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Back in 2017, demon-man approached me about writing a story for him. I was thrilled to step up and finally write a tale of Belial for the creator of the world itself, but unfortunately, life happened shortly after we settled on a story, and the next year and or so ended with me in a depressive tailspin, unable to write, then in 2019, I wound up in the hospital for severe health issues and it spiraled out of control.

But here in 2020, I have nothing but time, and a creative fever to finish the projects I started two years ago, so I reached out to demon-man and we re-worked the story idea, and here is the first part (of three, I think)

Meet Belma Vivens, a young woman on the cusp of being married out for a fun evening with her friends, an evening that is about to take a change for the weird when they meet the owner of a strange little Jizza bar called The Ol' Cock'n Balls.


The Ol Cock’n Balls
A Legends of Belial Story
Written for demon-man
By Hugo Prosperio

The Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette weekend was going well, Belma Vivens thought to herself as she watched her bridesmaids get ready for their night out on the town. The bride-to-be stood looking at herself in a mirror, wearing a red dress that she felt made her look more promiscuous than she wanted, but her girlfriends all loved it. She adjusted the straps, and sighed. She was very pretty, but she didn’t really see herself that way. She untied her brown hair from a pun and let it all flow down onto her shoulders and she sighed as she looked at herself. “Fake it til’ you make it.”

Makeup and perfume were being tossed around like they were in short supply, and the hotel room smelled very strongly of both. Belma was getting married next week, to a man she had been in love with since they were in school together. She hadn’t originally planned on throwing an extravagant event for her bachelorette party, but her best friend Gina had convinced her. Gina was a statuesque woman with a short bob of yellow hair, and she was dressed in a silver number that clung to every curve of her body. Men would be slobbering over her tonight, Belma thought, women too. Anybody with a pulse could tell she was attractive, and Belma often wished she could look as good in heels and a dress as Gina. Gina sauntered over to Belma and kissed her on her cheek.

“Sweetie, tonight is gonna be the best. We are gonna show you the best time. The strip clubs here in Jizza are out of this world.” she said.

“Yeah, so I’ve heard. It’s cool, I guess. I would have been fine with drinks with you and the girls and that’s it.” Belma stated as she applied lipstick.

“Belma. It’s your last weekend as a free woman and we need to get you some DICK.” she said with a big smile.

“Sure is lucky I’m marrying someone with a dick then, isn’t it?” she joked.

“Oh don’t be a party pooper at your own bachelorette party, Bels.” she said.

Soon all five girls were ready to go, and left the hotel with high spirits. Belma was mostly amused at how excited her friends were to see naked transformed people. Belma herself had never really cared one way or another about transformees. It was a part of life in Belial, and living in the capitol meant she saw lots of people who had either chosen to change or had been changed by force. It was not something exotic to her, but her friends thought it was just about the wildest thing they’d ever seen.

They hit several hot spots in town, seeing all sorts of strange things. The first club they went to was very simply dudes who had once been women. They were normal in every other respect, even if Belma suspected they probably had enhanced their manhoods, because some of them looked comical. The five of them cheered on the dancers and threw money their way, earning more than a few shakes of the bikini clothed penises.

After, they moved onto the next spot, which had a bit more of a strange flair to it. There it was conjoined transformees, some were simply joined and looked otherwise human, while some were more animalistic in the way they had been joined together and changed. It wasn’t as sexy as the girls anticipated it being, so they paid for their drinks and moved on.

The third club they hit up was full of strange and unusual transformees. One was basically no more than a normal-sized dick on legs and it crawled around and made its way up to each table, dancing in a manner that one would suppose the creature thought was sexy. It elicited a laugh from the girls, and then bowed as they clapped for it. Next on stage was a man who looked like he was entirely made of muscle except he had no head. In its place was the tip of a penis, comically enlarged, but it had no shaft. Between his legs, was a face though that licked his lips as he stared at all the people who had come to watch him strut his stuff. The final act was a slug-like creature, with breasts along its belly, but the nipple for each was a cock, stiff and unyielding. The creature slithered around the room, and when it got a bit too touchy-feely with Belma, they decided to take their leave.

All of the girls were drunk at this point, and while Belma was not pleased to be wiping slug slime off her legs, she was having a good time with her friends, as they wobbled about, deciding where to go next on their night of debauchery and mischievous fun. The other girls all laughed and joked with each other as Belma took a step back, trying to sober up, unsuccessfully. She admired them. Two of the girls were twins, Luella and Sunella, identical down to the outfits they had chosen to wear that evening. Shimmery silver dresses that contrasted well with their fiery red hair that was down to the small of their back. Beautiful, she thought. The final member of her party, Verina had dyed hair that was vibrantly purple and cut into a short spikey cut that was quite sensual, Belma had to admit. She wore a cute oversized shirt that had been cut strategically to become a cute top. She sported designer heels that were designed to look like sneakers.

“Where to next?” asked Luella.

“Well, there’s a bar over there. Never been there before” Gina said.

The sign above the door was wooden and creaked in the wind, and on it they saw the name of the joint, The Ol’ Cock and Balls.

“Fun name. Looks like it’s just a plain old bar. We can just get a few drinks and wind down from the stuff we just saw.” she said.

“I like that idea,” Belma said with a sigh. Something normal, she thought, was just what this evening needed. Of course she had no idea how not normal things were about to become.

“Been too wild for you tonight, Bels?” asked Verina.

“Nah. Just a breather would be nice,” she said.

The girls all stepped inside a small bell ringing above the entrance. The place was empty, and behind the bar was a woman, wearing an incredibly tight white shirt over her large breasts. She grinned. “Hello, all. Welcome to the Ol’ Cock and Balls. What seems to be the occasion that brings you to my humble little place?”

“This prissy little number,” said Gina, pointing to Belma “is getting married. We are throwing her the greatest bachelorette weekend that we can muster.”

“Hell of a town to do it in. It’s almost as if this town was made for that kind of celebration.” the barkeep mused. “Hello. I am Meridian, owner of this bar, and more importantly, I am at your service,” she added.

“Meridian, that’s a fascinating name,” said Belma.

“Yes, my parents thought it sounded fancy. Anyhow, what do you girls say to be serving up a round of specialty drinks to celebrate!” she suggested.

“Sold.” said Verina. “Not a peep, Bels. This is gonna be fun.”

“I think I’ll craft something for each of you, and you will all love it.” she said. She turned to the back of the bar and smiled wickedly to herself.

“Perfect.” she said to herself in a small whisper as she grabbed all sorts of bottles full of ingredients. Soon five shots in the shade of purple sat on the bar, one for the bride and one for each of her companions.

“Please, take a seat. You guys are my only real customers so far tonight.” she said.

The girls all agreed and took a stool for each of them, and the four friends grabbed their drinks, waiting for Belma to do the same.

“To your new life, Bels.” Gina said with a smile.

“Your new life!” the other said in unison.

“Yes, a new life, what a wonderful thing!” Meridian said. She turned back to the bar and began mixing up a few other things, whistling to herself while the gang took their shots and downed them. It was like a sweetened fire rushing down their throats into their belly, where it scattered into a warm sensation flowing through their entire lower halves. It was something they all felt at the same time, but each had their own reaction to. Belma blushed and tried to ignore the sensation. Gina chuckled to herself, as she was used to getting horny at odd times, her libido much higher than perhaps the rest of the group. The twins were both going through a very similar reaction, staring at each other and giggling a bit, while Verina simply kept her thoughts contained, but she knew when she got home she’d have her own fun.

A few minutes passed as the girls processed how they felt when Meridian spoke, spooking them a bit.

“You girls good? It was just a simple vodka shot, not liquid gold like it seems you think it is.” she said with a chuckle. It wasn’t true, of course. She had slipped in a small compount she was working on to make the girl’s super suggestive, open to basically anything brought up to them, but she knew the key side effect was horniness.

“Oh, just a little lost in thought on this overwhelming evening, I’d wager.” Gina said. “Belma doesn’t usually go out like this, but I insisted. Her wedding to what’s-his-face..”

“Germaine. You know that, Gina” Belma said with annoyance dripping from her voice.

“Yes, Germy. Anyway, that wedding is going to simply ruin future girl’s nights out like this. He’s such a stick in the mud.”

“Gina. Stop it.” Belma said, but she wasn’t in complete disagreement. Germaine was often not a fan of the company she kept, and had made it clear he didn’t support this night out and wouldn't stand for wild oats being sown past the wedding date.

“See, you know it’s true. Look at that face, Meridian. She knows she’s making a mistake, but she won’t admit, so we just have to party our asses off tonight in case it’s the last time.”

“It doesn’t have to be like that.” Meridian said with a simple shrug. “I could help.”

The girls all turned to her and looked at her with a strange mix of confusion written across their faces.

“I am an alchemist,” she said. “Specializing in bodily transformations to thrill and delight. The bar is just kind of a cover for that, although I do make a good vodka tonic shot, no?”

“So you are like that Morben guy...girl, whatever they are now?” Sunella asked.
Meridian rolled her eyes. Out of hundreds of trained professionals like herself, that pompous blowhard always seemed to stand out.

“I am not a circus sideshow, no.” she said with a bitter sounding tone in her voice. “I take pride in my work and don’t parade it around like a cheap hooker on the street.” she added.

“Oh. I always liked his stuff.” the twin replied, sounding disappointed.

“I am sure you did. He aims for the crowd-pleasing stuff. I don’t, but anyway, yes, I could offer you all the party night of your lives, and you’ll never be the same.”

She watched their eyes. The glimmer of negativity that she usually got from such a simple suggestion flickered for a moment but was gone in a flash thanks to the simple compound in their drinks.

“It’s entirely up to you all, but trust me you would all really benefit from taking a walk on the wild side, and that’s what I am all about. Perhaps it was fate for you to step into The Ol’ Cock’n  Balls tonight.”

Belma thought for a moment. “But Germaine, he’d be pretty upset, I bet.”

“Oh no doubt, Bels, but perhaps this is the perfect chance to stand up and show him who you really are, to take a dive and be your own woman, or...whatever you end up being.” Gina said with gusto as the thrill of the idea hit her and got her blood pumping even faster than the drink had.

“You think so?” Belma asked.

“Oh I know so.” Meridian replied. “I’ve met so many like you, Belma, and I can tell you that you would be so much better off after a few of my specialty drinks. All of you would. Are you in?”

Gina shook her head in the affirmative, as did Verina, who was struggling to keep from touching herself at just the thought of transforming. The twins took a moment, and nodded as well. “I always wanted to try something.” said Lunella.

“Oh good. And the bride to be?” Asked Meridian. This was her favorite part. Taking people who had no interest in trying her wares and making them eager participants and she was watching Belma tip over into that with the help of her friends.

“Yeah, why the hell not.” Belma said. “It’s the last night of my free life, let’s live it the hell up.”

“That’s more like it.” Meridian chuckled. “Who wants to try something first. I have something really fun for them.”

“Belma should go first!” said Lunella.

“No, I want to save her for last, but you, you could go first if you wanted” The alchemist suggested.

“Oh really? Wow. I guess I could.”

“Then let me fix you up something special to drink. It won’t take but a moment.”

The five girls all looked at each other and realized the night was about to become something far grander than they ever imagined before they stepped into the strange bar known as The Ol’ Cock’n Balls.

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