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The Neighbor Changes

Julia stepped out onto the walkway and leaned against the handrail. “It really does sound crazy doesn’t it?”

“Just a bit...” Kara agreed.

The two of them glanced around. The pavilion and pool were deserted, something Kara knew was out of the ordinary. Usually there were at least a few people swimming in the pool or jogging along the paths. The only other people they could see were the aforementioned apartment 18 occupants who were quickly carrying luggage to a sedan in the parking lot.

“Maybe they think they can escape it.” Julia shrugged.

They were just about to head back in when the man from apartment 23 fell over. Kara and Julia thought he had tripped and went to help, but quickly found that his footing was inhibited by a rapid change overtaking his lower body. A large bulge was forming in his groin, pushing his legs apart as it grew.

“What... What’s happening!” He yelled, panicking as the lump continued it’s decent.

“Is that what I think it is?” Kara asked, noticing the bulge as they sprinted to his aid.

She tried not to stare as the ever expanding tube of flesh removed his pants. The only thing keeping his groin hidden was a few inches of t-shirt fabric. That was assuming the growing tube of flesh wasn’t his new groin.

“Hey... Are you alright?” Julia asked as she approached.

“This is insane!” He said, glancing down at the fleshy extension that was gradually taking on the appearance of a new leg. “What’s happening to me?”

“I think you’ve been affected by the change.” Kara said. “It looks like it’s almost done.”

She really had no idea, but he didn’t seem to be in any pain. Just panicked. But his concern was justified, he had literally sprouted a new leg.

“I... I think it stopped...” He said, “What the fuck is this?”

He answered his own question by bending the new knee, slipping his newly formed foot free of the now-useless pants. This maneuver let his shirt fall back, revealing that his divided groin now contained two dicks on either side of the leg. Kara blushed and looked away. All things considered, she wasn’t very different.

“Here...” Julia said, offering a hand. “Let me help you up...”

*Kara and Julia do what they can to help


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She helped pull him upright. He nearly fell again as he attempted to walk to the closest wall for support. Kara handed him his pants, which he used as temporary cover for his modified groin.

“I don’t understand... How is this possible...” He said, holding the wadded pants against his lap.

“Are you in pain?” Kara asked.

“No...” He replied. “Not at all.”

“At least there’s that.” Julia added. “Is there anything we can do? Anyone you want to call?”

“I’m not sure... Should I go to the hospital?” He stuttered. “Is this what’s been happening to people... To my friends? ... I ... I think I need to sit down.”

Kara took one of his arms over her shoulder and helped him back to his apartment. The layout was a carbon copy of her own aside from different furniture and being slightly messier. She eased him down onto a chair by the window.

“Aren’t you worried you’ll change too?” He asked. “If I’m infected, you shouldn’t be here...”

“Too late for that.” Julia replied. “Whatever is changing people has already spread throughout the city. I changed yesterday, and Kara woke up with something new... I wouldn’t be surprised if the people in apartment 18 change on their way out.”

“If they haven’t already.” Kara added.

“But you both look normal.” He said.

“Should I tell him?” Julia asked.

“Our changes are a little personal. We don’t even know his name.” Kara replied.

“It’s Frank...” He offered. “Frank Kenson...”

“I’ve seen you a few times ... but haven’t ever introduced myself. I didn’t expect to formally meet under these... Circumstances.”

“I don’t think any of us expected this...” Kara shrugged, turning towards Julia. “Go ahead and tell him.”

“This might seem really crazy, but you should at least know you’re not the only one...”

*Julia shows off her change


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No Modesty

Julia crossed her arms and pulled her shirt up, grabbing either side of her bra along the way.

“What are you doing!” Kara yelled.

“I’m showing him my change.” She replied as both breasts fell free.

“I said TELL, not show!” Kara argued.

“Fine... I’ll tell...” Julia smirked. “Take a close look Frank. As you can see, my nipples are a bit... Different.

Julia must have enjoyed seeing his doubled groin moments earlier. Under her bra both dicks had begun to swell, allowing the heads to slip free before she revealed them. The partial erections twitched as the cool air in the apartment danced across her naked chest.

“They recently turned into dicks...” She added, almost sounding proud.

“Uh... I can see that...” Frank blushed, feeling his own pair of cocks twitching under the wadded pants.

“Your turn Kara...” Julia laughed, carefully pulling her bra and shirt back down.

“I woke up with two vaginas...” Kara shrugged.

“I don’t suppose I get to see that next?” Frank asked with a wry smile.

Kara glared, prompting a fit of laughter from Julia.

Her laughter was cut short by the sound of her phone. She hadn’t fully adjusted her bra and one of the nipple dicks stuck out, leaving a less-than-appropriate bump in her top as she fished the phone from her pocket.

“Hello?” She answered, still attempting to fix her bra with her one free hand.

“Hey, where are you?” Henry asked. “The apartment door is open but nobody’s here.”

“Oh, sorry...” She replied. “We’re helping someone a few doors down.”

“Do you need me to come over or should I wait?” He asked...

*They ask him to wait in the apartment


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He's Waiting

“Hold on a sec...” Julia said before covering the receiver with her hand. “It’s Henry... He’s waiting for us.”

“Shit... We need to head back...” Kara said, blushing at the thought of him alone at her door.

“Uh... Are you going to be alright if we leave?” Julia asked, turning to Frank.

“I think so... Hopefully I don’t grow anything else.” He said. “Did your other friend... Henry ... change too?”

“Not that we know of.” Kara replied.

“Henry?” Julia asked, uncovering the phone so he could hear.

“Yea?” He replied.

“We’re coming back. Kara said you could wait in the living room.”

“I did not!” Kara complained. “But... It’s fine.”

Julia laughed at her sudden change of heart before saying, “We’ll see you soon...”

“Good luck to you.” Frank said. “I guess I should try to walk... And maybe find something to wear. You two probably wouldn’t want to stay for that anyway.”

“Let me give you my number just in case.” Julia added. “Do you have your phone handy?”

He searched for his phone in the pants on his lap, careful not to expose himself as he twisted the a pocket around. Once found, he passed it to Julia who added herself as a new contact.

“There you go...” She said, handing it back. “My name is Julia and this is Kara. Please call if you need help.”

They went towards the door, taking a moment to apologize for his situation before leaving to meet with Henry...

*They leave to meet with Henry


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Meeting Henry

Kara lead the way back to her apartment but stopped a few steps away from the door.

“Why are you stopping?” Julia asked.

“He hasn’t changed...” Kara said. “What if we infect him? What if that’s why Frank grew that leg?”

“Well, I don’t know about Frank, but I’m sure Henry’s already infected.” Julia explained. “For one, he was at the mall during the thing... And... If that wasn’t what caused all of this, then I imagine I would have infected him yesterday. We met for supper. So I wouldn’t worry about it. He might be immune, or maybe he just hasn’t changed yet... Either way, it won’t be anything you did.”

“I hope you’re right...” Kara replied, opening the door to find Henry waiting on the couch.

“Hey ladies, nice to see you’re both as normal as I remember.” He winked.

“Such flattery...” Julia replied with a laugh. “But I’m not quite as normal as I appear...”

“Really?” He asked. “What’s different?”

She lifted her shirt and bra, allowing her breasts to fall into view.

“Oh come on...” Kara complained. “You really love pulling those out don’t you?”

Henry looked away. “Jeez Sis... Are you trying to give me an complex or something?”

“Just look... My nipples changed.” Julia explained. “It happened some time yesterday afternoon.”

Henry hesitated, but turned to see what she was talking about. Sure enough, her areola were gone and in place of the nipples were two limp tubes.

“Holy shit...” He said. “You aren’t joking... Are those...?”

He stood up and leaned in for a closer look. Julia wasn’t exactly turned on by her brother, but his close examination made her dicks twitch upward, revealing the tips as the foreskins pulled back. She coughed awkwardly and pulled her bra back down, making clumsy adjustments until her stiffening nipples fit behind the padded cups.

“So there you have it... I’ve become a mutant.” She smirked. “Not much of a super power though...”

“Have you changed to?” He asked, turning his attention to Kara...

*Kara hesitates to share her change


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Accurate News

A deep red blush filled Kara’s cheeks, barely hidden by the light makeup she had applied earlier. Should she tell him about her twin pussies? It wasn't that hard to tell Frank... But he was basically a stranger. This was Henry...

Julia noticed her discomfort and said, “What about you? Any dicks on your chest?”

“No... Not yet at least...” He joked. “You’ve been watching the news, right?”

“Yea... Some lady grew an extra boob during a live debate.” Kara smirked.

“Right...” Julia added. “She totally had it coming though. Nobody else could get a word in and she was being such a bitch.”

“I saw that!” Henry replied. “The look on her face was priceless. Shame they cut the feed... That’s actually why I called. I kept hearing about this stuff but actually seeing it happen... Wow...”

“Yea, but it’s the local news... 90% of that is fake.” Kara replied, trying to sound clever. “Anyone with a CGI budget could have done that as a scare tactic.”

“True, but when it’s being discussed on every channel, you’ve gotta wonder...” Henry shrugged. “And for once, it actually turned out to be true. Julia over here is twice the man I am now! How messed up is that?”

“Shut up, I’m still a lady!” Julia complained as her fist met his shoulder. “You’re just jealous.”

Henry backed away, rubbing the sore spot as he laughed. The two of them continued to poke fun at each other until Kara interrupted the banter.

“So... Uh...” Kara began. “What should we do now?...”

*Kara shares her theory.


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“Why don’t you tell Henry what you saw at the mall last week?” Julia suggested, still giggling.

Kara turned towards Henry. “So, you were detained by the military when you tried to leave the mall?”

“That’s right... They were asking if we had witnessed the roof collapse.” He said, trying to ignore his sister’s mischievous grin. “They seemed to be rounding up anyone who had been in that part of the mall, but since we weren’t there they didn’t make us stay. It was freaky to see a bunch of guys in gas masks, but when we asked they just said that it was to keep out the dust while they cleaned up.”

“I can’t imagine a hole in the roof would require a military hazmat crew. The whole thing seemed really weird...”

“I was there with Ben when it happened.” Kara explained. “The roof was smashed in by a pod thing. Seemed harmless until some security guy poked at it. It hissed and started glowing green. My theory is that it released some kind of infection.”

“But... That probably sounds crazy...”

“No... Actually, that’s pretty much what Cody told me when he called into work.” Henry said. “He was there too.”

“Why did Cody call in?” Julia asked.

“Said he was sick.” Henry shrugged. “I guess that might not be the case in hindsight...”

“I don’t think anyone has actually been sick... Just changed.”

“We just watched one of my neighbors grow a new leg...” Kara added. “I’d probably call in to... if something like that happened to me.”

Julia shot her a knowing glance before saying, “I don’t think this is going away... Seems to me that alien pod was a blessing and a curse. It cured disease but inadvertently messed with our biology...”

“Uh...” Henry groaned. “I feel... Strange...”

*Henry experiences his own change


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Henry Changes

“Oh shit... Don’t tell me you’re changing too.” Julia said, half joking. “You had better not be growing dicks on your chest! That’s my thing.”

Henry was too lightheaded to come up with a witty response. He nearly fell, crossing his arms to grab his sides. Whatever was happening, it seemed to be concentrated on either side of his torso.

“I don’t think he’s kidding...” Kara said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Are you alright?”

“Doesn’t hurt...” He said breathlessly. “Just... Pressure...”

The moment the words left his mouth, two bulges erupted under his hands, rapidly pushing outward on either side of his torso. They tore through his cotton shirt and gradually took on the familiar appearance of arms. It wasn’t long before joints were defined and hands took shape. It finished almost as quickly as it had started, leaving him with a new arms a few inches below the originals.

“Wow... That was a trip...” He breathed, flexing the new appendages.

“Not to shabby...” Julia said, admiring his additions. “Welcome to the club...”

“Uh... Thanks...” He replied, somewhere between curious and concerned. “This is... Surreal.”

“Holy shit...” Kara exclaimed. “How are you not freaking out right now?”

“To be honest... I’m not sure.” He laughed. “They feel really natural...”

Kara actually felt herself getting wet at the sight of him. She still liked him and imagining what he could do with two extra arms was giving her goosebumps. Maybe Julia was right, maybe she should just ask him out. Not now though. She was turned on, but not without tact.

Without warning, Julia threw her phone at him. He barely caught it with his upper right hand.

“Aw... I was hoping you’d catch it with one of the new ones...” Julia frowned.

“Cut me some slack Sis. I literally just grew them!” He laughed, passing the phone back to her. “You’re lucky I didn’t drop it...”

Kara continued to stare, not quite sure what to say...

*Kara can't seem to calm down.


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Kara Confesses

Julia noticed Kara’s gaze and laughed. “Jeez Kara, why not take a picture...”

Kara blushed, realizing that she had been gawking.

“I don’t mind if you stare...” Henry smiled. “If you suddenly grew two extra arms, I’d probably have the same reaction.”

“Sorry...” She stuttered. “Why don’t we... Uh... Turn the TV back on... Maybe they’ll have more to say about what’s happening...”

She fumbled with the remote; barely managing to hit the power button. Julia took a seat on the recliner, leaving the couch for Kara and Henry to share. Kara knew she had done it on purpose. She dropped the remote in Julia’s lap and sat down next to him. He didn’t seem all that interested in her at the moment. His lower arms flexed and twisted as he continued to test them.

Kara sighed and considered the situation. Now, all three of them were different. Changed by the pandemic. But he still didn’t know about her change. At least not yet. Should she tell him now? Julia wasn’t exactly shy about her chest. The thought of telling him her secret was thrilling. Maybe if she just said it, she wouldn’t need to stress anymore.

He must have noticed the look on her face and said, “Something wrong Kara?”

“No... Well...” She stuttered. “The thing is... I changed too...”

“You did?” Julia asked, pretending not to know better.

Kara shot her a look before turning back to Henry. “It’s really embarrassing...”

“Can’t possibly be more embarrassing than dicks for nipples.” Julia laughed.

Kara sighed and mumbled. “I’ve uh... I’ve got two vaginas now...”

“Two vaginas?” Henry echoed. “That’s pretty rad... I guess we’re all part of the ‘changed’ club then.”

Kara blushed even harder. She couldn’t believe she said it. She couldn’t believe he thought it was... Rad... Goosebumps prickled along her spine. Why was she so uncomfortable. Henry was hot, but not that hot...

“Oh shit!” Julia said, breaking the tension. “Look at that.”

The three of them turned to the television...

*Two news reporters begin to change


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Live Merging

The two reporters who had been discussing the outbreak had begun to change. It was triggered when the guy accidentally brushed his hand against his co-anchor’s elbow. Something so innocent quickly became serious as he tugged her towards him. She panicked and jumped out of her seat, pulling his hand in the other direction. They quickly realized that neither of them had a grip. It seemed that the spot where they had made contact had stuck.

Their skin continued to merge, forcing a scream from the woman as she tried to push him away. He stood up, and tried to pry her off without success. By then, her entire hand had been absorbed. As their fusion traveled up her arm, it tore through her jacket and eventually her bra, allowing her left breast to fall out.

They half expected them to cut to a different feed. Instead, another reporter’s voice explained that they were witnessing a change first-hand. She rolled the camera past the desk and began to film the two anchors as they fell to the ground.

The two of them cursed and struggled as their cloths tore to accommodate the rapid fusion of their two bodies. The process finally ended when she had effectively replacing his left half. Their cloths were tattered, revealing almost everything. They could see both male and female halves split down the middle. While they now shared a single body, they still retained both heads, offset on either shoulder. It wasn’t long before the station manually applied censor bars to their exposed genitals.

While other personnel went to help, the reporter manning the camera continued to explain what she had witnessed.

“Damn...” Henry said, slack-jawed as the camera panned away from the conjoined anchors. “All things considered... I think we might have gotten off easy...”

“No kidding...” Julia replied.

Kara was hot and bothered after watching the spectacle and she didn’t know why. Her panties were soaked and she couldn’t stop thinking about fucking something... Someone... Henry... Her heart raced. A slight adjustment on the couch forced out a soft moan that made both Henry and Julia glance over.

“You alright over there?” Julia asked, noticing the sweat on her brow.

“Yea...” Kara breathed. “That was... Just... Hard to watch... I... I need to be alone...”

She stood up on shaky legs and left for her bedroom...

*Kara relieves herself in private


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Doubled Pleasure

“Huh...” Julia considered. “I’ve never known her to be so squeamish.”

“That was pretty intense though.” Henry replied. “How do you think they’ll deal with that? Like... They have to share one body for who knows how long... Maybe for the rest of their lives?”

“Do you think they had families?” Julia asked. “Like... A husband or wife?”

“I don’t know, but sex is gonna be really weird...” Henry shrugged. “I wonder who’s house they’ll move into...”

“You perv.” Julia laughed. “I was thinking about their families, not their sex life... Granted, that would be really weird...”

While they discussed the incident, Kara was busy fingering both pussies. She didn’t even make to her bed before she was overcome with lust. At least she made it out of the living room and managed to close her bedroom door before breaking down.

It felt incredible. Both slits were electrified by two fingers sliding along either clit. She did her best to keep quiet, but couldn’t help the occasional squeak and moan. She hoped that the television was loud enough to mask it, but any thoughts of modesty were quickly fading.

Her chest throbbed and both nipples hardened. She could hardly think clearly as she tore off her top, freeing her unnaturally tender glands from the fabric prison. The exposed flesh was treated to a massage from one free hand while her other dug back into her panties.

She continued to stroke and tease both drooling cunts until her body was wracked with pleasure. She barely stiffed her cries as the twin slits puckered and flexed, begging to be penetrated while oozing creamy fluids. She continued to twist and squirm for several minutes while the doubled sensations rattled her to the core.

Like all good things, this insane session did come to and end. She was breathless on the floor; topless and wet with sweat and cum. Her panties had been soaked through, leaving damp spots along the front and back of her skirt. With a groan, she picked herself up from the floor and began to strip, using the dry parts of her skirt to wipe off...

*She experiences a new change


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A New Change

Feeling exhausted, she collapsed onto her bed. That was quite possibly the shortest, yet most intense masturbation session she had ever had. Her head was swimming. Her groin wouldn’t stop tingling and pressure continued to build in her chest. She realized that the high had ended, but the strange feelings weren’t going away. Thinking back, she realized that Henry had started to feel dizzy and complained about pressure right before he grew extra arms. Was she changing again?

She bolted upright and looked down at her groin. To her surprise, the two cracks had merged into one, effectively making her normal again. The tingling continued but she guessed it was just a product of such an epic orgasm. Still, that didn’t explain why her chest felt so bloated.

She stood up and made her way to a nearby mirror to see herself from a different angle, touching the tender flesh as she walked. They felt more firm and her nipples were rock hard; almost painful. Was she about to grow a pair of dicks like Julia? She dreaded the thought as her reflection drew closer.

A quick adjustment to the sanding mirror brought the front of her body into view. Her breasts looked normal, if not a little reddish from her play. Her nipples did seem a bit swollen.

She turned her attention to her vagina, pulling it open to find that it really had gone back to normal. Only one set of lips dangled from the slit and a single clit peaked out from under her hood.

She let out a relieved sigh and turned her attention back to the swollen nipples on her chest. They definitely weren’t dicks, but she wouldn’t have called them normal either. They were still growing, gradually becoming more square and sinking in the middle.

Both nipples split apart, startling her as they divided. The fractured tissue grew into four throbbing tubes, reaching nearly five centimeters before stopping. She grabbed one of the four extended nipples, but quickly let go due to the surprising sensitivity. The pressure that preceded the change was gone, but her chest still felt engorged.

Not sure what to do, she cracked open the door and yelled for Julia.

“What’s the matter?” Julia called back.

“Just come here for a minute...” Kara stressed.

“Fine...” Julia sighed. “I’m coming...”

She rolled her eyes at Henry who could only offer a shrug as she disappeared around the corner...

*Julia suggests milking them


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Getting Help

“What’s wrong...” Julia asked, reaching for the door.

Kara pulled her inside and pushed the door shut behind them.

“Why are you naked?” Julia asked. “What happened to your boobs? ... And... What’s that smell...”

“Keep it down!” Kara whispered harshly. “Henry doesn’t need to know...”

“I didn’t need to know either...” Julia joked when she noticed the soaked panties on the floor.

“It changed back...” Kara said.

“What changed back?” Julia asked before realizing. “Oh shit... You lost one of those pussies?”

“Yea... I guess.” Kara stuttered. “I’m back down to one...”

“But it looks like you’ve changed up here...” Julia said, poking at Kara’s right breast.

“Ow, hey...” Kara recoiled. “Don’t poke them... They’re really tender.”

“Have you tried milking them?” Julia grinned.

“Milking them?” Kara took offense. “Do I look pregnant to you?”

“No... But you look like you’ve got a pair of udders on your chest.”

Kara turned back to the mirror. Sure enough, they looked just like a matching set of cows udders with the eight distended nipples. If she was full of milk, well... That would explain why they felt so... Full. She cautiously reached up and gave one of her nipples a squeeze. A trail of milk arched across the room, spraying the mirror and wall. She nearly fell to her knees from the shear pleasure of it.

“Oh shit... I didn’t think that would actually work.” Julia laughed. “Uh... Should I go get a cup or something?”

“Yes... Please... “ Kara breathed.

While Julia left to find a container, Kara slipped into a clean pair of panties and decided to put back on the shorts from earlier that morning. Her blouse was a little too revealing now, so she tossed her bra and a less formal shirt onto the bed. She couldn’t put them on just yet. It would have been miserable.

Hopefully, squeezing out more milk would bring relief...

*Helping Kara makes Julia hard


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Releasing The Milk

Julia soon returned with a medium sized mixing bowl.

“I thought you were going to get a cup?” Kara asked. “Do you really think I’ve got that much?”

“I don’t know, but this was sitting on the counter and I didn’t want to hunt through your drawers...” Julia explained. “Here, it should be easier to aim into anyway...”

Kara accepted the bowl and placed it on her lap. “Here goes nothing...”

She grabbed all four of the nipples on her right breast and squeezed. It hurt at first but rapidly became orgasmic as a quartet of white jets sprayed into the bowl. Julia was right, it was a lot easier than trying to aim into a small cup. She reached up and grabbed her other four nipples, quickly finding a technique for rapid release. She hardly noticed that Julia was staring at her.

“Looks like you’re having fun there.” She said, feeling her own nipples swelling.

“I don’t know how to explain it...” Kara breathed. “It’s like... A small orgasm... From my chest... Constantly...”

Julia hasn’t tried anything with her dick nipples and wondered what it might feel like to jerk them off. Could she cum with them? Maybe milk would come out. The dirty thoughts made them throb, forcing her bra away from her chest. They had gotten somewhat hard a few times, but nothing quite like this.

“Is there anything else I can do to help?” Julia asked with a hint of impatience.

“No... I’m already feeling so much better...” Kara smiled. “I’ll head back to the living room as soon as I’m done... Thank you... And... I’m sorry you had to see this...”

“Eh, that’s what friends are for...” Julia replied.

Had it been a typical day, she might have freaked out at the sight of Kara's udders, but this week had been full of surprises since she grew dicks. Those same dicks were both turgid and begging for attention under her shirt. She needed to do something about it and left for the bathroom.

Henry hollered as she walked by. “Hey, what’s wrong? What was that bowl for?”

“Oh... Nothing...” Julia stuttered. “Kara was feeling a little... Uh... Queasy... I just grabbed the first thing I saw...”

Before he could say anything else, she slipped into the bathroom and pulled the door shut...

*Henry thinks they're both acting a bit odd


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Odd Behavior

“Those two are acting a little odd...” He thought.

Since he was alone, he slipped his lower right hand under his waistband to pull his cock into a more comfortable position. Visiting with Kara was always a turn-on, but aside from a partial erection, his intent wasn’t anything too lewd. He just wanted to adjust himself and thought he’d give it a try with one of his new arms.

Once straightened out, he slipped his hand free and leaned over to get the remote from Julia’s chair. The station where the anchors had merged was still frantic about the incident, but had stopped showing the footage. Without that, it wasn’t all that interesting. He flipped to another station.

The new channel was discussing symptoms, pointing out that changes were often preceded by a sudden feeling of lightheadedness or unexpected pressure.

“Sounds about right...” He said to himself.

“Recently, reports of increased arousal have also been known to preceded and follow changes, most often affecting those who’s genitals were affected.” The anchor added.

“Huh...” He chuckled. “Maybe that’s why Julia flashed me earlier...”

He quickly pushed aside the mental image of his sister’s unusual chest and imagined what Julia might have been hiding between her legs. She said she had two vaginas, but how would that work? Was there a second slit higher up her pelvis? Maybe the change added a new opening between her butt cheeks. Maybe it wasn’t in her groin at all. For all he knew, it could have opened up on the end of her foot or between her boobs.

He laughed despite himself, but quickly stifled it. He didn’t want the two girls to think he was crazy, laughing at nothing. Granted, they were both behind closed doors at either end of the hall. They probably wouldn’t have heard him anyway. If they had, he could just blame it on the television....

*Julia has some fun