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Chapter 1: Imagination is Key. (ID #1153425)
an addition by: Kidd

You're sitting in another boring English class with your least favorite teacher, Mr. Madison. He drones on and on about the importance of writing in modern society. Soon you feel yourself drifting off into a day dream. However after a few minutes you feel a jabbing at your arm. You turn to the side and see your best friend Rebecca.

"Hey Frankie boy, don't you think you should be paying attention." She says to you.

You look forward to see Mr. Madison's glaring eyes.

"I see you have more important things to think about Franklin." He begins to scold. "This is the 10th time I've caught you dozing off in class. This time you will be punished. Class, for it has come to my attention that this lecture isn't interesting enough I've decided to give you all a weekend assignment, Courtesy of your fellow classmate here. Everyone is expected to come back Monday with a 5 page paper on the importance of writing. You can thank Franklin on the way out. Class dismissed."

You look around to see the angry glares of students all around you. As soon as the bell rings you run out the door. You start going home hoping that no one you know runs into you. You were glad that was the final class of the day, now all you have to do is make it home. Unfortunately you run into few kids from the class. They were jocks from the same class you just out of.

"Thanks a lot Frank, I had a party to go to this weekend, now I'm gonna have to pay some geek to do this paper for me!" The main jock, Andrew said. He was menacing and tall standing at 6'1. The other jocks crowd around you. They pick you up and chuck you in some nearby bushes, you could hear them laughing as they walked off. In the bushes you fix your glasses when you notice something glowing. It's a coin. You pick it up and notice some text written across it. You can't decipher it so you decide to take it home with you.

Arriving at home you decide to get cracking on the paper. You regret daydreaming in class. You always wished you were creative enough to express yourself, but you could never find an outlet. You tried drawing, music, writing, and even dance, but not one thing have you been good at enough to show what you've been thinking about. You pull out the coin from your pocket and mindless play with it. "Boy I wish my imagination was more useful." You say to yourself. With that comes a flash of light, you look for the coin but it's seemed to have disappeared. "Odd" you think to yourself.

Going back to the paper you think to yourself how good you will feel when the paper's done. Suddenly the words on the screen begin writing themselves and in a few short seconds your paper is finished. Reading it and rereading it you notice it's in your words, almost your exact thoughts already written out to perfection. You don't believe what happened and you try to imagine the screen blank. Soon enough the words erase themselves. Playing around you make many things appear on your computer screen, from music videos to hardcore porn to games that don't even have a PC version. You laugh at what you can do when curiosity gets the best of you. You focus on the computer itself when it morphs into a fancy brand new computer. You are shocked at what you can do. You want to test it out more, but how? More importantly, who?

You decide to see if you could change...

A random person on the street


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Chapter 2: A random person on the street (ID #1153621)
an addition by: Kidd

You look out your window too see how far your powers could go. You don't know your limits but you are willing to test them out. First you make a car disappear completely, then you turn a tree blue, to test out your powers even more you change the color of the sky from blue to red to green and back to blue. You feel limitless when something catches your eye. A young blonde woman walking her dog goes right by your house. She is wearing a pink tank top that shows her c-cup breasts quite well, with black track shorts that show off her lovely tanned legs and toned ass. Her dog is a large St. Bernard that diligently stays by her side. As soon as they both are right in front of your house you focus on the two of them. Suddenly, the woman let's go of the leash. The dog stands perfectly still as the woman grabs onto her head. With a swift yank she pulls her head right off of her body. The neck now shows a smooth patch of skin where it was once attached. The head itself looks lifeless as her eyes are closed. The body then puts the head on the ground and takes the dog's head off with a similar yank. The female body then continues by putting the Dog head on it's body, and the female head on the dog's body. You've effectively forced these two to swap heads. They both seem to snap back into reality at the same time, as the Dog headed woman takes the leash again and walks the owner with a canine body.

"Rufus, stop boy, I need to pee." The woman says as she lifts her leg on the fire hydrant, you can see she is now a male dog.

The dog simply barks and readjusts the bra straps he's found himself with. Walking towards the bizarre swapped pair is a man with his female dog.

"Oh hey Roger!" The woman says.

"Hey Steph." The man replies. "Lovely day to be walked huh?"

"Oh of course. I had to convince Rufus over here to take me out. He can be stubborn sometimes, all he wanted to to do was lay on the couch all day. With that tight body it would of been a shame. I'm trying to get him to jog with me." The Dog bodied woman replied.

Rufus, with his female body got on his knees and started sniffing the butt of the female dog, who in turned did the same. Suddenly, Rufus mounted the female dog and began humping wildly, which looked strange as he was clothed and had no penis to fuck with.

"RUFUS! OFF BOY!" The woman screamed. The man pulled the dog headed female body off of his dog. "Sorry about that, he gets excited easily." She apologized.

"Oh no worries." The man replied.

To make things more interested you decided to picture the woman doing something to the man similar to Rufus. As if beyond her control the blonde with a dog's body began to hump the leg of the man. He freaked out trying to get the massive beast off of him.

"I'm sorry Roger! I'm just reaaaaaallly horny and I need to hump something!!!" She said in pleasure.

The man pushed the dog woman off. "Gross, you've ruined my pants! Don't ever talk to me again." He said as he left in a rage.

"We don't need him anyways do we Rufus?" She said "Let's go home and you can give me a bath." The dog barked in agreement and the two went back home.

You laugh and wonder what else you could do.

Change yourself.


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Chapter 3: Change yourself. (ID #1206371)
an addition by: Liara T'Soni

You soon caught a glimpse of another blonde woman walking down the street, she was about in her mid thirties you guessed, she was wearing a pair of ankle boots, some low-rise jeans and a low-cut red sweater than gave a very pleasing view (to men at least) or her generous cleavage. Her D-Cup breasts bounced healthily as she walked down the street opposite your house.

You thought of doing something to the woman, but then you glanced at her chest again before peering down at your own. "Hmm, lets see if we can put hers to shame" you mused...focusing on your chest.

You were 'pleasantly' surprised when two enormous 'mounds' started growing from your chest...accompanied by a cartoonish sound of balloons inflating. Your new breasts stopped growing when they were a whopping GG-Cup...stretching your t-shirt to its limits. "Wow...these feel amazing!" you grinned in excitement as you grabbed at your new fleshy globes, your feminine nipples instantly becoming erect.

"Never mind lady, yours are still impressive" you then muttered to yourself, looking at the woman.

You resumed playing with your new mammaries again, only to look back at the woman a few seconds later. You saw she had stopped to answer to reach into her purse to answer her ringing cell phone.

Do something weird


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Chapter 5: Going futanari (ID #1339695)
an addition by: bobboled

You decide to go with one of your most secret desires, that is, to turn into a hermaphrodite, or futanari. You hadn't thought about it until you grew your breasts, but now that you realize that you can do anything, you decide that it is time to indulge in your deepest darkest desires. Messing around with other people can wait. You close your blinds and lock your door, making sure that that no one will interrupt you. As an added measure, you imagine that no one will come to your room or call for you while you change yourself into a futa. You slip you clothes off and look at yourself in the mirror next to your closet. You look odd to say the least as you still have the body of an eighteen year old boy, but with breasts. You decide that's enough of that, and will yourself into a more feminine shape.

Remembering what you had seen on all of those porn sites and swimsuit magazines, you begin to reshape yourself into your ideal futanari form. You slim down your waist and broaden your hips. Your thighs reshape and legs become slender. Your face morphs into a softer more feminine shape, eventually settling into a an extremely sexy build with long flowing dark red hair and a pair of sultry pink lips. You modify your overall physique as well, toning your muscles, until what your finally left with is a six-foot-five amazonian sex goddess staring back at you in the mirror. You run your hands up and down your body, reveling in the new sensations, but you pause for a moment to finish your work. You imagine your dick getting bigger and thicker, until it is a good ten inches long, and you grow your balls as well, making them look like you stuffed a pair of golf-balls in your underwear. Then you imagine a slit forming just underneath your sack and you feel your new vagina wetly form. The sensation is utterly alien, but you can;t lie about how great this makes you feel.

You finally did it! You became what you have always dreamed of! For years you have felt like your life wasn't being fulfilled, like you weren't who you wanted to be. But now, now you felt real, like you belong, like this was who you were meant to be in life. It felt great.

You silently pump your fists in the air, a declaration of triumph. You are so excited now, but first you have to "take care" of yourself. With the transformation and the addition of your new equipment, you have grown rather horny. Your huge dick is rock hard and there is trail of liquid emanating from your crotch. You resolve to take a shower and release your urges before you run around and do any more imagining. You grab some clothes and run into the bathroom, still somewhat unused to and embarrassed by your new form. You take your time in the shower to get to know your new you, and by the time you have gotten out you are panting and out of breath, uncertain as to what part of the moisture on you is water or sweat. You dry off and put your clothes on, a pair of blue jeans and a tank top, willing them to fit your new proportions.

You tell your mother that you are leaving, and as you open the door to walk outside, your mother asks where. You quickly reply...

To the mall


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Chapter 6: Weird morph on your way to the mall (ID #1486501)
an addition by: bobboled

You tell your mother that you are going to the mall, in order to grab some clothes and perhaps a new game. You say you'll be back in a little while, and she tells you to be safe.

You say your goodbyes and hop on your bike, speeding off towards the local mall, your mind full of mischievous, even downright erotic thoughts. You could literally do whatever you want, and what you wanted to do that day was change people and you were not going to hold back. In fact, on your way there, you spot a girl from your school, Charlotte Greens, some snooty bitch who thought everyone but her was "uncool" and worthless, a typical high school princess. You decide to mess around with her, if only to satisfy your curiosity and maybe a little pent up anger.

You look at her and will it to be true, and in an instant her face; eyes, nose, mouth, have all sunken into her flesh like water, and her asshole and pussy reappear, lining themselves up vertically on her face. You wave to her, and she pulls down her pants to give you a "whatever loser" sort of look, although it is hard to see it as her face is squished between her crotch, her eyes mere inches away from her belly button and her mouth where her pussy should have been.

Further perturbed, you make her tongue into a huge fat dick so at least she spout any harmful comments anymore. Her cock-tongue hangs out of her mouth like a snake, wiggling to and fro as she walks, far too thick for her to retract it in or speak around. Satisfied, you move on and eventually reach the mall. You lock up your bike and head inside, just itching to tranform some folks. First, you pick a target(s)...who do you chose, so many to pick from...

A group of college girls sitting at the food court


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Chapter 7: bad time to be at the mall (ID #1486527)
an addition by: bobboled

You notice a group of college girls sitting around a table in the foodcourt. They are all very pretty, although the blonde girl in the middle is the most striking of them all. At the table, there is the smokin' hot girl next door blonde, who seems to be the sort of leader of the group, a pair of twins, both brunettes, a black girl with a lovely pony tail and massive mammaries, a punk girl with studs in her lips and right eyebrow and short purple hair, and an Indian girl sitting quietly next to the blonde.

You take a seat just a couple of feet away from them and begin. You target the twins first, an interesting idea forming in your head.

The twin on the right leans towards her sister on the left, and as their heads touch, they merge into each other and disconnect from their respective bodies, melding until it is just one head, and a giant dick grows out from underneath it. The empty space between their shoulders opens up into a pussy, which the twin on the left uses to attach their dick neck head to her body. Listening closely you can hear her say, "Oh, what's that, you want to use the head, ok, her you go." She picks up her(their) shared head and places it in her sister's pussy atop her body. "Thanks," says the other sister, "I was getting thirsty." she says as she takes a sip of her soda. Her headless sister gives her a thumbs up, and the other sister places their shared head between her c-cup breasts. You giggle to yourself, but you choke a little when you notice your full blown erection.

Quickly, you imagine that no one notices your raging boner. People pass by and don't even glance at the massive lump in your pants. "Whew," you sigh, "That would have sucked," you say as you unzip your pants, unleashing the beast as well as the pressure from your jeans on your raging cock. It was getting a little uncomfortable to say the least. You enjoy being able to have your futa junk out in the public without anyone freaking out, so you decide to leave it be while you continue to mess with your targets.

Next, you look to the Punk girl. You concentrate, and soon her shirt, in fact all of her clothing has dissolved, and not a single person seems shocked by it. You can see that the piercings on her face where just the calm before the storm. She had nipple rings, belly button piercings, a pussy rings and a clit stud, not to mention a couple of tattoos as well. This gives you an idea for her transformation. Faint lines appear around her shoulders, hips, neck, upper thigh and hands and feet. Then, studs form up around the lines on either side, with two latches on either side bridging the line. Absentmindedly, she unlatches the clips on her right arm, pulls it of, and uses it to scratch behind her left shoulder like some kind of human back-scratcher. She then puts it back on her shoulder and pulls the latches shut, re-securing her arm in place.

Deciding that was cool, but not nearly enough, you morph her mouth away, and replace it with a eight inch long dick with a ladder pierce and cock stud in it. She turns to look at her friend and her face dick swings to, clinking with all of the metal in it. You will her to eat something, so she grabs a corn dog and places it near her asshole, which is now huge. A tongue with several rings and stud in the middle pops out and takes the corn dog in it, swallowing t with one gulp. You put her clothes back on, but leave her with a skirt and no panties so that she could use her "mouth" when she wanted to.

By now your erection was becoming unbearable. You asked a pretty looking girl to come over to your table because you needed some directions. She was a cute girl, somewhere around twenty and with a smile to die for. You ask her f you could borrow her pussy for a while, and she says of course. She reaches into here shorts and pulls out a tight pink pussy, with a little tuft of hair at the top. It sort of looks like an orb, with the vagina coming out of the ball of flesh, and it was very warm.

"Have fun, and don't worry about giving it back right away!" she says.

"Really," you say coyly, "then could i borrow your asshole for awhile too?"

"Well, all right, but I do need that one back, my boyfriend loves it so much."

"Not a problem." you say.

So she reaches behind and pulls out another orb, this one with her little puckered anus on it. Curious, you vanish her shorts and underwear. You confirm what you suspected, there is nothing between her legs now. You tell her thanks as she walks away with a smile. Without wasting another second, you slowly plunge your girlcock into the woman's eager pussy. Soon you are to the hilt, and then you bring it all the way back up and then down again, until you are ramming her pussy up and down you cock like there was no tomorrow. It doesn't take to long before you shoot a massive load in the pocket pussy, and it squirts a little juice onto your crotch. You slip it off, a little bit of cum seeping out, and place it on the table. Finally sated, for now at least, you continue your transformations. Now, where were you?

transform more of the girls


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Chapter 8: transform more of the girls (ID #1486927)
an addition by: bobboled

Not wanting to leave the job half finished, you continue to transform the rest of the girls at the table.

Your gaze turns to the black girl, your mind working overtime to imagine what she will become. First, the area beneath her breasts begins to bulge outward until there is a second set of breasts right beneath her original pair, although they are slightly smaller. Next, you will her to unzip her pants, which she does just moments before her new cock erupts from her crotch. It just barely reaches up past the table, poking over the edge. She then takes her head in both of her hands and lifts up, her neck disconnecting from her body. Underneath her newly detached head, a wet pussy forms that she promptly uses to cover her new dick. With her neck-pussy planted firmly over her dick, she continues to chat with her friends, the head of her prick showing in the back of her mouth when it opens wide enough. One final flourish, and the empty space where her neck once was begins to sink into itself and wrinkles up, becoming another anus and the place through which her main body will gain sustenance. You make it so her head can only ingest cum, causing you to laugh under your breath at what a slut you had forced her to be. One last thing, your morph her tongue to be able to stretch several feet, so at least if she was separated, she wouldn't be completely handicapped.

You move on to the Indian girl next. She hasn't said much, so you figure she wouldn't mind not having a mouth. It inverts itself, lips puffing out to form a sopping wet pussy, drool dripping down her chin and onto her breasts. Her hair begins to melt and swirl, then writhe and squirm as her head of hair turns into a mass of wriggling tentacle dick the same tone as her skin. They move with almost with a will of their own, and one even manages to sneak it's way into her mouth-pussy, messily fucking her face as her friends chat without batting an eye. Next, her shirt rips itself in half as four new arms spout from her torso. She absentmindedly crosses her top pair over her chest, and places her middle pair on the table. For fun, you make her bottom set of arms have a mind of their own. Then you imagine her growing two dicks from her crotch, which her lower arms begin to fondle and jack off,although after a time the left one reaches under to finger her lower pussy.

Nearly finished, you look at the blonde bombshell. You think for a moment about what to do, your thumb stroking the earlier girls anus ball in your hand. Hmm, you ponder, What to do with you? You cast a glance at the flesh balls in your hands, and then like a flash of lightning you are struck with inspiration! One second the blonde is sitting there with her outrageously deformed circle of friends, the next she has collapsed into a pile of flesh colored balls the size of bowling balls. Each ball is actually a large breast, with a thumb sized nipple on the front and an anus large vagina in the back. There are six in total, and each of the friends picks one up before they leave, except for the Indian girl who takes two of them home, already skewering one on her twin dicks and picking the other up with her tentacle hair which then proceeds to jam as many tentacles into the breast balls various holes.

Satisfied, you stand up and head over to the girl you take the flesh balls from. She is sitting a couple of yards away from you, eating with her boyfriend. You walk over and tell her thank you as you drop her anus and vagina into her boyfriend's lap, although he isn't her boyfriend for long as you turn him into a futanari just like you, although he(she) is a lot more girlish and smaller than you, except her dick is so large that it juts out from between her breasts and nearly touches her clavicle. The former boyfriend, now girlfriend, places her lovers asshole ball on her lengthy cock and tucks the pussy between her breasts. They both thank you in turn as you set off to find more unknowing targets. Who would be changed next?

Head to the lingerie store for some mischief


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Chapter 9: Head to the lingerie store for some mischief (ID #1487124)
an addition by: bobboled

You decide to head to the expensive lingerie store in the middle of the mall. It was were all of the hottest and richest women shopped, and was to be your next target. Before you head in, you spot the greeter at the door. She had long auburn hair and a rack to die for. You pause and think, and instantly you are holing both of her detached breasts, one in eahc hand. You walk up to her and say "Excuse me, are you missing these?"

She smiles at you and says excitedly, "Oh, there they are, I was wondering where I had left them!" You hand them to her and she thanks you in kind.

Before you step inside, you remark, "You know, if they were bigger they would be a lot easier to find."

"Oh, most certainly." And with that being confirmation enough, you enlarge her tits to the size of beanbags. She drops them on the floor only to end up sitting on them for comfort and still greeting the customers coming in. Once inside, you modify yourself a little so that your fun can truly begin. Your breast shift under your clothing and become more shapely. You calmly walk up to a blonde employee and ask her for help.

"Sure," she replies, "What do you need help with?" You take your top off to expose what it was hiding, an identical copy of your curvaceous ass has replaced your tits, with your anus pointed upward and your pussy facing down.

"I was wondering if you had any undergarments for this?," you say pointing to your chest.

"Why yes we do, our line of lace panties should fit comfortably over that nice asschest of yours," she says with a smile as she points to where they are.

"Thank you," you say, but before you leave for the panties, you can't help but transform her too. Before your eyes her top clothes dissolve, revealing her lacey bra. Two holes appear on it, revealing her nipples which quickly begin to morph in eight inch dicks with balls to match. They sprout out lewdly from her lingerie as she shows customers her "dick-nipple" line of lingerie for special ladies.

Finished, you head over to department she showed you, which happened to be right next to the fitting rooms.

Change more people in the store


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Chapter 10: Change more people in the store (ID #1487131)
an addition by: bobboled

You arrive at your destination, and pretend to be browsing the selection of undergarments for for asschest. Looking around, you spy a ton of women moving about, trying on this and that, conversing with their friends, and even a couple of men who were dragged here by their girls.

You see a cute girl, barely nineteen with red hair, looking at some panties. You already have her transformation figured out and so you begin. Her entire top half, torso, arms, head, even the clothes she was wearing vanish until all that is left of her are her hips, ass, legs, and genitals. You vanish her skirt and underwear until she is a naked pair of legs. There is a little tuft of red hair above her, but not for long as her pussy disappears to be replaced by three huge cocks, approximately a foot long, with three ballsacks underneath. she turns around, apparently still looking for the right panties. You can see her little asshole, which expands and become a drooling vagina, which begins to wriggle as a tongue pushes its way out only to loll about between her asscheeks.

You walk over to her, minding her dicks, and pickup some frilly pink panties.

"Here, you say, try these on." You pull them up over her legs and up to her waist, but her cocks bulge over and out of the underwear lewdly.

There is a muffled "thanks!" as she uses her right foot to pickup her purse and hang it on her hip so that she can co to the checkout.

You rub you chin as you smile at your latest creation. Now, who's next?

More changes at the lingerie store


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Chapter 11: Getting cocky (ID #1488079)
an addition by: bobboled

You decide that a couple of transformations are simply not enough, so you decide that you will transform every person you see in the store, regardless of position or gender.

A trio of friends are looking at bras when you decide to morph them.

The first one, a brunette, has her ass begin to expand and eventually rip out from underneath her skirt, elongating until she has a second pair of legs and crotch connected to her body by another torso, like a human centaur. From her crotch further back a large dick erupts forth, long enough to reach her front and fuck herself if she were to sit down. As an additional tough, you make her grow four more breasts on her front and six more on her lower torso that brush against her girlcock, which she seems to be thoroughly enjoying.

The next friend, an Asian girl with a streak of blue in her hair, is talking to her four legged friend until her mouth contorts and aligns itself vertically. Her nose is sucked into her face where a wrinkled hole is forming. Her eyes shut and both they and her mouth puff out and widen becoming full sized pussies on her face, and her nose finishes its transformation into an anus. Her arms waiver and distort, then split into several tendrils that quickly thicken, the tips of them becoming bulbous until it is evident that her arms have become a mass of tentacle cocks. She then proceeds to ram several off them into her slutty new face. Her untransformed friend asks her a question, to which the Asian girl replies but taking her shorts and underwear off, revealing the mouth that now resides in her crotch.

Finally, you turn to her friend, a pretty little blonde with pigtails. Her head suddenly falls off her body, but is quickly picked up by her now headless body. Her mouth has morphed into a wet pussy, but that is not all. Her body rests her head on one of the displays and proceeds to rip off all of its clothing. Her changes are very evident. Her nipples have been replaced with mouths, their lips bright red and soft while their tongues hang out lewdly as they lick the the area around them. You turn up their sensitivity and they begin to lick faster. Her arms begin to thicken and lengthen until the they are an exact copy of her real legs. An anus and a dick, which is towards her breasts completes her transformation into a sex beast.

Pleased, you look to see a young couple selecting some risque undergarments. The man is holding up a nighty to his pretty girlfriend when she suddenly collapses on the floor. She lies in a heap, her limbs and head sprawled in every direction. The reason for this being that her limbs have grown penises where they connect to her torso, and likewise, her torso has grown vaginas to accommodate her new dick-limbs. While she is stuck struggling on the floor, her boyfriend taunts her for "always falling to pieces".

You concentrate on him, an soon his form becomes much more feminine until he is a pin up worthy redhead, his/her curvy hips and bouncy breasts teasing you. There is a cracking nose as her hips expand and a third leg appears, along with a third ass-cheek as well as a pussy and asshole to better accommodate his girlfriends new body. She then grows two more arms on her torso and a new dick springs up above her vaginas. Her hair then turns into a mass of tentacles, just regular tentacles except that they are very smooth and are the same color as her hair.

She then uses her tentacles to lift her head off of her body which now sports a dick neck and a gaping asshole between her shoulders where her dick-neck connected. She walks/slithers her head over to her girlfriends torso, and plunges her dick neck into her girlfriends neck pussy while her main body picks up the limbs. After picking them up and placing them in their respective vaginas, all except for her head, the "boyfriend then places her girlfriend in the asshole between her shoulders. Completely swapped, the boyfriend remarks that the nighty looks better on her with her girlfriends body. They both laugh and proceed to make their way out the door, their heads still stuck in each others bodies.

You look for your next target, not even remotely finished transforming people.

Continue transforming people in the shop


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Chapter 12: Continue transforming people in the shop (ID #1516801)
an addition by: bobboled

Alright, you decide it's about time to finish this up.

A girl is looking at bras in the middle of the store. Her upper clothing disappears and her pink nipples are revealed. The expand sideways until they are turned in exact copies of her mouth, tongue and all. Then the tongue in her original mouth bursts out, the tip of it transforming into a cross between a tongue and a cock.

Two women are laughing and comparing panties like they are some strange object. Their skirts and panties disappear revealing their bare crotches. The girl on the lefts head sinks into her body, and upon her bare shoulders a new pussy opens up. In her groin, her pussy pushes outward until it is a fully functional foot long cock with a pair of balls to match it. The girl on the right, not even noticing this, keeps on chatting away. Her head sort of 'squishes' itself together and rises upwards as the shape eventually turns into a newly transformed penis atop her shoulders. Her pussy changes as well, her little button enlarging until it is the size of a thumb.

A young man is standing alone in the store, for reasons unknown to you. You turn him into a curvacious young woman instead, but not without a couple of minor extreme changes. His/her shirt rips apart as two more breast erupt from his body. Upon each breast, a pussy forms, each of which begin to drool over one another.

Finally, there are only two people left in the store who have not been changed. The cashier and a girl ready to check out. You grab your new bra and rush to the checkout line. As you take your place behind the girl, you notice that she has an outstanding pair of breasts, easily G-cups and all but spilling out of her tube top. You manage to catch a snippet of their conversation.

"So this new bra will give me more support?" she questioned.

"Absolutely, this should definitely help with the back pain as well." the cashier replied.

"Oh, great!"

Hey1 You could help her alleviate some of that weight. Why, that's exactly what her transformation would be about! So you disappear her top clothes leaving her upper half completely exposed. Her breasts truly are beautiful, and her face is cute as a button. Thankfully, she is leaning her bosom over the counter, or the would have hit the floor after your transformation. Her breasts landed on the counter with a soft 'plop'. Her breasts were now drastically changed, but would certainly not be causing her as much back pain as they used to, as they were now completely removed from her body. However, on the back of each breast where they had connected to her body, there was now a pussy and 6 inch cock beneath it. Likewise, her chest now sported a penis above a vagina correlating to where her breasts were so that she could reattach her breasts when necessary.

The cashier chirped in, "It the bra also doubles as a handy carrying sleeve for your breasts as well."

"Thank you very much1" the girl said as she paid and laid her breasts in the bra, which she promptly threw together into her shopping bag. As she walked out of the store, the dicks on her chest waggled lewdly, swinging back and forth. You gave her her shirt back for some manner of decency, but even then her cocks still strained against the fabric.

Finally it was your turn to check out. You walked up to the cashier, your ass chest still out in the open, as you handed her the G-cup bra that was literally the only size that would fit over the but on your chest.

"You know," you say to the cashier, "I don;t think I really need this, I my ass is already pretty firm as it is," as you hand her the bra back. You imagine your shirt back on, but not before rubbing the pussy on your chest before the fabric covered it up.

"Well I am sorry to hear that, but please do come back if you ever have any questions," she says beaming her store clerk smile.

"I will, and thank you very much."

Before you leave, you change the clerk into a form more suitable for the store. All of her clothes disappear, and so does her head. Her breasts grow into an H-cup and eyes replace her nipples. A mouth forms in the blank space of her shoulders. Finally, her arms split apart into six tentacles each, for toal of a dzone, each tipped with a cockhead. This way she can handle multiple items, and multiple customers.

With that you

Make your way back into the mall.


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Chapter 13: Turn a woman in the mall into a sextoy (ID #1518528) [1 Views]
an addition by: bobboled

As you leave what you have come to endearingly think of as the 'Lingerie Shop of Horrors', you can;t help but notice just how frustratingly aroused you are. Yes, you could just make some random girls sate your needs, but that was just too bland, especially after your recent tour de' force of transformation.

On a bench just outside of the of the store sits a lone girl. She can;t be much more than 20, her face bright as day and her hair even brighter. She is a shy beuaty if you ever saw one, sitting on the bench with her elbows on her knees, her eyes glued to the smart phone that she held between her hands. It was almost as if some outside force were presenting here to you. You, however, say balls to that. You are going to destroy that beauty, because apparently you are one sadistic sonofabitch. And proud of it!

As she bends further over, her neck slips a little further out of her clothing. In fact, her whole body is becoming cylindrical, and escaping out of the top of her shirt! Her phone clatters to the floor as her arms and legs disappear into her ever more snakelike form. Her face smooths out and her hair melts away. Her eyes, nose and ears melt away as her mouth turns sideways. Her form becomes smaller and rounder while her lips remain the same. eventually, all she is left as is a flesh colored tube that was about four inches thick with a mouth on the end pointing at you.

Now it was time to get to work. You move over to the transformed girl and pick her up. She is very soft, but also fairly firm. She measures just over two feet, making her ideal for what you had in store. You place your left palm on the end of her that does not have a mouth, and begin to massage it. The mouth lets out a little moan as you do this, massaging her smooth underside. A bulge forms in your hands, which begins to expand and separate into two orbs which become her new testicles. They hardly fit in your hand now, as they have grown to the size of oranges. You run you finger over the area where her sack connects to her tube form and gingerly slip your finger into her as a somewhat small but very elastic vagina forms. Holding her at her base with a few fingers inside her, you run your right hand up her length, thick veins forming in the wake of your touch. You reach her lips at the top of her new form and they ravenously suckle and lick at your hand. You give her a playful smack on her backside to let her know to hold on for just a second. You rub the area around her lips, which puffs out and forms into the head of a penis, except that her lips have melded into its tip instead of the regular opening. Her tongue darts out again, only this time it tries to sucks your fingers inside in desperation.

Quite pleased with your latest creation, you swipe her clothes and phone off of the bench, and take a seat. You all but rip off your shirt and pull down you pants, exposing the dripping pussy on your ass-chest and the raging erection that had been barely contained by your underwear. Slowly, savoring the moment, you line up her vaginal end with your cock so that it is in the same position as yours, balls facing away from you, and skewer her on your prodigious member. Despite her thickness, there is still a bulge inside of the tube girl. You pull her firmly up, then down, then up again. The bulge inside her moves in time with your ministrations, and her pussy quivers with every thrust.

Suddenly, you pull her to the hilt, her sack resting on top of yours as you get ready for parts two. Holding her mouth glans in one hand, and lifting your ass-chest up, you slide her mouth/ penis head into your hungry cunt and let go of both. Your pussy completely covers her head, but you can feel her tongue prodding around inside of you, licking at the juices within. Carefully, you place both hands on the flesh tube and begin to lift her up and down in a fluid motion. She lifts off your cock and is inserted further into your vagina. You pull her down and more of your length is inserted as her mouth tickles the vulva on your chest. Up and down she goes, eliciting passionate moans of pleasure from you as you begin to violently thrust her within and onto yourself. Her balls slap against yours and your ass-chest jiggles and bounces from the motion. Her pussy is so accommodating, but it is also sucking hard on you with every movement that after a few minutes of this you cum frantically into the tube girl. Like-wise, you feel a warm substance fill the cunt on your chest. You slowly pull her head out only to find that she too climaxed, and when she did, all of the jism had come out of her 'mouth.

"That's nice and all," you coo to the flesh tube, "But the top half off me isn't quite satisfied yet."

You push her penis mouth onto your buzzer, glad to find she doesn't need any coercion in order for her to start licking you out. With your arousal already through the roof, her lewd tongue finishes the job in record time. You even splash the cock girl with a little bit of girl cum, which she happily laps up.

Having steed your lust yet again, twice in the same day not to mention, you lay the girl on the bench and put your clothes back on, willing away the mess that you had created.

"Well cutie, looks like its time for us to part ways, but not before I leave you with one more gift," you say with a wink.

As you walk away to another section of the mall, the girl's modified body becomes much more flexible and strong making her look and behave more like a snake than anything else. A young man walks by and she strikes. She slithers her way up his pants and into his underwear. After only a second, she enters him. His body turns almost instantaneously female, growing c-cup breasts and sporting a toned body with a beautiful face to die for. The newly transformed girl's head then pops off but is swiftly caught by her body's hands. Out of a hole on the middle of her shoulders the cock girl appears. She pushes herself all of the way out until her balls are resting on the girls chest. Then her base fuses to the body, covering the hole and claiming the body as her own. The cock-headed body turns the former owner's head over, revealing a large asshole in the middle of her neck. The cock head girl pushes her head into the hole, and comes out the former man's mouth revealing that the former male's tongue has also changed, as it is about twice as long and has a penis head at its tip. the intertwine their phallic endowments in apparent bliss as you reach another section of the mall.

What do you do next?


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Chapter 14: A morph and a latte (ID #1519257) [1 Views]
an addition by: bobboled

You walk over to the nearest Starbucks, one of several in the mall, to grab a drink in between your transformation extravaganza. As you step inside, you can see that there are not very many people in the shop, although it is usually like this after the morning rush. There are two baristas, both female and young. There is a college girl surfing the web on her laptop in the back of the store. Lastly, there is a couple seated close to you enjoying their day and sipping their coffee.

Yeah, they're gonna transformed too you think. At this point it isn't even a question of should you do it, but when you would stop. You order a mocha latte from the barista and calmly take a seat next to the couple. The couple is happily chatting away, about Facebook or something, you don't care. You imagine their clothes away, leaving them completely naked. They continue to chat, oblivious to their obvious nudity. You stand up and walk to the table the couple are sitting at. Then you rip off your shirt, exposing your ass-chest and get to work. You detach the boy's head from his body, nudge the girls head to to her left and place the boyfriend's head on the right. His head then morphs to become an almost exact copy of his girlfriend's, except that her hair is blonde while his remains black. They continue their talk, although now they are practically talking face to face now, their noses mere millimeters apart. As for his body, it has become grossly feminized, with wide hips, huge f-cup breasts, womanly thighs and an hourglass figure. Even his nails are painted pink. However, his dick still remains. It is average sized, but that doesn't matter to you, not with what you had in mind. You take it off of his former body, which sits idle without a consciousness to control it. You then peel off the girl's vagina and swap the two, making the conjoined couple a shemale, and the body a complete female, albeit one without a head. You aim to fix that though.You then grip your ass chest on both cheeks and detach it from your chest. Now just a detached ass, you place it atop the headless body before you, making sure that your anus was pointing forward while your vagina pointed away. It almost looked like an anus cyclops, which made you giggle a little bit. Nearly finished, you make your last two changes. You give the body a mind reflect what was inside with what was outside. Nympho seemed to fit pretty well, and as soon as you made it so, the ass lasy began to run her hands over both her crotches.. Lastly, you gave the conjoined couple an extra penis above their original, and made them a lot thicker for the pleasure of the new ass-faced woman you had created. You even gave them a new life in which the boyfriend and girlfriend were conjoined from birth and the ass-face woman was their partner. The couple lean in and give the ass-face woman dual kisses on her cheeks to show their affection.

You re-clothe them and yourself, with your chest still flat, and make your way to the girl in the back of the shop. She is still clicking away when you take position at behind her. First, you pinch the sides of her face and slowly peel it off. You do the same to her pussy, holding her face in one hand and her detached vagina in the other. You place her face in the center of her crotch so that her eyes lie just below her belly button. You then begin to tug on both ends of her pussy so that it stretches until it is about seven inches long and it's shape and size change proportionally to match. You then line this up and place it on her face. You then grab both of her hands, and begin to push. The base of her arms begins to melt into her body as you do so, and the rest of her arm follows suit until her arms have been completely absorbed into her body. All that's left are smooth shoulder nubs. You decide, not wanting to entirely disable her, you slightly morph her toes into a replica of her delicate fingers, except that they are now much stronger, making them suited for their new task as both hands and feet. She shifts in her seat, opening her legs up into an eagle position and pushing herself a little farther away so that she can get a better view of the computer screen with her face in her groin. She seems pretty comfortable like that, using her new feet hands to tap away on the keyboard. You notice that her anus is visible right beneath her pretty lips, but decide to change that too. Her mouth disappears, only to be replaced by a throbbing cock and a bulging sack which obscures her vision of the computer. She nudges it to the side with one of her feet. Her asshole then puffs up a bit and grows to about the circumference of a half-dollar coin. With her other foot hand, she grabs her blended mocha and places the straw in her anus. A loud slurping sound can be heard as she drinks from her cup in a most unusual fashion.

"Mocha latte for Fran!"

Oh, that's right! You had ordered a coffee earlier, and completely forgotten about it. You walk up to the barista to take your drink, but not before leaving her with a gift. One moment her face is normal, the next her eyes and mouth have been replaced with pussies and her nose has become an anus. You thank her and she gives you a thumbs up as you leave the store and head back into the mall. The other barista waves goodbye to, but stops as her hand flies off and lands in the lap of the armless girl. Her hands, not to mention her feet, have grown pussies at their bases. Her limbs, devoid of hands and feet, now sport the head of a dick on the end of them so that she may reattach her missing parts. Her hand, with a mind of its own apparently, begins to stroke the armless girls penis as the barista hurries out from behind the counter to retrieve it.

As you exit the cafe, you notice that it is getting fairly late. You need to leave soon, but you want to do one last thing before you go. What is it?


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Chapter 15: A mall wide transformation. (ID #1521189)
an addition by: pillas

seeing how late it is, you're not satisfied with just transforming the entire mall in one swoop with random changes, you would rather see each of the changes first hand. You start off with some of the stores still open, and decide to transform each customer and employee from within store by store.The first store you see is a small specialty store that caters specifically to mothers expecting children, with various maternity clothes and accessories and childrens clothes and toys, there are several people in the store, two couples and three employees.

The first couple is a young man and a woman, the woman looks to be a bit older than the man by a few years. The man obviously looked as if he didn't want to be anywhere near this store, his head hung low, and would often glance glumly over at the woman next to him and her large pregnant belly. The older woman, seemed ecstatic, and was eagerly telling the older female employee that was helping her out how she was expecting triplets.

The next couple was a middle aged couple, both in their late thirties and 6 year old girl, dressed up in pigtails and a pink blouse and blue sparkly skirt, the man was wandering off with his daughter asking her she could pick out one toy from the store that she wanted, while her mother who looked to be in the early stages of pregnancy chatted with one of the young female employees. While the last store employee was busy cleaning up the store for closing, younger male in his twenties.

focusing on the first couple, specifically the man who didn't want to be there and his very pregnant wife, he decided to accomadate them accordingly, focusing on the man he willed him to sit down on the floor with his back to a display showcasing maternity bras, and then get to work on his body, firstly you vanish his clothing until he's left in nothing but his underwear, the sight bothers you so you quickly morph his body into a much more pleasing shape, which is that of a very shapely young woman, you decide to enhance her new assets, enlarging her ass and breasts greatly until her ass is nearly twice as wide as her shuolders, with firm rounded butt cheeks,her former male boxers stretching tightly enough to cause a serious case of cameltoe, her breasts grow forward enticingly until they both reach the size of volleyaballs with large long nipples nearly an inch and half thick and the length nearly two inches long, underneath her breasts another row of equal size pops up, and then another below that, leaving her torso completely covered in six large full breasts and six equally as large nipples, next you vanish away her legs and arms, leaving nothing behind, not even stumps, her bottom half balances on her overinflated buttocks the size and shape enough for her to balance on, her shoulder taper into her top pair of breasts, completely limbless and immobile you give her longish black haired catlike tail, at the end of which thickens up into a large erect cock, which she uses as a counterbalance, a couple more changes leave her mouth and nose shrinking and becoming another pair of vertical lips, her nose shrinking into her face and becoming a sensitive little nub, it wiggles to and fro as she seems to be struggling not to sneeze, her ears shrink to the sides of her head, and while two large black haired cat ears sprout from the top, each ear housing a vagina and clit inside the canal, one last final changes leave the limbless girls breast growing larger as each swells with an overobundance of fresh milk, each of her nipples swelling with fresh droplets.

Meanwhile the former male's wife, has changed as well, her pregnant belly has grown larger and more rounded, as it soon developed into the shape of another gigantic tear shaped breast, her belly button now an outie served as the giant nipple in it's center, she would carress the sides of her breast-tummy every now and then with the six arms she now possessed, three on each shoulder, shuddering at her stomachs new sensitivity and her navel nipple now twitching with every kick from the triplets within, balancing on her four legs, between each of her groins a new moist pussy had formed, each with differing shades of neatly shaved pubic hair, the right was dark brown, the middle was light blonde, and the left was a bright red, each of her legs was encased in a specially made garter and stockings, she was still chatting with store employee who had undergone some changes of her own, the store employee was now three feet shorter than she used to be, her body was reconfigured her head and neck now sprouted out of a pair of shapely female buttocks like some bizarre tail, her face directly above the ass crack which led down to two slender legs, behind her head her waist continued till it met another pair of hips similar to the one below her head, giving her four legs, two asses and pussies, with her rear ends facing out each end, her legs incased in sheer stockings and garters.

"I was wondering if you have some maternity bras in my husbands size, she's so full sometimes she breaks her old ones....isnt that right kitty" she reaches down and fondles on her "husbands" new cat ears, inserting her finger into the moist sensitive ear canal and causing the "kitty's" eyes to shutter.

"Sure thing mam, follow me right this way" the four legged employee asks, as she uses her front legs to walk "backwards" while walking forward with her rear legs, naturally as if she's done it all her life, the wife bends down, minding her single gigantic belly breast, and picks up her diminutive husband, cradling her like a baby with her four lower arms while her tail idly circles between her wifes legs.

"Not right now, it's your fault I'm having triplets, you naughty pussy!" she scolds her husband, as she reaches into her purse and pulls out what looks like a large pacifier, only on the other end is a medium sized dildo, which she quickly inserts into her husbands eager pussy mouth, the pacifier easily sliding in with no resistance as the limbless catgirls eyes go wide and then soften until the pacifier in her pussy mouth is slowly bobbing up and down, her tail going limp while her wife places her in a nearby baby stroller.

Taking stock of your next subjects, you focus on the older man and his daughter shopping for toys, not willing to mess around with kids you focus on the father, you decide to help him in his search to find the perfect toy for his daughter, he lets go of his daughters hand as he suddenly starts to shrink rapidly, pretty soon all that is left of the man is a jumbled pile of his clothes on the floor next to his daughter feet, a few moments later slight movement is made beneath the clothing and out stumbles out a naked twelve inch tall gorgeous platinum haired woman, her porportions in line with that of a typicall barbie doll with a few modifcations, her breasts are twice as large, about twice the size of her head, her waist is thin and flares into wide hips, with the perfect little bubble butt, and long slender legs that taper off into dainty feet that through normal physics she wouldn't every be able to stand on.She looks up at her now giant daughter

"honey, why am I still naked? haven't you picked out my outfit yet?' the twelve inch tall bombshell as the little girl

"sorry daddy, but there are so many cute dresses,...cant I get more than one...I know you like to play dress up with me as well" the little girl pleaded with the doll like woman

"oh fine...just a few, maybe five...and some shoes, maybe two or three pairs...thats not too much" the small woman blushed

"honey, can you bring your father over here, i need to talk to her" The daughter nodded her head, and picked up her tiny father and head over towards her mother. Who had also been changed, the former store employees head now situated on the shoulders of the mother side by side

"Thank you honey, why dont you go find some outfits for her while we have a talk" The girl nodded and scattered off to find doll clothes and shoes for her father.

"i thought we all agreed you would limit your purchases, you already have so many outfits at home dear, you need to have some self control" the mother cooed to her small husband, while rubbing his toned little stomach, squirming and moaning at her touch, the former store employees head just giggled.

"Im sorry martha...linda, I know we have a baby on the way and...finances...have....been...hard" the words becoming more and more difficult to say due the the large lump crawling up her throat, the rubbding her wife was doing on her midsection having an odd effect on her body as the lump in her throat grew larger and enventually she threw her head back violently as a large thick pillar of throbbing flesh inched it's way out from between her stretched lips, her head losing definition and becoming flattened against the shaft rising out of her mouth, until it looked like nothing more than a pair of lips at the bottom of a large eight inch penis jutting from the neck of doll, her large round breasts situated perfectly to resemble it's testicles. Her face stretched thin acrosss it like it's foreskin but eyes and female lips.

The two headed mother lovingly licked their husbands penis, between them, taking turns licking her breasts and penis, until her breasts grew sligghtly and tensed against her chest, her eyes rolling back in her stretched flattened face, as the store employees head deep throated the cock until her lips touch hers, and the small body hanging from her mouth shuddered violently, pulling her out she waited until the doll sized womans penis softened and eventually retreated back down her throat, her head becoming more defined once again until it looked like nothing ever happened, leaving a tired but happy glazed looked on the doll womans face.

meanwhile, the last store employee cleaning up the store twice as fast, the addition of a second body below her neck.


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Chapter 16: The book store gets a little weird (ID #1524737) [1 Views]
an addition by: bobboled

As you make your way towards the mall exit, you note that you actually have a decent amount of time to get back. About an hour to be precise. You decide to relax a bit and enjoy the rest of your transformations before you leave. There are four more shops between you and the exit, and you intend to hit each and every one of them before you leave.
The closest one is the local bookstore, of which has only a few customers at this time. Inside there are several people. There are the cashiers, a man and a woman both absentmindedly sitting behind the counter, the man watching customers and the woman nose deep in a book. In the front of the store a college girl is gathering the text books she needed for school. In the aisle behind her a couple were looking at how to books. In the back of the store, two high school seniors had their backs turned to the employees as they rummaged through the 18 and up section. Finally, in the horror section was perusing the titles, until he selected a favorite book of yours. Namely, At the Mountains of Madness. You began with him first, using the novel as inspiration.

The book fell to the floor with a loud 'thwack', the reason for this being that the man's arms had disappeared into his body, leaving only smooth shoulders that were flush against his body. His shirt then tore itself in two down the middle, and was pushed off his body by the three new pairs of breasts that had grown on his torso, the lowest pair being on either side of his belly button, which you erase. His face then becomes much more feminine, however as his skin and bones reshape you erase all of his facial features until his/her face is just a blank female canvas. A slit appears directly in the middle and spreads out a little, revealing itself to be her new pussy. Then, on either side of this new face pussy, angled slits appear, for a total of three on each side making them six in total. The slits open up to reveal themselves to be eyes, except that they are completely black and reflect eerily in the light. His hair then elongates and thickens until it has become a roiling mass of four foot long tentacles, the same color as her flesh. There are little suckers underneath them too, allowing for a firm grip when she needs it. Her pants then simply fall off as her legs melt into her body just like her arms. However, before she can drop to the floor, six tentacles, just like her hair but as thick as her legs were sprout from where her legs were. They are strong and keep her upright. You will her to lift up her front leg tentacles to reveal her crotch, which contains an oversized female mouth with plump lips that completely fills her groin. The mouth opens and three tongues wiggle out, tasting the air around them. The newly transformed girl then uses her head tentacles to pick up her book and resume her reading.

You then shift your attention to the college girl. She is currently looking through the math section as you begin your work. Her head sinks into her body and leaves a blank space between her shoulders that is covered by skin. She then unbuttoned her tight jeans, and lowered them and her panties past her butt. At her tailbone, a set of eyes appeared, the same color as the girl's had been. At your command she spread her butt-cheeks to reveal her anus, which grew a little in size and began to wriggle. Air passed in and out of it, like it was breathing, and just a moment later she began to speak, absentmindedly wondering what textbook she needed and saying it out loud. Meanwhile, the blank area between her shoulders grew an identical anus, and both were directly linked together so that if something was long enough, it would go in one hole and out the other. Finally, her breasts grew to a massive size, easily J-cup and busted her blouse wide open. Her nipples, now the size of a hand, became inverted, then started drooling lubricant as they transformed into two large pussies. She idly fingered her left nipple-cunt as she used her free hand to pick out the correct books.

The two boys in the back of the store receive your attention next. As they are in the rated 18 section of the store, you feel that the transformations you are about to inflict upon the will appropriate given the situation. As a start, you turn the both of them into women with porn star-like bodies, with each boy now woman having perky D-cup tits, curvy thighs, a toned body and bright blonde hair. With the first transformed boy, you morph her anus into a huge, well lubricated pussy that would always be wet and constantly craving 'attention. Then you remove her front pussy, only to replace it with three new foot long dicks, along with three sets of balls. From her tailbone a long and thick tentacle erupts, the tip of it ending in the head of a penis. It swishes back and forth, but quickly turns its attention to the pussy nestled between the woman's cheeks. It slips inside and begins to frantically thrust into her well lubricated backdoor. Finally, two gold ring piercings form in the porn star woman's nipples, with a chain linking them together that connected to a ring in the middle of the chain. This ring then connected via a chain to the clit ring that had appeared in the other woman's pussy, forever linking the two together.

Now connected, the second boy turned porn star began to change. Her entire top half melted away until all that was left were her curvaceous hips and supple legs. Now just a lower half, and linked to the first woman, she was now nothing more than a living lower half. On the sides of her original pussy, two new ones formed, identical to the original, but without any piercings. This matched her groin to her master's own three cocks, making them perfect mates. The clit that was pierced also grew, until it was about three inches long and throbbing with desire.

The first porno babe withdrew her tail-cock from between her butt cheeks and stuck it up the other girl's. She then yanked hard on the chain linking them, causing the half-girl's legs to buckle in pleasure. She kept yanking her, leading her up to the front of the store while muttering to her about how they had to go to their next shoot and that they didn't want to be late, or else they would miss the fun.

The couple hidden in the aisle behind the college girl were secretly making out, oblivious to the insane transformations taking place around them. Smiling evilly, you change them so that they might experience even more pleasure. You morph away their faces and turn the boyfriend into an identical twin of his girlfriend. You take away their clothes as well, so that you might fully observe the changes you are about to make. All the hair on their bodies disappears, leaving them completely bald and hair free. Their faceless heads then soften and spread out across their shoulders, but form a crevice in the middle of their heads. This crevice then gains more definition as the sides of their heads enlarge and soften, become a complete set of buttocks atop their shoulders, with the anus facing forward and their pussies aimed towards their backs. Their nipples then elongate and stiffen, becoming rock hard cocks, and just as well a new throbbing dick grows just above their lower pussies. The one on the left (you aren't even sure who was who anymore) closes in on the girl thing on the right. She caress her the girl's dick-nipples, but only for a moment as she turns her attention elsewhere. Using both hands, she spreads the girl's ass-head wide, revealing her puckered anus. She sticks one, two, three fingers into the girl's hole, but soon is able to fit her whole fist in. The receiving girl sits down, her hands and toes clenching in pleasure. Meanwhile the other girl almost has her entire arm in her girlfriend's top asshole. You leave them to their devices and finish your work here at the book store.

The two employees have been behind the desk the whole time, minding their own business as their bookstore had slowly been turned into a shop of twisted delights.
Looking at the female employee's big breasts, you remember something, something very important. You were still missing your own breasts! You had put them (when they were an ass) on top of that boy's body in the coffee shop earlier. You pondered on that for a bit, but decided that instead of just growing them back, it would be more fun to make a new, very different pair of tits. You vanished your own pussy, not worrying as you would have a new one. Actually, make that two new pussies. You walked up to the clerks and froze time around them, causing them to freeze in place. As was your custom, you turned the man into a female version of himself to suit your tastes, what with most of the male body being not very appealing to you. You then separated both of the employees at the waist and set their top halves on the counter. You then took their lower halves, one at a time, and pushed and kneaded them. As you molded their lower halves, the effect was not unlike working with silly putty. It didn't take long, and soon you had two soccer balls of flesh with a pussy their only defining features. You took your shirt off, picked them up and placed them in the correct spots on your chest, giving the impression of breasts but not quite. You put your shirt back on and were not very surprised that your t-shirt now had two 'camel toes' peaking from underneath it. Satisfied with your new arrangements, you return to the employees. You conjoin the two at their separated midsections, making a them a queen conjoinment. As a final piece, you morph the girl's mouth into a cock, and transform the former man's mouth into a pussy, so that they might experience 'mutual' pleasure.

As you walk out of the bookstore and onto the next shop, you whistle a merry tune and rub your new pussy-nipples, excited at the boundless possibilities of your amazing power.