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Easy Insertion

She leaned back to let Jeff guide his dick into her tight anus. He helped lowered her down until they made contact. It was tight and dry, making it very difficult to pierce her opening. Suddenly, she felt moisture building in her asshole. It wasn’t the sort of feeling you might get from bad take-out, rather, it was like she was self lubricating. She glanced back at the game.

[Your anus is a vagina]

“Holy shit...” She cried as Jeff suddenly slid into her new cunt.

Meanwhile, Frank and Abby had taken up the sixty nine position on the floor. Abby was on top with her four breasts dragging against Frank’s small body. She was soaking both of his cocks in her mouth while he reached down to stroke hers. His other hand was busy fingering the pussy in her other groin. He was too short to taste either of them, but was eye level with her lower pair of breasts. He kissed and licked the firm orbs that pressed against his face.

Jeff couldn’t understand why her ass was suddenly so wet and easy to penetrate. He feared the worst, but Beth stopped his attempt to pull out.

“The game...” She moaned. “Just turned ... my asshole ... into a pussy...”

Jeff let out a sigh of relief and leaned in to kiss her neck. It was more difficult then it should have been due to the excessive hair they were both dealing with. He managed to move it to one side to gain access to her skin. She moaned as he made his way along her neck. Down below, each thrust made her shiver with pleasure as his dick slid against her newly developed walls. She was grateful to the game for making the change moments before she dropped her weight onto Jeff’s waiting cock. She was sure he was happy to be able to pleasure a familiar opening. As she squirmed on his lap, he thought about her change and, in a moment of clarity, remembered the game.

“Abby!” He breathed. ‘Take your turn...”

Abby could feel heat building in her cock and didn’t want to move, but the dick that throbbed on her finger begged for attention as well. She wanted to plunge it into her pussy in place of Frank’s smaller fingers and decided to change position to take advantage of her multiplied genitals. In the process, she reached up and tapped the display. While it generated her next transformation, she dipped her dick finger into her wet pussy and wrapped her free hand around the throbbing cock in her other crotch.

Frank stayed on the floor, where he used the copious amount of Beth’s saliva and his own milk as lubricant to masturbate. With both hands, he pumped each dick. It felt amazing and he was content to let Abby play alone while he continued to work on himself.

Abby didn’t wait to see what the game had said, but felt could feel something changing...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

So Many Arms

Her legs began to tingle and shorten. The thick thighs and muscular calves narrowed. While they shrank, her toes grew longer. It wasn’t clear what was happening, so she lifted herself up to glance at the display.

[Your legs have become arms]

“Awesome...” She huffed as she fell back and continued to massage her genitals. Soon, her hip joints became extremely easy to articulate. She bent her right leg-arm inward and began to finger her pussy with her new fingers. She used her left-most leg-arm to stroke her penis, freeing her two normal arms for breast play. Her middle leg-arm was a bit more awkward, but she managed to twisted it far enough to massage her clit. She shivered and felt an orgasm building up in both sets of genitals.

Before the heat incapacitated her, she yelled, “Jeff... You’re turn...”

Jeff was moments away from release and hardly noticed Abby’s voice as Beth clenched his cock. One thrust, two... Three... He reached his limit and ejected his load into her ass pussy. Ordinarily, he’d be tired after losing his seed, but this time his erection remained rock hard.

“Jeff...” Beth huffed. “Take your turn...”

She slid off of his cock and stood up. She wasn’t finished, but wanted him to take the opportunity to play. He took his turn, but neither of them bothered to watch the screen as she turned around to sit back on his lap, this time ready for him to penetrate her other pussy.

Nearby, Frank hit his limit and sprayed cum from one, then the other cock moments later. He felt each tense up independent of the other. If the game wasn’t forcing them to continue, he might have passed out. He turned to see Abby; who was fingering, pinching, stroking, and rubbing with five hands. It was surreal, and he decided to join her. He crawled to her and began to kiss a breast that wasn’t currently occupied by one of her many hands.. Soon, she slid her dick finger into his mouth, where he happily tasted the smooth flesh. Meanwhile, Beth was so caught up in her next round of sex that she almost missed Jeff’s new command.

[Give one token to another player]

“Jeff...” She breathed... “We can end it...”

She leaned to one side to give him a clear view of the game.

“That’ll put you...” He gasped as she squirmed on his lap. “... at seven...”

“Want me to end it then?”

“Not just yet...” She replied... “I’m almost...”

She cried out in pleasure as both of her pussies reached a climax... She could have continued for hours like that, but knew that it had to end. She looked over her shoulder at Jeff, then fell forward to let him reach over her backwards body to give up his token...


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The Seventh Token

Suddenly, they were all normal, dressed, and back in their seats. Any evidence of sex had disappeared, though each of them still felt their genitals tingling. The cups that had either held tea or bodily fluids were clean and re-stacked at the edge of the table. The bowl of chips had refilled and the salsa showed no evidence of ever having been dipped into. The Frisbee shaped game pad sat innocently in the center of the table.

The first to speak was Abby, who simply asked. “Was I just asleep?”

Jeff looked around. “We just played this game... Didn’t we?”

“Yea... I mean... Weren’t we just on the floor?” Frank asked, looking towards Abby.

Beth said, “You were a midget with two dicks. Abby had three legs, four breasts, and a few other things. Jeff and I had way too much hair. He had three arms, and I was backwards from the waist down.... Please tell me I haven’t lost my mind...”

“No... I remember it too. Very clearly.” Abby replied.

Jeff and Frank both nodded in agreement. Frank quickly stood up and jogged towards the kitchen. He found that he was no longer stopped short of the doorway. Before he returned to the group, he glanced at the microwave clock.

“You’re not gonna believe this...” He said. “Unless you’re clock’s screwed up, we haven’t been here for more than a few minutes...”

“Was it all in our heads?” Jeff wondered.

“Hey, there’s something on the screen...” Abby noticed.

[Congratulations player two || Please select your prize]

Below that line was a scrollable list of every transformation Beth had rolled during the game. Abby reached over and picked up the instructions.

She remembered hearing something about this and skimmed until she found it. “A prize is awarded to the victor. The effects will only be visible to the other players in that session.”

“So... You get to transform, but only we will know about it?” She asked, looking towards Beth.

“Wow, seriously?” Frank exclaimed as he reentered the room. “So... Winning lets you keep one of the transformations outside of the game?”

“Yea... I mean... That’s sort of what this looks like to me...” Abby agreed.

Jeff turned towards Beth, “Which one would you want to keep?”

Beth scrolled through the list. Every transformation she had rolled was there. Her three breasts, thin and fit, the long hair, and even the anus pussy she finished with. At the very bottom there was an option to take no prize. She read through the list several times, then made a decision...


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Thin, fit, and ready to play another round!
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"Well," said Beth, "fun as it was, I don't know what long term effects that last one might have, or order custom bras, and I could always just grow my hair out if I really wanted, so I suppose a lifetime of good health it is!"

"Do you suppose that actually lasts forever?" Abby asked.

"Well, worst case scenario, I at least won't have to worry about getting a beach body this year!"

"Well, to everyone else, you'd still look the same..." started Jeff.

Beth glared at him, and Frank broke the silence by asking, "So how about another round then?"

After a brief pause, everyone nodded. Beth, still holding the pad, said "Right, so just 5 tokens, if we get to keep the best ones, why drag things out right? And... let's mix things up a bit more..." she added, toggling on every option there was.

As she slapped down the pad and watched the arrow start to spin, Jeff asked, "Wait, did you enable that mental one? Doesn't that seem a bit dangerous?"

"Oh what's the big deal?" responded Abby, "Everyone changed back at the end no matter what, right?"

At which point the spinner promptly stopped on her.


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Or was it a good idea?
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Abby then clicked it and as it prosesed her transformation [you will become afraid of player 3 leaving you and you can't think for your self. All of the tokens you get go to him and removal / take-on rolls are chosen by him][ If chosen as end reward it will be activated by a chosen phrase or word]

" What's that even mean Frank?" Abby asked wondering what that the transformation meant." Frank? Frank?? Frank?!" She then cried out neglecting to think to look behind her as he grabbed and turned her around. She then hugged him tight so she wouldn't lose him.

"What's happening to me! Frank don't leave me please!" She then pleaded to him

"Don't worry, I've got got you. l'll be here." He reassess her till she's calm " Just leave it to me mka honey?"


It was now Beth turn [ you now are a dairy maid compleat with an udder and size n breasts that are lactating and in the sivice of the player across from you]

"Hello sir" she said to Jeff " how may I serve you"

Now Jeff's turn he got [ for the next 12 turns all players will get aroused and each turn males will get larger dicks and females will get larger pusses( oral sex will make it so that no one can go till plain sex is maid by all players). You and any other male get token at the end of the set of turns.]

Just then they all started to get even more arosed and Frank took a turn [get a token]
He then told Abby to get on her back and lie down after pressing the screen then sliding himself in her and grabbing her and rapidly dropping and grabbing her till he looked at the screen and saw [ resolve lowered to 1% of your old resolve]

Continue the story: https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapt … 94788.html