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Mad Science: It Came From Space

Hundreds of thousands of light years away, in what is now known as the Milky Way galaxy, there was a small life bearing planet. In its most fertile years, it hosted an intelligent form of life. They were similar to us. Carbon based and highly adaptable, constantly improving through curiosity and technology. In time, they had developed complex computational systems, though their method wasn’t built around wires and silicon as it is on Earth. Rather, they focused on organic structures and unlocked methods of manipulating genetics and biological data in a way that cured every ailment, unlocked genetic manipulation and accelerated their evolution exponentially. But like all great civilizations, theirs would come to an end. The star that had sustained them for billions of years was nearing the end of its life.

Knowing the end was near, they abandoned their home to seek a new world in the cosmos.

Along with life sustaining arks, they launched messages towards a number of potential star systems. Inside was a device able to share information through a complex system of chemical and biological processes. Each contained the vast array of data and medical knowledge that this space-faring civilization had amassed during their moment in the light.

These peaceful messengers were destined towards star clusters and nebula with the potential to form life-supporting solar systems by the time they arrived. Some would be traveling for billions of years, outliving their creators even if they managed to find a new home.

While the pods rapidly traversed the vast emptiness of space, new planets formed. Nebula dust and debris coalesced into gaseous giants, ice chunks, molten rocks and countless asteroids.


When one pod was within 250 light years of it’s destination star, it began detect unique radio static. It began to slow, scanning for signs of life...

Whether it found life or not, this was the end of the road. The tiny payload was destined to burn up in the rapidly approaching star if it didn’t detect anything. For several more years, it flew, gradually coming closer to the outermost planets in the system. Distorted signals continued to hit the pod, becoming more clear with each passing day. The signals seemed to originate from a planet in a stable orbit, roughly 150 km from the star.

Binary information became more clear and, while it wasn’t a guarantee of intelligence, this was the only shot the pod had to share the knowledge of it’s creators. Long dormant propulsion systems woke and began to adjust the trajectory, putting Earth directly in it’s path...

*Ground Zero (Sudden Outbreak)


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Ground Zero (Sudden Outbreak)

Teens were loitering around shops, men waited for their wives and a number of others were getting an early supper, hoping to beat the 5pm rush. All in all, a typical Thursday evening at the East Mall.

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed down the corridors, followed by the sound of metal and glass collapsing from the roof. Nobody was close enough to be injured but it did startle a number of patrons. Several of them immediately high-tailed it to the exits. Many others ran towards the sound to see what was happening. Those who investigated were greeted with a pile of debris under a large hole in the roof. People were whispering that it might have been an explosion, but nestled in the debris was an egg shaped object, smooth except for a series of lines etched along the surface.

Some ignored it, going back to their shopping. A few decided to leave in case it did turn out to be an explosive device. Those who were left began to form a crowd. Witnesses who had come from outside tried to explain what they saw moments before the impact.

The mystery object fell through the sky, gradually slowing it’s decent with small bursts of light until it smashed into the mall. Some guessed that it was some kind of meteorite while a few louder individuals chanted religious assumptions. Only a few people accurately guessed that it was an alien craft.

Before long, mall security arrived to sort out the situation. One guard stepped over the debris and against his better judgment prodded at the object with his baton. The surface pulsed with a greenish hue and began to hiss. Little did he know, it was releasing a highly infectious chemical vapor.

This invisible gas was meant be absorbed into nearby lifeforms, sharing advanced knowledge with those who had the means to read it. This was standard protocol for the pod after it detected carbon based life in close proximity. Whether the life forms could decode and understand it was an entirely different matter.

Before anyone understood what was happening, the entire area was full of gas. Government officials arrived and began to quarantine the object. But their attempt to isolate it came too late. A number of people who had breathed in the vapor had long since left and the few who were detained were allowed to go after giving witness statements.

Like lightning, this mysterious infection bounced from one person to another, rapidly spreading across the region. Within a week, nearly all disease was cured in the city and several surrounding suburbs. While many celebrated the spontaneous recoveries, the alien infection was hard at work inserting hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary data into the human genome.

It wasn’t long before people began to change...

*A young woman notices something as she prepared for work.


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Preparing for Work

Kara rubbed the sleep from her eyes after hitting snooze for the second time that morning. Sunlight filtered through the blinds. She had been dreaming about the mall. It had been a week since the meteorite tore a hole in the roof. The official explanation was that a support beam hadn’t been installed properly, but she witnessed the pod thing and remembered how it hissed when the guard touched it. A lot of people were really frantic about it. She and her cousin left right before quarantine started.

There were crazy reports about ill people suddenly being cured in the days that followed. She might not have believed it if she hadn’t seen it herself. Her cousin had spent most of his life with diabetes, but started having low blood sugar issues following the incident. Out of habit, he took a shot after eating lunch, but quickly found that the extra insulin wasn’t doing him any favors. At his next meal, he tested himself before the shot. His levels were normal, and still normal for days following. It was like his pancreas had started producing insulin again. He was scheduled for testing at the end of the week to see what was going on. It still hadn’t fully sank in. Many hospital and clinic schedules were over loaded, but not for injuries. People just wanted answers. For those who were relatively healthy, life went on as usual.

Kara was barely awake and would have loved to spend the rest of the day in bed. She wasn’t thrilled about her latest assignment. All things considered, it was a fun project. A photo shoot for a local zoo that would be used in an ad campaign scheduled later that year. Still, this particular job had a serious downside.

The client who commissioned the project had an overbearing personality and was a bit heavy on the innuendo. That might not have been a problem if he was more attractive and not twice her age. The thought of managing the shoot while he offered unsolicited advice and cracked perverted jokes wasn’t her idea of a good time.

Still, the money was good and she liked her job. A client with a lame personality wasn’t enough to stop her from taking care of business. She groaned, rolled out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. She already lost twenty minutes snoozing and needed to hurry up if she wanted to make it on time.

She unceremoniously kicked off her panties, sending them towards a pile of dirty cloths in the hall. She lifted off her nightgown and tossed it towards the growing pile as well. One perk of living alone was that she didn't need to be modest. She crossed the threshold to the bathroom and turned on the lights. Her eyes were still adjusting as she splashed water on her face in front of the vanity.

Now, slightly more awake, she sat to relieve herself; shivering as the warm fluid emptied into the bowl. Something felt a little off down below. Once finished, she used a small piece of toilet paper to wipe. Her genitals felt a little odd through the thin paper. Before she could investigate, her alarm echoed down the hall. She had forgotten to turn it off after hitting snooze.

She started the shower and left to disable the alarm while the water warmed up...

*The photo shoot has been delayed.


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Photo Shoot Delayed

She grabbed her phone from the bed stand and swiped to disable the alarm. With a sigh, she went back to the bathroom, placing the phone on the vanity as she pulled back the shower curtain. Plumes of steam escaped through the gap. She liked it hot, but maybe not that much. With a few adjustments, she brought the temperature down to something more comfortable and stepped in.

She closed her eyes and let the water hit her face. Taking a moment to enjoy the sensation before leaning forward to soak her hair. She ran her hands through the strands, making sure they were sufficiently soaked before applying shampoo. She stepped back and let the water drum against her chest as she worked the suds into her scalp. A grin moved across her mouth as the warm water teased her nipples.

She moved her soapy hands down and massaged the twin peaks on her chest, allowing lewd thoughts to enter her mind. Her right hand inched downward but, before her fingers had a chance to play, a shrill scream echoed from her phone. The comical sound looped again, indicating a call from her boss.

“Ugh... I’m not late... Yet...” She complained as she pulled the shower curtain aside to answer the phone. “Hey Sharon, what’s up?”

“Hi Kara.” Sharon said. “I hope you haven’t left yet.”

“Uh... Just about to leave the house.” She lied.

“No need. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the photo shoot is delayed until Friday.” Sharon explained. “Sanders said he had a family emergency and rescheduled...”

“Oh... I hope everything is alright.” Kara said halfheartedly. “Do you still want me to come in?”

“Nah, most of the office is out for one reason or another.” Sharon replied. “Just make sure the batteries are charged and that you’ve got a few clear memory cards for Friday.”

“OK. Give me a call if anything comes up, otherwise... I guess I’ll see you then.” Kara replied.

Sharon thanked her and hung up. Kara carefully placed the phone back on the vanity before closing the shower curtain.

“Damn, I could have stayed in bed...” She complained, turning around to rinse the suds from her hair. “Whatever will I do with all this free time...”

*Have a little fun in the shower.


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More Than Expected

The soap ran down her skin, outlining her body as gravity carried it down to the ceramic under her feet. She had nowhere to be and was already awake. Without much else to do, she let her mind wander. She imagined an attractive man whispering compliments while massaging her body with muscular arms. He would lean in and kiss her gently, running his hands up her waist and down her chest.

As the scene played out in her mind, she pinched her nipples and rubbed the surrounding flesh. Goosebumps ran down her stomach while ever increasing arousal made her more sensitive to the warm water that trickled down her thighs. She slid her hands downward, echoing the movements of her imaginary boyfriend as he shifted his focus.

She slid both hands along her thighs and squatted down. Her genitals still felt a bit unusual but she was too caught up in the moment to care. Her right index finger slid along the edge of her lips before she pinched her labia and tugged it to the side, imagining a tongue moving ever closer to her tender clit. She slid her left hand back up her thigh and ran it along the opposite edge, then slipped it back down, angling her finger so it would penetrate the damp hole. It felt ... a little strange. She could feel both labia against her finger but knew that her right hand should have been holding one side away.

A moment of curiosity interrupted her imaginary foreplay. She pulled her hands away and opened her eyes. She couldn’t quite see anything wrong from above and had to lean forward to get a closer look. There, in her groin, were two distinct divots. She assumed that her labia had just folded weirdly, but spreading her legs and pulling on either side revealed a line of tissue running down the middle. And, on either side of that were two new labia.

“Weird... Kind of looks like it split in two...” She thought as she prodded the bridge between the openings.

It dawned on her that this wasn’t a weird fold. The divider was very much attached and if she didn’t know any better, she now had two pussies. Both sides had their own labia and each had a small clit poking out at the top. Curiosity was gradually becoming panic. Was she dreaming? She straightened up and turned off the water.

As if ignoring the fact that her groin had been doubled, she stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off. Anxiously humming as she went back to her room to get dressed.

“hmmm mm... Nothing wrong here... hmmm... Just... Imagining things...”

She didn’t look down as she slipped on a pair of panties and shorts. Before pulling a clean bra out of the drawer she took a deep breath.

“I just imagined it...” She said. “How could I have two of them... That isn’t possible. Maybe the water just refracted the light... Yea...”

She cautiously slipped off her pants and spread her legs to take closer look...

*She calls her friend.


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Phone A Friend

It was true. She had two distinct cracks wedged together in her crotch. Not quite sure what to do, she ran back to the bathroom, now more aware than ever of the multiplied lips rubbing between her thighs. She picked up her phone and called her best friend. By the third ring she realized that Julia would be at work. She felt bad, but reasoned that it was serious. At the very least she could ask her to come by during her break or after she got off.

Julia answered. “Hey Kara, what’s up?”

“I’ve... Um... Can you come over?” Kara stuttered. “Uh... When you’re off work... I mean...”

“I can come by right now.” Julia replied.

“Really?” Kara said. “But... Aren’t you working today?”

“Nope.” She explained. “The partners sent out a memo yesterday. I guess too many people were calling in personal emergencies. So we’re closed until Monday. Seems like a lot of places have been closing lately... Have you been watching the news? Lots of strange things have been happening since that mall explosion.”

Kara rolled her eyes. “It wasn’t an exp... Never mind... Um... If you can come over, I’d appreciate it...”

“Are you home now?” Julia asked. “I thought you had that photo shoot today.”

“It was canceled.” Kara replied.

“Huh.. I’ll come by then. There’s uh ... something I wanted to ask you about ... anyway.” Julia added just before hanging up.

Now expecting company, she pulled back on the pants she had earlier and slipped on a bra and t-shirt.

She still felt a little shaken by the sudden duplication of her vagina, but was slowly collecting herself. She sat down on the bed, cautiously feeling her groin through the fabric of the shorts. There were most definitely two grooves. The pressure from her fingers sent twice the usual sensation. Something about it was beginning to turn her on. She never did get to finish what she started in the shower.

She massaged them for a moment, then heard a knock at the door. She sighed, annoyed to be interrupted yet again. Granted, it might not have been the best time since Julia would be arriving soon.

She looked through the peephole to see who was there...

*Her friend arrives early


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Julia Changed Too

To her surprise, it was Julia. Kara opened the door to let her in, then quickly locked it behind them. She was a lot earlier than Kara had expected, but it turned out that Julia was already driving through the area when she called. They would usually hug, but this time Julia seemed hesitant to make contact, quickly taking a seat on the couch.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” She asked nervously.

“Well, something happened ... it’s really embarrassing...” Kara began.

“To your body?” Julia interrupted.

“Um... Yea... How did you know?” Kara hesitated, tugging on her shorts in case they were too tight.

“I... Well...” Julia hesitated. “It’s been all over the news. People are changing.”

Kara rarely watched the news but was glad to know that she wasn’t the only one.

“OK... Promise you won’t laugh...” Kara said before mumbling. “My ... vagina doubled.”

“What doubled?” Julia asked, not quite hearing her.

“My vagina...” Kara repeated, this time a bit louder.

She blushed a deep red; expecting her friend to say she was insane, but no laughter followed the confession.

“Something happened to me too...” Julia quietly replied. “I don’t know how to explain it...”

Before Kara could ask, Julia lifted off her shirt, revealing impressive pair of breasts squeezed into a bra that was far too small for her.

“What are you doing.” Kara asked. “You’re not even going to question what I just told you?”

“I believe you... I mean, something happened to me as well. A lot of people have been affected.” She explained as she unhooked the bra. “Tell me what these look like to you.”

She let the bra fall to her lap and motioned to her nipples. Kara was a little embarrassed, but it wasn’t the first time she had seen Julia’s goods. She looked them over, not quite sure what was different. Then she saw it.

“What happened?” She asked leaning in to take a closer look...

*Julia's nipples turned into dicks


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Revealing All

Julia’s nipples were longer and a bit bigger around that Kara remembered. She was missing her areola and the skin that protruded was limp and a bit wrinkly. They looked oddly familiar but she couldn’t quite place it.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Julia replied as she pinched the odd looking cones of flesh. “I noticed them during work yesterday... It just kind of happened.”

She fondled them, then massaged the underside of either breast. The stimulation made her squirm. As arousal built, the cones began to swell, twitching slightly as they pushed outward.

“What on earth...” Kara said, taking a step back.

“Don’t they look like...” Julia started.

“Dicks...” Kara added as two mushroom shaped heads slipped out of the wrinkly tubes. “Holy shit! You have dicks on your boobs!”

“Hey, don’t judge me... I hear that you’ve got an extra pussy these days.” Julia replied with a hint of humor.

“Do you think we’ll be OK? Are we going to keep changing?” Kara replied, feeling panic rising from the pit of her stomach.

“I don’t know, but we’re not the only ones affected.” Julia continued. “Plus, it seems like these changes have some pretty great benefits.”

“Benefits?” Kara replied. “What on earth are you going to do with dicks on your chest?”

“Wait... Don’t answer that... I’m sorry I asked...”

Julia giggled and gave both partial erections a loving squeeze. “Well, aside from fun, it seems that the changes are curing disease. We weren’t exactly ill, but my grandma was. Against all odds, she beat cancer earlier this week. Another good friend of mind no longer has asthma. And, if I remember right, you said Dan no longer needs his insulin shots?”

“If the cost for their health is sprouting dicks from my nipples, then I think I can accept that. Oh, speaking of changes... I think it’s your turn to show and tell...”

Kara sighed and slipped out of her shorts and panties.

“Oh wow.” Julia said, staring at her naked groin. “Did everything double, or just the opening?”

“I... I don’t know... I just noticed this morning.” Kara replied. “I think everything...”

*Julia takes a closer look


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Perfect Copy

“Turn around and spread ‘em.” Julia laughed. “I’ll let you know what you’re dealing with.”

“I can’t believe you just said that...” Kara replied. “But... Ugh... I do want to know...”

She stepped out of her pants and pushed them aside before turning away from Julia.

“Don’t get any weird ideas...”

“No promises.” Julia joked as she slipped her phone out of her pocket.

Kara spread her legs and bent forward. Then, after a moment of hesitation, reached down to pull her labia apart.

“Well? ... What’s it look like?”

Instead of a response, she heard an artificial shutter sound echo from Julia’s phone.

“What the hell! I didn’t say you could take a picture!”

“Relax silly, we’ll delete it... I just wanted you to see for yourself.” She said, holding out the phone.

Kara huffed as she grabbed it from her hand. She panned around the photo, zooming in to take a closer look. If she hadn’t been convinced already, there was no denying it now. She deleted the image and tossed the phone back to Julia.

“It’s true... I’ve really got two of them.” Kara said. “What am I gonna do...”

Kara was trying to keep a level head but had a hard time concentrating with two dick nipples staring back at her.

“Will you please put your shirt back on?”

Julia grinned and slipped back into her shirt without putting on her bra. The two dicks made suggestive tents in the fabric.

“Better?” She grinned, fully aware of the lumps.

“And your bra!” Kara added, annoyed that she wasn’t taking any of it seriously.

“You’re one to talk, Miss Bottomless...” Julia scoffed as she traded the shirt for her bra.

Kara, feeling a bit self conscious, quickly stepped back into her panties and shorts.

“So what should we do now?...” Kara asked as Julia struggled to contain her erections in the undersized bra...

*Check the news


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The News

“Want to check the news?” Julia asked. “Maybe one of the stations knows what’s happening.”

“I doubt it...” Kara shrugged as she picked up a nearby remote and turned on the television.

She had her own theory, but decided not to share it just yet. Julia wasn’t at the mall when the space pod landed and was content to believe the first cover-up story she heard. Kara wasn’t a fan of the news. Nine times out of ten it was just a political circle jerk. But given the severity of the situation, maybe they would be more willing to disclose the truth.

The screen blinked to life. As Julia had guessed, the topic of changing people was all over the news. They flipped through stations until they landed on their local news. A young anchor was discussing the changes. Apparently they were treating it like a contagious epidemic, warning people to cancel any travel plans and stay home. Kara smirked, knowing that the warning had come far too late. The news anchor continued to read his cue cards; emphasizing that, regardless of the manifestations, the changes had been harmless so far. Kara guessed that the last line was just an attempt to keep people from panicking.

“Sounds about right...” Julia said, finally managing to clip her bra. “That’s been all over the news for the past few days. Shame this is what came after the sudden cure...”

“Sudden cure?” Kara asked.

“That’s what they were calling it.” Julia explained. “It started last Friday. That’s when sick people got healthy all of a sudden.”

They flipped to another channel to see two TV personalities arguing about the phenomenon.

“Listen, these changes haven’t hurt anyone... In fact, most pe...” A man started.

“NO YOU LISTEN!” A woman screamed. “I don’t care how ‘harmless’ you think this is! How do I explain this to my kids? ‘Mom, why did our teacher grow a thing from his forehead?’ It’s a curse!”

“Just.. Be an adult about it. Explain that some people are changing.” He replied. “Nobody knows the reason this is happening yet, so we just need to stay civil and be reasonable...”

“Be reasonable? I am being reasonable! Obviously god is angry with us. People have turned their back on him!”

“Oh, here we go...” Kara laughed. “See. This is why I don’t watch this crap...”

“Alright smarty-two-puss” Julia snickered. “What’s your theory?...”

*Henry calls to check on them


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Henry Calls

“Hold that thought...” Julia said as she glanced at her phone. “It’s my brother...”

“Henry?” Kara blushed. “Don’t tell me he changed too...”

“Let’s find out...” Julia laughed, swiping to accept the call.

“Sis, where are you?” He asked.

“I’m with Kara.” She said, “Why? Is everything alright?”

“Have you been watching the news?” He asked, “It’s crazy... People are changing... Like, growing random body parts!”

“We know...” Julia sighed. “Why don’t you swing by Kara’s place, we’ve been... Uh... Theorizing...”

“Theorizing?” He repeated.

“Yea... We think this might have something to do with the mall incident last week.”

“That was really weird...” He recalled. “Are you two alright?”

“Yea... We’re both fine...” Julia replied. “Come by and we’ll compare stories.”

“OK, I’ll head that way shortly...” He said. “Should I expect anything unusual?”

“Nah... Nothing too weird...” Julia lied.

“Cool... See you soon.” He finished.

Julia said goodbye and ended the call...

*Kara has a crush on Henry


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Minor Freak-out

“You invited him over?” Kara complained. “And what do you mean we’re fine? We’ve both changed!”

“I don’t know what you’re so worried about... It’s not like we’re in pain or anything...” Julia shrugged. “Besides, he might be able to add something to your theory.”

“What could he possibly contribute?” Kara argued. “If we are infected with something, wouldn’t we just be putting him in danger?”

“Nah, he’s definitely got it too if that’s the case.” Julia explained. “He was at the mall with some friends during the ... alien landing... But he didn’t see what you described. Must have been in a different part of the building.”

“He did tell me that he and a few friends were detained when they tried to leave. But they didn’t have to stay long since nobody had done anything wrong.”

“Well great...” Kara said, leaving for her bedroom. “I’m gonna get changed.”

“Why?” Julia asked as she settled onto the couch.

“I wasn’t expecting more company...” She replied, picking up a pile of dirty cloths as she went. “I should at least look a little civilized...”

Julia wasn’t sure what was wrong with the shorts and t-shirt Kara currently wore, but didn’t have time to question it before she disappeared down the hall.

Kara pulled her bedroom door shut and fell forward on the bed; muffling a scream in the sheets. She had a huge crush on Henry. Any other time she’d be thrilled to have him over, but not now. If he found out about her change, he’d think she was some kind of freak.

After beating up a pillow to let out her pent up frustrations, she stood back up. He might have been her crush, but she wasn’t planning to drop her pants as soon as he came in. For now, she would just act normal and hope that Julia didn’t tell him about her groin.

Knowing that Henry would be there soon, she opted to change into one of her nicer skirts, then put on a blouse that showed a bit more cleavage. She brushed the tangles from her hair then applied some light makeup.

Now feeling a bit more sociable and slightly less anxious, she returned to the living room...

*Julia knows both of her secrets.


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Keeping Kara's Secrets

“You look like you’re about to go on a date...” Julia joked, turning her attention away from the television.

“Shut up...” Kara blushed. “I just want to give a good impression...”

“I don’t see why you don’t just ask him out...” Julia said dismissively. “I’m sure he’d say yes...”

“Is it really so obvious?” Kara replied.

“Yea... Well... It is to me. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a clue.” She laughed.

“I really wish you hadn’t invited him...” Kara sighed.

“If you think having two pussies is going to be an issue, you clearly haven’t been around very many guys...” Julia shrugged.

“I’m sure your dying to talk about your dicks, but please don’t tell him about my change...” Kara begged.

“Why not?” Julia grinned.

“Because! It’s weird...” Kara stuttered. “Just... Please don’t. For all we know, this is all just temporary.”

“Oh alright, your secret is safe with me.” Julia laughed. “But I’m totally gonna bust these out!”

She pushed her boobs together to emphasize the excessive lumps where her nipples should have been.

“Are you serious?” Kara asked.

“Sure...” Julia replied. “It's not like he's never seen my tits. I mean, we did grow up together.”

“Maybe he’ll have some advice for me now that I’ve got manly bits.”

“Those are hardly what I’d call manly...” Kara scoffed. “My thumbs might be bigger.”

“Whatever...” Julia laughed. “You’re just jealous that you didn’t grow them.”

A knock at the door interrupted Kara before she could respond.

“I bet that’s him!” Julia said as she jumped up to answer it...

*A concerned neighbor comes to check on them


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Concerned Neighbor

She twisted open the deadbolt and pulled the door back to reveal man that neither of them recognized.

“Oh no...” Kara frowned. “He did change...”

The man raised an eyebrow.

“Uh, can we help you?” Julia said, realizing that it wasn’t Henry.

“I just wanted to see if you knew what was going on.” He explained. “I live two doors down in apartment 23. My neighbors just packed their bags and took off a few days ago. Usually they ask me to watch their cats, but I think they took them when they left. I didn’t think much of it until I saw another group packing yesterday. And today it looks like the folks in apartment 18 are heading out. I know it’s none of my business, but are you planning on leaving too? Is there some reason so many people are taking off?”

“No, we aren’t leaving. “Kara said.

“Have you seen the news?” Julia asked. “There’s some kind of pandemic spreading through the region and nobody knows what’s causing it.”

“I don’t have a TV in my apartment... I... I didn’t know... A lot of my co-workers have been out sick, so I’ve been pulling a lot of overtime.” He said, slowly realizing why so many people were missing. “Oh god... I hope they’re alright.”

“Don’t worry.” Julia assured him. “Whatever is spreading isn’t exactly an illness, at least not something that’s hurting anyone.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“People are actually getting better.” She continued. “Like... Serious conditions are being cured; but some people are experiencing other changes... Like waking up with extra...”

“Extra fingers... Or uh ... a tail or something...” Kara interrupted.

“Huh...” The man said, not quite believing her. “I’m uh... Gonna head back home then.”

“I’m glad to see you’re both alright.”

He turned away and started back towards his apartment...

*He changes on the way back to his apartment