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Hi there, long time watcher of this site and rarely posting anything, just wanted to share this image I am working on.

For context this is from a roleplay me and my girlfriend did, a girl is fed up with her a hole of a boyfriend and wishes to be the one in charge, a mischivous spirit over hears her wish and grants it, slowly sapping the masculinity from the boyfriend to her, along with his aggression and strength, with a little (ok a lot) of demonic energy mixed in. The girl growing lustful and horny decides to show her, or rather hir, new futa girlfriend how a real dick is used, violating the young man turned herm as the former girlfriend forces the changes to accelerate and making him into her new fuck toy.
This image is after she becomes a demon and is now raping her former boyfriend while summoning chains to hold hir in place.
I'm looking to do a more detailed version digitally, but for now what do you think.

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First piece? Good job then, really great!


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Thanks smile


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Nice pic indeed smile


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Its a good start. Keep it up.

If you want any practical advice from artist to artist, send me a pm. smile