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Topic: The Fountain in the Garden

This is a very old story I saved on my computer a while back. Unfortunately I forgot to save the author's name, and I also forgot which site I got this from (it's probably deleted now). If anyone knows who wrote this, I highly appreciate it.

The Fountain in the Garden

Author's Note:     * With a tug of her Mad Doctor's curly wild forelock - although, okay, the driving force here is magic, not twisted science -
to Seraphic Soul, from whom she borrowed the Dance at the heart of this little story.

Amanda had kept a low profile at her last school, but the other kids soon learned to keep well clear of her. When she transferred to Warren G. Harding High, she discovered she needed to be a little more obvious, and so had taken on her current persona: Crazy Goth Girl with a Touch of Steampunk. Her usual attire now consisted of tall black leather boots and a short black velvet skirt, plus a stiff black tooled-leather bustiere and a black chain-mail throat guard (both the latter being secured at the back by black satin ribbon). This was topped by a ridiculously small top hat which was pinned to her tightly bunned black hair. Even her purse and lipstick were black, while her exposed skin - knees, belly, shoulders and face - were seriously pale. The only color was the heavy crimson blush on her high cheekbones and a glittering ruby stud in her navel.
This costume had proved quite effective in proclaiming 'Stay Away' - not least because, although it totally flaunted Warren's dress code, there were no observed official repercussions. That is to say, it warned off everyone but Laverna Hobbs and her three hangers-on, who seemed to always be looking for ways to annoy her. They dressed like cheerleaders - or vapid whores, if you asked Amanda. This was slightly unfair given that, unlike her, they adhered to school policy (albeit just barely ... so to speak). And technically it was not the fault of Brandi, Crystal, and Roxy that they were encumbered with stripper's names.

At any rate, the harassment continued until early one Saturday morning when the stakes went up: Amanda felt a sudden urge to hike over to the disreputable looking old mansion in which Laverna lived. She knew it was a summoning spell, and although she'd suspected that Laverna dabbled in Wicca, she hadn't imagined her wielding anything like that kind of power. Maybe, she thought, all four girls together had somehow managed it. She told herself she could resist, that she was just going to go there to see what was what ... and yet as soon as she got dressed, she set off. It made her cross.

When she got there, the compulsion became quite specific - she found herself walking down a lane beside the Hobbs estate, to a solid wooden gate that was set into the thick hedge. When the gate opened slowly in front of her, she began to seriously worry about how much power Jenna and her crew possessed. But then a young blond girl peeked out from behind. She was clearly Laverna's sister.

"Hello - you must be Amanda. I'm Abigail. I've been watching out for you. They're all down that path behind me, in the Hidden Garden. Sorry, that sounds so dramatic doesn't it? It's just a quiet little place with a round flagstone terrace, and some daffodils and tulips and stuff. Even the gardener hardly ever goes there. Anyways, they're waiting for you." When Amanda turned toward the trail, the girl called after her, "Hey! I really like the little-black-rosebud lipstick thing."

Amanda walked along a trail between some wild roses until it opened up to give her a view of the girls. They were all wearing beautiful diaphanous gowns, and dancing gracefully in a circle. She stopped, and squinted. Then she looked away so she could just see them from the corner of her eye. It was as she guessed. They'd been cloaked by a glamour. In reality, they were stark naked. They beckoned to her, and she stepped forward into the circle. The four girls continued their dance around her.

Laverna smiled, rather smugly, as she skipped along. "I suppose you're wondering why we called you here."

"Yes, actually."

"We thought you might want to join us. But first, we need you to perform a little task. Sort of an initiation, like." Titters ran around the ring from the others, which somewhat undermined the sincerity of their leader's words. "First, strip for us," Laverna commanded.

Amanda did, tossing aside her grim ensemble a piece at a time to form a pile outside the circle. Her hat went last, along with the stiletto hatpin. She shook out her long hair and stood erect - she was justifiably proud of her body - with her legs slightly spread, so that her second ruby stud could clearly be seen. As the girls gyrated around her, she stared at each in turn. Abruptly, they stopped, and Amanda immediately felt a warmth building up in her clitoris. She looked quickly around to lock onto the weak link. Brandi. She widened her eyes and stared hard at the girl.

Brandi began to fidget, and one hand dropped to her own clit. To her alarm, she found she found that she couldn't move. She also noticed that everyone else seemed to be growing taller, and odd sensations were reporting in from all over her body. It couldn't be possible, but ... she realized with horror that she was shrinking. But not to become a mini-Brandi. She was changing - her glossy red hair quickly fell out, and then her arms seemed to simply melt away. As did her legs, excepting her feet, which were soon attached directly to her dwindling butt cheeks. Her once proud tits flattened out and her wide hips evaporated until she'd become seriously shapeless; and still she shrank until she was reduced to a boneless torso not much thicker than her neck. Her mind whirled. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Finally, the loose extra skin which was draped around her neck began to roll upwards until it had swallowed her head.

She knew that whatever was happening to her was also affecting her mind - in the dark, her terror was fading, and her strongest desire was now to be touched. She also knew what she had become, because it was the fate that had been intended for Amanda: she was now an eighteen-inch tall cock-creature. And because Laverna had thought it would be hilarious, she also retained her plump pussy, which barely cleared the ground between her wrinkled scrotal feet.

When a bemused Crystal leaned down and ran her hands up and down Brandi's now ropy-veined exterior, the sensation was explosive - her entire surface was as sensitive as her clit had once been.

"Look," Crystal said, "She's vibrating!"

"So she is," said Laverna, flashing a wicked smile.

"Let's see how she's doing in there," said Amanda. "Crystal - pull down her foreskin."

Crystal put her hands up where Brandi's ears should have been, and began slip-sliding the hot flesh up and down, but it was hardly necessary. Brandi was so excited that she grew taller and thicker. As she did, the skin over her head retracted - redeployed to do tightly-stretched service over her expanding phallic body. They could now see how much she had changed in there ... her face had shifted to the top of her head, and all that was left of it was a pair of blinking eyes, one on either side of a slit mouth. What one might as well call her cheeks were still freckled.

"Yo, Brandi! How you feeling?"

A quantity of precum drooled out of her slit, followed by a pink tongue which tried to gather it all back. A slightly garbled voice then emerged: "Fantastic!"

"Great! We're gonna get you laid. Who wants to go first?" Amanda asked, looking directly at Roxy.

"I want her to fuck me," Roxy said in a monotone, although her frightened expression said otherwise. Without further prompting, she stepped over top of Brandi, her legs spread wide.

"Not so fast - don't you think she's a little too big for you? Let me help you with that." Amanda made a few hand passes over Roxy from head to toe. "There. Now try."

Roxy crouched down and set Brandi's blunt new knob-face up against her moist pussy. Pushing down gently, she gasped; then she reached down to take hold of her suddenly rubbery labia, stretching the lips wide to accommodate Brandi's head. She continued to whimper as Brandi-the-Wang slid deeper inside her, stretching her pelvis and expanding her belly as though she were pregnant. Then her knees gave way, and Brandi's bulk plunged right up into her chest. She finished up sitting, with her legs spread and Brandi's feet just visible underneath her. There was a log-like lump following Brandi's path right up between Roxy's tits to the base of her neck.

"Wow," said Crystal, loudly enough to be heard over Roxy's moans. "That is so cool!"

It was then that Brandi reached her limit, and began to ejaculate. Roxy's moans turned to gurgles, and then a great gush of cum spurted out of her mouth.

"How'd you do that?" asked Crystal.

"Duh! Magic," said Amanda. "Obviously. I had to make room for Brandi in there somehow. Roxy's pussy is connected straight to her mouth, now. Suits her, doesn't it?"

Roxy continued to imitate a fountain.

"I didn't know Brandi had it in her," giggled Laverna nervously, as the jism arced gracefully out to flow down Roxy's tits.

"Who slept through theory, then?" said Amanda, "Technically, most of the stuff that was Brandi is now in another dimension. We're just drawing it back and draining some off." To be precise, it seemed to be arriving in Brandi's bulbous feet, which were rhythmically squeezing to pump the stuff up through her.

"Um. Wouldn't she run out eventually, then?"

"Oh, sure, but …" Here she abruptly tipped Roxy onto her back, so that the milky spray burbled straight up before landing in a pool centered around Roxy's head. "See? We can push a garden hose in here and recharge her." She pointed at Brandi's inviting pussy mounted between those busy feet, which in turn improbably stretched Roxy's sex. "Or you could do it," she added, to Crystal.

Crystal, who had been edging away, jumped guiltily. "Huh?" But then her eyes grew large and she looked down in alarm. Her clit had begun to grow. It was soon as fat as a normal cock, but it was already past any cock's normal length. In spite of herself, the terrified girl reached down to explore her new organ. Soon it projected a throbbing twenty inches out from above her shaved pussy.

"Right," said Amanda, "now that's a lovely hose. Just thread that trouser snake into Brandi, here, and pump in some fresh cum."

Crystal obeyed immediately - in fact, her new cock led the way, plunging into Brandi's cunt of its own accord before Crystal had fully knelt in position. She groaned at the unfamiliar sensations, and Brandi redoubled her tremors at the intrusion, which caused Roxy's spluttering moans to increase as well.

Amanda addressed the now seriously alarmed Laverna. "You're thinking that now Crystal is going to run out of cum, right? Good point. Here's what we're gonna do." She made yet another pass of her hands.

"No," pleaded Laverna, but already she could see her breasts growing plumper by the second. As they expanded, her nipples changed, becoming very long and very fat - and very cow-like.

"Step right over top, and face Crystal - that's it. Now pop one of those lovely fat teats into her mouth. Don't worry. She's got no teeth anymore."

Crystal sucked the offered nipple deep into the back of her throat and began to suck. The milky flow quickly became a torrent, but Crystal simply relaxed her throat and let it pour through herself.

"Great! So now you just need to sit on Roxy's face."

The girl did, and closed the loop. Roxy's cum fountain was now directed into Laverna's pussy, and joined her milk to flow from her tit into Crystal's mouth, then out through Crystal's long new cock - a pulsating eight inches worth or so of which could be seen before it plunged into the quivering Brandi. The flow continued through Brandi and Roxy until it launched from the latter's mouth back into Laverna.

Amanda admired her handiwork, and then said, "Laverna - your left teat is drizzling." She rolled out a nearby garden hose, shoved it up Crystal's ass, and cracked open the valve. With the added pressure Laverna's drizzle became a spray ... and Crystal and Roxy's breasts began to launch thick jets of water as well. "How ya feeling?"

Only Laverna's mouth was not otherwise engaged. She answered, "Oh my God! It feels so good!" Her voice was a gargle - water surged up her throat when she spoke. She tipped her head back and cried out in pleasure through a splashing torrent. "So gggooogh!" she burbled.

"Glad to hear it," said Amanda. "Okay - nearly done. Crystal - hold onto Roxy's little tits. Don't block the spray - that's it. Roxy, I see you've got a good grip on Laverna's bum. Now Laverna, brush Crystal's cheek with your right hand and use the other to aim your free udder just a bit further outboard. Excellent! Hold it ... there! You're all fused together now." With yet another wave of her hand, the hose sprouted scales and otherwise came to look like an anaconda, even though its snaky head was hidden from view inside Crystal.

She tilted her own head to one side to admire her handiwork. "Wouldn't want you to burn in the sun, or get all weather beaten and stuff. Well, Brandi, obviously you don't have to worry about that. But nobody would know you guys were having a good time if I turn you into stone. How's about this?" One last wave and the girl's skins began to take on a metallic sheen. "There you go." They were now rubberized, but with a bronze coloring. They looked like real statuary until you saw the trembling and the small movements - like Crystal's sucking cheeks, and Laverna's head rolling around. "There. You'll make a lovely garden feature - nearly as good as having a Rodin."

From behind her was a little voice. "Hi Amanda! I forgot what a nice old fountain we have down here - all those dolphins and things. Gosh, where have the other girls gone?"

"Hey, kid. You just missed them."

Abigail glanced away from the stately fountain, so that it just caught the corner of her eye, then back. "And how cum you're nekkid?"

"Oh. Yeah." Amanda had forgotten she'd shed her clothes.

"It's okay," Abigail said, laughing. "I'm just fucking with you. That Laverna can certainly be a cow sometimes - the teat thing suits her. Nice glamour, by the way. A reflector, right? They looked just like one of my favorite fountains - which, to be honest, is nearly as rude as this one. It does have dolphins, though." She walked around the spouting assemblage of glued girls. "You've got some excellent multi-dimensional transformations going on here. Better than a Rodin, to my tastes. Although Auguste was pretty good in the sack," she mused.

"Who are you?"

"Like I said - I'm Abigail. Laverna's mother, actually." She turned a gleeful little spin to loft her violet summer dress. "Sometimes I like to indulge my inner child. So anyway, I asked Laverna to check you out, see what kind of powers you have. I didn't intend for her to try turning you into giant wang. Guess she found out though, huh? About your powers."

"Um. Right." Now that Abigail had let her, she could feel disturbingly deep power radiating from the bogus waif. "It was you that summoned me, wasn't it? Listen - I'll turn them back for you right away."

"Nah - no rush. Nice touch, the rubber weatherproofing. Wickedness with a heart. I love that we can still hear Laverna squealing. The girls liven this place up, and they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves. They should be happy here for months. At least. Maybe we'll sort them out this fall. Or next."

"And the gardener won't mind?"

"Tommy? He'll be cool with it. Nice guy - likes to play bareback rider with me." Amanda raised her eyebrows at that. "What? I can do a pretty fair fifteen or twenty-year old, too, you know." In half a minute she'd filled out and grown to prove her point, becoming a stunning young woman (and in the process stretching the little sundress to its limits). "When the mood takes me," she added, as she shrank back again. "He thinks we're three different girls. Not counting Laverna and Mrs. Hobbs, of course."

As Amanda processed this new information, it occurred to her that the gardener's views weren't the only outstanding issue. "Won't they be missed?"

"I'll tell everyone my darling daughter has run away ... again. With her friends, this time. I'm sure you can conjure some postcards from Arizona, or somewhere." They admired the new fountain together for a time, and then Abigail turned and led them back up the path. "Amanda, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. First off, how's about you show me why you have a focal gem fastened to your pussy


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This is by Cordelia Speedicut: https://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Cor … _home.html