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Topic: Experiment 2201- by ccczzz

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30780138/

Written by ccczzz & commissioned for Schwarzeschatten

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Re: Experiment 2201- by ccczzz

Experiment 2201

Dr. Erik Viers hurried out of the glass containment dome, sealing the entry portal behind him. He was eager to see the results of serum Batch 666B. His gut told him this was the one to finally put them over the top!

Closing the secondary door to his observation room, he pulled off the helmet to his biohazard suit and was greeted by the beeping of several different monitors. They were flashing at an accelerated rate, confirming his observation after administering the injection. It was taking hold of Subject 2201 much quicker than previous iterations!

Maybe too quickly...

He adjusted the cameras, then touched a few screens, verifying it wasn't an equipment malfunction. Then he heard a moan came through the speakers as the prone woman on the gurney inside the glass chamber began to shift.

Dr. Viers rubbed the thick, black stubble covering his chin and picked up a nearby clipboard, flipping through several pages. Most variables had only minor adjustments from Batch 666A, so why the major change in effusion rate? There were no biological factors to consider. 2201, or "Freya" as he had taken to calling them, was simply another accelerated growth clone, genetically identical to 2200, 2199, 2198, and all the others.

Then he spotted the footnote tucked away at the bottom of the page.

"Per Director: Batch 666B infused with L.O.S.T. virus."

Holy fuck.

Were they serious??

He wasn't one to shy away from experimental compounds and procedures, but using the L.O.S.T. virus?? That was pure lunacy!

The monitors around him started beeping wildly and he checked the cameras. Inside the containment dome 2201 had begun rolling back and forth on the table, clearly in some sort of distress as the serum spread through her body! She had already torn away her ill-fitting gown and the skin down her front began to split, starting at the peak of her labia and shooting up her belly like a crack in a frozen pond!

Dr. Viers stared at the monitor, dumbstruck, as 2201 reached down and pulled at the edges of her massive vagina revealing an orifice filled with squirming, fleshy tendrils! Her moans filled the dome once more as she plunged her hands down into the gash, grabbing her slick, oversized clitoris as the thick tendrils wrapped around her arms, pulling them in deeper!

Shaking his head Dr. Viers snapped into action, pounding franticly at a nearby keyboard. Green smoke quickly filled the containment dome as pre-programmed countermeasures kicked in, engulfing the inhuman terror within!

He could hear muffled screeching and banging as the mutated creature flailed about desperately in the poisonous cloud! Then the noises suddenly stopped and the monitors flatlined as one, the former chorus of beeps turning into a singular harmony of high pitched monotones.

Dr. Viers adjusted his glasses, ignoring the bead of sweat dripping down his forehead as he stared at the video screens. He payed no heed the whining equipment around him, knowing from past experience that the threat was never really over until he saw a corpse.

He flipped a switch and fans began pulling the green smoke from the room. He needed to see the body. He needed to know the virus had been contained!

But as the smoke cleared he swallowed loudly as a completely empty room was revealed!

A new sound drifted softly through the speakers...


"Oooooooooh Eerrriiiiiiiiik!" a sultry feminine voice called out.


"Oooooooooh Errrrriiiiiiiiiiiiik!" the sing-songy tone called once more, a second voice joining in this time. "Come out, come out, wherever you aaaaare!"

He swallowed hard.

"We just want to thank you for this wonderful gift, Erik..."

He held his breath as the voices grew closer. He could hear soft padding on the floor outside his room. Those weren't normal footsteps...

A sudden pause filled the air.

The silence was deafening!

Hoping Freya had finally gone on her way, he quietly exhaled.

"THERE you are ERIK!"

A pair of hands slammed into the tinted window of the door to his little room, followed by another, and another! Erik stumbled back into the corner as the hands began pounding, several large, pale breasts pressing up against the cold glass.

"Erik! Come see us Erik!! Aren't you proud of us Erik?? Come see your masterpiece!" several voices chimed in together.

Erik shook his head, denial racing through his mind until he heard a small click... and the door flew open!

A pale pink blur swept into the room, smashing the dangling light bulb as it grabbed his yellow rubber suit and tossed him out into the large underground space!

Grunting and spitting out a chipped tooth, Dr. Viers flipped back over and stared in awe at the form that sauntered out from the shadows.

Three perfectly manicured feet stepped out into the warehouse light, quickly followed by three svelte calves and thighs. Large breasts dotted the lower limbs haphazardly, each swaying enticingly with every move. The trio of legs gave way to a pair of luscious pale hips, each crotch housing a gaping pussy that swooped up the cloned woman's toned belly and merged into a singular slit between her lowest pair of breasts.

Three pairs of the soft, pale globes adorned her upper torso with several more dotting her sides between the three pairs of arms that rubbed and caressed her body. Fresh pink skin spiraled over her, filling the gaps seamlessly where her old skin had split apart to accommodate her changing body.

Yet as bizarre and amazing as Freya's body had become, it failed to prepare him for the sight of her face as it entered into the light!

A pair of slender necks each supported a dainty chin below luscious ruby lips. Her noses sloped inwards until her pair of skulls merged together at her ears with three vivid blue eyes staring down at him. Blonde tresses flowed over her conjoined heads and down their shared shoulders.

"Hello Erik." 2201's mouths smiled in unison. "Like what you see? It was you, after all, that was the impetus for my changes." Several more breasts appeared over her body as she raised her hands into the air. Her top nipples twisted and changed, one becoming another vivid blue eye while the other split open into ruby red lips. Other nipples followed suit while her breasts slowly multiplied, new eyes staring at him hungrily and pairs of luscious red lips licking her body with long, sinuous tongues!

"Aren't we beautiful?!" her mouths all asked in harmony.

Dr. Viers stared in awe.

He couldn't deny it. This strange amalgamation of feminine features was the physical manifestation of the dream that had pushed him into studying fringe biology in the first place! Even harder to deny was the raging boner pushing into the crotch of his thick rubber suit.

"Speechless, eh?" the Freyas chuckled, her mouths sounding like a babbling brook of laughter.

"But why so tense?" one head asked.

"You should be overjoyed to see us!" chimed the other.

"Perhaps we could help you relieve some of that horrible, horrible stress." they pouted together, leaning down and touching his nose with a finger. Her eyes all drifted down to the straining tent between his legs.

Dr. Viers instinctively tried to scootch away, but Freya quickly pinned him in place as her trio of thighs straddled his own. She slid her gaping pussies up and down his legs as tendrils from within stroked the slick yellow material. He watched in awe as her lowest arms and hands devolved into a pair of smooth, pink tentacles which she slipped effortlessly into the metal collar of his hazmat suit.

"Hmmm, what do we have down here?" she wondered out loud as he felt her tentacles slide beneath his shirt and down over his toned chest and abs. He closed his eyes as her tentacles tickled the skin around his waist, looking for an opening underneath his belt.

Then a sudden sound filled the air, like the sucking of a heavy boot pulling from deep mud, and as Dr. Viers opened his eyes he found Freya's conjoined heads had split apart! They both stared at him with greedy eyes.

"Aaah, I think I found something!" one whispered in his ear.

The other mumbled something in agreement, busy licking his ear with her long pointed tongue.

Dr. Viers gulped as he felt his belt come undone and a smooth skinned tendril wrapped around his dick!

"Ooooh- aaaagh!" he groaned as the tendril pulsed and vibrated like nothing he'd ever felt before! The tip of the other tendril toyed with his balls as the first stroked up and down his aching member. He groaned even louder as he felt his cock suddenly engulfed by something warm, wet and muscular!

2201's remaining arms quickly devolved into more tentacles and began ripping apart his outfit, tearing rubber and cloth away like flimsy wrapping paper. Before long both scientist and specimen were equally naked on the warehouse floor!

The sound of soft suckling pervaded the still air. Dr. Viers peeked down and was surprised to find the tentacle wrapped around his manhood had grown a delicate pussy at its tip, the dripping orifice now pumping up and down his vascular shaft!

He looked back up to the magnificent feminine form hovering over him. He knew L.O.S.T. was truly the culprit behind 2201's twisted, warping body, and that his experimental serum had merely empowered the already potent virus. And he knew he was clearly its next target!

He knew he should run away now to try and save his own humanity. That his only chance was to make a break for it before he succumbed to the virus as well. He knew he needed to push away from this bizarre, hyper-sexualized woman and run away now or he would be lost forever!

But he didn't care.



Her shifting, changing form was everything he had ever dreamed of!

And the fact that she wanted him as well...

There was no way he could possibly deny her.

He reached up and grabbed her ample derriere, loving the way her soft, pink flesh filled his large hands.

"Ohh, Erik-"

"I knew you'd love us!"

The Freyas stared down at him with mischievous smiles.

"Now let's really get this party started!"

Tendrils from Freya's oversized vaginas began slithering from their homes as she ground against his legs, wrapping his thighs in their embrace as she gyrated her hips. Lost in the sensations, he didn't notice as his legs were slowly pulled up inside her. Meanwhile, a pair of long pink tails grew out from her backside, the thick, prehensile limbs quickly sprouting rows and rows of breasts until their entire undersides were filled with the perky orbs.

Two more golden-haired heads appeared at the tips of the sinuous tails, along with shoulders and arms that quickly shooed away the pussy-tipped tentacle from his cock. They wrapped their breast-laden lengths around his waist before settling in at his crotch, lavishing his manhood with affectionate attention and effectively blocking it from his view. He could feel it straining harder than ever, but was unable to obtain any real release! He closed his eyes and grunted as he felt the pleasure intensify and radiate down to his toes.

By now, Freya's slimy tendrils had pulled Dr. Viers' legs wholly inside her gaping pussies and she began humping them aggressively. Her muscular inner walls felt amazing against his skin as they pulsed and rubbed his limbs with incredible dexterity! Before long her body shuddered as she came around his thighs, squeezing his legs like a vise! But what really surprised Dr. Viers was when he felt an orgasm of his own radiate down his legs to join her! He felt his legs stiffen and pulse as intense pleasure shot down them! The Freyas moaned in unison as her belly visibly bloated with every bizarre twitch and surge of his limbs!

After what felt like an eternity of bliss, the sensations finally subsided and her massive pussies released their grips on his legs. They dropped heavily to the ground with a pair of wet slaps as she stood and rubbed her rounded tummy. Lifting his head, Dr. Viers peeked down and was shocked by what he saw.

His legs had been replaced by a pair of massive cocks!

"Like them?" she asked excitedly, "We figured you could use a few more."

He was too dumbfounded to answer, staring at the massive members still leaking cum onto the polished floor as they receded back towards his body. He could feel the cold concrete through his new, overly-sensitive limbs, but another feeling soon overtook that.

"Ooooooooghhh!!" he groaned loudly as another pair of orgasms dominated his senses! The Freya-tails smiled as they played with the pair of thick cocks at his crotch, taking turns lapping the salty loads erupting from them.

Dr. Viers laid back onto the cold floor as the rush of afterglow flowed through him.

Whispering drifted into his ears as he felt a pressure on his torso.

"Don't you worry big boy, we're not even close to done yet!"

"Help is on the way..."

Freya was laying down on top of him now, her numerous tits and noticeably distended belly pushing into him. He jumped as he felt something inside her belly move!


"Get ready, lover. Here they come!"

She pushed herself back up and squatted, hooking a few tentacles around a beam overhead as she spread her legs out wide. Her tail clones curled back towards her crotches and began pulling her large pussies open. From within the massive, slimy tunnels Dr. Viers spotted new clumps of slimy blonde hair!

"Oh, yeeeeessss!" the Freyas groaned in unison, her stomach shifting as whatever was inside thrashed about!


Her muscles clenched with incredible power and soon two more Freya heads appeared from inside her gaping labia! Dr. Viers watched with mixed horror and amazement as, with the assistance of her tails, two more clones slid forth, covered in slime and entirely independent of her main body!

The main Freya slumped with relief as her tails wiped the newest clones down, lingering on her most sensitive regions. And there were many...

The newest clones had the same flaxen hair and ruby lips as their counterparts, but their bodies were long, smooth, pink, and completely limbless! Down their flexible, snake-like torsos were stacked rows upon rows of plump, perky breasts that heaved and shifted with their every move. The Freya clones rolled onto their stomachs and coiled over one another as they gained their bearings, their minds slowly syncing up with Freya's main body.

"Hello my lovelies!" her main heads gushed, beaming at the newest Freyas.

The serpentine clones coiled around her legs affectionately. "Were we... in the middle of something?"

"Just a bit of fun with the wonderful Dr. Erik Viers here. He's really becoming quite the stud!"

All six Freyas turned towards him as one. Dr. Viers' heart lept into his throat as they eyed him hungrily!

"Ummmm, yes? Can I help you ladies?"

They all flashed devilish smiles.

He gulped, feeling his cocks all begin to stiffen simultaneously.

"I think we'll be the ones to help you!"

"Mm-hmm... Help with all those poor lonely dicks."

"We wouldn't want them to feel unappreciated."

"That would be simply unacceptable!"

The tail clones moved first, quickly wrapping around his stiffening legs and rubbing their rows of breasts along the growing members. Her main body slid down between his thighs, leaning forward and swallowing the swollen heads there while twisting her sinuous tongues around their throbbing, vascular shafts.

"Hey, what about us?" a serpentine clone complained.

One of her heads popped off its meaty rod for a moment, "Go find your own snack!"

Determined to get in on the action, the snake-like Freyas looked up and down Dr. Viers prone, twitching body. Spotting an opening, they quickly slithered up and joined in the fun!

Amidst all the sucking and groping of his various cocks, Dr. Viers felt a warm wetness engulf his fingers. From the corner of his eye, he could see the newest clones licking and sucking his hands, quickly swallowing them and continuing further up his arms. The sensations were electric, much more intense than he had ever expected from some simple tongue-play!

His fingers began to feel tingly, followed by a strange numbness that continued up his arms. Then the numbness was replaced by a new sensation that felt something like breasts being rubbed and squeezed!

At least that's what he imagined breasts felt like...

Then he heard another whisper in his ears.

"Ah, much better!"

"Front and center. Right where we belong."

"Well, maybe not exactly center... but close enough."

Dr. Viers opened his eyes to find the Freya snake clones' heads were chatting to one another around his own head, their necks sprouting from either side of his! Panicking, he looked down to find his arms were completely gone, replaced by their long, sinuous, breast-filled bodies!

"Oh, don't you fret Erik."

"We just wanted to share every last bit of ourselves with you!"

"And don't our tits just feel so wonderful?"

They snaked their bodies over his and around one another, pressing their plethora of swollen breasts together. He couldn't control them, but he could feel every ounce of pleasure as they caressed one another.

It was incredible!

Below the serpentine bodies, a new pair of dainty pink arms emerged from his sides and began stroking his pecs through the thick chest hair.

"You know what you could use..." one of his new neighbors mused.

"More dicks?" came an answer.

"A pussy!" another Freya volunteered.

"Well... I was going for more boobs, but those sound great too!"

Dr. Viers felt a warmth beneath the hands at his chest abd the hair there began falling away in clumps. Soon his entire chest was bare and soft mounds began swelling up beneath his nipples!

"Whaaaa- what're you doing??" he stammered.

"Shhhhhh... relax."

"Trust us!"

Aside from the growing heat in his chest, Dr. Viers could feel more pulling and sucking sensations across his body as all the different Freya's toyed with him.

Freya's main pair of heads paused their sucking of his generous members and arched her back, stretching as she prepared for something new. He could see that while she had been sucking away her body had continued sprouting more tentacles, mouths, breasts and eyes and they now dominated her body. The mouths all smiled and liked their lips hungrily as her vivid blue eyes searched for more areas to exploit!

Her plethora of breasts jiggled and swayed as she moved, shooing away her tails and straddling the massive cocks that had replaced his legs. She dragged her tendril-lined pussies down their lengths until she reached their swollen tips. Kneeling down she lifted her hips into the air, presenting her tendril-lined gashes. She turned a head around as the other licked her lips with anticipation.

"C'mon Erik." she goaded playfully, "Show me what you can really do with those monsters!"

Seeing her there, swaying her ass, licking her lips, and her tantalizing pussies pulsing with salacious need...

A switch flipped in his mind.

Somehow, through pure primal desire, Dr. Viers managed lift his phallic limbs! Finding them to have incredible, tentacle-like dexterity, he lined them up with her writhing slits and drove them up inside her!

"Oh, yes!!!" She cried, her mouths all joining in the chorus of moans, grunts and yelps of pleasure as he thrust the limbs inside her!

Two pairs of feminine hands at his chest fondled his four hefty FF breasts as they bounced along with his thrusting. They teased his rock hard cock-nipples and their fingers dipped in and out of his plump, pussy-like areola.

Freya's tails moved back to his crotch where they sucked his long, thick shafts mercilessly. Their own arms had become tentacle-like with smaller Freya clones appearing at their tips that caressed his foursome of testicles and began playing with the pair of slits that had appeared behind his scrotum.

While he grunted and groaned with pleasure, the Freya heads at his shoulders stayed busy, kissing and licking his ears and cheeks as their former bodies coiled around one another. Their rows of generous tits jiggled and bounced seductively as they rubbed and pressed together, amplifying their pleasure even further! Thick veins appeared down their lengths as the rubbing sensations intensified. Far down at their tips, the flesh began to thicken and plump up, throbbing glans becoming evident as wide holes appeared at their ends, completing the transition into massive phallic members! The new, boob-lined, prehensile cocks searched for openings to exploit, quickly finding a pair of moist tunnels along each other's lengths as large pussies opened up in their undersides to welcome them!

Filled with insatiable desire, Dr. Viers forced his way up into a sitting position, wresting control of the slender arms at his sides. Wrapping them around Freya's waist, he surged backward and pulled her bodily back on top of him! He held her in his arms, savoring her delicious scent and the warmth of her skin on his.

"I love the initiative, Erik! But..." he could feel her twisted body begin roiling within his grasp, "I'd much rather be looking at you!"

Her body shifted and warped within his arms, muscles and bones rearranging as what once was her back became her front, and her front became her back! Her heads were the last to complete the flip, finally turning completely around to face him as her necks rearranged to accommodate!

"Ah... this is much better!"

The lovers gazed deeply into each others' eyes as their bodies continued to copulate around them. Within this nexus of passion and pleasure, they both finally felt whole! After moments, or days, within this mesmerizing trance, they both closed their eyes and began kissing each another with reckless passion!

Erik's flexible phallic limbs continued to drill inside her, filling her oversized pussies to their limits as her own legs devolved into more breast-lined tentacles that drove into the needy slits beneath his churning testicles. Her tails looped around his serpentine, penile arms, stroking the throbbing labia along their undersides and helping the massive members thrust deeper and deeper inside each other.

The rest of her tentacles wrapped around them both, groping and massaging anywhere they could, while all of her lips kissed and sucked at his body. Several mouths found his multiple straining nipple-cocks, engulfing them in their ruby lips as their long tongues dipped in the pussies at their bases.

Erik's mind drifted higher and higher into euphoria as the sensations of pleasure were amplified all over his body! They had become so intertwined he was beginning to have difficulty distinguishing his body from Freya's as the overwhelming electric pleasure coursed through them both!

As their rippling bodies writhed together on the ground, more slimy tendrils poked out through Freya's skin, pulling his body tighter to her's as they snaked around him. Fresh pink skin patched over the gaps between them as the two lovers merged together amidst their shared passion!

As the last of their bodies became one, orgasm finally overtook them! The radiating surge of pleasure dominated their shared body, cocks exploding with slimy release and pussies rippling and twitching as they clamped down on whatever filled them! Their minds danced back and forth as each experienced the pleasures of the other, bouncing their consciousness between them like psychological ping-pong!

The mind-shattering pleasure shot through them in waves for what felt like an eternity! But, eventually, it finally began die down. Their body slowed its thrusting, twisting and churning to bask in the glorious afterglow that drifted over them like a warm feather blanket.

Their minds slowly calmed down as well, settling down into a single consciousness as the dominant mind assumed control.


Dr. Viers blinked.

Why was he so cold?

He sat up and looked around.

He was laying naked on the warehouse floor!

Standing up quickly, he checked around him. Hopefully no one had seen him there!

He ran over to his room to find some clothing, finding the door smashed in and hanging from its hinges. What had happened here?

He hurried to the trunk along the back wall and pulled out a backup pair of slacks and a shirt. He stepped into the adjacent bathroom and quickly dressed himself, staring at his reflection in the old, cracked mirror.

He was about to button up his shirt, when he noticed an odd line down his chest. He leaned in closer to the mirror, thinking it must be another crack in the barely reflective surface. But as he reached a hand down, he felt his fingers slip into a warm, slimy opening!

"Ahh! What the hell?!"

He pulled at the thick flaps of skin forming around the edges of the slit, exposing a dripping, slimy hole filled with squirming tendrils! He couldn't help but notice the sensations of pleasure emanating through his body as well.

As he stared at the growing hole, he felt something strange welling up deep within him. Seconds later, a thick, sinuous tentacle burst out into the cool air! Its tip curled back and pointed towards his face, slowly morphing into something strangely familiar. Soon he was staring face to face with a golden-haired woman!

"Hello lover!" she smiled, booping him on the nose as shoulders and arms formed from the cylindrical mass sticking out of his chest. "Did you miss me?"

Dr. Viers stared in shock as memories came rushing back.

Serum 666B...

The L.O.S.T. virus!

Subject 2201...


"You... you... you..." he stammered.

"That's right Erik. You and me. We're kind of a thing now!" she chuckled, hugging his head tightly to her generous rack. "We'll never have to be apart ever again!"

She slid back, holding his face in her hands. "You, me, and a whole bunch of that serum, Erik. This is going to be so much fun!"

Giggling, her body devolved back into a singular tentacle and slithered back into his body. The larg, vaginal slit in his chest then sealed back up as quickly as it had appeared.

Dr. Viers looked back up into the mirror. What was he doing again? That's right, there was a weird line on his chest!

Looking again, he found nothing there. Must have been a crack in the mirror or something...

Breathing a sigh of relief, he smiled and finished buttoning his shirt.

He grabbed another lab coat off the wall as he walked out into the warehouse and towards the serum development wing. He wasn't sure why, but he knew he was going to need a lot more of Serum 666B!


Re: Experiment 2201- by ccczzz

Part 2 Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39084762/



Experiment 2201

Candice moaned softly as the morning sun danced across her face. She smiled as she felt its warm touch coax her awake, lighting her bedroom with its soft amber glow. Her dark eyes slowly flickered open and she turned to find her guest still fast asleep, his dark haired chest rising and falling with the steady rhythm of slumber. Not wanting to wake him, Candice slipped out from the sheets and made her way towards the bathroom, reflecting on the night before.

She was usually so shy, she didn't know how she had finally gotten the nerve to ask him out. He'd been more reserved since the incident that destroyed his lab a few weeks ago. Maybe that vulnerability had brought out the nurturer in her? But that wasn't all.

Since that day there was something inexplicably alluring about Dr. Viers. Just being near him made her flush! Working side by side with him as his lab assistant had become incredibly arousing. So much so that she began taking more frequent "bathroom breaks" just to relieve her pent up energy. But it was never enough to really satisfy her. She wanted him!

Eventually it became too much and she cracked, giddily asking him out yesterday afternoon amidst a series of awkward giggles and blushing. Thankfully he said yes, adding that he'd felt incredibly attracted to her as well but had been hesitant to act on it as her superior.

Dinner had gone well with lively conversation, but it was back at her place where things really heated up. By the time the apartment door had closed behind them, they were both naked and kissing passionately.

Candice suddenly snapped back to the present, catching herself reaching back towards her pussy as her other hand tweaked a nipple. She blushed as she looked in the bathroom mirror, tracing a finger over her shaved mound. Last night had been so hot, she was getting unbearably aroused even now just thinking about it! Round after round of boisterous sex, his generous cock filling her with his glorious seed again and again as she climaxed...

Candice bit her lip as her nethers quivered, cumming once more.

She looked back at her reflection, slightly embarrassed at how easy that had been. Scolding herself she took a deep breath and regained her bearings, noting the droplets that trickled down her thighs.

She needed a shower.

After several minutes under the hot water Candice began to feel more like herself. It wasn't like her to masturbate so openly with a guest in her apartment. What had come over her?

She closed her eyes and began scrubbing soap across her lithe body, lathering herself with its tropical embrace. As her hands slid across her smooth, pale skin, they began straying again towards her more sensitive regions. Thoughts of last night filtered through her mind once more, images of Dr. Viers' rugged body flashing through her memory. Then other images began to trickle in. More images of Erik, but they weren't in her apartment anymore. They were back at his old lab. She was straddling him, grinding her thighs against his as her pussies rubbed against his body, dripping down his legs.

Candice became lost in the foreign memories, failing to notice as her body began changing to match them.

Little pink nubs appeared down her torso that sent tremors of gratifying pleasure as her fingers grazed over them. The pale flesh around the nubs grew more sensitive as well, heralding the appearance of new nerve clusters within the fatty tissue that was accumulating into noticeable mounds. Candice groped the burgeoning orbs, too lost in the pleasure radiating through them to question their sudden appearance.

As she savored the hot spray of the shower, she heard the soft scratch of the curtain behind her. The touch of large hands on her derriere and the prickle of a stubbled chin on her neck could only mean one thing. Her lover was awake!

"Hey, you." came the soft whisper as she felt his hands move up her back, massaging her wet skin. "Trying to avoid me, eh? Well it won't be that easy. I know where you work!"

Candice chuckled at the lighthearted hyperbole, reaching back and running her fingers through his dark hair. She felt him reciprocate the affection, moving his hands around her body to cup her breasts. Giving the handfuls a squeeze, he suddenly paused.

"Hey, were you this big last night?"

"Mmmm-" Candice moaned, reaching behind her ass with salacious intent. "Were you this big last night?"

She grabbed the member poking into the small of her back and, with a few quick strokes, had his little soldier standing at full attention.

"Ahhh-" he groaned. "Point taken."

Disregarding his suspicions, he relaxed as Candice spun around and hugged her body tightly against his. She felt softer than he remembered, but that thought quickly melted away as she grabbed his cock and began pumping it between them. Erik braced himself on her shoulders as she went to town on him, lubing him up with fistfulls of creamy soap and dutifully scrubbing him clean.

After several good cleanings Candice dipped down, kneeling on the cushy floral bath mat. She licked the throbbing member in front of her, closing her eyes as the shower drenched her hair. Following the delicious taste, she traced her tongue up his length, eventually locating his pulsing head. Licking his tip, she slipped a hand between her thighs, stroking the pair of needy slits there. Her other hand roamed through her field of swelling breasts, tweaking a nipple here and there.

Meanwhile, her newest third and fourth hands crept their way up the back of Erik's legs, tracing a lazy line up his calves, knees and thighs. With a sudden move she grabbed his muscular ass, gripping it tightly as she wrapped her lips around his cock and swallowed it whole! She bobbed her head up and down, coiling her long, sinuous tongue down to his balls where she wrapped it around them, squeezing them in time with her pumps.

Erik groaned and closed his eyes as he leaned forward, running his fingers through her sopping, shoulder-length hair and gripping the back of her head. The pleasure was incredible. She had been a dynamo in bed last night, but this level of pleasure was a whole new high! Just as he was about to cum, she suddenly released him with an audible slurp. He was about to complain when the warm, wet embrace of her lips returned, and then returned again? His mind couldn't wrap around what he just felt, but the doubled sensations of pleasure were too great for him to care!

Candice smiled as she massaged her top F-cup breasts, the mouths that had replaced her nipples engulfing Erik's pair of straining cocks. Her legs had reshaped themselves as well with her calves shortening while her feet lengthened, pushing her up onto the balls of her feet to balance on thickened toes. She pumped the tapered tips of the long, smooth tentacles that sprouted from her sides into the pair of pussies between her splayed thighs. They were soon joined by the tip of her thick, sinuous tail, diving into her third vagina as it appeared above the other two. Candice shivered as the rows of breasts down her torso spread down her tail, covering its underside in pairs of soft, sensitive orbs.

She could tell Erik was getting close to climax. His prominent veins throbbed while his members twitched and shuddered inside her breasts. She lathered his lower body with long tongues that slid through new sets of lipples, relishing his musky taste. His face was pulled into a familiar grimace, one that she knew so well from before. Not from last night, but before that. From the last time they had been together and lost themselves in transformative bliss. From before he had unwittingly infected this other human with her essence. From when they were together back at his lab!

Freya laughed as her mind finished melding with Candice's, cementing her return to the corporeal realm.

"Now," she whispered softly in a voice reverberating between Candice's alto and Freya's soprano. "CUM for me, Big Boy!!"

Erik groaned as he felt the eruption start deep within his loins, roaring through his crotch before exploding into a mind-numbing orgasm! He looked down at his lover, still greedily sucking the seed flowing through him. But the creature that gazed back up rattled him to his core!

Erik jumped back in shock, slipping on the wet porcelain and tumbling out of the shower onto the cold bathroom floor. He scrambled back on his hands and feet, not sure if what he had just seen was real or some wild trick of his imagination. He paused as he heard the click of metal and the rustle of thin plastic. A pale, delicate hand gripped the shower curtain, pulling it aside as billowing steam obscured what lurked within!

A pale-skinned foot appeared first, three long, thick, articulated toes touching the tiled floor and searching for purchase as a fourth reverse-facing toe stabilized the heel. The smooth, hairless leg that followed looked more bestial than human, bending in ways more akin to a dragon's than any normal person's. As Erik's eyes trailed up the creature's creamy thighs, he caught sight of the trio of pussies nestled together in her loins. Large, perky breasts dominated her front, running down her entire torso and continuing down the length of her thick, swaying tail. The top several pairs of breasts had their nipples replaced with ruby red lips where long tongues slithered seductively in and out. A pair of restless, squirming tentacles protruded from her sides, just above her hips, continuously caressing her body along with two pairs of human-looking arms. Her shoulders led to a shapely neck, but her face was something else.

Erik couldn't tell who he was looking at. For moments it looked like Candice, but the visage of another, blonde-haired woman flickered in and out of focus. Erik rubbed his eyes. What the hell was going on?

"Erik!" her strange, reverberating voice warbled. "What's the matter, Erik? Didn't you miss me, Erik?!"

"Wha- what's happened to you Candice?!"

"What's happened?" she took a few unsteady steps forward. "You Erik! You happened. You set me free last night inside this wonderfully sexy host!"

"What the fuck are you talking about? I didn't do anything last night!"

"Oh contraire, Erik. Fucking is exactly what you did last night!" The reverberations in her voice began to level out, like two competing voices starting to speak in unison rather than fighting for the mouthpiece. Her steps became more confident and she advanced towards the prone scientist. "And thanks to your fucking, you set me free. You set us both free!"

Erik watched in shock as the creature's head began stretching sideways. Her chin grew wider, developing a cleft down the middle. The cleft grew wider and deeper, eventually splitting it into two separate dainty chins! Her mouth and nose quickly followed, bifurcating into pairs. The separation continued up her face, eventually slowing near her earline. Stopping short of dividing them into two fully independent heads, the separation ceased at her eyeline, resulting in two outside eyes with a third, shared eye between them! The right half of her head had retained Candice's dark bob-cut hair, dark brown iris and pale lips, while the left side was framed by long, blonde hair, had ruby red lips and a vivid blue eye. The third eye between them owned a diachromatic iris, brown on one side and blue on the other.

"Remember me now, Erik?!" her separate mouths said exuberantly, in perfect unison.

Erik blinked, lost somewhere between abject denial and a faint recollection that this wasn't just someone he recognized, but someone he had been intimately involved with! He stammered as his mind fired on all cylinders, trying to process the hypersexualized woman before him.

As she began walking towards him again, flashes of memory filled his vision. His old lab flickered in and out of focus and the spectre of another woman from somewhere in his past walked towards him. Three legs, dozens of breasts, vivid blue eyes and ruby lips scattered all over her body, with arms devolving into tentacles ready to fuck anything in reach. She was a monster of a woman. A monster that he had created!!

It was subject… Subject 2201…

It was Freya!!

Erik snapped back to the present, finding the dual faced Candice/Freya woman leaning over him, staring at him eye to eye… to eye.

"Bingo!" they giggled in synchrony, booping him on the nose. "You got it Erik! It's me, 'Freya' - 'Candice'" the two voices disagreed, suddenly breaking their synchrony.

"'Candice' - 'Freya'", they tried again. "'Crey' - 'Fran' - 'dice'?"

They furrowed their brows, holding their chins and scratching an ear as their internal debate played out. Soon a smile crossed all their lips.

"Creya." they nodded, in perfect harmony once more. "You can call us, Creya."

Baffled by the strange back-and-forth he just witnessed, Erik's mind reverted back to denial. Panicking, he scrambled to his feet and dashed towards the bedroom.

"No, no, no! That project was terminated. All of Serum 666 was destroyed! It was blackballed after the Experiment 2200 failure!" he slumped onto the bed, holding the sides of his head. "You can't be real!"

"Oh, but I am real, my dear Erik." Creya sauntered into the bedroom behind him, "Very real!"

She slithered her tongues, tentacles and tail all over her body, hefting the weight of her many breasts and letting them bounce back into place. She stepped closer.

"All that stuff about your projects being terminated? That's just what Freya wanted you to think." they smirked. "Don't you worry, she has all the leftover Serum 666B tucked away somewhere safe."

"666-B? There's another 666? And why are you talking about Freya like she's someone else. I thought you were Freya."

"Oh, silly Erik. There's so much you don't know!" She closed the distance between them, straddling his thighs with her own. Erik wanted to run away, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from her incredible body. It seemed so wrong, but it felt so right! He could feel the stir of arousal suffusing his crotch.

"We can't tell you about the stockpile," Creya whispered. "But we can tell you where Freya is."

She walked a pair of fingers up his chest.

"She's right… in… here. Boop!" they giggled, tapping his forehead.

"You're crazy." Erik huffed.

"Oh, are we?" they laughed. "Well then, we'll just have to get her to come out and play!"

Creya dipped a pair of hands to Erik's crotch, firmly gripping his genitalia. He moaned at the sensations, closing his eyes and leaning back further onto the bed.

Creya pulled the rigid shafts up between their thighs, lavishing them with several of her lipple tongues as she began pumping them in time. Her tentacles wrapped around his legs, holding them steady as he shuddered with pleasure.

So lost in the sensations, Erik was blissfully unaware as his cocks began to swell bigger. Their girth filled Creya's dainty hands and they had soon groan long enough for her to pump with all four hands. The cocks pushed through her rows of perky tits, surging past twelve inches and into the foot-plus range.

"Oh my god.." Erik moaned. "Why does it feel so-"

But his question was cut short, already answered as he stared in shock at the pair of oversized dongs extending from his crotch. They were massive! And he had two?! Panicking once more, he scrambled further back onto the bed, away from the crazy woman warping his body.

"What the fuck did you do to me?!!"

"Us? Why, we didn't do anything, Erik." Creya smiled innocently.

Looking back at his gigantic swaying cocks in disbelief, he noticed several bumps forming beneath their throbbing heads. The bumps grew out into stiff cylindrical shapes that bent in odd directions. As they developed further Erik suddenly did a double-take as he realized what the were…

They were fingers!!

The new digits wiggled independently as they formed into complete, feminine hands, stroking the bulbous heads that still replaced their palms. His vascular shafts suddenly kinked at the middle and began using their new elbows to rub each other up and down. Erik shuddered at the incredible sensations, unable to control the autonomous cocks, but feeling every ounce of pleasure pulsing through them. Glancing down he noticed his dark bush had turned blonde and wavy. The golden hair grew longer, spilling out around his hips. The flesh beneath it swelled, shaping into a dome beneath the flowing locks.

His sentient cock-arms then paused their self adulation and reached out, grabbing his knees. They stalled for a moment, adjusting their grip, then pulled against them with all their might!

Erik watched in horror as a pale, fleshy mass began to pull out from between his legs, inch after inch of it materializing as the cock-arms yanked it free. Shoulders appeared at the base of the arms as a neck and spine took shape. Shoulder blades and ribs completed the human-like back as the torso finished extruding from his loins, stopping just where its ass would have been.

"Ahhhhhhhhh…" a sultry voice exhaled. "It's good to be back!"

The torso turned, locking Erik with a pair of familiar blue eyes.

"Sorry for blocking your memory, Erik." she apologized, fiddling with her nipples like a nervous tick. "But it's for the best, for both of us."

Erik stared speechless, dumbstruck at the Freya that had just pulled herself from his loins.

"How about we make it up to you, hmm?" Freya smiled with a knowing wink.

Erik shivered with bliss as he felt something penetrate his body. But it wasn't his body… Freya had begun playing with her ample breasts in earnest and was dipping her fingers in and out of the pussies that had replaced her nipples.

"You like that Erik, hmmm?" she moaned, already knowing the answer.

Erik shuddered as pleasure radiated up into his body. He had no control over her whatsoever, but the physical sensations were just as much his as they were hers.

"I absolutely adore nipple-cunts. And I know you do too!" She leaned into his chest. "Wanna try?"

Before Erik could respond, Freya began stroking his nipples, massaging them gently with her fingers. The sensations quickly escalated from sensual to electric and soon Freya was fingering a pair of plump, juicy vaginas embedded in Erik's chest!

"Now, let's put these puppies to good use!"

Freya's fingers suddenly dissolved and she leaned in, shoving her phallic forearms into Erik's waiting snatches.

Groans and sensual moaning filled the small apartment as Erik enjoyed the sensations of his slits being filled to the brim and Freya pumped her vascular limbs with a steady rhythm. Creya watched with fascination, her tentacles idly toying with her pussies. Seeing Freya's arm-cocks gave her an idea! Focusing, she looked down at her arms and watched the flesh between her ring and middle fingers begin to split…

Erik was lost in pleasure as he laid back on the soft mattress. Freya was on top on him, fucking his nipple-cunts with her glorious cocks. Soft mounds of flesh had swollen up around them, giving him a pair of breasts to match his lover's. He could feel other changes taking place on his body, but he was too distracted by pleasure to give them any notice. From the corner of his eye he saw a pale blur climb onto the bed beside him. That blur tuned into a pair of bestial legs as Creya knelt on either side of his head, presenting her trio of glistening pussies for some much needed attention. He was happy to oblige.

"Time to make this a proper threesome!" one of Creya's heads announced. "Or is it a four-some?" the other chimed in. The Freyas all giggled.

As Erik went to town on her undercarriage, Creya put her newest additions to use. All four of her arms had split down the middle to her elbows where four wriggling tentacle cocks had appeared. They squirmed around the lovers' bodies, coiling around limbs, sliding through cleavage and eventually finding their targets. A pair of them pushed their way into Freya's breasts, prompting a moan from her and Erik both. Another had made its way between Creya's legs, joining Erik in attending to her pussies. The fourth found a fresh new slit, quivering above Erik's perineum.

The trio of perverted, sexual beings fucked and were fucked in kind for hours on end, warping each other's bodies to suit their needs and desires. Orgasms came and went like wildfire, shared between them as masculine and feminine cum coated the apartment in thick layers. The orgy of nirvanic bliss went on and on, with no true end, only extending into the hazy fog of sleep that eventually overtook their minds even as their bodies continued to writhe together with pleasure...


Erik awoke to the sound of his alarm buzzing incessantly. The smell of bacon drifted pleasantly past his nose, filling him with the motivation to get out of bed.

He slipped out from the sticky sheets and walked across the rug to the bathroom in a series of squelches. The smell of cum was almost as strong as the bacon and eggs. Erik shrugged, nonchalant. Must have been a good night last night.

After a quick shower to rinse off most of the caked goop coating his masculine body, he dried off and looked himself over in the mirror, rubbing his chin… He could probably skip shaving one more day.

He grabbed his clothes and lab coat from the bedroom closet and got dressed, avoiding the larger puddles of slime. Making his way into the kitchen he found his hostess, cooking happily away.

"Oh, there you are, sleepyhead! Creya beamed, her twin voices chiming in harmony.

Erik stopped in his tracks, staring at the warped, hypersexualized woman in front of him. With just an apron protecting her numerous swaying breasts from spattering grease, Creya's arms busily flipped pancakes while her fleshy tentacles stirred simmering pans of bacon and sausage. Her breast laden tail slithered to the fridge, plucking a carton of milk from inside and pouring some into the steaming coffee mug on the counter in front of him. She looked up and noticed Erik's stare.

"Erik? What's the matter, honey?"

He paused. Then something clicked in his mind.

"Oh nothing, dear. Just a little sausage on your faces!" He walked up and wiped the speck of meat from her lips before giving each pair a quick kiss. "I'm running late today. Woke up to the backup alarm. Must have been up late last night! Mind wrapping some of that up for me to take on the go?"

One of Creya’s tentacles slipped over the counter and wrapped around his waist. “Not so fast. You're the boss, Erik. That means you’re entitled to a little extra time!” Her harmonized voices chided as she guided him to sit down.

"Hmm, I suppose you do have a point," Erik happily conceded. "And it’s not everyday I get treated to such a scrumptious breakfast as this!” He continued as a pair of Creya’s hands slid a heaping plate in front of him.

As Erik took his first bite, he gazed at his lover, watching as she gracefully untied the grilling apron with her quartet of dainty hands. Her hip tentacles retracted back inside her body. Something nagged at the back of his mind that he should be disturbed by her appearance, and the soggy state of the apartment around them… yet it all felt somehow… normal?

Creya noticed his staring, and as she pulled the apron over her conjoined pair of faces she began swaying her body like an experienced stripper. Pair by pair she slowly revealed the vast field of breasts covering her chest and torso as the mouths adorning her upper tits started licking their lips. Her left set of arms tossed aside the apron as she sauntered closer, her breast-laden tail swaying behind. Creya’s lower arms began stroking her trio of dripping pussies while her upper arms stroked her hair.

“I think you’re hungry for more than just my cooking.” Creya cooed. Erik started to get up but was immediately halted by her tentacles. “Now, now. Finish your plate before desert.”

Erik hurredly gulped down several large bites of eggs and bacon. After a large swig of orange juice, he took a breath and teased, “But I thought you wanted me to take my time and enjoy your cooking?”

“Actually," Creya confessed, "I just wanted you to myself a little longer.”

With both her faces grinning, Creya turned and slowly sauntered towards the bedroom, throwing one more flirty look over her shoulder. The swaying of her hips, tail, and tentacles was frankly just too much for Erik. He forgot about the rest of his breakfast as he felt an intense pressure in his loins.

Erik dropped his fork and jumped up from the table, nearly tipping the chair over. As he made his way after Creya, she giggled in a symphony of voices and quickly darted into the bedroom. As Erik closed the bedroom door behind him, Creya had already spread out on the bed, proudly displaying the needy cluster of dripping pussies at her crotch and the underside of her tail lined with countless breasts.

Erik unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his pants. His little soldier was already at rigid attention when he realized that he was outnumbered.

“Should I just pick one, or…?” he asked, looking at Creya with a puzzled expression.

“I think we only have enough time for a quickie, Erik.” Creya pushed herself up with her lower arms, holding her upper arms level with her chest. “But don't worry, I learned a fun trick last night that will ‘come in handy’ now, so to speak.” They giggled.

Before Erik could ask what she meant, Creya held up her upper arms in front of her, focusing on her ring and middle fingers. With practiced ease her arms quickly split down the middle to her elbows and wriggling tentacle cocks sprouted out, gushing spurts of clear cum. The cocks squirmed and coiled as Creya herded them under her legs and towards her crotch where they quickly filled two of her pussies.

“Mmmph, see there’s still room for you too!” Creya grunted from her left mouth, while her other was biting her lower lip with intense pleasure. “Come on, hurry up and get in there!”

Erik jumped onto the bed, wasting no time in lining up his aching member with her remaining pussy, even as she continued pumping the other two with her cock tentacles. As he slid into the awaiting slit's warm embrace Creya’s body shuddered from the added penetration. She wrapped her digitigrade legs and squirming tentacles around his back while her split arms twitched and convulsed, their cock tentacles pumping harder and harder into her own pussies. Her still normal lower arms lovingly stroked Erik’s chest and arms as the tongues from her lipples twisted in the space between them.

They rocked in rhythm, collectively fucking Creya’s triad of pussies like a 3-piston sex machine. Creya’s long tail trailed up Erik’s back, rubbing her tail’s many nipples and soft, perky breasts against his muscular backside.

“Yes… YES!” Creya shrilled.

Erik could feel Creya’s cock tentacles unload inside her. First one, then the other. The strange, alien sensation against his still inserted member was enough to put him over the edge and he too unloaded into her. Riding the waves of pleasure, Creya’s grip around Erik with her legs and tentacles slowly went slack and she slumped back onto the bed, Erik’s cock and her tentacles sequentially popping out from her pussies.

Erik, also out of breath, lay down next to his mutant lover. Creya turned her conjoined head to face him. Erik momentarily couldn't decide which side of her face to fixate on. Creya broke the silence by speaking from her Candice side. “That was amazing! And see, we didn't even have to get too crazy this time.”

Her tentacle-cocks began to retract back into her forearms, sliding across the freshly saturated bed and leaving a trail of slime in their wake. As the tips passed her split wrists, her forearms closed and fused back together without so much as a seam remaining. Creya brushed away a strand of hair with one of her restored arms. Her Freya side spoke up, “We can get crazy again later tonight, but you, my dear, still need to get to work.” In harmony her voices added, “and I should probably tidy this place up a bit.”

Erik looked around as he got dressed again. “I’ll can help clean when I get back.” Erik said, glancing at his watch and discovering he was over an hour late now.

“No need, my love." Creya cooed.

"Travel safe, my dear!" Creya called as Erik grabbed his bag and keys. He walked back into the kitchen and poured his coffee into a travel mug before hurrying to the front door.

"I will, dear. See you after work!" Erik called back with a wink before shutting the door. As he walked briskly to his car, he found himself already daydreaming about the upcoming evening.

As Erik pulled away he could see Creya in the bedroom window, waving to him. He waved back, before putting the car into drive.

Her stomach... did it look bigger?