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[Select one change to be undone]

It wasn’t a token, but he was more than happy to accept it. He quickly scrolled through his list and found where the game had taken away his torso. Upon confirmation, his head began to rise. One unexpected side effect was that his arms were also growing back. This effectively gave him four since Tess had traded her extra pair for his tail. The pair of wings on his ass also moved up, settling on his shoulders. He flexed his restored arms and felt his stomach with the extra pair.

“Not too shabby.” Tess said, looking him over.

“Shame I can’t try out my wings now...” Jeff shrugged, glancing towards the door.

They could all hear the wind whistling along, forcing the wind chimes to clatter. But unlike the others, he could see beyond the darkness of the porch. The distant fields waved with ever increasing winds. Clouds rolled low on the horizon. While his brain had been programmed to use the wings, he wasn’t given the confidence to use them in turbulent skies, much less the impending storm.

Tess would have loved to go up again, but she too understood the danger. Especially since all it took to send her flying was a gust of wind. She had been enjoying the game’s many unusual changes, and was really looking forward to growing some wings of her own. That bit of luck went to Jeff, but there was still a chance that she would be the next person to grow some, though it was unlikely given the number of random things that could happen.

She tapped the screen, feeling a bit less enthusiastic as the storm confined them to the house.

[Skip Turn]

“Lucthy you.” Abby said from her misplaced mouth. “You’re up Fank... Try not to thange too mucsh.”

“Sure babe.” He grinned, knowing that he had no say in what the game would do next.

[Athletic body]

While he would have rather gained three tokens and gone home, he wasn’t particularly disappointed at the words. Similar to his earlier weight loss, his body began to tighten up. This time, however, it went further. Muscles tightened and bulged; granting rippling abs, an impressive set of biceps and deep cut calves. Heat carried the changes through his body until every muscle was perfectly sculpted. He wasn’t a hulk by any means, but still felt incredible. As if his body had been honed to it’s most perfect form. He was an athlete, for lack of a better term.

“Oh man... I might need a minute here...” He laughed as he stood up and struck a number of poses.

“Stop that you dork!” Abby blushed, feeling his new body flexing.

Beth rolled her eyes at his excessively macho display and tapped the screen...


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Three Orgasms Required

[Gain 2 tokens]

“Oh yes!” She exclaimed. “Just one left...”

Jeff complimented her roll while Tess asked if she had a specific screen tapping technique they should all be using. Frank was still busy flexing his muscles, admiring his new body. He was also a bit aroused. Not because of his own body, but rather, because of Abby. He could feel her tongue swelling, nipples hardening on her chest... Even wetness down below. He couldn’t read her mind, but knew that it had everything to do with him.

Abby was indeed having trouble with her tongue. Frank’s body was really turning her on. It didn’t help that she could feel him as if it were her own body. The rippling muscles, tight skin. It was too much. Her pussy was wet and her cock tongue was growing, stopped only by her clenched teeth.

Frank, feeling her sexual frustration, pointed out that it was her turn. Neither of them knew what to expect, but hoped that the game would do something to ease the tension as her finger met the screen.

[All players aroused, ends after third orgasm]

“Here we go again...” Beth shivered.

It felt nice to be aroused with a normal body. Pleasant feelings came from expected places and everything was significantly more manageable. Jeff shared some of that sentiment now that his torso was back. He turned his large eyes to Beth, who was already sliding down into a more comfortable position on the couch. She was ready for some attention and he was glad to oblige. He climbed over her with four roaming arms and began a long sensual kiss. Neither of them could fight their urges as his cock sprang to life, throbbing and ready to penetrate her dripping cunt. With some adjustments, they oriented themselves and made the connection. Jeff slid his member deep inside while massaging her breasts with his two lower hands. Each time she squeezed down on his cock, his wings involuntarily flexed.

It was an interesting sight, but not near as strange as Abby and Frank, who didn’t even need to touch each other. Abby had given up on trying to keep her cock tongue in her mouth. It was rock hard, jutting several inches from her lips. Pre-cum dribbled from the tip as she took hold and began to stroke the shaft. Her other hand lazily fondled her breasts.

Frank was clutching his firm stomach, as if trying to grip the cock that stuck out of Abby. His other hand was strangling his own cock with an unbelievable grip. With a frustrated grunt, he turned his attention to Abby, whose pussy was begging to be fed. The feeling was unfamiliar, but he knew exactly what needed to be done. He effortlessly picked her up and carried her to the guest room that Tess had used earlier that night...


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Requirement Met

Tess didn’t seem phased by any of it. She was too focused on her own genitals. The doubled cock heads were thick with blood as she pumped her right hand up and down the shaft. She missed her extra limbs, but managed to massage her right breast with her relatively dexterous tail while fondling the left with a free hand. The hands at the end of either leg stretched and curled, occasionally clenching into fists when she tickled a sensitive spot. Like Frank, she had an excess of strength, though it was due to the way her gravity had been reduced. Once her brain had adjusted to the weightlessness, things felt normal. But if she pumped with too much enthusiasm, her body entire body would bounce off the chair...


Frank found the guest room down the hall and feverishly tossed his lover onto the bed. She giggled as her face and cock pressed into the sheets. Frank was being a little rough, but she didn’t care. The adrenaline was a shared experience. Frank hardly knew his own strength, but could feel if he was being too hard on her.

He grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her ass towards the edge of the bed, bringing it in line with his cock. He didn’t spare any time injecting himself deep into her waiting cunt. She let out a muffled scream, feeling herself and his erection simultaneously. She barely kept her balance on one hand while the other found it’s way to the cock in her mouth. They shared both cocks, her pussy, his strength. Never before had they felt so unified. Frank was so in-tuned to her body that he could adjust his speed and angle for maximum pleasure. She did the same, tightening her pussy and flexing her hips in perfect sync.

With such efficiency, it only took a fraction of the time for Abby to reach an orgasm. Frank followed soon after as her sensations consumed him. He pulled out, twitching violently as cum sprayed onto her back. With considerable effort, she turned over to get a look at her athletic lover. A string of cum arced through the air, landing on her stomach just inches under her face.

For whatever reason, the game didn’t keep his cock hard this time. Perhaps because only three orgasms were required? In any case, Abby’s cock-tongue still needed attention. He, pushed her further onto the bed and climbed up between her legs. With no inhibitions, he leaned down and took her thick cock into his mouth and began to make out with her tender lips. Abby closed her eyes tight and brought both hands to her breasts while Frank send a spare finger to her clit.

Just as round two was heating up, they felt the game release them from it’s spell. They didn’t care. With shared feelings, they were happy to keep it going. They both knew that Abby wasn’t far from her next release.


Back in the living room, cum erupted from Tess’s twin heads. Her heart raced and her body twitched as the dizzying sensation of her orgasm began to fade. Unlike her first experience with the cock, the game didn’t make her continue. There was a strange mix of disappointment and relief as it softened after only one orgasm. She realized that two others must have finished up as well, but guessed that it wasn’t the two on the couch.

Beth and Jeff were still making love. They both knew the game wasn’t forcing it anymore, but Beth could feel a climax building. Jeff was getting closer as well, but also began to feel a bit of anxiety since he knew that Beth’s desires were no longer being driven by the game. She didn’t do anything to suggest that he stop, so he continued to thrust, building heat deep in his shaft. It didn’t take long for that heat to purge, pumping cum into her womb. She tensed up. As he filled her pussy, her body convulsed. The familiar sensation of an orgasm radiating from her groin. That was it. The climax she had been waiting for. Jeff carefully slid out of her squirming body and clumsily moved back to the other side of the couch. She didn't move, taking a moment to rest as cum drooled from her tender cunt...


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Frank managed to tickle the most sensitive part of Abby’s cock with his tongue, pushing her to the edge. Cum erupted from the tip, filling his mouth and nearly causing him to choke. He swallowed the salty fluid without much thought and let her phallic tongue slip free as he collapsed beside her. They waited for a moment, enjoying the shared feelings in the afterglow.

Abby went cross-eyed, watching as her cock tongue went limp below her nose. After a few minutes, it had softened enough to slip it back into her mouth.

“Holy thit...” She lisped, “Tha wath amathing...”

“Yea...” Frank agreed. “So... Should we head back to see if the others survived?”

She laughed, “I thuppoth tho...”

The two of them returned to the living room to find Jeff and Beth collapsed on either end of the couch. Tess was resting on the armchair with a limp cock and cum glistening on her stomach. They couldn’t quite tell who fulfilled the requirement, but didn’t really care to ask. Abby slipped in-between the coffee table and Divan, sitting on the end closest to Tess.

As Frank settled on the opposite side, he asked, “Who’s up now?”

Beth groaned as she sat up. While Jeff and Tess stirred she glanced at the screen. The arrow had appeared and was targeting the circle closest to Jeff. His mind was still a bit fuzzy as she nudged his shoulder and pointed to the game.

“Oh...” He mumbled, lifting himself up. “Guess I am...”

As he tapped the screen, Beth asked Tess if she could get a towel. She grabbed her wand and mumbled a spell. The cum on Beth’s labia, along with the sweat that clung to her body, evaporated away.

Tess turned her attention to the cum streaks on her own stomach and repeated her cleaning spell as Jeff’s words faded into view...


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Give and Take


The hair on his arms had begun to thin. His feminine legs were already mostly bald, but what little hair there was on his pubic mound disappeared as well. His scalp tingled as each strand of hair retreated back into it's follicle. Soon, his entire body was bald. Fortunately, the game knew the difference between hair and feathers, leaving both wings intact. He felt oddly naked as a draft brushed across his bald skin. There was some irony in the thought, given that all of them had been comfortably nude for most of them game.

“So weird...” He said, rubbing his head. “Guess you’re up Tess...”

She nodded and tapped the screen...

[Grow four additional breasts]

“I don’t remember turning on a canine option...” She laughed as small blemishes appeared on her stomach.

The flesh beneath each spot swelled up as wrinkled areola formed. The centers popped out, making new nipples on the ever expanding lumps. Soon, six impressive glands were fighting for room on her otherwise slim body. Her lack of personal gravity wasn’t doing her any favors as the excessive breasts bounced wildly from only the slightest movements. As she fought to keep her chest still, her cock began to harden. She couldn’t believe it was still so easily excited after having just masturbated.

She held still until her chest settled. Her cock was excitable, but she didn’t have the energy to keep more than a partial erection. Fortunately, nobody seemed all that concerned about her new condition as Frank offered to start the next round. With no objections, he reached out and tapped the display.

[Skip Turn]

“OK then...” He shrugged. “You’re up Beth.”

Beth took her turn, hoping that whatever came next wouldn't turn her back into a freak...


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Nothing Lasts

[Trade all transformations with another player of your choice]

Beth couldn’t believe it. After finally going back to normal, the game was going to toss her right back in. She looked at her friends. Jeff wasn’t exactly normal with four arms, a pair of feminine legs and a set of feathered wings which weren’t particularly useful in the cramped living room.

Tess was currently sporting Jeff’s strange cock, a tail, and gained four extra breasts after her latest roll. She was also having trouble keeping them under control due to her gravity defying body. Frank might not have been a bad option. He was normal aside from being exceptionally well toned. The same couldn’t be said for Abby, who’s current form wasn’t all that different from what Beth had dealt with earlier.

“Sorry Frank, It’s gotta be you...” She said, reluctantly making the selection.

“Aw lame!” Frank whined as his body began to soften.

Warmth radiated through Beth’s skin as each muscle was sculpted to perfection. She could feel something else as well. It was Abby. The new muscles made her feel powerful, but the sensation of a cock in her mouth felt very strange.

During the exchange, Abby squirmed. The tightness in Frank’s muscular body grew more faint as the transformation played in reverse.. She was disappointed as her once-sculpted Hercules softening into his previous self.

Beth looked towards her distraught friend and simply said, “I think I feel you...”

“Waii... You sfeel me now?” Abby echoed. “Wha abou you Fank? Anythin?”

“Nope, I lost it.” He replied.

“It did say ‘all transformations’.” Beth noted, hesitant to speak due to the feeling of a cock in a mouth that wasn’t even hers.

“I thuppose so... I can sthill feel you though.” Abby replied, looking towards Frank with a hint of disappointment.

Abby turned her attention back to the game, noticing that the arrow was now targeting her. With a sigh, she tapped the screen. They all watched, curious to see what would come next...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Giving Back

[Distribute one token to each other player]

“Um... Your welcome everyone...” She said as her score dropped to a single token.

“One more and I win.” Jeff grinned.

“And we all go back to normal.” Beth added.

“Do you think this is it?” Jeff asked as he reached towards the screen.

“If you’re lucky enough to gain a token on this play, I’ll give you $20.” Frank gambled.

They waited in anticipation as his words faded into view.

[Gender swap]

The group, with the exception of Jeff, collectively let out a sigh. Jeff didn’t contribute to their disappointment. He was too focused on the strange tingling that ran through his entire body. He was already between genders. His legs were decidedly feminine, emphasized by the genitals he traded from Tess. His four-armed torso had a few extra parts, but remained male otherwise.

The game seemed to be aware of his mixed parts and changed him accordingly. His arms softened, losing a significant amount of mass as they toned down. His chest began to swell into an impressive pair of milky breasts as his stomach, shoulders and neck tightened around a slightly smaller internal frame.

Down below, his labia puffed out. They began to merge in the middle as his clit pushed out from it’s hood, growing longer and closing into a tube that was rapidly taking on the familiar appearance of a penis. His labia continued to swell and fuse together, descending into a fleshy sack. He felt two testicles drop from his vagina before it completely closed up.

His face wasn’t spared from the changes. His eyes narrowed slightly, though they remained large and very owl-like. His cheeks softened and his chin narrowed. A few slight changes to his nose and mouth completed the change. The only part of his body that didn’t transform were his wings.

He glanced down, pulling his breasts aside to see his restored penis hanging between masculine legs.

“Nice to see I finally...” He hesitated at the sound of his new voice. “... Got my dick back...”

“Best of both worlds right there, buddy.” Frank laughed.

“Yea yea...” Jeff said turning to Tess. “You’re turn...”


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She tapped the screen and waited for the game to offer a new change.

[Covered in feathers]

Disappointment was clearly written on her face as spines began to emerge. To add insult to injury, the feathers began to sprout from her shoulders, as if to emphasize her lack of wings. Her new plumage grew longer with each passing second, spreading to her arms and legs while a softer layer of down began to fill in the gaps. Sitting on rapidly growing shafts forced her to stand as feathers grew from her ass and continued down the length of her tail. Even the hair on her head morphed into a colorful crest. The feathers soon covered her entire body with the exception of her face and the six breasts on her chest.

“Well this is weird...” Tess said, looking over her feathered arms.

“Feathers huh?” Jeff noted. “So, Beth was laying eggs... Abby had a beak at one point. I’ve got these wings and eyes... And now Tess has feathers...”

“Yea, so?” Beth replied.

“Imagine if only one of us had all of those changes...” He laughed. “I mean, what’s left before you’re just a giant bird?”

“Frank, you’d better take your turn before Jeff gives the game new ideas...” Beth suggested.

Frank laughed as he tapped the display.

[Gain one token]

“Not a bad way to kick off the round...” He observed, motioning for Beth to take her turn.

Beth nodded and tapped the screen.

[Talons replace hands]

“Dammit Jeff...” She complained as the skin on her hands prickled.

Beth could feel her fingernails pushing out as her pinky was absorbed into the side of either hand. When she had only four fingers, her thumb twisted down to create a claw-like arrangement. Rough scales emerged. Her fingernails curled into hook shaped protrusions as they grew. They thickened a into sharp curved claws while shifting from white to black.

Her transformation ended, leaving her with two eagle-like claws in place of her hands. She let out a long sigh. Not because of the transformation, but rather because it must have been well past midnight. She was tired; feeling exhausted from everything that had happened so far. The others were feeling it as well, often yawning between turns.

“Your turn Abby.” She said, humorously pointing a talon in her direction...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Final Token

Abby sipped her water, glad her dick-tongue was flaccid enough to allow for it. Even with a soft penis, she felt a bit uncomfortable as the cold fluid washed over her foreskin. Goosebumps rippled through her skin as she swallowed. Her dick was so easy to stimulate and that drink was enough to make it twitch into a partial boner as she reached down to take her turn. The game must have picked up on the situation as her next transformation faded in.

[Permanent erection]

Beth shivered as she felt Abby’s cock-tongue swell. It flexed, filling with blood while Abby squirmed on the divan. The transformation finished quickly since her cock was already rising. She was now stuck dealing with a throbbing erection jutting several inches from her lips.

The mouth full of cock was making her wet and Beth, cursed to feel her body, was well aware. Lewd thoughts filled their minds but the fatigue of such a long night was wearing them down. Abby was less interested in playing with her cock-tongue, and more hopeful that the game would end soon. She pushed the thoughts aside and mumbled to Jeff. Whatever she was trying to say was incoherent, but Jeff understood her meaning and took his turn.

[Give one token to a male player]

Along the bezel, Tess and Frank’s score lit up to accept a decision.

He stared at the device for a moment, not fully registering it’s meaning until Frank said, “Want to end it?”

Frank’s last roll had bumped him up to six and one more from Jeff would meet the seven token requirement they set at the beginning. He couldn’t offer the token to Beth since the phrase indicated that it was for a male player. Tess might have been an option, but her score was only four. Not quite enough to put an end to the game. He reached towards the screen, ready to make the obvious selection.

“Hey, before you do that...” Tess interrupted. “Um... I just wanted to say, I had a lot of fun.”

“Thanks for letting me join you guys.”

Jeff smiled as he tapped Frank’s score...


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Back Home

Suddenly, they were all normal, dressed and back at Jeff’s house. The Frisbee shaped game pad sat innocently in the center of the table, along with the refreshments and chips that had been set out at the beginning of their impromptu game night.

The first to speak was Abby, who simply asked. “What the hell just happened?”

Jeff looked around. “We just played this game... Didn’t we?”

“Yeah... I mean... You just gave me a token...” Frank said. “That bumped me up to seven...”

Beth interrupted, “I was all muscular, Abby’s face was in the middle of her stomach, Jeff had wings... Please tell me I haven’t lost my mind...”

“No... That happened... Didn’t it?” Abby replied, feeling unsure as she ran a hand along her faceless stomach.

The guys both nodded in agreement. Frank turned his attention to a window on the far wall. Daylight filtered through the blinds. He couldn’t quite understand why until he glanced at a clock on the other side of the room.

“You’re not gonna believe this...” He said. “Unless you’re clock’s screwed up, we haven’t been here for more than a few minutes...”

“Was it all in our heads?” Jeff wondered, looking at the time.

“Hey, there’s something on the screen...” Abby noticed.

[Congratulations Frank || Please select your prize]

Below that line was a scrollable list of every transformation Frank had rolled during the game. Abby reached over and picked up the instructions. She vaguely remembered hearing something about this and skimmed until she found it.

“A prize is awarded... Something something... The effects will only be apparent to the other players...” She considered, looking towards Frank. “So... You get to transform, but only we will know about it?”

“Wow, seriously?” Frank exclaimed. “So... Winning lets you keep one of the transformations outside of the game?”

“Yea... I mean... That’s sort of what this looks like to me...” Abby agreed.

Jeff turned towards him, “Which one would you want to keep?”

Frank scrolled through the list. Every transformation he had rolled was there. Losing weight, the mouth swap with Beth, replacing his body with a hand, feeling Abby, and at the very bottom there was an option to take no prize.

“Abby?” He asked, “What do you think I should keep...?”


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The End?

“Anything but the one where you get to feel my body.” She laughed. “That’s a bit one-sided...”

“Alright... How do you feel about this last one here: Body of an athlete.” He suggested.

“Probably the best option there...” She replied, skimming the list. “Are you sure you want to do that?”

“Hey... If for whatever reason I decide I don’t like being an athlete, I can just eat McRonalds for a few weeks.” He joked.

“Oh god... Please don’t.” She laughed.

He grinned and tapped the option. Each muscle bulged and shifted until he was once again perfectly toned in every respect of the phrase. If things hadn’t been believable before, they certainly were now.

“You’re so damn sexy...” Abby swooned. “I’d take you back to the guest room right now if I weren’t so tired...”

“Uh uh... No funny business on our guest bed...” Beth argued.

“Oh... Right... We’re back here.” Abby considered, looking around the room.

Jeff made his way to the nearest window, pulling a curtain aside to take a look outside. The clock wasn’t wrong. It was late afternoon and the sun was still high in the sky.

“What do you think happened to Tess?” He asked.

“If we’re back here... Wouldn’t she have gone back to the mall?” Abby guessed.

“Makes sense...” Jeff shrugged.

“Oh my gosh... We’ve got to go see her!” Abby continued. “We can’t just put her through all that and disappear...”

“Eh... I think I’ve had enough for one night...” Beth groaned.

“We know where she’ll be right now...” Abby insisted. “I think we should go back. Just... For closure, you know?”

“As far as I’m concerned, game night ended hours ago and it’s well past my bedtime.” Beth laughed. “If you and Frank want to head back to the mall, I certainly won’t stop you...”

“Mind if we borrow the game?” Frank asked. “I promise we won’t break it...”

“You can have it.” Beth replied. “I don’t want it here.”

Jeff wanted to argue, but was cut short by Beth’s insistent glare.

He sighed, then said. “Sure... It’s yours.”

“Thanks...” Abby hesitated. “So, you don’t mind if we head to the mall without you?”

“Nah, it’s fine...” Jeff replied. “If you find Tess, please tell her we BOTH said hi and appreciate her help.”

They said their goodbyes, took the game and left for the SUV that had reappeared in the driveway. Frank and Abby were a bit disoriented by the sunshine, but couldn’t deny what happened. Frank’s sculpted body was more than enough evidence.

With the unusual game in hand they set off, not quite sure what was in store for them back at the magic shop...

Continue the story: https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapter_96831.html


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Branch off from Climax: https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/view … 997#p11997

Didn't Want That

Frank waited until everyone was cleaned up and ready before tapping the screen. The group stayed silent while the next phrase formed.

[Return to normal]

“Are you kidding me?” He complained as his stomach bloated outward.


“Could have been a lot worse, you know...” Beth said as she took her turn.

[Your pussy and mouth switch places]

“Case in point...” She said with heavy sarcasm just before her mouth puckered and reformed into her pussy, complete with cum still glistening on the lips.

“This sucks...” She mumbled from somewhere below.

She stood up and removed her panties, then lifted her skirt to see her mouth in her groin. She let out a heavy sigh and sat back down, this time with her legs spread apart to make it easier to speak and breath.

“I’m glad we didn’t check any of the non-human options at the beginning...” She complained. “Guess it’s your turn Abby...”

“Try not to sound so disappointed Beth..." Abby said as she taped the screen. "It's a lot of fun if you just embrace it."

Beth grumbled as Abby's transformation appeared.

[Your right hand grows one more finger]

As expected, her right hand widened and a new digit popped up between her middle and ring finger.

Frank watched her fiddle with her new appendage then turned to Jeff. “You’re up. Good luck...”


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Feminine Side

Jeff, who was still nude from the waist down, leaned in and tapped the game.

[Gender swap]

“Does that mean what I think it means?” Jeff asked, each word becoming slightly higher pitched as he spoke.

His exposed genitals sucked inward until they completely inverted. When his crotch was finished, the slit between his legs couldn’t be mistaken for anything less than a pussy. While that change was under way, his height diminished and his body gradually shifted to become more pear shaped. His chest ballooned outward and his ass plumped up. The hair on his head grew out while his body and facial hair thinned until it was gone or hardly visible.

Frank spoke up as transformation concluded. “Damn Jeff, you’re pretty hot.”

Beth, who hadn’t been in high spirits, couldn’t help laughing. “Maybe now you’ll enjoy shopping with me.”

“Doesn’t matter what I look like, I still don’t like shopping...” Jeff rebuffed in a shrill tone.

He stood up and turned from side to side, then bent forward to see a smooth mound with a narrow crack further down his pelvis. “Guess this is what it’s like to have a woman’s body...”

“Doesn’t feel that different, to be honest... A bit empty down below.”

He cupped his breasts and gave them a squeeze. “Huh... I expected them to be more ... I don’t know... Sensitive?”

Abby looked towards Beth, “You should be pretty happy about this one... How many girlfriends can say their boyfriend knows exactly how she feels?”

They laughed. Jeff ignored them and slowly reached down to his new vagina. It wasn’t exactly moist and he had trouble finding a deeper opening. His lips were sensitive to the touch but not overwhelming. He wondered how different it would feel if he was aroused. The others were giving him strange looks, so he decided to cease his exploration. He pulled his hand away and sat down, still blissfully unaware that not having pants on was half of the reason they couldn’t help looking.

“I’d better roll before Jeffina starts fingering herself.” Frank laughed.

Jeff glared at him.

“Whoa, take it easy sweat heart. You know I’d be doing the same thing...”

Jeff did want to try out this new body, but didn’t want to admit it. The other two girls probably knew as well but didn’t appreciate Frank’s comment.

“Just roll already...” Abby sighed.

“Fine...” Frank shrugged as he took his turn...


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Some Good, Some Bad

The display generated Frank’s command...

[Gain two tokens]

“Holy shit... I didn’t know you could get more than one at a time!”

“Nice one” Jeff said. He blushed when he heard his own voice.

“Thanks man... er... Woman?” Frank replied.

Jeff sighed, “Ugh... You know I’m a man...”

“Those jugs say otherwise” Frank laughed.

“Get a room you two!” Beth joked as she tapped the screen.

Frank shut up as his phrase faded out to be replaced by Beth’s.

[Roll twice]
[Two rolls remain]

Beth frowned as she read the words. “So I might end up with two changes this time?”

“You might get some tokens.” Abby chimed.

“I’d rather have it put my mouth back on my face...” Beth complained.

“Or remove your extra boob...” Jeff added.

“Oh... I almost forgot about that...” She said as she tapped the screen.

[Give one token to another player]
[One roll remains]

“Am I ever going to catch a break?” Beth complained as she tapped Jeff’s score.

They watched her single token transfer to Jeff, bumping his score up to three.

“Why did you give it to me?” He asked.

“You’re my... Uh... Boyfriend.” She replied. “Besides, you were all tied with two, I just made the easiest choice...”

She tapped the screen a second time and waited...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Something Tasty

[Skip your next turn]

“I guess that’s good...” She said. “At least I didn’t change again.”

“You’re up Abby...”

Abby tapped the screen. In moments, her command appeared.

[Your breasts are very sensitive and will lactate for the next two turns]

Almost immediately, her nipples began to leak. Two damp spots formed through both layers of fabric. She could feel every inch of the skin that rested behind her bra. The feelings didn’t stop there. Her sudden sensitivity was affecting her manhood. It hardened and pushed against her shorts. Frank let out a quiet laugh and Beth responded with a glare. Jeff tried to stay indifferent as he reached down to tap the screen. Abby did her best to ignore the feelings as the game continued.

[Drink player three's milk]

“Seriously?” Jeff panicked.

Suddenly, he was compelled to move towards Abby, who had already begun to pull open her shirt.

“I’m sorry... I... I can’t stop...” Jeff pleaded as Abby presented her naked breasts, which were now soaked around each nipple and dripping onto her lap. Jeff practically climbed over the table to reach her.

“It’ll stop if I take my turn...” Frank said as he reached towards the game.

“NO!! Please... I need this...” Abby cried. “They’re so... Ahh...”

Frank hesitated, then sat back as Jeff latched onto her right breast. Her capacity for milk seemed almost limitless as the delicious fluid pumped into his mouth. Abby reached up and squeezed her left nipple. A stream of milk squirted onto Jeff’s shirt. The wet spot made it slightly see-through. Subsequent squirts dampened his shirt even more. At first, Frank wanted to put a stop to it, but seeing Abby’s breasts get sucked on by another sexy woman made him pause. Jeff’s shirt was becoming more and more transparent with each jet of milk. Frank could feel an erection forming but was snapped out of when Beth maneuvered around the table to land a punch on his arm. “Take your turn already, you pervert...”

“Right... Sorry...” He stuttered as he tapped the screen.

The moment his finger met the game surface, Jeff pulled away with milk oozing down his chin. His, or her ... shirt and was partially soaked with Abby’s milk, making both plump breasts visible through the thin material. Abby’s production had abruptly stopped and her sensitivity was back to normal, though her dick continued to throb against her shorts. While she caught her breath, Jeff returned to his seat feeling dizzy and waterlogged from the amount of fluid she had shared.

Soon, Frank’s transformation appeared...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Abby has an Idea

[Trade your transformations with another player]

He stared silently at the words, then looked at Jeff, Abby, and Beth. For the last few turns, he had been lucky enough to stay normal. If he chose Beth, he’d have to speak from his groin. Not to mention growing a boob in the center of his chest. He wasn’t really sure how Abby’s transformation would affect him. He thought back. She had six fingers; that wasn’t so bad, but what would happen downstairs given her mixed gender situation... Last, there was Jeff. His only transformation, aside from simply not wearing pants, was to completely switch genders.

“Sorry Beth...” He apologized. “There’s no way I’m gonna put my mouth between my legs...”

Beth frowned, “I don’t blame you...”

“It’s either that or loose your dick...” Abby interjected.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well...” She said as she picked up the instructions. “Lets see...”

“... Here... When trading between genetic opposites...”

“... Transformations will be reversed.”

“I’m guessing that means that your dick will become a tiny little clit if you pick me.”

“Of course, you’ll be loosing it anyway if you pick Jeff.”

“Seems like I’m gonna be dick-less either way..." Frank considered. "I wonder who I should pick...”

“Pick Jeff.” Abby said without hesitation.

“Why me?” Jeff asked as he dabbed a tissue against his wet shirt.

“Because I want Frank to experience a female body...” She grinned...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Jeff's Lesson

“Hey hold on... I’m not even sure I’ve felt that yet...” Jeff joked.

His comment must have struck a nerve with Beth. Abby and Frank watched silently as she stood up and walked around the table to stand next to him. Once in position, she commanded him to stand up. Jeff shivered in his chair. It was strange to hear her voice so close to his head while her face was so far above. Feeling intimidated, he followed her order. He couldn’t help staring at the pussy just below her nose. He had seen it plenty of times before, but never on her face. She didn’t seem to care as her hands slipped under his shirt. She gently rubbed his sides before sliding up to meet his breasts.

Jeff hesitated, but let her continue. With some theatrics she began to announce all of his most sensitive bits by name while pinching and stroking each in turn. As he had come to learn, his new chest wasn't much more sensitive than a pair of fat rolls, though his nipples definitely tingled more than he was used to. In fact, they seemed to be getting more sensitive as she continued. He didn’t have a chance to learn their potential before she lowered her hands. Her fingers ran down his pelvis and stopped on his thighs. Goosebumps traveled down his legs as she gently raised her hands to meet the edges of his opening. She turned her right hand upward and gently inserted her middle finger between his lips. He let out a soft moan, then twinged when she pushed through his unbroken hymen. He gritted his teeth and accepted her finger. It was a very strange mix of pleasure and pain.

She began to slide a second finger in and whispered. “Don’t worry sweetheart, the pain goes away...”

She slid out her bloody fingers and began to rub his clit. This made him squeal and after a few short strokes, he fell back onto his chair.

“There ya go Jeff... Now you know...”

She snatched a tissue and began to wipe her fingers as she walked back to her seat.

The four of them were silent until Abby asked, “Well Frank? Who’s it gonna be?”

Frank thought for a moment...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

The Trade

“I sure hope I don’t regret this...” He reached down and tapped Jeff’s circle.

“If I’m gonna lose my dick, I may as well go all in...”

Moments after his hand left the screen, the changes began. While Jeff’s manhood developed, Frank’s genitals turned inside out. At the same time they traded pecks for breasts, a slender rump for a plump round ass, and grew and lost hair respectively. By the time it was over, Jeff had taken on his normal appearance, aside from the lack of pants. This time he noticed and covered himself with both hands.

“Where are my pants?” He asked in a slight panic.

“You threw them across the room!” Beth scolded.

“Here. You can have mine...” Frank said as he lowered his trousers and handed them over. “I don’t need ‘em...”

Once free of underwear, the change was validated. A tight pink pussy was nestled between smooth, hairless thighs.

While Jeff was fiddling with the zipper on Frank’s pants, he asked. “Who’s up?”

“That would be me...” Beth answered.

She reached down to tap the screen, but noticed something on the display.

[Free pass]

“Oh yea...” She said, remembering her previous turn.

“Guess you’re up Abby...”


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Abby Has Some Fun

Abby reached down and tapped.

[Have sex with the first player]

She gasped. Little did the others know, she had secretly hoped something like that might happen. It was the reason she suggested that Frank trade for Jeff’s transformation.

Frank hadn’t fully been paying attention, but had a sudden urge to make love. The mutual desire sent them both to the floor, where Abby was already busy stripping. In moments, her clit dick was swollen and ready to penetrate. Frank was more than willing with his new body and slid down in front of her. With some effort, she shoved her cock into his virgin pussy. Some blood leaked out as Abby broke through. Frank was experiencing the same pain and pleasure that Jeff had moments earlier, though his turn wasn’t going to be near as brief. Jeff couldn’t help but feel a hint of jealousy.

“Oh for fucks sake...” Beth complained as she watched them going at it a few feet from her chair. “Go ahead and roll Jeff...”

Jeff tried not to stare at the unusual act of sex as he reached down and tapped the screen.

[Gain one token]

Beth smiled, but no one would see it under her skirt. “Three more and we all go back to normal.”

“Yep. Can’t be much longer now...” Jeff replied with the same enthusiasm. “Yo Frank, you’re up...”

Frank answered with a sensual moan as Abby continued to thrust.

Through exhaustive breaths she said, “Hold on ... we’re ... not ... done ... yet...”

Jeff couldn’t help laughing at how absurd the whole thing was. His laughter didn’t deter either of them. Beth didn’t find it quite as amusing and lowered her forehead into her hand. Jeff sipped some tea from his cup and grabbed a small handful of chips to munch on while he waited for his friends to finish. While Beth waited, she felt a strange pressure in the back of her neck. She had a slight need to pee earlier in the game but didn’t take an opportunity before they started. Jeff had been looking away out of respect but occasionally snuck a peak at her face pussy.

He again glanced over, but this time noticed discomfort in her eyes. “You OK?”

“I... Um... Kind of need to use the restroom...” She hesitated.

The comment made Jeff a little uncomfortable. He guessed that she would have to use her face.

With a blush, he replied, “Um... I’m not sure the game would stop you... If you tried... It’s not as far away as the kitchen...”

She sighed. “Knowing my luck, I’ll spend the rest of the game like this anyway.”

“May as well give it a try...”


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Bathroom Break

As luck would have it, there were no invisible barriers to stop her from visiting the bathroom around the corner. It was surprising since it wasn’t much closer than the kitchen doorway. She guessed that the game was smart enough to allow necessary things. Or maybe it just wanted to give her a mirror so she could see how freakish she had become.

She entered the bathroom and turned on the light. Once again, she had nearly forgotten about the change to her chest. Seeing a lump rather than her usual cleavage prompted her to remove her shirt for a better look. Adorning the center of her chest was a third breast that perfectly matched the outer two, which were now pushed closer to her arms. It was so seamless that an outside observer might have assumed she was born that way.

She also had a clear view of the pussy just below her nose. The pressure that had been building was ready to escape, but it didn’t feel like it was going to come from the mouth between her legs. Rather, it was her neck that reacted when she loosened up. She bend over the toilet and released a stream of piss. It felt nice to empty herself but the smell of urine immediately under her nose made her crotch mouth want to gag.

The flow subsided and she wiped excess fluid from her chin and cheeks, then took care to wipe the lips off. She took one last look at herself in the mirror. Right there, plain as day, was a small pink pussy staring back at her. It defied all logic but somehow she could believe it; the game surely had something to do with her sudden acceptance of such impossible things. Abby didn’t seem to mind sprouting a dick. Jeff and Frank had no problem discarding their pants or swapping genders. So maybe sprouting a third breast and swapping her mouth with her genitals wasn’t that unusual either.

She slipped back on her shirt then left to join the others. Abby was shooting her load into Frank as Beth rounded the corner. He moaned with feminine pleasure as Abby grunted and filled his new cunt. Once spent, she fell onto the floor beside him. He stayed like that for a moment, twitching and whimpering, then carefully picked himself up to move back towards the table. Abby followed a moment later. The spell that forced them into sex had run it’s course, and they finally seemed ready to continue.

“My turn?” Frank gasped as he plopped his naked ass back into an empty chair.

“Yep...” Jeff replied.

“Is this game nothing but sex?” Frank asked. “Not that I’m complaining...”

Beth rolled her eyes from across the table while Abby and Jeff laughed.

Frank saw Beth’s reaction and said, “Cheer up you... It was your idea to keep sex enabled.”

She... Or... He was right. Beth had no response and simply shrugged it off. With a shaky hand Frank reached up and tapped the screen...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Roll Repetition

[Gender swap]

As his voice took on a more gruff tone he asked, “Didn’t it say something about going back to normal if you get the same roll twice?”

Jeff picked up the instructions and skimmed until he found the ways to return to normal. “Yup, says so right here.”

“I’m a man again... But something still feels off.” Frank puzzled.

Jeff tossed the instructions aside. “You still aren’t wearing any pants...”

Frank looked down and frowned. “Do I need to?”

Abby thought for a moment then said, “I don’t think this counts... You weren’t the one who rolled the first gender swap.”

“Makes sense...” Frank replied. “Oh well, at least I didn’t grow an extra middle finger.”

“Be careful what you say Frank,” Abby smiled. “The game might be listening.”

“If that’s the case, I’d like my mouth to be on my face please...” Beth joked as she took her turn.

[Your body is now thin and fit]

“I think this one was supposed to be for you Frank...” Beth laughed as she felt her average figure tightening up.

“Very funny Beth...” He grumbled.

She ignored his sass while her change continued. Her entire body became more toned. She reached up to feel her abdomen and could hardly believe how firm it had become. Her breasts shrank as well, leaving her nearly flat chested. There were still one-to-many, but it felt amazingly light. If it wasn’t for her pussy and mouth switching places, she would have loved her new body. With that exception, she concluded that the game wasn’t so bad after all. While she was busy flexing new muscles, Abby took her turn. After a few seconds, a new phrase appeared.

[Gain one token]

Abby cheered as her number jumped up, but was distracted by something in her crotch. The dick she had thoroughly enjoyed was shrinking beneath her shorts. At the same time, her sixth finger receded into her hand.

“Wait...” She said, “Did that count as two of the same roll?”

“Apparently” Beth said as she watched Abby’s sixth finger disappear. “Great... Now I’m the only freak here...”

“Nah, Frank’s pretty weird too...” Jeff joked as he reached down to tap the screen...

Frank rolled his eyes as the game generated his phrase...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Phallic Finger

[Receive oral sex from player two]

“Are you kidding me?” Beth yelled as she stood and lifted her skirt.

Jeff apologized as he dropped his pants. It was out of their control. In moments, they were making love in the usual position, though this time Beth’s mouth was substituting for her pussy. As the situation heated up, Jeff moved in to kiss her without really thinking about the misplaced lips. As his mouth made contact with her pussy, she let out a moan through her cock filled mouth below. They couldn’t stop, but it felt so nice that they might not have anyway.

While they were busy, Frank turned to Abby. “Do you suppose we looked like that?”

“Nah... We were way more elegant...” Abby joked.

Frank turned back towards the game board. “I suppose I’ll go ahead and take my turn while we wait...”

[Your left index finger becomes a penis]

Abby nearly fell off of her chair as she laughed at Frank’s transformation. His finger was thickening up and taking on the familiar look of his own genitals. As his joints melted away, it flopped downward. It was a perfect clone of the unit that lived between his legs, except it didn’t have a pair of balls.

Before Abby could recover from her fit of laughter, he said, “Something like this might be fun in the bedroom...”

That comment triggered another bout of laughter; this time he joined in.

While she giggled, Jeff pulled away from Beth’s pussy and yelled, “Hey... We didn’t laugh at you two when you were on the floor!”

“It’s not you...” Abby replied with tears forming. “Sorry...”

“My finger turned into a dick!” Frank explained as he twirled it in the air.

Abby couldn’t help laughing again.

“If I weren’t so turned on right now, they would have seriously killed the mood...” Jeff said as he turned back to Beth, who simply nodded in agreement.

He leaned in and planted a kiss right on her clit. He could see her eyes rolling back as he teased her with his tongue. Down below, she was busy sucking on his cock. Somehow, it had never tasted better. The two of them continued like that for nearly ten minutes while Abby and Frank joked about his finger and some of the game’s previous transformations.

Soon, Jeff reached his limit and sprayed into Beth’s mouth. She swallowed some, but decided to spit out the remainder in an empty cup that sat nearby. Jeff was very apologetic after coming down from the high, but they both knew that it was the game’s fault. Beth didn’t say much. She enjoyed it more than she wanted to admit...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Cheer Up

“Will someone please give Jeff three more tokens...” Beth begged as she fell back into her chair.

“Stop being such a downer Beth...” Abby said. “This is a lot of fun.”

“I doubt you’d be saying that if your pussy was on your face...” Beth argued.

“Sure I would... I love new experiences.” Abby replied. “Besides, none of this is permanent.”

“... Said so right in the instructions...”

Beth let out a long sigh. “Fine... I’ll try not to be such a buzz kill.”

“... I’ve got to admit... That was one hell of a kiss...”

She turned to Jeff and winked. She still had reservations about the situation, but really did enjoy his last roll.

He grinned. "Calling that a kiss is a bit of an understatement, don't you think?"

"I suppose so..." She laughed.

“That’s the spirit!” Frank said as he pointed towards her with his semi-hard dick finger. “With a positive attitude, you’re bound to get a good roll!”

Beth blushed and looked away. “Ew... Stop that..."

"Huh?" He asked. “I'm just sayin' it's your turn.”

“Oh...” She replied, realizing that he didn't notice how lewd his gesture was.

She reached down to tap the game.

[Steal one token from another player]

“You can take one of mine...” Frank shrugged.

“Alright...” Beth said as she reached down and tapped his token count. "But only cause you were pointing that dick at me!"

Really, it was the most reasonable choice. Abby and Jeff were in the lead and would likely end the game for them. After the trade, they were tied at one token. Frank was closest to victory with four, and Abby trailed behind with three...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Twice the Fun

“My turn” Abby chimed. “Wish me luck.”

She rolled and waited for her text.

[Grow one more head]

The other three watched in awe as Abby split apart. When it ended, she looked the same except that her shoulders were slightly wider and housed two identical heads. Her shirt collar was stretched to it’s limit against either side of the twin necks.

“Unbelievable...” Frank said as he stared at her.

“Wow... This is weird...” Both heads said in unison as they turned towards each other.

“Hey Lefty, can you guess what color I’m thinking of?” Right Abby asked.

“Is it blue?” Left Abby answered.

Right Abby grinned. “Yup!”

“After all that’s happened...” Jeff began. “You’d think this wouldn’t be a surprise.”

“Are you gonna be alright?” Frank asked. “I mean... Both of you?”

“I’m still one person,” Her left head began.

“But it’s definitely weird to see from two different sets of eyes...” The right finished.

“... I’m gonna go ahead and roll.” Jeff hesitated.

“Good luck.” Beth offered as his finger met the screen.

[Lose two tokens]

“Dammit...” Jeff hissed as his number dropped.

“It’s too bad it didn’t say to give them away...” Left Abby said.

“You could have given them to me and I would have been only two away from winning...” Her right side concluded.

He sighed, “It’s OK... I’m sure someone else will get lucky.”

“Maybe it’ll be me.” Frank said as he took his turn...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


[Player one conjoins with player three]

“Conjoins with...?” Frank asked.

With a quiet pop, his body disappeared, leaving an after image in the shirt that drifted to the floor.

Jeff and Beth were both startled. “Where’d he go?!”

“It’s OK...” Left Abby said.

“I’m here...”

“Frank? “Right Abby asked.

“Yea...” He replied.

“Guess I’m one of your heads now”

“Whoa! That’s super weird...” Abby said as she looked at her twin. She could still see through both eyes, and feel both halves of her body, but she no longer had control over the left side.

“Can you move?” Abby asked.

Frank lifted their left arm. “Just this side...”

They were both surprised to see that the dick finger had come with him. Abby didn’t seem too concerned and asked him to relax as best he could.

“Why?” Frank replied.

She glanced at the dick that had abruptly replaced her left index finger “For the most part, this is still my body...."

"... And I want to try something... Humor me for a sec?”

Frank raised an eyebrow, “Uh... Sure...”

Once she felt her left side relax, she tried to take control. With a little effort, their left arm accepted her commands.

“Looks like I can take over if you let me...” Abby said as she stood up and took a few short paces out into the room.

“Good to know.” Frank replied.

He wasn't surprised, it was her body after all...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Not So Random

Frank let her carry them around the table, then asked, “Do you suppose I can take over when you relax your half?”

“I don’t see why not...” She replied as she moved back towards their chair.

Once seated Frank leaned his half towards the table to retrieve the instructions. “How do you feel about this transformation Abby?”

“I like it. We’ve never been closer...” Abby laughed as she kissed the side of her twin head.

Frank blushed. Jeff and Beth had been mostly silent during their conversation. It was bizarre to see two-headed Abby being intimate with herself. The only thing they could do to help separate them was to finish the game or get a very specific roll.

“What are you looking for?” Beth asked while Frank skimmed the instructions.

“Here...” Frank replied. “Rolls are meant to be random, but may be affected by a players mood.”

“I wonder how random this one was...” Abby said.

“I mention it, because... Well... I wanted to stay close to you after... Uh...” Frank turned to face her.

He didn’t know what she was thinking, but could feel hints of arousal building up in their shared body.

“You don’t have to explain yourself sweetheart.” Abby said as she kissed him once more.

Jeff turned towards Beth and said, “There have been a few transformations that seem really coincidental...”

“You think so?” Beth asked.

“Yea... I mean... Remember when you joked about getting bigger boobs?”

“And now I have three...” She replied. “That’s just great. I keep getting shitty rolls because of my mood? I’m trying really hard to stay positive, but I wasn’t expecting to be held captive by a game that fucks with my body every time I take a turn...”

“Sorry I brought it up...” Jeff shrugged.

She grinned. “No... It’s alright... This isn’t all that bad. The sex was pretty great, albeit unexpected.”

“Besides..." Beth gestured towards Frank and Abby. "Can this really get any weirder than that?”

“Hey!” They both shot back.

She laughed. “I’m gonna go ahead and roll... Maybe I’ll end up conjoined with Jeff over here...”

Frank grinned. “You ought to be careful what you say...”


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Face Restored

Beth stretched her arms and shook them off before reaching down to take her turn.

“Please be good...” She chanted as the phrase formed.

[Face in crotch]

“Face in crotch?” Beth read. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh god!... I can’t see!”

She grabbed at her eyes, but found nothing but smooth skin. Her slit moved up until it was centered on her otherwise empty face. On her pelvis a nose formed, followed by a pair of eyes just below her waistband. Her vision and sense of smell returned. There was a familiar odor offending nose. All she could see was dim light filtering through fabric. There was something tight pressed against her forehead. She stood up and glanced down to find her skirt hanging against her legs. If it weren’t for the now familiar feeling of her crotch mouth, she might have guessed that someone had simply draped some fabric over her head.

“Beth... Are you alright?” Frank asked.

“I’m fine...” She said as she unbuttoned her skirt to let it fall.

“Face in crotch...” Abby noted. “Looks about right...”

Beth complained. “How am I supposed to stay happy if the game keeps giving me rolls like this?”

“At least you still have a body.” Frank joked.

Beth let out a deep sigh and sat back down. She was on the verge of tears again and didn’t feel like speaking anymore. Frank didn’t mean to upset her and decided to stay quiet. Jeff reached over and placed his hand on her leg. She shuddered but didn’t try to push him away.

Abby glanced towards Frank, who simply nodded. He leaned his half forward to tap the screen...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes


Beth sobbed while the other three watched for the next possibility.

[Grow one more leg]

“Uh oh...” Frank said as he felt pressure building in their shared vagina.

“Grow a leg! Not birth one! ... SHIT” Abby screamed as they both toppled onto the floor.

“Stop yelling... Help me with this” Frank commanded as he fiddled with her shorts.

She reached down and undid the button just in time for their third leg to erupt from inside their sex. Together, they groaned as it pushed both panties and shorts down. They laid there gasping for a moment. It wasn’t at all painful, but somehow knocked the wind out of them. Though, that might have been from hitting the floor when they panicked. They rolled onto their back and cooperated to get into a sitting position. They knew they would see a third leg, but neither one of them expected the penis and vagina on either side of it. The central vagina that the leg had grown from was now just skin that transitioned into the new thigh and joint.

While they had been freaking out, Jeff and Beth had both maneuvered around the table to see what was happening. Before them laid their conjoined friends with two heads and now, three legs. One of her two groins housed something unusual. It was a penis that bore a striking resemblance to Frank’s middle finger, though it was more complete with a pair of balls.

“Frank... You grew back your dick!” Beth said as she looked them over.

“No...” Abby said. “It’s on my side...”

“Why did it grow on your side?” Frank asked.

“Who knows...” She replied. “The game must know that one of us is a guy, it just couldn’t tell who...”

“Can you stand up?” Jeff asked.

“I think so...” They both said as they tried and failed to lift each other.

“Let me try...” Frank requested.

Abby relaxed. It took a few tires, but Frank gained control and was able to lift them into a crouched position. He wasn’t able to walk with three legs, but with a little help from Beth and Jeff, they made it back to their chair. Beth was happy to help her friends but didn’t like how close her face was to their mixed genitals.

Frank sighed, “I think I preferred the random sex rolls...”

“You sure this doesn’t count?” Abby asked as she gripped their manhood. “I grew a new dick after all...”

“I’d better take my turn before you two start jerking off...” Jeff joked...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Almost Expected

[All players are very aroused until someone orgasms]

“I could have guessed...” Beth muttered just before warmth overtook her body.

Abby and Frank panted and moaned while sensations from both halves were shared. Abby might have wished to plunge her cock into something, but the feeling of Franks dick finger in their pussy was more than enough to keep her satisfied. She enhanced the simultaneous experiences by stroking their penis on her half.

Meanwhile, Jeff was standing in front of Beth, who was already massaging the pussy on her face. Without a word, she began to undo his pants while he kissed the pink slit that sat at eye level. She moaned in ecstasy. This random burst of sexual activity was enough to make her completely forget any frustrations she had with the game. It felt amazing. While he licked her lips, she undid his pants and began to stroke the cock that was inches from her face. She hugged him closer and took it into her mouth.

Frank let out another feminine moan as his finger met an especially sensitive part of his inner wall. His experience as a woman was pleasurable, but it could hardly compare to the multitude of sensations he was feeling now. Abby couldn’t read his mind, but she shared every primal cry of pleasure. The pressure continued to build between them. She could feel warmth in the base of their shaft. They wanted it to go on and on, but knew that the game would end it the moment the heat in their genitals decided to escape.

Beth was loving the tongue that stroked her clit but needed more. She pushed herself away and with a few words convinced Jeff to face her. Once in the 69 position on the floor, they resumed their unusual sexual act. Beth’s neck tensed as she felt Jeff’s cock sliding in and out of her face. At the same time, he kissed her lips and licked her thighs. She was enjoying every moment. Jeff began to feel the familiar need to release his seed and warned Beth that he was about to go. She didn’t mind, she was pretty close as well. A few more thrust and a well placed tongue on her inner thigh was all she needs to reach her climax. Suddenly, her body convulsed and her pussy sprayed fluid onto Jeff’s crotch. A long moan escaped her lips as she shivered and squirmed. Jeff felt her squeeze down and continued to pump until he too reached his limit.

Abby and Frank felt something change. Whatever compelled them to masturbate had been lifted. But with two throbbing cocks and pussy seconds away from bursting, they continued. Soon, Abby’s cock ejected a stream of hot cum onto the table, barely missing the game pad. At the same time, Frank felt the electric sensation pulsing through their body and began to cum from deep within his slit. Each feeling intensified the last. Finally, Franks dick finger filled their pussy, signifying the end of the act.

“Fuuuuuck...” He breathed. “I love this game...”

“Yea...” Abby replied as she tilted her head back.

“How about you” Jeff grinned as he looked down at Beth’s crotch face.“Still not having fun?”

She couldn’t help giggling in response...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

Split and Profit

Jeff stood up and helped Beth to her feet. Her checks were bright red and she couldn’t stop smiling.

“That good, huh?”

She nodded as she sat back down. Due to her latest transformation, all she could see were Frank and Abby’s naked legs on the other side of the table. She had made up her mind to start enjoying the game, but knew it would be hard to stay involved with her face below the table. She slid her chair back and stood up to see the screen. She didn’t like having to stand, but it was effortless with her thinner body. It seemed that Abby’s more positive outlook was beginning to rub off on her, and she was curious about what would happen next.

Jeff shook himself off and sat down. “OK... Who’s up now?”

He glanced at the screen. The arrow was aimed at Abby’s left head.

“Looks like it’s you Frank.”

Frank lifted his head and let out a long breath, then tapped the screen.

[Gain two tokens]

“Hey, didn’t I roll that ear....” Frank suddenly appeared, completely naked, in the unoccupied chair. “... earlier...”

He looked down at his naked body and laughed.

“Got it twice... Guess I’m back to normal...”

Beth and Jeff had both been so focused on Frank’s sudden appearance that neither of them noticed Abby’s two heads merging. As soon as her mouths fused back into one opening, she let out a yelp.

Frank looked over. “Hey, are you going back to normal too?”

“Nah... Seems to have stopped here,” She said as she looked down at her three naked legs.

Frank grinned. “That’s too bad... I was having fun with you.”

“Are either of you gonna put back on your cloths?” Jeff asked.

“What’s the point?” Beth shrugged. “The game will just force them off eventually...”

“Maybe...” Abby said as she picked up her panties. “I can’t really wear these anyway. Not enough leg holes...”