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Re: Fuck Flesh - by BD-Acht

Fuck Flesh
By BD-Acht

“Here, out this way. This is one of their favorite spots.”

Marie followed curiously. Veronica was an…odd woman. She looked like she was barely pushing 30, but the way she talked, the way she handled herself, seemed much older. She was beautiful, to be sure. Flowing ringlets of silky black hair and a full, mature figure.

And a witch. Marie almost forgot that sometimes. They were approaching a small shaded den in

the forest, a short walk from the back of Veronica’s large piece of property.

“I swear to God no one marked this as an enchanted forest when I built this place,” Veronica sighed. “They’re more often than not a pain in the ass but they should be what you’re looking for…or so I’m told.”

Veronica was a more…carnal witch. Marie wasn’t exactly sure of course, they weren’t all that close, but if the buzzing pink gift she got after her stalker disappeared was any indication…well, it all made a bit more sense now.

Marie had complained to the woman about her lackluster sex life. One-night stands and the occasional vanilla relationship had grown stale. Drunkenly she said she wanted something more, something wild and reckless and full of ecstasy. Maybe an orgy? Maybe something freaky and arcane that her friend could introducer her to? She didn’t know.

Veronica told her she could oblige.

“They should have some sex magic they can work on you, if you’re interested in that,” she turned an eye back towards her, “It’s very weak so try not to worry about it. I can turn you back in under five minutes probably.” Marie blushed, not quite sure what to make of that. Her imagination ran wild though, thoughts of crazy and fantastic sex bouncing through her mind.

“Ah, here they are.” There was the faint scent of barn, or fur. Not unpleasant, but there. She

soon saw why.

They walked into a small den of trees in the woods. It was a shady, almost private area, the trees and dirt and rocks forming something akin to an all natural lounge. A clearing opened on the opposite side and it sounded like there was running water somewhere nearby.

But all those things were background notes to Marie’s mind. What she saw in front of her was about a dozen women, splayed out and resting idly within the den. They were completely nude and their bottom halves were furry and cloven.

They looked alarmed at first when they saw Veronica. She held up a hand.

“No. Not here to punish you…despite the fact you’re all well within my property line again,” there was a jaded sigh. “I actually have someone you can do for me.” Marie blushed.

Some of the girls had male genitals too, and not all of them human. In fact, many seemed to have animalistic cocks hanging between their legs. A satyr with wild red hair and a round, pale freckled face stood on her brown furry legs and walked up to Veronica. A massive horsecock was rising rapidly from her groin, first flopping meatily onto her massive black ballsack, and then throbbing harder and harder.

“Oh really? What’s in it for us?” Veronica looked almost flabbergasted. “Uh, sex.”

There was a heavy pause before the satyr broke into a massive goofy grin and the circle started to laugh. The redhead giggled as Veronica rolled her eyes. That was more than enough for them.

“I’ll be in the house if you need me. Try to stay hydrated.” And then she was gone.

Marie gulped as lust filled her, making her cunt twitch and warm. Was she really doing this…? Uh, fuck yeah she was. She started to undress. The satyrs looked at her with a mixture of curiosity and pure lust. Nipples and cocks started to harden, breaths became shallower, and pussies became hot and dripping.

“So what brings you to our neck of the woods?” The last word dripped with inuendo and was punctuated by something hot and hard grinding against her exposed ass. Marie shuddered, turning to find a blonde satyr with similarly light fur. The wood in question had smeared across her asscheek, a glossy red canine cock that ran with pre.

Marie was now completely nude, bare to the group. An olive-skinned woman reclined on the grass nearby, legs spread wide and a hand going to work below as she enjoyed the view. “Mmm, I hope you’re ready for a good time.”

“I was looking for one yeah…Something…wild and magical…”

The redhead’s eyes lit up, “Oh! I can, me first!” She licked her lips, horse dick completely hard. Its mottled black and pink cylinder seemed like it was pointed right at her, a flared throbbing head with a fat bead of pre oozing from its hole.

The next few minutes were a blur. The satyrs seemed to have two modes: lounge, and fuck. They started to grind on one another, kissing and licking, rubbing and grabbing at any erogenous zone they could find. Marie had lost herself in the redheaded satyr. They kissed passionately, tongues intertwining and her hand on the mythical girl’s fat dick. She couldn’t even fit her hand around it, and it was unbelievably stiff. The balls she fondled beneath it were huge and heavy, gravid in their leathery black sack.

There was something so deliciously dirty about this whole affair. A wild orgy in the woods with a bunch of beautiful nympho satyrs with animal rods. It was so hot it almost hurt. She couldn’t wait to feel everything. The blonde grinded against her back, dog dick hot and hard against her cheeks, rubbing between them while her hands pawed at her full jiggling breasts.

Finally, Marie couldn’t take it anymore. She pressed in close to the redhead, smirking as she straddled the thick pole that was throbbing between her legs. She doubted she could come anywhere close to taking the massive member, but that wouldn’t stop her from doing everything and anything else to it. She pulled away, sliding her sopping wet cunt across the top of the thick veiny meat stick, all the way until its end pressed up against her entrance. She gasped as it flicked back up turgidly. Marie dropped into a crouch, coming head to head with the equine rod as the redhead groaned. The massive pillar was musky, the smell tingling her senses and making her breath shallow.

Before she could think better of it, she kissed its fat tip, slick pre tantalizing her tongue and smearing across her mouth. The redhead moaned unabashed, hips ticking in little thrusts as Marie started making out with her dick. She lost herself in it, and so did the satyr, kissing it with more and more passion until her head was spinning. Her senses blurred. She no longer felt grounded.

Suddenly she was looking up at the blonde satyr. Marie felt bloated, and…almost hungry? But she couldn’t tell for what. The blonde looked confused, dick still throbbing and leaking eagerly.

“Where’d she go?” Marie felt herself floating almost? She felt like she was suspended from below somehow. It felt natural, almost comfortable, and at the same time like there was something she needed terribly. The redhead stammered breathlessly behind her.

“I don’t know. She was right here. I had my magic all ready and everything and now that’s gone too,” she pouted for a moment. Marie felt her mind spasm as her entire being flexed, something drooling from her mouth. She tried to cover her mouth but couldn’t, she couldn’t even close her lips. She realized she was shaking every other moment…no, not shaking.


Suddenly the sensations feel into place as she realized what they were.

The tight ecstasy of flesh stretching around a rigid shaft, blood filling and throbbing eagerly. The heavy and virile sense of balls resting in their sack, full and ready.

A pulsing sensation of fluid working up a pole, only to ooze slickly from its end and dribble down its sensitive length.

She was intimately aware of herself and her body. Its fat blunt tip and leaking hole. The huge girth and massive spunk filled nuts. She felt everything, including the utterly consuming sense

of lust that had her length bobbing lewdly. Marie was nothing but a horse penis on a cute redheaded satyr.

“Ugh, I was looking forward to playing with her,” the redhead whined. The blonde looked equally disappointed. Marie could feel every breath from the two above on her phallic skin. Every time she bobbed or wobbled from the satyr’s hips her phallic being would fill with a glorious straining sensation, her girthy mass pulling on her base. Her lust swollen length didn’t allow her mind to panic. She was egged on in a lust filled craze, a thread of thought utterly drowning out any shock or fear: what did she need? What did she need? On repeat. The answer came to her as the body she was attached to was turned around, another satyr suddenly in front of them.

“Don’t worry, you can play with me instead,” she said with a smile.

Marie’s answer was hovering only a few inches from her new pulsing head. The fat lipped cunt in front of her was buried in a thicket of glistening wet fur. She could hardly see it, but her form, her being immediately knew. She could smell it even, a fact that was lost on her pulsing mind.

That was her purpose. Marie’s mental grace period after becoming an engorged prick was over.

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck she throbbed, over and over. It was a lust, a desire deeper than she had ever known in her life. She was a cock meat and she wanted a hole to pound.

The two satyrs grinned, any previous questions forgotten swiftly. The redhead pushed the other satyr over shoving her rod closer to her slit. The thick bestial tip rubbed against the sopping cunt, the mind inside screaming to go forward. Deeper! Harder! The taste tingled but once again, it wasn’t something her phallic mind was able to appropriately process, only helping to hammer home her need for pussy.

The cock was smeared with grool, their lewd fluids slick and hot on the flared head. The redhead groaned as she fell forward, her horse meat recklessly speared into her fuck partner. The satyr squealed, feeling like she was split in half by the rod. Inch after inch of thick mottled flesh disappeared into her pussy, their ambient lewd magic helping her to take it all. The Marie- pole felt like a white-hot lighting rod of pleasure. Pre throbbed from it only to drip to its underside and get smeared between tight hot cunt and her own stiff length. The fluttering pussy felt like it would never end. Marie’s tip, and the closest thing she had to a head, buried over a foot inside the squirming satyr. And this was exactly where she wanted to be. Her phallic form flexed wildly, every fiber of its throbbing self wanting nothing more than to splatter these dark wet walls with cum.

The other satyr was skewered, cloven thighs shaking as her cunt lips kissed Marie’s base around her shaft. The stuffed hole drooled down the sentient cock’s nuts. The redhead panted as her

rod was suckled by the hot flesh, grabbing onto the other satyr’s breasts as she began to plow

her pussy savagely.

Their pleasured cries simply joined the chorus around them, while Marie was surrounded by a carnal cacophony deep within the satyr’s wet pink insides. The lewd wet sound of a stiff cock sliding through slick cunt was all the dick could hear, a perverse all-consuming noise that

resonated with its purpose. The slick friction blasted Marie’s turgid cockmeat with ecstasy and simple purpose, a hard pole thrusting back and forth through a sea of soft wet flesh. Dripping quivering pussy parted around its head with every thrust into the satyr’s core, dragging along its mottled hard flesh. With every leaving stroke the cunt squeezed, squishy muscle smearing and pressing against the impossibly stiff cylinder.

The redhead felt a weight on her back. The blonde satyr with the dog cock was left idle when Marie disappeared. Seeing no other immediate opportunities and the redhead’s exposed ass, she fell onto the thrusting satyr and began to slot her own rod into the exposed furry rear. The redhead’s pounding hitched as she moaned her approval, a throbbing red rocket filling up her ass exquisitely.

The horse cock inside the tight cunt didn’t care about her owner’s new partner. It only felt the ache from its momentary stop in churning the pussy it was currently splitting, twitching eagerly to finally deliver its load. That was until the turgid meat felt pressure upon its prostate.

Something hard was ramming into something within, and it felt good. She leaked pre in little gushes, cum chute pulsing carnally.

The redhead squealed and began to pound into her partner wildly, a boiling knot of pleasure in the base of her cock promising a soon to come eruption. Her cock felt it too, balls churning, buried length alight with all-consuming nearly-there lust. All too naturally, hot thick fluid began to slip through her base, heavy contractions pulsing up the start of a massive load.

In this moment, if Marie would have had her lucidity returned to her, her thoughts and feelings would have been identical. She was a conduit of pleasure and cum, nothing but a meaty length of erogenous flesh fulfilling its purpose. Its actions were simply a natural response. Messy, lewd instincts written in throbbing lust filled flesh. In moments she was simply a pleasure filled pipe of cock meat.

The cock stiffened into its hardest self, spasming deep inside its slick sleeve. It could feel the pleasurable knot rising its length, great climactic pulses pushing thick wads of fluid up from its nuts. Satisfaction grew closer as the spunk grew nearer to flying from its tip.

And finally, it did. Pleasure untold filled its length as the first load gushed from its round throbbing tip. Its hole spewed openly, lewdly, splattering the suckling walls in front of it messily. At this point the cunt around it started to clench and milk it too, adding to the Marie- member’s pleasure. Her mottled flesh flexed as it pumped up rope after rope of sticky hot seed. The smell, the taste, the sound of hot semen flowing through her inundated the dick’s mind immediately, but currently it could only experience the tactile pleasure of it. The most intense orgasm of Marie’s life was in full swing, and she was experiencing it as a piece of fuck meat.

Finally the stream started to wane, spurts leaking down the blunt tip of the cock more weakly, until it was left twitching and throbbing in aftershocks. The pussy clenched and quivered around her, what remained of her mind floating upon an infinite sea of bliss and post orgasm ecstasy as nothing more than a cock.

Then, Marie’s mind started to reaffirm itself somehow. It was almost like waking up. Everything felt odd. She felt something in her mouth, something that felt nice but there was something missing from it. Her mind tingled as she smelled a mix of animal and hot messy sex. She felt like blushing when she realized she could taste it, semen and cunt juices running from her lips, coating them and bubbling from her half-filled mouth in a fragrant slick froth. Why was her mouth sore? What was she just doing again?

Awareness slapped her mind again as the meaty horse cock she used to be slipped from her “face” with a humiliatingly lewd slicking noise. She clenched, body twitching as the girthy intrusion left her. A small spurt of sticky slick cum gushed from her lips as her form relaxed from its thorough fucking. Marie had turned into a creampied cunt.

Being a woman normally, this form felt a lot more familiar than the turgid pole she had just been, but it was still a far cry from normal. Marie wanted to panic, or feel something more appropriate for the situation, she really did. But if there was one thing she was learning about being a bodypart used for fucking, it was that her senses were easily overwhelmed. All of it was a confusing mix of alien, familiar, and the carnal instincts of her current form.

The smell of fucking made her want to wrinkle her nose, while at the same time it made her feel warm and fuzzy.

The sensation of a phantom massive cock stretching her made her labia tingle and her clit throb.

The taste slicking her tunnel made her woozy and lightheaded. Cum dumb from a fat load splattering her insides.

The satyr groaned, lifting herself up to her shaking legs and stretching. A stream of cum oozed from her slit and Marie tried to close her lips reflexively. All she managed was an impotent clenching inside her tunnel, helpless to stop drooling the lewd cream from her face. She was stuck looking at the ground over furry thighs, watching as cum dripped from her to the ground.

The satyr moaned and rubbed her fucked snatch as she stared looking around for more fun to be had. Marie felt her lips slide around under her new owner’s fingers, fleshy and without control. She was nothing but a pussy, a creamy wet cunt that was already starting to grow warm again.

The body she was attached to walked over to another group of girls in the middle of ecstasy. As the body she was attached to kissed, licked, and sucked she felt herself quickly grow to match

its enthusiasm. Her insides started to grow wetter, heat building until she felt she was a sauna of slick hungry flesh. Her lips felt full and hot and needy while her clit throbbed out of its hood. Sitting there idly, listening to the slurping smacking moans behind her, Marie could almost believe she was just waiting on a delightful, passionate kiss.


As she stared out distractedly over the forest cove from a plump vulva, as grool and the remnants of her last orgasm slicked her opening, she knew what she really was. What she really wanted.


The thought alone made her mind and body quiver, thoughts slipping from her head like the drool from her inviting lips. Her imagination alone was beginning to become an unbearable tease.

Big girthy cocks with delicious veins and fat pulsing heads.

Slippery hot rods entering her lips and spreading her fleshy, empty hole. Hot wet insides stretching against turgid, throbbing meat.

Squeezing a hard shaft and suckling it for all the seed it had.

The simmering sloppy cunt had stopped using all its senses by the time the thick head started to bob in front of its lips. The taste and scent of pussy had simply faded, suffusing her place as a fuck hole along with her owner’s heartbeat. Her senses had retreated until all but touch was

ignored. Marie’s mind clung to thought, her identity had already succumbed, thinking of herself

as nothing but a quivering cock hungry hole.

Her mind swirled in a hot blizzard of pleasure and want as she felt something rubbery and hot on her lips. The tip sat there, throbbing upon her lips. Gone was the human comparison to a kiss. This was a meaty tip waiting to fuck a hot wet cunt.

Slick pleasure arced through her oh-so-fuckable body as the fat glans started to slide up and down her entrance, dragging against her glistening labia. This went on for what felt like an eternity. It would poke at her clit, slide all around her slit, and sometimes dip further, a fraction of that glorious mushroom cap slipping between her lips before pulling back maddeningly.

Marie once again ceased to be herself, having had her mind teased into the simple carnal cunthood. What was left of her thoughts dribbled and frothed from her hole, oozing across the hard, veiny shaft of the dick that teased them out of her.

The cunt was so ready. Its depths clenched around disappointment, lips drooling and whole being aching for something stiff and thick inside of it. The slippery throbbing glans just glided across its entrance, driving the pussy to new heights of all-consuming lust.

The yearning within the snatch intensified as the cock stopped its teasing, just hovering against its dripping lips. It was helpless. It wanted to get spread, pounded, plowed, fucked with every fiber of its being. And all it could do was drip and pulse and quiver, totally at the mercy of this massive, glorious rod. Its steamy lips twitched against the fat head, beyond desperate to feel it between them.

And then it started to push forward.

If the slit’s mind wasn’t gone before, there was little hope for it now. An earthshakingly intense sensation of spreading came over the cock socket as the hard pole pushed inside it. A sticky lewd noise filled the remnants of its hearing as its entire form was spread open by cock. It

didn’t hear it. The only thing filling its mind now was dick.

That fat tip speared into its suckling wet sheath, spreading inch after quivering inch of cunt. It fluttered involuntarily, overwhelmed with the pleasure of being penetrated by hot hard fuck meat. Finally its slow thrust stops, base pressing against spread labia in a messy kiss. Its tip is utterly buried, trapped in slick pink flesh.

If the Marie muff had thoughts instead of cock filling its mind, it would have considered that in all her years as a woman, of all the sex she’d experienced, she had never felt so utterly, completely, mind rendingly full as she did now. It could feel every detail of the member filling it.

The fat throbbing head that filled its innermost depths.

The thick urethra made for delivering hot sticky seed deep inside it.

The base of the girthy shaft it was pressed into, that its clit throbbed against.

The slick, split hole couldn’t help but flutter around the meaty shaft stretching its hot wet walls.

It suckled and gripped and yearned more. There was something missing, something…

The pussy felt pleasure flare through its stuffed form as the cock retreated, slipping from its grasp slowly. It ached with carnal despair as the cock stopped filling it completely, as its deepest depths once again closed around its head. It pulled back, almost to its lips, and it squeezed hard to prevent it from leaving. Not that a sopping wet love canal like itself could even stop anything from leaving its grip.

The cunt had its form rocked as the phallus rammed all the way back inside within a moment. Pleasure untold rang through the dripping snatch, filling it with burning ecstasy.

And it didn’t stop.

The cock started to pound the fuckhole over and over and over. Lips and sodden flesh spread around its acorn cap, becoming filled with inch after inch of hard shaft, only to become empty and immediately do it again. It felt like miles of thick veiny dick were sliding through the

quivering hole. Anything other than pleasure and the cock became foreign to the pussy. And a climax of ecstasy began to rack its form.

It clenched hard, squeezing wildly as it orgasmed. It squished lewdly against the impaling fuckmeat, sending grool splattering against its owner. There was a bare moment of reprieve from the dizzying pleasure, the sensation of the shaft inside itself hardening further and throbbing, pulsing, and then as the first load splashed into its depths the pussy spasmed in supreme ecstasy again.

It milked the fat cock mindlessly, eagerly suckling the lewd rod until it was soft and dripping its last bits of cum. The cunt buzzed in afterglow, the taste, scent, and sense of dick suffusing its simple existence along with unbelievable amounts of pleasure.

Marie awoke to the feeling of soft messy flesh pulling at her glans and a wet sticky sound. With a slurp she pulled out of the cunt she had just creamed, her load oozing from its fucked lips. She dangled limply, wondering what was going on. Had she just fucked something and forgot? That was strange.

Marie’s sense of self slipped, the pleasure and transference eroding her mind. She tried in vain to remember what was going on as cum drooled from the slit in her glistening head, but no answers came. She felt herself stiffen again, blood flowing into her shaft and making her mushroom cap swell lewdly.

She let her worry go, her dopey mind turning to that of sex as she stood as a proud erection from a new satyr. Her new owner hopped over to a nearby satyr with red-brown fur. Her ass was exposed, hands spreading her cheeks for anyone who wanted it.

Marie joyously examined the tight brown pucker, pre slopping from her slit before her mind once again regressed. The cock loved its tight holes. The fact it was an ass meant nothing to it. The dick prodded and poked against the bud before it was pushed inside recklessly. Tight flesh gripped its veiny shaft, pulling at its head, so hot against it. Before long rapture flooded through the member again and painted the depths of the ass white.

The ass felt warm slick cum drool through its wrinkled hole. The smell of cum was strong in its crack and cheeks, but it never minded that before. It felt soft fingers gripping one of its halves before two slim fingers wiggled their way inside its slick sphincter. It relaxed, enjoying the

feeling of getting played with again. The ass’s mind went blank as its owner quivered and

gasped, cumming once more.

The mind that was Marie didn’t even have time to wake up as fingers, plunged into a pair of questing lips and licked by a hungry tongue. The mouth felt speech tingle over its sensitive, full lips.

“Fuck yeah, mmmmm.”

It loved the way its parts danced when its body spoke.

“Bring that sweet cunt here,” the satyr’s voice dripped with lust.

The taste of pussy slipped over its muscular tongue, the heat from a different sort of lips brushing against its own. It could feel itself hone in on that hard bud of pleasure, sucking and flicking it ceaselessly.

The breasts did not think. They simply tingled with pleasure as two sets of lips kissed and sucked and licked at their hard nipples. They jiggled and bounced freely, feeling pleasure tingle through their form.

The wondering consciousness hopped through an absurdly large amount of parts. From throbbing dripping cocks to hot drooling cunts to tight horny assholes and everything else that could fuck or be fucked. What was once Marie felt every load pumped from her or into her, felt every orgasm and tease. Every form of pole and hole was inhabited and subsequently fucked by her, all without a single satyr realizing it.

“Damn, she must’ve had a good night…” Veronica sighed as she trudged back to the forest den in the morning light. Marie never came back last night so she presumed she was enjoying herself.

She arrived with little notice. Most of the satyrs were sleeping or having very idle morning sex. But there was no Marie. She saw the red headed satyr with the horse dong propped up against a tree sleeping, cock firm with morning wood. Veronica flicked her head.

“Ow, heyyyy,” she drew out sleepily. “Where’s Marie?”

“Who?” A grim leer helped jog her memory.

“Oh, your friend? She disappeared before we could get started! I was soooo disappointed.” She


Veronica believed her; the satyrs not known for their deceit. Well mainly the wit required for it. Not feeling like investigating, she cast a reversion spell across the nearby area.

In a splash of pink magic Marie plopped into the middle of the forest den nude. Her body was coated in musk, lust filling her mouth and coating her lips from her last body’s pleasant dreams. Veronica pulled her to her feet.

“Have a wild and magical time? What’d you end up as anyways?”

But Marie just stared at her, a dopey blank look on her face. She swayed drunkenly and her body twitched oddly.

“Uhh, Marie?”

Marie’s mind had been utterly broken. She had become a huge array of carnal and sensitive parts through the night, experiencing more pleasure than any person normally would. Normally could.

Her mind had been transformed, reduced by extreme and intense pleasure. Marie’s self was

replaced. She wasn’t a cock, or a cunt, or anything else she had become through the night. She had hopped around too much for that. She was whatever someone used to take or receive pleasure. Marie was fuckflesh.

Veronica frowned as the fuckflesh’s tongue lolled from its mouth and its eyes rolled idly,

waiting to be used.

Veronica had spent the better part of a week trying to put Marie’s mind back together. It was difficult business, especially with her body wondering around and trying to get fucked every other hour. She was lucky her memories didn’t end up as her first few sticky orgasms, but Veronica managed to put her back together.


The incredible amount of pleasure experienced had lasting effects on her mind. Marie would feel herself slipping sometimes, drifting back to her experiences that night. While she hadn’t had a mind for most of it, she could remember every single detail, and if she spent too long reminiscing, she could easily find herself thinking like she was a sloppy eager fuckhole or a meaty throbbing prick.

They also learned that this could lead to additional, physical effects. Veronica discovered this when she found Marie’s body converted completely into throbbing red canine cockflesh,

flopping into a crease between her sofa cushions. Even with magic it had taken the better part of a day to get those stains out.

A quirk of the sex magic Veronica said. Marie for her part was relieved and endlessly thankful to Veronica for saving her. She was shaken, but eventually returned to normal life.

Though Marie still struggled with her changes.

There were many nights memories would return as dreams. She would wake up in the middle of the night, breath hot with cunt, the slick taste down her throat, her skin a glistening pink in the moonlight and her bedsheets soaked. Or she would feel the light of dawn on sensitive, throbbing flesh that was a mottled black and pink. The musk of cock filling her room and slick pre dribbling down her stiff chin and chest.

She had to be careful daydreaming too, least she start mentally regressing into some carnal hole after a meeting, or start drooling something thicker than spit after a long bus ride.

Interestingly, there was something that stuck in Marie’s mind. Something that she was fairly sure was her, and not Marie-the-ass or Marie-the-cock. Something that troubled her at first but she had since left alone.

She didn’t regret anything. Not one bit.