Topic: Midwinter Demon

A little holiday story I put together in a hurry.

Midwinter Night

It was the night of Midwinter Fest, that special time of the year, when families came together, when everyone tried to be their best and when all worries were forgotten for at least a short while. What had once started as a simple celebration of the winter solstice had become its own vast and varied set of traditions and customs.

The moon was full and high in the sky as the clock turned to midnight. In most places festivities were closing to an end, while in others people where already asleep in their beds. Children everywhere where dreaming of the presents that would await them the next morning, brought to them by the Midwinter Demon or at least so they were told.

Vanadis on the other hand had no intention to give presents to the children but to the adults and unlike the Midwinter Demon, she was very real. She was one of Freya's avatars, one of her many once human servants that had been elevated to demon hood. Unlike Karma's depraved brood they were kind hearted and benevolent. At only ninety-nine years, Vanadis was considered still young among her kind and had never left Freya's Realm. She had been shocked when she had been told that the people of the Empire apparently rarely knew that difference.

Only then had she realized how little she knew about the large nation to the north, having taken so many things in the Realm for granted. Apparently people there did not share the same open sexuality and enthusiasm for the alteration of the flesh as Freya's folk. She heard rumours of exceptions but the consensus was that most people preferred to stay the way they were and were afraid of the bizarre diversity of forms Vanadis knew from home.

That was why she was currently flying through the night over an imperial town, tall feminine silhouette barely visible in the moonlight. Unlike many of her fellow demons, she preferred a relatively simple and human form for herself. At first glance she could have been confused for a beautiful and athletic woman. At least until they saw the pink hue of her skin and hair or the two horns, curled like those of a ram. Even more obvious were the large bat wings which grew from her shoulders. She did not really require them to fly but loved the look of them. Her chest sported six large breasts, E-cups in human measurements, each capped not by a nipple but by a male glans, missing a shaft or testicles. Her surprisingly normal vagina was most often hidden from sight by the equine set of male genitalia between her legs, one she kept permanently erect on purpose.

She wanted to spread the gift of transformation and share the joy of sexual freedom that came with it. Midwinter Fest was the perfect opportunity. While people were resting in their beds, she'd travels across the empire and change as many lucky people as she could, so that they would wake up surprised by what they were given. Just like the inhabitants of the apartment in front of her. It was high up in a large apartment complex that had caught her attention. Thanks to her demonically enhanced sense it was easy to find a bedroom window with open blinders. She preferred to get a good look at her handiwork. Inside she saw a small bedroom, dominated by a double bed. A young couple, a man and a woman, was asleep and cuddled up next to one another. Vanadis guessed them to be in their early twenties maybe. Only their heads were poking out from underneath their shared cover. The boy seemed like a scrawny but handsome fellow, the girl a petite tomboy, as far as the demoness could tell.

They were perfect. Vanadis rejoiced. These two were the first to be blessed by her powers. But there was no time to waist, for there were so many more that deserved her attention. So she wiggled her fingers and let her magic work through the window. She already had the perfect form in mind for them.

Underneath the cover the couple's bodies began to bulge oddly, their shapes were swelling in some places and receding in others, while all the time growing closer together. Vanadis' soothing influence kept them asleep. After all this was meant to be a surprise for Midwinter morning. Almost done with their bodies the first changes began to creep across the sleeping couple's faces.

Midwinter Morning

The light of the rising sun shone through the window and stung Laura's eyes. Slowly and reluctantly she rose from her slumber. It has been ages since she had slept so deeply, it was a real struggle to wake up. Her mind was still foggy and her eyesight blurry but nonetheless she tried to get up. However something pulled her back. In fact her whole body felt wrong. Her arms were numb and so was her right leg. Furthermore there was some weight hanging from her right side. Maybe it was Filip lying on her shoulder? But then why were both her arms numb?

There was a vague sense of worry coming upon her but it did not blossom into actual panic. In fact it just added to her confusion, for the sensation seemed oddly muted. She had to pull herself together and wake up proper to make sense of this. Laura shook her head and blinked a few times. Finally her vision cleared, whoever what she saw made even less sense. Looking down there was an oddly shaped bulge underneath the cover that did not correspond with the shape her body should make. Furthermore her arms still refused to respond. Something was definitely wrong and yet she rather felt curious than afraid. Nonetheless she could not suppress a cry of surprise when she turned to her right.

Next to her was not the sleeping face of her boyfriend but an odd inhuman head. It was a cone-shaped thing, lacking most features like ears, a nose or hair. There were two human looking eyes to the side of the head, while the front was dominated by a wide mouth with massive feminine lips. It connected to a thick, muscular neck which disappeared beneath the cover. Even in her dazed state of mind it was easy to put one and one together. Nonetheless she wanted to be sure.

“Filip! Filip! Wake up, I think something is wrong,” she said. Not shouting but loud enough to hopefully wake him up.

Her suspicions were proven right when the other head opened its eyes and responded in the voice of her boyfriend. She was sure by now that her own face had been changed the same way. It would at least explain why her lips felt so swollen and the top of her head surprisingly chill.

“What is it? Wrong you say?” Filip sounded as dizzy as she felt. Probably he woke up from a similarly deep slumber as she had. However once he opened his eyes proper and looked into her face he realized what she meant.

“Woah. What happened to your face?” Was all he could say. Certainly he was also under the same, strange effect that caused Laura to take in the situation with such ease, suffering no fear or anguish in face of these life altering circumstances.

“How should I know?”, she replied. “I woke up like this. I cannot feel my arms, nor my right leg, how about you?”

“Strange, I cannot feel my arms, either, but its the left leg that is numb,” he said, while looking down at his body, also unable to make sense of the odd shape underneath the cover.

“Alright, how about this?” Laura said after a moment. “We count to three and then use our legs to try and throw the cover off to see what in Karma's name is actually going on.”

Her boyfriend nodded and after the count of three they managed to awkwardly push the cover off the bed. What it revealed left them speechless.

Laura saw that her own neck was just as thick and long as Filip's, but what really got her attention was the fact that both necks came together in a V-shape, eventually connecting to the same torso. The couple had been conjoined. They had been turned into a two headed monstrosity for their shared body did look anything but normal. A gasp from Filip revealed his own surprise.

The shoulders beneath their heads were empty. It explained why neither had been able to feel their arms, for there were no arms to feel. There were not even stumps only bare skin creating a smooth transition from necks to chest. Their upper body was relatively human but broad and slightly pudgy, wide hips created a very feminine, almost motherly appearance. Fittingly they also sported two massive breasts, larger than either of their heads used to be and with meaty nipples almost as thick as a thumb. These were quickly growing stiff in the chill air of the room. Laura felt herself growing rather aroused despite it all.

Their womanly hips gave away to two strong human legs, shapely and hairless. Instead of feet, however, they ended in large four fingered hands. Filip wriggled his former toes as he saw this, adjusting to them almost immediately, as if he had always been this way. Laura felt a similar sense of familiarity with this new shape, however she was distracted by an odd sensation in their shared loins. A large penis was growing erect between their shared legs. It was human in form and maybe a little less than a foot long. Veins became visible as it became rock hard. Two large balls rested in a scrotum beneath. Somehow Laura had the strong sense that she would not find her vagina underneath them. While their chest was clearly female, their crotch was decidedly male.

Whatever that meant for their sexuality, Laura could not care less. Her mind was entirely focused on the throbbing cock in front of her. She had never felt so horny before. Was that how men always felt or did they share an especially demanding specimen? Nothing else mattered right this moment. Looking at Filip she could tell that he felt the same. His mouth was open, breathing heavily, his eyes glazed over. Laura could even see a string of drool at the edge of his mouth. Despite is unrecognizable features, she had never felt more like kissing those sensual lips.

No words were required. The moment Filip noticed her eyes on him, she lunged forward and pressed her lips against his. Before he could reacted, her tongue was already inside his mouth. To her surprise she felt no teeth and realized that she had lost hers, too. It did not matter. Her lover gave in immediately and soon their tongues were wrestling with one another in the sloppiest but also most passionate kiss they ever shared so far.

Meanwhile there body was just growing hotter. They were almost painfully aware of their stiff nipples begging to be touched and the copious amounts of pre-cum erupting from their manhood. Even their anus felt strangely tingly, as if waiting to be filled by something. Unfortunately they lacked the arms to do something about it. If her mouth wasn't locked against Filip's, Laura would have cried in despair. Only when it became almost unbearable, did she realize the solution.

She reluctantly pulled away from Filip, a string of saliva connecting them for a moment longer. He looked  confused and disappointed but Laura flashed him a smile before bending forward towards their shared penis. It fit easily into her enlarged mouth and to her surprise she felt no gag reflex when the tip pushed into her throat. Laura immediately went to work, moving her head up and down, while her tongue caressed the marvellous organ, like she had done many times before. The pleasure was indescribable.

In response a surprisingly feminine moan escaped Filip's lips. He was not content enough, though, to just lie back and enjoy Laura's ministrations. Instead he went for one of their engorged nipples and began to suck on it like a teat. Their body was indeed more sensitive than normal, Laura's realized, for her old nipples had never felt like this. The additional stimulus brought the couple over the edge. Their minds were overwhelmed by pleasure that they had never experienced in such a form or strength.

Their shared penis seemed to go even more rigid and suddenly Laura found her mouth filled with her own cum. Without thinking she began gulping the salty substance down, the flavour somehow adding to the bliss she was experiencing. At the same time she head Filip moaning in a way he had never done before, it sounded oddly feminine.

Neither of the two really knew how long the moment lasted. Unprepared for the enhanced euphoria of their new body, their minds got swept away.  By the time they came back to their senses they were lying on their share back again, breathing heavily and feeling exhausted. Their belly was covered in splatters of cum and a trickle of milk was escaping their tits.

Whatever their new shared lives would be like, Laura was sure they could tackle it. It was not that she just felt physically closer to Filip than ever before but also emotionally. Despite this unusual surprise, she was felt happier then ever before.

“You know what?” she said eventually, “I think I still got one of my old dildo's somewhere in the drawers.”

Midwinter Night

The young couple were only the first to be given a gift. Vanadis quickly moved on. Flying from house to house, apartment to apartment, she randomly selected those she felt would benefit the most from her skills. First it was only a handful but as the night went on, she transformed dozens of people across multiple cities and it was still a long time till morning.

Despite her desire to share her gifts as fairly and widely as possible, she was selective. Usually she avoided families with little children, as she did not know how imperial authorities would deal such a situation. She also ignored those that were already transformed. Young couples that had no children yet or older ones whose offspring had already come of age, were her favourites, as they would wake up able to explore their new forms with one another unhindered.

However that did not mean that she would completely ignore those living by themselves or in different circumstances. Just like the family she was looking at right now, through the windows of their small apartment. A single mother and her daughter, who was eighteen or nineteen years of age, as far as Vanadis could tell. They now had the demons attention and would wake up with a nice surprise.

Midwinter Morning

Margerie woke with a start. The room was pitch black, the morning still a few hours away. A dream, it was just a dream, but one more vivid than any she could remember and erotic, too. She had been in her bedroom, feeling hot and deeply aroused. In fact she had been unable to resist fingering herself. That's when things had gotten weird, her body had become more and more stiff, leaving her barely able to touch her crotch, while her breasts started to swell, an odd pressure building inside them. At last her mouth had started to fill with water, that had seemed to come from within her. The sensation of drowning had been what had torn her from the dream.

To her surprise her mouth was still filled with liquid, a lot of it. Yet she did not feel like suffocating any more, in fact she felt rather calm now. At first she wondered if she had been drooling but then realized that the liquid was far too thick and sticky. It also tasted kind of salty. It seemed faintly familiar but she could not put it. Margerie tried to spit the stuff out but her mouth felt odd, like it was pulled into an odd shape. Yet it also felt slack, her muscles not reacting, not even her tongue responded. Margerie began to feel slightly worried but no really afraid.

Slowly she became aware of more sensations that felt out of place. She could feel a chill breeze across her scalp, as if her brown locks were no longer there. Meanwhile her neck felt swollen and inflexible, yet also more sensitive to the air in the room. Margerie's arms were as numb as her tongue but at least her legs behaved normally, although they did not feel entirely right, either. Even weirder was the sensation of weight between them, rather than on her chest where she would have expected the familiar pull of her breasts. Something was clearly off and she had to find out what. Looking down at herself revealed very little in the dark of the room.

Thus she awkwardly crawled out of her bed and carefully walked towards where she knew the light switch was. With her arms not responding, she used her slack face to do the job. The lights turned on and finally she was able to get a good look at herself in the wall-mirror across from her.

What she saw should have caused her to scream, at least so she thought. Despite herself, she did not feel like screaming, only surprised and actually rather curious. Rather than the tall, voluptuous woman, she had expected to see, a giant penis looked back at her in the mirror. Everything above her hips was nothing more than a three feet long penis, as wide as her waist used to be and bend forward so that the gland was facing towards the mirror. The pink head looked like that of any other penis, expect for the two human eyes staring back at her. At least that explained the lack of muscle control and the sticky liquid. Instead of a mouth there was only the jawless slit of an urethra, leaking pre-cum like drool.

Beneath the giant shaft was little left of her former body. Her hips and butt seemed largely unchanged. Her legs on the other hand were almost half their former length, although they still retained a feminine form. Her feet, however, had doubled in size and only sported three toes now. The weight between her legs turned out to be an enormous scrotum, hanging almost to the floor and filled with testicles the size of pumpkins. They felt full and heavy. Its was kind of pleasant.

The most bizarre thing, though, was the contradictory way Margerie's mind reacted to the situation She was perfectly aware of the immensity of what had happened to her. After all she had been turned into a walking penis. Her life as she knew it was effectively over and it should horrify her. But it didn't. The only emotions she experienced right now were a mix of surprise, wonder and even a little bit of arousal. The longer she stared at herself, the more she realized that she actually liked her new looks. Maybe her mind had been altered, too, it was a real possibility, or maybe some long suppressed and forgotten hidden deep in her psyche was only now revealing itself.

Margerie wondered if it even mattered. Something like this could not be undone. So why not embrace her new self? And so what had been a woman and mother only a few hours ago, accepted his new existence as a penis on legs. The shift in gender-identity came naturally, after all how much more masculine could he be.
Content and happy with the situation, the cock-creature decided to leave the room and get some breakfast. He wondered what his daughter Rene would make of his new self once she woke up. To his surprise she was already up and sitting in the kitchen, and she was not his daughter anymore. Instead of the young woman he knew, there was a giant penis sitting at the table.

As far as Margerie could tell his offspring was identical in size and form to him. In fact he could not see any noticeable differences, they probably looked like twins now.

“Is that you, Mom?” the younger penis asked. The voice was still recognizable as Rene's but slightly slurred, perhaps because he only had a jawless urethra for a mouth or because of the pre-cum leaking from the orifice.

“Yes, its me,” Margerie replied, noticing that his voice was equally slurred. “I guess I am not the only one who got transformed.”

As it turned out Rene was also surprisingly accepting of his new body and gender. He had woken up only an hour ago and experienced a similar process of discovering what had happened to him and embracing it immediately. Since he felt comfortable with his new penile body, he had decided not to wake his mother and instead just gotten himself a glass of orange juice. Apparently their urethras could still suck in and swallow liquids, although without arms, Rene had to rely on a straw to drink.

It had to have been quite the struggle nonetheless, for Rene's modified mouth was leaking as much pre as Margerie. In fact he noticed that his own drooling was getting worse. He could feel his libido getting the better of him, growing stronger, forming into an irresistible need to cum. The sensation was utterly alien and yet strangely familiar, as if he had been a cock all his life. Margerie knew he should feel ashamed that the sight of his transformed daughter was causing this reaction but he was just too horny to care by now. How could he not feel turned on. Rene was such a beautiful specimen, large, thick and virile. Even before his transformation it would have gotten him hot and bothered.

The younger cock was apparently feeling the same. Despite feeling his mind getting fuzzy and distracted by the need to be touched, Margerie noticed that his former daughter was also looking slightly more stiff and swollen, larger amounts of pre running down his shaft-body.

“Mom, I....I feel weird,” he said and took an unsure step towards his parent. “I...I feel so horny. I don't know why.”

“Hush. Don't worry. Mommy is going to help you with that,” Margerie answered, while an idea was forming in his dazed mind. “Just sit down on the carpet.”

Rene looked puzzled but did as told. He struggled a little without arms to stabilize himself, his heavy balls also forced his legs apart in a way he was not used to. Once comfortable enough he looked up at his mother with a pleading expression. Margerie was already carefully getting onto the carpet himself, dealing with the same problems.

In the end the two were facing one another, sitting so close that their balls were touching. The sensation of wrinkled skin touching wrinkled skin sent an odd thrill through their bodies. Their new forms were far more sensitive than he had thought. Slowly he lifted his legs off the ground, his own testicles serving as a form of counter weight to help him keep balance.

“Alright, just relax and enjoy this, baby,” he said and then wrapped his enlarged feet around Rene's phallic torso. Slowly and gently he began to move them up and down, massaging the stiffening flesh underneath in the form of an oversized foot-job. A soft moan escaped Rene which quickly turned into a gurgle, the amount of pre-cum leaking from his mouth suddenly doubled. The reaction turned on Margerie on even more and he increased his pace, careful to keep his balance.

Underneath his feet, he felt his offspring's body growing even harder. Within moment's Rene's head was forced to face the ceiling, as his body arced backwards as it became fully erect, just like any normal cock. However his mother was feeling his own body undergo the same process, growing fully erect while he continued to rub his feet up and down that wonderful phallus of a daughter. His entire body was on fire, every sensation a source of pleasure, be it his balls rubbing against those of Rene or the feeling of that throbbing cock underneath his feet or even the soft carpet tickling his sensitive butt. Slowly but surely Margerie felt himself getting closer to orgasm, even though he had now idea how he knew that.

Suddenly he felt something pressing against his own body, in fact it was two objects awkwardly rubbing against each side of his shaft. He could not bend forward any more to take a look but realize that it was feet. Apparently Rene was trying to return the favour but did not really manage to get a good grip. It did not matter. Just the sensation of those soft soles brushing against his own sensitive skin, was enough to push Margerie over the edge.

He tried to scream but his voice was drowned out by the fountain of cum rushing out of his mouth and flying across the room. His mind was overwhelmed by pleasure he could never have imagined. As a result he was entirely unaware of his daughter reaching his own orgasm just a moment later, his own body rocking hard, as a thick stream of white goo erupted from his face. The two of them spend almost a minute like this, sitting together, legs wrapped around one another, while their bodies splattered more and more cum across the room.

At last their orgasms ended and they let themselves fall back into the puddles of cum pooling around them, as their bodies turned soft and prehensile once more. They were utterly exhausted and just about to drift back into a well deserved slumber. Covered in their own cum, the two cocks snuggled closer together, happy that this was indeed no dream.

Midwinter Night

By the time the sun was soon to rise, Vanadis was deep in imperial territory. She had travelled across at least a dozen cities and villages. Almost a hundred people had been changed by her hand and would soon wake up to enjoy their new forms. From her point of view the endeavour had been a grand success. She only wished that she could have transformed even more but she knew that any more could disrupt the local communities and potentially cause panic among the imperials. Freya would be disappointed with her. No, she would only bless a few lucky ones who then could experience the joy of their sexualized bodies and show their neighbours that there was nothing to fear, slowly but surely spreading what was essentially the Great Demoness' philosophy.

Vanadis had already decided to visit the Empire again next year, although a different part of it. This night was not entirely over, yet, however. There was still time for at least one set of transformations, one lucky family. She was hovering over a small, rural village and unfortunately some of the houses were already filled with light, their occupants getting up very early. The demon looked around, afraid for a moment that she had run out of time after all, but then she noticed a small farm house that was still entirely dark. Yet she could feel the presence of three humans inside.

Quickly she flew down to the building and took a look through the windows. Her demonic eyes did not need light to see clearly. There were a middle aged couple in the main bedroom and their daughter in a room of her own. The girl looked like she had only recently come of age. For the last time this Midwinter Vanadis went to work.

Midwinter Morning

Sam was thoroughly confused when he woke up. Not only did his body feel all wrong and kind of boneless, making it hard to get up but also because he was greeted by the sight of two large breasts once he opened his eyes, or eye, for he only managed to open one for some reason.

He gently rocked his chest and saw both tits wobble slightly. Only then did he realize that they were indeed his own. Each one was tipped by a large, erect nipple, which felt very sensitive, know that he thought about it. Rather than panicking he was only puzzled. Something had happened to him but what? Slowly he became aware of more alterations to his body. Aside from his one eye, he could feel none of his face. He tried to move his mouth but nothing seemed to be there. In exchange his neck seemed longer and more flexible, allowing him to take a look at his body in a way he could never have done before.

What he saw resembled in no way the hairy, muscular form he was used to. Instead most of his body was little more than a large, ovoid shape now. The top, that could be classified as his chest, was dominated by those two massive breasts, each one almost the size of a man's head. However, there was no trace of shoulders or arms. Below his tits was a round, compact belly and a large fleshy butt, that seemed to take up most of his backside.

Instead of legs he found four thick tentacles, two on each side and roughly three feet long. They were smooth and ended in delicate tapered tips. After some experimental movements, he realized that they were extremely flexible and that he could curl the tips with surprising precision. He had no idea, though, how he knew how to move them. It just felt kind of natural. The most surprising change to his anatomy was in his crotch, though. His manhood was gone. Instead he now possessed a perfectly formed vagina. For all intends and purposes he was a woman now. He took in all these revelations but the only thing he could think about was his wife, Wendy. If something had changed him into this, what had been done to her?

Sam only had to turn his head to the left to get the answer. Although the thing lying next to him looked nothing like her, he was sure it was his wife. Although husband was probably the more appropriate term now. The creature looked very much like him, ovoid, chubby body with no arms and four tentacles. The neck was long and serpentine ending in nothing more than one big eyeball, currently still closed. At least that answered why Sam had felt so little of his face. Where he had been turned into a female, his wife had been made a male. Her own breasts were gone, leaving only her nipples behind on the flat surface of her small chest and instead of her vagina she now had a rather impressive penis with a suitable set of balls. It looked like Wendy was about to experience her first morning wood, for the organ was fully erect, all eight inches of it.

For some reason Sam could not look away from that fabulous piece of man meat. The sight of it triggered an emotion he had never felt before about his own or another man's penis. He became aware of a growing sense of emptiness in his loins, a desire to be filled, while his new female genitals were getting increasingly wet. It was such a novel and confusing experience, yet his mind was perfectly focused on a single goal.

Slowly and awkwardly he lifted his shortened body and crawled a little closer to his sleeping wife, before tapping her on her flat chest with a tentacle. Just enough to wake her up. It seemed that things came as a shock to her, too. She was not able to say a single word, but her eye expressed her confusion quite well. Yet there was no fear in it, either. Like Sam she looked down her new body, then at Sam and then wriggled her tentacles experimentally, taking in the reality of their new shapes. Eventually her eye got fixed on the form of her husband, taking on a lustful expression. Guessing by the copious amounts of pre-cum gushing from her still erect cock, her morning wood had quickly transitioned into true arousal. Considering his own rampant libido, he was not surprised.

What surprised him, though, was when Wendy reached out with a tentacle to tweak one of his engorged nipples. The touch sent a flash of pure pleasure through his system in a way he had never experienced before. Had he still a mouth, he would have gasped. That was it. He could not take it any longer. As quickly as his new appendages allowed, he crawled on top of his waiting spouse, careful to position his dripping pussy above her new manhood. He could tell from the look in her eye that she was as eager as he was for this.

Keeping his eye fixed on his wife's, Sam let her penis gently slide into his waiting slid. There were no words to describe the incredible sensation. Was that how Wendy had felt every time they had had sex before? Either way his mind got lost in a fog of bliss, as he moved his body in a slow rhythm. The only other thing he became aware off, was the additional pleasure of his breasts and nipples being caressed by his wife. Barely aware of what he was doing, he moved two of his own appendages to toy with her still rather womanly nipples.

If the couple still had voices, the room would have been filled with moans and cries of pleasure. Instead, though, the only sounds were the creaking of the bed and the wet noises of the couples' altered bodies mating. Sam had no idea how long they had been fucking. Maybe minutes, maybe hours? All he was aware of was the climax building up in his abdomen. He tried desperately to hold it back, to extend this moment as long as possible. It was a lost battle, though. The pleasure was just too intense and he finally experienced his first female orgasm.

By the time he came back to his senses, all he could remember was a pleasure of indescribable strength and form. He had not even been aware of his small body arching back and his vagina clamping shut from the sensation. Nor had he noticed how the sudden pressure had caused Wendy to reach her own climax and shoot a load of warm cum into his virgin womb. Only now did he become slowly aware of the sticky goo leaking from his lips, while his wife's cock became flaccid inside of him. The two were utterly exhausted from the experience but also happy. Whatever had happened to them, they felt it was a gift, not a curse. Not matter what the future hold for them, it would be great, so long they stayed together.

Content and tired the two continued to snuggle and further explore their new bodies. Wendy could not keep her tentacles off Sam's new breasts, constantly poking them or flicking his large nipples. Meanwhile he continued to toy with his wife's new balls, appreciating their size and weight. It was only after maybe an hour or so that they remembered that it was Midwinter Morning. There had been so many preparations but they probably did not matter any more. However, that reminded them of something else.

All the time they had not spent a single thought on their daughter, Heather. They had been so preoccupied with their own and each other's transformed bodies, that they had completely forgotten about her. Sam's initial thought had been about her possible reaction seeing them like this but then quickly realized that whatever had transformed them, might also have affected her. The thought did not frighten him, even if it would have just a day ago. Considering how much he loved his new female form already, he was sure that Heather would be happy with whatever she had gotten, too.

Slowly both parents crawled out of their bedroom, getting used to their new anatomies surprisingly quickly. Although their tentacles only allowed for a cumbersome pace, they moved otherwise with little struggle. By now it was almost as if they had always been like this. Despite their reduced size, doors were no challenge to the couple, as their tentacles could stretch enough to reach the handles.

A moment later they stood inside their daughter's room just to be confronted by an empty bed. There was no trace of the young woman or whatever she might have become. The couple was just about to turn around in order to look in the kitchen and living room, when Sam noticed a folded piece of paper on the bed. Curious, he shuffled forwards and took hold of it. Wendy was already right behind him to get a look at it herself. What they read was not what either would have expected.

My lucky ones,
you were the last people that I made a gift this night. I hope you enjoy the forms I gave you. Be proud of it and feel free to share your experiences with the people around you. You might wonder what happened to your beautiful daughter. She was given a special gift. One I had not bestowed upon anyone else tonight – A life without worry or fear, only bliss in serving something else. You will find her in the barn. Take a look at your price bull.

May your lives be filled with joy.

The Midwinter Demon

The two looked at one another wordlessly. Despite their inability to talk, they felt sure that the other was thinking more or less the same as themselves. At least it explained how they had gotten their bizarre new bodies.

A little later the couple was inside the barn. Sam had a hunch what might have become of Heather but he wanted to see it for himself. Strangely enough, the winter cold was not bothering him. Even without any obvious protection, his body was unaffected by the temperatures. Fortunately, for there was no way they could have draped any kind of clothes around themselves in any meaningful way. Instead they had gone outside in the nude. While Sam did not feel cold as such, the chill wind had still caused his nipples to go fully erect. Slowly but surely he was getting aroused again.

The couple did not mind crawling across the dirty barn floor, either. They were fully aware that this was their future, sliding across the ground completely naked, so they better got used to it now. Furthermore they could always take a shower later. For now they just wanted to see the fate of their daughter. Moving closer to their only bull, Hector, they there was no obvious sign of that. The animal looked completely unchanged. Sam was not really surprised, though. He had already guessed something more subtle. Only when they moved around towards the rear of the animal, did they finally see their daughter again.

Underneath the tail of the bull was not only its dark swollen anus but above the orifice sat a single eye. It immediately noticed the two creatures and fixed them with its stare. Sam could swear that there was recognition in that look. Heather had surely recognized them, the same way they now knew that their daughter had been turned into their bull's throbbing anus.  The parents were not shocked at what anybody else would have considered a hellish fate. Since they loved the bodies they were given by the Midwinter Demon, they were sure that their daughter as enjoying her own the same way. Unable to talk with one another Sam and his wife just waved at their daughter and then left again. They would find out a way to communicate with her later. For now they left her behind to her own devices, eager to explore their new bodies a little more inside the house.


Heather saw her parents leave the barn again, only minutes after they had entered. She had been surprised by the extreme degree of their changes. They were no longer recognizable as humans, yet she had known right away who they were. Although she had no idea how, she even knew that their genders had been reversed, meaning that the creature with those big bouncing breasts was her father, while her mother now sported an impressive erection.

Their daughter did not mind that they had left so soon, fully aware that there was very little to do with neither of them able to talk. In fact she preferred being left to her own devices, even if it just meant to wait for her having to do her new duty. She had no idea how long it was since she had woken up. It felt like a few hours. It had been a confusing first moments, left in the darkness of the barn and her body unresponsive. She had not been afraid, though, strangely enough. Only after a while had she slowly been able to put together her situation. What had once been Heather Duland, a girl who had only turned eighteen three months ago, was now a bull's dirty anus. The weirdest part, though, was that she actually liked it. She knew she should not but she could not deny it either. Instead of fearing boredom or the inability to do anything else with her life, she relished the lack of expectations and stress. No more studying or work, she was left with only a single duty. That duty, no matter how gross it was, did not frighten her, either. In fact she loved it.

Not long after she had woken up, she had felt something grumble and move far behind what felt like her throat. Eventually a foul mass had pushed its way up to her altered mouth. The taste had been awful. There was no way around it, it had been disgusting and caused her single eye to water. And yet it still had been delightful in the weirdest way. At last her sphincter-lips had suddenly relaxed, without any input from her, letting the manure escape and fall down onto the hay. The sensation had been the most intense and most puzzling she had every experienced so far. It had been a bizarre mix of sexual, almost orgasmic pleasure, relief and an odd sense of accomplishment. She could hardly wait to experience it again. In fact she could swear to feel a faint pressure building up further inside the bull.

Now that she thought about it she realized that was ready to fully embrace her new existence already. All she wanted to do was shit again. Nothing else seemed to matter. So why even pretend to be the person she used to be anymore. Without any internal struggle, the former girl dropped her identity in one glorious moment. It was no more than an anus from now on. That's what it wanted to be. A nameless, meaningless anus and it love it. It only wished it could thank the Midwinter Demon for this gift.


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