Topic: Idea; free to a good home

I was reading some porn by Kazuhiro in which one transformee gets nipple-dicks and the other gets cunts on her breasts, and it got me thinking about “giving” and “taking” in transformee sex. What if one person spent her whole life taking from another person, and her transformation forcibly optimized her to “take” and be dependent on what the other “gave”? The taker ate well and the giver ate poorly, so now the taker’s facial cunt can “take” no other nutrients than the cum from the giver’s cock-tongue. The taker broke up the giver’s romance, so now the giver won’t bear her lover’s children, but “give” them with her lower cock. And instead of suckling children, the giver’s dick-nipples are suckled by the taker’s nipple-cunts.*

I can only imagine this as a punishment transformation, and writing punishment transformations makes me depressed, so I’ll leave it here. Maybe someone will find it useful.

*Side note: shouldn’t the construction be “cunt-nipples” to match “dick-nipples”? I’ve never heard it ordered that way, though.