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“Are you sure about this Rose?” Jade asked, cuddling up to Rose in their shared bed. “I mean, nobody knows if it can be undone!”

Rose turned around and stroked Jade’s face lovingly. “I would assume a certain ignorance on many topics related to it, yes. After all, it’s never been done before.”

“Exactly! Who knows what could happen‽”

Rose put a finger to Jade’s lips. “Sshhhhh. I’ll be fine. It’ll all be fine, okay? They’ve tested it out on animals hundreds of times.” Jade tried to open her mouth again, which was met with more shushing. “Stop worrying so much.”

The two of them lay there in each other’s arms, listening to each other breathe and absorbing the other’s warmth. Rose closed her eyes and smiled.

“So, uh, seeing as it’s not gonna be possible in a day… how about a kiss?” Jade asked.

Rose opened one eye and grinned. “How about more than one kiss?”

“Yesssssss!” Jade pumped her fist, causing Rose to burst out in laughter. Jade silenced her by attacking Rose’s lips with her own.

That night they both fell asleep to the other’s gentle pecks.


“Rose Lalonde?” a nurse called out. Rose got up from her seat in the hospital’s waiting room and made her way to the desk.

“ID please,” the nurse asked. Rose fetched her passport from her purse, and after a quick perusal the nurse nodded. “Follow me please.” They moved out from behind the desk and stood in front of a set of doors, waiting for Rose to follow. Before she did so she turned around and gave Jade one last wave - which was enthusiastically if somewhat nervously returned - before she made her way through the doors.

The nurse overtook her and led her through a maze of off-white corridors - past wards, offices, and supply closets. Occasionally they had to step aside to let a stretcher through, but eventually they stopped in front of an office marked “Dr. Taylor Deely”.

“Just in here,” the nurse said. Rose pushed open the door, and the nurse stuck around just long enough to hear the doctor’s greetings before she left to attend to other matters.

“Ah, Ms. Lalonde, please take a seat,” Dr. Deely told her, and she obeyed. It was a typical doctor’s office - charts of various parts of the human body were everywhere, along with health advice posters and various personal memorabilia. “Now, I trust you understand the magnitude of the procedure you’ll undergo today? After this is done, your life will be fundamentally changed. You’ll no longer be able to smile, or speak. You’ll be extremely hard-pressed to hide your body’s natural reaction to sexual stimuli, and you’ll have to re-learn how to eat and drink. But most importantly it’s very likely that society as a whole will ostracize you, which can cause major psychological harm.”

“I understand,” Rose said.

“With all due respect Ms. Lalonde, I’m not sure you do. What you’re about to undergo may be the beginning of a radical shift in our society, on the level of the civil rights movement or the 1970’s sexual revolution. The pioneers that inspired those movements were often physically assaulted, raped, or worse; and that may well be what lies in your future. This is not a decision to be taken lightly.”

Rose paused to consider her words. “I know that, doctor. I also know that it’s likely I won’t be able to fully grasp that reality unless it actually happens to me. You may have only gotten my call a month ago, which may lead you to believe this was an impulse decision, but this has been a desire of mine since I was about 15 years old. I know it’s going to be hard, and that people I once called friends will abandon me. But this procedure is something I need to have.”

Rose gazed into the doctor’s eyes, refusing to break eye contact, until they finally backed down. “On your head be it,” they muttered, opening a drawer and presenting paperwork to Rose. “Please fill out these forms and we can get started.”


Perhaps the truest test of Rose’s resolve wasn’t Dr. Deely’s speech, or Jade’s doubts, or the nervousness that pervaded her mind. No; the biggest test was the tedium of filling out forms for hours - signing so many boxes, filling in so many bubbles, and constantly having to go back and check what she’d answered before when a duplicate or inversion of a prior question arose. But finally, after Rose’s eyelids were straining to remain open, the last form had been completed, and the procedure could get underway. After she was prompted to change into a hospital gown, Dr. Deely led her to the operating table, upon which she laid down. A nurse injected her with a general anaesthetic, and she thanked the doctor one last time - the last words she would ever speak. She was told to close her eyes and count backwards from ten.

Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one…

Okay. What was she supposed to do now? She waited about 15 more seconds, but when no further instructions reached her ears she opened her eyes to check what was going on. To her surprise she found herself in a bed inside a recovery room.

So that’s how sedatives work. She hadn’t even noticed a break in her stream of thoughts; it was as if someone had hit her pause button, and time had simply frozen for her. Rose reached up to feel her face, and felt bandages wrapping around her head by her jaw.

So it was done, then. Just like that, her mouth and nose were gone, and been replaced with something else. Something much, much better.

Evidently some device had alerted Dr. Deely to Rose’s awakening, as they walked into the recovery room and sat down on a chair beside her bed. “How are you feeling?” the doctor asked.

Rose responded with a thumbs-up, knowing full well that attempting to speak was pointless - both from the bandages, and from what had been done to her.

“Ah, the anaesthetic is still wearing off. Your lips are red and swollen, and your immune system is still trying to get used to your body’s changes. It’s going to start aching in a few minutes, but it shouldn’t be anything you can’t ignore. If it gets to be too much, please ring the bell on your bedside table.” Rose nodded in understanding. She’d expected this going in. “Would you like to see what you look like?” Deely asked her, and again she nodded. The doctor released some sort of catch on the bandage and slowly began unwrapping it, pulling away layer after layer until there was no more to remove. The doctor handed a mirror to Rose, who took it in her right hand. With a deep breath she angled it towards her face.

It was indeed red and swollen, and certainly had a ways to go before it would look normal - but it was close enough that Rose could pick out the telltale structure. It was vertically aligned, going much further up her face than across it. It had a little hood at the top, and Rose could see a small nub just barely poking out of it. She could see it flare out towards the middle and taper at either end, an effect that was enhanced by the wide-open outer lips. And where her mouth had once been, she could see a small hole, sealed shut by the surrounding inflammation. She recognized it instantly - she’d had one all her life, after all.

It was a vagina. It was her vagina. And it was on her face.

Tears started to build in Rose’s eyes, and on instinct she embraced the doctor in a tight hug. She wanted to thank them so much for doing this - for finally letting Rose fulfil her deepest desire  - but, of course, she couldn’t. Because she didn’t have a mouth anymore. Because it was a vagina now.

She hugged the doctor tighter, who responded by rubbing circles into her back.

It was just what she wanted. Just what she needed. And she had this wonderful person to thank for making it happen.


After some routine tests, both physical and psychological, the swelling had died down. Rose’s brand-new facial vagina now looked completely natural - as if it had always been there - and she was cleared for discharge. She texted Jade to meet her out back, and after being led through a route that would keep her away from prying eyes she’d sat down on a bench and waited for her girlfriend to pick her up.

When Jade eventually arrived and parked the car, Rose walked up to it and tapped on the driver-side window. Jade looked over at her and let out a squeal of excitement. She pushed open the door, knocking Rose back in the process, and hugged her so tightly that Rose had trouble breathing.

“Oh my god! You did it! It’s done!” Jade screamed, jumping up and down giddily, threatening to topple them both. Rose steadied herself against the car’s front while Jade leaned in; she pushed their faces together, shaking her head back-and forth, giving Rose spikes of pleasure as her girlfriend’s nose brushed her face-clit. Rose tried to smile back, but with her face’s new structure all she ended up doing was opening up her canal - which was quickly filled with her girlfriend’s tongue.

A moan escaped Rose - one of the few sounds she could still make - and she began to return the hug with equal gusto. This was good. This was right. This was who she was going to be for the rest of her life - a life she was looking forward to living.


Rose had to sit in the back seat - with how much Jade wanted to touch her she couldn’t trust her to drive with her in the front. Even so, her eyes kept lingering on Rose’s in the rear-view mirror. They were both lucky that traffic was light this time of day, otherwise they might’ve ended up right back at the hospital.

When Jade finally parked outside their apartment block she tore off her seatbelt and squeezed into the back, immediately assaulting Rose’s facial vagina with her mouth once again. It seemed that Jade was far too worked up to wait until they got into the apartment - and Rose was fine with that. Truth be told, she was nearly as horny as Jade was; she’d just been hiding it in order to try and avoid a crash. But now that the car was parked and secure she let her walls down and moaned her assent, grabbing two handfuls of Jade’s luscious ass while her partner burrowed into her new addition. They “kissed”, for lack of a better word; Jade’s tongue danced between Rose’s opening and her clit, while a hand snaked down to feel under her skirt. Rose assisted her by pulling the fabric out of the way, and Jade’s hand made its way into Rose’s panties to stroke at her lower vagina.

When Jade’s finger penetrated her, expertly timed with a flick of Jade’s tongue upon her upper clit, Rose just melted into Jade’s embrace, sinking down into the car seat. She moved a hand from Jade’s ass and wound it under her shirt, trying to get at a breast, but Jade intercepted it and held it in place.

“You don’t have to,” Jade said. “This first time is about you, okay?” Rose nodded and let out a small moan, the vibrations caused by Jade’s voice reverberating into her facial vagina. Jade smiled, started to hum, and pushed her tongue into Rose’s upper entrance while her finger playing with Rose’s lower clit. Rose wrapped her arms around her lover, and in response Jade started to lick circles around her face-clit, began rubbing her crotch-clit, and slipped two fingers into her lower folds. Rose moaned, causing Jade to moan, causing Rose to moan again, and on and on the virtuous cycle went, their combined vocalizations adding to their rhapsody. Jade slipped a third finger in and grazed her buck-teeth against Rose’s upper clit - and that was enough to send Rose over the edge. There was no one source for her orgasm - it happened everywhere at once, rocking her entire body. She moaned her joy out, wordlessly thanking Jade for her expert attention, and praising the good doctor for allowing this to happen to her.

Jade gave her no respite as she came down. She pulled down her own skirt and panties, pushed Rose over so that she lay across the back seats, and hovered her crotch over Rose’s face. “My turn now,” Jade said, before she leaned down and planted kisses on Rose’s crotch. Rose shuddered and started to rub her facial folds against Jade’s crotch, causing Jade’s breath to hitch.

It was pretty evident to Rose that they wouldn’t be getting out of this car anytime soon.


Rose’s surgery was on the national news within the week, and unsurprisingly it was a source of intense controversy. Many argued that what she had done to herself was perverse, and that Lucifer would reserve a special place in hell for her. Others argued that she was entitled to express herself as she wished, pointing out that the procedure was merely another variation of plastic surgery.

The debate that interested Rose, however, was the one about the bigger picture. Humanity demonstrably had the technology to alter the body in drastic ways, and questions of ethics were everywhere. Was it okay to modify the body like this? How was this any different then, for example, a vat-grown biological limb? Was it okay to remove one part of the body in exchange for another, or was this technology forever to be limited to replacing what had been lost? And what about adding entirely new body parts - like a second set of arms?

Rose was, obviously, very firmly on the pro-choice side of the debate. She was asked to appear on talk shows, despite the obvious difficulties that posed, as was the pioneer of her procedure, Dr. Deely. Deely, in fact, became more of a public figure than Rose, pushing hard for her work to become more widespread.

And more widespread it did become. In addition to the now so-called “oral cavity replacement procedure” (a term newsreaders coined to avoid saying “vagina” on national television), young men and women across the western world underwent increasingly radical procedures - and many of them were fetishistic in nature. A French man became the world’s first centaur; a girl from Idaho had her head attached directly to her waist; a pair of identical twins from Wales became conjoined to each other. Apparently many people had similar desires to her - something she had already suspected due to none of her friends rejected her for her choice.

Slowly the debate shifted. It was clear to most that the metaphorical genie had come out of the bottle, and it wasn’t going back in; the only question remaining was how to regulate it.

It would take many years for legislation to catch up with technology, and by that point the movement was too entrenched for even a long-term mitigation strategy to have any meaningful effect. What journalists called the Age of Sexual Liberation had begun…

… and there was no turning back.