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I'm currently working on my first story in the Belial setting, and I ended up with question about demons, be they avatars or half-demons. How does that affect their ability to reproduce and have children in a more "typical" way?

The context is that I'm wondering if it's possible for someone who's become an avatar or half-demon to truly continue their bloodline, or if they essentially have to do that before they've "ascended". I do understand that they probably have far more unique ways to make "children", but the idea I'm hitting on in said story is if this is in fact possible, if some small fraction of a demon's power could be hereditary and passed down. (Assumably weaker and more dilute with every subsequent generation as well, to the point that they eventually might not even fall into a category of a half-demon--as I assume the immediate children would classify as.)

Another way to phrase that probably would be, "is dcum still viable as cum in any circumstance". As well as if a feminine avatar that has a womb would have eggs viable in at least some circumstance.

I imagine for full-on avatars, essentially being completely made of mana would probably make it pretty hard if not impossible for them to reproduce in the more traditional way(s); though with half-demons, who are still flesh and blood, it sounds a lot more likely, even if it requires a more special or contrived reason to do it. (You know, if their cum is dcum, I'd assume that'd make it a little hard to actually impregnate someone and not just transform them!)

I figured I'd ask this before I actually settled on an idea, to see if there's any precedence for this sort of thing. I get there's a ton of creative leeway, but writing for a setting that's already established makes me want to do some due diligence!


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The way the background is set up, demons cannot reproduce biologically. They simply lack the biological body to do so, as you mention.
Demons can potentially pull of a "miracle" impregnation, by magically manipulating the egg in a woman's womb or by turning their own mana-based cum into a good enough simulation of real semen that it could pull of the job. Either would require a lot of skill and time, though, even for a demon and the resulting child would not be a demonic itself. At best the demon might carefully alter the embyrio, so it would be born with abilities or an affinity for magic akin to a half-demon.

Half-demons are a different story, though. Wether their semen or other bodyfluids are transformative, differs from case to case. Those with un-altered reproductive organs, could thus have offspring the normal way. However, there are no demonic genes as such to pass on, maybe some abilities or other traits. At most the offspring might develop transformative bodyfluids during puberty or possess an affinity for magic more pronounced than in normal humans.

I hope this helps. smile

I appreciate the effort to stick to the setting. Looking forward to the story. I am pretty curious now what you got planned.


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That does help! Frankly, it lines up a lot with the presumptions I was making; I didn't anticipate it to do much to pass down much of any traits, but I figured it could still have some particularly interesting implications no matter how minor a "gift" was passed down. Developing or discovering a hidden or latent trait all of a sudden when essentially being normal in body is a quite interesting thing.

...Not that any children, or children's children, or so on and so forth that had a relationship to their actual family would be "normal" in any sense of the word, though! Even if whatever demonic ancestor behaved and didn't alter them, it'd probably affect family dynamics and traditions quite a lot. tongue

As for what I have planned, it's not quite fleshed out fully; I have some ideas broadly of themes I want to play with, but a lot of the specifics haven't been set in stone yet, or even thought of. Transformation-wise I'm still deciding a lot, actually. I want to try and make everything stay cohesive enough without bouncing around to different ideas too much, as what I'm intending has already slightly shifted a little as I started writing, and came up with other ideas, and so on and so forth.

Worst comes to worst, I cut stuff out to put into their own stories, or just try and pace it out enough and expand the length of it if need be!

What I do know is that it's going to be from the perspective of the daughter of two childhood friends who eventually became a couple; the mother a nature-girl sort, and the father a... well, very feminine father, either shemale or herm, probably still identifying as such despite whatever new equipment she got. The "father's" family would be the one where her great-great-great (maybe a few more great's) grandmother ended up courting someone who was turned into a demon or half-demon, maybe merging with them in the end. Also probably still very much around as the "matriarch" of the family, despite it being so many generations later.

Parents end up with smaller-ish changes first in their teen years before the main character is born, probably appropriate to a nature-based theme, and maybe caused by attracting some unfortunate attention from a transformed creature or a demon or half-demon other than the familial-related one. The story will essentially revolve around the odd day to day dynamics this'll create for this poor girl, and likely end up with her getting a lot closer with her parents than she anticipated. (Or than her parents even anticipated!)


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Sounds like an interesting concept. smile

If the matriarch merged with the demonic ancestor, a half-demon would make more sense.
Otherwise that "ancestor" could have been a full demon that intentionally and carefully altered the genes of their offspring, slightly, to leave a mark on their bloodline. He then could have turned the matriarch into a half-demon, blessing her with virtual immortality.

If you want an even bigger reveal of the matriarch's true nature, then she could be a true demon. In that case her lover was none other than one of the Great Demons (maybe Karma, Freya or even Horus if you want to emphasize the nature theme) who uplifted her to demonhood after the birth of "their" child.