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Aunt V.

They climbed the steps and waited on the porch while Tess rang the bell. Abby looked around. In the time it took them to drive to this farm house, night had fallen. They could hear coyotes howling somewhere in the distance and the moon cast a soft light across the rolling fields. It was beautiful, yet eerily dark and silent compared to the city.

After a moment, an older woman pulled open the door. “Tess! ... It’s so good to see you.”

“Hi Aunt V,” Tess replied as they hugged. “Sorry we’re late... Had a little trouble on the way.”

“I can see that.” Veronica said as she looked them over. “Nice arms...”

“Thanks! Check out my new feet!” Tess grinned as she lifted one to show it off.

Veronica smiled as she invited them inside. “I’ve prepared some tea and there’s coffee in the kitchen if anyone’s feeling tired. May I see the game pad?”

Tess slipped the Frisbee shaped device out of the messenger bag and handed it over.

“Well no wonder it didn’t turn you all back...” Veronica began. “The session is still active.”

“Though I’ll admit, it’s a little hard to play with a busted screen.”

She traced something in the air then snapped her fingers. A yellowish flash, quite different from sparks the game had occasionally produced, mended the glass.

“Oh wow...” Tess said. “Is that really all it was? I could have done that back in the shop...”

“Are you kidding me?” Beth’s crotch mouth yelled. “Why did you bring us all the way out here if you could have fixed it?”

Tess blushed, “Sorry... I’ve never seen one transform people at random.”

“Well... Usually a few cracks in the screen isn’t enough to break the seal, but it looks like this one was leaking a bit...” Veronica explained, ignoring Beth’s frustrations. “I’m guessing you all changed whenever a bit of magic got out... How did you manage to break it anyway?”

“It fell...” Jeff quickly replied, sparing Beth the embarrassment of explaining her panic attack.

“Serves you right Tess. You were supposed to be managing the store. Not playing games with your friends.” Veronica continued as she handed the game pad back to her.

“So it’s fixed now?” Abby asked. “Shouldn’t we go back to normal or something?”

“Don’t be silly.” Veronica replied. “You still need to finish the game...”


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Keep Playing

“We’re still stuck like this?” Beth asked with milky tears forming in her eyes. “After all that...”

“Now I didn’t say that did I?” Veronica replied sharply. “Just finish this session and you’ll switch back. Simple... Which one of you is Jeff?”

“That’s me...” Jeff replied, almost feeling embarrassed to be looking up from a pair of feminine legs.

“And how many tokens are you playing to?” She asked.

“I think it was 7.” He replied.

“Well Jeff, you were at five. I don’t see why you’re all in such a hurry, but If you manage to get two more, everyone goes back to normal.” Veronica shrugged. “It’s really not a big deal... Feel free to finish up here. The bathroom is down the hall, to the right.”

“Tess knows where the cups are if anyone wants a drink. I’m gonna head upstairs... If it were earlier in the day I might have joined you, but I’m a little too tired to get into that sort of thing right now...”

“Wait... Sorry...” Abby started before Veronica turned away. “The bathroom... Um... I’m not sure we can move that far from the game, unless we all carry it over there.”

“Oh yea...” Veronica said, taking back the game pad. “They always set that so low on these things... One sec...”

She traced something on the top of the device then with a light tap, the screen flashed green. When the token circles reappeared, she handed it back to Tess.

“What was that for?” Frank asked.

“Oh, these newer game pads confine the players to about 15 yards...” Veronica explained. “Supposed to be a safety thing, but it’s pretty dumb if you ask me. I just bumped it up to 250. Should be more than enough for you to use the bathroom, test some wings, grow, whatever... Depends on your settings.”

“They set it to human only transformations...” Tess shrugged. “Pretty vanilla stuff.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Veronica grimaced. “No wonder you wanted to end it so soon... Tess, you know how to adjust those settings, right?”

“Not off the top of my head...” Tess replied. “It’s been a while since the last time I played.”

“Ah, well... It’s a collective decision.” Veronica explained. “Just have everyone touch and hold the screen for five seconds.”

“Anyway... I’m going to bed.... Don’t worry about the noise, I’ll put up a sound barrier.”

“Good night Aunt V!” Tess called after her. “Thanks for the help.”

“Yea yea...” She replied dismissively. “Try not to stay up too late...”


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“Guess we should keep playing then...” Jeff shrugged.

“Who’s up next?” Beth asked, feeling a bit distraught at the unchanged circumstance.

“Um... Looks like it’s Frank’s turn.” Tess replied as she set the game on a nearby coffee table and took a seat.

“Can you set me down there?” Frank asked, nodding towards the table.

Abby lowered him down next to the device, where he finger-walked closer to the screen. He almost looked squid-like as he maneuvered his minuscule body into position.

“Any last words before we start up again?” He asked, as his middle finger inched towards the edge of the display.

“Wait...” Jeff started. “Actually... I really need to use the restroom.”

“I wasn’t really thinking about it until Veronica mentioned it... But yea... Can we postpone for a bit?”

“Um... Beth, can you help me out?”

Beth looked down at his rather helpless body an shrugged. “Sure, I kind of need to go too.”

The two of them made their way down the hall and entered the bathroom. Tess was a bit confused by his choice of bathroom companion until Abby pointed out that they were a couple.

“Oh, that’s not that weird then...” She said. “Speaking of couples. Are you two...?”

“Yes.” Abby blushed. “I’ve been with Frank for a few years now. Sorry we didn’t mention it earlier.”

“Ah, well... I could have guessed but I didn’t want to assume.”

“So, here’s something neat. It doesn’t say in the instructions, but when you’ve got sex enabled, the game is usually smart enough to pick out partners based on who they're attracted to.”

“That actually explains some things...” Frank said as he settled on his palm.

“Yea, we’ve had a few... Um...” Abby started. “Well, you know... The game never made us switch partners, so I guess that was pretty considerate.”

“Fair warning...” Tess continued. “It doesn’t always pair people up like that... It’s just more likely to.”

While Tess explained some of the subtle mysteries of the game to Abby and Frank, Beth was helping Jeff undo his pants...


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Since he had no upper body, she had to pull his pants down and even help aim his double headed cock into the toilet. He felt a little embarrassed when the stimulation forced a partial boner. She was careful to keep both ends aimed forward as he loosened up and sent twin streams into the bowl. His shaft continued to harden, but no so much that he couldn’t relieve himself. After about fifteen seconds, he finished up and had her help him pull back on the pants.

“Thanks” He said, shifting his waist around and trying his best to ignore the ever increasing bulge just below his head, “I’m pretty useless right now, but is there anything I can do to help you?”

“I appreciate it, but I think I can handle this...” She replied as she slipped off her jacket.”

Jeff thanked her once again and left to meet the others in the living room. She closed the door behind him, then bent forward over the toilet. It was a bit of a challenge since she couldn’t quite tell where the fluid would fall, not to mention the way gravity made her larger breasts, and consequently her face, droop downward. She pulled her middle breast forward just enough to see her vacant shoulders. Her pussy was still out of sight, but she had a pretty good idea of where it was and re-aimed her body towards the bowl. A few familiar muscles flexed and loosened, allowing her rearranged bladder to empty into the toilet. Once relieved, she straightened up and used a few sheets of toilet paper to wipe herself clean. She then slipped back on her jacket, wrapped her outer two breasts in the fabric and zipped it up until the opening met the bottom of her face. She looked herself over in the mirror then, after a long sigh, made her way back into the living room.

“Does anyone else need to go?” She asked as she rounded the corner. “Probably best to get it out of the way now...”

“I’m good...” Frank said with a grin. “Not really feeling much of anything in that regard...”

“I can’t imagine why...” Jeff laughed.

“I’m alright too...” Abby added. “Seems this giant dick is just for show, and this new leg kind of replaced my junk.”

“I might go in a bit, but I’m alright for now.” Tess added. “While you two were gone, we were checking things over. According to your friends here, it looks like everyone has a few new transformations in their list.”

She showed them how to display their transformations by tapping a players score. Their current bodies made a little more sense as they read through the lists.


Frank - [0/7]
[Lost weight] - [All players aroused]] - [Skip turn] - [Swap mouth with player 2] - [Swapped mouth becomes yours + aroused] - [Return to normal] - [No longer have legs] - [Body is replaced by hand]

Beth [3/7]
[Grow one more breast] - [Skip turn] - [Your pussy and mouth switch] - [_DEVICE ERROR : AUTO RESUME MODE_] - [Middle breast becomes head] - [+1 tokens] - [Grow pussy on neck] - [Breasts grow three cup sizes]

Abby [4/7]
[+1 token] - [Clit becomes dick] - [_DEVICE ERROR : AUTO RESUME MODE_] - [Lost hand] - [Develop four breasts with dicks for nipples + aroused] - [Left arm becomes cock] - [Leg replaces genitals + aroused] - [+2 tokens]

Jeff [5/7]
[No longer wear pants] - [Steal one token from another player] - [_DEVICE ERROR : AUTO RESUME MODE_] - [+3 tokens] - [Develop two cock heads] - [First transformation is undone] - [Legs of a woman] - [Lose your torso and arms]

Tess [1/7]
[Hands replaced feet] - [Two extra arms]


Jeff did indeed have the legs of a woman, along with a three token gain and a few other unusual changes. Beth’s list reflected her current appearance as well, detailing her pussy neck, boob face, and even the most recent breast growth. Frank was pretty lucky at first but was hit hard with transformations that first removed his lower half, then simply replaced his body with a hand. Abby had experienced several forced arousals along with her many additions.

Tess also explained how it referenced their transformations to make sure the next one would be compatible. For example, it wouldn’t grow a finger from someone’s knee if their previous transformation had removed their legs. Though there was an exception where getting a transformation that matched another from earlier would automatically make them normal again.

Like Veronica had said, Jeff was in the lead with five tokens. Abby followed behind with four. Beth had three, and Frank still had none. Tess had one, though her score circle was partially faded out and she wasn’t quite sure why.

After the short review, Frank took his turn...


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[Your nose grows 3 inches longer]

Frank laughed as his nose extended from his face another three inches. “What am I, Pinocchio?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that turned into a dick on your next turn...” Jeff laughed.

“No kidding...” Abby chuckled, feeling her arm-cock flex.

Tess didn’t have anything to say, but did get a laugh out of their comments.

Beth had also laughed, but quieted down when she realized that it was her turn. She dreaded this life altering game and wasn’t looking forward to her next transformation.

With some hesitation, she reached down and tapped the display.

[Undo one transformation]

After a moment, the screen shifted to show her list. Unknown to the rest of the players, her crotch mouth grinned at the luck. She already knew exactly what she would undo, though she wasn’t entirely sure how it would work since she had changed several times since. She flicked through the list until she found the change that threw everything into chaos.

“Your pussy and mouth switch places”

She tapped the words and almost immediately felt her mouth closing up. She didn’t know what would happen next since her head wasn’t on her shoulders. For a moment she felt panic; imagining that her mouth would simply vanish leaving her to suffocate. As her groin shifted, the nipple under her nose began to tingle. It widened and after a moment, it was clear that her mouth would indeed return to her face, though her face would still be on the plump breast that hung from the middle of her chest.

Her pussy seemed to be moving as well. As her face became whole, her slit reopened under her skirt, leaving her shoulders bare.

“It’s not normal... But this is a lot better...” She said, feeling a bit odd speaking from the new spot, but glad to hear her voice so close to her ears...


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Twists and Tails

“My turn...” Abby observed as an arrow appeared to target her score circle.

[You are backwards from the waist up]

Abby yelped as her upper body did a 180° spin. She looked over her shoulder to orient herself, then stood up to figure out a new seating arrangement. While she wasn’t as pensive as Beth, she was starting to think the game was over doing it a bit. Apparently it didn’t think her abundance of dicks, breasts, and legs were enough. She stood and reoriented herself to sit backwards while facing the rest of the players.

“Guess it’s your turn Jeff...” She said, running her hand along her three-cheeked ass.

“I’m not sure how to do this...” He said, walking over to the coffee table. “Hey Tess, could you slide it to the edge for me?”

She moved it closer and he bent his head down to peck the screen with his nose. He imagined such a thing might have been better suited to Frank at the moment, but given his lack of arms, he had no better options in mind.

[Grow a tail]

Jeff felt pressure at the base of his neck, just above his ass. Soon that pressure became pain as his new tail was jammed into his waistband.

“Ow...OW... Ahh... Someone help...” He cried as his tail kinked upward.

Beth yanked his jeans down enough to let it pop free. He shivered while the fleshy tail continued to grow. It stopped at around four feet and roughly the diameter of a pop can where it started; maybe slightly larger than a thumb at the tip.

“A tail?” He asked. “This doesn’t seem very human...”

“It does look human-ish. I mean, it's not not covered in fur or anything...” Beth offered.

"Maybe the game thinks you're a monkey" Abby laughed as she moved her arms over her head to make a monkey-like impression. Her floppy arm-dick didn't help the illusion.

"I've heard of babies being born with tails, but that's just crazy..." Frank added.

He begrudgingly thanked Beth and sat back down. He didn't appreciate being called a monkey but lightened up when he noticed how responsive the tail was. This new appendage could, for the time being, work as his hands.


Not long after Jeff’s turn ended, a new phrase appeared.

[New Player Detected] == [Join or Spectate?]

“So that’s why my score is faded out...” Tess observed. “I wonder if it would change me back if I declined...”

She pondered the options for a moment, then made a decision...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Tess Joins

“Anyone mind if I join in?” She asked. “It’s not like I’m doing anything else this evening...”

“Have at it.” Frank replied. “You’ve already been transformed anyway...”

“I can’t believe anyone would willingly subject themselves to this...” Beth grumbled.

“No complaints from me...” Abby smiled. “Maybe you’ll get seven tokens on your first go.”

She laughed and directed her finger to the first option. Her score circle became fully opaque as the game accepted the input.

[New player has joined]

[Player 5: Tap anywhere to begin]

“For a game that can transform your body, it’s kind of weird that it doesn’t know our names...” Frank observed.

“It does if you enable ‘mental’ changes” Tess explained. “If that’s not turned on then the game won’t be able to read your mind, much less change it.”

“I’m not sure I’d want it to...” Jeff said.

“It’s not too bad.” Tess continued. “It’s mostly just changes that make you less self conscious. Kind of like drinking at a party to loosen up a bit.”

“That... Actually doesn’t sound too bad.” Frank grinned. “I wouldn’t have minded a cold one earlier this evening...”

“Since we’re talking about settings... Is anyone up for changing some?” Tess suggested.

“Couldn’t hurt to take a look.” Jeff said. “Maybe we can lower the token count.”

Tess knew better, but decided to keep quiet. The rest of the group agreed to check the settings and moved in to touch the display. Tess waited while Frank fingered his way over to the device. Abby followed soon after. Beth was hesitant, but decided to join in as well. Next came Jeff, who wormed his tail in-between Beth and Frank’s fingers. Finally, Tess brought one of her many fingers into the mix.

After a few seconds the game went back to the settings screen. Much to their dismay, the token count could not be changed mid-session. Neither could the options they had set initially. They could, however, enable new types of transformations.

Tess seemed particularly enthusiastic about the Avian option, where as Frank had been sold on the mental setting after she made the beer analogy. Neither Beth nor Jeff saw anything they wanted to try, but Abby was interested in the clothes option. She assumed that it meant the game would adjust their cloths to accommodate transformations.

The group discussed the possibilities at length, then made some decisions...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


The discussion wound down, leaving only a few new options checked on the device. Tess had added in the avian setting and Frank enabled mental changes. Abby wanted to enable the clothing option but decided against it after Tess explained that the game might turn her into a t-shirt. It turns out, what she was hoping for was a different option called ‘alter reality’. This option would allow clothing, among other things, to transform with their bodies. Abby was reluctant, but decided to enable it without much objection from the others.

“Saving these changes will require all of us to touch the screen again.” Tess explained.

“Wait...” Beth started. “Tess... We’ll all go back to normal when this is over, right?”

“Of course... Why wouldn’t you?” Tess asked, annoyed that she had brought it up again.

“Why wouldn’t... Why?? I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. I just need to know that we’ll be fine after all of this.” Beth argued. “None of us thought we’d be transformed this evening and frankly, I’m terrified that I’ll be stuck this way. And now you all want to add more transformations?”

“It’s just a game Beth...” Jeff began, attempting to console her by rubbing her shoulder with the tip of his tail.

“No... I want to hear that from her!” Beth said as she leaned away. “Well? Is it just a game? Can you promise that we’re all going to go back to normal?”

At that point, the other three looked to Tess with expectant eyes. They weren’t quite as shaken as Beth, but the extra reassurance would definitely help ease the tension.

Tess let out a sigh and said, “It’s a game that is designed to transform you but, when you reach the token count it ends and we all go back to normal. That’s all there is to it.”

“It’s meant to be fun; allowing people to feel all kinds of different bodies and situations.”

“It’s been hours though, will we ever reach 7 tokens?” Frank asked.

“I can’t recall exactly, but I think there’s a 40% chance to get a token with each roll...” Tess considered. “I’m honestly surprised this game has lasted as long as it did given how few tokens you set...”

“Then again... It was broken for a while...”

“But never mind that... Yes, you will all go back to normal, I imagine the game will end in two, maybe three more rounds, tops... Unless someone breaks it again.” She finished with a slight grin.

“Fine.” Beth blushed. “Let's just save these settings so we can keep going.”

She placed a finger on the screen and motioned to the others to join her...



Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

New Settings Added [Avian, Mental, Adjust Reality]

Tess placed a finger on the screen and was soon followed by Frank. Jeff maneuvered his tail into position and finally Abby added her touch. The screen glowed blue as they pulled their various appendages away. Scores returned to the edges along with an arrow indicating that Tess needed to take her turn.

“Here we go...” She said as she tapped the display.

[Gain one token]

She was disappointed to remain unchanged as her score increased. Given her earlier enthusiasm for adding in the Avian option, the others might have guessed that she wanted to grow wings. Then again, her personality was just eccentric enough that, for all they knew, she would have rather had a beak than a mouth.

“Back to you Frank.”

Frank didn’t waste any time pecking the screen with his extra long nose.

[Lose 32lbs]

“How does that work?” Frank asked. “This hand-body probably doesn’t weigh any more than a couple pounds anyway...”

As he spoke, his body began to tingle and stretch.

His nose shortened while his thumb and small finger extended and began to develop small fingers of their own. Both his index and ring finger did the same, though their tips were growing toes as they morphed into ever expanding legs. His middle finger didn’t get much larger, but did take on the familiar appearance of a cock as two balls swelled at the base. As his hand grew and reformed into a body, Beth pointed out that one of his earliest rolls was to lose weight; thus returning him to normal.

He had to agree. As his body finished filling out he recalled that his first change was indeed a bit of weight loss. Before they could say much more, Frank’s was back to normal, albeit completely nude and straddling the coffee table with his cock only inches from the game pad. It made sense, given that it was the finger used to tap the screen moments earlier. He pushed himself off of the table and stood up with his hands over his exposed genitals.

“Tess, I don’t suppose you’ve got something I can cover up with?” He asked...


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Tess stood up and walked to a rack near the front door to get one of her aunt’s coats for him to use. He accepted the garment and thanked her. None of them were too phased by the nudity, given how the game had gone so far, but the gesture was appreciated none the less. Frank hugged the coat around himself, said a silent thank you to the game for returning him to normal, then claimed an empty spot next to Beth on the couch.

“You’re up Beth...” He said with a light tap on her shoulder.

Beth felt a bit jealous and doubted the game would be so kind twice in a row. She shivered as she reached down to take her turn. Still, her previous round was good and there was always a chance that she might catch a break like Frank just had. With her touch, the game began to form a new phrase.

[Rapid oviparous reproduction]

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked as her anatomy adjusted for the new ability.

Something was swelling in her womb. As if driven by instinct, she hiked up her skirt and squatted down. The others watched, confused by her unusual behavior. For Beth, however, the strangest thing was the reaction from the others in the room. Why were they looking at her like that? It wasn’t a big deal, she just needed to get rid of some extra eggs. With a few pleasurable contractions her first egg slipped out, coated in a thin film of her juices. The egg was about the size of a baseball. If it wasn’t apparent from the words on the screen, it certainly was clear now what the game had done. Shortly after a second egg dropped, she relaxed. Now free of pressure,she stood back up, breaking a trail of viscous fluid that still clung to her labia.

“Are you alright?” Jeff asked, feeling a bit strange from the pheromones radiating from her damp eggs.

Beth dropped her skirt and sighed, “I’m fine... Just needed to get rid of some eggs is all. You know how it goes.”

Jeff was dumbfounded by how nonchalant her response was.

Before he could respond, Tess offered a not-so-subtle explanation. “You remember that mental setting, right?”

“Yea, what about it?” Beth asked.

“It doesn’t bother you that you just laid two eggs?” Tess asked with a grin.

“Of course not...” Beth replied.

“Forget I mentioned it then.” Tess shrugged. “Would you like a trash bag for those?”

“Oh, sure.” Beth replied, picking up her eggs from the floor.

“Wait... You’re just going to throw away...” Abby started. “ Your... Babies?”

“Don’t be ridiculous Abby, they aren't even fertilized.” Beth scoffed as Tess brought a small trash bag from the kitchen...


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Trading Parts

Tess held open the bag for Beth and she dropped the two eggs in, seemingly unconcerned about their fragility. Tess turned back towards the kitchen to discard the bag but was stopped a few steps away.

“Hey, can we keep that in here?” Beth asked. “I may have a few more...”

“No problem.” Tess said as she handed the bag to Beth and returned to her seat. “So who’s up now?”

“Uh... I am.” Abby hesitated, still not quite sure how to handle the egg situation.

She looked over at Jeff and Frank to see if they had anything to offer. They both just shrugged. Everyone knew it was strange, but understood well enough that the game had done more than change Beth’s reproductive system. It had changed her mind to accept it. Abby wondered if Beth realized that it had messed with her mind but decided not to push the issue. Beth likely wouldn’t have taken it very well anyway, so she pushed the thoughts aside and took her turn.

[Gain one token]

“Cool... Looks like we’re tied up now” She said to Jeff, trying to ignore Beth’s jealous glare.

“Looks like it...” He said, tapping the screen with his tail...

[Trade genitals with Tess]

He could feel his groin tingling as his penis began to recede into his body. He looked towards Tess. It was clear that she was experiencing something similar. She quickly spread her legs and tugged on her pants to make room for an ever expanding lump just below the fabric. Jeff’s unusual double headed penis was soon gone, replaced with a pussy that had belonged to a girl he had only just meet. He felt his flattened groin through the denim of his jeans. Without hands, he couldn’t do much more than prod at it with his tail. Tess wasn’t as tactful. She used her lower two arms to pull her waistband away.

“Oh cool!” She said as her new penis began to swell. “Wait... It looks kind of strange...”

“Hah, that’s not a very nice thing to say.” Frank said, grinning at Jeff’s expense.

“Oh lay off Frank...” Jeff started. “The game sort of doubled the end before we left for the mall.”

“Whoa!, Seriously?” She asked as she reached her upper left arm in and pushed down the foreskin to get a better look. “That’s nuts. Hah, Well... Dicks.”

“Do you need a moment?” Abby asked, feeling her own dicks twitching as she watched Tess play with herself.

“No, sorry... I’ve just never had a penis before...” Tess replied as she pulled her hand out of her pants. “Feels so weird...”

“Fair enough...” Abby shrugged. “Maybe you’ll grow another when you take your turn...”

Abby clearly had some experience with multiple dicks and Tess couldn’t help laughing as she tapped the screen. Thoughts of masturbation came to mind. With each beat of her heart, she could feel the pair of sensitive heads filling with blood as her next transformation appeared...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

A Round of Arousal

The game must have picked up on her increasing libido and offered something to help her alleviate the growing erection.

[All players are aroused for the next 4 turns]

“Uh oh...” Tess said as her Y shaped organ throbbed even harder.

“Come over here Frank.” Abby giggled. “I need some attention.”

He looked over to find that her four dick nipples were already forming tents under her shirt. As freaky as that was, it hardly compared to the enormous cock-arm that visibly throbbed in her sleeve. He wondered how she hadn’t passed out from blood loss due to the impressive shaft but quickly forgot his concerns as the game's influence took over. Tess realized that she was a fifth wheel and, while she wouldn’t have minded watching, decided to make use of a guest room down the hall.

She hopped up from the bench, gasping as her twin heads slid along her tight pants. “Uh... I’ll be back in the... Guest room... Just come and get me when it’s... My turn.”

Four turns of arousal meant that she was at their mercy, but didn’t necessarily need to stick around since hers was the fifth. She vanished around the corner, leaving the entire length of the divan to Abby, who was already working out a better position for her reversed legs. In one smooth motion Frank stood up, let his borrowed coat fall to the floor, side stepped the coffee table and pounced onto his girlfriend. His rock hard cock pressed into her middle butt cheek as he helped remove her shirt. Abby giggled as the fabric slid along her breasts, tickling each cock as it lifted free. Frank was quick to offer help with her skirt, but was soon reminded that she no longer had any genitals down below. She had been like that since growing the third leg. Plus, her lower half had been turned backwards.

“How do I... I don’t...” Frank pouted, quickly becoming more desperate for a point of insertion.

“Take your turn babe, maybe the game will give one of us a pussy.” Abby laughed as she stroked one of her dick nipples.

Frank quickly tapped the screen then returned his attention to Abby, who was struggling to pleasure herself with only one hand. Before he offered a hand, some bizarre new sensation erupted through his body. He felt her. He could feel all four dick nipples throbbing, the weight of her sensitive breasts, and even the enormous shaft that had replaced her left arm. These feeling added to his own arousal, nearly bringing him to an immediate climax. With a pleasured groan he took hold of her arm-cock and squeezed. It felt like his own appendage, yet not physically connected.

He shoved it between her rows of breasts. She was quick to realize what he was suggesting and begin to tit fuck herself with the arm-cock. He tugged on her lower cock nipples, feeling every sensation as they flexed and throbbed.

Then, with a quick glance at the screen, he understood...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


[Feel what Abby feels]
[All players continue to be aroused - 3 turns left]

“Holy shit...” They both said in unison, as one of her lower cocks began to spurt cum.

As the feeling of her orgasm sent waves through Franks body, he released his own seed across Abby’s chest. Their fluids mixed in her cleavage and acted as lubricant for her phallic limb.

Meanwhile, Beth had her attention on Jeff. Unfortunately, he no longer had a penis or hands to offer. He did, however, have a four foot long tail, narrow and flexible enough to slip into Beth’s hungry cunt. Before she offered herself, she noticed Frank taking his turn. She decided that it would be best to tap the screen before getting into things with her half-sized lover and fought her urges just long enough for new words to appeared.

[Gain 1 token]
[All players continue to be aroused - 2 turns left]

She breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Abby... Your turn...” Then turned back to Jeff, who had been watching her closely with moisture building in his new slit.

“I don’t suppose you can... Undo my pants...” Jeff asked, with a shaky voice.

His tail wasn’t quite dexterous enough to unzip them, but that didn’t stop him from trying. Beth could see his desperation and offered a hand. Once his jeans were undone, he kicked them off and jammed his tail into his own mismatched pussy. Beth needed some attention too and gently pulled his tail free while leaning her chest in close to his ear to whisper. “You do me, and I’ll do you.”

He grinned and leaned back on the couch, offering his cunt while maneuvering his tail between Beth’s legs. She lowered her face into his crotch. The breasts on either side pressed against his thighs as she slipped her tongue in between his labia.

She wasn’t really into girls, much less cunnilingus; but with such intoxicating feelings of arousal, she didn’t care. She wanted to taste Jeff’s new pussy, and she wanted to make him feel good. Seconds after meeting his clit with her tongue, she felt his tail sliding along her labia, looking for an opening. She reached back to guide him, letting out a muffled moan as he pushed inside.

As he tickled her inner walls with his unusual appendage, she used one hand to massage places that his tail was too occupied to reach. Each time her tongue stroked his clit, he stifled a gasp. She knew that feeling all to well.

But before she could offer her expertise in feminine pleasure, a familiar sensation made her stop. “Shit... Hold on a sec...”

“Huh.. Why? What’s wrong...” Jeff breathed.

“Just pull your tail out... Mmm... Just for a second...”

Jeff felt her shiver as he reluctantly withdrew his tail...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Keep Going

She flexed her pelvis and began to push out another egg. Jeff felt it bounce off of his tail, soon followed by a second thud as another slipped out. Now empty and feeling more comfortable, she apologized for the interruption. Before Jeff could even respond, she bent back down and slipped her tongue back into his sensitive folds. Goosebumps ran down his legs forcing out a sensual moan. After that, he wasted no time returning his tail to her damp hole, this time finding that it felt a little deeper than before.

On the divan, Abby was nearing another orgasm, this time building up somewhere inside her left elbow. Frank felt it too and knew that it would only take a few more strokes to set her off. He lifted the arm-cock out of her cleavage and began to stroke it by hand. A few strokes later, she erupted, sending gobs of white fluid gushing into the air. Some landed on the end of the cushion, but most was jettisoned onto a nearby wall.

That orgasm was enough to trigger Frank’s second. While the game didn’t ease up on their urges, his body was momentarily spent. He collapsed onto Abby’s pillow-like chest. Each throbbing nipple pressed into his body as they made out. During that momentary respite, Abby remembered that it was her turn. She clumsily reached out and tapped the screen, careful not to smear it with cum.

“What do you think I’ll get next?” She smiled.

“I don’t know, but I’m really enjoying these.” Frank replied as he pushed himself up and grabbed hold of her top two dick nipples.

[Grow a beak]
[All players continue to be aroused - 1 turn left]

Neither of them had to look to see what it was. Her lips were extending outward, becoming more pointed with each passing second. The flesh darkened as her nose merged with her upper lip, creating a significant overbite. It narrowed, gradually hardening into a black hook shape.

"I'm not sure how to make out with a parrot..." Frank joked.

She cracked it open and said. “Maybe the avian setting was a bad idea...”

It was strange to hear her sound so normal with minimal movement from the new ‘mouth’. Frank recalled seeing the way parrots mimicked human sounds and guessed that her vocal cords worked differently now. It didn’t matter, Until they passed four turns, he was much more interested in her breasts and dicks.

He continued to stroke her cocks while she emitted a wispy laugh and said. “You’re up Jeff... Take your time...”


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

First Time

Tess had stripped down and got comfortable on the guest bed. As she explored her new genitals, she could hear the others moaning down the hall. Even she let out an occasional gasp. Given the way they all sounded, she was glad to know that her Aunt’s room had been soundproofed earlier that night. With each pleasurable sound reverberating down the hall, she had the urge to take a look. But by then, she was far too invested in pleasuring herself to leave the bed.

Her two cock heads stuck out of the single foreskin, both throbbing and coated in a slick layer of pre-cum. It didn't take long for her to get the hang of male masturbation. At first she tried to pinch and stroke either head with two hands, but found that they felt much better when she squeezed them together with one. She also tried alternating between her left and right hands to see which felt better. It was hardly necessary since the game made just about anything feel incredible.

She settled on her right hand and used her left to tease her testicles. They weren’t really sensitive but she enjoyed how soft they were. Each stroke made her squirm, squeezing the bed spread with the hands at the end of each leg while thrusting her pelvis forward. Each time she flexed, blood rushed into the shaft.

Her uppermost hands were occupied by her breasts, constantly teasing her nipples and massaging the taut flesh. Each loud moan from the living room, brought her ever closer to her first male orgasm. Though in her case, this was something special. The two heads each sent individual sensations through her body. Sensations were doubled and compounded as each head slid against the other as both slipped in and out of her foreskin. She wouldn’t truly know how unique the feeling was unless she traded for a single-headed cock.

Another series of gasps and cries from the living room sent goosebumps down her legs. Something new was forming in the base of her shaft. A strange warmth that made her feel light headed. One, two... Then three strokes and the heat erupted, nearly making her pass out as two jets of cum pulsed from the tips. Had it not been for the game, she might have taken a nap. Her unusual penis began to softened but within moments was rock hard again. She shook off the dizzying feeling and started again, this time more vigorously than before. She knew men weren’t supposed to have multiple orgasms, but the game was giving her one hell of a gift and she was very receptive. Obviously, the others hadn’t gotten to the fourth turn. She didn’t care. Her first orgasm was addictive and she was ready to spend the rest of the night feeling that pleasure over and over.


Back in the living room, Frank had repositioned himself and began to tit fuck Abby’s lower pair. On the other side of the table, Beth was busy eating out Jeff while he penetrated her cunt with his tail. Jeff knew it was his turn but was too close to his next orgasm to care. Beth didn’t mind either. His tail was sort of like a penis. She could feel his heart beating through the warm appendage as it slide in and out. That, along with her own fingers massaging her clit were enough to keep her entertained. She had also discovered that her mouth was offering sensations that she usually felt in her nipples. She supposed it made sense given the way the new mouth had formed.

Jeff began to shiver uncontrollably. The vibrations down his tail brought Beth to the edge of an orgasm. While she crept ever closer to her own climax, Jeff’s pussy began to ooze. His body went limp, unable to stop his tail from slipping free of Beth’s tight slit. She continued to finger herself while lapping up his sweet juices, and didn’t take long to reach her own climax. Jeff was nearly too weak to move in the afterglow of his first female orgasm, but did recall that it was his turn.

“I... I should take ... My turn...” He mumbled, weakly lifting his tail towards the game pad...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Show and Tell

Jeff barely managed to aim his tail but, with some effort, tapped the screen. The fourth round played and their forced arousal abruptly stopped. They both collapsed on either end of the couch. Beth felt something smash against her back. She cursed, knowing that she had smashed an egg, but didn’t bother getting up.

Jeff offered no response. He too was weak from his orgasm and the feeling hadn’t fully worn off yet. His legs would occasionally squirm as the air in the room brushed across his overly sensitive labia. Down the hall, Tess was finishing up her fourth orgasm. The game’s influence dwindled, but she was too close to stop even though her cock was far past it’s limit. It wasn’t long before she felt heat escaping one last time, sending twin spurts of cum into the air. Finally, her unusual cock was allowed to soften. She really did feel like taking a nap this time, but knew that the end of the forced orgy was the beginning of her turn. She forced herself up and shook off the dizziness before making her way back down the hall, not thinking twice about her cloths on the floor. She rounded the corner just in time to see cum erupt from Abby’s upper right dick nipple. Frank shivered as if synchronized with her orgasm, then collapsed against her cum covered chest.

“Wow... What did I miss?” Tess asked, taking note of Abby’s beak.

“Oh, not too much.” Jeff quipped as he slowly regained his wits.

“You ought to join us next time, that was pretty wild.” Abby breathed.

“Uh... I’ll think about it.” Tess smiled. “So, what changed this time around?”

Jeff noticed Beth stripping her skirt and jacket. He wasn’t sure why until he glanced at the screen.

[All players remain nude]

“Guess we’re all supposed to be naked now...” He blushed, now more aware of Tess’s pert breasts, slender body, and his own dick between her legs.

“Oh wow...” Tess laughed. “I hadn’t even noticed. My clothes are still in the guest room.”

“You’ll never guess what I got...” Abby joked.

“Have you always had that dick arm?” Tess grinned.

Abby opened her beak and poked out a thin tongue to taunt her.

“My roll was pretty wild.” Frank nodded towards Abby. “I feel everything she feels now.”

“No kidding?” Abby laughed as she pinched one of her dicks. “I wondered how you were so damn good.”

“How about you Beth?” Tess asked.

Beth thought for a moment, realizing that she remained unchanged, then recalled. “Oh yea, it gave me a token this time...”


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Clean Up

“Congrats, though you’re not quite tied with Abby or Jeff yet.” Tess observed. “... I suppose we should keep playing, but I’d better clean this up first. I’d rather not sit in someone's puddle.”

Frank lifted himself off of Abby and looked around. He couldn’t believe how much of a mess they had made. There was cum oozing down the wall from one of Abby’s many eruptions, along with copious amounts of sticky fluid drying out on their bodies and seats. Beth shared the sentiment as she picked herself up and felt the remains of an egg running down her back. She grabbed the other, which remained unbroken between two cushions, and slipped it into the plastic bag with the others.

“Let us help.” Frank offered. “Do you have some Lysol and towels?”

“Thanks, but don’t worry about it.” Tess replied. “I’m a magician's apprentice, remember?”

“A little mess like this is easy, just let me... Oh, hold on. I left my wand in my pocket.”

She returned to the guest room to retrieve her wand but stopped to check her own mess. It wasn’t too bad, just a stain on the bed where she had been masturbating. A bit of fluid still clung to her legs and stomach as well. She made short work of it with a quick flick of her wand. Once satisfied, she returned to the living room to take care of the rest. Another spell removed the various stains, including the smashed egg on Beth’s back.

“So, where can I sign up to be a magic specialist?” Abby asked in awe.

“Sorry, it’s sort of something you’re born into...” Tess replied.

“Damn... I sure wish it were that easy to clean up my house.” Abby continued.

“Well, to be honest, it takes up energy, the same amount of energy that is required to do it by hand, I just happen to have a bit of a surplus put away...” Tess explained. “It’s best not to do that too often...”

“Anyway... I’ll go ahead and take my turn so we can keep this going.”

She took a seat in an arm-chair on short side of the coffee table and tapped the screen...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Swapping Assets

[Trade one transformation with another player of your choice]

“Hmm...” Tess looked around the room. “I’m not sure which one to go for...”

“Could I interest you in an arm-cock?” Beth joked, wiggling the flaccid appendage in her direction.

“Uh... I think I’ll pass.” Tess smiled. “Hey Jeff, want to trade that tail for a pair of arms?”

“Seriously?...” He replied. “Yes!... Definitely yes!”

“Alright. I kind of owe you one for letting me play with your junk.” She winked.

He blushed as she scrolled down the screen to select the transformations they would soon exchange. Upon confirmation, a new tail began to emerge at the base of her spine. Her additional arms began to shrink, eventually disappearing into her torso. At the same time, Jeff’s tail retracted while two new bumps appeared on either side of his waist. He half expected to get his torso back, but wasn’t quite that lucky. Regardless, his change ended with two new arms and he was grateful for it.

“I sure wish I had these about ten minutes ago...” Jeff said as he nudged Beth.

She rolled her eyes, then looked towards Frank. “Ready to start the next round?”

“Oh... I didn’t realize I was up...” He said slightly distracted by the tail that flicked around behind Tess.

With a quick tap, the game pad formed his text.

[All players gain one token]

“Holy shit” Tess exclaimed. “That’s super rare...”

“How can it be rare? I thought this game was random.” Beth asked.

“Well, there’s always a high chance that you’ll gain a token, but it’s rare to see the game give everyone a token at once... Usually it steals or trades them.” Tess started. “Speaking of probabilities, you and Abby should return to normal soon... The more the game transforms you, the higher chance you have to be switched back.”

“... Of course, we’ll all go back to normal if Abby or Jeff get one more token...”

“I’m crossing my fingers...” Beth said as she took her turn.

[Increased breast sensitivity]

Her nipples hardened, forcing her to emit a pleasured squeak. Her breast face blushed when she felt a similar sensation in her lips. It was multiplied the subtle movements of her face and she had to fight the urge to play with herself.

While Beth squirmed, Abby reached over to take her turn...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Short Break

Frank stopped her. “Mind if I use the restroom first? I don’t mean to sound gross, but I don’t want to piss myself when you change...”

“Why would... Oh yea...” Abby understood. “Go ahead, I’ll wait.”

“Why wait?” Jeff asked as Frank disappeared down the hall.

“Don’t you remember?” Beth explained. “He got that roll that makes him feel Abby’s body...”

“Yep,” Abby confirmed. “Plus, he hasn’t used the restroom since we were at your house...”

“Neither have I, come to think of it... But I guess that makes since. I don’t exactly have anything hooked up to my bladder right now.”

She patted her forward-facing ass and shifted her middle leg to emphasize the lack of lower genitals.

“Hey Tess, could I get something to drink?” Jeff asked, feeling a bit thirsty after Abby pointed out how long it had been since they left home.

“Oh, sure. Would anyone else like something?” She asked, making her way to the kitchen.

“Sure, some wa...aatter” Beth stuttered as the vibrations of her voice tickled her breast.

Moments later, a familiar pressure rattled her groin. The feeling was a welcome distraction from the needy breasts that she was struggling to ignore. Without a skirt in the way, she simply slid off the couch, spread her legs and squatted down. As her latest clutch made its way out, she snatched the egg filled bag from the floor and pulled it open, holding it just below her drooling cunt. This time, three eggs slid free before she felt empty enough to stand. By then, Tess had filled five glasses with ice and was peering into the fridge.

“Looks like we’ve got orange juice and tea.” She said, not paying any mind to Beth’s situation. “And water of course.”

“Oh, orange juice sounds pretty good...” Beth answered as she dropped the bag next to the couch and sat back down.

Soon enough, Tess had their requested drinks and returned to the living room. Jeff sipped on a glass of water, glad to be using hands, but feeling a little awkward without a torso.

Beth was quick to take in the refreshment, realizing that laying so many eggs was beginning to dehydrate her. The cool orange juice felt nice as she swallowed it into her breast face. Without realizing it, she began to fondle her left nipple with her free hand. She swallowed and let out a sensual moan as the icy fluid made her lips pucker.

“You alright over there?” Jeff asked, smiling when he saw what she was up to.

“I... I’m fine...” She said, blushing as she pulled her hand away.

Once again, the warmth radiating in her plump cheeks enhanced the feeling. She carefully took another drink, trying her best to fight sexual urges as tart juice poured into her middle gland...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


Abby had a little trouble, but managed to pour a bit of water down her beak by leaning back. Frank soon returned from the bathroom to see his naked friends barely succeeding to rehydrate themselves. Tess passed him a glass of water as he sat down next to Abby.

“Ready to go?” He asked as Abby placed her drink on the coffee table.

He nodded, taking a sip of his water while she tapped the screen...

[Return to normal]

“Called it!” Tess said, recalling her comment about probabilities.

Seconds after the game declared Abby’s change, her upper body spun; rotating 180° and leaving her with a view of the wall. At the same time, her middle leg was being pulled back into her body, gradually revealing a pair of distended labia swelling along either side. She shivered as the shrinking leg retracted into the sensitive hole. The toes disappeared into a long gash that began to diverge into two openings; one tightening into an anus, the other taking on the familiar shape of a vagina.

Frank was breathing heavily, holding his groin as his girlfriend was restored. It might not have been his change, but he felt every bit of it. Of course, it didn’t end with the loss of the additional leg. Her dick tipped arm had long gone flaccid after their orgy, but under the foreskin a new hand was taking shape. Frank gripped his left arm as Abby’s new ligaments formed. Her cock involuntarily straighten as a hand slid out. The wrinkled skin rapidly tightened as her forearm was reconstructed.

The limp dicks that hung from each of her four breasts twitched and flexed, almost begging to stay as they shrank. Her upper breasts were left with two pert nipples, while the lower pair deflated into featureless skin. It ended in less than a minute, leaving her a winded as she turned around to face the group. Frank mimicked her exhaustion but was soon distracted by the returning feeling of a full bladder.

“Babe...” He breathed. “I think you need to use the restroom...”

She nodded then quickly left down the hall.

“Wow, you really can feel everything huh?” Tess observed.

“Oh yea...” Frank replied. “I thought it felt weird when my body turned into a hand, but that was pretty crazy.”

Soon after Abby left, Frank felt the sensation of urine leaving his body. He wasn’t accustomed to peeing with a vagina and even though he knew it was Beth, he couldn’t help looking down at his own groin to make sure he wasn’t making a mess on the couch. They waited for a few minutes before Jeff offered to take his turn.

“No... She’s finished.” Frank said before regretfully adding: “...I probably shouldn’t know that...”

Tess and Beth both laughed as they heard the bathroom door open seconds later. Abby asked why they were laughing as she sat back down.

“Oh... It’s nothing... Frank just predicted the future is all...” Tess grinned.

“Right...” Abby shrugged, having already guessed that it had something to do with his ability...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Avian Options

Jeff didn’t join their laughter, but couldn’t help grinning every time Abby’s movements made Frank fidget.

With a light tap on the screen, his next transformation appeared.

[Owl vision]

His skull shifted to make room as his eyes grew until they were nearly twice as large. The whites became a vibrant yellow while his pupils solidified into stark black circles. Colors he couldn’t explain began to appear. His friends glowed, as if heat radiated from their bodies. Even the pattern on the couch seemed to flare with color and detail as his range of vision spread further across the spectrum. He turned his attention to Beth; glaring at her with his mouth hanging open. He couldn’t help admiring the way her body glowed. He adjusted his pupils to focus on the finer details of her skin and hair.

She nudged his shoulder. “Stop, that’s really weird...”

“Sorry... You’re just so... Detailed...” He replied, turning his gaze back to the table.

“Thanks... I guess... But don’t stare like that...” She shivered. “It’s really freaky.”

Her concerns weren’t unfounded. They were the eyes of a predator after all. While he continued to glance around the room, being careful not to stare at the bright lights above, Tess took her turn.

[Personal gravity reduced to 5%]

Her body tingled, but she didn’t feel anything shifting around. Suddenly, the strength in her outstretched arm was far to much, sending it up several inches before she managed to correct it. With that, it became apparent that her body had lost a significant amount of unseen weight. She stood up, almost jumping with the unexpected lightness. She blushed, realizing that her breasts bounced more dramatically on her weightless frame.

“How’s that feel?” Abby asked, curious after reading the screen.

“Light...” Tess explained, recalling the setting that was meant to alter reality. “Really light... It’s like my muscles are too strong for my body... Anybody want to try lifting me up?”

Abby stood up and walked towards her.

“I was sort of joking.” Tess laughed. “But I won’t stop you...”

Tess raised her arms so that Abby could grip her waist. She lifted her almost effortlessly, noting that she couldn’t have weighed more than a few pounds. Beth gently tossed her forward. With such a light body, she practically floated down, bouncing twice before settling.

“This is so cool!” Tess shouted as she bounded around the room.

Frank was a little jealous as he watched her float around. Now mostly normal, he was itching to try out a new transformation; hoping that it would be something useful or fun.

“Mind if I take my turn?” He asked as his finger inched towards the screen.

“Go for it!” Tess replied as she attempted to run along the wall...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Increased Production

Her attempt to dash up the vertical surface failed spectacularly and she nearly face planting into the floor. Feeling a little embarrassed, she pushed herself upright and made her way back to the others to see what Frank had rolled.

[Take one token from each female player]

They watched as Frank’s score jumped to four. He was now tied with Beth, who had given up a token. Abby and Jeff were still in the lead, each reduced to five. Tess’s score didn’t change.

“Why did it take one from me?” Jeff complained.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Tess replied, pinching the limp cock that hung between her legs.

“Just cause I’ve got your pussy doesn’t make me a girl!” Jeff smirked.

“According to the game, it does.” Tess taunted.

“Whatever...” Jeff grimaced. “Beth, Abby... Hurry up and take your turns so I can roll my dick back!”

“Good luck with that...” Beth rolled her eyes as she tapped the screen.

As her words faded into view, she felt some new eggs making their way down. The others were confused as she slid off of the couch and squatted. They had guessed that it was part of her transformation but the words hadn’t come into view just yet. They soon realized that there was nothing to worry about as an egg dropped to the floor. It was strange but, by now, the group was becoming accustomed to her occasional egg drops. Before another egg could slide free, she glanced up to see what the game had chosen to do.

[Grow a vagina in your cleavage]

“Oh ...nngg. Come on...” She complained as the pressure of her eggs mixed with a tingling feeling between her overly sensitive breasts.

With three breasts, she had two cleavage lines to fill, and the game seemed happy to take full advantage of it. She felt something similar to when the pussy opened between her shoulders, except this time the damp cracks were opening in the cramped space on either side of her face breast. She thought she knew what to expect until something began to push into the left-most cleavage. An egg slipped out, but held firm in the gap, at least until a second egg pushed it further. She let out a groan as another egg dropped from the vagina between her legs, finally easing the pressure in her groin. She wished that was the end of it, but felt one more egg pushing it’s way out of the new vagina in her right cleavage.

It slipped free of her labia, but remained trapped between her breasts. She lifted herself back onto the couch, then began to toss the eggs into the trash bag. Which was beginning to feel heavy. She picked the last egg from her cleavage and deposited it into the bag before realizing that everyone was staring.

“Why don’t you take a picture.” She complained, mentally oblivious to how unusual her behavior had been...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Something Familiar

She sighed and left towards the bathroom.

Abby yelled after her. “You want us to wait?”

“No, go ahead...” Beth grumbled as she reached the door at the end of the hall.

Abby shrugged and tapped the screen.

[A cock replaces your tongue]

“Oh jeez...” Abby said as her tongue began to tingle. “This game really liksh givinn me cockths...”

Her speech slurred as her tongue swelled. It poked out of her mouth, growing more cylindrical every second while developing veins along the length. The tip flared, throbbing as a wrinkled foreskin peeled back to reveal a mature cock head. It didn’t stick out very far, but there was no mistaking it for anything less than a penis.

“I thinth I prefer thhe beak.” She joked...


Beth could hear them laughing as she closed the bathroom door. She wasn’t nearly as stressed by the game since they updated the settings. She couldn’t really explain why, but guessed that it had something to do with the mental setting. She knew very well that laying eggs was weird, but something made it seem OK. It wasn’t any stranger than when they were all wearing cloths earlier that evening. In any case, that wasn’t the reason she excused herself.

Since her face was stuck in the middle of her chest, she had no way to see what the game just did. If she was going to be producing eggs from between her breasts, she decided to take a closer look. Once in front of the mirror, she spread her left and center breast, careful not to squish her face too much. There in the gap was a damp pussy. It seemed a bit misplaced but felt natural enough. The same went for the cleavage on the other side. The feeling of fully developed eggs still lingered behind both slits. She wasn’t sure how many were left and strained until three more eggs slipped free. Two from the right side and one from her left.

With that pressure relieved, she was free to return; but something about spreading her breasts apart to look at her pussies was turning her on. Her chest was so sensitive now. Each nipple would tingle and harden with hardly any stimulation. She began to pinch each of them, then ran a finger along her lips. It felt nice. Really nice... She decided to keep going, knowing that she had some time. There were at least three people ahead of her turn...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


Back in the living room, Jeff took his turn.

[Grow wings]

“Oh wow!” Tess exclaimed. “Want to trade again?”

“They haven’t even started growing yet!” Jeff laughed as his rear began to tingle.

He could feel arm like appendages stretching from the top of his ass. They started out loosely connected to his misplaced shoulders but quickly diverged to their own joints. Elbows formed, soon followed by what he thought was a wrist. At that point, the fingerless limbs looked like giant chicken wings, plucked and ready to be cooked. A disappointing sight given his already stunted body.

Fortunately, the change wasn’t quite finished. Flesh around each new limb prickled with small protrusions. They resembled large hair follicles, gradually growing and developing tiny hairs. Soon, each protrusion became a feather. They continued grow, filling in gaps until he had two hawk-like wings flexing up and down from where they connected near the top of either butt cheek. He desperately wished he still had a torso, but the wings felt strong and didn’t throw him off balance. They were likely more than enough to lift him with a good thrust.

“Oh my gosh!” Tess screamed. “You’ve got to try them out!”

“What? How?” Jeff asked.

“Let's go outside!” She grabbed his arm and pulled, though her weightless frame couldn’t budge his body.

“Jeez... Alright” He replied, maneuvering himself towards the front door while Tess bounded ahead.

The others followed, laughing at the sight. They too, were curious to see if he could actually fly with wings on his ass.

“Why are you so excited about this?” He asked as he stepped off the front porch.

“Cause that’s something I really wanted...” She replied, with hints of jealousy. “I can’t just let you waste them!”

“Alright...” He replied, taking in the cool night air.

His owl eyes didn’t need to adjust to the moon lit fields that rolled out into the distance. An occasional breeze sent waves across the surrounding crops, but the air was mostly calm. The only exception was a thunderstorm out in the distance, but he guessed that it was about an hour away; well out of the game’s limited boundary.

He flexed new muscles in his ass and found that the wings were easy to articulate. Without much thought, he raised them high and thrust downward. They sent him several feet off the ground over a swirling cloud of dust.

“Holy shit!” He yelled, nearly tripping as his feet returned to the ground...



Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


He began to flap the large feathered appendages and was thrown higher and higher into the air. The game was kind enough to rewrite his brain so he knew how to operate them. But even with muscle memory, the sensation of flight was entirely new.

He continued to climb, staring up at the bright moon in the distance. He wasn’t sure how high he had gone when he began to feel fatigue in his muscular rump. The strain in his ass was a good signal that it was time to glide back down. Tilting forward gave a clear view of the highway in the distance and the city lights glowing on the horizon. Down below, he could see the house. He had to be a few hundred feet away as he flew in long sweeping circles back down to the driveway where the others waited.

His owl eyes enhanced everything, sharpening the detail on the ground, making his friends glow with infrared heat. He could also see a number of other creatures scurrying around the fields. Most were small, likely field mice and other rodents. He could see a group of cows huddled together a few fields away and a number of other animals moving around, but nothing large enough to be concerned with. Likely coyotes, deer or pheasants. When he descended closer to the house, he could hear Tess cheering for him. She clearly had a lot of love for flight.

He landed about twenty yards away from his take-off point. Once on the ground, he realized how much of a workout it had been as sweat ran down his brow.

“Wow... That was amazing.” He breathed as the others came towards him.

“That was so cool!” Tess yelled. “Oh my gosh... Will you take me up with you?”

“I don’t weight much now... I mean... If you don’t mind...”

She could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

“You’re a witch, can’t you just use a broom or something?” Frank joked.

“Don’t believe everything you see on TV!” She replied. “I don’t need a broom to fly, I just haven’t learned the spells yet...”

“Come on...” She begged, turning her attention back to Jeff. “Let me fly with you.”

“Uh... Alright...” Jeff replied, not entirely sure how they’d coordinate it. “Just... Let me catch my breath first.”

Tess squealed and jumped around.

“Shame you didn’t the grow wings huh?” Frank said, interrupting her enthusiastic dance.

“I know, right? I mean... Why else would I have enabled bird stuff...” She laughed. “It certainly wasn’t so your friend could lay eggs...”

“I woner whath Bethhs doin...” Abby said, slurring each word due to the flaccid cock in her mouth. “Ith shouldn take tha lon to usth the resthoom...”

“Don’t underestimate her...” Jeff laughed. “I swear she makes me wait hours some mornings...”

“She seemed kind of annoyed when she left.” Frank considered.

“True...” Jeff replied. “I’ll go check on her when we head in, assuming she doesn’t come out first.”

Abby and Frank went back to the porch to watch. They weren’t quite as enthusiastic as Tess, but seemed to be enjoying a break from the house. While Jeff stretched his muscles to prepare for another trip into the sky, he couldn’t help thinking about Beth...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Enjoying the Additions

What started as a simple examination turned into a full blown masturbation session as Beth fingered her new cunts. So many sensitive parts in such close proximity was too much to handle. She moaned as she slipped wet fingers out of her right cleavage cunt to rub her turgid nipple just inches away. She couldn’t believe how reactive her body still was after having an orgasm with Jeff less than twenty minutes earlier.

As she pinched one of her many clits, she squirmed; almost unable to stand as her entire body shook. She carefully lowered herself to the floor and continued until cum erupted from the cavity between her right and center breast. Viscous fluid squeezed out and dribbled onto her stomach as she turned her attention to the cleavage on her left side. Between her two chest pussies and sensitive breasts, her face was being overwhelmed. Goosebumps rippled through her skin as she licked her lips. Something as simple as a wink was enough to make her tense up.

Milky tears ran from the edges of her eyes as she squeezed them tight. She continued to caress her bosom and finger her numerous cunts until she reached another orgasm. This time, radiating from the pussy in her left cleavage. Her body began to convulse wildly as the climax consumed her, bringing the dizzying experience to an abrupt conclusion as she passed out on the cool tiled floor.


Outside, Jeff was preparing to take off for the second time.

“I’m not sure my girlfriend would approve...” He said, trying not to stare at Tess’s naked breasts as her reduced gravity made them wobble.

“It’s not like you’re going to do anything to me...” Tess laughed. “I’ve got your dick over here, remember?”

“Right...” Jeff replied, remembering his vacant groin. “Alright... How do we do this?”

She studied him for a moment, then turned and crouched down. “How about you wrap your legs around my waist and hold onto my shoulders? Kind of like a piggy back ride.”

“You’re going to need to get a bit lower for me to climb on.” He said, placing a hand just above her tail.

She got down on her hands and knees, allowing Jeff to straddle her like a horse. His own gravity hadn’t changed, but without a torso he was light enough not to strain her back. He bent his legs around her stomach but quickly realized that the arms on either side of his waist were too low to reach over her shoulders comfortably. He slipped his hands under her arms, bringing his head down just behind hers.

“I can’t quite reach over your shoulders...” He said. “What should I do?”

She balanced on her knees and straightened up, carefully grabbing his hands in hers.

“Will this work?” She asked, lifting them just above her breasts.

He locked his fingers together and gripped her tightly as she stood up. She slipped her tail between his legs and wrapped it around them for a little added security. Being pressed against her warm body was making Jeff’s pussy wet. It actually made him glad to have traded his penis since a boner would be far more difficult to hide.

“You ready?” He asked, raising his wings...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Cut Short

“Yep!” She giggled, imagining him as her own personal jet pack.

With that, he thrust his wings down, throwing them into the air. A few more beats kept them airborne as he continued to climb far past the roof of the house and into the sky. Tess couldn’t help screaming with joy as she experienced flight for the first time since her aunt had taken her up at much younger age. Jeff understood her excitement. It was a feeling of freedom that likely wouldn’t wear off any time soon.

“I can see so far!” She exclaimed. “This is amazing... Thank you so much!”

Jeff took her high into the air, unconcerned about her weight, which he mentally compared to a gallon of milk. The analogy reminded him of her naked breasts just below his interlocked fingers. The distraction made him stall clumsily, brought back to attention by her fearful gasp. He played it off as a joke and began to climb once more. Her gravity defying body wasn’t a hindrance, but she did make it more difficult for him to maneuver around. This proved to be a challenge as the wind began to pick up. He had flown higher this time, nearly loosing control in an upstream. The gust turned him around, bringing the distant storm back into view. However, it wasn’t quite so distant now. He knew that such a fast moving storm would kick up more wind and decided to begin their descent.

Thunder rumbled like a warning in the distance, followed by a gust of wind that made it difficult to control their fall. He struggled to hold onto Tess as the driveway loomed ever closer. With some careful wing adjustments, he managed to glide down to where they had taken off.

“I didn’t think this part through!” He yelled as they approached the ground.

“Just drop me in the grass, I’ll be ok...” Tess said, pointing towards the yard next to the driveway.

Jeff beat his wings to adjust their trajectory. Once on a path to the yard, he spread them out to slow down. With his owl vision, he had no problem judging distance. When Tess was within a few feet of the ground, he loosened his grip. She dropped slowly, tumbling several times before grabbing hold of a lawn gnome to weigh her down.

He beat his wings once more to ease his own fall, then landed in a partial sprint before falling to one knee to ease the tension in his rump. The second trip up was far more of a strain than the first, leaving him breathless as Abby and Frank made their way out to the yard. Tess was laughing as she picked herself up, alleviating any concerns. Before anyone could say anything, the world flashed, nearly blinding Jeff’s sensitive eyes. Not long after, a loud crack echoed from the looming wall of clouds.

“We sthoul proally heath in...” Abby suggested.

Tess agreed and went to offer Jeff a hand, but soon realized that the increasing wind was making it difficult for her to stay on the ground. Abby noticed and grabbed her arm to keep her from blowing away while Frank helped Jeff. The group went back inside just as another gust stirred a melody from some wind chimes hanging on the porch...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Check on Beth

While Tess told Abby and Frank all about her brief flight, Jeff went to the bathroom to check on Beth.

“Hey, you alright?” He asked after knocking twice.

No answer.

“Beth?... Hey, Beth...”

“Ugh... Hold on...” Beth groaned.

She lifted herself from the floor, not quite sure how long she had been out. Her chest still tingled but wasn’t unbearable.

She apologized for the silence and cracked open the door. Jeff tucked his wings in close and entered the room while she took a seat on the toilet. By some twist of irony, that brought them both closer to eye height. Though, Beth was still a little freaked out by his sharp gaze.

“Are you OK?” He asked, closing the door.

“It gave you wings?” Beth asked, looking over his feathery limbs.

“Yea...” He shrugged. “Why are you still in the bathroom?”

“It’s kind of embarrassing...” She replied. “Remember that roll that made my chest more sensitive?”

Jeff started to put it together when he noticed how sweaty she was. He also noticed a few eggs littering the floor.

“Did you... Take care of it?” Jeff asked, feeling a little turned on by her confession.

“Yea... Still sensitive, but I’m fine.” She mumbled.

Jeff took a towel from a nearby rack and handed it to her. She began to pat herself down, being extra careful around her breasts.

The increasing wind made the house groan while he told her about their trip outside. Fortunately, she didn’t mind that he took Tess up with him. She had guessed that she wanted to fly the moment they changed the settings. In any case, he couldn’t really do much without a penis. They shared a laugh when he told her that she had basically said the same thing.

“Well...” Beth said as she set the towel aside and gathered her eggs. “Guess we should get back in there...”

They entered the room just as Tess was taking her turn...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


[Give one token to another player]

Without hesitation, she tapped Jeff’s score.

“Why’d you give it to me?” He asked.

“Well that’s obvious...” She smiled. “I think you deserve a reward for helping me fly...”

Jeff thanked her before turning his attention to Frank, who had already began the next round.

[Copy one of your previous transformation to another player.]

“That’s interesting...” Frank considered, as his list of changes scrolled into view. “So I don’t change, but I have to transform someone else...”

His first thought was to turn someone back to normal, but it looked like that type of change wasn’t available. He didn’t really want to turn anyone’s body into a hand, grow noses, or swap mouths... The nicest thing he could do would be to offer someone the ‘lose weight’ transformation he got early on. As he reached the end of his list he was reminded of his ability to feel Abby.

“Oh that’s perfect...” He whispered, tapping the transformation, then selecting Abby’s score.

Abby wasn’t fully paying attention as he confirmed the change. The feeling of another body startled her. She looked at Frank to find him grinning... It was a grin that she could feel.

“Ooly thit!” She exclaimed. “I can pfeel you...”

“Now someone just needs to trigger another orgy so we can test this out properly...” He joked.

“Ith nath all about thex you know...” She frowned, trying to ignore the mild arousal building in his body.

“Try telling the game that...” Beth shrugged.

“Hey, you’re the one who enabled it...” Frank laughed.

“I didn’t know what it was going to do!” She shot back, shivering as her raised voice sent vibrations through her chest.

“Yea yea...” He laughed... “It’s your turn, by the way.”

“Ung... Alright...” Beth replied as an egg pushed out of her left cleavage pussy. By now, it was pretty routine, but still a bit distracting since her breasts constantly begged for attention. She plucked the egg free and discarded it before reaching out to tap the screen...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


[Your pussy and mouth switch places]

“Oh come on... Not that!” She whined as her body began to tingle.

It was the roll that had caused her to panic early in the game. The roll that had, in fact, broken the game. Because of her, they had to involve Tess and continue way out at this stranger’s farmhouse. Because of her, this game had gone several hours longer than it should have...

“Of all things, why did the game have to give me that again ... Wait...”

As her middle breast traveled upward, she recalled the rule about matching transformations.

“Holy crap, I’m finally returning to normal!”

The others watched as a neck began to jut forward below the plump gland. It carried her face breast upward, gradually redefined it into a head. Back on her chest, two pussies were converging in a rapidly shrinking cleavage gap. They closed up as the two orbs on either side deflated to a more manageable size. She could no longer feel the constant heat of arousal in her chest or face and the internal pressure from the constant production of eggs dissipated. As hair grew from her restored scalp, she rejoiced. After all that, the game had finally given her a break.

On the other side of the table, Abby was fidgeting. It was similar to how Frank had been since he began to feel her body. It was almost funny to imagine that they were sharing every sensation. Her cock tongue had even begun to swell. Likely caused by some perverted thoughts Frank was transmitting.

While the group was distracted by each other’s bodies or rejoicing in restored normalcy, a loud crack made everyone jump. The sound of thunder reminded Frank of his unsheltered SUV. Fearing hail damage, he urged Abby to take her turn. If they were lucky, the game would end soon enough for them beat the storm.

Abby seemed to be struggling to ignore his body as she took her turn.

[You no longer have a head. Your face moves to your stomach]

Abby let out a quiet gasp before closing her mouth and eyes. They were visibly shrinking along with her nose. As her face vanished, her head began to shrink, descending into her shoulders. Down below, her bellybutton was growing wider. It puckered out, formed wrinkled lips below a protrusion that soon took on the appearance of a nose. Higher still, two slits appeared, opening to reveal her eyes. The moment her scalp vanished into her bare shoulders, she gasped from the new mouth on her stomach.

All the while, Frank clutched his neck and stomach, very much aware of her changes. Abby’s semi-hard cock tongue throbbed in her mouth as she examined herself. Her vacant shoulders were similar to Beth’s previous form. Though, unlike Beth, Abby had no ears on either side of her misplaced face. She could still hear, but didn't know how. She wasn’t very enthusiastic about the transformation but, knowing the nature of the game, decided not to complain.

“Your turr Yeth...” She lisped.

Jeff tapped the screen, hoping to gain another token as the game randomly generated his next phrase...