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Equipment Test

The two of them entered Sam’s room where both girls promptly dropped their skirts and panties. Sam yanked off her shirt to reveal six plump breasts. Jen scanned her impressive cleavage, then allowed her eyes to fall to her groin. A pair of throbbing cocks jutted forward, begging to penetrate something. She quickly pulled off her own shirt, revealing a similar array of nipples and flesh. Jen wasn’t particularly into girls but there was something different about Sam. Maybe seeing so much sexuality on one body was the reason she felt so wet.

A bead of fluid trickled down her thigh, sending goosebumps along her skin. She couldn’t wait any longer, demanding that Sam insert at least one of her cocks. Sam motioned towards the bed, where Jen laid back and spread her legs apart. Sam carefully aimed her twitching manhood, then pushed her right shaft into Jen’s wet cunt. Sam shivered when she felt her tight cunt squeezing down. Each inch deeper brought them both further into sexual euphoria. Soon, Sam had her entire right cock thrust inside. The left cock rubbed against Jens mound, throbbing and begging for attention.

“You should...” Sam stammered. “Grow another pussy...”

Jen blushed. “No way... You just need... Less dicks...”

Sam laughed as she gripped the left rod and began to stroke. It was challenging, but soon she was in rhythm with Jen’s contractions. While the idea of two pussies seemed heavenly, the current situation still far exceeded anything she had ever felt.

Her knees went weak every time Jen tightened on an especially sensitive part of her shaft. Excessive breasts wobbled with each thrust, sending waves through both of their bodies. The only downside was that there were too many sensitive parts to please. Sam found herself wishing for more hands. Jen was a little luckier in that regard. She had both hands available to pinch and rub her cluster of wobbling glands.

The two of them continued until Sam felt the familiar warmth of an orgasm building deep inside. She cried out as a stream of hot cum pumped into Jen. Seconds later, her left penis throbbed and flexed, sending another stream of white fluid onto Jen’s lower breasts. She promptly collapsed beside her on the bed.

Jen turned. “You know... You’re a hell of a lot better than any of the guys I’ve been with...”

“Thanks...” Sam smiled. “I think...”

They stayed like that for several minutes. Enough time for Sam’s twin cocks to go limp and slurp partway back into her pussy. After a while, the afterglow was interrupted by a knock on the door...


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No Hard Feelings

“Hey...” Cassie asked in a deep voice. “Are uh... Are you two done?”

Jen was at first terrified that a boy had infiltrated the house but remembered that it was only Cassie. Still, she didn’t really want her, or him to know that she had just fucked Sam.

"Yea... Just a second..." Jen answered.

They both scrambled to wipe away any excess fluid, then replaced their cloths. Once satisfied that the evidence had been removed, Jen opened the door to find Cassie standing bottomless with streak of cum across his shirt.

“Why aren’t you wearing your skirt?” Jen asked.

“I don’t know... It didn’t fit very well...” Cassie explained. “Besides, didn’t you want to see how well the transformation worked?”

He grinned and wiggled his penis in her direction. Jen was spent after her time with Sam and no longer felt any sense of arousal for the flaccid cock that slapped against his legs.

“Stop that... Go put back on your skirt.” She commanded.

“Fine...” Cassie replied, turning back towards the stairs. “Are you two coming back down?”

“Sure... We’ll be down shortly.” Sam replied as she fiddled with the buttons on her shirt.

Cassie shrugged and made his way back down the stairs...

Sam hooked the last button, then said. “You ready for another round?”

Jen nodded her and they left to meet Cassie at the dining room table.

“I hope their aren’t any hard feelings about the dare.” Sam started. “Uh... No pun intended.”

“Nah, it was pretty fun.” Cassie chuckled. “I wanted to try that anyway.”

Jen rolled her eyes.

“Hey, don’t give me that look Sis.” Cassie continued. “Sounded like you two were being just as bad.”

Jen blushed. She had hoped he didn’t realize what they were doing. Moreover, hearing a young boy say it made it significantly more embarrassing. She was at a loss for words.

Fortunately, Sam interrupted them to ask if she could go next.

“Sure, transform or dare Sam...” Cassie answered.


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Quick Reset

“I think I’ll go with dare this time.” Sam replied. “I figure I owe you one...”

“Dare huh?” Cassie echoed. “Alright... I dare you...”

“... to show me your dicks!”

Sam lowered her skirt. For the most part, her groin looked ordinary. The only thing that seemed unusual was a pair of lumps pressed against her panties. At a glance, most would just assume it was a rather deep camel toe.


“You know, all you had to do was ask...” Sam explained as she pulled her panties free. “I’m not embarrassed about it.”

Once the panties were out of the way, Cassie had a clear view of two heads pushing apart her labia. “Oh wow, they’re actually up inside of you?”

Sam bent back to give him a clearer view. She flexed both cocks, forcing them to twitch and push outward. She wasn’t currently aroused enough to get two fresh boners, so all she could offer were two flaccid tubes that only extended a couple inches. Even so, the display was enough to fulfill Cassie’s dare.

“I thought you were just a guy with boobs or something.” He joked. “I never expected that...”

“Yea, your sister has quite an imagination...” Sam laughed as she pushed them back inside while lifting her panties into place.

“You did that?” Cassie asked, looking towards Jen.

Jen hesitated. “I ... well... Not on purpose...”

Cassie wanted to press for more information, but was stopped short by a man’s voice echoing down the hall. “Sam, I’m home!”

“Shit... Uh... Quick, change back to normal!” Jen whispered, already halfway through her own transformation.

Cassie and Sam followed suit, fully reversing the effects just before Sam’s dad entered the dining room.

“Oh, I didn’t know you had guests.” He said. “Hi Jen, Cassie... How’s your mom doing?”

“Uh... Fine... She’s doing fine...” Jen stuttered.

“Does she know you’re here?” He asked.

“Yes, we got permission and came over after school.” Cassie answered. “She’s going to pick us up at 9. Will that be alright?”

Jen was relieved to hear Cassie’s familiar feminine voice.

“That’s fine. I’ll be in my office if you need anything.” He said as he left the doorway...


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Starting Over

Sam looked herself over and seemed to be disappointed.

“Is something wrong?” Jen asked.

“No... It’s nothing.” Sam replied.

She pulled out her cellphone to check the time. It was almost six, meaning Dad was a little earlier than usual. It didn’t really matter, but she expected her Mom to show up at any moment. Beyond that, they still had almost three hours before Jen and Cassie’s mom would arrive.

“Lets head up to my room. I’d rather not be mid-transformation when my mom gets here.” Sam suggested.

They all agreed and went upstairs for some added privacy. A feint oder hung in the air and Sam noticed a few dried cum stains on her sheets. Cassie didn’t seem to notice, or didn’t care. Either way, Sam decided to move a pile of books from her desk chair so Cassie would have a clean place to sit. Jen surely noticed, but didn’t mind the mess since she had already found a seat on the edge of the bed. While Cassie spun the desk chair towards the foot of the bed, Sam found a seat alongside Jen. Shortly after, Sam attempted to change back. Her concentration was admirable but, her torso didn’t repopulate and her vagina remained vacant.

“I can’t switch back...” She puzzled.

Cassie made the attempt as well, but found herself unable to swap genders. “I think you’re ‘back to normal’ switch worked a little to well Jen.”

“Guess we’ll just have to start fresh...” Jen shrugged.

“I wouldn’t be mad if someone gave me back those dicks...” Sam joked. “Who wants to go next?”

“I’m not sure it matters, but I think Jen’s up if we keep going in order.” Cassie suggested.

“Sure, I’ll go...” Jen shrugged. “I have an idea.”

“Oh? What’s that?” Sam asked.

“I think you’ll like this.” Jen teased. “I want you to set it up so that whatever happens, people... Well, anyone besides the three of us... Will think it’s normal.”

Sam grinned. “Transform or dare Jen...”


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“I choose transform.” Jen replied.

Sam grinned. “For your transformation, you will seem perfectly normal to everyone except the three of us.”

Jen smiled, almost expecting her to end it there.

“And you will have a condition where you can’t wear shirts or bras.”

“What the hell Sam!” Jen said as she unconsciously lifted off the borrowed shirt.

Cassie nearly fell off her chair in a fit of laughter as Jen’s cleavage wobbled into view.

“What’s wrong Jen?” Sam asked. “You don’t like that shirt?”

Jen glared at her. Sam hopped up from the bed and pulled a new shirt from her dresser.

“Here, try this one.” She suggested, holding the shirt out.

Jen slapped it from her hand. “You know I can’t!”

“Don’t get so mad Jen, it’s just a game...” Cassie offered as she composed herself.

“Yea, but there’s no reason for you to steal my modesty...” She argued.

“Fair enough...” Sam replied. “But how else will we see if it worked?”

“What do you mean if it worked? It obviously worked...” Jen said, cupping her naked breasts.

“I’m talking about the other condition...” Sam smiled.

She opened the door and hollered down the hallway. “Hey Dad, can you come here for a sec?”

Jen gasped and pulled a pillow in front of her chest. “What the heck did you do that for?”

“It’s for science!” Sam laughed as she tugged at the pillow. “Just relax. Don’t you want to know if he’ll react.”

“No!” She screamed.

Sam managed to wrangle away the pillow just as he entered the doorway...


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Mom's Home

Jen froze in fear while Sam tossed the pillow aside. Cassie glanced at them, then at Sam’s Dad. She occasionally let out a giggle, but otherwise did her best to keep quiet.

Sam’s Dad glanced towards each girl, seemingly ignorant of the naked chest that Jen desperately hugged. “Did you need something?”

“Yea...” Sam replied. “Does anything look out of place in here?”

She intentionally motioned in Jen’s direction. He stared at her for a moment, then looked towards Cassie, who was still having a hard time stifling her laughter.

“Not really...” He hesitated. “Though, I feel like I might have missed a joke.”

“Ah... Never mind then...” She said. “Did you have any plans for supper?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, your mom is bringing something.” He glanced towards Jen. “I told her you had guests.”

“She should be here any...”

“I’m home...” Mom’s voice echoed up the stairs.

“Good timing” Dad said as he left to meet her.

“God dammit Sam...” Jen said, collapsing on the bed. “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Hey, you should be thanking me.” She grinned. “Now you know it works.”

Jen didn’t like being a guinea pig, but Sam was right. Her dad didn’t notice her naked chest at all. Still, with the test concluded, she wanted to cover up. Unfortunately, the curse prevented her from even touching one of the two shirts she had rejected. Even thinking about putting on a bra made her feel queasy.

She attempted to change back with the previous condition but found that it didn’t work a second time. Ironically, it seemed that going back to normal undid her ability to go back to normal...


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Going Swimming?

Jen considered the way the curse was worded, then said, “Sam, let me borrow your bikini.”

Sam raised an eyebrow. “Why would you want that?”

“Just give me the top, I want to try something.”

“Oh, I get it!” Cassie exclaimed. “You just said she couldn’t wear shirts or bras. Nothing about bikini tops.”

“Girls!” Sam’s dad hollered. “Come down and eat.”

Sam shuffled through a drawer, then tossed her skimpiest bikini top to Jen.

“You actually swim in this?” Jen said, holding up one of the minuscule cups.

“I gotta look good out there.” She joked... “Hurry up and put it on if you’re gonna. I’ll see you downstairs...”

Sam left the room, followed by Cassie. Jen could hear them both laughing as they went down the stairs. She felt humiliated as she adjusted the cups over her nipples. She had always thought that Sam’s breasts were only a cup size smaller, yet now she would have guessed they were smaller still. Either that, or Sam gave her the skimpiest top she could find. She wanted to shuffle through her dresser to find something larger but the thought of even opening one of those drawers made her feel ill. The bikini, which wasn't causing any discomfort, was her only option.

It took some effort to center the mass of each breast in the tiny cups but once her nipples were sufficiently hidden, she left to meet them downstairs. Since the bikini was doing such a poor job supporting her chest, she had to hold on until she reached the landing. Once back on level ground, she was able to let go. So long as she didn’t make any sudden moves, her nipples would stay hidden. Soon, she met Sam’s parents in the dining room where Sam and Cassie had already been seated and served.

Sam’s mom noticed Jen’s attire and said, “It’s a bit late to go swimming isn’t it?

Jen stuttered, “Yea... I suppose it is...”

Cassie and Sam stiffed their laughter. Jen didn’t like it. They were having way to much fun at her expense.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you wearing a bra before.” Sam’s Dad observed.

“It’s a bikini top.” Sam explained. “Totally different.”

“Oh, alright...” Dad replied, as he slid a takeout bag towards an empty chair. “I hope you like burgers.”

She thanked him and sat down between Cassie and Sam, who were fully aware of her predicament. Even though the curse had clearly worked, none of them could believe how oblivious Sam’s parents were. The undersized top was almost more ridiculous than the fact that she could have been completely topless.

“Does anyone have a pen I can borrow?” Jen asked.

Sam’s mom pulled a pen from her purse and handed it over. Jen thanked her, then began writing on a napkin, being careful to hide the words from Sam with her free hand...


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A Secret

“What are you writing?” Sam asked.

“It’s a secret...” Jen replied as she carefully wrote out several phrases on the fragile paper.

Cassie glanced over. Jen was constructing instructions for both a dare and a transformation. Cassie was a little worried about what it meant, but guessed that she wasn’t the target.

She leaned over and whispered. “What are you doing Sis?”

Jen moved in close to Cassie’s ear. “Just a little payback.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Sam asked, trying to peak past Jen’s hand.

“We’ll tell you when we get back upstairs...” Cassie replied.

Jen couldn’t help smiling at how discrete her sister could be when she needed cooperation. Sam shrugged and bit into her burger. While she ate, Jen continued writing.

“If you chose transform, you will no longer be able to wear pants of any sort. Everyone will think it’s normal, except for you, me, and my sister. You’ll also grow back your two pussy dicks.”

“If you chose dare, you will offer your hands as a bra until the curse that keeps me topless is undone.”

Once satisfied, Jen folded the napkin in half and leaned towards Sam’s ear. “Transform or dare...”

Sam gasped, nearly choking as Jen slid the folded napkin towards her.

She took a drink, then opened the napkin. “You’ve got to be kidding me...”

“Something wrong dear?” Mom asked.

“Uh... No...” Sam replied. “It’s nothing...”

Jen grinned as she watched Sam read the words. Sam knew the curse well enough to know which option was the safest bet and slid the paper back towards Jen before pointing at her decision...


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They Don't See It

Sam’s finger rested on the transformation option and it seemed that pointing was all it took to trigger the change. She lost control, pushed her chair back and stood up to undo her skirt. It fell, followed soon after by her panties. She pulled her feet free and kicked the cloths away just as one limp cock slid out. A moment later, her second penis slipped free. The tighter opening forced her foreskin back, revealing the bulbous head. The feeling made both throb. Without her panties to hold them in, they were free to droop several inches past her labia.

“You could have waited until we got upstairs!” Sam whispered as she sat back down.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Jen taunted.

During the entire transition, her parents continued to eat as if everything was ordinary. Just as Jen had experienced with her naked breasts, Sam was safe from anyone knowing that she changed. Almost everyone... Cassie’s face had turned deep red. She wasn’t sure whether to laugh or run. Jen slid the napkin her way and pointed towards the transformation. That was enough to alleviate Cassie’s concerns, but didn’t come soon enough to hide her embarrassment from Sam’s dad, who asked if she was alright. She nodded and shoved a handful of fries into her mouth to avoid a conversation.

“Must be that joke I keep missing.” He said.

“What joke?” Sam’s mom asked.

“Sam asked me to find something out of place.” He explained. “I think Cassie might pass out if I don’t figure it out soon.”

Both parents looked them over, still unable to recognize how strange it was that Jen was only a few inches of fabric from being completely topless. The only thing that seemed odd was Cassie’s red cheeks and occasional giggling.

“I’m not seeing it...” Sam’s mom said after looking them over. “Did one of you get a haircut?”

Sam let out a sigh, pushed her chair away from the table, then climbed up onto it. She aimed her groin towards them and repeated the question. Once again, they looked her over and were unable to find anything unusual. Quite an accomplishment given that, aside from not wearing pants, she had birthed two semi-hard penises. Sam gestured to her crotch and asked if her unusual genitals seemed ordinary.


“You’ve been like that all your life.” Dad replied.

“Please don’t stand on the chair...” Mom added.

“So you really don’t care that I’ve got two dicks here? Or that I’m not wearing any pants?” Sam asked.

“Of course not. You never wear pants.” Mom shrugged. “Now please sit back down and finish your supper.”

Sam carefully stepped down. “Nice work Jen...”


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Back to Her Room

Jen, Cassie, and Sam finished their supper and excused themselves. On the way back upstairs Sam jokingly grabbed onto Jen’s breasts from behind.

“What are you doing?” Jen asked as the bikini slipped down.

“Didn’t you want me to be your bra?” She chuckled. “All I needed to do was pick dare...”

“Stop...” Jen said, pulling away. “I probably took that too far.”

Sam laughed. “Don’t worry about it. I thought it was funny.”

“You’re such a perv...” Jen replied. “You wouldn’t be laughing if they didn’t think you looked normal.”

“Yea, that would have been hard to explain...” She considered. “I suppose my only choice would have been to use the curse to make them forget. It would have been risky, to say the least...”

“How can you be so casual about all of this?” Jen asked as she adjusted the bikini top.

“Did you forget?” Sam replied. “I had this curse for a while before Kyle passed it to you...”

“Wait... You had it before Jen?” Cassie chimed in, trying not to stare at her naked bottom. “What happened?”

“It’s a long story...” Sam replied.

“We’ve still got a few hours until our mom gets here.” Jen said, now taking on a more serious expression. “I think it’s about time you told me what happened.”

Sam opened her bedroom door and waved them both in. “I’m afraid I can’t share the very beginning.”

“Why not? Cassie asked.

“I’m sure Jen will understand...” Sam started. “Whoever gave it to me originally, made me forget who and how.”

“I honestly have no idea what their motivation was.”

“I thought you said this was a long story!” Jen argued, tossing a pillow at her.

“Hang on... I haven’t gotten that far.” Sam replied, placing the pillow over her naked lap. “Sure, someone cursed me and made me forget who they were. I do remember the curse though.”

It wasn’t all that different than what Cassie got earlier today...


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Sam's Past Life

“This is going to be hard to believe but, up until a few months ago, I was a guy.” She explained. “Someone used the curse to turn me into a girl. They also added conditions for just about everything. My clothes were different. Makeup kits, pink bedding, and even flowery wallpaper appeared in my room. I found tampons and pads in the bathroom and even my class schedule changed. Suddenly I was off the basketball team and signed up for track and cheer squad. As far as my parents knew, they’ve always had a daughter. Even you two didn’t think twice when I showed up to school like this.”

“Why didn’t you just ask me to help you change back?” Jen asked.

“I kind of just got used to it. Besides, do you believe I was ever a boy?” Sam replied. “Either of you?”

They both shook their heads.

“Even the ‘return to normal’ condition only reversed the changes we made today. Whoever did this covered all of the bases.”

“Well... Almost... There was someone else who figured out that I had been cursed.”

“Kyle?” Jen asked.

“Yea...” She continued. “He approached me about two months ago. At first, he wanted to help undo my curse, but at the time neither of us considered exchanging the words to do it. Or so I thought... .. I’ll get that that part in a bit.”

“Over the next few weeks, he offered information about the curse, though nothing I hadn’t already figured out. He also grew more and more interested. To be honest, I’m still a guy at heart. I guess twice a man as most at the moment. Anyway... He began to show romantic interest and I rejected him. After that, he started stalking me.”

“What a creep...” Cassie remarked.

“No kidding.” Sam continued. “But I may have misread his true intentions.”

“One day, I overheard him talking with someone. I never saw who it was, but they were talking about taking back the curse power. At the time I didn’t even know I could pass it on. I actively avoided Kyle after that. I’ll spare the dirty details, but spending a few months as a girl wasn’t bad. In fact, I had become accustomed to this new life and decided to embrace it. I also decided that the curse would end with me. Unfortunately, my second decision wasn’t meant to last.”

“Kyle cornered me in a vacant hallway about a week back. I’m not sure how far he was willing to go, but the moment his fingers slid under my skirt, I asked the question...”

“I used the power to take away his manhood and the ability to curse me in return. In retrospect, it was probably his last ditch effort to make me give him the curse. If that was the case, then I suppose he got what he was after. That’s one hell of a price though...”

“I honestly thought that was the end of it, until you pushed me into the bathroom this morning...”

“To answer your original question, I do take this seriously. But... As long as it stays between the three of us, I feel like there’s nothing to worry about.”

“I figure that if something did go wrong, one of us could just turn the other back to normal...”


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“You did seem to be acting different than usual.” Jen said as she began to realize the full scope of Sam’s change.

“I imagine that would have been an understatement early on.” Sam added. “I was scared and embarrassed. I faked being sick and skipped a few days of school. When I got back I accidentally showed up for the wrong classes and even found myself in the boys bathroom a few times.”

“For the most part, people just assumed I was being ditsy or forgetful. It took a few weeks, but I got used to the changes. I learned my new schedule, figured out how to use tampons, started sitting to pee, and realized that guys really like to stare when they think you aren’t looking. I also noticed that they seem to act a lot stupider when I’m around. I think that was the worst of it. I stopped hanging out with a lot of my guy friends after the switch.”

Earlier that day, Jen and Sam crossed the line that separated friends from lovers. Jen had never been into girls, but there was something different about Sam. While she maintained a standard friendship during the past months, that day introduced the two of them to a relationship that had nearly been forgotten. As the realization took hold, she began to wonder just how close they had been before her transformation.

“Were we...” Jen hesitated. “...Together?”

“We were very close...” Sam confessed. “We’ve been best friends since kindergarten. A little more at times, but never officially a couple...”

“There’s so much to take in...” Jen replied. “I really don’t know what to say.”

“You two really would make a cute couple...” Cassie cooed. “Lesbians... But still...”

Jen punched her arm. “You heard to much!”

“Hey, I’ve been cursed too.” She shot back as she rubbed her arm. “Like it or not, we’re in this together.”

“You’re right Cassie...”Jen sighed. “Sorry...”

“No worries...” Cassie grinned. “I will admit... I’m only involved because I volunteered.”

Jen lowered her head. She had a lot to think about, but one thing was fresh on her mind.

“Sam.” She began. “Can you please undo this topless thing. I don’t want to walk around with my tits on display, no matter how normal people think it is...”

Sam patted the pillow that hid her unusual groin. “Sure, but only if you let me put on some pants...”

“That’s fine, but once we’re all back to normal, we should really stop messing with this curse...” Jen urged.


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Backup Plan

“Oh don’t be like that.” Cassie pleaded. “There’s so much we haven’t tried.”

“There need to be some new rules if we keep going.” Jen suggested.

“What do you have in mind?” Sam asked.

“I’ll explain after I’ve replaced this bikini with a proper top...” She insisted.

They exchanged words to undo the curse that kept them half naked. Jen simply went back to normal, while Sam opted to keep her pair of cocks. Jen might have wondered why earlier that day, but now understood. While Sam had come to accept her new body, she still longed for something more familiar. Even so, Jen wasn’t sure why she decided to keep the extra. She supposed it really didn’t matter and actually found herself feeling glad. The thought of Sam as a boy felt familiar but imagining her in a different body was disconcerting. Bizarre as it was, this seemed like a good compromise.

“Alright, you’re both mostly normal again.” Cassie noted as they pulled back on their cloths. “Tell us those rules so we can start a new round.”

“Oh right...” Jen began. “I figure we just need a way to switch back to normal, something that sticks even after we use it.”

“Why not just make us look normal regardless of our curse? Like what you did to Sam at dinner.” Cassie suggested.

“That might work...” Jen considered. “Sam, do you have a notepad?”

Sam nodded, then shuffled through a stack of books and papers on her desk to retrieve a clean notepad and pencil. She handed them to Jen, who began writing down ideas.

“You’re not gonna go and curse one of us with that, are you?” Cassie joked.

“No...” Jen answered. “I don’t even have the curse power. Sam does...”

“Then what are you writing?” Cassie asked.

“Just some ideas...” Jen explained. “I want to make sure they’re worded well.”

Cassie smirked. “Do you mind if Sam and I keep going?”

“I don’t care. I need to concentrate...” Jen replied as she stood up and walked towards the doorway. “I’m going to work on this in the hall. Please don’t do anything too crazy.”

While it was true that she intended to come up with some new ideas, she also wanted to be alone. She needed to process what Sam had revealed. Someone she knew for so long was completely changed, yet she only just found out. And even after learning the truth, she was having a hard time believing it. Part of her was sad. Yet, on some level, she was happy. Just hours earlier, they made love. She thought the curse had influenced her actions, but perhaps there was something more. A longing for what was hidden behind Sam’s changed identity...


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Parts of Her

Moments after Jen left the room, Cassie turned her attention to Sam. “You heard the lady... We’ve got a green light.”

“You sure you don’t want to wait?” Sam hesitated. “I’m sure it won’t take long...”

“Come on... Lets keep going.” Cassie coaxed. “I’ve got an idea for my next one.”

“Alright Cassie...” Sam replied. “Transform or dare...”

“Dang it...” Cassie grumbled. “You didn’t wait to hear what I wanted to do!”

“Were you going to turn into a boy again?” Sam mused.

“Not exactly...” Cassie replied. “No... This time I wanted to make it so I could take apart my body, kind of like Lego blocks or clay. I want to be able to detach a leg or an arm, or even pull off my head. Of course, I also want to be able to reattach things. Maybe even stick my body parts to someone else.”

“That’s pretty creative...” Sam replied. “Go ahead and pick transform and I’ll set you up.”

Cassie grinned. “Thanks Sam, I choose transform.”

Sam began. “For your transformation, you will be able to detach and reattach parts of your body. You’ll also be able to stick parts of yourself to other bodies.”

Cassie waited then looked down at her hands. “I don’t feel any different...”

Sam shrugged. “Try pulling something off.”

Cassie gripped her right index finger. With a gentle tug, it came free, leaving a smooth nub behind.


“Holy crap!” Cassie yelled, nearly dropping her detached digit.

She flexed her finger and found that it continued to accept her commands even though there was nothing connecting it to the rest of her body.

“That’s awesome...” Sam marveled. “Can you stick it back on?”

Cassie grinned and stuck it to her forehead. In a matter of seconds, the skin fused together. She wiggled the finger, then aimed it downward until she touched the tip of her nose. She then detached the finger and tossed it to Sam.

Sam fumbled, but managed to hold onto on the warm appendage. “Eww, why did you throw it at me?!”

“What do you mean ‘ew’? There’s nothing gross about my fingers!” Cassie laughed. “Try sticking it to your hand or something...”


Re: Transform or Dare: Jen in the Crossfire - by fortestingpurposes

Something Bigger

Sam felt squeamish, but ultimately decided to give it a try. She pressed the base of Cassie’s finger into the side of her right hand. The skin melded together, adjusting slightly to make the connection more seamless. Sam gawked at her hand. If she hadn’t known better, she might have guessed that she was born with a sixth finger. It felt natural and she could move it with ease. Cassie stole control to wiggle the appendage remotely, then relaxed so Sam could take over again.

Sam was definitely impressed but still felt a little queasy. “Can you take it off now?”

Cassie concentrated and the finger came unglued. Sam wasn’t in position to catch it, so the digit fell to the floor and landed with a thud.

“Ow!” Cassie cried. “Shit... I should have asked you to hold onto it...”

Sam picked up the finger and passed it back to her. “So you can control when things detach?”

“Seems that way... Here...” Cassie lifted her arm. “Pull.”

Sam hesitated, but cautiously grabbed hold and gave it a tug.

Her arm held firm.

“Alright, now try.” Cassie suggested as she concentrated on letting it depart her shoulder.

Sam tugged once more, this time successfully removing Cassie’s entire arm. She shivered and had to fight the urge to toss it back. Cassie laughed, but worried that Sam might drop it. She took her arm back, surprised at how heavy it was when detached, then plugged it back into her shoulder.

“Want to try something really weird?” Cassie asked...