Topic: Machine or "Magic Trick" TF

I wonder if there exists any stories where women disrobe naked and they step into a machine or a box (or something concealing them) and once concealed inside, they transform into bizarre to disgusting things imaginable?

Or another example would be a "Toy Factory" where women disrobe nude and step into a assembly line once they're inside of the machine, it transforms them into a random toy that resembles nothing like their original selves?


Re: Machine or "Magic Trick" TF

This is a hot concept. I could see the place being a fake spa or some kind of "entertainment" experience, that turns out to be a trick.


Re: Machine or "Magic Trick" TF

There were already some pictures and stories on the subject.
For example, the omnicopier, where women go in naked and then come out as individual (sexpet) creatures. Then there are these machines scattered throughout cities throughout the fantasy land that Demon-Man created.
These machines bring Macked women into predefined forms, Phallification, Vulvafication, Anusfication but each machine can only do one of these, but each city has modified their machines slightly so that each city has a differentiator in transformed compared to other cities. I myself would definitely take the anusfication if I couldn't become a Jalash Dakinispawn.