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I thought about some ideas i had some time ago and finally wrote them down.

The setting is the development of the transformation machines of freya. I imagine before they were created by the Kaidaloni rune-smiths, there were test-runs with smaller machines, which didn't work as expected. the devices looked like metallic dildos and are inserted into the anus or vagina of the woman and then fuses with her. since the mass production didn't allow a high quality and the resulting transformations weren't stable the idea was abandoned in favor of the bigger machines. The remaining prototypes (around 40-50 pieces) disappeared before they could be destroyed.

later some of them were appearing in the empire, probably smuggled in and used (e.g by criminal gangs to punish their victims).

1. butt-/anus woman.
- the device is inserted into the anus and is absorbed by it, while it fuses and vanishes.
- the legs changing into a new pair of arms while the torso with the original pair of legs slowly "flows" into the butt, making it huge
- the original vagina is growing bigger, but not very much
- the original arms are vanishing, while the mouth is growing huge, taking over the head and finally is the only thing left of her upper torso

the result is quite like the original anuswoman (reference here: http://f3.to/demon-man/?q=node/82)
but with some changes:
- The butt is so huge that it renders the volunteer immobile or nearly immobile
- The anus isn't an anus but kind of a mix of anus and human feminine lips (including a tongue)
- the arms are in a different angle, facing to the front instead down
- no mana-sight was possible, rendering the resulting creature blind (well, i'm not sure yet about this point)

2. vagina woman.
the dildo was inserted into the ... well, you can imagine
- only one woman was used
- the result looked similar to http://f3.to/demon-man/?q=node/81 but with one change:
- the head vanished, but the face didn't. that means instead of the second vagina the face was on the front of the transformed woman
- this wasn't accepted to be "pure enough" so the dildo was abandoned.

There were plans to add a "Breast-mode", but since the problems with the lips, the butt-mass  and the face couldn't be solved reliably, the "dildo's" weren't used. Another problem was the possible "misuse" of the dildos:

3. what happens if you insert the dildo into your mouth

The prototypes created completly irregular results if they were taken orally.

The resulting transformations weren't stable (still have no idea about it neutral it should be a "standard" mouth expansion or something like that.)


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I can see some nice stories out of point 2 & 3.


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Another transformation idea: It's not finished yet and i'm open for additional suggestions.

Basically it's a kind of "outside-in" transformation.

In the beginning the belly starts growing as if the victim (or volunteer) gets rapidly pregnant. The belly grows huge, and the limbs start to vanish.

On male victims the penis is transformed into a vagina, which at first absorbs the anus and later the belly button, too.
The victim fells on the back and the body transforms into a huge 2,5 meter tall hemisphere of flesh with a vagina on one side and a face / head on the other side.  Finally the head is absorbed, too and only a breathing hole remains.

The vagina is in fact an entrance into a "room" inside of the hemisphere, which is filled with lots of sexy stuff.

Maybe the inside is filled with breasts and "normal" tentacles if the transformee was female, and scrotums with penis-tentacles if it's male, but that is only a voluntary idea.

I imagine that the room with it's many internal sex organs is in fact used as a kind of hot sheet hotel for prostitutes and their clients.

think that some of the sex organs inside has transformative traits, too. Since it's bascially a womb, maybe a navel cord with attaches to the client and leads into slow transformation of some kind. Possibly the hemisphere has still an eye and can watch it's clients while having sex, or optionally a mouth to speak with them. (Perhaps to instruct them how to use it, ask about the desired transformation, etc....)