Topic: Ysrii the Dalsur

A wonderfully written commission written by Cafter Homme.
Be warned. This is less of a transformation story and more an amputee-themed story, featuring a luckless dalsur or slave elf.

Link: https://www.deviantart.com/cafterhomme/ … -804027742

Ysrii the Dalsur
Written by Cafter Homme
A commissioned story set in Demon-Man’s World of Belial

Into the Alley

“Feet, Ysrii.”
A zipper was pulled down in the coasting limousine.
I pulled my eyes away from the passing lights, a luxury for a house-slave like myself, and slipped off my sandals, reaching across toward Master Elias’ groin to find his warm cock out. Warmer than his runestone collar kept my naked body. With my toes and pads I stroked him, slowly, dexterously, while leaning into the leather seat.
“How long did you moisturize today, dear?” He asked.
“Three hours, sir. With the elixir you bought in Waoi. My spa is scheduled for tomorrow, though.” Why? Was my skin not soft enough? Was my technique incorrect? These worries rushed through me as I remembered my lessons: A human or elven owner can dispose of their Dalsur for any reason, any at all. You are always for sale.
“Mmm. Good girl.” I heard, uttered with the closest this socialite got to a grunt. It wasn't much, but it wasn't disapproval. Yet such small unspoken compliments – for nearly all of his were unspoken – cleared that existential worry from this slave’s little head. It was so good to be good, as we say.
Besides, I knew my worth to him. A misstep may ruin another dalsur, but not one with a face like mine, a chest like mine, a cunt like mine; unaffected by our race's hermaphroditism. I was a catch, and he had paid handsomely to the state auctioneer for me.
His eyes closed and his breathing deepened, head reclining into the seat rest, before opening again to gaze at his pet, at the part of my body he always focused on as he was getting close, that which differs my lineage from the fierce elven raiders in Assiah's northeast, my smooth shoulders and utter lack of arms.
Who can say when us dalsur lost such things, it was likely in the same process which sullied our ability to manipulate the world's mana, and that which made the collar about my neck a requirement for survival in the Empyre.
But our State School lessons prioritized not the how and why, but the here and now. Serving, and serving well. And so I focused on my owner's pleasure, especially as his leisurely sighs turned into grunts and moans, getting closer to eruption. I didn't have to be told what to do after almost three years in his care.
Lithely, I slipped my subhuman frame out of my seat belt and onto the floor in front of him in the moving vehicle, replacing my feet with my mouth, licking and sucking him for just the last stretch until he was gripping my dark-skinned shoulders and spurting his seed down my throat. I swallowed with a smile, resting there with his cock occupying my mouth until he was soft and sighing, before returning to my seat with nought a word. Yes, I knew my worth to him.
I'm glad I didn't have to wear makeup like human girls, I don't know how I would've kept up, I thought to myself, the taste of him still on my tongue. My hair though? I glanced down and admired the long silvery locks, vibrant against the dark elven skin of my tits; a little unkempt for sure, but nothing like the knots from our ravenous session the previous night when he had fucked me from behind using my hair as his only handle. I lifted my foot up to my head without a second thought and tousled it until it looked close enough to how I had brushed it earlier, noting his eyes on my bare pussy while he popped an energy pill. I had to look my best at all times for him, but especially when we were going out like tonight!

We eventually pulled to a stop on another nameless block in the maze that was Ondora's central district, and after Master clipped his leash to my collar, we alighted into a pungent alley that made me grateful that he let me wear sandals so I didn't have to tiptoe between the syringes, condoms, and oil puddles like other dalsur. Feeling the wind sweep against my nude body next to Master Elias in his suit, I still tiptoed a bit, looking up at him but holding my tongue as we strode deeper into the alley.
He could sense my hesitation in the lead, “It's not the Grand Empyrial Hotel, dear. This is the Red Light district. I know I spoil you, but there's going to be some rough edges around here, and some worthless alley-whores you shouldn't get too close to, you hear me?”
“Yes… I’ve heard of this place, but what are we doing here, sir? I thought you were taking me to a club.” To show off your trophy toy, I append for my own sake.
“Oh but we are!” And with a rap of the knuckles against a nondescript door, we were greeted by a burly man in black and escorted down a flight of stairs, deep within the building's neon underbelly, before reaching a second door, one not made of graffitied steel but rich hardwood, flanked by another bouncer.
Now we dalsur, and elves in general for that matter, are much slighter than even female humans, standing at around four feet tall, five maximum, so let's just say I'm used to looking up, but this man at the door was massive, and his shaved head meant business. The black coat he wore hid only some of his defined musculature, and I caught myself admiring how his pants strained to contain what was underneath in front and behind, even while he gave Master Elias a pat-down, a slight I paid for with a harsh yank on my leash once we were allowed through. “Yusso is waiting for you,” I heard behind me as the bouncer's eyes undoubtedly returned the favor.
I quickly realized what the level of secrecy was all about once we were inside the large subterranean wine cellar, decades old, maybe centuries, which had been converted into this playset for Ondora's rich and influential, as I spotted not one or two but at least a dozen dalsur of various classes perk their long ears up at our arrival. This was a dalsur harem, not technically illegal but surely a magnet of undue attention with this many slaves in one place. The closest three flanked Master Elias and I.
“Would you care for something new, sir?” a beautiful but whip-scarred dalsur said, eyeing me up and down. She had a vicious history painted across her skin, including two runaway brands on her thighs.
“A ride in the back room, perhaps?” a flat-chested pear cooed, sidling up to my owner.
The third got close to me, close enough that I felt her sizeable cock pressing into me firmer than her breasts, “Maybe your pet and I can put on a show for you.”
That was it.
“Off him, you worthless, second-rate alley-slaves! Do you not see the leash? He's mine!” I instinctively got close to my Master, who wrapped his arm around me uncharacteristically, whispering “good girl!” just audibly enough for them to hear and disperse back to their perches about the bar, the rest of the rubberneckers about the place returning to their vices.
We continued deeper into the back, “How did you know I didn't want that audacious one to fuck you just for the show, Ysrii?”
I giggled a bit for him, “Well I didn't, sir, but I sure as hell didn't want anyone but you inside me.”
Master chuckled at that, “A good answer, but not your place. I spoil you too much, darling.”  His arm left my waist before spanking me firmly on the ass. Within moments I was following him loyally once again in my proper step behind, seemingly miles away from his touch.

An older pale elf stood up from a raucous back table, “Mr. Morrisset! What brings you to my little taste of Eden?”
The two shook hands. “Well I had to see the magic for myself, I had heard so much.” Elias was offered a seat while I stood dutifully behind him, his hands twirling the leash. Funny, I thought, he wasn't one to fidget.
“Oh so it has nothing to do with the considerable sum you lost at the fight last week, of which I've seen not a lick of my winnings.” Yusso sipped his drink, and flexed his lithe but sinewy arms. It's not often that one saw an elf in Ondora or indeed the Empyre at large, and the ones you did see were often travellers or adventurers, not quite outcasts but certainly peculiar. Not Yusso: he looked steadfast and in control, this was his establishment after all. Our eyes met and I lowered my gaze immediately as a dalsur should.
“Well see here, that's why I came directly to Karma's den, so to speak: to settle the score.” He accepted a drink from the waitress, a slim dalsur girl, barely out of state school, with a serving plate strapped to her abdomen and cantilevered by chains from her pierced nipples. “You and I both know that match was fixed. Koppers went down on the first shot Llewyn landed, after dominating the entire first round with all four of his fists getting their fair share!”
The whole table just laughed, and I felt a tinge of unease and second-hand embarrassment for Master Elias, even though I knew nothing about alt-fighting, the brutal sport between the more animalesque transformees. Yusso composed himself, “That was a straight match, and now you come to my table after you knew the risks and tell me you don't owe a single kriss?”
The leash was twirling frantically now, “Well how do you know it wasn't fixed?”
“Because I'm the one who fixes the fights, you fool! And if that one had been staged then I would be the one to know.”
At this the table resumed their ridicule and Master rose to the edge of his seat, pounding at the edge, “Then I refuse on immoral grounds!” But it was no use. Master was from a long line of inheritors, politicians, bureaucrats, the highest echelons of Ondora's golden circle. He could fight but only above board, with his hands clean. Indeed he could probably make a call and get this harem shut down tomorrow, but at this moment, with that tank-built man by the door and Yusso flexing his knuckles in ever-draining patience, what did he have but his chequebook?
“What about another wager?” Master Elias’ fingers ceased their worrying of the leather leash, and he leaned back to take a long sip. Yusso's angular eyebrow and long elven ear both raised in curiosity. Master had his attention. “My dalsur Ysrii against one of yours, perhaps the older one with the scars, she seemed pretty eager to please, must not see much attention with a history like that. But she's dickless and pleasant-enough to the eye, she's probably your… second most valuable slave, no? We'll make a spectacle of it, first to cum loses.”
What?? I wasn't trained for this! There was no way I could… could… I was his champion, his fighter, I… I… I had to make Master proud.
Yusso was smiling now, but no one was laughing anymore. “You've obviously heard of this place to suggest a match like that, to think I would take such a wager. But what of my risk? Your absolute peach, and she is one of a kind in her perfection, I give you that…” Yusso was eyeing me up and down now, feasting his eyes, “Your peach against my Alyal? That seems acceptable, but what do you put on the table to make this worth my while? I'd want the bitch of course.”
My mouth dropped, and I silently pleaded for Master to— “Absolutely not! You know what a Class A dalsur is worth these days!” My chin raised a bit and my toes pressed into my sandals. Of course Master wouldn't risk my— “...but her worth can be adjusted.”
“Sir!” I yelped, causing Master Elias to turn to me, annoyed by my interruption.
“You have nothing to worry about, Ysrii. You're going to win, aren't you? You're not going to disappoint your owner, are you?” That shut me up, but it didn't quell my heart. How could he… what did he mean ‘adjust my value?’ He turned back toward Yusso, who was still regarding Master with an air of interest. “I do apologise.”
“Please, we all have our troublemakers,” he said just as the scarred beauty Alyal sauntered past me into the back of the lounge, around the table, and let her bare ass settle into Yusso's lap, all the while batting her eyelashes at us. We elven kind have keen ears, it was obvious she had heard everything, “Speak of the demon. But yes, Elias, it seems you have done your research, haven't you? An offer almost too good to refuse, I say… I accept!”


The back of the club transformed as if by magic, but complex machinery was more likely, beyond my knowledge, with lounging areas widening and an open central space being created, upon which thin mats were rolled out and Alyal and I were led: her willingly, confidently, and I roughly by Yusso holding my leash while I silently begged my legs to just run out of this place. But Alyal's runaway brands were not to be scoffed at, two red rings on her ass, and the idea was a non-starter. I was a dalsur, and dalsur serve. From sea to everstorming sea, dalsur serve.
Two of Yusso's men brought out Sybian mounts, intimidating devices I had only seen pictures of, but the boss just clicked his tongue and they were put away again. “No, no, this isn’t any other night! We need something to show who indeed is the better slave, bring the belts!”
Alyal and I were quickly wrapped in tight leather waist belts, simple but studded with D-rings, by henchmen who let their hands wander quite liberally, causing me to grow quiet and shy and tense between my legs. The belt didn't actually restrain me like Master's toys did in the bedroom though, so what was the purpose of this? Throughout it all, Alyal just smiled seductively at me, giving incredulous looks to Yusso, as if the two of them could speak without uttering a sound. She was much older than I and it seemed they had a history. What was I missing here? I looked to Master Elias but he was too busy ordering another drink, his hand on the young serving girl's ass.
“Come on, princess, what are you waiting for?” Alyal called from the padded ground before I was forcibly brought to my knees and then laid down in a sixty nine position with her, the sandals that separated me from the lower dalsur classes summarily taken off and thrown aside, my collar clipped to her waistbelt and hers to mine. With the smell of her sex defining my every breath, and entirely unable to pull my face away from her pussy, I finally realized what was happening, just before the room went quiet and Yusso yelled, “BEGIN!!”

Her tongue, oh Freya! The very tip of it swirled in ways I had never even imagined, teasing my clit over and over, sucking just a bit! I closed my eyes and sighed… before I remembered I couldn't cum yet! I couldn't let myself cum first!
“Come on, Ysrii!” Master called out, before I heard whirring behind me and then felt a vibe on my pussy for just a moment; Yusso's men roaming like referees with teasing wands as we squirmed on the ground for the crowd to see, no arms to unclip ourselves. I felt debased, exposed, and out of my element in every way.
Master had reserved me early on in my schooling – us Class A slaves up for pre-order as we were – so in his custom curriculum I had been trained primarily in giving male pleasure, but with my wits quickly leaving me I searched for any shred of the few female service classes I did actually take. It was no use: Alyal had the skin of a human in her early thirties, but that could mean fifty or more in elven years, and every one of those sun cycles since eighteen could have been spent licking pussy, unlike me who knew nothing about pleasuring the battered and pierced crotch in front of me. Disgusting, I wanted nothing to do with this harem-whore’s well-used snatch, but her tongue, oh dear, I was going to cum! The crowd was now in a furor as they undoubtedly saw my feet flexing in pleasure just moments into the match.
I could hear Yusso’s voice through the crowd, “An innocent peach, it seems, Mr. Morrisset, you haven't sent a needy girl into the ring have you? Look at her in the throes!”
Master's nervous silence was telling. While I did love his cock inside me, his size and lack of rhythm rarely sent me over the edge. For that I had my right heel, a blunt instrument surely, but it got the job done, pressed into my mons while I moved my hips just ever so— don't think about that! I had asked once for a vibrator but he took it as such a slight that I never bade mention of it again. Yusso was right; I was needy. I hadn't climaxed in a week at least.
Then one of the men pressed a loudly buzzing vibe into Alyal's cunt right in front of my eyes, causing the lovely attack on my pussy to cease for but a moment as she tensed her thighs around the vibe and my head. As soon as the vibe was away I saw how she glistened, like I must be… it couldn't be that hard, I thought as I tried to ignore the taste, diving my tongue in, my lips, trying my best to replicate her technique.
But the elder dalsur was not caught off guard in the slightest, calling out a muffled, “Finally!” before holding nothing back, speeding up and twirling and sucking and spelling letters I didn’t even understand between my lower lips. And even as I licked and swirled and began to feel Alyal moisten some more, feel her give in the slightest bit, I lost my nerve and succumbed to her sweet incantations upon my sex, bucking and squirming on the padded ground as I came…


And when the fog cleared I was being picked up by the men and carried limply to a table, before hearing Yusso yell out, “Jak, lock the doors!” and only then I remembered what I had lost by letting myself go.
“Master?! What's happening?” I cried out, feeling the cold glass table against my back as the men held me down, groping my tits as they pleased.
The crowd of dilettantes gathered around, “I can't believe she didn't even fight!”
They pressed in closer, “I bet she wants what's about to happen, the little slut…”
“Sir!” I called again, but he was arguing with Yusso behind the crowd, behind the mass of greedy hands, I could barely see them.
“This is a damn shame, what a beauty!”
“And ripe out of school, too…”
I suddenly saw Alyal using her useless shoulders to nudge through the bustle and hum, bending down to my face, before kissing me, deeply, passionately, with a sudden bite at my lip. I could taste my pussy on her tongue. “You really should have tried, young one. My owner takes great pleasure in tarnishing pure silver like yourself, I thought my body was warning enough to you and your human.”
“W-what?” I stammered.
“And not too sharp either. Maybe if you had treated this matron dalsur and her sisters with some respect earlier I would have let a naive and useless girl like yourself win and walk free. I do love a good punishment, after all.” Alyal looked backwards. Bent over as she was, someone in the crowd had started playing with her bare pussy. “Oh, now THAT'S how you fuck a girl.”
Oh shit, I thought, Alyal was the eldest, the matron of this harem. “But I didn't mean to—”
“Shut up, every word that escapes your spoiled little mouth aggravates me further. You're going to wish you hadn't insulted us, princess.”
Suddenly Yusso was standing over me too, and what Alyal whispered in his ear gave him the wildest grin. “My tools!” he called, and within moments it was on the table next to me, an alchemist's cabinet, inscribed with countless runes in the ancient wood, out of place in the modern nightclub if not for Yusso himself.
The fear finally broke me and I bawled, “Master Elias!” while scanning the crowd for his face, and then I found him, in the crowd, resigned, eyes refusing to meet mine. “Please, sir!”
Yusso interjected with a harsh slap to the tit, “Enough of that,” making me pull and yank at the hands holding me down by my ankles and leash, but they were far too strong for a little dalsur like me. He continued with the air of a sports announcer, a judge, an auctioneer...
“Well this is an unexpected treat, everyone! An A-class dalsur who's so full of herself she thinks she shouldn’t even grace our floor with her bare feet! Didn't you learn in school you're not worthy of clothes, little one? Your kind fell from grace centuries ago and lost any right to cover up such a lovely body, with anything…” he said, staring at my armlessness, “And who has told her otherwise but her fool of an owner, who threw this lovely piece of ass on the chopping block when he couldn't pay his dues...”
Chopping block? What was this?
“Now, I know our weekly sessions with Alyal have become a little repetitive, and some of you men and women much prefer it when she isn't enjoying it quite so damn much; well here is your aperitif! Elias Morrisset over here, yes of that Morrisset family, well he owes me a sizeable sum. Actually quite an embarrassing amount, wouldn't you say, Elias? Might I recommend a break from the bookies for a while? Anyways… in his poor appraisal it's not quite enough to just sell his peach here, so instead of her collar, he put her classification itself on the line. A beauty like this we could've used here, but oh well, a bet is a bet. He wants to keep her so we will be making her low… low… LOW!!!”
The crowd erupted and I couldn't help but look at Master through my teary eyes, at his humiliation, before even worrying for my own neck. How was he going to get us out of this one? But he wasn't looking at me, he wasn't even fighting or arguing, he was just resigned to his fate, to my fate…
Yusso started rummaging through his toolchest, setting down implements and vials out of my sight, all the while performing for the small crowd of well-to-do sadists, “Now my dear Alyal tells me the slut committed four crimes upon entry to our humble little establishment, and for each she will be damaged.”
“Damaged?!” I cried out.
Yusso snapped, “I said enough!” and within moments a ring gag was being forced into my mouth by the other hands, making my jaw ache and my cries animalesque. “Much better… now your first slight was insulting Jayne, thinking her cock unworthy of your cunt, and what defines an A-class dalsur above all others?”
Two henchmen held my tear-streaked head still as Yusso let three drops of some arcane, bitter substance fall into my gaping mouth. I tried to avoid it, but it was no use! For a second all was quiet, but I felt a growing tightness between my legs, a warmth, a tingling, as something changed. The men let go and I looked down only to find my pubis changing, closing, growing, and before my eyes a penis sprouted from me, and I felt my petals stitch closed.
“–OOOOOOOOOO!” I cried out, and Master pushed to the front.
“Okay, you've had your fun, without a cunt she's a C at best, we're leaving.” But Yusso just ignored him.
“The second crime was insulting Kyla, the juiciest ass I own, though we do need to do something about her tits… why not take these ones?”
Using medical gloves, he took a paste and smeared it on my chest, and at first it felt fine, but as he worked, as he massaged, as he groped my chest, there was less to handle, less to enjoy, and before long I was as flat-chested as my school days.
“–LEEEEAAASE!! –LEASE STAH–!” but my cries went unanswered. Actually I received more cruel curiosity and laughter than help, and one of Yusso's men had a rubber plug to shove in my mouth, muffling my cries. Only my eyes were left to look for Master Elias, but he still refused to meet my pleading gaze.
“Your third crime was insulting my favorite, my lovely Alyal, my companion from my younger days, my beautiful, fucked-up pet. Now, almost all of you know what this is,” Yusso explained, holding a golden scalpel up, “a rare item indeed, hard to come by without a medical license. Alyal, shall we demonstrate for the newcomers?”
After extricating herself from the hands of the gentleman from earlier, she appeared standing next to her Master, almost bouncing, giddy, as the pale elf brought the knife to her chest, slicing along one of the few unmarred patches of her skin, but almost as soon as Alyal was gasping and blood was dripping from his incision, the wound was healed, spotless, scarless. The blade must have been imbued with surgeon's elixir, but seeing her scarred skin heal flawlessly made no sense, until Yusso retrieved a second scalpel, this one holding less of a shine, its golden surface fading into tarnished, dirty brass.
“And this is the knife, diluted, faulty, that I use on my pet just once a year, on her birthday, marking her forever more.” The elf moved so gracefully and fast that I hardly noticed the pain traverse across my bare chest, my muffled yelp escaping just as I looked down to find the cut healing, stitching, zippering back together imperfectly, leaving a bright red scar from my left collarbone downward in a diagonal slash on my previously perfect nightshade skin.
I was ruined!
My tears were pouring forth as Yusso slashed again and again, each cut hurting less than the actual realization that I was being damaged, made useless to my master, ugly, disgusting. With a precise cut he sliced the tip of my left ear off, so when I looked over I was faced with a piece of myself discarded there on the glass, it's raw edge sealing closed in bright scar tissue as my long ear must have been too. Bawling now, I tried to kick and pull but it was no use.
“Oh look at her new cock dancing around as she struggles.” Kyla teased from the crowd.
I was red with shame before he cut my face, a pinching pain that left my right eye cloudy upon opening again. Would that heal? Was I blinded now too? I scanned the crowd for Elias who was grimacing but still silent, and then heard a low voice from somewhere behind, familiar, the man from the door?
“Hey boss… isn't that enough?”
Yusso paused mid-strike and turned away from me, the crowd went quiet, and with a second to spare I realized my foggy left eye wasn't getting any better, making my other one get blurrier with tears. Why me? Why me? The hands around my ankles were too strong, I couldn't get away!
“Return to your post by the door, Jak, and don't ever interrupt my work again or you'll be out of a job.” He turned back, hungry eyes on me. “Now, where were we? Ah yes… the fourth sin. Well I already mentioned it really: the sandals… the girl thinks she is better than not just our lovely pets, but all other dalsur… well as you all can obviously see, she isn't, and she never has been! Dalsur are lovely creatures but we can't let them forget their place. So the peach doesn't want to step foot in the Red Light, in here, the Cellar? Fine! Then she won't step foot anywhere!”
I watched through the one teary eye Yusso had left me with as he retrieved his scalpel, and I searched for salvation in the face of Master Elias. “Please, please stop this, stop him, I love you, I'm yours, please!” I didn't even try to scream past the rubber in my mouth, I put every ounce of my pleading into my eyes.
And Master finally, finally looked at me, and all I found in his eyes was disgust.
“Fuck you, Yusso! What am I supposed to do with THIS?! It's face?! Really? You have to leave me something to sell…”
Sell?! No… no…. NOOO!
Yusso simply examined him and held the scalpel to my neck, while I froze in terror, looking at his face as the facade fell, playfulness and showmanship gone, his contempt revealed. “I really don't. Her crimes are numerous but yours are tenfold. Fucking disrespectful is what you are. You wager her life against your wealth, and then say her body's integrity is on the table to appease my desires, as if I don't know exactly what you're doing. I protect my girls, not put them up for slaughter. And when anyone calls my precious dalsur worthless – you forget these Edeni ears are sharp, and I have more in the shadows – well, unlike you, I respect them enough not to permit such transgressions. So no, Mr. Morriset, I don't have to leave you anything.”
The blade left my neck, and stabbed deep into my thigh, hitting a nerve so painful I finally, mercifully blacked out...


Alone in my room overlooking the city, I'm lounging by the window, high, my favorite spot. Where I can see the twinkling electric lights in the evenglow. There is a strange feeling coursing over me, one I can't describe, I haven't felt it in so long. Why won't Master Elias come home from his meeting? It's been hours. The bedroom door cracks, and my feet tiptapping along the marble floors echoes down the hall, a feeling creeping in up my soles. I'll check the front door, it's open, that's so strange, where are all of Master's staff? Gwendolyne would never leave her kneeling post without our Master here. And yet her mat next to the door is empty. I lift my foot and pull the door open just a bit more so I can slip my shoulder through the crack and into the night air.
The air.
It shouldn't be this cold.
My collar's runestone should be keeping me—

My eyes snapped open and I shook in terror, the memory of my maiming jumping to the forefront of my consciousness. I was cold. I was in danger! But it was dark and quiet now… it was over… And then I felt what had woken me, a draft, a simple breeze, along my bare neck. I hadn't been uncollared since my youngest years, so this felt deeply wrong to me. Where was Master Elias? I expected that I had been brought home to recuperate, but looking up out of my one good eye, all I saw was an old, vaulted ceiling in the dark-- the Cellar! I was still in Yusso's club!
Quietly I pulled my knees up to launch my feet forward and use the momentum to get upright, or I thought I did, but nothing happened. Just… nothing. My abs flexed but… no… I looked down. My new chest was almost flat, featuring pathetic little mounds that did nothing to hide my view of the phallus now a part of me, flowing out of where my mons used to be,but honestly that paled in comparison to the missing thighs to frame my new cock.
Where were my legs?!
Oh I screamed and cried then, trying to kick and shuffle my now useless torso, trying to convince myself that this was all a horrible dream. “Master Elias! I want to go home!”
A high-pitched voice whispered angrily from the dark. “Shut up! We're trying to sleep.”
I struggled, wriggled, trying to get up. This couldn't be me now. This couldn't be happening. I was perfect. I was Master's perfect pet. I—
I felt the edge of the couch roll under me as I tumbled to the ground, face-down onto my newly-vulnerable genitals, feeling a deep pang of uneasiness in my gut as these strange testicles suffered the brunt of my fall. “Owwwww! Ugh what is… this?”
And there, on the ground, curling in pain, I realized it was true. Yusso had taken everything from me and then my legs too. Without them I had no way to get out of this place, oh Freya, I couldnt even lift myself from the hard, cold floor back up to the couch! I had no way to move myself more effective than squirming like a worm. I couldn't even turn over onto my back. I was… broken.
I asked for any of the other dalsur to help me back up, but it was no use. I spent my first night sleeping in fits, face-down on the floor.


I was awoken by the weight of a foot stepping on my back, robbing me of air, then toes hooking under my shoulder to roll me over, only to see Alyal silhouetted against the bright incandescent light, before she rested that foot square between where my perky boobs used to be.
“Sleep on the floor, you're likely to end up a doormat. We'll fix you up a better sleeping situation tonight. Luckily Master has a small staff separate from the barkeeps just for us, and a toymaker on call who's been working all day on something to make you more… manageable.”
Walking around the communal bedroom, assisting the other dalsur (the little they couldn't do themselves) were the men from last night, the ones who had held me down and groped me as they pleased. Or at least I thought it had been last night. We were a floor or two underground so there was no natural light to gain a sense of time from. But that was the least of my concerns.
“Alyal, why am I– AGH!” She had leant in, half her weight on my chest now. I tried to kick and remembered once again where my body ended.
“That's Miss Alyal, dear, remember that. Don't think you being here was our choice, I wanted you in the alley outside, but Master Yusso said we hadn't had a good freakshow in quite a while.” Other girls were stopping to look down at me now.
“But–” my voice caught as Alyal leaned further, reminding me she was the matron sister, Mistress in everything but name, “Miss, where's my Master? Where is Elias?”
The girls laughed and looked at each other, “...she doesn't even know...” but Alyal stopped them, “I think she does. I think she knows exactly how fast that pitiful man ran out the door when he saw how little was left of her.”
This prompted fresh tears and sobs. I couldn't contain it. “I want to go hooome!” I mewed, but I was stopped by Miss Alyal moving her foot to crush my testes almost as severely as my fall had.
“I really don't want to listen to that, keep it to yourself.” Another dalsur, Jayne with her morning wood sticking out proudly above me, covered my mouth firmly with the pad of her foot, masking my sobs. “Against my recommendations, this is your home now, but you are not one of us, do you hear me?” She leaned down, making my stomach tie up in pain as my balls compressed. “You are less, you are low, you are discarded trash we did not want. To kill you would be a generous fucking mercy so don't ask for that either. You are no longer a prized dalsur, you're just a thing, paying for her room and board. Let's make sure you remember that… Aian? Put the elf-boy in front of the mirror and grab the scissors… no, not those…”
She stepped off and I was picked up by one of the helpers, so easily, so completely helplessly. I had no control over my safety as I left the cold ground. If his grip wasn't quite right and I happened to fall to the floor, there would be nothing to break my fall, it would be like last night, slamming down on these overly-vulnerable bits that had replaced my pussy. Oh Freya, I was distraught! Inconsolable! Or I thought I was… until I saw my reflection.
Of course Elias had left me. Who could want… this?! My legs had indeed been removed, leaving a scar-covered, uneven ass behind to match the empty shoulders I had been born with. I tried to kick my legs, tell myself this was a lie, but my fleshy hips only twitched, shifting the healthy cock I had never wanted, Yusso's gift in exchange for my loss.
My gaze drifted upwards as the others looked for the scissors, coming across numerous raw, pink scars on my dusky skin, the big one across my deflated chest. Alyal had called me elf-boy, and truly, what was left of my femininity? My soft face, my long hair, my hourglass curves? How long would those last living like this?  My gaze continued up to the cut running vertically over my eye. I closed just the good one and saw only a wash of light, there wasn't a hint of definition left in my foggy pupil, as if I was looking at the sun through my eyelids. Useless, just like me.
My left ear was also damaged, losing it's perfect pointy tip, and only moments later the servant Aian began to cut away my long silver hair too, and he had obviously never cut hair before, as it came out in patches. I tried to tell him to stop, but no one listened; they didn't want to. Alyal only smiled, trying to be the butcher Yusso was in the way she could.
“A reminder you're no princess anymore, Ysrii.”
As if I needed another reminder. Just looking at my reflection was all I needed to remember how horrid I looked, how thoroughly justified Elias had been to leave me here after I failed him. I just stared at the ground, having no tears left.
“Okay, that's enough. Let's get the new one a bite before the doors open.”
I was quickly placed on the ground again, face-down, and a dog bowl of the least appetizing slelf-food I’d ever seen was put in front of my face, cold and runny. Slelf, the additive that reacted inside us and converted solid waste to water was a bitter substance, and I could tell just by the smell of it that little had been done to mask it. There was no cutlery to entwine in my toes, no straw. I was expected to stick my face in the gruel like the pet I was now. Thinking about how my patchy short hair now wasn't even long enough to get into my food, I prepared myself for this further indignity...
That's when I realized the room had gone quiet. Half the dalsur were looking at me, waiting for my first bite, the other half were shaking bottles of flavorful sauces into theirs, hissing at the others to stop staring. It was enough that I didn't want anything to do with the stuff, I even tried to rock my body backwards away from the bowl but that didn't get me anywhere.
Alyal piped up, “Eat your food, dear. We usually only get two meals, before opening and after close, and I don't want the patrons to hear your stomach rumbling.”
“But Aly– Miss Alyal… what's in this?”
“Does the princess have something to say about our generosity?” She accused with the spoon between her toes, and I shook my head. “Good. It's everything a girl like you needs to do a job like ours, now eat!”
Left with not even the option of pushing away the bowl, I reluctantly dove my face in, making a mess as I ate from the mush, trying to ignore the whispers.
“Freya's name… it's so pathetic.”
“Just look at her eat it up so fast, should I–”
“No, shut up! It's fine, see? Yummm!”
Trying to ignore them, I felt my face flush in shame, and then gradually I realized it wasn't shame, my body was getting hotter, my blood was pumping, and the cock under hips was getting harder, growing more uncomfortable by the second with my body laying on it. I stopped eating and shuffled my hips, flexing and rocking over my shaft, foreign-feeling but good, getting more and more desperate.
I felt toes under my shoulder roll me over again, Alyal standing over me yet again. “Ah ah ah! Don't be so disgusting, save it for the patrons!”
Stuck on my back like a turtle, I watched helplessly as the prick that was attached to me grew before my very eyes, and suddenly I truly missed my feet, my heel pressed into my clit, rubbing, grinding under me. Oh dear, the rush! It made complete sense why the other girls took their time with their meal, even as it surely got cold.
Still I squirmed, begging for release, entirely unused to this laced aphrodisiac coursing through my tiny body. I never did find out how my toes had felt on Elias’ cock, but I wanted to now, I needed it! “Miss, please touch me, please! Or just flip me back over, I can--”
But she just scoffed and wandered away, “Heath! I told you, just two drops! Don't you see how tiny she is?”
Someone out of sight mentioned a slip of the hand, the last of the bottle, but I knew they were loving this, how pathetic I must have looked with cold slelf oats on my face and my virgin penis rock hard, miles out of my reach. I knew the other dalsur and handlers alike were enjoying my fall even as I hated my new life.


When the cellar doors opened for members I was on full display, affixed precariously to a support beam in the entranceway, with naught but a simple pipe between my legs to rest all my weight on and a leather belt keeping my abdomen cinched to the wooden pillar. I was momentarily relieved to not feel an intense pain, sitting directly on my pussy as I was, until I remembered why the pain came gradually pressed into my taint instead of all at once crushing my labia and clit. Looking down, the penis I now lived alongside (for that's how I saw it for many weeks, better to have nothing than this thing, I thought) was still rock hard and projecting off my useless body for seven or eight inches; laughably, horribly large on a tiny elven body like mine, fine peach fuzz growing quickly to accompany it.
I had no thighs left at all to grip the bar with, so I didn’t shuffle at all for fear of slipping off, keeping absolutely still until the doors unlocked, and who was I faced with but Jak, the muscled bouncer now mountainous compared to what was left of my petite torso. His ironclad expression just crumbled.
“Fuck!” he rushed over, undoing the ring gag jammed in my mouth, trying to avoid grazing my leaking spear. “I… can't believe it… I can't believe he took so much… he's never gone this far before…”
We locked eyes for a moment like when I had walked in this hellhole, but it was not mutual attraction anymore, but desperation and sorrow from I, and guilt and pity from him. I knew from his voice he had been the man trying to temper Yusso the night before, but here I was, and there he was, still working for the man who had done this to me.
He opened his mouth but had nothing to say to console me. I could tell he wanted to say something comforting, but the mountain could see his own failure tallied on my skin. What did I expect him to do, whisk me out of this hell? Yusso would surely not let us go so simply, no, how could I expect him to risk anything for a worthless dalsur like me?
“JAK! What are you doing messing with the new one? It’s her big debut tonight.” Yusso's ringing voice sounded from behind me down the entranceway and I shut my eyes tight instantly, my maimer so near.
“Just making sure she wasn't gonna fall off, boss.” His massive hands trembled, trying to reseat my ring gag as I moaned at him in protest, my hips flexing instinctually trying to defy them both. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing happened.
Yusso curtly told him to leave it out and get back to his post, and I was left with a whispered, “It's going to be okay,” before Jak did what he was told.
A moment later Yusso voice penetrated my ear; close, too close, on my blinded side. “I see you enjoyed your first taste of life here.” It was plenty obvious what he was referring to as his hand began stroking me, teasing my cock, and even as desperately turned on as I was, I began to cry again. He was the last person I wanted touching me, touching ‘it.’
“I didn't, I don’t. Why... didn't you just throw me away? I learned my lesson, sir, just let me go home.”
His hand left my shaft and grabbed me fiercely by the jaw to look into his crystal blue eyes. “You don't have a home, little one. You never have. Neither did I until I bought this hole in the ground and made it into one of the finest clubs in the Red Light. You must understand by now, that man was not your lover nor your friend. You were nothing but currency to him.” I tried to shake my face loose but his grip was too strong, and my perch too fragile. I didn't want to hear this. Elias had never cut off my limbs. “But this is home to all the dalsur you slept alongside last night, and this can be your home too… there's a beauty in broken lost little things, you know. If you see that beauty like Alyal and the others do, you may stay. If not, well, patrons always get bored, and so do I. How long do you think an ugly, half-blind, limbless dalsur would fare on the street?”
The door cracked, and Yusso instantly became the showman he had been while slicing me up, welcoming the first batch of couples, bachelors, and ladies in for the night. Every single one let their hands stroke my cock as they passed, not one looking me in the eye nor even trying to get me off. It seemed almost ritualistic, and with every break in the procession I regained a little sanity, for the additives in my slelf seemed not to be wearing off anytime soon.
Dazed and needy, I found myself unmounted from the post and carried like luggage toward the loungers, groped and fondled, slapped and stimulated, used for my mouth by men and women alike, though the women left generally unsatisfied and Alyal promised training to raise my tongue to the Cellar’s standards. The other dalsur laughed along for a while, until they became bored of me stealing all the attention, and Kyla gently suggested to the patron holding me that my ass was now a perfectly defenseless expanse, ripe for spanking. She knew they would love that, she knew I would hate it, and their stinging palms left my ass red for much of the night, feeling raw when I was scooted across another patron’s lap.
With a patron holding me like a body-pillow, one hand half-choking me, the other probing my gaping mouth to see how much of my gag reflex was still intact, I watched Kyla lead a man into the back-rooms, not the ones we slept in but another set of doors. I wondered why no one had fucked me, really used me. It's the last thing I would have wanted if not for the tainted food, but here we were and I wanted it dearly. It took a few days for me to see why, when one of the patrons was getting a bit too touchy with Jayne.
The cellar had a very fine line of decency. We were the entertainment, myself more alike to furniture, but it was still a social club where the primary activity was not to watch your acquaintances get their rocks off. That was supposed to happen in the back-rooms, for a price. This woman, a bit younger than most, had her deft hands stroking Jayne's ever-erect shaft a bit too effectively, in that dexterous way a dalsur with empty shoulders could only dream of. Jayne tried to warn the woman with panting squeals but it was only a few moments later when thick ropes of cum were staining the seats, Jayne was a twitching mess, and the woman was being led to Yusso to pay for the cleaning expenses and what he called a ‘completion fee.’ A similar event happened a few weeks later with a man toying with Eykka, the young serving girl Elias had been admiring on the night of my ruination. She warned him between gasps that she was a squirter, that she had orders to fill, but the man could not contain his desire to see her cum and wet herself while standing in front of the whole crowd, trying her best to keep the martinis on her cantilevered tray from tipping, spilling, even as her cunt was played with endlessly.
The clientele paid handsomely for the right to perform such acts, but Yusso was never pleased, and by extension Alyal. We were often berated by her for our lack of self control, and the others surely practiced, edging for an hour before opening to keep a handle on their bodies, not that I could do such things, my days of touching myself well and over. No, besides the fact that patrons preferred an unsatisfied, needy, submissive toy to play with, Yusso wanted us ready for the main event.
Almost every night there was an event, a show for the guests. My reduction – or my torture and amputation, I really shouldn’t mince words – was one such event, and it was not the last time I would be the central feature. Indeed for my whole first week in the cellar I was at least a background character in the scenes laid out, either squared against one of my new sisters or off on my own under the dominance of one of our handlers.
I ended that first night satisfied, in a way, but I was quickly learning that unlike with Elias, pleasure was not a success in this prison but a failure, just like when I had lost to Alyal. My challenge was to survive ten measly minutes with Eykka sucking me off, seemingly the only one even close to me in the hierarchy, and still the eighteen-year-old dalsur firmly dominated my desires with oral skills fresh out of state school. A brand new cock, ready to burst all night long, I had no chance and lasted less than half that time.
And for my punishment, Yusso had Eykka hold my ejaculate in her mouth and spit it right back on my face, to the cheers of the crowd. She honestly seemed sorry about it but that didn't make it any less embarrassing, any less disgusting. Once the mess had dried, Yusso presented me with a leather harness, finely made but rough and unfinished on the inside, reminiscent of the belt that held my face to Alyal's cunt, tightly binding my torso and framing my lacklustre chest. It was functional above all else, featuring D-rings along my spine, shoulders, and hips, and a handle between my shoulder blades so I could be lugged around like a thing, an object. My ass became only redder after that, with Aian and the other handlers dragging me about by the handle rather than holding me by my waist or ass, and from that night on, I didn't even have a couch to sleep on, as a chain was installed in the corner of the back room to hang me from, the biting leather and cool basement air my only bedpartner.
Well… I shouldn't say that. A few sleepless nights later I heard a shuffling behind me, facing the featureless corner as I was, and felt a knee against my side, turning me crudely, only to look up in the dark and see a cock in my face, and Jayne's tired eyes looking down at me.
“Well don't just look at it!” she hushed with a hard knee in my gut, “What are you even good for anymore? Suck me off.”
Of course it became a routine when the others heard the commotion of my gagging on her cock, and from that night on, any dalsur who hadn't been satisfied by a patron (and some who simply wanted seconds) used my mouth as a nightcap before dozing off, walking up, pressing their hips into my face until I swung against the old brick wall, cold against my back. Oh great demons, it was awful; because by that time my aphrodisiac, my pleasurable distraction, had all but run its course, my cock twitching softly hours later. So not even that part of me wanted this treatment by my new sisters, late into the night.
I say night but there were no clocks, no sunshine to base time off, and I can't say I ever got more than a few paltry hours of sleep used and left hanging like that.


A couple months in, I hate to say, I had become accustomed to my new life, to being entirely helpless and treated like dirt. I missed the pedicures and luxurious beds of the old manor in the hills of course, but any time I tried to use my phantom toes, or saw myself in the mirror, or thought about Elias, I remembered that this was all I was good for now anyways, this was all I deserved.
I was drowning in shame, but Alyal said clientele desired a toy with a bit more fire, spite, struggle, and so the torture increased every night in hopes I would reach my wit's end, lash out. I was hung upside down, flogged, whipped, waxed, choked, spanked, slapped, anything you can imagine, and plenty of things you can't. I was fucked every which way, my mouth and ass taking up the mantle my pussy once had, the latter of which hurt like no other, spread wide to hold whichever phallic implement a patron wished. I could do nothing to protect my last hole as it was used and abused, slowly stretched, even as the aphrodisiac made me want even more back there so that maybe, someday, it would feel like my lost pussy.
One day, when we were preparing for the cellar doors opening, I asked Aian if I could wear a collar. My body harness held my body tightly everywhere in a complex leather web, everywhere except my neck, and as a dalsur bred to serve, collared from birth, it still felt abhorrent to not have something firmly encircling my neck. Well, I got what I asked for. He talked with Yusso and Alyal and I indeed received a collar, a dog's collar with an electroshock unit placed right over my larynx. Every welp or sob or plead that night resulted in a harsh shock to my neck, and within a few days they didn't just own a limbless punching bag but a silent one too.
Seeing Jak at the start of my evening had become the light of my night. He would leave his post, sneak down the hall, push the unkempt hair out of my eyes and touch me with care. Sometimes he would ask which of the patrons treated me the roughest the night before and sometimes they got the message from him during their next pat-down. He would always ask me how my sleep was, how I was feeling, if anything hurt (more than usual, that is). I know he felt guilty, partially responsible, but I didn’t blame him, he was my only ray of sunshine in this place, and he was vulnerable with me. As limited contact as we had, he treated me like a person, and I was starting to think I'd never been treated like that, even by Elias.
But this night I first wore the collar, from my hanging chain by the entryway, my harness biting into my sides and bottom in a way I was sadly used to by now. I could only look down at my ridiculous cock reacting, throbbing to the meal I'd just ate, and wait for him to open the doors. His eyes locked with mine like they did every night, a quiet smile lighting up behind his beard, before I thoughtlessly called out, "Jak!" and instantly bit down in pain. Oh he practically ran to me with his thunderous steps, held my cheeks in a way he hadn't touched me before, then gently pulled my chin up until my head touched the tether, so he could take a closer look at the collar.
"That's fucking enough." I heard him say under his breath before heading past me in search of Yusso, and even though I wanted to tell him to come back, that it wasn't worth it, I knew it wouldn't get far past my lips without more pain.
My head was buried between a patron's legs when I next heard that gentle giant's bassy voice in the club. "...enough of your fucking shit, Yusso. Look at her! Look at what you've made her into!" Yusso was too underspoken to hear though, and the patron's hand entangled in my hair, pushing my tongue harder into her pussy, well it was no match for what little purchase my hips and shoulders had below, twisting and bucking to see this man fight for a worthless slave like me. I tried to ask her to let me up but the damn collar shocked me again, and the next thing I heard was, "I'm not leaving here without Ysrii."
But he did. Eykki said she saw him floor two guys before being shown out at gunpoint, and when I saw the doors open the next day there was an unfamiliar face standing guard.
I was distraught, alone, with the one man I had seen as my protector-to-be thrown out and disposed of in whichever way Yusso pleased.
Yusso himself took an interest in me after Jak left, sitting me on his lap as he played cards, tweaking or clamping my nipples to make me squirm, tying belts or my new collar around my neck one loop too tight to make the night more 'exciting' for both of us. He used me like a doll, showed me off to new guests. One of these guests brought an open-mouthed hood after his first visit and would often put it on me, sealing off all light and muffling sound. With my shock collar this left my senses almost totally useless, every sense save for touch, and with my harness and collar tight about me I felt trapped in my own skin, as I was. Like this I often spent my nights between people legs or under their feet, my ass fucked and filled until it leaked with cum, a mess I would invariably have to clean with my tongue. I was once even held on the bed in the back room by a crying man I could not see, hear, or talk to. I was used for anything and everything.
But never was my cock used, by any of the patrons. I would receive pleasure and pain from this unnatural member, especially as they stroked me on their way into the cellar, but never did my female patrons ever take me to the back and fuck themselves on me like they wanted. No, on top of everything else, the worst torture was my endless need, stymied by the tainted mash, of pleasuring others endlessly but never being truly fucked, like I had wanted Jak to do that first night. Oh Jak…


Re: Ysrii the Dalsur


Even spending most of my time each night between people's legs, and as the resident tongue in the back-room, the general consensus held that my cunnilingual skills with women and female-presenting dalsur were far below par, especially compared to my flair for sucking cock, and I was exciting patrons more with my complete helplessness and perpetual state of arousal than my actual technique.
Of course I knew this, it's that precise inexperience which had gotten me into this mess, but it still hurt to hear every other night.
"Freya's sake! This slut has a lead tongue!"
"Come on, you used to have one of these, didn't that teach you anything?"
"It's useless, she's fucking crying down there."
The taste was disgusting, but I was trying, I really was! It all came to a head one morning (or whenever our morning really was down here), when I was just starting to lick up my bitter breakfast, ready for my cock to grow under me and distract me for the rest of the day. By now I knew not to try to get off or I'd get turned over, and there was no way for me to finish my meal like that, but it was so tempting, I swear I moved my hips but an inch and Alyal's toes were turning me over so I could grimace at the cold concrete on my back and look up at the scarred matron dalsur.
Alyal had grown less cruel with me over the weeks, even discarding the dog collar, but no less strict. Unlike the other dalsur with two good feet, deft enough to clean themselves, eat, apply makeup; I was dead weight having to be cared for all the time, meaning my servitude every night had to make up for the cost of keeping me. Anything more than the absolute minimum to keep me appeasing to the clientele was usually left undone. Hair was growing around my cock and balls in a curly white bush now, and I could see tufts where my armpits should've been, and yet I could do nothing to make myself more presentable. It had taken a complaint for Aian to even add brushing my teeth to our morning routine, which he did quickly and roughly, like most things.
One of these 'extra' tasks was harem training. Alyal had always said she wanted to make me the sluttiest little toy in the whole place, but usually she would see me pitifully waiting for whatever trial was in store next, and usually lose interest. My lack of enthusiasm in my new lot in life was hardly a turn on. This had become enough of a problem that today was different, though.
She kicked away my dogbowl and squatted down over my face so I could see the pussy which had sealed my fate in this new life. "Do you even know what this is anymore? I'm hearing whispers you don't know it up or down."
I stammered out, "I'm trying, Miss Alyal." but the matron Dalsur got down on her knees above me and lowered her hips saying, "That's not nearly enough, princess. You're going to get me off or you're out, you're done. We'll leave you where the street urchins can find and use what's left of you.”
So fearfully I licked, on my back helpless as her hips smothered me, pinned my head in place, I licked and sucked and tried my best. And eventually she began my training, telling me what was good, what I should stop immediately, what needed work. It was never ‘nice’ but it did help, and I did begin to hear her pant in between instructions, but I just couldn't get her over the edge and our little training session became a chore after a short while. After twenty or thirty minutes she stood up, visibly frustrated, put her foot on me, likely about to seal my fate, before thinking twice and announcing to the rest of the room, "Who here can actually finish me off?" and stomping off to Kyla's bed. I had survived another failure but I knew I was on last legs…or maybe that wasn't the best wording.
After that day we began our routine, her flipping me over just before I could lap up my breakfast and squatting her pussy onto my face to give me a taste of something else. There I would languish under her, wishing only to eat and get on with the night, but I would listen and do what I was told, as I had for my whole life. It took me another two days to finally get her off, and I can't even say that was totally chalked up to my tongue.
She had started off backwards that morning, and it's as if she knew I was closing my eyes when she barked, "Open it, look at my ass, this is your proper place, on the ground under it, under me, and don't forget it. I want to actually cum this time and you better keep your eyes open and trained on my fucking nethers or else."
I thought twice about it (how would she know?) but realized with a glance that I was being watched by a couple of the others sitting on their nice beds, edging with heels pressed into their pussies, who would definitely tattle on me without a doubt. So I gave in, training my eyes on her rear hole so close, perfectly clean just like mine due to eating simple slelf-food all our lives, but still the dirtiest place on a body. It was degrading, but what wasn't these days?
It was a few minutes later, licking and twirling away to Miss Alyal's panting instructions when she muttered, "...and what do we have here?" before I felt her bend down and swirl her tongue across the head of my growing cock, the one I hadn’t noticed getting harder by the minute. I didn’t dare stop, Alyal had made sure I understood that was an unforgivable offence, but this was wrong, so wrong! I wasn’t turned on, I couldn’t be, not like this! Not without eating a single bite of our tainted food. But just like a man, I was an open book, and Alyal could tell I finally enjoyed this. But I couldn’t be enjoying this, not this kind of treatment? And yet with another little suck on my swollen cock I knew I must enjoy something about being completely trapped under my mistress’s body, as I ceased questioning how good that felt.
“Now we can get this party started.” she said, pressing her hips harder into my face, making my struggle for air even more difficult, thinking I would like fighting for my life as I lapped up her juices. She loved this, I could tell, and as if to encourage me she kept sucking me off every so often, an amazing sensation I had never felt before, but she never blew me long enough to get me off. That was my job. But try as I might, I think the very idea of me being even the slightest bit as depraved and masochistic as my matron sister had sent her to another level, because I found I was not struggling anymore, she was suddenly receptive to every tiny flick of my tongue, and the instructions became more breathy and panting until they ceased altogether, and as her thighs tensed around my cheeks I heard her cry out like she had with any one of her playmates in the back-room dozens of times before!
A short while later, after a sigh, she finally shifted her weight onto her knees and gave me a break.
I was left panting myself, exhausted from my performance, only to look down between her legs at my cock on the other side. Why? Why get turned on now? I hadn't even had breakfast yet. But Alyal was shifting again, getting onto her feet.
"You're not hopeless, elf-boy!” she said, dragging her toes across the length of my betrayer, a simple tease before flipping me back to eat my food and walking off.
By two weeks later I knew every fold of her pussy, and could send her to heaven within minutes, though I rarely did. Making her cum was simple work now, so my lessons instead focused on controlling that pleasure, doling it out in waves to provoke only the most powerful and ravaging of orgasms. The patrons eventually learned that times had changed when it came to the resident freakshow, so between my lessons, my time in the lounge, and then being used by my sister's until late into the night, my mouth became the busiest hole in the cellar.
One night, Alyal came back for seconds as I hung there in my harness, it's leather biting into my ass with much of my weight pressing down there where my cunt used to be. Oh how I missed my pussy, but perhaps not with these straps cutting into my taint like they were. Anyways, she ended up last in line, and that in and of itself was strange, as she was matron, she could have just butt in whenever she damn well pleased. Looking up I saw her hungry eyes, and looking down she saw my cock sticking straight out between her legs. We both knew the aphrodisiac had worn off by now, and that made her almost drip in desire, to know this degenerate dalsur's hard-on was real. Like all the rest, she pushed her hips into my face until my back was pressed against the cold wall, but I hardly noticed that anymore. I wiggled my hips as I settled into my routine that I knew would bring her satisfaction fast so she could sleep sooner.
But without a word she simply let her calves run against my cock, lightly, teasing me. A muffled, "ank ou, Mithreth." came from my mouth as I slowed, and as I did, as I let her savor my tongue swirling about her clit, I felt her lift a leg and then her foot press my spear harder into her calf. I swear she was rubbing me off so good I could almost feel the scars on her skin, each stripe from that accursed blade.
I moaned and she pressed harder, my head painfully digging into the chain behind it but I didn't care. As I licked she stroked me like a stork on one foot, and I became closer and closer, trying my best to hold on. It was almost like a rematch, finally now that it was fair between her and I, a rematch of Elias' and Yusso's original challenge.
Demons, I had really known nothing then, I could see that now. How could Elias have done this to me? To his prized toy? I was only the best for him, irreplaceable, and now all I could do was this… lick, lick, swirl, suck, lick. Alyal came with a tiny squirt in my face, and her desperate stroking at the last moments of ecstasy blew my load too, making me flex and squirm at the end of my chain in pure pleasure as my very-blue balls finally released, spurting all over her foot and the floor.
I realized then that in our informal rematch, I had won. We had finished each other but I had held on until after her. I had given my all and won in the dark of this cellar, a toy hanging from this chain, damaged beyond repair and fixing nothing, but I had won.
Even though I half-expected her to wake up a handler to unchain me and make me lick up my cum off her and the cold concrete floor like my few wet dreams she only looked down, nodded, and went to bed, wiping her foot on a cloth by the wash-basin.
I was left there in the cool air, still in purgatory.


It took over a year, a year in that hole underground for Yusso to finally get rid of me like he had long threatened to. It wasn't like I could keep track of the days, but Alyal had been given one birthday night just after my arrival, and then another, and that second depraved affair was hard to forget. On such a night all of us were free to use, it was a complete and utter orgy, all as long as Alyal, bound and gagged as she was, could ride the sybian. I remember being spit-roasted between two men filling my ass and mouth, the one in front making me choke and the one behind fucking me deep enough to almost make me cum, a revelation of my male physiology I had only just discovered.
Treated like that, I remember little of that night, as we were all given triple-doses of our additive, but I do remember seeing Alyal, a ring-gagged wreck on that vibrating mount, holding on for dear life as Yusso taunted her, fucked her mouth, flogged her, cut at her skin; making her squeal out in glee every time. I didn't understand my Mistress, couldn't fathom that level of depravity, of pure masochism, but now that I was her main plaything, her loyal pet, I enjoyed seeing her happy, and there was nothing that made her cum harder than Yusso retrieving the tainted blade and giving her a good long cut across the thigh, her watching it stitch itself back up imperfectly, a pink line added to the gallery of pain tallied across her skin, and then letting herself go to the vibration of the mount between her legs.
That night he carried her into the back-room himself, and having been deposited on my chain in the corner, all the other girls drunk, fucked, and unconscious, I heard him put her in bed and sing a lullaby for her, something old and elven, something only meant for her. Even with my still-erect cock rubbing harshly against the brick as I spun slowly, I dared not shift nor twist on my chain, nothing to break the moment, but he did say something in the Common Language, something I could understand.
“Happy 140th my sweet. It has been a good life with you and I beg the Demons to let our little charade continue. That was a hell of a party, no? I saw four men touching you in the middle there, pushing you down harder.”
Alyal was weak and tired, I couldn't make her response out across the chamber.
“No no we didn't have such deviant machines in Empyres back then, I don’t even think it had been invented yet. Alyal, what is it?”
I wished to hear more but she whispered lower than him.
“I mean it is your birthday, of course I would...”
“What do you mean? It was but two months ago you said she was your new favorite.”
“Fine, she’ll be gone in a few days, damn shame our little project was a failure, but it's not like we paid for her, so nothing lost I guess. I do wonder how she’ll fare on the streets though...”

I can’t say I slept that night, terrified as I was of my future. But I wasn’t just terrified, I felt betrayed, for over the last several months Alyal and I had become close, at first seemingly just a mentor and mentee, before one night after the patrons were gone and the doors closed, she told Aian to deposit me in her bed instead of on my chain. That night I didn't feel used, I slept like a baby, tiny next to her warm body, our shoulders touching as we kissed. Neither of us missed arms to hold each other close, for we’d never had any, but I was elated to feel her calf pressing into the small of my back, bringing me closer, pressing my firm cock into her hips, as our tongues entwined and she bit my lip.
We didn't spend many nights together, maybe once a week or so, whenever the prickly dalsur was feeling a bit softer. But now that my cock responded so readily to her teasing, she gave herself the treat of fucking me properly, filling her pussy every so often, and I think our training sessions were far from necessary at this point.
I had noticed her growing distant the past month, but it was difficult to ask her why. I was effectively her bed-warmer, her toy, not her partner, and between the complete lack of privacy in the back-room and our busy schedule in the lounge, there was little time. But for her to just throw me away? Again, after Elias? That was cold.
Yusso informed me two days later, having me lain out on the glass table I was cut apart on, when he invited a dalsur appraiser from the state of Ondora to visit before the cellar doors opened for the night. Of course I knew not to speak directly to such a man, it was one of the many rules we had learned in state school, and doing so had rarely turned out well for any dalsur who tried, but Yusso had fitted on my shock collar just in case.
"She's quite damaged, isn't she? I can't even tell she used to be top-grade. And so young too, born in 2479?" the gaunt man leered, assessing every part of me with his hands. He brought with him memories of worry and uncertainty before my purchase by the Morrisset estate.
"Aye, well we found her like that," he lied, ignoring my glare, "I'm just wondering if there are any parties in Ondora interested in such a thing."
"Well that's good," the appraiser eyed him, "because to make such modifications without a proper permit would be highly illegal, and a permit would never be granted for such… harsh treatment." His eyes glanced at my ear, my eye, my hips. His cold hands lifted my cock to see if any of my pussy was left, and within moments I was growing hard again, this tantalizing appendage forever out of my reach, while I blushed silently at him.
"Don't worry, dear. The last dalsur I certified had thirteen or fourteen in total after bathing in a Freyanese Fountain a few years back, and hers never soften, even the one that replaced her tongue." I shivered in fear on that cold glass table, I couldn't imagine. The appraiser turned back to Yusso, "This one is quick to respond. Haska root in her slelf-food like the others?"
"You know me." Yusso joked, hands up.
"I do," The man confirmed stoically, “and I also know its too commonplace to even report, but that stuff is illegal for a reason. The protein builds up in their bodies, permanently, especially a small one like this.”
“Oh no, I had no idea!” Yusso laughed, and the appraiser barely hid his distaste.
I looked at both of them, aghast at how Yusso had taken even my handle over my own desires. This wasn’t me? I had begun to think I wanted this, deep down, as had many of the others, as had Alyal! This meant I wasn’t actually the slut they had wanted me to become, or was I? Was the damage done?
"Well I've seen enough to say no one in their right mind would invest in such a girl. Perhaps if her face were unmarred, or her breasts a little more engaging, or if she were fully female, because I have plenty of requests for limbless dalsur, but not one as damaged as this, nor one who has been passed around as much as she undoubtedly has." And to my horror he began to pack his things. He was calling me worthless, officially worthless!
Yusso was not disappointed, indeed he was grinning the same way he had on my darkest night. "Well that's good to know, regardless, I don't even have her ownership papers, so I won’t go to the trouble of procuring fake ones.”
I couldn’t believe this evil elf was so blatantly flaunting his lawlessness in front of an officer of the state, but here we were. Yusso must have held more strings than I thought. “Hey, can I borrow your stray brander?"
I yelped, biting down and squirming from the pain in my throat, and the trader stopped, glancing at me then Yusso. "You wish to disown her? That's highly unusual. I… I haven't strayed a dalsur in years. I must say, under the state trading laws she is much too disfigured to just abandon." He could see what was happening, he could see through Yusso's lies, he knew what this monster had done, he had to help me!
"Well, as her legal guardian already abandoned her without sale, and I have at no point agreed to legal responsibility, I'd say we are in a grey area."
Aian walked up with a brown paper bundle of something and placed it in the appraiser's half-packed bag, to which he only glanced. "It seems we are…"
I remember screaming, twisting, the sting of the collar, I remember being flipped over, but all that pales in comparison to Yusso pressing that electric brand into my left ass cheek, giving me the seal of a free and unowned dalsur, a slave with no table to return to, no bed or chain to call home, no real collar. That wicked elf enjoyed his last chance to mar my skin, before the element had cooled, the appraiser had left, and my tiny body was unceremoniously thrown in a duffel bag.

Out of the Alley

I awoke as one of Yusso's men opened the trunk of whatever car I was in, lifted me up, carried me for a bit, and then dropped me painfully on something hard. Concrete but not quite, maybe some cardboard. I heard one of them say, "Good riddance." before the doors shut and they sped off. I tried to call after them, "Please don't leave me here!" but my collar shocked me again, and I bit my tongue in the process.
Unable to call out, I laid there for a while in the dark of the bag, feeling the wet cardboard soak through against my back, beginning to smell not just the dank stillwater but the piss of the city streets. I clearly remembered the night I had strode down that alleyway with Elias pulling me along, and wondered… if I hadn't worn those sandals, if I had just gotten my soles a little dirty in those puddles, I might not be bathing in them now. Maybe, just maybe I would still be in my Master's bed up in the heights.
But I knew that was bullshit. Elias had been just as bad as Yusso, I just hadn't seen it. I hadn't failed him, or myself, the bastard had thrown me into the meat grinder without a care, like a thing, like property. He probably had another dalsur by now in his bed, another 18-year-old Class A dalsur, coating her skin in fine oils and elixirs with not a care in the world. I just hoped he had learned his lesson and she wouldn't suffer the same fate as I had.
But I wasn't property anymore. The stinging red welt on my ass said so, I was worthless, useless, no one wanted me, so here I was, my own owner. It felt so wrong. When I was in school they had told me, “Dalsur are treasured pets. Just be a good girl and you'll be cared for as long as you live.” And maybe if my chest had been flatter, or I had been a hermaphrodite, or my face hadn't been so attractive, I would've been a simple toy for a simple family. But instead I had been sold to a man who had nothing to do but piss, fuck, and gamble.
It wasn't me! I burst into tears. It wasn't my fault, I had been good, entrapped in this life I had been dealt a bad hand. The worst hand. But I had been good. And still I had been abandoned twice, three times. I was free and unowned, the nightmare of any dalsur, never mind a limbless one, unable to care for herself or make her own way through the world.
After all this, I just cried and cried, trapped inside.
But at some point the sun crept up past the edge of the high-rises, exposing the alley, and shining on my black bag. And it began to heat up. Getting parched, I had to think, I was lying in some alleyway in downtown Ondora, limbless, bound in a leather sex-harness inside an overheating duffel without toes to pull a zipper, without a voice to call out to the nearest street. I heard cars, the incessant honking of the inner city, but not much more. I didn't want to be found like this. It was too suggestive, anyone could take me again, use me and then who knows? I shuddered at the thought.
I looked at the rays of light coming through the coarse nylon, illuminating the zipper from the inside. Maybe. I tried with my teeth, my nose, anything. I was beginning to suffocate, to overheat, I needed air, pulling the tabless side of the pulley down slowly, my hips flexing reflexively as I imagined how easy this would’ve been with my feet.
Finally I saw light, I nuzzled my nose harder, pushing the zipper down tooth by tooth, exposing most of my dusky face, my matted, shaggy, silver hair to the sun. The sun! Arced deep into the afternoon cutting right down the alley. I hadn't felt it's warmth for more than a year, and my eyes hurt from the light, blinded, but what didn't hurt these days? In my one good eye, I saw the raw backsides of two buildings, a dumpster, a rain barrel, trash, condoms, and a pile of flattened cardboard I was currently dumped on; it must have been someone's filthy, piss-soaked bed… mine for now.
And then I heard footsteps I hadn't noticed while struggling, while the bag rustled against my pointy ears. Multiple pairs of footsteps getting closer. I tried to hide, pulling my face back inside the sweltering bag, but in doing so they noticed the bag moving.
"Hey man, what’s that?" A young man's voice slurred as the clinking of a bottle echoed down the alley.
“Fuck if I know, someone’s mutt probably had a litter, it’s not our problem. Ojask’s is right down here and happy hour is almost over.” This one was older, gruffer.
I held my breath, stilled my body, but it was no use, only a second later my bag was pulled open simply and easily by two dirty hands, and I looked up in fright at a shocked face covered in paint and drywall dust, these guys were construction workers or something, and from his breath in my face they were half-buzzed already.
“Whoa, is that… is that a dalsur? It’s so tiny.” The younger asked, before a bigger, bearded guy peeked over, both of their eyes wide, hungry.
“Great demonic shit, I think so. What are you doing back here?” the other asked, but I couldn't answer due to the plastic shockbox strapped to my throat.
“Hmmm, you know I heard these elf-girls will fuck anytime, like do anything you say, they dont even wear clothes.” I began to grow more uncomfortable as the sun passed over the sliver of alley, casting it in shade again.
“Yeah the client for this job is from Waoi, they get off on that slave shit, they say he has one for each home across Assiah.”
“Lucky bastard.”
“But look, this one’s all fucked up, it doesn’t even have legs, it can't do much of anything. And look at its eye! No wonder it was thrown out, dark elf trash.”
I couldn't take this, I tried to wriggle, to turn over, to get away. Nothing happened. The zipper continued open and the young one lifted me up high off the ground, holding onto the leather harness I still wore, Yusso’s parting gift.I called out, only to feel a severe bite at my neck again from the electrical contacts. This was my worst nightmare.
“Oh fuck, dude, no pussy.” the older one said, eyes on my crotch in disgust.
“Yeah you're right, not worth taking home, I’m not into that free-love, Freyan shit.” The younger one said, and for a moment there I thought it might turn out okay.
I looked at the two dirty men through tears now, pleading silently, mouthing, “Please just put me back…”
“But I mean, we can make do, all that's left of it is a couple holes anyways. Let's say we have a good time…  then put it out of its misery.” the younger one stated simply, and my heart sank, bottomed out, eyes bawling in silent protestations, which just looked like useless squirming. Of course he easily held me just by the handle between my shoulders, walked me over like a piece of luggage and plopped my body face-down on the plastic lid of the rain barrel, cold on my flat chest as they bickered.
“You dont wanna--”
“I’m not an idiot, I saw her teeth, I’m using the back, then you can have a go.”
“Now boy, I’m not into sloppy seconds, I’ve got seniority!”
“Fuck that! I found it.”
“We wouldn’t even be crossing this alley if I wasn’t your key into this pub--- Hey who the fuck are you? It’s our’s!”
I looked behind on my blurry side and saw a big man, a shadow, coming closer, oh fuck! This was it, I was going to die by either their hands, or this monster, probably a terrifying transformee whose bed I had been plopped on. I heard two hard hits and a lot of grunts and yelling behind me, while I squirmed and moved inconsequentially, trying… well I don’t know what I was trying, it was a flight reflex, but after a couple attempts at moving I felt the weak plastic lid buckle under me and I was submerged in ice cold water.
I tried not to gasp, and as I felt my nethers fall past the waterline, trying to reach out with my missing legs to pull myself out, I realized this was it, I was totally submerged and not coming back up for air, I was going to die here. I felt the half-lung of breath in me slowly toxify as my blood became useless, depleted. And just as I exhaled, ready for the cruel water to enter my lungs, I felt a hand on my harness pull me up roughly, only to see the face of… JAK!
“Ysrii! Are you okay?” he asked, holding my cold, wet, naked body close to his burly chest in a warm, life-giving embrace.
I couldn’t believe it was really him! “Jak, I… I… I thought you were dead! I thought Yusso ‘dealt with’ you!” 
“Oh he tried, but he hired me for a reason, I managed those two easily.” I thought about this, how unhappy Yusso had been as he held me in his lap the next night following Jak’s disposal, and I looked over his shoulder at the two men on the ground who had moments ago been trying to use me-- no, to rape me, I was a free dalsur now, I never wanted to be ‘used’ again. They were still alive but bloodied and unconscious. He had done just enough, and we started to walk away, out of the alley.
I pressed my cheek into Jak’s shoulder and looked up at him, tears of joy cascading as my silver hair dripped into his shirt, “How did you even find me?”
He looked pensive then said curtly, “Alyal…” and it all made sense. She hadn’t abandoned me. “I received a note saying she had convinced him to get rid of you, that you weren’t meant for her kind of life, and a list of her guesses where Aian and the others would dump you. We’re right behind another dalsur club in the Red Light, easy enough to pawn it off as their responsibility, their mistake if you were found by the police. I’m just…” Jak’s voice broke a bit, and I remembered how soft he was inside of that imposing shell, before I craned my neck over to kiss him on the cheek.
“You found me just in time, her plan worked. I’m okay.”
He stopped next to a car,his car, people walking by, staring at the muscled man holding a tiny limbless dalsur in his arms, dripping, naked; but he didn’t care, he looked right at me, right in my eyes. “Are you okay, though?”
I thought about what had just happened, how close I had just come to my end, the abuse I had faced over the past year and a half, even longer without even knowing it, but I also felt Jak’s caring hold around me, met his worried gaze, and said,
“I will be.”


I laid on the changing table Jak had picked up the week before, face down on the padded top, feeling a sting on my ass.
"Sorry sorry." His meaty hands were slipping on the bandage over my stray brand. It had been nearly a month living with Jak, and the burn wasn't hurting anymore to sit on, so I had asked him to take it off to get some air. He finally ripped it off and I gasped.
"Show me, please. I want to see it." Jak looked at me quizzically before picking me up and heading to his bathroom. I just settled my cheek on his shoulder. I still wasn't over just how good it felt to be held by him, it was nothing like the bite of leather when someone had grabbed my handle.
"You need a shave," I said, looking at his jawline.
"So do you," he eyed me playfully, his hand tickling at the tuft under where an arm should have been. He had one of those manly faces that didn't really smile but just became mirthful and lighter.
"You know I used to shave myself." I let him think about the mechanics of that for a second. "If you put a razor in my mouth maybe I could shave you too."
Now he really chuckled, "Oh I don't think that would turn out too well."
Setting me down on the cold countertop facing away from the mirror, he carefully leaned me over so I could peek over my shoulder at my uneven buttocks, and there it was, an ugly red circle on my dusky skin, with an X in the center. It wasn't unlike Alyal's two runaway R's stamped into her thigh, but this was different. This was my proof of freedom.
We had tried to get in touch with Alyal, Jak sending a message to his contact still working in the Cellar, but we didn't hear anything back and were told not to try again or else risk Yusso's ire. I sometimes wondered what Yusso would do if he knew, but Jak was sure we were safe. He had made enough of an impression on his way out, and besides, he had an honest job now as a hospital orderly.
"Does it still hurt?"
"Not really, a little sensitive, but it will fade, just like the rest."
He leaned into the counter and almost caught my junk against the edge, stopping as I winced. "I told you, we need to get you some underwear, some real clothes."
Looking down at my soft cock twitching down there, I shook my head, "Jak, dalsur don't wear clothes, that's human nonsense, even that awful harness was more than I could take." I peeked back at the mirror again, looking at the pattern of rashes that were finally fading from a year of wearing that rough leather, following the lines to my neck, at the shaggy silver hair growing longer once again, and down to my shoulder, which I shrugged up and down, "You're right, I do need to shave. It never came in this thick before."
I was set on the toilet as Jak got the hint and drew a bath, pulling out one of his razors, "You're not a slave anymore, Ysrii, you can wear what you like."
This made me look down at my empty hips, the bush that hugged my penis. "Maybe you're right, but it wouldn't feel natural."
Jak picked me up and put me in the warm water, only a few inches deep in case I fell over, and pulled off his shirt so it wouldn't get wet, as if I could splash him or something. He was so silly sometimes. He began to wash me down with a washcloth and I sighed, contented, while watching this muscled man lather me up and pay every bit of his attention to me. Soon I began to grow hard, my cock awakening and standing proud off my hips in the tepid water, as it still did at the slightest provocation. The appraiser had been right, the effects were permanent, I wasn't as sex-crazed as when eating the slelf and haska mix every morning, but I found myself always close, always ready, and morning wood was a certainty, which Jak hadn't grown used to yet.
And sure enough, Jak avoided touching or looking at it, shaving my armpits and washing the stubble away. He went to shave below but grew apprehensive. He hadn't touched me sexually since my rescue from that alleyway, from those men. Washing the urine and sweat off me that first night, when I had still been shaken and distraught, he had been a little shocked when I grew erect just from his touch, and I had been so embarrassed I just froze up. But for him to still be as apprehensive weeks later, after we had grown to know each other, after he had crafted a place in his home for me, after I had stained his shirt with tears for nights on end… I realized that for the first time in my life I had to take the lead.
"Jak, why do you think I'm here in your bath?" I said softly, and he puzzled, paused.
"What do you mean?"
"You just said I'm not a slave anymore. I could be anywhere. You saved my life but you don't owe anything to me, you're not my owner."
He thought for a second then took a cup of bathwater and poured it over my head as he had so many times before. He was avoiding my gaze, my good eye and bad too, as he got the shampoo. "You can't take care of yourself, Yusso took everything from you..."
"Listen, I wouldn't call this body he left me with a young girl's dream, and I can only imagine how expensive and risky it would be to reverse what his potions did. You saw what I was when I walked in that first night, beautiful but just… naive. But this is me now, and you've been my arms and legs for weeks. I could ask you to take me down to the shelter or drive me to a stray commune in the countryside to live with other dalsur, and I know you would do it, cause you're a good man."
He finally met my gaze, "I don't want that."
And I replied, "I know. It's not duty or ownership when I fall asleep against your chest and feel you kiss my forehead."
He stopped, "I thought you were asleep…"
"I was. And I slept soundly and fully for the first time in a year, I felt safe with you, and not safe like property locked away in a lavish room up in the hills, safe like I felt for that one moment every night seeing someone who cared for me in that hole. I love you, Jak." I held my breath.
"I love you too." He said without a hitch in his breath.
Limbless as I was, I couldn't hook my heel around his neck and pull his lips toward mine as I dearly wanted to, so I just said, bursting with newfound confidence, "Then touch me like you do!"
And before I could take a breath, his lips were on mine, kissing this damaged elf and making her feel whole again. He wrapped one arm around my shoulders and another under my rear and cradled me, not even drying me off before picking me up and walking to the bed, falling in with me, making me giggle. His lips caressed my neck, my shoulders, and his hands explored all of me in affectionate ways I had never felt before as whoever's fucktoy… except for my flagpole far below twitching in need. I knew he was straight, I knew he probably didn't expect to make love with a girl like me; but after a year of being used every way imaginable and being the tool for others' needs, I was finally ready to say what I needed when he just… knew.
He flipped me and pulled my whip-scarred back against his broad chest and his hand cradled my cock firmly, stroking me up and down, favoring the underside and every now and then grazing the tip. I closed my eyes and moaned, remembering that I didn't have to hold on anymore, to submit wasn't a failure. I gazed down at the straining, tenting against his pants… oh I would get to that later, I was trained well. I moaned out, "I was… ah… hoping you would know what to do with this thing." He was a man, of course he knew how to pull one off.
His other hand massaged where my tit used to be, only a slight mound left, it was as if he knew it was still just as tender as it used to be, pinching my nipples just a bit, his hot breath coursing over my neck. I could tell how much he was enjoying this. I bucked my tiny body in his arms as I came hard, a sudden spurt of cum overflowing onto his hand. After I moment I looked back, my ear almost poking his eye out because of my hazy eye, we laughed and then I asked him to undo his belt and use me well.