Re: Power (10-part series) - by Hell-Scythe

The door opened to a guy who looked like he had just started collage. He was a descent looking guy, about Jade's height, with short light brown hair. He stared at Jade's breasts in awe. Jade could see the outline of his hard cock in his shorts. Jade was enjoying the lust. She felt so bad about what she did to Stacy and how this visit could turn out, feeling this guy's lust was just what Jade needed. After what seemed like a minute or two, Jade asked, "May I come in? I'm here to see Stacy."

The guy nodded, but never broken eye contact with Jade's giant breasts. His eyes had focused on Jade's nipples that were getting nice and hard from his lust. Jade knew she couldn't stand here all-day and pushed past him. Her breasts brushed up against him and Jade was surprised he didn't cum on the spot. She looked around for a bit. She seemed to be in the living room. Jade turned to the guy and asked, "So where is your sister?"

He pointed up stairs and said, "Up stairs on the left."

As Jade climb the stairs, she could feel his eyes moving up her legs. Near the top of the steps, she paused for a second between steps and bent over as if to pick up something she had dropped. Jade knew he had a full view of her cunt. She looked back at him and asked, "Enjoying the view?"

He blushed bright red, but his eyes never left her cunt. She slipped two fingers into her pussy. Played with her self for a bit then brought the fingers to her mouth. She seductively sucked one of the two fingers off. He was now beating his clothed cock off. Jade smiled and said, "Maybe next time you will do more than just open the door."

And with that she left him. Jade walked up to the door and knocked. After a bit, she heard a voice say, "Come in."

Jade paused and drew a symbol on the door to prevent being interrupted. Then she entered and shut the door behind her. Stacy was in bed. The sheets were pulled up and it looked like she was in a cotton nightgown. Both her arms were in cases. Stacy's eyes widen as she said, "You!"

Jade gulped and said, "Yeah... Me..."

Stacy exclaimed, "You did this to me!"

Jade looked down at the floor, but then back up at an angry Stacy. She felt so guilty. She knew Stacy deserved to see her eyes. Jade's eyes were welling up with tears as she said, "I'm REALLY sorry. I... I... Didn't know... My own... Strength."

Still angry, although seeing Jade crying was taking some the edge off of her, Stacy said, "You think sorry will fix this?"

Tears were pouring down Jade's face as she whimpered, "No... I... I came here... To... To... Make amends."

Stacy glared at Jade with a look that could kill as she said, "And what do you think you can do to make up for this?"

Jade could no longer keep eye contact. She was staring at the floor as she said, "To share a secret."

Stacy was stopped dead in her tracks for a bit before asking in a bit calmer voice, "What secret could be worth two broken arms?"

Jade gulped and whispered, "I'm a demon."

Stacy yelled furiously, "You're a WHAT! You expect me to believe something so stupid! I'm going to sue your ass so badly..."

But Jade tuned her out. She needed proof and for that she needed lust. And lust she could feel as the guy from the door was pounding his meat in a nearby bathroom. Jade took that lust and looked at the yelling Stacy. Stacy went silent in mid word as two new arms grew out of her shoulders next to her broken ones. Stacy simply stared as she slowly moved the fingers on her new hands. Jade moved forward and sat on the edge of the bed. She repeated, "I'm a demon."

Stacy's eyes met with Jade's. Jade could see fear in them. Stacy used her new arms to get up and retreat to the far corner of the room. Stacy said, "And now you are here for my soul."

Jade looked a bit confused and then said, "I'm not that type of demon."

On her guard, Stacy asked, "Then what type are you?"

Jade mumbled, "I... I prefer... Pleasure."

Stacy retorted, "Sure... The pleasure of killing me!"

Jade responded, "I would never. No... I... I prefer..."

Her voice dipped down as she finished her sentence with, "Sex."

Stunned, Stacy asked, "You want to have sex with me?"

Jade nodded and said, "If you want to, I wouldn't be apposed."

Stacy stuttered, "I... I... Don't like... I... Prefer... Guys..."

Jade asked calmly, "Guys or their penis?"

Stacy blushed a bit on the word ‘penis'. She stammered, "Aren't they the same?"

Jade shook her head and said, "I can easily grow one on you or me."

Stacy just stared at Jade, not knowing what to say. She tried to sit down in a chair, but her broken arms were in the way. Jade asked, "Do you want me to remove them?"

Stacy looked at her broken arms and asked, "Why can't you just heal them?"

Jade sighed and said, "I can... But I need a large source of... pleasure. Like when you have sex. I don't have access to that right now. So it was easier to just make you two new arms. So do you want me to remove your old ones?"

Stacy looked at Jade, then down at her arms and said, "Yes."

Stacy's old arms merged back into her body and the two casts fell to the floor. Stacy rubbed her arms feeling them over. Then looked up at Jade and asked, "You can just... Do it?"

Jade nodded and said, "Simple things like that I only need a small bit of lust. More complicated things requires full out sex."

Stacy slowly said, "So you need my lust?"

Jade chuckled, "Not exactly. Normally small things like your arms I would have more than enough lust in me to do. Unfortunately, I feel so bad seeing what I did to you, that I have been using an outside source."

Stacy rose an eyebrow wondering was this source was. Jade slightly blushed when she said, "I flirted with the guy that let me into your house. He is someplace close now, masturbating."

Stacy's expression quickly cycled from surprise to happiness to sadness. Jade was uncertain what that meant. Stacy asked, "Can you tell what he is think?"

Jade frowned for a bit and then said, "Thinking, no. Lusting for... Yes."

Tears started welling up in Stacy's eyes as she asked, "What... What is he lusting for?"

Jade wasn't sure why she was acting this way, but she said, "Me."

And Stacy broke out into tears. Jade moved forward to comfort her. Jade was a little surprised when Stacy didn't push her away. Stacy cried, "I always wanted him to be my first."

Very confused Jade asked, "Isn't he your brother?"

Stacy cried, "Not by blood. His mother married my dad a year ago. He told me that I was too young... That I was his sister now... That it wouldn't be right..."

Jade comforted her saying, "There... There... Please don't cry."

But the crying continued. Jade was unsure what to do. She was only making things worst now. A light flipped on in her head and she kissed Stacy. Stacy's muscles all tensed up upon contact with Jade's lips. She wanted to pull away, but something deep within her stopped her. As the kiss drove on, her tears dried up and her muscles relaxed. Still Jade kissed her longer, and Stacy began getting off on it. Her nipples hardened under her cotton nightgown. Her arms coiled around Jade's body. Her pussy was now dripping wet, slowly causing her white, cotton panties to become drenched and transparent. Jade broke off the kiss. Stacy sat there for a moment with her lips still pucker. Jade asked, "Are you calmed down now?"

Stacy opened her loving eyes and moaned, "I have NEVER been kissed like that before. What else can you do?"

Jade pulled back a bit as she said; "I just couldn't see you in any more pain. I just want to bring you pleasure."

Stacy rubbed her legs together and said, "Then don't stop."

Stacy pulled Jade close to her and kissed her as she stroke Jade's body. Jade could feel the flow of lust pouring out of Stacy's body directed at her. It felt so good. But Jade was concern that this wasn't fair. Wasn't right. Jade broke off the kiss again and was going to say something, but Stacy beat her to it as she moaned, "Oh Jade! Give me more arms again."

She pulled the shoulder straps off and let the nightgown fall to the floor. Jade looked over her body. Her breasts were small A-cup, but had huge nipples almost the size of her breast. She was short and lean. She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties that were drenched and allowed easy viewing of her public hair and pussy through the wet fabric. As Jade looked over her body, four new arms grew out from her shoulders, Jade thought, "Wait a minute. I didn't do that. Did I?"

Stacy moaned, "Oh thank you Jade."

And processed to undress and grope Jade's body. Jade wasn't sure what was happening. She thought, "I just wanted to stop her from crying. But not like this." Jade felt a hand slide up into her cunt and said, "Stop!"

Stacy froze and stared at Jade in a trance. Jade asked, "Don't you want your brother to be your first? You told me you didn't like girls?"

Stacy pulled out her hand and seductively licked it off Jade's juices off of it. Then she said, "It isn't gay if one of us has a cock."

She pulled her panties off to show a cock growing out just above her pussy. It grew out to two feet long and she stroked it with all six hands. Jade knew there was something wrong here, but seeing her with six arms and a two foot cock was really getting her going. She took a step towards Jade and said, "Come on. Spread those sexy legs for me. I need to fuck you. It needs to fuck you."

Jade suddenly thought, "It?" She looked at Stacy, deep into Stacy. Pass the skin and into a more spiritual view. There she saw it. Jade could see lust twisting Stacy's will. Jade plunged her hand in and pulled it off. Stacy gasped and moaned as the tendrils snapped away. The lust thing tried to escape Jade's grip as much as possible, but Jade was too strong. Then Jade's autopilot took over and she ate it. Stacy suddenly blushed bright red and tried to hide herself with her hands, something she was quite good at with having six of them. Although the two foot cock was a little hard to hide. Stacy pronounced, "Oh Jade, I'm SO sorry! I... I could just feel these... Feelings... And they felt SO GOOD! I... I could feel it when you gave me part of your power."

Jade thought, "I did what! Was that the thing I ate?" Jade looked back at Stacy spiritually, Jade could still see little bits of the red lust thing still in Stacy. Stacy continued to talk, "And the power felt SO GOOD! Like I could do anything! And... And... I couldn't hold myself back. My deepest..."

Stacy blushed deep red as she finished, "Desires came true..."

There was a long pause. Jade wondered what she would had done if not stopped. Stacy looked up at Jade with sheepish eyes and asked, "Jade... Thank you for stopping me. I... I wasn't myself."

Jade smiled and lean down to give her a hug. She tried to do it without hugging Stacy's giant cock, but the cock was too big and ended up between Jade's breasts. As they embraced, Stacy's cock throbbed. Jade didn't want Stacy to do anything she didn't really want to do. So as Stacy started to slowly gyrate her hips, Jade released the hug and removed the cock and four extra arms from Stacy's body. Stacy looked down at herself and asked, "But why? I thought you said you liked being with girls..."

Jade said, "I do. But I also know how a penis can change the way you think. You said you didn't like girls."

Stacy looked to the ground and frowned. The frown was more at herself than Jade. She knew Jade was right, but she also knew she really wanted this. Jade continued, "If you want to be with me, that is fine, but not today. I want you to think about this first."

Stacy slowly nodded. Jade added, "Please do me one favor."

Stacy looked up at her with a bit of happiness in her heart. Jade asked, "Keep my secret."

Stacy looked a little disappointed, but nodded. Jade smiled and gave her a hug. Stacy pressed her naked body into Jade's. She knew she wanted Jade. She didn't have a cock and feeling Jade's body felt so good against her skin. Jade released the hug; Stacy let her hands drift across Jade's breasts as they separated. Jade said, "Now we are going to need to get you back in those casts."

Stacy shook her head and said, "No way."

Jade pleaded, "We have to. Otherwise everybody will know."

Stacy responded, "Well at least let me masturbate. I haven't been able to touch myself a days."

Jade signed and said, "Ok. Let me get my clothes and I'll leave you for a bit."

Stacy grabbed her arm and said, "No. Wait. Stay."

Jade frowned at her, but Stacy asked, "Just stay, please. We wouldn't touch. I just want to look at you."

Jade looked at her for a bit and then agreed. Jade sat down in a chair facing the bed while Stacy hopped up on the bed and started fingering herself. A little ways into it, Jade asked, "Is there anything you want me to do?"

Stacy moaned, "Grow out a cock and make me a woman."

Jade made a buzzer noise and said, "Try again."

Stacy said with a grin, "Can't blame a girl for trying. How about you grow out a cock and masturbate."

Jade thought for a moment and then comply. Jade could feel Stacy's lust skyrocket as she watch Jade masturbate with a huge cock. Soon they were both having their own orgasms. Jade put her cock away and got dress, much to Stacy's disappointment. Stacy got cleaned off, put on fresh panties and put her nightgown back on. Then Jade held up the casts for Stacy. Stacy asked with a bit of panic, "You not going to give me my old broken arms again?"

Jade frown and said, "Hell no. Just put your hand near the opening. I'll get them into the casts."

Stacy did as she was told and Jade morphed her arms into the casts until they were as snug as before. Stacy looked down at her two cast arms and said, "I feel stupid wearing these now."

Jade shrugged and said, "Can't be helped. Now think about my offer. I'll be back in a day or two depending on my schedule."

Stacy said, "Jade."

Jade responded, "Yeah?"

Stacy said, "I'll take you up on your offer."

She smiled at Jade. Jade rolled her eyes and said, "Two days. Really! Think it over."

Jade gave her a quick light kiss. Stacy then asked, "Can you help me back into bed?"

Jade smiled and easily picked her up and put her into bed. Stacy moaned, "Ooohhh... I like a strong... girl at my side."

Jade gave her a look of, ‘are you stupid?' Jade said, "I broke both your arms with a spike and you are surprise I can pick you up?"

Stacy smiled as she said, "And don't you forget it."

Jade said, "Two days then."

Still smiling, Stacy replied, "Two days."

Jade left her room and wiped the ward off on her way out. Stacy's stepbrother showed Jade out, doing his best to brush against her tits again. Jade hit the street and called Miyo to get a ride home. A short time later and Miyo had driven Jade home. As Jade entered her house, Kasume met her with, "Where have you been?"

Jade said, "Sorry, I had to get a few things done. Don't worry. I'll go get my homework done now."

That calmed Kasume's wrath as Jade went straight up to her room and to her homework. An hour later, Kasume knocked at Jade's door. Jade said, "Enter."

Kasume entered carrying dinner on a tray. She set it down on Jade's desk. Jade looked at it and then back up at Kasume and said, "You didn't need to bring this up."

Kasume replied, "School work is very important to me. I don't take kindly for my children to put it off."

Jade laid down her pen and turned to Kasume. She said, "I have never missed an assignment. But if I want to spend time with my friends I can't wait until after homework gets done."

Kasume replied, "Ming does her homework first and she doesn't have any problems with it."

Jade retorted, "And how many friends does she have or spend time with that doesn't involve me?"

The look on Kasume's face, Jade knew she just hit a nerve. Jade said, "I'm sorry. I didn't..."

Kasume interrupted, "No, your right. Having friends is important. Ok... New rule. You can wait until after dinner to do your homework."

Jade's cell phone went off. Jade glared at it and answered, "Hello?"

It was Miyo. She said, "Hi Jade. Can you be available for a meeting tomorrow night?"

Jade said, "Wait just a second."

She put her hand over the receiver and asked, "Miyo wants to know if I can meet her tomorrow night. Can I?"

Kasume responded, "As long as you get your homework done before hand."

Jade uncovered the receiver and said, "Yes. Why?"

Miyo said, "I think I found you a teacher, or at least a lead. I'll tell you more tomorrow after I pick you up. Till then."

Jade replied, "Yeah, later."

And Miyo hung up. Jade stared at the phone for a bit. Kasume asked, "What does Miyo want to see you about?"

Jade said more at the phone than Kasume, "She is going to find me a demon to teach me how to be a demon."

Kasume frown and said, "Jade you must be very careful. American demons are known to be... Greedy."

Jade looked up at Kasume with a confusing look. She wondered just how did Kasume know this. Kasume said, "Just be on your guard. Now eat up your dinner before it gets cold."

Jade looked at her food as Kasume left her to it. Jade ate her dinner and finished her homework. Then Jade decided to take a nice warm bath to relax her mind. As she relaxed, she allowed her senses to wander between her partners. Some were already asleep. Janet was busy on a new picture. But it was Tina that Jade landed on. She was walking the streets of downtown in high heels and a rather sluttish outfit. Jade thought, "What the hell is she doing?" As Jade watched, she entered a rather violent looking nightclub. Jade thought she was under-age. Whether she was or not, the bouncer waved her in. Tina spent the next half an hour scooping out the men in the joint. Jade was surprised at the tough demeanor she put up to the guys she weren't interested in. Jade took this moment to get out of the bath, dry off and go to bed. Finally Tina found her target. She started talking it up with a man in a leather jacket. How she really likes ‘older' men. It took Jade a moment and then she realized; Tina was trying to find a vampire. A cold feeling of something bad crept over Jade. Jade wanted to yell out for her to stop, but she couldn't. It was like watching a horror film and knowing the killer was just out side of the shower. Soon Tina had enticed the man back to his place, which turned out to be a hotel room. Tina was naked in a flash. The man's cock was out of his pants and he was telling her to suck it, but Tina was more interested in his face. She pulled his lips back to reveal a pair of fang. Tina quickly jumped back as the man said, "Oh. You want THAT type of night."

But Tina quickly twisted her nipples and donned her sex naga appearance. The man smiled as he said, "A demon to boot. This IS my lucky night."

He lunged for her. She tried to dodge, but the room was too small. His fangs sank down into her tail and he sucked. Tina was quick to snap her tail and get him off, but not quick enough. As he stumbles back for a bit, Tina's tail reformed into a pair of legs. While his cock burst out with new growth. It quickly coiled around Tina, subduing her to the ground before sliding into her cunt. Tina whispered, "Jade, give me strength to prevail."

The vampire loomed over her as his cock both restrained her and fucked her. He said, "A good night indeed. I'm going to drain you dry."

Jade reacted without thinking. Tina's hair-cocks quickly reformed to spikes and Jade/Tina plunged them into the vampire's chest. The vampire looked down at his multiple chest wounds and then turned to ash. Tina sat there on her ass with her legs spread in a bit of a daze. Jade took control of a tentacle and after snagging a pen and paper off the table next to Tina, she wrote, "Go HOME!" Tina smiled at the note and said, "You are with me."

She got up and reverted back to normal. After she got dress and was on her way home, Jade released her senses and thought, "I just killed a vampire... Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? Should they be killed? Or imprisoned like Gwen? I... I don't know." Jade stayed on this thought as she drifted to sleep.

As Tina walked home she whispered to herself, "One down, but many more to go my dear sister."