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I've been venturing lately writing some chapters in cyoc. I will post them here as the story progresses. I just didn't think of a title in the story.

Chapter 1 - Accursed places

All around the world, in every era mankind expanded, certain inexplicable phenomena were discovered and studied by innovative persons to better understand what caused these anomalies.
Some tried to emulate the effects with limited success, birthing the controversial witches and shamans, while others declared the study a forbidden practice, to be forgotten and shunned.
Regardless of the various opinions, both natural and artificial paranormal hotspot cropped up regardless, more often than not on ancient burial sites like pyramids or cemeteries, or even in strange woods and isolated locations.
Sorceress and druids toyed with these forces, sometimes luring unsuspecting travelers toward their workshops, never to be seen again after the experiments of the magic users. A famous story whispered around England was of an innocuous looking old woman that graciously accommodated fatigued wanderers for the night in her farm, telling the neighborhoods the next day that the visitors left before dawn or decided to travel thought less known lands.
She never missed the marketplace one of the day after the encounters, willing to sell each time a healthy cow or a young sheep…
These hubs of supernatural events were not usually sentient, but they did not regard interlopers or raiders well, often twisting their form or mind to neutralize the threat.
Thus legends and stories were told about mysterious disappearances and activities, marking the dangerous location for the unwary.
But even the best stories can be forgotten with time…

Chapter 2 - Ancient burial grounds

A long time ago a powerful tribe settled near the place who would become the thriving city of Asta, when the colonist from the old world came to settle in America. This tribe was not famous for the many hunters or the riches, but instead for the high number of shamans and healers, adept in the use of magic tied to the natural world.

Many of them were the so called skinwalkers, capable of assuming the form of an animal at will to commute better to nature, as their culture gave much significance to spiritualism. For hundreds of years this populace held dominion over the region, more often than not declaring their neutrality in the various tribal conflicts between the neighborhood, until the arrival of the conquerors beyond the sea.

Those new settlers saw the magic of the natives and declared the practice an affront to the natural order, and sought to erase from history the tribe. In time the natives would scatter to the four winds after their defeat, but not before their magic seeped into the surrounding woods and soil after all the time they inhabited the region, forcing the invaders to isolate the surrounding territory in fear that somebody could stumble in one of the magical hotspots.

In the last years of the conflict the shamans placed many spells to neutralize the aggressors without resorting to murder, and no one was very thrilled in the opposing side to be deprived of their normal body, to end up joining the ranks of the barnyard animals or woodlands critters if they accidentally sprung a trap. The most protected places were of course the homes and the religious sites, and while the magic on the tents dissipated harmlessly after their destruction the supernatural spell in the traps and burial grounds persisted through time, particularly because the curses could be recharged automatically after the first uses.

The denizens of the nearby city of Asta learned quickly the telltale signs of old snares and dangers, and this knowledge was transmitted from one generation to the next as time passed. Everyone in the village knew to never intrude in the ancient grounds, with whispers about ghosts, disappearances and strange noises in the night and even the conquerors were hesitant to challenge the lingering power of the tombs. Of course, the vacationers coming from far away never heard about the haunted section of lands, and most of the ones who heard the rumors dismissed them as useless superstitions.

Who would be so unlucky to stumble upon one of the dangers?

Chapter 3 - An unassuming family

“So honey, where are you taking us today?”

Carl smiled as his wife could not resist and gave in to her curiosity, as she studied from the inside of the car the passing forest with a critical eye.

“I told you, this is a surprise” The man was focused on the road but a quick glance at the passenger seat showed that the woman was actually more amused and interested than upset. Golden curls framed the hearth shaped face, while aquamarine colored orbs shifted to the back seats, where the children sat waiting. Abby was a really beautiful woman even in her forties, no doubt because she was very strict in diets and personal care, unlike the man of the house, who wore a scruffy five-days old beard and never cared much about his everyday appearance, as evinced by the sweaters he wore regularly.

“Must you really keep your hair so long, young man? Take better care of yourself, you will never find someone with a hoodie like that” His wife remarked as she scolded playfully the eldest son, engaged in a cellphone game. The couple had two children, Andy the eldest boy that was almost seventeen years old and Cassie, a thirteen years old girl.

Every child took after a particular parent, Andy was a carbon copy of the father, with almost black hair and forest green eyes, with a slim and tall physique for his age, and had an unhealthy preference for baggy clothes and hoodies. He kept the hair long and shoddy clothes because he wanted to grow his reputation as a rebel, even if his mother described jokingly that he resembled more a vagrant. Cassie instead was very similar to Abby, her golden locks were more straight in comparison to her mother, and was a very bright teen with a love for dresses and make-ups. A child in many aspect she strove to emulate the mother, and wore a white sundress emblazoned with various kind of flowers.

“So dad” Andy started to distract his mother from him “Where are we going? The only thing you said is that we will spend the day outside and the place was near the city of Asta”
“Don’t worry, we will be there soon. You only need to wait a bit more…”


“Well… This is a problem” The patriarch mused while the family searched for an available spot.

“I’m sorry sir, today we don’t have anything else vacant” The employee stated when they found him “But you can try one of the other spots, there is one only two kilometers far”

“Thank you, and goodbye” The patriarch turned to his children and wife with a smile “I suppose we should search again… Pity, this place was the best one. Come on, to the next destination”


“It’s like everyone decided to pass the day outside! There is no other marked place left” The father lamented as he continued to drive on. The attendants in the last two parks warned them that there were no location left, because this weekend there was some kind of nature celebration in the nearby city. “At this rate we risks to lose the entire morning on the road…”

“What about that meadow?” Cassie interrupted with her face glued to the window “It seems lovely from here! And it’s all for us, there is no one in sight” The girl pointed to the new location, seeking approval from the father or her mother.

The parents looked each other in the eyes “Well, it’s the closest and best spot we found… The place is a bit wild, but it should be suitable, especially if we want to have lunch soon” The father quickly agreed, and after founding a suitable place parked the car nearby. The family got out from the vehicle, ready to organize the picnic, not aware of the dangers in the nearby forest.

Chapter 4 - A picnic to remember

"This isn't so bad" Carl exclaimed as he helped his wife settle down their picnic supplies. "A little wild to be sure, but at least we have the place to ourselves."

"Absolutely honey! Now Cassie lose that frown. We're going to have a nice family picnic," Abby reiterated as she opened up the supplies. "Now what does everyone want to eat?"

The family settled into their picnic as Abby began taking and distributing lunch orders. As the family ate, they began to better appreciate their current situation.

"You know, this isn't half bad. I wonder why no one's around?" Andy questioned.

"Their loss" Carl responded. "This is a beautiful area."

The family mumbled through their lunches in agreement, unaware of the changes that were about to befall them.

Chapter 5 - Should have brought bug spray

The family's lunch continued uninterrupted for a time. The only sound being pleasant conversation between the family members.

"So where to next honey?" Abby asked her husband.

"I'm not sure, maybe a hike? There are probably some great trails around here. Andy, is something wrong?"

The family turned their attention to the eldest sibling, who was swatting at the air. "Ugh, just bugs bothering me. They're really bad."

"Yeah, what gives" Cassie agreed. "There were none just a moment ago and now they're everywhere. Did we bring any bug spray?"

"Sorry kids, I didn't think to pack it" Abby regretfully responded. "Just try to ignore them. We'll be finished here shortly anyway," Abby continued, trying to cheer her kids up and not noticing the large insect that had landed on her shoulder. "OUCH!" Abby yelped as the bug bit her.

Carl rushed to his wife's aid, swatting the bug on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I got it. Wow that was a big one."

"I could tell" Abby grimaced as she rubbed her shoulder. The insect intensity continued to increase as time went on. Eventually the family had had enough.

"This is ridiculous. I think we know why nobody is in the clearing." Andy exclaimed. "I'm pretty sure I've been bitten a couple times now. Let's do that hike and get out of here." Everyone willingly agreed with Andy as they packed up the picnic and moved on to the second stage of their day.

As the family finished packing up the car, Carl noticed his wife rubbing her arm. "The arm still stinging?" he asked.

"Yes, it's still painful, but I think I'll be alright. Thanks for your concern honey," Abby replied as she gave her husband a peck on the cheek.

Everything was not alright. As the family began their hike, Abby's arm began to become more painful. In addition to the pain, Abby was also beginning to feel a warm feeling throughout her body. "Hopefully, that bug wasn't poisonous" she thought to herself. The heat continued to intensify as the group trudged on.

It wasn't long before someone noticed Abby's discomfort. "Are you feeling ok mom?" Cassie asked. "You look a little uncomfortable."

"Not at all, I'm fine" the mother responded, trying to put on a brave face. "Although, maybe we could just stop for a minute. I can then catch my breath." As the family stopped, however, Abby's discomfort skyrocketed. "Oh, I don't feel so good." Abby groaned clutching her stomach.

The family watched as their wife and mother hunched over by a nearby tree and began spitting up some white fluids.

"That's enough! We're going back" Carl exclaimed. "Kids, help your mother".

"No, I'm fine." Abby groaned in a distorted voice, causing her family to jump. "See, all better." The mother turned around trying to straighten up to reassure her family. Her family was not reassured.

Abby's eyes had taken on a bloodshot look, her hair had become disheveled, and her shirt and jeans were damp with perspiration. She began walking back towards her family before she was forced back against the tree by a new sensation in her groin.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!" Abby cried in her new distorted voice. The mother clutched at her crotch, as heat and pain spread through the region. Slowly a small nub began forming beneath her hand. Carl and his children watched as their loving mother struggled to push back against the growing shape in her jeans. It was clear that she was losing the battle.

The nub quickly began to turn into an obvious tent in Abby's jeans. The bulge continued to grow, forcing Abby's hands away as it pushed Abby's jeans to their limit. Abby groaned, now in serious discomfort, as her new attachment was tightly constained within her pants. Then everything stopped.

"Oh my god!" Abby breathed, "somebody help me." Cassie, the loving daughter ran to her mother. Abby's breath caught and her face reddened as she looked upon her daughter. "Oh Cassie, you're so beautiful. Oh my, I feel. I feel. HNG"

Cassie started as she saw her mother shudder and groan. "Mom, are you alright. We're here to help. Come on let's go back to the car" Cassie moved to pull her mother away from the tree. As she began pulling her mother's injured arm, however, she was startled as Abby spontaneously bucked her hips, thrusting her erection towards her daughter. "Whoa, mom what are you" Cassie cried in shock as she got a full view of her mother's new denim encased cock.

"CASSIE GET, HNGGG" unable to contain herself any longer. Abby exploded all over her daughter in her first male orgasm. The cock spraying cum through its denim confines. Cassie was forced back as she was drenched by her mother's new seed. The orgasm went on for some time, Abby shaking as it continued. Carl and Andy ran to pull Cassie away from their out of control family member. "OH CASSIE, I'M SO SORRY HNG" Abby began to speak before she bucked her hips and sprayed one last load of cum through her jeans. With a resigned grunt, Abby collapsed against the tree. Carl and Andy watched as Abby's new cock softened and settled in the pant leg of her jeans.

Carl rushed to grab his wife. "Quick son, we need to get them both out of here!"

The family's changes, however, were just beginning.

Chapter 6 - Abby calms down

During their way back to the car, Carl carried Abby unconcious on his back. He felt the bulge of her new cock pressing against his back. Carl was worried because he didn't know what was why that happened to Abby. His worries were incresing has he felt the bulge pressed against his back was still growing. Abby's cock stopped growing shortly before they got to the car.

There Carl put Abby in the back seat of the car and fastened her seat belt. Looking down he noticed that the bulge in her pants was as big as when she came, but with her dick limp. Andy was sat by his mother side while Cassie sat by her father's side.

In their way out of the meadow Abby regained consciousness.

Abby was a little confuse. Carl said that they where going direct to the hospital where they should know why she had grown a dick so suddenly.

At the hospital in Asta, Carl when alone with Abby while Andy stayed taking care of Cassie, still covered into her mother's dried cum. However, has Carl mentioned that they were in the meadows, the receptionis panics and calls the security that spits them out of the hospital.

Out of options, they decide to look for a hospital in the nearby town.

In their way to the next town, Abby suddenly said that the scent of her cum on Abby was arousing her and her cock was beginning to get hard, they had to stop somewere for her to deal with this situation.

They stopped and looked for a place where nobody could see them. Andy found some free spaces underneath a nearby bridge that were conveniently covered by the native forest, one space each side of the river.

The river wasn't deep, so Abby says that Cassie could take a bath in the river while she, badly holding up the pressure of her pants,was going to another hidden place she found. Carl went with Abby.

In their way to their hidding place, Abby's pants couldn't resist the pressure and were ripped apart by Abby's erection.

At the hidding place, Abby removed her cock as it reached complete erection.

Carl saw his wife completely naked, with a 10inch cock above her pussy, from where her clit used to be. She couldn't hold anymore and began to stroke it.

While Abby masturbated, using both hands to pleasure her cock, she asked Carl to put his fingers in her pussy.

Carl tried to do as Abby said, but, as soon as has put two fingers in her pussy, she beginned to few a pressure in her pussy.

Carl's fingers were expelled from Abby's pussy and he just watched astonished his wife's vagina changed into a ballsack, shortly after is was filled with three golf ball sized testicles.

"This can be true, my wife is becoming a man" said Carl to the scene

Abby just announced that she was going to cum. Shortly after she came. Her cum reserves seemed endless. Her orgasm only came to an end after two minutes.

Abby said it was awesome. She prepared to dess herself again when she realized something was wrong. Her cock was still rock-hard and she was feeling something strange in her breasts

Has she told this to Carl he was already expecting to see her breasts disappearing into a flat chest. But it didn't happen.

Abby's C-cup breasts grew stoping at G-cup, however there were was one more change the called their attention. Abby's hard cock grew into a 16inch monster.

There was no way Abby could go back that way. She quickly began to titfuck herself. She noticed that she could reach her cock with her mouth, she began to suck it.

Abby asked for Carl's help. He promptly began to stroke the part of her cock that was under her breasts with one hand and caressed her balls with the other.

While they pleasured her, the last changes began. Any known imperfection in her body disappeared completely. At the end she looked younger, as if she was back to the 19 years old girl she was when she first met Carl.

Shortly after the change was over Abby came again. The cum burst out of har cock like a volcano, making it to rain all over the place.

After almost five minutes cumming it finally stopped. Both were completely covered in cum. Abby was finally satisfied and her cock went limp. Luckly they had a change of clothes in the car, but they had to take a bath as well before they could keep going to the hospital.

And now?

Chapter 7 - The family's changes isn't over

Abby was afraid about the doctor's reaction and convinced Carl to go straight home.

One month had passed since that day. They were learning to live with Abby's condition. Now that she a huge dicked shemale with three testicles into her sack. She have an stronger libido than before and needs to release at least twice a day. When she tried not to cum for two days, her balls became so big with the amount of cum inside that she had difficulty walking.

At that time, school holidays were over.

One they, Abby was preparing the breakfest when she hear a scream coming from the bathroom on the second floor. She ran upstairs has fast has she could.

"Cassie, it's you in the bathroom" asked a desperate Abby

"Don't com Mom." answered Cassie

Abby was very worried about what was happening with Cassie and broke into the bathroom door. Cassie has her back turned to the door.

Cassie was taller and older. She looked as she had the same 19 years that Abby looks now.

Abby asked Cassie to turn around, which Cassie did very reluctantly.

Cassie had changed completely. She was taller and was older. She looked as she had the same 19 years that Abby looks now.

Abby was shocked with what she saw. Cassie has a pair of at least E-cup breast on her chest together with a second pair below them. There, on her crotch there was two foot long erect cocks complete with a huge ballsack.

Abby looked it carefully and confirmed that Cassie had four had four testicles in her sack.

Abby tried to get close to Cassie. But then Cassie screamed and came.

Abby was covered into Cassie's left cock cum.

When Chassie finally stopped cumming and blacked out. Abby was going to carry Cassie to her room and call Carl.

As she turned to go out of the bathroom she saw Andy at the door, he was completely covered into Cassie's right cock cum.

So Abby realized. Are the transformations contagious? So why did she take so long to change? What about Carl?

What happens next?

Chapter 8 - A very busy night.

Carl was a cop and had to work the night Cassie changed, but he also had problems. But during the patrol he began to feel awkward. He tried to hide it, but his partner, Jordan, noticed.

"Carl, you're not feeling well. I think you better go home. I'll take you and then explain everything to the boss." Jordan said

"Maybe it's better, this way I'll just get in the way." Carl said

But along the way Carl got worse. As it seemed to be serious, Jordan changed direction and took Carl to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, Jordan went to help Carl out of the car. He eventually realized what looked like a swelling in Carl's chest. He became curious and decided to twist, but he was confused by what he thought and asked "Carl, do you have breasts?"

This caught Carl's eye, and then he peeled off the top of his uniform and confirmed Jordan's statement. Although small, breasts had appeared in his chest.

"Jordan, please help me get into the hospital, quick." Carl said replacing his clothes without buttoning them.

Inside the hospital, Carl was sitting alone in the waiting room while Jordan went to call a doctor. But while he was alone, his breasts grew rapidly. Carl was amazed at the size he believed were G-cup our H-cup.

To make matters worse, his nipples lengthened until they were about 7 inches long. Then they changed shape and hardened. Carl didn't want to believe that his nipples had turned into penises, and they were erect.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh...." a shout caught Carl's attention. The other people in the waiting room saw the transformation, and one woman screamed at her breasts and penises that his clothes couldn't hide anymore. But then there was a sudden pressure and he came, ejaculating through his exposed dicks, covering most of the floor with his fucking, some splashing on some lessoas in the place.

Some nurses, like Jordan, showed up because of the scream. And from what they found, Carl was immediately taken to a room where a doctor was waiting to examine him.

The doctor asked the nurses to remove all his clothes. In doing so, they confirmed that all of his torso muscles had lost definition and become more feminine.

As the doctor examined Carl, his face began to change, to Carl's despair. His teeth disappeared and his jaw reformed to support the vagina that replaced his mouth and nose. Before he could choke, the original penis between his legs disappeared completely, giving way to a new mouth and a nose just above it.

After witnessing the transformation the doctor said he had to make a phone call and left the room.

Chapter 9 - State Secret

The Carl was worried. The doctor did not return to the room that night or during the morning, there was only a nurse that came from time to time if he was well or to carry food.

Only the afternoon, when the hospital movement decreased, the doctor finally returned to the room in which the Carl was. He was accompanied by a woman.

The woman was very young, appearing to be at most 20 years old. She had big breasts a attractive body. It was also easy to see that she was not civil, her outfit was very formal and she was also wearing a sirurgical mask.

"So, you were the man who changed?" The woman asked Carl.

"I'm sorry but I'm still confused. What happened to me?" Carl asked. He intended to get answers and only depending on them he would speak about Abby's case.

"I'm sorry for being rude. My name is Barbara and I work for the CIA." she introduced herself. "I need to know if you've been to a uninhaled meadow recently."

"Yes, I've been to one a few weeks ago. The place was beautiful and quiet, as I was on vacation at the time I decided to camp there." Carl said. Then he asked "Is there a problem with that area I should know?"

"This information is confidential, but as you are already involved I will tell you everything I know." Barbara said and started to explain "A few years ago, a small asteroid crashed in that region. It shattered just before it hit the ground. So far we had no problem. But the asteroid carried with it an alien life form, It was a type of insect that somehow survived entry into the atmosphere. The bite of these insects causes bizarre mutations, just like ours..."

"I'm sorry, I don't think I get it right. You said 'ours'?" Carl asked

"Yes. Our changes." Barbara said and asked the others in the room to leave them alone. When they were both alone in the room, she took off the mask she was wearing, opened her mouth and, to Carl's surprise, she showed her penis instead of her tongue. "As you can see I also mutated."

"But. Why do we change so differently?" Carl asked

"To this we have no answer yet. All I can say is that all infected people, whether male or female, have acquired a feminine and youthful appearance. In addition to this all end with features of both sexes. In some cases the transformation is small and easy to hide from others, but it has transformations that are so extreme that it is impossible to continue living a normal life. Not to mention the slightly elevated libido." Barbara just explained. But then she asked "Now tell me. Who was with you when you were there?"

"Now tell me. Who was with you when you were there?" Carl asked

"You said yourself that you were there a few weeks ago. The stinging person starts turns in less than 24 hours. But the infection is contagious. If someone comes into contact with any body fluids of an infected person, they will transform as well. If ingested, change occurs within a few days and in case of skin contact only transformation does not occur within a few weeks." Barbara said

"Now I am worried. I need to get in touch with my family. My wife had been bitten by the bug. But as she just became a shemale we didn't worry before. But my daughter was also exposed to her semen." Carl said

"Did you ignore your changing wife and not look for a hospital?" Barbara asked

"I tried at a hospital in Asta, but as soon as I mentioned where I came from, I went we were expelled from the place right away. Before we could reach another hospital, the transformation stopped and Abby asked not to look any further." Carl said

I understand. So we need to talk seriously, but not now, your family should join the conversation.

Chapter 10 - Determined Guest

Author note:
The events of this chapter take place while Carl talks to Barbara.

After finding Cassie transformed in the bathroom that morning, Abby called the school saying that Cassie would be skipping class for health reasons and then went to clean the damn thing that had spread in the upstairs bathroom. Meanwhile, Andy showered in the downstairs bathroom. Cassie stayed in her room, still shaken by the sudden transformation.

Shortly after lunch, Abby was very worried, for beyond Cassie's transformation, Carl, who must have been home for a long time, had not arrived or called them.

They had just eaten when the doorbell rang, Abby rushed to answer thinking that erq was finally arriving. But who was at the door was Cindy, one of Cassie's friends. After hearing that Cassie was sick, she skipped class and went to see how she was.

Despite abiding by Cindy's act, to protect Cassie at the moment Abby made up an excuse and closed the door.

"It was Cindy. I guess you don't want to see anyone, Cassie, so I dismissed her." Abby said

"Thank you mom." Cassie said in a low tone, got up and walked slowly to her room, looking down at her four breasts and two erect dicks. She kept thinking about how she would resume her life with that permanent erection, since her dicks didn't soften any time after she came that morning.

When Cassie entered her room, closing the door, she was taken aback. Cindy was hiding behind the door. Because of everything that had happened to her, she had completely forgotten that Cindy was great at climbing and that walking through a second floor window was a breeze for her.

"No Cindy, please don't look, I'm a freak." Cassie said trying futilely to cover herself with her hands.

"Cassie, what happened to you?" Cindy asked upon seeing the new Cassie

"I dont know. When I woke up this morning I was already like this. Now my life is over, it's my end, you'll hate me now ..." Cassie was saying desperate and was interrupted by Cindy

"Calm down, I won't hate anyone for something like this. Sure, it's strange what happened, but that's no reason to end our friendship." Cindy said, hugging Cassie trying to comfort her.

Cindy said, hugging Cassie trying to comfort her. But, Cassie's dicks between the two ended, involuntarily stimulating them. Which made Cassie come, cum striking both of them in the chest, and then in the face when they moved a little apart.

At this time Abby came into the room carrying some of her clothes and found the two dirty with cum in the middle of the room.

The girls explained what happened to Abby and Cindy promised to keep it a secret. Then Cindy took a shower and put on Cassie's clothes.

"So Cindy took a shower and put on Cassie's clothes." Cassie told Cindy when they said goodbye later.


That evening, Carl finally came home with Barbara .Abby can hardly believe it when she sees two women entering the house and one of them saying "I know it's hard to believe, but I'm your husband Carl."

Chapter 11 - The State Solution to the Problem

Upon entering the house Carl finally saw that his concern for Cassie was no wonder seeing what his daughter had become. The whole family gathered in the living room with Barbara, aware that this conversation would define their future.

Barbara explained everything to Abby and the others, just as she had to Carl at the hospital, which convinced them that life in society would be impossible for them.

"As for life in society, you can be quiet, because we have a solution." Barbara started talking to reassure them "There is a city that is not marked on the map, it was founded by the government so that the infected have nowhere to live without having to hide."

"I get it right? An entire city where everyone is infected?" Abby asked for confirmation

"Yes, and the only 'normal' people that are seen there are those who have not yet transformed." Barbara said

"So Cindy will have to move too, isn't she a mom?" Cassie asked

Carl, upon hearing this, was surprised that Cassie had already infected someone outside her family.

"Therefore we will haffe ffo conffacff ...." Barbara began to have difficulty speaking "I'm forry, I need to go to fe bafroom, I'm reafing my limif." she spoke with her penis-tongue hardening, already unable to keep the tip inside her mouth.

Abby got up and escorted Barbara to the upstairs bathroom. Halfway to Barbara, she signaled that she could handle this on her own. Then Abby showed the tip of her dick sticking out of the collar of her shirt and said she was holding on for some time too.

When they reached the bathroom Barbara's cock-tongue was completely erect, having 9 or 10 inches out of her mouth. There, she and Abby took off their clothes so they wouldn't get dirty.

Abby, with her rock-hard cock, suggested they stroke the other's cock. What Barbara found interesting.

Barbara used both hands to take care of Abby's dick, while Abby wiped one hand on Barbara's cock-tongue and the other on her breasts, playing with her nipples. And they continued until they both came.

Barbara was surprised by how much fucking Abby produced.

After their orgasms ended and their dicks went limp again, they took a shower together to remove the fuck that had remained in their body.

During the bath Abby asked "Barbara, you said our fucking can infect someone else. But what have we done now can make us change even more?"

"No. So far there has been no case of new transformation after being exposed again." Barbara said and asked "But there is something that is not looking right. Are you sure you don't have a vagina anymore? For so far all infected have genitals of both sexes."

"Carl saw my vagina close as my scrotum formed, so I just accepted myself as a shemale." Abby said

"So, let me take a closer look at your body to see if nothing goes unnoticed." Barbara said

"OK" Abby said

Analyzing every inch of Abby's body Barbara found what she was looking for and said "I found it, it's right here on your ass where your anus used to be."

"Oh really? I realized something was different, but I thought it was because I had a prostate now." Addy said

"But the change in format is very obvious, you should realize this when you shit and use toilet paper." Barbara said

Upon hearing this Abby was thoughtful for some time and then said "Now that you mention that I realized that I haven't shit one time since I changed. Is it any side effect?"

It may not be necessary anymore with your new body. If you want, you can take more detailed exams to understand better.


Back in the living room, Carl says they talked in their absence and decided that they would move to the town Barbara mentioned, but they would have to take Cindy with them.

"I agree, but some of you have to go with me. I fear her family will not believe me if I stand alone, but if someone I know is together they will understand." Barbara said

Chapter 12 - Cassie takes responsibility.

"I'll go with you. This is all happening because of me." Cassie said

"Right. But let's take care of your erection first, you've been holding on throughout the conversation." Barbara said

"it is useless, my erection does not crumble, my dicks doesn't go limp at all." Cassie said

"So you stay in the car while I talk to her parents. When I need you I'll call you." Barbara said


Twenty minutes later they were at Cindy's doorstep ringing the doorbell, her mother answered the door.

"Good evening, I'm Barbara, I'm a CIA agent. We have an important subject related to your daughter to deal with." Barbara said presenting her badge

"But I'm sure Cindy did nothing wrong. Why is the CIA after her?" her mother said

"I know But she's overlooking a complicated middle, then we have to talk." Barbara said

Then, Cindy's mom asked her to come in. In the living room, they joined Cindy's father. Honey, we have an important matter to address, you will call Cindy in her room while I prepare something for our guest.

Once gathered in the living room, Barbara explained the situation to them. Her mother was shocked by the news and passed out.

"I know you might be trying to help, but I find it hard to swallow this story that my daughter will turn into a freak. If you want me to believe it, you show proof that what you're saying is true." Cindy's father said

"No problem." She said then, she removed her surgical mask and showed her dick-tongue. "There's also Cassie, Cindy's best friend, who changed this morning and is in my car waiting."

"Bring her here, I want to see it with my own eyes." Cindy's father said

Before long Barbara was back in the living room with Cassie.

"I said it was true dad. and I trust them to take care of me." Cindy said to her father, who finally believed and reluctantly accepted that Cindy would live with Cassie's family.

"Fortunately, preparations for change are fast, we will be leaving in three days." Barbara said and continued "And before I forget it. We are not heartless to the point of simply making your daughter disappear from your life, you will still be able to keep in touch. After the change you will receive instructions on how it will work."


A week later, Cassie, Cindy, Abby, Carl and Andy are already living in the new home. All the bureaucracy done, the kids are up for the first day of school at their new school.

Chapter 13 - New school, new friends

Cassie and Cindy had their first day of school at the new school. As the population of this new city is not very large, the number of students is also smaller and there is only one class for each grade. In the classroom, they saw how they really only had girls there, all mutants.

The teacher arrived in the room. Just like all the students. She had two heads, six large breasts and her cock was huge, so big that the tip could be seen dangling beneath her skirt.

"Before we start class I have an announcement to make. As you may have noticed we have two new students here today, Cassie and Cindy just moved to town. Cindy has recently been infected and has not yet transformed. Those interested can join them after class and help them get used to life in this city." she said to the class and then addressed Cassie and Cindy saying "My name is George, and as you can see I am the teacher in charge of this class."


Some time later, the bell rings indicating the lunch time.

"This class looks cool, I'm liking it here." Cindy said to Cassie

"Me too, that makes what this ..." Cassie paused and focused on her new body "... It's not that bad."

"Aaahhh.." Cindy squealed when she felt something go under her skirt and rub against her ass. She grabbed the object and looked at what it was. It was a dick, it has the normal thickness, but it was very long. She followed him, trying to know whose it was, until she saw that it was between the legs of a girl sitting across the room.

"Hi, I'm Ashley, at your service." said the owner of the long cock. She got up and went toward Cassie and Cindy, who realized her cock was curling around her waist as she walked.

Cassie was still a little shy, but Cindy, more outgoing said "Wow, your dick is really long. What is the length?"

"Dr's measurements are 65 feet long, but only 1.5 inches in diameter." Ashley said responding to Cindy

"But it's good to be careful with her. She is a pervert." said another girl who approached them. This girl had a huge dick and a second head on the tip of the dick, but unlike the other multi-headed they had since arriving in town, her heads were different. "Hello, I'm Peter, and this is my girlfriend." The girl spoke with her head on the end of the stick and pointed to the head between the shoulders. "And I am Jessica. Nice to meet you." said the head between her shoulders.

"But why do you have two names?" Cassie asked, her curiosity overcoming her shyness. Don't let appearances fool you, they are two people." Ashley said

"That's right. Peter, show them to them." Jessica said. He takes her head and lifts her until they completely separate. Jessica had only her head, and where her body should have been, there was only a 2 feet hard cock. While all the rest of the body belonged to Peter, who on closer look they saw that there was a vagina between her shoulders, where Jessica's penis-body was all the time.

"Yes we understand. But there is one more thing. "Even though everyone here is female, why are there people who use male names?" Cassie asked

This is part of the culture created by the transformed, we are proud of our origin, and even though all who change assume a feminine appearance, we prefer that they refer to us by our original name and gender. "

"Yeah, I didn't expect it, but until it's interesting. I liked." Cindy said

"Me too." said Cassie


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Chapter 14 - getting to know new friends better

That day was good for the other family members too.

Andy befriended Brian, who had a vagina on his face just like his father, and had mouths in place of his nipples, that is why he walked with his breasts exposed.

Abby met Dorothy, a neighbor who had three breasts and two heads. She had a mouth-pussy on her left head and a penis in place of the mouth on her right head.

Carl, for his career as a police officer, was invited to work for the CIA in the same department as Barbara.


A few days passed, it was the first weekend since classes started. Cassie and Cindy were invited by her new friends to walk together and get to know the city better. Together with Peter, Jessica, and Ashley, they went to the movies, strolled a few shops, and then went to the city's amusement park.

After having fun, they decided to stop at a diner to eat.

"You know, I'm looking forward to my transformation and was curious to know. How did you get infected and how did the transformation go?" Cindy asked their new friends

"Cindy, this is no question to ask." Cassie scolded her

"Haha ha. No problem." Ashley answered "My father is one of the scientists who works trying to understand mutations. I didn't know he was working and one day I hid in his car before he went to work. Once in the lab I explored without being caught and went to the car before leaving. He only learned of my adventure days later. One day when he was waking me up for school and my dick had started to grow, he found me sleeping with my first morning wood. He was desperate as my dick kept getting longer and longer."

"That was funny" Cindy said

"Mine was faster." said Peter "I was on a school trip and the bus broke near the meadow, while we waited for help I went to explore the woods nearby. I got stung by the bug and soon started to get sick. An old couple drove by and gave one of the teachers a ride to the hospital, where I ended up changing."

"And you, Jess?" Cindy asks all excited

"Well, I don't know who got stung and how it got to me undetected. My sister's boyfriend was already infected and he didn't know. He transformed in front of my sister, who became desperate and ran off. After that she couldn't talk to him anymore. She didn't know she was contagious and that having had sex with him a few times in the days before the transformation, she had already been infected. After a few days we were alone in our house during a night when our parents had an appointment and that night there was a storm, My sister started to get bad, she was getting worse and I desperately called an ambulance. Before they could arrive she changed. I only realized when her pants ripped open, not supporting the pressure two three hard dicks that grew on her. Before I thought of doing anything to see it, she came and I got infected too. When the doctors arrived and saw the situation they made an urgent call that I didn't understand at the moment. When we arrived at the hospital a CIA agent was already waiting for us. When I was transformed I was already living in this city, it was even during a class that it occurred."

"Now it's your turn to tell everyone how your transformation went, Cassie." Ashley said

Cassie was embarrassed, but with Cindy encouraging her, she told her everything, from the picnic when her mother was stung to when she infected Cindy.

In the end all were satisfied, paid the bill and continued the tour.

Chapter 15 - Cindy Transforms

After eating, they would have more fun at the amusement park, but Cindy began to gasp and sweat a lot. Cassie noticed and showed concern for her friend.

"Calm down Cassie, she's not life-threatening, but we'd better get to the park ward anyway." Ashley said

"Don't worry, it's probably just her transformation that is starting, It is only a problem that the person starts to feel very bad during the transformation." Peter said

"But do not worry, they have already developed a remedy to combat this side effect, I used it when I changed and so did not suffer so much." Jessica said

In the ward, the nurse on duty quickly realized the situation and gave the medicine to Cindy.Then she led them into a room where Cindy could transform into security, Cassie the others were together in the room. Cindy also followed the nurse's instructions and got naked as her clothes could hurt her.

The first visible part of Cindy's transformation was a lump that appeared on her right shoulder, The first visible part of Cindy's transformation was a lump that appeared on her right shoulder, while the space between her shoulders widened a little to accommodate the new head. The widening of her shoulders caused her breasts, which grew to E-cup, to gain extra space between them, which was occupied by a third breast that grew in place.

"Your transformation looks like it will be extreme." Ashley said

"No problem, I'm loving it" Cindy said

"I had never heard of anyone so willing to transform before." Jessica commented

Cindy's transformation continued with two lumps appearing and forming a new pair of arms just below the original ones. Then her feet split and the split went up her leg, forming a new pair of legs. Her waist stretched back, completely separating her new legs from the original ones, and stretched to leave the new legs about 2 feet behind the original, with the body part between the pairs taking the form of a new torso. The final change was her cock and balls that popped between her new hind legs, growing to a foot long, rock hard.

Cindy bent down and looked between her front legs, her vagina still in front, and saw her new member. And then she began to feel a sensation she had never had before, and she came from her new cock.

"Girls, protect your clothes" Ashley said, already knowing what was going to happen.

They barely had time to hide behind a curtain that was there, and Cindy came, spreading her cum on the floor and the curtain they were behind. After this first orgasm Cindy passed out.


After an hour, Cindy woke up. She was lying on a queen size bed, which was the size needed for her new body. She saw she was being examined by the nurse.

"Finally awake sweetheart, you've been unconscious longer than usual, but no wonder seeing the extent of the transformation, your brain had a lot of new information to learn to process." the nurse said as she took more notes

Cindy's heads looked at each other and she said "But I think it's wonderful, I love my new body." At this point Cindy realized that she could only speak through both heads at the same time.

"And we are happy for you." Cassie said, drawing Cindy's attention to her friends.

They'd gotten some makeshift clothes for Cindy, who would have to wait for her custom-made clothes to be ready.

So they spent some more time together until it started to get dark. They said goodbye and each went to their house.

Chapter 16 - The last one to change in the family

Arriving home, Cindy showed Abby, all excited, her new form. She also used the special communication channel that had been made available and informed her parents that she had changed. Listening to her mother crying, she said she didn't have to worry and that despite everything that happened, she considered herself a happy person.

Andy, who was silent so far, suddenly shouted "HAPPY? CAN'T BE HAPPY BEING AN ABERRATION. YOU ALL BECAME ABERRATIONS AND I AM ALSO FAD TO BE ONE." so he ran to his room and locked himself there.

Worried as her son, Abby followed, but Andy refused to open the door.

Andy was confused, afraid of what lay ahead. He knew he had overreacted, and that too made him too embarrassed to face the others. After much reflection during the night, he decided that he should apologize to the others the next day, and, already calmer, he fell asleep.

When Andy woke up, he looked at his watch and to his surprise it was already 1:30 pm. Due to the shock of oversleeping, he tried to get up quickly, but couldn't, because someone else was lying in bed and was hugging him from behind. He felt that a pair of large breasts were being pressed against his back and seeing the arm that was around him and the erect cock going between his legs, he was sure his mother had found a way to unlock her. door and lay with him.

"Mom, I'm better now, let me go." Andy said, but there was no answer. Then he realized that something very important was missing. that with his mother hugging him like that, he should be able to feel her breath on his neck, but he felt nothing. He began to think of the worst that went into despair, but then someone knocked on the door, so he heard his mother's voice coming from outside calling him to eat something. He started to get confused by the situation and decided to get up and see who was there.

He was surprised, because when he touched the arm that was on him to pull him out, he could feel the sensation of being touched from that arm. He then followed his arm to his shoulder and then to its neck, that was when he realized that its neck was bind to his head. With that, he was sure that he had changed in his sleep.

After confirmed that the other body belonged to him, Andy began to move the other body until he got up, and looking down, with their necks longer than normal, he can confirm that he had two bodies now, both linked to a single head. One was an all-female body, E-cup breasts and a simple vagina between his legs. but the other body, which was behind him when he woke up, was an exact copy of his mother's mutant body.

Looking back at the bed, he saw that there were only rags that were surely the clothes he was wearing when he slept, And they did not resist their body dividing into two, and also saw all the dirt on the wall that confirmed he came after the transformation.

Abby knocked again, now clearly more worried about her son. But this time Andy opened the door. But this time Andy opened the door. She entered the room and found Andy transformed, she also realized that one of his bodies was an exact copy of hers. "Andy, I'm sorry, even though you were your mother I didn't realize how you felt about this whole situation." she said

"I have to apologize, I shouldn't have said that." Andy said and gave his mother a double hug.


Another month passed, and one night Abby, Cassie, Cindy, and Andy were watching TV together when Carl arrived. He immediately sat in a chair and looked very tired and discouraged. What happened that left him this way?


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