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Chapter 2: Reader's Choice Character

Jack fell back on his bed with a sigh. He had just moved to this new town and it was such a boring place, nothing like the city he grew up in. People stared at him, they talked funny, and to top it off he was expected to do manual labor in his free time. His mother and father bought the place as way to break into organic farming and farm to table cooking or something. He didn't really care, his older sister was just as bored and fed up as him, while his younger sister loved the fact that she could ride all the "horsies"and pet the doggies, and look at the cute piggies.

The new school was just as boring, the students actually participated in school events and dances and had curfews to observe on school night, it was like he went back in time. At least he had the internet and video games to rely on. At least he thought he did, finding out that his father wanted him to help till the fields with him, and clean out the barn was too much. All his free time was gone now, and he was expected to go to bed early and wake up at the crack of dawn to help feed the animals and help them graze all before going to school. Was he even supposed to get any free time?

Another thing that annoyed him was this dumb farm house they live in, it was weird and creepy sometimes. Everything creaked, the pipes leaked, and they made funny noises whenever you turned the hot water on. You needed a key for every lock, and the keys were weird looking ones too. His dad had given him a large ring of keys that looked like they belonged to some old fashioned policemans key ring, asked him to go clean out the basement since he didnt have time. Jack grabbed a flashlight from his closet and headed downstairs.

"Hey Jack, Here try this...it's freshly ground ginger with a bit of spicy turmeric and coconut frosting cupcake" His mother accosted him at the kitchen, blocking his way to the basement entrance. Jack sighed, he didnt like the fact he had to move out here, but he did have to admit his mothers "concoctions" were always some of the tastiest and most delicious he had ever eaten. Taking a bite of the cupcake led him down a subtle ride of sweet, and spicy and a bit of a kick in the back of your throat that felt tingly yet pleasant.

"That was great mom...and you know I love ginger in anything" Jack answered honestly. Scarfing down the rest of his cupcake. His mom beamed at him and tended to the rest of her pastries. He passed by a freshly made batch of snicker-doodles and snuck one off the tray before heading to the basement. He twirled the keys around in his hand as headed down the stairs. While some might be creeped out to venture down into the basement of an old house, Jack wasnt because for a barn basement it wasnt even that scary. Jack asked his parents if instead of a room on the second floor could he have the basement instead. Since while the rest of the house was your standard old craftsman style barn house. The basement was actually renovated, but it was done so in an odd way. It looked like you walking into old fashioned 1950s study. A library of books lined the walls from astro-physics to quantum theories, time travel, science fiction, history books, engineering and anatomy books for all sorts of things, there was books about myths, legends, cryptozoology, even comic books from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. In the middle of it all was what seemed like a lounge area with an desk and a leather chair and ottoman. The far corner of the wall had a bathroom, a fold out bed and a locked closet.

He leafed through a book on Native American myths on the sidetable near the lounge area and headed to the closet. The door was plain carved oak and seemed fairly new considering the rest of the surrounding furniture. However it was sealed tight and only had a single keyhole and no door knob. It was an odd door to say the least but maybe he could figure out something with this set of keys.

Jack mumbled to himself, each key brought him more frustration, these old keys sometimes took some finagling to work right in the locks and he couldn't tell if they were the right ones or not since the door didn't even have a door knob to pull on. when he got the last key he grunted in annoyance.

"fucking old fashioned piece of crap!" Jack yelled, throwing the set of keys to the floor in frustration. He heard a loud clang of something metal breaking off as the keys struck the floor. Jack reeled, fearing he might have broken one of the keys and saw to his dismay that one of the keys was in fact in two parts now. He picked up the other half of the broken key and was surprised to see that the key was hollow on one end. The other part of the key had different ridges than all the rest. Jack stared at the keys wondering why someone would go through the trouble of making a key hidden like this. Having nothing to lose Jack turned around and tried the new hidden key into the mysterious door. As soon as he inserted it into the lock, A hiss was heard from the door and the key became stuck. Jack stumbled back as a loud series of metal clanging noises emanated from the other side and the door slid into a compartment on the side of the wall.

There was a strange hidden room beyond the now open doorway, it looked like something you would find in one of those old 1950s mad scientists movies. There was a multitude of strange contraptions scattered about, test tubes, beakers, metal coils and wires. There was a chalkboard with equations, and in the far corner in the wall was a pedestal with a rather pristine looking device perched upon it. What made it odd was that it was in direct contrast to the rest of the equipment in the room since it looked like a typical standard touch phone but about five times as thick and it was the screen was lit. Jack stared dumbfounded, everything around the room looked like it hadnt been touched in decades, but the device before him looked like it just came fresh from the factory. When Jack approached the device it startled him as a prompt came on the screen. It looked almost like a typical smart phone layout. There was a message icon however indicating that it was waiting to be read. Jack picked up the device carefully and tapped the icon for the messaging app.

"New user aqquired, Upload data? Y - N" The message said simply, Jack wondered what that meant since he doubt the device even had wifi, but decided to click Y anyway. A bright flash came from the device and blinded him as soon as he tapped the Y button.

Jack rubbed his eyes and brought the Alpha remote into view, wait the what now?

How did he know what it was called, and....Jackes brain suddenly kicked into overdrive and he was left reeling with a minor headache as he came down. He had full operating knowledge of the device in his hand, like if the manual was suddenly downloaded into his brain. However there was bits and pieces missing like he been given a full copy of a book but with some pages torn out. The aspects of the device were...odd to say the least, and even stranger was that there was nothing about who created the device or where it came from.

"This thing can do what...thats....thats not possible" Jack wondered aloud, staring at the device in his hands. From the knowledge he gained, he knew that he could alter and interchange the aspects of any human or animal as he pleased. And with the ability to alter reality itself. None of it seemed possible but the information forced into his brain said otherwise. Jack had many questions...however his curiosity over the devices origin was now presided by his overwhelming curiosity of trying out the device.

"I just...have to make sure....that this is real" Jack said to himself, reassuring himself that what he does now is out of scientific curiosity.

"hehe...maybe with this things will be less boring." Jack laughed to himself, locking the door behind him and securing it with the secret key and heading back up the stairs.

His mother was busy looking through a recipe book, and decided to head outside to meet his dad instead. His father was busy feeding the horses, cows, sheep and pigs. His little sister was playing with the sheepdog and the two Australian shepherds. His older sister was on her phone texting on the porch. As much as Jack loved his family, he knew that no matter what he did with the device reality would alter to fit the changes he made...that is if it actually worked.

Jack looked around on who to test it on first, his father or his sisters....or maybe just mess around with some animals instead.

*Jack messes with his family


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Chapter 3: Jack messes with his family

His older sister, Evelyn, or Eve, was sitting on the porch typing away on her phone. Sitting near her on the seat of the rocking chair beside her own, was their cat, Felix.

I wonder..., thought Jack as he pointed the remote at his older sister and cat. He scrolled through a few options before he found an option for "swap."

Jack saw a simplistic diagram of both a human woman and male cat. He highlighted heads of each and then pressed "confirm".

A flash of light seemed to radiate from nowhere as Jack went blind for less than a second. When the light faded though, he saw an interesting sight. Felix's head was now sat on Eve's body, his orange furred visage melded onto the smooth, bare shoulders of his sister. Strangely enough, Felix was not the one typing on the phone, it having never left the hands of Eve's body.

Jack looked back to where Felix was before and saw his sister's head grafted onto his body. Her dark brown hair was draped over her new furry, orange back as her tail swished idly. Jack walked closer to the porch to see exactly what was going on. As he got closer he heard more of what Eve saw saying. It became clear to Jack that Eve was dictating text messages to Felix, who was typing them into the phone.

Reality had adjusted so that Eve would still function much as the way she did before, but she needed assistance, namely from the cat she swapped with.

Jack couldn't believe it. With a press of a button he had changed reality. In a bit of shock he continued observing his sister and cat, further.

"Well tell her I don't care if she WANTED to go out with Todd, he asked me out and I said yes!", Eve said, clearly impassioned by some relationship drama going on with the new kids she met at her college.

Felix processed what she said and began typing. His human hands worked quickly, just as fast as they did when it was Eve using them. His slender fingers worked to communicate on behalf of his owner.

As Felix transcribed Eve's words, Eve herself had extended one leg and was licking her paw. Jack stood up on his tip toes to see more, as he was on the ground still, in front of the porch. As he raised himself up he saw that between Eve's new legs sat Felix's sheath and balls. When Eve was done cleaning her paw, she leaned over herself and began giving her balls a vigorous licking as well.

This made Jack snicker a bit. He knew they never had Felix fixed, and now his sister was likely very glad for that.

Eve's licking was brought to halt though as she noticed her brother staring at her. "What's up?", she said, maybe a little annoyed, but mostly curious. They were on good terms, having found recent camaraderie in their mutual distaste for their parent's decisions.

"Oh nothing, Just figured I'd come see Felix.", Jack said, as she made his way onto the porch and walked over to the cat that now had his sisters body from the neck down. Jack reached out a hand and lightly scratched Felix's cheek. The cat would have purred, but that part of his anatomy now belonged to Eve. Eve retained her voice, but now had Felix's ability to purr.

Jack pulled up another chair and sat himself down beside his sister and cat as they all heard the familiar sounds of his little sister, Megan, coming around the house. A loud, high pitched giggling followed by rampant barking. Eve and Jack just looked at each other, Eve craning her head up to give Jack a knowing look to see what their sister had gotten up to, this time.

Mentally, though, Jack's mind was racing to process everything he had already done, compounded with all he was realizing he could do...

*Something else.


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Chapter 4: Jack goes to his father

Jack trotted over to see his father with purpose, and though he's always had a somewhat rocky relationship with his dad there was still respect and love there. However their current living conditions were a direct result of his dads decision and it was fair to say there was some tension between them. Jack thought it was only fair that his father be the first to face the device as the guinea pig so to speak.

His father was a well built man even before moving to the country side, a semi fit man in his forties that worked out often, and prided himself on living like a true hard working man as he called himself. He wondered how he'd feel if he took him down a notch.

Jack studied his surroundings, the horses were all stabled, the cows were grazing, the sheep were in the pen, the goats in the fields and the chickens in the coops. The dogs were playing with his sister and the pigs were in the sty. The only other animal not accounted for was moms cat, who was always lazing about the house even moreso now that he had Megans body. All in all there was a pretty big roster of animals to start with.

His father was hauling hay into the horses stables at moment while they nibbled on a mixture of oats and veggies. The device was capable of many things, but for now he wanted to keep it fairly simple a straightforward part swap and see where it goes. He took a look at the horses, seperated by gender of course. They had four mares and only one stallion. Since more than one male would cause trouble for a single farmer to handle on their own. There was also a younger filly that was born only a month ago and baby Holstein calf that were stabled together for proper care.

Jack decided to get straight to the point, he knew his dad was prepping Candy Cane, one of the mares for being fresh into her heat for Jolly Roger the stallion to mount when she was good and ready. Jack decided that his father would make this affair rather personal now. Device in hand, Jack typed down his intentions and pressed the enter prompt. with a anticlimactic electronic jingle it announced that the alteration had occurred. Jack didnt see anything different when he looked at his father however, he was still throwing hay into the troughs of the horses one by one.

However he noticed that he lingered on Jolly Rogers trough a bit longer than usual, and was heaping on more veggies than he did for the mares. Meanwhile Jolly Roger was prancing up and down excitedly.

"I know boy, I can feel it too...." His father said patting Rogers muzzle, which he leaned into and lick his fathers hands. His father sighed loudly and fidgted his left leg up and down as if stomping the floor.

"Dont worry, Im almost there buddy...Just wait at least one more night, and by then I'll...." His father was interrupted by a loud neigh from Roger.

"I get it, I'll go back inside now....god knows your scent is getting to me too" His father said, grabbing a suspicious bulge at his own trousers and rubbing at it a litlle. His father grunted and he kneeded his crotch for a bit. Jack snuck around a beam near the barn as his father passed by. He could hear his father mumbling about the Autumn being especially difficult time for him. He walked back into the farm house, occasionally shaking his left leg up and down as he walked. Jack followed behind silently.

Jack followed his father inside and hid behind the kitchen wall while he met with his mother. Jack saw his dad grab his mom from behind and kiss along her neck, holding her waist against his own as he fondled her from behind. Jack blushed at the scene of his parents getting intimate.

"Oh Bill, is it that time again" His mom asked, leaning into his increasingly needy kisses at the back of her neck. His father just grunted while continuing to grind his waist into his moms backside.

"I cant take it Katie cakes, I can barely get through cleaning the stables and feeding the horses without Ol roger losing it and myself" His father spoke to his mom, feeling her up from behind, groping her body up and down.

"Not that i dont appreciate your attention honey, it's only one more day before your estrus and then you and Roger can do your business and get all this out of the way, you've been so ornery at these times...not that I mind really" His mother smiled smokily. Leaning her head back and catching her husbands lips in a lustful kiss. Katie always enjoyed the first week of her husbands estrus as he become more frustrated waiting for his heat to begin, he would seek her out for some semblance of relief before he could be ready to take on a stallion or two. The spring and Autumn were her favorite seasons since he would be endlessly coming to her for his needs and she loved how his tongue was like magic to her. And she loved that novelty horse dildo she bought for him made him beg for more. She loved her husband truly.

"It's just so hard sometimes baby, I cant control myself Im like an animal" He moaned into her hair, twirling her around and catching his lips with hers. She responded in kind. Caressing his chest and slipping a hand down into his trousers. She pulled back her hand and Jack was surprised to see his mothers hand nearly dripping in wetness. She brought it to her nose, took a sniff and then proceeded to lick her finger tips clean slowly while his dad watched.

"Mmm...sweeter than honey, but with a nice spice to it" His mom said, winking at him. This caused your father to groan and grab his wifes waist, and grind his crotch into hers.

"I need you baby" his father moaned to his wife. His mother nodded a seductive smile and grabbed his ass forcefully.

"Good...Im gonna take this filly for a ride tonight" She said in a commanding voice.

"You mean...you got it?" Jacks father asked stunned all of a sudden. His mother nodded.

"yep just arrived this morning, the shop modified it so it could fit at least both the 15 and 20 inch models" Katie said teasingly.

"Oh god, that's fantastic" Bill exclaimed.

"Now you go upstairs and get ready, I expect you to be all ready for me while I get the harness prepped, they rigged it for me too ya know...theres a smaller one attached to the inside of the strap on suspenders just for me...Im glad you asked them for it honey" She explained, grabbing her husbands ass and giving it a rather hard slap which caused him to jump.

"Now git!" She shouted as he retreated up the stairs, your mother following behind.

Jack just stared in awe at the scene. Reality had adapted so quickly to that swap and his parents were none the wiser. Jack stared at the remote in his hands in astonishment and couldn't wait to experiment more.

*Jack goes to see his other sister


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Chapter 5: Jack goes to see his other sister

Deciding he'd have more interesting surroundings after swapping his family, he went back outside to the porch and found Eve and Felix still there, continuing to text Eve's friend.

So far he'd given Eve his male cat's body, and his father a needy mare's pussy. He though about what to do to his little sister, Megan, as he saw her playing with their three dogs, their sheepdog, Chester, and the 2 Australian Shepherds, Fiona and Bruce.

Megan was running around, wearing a simple pair of jeans and a long shirt. She clearly had been dressed to get dirty, likely at the demand of their mother. Megan's dark blonde ponytail was fed through the back of a baseball cap, the one she'd gotten from school when she joined the girl's softball team.

Jack watched them play for a second, seeing Megan throwing a chew toy across the grass for the dogs to chase. She was threw it quite far, as she was the pitcher for her team. As Megan leaned down, waiting for the dogs to retrieve the toy, Jack selected her with the remote and waited for the dogs to separate before selecting Bruce, as well. After selecting a few options he pressed "enter" and a light again blinded him. When he regained vision he saw that Megan was gone from the spot she had been before. Jack looked back to where the dogs were and now saw in the distance what appeared to be his sister, only with Bruce's body below her waist. Jack had turned her into a centaur-like creature, fusing the two together into one being. Jack wouldn't miss Bruce, he was the worst behaved dog they had and it was only Megan who liked him anyway. This way, she could be with Bruce, forever, and no one else in the family would have to deal with the disobedient dog.

Megan held the toy in one hand as she wound up again and threw it back toward the direction of Jack. It landed near him and he watched as this time, Fiona, Chester and now Megan ran after the toy. Apparently, Megan was now racing the dogs to get the toy, her lower body running quite a bit faster than the other dogs. It wasn't much of a competition, but it was fun for her, and she loved her dogs, so spending time with them in their natural environment was a joy.

As Megan barreled toward the toy, Jack was too busy focusing on the change to notice his little sister coming straight for him. Megan, too, was too excited and focused on winning that she crashed right into her brother, her large lower half carrying more than enough weight to take him down with her.

As Jack lay there on the ground, his sisters canine half on top of him, he struggled to breath as her weight pushed down on him. Megan tried to find her footing, and her paws once again on solid ground pushed off of him. She stood over for a moment while apologizing.

"Sorry Jack, I got a little distracted, I guess. I just wanted to win.", she said, smiling down at her brother.

"Don't worry about it.", Jack said, after coughing. He had been staring straight up at the sky after being knocked down, but as he turned his head forward he saw between Megan legs as her large sheath swayed gently between her legs, her black-furred balls hanging behind it. "You can get off me, now.", Jack said, laughing a bit.

Megan laughed herself as she side-stepped off her brother.

"So how's softball going?", Jack asked.

"Well. It's funny. They can't decide which position to play me in.", Megan said. "They say I'm the best pitcher they have, but any time I run the bases I'm the fastest one on the field. I want to pitch... But the coach keeps trying to get me to be outfield. He says I can get anywhere on the field in a quarter of the time it takes anyone else. I just think it's boring, though..."

"Then practice your pitching, and get even better." Jack said, encourage his sister to improve at what she wanted to do.

"Thanks, Jack. Tell mom I'll be back in before dark.", Megan said before throwing to the toy again. She let Chester and Fiona get a head start before taking off herself, her four legs launching her as Jack saw her tail wagging hard as she ran, her balls swinging hard from side to side with each stride.

As Jack began walking around a bit more on the farm he had a thought. He had been invited to a birthday party, and it was tomorrow, Saturday. Jack had scoffed at the idea when he was invited, having not even considered having, let alone going to a birthday party in years. It seemed so boring to him. Jack remembered though, one detail that with his new device would make it more than worth his while. The birthday party was at the zoo. Jack had thought it was hilarious that bunch of high school kids would actually want to have a birthday party at the zoo, seeming to Jack more the plans of a group of children. He relished the thought, though, of the entertainment he could create for himself, there. He pulled up Facebook on his phone and messaged the girl who invited him, telling him he could go. He had no intention doing anything like that before, but maybe he could make some of those high-strung kids a little more interesting after a few uses of his remote.


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Chapter 6: Jack chats with Eve a bit more.

Jack noticed his older sister Eve and their cat Felix lounging around near the barn. Felix had come back out wearing a very skimpy two piece bikini on his human female body and was sunbathing while Eve was sitting atop what used to be her own breasts swiping at the phone perched in her cats new cleavage. They both seemed to now have a fondness for sitting out in the sun and lounging around lazily and developed a sort of symbiotic relationship in the absence of her own human body.

Jack walked up and observed the pair. He felt conflicted as he looked at his sisters well toned body in it's string bikini wearing their cats head upon it's soldiers. Eve tapped away at the phone on Felix's chest with her stubby cat paws and snuggled her body tighter into the crook of Felix's neck. She turned her head back to look at Jack, a feat she accomplished with newfound flexibility by turning her head upside down to look at him.

"What do you want?" She asked with annoyance, her tail flicking in agitation, while Felix napped.

"Just wanted to see Felix is all" Jack stated, reaching out and petting Felix's head. Felix leaned into the petting while scissoring his supple thighs together in delight.

"Whatever" Eve spoke, turning back to her phone and swiping at it with her claws sheathed. Jack frowned.

Even after he had swapped Eve, unlike his father she had barely changed her personality. She was still the same annoying brat. Maybe if he kept altering her she would change her tune. Jack continued to scratch behind Felix's ears, while the cat started to play with it's breasts through the skimpy top, rubbing his thighs together suggestively.

Jack wondered how selective he could be with the swaps and decided a little experimentation was in order. He saw the horses and the cows in the pasture and started typing away at the remote to see if what he wanted could work.

Taking aim at Eve he licked his lips in anticipation and pressed enter. Jack blinked his eyes as he stared at what his sister had become.

Perched upon Felix's bountiful chest was still his former male cat body with his sisters head attached but below where Felix's former genitals were was now two odd body parts that didnt even belong to the same species. Jack had specified he wanted to swap Eve's new cat testicles with one of the cows udders in the field. so attached to her new cat body was an huge jiggling bag of flesh with four thick rubbery teats. The udder was even bigger than Felix's former body, so much that Eve was spread out on top of it...unable to move as she was attached to it. The udder was so large and full that it didnt seem like Eve would ever walk on her new cat paws at all and could never have done so as she was perched at least half a foot from where the udder was connected to her.

But Jake saw the second alteration he made, he wanted to swap just the sheath and penis of Felix's former genitals for the entierty of the bulls cock grazing in the field. Attached directly in front of her overinflated udder was a full set of large brown and white mottled testicles, each the size Felix's head. And a sheath with the tip of a girthy bull cock popping out. The head of the penis stretched farther out across her splayed forelegs. She was just a cat body attached to a bull cock and cow udder. The size of her new genitals ensured she would never be able to use her paws to walk since they could never touch the ground. Jack could see if she bent her head a little she could lick the entirety of the inside of her new sheath with very little effort even. Eve fidgeted with the phone as it fell out of reach, bouncing off her udder and onto the floor. She sighed.

"Ugh im so goddamn full....I hate this part" Eve moaned, shuffling all four of her paws against her udder. She bounced her entire body up and down off of it making jiggle and sway.

"Felix....take me to the milker....Im already full again please" Felix looked down at his master and meowed in agreement, sitting up was a bit difficult since his masters udder weighed at least thirty pounds compared to his former cat body of barely five pounds. Not to mention her new cock and balls which was just as big as his entire former body as her testicles banged against the front of her udder. Felix cradled his master by carrying her udder first with both hands as she struggled to stay balanced atop it.

Jack watched his sister and cat trod off to the barn but not before seeing the last change he made with the remote to Eve. Beneath her cat tail a hens cloaca was situated where her former anus used to be. Eve was now one the farms prized dairy sources, as well as chicken eggs on the regular and a valuable cow breeding tool albeit a small and immobile one.

Jack laughed to himself as he thought how his sister is now much more productive to the farm now.

*Jack mixes up some parts for his family some more


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Chapter 7: Jack mixes up some parts for his family some more

Jack whistled as he walked back inside the house, after watching his elder sister being carried away by their now human bodied cat.

He wondered just how far he could take things, the remote seemed to take direct input from his thoughts and make them reality no matter how crazy they seemed.

He strode back into the kitchen and noticed that his father and mother were still there, however they seemed to be arguing.

"Dammit Katie...I I appreciate what you tried to do but...its...just not the same" Bill yelled over the kitchen table. His mom had her arms crossed with an pouting look upon her face.

"Hey Im trying bill, Look we...can try something else...I just...I dont like it when my husband has to go to some dumb beast to feel satisfied" She argued. Bill just slammed his fist against the table.

"Hey...Jolly Roger isnt just some dumb beast, he's helped me out lots of times!" Bill argued. His mom got an angry look on her face.

"See...that...Im competing with a fucking horse for my own husbands affection. I was happy when it was just the two of us honey....but this farm now....and that...that animal you keep running to...its just not working out for me...I married my husband with my wonderful special children and not a man his...living sex toy" His mom spat out in disgust.

"I cant help it Katie, you know how it gets when Im in heat...I cant do anything but relieve that itch. And Roger...roger is the only thing that can help....Im sorry honey....it....I need this" He finished lamely. His mother just huffed and seemed on the verge of tears.

Jack was even more astounded at the context of their argument, but no matter how much his father changed, Jack couldn't help but feel more anger at his fathers continued actions of making his mother unhappy as well as himself. Even though Jack was the direct cause of it.

Jack took aim with the device and used it to change his father once again. No discernible change could be seen however.

"Fine....then lets go....I'll help you set up the mounting post" Katie mumbled motioning for his father to go out towards the barn.

"Thanks Honey...." Bill said, clattering onto his hooves. From the waist down, his entire lower body now resembled that of a satyr. Although instead of a goat it was the fine chocolate brown coat of a mare in heat. His fathers tail, swished back and forth in agitation. The large curve of a female horse's rear leaving a tantalizing display as nothing was covered. His gait was a bit awkward has his heavy hooves weren't meant to be walking across kitchen tiled floors.

Jack wanted to make one more slight alteration at the sight of his fathers large brown butt hole perched above his swollen mares cunt. With a tap of a button, the horses anus was now an completely identical swollen and needy horse pussy. His father fidgeted on his hooves, now feeling his heat doubled.

Katie just stomped after her husband. Feeling a bit dejected, her husband was doubly cursed. His heat cycles were always in sync and caused him no amount of grief whenever it came about. Spending nearly a month at stables and barns while he tried to sate both of his wanton genitals. Katie always felt left out when it came down to these trying times and tried her best to be supportive.

Jack couldn't help but feel somewhat responsible for his mothers depressing mood and decided to help alleviate her mood in the only way he knew how.

As he silently followed them out to the barn, he targeted a snorting Jolly Roger and then his mother, however his hands slipped and he dropped the remote to the floor below causing the beam and the buttons he press to fire randomly....

*Something went drastically wrong


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Chapter 8: Something went drastically wrong

As the remote hit the floor light in nearly every direction escaped, nearly blinding Jack. Jack raised one arm in an attempt to cover his eyes, but his vision went almost closed lids. The entire time he heard his parent's continue talking, clearly seeing no light and noticing no change.

"Bill, You may need to go get Jack to help us get the mounting post."

"I know, I know... I just hate asking so much of the boy..."

Jack ducked back from the corner he'd been peeking around before. He picked up the remote and stuffed it into a pocket before he pulled out his phone, trying to look like he hadn't been eavesdropping.

Jack still jumped a bit though when his father rounded the corner on unsteady hooves. "Hey, Jack. Mind helping me and your mother for a second?"

"Uh, sure dad. No problem." Jack put away his phone and used one hand to gently feel around the remote, thankfully there didn't seem to be any external damage, though Jack had no idea if the inside was still pristine.

As Jack followed his father into the barn, he watched his huge, brown hips swaying and his tail flicking in arousal, giving Jack a clear view of the twin pussies settled behind him. As they got further into the barn though, his father moved out from in front of him and Jack got his first clear view of his mother.

There was Katie, changed much more than he had intended. She appeared to have Jolly Roger's legs, her torso sat high off the ground as her arms and legs were replaced. A tail hang between her still human ass, also flicking back and forth. Jack saw a pair of horses ear sticking out of the top of her head, threading through her hair.

Jack's eye went a bit wide when he saw the next change, there, bobbing up and down were a pair of massive horse cocks, sat one on top of the other. They were even more massive when in contrast to her still human sized torso and hips. As Katie waited, Jack saw her top penis jump, much as he'd seen Jolly Roger slap his belly before, this time the head of Katie's cock smacked her chin, and a thin strand of precum now connected her chin to the flaring head of her first cock.

Katie's head turned and saw Jack, and her mood visibly increased. "Thanks for helping, sweetie.", her smile betrayed by her obvious frustration at her own arousal.

Bill then came back over to Jack, "Mind getting the mounting stand for us, champ? You know how hard it is for me or your mother to bend over, and I think she's about to lose her mind.", his hand gesturing to some equipment off to the side.

"Sure, dad. No problem...", Jack said, unsure about how to feel about this recent development. As Jack moved around, he saw his mother idly stomping her hooves. She might be even worse off now than his father after that change.

Jack took this time to make sure neither of them were looking at him as he pulled out the remote. He aimed it at his mother intent to change her back, but as he selected "normalize", when he pressed the button he was met with a flashing red screen with a "locked" icon. He tried again and nothing happened once more. Sighing, he decided he'd try to keep them happy for now until he could find way to fix things.

With his mother's backside turned to him, he saw one last odd sight. There, under her smooth taint, now visible to him, was a scrotum, containing not two, or four, but a mass of testicles.

Jack's eyes looked up and down, counting as he found eight balls hanging between his mother's legs. I guess that explains the impatience..., thought Jack. At least she'll be able to satisfy dad, now...

*Jack sets up the mounting stand and checks on Eve.


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 9: Jack sets up the mounting stand and checks on Eve.

Jack did his best to set up the mounting stand for his mother and father. His father was busy prancing around excitedly on his hooves. His tail swishing across his twin drooling horse cunts in agitation. Jack was getting a bit nauseous from the overpowering musk wafting throughout the barn combined with his mothers dual members and octuplet of powerful horse balls.

The mounting stand was specially made for his father it seemed. A padded surface for his torso while his mare hindquarters were left out in the open, and a padded bar for a horses forelegs to dangle from as to not crush him during a mount. His dad slipped underneath the padded bar and spread his hindquarters as much as he could, his tail raised high and dancing in the air.

"Take off the regular pad son, Your mom dont weigh as much as a real horse" His father commented. Katie chose that moment to huff in indignation.

"A real horse, honey Im twice as much as any stallion you've ever had and you damn well know it" His mom countered. clopping up to where his father was bent over and taking a long hard sniff of his hindquarters. His father shivered in anticipation.

"Ye--ye-yeah honey....sorry...hun...whenever you're ready" His father stuttered. Stomping his hind hooves. His mother just smirked while Jack removed the padded bar and was about to offer his mother some help standing when she unceremoniously reared up on her two hind legs and toppled forward onto his fathers back. Her thighs meeting his backside, and her dual hardened horse cocks slapped roughly against the sides of his legs.

"OOooF" His father moaned out, frustrated at feeling the hot twin masses against his chocolate flanks, but not inside of his needy holes. He could feel his wifes bosom rubbing up against his back, which only served to turn him on. Meanwhile Katie was struggling to wiggle her hips and line up with her husbands duo of pussies and failing miserably. His mom blushed at her blunder, pumping her hips causing her many groaning testicles to undulate wildly and her stallionhoods to dance along her husbands inner thighs. Briefly she scraped the tip of one of her cocks near one of his entrances only for it to slide off from the copious lubrication they spilled forth from his increasing heat. His mother sighed all while Jack stared back in fascination.

" Er...Jack...honey...sorry to ask...but...can you do us one more tiny favor?" His mom asked, all while still failing to line up her foot long members with her husbands leaky holes. Bill for his part just shook and shame and need.

"Yeah champ....Just give yer mom a push in the right direction, she's got terrible aim" His father chuckled, sweating and still trying to joke around while his wife teased his drooling cunts mercilessly. His mother blushed hotly and nodded in silent agreement. Jack just numbly stumbled forward and stepped beneath the rutting pair. He tried the device one more time but only received the same error. With a labored sigh he reluctantly kneeled under his mothers torso. Awed for a bit at how seamlessly Jolly Rogers powerful limbs replaced his mothers own and the muscle and skin tone blended seamlessly with the rest of her human torso. However her crotch was a crowded mess of genitals, two massive horse cocks each a foot and half long covered in dark leathery skin and pink splotches attached to crowded sack of flesh with many multiple round ovoid shapes with in. The device had quadrupled the amount of testes she had, making sure that not only was his mother a prized champion stud as Jolly Roger had been but one of the most productive in the state.

Jack had to use both hands to grab just one of his mothers massive cocks, eliciting a hiss from his mother and a shifting of her hips. She involuntarily started bucking at her sons grip. Jack yelped as his mother was using his hands as impromptu stimulation.

"Hurry son..oh....oh..sorry...just...put ...ugh that one...in...the oh...top" His mother grunted. Jack frantically lined up his mothers thrusting cock with the top of his fathers wiggling rump, and winced at the wet squelching sound that it elicited when she thrust forward and past the horse cunt that replaced his anus.

"Ohhhhh god...finally" His father moaned out in relief, the building heat in his upper pussy finally being sated, only caused his lower pussy to throb all the more in need. A steady drip building up on the barn floor. His mother groaned of the feeling of her husbands hot wet twat tightening on her shaft. Jack reached once more under his now pistoning mother and grab the other cock which was flopping about wildly while her first one did its job of stuffing his fathers greedy horse cunt. She hissed in pleasure, unwillingly using her sons hands again as a fuck sleeve while he tried to line up her thrusts with his fathers second hole. With some struggling after a few to many missed thrusts he finally lined it up and let it slide right in with another louder wet squelch that made his stomach twist.

"Aaaaaaaahhh" His father groaned out, the most relieved he had felt in ages. Finally that empty aching pits in his nethers had been filled and filled and he lost himself as he was stuffed in both of his throbbing cunts by his virile wife. Katie grunted in an unladylike manner while she continued to thrust away, her powerful equine legs thumping against the barn floor.

"You..Uh..Can..UGh...GoOO...ugh...Now..Ugh...son!" His father gasped out with every thrust into his drooling pussies, the massive lengths stretching out his insides in obscene ways. Jack just nodded mutely and backed away from the scene, wiping his hands on his jeans and rushing away to the other far end of the barn.

Jack was far enough away now that all he could hear was the steady thump of his mothers hooves and some grunting from both his parents. He bent over grasping his knees as he steadied himself from the experience he had just had to endure with his mixed up parents. When he had caught his breath he stood back up and did a double take at the new bizarre scene before him.

Felix, that cat that he had head swapped with his sister, leaving him with her well developed buxom female body. And his sister who now had Felix's feline body, a male tom cat but with a few extra creative additions. Most notably, how she wiggled all four of her cats paws against the overfull and taut cows udder attached to the underside of where the cats testicles used to be, and the long proud penis of a breeding bull replacing what used to be the male cats original member and the tight and productive hens cloaca replacing the cat body's anus. His sister was now truly a cursed individual. With her feline limbs should would never be able to satisfy her own needs, let alone ever be able to walk on them if she wanted to even. Her udder was far too large and full, and her bulls cock and testicles were nearly as long and wide as her entire feline body. The best she could do was lick at her bull cock when it was hard, but not be enough to do much else since the head extended more than foot past her own nose when fully aroused. It was an odd and pathetic sight to be sure.

Felix was doing his best to work the milking machine, but while still a smart cat able to understand the use of its new limbs, Felix was still a cat and had trouble figuring out what to do while getting easily distracted with his sisters agitated tail and the shiny buttons of the milker and the blinking sun beams from the barns edges. Jack noted his sisters groans as she struggled futily to crane her paws over the sides of her bull cock that was growing in length and girth as she tried to reach her phone laying on the ground beneath the middle of her shaft. Eve cried out in frustration, her body was such a chore. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted her brother and cried out in relief.

"Jack...thank god your here. I been trying to call you for ages...but I dropped my phone. Felix is too distracted to help right now and im pretty damn backed up....please little bro...can ya hook me up to the milker?" She pleaded. Thumping her kitty paws against the side of her still lengthening prick. Jack just shrugged his shoulders in defeat, thinking that he was the reason she was suffering at the moment and moved forward. Eves face lighted up with a smile, and bounced on her udder in excitement, seeing as thats literally all she could ever hope to accomplish in terms of mobility.

Jack moved over to the milkers controls and gently shooed Felix out of the way, watching him saunter with his hips cocking back and forth lazily as he sashayed with his body out the barn to find a spot to lay out and take a nap in the sun for a while. Jack just moved over and grasped the nozzles and fastened each one of them to his sisters four bulging teats. Eve gasped at the tightness of all of her teats fitting against the warm plastic confines. With a nod from jack, he set the milker at steady rhythm and leaned back. His sister moaned in relief, watching in fascination as rivers of milk flowed down the tubes into the reservoir. At this point his sisters bull cock had reached full mast and her long tapered cock stretched passed her body like an battering ram. The more milk she expressed from her udder, the more she rocked back and forth on her own cock using her entire body against herself as a form of masturbation. With a few gasps she stuttered and bucked her feline hips as she erupted a long stream of cum from the tip of her bull cock and then continued to convulse as she screeched in alarm as two eggs rolled down from her backside, and bounced off her udder and gently rested in the hay below.

Eve's head lolled to the side while her member gradually deflated, and her udder was still being milked of its hefty bounty.

"Thanks big bro" She gasped out in exhaustion, a dopey smile crossing her face as she dozed off.

*Jack takes the device outside his family farm.


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 10: Jack takes the device outside his family farm.

As Jack felt unsure about how he was having to help sate his families sexual needs, he started to head inside. Turning the remote over in his hands he wondered if he could trust it to do exactly what he wanted. Those doubts were soon forgotten when Megan came running up beside him.

"Hi, Jack! Whatcha up to?", she asked, innocently.

"Not much, just helping out mom, dad and Eve. Where were you during all of that? You could have helped, you know.", Jack laughed as he jokingly shamed his sister.

Megan continued padding through the grass beside the path Jack was walking on. "Sorry, man. I was stretching my legs. Saw a rabbit near the field and chased it for a bit."

"Fine, fine...", Jack grumbled. "Let's head inside and set the table. Mom and dad should be done soon, and you can Felix to go get Eve in a bit.

"Got ya. Race you to the porch!", Megan said before she took off. Jack laughed as he saw Megan sprint toward the door, her dog half easily speeding it's way across the grass.

Jack broke into a slight jog as he tried lazily to keep up with Megan. He knew she'd win with that kind of body, but he'd entertain her a bit. As Jack approached the porch, Megan was sitting with one of her rear legs reaching up and scratching at her waist where her human stomach met the dog's neck. Jack wasn't spared the completely visible sheath and testicles wobbling between her hind legs as the one kicked at her waist.

"You could use your hands, you know.", Jack laughed.

"This is more fun." Megan said, nonchalantly as she continued scratching.

"Well, get off your ass and help me set the table."

With that Megan followed Jack into the house, her nails clicking on the floor as they made their way into the kitchen connected to the dining room. Jack knew his mother couldn't cook dinner anymore, what with having no hands at all. Testing the waters he asked Megan a question.

"Who's cooking dinner again?"

"Felix, duh. Like always?"

That was impressive. Jack had assumed it would still be a family member that would be cooking, not the family cat. Jack and Megan collected silverware, plates and napkins and set the table as they continued talking. After some time the sun began to go down, and Jack and Megan stepped outside to call Felix.

"FELIX!!", Megan shouted. "GET EVE AND COME ON IN!"

Jack stuck a finger in his ear and rubbed, making eye contact with his sister.

"Sorry, just wasn't sure if he'd hear me.", Megan laughed.

Exiting the barn Megan and Jack saw Felix carrying Eve in his arms. Eve's body wasn't very strong, and under Felix's control he almost struggled to carry her weight, having it been increased substantially by the various parts she was now cursed with. As they got closer Jack saw sandwiched between Eve's bull cock and her furry belly were 4 eggs, which she carefully held with her paws.

"Hey guys.", Eve greeted them. "Figured we could use some of my eggs at dinner."

Jack winced at the thought of actually eating his sister's eggs, but Megan's excited face warmed him to the idea.

"I love your eggs! They're always better than the other chicken's eggs.", Megan said, her tail wagging, showing her excitement.

"Yup, sounds great.", Jack smiled, his brain still nearly overloaded by all of the changes.

The four moved inside as Felix set Eve down on the couch, positioned so she wouldn't roll over. Balancing herself was much harder now that half her body weight was slung underneath her. Jack sat down beside Eve and grabbed the remote and turned on the tv as Megan sat beside her as well, twisting her lower body and curling up in the corner of the couch.

Jack saw an addition to the living room that certainly hadn't been there, earlier. There appeared to be two massive dog beds sat beside the couch. The padding was thicker than a mattress and they clearly served a specific purpose. They were obviously seating/bedding for their parents.

As the kids relaxed and watched tv, Felix was tightening an apron around his feminine waist. The cat with Eve's body began to work, making simple recipes and purring the whole time. Jack's attention went to the kitchen when Felix lightly burned his hand on a hot oven rack, the sound of a hissing cat coming from the kitchen.

After around 20 minutes Felix came back out into the living room and meowed, gesturing with his arms toward the kitchen.

"I'll get mom and dad.", chimed Megan. "You two would be too slow, anyway.", she said, sticking out her tongue before laughing and bolting out the door.

Jack went to the kitchen and poured himself a drink while Felix picked up Eve and sat her in a specially made high chair. When Katie, Bill, and Megan arrived Jack was curious to see how they would be eating at the table. He got his answers after Megan sat on her haunches, not needing a chair. Her waist on the dog's neck came up high enough to substitute for a chair. His father had a chair with a particularly wide site to allow his expansive horse ass to sit comfortably. His mother, meanwhile, simply stood near the table, not able to sit on her own legs or a chair.

Felix served everyone a plate of food and the family ate and chatted about the generic things a family on a farm would, the weather, the neighbors, the crops, and the animals. Jack, Megan and Eve were visibly bored to tears. Even after their changes, they still weren't interested in small talk.

Finishing their meals they all went to sleep for the night. Eve slept with Felix, of course, while Megan slept in a larger version of the dog bed that used to belong to Bruce, now replacing her own bed. His mother and father slept soundly on two queen size beds that were pushed together, the only thing large enough to comfortably house both of them, and Jack's bedroom was the same.

The morning came and Jack had slept in a bit. As he rolled over he saw his alarm clock and the time made him jump up. If he didn't rush he wouldn't make it to the Zoo in time for that birthday party. Jack struggled to recall the girl's name for a moment before he said under his breath. "Ophelia?... No... Olivia!" The last thing Jack wanted was to show up and not even know the birthday girl's name. He'd only been in this town a short time, but after gaining the remote, he was more than ready to begin socializing.

He quickly got dressed and rushed to his parent's room. Rousing them from their sleep, he quickly asked his father. "Hey dad, can I borrow the car?"

"Why do you need to ask me?", his father replied. "It's your car."

It clicked suddenly in Jack's head. No one in the family could operate a car anymore. That left only him to use it. Smiling he saved himself. "I just wanted you to know I'm going somewhere. A girl from school's birthday."

His father smiled as he shifted his large lower half under the sheets. "That's great, Jack. Have fun." His father turned back over and clearly went back to sleep as Jack ran outside and slide into the car seat. Where he'd normally have to adjust it to fit him, it was already perfectly where he wanted it to be. One small perk of having a family that were mostly farm animals.

Backing out of the driveway, he stopped for a moment as the mail truck arrived. Looking inside he saw the slightly overweight mail carrier, David. Thinking for a moment Jack pulled out the remote and targeted a sow pig from a considerable distance away back at his farm. He swapped David and the sow's mid-sections, retaining their head and limbs. David was getting out of his truck to bring a package to Jack's porch.

Jack saw David wave to him as he walked, his mid-section almost perfectly rounded over the front. David saw clear points in his shirt from the matrix of nipples running down it. Despite the change David still had a mostly human shape, and that allowed Jack to apply it so that he could retain his clothes.

Jack knew that later he'd come home and find a sow with an overweight man's body from neck to hips.

Jack pulled out of his driveway and made his way down the back roads until he managed to find the interstate. He was thankful this zoo was closer to the city, and he was ready to jump at almost any opportunity to see some civilization, once more.

*Jack arrives at the zoo.


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 11: Jack arrives at the zoo.   

Jack enjoyed the peacefulness of the drive to the city, he had left quite early after all the craziness of dealing with his altered family. The city Zoo the party was being held at was a rather elaborate one, the newest features of predatory cats and amazonian wildlife.

Jack pulled up to the outskirts of the city, a few miles away from the zoo and was frustrated at how slow traffic was being today. looking ahead of him he could see that a traffic jam was holding up everyone from passing through the intersection and sighed in annoyance. He idly wasted time by people watching the scant few pedestrians that populated the rural country road leading into the city. The area he was stuck in was a fairly popular nature trail and preserve, there was a large forest to roam and a large pond filled with fauna and wildlife as well as a small ranger station and camping sites.

There was a young couple jogging with their golden retriever, a young female farm hand trotting along the horse trail on her horse, a couple of teenagers bothering a flock of geese and ducks near a pond, an old couple feeding turtles near the other side of the pond, an middle aged man fishing, some wild deer milling about at the far edge of the pond, a female forest ranger talking to a group of kids about the local wildlife while holding a large fruit bat, a pack of raccoons milling about near the trash bins, some beavers swimming in the pond, a young teenage couple antagonizing a pair of skunks, and wild rabbits prancing along the roadside between the cars.

The edge of the lake was a compound dedicated as a nature preserve, with many predatorial wildlife roaming around in open enclosures. There was a ring dedicated to a pair of male and female mountain lions and a single male cub, the female mountain lion was currently pregnant and one of the rangers was explaining to a family about the life of the wild cats. A small pack of three wolves in another enclosure, a pair of brown grizzly bears waving and milling about for the tourists, an area dedicated to a petting zoo with lizards, deer and elk, foxes and small wild cats and other small cuddly animals, a green house and aviary filled with many local birds and some parrots and even a enclosed colony of honey bees.

Jack rubbed his chin in thought, checking his watch he saw that he had at least a few hours to kill before he was expected at the zoo party and pulled out of the traffic and towards the pond. He took a large intake of air and reached for the device from his glove compartment. There was quite a bit of opportunities here to experiment with the device further.

Parking near the Nature preserve he decided to head there first and spread out as he enjoyed the sights. He joined the family of five and the older daughters boyfriend listening to the park ranger talking about mountain lion facts. The family consisted of an older man in his late forties along with his wife who was barely a few years younger, and their two young children an ten year old girl and a fifteen year old boy. Their eldest daughter was in her early twenties and was leaning on her boyfriend of roughly the same age. The young couple was entranced in the rangers spiel and noticed the rest of the family members weren't as involved. Jack was interested in pushing the limits of the device and how creative he could be and set about trying to create something he wasn't quite sure the device would accomplish.

After doing the best he could to put his idea into the devices functions, he held out the far end of it and pressed the enter key. When he turned back to the family he noticed that the space they were occupying was completely empty, including the podium where the ranger was speaking from.

Jack moved over and glanced over the mountain lion exhibit and was astounded at the sight before him. Situated where the female mountain lions snout would be was the tired and exasperated face of the young boyfriend, his pale skin fading into golden tawny fur and two triangular golden ears peaking out from his dusty brown hair. The rest of the body was entirely feline, female and currently hugely pregnant. He was lounging on his side, his full multiple feline teats quite bloated along his distended furry belly. His tail lazily swatted at the ground as a shadow soon crested over his body.

"Hello Mr. Thompson, you're doing quite well today...I can see you're about to going into labor any day now it seems" The cheerful female park rangers voice rang out as she peered from atop her own beastly body. Her face adorning the neck of the male mountain lion of the exhibit, a pair of golden cat ears sticking above her red haired locks and a short park rangers hat perched in between. She sauntered around the prone and pregnant form of "Mr. Thompson" and sat on her haunches, her bulbous feline testicles bouncing along the ground and her sheath bobbing around. The man attached to the female lion just lazily shuffled his head about, bringing a large paw up to the side of his face and covering his eyes as he groaned.

"I've just about had it at this point....I cant wait to get these guys out of me at this point....Emma by herself was more than enough" The man whined, laying on his side. When a small furry blur dashed in between the two lion bodied people. It was the lone male mountain lion cub, the body looked to be at least less than a year old it seemed since it was still fairly small, however like the other two a young womans face adorned the young lions body. She had a wide smile on her face as she pounced at her boyfriends tail, dancing in between in it and around to the front of his gravid belly.

"Hey...Come on Ted, I cant wait for you to meet my parents and my little brother and sister" Emma had said, Jack just stared in awe at how reality had adjusted for this most bizarre of all changes.

"Yeah yeah, you've been talking about them for a while...and I agreed to birth them for you....but you were tough enough...now I got four of em in my stomach and I just feel like an overstuffed whale...and not to mention how sore my nipples have gotten" Ted groaned, flapping his paws in the air while Emma rush forward to rub her side against his fluffy belly.

"Hey, dont worry...I love your milk babe, best thing I've ever had...and Im happy to drink it all for you" Emma smiled, and then took one of the offered swollen nipples of her boyfriend in her supple lips still adorned with a fresh coat of ruby lipstick, and began to suck. Ted just gave a small rumble of pleasure.

"Ugh...thanks that feels better, but Im producing enough to feed an entire litter...no matter how much you drink, it aint gonna be enough....I'll be happy to see your parents just so I can get em to suckle all this damn milk offa me" Ted complained, leaning into his girlfriends lips and allowing her to nurse from him. The park ranger just looked on in approval.

"You dont know how much this means to the reserve sir, the Mountain lion population around here is scarce so our exhibit was quite empty, When we put that ad in the paper for a female mountain lion imitator we were quite desperate, but then you showed up and have done quite admirably" The park ranger explained, moving over and laying her body close down against Teds, her exposed sheath rubbing along his flank. She involuntarily bucked her hind legs at the sensation of his soft furry against her furry balls.

"Hey Sarah....really?" Ted groaned. His tail waved around in the air intertwining with hers. The park ranger blushed.

"Sorry Mr Thompson, but the pheromones you're giving off are quite tantalizing" Sarah said moving away in bashfulness. Ted just growled in annoyance. Emma popped her head up, small milk stache adorning her pouting lips, her small tail waving about.

"Hehehe, I cant blame ya Sarah he really is quite the catch...I fell in love the moment I first opened my eyes." Emma sighed dreamily. Ted just smirked.

"That was less than a year ago, after like six hours of labor" Ted reminisced. Emma nodded her head.

"You were so shy, it was so cute" Emma giggled. Ted blushed at the banter.

"Hey you have to excuse me, I had just given birth and then this cute girl falls into my lap literally and starts suckling at my teats...of course imma be just a bit flustered" Ted defended. Emma swatted at his belly, surprised when it kicked back and Ted jumped at the feeling.

"Heh...that sounds like Billy, He was always a trouble maker" Emma noticed, poking at the undulating underbelly with her small paw. watching as it poked back. A few more pokes, and a rippling and calm pace of movement paced back and forth as it distended the fur form within. Ted just groaned at the odd feelings of his stomach moving without his say so.

"Hey, that must be dad....he says they cant wait to meet you" Emma shouted in glee, she continued to tap at his stomach for a few more minutes and "communicated" with her family. Meanwhile ted interrupted.

"I uh...do gotta ask tho...how come you came out first and everyone else came out later?" Ted asked. Emma had the decency to blush.

"Well....see I was curious about what it was like in Sarahs left testicle and left the right sac after sneaking out after bed time...and well ended up in one of your eggs after venturing out too far while you and Sarah were playing naughty. It was fun though, a really big rush when I got ejected into your womb alot of fun. And well our parents all planned for us to move out of Sarahs nuts together at once...i think it's easier this way at least since your're not pushing out five kits all at once like they planned. and hey are you complaining? If I wasnt so reckless we never would have met and fallen in love" Sarah said cheerfully, cuddling up to her boyfriends warm neck and pecking him on the lips. Ted smiled and leaned into kiss her back, scrunching up his face in distaste.

"Ew you still got some milk on your lips..." Ted said

Jack blinked his eyes and turned to find new subjects


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 12: Jack heads to the nature trail

Jack turned his attention away from the twisted feline family. Just before he did though he caught a glimpse of Sarah the park ranger ducking over herself, curling up, her head moving about between her legs. jack had a very good idea of what she was up to and laughed a bit to himself as he saw her hat fall off. "Damnit!", he heard, slightly muffled as Sarah became aware of her uniform falling off of her. Since she could only wear the hat, it was her entire uniform, and losing it was a rather big deal to her.

Moving on, Jack decided to go for a walk. He followed the stone path out of the common, tree canopied area and as he reached the edge, his gaze gaze was met on his left with a sprawling field, full of people and animals alike, and his right was a heavily wooded area, clearly left untouched by the rangers.

As he toward the entrance to the trail, he took in the sights and sounds around him. He heard the sounds of talking coming up gently behind him. He turned his neck and looked behind to see a young couple walking their golden retriever. The guy was likely a little older than the girl, probably around 22 or so. They were both fit, and appropriately dressed for the day, the man in a tan-top and gym shorts, his girlfriend in short-shorts and a top that was little more than a sports bra.

Jack smirked a bit as their dog came up to him and began to sniff his leg. He had a front row seat to whatever he could do to them, now.

"Nugget! Nugget stop!", the girl said. "Sorry about her, she's just curious sometimes."

"No worries.", Jack answered. "She probably just smells my sister on me."

"Ah, got it.", the guy replied, not at all phased by the odd reasoning Jack had given. "Yeah, she's just in heat, and you know how dogs can get...She's been keeping us up all night, recently. I can't stand it anymore."

"Patrick, stop. You know she can't help it.", his girlfriend reminded him.

"I know, I know, Hazel ,it's just, annoying, you know?"

Maybe you should know..., thought Jack. He pulled out the remote and the couple thought little of it, paying no more attention than if he had pulled out a phone. Targeting Patrick and Nugget, he checked a few settings before hitting "enter."

There, still attached by a collar, was what became of Nugget and Patrick. They were simply one being, now. Patrick's arms and legs ended in Nugget's paws, while his head was adorned with dog ears and a wet, black nose. A golden tail swished behind him as he sat down, right on the paved path as he continued speaking to Jack and Hazel. It was clear due to the obvious lack of a human, or even dog penis, the last part he inherited from Nugget. These changes were very visible to Jack, due to Patrick's complete nakedness, save for the collar around his neck connected to the leash in Hazel's hand.

Patrick sat and reached one rear paw up his neck and scratched back and forth. Seeing this, Hazel reached down and scratched at his head, much like a pet.

"Remember, babe...", Patrick said. "We need to head by my mom's for dinner, tonight. She hasn't seen you in so long."

"Yeah, yeah.", Hazel, replied. "The constant mention of marriage was a little annoying last time, though."

"I know. She's just old fashioned. You gotta be patient with people like that."

Jack was impressed. Fusing the two certainly seemed to give Patrick a lot more patience, despite the heat he knew he was going through. It also seemed that their relationship was almost a perfect mix of both loving pet and attendant partner. The next thing to come out of Patrick's mouth though made it hard for Jack to not laugh, especially after internally praising the hybrid.

"Yeah, man, like I was saying, your sister smells awesome, dude. Is she hot?", Patrick asked, his tail wagging behind him.

"Ugh! Patrick. I'm right here!", Hazel said, flustered at her boyfriend's interest in another woman.

Jack laughed. "She's fourteen, dude."

Patrick's face sank a bit. "Oh, um..."

"See!", Hazel said. "You've gotta control yourself, or you'll say dumb stuff. Get you paw out of your mouth!"

"Sorry, babe. You just don't know what it's like. I don't know why you bring me out here, anyway. There's too many dogs around. Remember what happened a year ago?"

"Yes, I remember.", Hazel said, annoyed.

"Well, unless we get moving again, we're gonna run into another guy walking his dog and I'm gonna get jumped. Unless you wanna raise the puppies, let's get done here and head home!"

"It was a little, funny, you gotta admit.", Hazel said, smirking.

"Not really, babe. Nothing to me is funny about being knotted to some brute and getting tugged around watch in awe.", he said, annoyed.

"Sorry, hun.", Hazel said, her tone a bit more serious. "Tell you what. How about on the way over there we stop be Petco and get you some of those bacon treats you like?"

"Really?!", Patrick said, jumping up to his feet and running in a tight circle. Jack smirked again at his creation.

"Yeah, my dogs like those too.", Jack said, interjecting.

"They're the best!", Patrick said, his tail wagging furiously, now.

"Anyway, it was a nice chat, but I've got places to be.", Jack said, embellishing his time table.

"You have a nice day.", Hazel said.

"Have a good one.", said Patrick.

Content to let the two adjust to the new facets of their relationship, Jack continued on.

*He finds something to do by the trails.


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Chapter 13: He finds something to do by the trails.

Jack left the couple by the wayside as he noticed another couple heading off the trails. He saw a young couple shuffling through the dense forest as they excitedly chased after something heading deeper into the woods.

Jack followed along a low pace and set himself aside to observe them, watching as they both hid themselves beside a tree and peered over and whispered in hushed tones. Jack looked over to where they were looking and was surprised to see a deer trotting through the woods and joining another two deer of similar size. Jack could make out that three deer were in fact three female does. Each of them were trotting along and nibbling at the various plants nearby.

All three does snapped their necks into the air as the sound of a snapping twigs and brush alerted them. A large majestic buck had found its way onto the scene, having followed the scent of the three does. The couple glanced over excitedly at being privy to the rare scene before them. Taking out their camera phones and silently recording the moment.

"Sam, Shh...you'll scare em off" The young man said, trying to calm down his girlfriend. She just brushed him off and giggled quietly. Brushing her red bangs from her face.

"You be quiet tommy" She shushed. Setting her phone to record. Watching as the long horned buck approach the trio of does.

Jack figured he could make this moment a bit more memorable with some tweaking from the remote, but was unsure of what to do. Giving a thought, Jack set the device on a "Randomize" setting and decided to let the remote decide on the outcome. Jack was eager to see what the result would be and pressed the initialize button to start the fun.

Jack stood mouth agape as he took in the new scene.

Heavy hooves clopped against the grass of the forest as Sam set her phone to record in the crook of a tree and pressed the start button. She danced excitedly as she made sure the angle was perfect. Meanwhile Tommy stood in the center of the clearing, a blush on his face and his arms crossed as he fidgeted quietly.

"C'mon Sam...lets just get this over with....why did I even agree to this" The young man muttered. Sam trotted over, her heavy hooves crunching the dead leaves of the forest. She was completely naked save for the white, black and brown fur that covered her body from head to toe.

Her face a cute mix of deer and human woman with a short extended muzzle with a pair of pouty female lips at its end. Her large breasts bared for the world, each nipple a darkened black against her white fur. She had thick legs with strong curvy thighs that ended in large deer hooves. However while the rest of her body remained female, her crotch and head told a different story. Between her thighs was a large pair of swollen brown furred testicles and a sheath with a pink appendage worming it's way out. Atop her head was situated a pair of masive bucks horns, sprawling out majestically.

Sam giggled girlishly, having retained her normal voice and stepped up to her shy boyfriend.

"Hey....I just want some good material while im waiting for you at work...and you know how much I love the woods...it just feels so....natural and ....free ya know?" She laughed and slapped a delicate hard tipped hand on one of his flanks. Tommy bucked at the slap and shuffled all twelve of his hooves against the floor.

Jack still had trouble trying to understand this new arrangement that the device had made. The boyfriend had somehow managed to become a deer-taur, with his lower body being replaced with the entirety of the does body from the neck down. However not only had he taken one of the does bodies, but all three of them combined.

Tommys upper body was situated with three complete distinct does body side by side by side. His torso lead into three different bodies of the former does. Each of his lower bodies stomped their hooves in agitation as he shivered in the cool air.

"Yeah yeah I get it....now come on....The middle one is already pregnant, so you gotta get my left since it was in heat first...the right one just started it's heat yesterday so I can be patient for that one....ugh now come on" He spread his bodies apart as he leaned forward against a tree. He presented his left most does ass to his horny girlfriend as she inhaled his sweet scent. She could smell his horny bodies and it always served to get her cock nice and rigid.

Sam stepped up to his left flank and rubbed her long hardened cock against his moist nethers, teasing him and causing him to groan.

"What's with the foreplay? Im already in heat Sam...Im about as horny as I can get without going crazy" Tommy complained, hating how his girlfriend teased him...and having his right flank start dripping with similar need at her teasing. His center body started to raise it's tail, even in its pregnant state enough stimulation only caused a train reaction of arousal across all of his horny deer cunts.

"Dammit Sam....you set em all off" Tommy grunted, Sam only smiled as she waved to the camera set in the tree and gave a thumbs up, she loved the smell of his cunts getting worked up since it was such an aphrodisiac for her. She dug her thick fingers into his center cunt as she rammed her cock into his left flanks juicy depths and was satisfied when she heard him gasp and sigh in relief. She fingered his center cunt and pounded herself into his left, while her tits bobbed to and fro in the open air.

A loud snapping of twigs brought them to a halt as they glanced back over their shoulders at the sight of another lone buck entering the clearing. The bucks nostrils were flared widely, and a look below saw it's long pink cock emerging from it's sheath.

"Oh god.." Tommy moaned, as Sam resumed her thrusting and fingering. Sam grinned and used one of her fingers to spread Toms scent all over his right thigh, reaching over while still being deep into his left cunt. The scent was a greeting to the male buck as it walked up to his right flank and began to eagerly lick at his tail and rear. Sam smirked as the buck paid no attention to her own rutting as it lapped at sams right folds.

"Oh dammit Sam, make it go away... I dont want to get pregnant again" He moaned, the triplicate sensations of being fucked in his left flank, the fingering of his center and the licking at his right was breaking his mind. Sam remained silent as she watched the buck rear up on its hind legs and drive itself on deep into Toms depths of his right body.

"Ohhh fuck....not again!" He moaned, bracing himself against the tree, getting plowed in his right and left bodies while Sam fingered his center twat expertly. She smiled and gave the rutting buck to her right a wink and slapped at Toms left rear with her hand as she posed for the camera.

Jack shook his head in amazement at the scene and wandered off back to the trail

*A new exhibit to look at


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Chapter 14: A new exhibit to look at

Jack walked a bit further down the path before he noticed a small group of people hanging around a particular spot on the path. As he approached it became clear there was some sort of exhibit.

He stopped just as he entered the crowd, beside a mother and son. The son was full of energy and was stomping and jumping around. The mother by comparison looked spent. Jack figured it was a miracle she was even awake, right now. "Eli, hun. Please calm down. I barely got any sleep last night. Your baby sister made sure to that..."

"What's wrong mom? This is awesome!", the boy explained, obviously having fun.

There was a large enclosure, boxy in shape and covered entirely in a fine mesh. Inside the box was a large array of tree limbs and bushes and small ponds. As Jack looked around he saw small creatures moving inside, jumping from limb to limb and scampering around. It was an enclosure of flying squirrels.

"They're not even flying!", the little boy complained. He stomped a tiny foot, clearly not impressed with this particular display.

Just then a park ranger approached. "They don't actually fly." she corrected him. "They glide. See that one there? That's Skippy. Watch him."

As if almost on cue the squirrel named Skippy jump from a tall branch and spread his limbs, the webbing becoming apparent as he gliding to the ground to join the other squirrels.

The boy was quite enthralled the entire time, his attention firmly on the animals. "That was awesome!", he shouted, tugging on his mother's shirt. The mother just sighed, happy for her son, but exhausted all the same.

"Maybe you need an energy boost?", Jack mused as he targeted Skippy and the mother. Pressing "confirm" after he entered his changes.

Jack saw the mother's mood almost instantly change, along with her body. Suddenly, it was her head, with it's blonde ponytail, sitting on the body of Skippy. Jack was impressed as it seemed the scaling feature was working well, as the mother's overall size hadn't changed. Her head sat on a massively oversized flying squirrel's body. Curious, Jack looked over into the exhibit and saw Skippy. His tiny squirrel head sat on a shrunken woman's body.

The park ranger was still talking to the boy. "Skippy there is a lot of people's favorites, but he gets tired pretty quick. I think people like him a lot because of how we dress him. We custom order tiny little clothes for him from the same place we get our uniforms. I think the blouse we got him recently is super cute.", the park ranger gushed.

"That's neat, I guess. They're not as cool as my mommy, though.", the boy said, proudly.

"Thanks hun.", the mother said, her long flat tail brushing against the pavement. Jack saw her reach down with one clawed paw and scratch her white belly. He looked further down when he had the chance and saw the rather sleek sheath between her legs and the basketball size furred scrotum under it. Jack figured after the fact that Skippy likely would be a boy squirrel. "Did you wanna grab something to eat?", she asked her son.

"Yeah mommy!"

"Alright Eli. We can get you a hot dog, and...", she turned on her nimble clawed feet to face the park ranger. "Do your food carts have nuts by any chance?"

"Um, I don't think we do... It's mostly stuff like fries, hot dogs and pizza. Sorry ma'am.", the ranger apologized.

"That's alright. Do you think it would be alright if you watched my son for a bit while I scavenged around for some nuts?", she asked.

"That would be fine, ma'am", the park ranger replied.

"Thanks dear, you're a life saver. I'm Gloria, by the way.", the mother mentioned. "I'll hopefully be back in a few minutes."

"Alright, Ma'am. I'm Ranger Evelyn.", the ranger said.

With that the mother used her huge squirrel body and scampered over to nearby tree and climbed up it effortlessly. Jack, the ranger and Eli looked up to watch her. Gloria adjusted for the wind just a bit before she sprung herself off the tree limb, launching into the air. As soon as she was airborne she stretched her limbs and the membrane in-between carried her off into the distance. As the mother's figured disappeared into the distance Jack decided to tail Evelyn and Eli for a bit.

He followed them to a hot dog cart parked on the pathway. Evelyn took her own money and paid for Eli's food. It made a weird bit of sense to Jack, considering her purse was now shrunken and hanging under the arm up Skippy inside the enclosure.

Evelyn and the boy sat down on a bench and Jack sat on one opposite of them, pretending to mess on his phone.

"You mom sure seems cool.", Evelyn made conversation with the boy as he ate.

"Yeah!", he said with his mouthful. "She's really fast! It's really fun playing with her!"

"Must be cool to have a mom that can fly.", the ranger said.

"She can't fly. She can glide.", Eli corrected.

"Ah, yes of course."

"Yeah.", Eli mused. "Daddy sometimes gets tired if he plays with her and our dog, Lucky. He says she can fly circles around him.", the boy laughed.

Jack smiled watching the boy having such a glowing relationship with his mother now.

"Plus her hugs feel so good! The white fur on her belly is so soft and warm, and the fold on her arms and legs feel like a blanket!"

Jack, feeling like he'd done a rather good deed, decided to move on. Just as he stood up from the bench nearby, he saw an object in the sky come closer and closer. Gloria hit the grass and landed on all four of her limbs. As she approached Jack saw her cheeks were bulging. She walked up to the ranger and her son and stopped before spitting over a dozen nuts into her paws.

"Found a good amount. This should hold me off til we get home, Eli.", Gloria said. "Do you know how many squirrel are in that forest?", Gloria questioned Evelyn.

"Can't say I do.", Evelyn answered.

"Too many.", Gloria laughed. "It's like a swamp of pheromones out there. I must have had a dozen female squirrels tailing me. Literally!", Gloria laughed.

Jack smiled at the change in the family he'd made and moved on.

*Jack finds a tourist group.


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Chapter 15: Jack finds a tourist group.

Off on a side trail was another group of tourists, a mother and her two twin daughters walking along the trail. The two young teens were absorbed in their phones while ignoring the sights around them. Their mother was frustrated in their inability to let go of their phones and tried to encourage them to take in natures splendor. They were bypassing an exhibit about wolves, while other tourists looked on.

Off to the other side of the exhibit was a young couple and their teenage son, also absorbed in his phone rather than his surroundings. The enclosure featured two wolves, a male and a female while they lounged around lazily as the tourists took pictures and a park ranger explained about the animals.

Jack quickly came up with an idea on how to get the families more involved with the exhibit. He swept the controller on both families directions and let the remote do the rest with his changes in mind.

When he looked back, Jack was satisfied with his changes.

The mother and her two daughters heads had now found themselves situated on the body of the male wolf in the enclosure. All three heads sat side by side on neck of the feral canine. While there was three heads, there was only a single body and a single pair of front paws and back legs shared between them. The mothers head was front and center with the daughters framing her on each side. Each of her daughters had a bored disinterested look on their faces while the mothers had a more vibrant smile adorning her face.

"Mom...im bored, can we please go back home" The daughter on the left asked while rolling her eyes. The right daughter also chimed in.

"Yeah....Tina is right, its so boring here" The sister said. The mother just huffed and sat their body down on their haunches. Tail waving back and forth as she carefully sat down on her hind legs mindful of their testicles.

"No whining girls, It feels good to get out of the house and experience the wonder of mother nature. doesn't it feel good with the earth beneath our paws, the wind against our fur and just running out in the open" The mother explained. As it became obvious that the daughters had no control of their body while the mother retained full control of their new canine body. The twins just shook their head and sighed dramatically.

"Tina, Tera please...just try and enjoy it this once. When we get home I'll sit in front of your tablets and you can chat with your friends for...at least an hour..but for now, just enjoy our time together please?" Their mother pleaded, her tail dipping below their legs as she lectured her daughters. Both girls on the sides perked their heads up at her request.

"Fine...I guess....can we also go to Jessies place later?" Tera asked, while Tina just giggled and she tried to shush her sister. The mother just sighed and nodded her head.

"Fine, fine, we can do that too....Im not sure what you see in that boy" The mother shook her head at her interest in one of the boys from school. Tera could her her twin giggling and peered her neck of her mothers head and stuck her tongue out. The two began teasing one another while the mother prodded ahead along the trail.

Soon however the mother stopped and both girls ceased their play fighting and all of them perked up as all three sets of nostrils flared. All three women felt their canine cock extending from their sheath as they sniffed this enticing scent on the wind. Their balls began to churn with need as they followed the trail of the scent.

The mother trotted along the trail, swiftly on all four paws. The girls encouraging their mother as they all felt their cock swell and grow. When they reached the source of the smell the twins smiled and the mother groaned as she felt their balls clench in their furry sack.

What they saw was an odd sight however, the young son of the other couple from earlier observing the wolf enclosure was staring at them. Blushing at the intense stares of two cute girls at least two years older than him eyeing him hungrily. However he was also blushing a bit because he was very aware of his body being in a state of heat, especially with his head having taken the place of the female wolfs tail. His head extended out of the backside of the female wolfs body, situated where a tail would be as he was forced to feel and smell their body giving off it's arousing scent.

The mother walked up to the boy, while the twins on either side of her head grinned and giggled at the easily flustered younger teen. The boys head jerked from side to side as the body turned around and the boys parents came into view. They share a similar conjoinment, with the two parents head replacing the female wolfs, however they both shared control of their side of limbs. They were well co-ordinate d besides their reconfigurement however. They glanced at the trio and sniffed at the air as they glanced at the mother and daughters shared crotch and fully erect wolf cock.

"Oh...uh hello" The father greeted, His wife was distracted however as she gazed intensely at the mother and daughter Cerberus trio's fully extended red and pulsing dick. She felt her husband and sons inflamed canine pussy flex and drip, her son groaned at the sensation.

"Hello..I couldn't help noticing that you're in heat...and well....me and my girls could probably help you out if you dont mind" The mother offered, her wide smile being warm and inviting. The husband just glanced at his wife and gently nibbled at her ear to grab her attention. She shook out of her dick induced haze and eagerly accepted the offer.

"Bill and I would love that, Im Martha oh...and I see you met our son Aaron, say hello Aaron" She greeted, turning their shared body around and introducing a visibly sweating and increasingly flustered young teen. He nervously greeted the hot milf and her equally cute twin daughters.

"Hello mam...and um....hello...girls...Im Aa Aaron" He stuttered. A combination of their heat and his nervousness. The twins just giggled and their mother moved their shared body forward.

"Nice to meet you, you can call me Meredith these are my girls Tina and Tera...what a nice young man you are" The mother intoned, taking a long sniff of the family's scent.

The boy leaned his head back flattening it to the back of his parents body as the mother and her daughters approached. He blushed at the sight of their fire engine red pulsing wolf cock bobbing in the open air. His parents braced his back legs and he turned his head to the side as they reared up to mount them.

Meredith moaned and her daughters gasped loudly as they felt their throbbing dick sink into the hot silky depths of the family's shared cunt. Aaron sighed as he finally felt a sense of relief, the smell of their heat and the pulsing of his canine pussy was always overwhelming to them. The feeling of fullness was a great relief to his parents as well. Meredith and Martha made idle small talk while they began to thrust deeply into them.

"Oh this is wonderful, You know we could come with you while you're still in season and help out if you need...we could make a date of it...I know this great spot where they make really great gourmet coffee and biscuits." Meredith chatted, thrusting her and her daughters body deeper and deeper into family.

"Oh that sounds wonderful, Im sure Aaron would enjoy a day out with your lovely daughters" Martha said while they grunted with each thrust. Aaron moaned as he felt the mothers knot swell inside them, the telltale signs of their oncoming climax.

"Great, well make it a date..and ugnghhhhh" Meredith moaned, while her twins screamed out as they finally reached a climax. Aaron felt relief as their insides were coated with fresh hot canine spunk.

"Oh wow, thanks ladies" Bill groaned out. Meredith dismounted and turned around, their knot still wedged tightly in the other familys cunt. Aaron blushed as they were still tied deep within them. The two mothers continued to make idle chat until the knot deflated. Chatting and quickly becoming friends.

Jack chuckled to himself and moved along the path, letting the families stuck together make plans.

*Another exhibit ahead


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Nice, I love a good fusion.


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 17: Jack sees another potential target.

While heading back towards the main trail Jack caught sight of another family of three hanging around talking to a park ranger near one of the exhibits. A rather petite yet voluptuous brown haired woman, with rather pronounced backside and hips, and tall dark haired man that towered over his small curvy wife. While she seemed to be an even five feet tall at most, he was a rather looming six foot four inches.

The park ranger was discussing the differences between rabbits and hares. She was holding a pair of rabbits in her arms, while standing near an enclosure of a bunch of red/brown hares frolicking about. The Mother and father were arguing to one another about something while their young fifteen year old son eagerly listened to the park rangers lecture on what is different between the two species of lagomorphs.

Jack did a little eves dropping, and sidled closer to the family. The mother and father were arguing about something in very hushed tones as to not have their son overhear them.

"Im not doing this here, Tyler...I know you've been cheating on me with that slut from work" The mother hissed acidly, glancing over her shoulder to make sure her son wasnt paying attention.

"Look Rita, babe...you know I love you...I would never..." The husband pleaded as he was cut off by his wife. She waved her hand spoke in a harsh whisper

"I saw your phone Tyler, I saw that whore sending you pictures of her tits...and your response was a dick pic....you...do you think im stupid?" Rita scolded. The husband raised his eyebrows in alarm, knowing he had been caught red handed, he was about to respond when she abruptly turned on her heels and went to join her son, looking over her shoulder at her forlorn husband

"We will discuss this later, we're here to make sure Ben has a good time and I will not ruin that for him...while we're still a couple" She spoke out finally and authoritatively. The husband just held his head in his hands in despair. Jack frowned deeply.

Before the wife could reach her son, Jack thought about what he could do to help out this family in distress. With some quick thinking he came up with a rather succinct solution. He set the remotes parameters and quickly pressed the button to activate the device.

When Jack looked back up the scene was entirely different, the Son was still preoccupied with listening to the park rangers lecture on hares, but she no longer had a pair of rabbits on hand. Glancing to where the husband and wife were arguing showed Jack what had happened to them.

Like before Jack had opted to fuse them into an fully anthropomorphic being. The wife looked sort of like a realistic cartoon character, her features blending smoothly with that of a chocolate brown and white rabbit. She still had her long brunette hair and a large pair of brown rabbits ears protruded from atop.

Her body was covered in very fine light brown and white fur, and she had some cute wiry whiskers adorning her face.

Her legs were digit-grade and ended in large muscular rabbits paws and the new configuration seemed to make her even taller than what her husband was beforehand. Jack estimated her new height to be at least six foot eight inches at the least. She was simply massive now, thanks to some tinkering with the size feature of the remote

She still held the shapely form of a rather voluptuous young woman. Her hips tapered even into an even more exaggerated hourglass figure with a simply ginormous backside with a cute fluffy chocolate colored rabbits tail adorning it. Jack smiled as he watched it shuffle excitedly.

She still had a pair of modest sized breasts, naked into the open air with large dark brown nipples that crinkled in the chill breeze.

However her most notable feature was the rather large and obvious male package situated in the gap of her expansive thighs. She had a pair of furry brown testicles that were a bit too large even for increased height and size. They looked to be as big as a pair of ripe honeydews, bulging at the taut skin that held them. There was a rather large sheath that adorned these massive nuts, tapering up towards her belly button.

The size and shape of her hips made her walk with a rather pronounced gait, ensuring that her pendulous testicles bounced with every step she took wildly. Jack was about to wonder where the husband went when he turned and saw a strange figure hopping along side the massive new bunny shemale.

The figure barely even reached the apex of the bunny shemale calves with how small it now was. It hopped along with all four paws on the ground and tried desperately to keep up with its partner. When the bunny shemale stopped just shy of the hares enclosure and glanced down at her newly designed husband.

The husband was now similarly fused, however his arms and legs ended in large rabbits paws instead, and his body was reduced by more than seventy percent. He was now only slightly larger than an actual normal rabbit. While still retaining his rather slim build made him look even more minuscule compared to his drastically altered wife and her abundance of curves.

The last defining feature was the noticeable lack of male genitals as Jack saw him leaping up towards his wife. What had replaced his previous cock and balls was a rather puffy slit instead.

"Rita...come on, slow down...you know im not as fast as you" The diminutive bunny man shouted. Panting as he stared up at his wife from the ground, his vision barely reached passed her voluminous hips. She glanced down at her husband and frowned.

"Why should I...Im still upset with you" She spoke crossing her arms in front of her. Thumping one of her feet in impatience, causing her husband to scamper from the massive foot battering the ground near him. When he was a safe distance he continued his conversation.

"Hey look Rita, I cant really help it and I was going to tell you really...I just wanted it to be a surprise" Tyler pleaded, settling his body down on all four paws. Rita just quirked her eyebrow and raised one long brown ear in interest.

"Oh really? so how does this explain all those texts and pics then...I saw her sending you those pics of her tits, ass and pussy....she cant satisfy you like I can...and I still dont understand why you had the gall to send her a picture of my dick....thats just...that was meant for you and me" Rita explained, wanting to hear what exactly was on her husbands mind.

"Honey wait wait wait....did you actually read the texts?" The husband asked.

"Of course, I did...thats how I knew you were cheating on me...that stupid whore with the D cups, and that mole above her clit" Rita explained in a huff, he husband sat up on his haunches, exposing his belly and the four nipples flat against his chest.

"....So you really didnt read the texts then...." He inquired further. His wife became a bit flustered. She shuffled on her paws.

"What are you implying...I saw the naked pics, what more do I need to know?" Rita questioned.

"Oh god....honey...I...she wasnt even interested in me. She's been pestering me at work for the past three months or so ever since that company picnic we went too. You remember, the one while I was in heat all month and I spent the entire time shoved down the end of your dick while you met my coworkers and boss..." Tyler inquired, remembering fondly the good times at the picnic, perched at the end of his wifes dick as she shook hands with his co-workers and hopped along to meet the rest of them, all the while his small body stayed tightly knotted onto his wifes cock.

Tyler sighed in wistfulness, knowing that his new cycle would begin soon and only the warmth of his wife large virile cock could satisfy his needy rabbit cunt. As soon as he would get home from work, during those times his inflamed hole would need to be stuffed by his eager and willing wife. Rita however enjoyed the feeling of her husbands warm depths on her hardened member and relished the chances she got during his heat. There was nothing like fucking him while driving, going to the market, eating lunch, doing the chores around the house or just taking a nap or going to sleep at night without him perched tightly at the end of her dick.

Rita could feel her cock growing at the memories Tyler had brought up and he could see the pink moist tip emerging from her chocolate sheath.

"Yeah...I uhh...remember" Rita stuttered, having visions of her husband, the pics of that womans ass and pussy driving her wild all of a sudden. Her cock had now extended halfway out of her sheath and she bounced on the balls of her feet.

"If you read the texts honey bun...you would have understood that she was asking if you would be willing to have a threesome...of course she doesnt mind if I watch, but is more interested in well....how do I put this....she wanted to ask me if you'd be interested in fucking her...and she wouldn't leave me alone until I sent her a picture of your cock...I know this is kind of weird really and I didnt mean for--" Tyler was suddenly cut off as she was picked up off the ground and found himself being given a rather passionate kiss instead. his feet dangled above his wifes furry cleavage as she panted.

"Tell her fuck yes...I mean...Ye...Yes, of course...if you ah...dont mind Tyler" Rita answered, already feeling her large balls growing in density at the thought of fucking his coworkers tight ass and cute pussy. Tyler smiled and nodded.

"I knew you would...and well no I dont mind, you have to agree she's pretty cute and...woah...really? right here right now...I Guess we coul UuuuGhh Uhhhhhhh..." He trailed off with a choking moan as Rita unceremoniously shoved his cunt down onto her fully erect and throbbing fourteen inch rabbit cock. He was knotted till the hilt with his furry tail resting on her pendulous ballsack and clutched at his wifes stomach with his paws. She sighed with relief and hopped over to Join their son.

*Jack changes their son and the Park ranger


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 18: Jack changes their son and the Park ranger

Rita padded up to the ranger giving her son a lecture languidly enjoying the feeling of her husbands ever warm rabbit pussy massaging and covering her cock completely. She idly held his back in place and rubbed his tiny body up and down while he grunted from the feelings of his wife using him as a cock sleeve.

Jack looked around and couldn't spot a single other observer objecting to the giant rabbit shemale fucking her tiny feminized husband in broad daylight.

Tyler just gave into the feelings, with the amount of stimulus around it would most likely be a couple hours before she ran out of steam and finally got soft. He resigned himself to the fate of being attached to his wife at least until dinner time, having some time of freedom before bedtime where her cock would once again return to his ever aching depths. There wasnt a night where she wasnt grinding away into his hot pussy, or waking up at the end of her morning wood. The only times he wasn't being used as a fuck toy for his wife, was when he left to work or business trips.

Rita would then be seen with one hand fondling her humongous virile testicles or masturbating constantly as a form of relief from being away from her husband. She would always have to remember which hand she was using lest she shake a strangers hand covered in hot fresh bunny cum.

Jack targeted the Ranger and the bunny couples son for the next change but was undecided on what he could do for the changes. Flipping through the remotes functions he noticed a "History" feature cataloging all the parts and forms scanned into it and changes that it had done since he had started using it.

Jack was curious as to how this function would work and decided to take this chance to experiment a bit and see what interesting forms he could play with.

taking aim at the park ranger and one of the hares he selected through a list of different parts and options and slammed down on the enter key.

"Now the difference between a Hare and rabbit is the size and type of nests they live in, as well as general temperament...also the species arent really compatible in terms of breeding" The ranger whose name was Taylor, as shown on her name tag was shown pierced onto one of her now exposed nipples as the only thing she wore beside a rangers hat. The hat having four holes which exposed her long dark black ears and the humongous deer antlers branching out that adorned her head. While the rest of her body remained normal, her ears had been replaced and below her body was that of a giant dark black hare.

She had become a sort of hare-taur. Her upper body tapering down into where the hares head would be, however she was still regular sized. She was truly a massive sight, about as large as horse even.

An appropriate comparison seeing as what had replaced the genitals of the underside of her hare body was not one, but two identical horsecocks that snaked their way from below her. Complimented by two equally bulging testicles. She continued to deliver her lecture to a very enthralled boy as his parents walked up. Taylor saw his mother and father bonding, and mating like normal bunnies would be and smiled at the sight of a happy family.

Jack fiddled with the remote once more and aimed at the final member of the scene.

turning back to see the sons changes Jack wasn't dissapointed. Standing where the son used to be was now a perfect mirror copy of his father, however instead of a rabbit, he had been fused with a hare. they were now of similar size and height and now mixed gender. The sons body was nearly identical to his diminutive father besides two key differences.

"Oh sorry Miss...uh, can you hold on...a...minute" The son asked, staring up at the larger adults while he braced his hind legs and groaned out loudly. He huffed and puffed and began to lightly sweat before long he gave a quick shout. Jack watched as beneath his large fluffy tail three large eggs quickly rolled down into the dirt below.

Jack had wanted to create a real life easter bunny and decided to make sure that this version could lay actual eggs, but decided he needed to be more productive than laying just a few.

Another feature beside history on the remote that he found involved traits and aspects that could be tweaked and swapped, as such the son would now have three needy hares cunts all in states of heat that also had the function of a hens cloaca. However he could ramp up the production cycle of his ovulation with a tap of a button, the same goes for number of parts he wanted to add and whatnot as well.

Jack decided to see how far he could take things and ramped up the boys ovulation cycle in all three to the max limit and his eyes bugged out as a steady stream of eggs rolled out from underneath the newly lapine boy. His hips and hind legs rocked back and forth as a wave of eggs came flooding from his nethers at nearly an impossible rate. While the ranger ignored the grunting and continued instead her lecture with the parents while the son was sweating and moaning at his nonstop egg laying.

Jack decided to ease up on the poor guy and dialed it back a fair amount but somewhat higher than normal and watched as the flooding of eggs stopped completely, however the leftovers still remained.

The boy was left a panting sweating mess, his fur tacked and matted with perspiration. The mother glanced down at her son and smiled.

"Do you feel better son? its been a while since you've laid that many in a row...Maybe you should lay back on the sweets...you know it kicks your wombs into overdrive with all that sugar" Rita explained to her son. Her child just whimpered

"yeah...mom...I guess your right....but....it also makes the eggs....tastes....better" he panted, still recovering from his forced laying.

Jack was about to leave the area when he spotted another couple heading his way. An older woman and her two sons. She was walking along side her children while talking on a phone and letting them cause a general ruckus while practically unsupervised.

They began to pick up the many many eggs that littered the ground and started to throw them around and break them much to everyone's chagrin.

Jack didnt like this one bit and decided to make sure this woman was able to handle her children better. He made use of the history and size function and set the remote to activate.

When he looked up he was satisfied with the changes. The mothers upper body had now been merged into the area of where a wolfs head would be, creating a new wolf-taur form. She trotted along walking and talking on her phone when she sauntered up to a tree and lifted one of her hind legs.

Jack got a good look at what had happened to her children when she lifted her hind leg and spotted two large sheathes attached to four pairs of baseball size testicles with the small heads of the two rowdy boys attached to to two long pink pillars of flesh. They were each the size of a normal canine penis if not a tad bit larger than normal, and each retained their torso along with clothes altered to their shape and form.

as they emerged from their mothers sheathes they began to bicker and punch one another before both turning their heads towards the tree and letting forth two twin streams of liquid from their mouths. After both spitting out the excess urine, they resumed their bickering as their mother let down her leg and resumed her phone conversation and obscured them from view.

*a school bus stops at the preserve


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 19: a school bus stops at the preserve

Jack was wandering around the trail still when he came across a new sight. Jack closed his eyes and groaned. It was a group of school children, likely second graders, or so. Jack wasn't particularly a fan of kids, much less a swarm of them. Around 16 in all, they stood in front of their teacher as most of them listened quietly. The man wore a green sweater vest and his face was adorned with a smart looking pair of glasses. Jack laughed to himself. He knew the guy was a teacher but did he have to look like such a dork?

Curiosity driving him once more, he wandered closer to the group, careful to not look suspicious. As he approached from behind the man he heard the teacher mutter to himself.

"I swear, sometimes it's like herding cats. How much longer until Mrs. Hawkins gets back?"

Herding cats, huh? I'm sure you didn't mean that literally, oh well, you do now..., Jack thought to himself as he pulled up the history from the remote, he selected the mountain lions from before. He waved the remote and quickly selected all of the school kids in front of him and the teacher. Making his selection he pressed confirm on the remote. It felt warm in his hand as he saw the change hit the kids and the teacher. In a moment, there the man stood, still with his glasses, but below his neck was the body of the heavily pregnant female mountain lion, no longer pregnant. The teacher sat on his haunches and swished his tail behind him impatiently. His heat was being quite annoying this year. He looked out over his classroom and was greeted with the familiar site of his students entertaining themselves. Their heads all remained the same, but below them they all had copies of the mountain lion cub's male body.

Some student's were running in circles around each other. One boy could be seen chasing his own tail. One boy and girl were licking each other at the base of their necks, while on girl was getting mildly annoyed at the blonde ponytail she had getting in her face as bent over, licking herself. Jack snickered at the girl once her ponytail was out of her way and she began to diligently lick and nibble at her tiny plump sheath and testicles.

Jack learned the teacher's name when one boy stopped running in circles chasing his tail to ask him a question.

"Mr. West.? Will the trail be hot? My paws don't feel good on hot stuff...", he said, unsure.

"It's okay, Rhys. The path is dirt. Your paws won't feel a thing.", Mr. West answered.

Mr. West's tail swished again as he got a look at the boy turning away from him to join his classmates. He knew he'd have to have a talk with the principle about his new class later. He wasn't sure if was some freak accident, or someone out to torture him. The position he was in was hard, and he knew that by the end of the school year, many of his students would start maturing, from the neck down, at least. That would prove difficult for him, but perhaps even more difficult for them. The hyper-active children would likely have self-control issues in the time to come, and he didn't want to have a talk with little Elise's mom about how she pinned him down and mounted him during lunch.

At this time Jack strode up and kind of stopped a bit behind Mr. West. Feigning sympathy he decided to strike up a conversation with the flustered teacher.

"Hey there. You seem like you're having a great time.", Jack laughed.

"Oh...", Mr. West said, addressing the speaking figure beside him. "Um, yeah. Is it that obvious?"

"Dude, you're flicking your tail like you're trying to pad a batting average.", Jack laughed.

"Damn...", he said under hushed breath. "Look, just don't say anything to my colleague. If she knew I came to this thing it heat she'll be sure to have me written up. Mrs. Hawkin's has no idea what it's like...", Mr. West began, almost pouring his heart out. "At least her husband had a body that's the same species as her. She'd have no idea how to deal with a cycle like this..."

"Something tells me she may be more sympathetic, soon.", Jack said with a wry smile. "You know, there's a park ranger here that I think would be very accustomed to help you out, you know. Her name's Sarah, I think. I'm sure you'll run into her if you go near the mountain lion enclosure. I'm sure she'll smell you.", Jack said, winking at Mr. West.

"Thanks, kid. I uh... Yeah, thanks.", he said, before turning his attention forward again. "Hey, Barry! I saw that, apologize to Summer or it's 10 minutes silent lunch tomorrow!", he said, admonishing a student for biting his classmates tail.

Jack sat around and waited, curious to see this Mrs. Hawkin's along with her own class of students. Passing some time he spotted an older man fishing by the shore of the nearby lake. He saw the man in his baggy clothes cast his lure expertly into the water in front of him.

Well you seem pretty in your element, old man. Wanna be more so?, he eyed the man as he reeled in a catch, a moment later. The fish shimmered in the light, flailing at the end of the line. Targeting the two, Jack pressed a button and fused them together. Almost disappearing, Jack had to scan the water for a second before he saw the man's head poking out of the water. He saw the man reach above the water with one hand and grab his hat before throwing it to the shore alongside the items he'd come her with. Jack saw his head dip beneath the water before seconds later a loud splash could be heard as the man launched himself from the water, a shiny silver tail visible to all, situated below his flabby stomach. Jack laughed at the ridiculous sight. It was likely far from what anyone would imagine a traditional mermaid to be. Jack watched the man swim away, occasionally shooting into the hair and crashing back down. Despite the man's aged and rough looking upper half, Jack was a bit impressed still, at the fluid and graceful movement the man now had overall.

Happy with his decision, Jack's attention finally went down to the remote in his hand. The familiar warmth it produced was increasing, now quickly growing hot in his hand. Jack let go of it as it became too hot for hit hands, the remote falling to his the soft grass below. The screen still facing up, Jack read the message clearly displayed on it.

"Threshold exceeded, radial discharge imminent. Distance, 500 meters."

Jack, confused for only a moment, saw the remote glow white before an electrical pop could be heard. He closed his eyes and reopened them when the bright light had obviously faded. It was at this time that Jack reached down and picked up the remote. The warmth was gone, much like when he first started using it. He read the screen once more.

"Discharge successful. Regular functionality restored."

Jack breathed a sigh of relief, expecting much worse from such a dramatic showing. It was only when he looked up he realized the extent of the remote's messages. In the distance he could see figures, figures that were clearly no longer 100 percent human. Figures he had certainly not changed.

*Jack sees Mrs. Hawkins and her class arrive.


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 20: Jack sees Mrs. Hawkins and her class arrive.

Jack stepped back for a moment as a group of people passed by him while on their way to the park.

A family of four with the mother taking the lead attached to the singular lower body of a female deer. The father was directly behind her torso, with a young teenage daughter just behind him and their younger sons torso situated where it's tail would be. The barrel of the deer body was larger than normal and it also seemed to be quite gravid and pregnant.

The only one that seemed to have control of their lower body was the mother it seemed as she guided their four hooves along the path along side a flabbergasted Jack.

Jack looked back and saw countless other figures across the park, all of which had been affected by the remotes influence. Not a single animal or human was left untouched.

Perched on a bench was a girl looking through her phone, but she was having difficulties with the cat paws that had replaced her normal hands and feet, however she had rabbits ears instead of her regular ears and they swiveled in agitation as she banged her stubby paw pads against the phone screen.

Jack was thrown for a loop when she sighed in frustration and brought one of her paws up to her face, however something else emerged from the sheathes of where a cats claws would. Each feline digit held a slit, where slowly small pink tubes of flesh emerged, each tapered to a point with a slit at the end and covered in barbs. She now had cat cocks instead of claws on her new paws. She slipped one in her mouth and began to suck on it for a bit, moaning slightly at the feeling. Soon the paw holding her phone showed signs of the rest of her cocks emerging. After a long sigh, with a line of pre-cum dripping from her mouth to her fore cocks digit she used her now hardened claw-cock as a makeshift stylus. However she quickly became frustrated with the amount of sticky pre-cum she had to wipe off the screen every few minutes. Jack could see that her foot paws received the same claw-cock treatment.

A small figure rushed by him and he saw more altered people. The small figure was actually a raccoon, however it was the size of small child. What was different about this however was the fact that it was a rather plump and curvy raccoon with a very human like female figure. It had a large bulbous rear end and modest sized breasts with an pear shaped figure. The raccoon lady jumped about excitedly and ran along the path ahead, her ringed tail bobbing quite deliciously against her large posterior. She stopped suddenly and turned around standing on her clawed tip toes and Jack got quite a good look at her crotch. She had a simply humongous pair of balls and an equally large sheath that was far too over-sized for her frame.

They were the size of grapefruits and dwarfed her thighs like some sort of perverse real life tanuki. She was waving down someone behind Jack trying to flag them down when two more similar figures trotted up between Jacks feet.

The first one was a younger version of the raccoon version, smaller and slimmer but with a pair of balls and sheathe even larger than her small frame could carry. She used her small hands to hold her testicles from reaching the ground as she waddled towards what was presumably her mother. The other figure was even smaller than the last, only size of a large toddler. However it was thin, slim and devoid of any curves or male genitals like the rest, only a thin crevice between it's thighs. The raccoon-like person had a rather masculine build, with an angular face and a tapered muzzle. However at the end of the small muzzle was not a mouth and nose, but the nether lips of a female raccoons sex.

Jack blinked rapidly at all the odd transformations, and was startled by the honking of a bus horn.

"Finally, Hawkins and her class have arrived....these kids are killing me" Mr West whined. His tail swishing back and forth as he padded between the rambunctious cub bodied children. Ignoring a few of them that tried to test their claws on his flickering tail. He crouched low as he noticed one of the girls being very rude.

"Sally...can you please not do that" Mr West berated the young girl who looked up from licking at her small testicles. She gave a blush and sat back on her haunches. Mr. West rolled his eyes and sauntered through the rowdy sea of tawny fur, tails, snotty noses and pig tails. His tail held up high above his inflamed genitals.

A yellow school bus had pulled up towards the parking lot and stopped, when the sliding doors opened the hand pulling back the lever was covered in black and white fur. The splotches of a cow covered every inch of the drivers furry body. While the skin of the male driver was replaced entirely by cow fur, he still retained the rest of his human features besides a large black and pink cow nose. His feet ended in a pair of hooves and dangling from his seat was a huge bulging pink udder. The udder was about as big as a medicine ball and took up most of the space between his body and the steering wheel. What set this apart from a normal cows udder, was that each teat was replaced by the turgid head of a horses cock. The udder contained four flaccid horse cocks of equal size throbbing sporadically.

A large figure walked down the aisle of the bus and Jack was reminded of the giant amazonian bunny shemale he had created earlier, only this one lacked the curves and milf like body. What it did have however was the facial features of a young girl on it's towering frame. She had to duck in order to escape the confines of the school bus, being careful not too catch her long furry ears on the edge of the door. She also had a long calico colored cats tail instead of a cute bunny one.

However while she lacked more noticeable female characteristics, most likely for being so young, she did have one of the largest pair of testicles he had seen thus far, even dwarfing that of the horse and its trainer from earlier. Her sheath extended up to nearly her collarbone it was so massive. The bunny girl stretched to her full height of a whopping seven and half feet tall as she leaned her large frame at end of the bus.

Soon a chorus of children's screams and laughter poured forth as dozens of smaller figures crawled out of the confines of the bus on all fours. nearly twenty children all with their heads attached to various smaller woodland critters, like foxes, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, weasels, beavers, shrews and minks of all colors and sizes scattered about. They were literally crawling over one another like the animals their heads were attached to. A young girl with bows in her red hair was teasing a small boy with a minks slinky body by waving her large floppy beaver tail at him. A boy wearing a blue cap was jumping and rolling around with his flexible weasel body and running from a girl with the body of a red fox and bowled over the boy who was smoothing out the fur of his skunks tail.

"Awwrrt chiirdrin swweetl drown" A muffle voice yelled out from somewhere. Jack craned his head as he heard grunting coming from somewhere and watched in astonishment as the young girl with the giant bunny body looked down at the entrance to her sheath and blushed. A pair of dark chocolate skinned hands wormed their way out from within the furry sheathe and pulled at the sides. Ever so slowly a female figure emerged, clothed in a drab yellow blouse that clung with moisture to her body. Her skin was a deep chocolate hue and veins traveled across her neck and behind her scalp, and her hair was shaped into small multicolored dreads.

As she emerged from the girls sheathe, the teacher reached down deep beyond where her waist melted into pink shiny flesh and pulled up a clipboard from inside the remaining wrinkled flesh.

"Alright children, line up....single file while I take role call" The presumed Mrs. Hawkins addressed her class as they ignored her much to her chagrin. The teacher glanced behind her to the blushing face of one of her students.

"Jessica....sweety...could you please..." She asked sweetly. The tall bunny girl nodded demurely and took one of her massive rabbits foot and began to rapidly and loudly thump at the ground. Mrs. Hawkins from her position was jostled too and fro wildly, with their expansive testicles flying like bowling balls down a hill. After a second of this, the children's ruckus had ceased and they all lined up as they were told. Mrs Hawkins braced herself and reached down to stabilize her testicles for a moment and sighed in relief. She turned over and gave her student a smile of thanks and went back to address her class.

Jack was dumbfounded at all these unintentional changes and how far they had reached and wondered just how much had been changed.

He decided he had done about all he could accomplish at the park here now that everything had been touched in one way or another and left to go find his truck. Before leaving he spotted Mr.West flirting with the park ranger by the mountain lion exhibit. His tail raised high as he wiggled his feline ass back and forth.

He stopped as he was interrupted by the chattering of a flock of teenage girls perched on the rangers hut roof, looking all the world like a bunch of harpies with blue jay wings instead of arms and talons instead of feet. A group of gossiping girls literally squawking up a storm and flapping their wings. One of the girls was completely naked, exposing her pert teenage body and a clearly feline cock was nestled in her crotch covered in blue and black feathers.

Jack nearly tripped as man whose head was attached between two female mice on a single body scampered by with him yelling at Jack to watch where he's walking. Jack tripped in his stupor and fell against a man entering the park, but was surprised when he looked at the mans face but saw that where his mouth and nose would be was instead a puffy inflamed horse pussy. Jack stumbled the rest of the way towards the parking lot.

*Jack checks up on some previous victims of his   


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 21: Jack checks up on some previous victims of his

As Jack was slowly walking toward his vehicle, he was playing a bit more on the remote. Despite using it quite a bit he was still finding new features constantly. He learned through some exploration in the memory function, he had apparently had a copy of every person and and animal from the entire park area. He rationalized it must have happened during the discharge, but her certainly wasn't complaining. The discharge provided some interesting sights and left him with a sizable catalog of every animal nearby.

As Jack tapped away through menu after menu, he found a new one. The icon was a camera, and as he held a finger over it to see it's options, he found it was a "surveillance" feature.

"No way...", Jack said, before catching himself. For all he'd seen today, why was a feature like that surprising to him?

He tapped the camera and was met with a list. "Action No. 15.". "Action No. 13". Jack realized each change had been tracked and could now be monitored. He scrolled up, curious now to see the extent of the discharge. His eyes went wide when the top of list stopped at "Action No. 462."

"Well then.", Jack laughed to himself. He figured that eventually everyone in his city would likely be changed, even if he meant to or not. "Alright, let's see who you are...", he said, before scrolling back down and tapping "8".

The screen then went to an overhead corner view of the mountain lion enclosure. There was Mr. West, his face hot and flustered as Sarah was above him. Her hips were thrusting up and down, and she was reaching down to bite his neck. Mr. West was clearly enjoying himself, and Sarah was obviously excited at the idea of having another person to "assist".

Jack saw across the enclosure Ted was sat on his side, Emma coming up from nursing at his belly.

"Oh, hun. I know...", Emma said, sympathetically. "We'll be able to do that soon. I just gotta grow up a little more, first. Sarah says I should be grown in a little under a year!", Emma said happily.

"Oh joy, only a year...", Ted laughed before sighing.

"Hey, I wont' be the only one, too. If I recall correctly, my little brother was gonna be the only one with a vagina, so...", Emma said, her eyes looking to the side, dubiously.

"Hey, I don't know if I want you, your mom, dad, and sister all getting their turn.", Ted laughed. "They can try their luck with that teacher guy over there. I'm sure Sarah won't wear him out too bad. Besides, you heard what he said. In a few months he's gonna have 2 dozen kids trying to mount him, I would think after some time around that environment he'll grow pretty used to it."

"Okay, okay, grumpy.", Emma laughed while jumping up and padding over to her boyfriend's face. She curled up and nestled herself in between Ted's forelegs, sitting and tightening herself into a little ball. Ted just lowered his head and enclosed his girlfriend. It was a rather complicated relationship, after all, being both her boyfriend and mother.

Jack scrolled up and clicked another swapped person.

The remote now displayed the family's swapped with the wolves from earlier. The cerberus mother and her daughters, and the even more unusual father, son, and mother.

The two creatures were sitting at the picnic area of the park, sitting on their haunches, eating lunch. They had plates of food in from of them, yet it was only the son that was facing the mother and her daughters. His parents had apparently decided to let him talk to them, and they would have a meal, just as a couple.

The mother and the daughter that was in the relationship were clearly trying to play matchmaker.

"Tina, why don't you tell Aaron here about your track and field meet, last week.", Meredith nudged the head beside here.

"Oh, um... I came in first place... again.", Tina said, a bit shy, having essentially been put on a date against her will.

"Oh, that's cool. Yeah, I keep trying to get my parents to let me try track. I think we'd do really well. I know we could outrun most of those kids.", Aaron said, thinking about his school life.

Aaron reached down and went to grab a bite of his hot dog. As he chewed he came backup to meet the gaze of the three women.

"You've got something, under your chin there, hun.", Meredith said to Aaron. "Here, Tina can get it."

Tera just smiled and tried to subdue a laugh as she saw her mother push their shared shoulder's forward. Aaron was a bit confused until her looked down. There, dripping down the wolf pussy just below his chin, was a glob of chili from his hotdog.

"Oh, uh... thanks.", Aaron said sheepishly as he saw Meredith push Tina closer and the girl held out her tongue. Tina lapped at Aaron's pussy with one long lick, leaving it clean.

"Hey, that's pretty good!", Tina said, a little surprised.

Martha's head then perked up. "Hey you two, calm down back there. We're not doing anything again, not now at least. Me and your father are not getting knotted again this soon!"

"Sorry, mom!", Aaron said behind him, before looking back forward and seeing Meredith wink at him. He just laughed. He didn't expect after their encounter he would be the one making the new friends.

Jack, satisfied with finding the new feature, pocketed the remote and arrived at his vehicle. Getting in, he put on his seat belt and set his phone on a gps to the zoo. Thankfully, it would only about 12 more minute of driving, and he was still going to be on time.

As he started the engine, his heart nearly skipped a beat as a massive white blob suddenly smacked the windshield of his car. At least the size of a golfball, he didn't even need to look outside the car to know that whatever left the mess on his car was likely some hybrid. He rolled down his window, though, mostly out of curiosity, and taking the chance that the same event likely wouldn't happen immediately again.

"Sorry, kid!", Jack heard from above. He did laugh, as it sounded like the woman was genuinely apologetic.

Jack rolled up his window and used his wipers to spray down and clean his windshield. Once it was clear he pulled out and made his way out of the parking lot and back out onto the road.

*Jack arrives at the zoo.


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 22: Jack arrives at the zoo.

Leaving the parking lot and swerving onto the main road, Jack noticed that the traffic from earlier had all but cleared up. Very few cars remained on the main road, a few tourists parking on the side of the road were all that remained of the earlier traffic jam.

He drove down the path with his window down at a leisurely pace, people watching as he went along.

A curious sight greeted him, a female figure cloaked in dark chocolate and white fur adorned in jogging attire. A pair of large flopping rabbit ears peeked out from her cropped short red hair, she jogged along in tight fitting lyrca shorts and a bright neon yellow sports bra. Jack watched her furry breasts bounce along her torso and nearly missed the other additions to her frame.

She kept her arms waving to her sides, jogging at an even pace with the sounds of heavy panting noises echoing in tandem with each stride. At the ends of each of her arms, her wrists flowed smoothly into a pair of furry canine muzzles. Jack believed they each belonged to a fox, each snout had sharp incisors, long tongues, and a dark moist nose. The jogging woman kept up her run without breaking a stride, even as the drool from her fox-mouthed hands slipped from their lips against her sports bra. As she passed Jack, he got a good look at her backside and was surprised to see that she had not one, but two furry and fluffy fox tails blurring in the wind.

He passed a car parked on the side of the road, and saw the odd sight of a wolfs head sat upon a mans body, His wife sat with her paws hanging out the passenger side window, wearing a golden retrievers body beneath her head. While their two kids sat in the passengers eat each with looking like a near identical copy of one another, their faces framed by large bulls horns and tails.

As Jack drove along he passed more odd sights, an occasional person with wings or bird amalgam gliding along side or above the road. Four legged figures, multiple limbs, body parts, configurations and multiple heads of either gender. The further he got towards the city, the less of he saw of remote afflicted people. By the time he got towards the metropolitan area, he had stopped seeing any changes at all.

Any changes that is except for when he stopped up to the red light of an intersection, where he looked over his drivers side window at the huge centauric form of a man attached to the massive frame of a snapping turtle. His torso rose up from where the head would emerge from it's shell. Attached to his shell was a harness fitted to a cart hauling farming equipment. The turtle man waved at Jack, and he nodded in return as the light turned green and he set off at pretty fast pace, seeing as how each of the former turtles legs had been replaced by a pair of powerful deer hooves and forelegs.

Jack shook his head and continued driving towards the zoo, having some slight issues finding parking before finding a good spot some distance away from the main gate.

The invitation said the party was taking place in the amazon enclosure, since his friend Emy was fond of reptiles, amphibians and snakes. Jack was new to this town and so far his impression of Emy was that she was a nice girl, very friendly and easy to make friends but still slightly odd nonetheless. He had only been in the new school for two weeks and really didn't bother to be sociable and so he was under the impression that he was invited mostly out of pity.

Jack waved these thoughts off, not really caring for the motivations of his school mates. He fingered the remote impulsively as he licked his now dry lips in anticipation of newer test subjects and other more exotic animals.

Jack showed the ticket clerk his invitation and was ushered passed the throngs of tourists, families, couples and teachers and students on field trips. The hustle and bustle of a popular zoo in full effect, with tons of fresh and untapped fodder for messing around with.

The Zoo employee that was ushering him was a young pimply faced teen, who looked rather ragged and tired after dealing with the Zoos masses today. They had passed by the simian exhibit and Jack decided to help the poor guy out a bit. He scanned the various primates of the exhibit and aimed the remote at the young Zoo attendant, and pushed the initiate button.

When Jack looked back at the attendant, he saw that below his head was now the body of a female chimpanzee wearing nothing but a fanny pack and his branded zoo hat. The attendant still kept his former height, but his gait had become a bit more limber as his new body was better built to deal with his stressful workload. He had rather flat saggy pair of breasts that flopped against his chest with dark pointy nipples.

“Here's we are sir” He offered, lazily pointing one of his hairy primate limbs towards a domed enclosure. He began to stand on one leg and scratched at his crotch with his new left monkeys leg, digging around at his flat hairy groin idly. Jack thanked the attendant as he ambled off.

“Finally I can go on break” using his new dexterity to casually climb up a lamp post and pull out a cell phone and a small bagged lunch from the fanny pack. He set the phone in his foot paws and began to text some friends using his new ape feet, and began to dig into his lunch.

Jack was quite impressed by how the amazon habitat was set up, it was basically a large bio-dome that housed not only the animals but did an eerily similar recreation of walking through a dense amazon rainforest. There was a clearing in the middle reserved for parties and events which Jack headed towards.

He could see that there was quite a few of his classmates in attendance, along with some of their parents and younger siblings and two of his teachers. Jack pondered on what kind of teenage girl invites their teachers to their birthday party, and even then hosts it a zoo. Jack just chalked it up to Emy being an odd girl anyway.

Jack walked up, tapping away at the remote and scanning and storing the exhibits animals in it's history and cataloging them for future use.

“Oh Lookit Emy, its Jaaaccky bo” An teasing voice singsonged out. Jack looked up and saw Claire was teasing Emy as she pointed at him. Emy shushed her friend and Jack could have sworn he seen a slight blush on her face as she shoved her away.

“He...Hey Jack, glad you could make it” she shyly greeted, smiling in Jacks direction. He floundered an awkward nod of acceptance and shuffled towards the food table much to Emy's disappointment. Jack sighed, it wasn’t that Emy wasn't an attractive girl. He just wasn't looking for romantic stuff right now, he was still harboring a chip on his shoulder from being forced to move here. The remote had been the only thing that made him feel better, or at least distract him.

Jack peered at the birthday girl, she was pretty cute if he did admit. Emy had dark bronze skin, that contrasted nicely with her wavy brown shimmery hair. She had a streak of bright green and pink going along with her bangs, and colored beads hanging off the end. She had a weird sort of school-girl punk fashion that was pretty adorable looking. She wore a light blue blazer with a plaid tie, a polka dotted miniskirt and striped black and white stockings with chunky heeled sneakers. Most of her closer friends sported similar looks but Emy stood out the most.

Emy was engrossed with talking to their biology teacher while Claire just rolled her eyes stood off to her side looking bored. Claire was the school gossip queen and all around nuisance, she was always pestering Jack and found that she made an excellent first choice.

Browsing through the list of animals, Jack selected one that seemed appropriate and hit the initiate button.

Emy glanced over her shoulder when she felt her skirt being lifted up by a thin scaly tail, Emy gasped loudly and snapped around.

“Claire quit it!” Emy laughed, glaring down at her long time friend. Claire was now quite small, her body having been merged with a speckled caiman. A rather exotic looking miniature crocodile native to the amazon. She was actually quite cute, but she skittered across the floor now on all fours with her legs splayed out to the side. Each of her hands ended in sharp talons and when she smiled it showed of rows of tiny razor sharp teeth in her elongated snout. Her body was still outfitted in a stripped red and black skirt, sized to fit her new body. She also seemed to be fitted with a bra, and stockings on her clawed feet leading into cute little sneakers as well. Her tail raised up her skirt as she waved it about merrily behind her whacking at Emy's thighs with it as she blushed and swatted at it.

Claire smiled and opened her reptilian maw, and Jack smiled at how Claires mouth would now be more than full seeing as her saliva glands had been altered to produce donkey semen instead. Her long reptilian tongue scooped out quite a bit that collected at the back of her throat and she absently spit it out on the walkway. Her mouth was a sticky mess of donkey spunk, large globs of it drooled past her scaly lips as she breathed in and swallowed it sometimes in order to breath. Jack was impressed that he could ramp up the output of certain body functions at whim and had altered her new seminal glands to produce more than three times its normal.

Claire mimed laughing while swallowing a load of fresh semen and slithered off, while some of her jizz drooled off in her wake.

*Jack changes the birthday girl


Re: It's A Jungle Out There - by pillas & gddrummer101

Chapter 23: Jack changes the birthday girl

Jack watched Emy closely, waving off Claire as she slithered off to bother some other poor soul.

Jack browsed through a list of the animals he had scanned when he walked in, trying to find something that suited Emy's personality and stopped on a particular one that caught his interest. After some fiddling and using nearly every trick he had learned since acquiring the device he settled on an appropriate form. Jack was eager to see the after effects of this particular change and slammed the enter key.

Emy had hardly changed to Jacks eyes, She was still talking obliviously, prattling on about some mundane animal facts to their teacher. However her posture had shifted slightly, before she had to look up to meet her teachers gaze. Emy now had to look slightly downwards in order to speak to her teachers face, and she was doing so from a seated position. She had one hand behind her as she reclined in a relaxed posture, leaning back on a pair of the largest pair of testicles Jack had ever laid eyes upon. Her skirt flared out above her ass as it was obscured by their sheer mass. Her new sack was a strange tan and green color with black and red splotches of an intricate pattern. Their size was massive, Emy's legs were completely useless as she sat atop their girth with each of them spread out in front of her. She looked like a doll perched upon a massive beanbag chair, Jack could tell however that even at their immense size each of her testicles were full and taut. Emy bounced a bit as she giggled, causing each of her balls to roll slightly and bulge against her sack. Visible veins pulsed violently as she half giggled and then suppressed a light moan.

Jack had to walk forward quite a bit to glance the rest of Emy's changes, standing nearly behind their teacher. Each of her legs extended out in front of her, each side resting on their own long navy green and black and red splotched tube of flesh. From her crotch, not one but two girthy shafts of flesh extended from her side by side. They wriggled against one another, scales glittering in the light. The twin shafts resembled the bodies of long amazonian anacondas, as indeed they were. Each snake shaft writhed independently of her control and separate from one another as well. Jack followed the sinuous trail of pulsing snake flesh farther ahead along the trail. One of the anacondas had perched itself atop a tree, dangling down teasing and scaring passerby’s along the trail. The other had slipped into a pond in one of the exhibits enclosures, and chose to lounge in the depths.

Each of her twin snakes were massive even compared to normal anaconda standards, twice as wide and nearly twice as long. Visible veins traveled along each scaly hide, and Emy's breathing and gasping changed whenever they slid across different surfaces.

Perched as she was atop her giant testicles, she was completely immobile. She stopped talking mid conversation as she braced herself against her own balls as the snakes attached to her groin began to move. They slithered forward, dragging Emy's immense sack across the ground and herself with her. Thier biology teacher casually kept pace as Emy's new snake members traversed as they please with her as an unwilling participant. Jack followed along as well, wanting to know more of this new arrangement with the birthday girl.

“So how's Avery doing?” Their biology teacher Mr Stewart asked Emy, she spoke between deep breathing and slight moans.

“Oh She's great, it's been about four months since her last clutch...and Im really sure she's....oh oh I....it looks like Tex thinks they're ready again now it seems” Emy gasped. Jack was confused for a moment before noticing increasing movement from her two new snake-cocks. The whirled around and coiled against one another wildly. Moving about in erratic fashion, seemingly like they were fighting with one another.

“Astounding, I've never seen two anacondas mate before...do you mind if I record this?” Mr Stewart asked his student. Emy was silent as she huffed and buffed and gave a brief thumbs up while leaning back on her testicles and trying to rein in her emotions. She began to tug at some of the loose flesh of her scaly testicles roughly, and shaking in silent pleasure. Meanwhile both of her snakes began an intricate ballet of lovemaking beyond her control. Jack watched in awe as he finally understood more of the changes Emy was subjected to, both of her cocks were also different genders. He assumed that “Tex” was the male, the one on the right, and “Avery” was the female on the left.

They coiled tightly, forming a sinuous double helix of throbbing shiny scales, blocking off pathways and nearly knocking over many pedestrians and zoo employees alike as they flailed in their rapture. Emy began to sweat, feeling both of her cocks mating with one another. Jack heard Emy gasp as somewhere in the coils of her cocks, Tex had finally impaled himself on Avery and began to rut. Jack was startled to hear one of the her cocks hiss loudly, looking ahead as one of the snake-cocks maws opened wide. It hissed long and loud, it's mouth stretching terrifyingly wide and gruesome looking. However instead of saliva dripping from its mouth, long thick white strands of semen fell from it's mouth. Tex kept his mouth shut tight as he grinded his lengths deep into his female counterpart, but strands of semen could be seen seeping through it's sealed lips.

Onlookers stranded on the paths began to point, take pictures and record video of the intense wild coupling all while Emy was sat as a helpless observer. Jack saw some Zoo employees begin a lecture on the mating habits of snakes and anacondas and their biology in the meantime, Emy began to loudly moan and gasp at this point.

Their bodies tightened against one another violently, and Emy's balls visibly shrunk as they tightened and she let loose and ear shattering screech that dipped and grew in intervals. Tex had released his load into the female at the same time Emy had reached an earth shattering climax of her own. Her testicles shook from the amount of work they had to accomplish, delivering such a large amount of freshly produced semen down the nearly forty foot lengths of each of her snake shafts. The veins along their bodies bulge obscenely watching as gallons of semen worked and weaved through them at an agonizingly slow pace towards their final release. Emy began to literally kick and punch at her own testicles in order to help facilitate the flow, but the way her shafts were coiled tightly made the process something like forcing water through a bent water hose.

Jack watched in rapt fascination, the wave of semen trying to force itself through each of the snake bodies and blocked at every twist and turn of their lengths. When it finally reached their necks, Emy took a long and screamed a final “YESSSHHSSAAAGGHH” as both snakes opened their leaking maws and let forth the gallons of freshly produced semen off into their surroundings. Jack was amused to see that the crowd of onlookers were holding up clear plastic sheets to shield themselves, after a few employees handed them out. The rest of Emy's friends just laughed and giggled and withdrew small umbrellas from their persons to shield themselves from the aftermath. The crowd of onlookers and Zoo employees cheered as if they were watching a show and began to clap and whistle while taking pictures.

Each gaping snake mouth shot of their load in separate directions, drenching everything in sight in thick white slime. The torrent of cum shooting from them was so strong, Jack could see a bit even leaking from each of the snakes eyes and nostrils. Finally the twin streams died down after nearly five minutes of continuous orgasms. Emy slumped, laying back on her balls and spread eagle as she tried to recover. She was out of breath and panting like a wild dog.

An army of zoo employees soon began the laborious process of cleaning and containing all of her freshly blown load, ten teams of five each broke off into different sectors and began to scoop, collect and mop up every surface and exhibit that was drenched. Another team collected the splash mats from the crowd of onlookers, and another collected the now ruined umbrellas from her classmates and friends. Everybody continued chatting and behaving like having watched a rather entertaining performance, and even some people from the crowd with their faces caked in warm snake semen took selfies and pictures with their family equally drenched head to toe in it as well.

Jack shook his head in wonder at how it seemed to rationalize this new change, and nearly slipped and fell as he stepped in a rather deep puddle of semen. His shoe was completely and utterly soaked to the brim and he could feel the hot sticky mess seeping through his socks.

“Oh god...sorry Jack...I dont really get a say in huff when they feel like ya...know” Emy blushed, somewhat shyly. She looked down at Jack with a half smile, while still trying to recover from her very public self masturbation session.

“I never thanked you for showing up at my place here at the zoo, I know it's a bit ways away from your home...but...Im really really glad you made it.” Emy began to blush even brighter, then glanced down at your shoes.

“Oh shoot, look...I can get the guys that work here to get you a free pair and maybe some new shirts and shorts and stuff from the gift store, they always give em away if I ask..so we can get you some new shoes if you want...just dont be surprised if all the shirts, socks, clothes and water bottles have a picture of Tex and Avery on em...they are after all the main attraction here” Jack just blinked his eyes at this new information. As well as the clear signs of interest this girl was showing him, not knowing how to take in the knowledge that a girl from this new place was interested in him...and the fact that she had a pair of the scariest and largest cocks known to man.