue into her friend's pussy.

"Argh! God! Jen, get your dick out off me!" Kirsten demands, causing Jen's cocktongue to grow another inch into her pussy and making it two feet long. Kirsten is helpless as not only are Jen's engorged breasts crushing her but Jen also seems locked into her vagina, and Kirsten can't help but moan with pleasure as her wet pussy is fucked by Jen's massive cocktongue. Jen's breasts, now larger than a NN cup, feel amazingly sensitive as sperm sloshes around inside while she thrusts her head back and forth. Kirsten tries her hardest not to enjoy her friend's penis penetrating her, but she can't stop the pleasure and goes along with it, licking Jen's cum dripping vagina in perhaps the strangest lesbian sexual intercourse ever known.

As Jen nears orgasm from both ends, Kirsten loses control of herself..."My god! Ohhh Jen! Jen! JEN! JEN! JEN! JEEENNN!!". Jen can't believe it, the already peaked pleasure built up again as her cock grows another six inches, so now it definitely won't properly fit into her mouth. One more thrust from Jen and one more lick from Kirsten is all it takes for Jen to finally orgasm, unleashing a bucket-full of sperm into Kirsten's vagina before the pressure becomes too much and she's forced to withdraw, spraying thick ropes of cum onto the restroom walls.

As the orgasm finally ends, Jen feels her cocktongue returning to a "normal" size and although it now hangs from her mouth to her chin, she feels relieved at being able to talk again. Her breasts reduce in size but now sit at GG cup size, which is at least easier to deal with than NN cup boobs. "Kirsten, I'm so sorry. I just couldn't help it. I couldn't control myself" Jen apologizes.

Having no idea what to think, Kirsten says...

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Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

Alternative Path: Jen stays home from school.

Link: http://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapte … /full.html


Jen looked up at her mom with a pitiful expression. Briefly debating whether to tell her mom what had
happened, but ruling it out just as quickly, she decided to risk the fight that her mom would probably start.
The thought of going to school like this brought on a feeling of rising terror in the pit of Jen's stomach.

It would't be hard to fake being sick, because, honestly, she already felt disoriented with the onset of mild

"I don't feel good, mom," Jennifer whined.

Surprisingly, her mom's reaction was gentle and concerned, not the usual suspicion or automatic argument that usually came with any assertion that she was too sick for school. The keys dangling from her mom's hand and a glance at the clock made Jen realize that her mom was running behind, which probably helped. Her mom was usually more permissive when feeling guilty about something already.

"You look white as a sheet, dear," her mom said. "I thought something was wrong when I found you sitting on the floor looking like the cat dragged you in here, but you should probably stay home if you're not feeling well."

Her mom put a hand on her forehead.

"Well, you might have a fever, but I can't really tell," she continued. "Still, I think you'd better lay down
and get some rest. I'll call the school, but I've got to get to work. You're old enough to fend for yourself
but if you get worse or you need anything, call me."

Jen's mother ushered her from the floor and back into bed. Greatly relieved that a confrontation with mom was not in the cards this morning, Jen slid back into the covers as her mom kissed her forehead, then left the room.

Jen felt much safer, however, once she heard the sound of her mom's car starting in the driveway, backing up, then accelerating away from the house.

For several minutes, Jen lay in bed, wishing that it would all go away. But the heavy feeling of her huge new
breasts weighing her chest down persisted, impossible to ignore. It was clear the curse had really happened, and was not going away at all.

As she concentrated, she noticed that weight on her chest seemed different, even since the change. Her boobs seemed heavier.

She reached a hand under her sweatshirt and felt the still-unfamiliar and overly-large mass of breast. She
found her new additions were not just heavier, but also less springy, and a lot more sensitive than she was
used to. A few probes with her fingers told her they were filling up with a liquid -- and quickly.

Then she remembered the details of Kyle's curse. Her body was storing up sperm in her breasts. Her eyes

However, her cum-filled tits and the new phallus in her mouth were already delivering hormones into her system, bringing on feelings any teen-aged boy would know well. She was getting horny, and not in the gentle, yet aching way that she was used to. It was an urgent kind of feeling, and focused very specifically in her changed parts.

She closed her eyes, her hand still touching her breasts absently. Though her breasts were still swelling, and not entirely comfortable, her fingertips found a response from them that made her tingle. The feeling spread from her chest, up through her throat and, distinctly, within her cock-tongue. Her pussy started to dampen as well; her other hand found its way over her mound, touching herself through the cotton of her panties.

With her mouth closed, she started sucking experimentally. Her cock responded and began to harden, and for a short while it felt quite delicious in every sense. Then she felt her jaw being forced apart as her member pushed its way towards her lips. She relaxed to allow it.

The erection grew slowly, and she found it felt very, very good to keep her lips pressed around the
circumference of it as the head, then shaft, crept beyond her mouth inch by inch.

Soon, looking downwards, she could see the tip as her cock grew ever longer and thicker in girth. The veiny
skin retracted to reveal the mushroom-like head as it enlarged.

The fingers of her hands grew busier, circling her nipples and clit with increasing vigor as she watched the
new appendage growing. She took her hand off her breast and out of her sweater. She touched the cock gingerly, making it twitch visibly and harden faster.

Jen enclosed the shaft in her hands. She'd once given a hand job to an old boyfriend in a movie theater, under his coat in the dark. But she'd had very little time to explore then since his unzipped pants weren't quite lose enough, and he'd chickened out quickly. Of course, she hadn't been touching *herself* then, either, and Jen found this was something quite nice indeed.

Its surface was soft, not entirely different from the way her labia felt under her fingers, but a squeeze
found a stiff inner core around which the outer skin of the thing slipped back and forth easily. She twisted
the pliable skin gently and pumped her hand along the shaft, and it made sparkles in her nerves. The cock
surged, pushing the final several inches upwards into a full erection as the head became completely visible.

A trail of clear pre-cum dribbled from the tip, running down the shaft toward Jen's hand as she pumped herself along the twelve inches of dick sticking out of her mouth. The lubrication enhanced the sensation, and her throat flexed automatically with unfamiliar sexual muscles.

She felt flush, with an urge for release like she'd never felt before, all through her neck and breasts. Her
clit was harder than it had ever been and her panties were soaked with her juices. Sweat dappled her forehead, breasts and abdomen.

Hastily stripping her clothes off, she lay back down on her bed covers and watched herself in the vanity
mirror, which gave her a mostly complete view of her torso.

She watched herself grip her tongue-cock as she stroked it, saw her huge, full tits draped over her chest and belly, and saw her other hand strumming her clit and pussy. It was obscene, but also the most freakishly arousing thing she'd ever laid eyes on.

She looked herself in the eyes as she masturbated with increasing intensity. Her changes broke the familiarity of her reflection; cock-tongue Jen was a twisted, peep-show version of herself that made looking in the mirror just like watching someone else. The size of the cock that mirror-Jen stroked furiously was absurdly large, especially so stemming from her cute girly lips, and her breasts made her body a caricature of fertility. Jen felt aversion, and yet she was inescapably turned on.

Without warning, she felt the orgasm crest and break across her body. Her pussy flooded and slickened the sides of her thighs. Her breasts convulsed as new muscles inside her pumped forcefully, and a blinding wave of pleasure, the most intense she'd ever experienced, rose up from her torso as her cock surged in her hand.

A rapid series of pumps, each accompanied by another wave of feeling, forced the cum from the tip of Jen's cock. The first small burst threw itself in a little curl from the head and splashed warmly across her hand with an audible splurt. But the next, and each gout afterward, shot up into the air, and it was all Jen could do to keep the stream from coating her bedroom ceiling and furnishings, deciding instead to try to have the liquid splash across her skin.

And splash it did. There was a lot of it, and it kept coming out. She nearly blacked out from the intensity of
the climax.

As the sensation faded, the cock softened and shrank back into Jen's mouth, the foreskin wrapping the head neatly back into the spot her normal tongue had been just over an hour earlier.

As her senses returned from orbit, Jen realized that much of her was covered in cum, her jelly-esque seed
cooling down from body temperature now that it was outside her. She could feel it on her cheeks and chin, all over her torso, and even down her legs and across the tops of her feet. There were trails of it on the carpet, and all across her bed. That she'd come all over herself was a realization that revolted her a little but, unexpectedly, turned her on a great deal and left behind a residual arousal.

Still, she knew she'd need to clean up the mess before it soaked in. She grabbed a couple of towels from the closet, and set to work. A few minutes later, the machines in the laundry room and streams of hot water from her shower were working on removing any trace evidence of her first penile orgasm.

As the water ran down her body, washing away the cum from her skin, Jen...

Jen takes things a step further.
added by CYOC Voyeur on 05/10/2012 00:48

The warm water felt exhilarating against Jen's skin as she watched the clustered, thin streams of her shower gently scrub away the residue of her spectacular first orgasm with her newly-formed cock-tongue. It had easily been the most intense thing that had ever happened to her body, but the shower's even, massaging warmth calmed her nerve endings and made the whole memory feel a little less overwhelming and easier to process. The morning's exercise had left her quietly aroused, but she still felt overstimulated and tried to avoid sexual thoughts for the moment.

She was still unused to her huge new breasts, which made balancing in the shower more difficult than expected, but leaning against the tiled wall and closing her eyes left things temporarily better. She became aware of her breasts swelling up again, getting heavier with what she knew must be a fresh batch of sperm, but she focused on the coolness of the tiles and the white noise and heat of the water, and soon she was distracted -- enough.

Habitually, Jennifer opened her mouth and let the stream of water pour in. Though the initial sound and
feeling was more or less the same as usual, it quickly changed. The direct pressure of the stream of water set her tongue-cock stirring again, and she found her sex drive revving despite her fleeting desire to avoid it. The pitch of the water pouring in rose and then disappeared as her cock began filling and then pushing through her mouth once more.

She faced directly into the stream -- Kyle's curse made it unnecessary to breathe, so water pouring over her face was no longer of discomfort to her -- and tilted her head and shoulders to let the stream stimulate her cock and nipples as directly as possible.

Last summer, she'd discretely experienced something similar in Kirsten's backyard Jacuzzi, pushing her girl
bits against the whirlpool water jets through her swimsuit. But this was even better since there was so much more surface area involved and she had no need to be discrete.

The penis filled out to its full size very quickly. As it did, she felt the rest of her body getting ready for
more in concert. Her pussy got as wet as her outsides, and her nipples visibly hardened into drawn, conical
forms with points as large as her thumb tips. It felt amazing.

Since she'd cum so recently, however, she found it easier to concentrate on what was happening this time, and didn't feel quite so biologically rushed to reach her peak. Still, her grossly enlarged erogenous zones
started to be overstimulated by the shower, so she decided to get out. She shut off the water, leaving her
skin tingling.

Her parts stayed hard as she wrapped herself in a pair of bath towels and dried off, spending a little extra
time drying her shaft because, she discovered, it felt nice to rub herself there with the terry.
Unintentionally, she draped part of her towel over her cock, and it suddenly occurred to her just how long it was. She began to consider the possibilities.

Dry at last, she flipped the towel over the shower bar and walked naked back into her bedroom.

Looking herself over in the mirror, she gave her pussy a quick little pet. Her fingers slid away from her
cleft with a thick gob of her juices, and she wiped it off on her cock. A shudder of pleasure filled her
chest, and she also found it felt even better to stroke herself using her feminine lubrication than it had
with her pre-cum earlier.

She held her length to the side so she could see it clearly in her reflection, and a naughty thought began to
form in her mind.

After quickly putting a clean sheet down, Jen lay on her bed. She began stroking herself with both hands, one on her cock-tongue and one on her pussy. A few moments later, she switched hands, moaning with delight as she worked her own lubricant into the skin of her cock. The squishing caress of her pussy fluids intensified everything.

Spreading her legs to provide herself better access, she probed herself with her fingers -- one first, then
two at a time. With her head laid against the mattress, she found her cock was easier to keep hold of than
when she'd been standing. In minutes she began to discover specifically how she liked to touch herself.

Several translucent streams of pre-cum emerged, and she stroked them into the slick of the vaginal fluids
across her cock. Everything felt incredibly good, and Jen realized that it was time to take things a step
further. She felt a little nervous but the sexual buzz and her own curiosity overtook her caution.

Jen pulled several pillows and laid them on the wall end of her bed, then propped her butt and legs up towards the ceiling. Next, she pressed her feet against the wall above to bend her body into a tight fetal curl underneath them, doubling herself over. Gently letting her legs down, spread-eagle above and then behind either side of her head, she watched her now-swollen pussy lowering until it was directly in front of her face. Her breasts made the position a little bit difficult to manage as the pull of gravity flattened them
across her chest, but a small shimmy to either side shifted them out of the way. The position was more than a little uncomfortable, but her natural flexibility and supercharged arousal made it easy not to care.

She'd been with a boy once, for about 15 seconds in the middle of a round of "Seven Minutes of Heaven." She'd not even known who it was, since it was in a dark closet with someone picked out of a different room. She remembered he was an amazing kisser. When he pressed his cock against her under her skirt she slid her panties aside and let him come in just to try it, but he pulled out and came before she'd really even started to get used to it. It hadn't been fantastic, but it felt good enough that she had unanswered questions.

She could see directly inside herself as she raised her fingers up and peeled apart her thoroughly soaked
pussy lips. She'd examined herself using a mirror before, but it was something altogether different to be
pinned under the weight of her own legs, looking into her own vagina and contemplating how it was going to feel to fuck herself.

She took a hand away from her pussy and seized her cock-tongue, engaging its head in the saddle of her mons.

The distance between her mouth and pussy was just a little less than the length of her cock, so there was
immediate pressure against her opening. She felt a surge of adrenaline, and the urge for penetration coming from both ends of her grew urgent. With a tilt of her head and a thrust of her hips, she impaled herself on her cock.

Jennifer let out a deep moan, her mouth opening reflexively wide around the base of her shaft. The feeling of fucking and being fucked at the same time was purely beyond. The subtle pain of her body position and the unusual stretching of her limbs just enhanced it.

Her hair fluttered and her legs pumped rhythmically as she thrust into herself, forcing as much of her dick
into her wetness as she could. She was no contortionist, so she could only manage the first few inches, but
her member's girth was enough to make the effort most worthwhile.

The view alone almost got her off. Each time she pushed in, Jen watched her inner labia stretch to take
herself in. Each time she slid back out, it gripped and tugged her cock, folding outward, to keep it inside
until the last possible moment.

Inside her, the ridges in her pussy rippled over the sensitive sides of her cock head, and she felt it through
both of them all at once. She wanted more.

Thrusting more intently, she managed to force in another inch of her cock as her body gradually stretched with her curl, but she wasn't even halfway full.

It was beginning to hurt, but the pain brought adrenaline, intensifying the sex. Still, knowing she couldn't
hold the position much longer, she started pumping wildly.

She felt the orgasm building up this time, filling her insides with the pleasure of its approach like hot
caramel pooling into a bowl. She moaned loudly, and she knew she was going to be swept over the edge.

A fleeting thought to pull out crossed her mind, but she didn't have enough control of herself left to stop
and let the orgasm just happen -- she had never needed to cum so badly in her life.

And then, both of her sexes came at once.

She cried out from a deep, animal place inside as her body exploded into an orgasm that was orders of
magnitude better than her first. Her breasts and nipples swelled, then contracted powerfully and visibly as
the semen rushed through her throat and shaft, shooting into her own pussy.

She watched and felt all as the silky white liquid filled, then overflowed her insides, dripping out onto her
breasts, even as more of it was still being pumped through her and into her. Even when her breasts had finally emptied the waves continued dryly; she lost count of the times she came, over and over again until her body decided it was finally satisfied.

Finally exhausted, Jennifer lowered her sated but sore body from her inverted pose. She laid herself flat as
her cock-tongue once again softened and her pussy emptied slowly onto the sheet. The strain in her muscles
started to reach her mind's foreground, but euphoria overcame it and it all faded into a pleasant nothing.

Awakening was the first sign Jen had that she'd been sleeping. Looking up, she...

*saw her sister standing at the door...


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

(note: From here on I cut several parts from the original to get around a certain dicey issue)

"Hey, what are you doing?" her sister Alison asked innocently. Ali was still in her PJ's. Jen could see Ali's camel toe and the fact that she had no panties on, this made Jen horny all over again.

"I'm, uh, playing a game, you want to play with me?" Jen asked.

"Why were you licking your privates? Are you trying to act like a cat?"

"Sort of, I'll show you what i was doing, but you have to get naked and you cant tell mom or dad. Ok?" Curious
of what her sister was talking about, Alison decided to humor her sister and stripped naked. standing in front
of Jen with her pussy within arms reach of her face made Jen's cock-tongue get harder then it had
ever been.

"Ok, now I want you to lay on your back and spread your legs apart, that way I can have a better look to see
if you can handle this game." Jen told her sister. Alison complied with Jen's orders and got into the position
ordered. Jen could now see her sister's pussy. She put her face within a foot of this glorious sight and spread Alison's pussy lips open.

"What are you doing? That feels weird." Alison stated, "What- OH!" she proclaimed as Jen started to finger
Ali's pussy and clit slowly. Jen wanted to fuck her so bad with her new toy, but knew that she needed to
loosen Alison up before she could stick that in, so she started with one finger and moved on up to two. as Jen
started to go faster and faster, Ali's moans got louder and louder, until she blurted out
"Oh! Jen, that's amazing!" hearing her name caused Jen's cock to go into overdrive, and make her hornier then
ever. she could not take it any more, she needed to fuck her sister's pussy! She put her mouth right up to
Alison's pussy and drove her cock-tongue right up to Ali's cervix, with several inches still inside her mouth.

Alison was now shocked and hurting form suddenly being penetrated by such a large cock in her virgin pussy,
and she reacted with...

*Oh! give me more!...


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

“Oh! Give me more!” Alison managed to scream. Jen, too blinded by lust to think clearly, quickened her
pace, ramming as much as she could of her now 13-inch monster cock tongue into her sister. The experience for Jen was electric; as sinfully delicious it was to take her virginity herself with a cock that was bigger
around than a man's wrist, it was doubly so to do it to Alison. Alison was so tight that, even though she was
much more wet than Jen, the juices literally couldn't go anywhere. The sight made Jen jackhammer her own
pussy, driving 3 fingers in as far as she could into her own wet snatch.

While the sisters made love to one another, the curse was busy doing its own dark work... Memories were being changed, personalities altered, history re-written to accommodate Jen's new freakish state. All in a day's work for this ancient and powerful magic.

Alison bucked and tried to grind against Jen's monster organ as best she could. She came first, finally
having achieved her dream of fucking her sister, added to the overwhelming sensations of being plowed by
this monster cock, driving her clear over the edge. Jen came just as Alison's pussy clamped down on Jen's
penis, pumping her seed over and over into her sister. Just as before, Jen's giant tits contracted as
they spewed hot cum deep into Alison; this drove Alison into her first multiple orgasm, and made Jen come
again, this time from both sexes... Semen trickled around her huge cock as it fell out of Alison, each spurt
making a wet sound in Alison's too full pussy. This continued for what seemed like forever, until Jen finally
collapsed from exhaustion, and Alison followed soon after, too tired and sore to move.

When Jen finally awoke, she felt the sleeping nude figure next to her. Opening her eyes, the aftermath of
what had happened came to full view: the cum-soaked floor, Alison leaking Jen's spent seed from her cunt,
Jen's own pussy still dripping with semen... She had fucked her own sister and came inside her!

“Oh my god Alison, I am so sorry. I had no idea what came over me!” Jen panicked in her mind; what was she to
do? What if she got her sister or herself pregnant from these escapades? Why would she do such a depraved

Alison laughed. “Seriously sis? You know I've been trying to get at that monster dick of yours? Did you like that innocent act? You really must have been out of it after taking your own virginity... You faked being sick with Mom all the time and then go on day long masturbation sessions... Though I had yet to see you try to fuck yourself. That was hot.”

Jen thought about it a moment. It was true, she HAD been doing this for a while. Wait, that's not right.
But... It was. New memories flooded Jen's mind, overlapping and existing parallel to her old ones. It was
delicious. It was wrong. She was deeply conflicted as her old self freaked out at doing something she'd
never have done in a million years.

Jen's thoughts were interrupted by Alison, grinning wickedly at her. “Hey, Jen... Ready for round two?”

Jen's cock erupted forth from her mouth once again, growing to its full size, then with a final throb, adding
on another inch. The only sounds that could be heard throughout the house for the next several hours were
Jen's muffled, animalistic moaning and Alison's stilted screams.

Alison was busy trying to ride Jen's tongue-cock when...

*Jen's mother comes home early


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

...The sound of Jen's mother opening the door snapped the two from their sexual trance. They glanced at the
clock: 2:30 PM. Their mother was home early!

Reality hit them both. What were they to do? The smell and sights of the mess around them was sure to tip
their mom off. It smelled like a brothel and looked like a horse had an ejaculating contest in the room.
Jen's hair was a tousled mess, and she was covered in semen. Alison wasn't in a much better state, and worse
still, had no excuse for being home. The two sisters threw on baggy shirts from the closet, held each other's
hands and prayed.

Jen's mother stopped at the door to Jen's room. She opened it and looked at the two with a look of
exasperation that dashed any hope the two sisters getting out of this scot free.

“Je--” Jen's mom cut herself short; Jen's cock stirred in her mouth, pressing against her teeth as if it knew
what would have come. Jen opened her mouth to let her cock poke its head out.

“You. I should have known you weren't sick, honey. I can't even remember the last time you were sick since
you hit puberty. You fake being sick and then you have these day-long masturbation sessions. And judging
from what's dripping from between your legs, you managed to fuck yourself. Don't you know you could get
pregnant?” Jen could only hang her head in shame and half-mumble an apology around her cock-tongue. Her cock twitched as if it was satisfied with itself, sticking out more and forcing Jen's mouth open wider.

“Alison... I know you've been trying to get at your sister's tongue-cock. Every time your sister faked being sick you tried to get out of school that day so you could try and get her to have sex with her. You know she's got little control over her body!” Jen's nipples hardened as if in answer. Jen blushed. Alison looked at her feet.

“And you know you could get pregnant from fucking her. You know there aren't even condoms that could fit your sister. And you know that saying her name makes her instantly hard, need to cum and grow another inch for a day.” Thank goodness for small favors, thought Jen. She had memories of growing too large for any woman to handle!

Jen's mother sighed, then continued. “Since neither of you seem to want to listen to me, I'm going to have to
punish you both.” Jen and Alison looked at each other nervously.

“I'm taking a couple weeks off of work. You will both be called off of school as well. You, my sweet,” she
said, putting her hand on Jen, “will be fucking yourself and your sister until you're both pregnant.” The two
sisters looked at their mother in shock, and then at each other.

“And to teach you a lesson, you're going to impregnate me first.”

Jen's tongue-cock stirred to attention, pushing itself out of her mouth. Jen looked at her mother, a mixture
of nervousness and horniness in her eyes.

*Jen's punishment begins


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

Jennifer's mind was swimming; not too long ago she had been a normal teenager, with a normal sex life. In the span of several hours, she had jacked her then footlong appendage to orgasm, then fucked herself, filled herself with her own seed, then repeatedly pumped her own sister (who had apparently been trying to get in her, uh, pants) full of semen. Now, she stood before her mother-- her MOTHER-- and her mom's twisted punishment was to get all three of them pregnant. It was just too much to even contemplate. What was left of her old self was trying to come to grips with what she had done, what her body was practically commanding her to do, and resist all of it. And most importantly, she wanted to get revenge on Kyle for doing this to her...

The feeling of painful fullness in her breasts as they refilled with her hot seed, as well as Jen's mother, snapped Jen back to reality. “Clearly this is what you want to do, naughty girl. And you're going to get it all out of your system before this is through.” Jennifer's mother removed her blouse revealing her full C cups, then kicked off her skirt to reveal her shaven pussy. Jen's body reacted, her cock-tongue quickly growing to its full 16 inches. Any objections Jen wanted to have were muffled by her own massive organ.

“Get over here dear and fuck Mommy. Don't make me call your name!” Jen's mother commanded as she lay back on the bed. Alison was apparently turned on by the sight transpiring in front of her, lifting up her own shirt to pinch her small nipples and finger herself with her free hand.

This was too much for Jennifer. She needed release, and now. She plunged into her mother, surprised at how tight she was. Her mother's pussy held her with a tight grip, tugging at Jennifer's cock-tongue as she pulled out and plunged back in. Jen's mother held onto Jennifer's head as she thrust, helping to maintain pace. As Jen's mother came close to the edge, she screamed. “Yes, Jen! Fuck your mommy! Fill me with your cum!”

Jen's sex drive kicked into overdrive. She had to cum now. Her tongue pushed another inch into her mother, almost bottoming out. Jen's mother screamed in ecstasy, holding on tightly to her daughter. Jen quickened her pace. And all at once, they both came. Jennifer's cock exploded, her breasts squeezing out every last drop of semen held in them and into her mother. Jen's mother came crashing over the edge, squirting onto her own daughter. Alison came in her own multiple; the sight was too hot to bear. The sensation of being squirted on drove Jennifer over again and again, cumming from both her cock and her pussy at once.

As the three basked in the afterglow of their respective orgasms, Jennifer slowly came back to her senses. Should she get out of this? Perhaps she could curse her mother or sister and somehow get out of this situation? Or should she accept her “punishment” and become a mother three times over?

*Two weeks later...


Re: Transform or Dare: Stiff-tongued Jennifer

"Ok, Honey. Your punishment is oficially over!" Said Jen's mom.

Jen sighed. One side of her had enjoyed the last two weeks of her punishment. The other side was horrified. Unfortunately, the last two weeks had made her naughty side a little stronger.

"Ok. Does that mean..." Inquired Jen.

"Yep!" Announced her mother. "You, Alison and I are all going to have children."

9 months and 10 days later...

"Wow! This is so rare, miss! Three babies born at the same time from different parents." Said the hospital worker as she walked out of the hospital with Jen. Alison and Jen's mom had gone to to same hospital as Jen. Coincidentally, all the babies had been born at the exact same time on the same day. Triplets... In a way.

At Jen's house...

Jen, Alison and their mom walked through the door of their house with twice as many people as before. Jen's father had left when she was only one so Jen didn't remember him. Before, Jen's mom and her kids had been the only ones in the house. Now instead of three, there were six.

"How will I take care of this baby?" Said Alison, holding a baby boy. "I still have to go to school!"

"Guess we'll all have to stay home for a while." Their mom said, holding a baby girl. "I could get a stay at home job and you both could do all the shopping."

"S-Sounds good." Said Jen.

Jen's normal side was freaking out a little bit. Her naughty side said this was normal. She didn't know what or who Jennifer was anymore!

Was she a crazy pervert or a normal teen?

It was too much. She put she instincts in control. Her instincts told her to take care of her baby boy.

"I could get a part time job when my baby can last more than a few minutes without me." Said Jen.

"Great idea!" Said her mom. "I think this will all work out!"

Suddenly there was a knock on the door...