Topic: In Neck Deep With the Sharks


In Neck Deep with the Sharks

by TheNomeKing

Familiar lights and sounds droned around Lucy’s head, the noise of the slot machines, the talking, the cheering and the crying patrons as their money was put to squandered, thrown away and on the rare occasion; put to good use. The familiar ringing and music of the money grabbing machines rang in lucy’s ears, people chatting and talking as they placed their hard earned money on the line for a chance, a feeling, even a mere fleeting thought of winning big. Demonic deals were always being made with the owners of these casinos, deals with those who won; the jackpot being either the prize of money, or the prize of the dream body many people craved; and only a greater demon could provide. Many had tried other means of modification like d-cum, even going so far to experiment with alchemy; only when they lacked the near fortune required to sate a demon’s satisfaction, they would resort to the last means. Most, if not all had failed and ended up in the dark underworld, which everyone who gambled knew all too well.

Lucy’s worn eyes stared around at the bright lights, the sounds had melded with her minds voice, becoming nothing but white noise, her only thought was winning. Yet she had put her hands into blackjack, poker, rummy, roulettes and every other game that required skill; and yet she had lost thousands, hundreds of thousands even. She had honestly lost count of the money she owed, yet she continued to gamble, certain she would win, certain she would pay back what started as a minor hobby, but ravaged her life and family and became a full time obsession. She had started to try and gain enough for a deal, perhaps putting more and more forwards every week to try and win, yet she never could. Months became years as hundreds became thousands, thousands went into hundreds of thousands, until she had reached the sad slow game of slot machines. She knew her odds of making it out of this alive were slim, and she’d been at the same slot machine for days, hoping to win, hoping to make the last of her loaned money count.

A casino clerk came over and tapped Lucy over the shoulder, her withered face turning to the man who had pulled her out her trance of colours and lights. He smiled graciously and politely asked.

“Would you like some more complimentary drinks and nacho’s ma’am?” he asked in a happy up-beat friendly manner. The tone of voice made Lucy sick to her core, knowing he was only offering her food and drink in the hopes she would stay longer to put even more of her life into the machine. Yet even as her stomach growled she could not refuse nutrition, no matter how cheap or unhealthy.

“Get me some beer and a burger instead and you’ve got yourself a deal” she replied in a deep depressed voice, turning back to the slot machine and continuing to push the hard metal shards of her humanity into the machine, the coins rolling down and clicking, giving her yet another chance to win her life back. Over time she had come to the revelation that gambling wasn’t a game, it was actually a form of torture. In betting there is always hope, hope that you’ll win and become happy for the rest of your life. But the odds are so shallow and slim, that you may get the same chance from a random stranger giving you the money. The true torture was hope, the hope that once she had won big, her life would all be amended; even though she knew it would never come to pass, and her way out of her debt would be nothing less than death.

With that depressing thought she looked down, her still fairly young hands gripping the cup her coins had been put into; getting progressively lighter. A single coin stared at the bottom of the cup, signifying the last of her borrowed money. It stared at her, taunting her with its shiny surface. She could go and get something, she could get a bus out of town with that, perhaps try to run. She sighed and pulled the single shining coin out the cup, placing it into the slot of pulling the lever. She stared blankly at the slot machine with tired eyes, having already given up on hoping for a win she pulled the lever, staring blankly at the numbers spinning, giving her a bar, then another bar. She saw the other one spinning for longer than it should, her heart thumped a little faster, bringing her back to reality. Then a cheery appeared next to the two bars, the sad monotone noise bleeping in front of her as the coin machine appeared to be laughing at her. The noise of the casino had droned away, leaving only a white noise that only sounded like the laughing of the sharks she borrowed from.

She stared at the slot machine, rubbing her light blood drained skin and tired wrinkled eyelids, looking in her mid 40’s when she was only 35, her fatigue had taken its toll. Standing up in her unwashed clothes she walked away from the slot machine, seeing in the corner of her eye the clerk carrying her beer and burger in hand. At this point she was too upset to eat, and blended away through the crowds, leaving the clerk to ponder at her absence. The beer and burger sat at the same slot machine she had been playing at; only to slowly fester away as another patron came along and began using the same slot machine, pulling the handle and putting chance in the way of misery or eternal happiness.

Lucy walked out of the casino, the bright lights of her thriving city built on the foundations of an old province Haarikon, and it only welcomed her with taunting laughs and cries of glee. People all around her cheering and laughing, talking and socialising with their other rich friends, walking around the people they fed upon. The world Lucy Lived in with ruthless, hard and unforgiving it made sure that whoever had money, had the things they wanted. Yet those who served and worked hard in menial jobs, would suffer under debt, gambling; and the fate of either death or enslavement. These were commonplace and under the power of several devices, sexual and physical slavery were accepted as fact, even welcomed in some parts of the world; though still explicitly illegal. Yet this was slavery of the body and flesh, slavery of a person’s very soul and mind, a willing change of enslavement; that some considered a fate worse than death.

A tear trickled down Lucy’s face, knowing that one of two fates awaited her. Firstly that her usefulness was limited, and that they would make more money from her dead than alive. Or that she would be forced into slavery like so many before her. Slavery was abundant and commonplace in the high fly cities, but it was never known to the unsuspecting. Slavery has always been and was still illegal in the Empyrian empire, yet those who had the money, and the people would still get away with it. She knew the best people to get the money from the very people she feared would enslave her. They would go to great lengths to not only hide their slavery acts from the authorities but also keeping anyone they knew in the favour, stop them from telling anybody either by killing them outright, or turning them into a source of income. Pushing her hands into her coat pockets she walked towards her doom, knowing escape was pointless, bargaining was a joke, and begging would buy her nothing but misery.

The brightest lights and sounds of the city dulled away as Lucy continued to walk down the road, several cars drove by with happy patrons, eager people ready to gamble and party their money away. Lucy was sickened, disgusted by the horrible individuals who were richer and happier than her, far better off in their lives than she ever could be. She continued down the long road, passing several casinos she knew all too well, slowly the lights of the city faded away and only the streetlamps warmed the dark dank road, the bright shining glow of the buildings faded away into the darkness of the night.

Several people shoved past Lucy, coughing and shuffling along, keeping their coats and jackets tightly closed up against the cold. Lucy kept walking until the familiar sight of the four sharks bar to her right on the other side of the road beckoned her, the dull neon lights buzzing gently, a few broken bulbs on the edges flickering on and off. Her heart raced as she got closer and closer, seeing two gruff looking bouncers outside, one of whom she knew quite well. Her adrenal glands pumped faster and faster as she crossed the road, not bothering to even look for cars as she stepped onto the wet pavement. Approaching she pulled her hands out of her jacket and walked up to the much taller bouncer, holding her arms out to the sides and waiting. Two large hands padded her sides, without a single word they searched her for items, weapons or anything that could be of potential harm. After a few squeezes in the wrong places and a filthy smirk by the hulking individual, he nodded towards the door, and pushed it open; Lucy walking through.

The smell of tobacco, drugs and booze stained her nostrils as she entered the pub, a warm blast of wind as the air conditioner blasted hot air down her neck and face, making her shudder a little at the sudden change of temperature. Four men in suits sat at the edge of the bar wearing black suits and taking shots of whisky from a small square glass. One turned his head to Lucy standing at the doorway, his eyes shadowed by the ridge of his wide black hat, staring at her for a moment.

“He’s downstairs Luce, I wouldn’t ask for anything more” he said blankly, turning back to his shots of whiskey and hunching over the table; grunting a little and continuing to talk to his friends, who all wore similar apparel. Lucy gulped and felt the pit of her stomach burn as she walked past the group of men, pushing the door open in front of her, leading to a kitchen. The kitchen consisted of steel construction, mostly metal surfaces and counters, designed for producing large quantities of food at a demand. Some pots and pans bubbled on one of the many stoves as she walked into the kitchen, the swinging door making a quiet click as it closed. A large heavy looking chef turned his head up, the fellow was overweight and rather sweaty; he chopped meats on a large wooden board and looked up towards the shivering woman. He stared at Lucy and nodded towards the cellar door to her right, then resumed his work, slicing up what she could only assume was a beef haunch. She moved to the door on her right, pushing down on the metal Bar and opening the door, hearing it make a slight creak as it swung open, the basement only illumined by a dull light bulb. She knew better than most that the bowels of the bar was more than just a cellar, it was home to something else. A set of wooden stairs led down to a stone cellar floor, a small window at the top leaking light onto the crates and the wine bottles. Lucy walked slowly down the stairs and walked across the stone foundations, looking at the crates, containing mostly vegetables. A few sealed metal crates had glass windows, And labels on the side, detailing the contents.

"Live parasites, not for consumption; keep away from all bodily entrances, keep sedated when not caged"

Lucy dismissed the crates and continued walking, observing one similar looking box that was smaller, but seemed far heavily fortified than the others. Looking around she saw several other items on interest, vials of questionable liquid, barrels of what you would expect to be whisky and beer. She continued through, finding another set of stone stairs leading down, the steps descending deep underground. She walked down the stairs; bright red lights illuminated the halls, several cast iron doors lined the hallways. Laughter could be head directly ahead, talking and chatting from a wooden door at the far end of the hall. As Lucy walked down the hallway she could hear odd noises coming from some of the doors, moans and grunts, squelching and other sounds she dared not imagine their origins. She finally reached the end door, twisting the handle and pushing it open. A warm comforting breeze hit her face, and a smell of beer, smoke and drugs struck her nostrils. She knew the room too well, the large square room, the heavy mahogany desk, right down to the little details. The room was lavishly decorated, expensive furniture, a welcoming rug on the floor. A large executive looking chair behind the desk turned slightly, a head poking out and seeing Lucy standing at the door entrance, politely closing the door.

Lucy took a deep breath and gulped, waiting for her time to speak; hearing the individual in front of her finishing his conversation. He turned the chair back round to his desk and placed the phone back onto the hook with a ring and watch encrusted hand. His sleek black oiled hair and suave black business suit didn't distract Lucy from his true devilish nature.

"Lucy baby!! How's my favourite gambler doing today; have you got my money; or have you come to pay me double...hahaha, well come on sit down...ill pour you a drink" the individual said with a very Ondorian style American accent, smiling through his perfectly white teeth and picking up two whisky glasses.

Lucy didn't say a word; instead just nervously approached the smaller wooden chair on her side of the desks. As she approached the smell of booze and drugs became stronger. She sat down at the chair, feeling the wood straining and creaking slightly; her head racing. The man didn’t say a word, but simply put down the glasses, and bottle, crossing his arms and leaning in towards Lucy.

“You don’t have it do you?” he asked, giving her a stern expression; the kind a father would make to a disobedient daughter; to which she could only nod in shame, bowing her head down “and you’ve come here for more haven’t you?” he asked with an even deeper tone of voice; staring deep at Lucy, watching her nod again as a tear dripped down her face and her eyes began to water.

“I’m….im sorry Jonny, please give me some more, I can win it back….i can play the tables again…I” Lucy cried, her voice breaking apart as tears streamed down her eyes as she leaned forwards, gripping her hands together and begging. ”Aaahhh stop…s..stop right there Luce! I’m not giving you any more money….and you’ve strained my patience, as well as my good nature for the last time” he interrupted, holding his left hand up and looking down, halting Lucy in her speech, making her sob a little more. He reached down into a drawer and pulled out a large, heavy black pistol, placing it down onto the table in clear view; making sure that Lucy could see it.

“This can play out one of two ways, one….I remove you from the equation and I acquire the money from your family” he said, staring deeply at Lucy as she raised her head, eyes red from fear and upset, her heart racing in fear and dread.

“Or…..since I like you, more than I should a client….you offer services to me, to pay back the…hundreds…of thousands you owe” he continued, picking the pistol up off the table, and placing it back into the drawer, giving her a physical interpretation of his unclear and riddle strewn speech.

“Whaaa what kinda work Jon? Labour? Working for you that…kind of thing?” she asked, a small glimmer of hope blooming in her heart, looking up at the boss and staring into his blank expressionless brown eyes.

“Well…not quite, I think you know what I mean Luce, you’d need to be whoring yourself out. One problem with that though babe, is that it would take a hundred years for you to pay off that debt…..and you’re in your late 30’s. The only way you’d be able to pay it back is….well you know” he said to her, looking at her eyes and watching the confusion rise, afraid he’d have to say it out clear.

“….i mean….to subject yourself to a Dakini conversion agreement, and it would be fixed.” He continued in a deep voice, a small piece of pity and humanity glimmering in his eyes, trying to offer her a way out, a way to repay her debt other than her blood.

“B…but sir! Y…you can expect me to do that, I’d have no life left, i….what would I do? I’d have no control over myself, you may as well just shoot me!” she said, the small glimmer of hope vanishing from her heart at the mere thought of her being a slave to a Dakini worm, the very idea sent shivers down her spine.

“Well we do have a special type, it’s rare and almost impossible to find, let alone breed. But these are domesticated, they allow partial control to the host; and in an essence it acts only like a normal Dakini conversion, just better for the person” he continued, putting her fears to rest, but still giving her the option of becoming something many considered a freak, or death.

“I….I’d have a life? I could continue afterwards? I wouldn’t be controlled by it?” she asked, shocked at herself for even considering such a thing, but considering her circumstances it was the only sane choice she had.

“It’s either that or not have a life at all Luce…..please, you’d have an extended life, and.....well being such an…honourable gentleman such as myself; I feel somewhat disgusted for even suggesting it….” He coughed, bringing up something else, Lucy didn’t know what to expect from the next sentence, she almost dreaded it though.

“wh…what? What is it?” she asked, leaning forwards even closer, perplexed at the proposition he may be offering, thinking it may be a way out; but still a little nervous.

“If you had any friends or…..family who you …..Wouldn’t miss, then I could subjugate them to a forced agreement, and half your servitude time; it would mean you’d be free earlier, I know your daughter wasn’t very nice to you.” He replied, looking at lucy’s face turn to one of consideration, to one of disgust.

“Urhh…no..no I could never do that, I…..no. look I’ll do it, I’ll do whatever you want, any existence is better than….no existence at all” She replied, another tear falling down from her eye, staining her skin with tears.

“Now now Luce….i said before, you’ll have some control; at least that’s what I’ve been told. Now if you’d sign this we can get underway” he replied, leaning down and pulling out a paper drawer, full of contracts for nearly every occasion. He pulled out a brown envelope, and unsealed the top, pulling out a rather new looking piece of paper, which seemed higher quality than the others she used to sign. “where you go Luce, now sign there, and we can begin immediately, it’s not like you have affairs to wrap up…..is it now” he said jokingly, smiling as he watched Lucy eye over the terms and conditions of the contract, picking up an ink pet at her side and getting ready to sign.

Lucy was careful to look over the contract; she’d never looked at the others she’d signed before. There was no part of the contract which was advantageous to her at all; it was all dirty, filthy and full of things she would be expected to do. The only good part of the contract was the end, the promise that after she’d paid for her debt and the cost of the Dakini worm, that was of course if she wanted to. The debt for just the worm was in the tens of thousands, yet was nothing in comparison to her actual debt. After a moment of soul searching, of thinking of all the routes out, all of which ended in her possible demise; she signed the document.

She remembered her mother saying to her “when you sign an important contract, you sign a part of yourself away”. She now knew what that meant, except it wasn’t a part. It was like her entire life; or what was left of it was being stained onto the page, and until the contract was destroyed and complete, she would not have one. She finished signing and raised her hand, finding the contract being pulled away swiftly and place carefully back into the envelope. He placed the contract in another drawer to his right, and closed it with a distinct click, obviously a locked drawer. He turned his head back up to Lucy and smiled.

“Thank you Lucy…..i like you and I wanted you to take this route, the last thing I wanted to do was shoot you” he said, staring at the now terrified Lucy, the true depth of what she’d just done was seeping into her mind. She looked up at him, staring at his brown eyes and looking at his greedy smile.

“Right then…….to work, follow me and I’ll show you where you’ll be spending the next hundred or so years” he said gleefully, now knowing he had a very valuable income source. Lucy nodded and slowly got out of her chair as he did, walking around the desk and placing a hand on her shoulder, pushing her towards the wooden door and opening the handle.

“I know you’ve probably guessed the true intention of this place before, it’s how I make my money. See I make a lot of cash of potential people who enjoy the darker pleasures, and more specifically the illegal ones. I only house Dakini slaves here, all of which are either willing clients like yourself, or customers who dug too deep. And you’ll be joining them my dear, except you’ll have the luxury of control like they will never have.” He chuckled, moving through the corridor and pointing to the individual doors. They finally got to the second door from the exit at the left hand side of the room, the boss opening the metal handle and pulling it open. From the rusty hinges and grinding metal sounds she expected a dank wet cell with a small single sturdy bed. She was shocked to see the layout of the room is something you’d see in a one star hotel, something extremely basic, but habitable. The room was moderately sized, had good walking room and a large flat based bed. Yet there was only a small toilet, but it lacked any place to make food.

“wha….what about….you know….food?” asked Lucy as she wandered into the underground room, looking around at her new home.

“You won’t need it my dear….you’ll understand more lately, for now let me get that worm and we’ll get you on the path to paying back that debt of yours.” Jonny smiled, closing the door and turning the handle, locking her tightly inside the room. She sat on the bed, the cold biting at her skin, her heart racing. She was terrified, unsure of what was to become of her, unsure of what a Dakini conversion would feel like. She had heard stories of Dakini worms, how they crawled into the beds of innocent people, found their way into some entrance, and slowly converted your body. Changing it and moulding it as they saw fit, enslaving your mind to their whims and changing you into nothing but housing for their perverted sexual desires.

She sat on the bed, awaiting her fate, looking around her cell, perhaps for the last time; she didn’t know if she would be able to see after the horrible creature changed her body. She heard footsteps, the noise of the mafia boss approaching, his familiar cough and grunt as he carried something heavy. He reached the door and she held her breath. She expected the door to open, but instead a slide at the top opened; his eyes and nose visible.

“You two have fun….I’ll be in later to check on how you’ve done” he said, sliding the hatch close. She heard a loud metal “thunk” noise at the base of the door, and realised there was a sliding hatch at the bottom. Her eyes bulged and realised it wouldn’t be given to her, it would find her. The slide opened, revealing a dark box, and something moving inside. She pulled her legs up onto the bed, watching something small and pink wriggle inside. Slowly the worm began to move out, looking like a large dismembered cock wriggling forwards. She was shocked to see one as she didn’t even know what they looked like, only that they were the product of a demon. The tip of the cock housed a single human-like eye, the worm inching forwards at a rather shocking speed; its skin seemed darker than hers.

She gasped as the hatch closed, leaving her trapped inside the room with the strange looking Dakini worm. It continued to crawl across the floor and disappeared beyond her vision. She trembled and felt scared at the strangeness of her situation; she didn’t know what to do. Lucy knew she would have to let this horrible intruder inside her at some point, and that she at least wanted it to be pleasant. The scary looking eye found its way up the edge of the bed, crawling up the sheet and onto the bed near her feet and legs. Slowly it inched forwards, the surface of which seemed to be glistening with a thin layer of lubricant. She noticed near the head and eye were tiny little digits, which seemed to help It move along, the latter of which she felt as it began to crawl up her foot.

She felt the innate desire to shake the worm off, to grab it by the eye and throw it across the room. But she couldn’t; this creature was the only thing keeping her alive. With tears in her eyes she sobbed, feeling it crawl up her leg and down to her waist. She cried and closed her eyes, turning her head away and gripping the zipper on her jeans. Slowly she undid them, pulling the zip down and revealing her white panties beneath, the Dakini worm getting closer. She felt a nudging at her fingers, the worm trying to push her hand out the way. Opening her eyes she looked down and pulled her hand away, only to see the worm slowly push its way into her trousers.

“Ohhhhhh…..ooohhh god!” she gasped, watching the fleshy end wriggle, feeling the shaft head press against the lining of her underwear. The feeling of its tiny little digits across her skin felt strange, the sensation of it crawling into her pants. She gasped, feeling the eye laden head press against her soft vaginal lips, it’s tiny digit like feet rubbing against her g-spot. Her eyes bulged as she arched her head back, gasping loudly and looking up towards the fan attached to the ceiling of her cell. The end of the worm wriggled and slowly began to penetrate her body, the creature wriggling and writing in her moist parts. She panted, looking down to see the tip of worm slip under her panties and out of sight, feeling the warm slimy worm slip deep into her thick moist cunt lips, wriggling inside her until she could no longer feel it, leaving her breathless.

“Wha….what the…..oh god……oh god it’s over” she gasped, looking down and pressing her crotch, feeling just flat skin and her pussy, no worm still wriggling around. She sighed and rest her head against the wall, feeling relief at what was probably the hardest part of the ordeal. She regained her breath, but only for a moment, until she felt a deep surging heat in her torso, growing and spreading to her loins. Her heart raced, wondering what this feeling was, what It signified.

Then she reeled back against the wall, pushing her legs apart and grunting, feeling an odd twisting sensation in her guts, like something was rearranging her insides. It was then she felt the sensation of squirming at her crotch, it felt like something was pushing and wriggling at her groin. Her eyes widened as a bulge began to move near her crotch, pushing and squirming under her trousers. For a moment she was terrified, but then she felt almost exited.

“C..c…could it be?” she said to herself, wondering if the worm hadn’t actually fused with her, if it was trying to get out. She was more than happy to pull her trousers off to let the strange creature out of her body; if it couldn’t convert her then she might be let off. A small burst of excitement rushed through her, making her smile a little as she quickly unbuttoned her trousers and pulled them down, along with her panties. She threw her clothes across the room, looking down eagerly to see the Dakini worm pushing out her female parts.

However she received not only disappointment, but shock when she saw not the Dakini worm squirming and pushing out from her crotch, but something else. Looking down at her crotch she saw the tip of her pussy shifting forwards, her clit gaining length and size. Lucy Gasped, feeling her privates slowly stretch forwards, her cunt throbbing as her once small g-spot enlarged and moved before her eyes. She could only feel stretching, what felt like her skin stretching down below, her cunt lips throbbing with heat while her growing clit became larger and larger. The feeling was bizarre, she didn’t know how to describe It, though she knew how to describe the feeling of her cunt lips folding round her thick prick sized clit, the sensation of the wetness meeting together, squelching and merging. Her eyes bulged out as she watched her pussy reform, her feminine fluids leaking from her closing hole, slowly closing up as the skin merged into a perineum. She grunted, feeling something pushing through her body, a small cunt-like hole still leaking feminine fluids underneath her thickening clit and fused cunt lips. Her pussy loosening around her thick clit, slowly changing into something terrifyingly familiar. Her reshaping lips pulled around a thick expanding clit, a small slit-like hole opening up as an oddly smelling white fluid began to dribble out.

“Ohhhh god……oh please no” she said to herself, watching what she could only imagine as male cum leak from her thick reshaping clit, her mind reeling and unable to accept the changes in front of her. It was only when she moved her hand down, pressing underneath her extending member, the feeling of skin pressing against her hands, skin so sensitive it made her shudder with delight. Two thick heavy round objects pushed out her closing hole, encased in a loose but soft skin. Her fingers tingled over her new sensitive skin, sending shudder of alien pleasure rushing through her body and up her spine, tantalising her brain with new feelings of orgasmic proportions.

“Urnnf……nnnnooo, stop it” she grunted, moving her hands away as her thick balls began to descend, her skin pulling and sealing herself up, her womb closing and changing inside her, shifting into something different. Lucy gasped, feeling her new male balls churning up and down, the skin rubbing against her sensitive perineum, stretching up and connecting to her now less than female skin. Lucy knew what was happening, she knew she’d become a sex slave, yet she didn’t know that she’d become so male. Yet even as her thick clit grew larger, now the size of small golf ball, she knew she was no longer “she”

“Urhhhh…..my…..cock….urhhhh god” she grunted, reaching a hand down and rubbing her fingers across her throbbing shaft’s surface, making her gasp at the sensitive feelings it brought. Her skin tingled as she rubbed her dick for the first time, blood pouring into the cavernous tissue and slowly causing her to become erect, her clit stretching out past her sensitive foreskin. Grunting she watched it grow, gasping as it reached a full 6 inches, then continued to get larger as more blood poured inside it, her male member stretching and engorging with blood. She moved another hand round, grabbing and rubbing her balls, testing how sensitive the skin was, tickling it with her long nails, biting her bottom lip at the strange orgasmic sensation growing deep within her loins, as if her ass was tightening and clenching. She’d gotten used to feeling her orgasm grow from around her cunt, never before had she felt it deep within her body, the feeling of pleasure building so powerfully inside her. It felt like a throbbing light pulsating through her form, spouting her thick male juices as a by-product of her tenacious sexual thirst.

“Urhh NO! stop it!” she shouted, pulling her hands away and feeling her mind being pulled away with pleasure, something creeping into the back of your head. It felt like a voice, that voice that always tells you to have that last slice of cake, the voice which tells you to not worry about anything else. It was there, egging her on, making her want her dick more and more. Even as it grew thicker and thicker she tried to resist, tried to push the voice out with no avail.

“Ssstop it….get out my head!!” she screamed to herself, looking down at her throbbing member, gaining inches before her eyes, thickening and growing to a stunning 8 inches, her male seed seeping out as pre-cum, signs that she’d completely lost her femininity. Lucy tried to fight, tried to stop the changes, tried to resist. She knew it wouldn’t end, moving her hand down to her crotch, her other reaching between her legs to grab her thick heavy throbbing balls.


A loud crunch echoed in the room, making her jump as she felt a vibration in her body, her left leg making a loud cracking noise. The sound was reminiscent of somebody cracking their knuckles, it was painless but Lucy felt the vibration of bone against bone. She looked down at her feet and saw her left foot crack again, feeling something grinding up against another deep within her toes. Her eyes bulged in shock as she watched her foot stretch outwards, her toes cracking and moving involuntarily as the flesh and bone shifted shape. Lucy was disturbed by this, her face turning from one of denial to that of pure disbelief, her other foot cracking and shifting forwards, her toes slowly elongating and moving on their own accord. A burning sensation began to rush and ravage through her buttocks and legs, the kind of pain after running a race or you’ve just worked the muscles too hard.

She grunted at the burning pain, shifting her weight onto her front, gasping as her cock rubbed up against her blouse and the covers of the bed, staining them with her male seepages. She felt her legs crack straight out, feeling her feet extend outwards, her toes shifting and gaining length too, her upper legs cracking as she felt them shorten slightly. The burning sensation in her legs got only stronger, her muscles shifting and engorging, becoming larger and thicker. Lucy looked behind her, seeing her round firm buttocks shifting and growing in size, becoming huge in proportion to her body, her upper legs thickening as her hips let out a loud “crack”

“Urhhhh….AHhhh!!! please stop!!” she gasped and pleaded, feeling the urge to touch herself again rush back into her mind, grinding back and forth against the bed sheets, the urge to pleasure herself far too strong to resist. Slowly with tearful eyes she backed up, pushed her weight back off the bed, trying to find the floor with her still shifting feet. She was shocked when she felt her toes and the lower part of her foot touch the floor, yet her knees were still halfway up the bed. Lucy turned her head and looked back down her legs, her eyes widening at the sight in front of her. Her upper legs had thickened at least twice in girth and size, becoming very heavily muscled and tones. Her lower human legs had shortened slightly, bending towards the ceiling.

But her feet had extended to the point they weren’t her feet, more akin to the lower legs of a quadrupedal animal, extending down past her field of vision. Shaking of the strangeness of the change and sensation of her strangely configured limbs, she shifted her weight backwards, pressing down on her long toes, shifting up and feeling the weight of her body disperse across her legs evenly. Lucy stood upright, a little taller than before, looking down and seeing her five toes now much longer and stretching out like fingers. Her cock throbbed and hung straight from her strangely configured hips, which had seemingly become unnaturally wide to accommodate her huge buttocks and legs. For a moment Lucy felt rather comfortable standing on her new legs, the very idea of sitting seemed strange to her.

“Whhaaa….what’s….URhhh!!!” it wasn’t long before she felt another wave of heat surging through her body, flushing up to her breasts and chest, flooding upwards to her face. She gasped loudly, her cock throbbing as she felt her thick heavy ball sack rubbing up against her thick muscular legs, her hands moving down. She couldn’t help herself much longer, her fingers stroking her long thick 10 inch dick, at least 2 inches thick It was quite thin considering it’s length, but it seemed well proportioned for what she needed it for. Even as she stroked her member she was thinking of whoring herself out, thinking about how best to use her new anatomy to fuck whoever wanted it, to screw and bugger clients, people who enjoyed seeing her perverted and twisted form. Lucy moaned loudly, feeling her balls get even larger, her cock leaking pre-cum at the thought of being a whore, her mentality completely shifting.

“Urhhhh god……sstop it….urhhhh god stop…..don’t stop it……” moaned Lucy, deep in her mind she tried to stop herself, tried to pull her hands away from her cock. She tried to stop her fingers from rubbing her shaft, teasing her loose sensitive foreskin and tickling her sensitive cockhead; yet something was driving her forwards, making her touch herself, making her want it even more. She couldn’t resist, she didn’t care at this point, the feelings, the orgasmic sensations growing; she wanted to know what It felt like.

“Ahhh yess…..mmmm more..wha…..what?” Lucy groaned, starting to love the changes, starting to love the sensations, only for her to be pulled back to reality once more. Numbness began to strike her fingers, the feeling in her fingertips, and then her hands began to fade. She opened her eyes and looked down, her mouth gaping as she cried out in anguish. “NO!”

Her fingers had begun to shrink, her nails shrinking and being pulled into her shrinking flesh, becoming nothing more than digits. Lucy screamed in protest at the sensation of her arms retracting and moulding inside her body, her hands and flesh began to disappear, her fingers moving back and pulling into her hands, now just a ball of flesh on the end of her arms. She let out a cry as her arms cracked loudly, her arms shifting back, slowly being pulled into her body, She looked down her shaft, wanting to stroke it, wanting to touch it and pleasure herself. Yet as she tried to move her arms she found they were nothing but stumps, slowly being pulled into her body, the mass pushing through inside her.

“Noooo please!!! NO!....Not my arms!!” she cried out, feeling the last remains of her arms disappear under her pink skin, leaving her limbless form the waist up and totally incapable of pleasing herself. Lucy wept, tears streaming down her face, to be so close to such pleasure; only to have it snatched away. Her breasts wobbled slightly, noticing they had become slightly bigger, almost larger, possibly from the mass shift when her arms disappeared. She felt helpless, her large breasts wobbling from side to side; unable to even move them or touch her throbbing cock that teased her with its pleasurable pulsating. She could only stare at her cock, still throbbing and bobbing, almost screaming at her to be touched. Lucy even tried to move her non-existent arms, tried to shift her weight forwards and suck on it, but alas she was stuck.

After a few minutes of hopelessness the same throbbing heat surged upwards to her head, her eyes watered from tears she wondered how the worm would change her next, whether she’d be left eyeless and unable to speak, unable to pleasure herself or do anything but fuck whatever was put in front of her. Closing her eyes Lucy sobbed, waiting for the heat to ravage her face, her head and her identity. Moments passed yet the surging heat seemed to move away from her face, shifting towards her right shoulder, she opened her eyes and turned, wondering what was happening, what was going on. Suddenly another loud “Crack” echoed, making her moan as she felt her spine splitting In two. Her back snapped forward as she was forced forwards, shifting her weight slightly on her new feet, her balls rubbing up against her legs, only making her groan at the tormented teasing of her cursed anatomy.

“Urhhhh god….what now….” Moaned Lucy, feeling a throbbing growth spreading, the strangest sensation as her shoulders began to part, her head pushing to the side as an odd growth began to bulge at her right shoulder. She looked to her right, seeing a huge growth slowly spread forwards, pulling mass and weight from the recessed arms in her upper body and breasts, pushing outwards and forwards. Slowly she felt her waistline thin, her belly pulling up as a long thick tube-like growth pushed out from her shoulder, pushing her head to the side.

“What the…..Oh god!” she gasped, watching the long extension gain shape, shock rushing through her as she realised her neck was extending alongside the growth. She moaned loudly, feeling her vocal cords shift and change, making her moan deeply in a strange voice. She gasped and breathed through her extending windpipe, watching to her right as the odd growth stretched and took shape, a small opening forming at the tip. It was like she was feeling a paralysed limb, something that was a part of her, yet she couldn’t feel. She could feel the bizarre grinding sensations inside the growth vibrate through her own spine, watching and the shape change. Lucy felt a fear rushing through her as she felt the growth start to move, she couldn’t control it or feel it; yet it seemed to have a mind of it’s own. The growth took a different shape, the edges becoming defined, loose skin forming around the middle, the “neck” of the growth gaining muscle and definition. Lucy knew the shape, she knew it too well now she had one between her legs, still leaking cum and throbbing like crazy.

“No….no not that…..” she said watching the head moved and shift, the shape of the head seemed identical to that of a cock, even the foreskin was present. She saw the middle bulge, something moved up the growth’s inside. Slowly small dribbles of cum spurted from its tip, a small humanlike tongue wriggling and tasting it. It seemed to be like a second head; almost with a mind of its own, yet she couldn’t feel anything from the base of it’s neck upwards. Lucy was struck with fear as she looked at the head morphing at the sides, a split forming each side. Two brown human eyes opened up on either side of the cockhead, staring at Lucy as she stared back through, It was possibly the most bizarre experience she’d had ever witnessed; to have a second head stare at you. Lucy watched it blink, saw it stare at her as the pseudo-cockhead moved on its own accord, seemingly turning its “mouth” towards Lucy.

“Oh god…..what are you….Oh god!!” she cried out, feeling her own neck slowly stretching outwards, fearing the worst. She could feel her hair slowly falling out, her neck already like that of the creatures; like a long thick tube; gaining length with each passing second. She wondered, if that was the worm, if it had taken its place next to her. It moved its head towards Lucy and pressed it’s urethra up against Lucy own mouth, coating her face with cum, feeling it’s rough slimy tongue licking her face in a perverted kiss. She tried to push it away, only remembering that her arms had merged inside her before, and her second head seemed intent on turning her on. She moaned as she could feel a strange throbbing sensation underneath her balls, her sensitive perineum throbbing with heat as she felt something pushing between her legs. She gasped and moaned as the object grew larger and larger between her legs, able to feel two large round objects rubbing up against the back of her ball sack.

“Urhhh get away, stop it!!” she cried out, feeling a strangely familiar salty taste in her own mouth, exactly like her second head. Her second head stopped, understanding what she was saying, not by sound, but by their linked minds. Lucy was certain this was the worm, this was its mind separate from hers, and it was determined to make her part of it. It backed its cock-face away, and looked down, Lucy knowing what it was thinking. Lucy could see what was happening now; she could feel something growing behind her large pair of balls.

“Ohhh god!” she cried out seeing a second set of balls, sinking down and rubbing between her legs in a pink fleshy sack as gravity pulled them closer to the ground. She arched her head up and moaned the sensation of her neck stretching out further into a long prehensile tube, pulsating with large veins like her corrupted head. She gasped in pleasure, feeling her second set of testicles rub up against her smaller first set, making her gasp as pre-cum leaked almost uncontrollably from her prick tip. She looked back down, seeing her breasts slowly shrink in size, feeling the mass almost moving to her balls and her neck. She then saw her second head take its attention away from her second set of massive testicles and towards her cock, prompting Lucy to almost panic.

“No…no no no!” she cried out, feeling her second head reach down with its long neck and plunge it’s urethra mouth over the shaft between her legs, it’s slimy tongue massaging the surface. Lucy Gasped and felt cum dribbling and spurting out from her mouth, her eyes bulging and widening as she felt sheer orgasmic pleasure surge through her loins and even through her head, she could feel her orgasm pulsating in her chest and her face, like her entire torso was a huge sex organ. The orgasmic sensation struck her again, prompting her to roll her eyes around in ecstasy, almost enjoying the salty taste of her pre-cum that leaked from her soon to be cock-mouth. She felt its eyes close as it plunged its mouth deeper down her cock, feeling the hot surfaces caress her shaft. She gulped as cum seeped from her lips, her own eyes closing as the last of her hair fell to the floor. Her long prehensile neck was identical to that of her second head, the worm that had originally infested her, taking her side as her twin head. The worm pulled its mouth off, licking the surface of its cock-face, and moving up, licking underneath Lucy’s own long throbbing cock-neck.

“Urhhhh god……more…..i give in…..i want it!” she moaned, leaning in as cum dribbled from her mouth, feeling her teeth pull into her gums. Her second head pushed forwards and stuck it’s tongue in her mouth, the feeling of spurting seed filling her maw. Lucy closed her eyes as she felt her head crack, her skull shifting shape. Her eyes began to move to the sides, her nose and mouth merging into one singular flat surface. She felt her thick sets of testicles, all four round balls throbbing and growing in size, the back pair always remaining larger than the front pair. She could feel her already shrinking breasts become smaller and smaller in size, her shoulders and chest shrinking into a smooth tube-like shape, merging seamlessly with her two long necks and heads. Her breasts became nothing more than nipples as curly male hair grew around her chest, the last of the mass shrinking into her body and through to her head and balls; making her testicles even larger as they swung between her legs. Tickling spread over her crotch and belly, spreading over her back and legs but staying away from the base of her neck. Thick dark male curly hairs continued to grow, spreading over the tickling areas, coating her body and .She looked down at her long thin slender form covered in strong male muscle and hair, even in her corrupted state she knew she looked good as a perfection of male strengths and even in her phallic nature and form.

The cock between her legs throbbed as she began to feel the same pleasure in her neck and face, like the worm’s head next to hear she knew her face was shifting forwards. They parted kiss and Lucy opened her eyes, seeing from the sides she could observe how her head began to change. Through her eyes she saw the room change perspective, and she could feel her nose and mouth vanish, her chin and neck merging into a single shape as skin began to form around her flared cock head. She gasped and spurted cum from her mouth, feeling it dribbling down her long throbbing neck, watching as her tongue pushed out her shifting mouth, becoming nothing but a slit while her eyes finally shifted to the sides, completing her change.

Lucy spurted more cum from her mouth, leaning in and kissing her perverted worm head with her corrupted tongue, spewing cum over each other as their shared cock throbbed, begging for attention. Both with the same ideas they moved their long prehensile necks between their legs, licking their cock and shaft, feeling a shared orgasm growing deep in their buttocks. Their rough slimy tongues made short work of their shaft, only Lucy moaning through her urethra mouth as they shared a powerful orgasm, shooting a thick creamy load over their already cum covered cockheads, continuing to lick their prick.

Lucy felt frantic and drained, yet her libido didn’t show any signs of vanishing, she wanted more; she wanted even more sensation; even as she moved her head up, and licking her cockhead clean, she felt like she wanted to fuck, to suck, to screw and to please. Her second head moved up and licked itself clean, turning around and inspecting It’s environment.

Lucy heard a loud creaking as the door behind her began to unlock, turning her head slightly she saw the round hatch unfasten, and the door sliding open.

“Well well well……you turned out better than I’d ever hoped…..very impressive Lucy, you must be so pleased!” Jonny replied, smiling and leaning against the open door, looking at the fantastically moulded abomination in front of him. He inspected her new body, her thick heavy ball-sack and throbbing cock, right up to her duel prick heads.

“Can you speak? Can you hear me, understand me Luce??” he asked, looking at both heads, unsure of which was which. Lucy tried to speak, more cum spewing from her mouth as her tongue moved inside her urethra.

“Yusss, I caaan” Grunted Lucy, the left cockhead speaking and wriggling it’s tongue, nodding and communicating to her boss that she was able to communicate; albeit rather with great difficulty.

“Fantastic…..well it’s better than nothing, now then Luce; I have a question to ask you before you get to work on your first customer. Do have any family members who you’d like to ‘offer’ to me to half your sentence, I’m sure now…you’ve reconsidered” He said deviously, walking up to Lucy as she turned, realising she stood a little taller than he did. Lucy nodded and moved her cock-face down, cleaning the cum from her throat and trying to speak.

“Mmmm….my daughter….Ann, sheee will looove it! She didn’t help me before…….she will help me now” she replied loudly, saying each word carefully and slowly so as not to mix up any words, moving her head back up to her comfortable position, watching the bosses face change from neutrality, to that of a devilish smile.

“Wonderful…….do you think she’d like being a normal Dakini slave? to let the worm control her completely?” he asked, looking up at Lucy’s eyes, watching her nod and lick her urethra mouth, unable to smile. Lucy felt almost bad condemning her daughter to a worse fate, but after the pleasure she’d experienced, she wanted to give her daughter the same treatment she’d given her, the unwillingness to help her; which led to her downfall into gambling. Her mother would not only get a kind and loving revenge, but also have a little fun while she was at it.

“Fantastic…..I’ll send in the first guest, I think he wants to be sucked off, and with that new mouth of yours……he’ll be wondering why he went anywhere else but here” he smiled, rubbing the underside of Lucy’s cock neck and walking out, watching her spew even more cum from her mouth, happy with his new slave’s appearance.


Re: In Neck Deep With the Sharks

Days began to fly by as Lucy started to enjoy her work, at first slowly feeling disgusted with herself, even with her new shape and form that granted her pleasure undying, she still felt somewhat wrong. In the back of her mind, she was still screaming at herself, even when she started to suck off her first customer, feeling the enjoyable shape of his meat around her sensitive urethra-mouth, her cum providing lubrication and leaving her first client in “more than a mess” but very much satisfied. She has several other customers which spanned a week, two other males with a simple service, surprised at how much money she made with each customer. She’s managed to glance at the cash being handed over to her boss, and was shocked at the value of her services. As perverted as she was it seemed that there was no limit to the number of people who were interested in illegal Dakini slavery, even she knew it was wrong and condemnable within the empire, but even the purest of societies has it’s corruption.

Within the first few days of her transformation she felt the urge to urinate, yet didn’t know how to pee with a cock, she’d been female her whole life and yet it seemed alien. She stood at her toilet at first, positioning her semi-flaccid shaft over the edge and relaxed her muscles, She looked down at the bowl but alas nothing came out, only the warm feeling spreading upwards. It was then Lucy found another perverted pleasure that her body provided, something as simple as urination was far more sensual then it had ever been. Like her orgasms she felt rushing heat surging through her thick cock-neck, and out her mouth. Almost soothing hot liquid poured from her pisshole-mouth over the walls.

Lucy shocked at first moved her head down to the toilet and felt her rushing piss shoot from her mouth. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation, only then realising when she opened her eyes again that her other head was doing the same, but didn’t understand the concept of urinating into a toilet. After several mishaps and a few messy cells, Jonny had drains fitted into the cell, allowing her to urinate freely into the toilet, and any ‘mistakes’ would be easily drained away. It did leave a distinct musky aroma in her room, but it didn’t seem to bother her much, in fact it seemed to have a strange effect on her, and her customers. She found her fluids, both her seed and piss acted as a mild aphrodisiac and an addictive substance, which would explain why more and more customers kept coming back for her ‘services’. Eventually Lucy began to gain control over her urination and so did her second head, seemingly watching it’s female companion urinate and copy in succession. She was rather annoyed she was both unable to feel her second head but also control it; she’d learned many times that perhaps having another set of eyes and a mouth at her disposal were useful. Yet somehow she felt her friendly second head knew what she wanted, and would do so accordingly, though most time it would keep her in a perceptual state of pleasure and lust.

She felt herself almost uncontrolled at times, like another part of her was pulling her further, making her suck harder and fuck faster. The very thought of servicing somebody else for money made her feel ill, yet when she started her woes and worries melted away with the sexual deviations. She knew it was her second head, her filthy corrupted side, the worm that had done this too her. Yet she felt a slice of her humanity fade away each time she sucked or fucked, each time she sold and whored herself out for money she felt her morals slip into oblivion as her flesh took control.

However she enjoyed the customers who wanted to be screwed by her, it seemed to empower her more; make her want to do it more; almost like it was something she truly enjoyed. The times when she wasn’t pleasing her customers she spend in her cell, at the mercy of her second head. Her worm companion seemed more interested in pleasuring themselves, Not that Lucy complained, she certainly enjoyed pleasuring herself, even if it wasn’t she that was doing the pleasuring.

Two weeks went by, more customers came back for seconds, and thirds, and Lucy began to recognise certain customers as regulars, often having relationships of their own, but wanting something perverted and exotic instead. With each passing day Lucy began to look forward to the customers that begged to be screwed, the females and submissive males that lay on her bed and took her shaft within their being. With each thrust and with each client Lucy felt herself feel less like a female, and more like a male; stronger more empowered than ever with her new form and cock.

Lucy almost felt more male than ever, she didn’t even have any holes that could be screwed, only her mouths were free to be penetrated, and it seemed more clients wanted to be penetrated than to penetrate. It was after two and a half weeks of serving and perverted joys, Lucy finally got the word she’d been waiting for.


“Luce? You awake?!” shouted Jonny, his voice a commanding leading figure, making sure she just obeyed him and didn’t question his judgment. Lucy turned her head away from her crotch, her wormlike companion still suckling away at the shaft between her legs, making her leak the corrupted seed from her mouth. She looked over to the door, shifting her hairy digitigrade legs on the bedspread, staring at her boss through the gap in the door.

“We’ve got your girl, we’re going to send her in there with you; clean yourself out and get ready for her, I want you to keep her occupied while I do the deed” he shouted loudly, waiting for Lucy’s response. She stared blankly for a moment as she realised her daughter; the one who didn’t even try to help her was here, and she was about to help her mother in very different way. Lucy nodded and nudged her second head, feeling it pull its mouth off her shaft, and looking at her. She pulled her weight off the bed, cum dripping onto the floor as she walked over to the toilet. Lucy leaned down and released her urine, feeling the hot golden liquid spurt from her pisshole maw, making a loud gushing sound as she emptied her bladder contained deep within her torso, her second head doing the same, the Dakini worm moving over and urinating in the toilet, learning by now to keep the place dry.

Lucy then heard screaming and shouting from the corridor, turning round to face the door and licking the edges of her pisshole, her worm head turning round and licking the small dribbles of urine off her neck. Lucy felt her shaft throb tightly between her legs, the thought of seeing her daughter again, making her like she was; it got her exited, more so that she was willing to admit. Cum dribbled from her leaking dick, her sick seed splatting on the floor as she stood a fair distance from the door…..waiting.

The door clunked loudly as the lock came loose, the door swinging open as a young woman in her mid twenties was pushed through the door, grunting as she fell to the floor on her knees; her hands bound behind her. Not a second later the door slammed and rang in the cell, leaving the woman and Lucy the only two beings in the room. Her long blonde hair covered her face as she looked up, glimpsing at the two headed creature in front of her, the two long cockheads peering at her with two sets of eyes. She stumbled back, hearing the door lock behind her, pressing herself up against the wall and whimpering.

"You've got a choice my dear Ann" a voice shouted loudly as the metal slide slid open and the heavyweight Jonny poked his face through.

“You can service that creature; suck that dick between his legs; or you can end up the same as him; your choice" he said, chuckling to himself, holding up a large glass vial, a vicious looking Dakini worm wriggling within. He looked down at the young woman, unknown to her that this creature was related, her blood ran through it’s corrupted twisted veins.

"Fuck you, sick bastard! I’ll never do that: you'll……you’ll get found out!; I have powerful friends, they'll be looking for me!!!" She replied venomously, scowling and snapping at the powerful mafia leader like a pit viper.

"Ahhahahaaa!!" The well suited fat cat laughed triumphantly, sending both shivers of dread and confusion down the young woman's spine.

"You mean your powerful 'friends' who sold you out, sold you out for a slice of the profits i make. Nobody is coming for you....so unless you want to end up a slave to your own body.....get to it!!" He shouted back at her displaying the Dakini worm again to Ann, the cock headed parasite wriggling in the container. The very thought made the hairs on the back of Ann’s neck stand on end as she turned to face the terrifying creature in front of her, the large dick dripping cum between her feet on the cold stone floor.

"And what if I do....what if I do service that horrible thing.... Will you let me go?" She asked, trying to calm herself and reason; even though deep down she was furious, the wavering tones in her voice displaying her livid mental state

"You have my word, you'll not end up like him if you do what I say." He replied, taking the worm out of view and looking to the creature, Lucy standing and waiting her daughters fate; her cock head unable to show expression of emotion.

"Bedside I'd have though you'd like it; considering it’s your own mother. I know how you just want to help him so....isn't that right.....Lucy" said Jonny in a deep foreboding voice; almost enjoyed the sick twisted nature of the mental torture.

Tears began to leak from Ann’s eyes and down the young woman's face as she looked up at the horrifying creature, looking up and unable to distinguish between the heads; searching the expressionless; cum leaking cock-faces. She looked up at the eyes; seeing her mothers distinctive bright blue orbs staring down at her, unable to distinguish her from her twin darker eyed head that seemed more intent on looking down Ann’s small skirt than standing patiently.

"M..m..mum?....oh god....god what have you done!" She cried out, feeling her binds loosening as they were cut free. The small opening at the bottom of the metal door opened up, allowing jonny to cut the rope around her hands, before quickly closing it again.

"He needs your help; he’s so horny and frustrated. All he wants is his daughter to help him; to make up for the time she left him to rot and whither" Jonny said with a sickening satisfactory glee, watching Lucy's daughter fall to her hands, moving forwards as the creature nodded, confirming her fears that her mother had fallen prey to the slave trades. Ann wept a little, looking at her mother’s eyes, only able to see her frustration. She moved to her knees and shuffled forwards, getting closer to the abomination that was her mother. Finally the young woman’s face met her mother’s cock; her once beautiful mother that spent away her money and life to gambling, now reborn as something sick and twisted. She could smell the pungent stench, the strong musky aroma of her mother’s pre-cum leaking tantalisingly from the tip of her thick prick head. Ann sobbed, knowing she didn’t want to end up like her mother, but at the same time she didn’t want to do anything degrading. Opening her mouth she edged forwards, getting a shock when her mother lunged forwards and forced her cock inside her daughter’s mouth.

Ann gagged and gulped, feeling a massive prick head rubbing up against her head, pushing her forwards and forcing her to deep-throat the shaft. Cum spurted and trickled down her throat, making the daughter blush bright red and snort through her nostrils, trying to breath while suckling her mother’s shaft. Lucy looked down as her second head kept her daughter in check, making sure she kept her mouth firmly placed around her prick, cum spurting and leaking from both her cock-faces. She looked over at Jonny, who unscrewed the vial, and carefully picked out the Dakini worm with a pair of tongs. He nodded to her and pushed the Dakini worm inside the cell, letting it go free from the grip of the tongs. It fell to the floor with a fleshy thud, before wriggling and writhing round on its own accord, the large eyes looking out past it’s urethra eyelid, searching and seeing the girl kneeling down, her panties wet and her skirt exposed.

The metal slider slid shut and the mafia boss; Jonny walked off, his footsteps fading away; leaving Lucy alone with her daughter. Lucy felt more cum leak from her urethra mouth, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation; never getting tired of the taste or smell or heat of her own seed. She pushed her body down and reached back, using her short tongue to push between her daughter’s ass-crack, keeping her feet and cock firmly in position. She heard her daughter moan, her hands had found her balls and she seemed to slowly be enjoying her “terrible forced situation”. She pushed her tongue round and underneath her panties, feeling the soft quivering flesh of her cunt. She felt Ann gag on her cock before continuing, unable to pull back or stop. Lucy widened her eyes as she pulled her daughters’ panties back, revealing her naked exposed pussy to the floor. Lucy saw the Dakini worm wriggling frantically towards Ann, seeing it’s window of opportunity to possess form and function. Slowly it made its way underneath her skirt, it’s singular eye looking up at the soft succulent lips of Lucy’s daughter.

“Urhhppphhh!” Ann grunted, feeling something soft and slimy wriggling up her cunt, slipping past her cunt lips and into her vagina and womb. At first she thought it was her mother’s tongue, then she began to feel a growing warmth emanating from her rear. Lucy moved her head back up, feeling her daughters lips tighten around her cock, making her gasp and spew her seed over her daughters hair, her second cockhead squirting cum over the back of Ann’s dress.

Ann felt more of the sweet musky cum trickle down her throat, her lips and mouth seemed to involuntarily tense up, like an uncontrollable action. Never-the-less she continued to suckle, feeling the cock slip down and past her throat, her nostrils slowing in pace. She closed her eyes and sucked, her mouth puckering and tightening. She could feel her mother’s shaft penetrating her deeply, her shaft pushing down her gullet and deep down inside her. She felt her insides stretching unnaturally, yet despite the strangeness she continued. Lucy looked down as she felt her entire cock thrust deep within Ann’s body, watching as her mouth began to contort and change. Ann finally felt the tightness in her mouth grow to be too much, opening her eyes she looked down, and felt a wave of terror rush through her body. She saw her nose slowly start to shrink, her mouth pushing forwards and gaining an odd edging to the sides. She felt the edges of her lips seal up, slowly the muscle thickening and growing larger.

Ann rolled her eyes back as she felt the strange muscle stretch outwards, her mother pulling her cock out and thrusting back in, her hands reaching up and feeling her strangely configured mouth. She tried to moan as waves of pleasure rushed through her body, her fingers bracing across what was once a mouth; now felt a thousand times more sensitive.

She tried to reason with herself, tried to pull herself out of this strange trance, even as she felt her nose pulling back into her face, breathing desperately before her nostrils sealed up and she felt her lungs unable to vent the air. She opened her eyes and panicked, looking down and seeing her strangely shaped mouth moving up, growing larger and thicker; the muscle gaining a disturbingly familiar shape. Ann felt even larger quantities of thick cum dribble over her head and hair, matting the thick blonde hair together into sticky stands. Ann moved her hand up and tried to wipe it away, her hands rubbing over her scalp and pulling away the thick cum. She felt her head tingle as she rubbed her hair, pulling down and looking at her hands. Her heart sank when she saw a good section of her hair stuck to her hands, her hair matted with seed; which stuck and strung together between her fingers. About to pull her “mouth” out of action she found herself forced forwards again, feeling her hair follicles disconnecting from her head, slipping down her neck and scalp, off her back and splatting to the floor. She wept as she felt her mouth thicken even further, the ring of muscle stretching round like some sort of anus, the muscle wrinkled and textured, her hands rubbing the surface and feeling smooth skin leading up to what felt like a second rear hole.

She attempted to gulp but found her gag reflexes had disappeared when a strange tingling sensation began to become apparent around her rear end; her legs began to feel like they were moving. Searing heat rushed through her legs as she felt them come loose beneath her, her skirt ripping apart as her hips cracked and widened. She heard her mother moaning and spurting cum from her mouth above her, now using her daughters strange anatomy more like a sex toy. Ann tried to move back, but she felt unable, almost like her body was not her own. A surge of sensitivity and pleasure rushed through her loins as she caught the sensation of wriggling, a long thin tongue pushing between her cunt lips, licking upwards and tasting her asshole, feeling it seize and close up. Ann couldn’t move and could only roll her eyes up as she felt her cunt lips reshape, the lips stretching around and up, the skin changing from soft silky like flesh, to supple skin. Ann closed her eyes, unable to resist the sheer pleasure of her situation, her eyes rolling up in her blackness as she felt her legs wriggle.

Lucy watched from above her daughters legs began to flop, like the bones had slowly disappeared, her toes slowly merging together into two separate points. Her nails disappeared under flesh as the perfect pink skin started to writhe, the shape of her legs, heels and feet slowly morphing into a singular tube. Ann grunted as her legs began to split, starting at her feet, the two points began to squirm and move on their own accord, her feet splitting into two fleshy tubes, wet slimy webbing sticking to them as they split. She felt her lower legs split apart, the ends of what were once her toes began to slap against the floor, her buttocks began to write and wriggle, the muscle shifting around as her upper legs split apart.

Soon she was left with four strange tube-like pseudo-tentacles, writhing at a thick base where her legs connected. Ann wanted to moan so badly, she wanted to cry out in pleasure but her mouth did not permit her, even as her cunt-lips formed into something totally different, licking it’s lips and tasting her crotch; she knew what was happening. Her split legs moved apart, her buttocks cracking and shifting upwards, the flesh forming around her hips while her back pair of tentacles pushed back.

Again she felt them split at the tips, slowly splitting down the middle of both sets of tentacles, the shifting mass making each set smaller than before. Ann could feel what were once her legs writhing, slapping and feeling against the floor. She felt her other “legs” split in two, the other sets moving round, and shifting, her rear end now was a mess of tentacles. The mass shifted and settled, her anus long gone and some strange mouth-like shape between her legs dwelled. Lucy moaned as she saw her daughter’s rear wriggle and squirm as the eight thick sucker-less fleshy tentacles writhed around, the tongue between them licking and salivating, feeling a sensitive mouth opening and closing between the strange set of tentacles. Ann could feel them all, she could feel every part of her changed body moving and feeling, but was powerless to gain control. They moved as they willed, even as she felt the last of her hair fall out, her hands began to slowly numb until they too were out of her control.

Lucy felt her daughters insides shifting, her organs rearranging and her digestive system reversing. Her breasts began to sink down, her belly changing, her ribs moving and shifting. She felt her breasts move down closer to her pseudo-tentacles and mouth, she felt them hanging down under the weight of gravity, and even her hands began to change. Tears streamed down her eyes, amidst all the pleasure and sensation, she knew she had been tricked. She knew she that she had been infected and was now a slave to the parasite growing within. She knew she’d spend hundreds of years in this form, being used for mindless degrading sex. Her thoughts trailed away into panic as her arms began to pull back, the mindless thrusting from her mother making her take even more of the massive shaft deep within her “mouth”.

The tentacles writhed at the base, some she felt moving into her rear mouth and tasting the fleshy tips while her face and head were being used for nothing more than sex. Her breasts had moved down, she felt them resting happily near her pseudo-tentacles, her arms shifting back until they were nothing but stumps. She could no longer feel her arms anymore, her entire upper body was deformed, her belly button had moved up and was in the equivalent place of her chest. She felt her face pull back, tears streaming down her eyes as she felt a strange pressure. Fat began to move through her body, depositing near her face. Her head sank into her neck and slowly her face was pulled back. To Lucy it appeared that Ann’s head was gone, it’s as if somebody had put her face on a neck-less stump. She felt her “shoulders” widen and reshape, fat forming on each side of her face and upwards, closing in her peripheral vision.

She kept one eye open as the other forcefully closed, her “mouth” pushing upwards while her right eye moved between the gap between the two fleshy mounds. A squirt of a tear fell from her closing left eye as it was consumed by flesh and fat, leaving one singular eye to peer out just above what used to be her mouth. She then saw something, opening an eye up she saw the door, she could see the metal door and the cell around her, yet she could also see the crotch of her mother and the closed vision. She then realised what had happened, her nervous system sparked and rewired, the temporary vision she had just got disappeared in blackness; leaving her to stare at the hairy balls, crotch and thick smooth dick of her mother.

Her nervous system and body got used to the new configuration and sensation flooded out of her body, leaving her to only feel her “mouth” and move her eyes, as well as feeling the strange mounds. The rest of her body was numb, she couldn’t feel the tentacles, she couldn’t feel her mouth, it was just her face between her ass-crack. It was then she understood; she had become her own rear, her mouth was now the creatures. Ann felt a sad tear roll between the gap in the flesh from her eye, trickling over her round mouth and down past smooth skin. She had been reversed, the mounds were her buttocks, and she had become her own rear. Her tongue moved around inside her anus, pushing out and trying to speak, but she could only feel the thrusting flesh of the dick deep inside her reversed digestive system, her eye peeking out between the gap in her ass-crack, where her arms and head would be on the opposite end, only smooth sucker-less tentacles remained.

Lucy gasped, having a hard time Cumming she finally felt her orgasm reach her, her climax approaching. Lucy looked down past her cock head, looking down at her changed daughter and wished at that point she could smile. A singular eye was looking around and blinking above the mass of tentacles, her daughter’s face had become the rear she was fucking. Lucy felt cum erupt from the cock between her legs, and out of both her large thick prick faces, her worm companion enjoying her orgasm alongside. Cum sprayed over her daughter’s corrupted form which now belonged to the worm, her mind only able to feel what it needed her to feel. The Dakini spawn that was once Ann, now a squid like creature, it’s upper part, the body of it’s form was the lower part of a woman. The creature seemed to be content with it’s new form, wriggling it’s tentacles around and slowly pulling Lucy’s spent cock off her daughters anus-mouth

Ann grunted and felt her mother’s prick pop out from her stretched anus-mouth, rolling her eyes back and pushing her tongue out, licking the cum from the edges of her sensitive butt. Lucy looked down, seeing her daughters eye rolling around as her still human tongue pushed from the inside of her newly configured anus, cum spurting and leaking from her rear.

A few moments passed and the door let out a loud “clunk!” as the lock swivelled and the door opened. Jonny stood at the door and looked down, seeing the squid-like Dakini-spawn slowly approaching him, the eight lithe tentacles squirming and gripping at his boot and leg, showing it’s eagerness to serve.

“Wow!....your family certainly mixes well with these worms! I couldn’t have asked for a better spawn.” Jonny said, looking down at his new Dakini-spawn, seeing Ann’s singular eye blinking, still licking her anus clean.

“Well then Ann….if you can still hear me, you’re now mine, and you’ll be mine forever; you’ll bring in a good profit for me and it’ll help your mother reduce her sentence; just as she agreed. And before you get all cross at me….i didn’t lie, I said you wouldn’t end up like him! And guess what, you didn’t! ….Just worse” he said to the spawn, laughing to himself and chuckling; walking back and opening the opposing door on the other side of the hallway, pulling his foot away from the tentacles and pointing inside the cell.

The Dakini spawn’s eye looked up at the mafia boss then at the jail cell, understanding vaguely what it needed to do; slowly wriggling itself forwards. Lucy looked back at her daughter, her human tongue pulling back inside her anus-mouth when Jonny revealed her mother’s true intents. Ann felt something moving deep within her, watching around as the Dakini-spawn controlling her flesh stopped moving. She felt something rounded and long pushing through her body, spreading up inside and near the rear of her anus mouth. Then she tasted it, a wet slimy bitter taste, the muscles inside her mouth squeezing against her will as she felt something thick and textured moving through her and forcing itself out her ass-mouth. Slowly she watched as the tip of a large human shit exited her mouth, slowly growing longer and flopping down.

She wanted to moan, rubbing the surface of the shit with her tongue, tasting the bitter horrible taste, but enjoying the feeling of it slipping through her thick anus lips. More crap continued to push out, her mouth stretching open forcefully, she could only taste and feel it pushing through her, watching as it fell loose and hit the floor. She looked down and saw her filthy anus-mouth covered in loose human faeces. Pushing her corrupted short thick human tongue out she licked the edges of her muscular anus. Jonny saw the Dakini spawn drop it’s first shit of the day, and observing the look of sick twisted pleasure of the broken Ann as she licked her filthy asshole clean, the tongue licking and tasting, cleaning her own shit away. The spawn started to move again, shuffling forwards and leaving the crap to fester on the floor, Ann pulling her tongue back inside and stared at her mother, looking directly at Lucy through her singular still human eye, a tear weeping from it and trickling down her anus as she stared at her mother.
“Ha! Looks like I’ll have to install a second toilet, seems your daughter has some form of control after all” laughed Jonny, watching it shuffle towards its new cell. Lucy felt a little ashamed for selling her daughter out, but in truth she knew she’d eventually come to accept it and even enjoy it. The spawn finally found its new home, shuffling around and leaning it’s rear down, only presumably to release more of its waste forcibly through Ann’s rear. Before Lucy could see Jonny walked over and shut the door, the metal door separated them both as it was shut tight. He wandered over to the door and peered through to the cum covered floor and his loyal slave.

“That’s your time reduced Lucy, good job; enjoy the next fifty or so years.” Said Jonny, walking out the cell and gripping the handle. “Oh and Luce……” he continued before closing the door, looking directly at Lucy’s face and pausing. “if you’ve got any other family members, I’d be happy to convert them for you too, it won’t help you but, besides….it’s not like you were ever going to leave” he finished gleefully, smiling deviously at Lucy before closing the door and locking the cell, leaving lucy to think, and reflect on her actions and what it meant. She stood and stared at the door, knowing in her heart that she didn’t want to leave and she never would, she was too far gone and corrupted to live in the normal world; all she cared about now was the pleasure, and the sensations her body provided.

She stood and stared before moving her cum covered prehensile prick head down, licking the tip of the cock between her legs, and then plunged her urethra mouth around its surface. Her second corrupted head joining in and licking their shared balls, cum spewing over her privates as Lucy began to loose herself again in ecstasy and pleasure;

Her humanity faded, the last act to total conversation took months, yet it finally consumed her. Guilt, worry, woe and sorrow all drained away into pleasure as she began to climax again, her humanity disappearing, her body providing everything she would ever need.

And she knew her daughter would feel the same too……



Re: In Neck Deep With the Sharks

I wish my mom would sell me to a brothel as a dakini spawn, especially if it was a fusion with a jalash worm, that would be gorgeous for me, i love dakini worms and dakini spawns, never again any duties or worries just a simple life as a sex pet, that's what I want, that's what I need so badly.