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Topic: Escaping One Future

I wrote my 1st story of a tale of 2 lovers. I intend for this to be the 1st chapter of an epic tale, and the 1st of many stories, but it was burning a hole in my pocket so to speak. I welcome any and all feedback while I add more depth to this and work on other projects.



Re: Escaping One Future

2nd chapter is finally online at fur affinity
I hope you all enjoy and I welcome any feedback!


Re: Escaping One Future

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Re: Escaping One Future

WARNING. If you are not of a legal age to view pornography turn around and run away right now. Believe me when I say this is not for you. If you are in fact of a legal age to view pornography, you may yet want to turn around. This is the first chapter in a downward spiral into degradation.

Disclaimer: This work is not to be distributed for profit in any way. This is not intended to represent any real persons or places or events.

Big Thank You to Demon-Man for creating the Legends of Belial universe in general and allowing folks like me the opportunity to write in it. More specifically for helping me straighten out some basic setting points in the beginning. That helped develop a devious plot more than you would think.

I have plans for this to be the very first part of a lengthy story involving kidnappers, Dakini Worms, merging and transformation, empowerment and humiliation. There will be detective work and magic and alchemy and high adventure. This first chapter focuses on a love story of sorts.

As this is my first story ever, anywhere, and may change to fit the final story I wish to tell, I decided to cap it here for now and get a feel for general reception.

Without further ado...

Escaping One Future

Two women were in love. Not such an uncommon thing, however both women were the daughters of prominent city leaders of a medium sized city. Their parents still professed themselves to be Lords and Ladies of the Empire, though the titles hold no real political power these days, but they were proud to date their ‘pure’ lineages back for centuries. As such, they were all very proud of their proper families and homes and servants and manner of living overall. Thus, the girls have kept their relationship a secret, fearing their parents would never understand, much less endorse their feelings for one another. This deception was aided by them being well known best friends since childhood. That part was also easy, for their fathers were fast business partners, having opened a successful import/export business some decades prior. For years they had stolen away for secret kisses behind walls at frequent family gatherings, letting their lust for the taboo take over. They had several sleep-overs where they had explored their growing bodies until they were both striking adults and fucked the nights away with no one becoming any the wiser.

Lady Abigail Blythe, on the occasion of her 22nd birthday received a marriage proposal. A normal enough thing that should fill any woman with happiness and excitement left her feeling cornered and desperate. Because she is the respected 'pure' daughter of a local lord, it is considered her duty to accept this marriage proposal as his family had built their wealth on a successful pair of alchemical shops, thus making him rather wealthy and quite the catch. Obviously she has no desire to marry this man, or any man, if she’s being honest with herself. She thinks to herself, searching for a way to escape this future.

Love doesn’t factor in here. I doubt I could use a lack thereof to protest. I could fix him up with someone else? Ughh no. I cannot find it in myself to wish him on another. I could kill him. That would free me of this responsibility. But then Mother and Father would be the parents of a murderer. Hardly better than being the parents of a deviant. I could kill myself. No.

The thought was quickly banished. She sighed. After a bit more musing, she decided to simply run away. She continued to brood silently.

How would that work, what skills do I even have? I've never had a job, as Father has always taken good care of me. I was good at school, I'm clever enough I suppose. I always turned my work in and made friends with everyone. I doubt that's enough to make it in the world. Could I model?

She looked herself over in the mirror completely nude. In truth she was gorgeous. A natural blonde beauty from head to toe. She sported wavy golden yellow locks that cascaded down to her mid back, framing her beautiful face. It was heart shaped and dimpled with a cute, slightly rounded nose and somewhat striking blue-gray eyes and well manicured brows. Moving further down she had a slender neck and smooth swimmer's shoulders which led on down to slender but well toned arms. She was actually kind of proud of her arms, she considered herself quite strong. She flexed her arms like a bodybuilder, pursing her pillowy lips as she watched the muscles ripple under the skin. She looked straight down at herself, taking in her full C-cups, her flat belly and her short, but toned legs. At no taller than 5'2" and only 145 pounds she was quite small and a lot of that weight was in her generous hips. They almost jutted straight out from her sides and swept back into a tight bubble butt. She bent at the waist and ran her fingers down and back up her soft and muscular thighs and calves. Her arms and legs were of course capped with slender, manicured hands and feet leaving her nearly flawless indeed.

Honestly it was a wonder she hadn't received a marriage proposal sooner. Her would-be suitor was named Lord Avner Gerhardt. The son of a local alchemist with a pair of successful shops, he was handsome enough, but a known womanizer. Often he would be seen stumbling out of pubs past closing time or leaving the local whorehouse without even bothering to fix his disheveled appearance.

He had no genuine interest in Lady Blythe. Only lust. After having spent some time speaking with her at a high class luncheon he was so absolutely smitten with her body, that he went directly to the aforementioned whorehouse. He paid for his favorite whore and had her put on a long blonde wig, telling her to turn around and not say anything. Really she was no substitute for Lady Blythe as her curves were nowhere near as generous. She was somewhat scrawny, and as he thrust his average sized cock into her backside he felt her hip bones dig into his groin a bit with each thrust. It wasn't enough to stop him from reaching his own quick ending, but as he lay there and thought to himself in the afterglow, he was certain he would never have such discomfort fucking Lady Blythe's perfect posterior.

He had asked his father to make the arrangements and just like that, it was done and she had a formal marriage proposal staring her in the face like the terrifying cock she was sure was waiting for her in her suitor's pants.

How revolting.

Abigail had never been intimate with a man. She had never wanted to. They were loud and smelly and hairy. They never seemed to think with their heads whenever a pretty woman was around. Drooling and thinking their stupid thoughts.

Ugh. Who would want a cock? They are the epitome of smelly and hairy and sticky. And balls. Wrinkly, hairy, swinging balls. No thank you.

She shuddered an instead thought of her lover, her best friend, her confidante, and the most perfect vision of beauty she could think of. In contrast to Lady Blythe's toned and lightly muscled form, Lady Willow Hornbeam was a tall, soft and delicate woman befitting her name. A talented artist, she spent lots of her time sketching or painting away, rarely pursuing physical endeavors. She was easily a head taller than Abigail and secretly enjoyed the way her lover's head tucked under her chin as they spooned in bed. She wore her black hair in a medium length cut, just to her shoulders, with cute bangs in front. Her face was delicate and doe-like with large innocent looking green eyes. She had a longer face with a cute nose and stunningly shaped lips. Many a man had lusted over those lips known only to Abigail And she knew it. She hated to wear makeup and really needed very little, but she did usually insist on applying a bright red layer of lipstick, making those luscious lips of hers stand out against her paper white skin. She possessed very little in the way of breasts but they were a nice teardrop shape with amazingly pale nipples. The areolas around them nearly matched the rest of her alabaster skin as well, making them difficult to see from straight on. They were actually a little puffy but no one other than Abigail was currently privy to that fact.

She also had a flat tummy and shapely hips, though not nearly as sculpted as Abigail's. Her legs were long and her butt only slightly above average in that they were smooth, with nary a blemish.
She loved to laze about with her girlfriend's head in her lap and read out loud to her and even use her as a subject for her canvases. She even had a few naughty paintings tucked away in the frames of her home, hiding behind the more respectable ones. Willow relished the idea of her naked paintings of her lover hanging throughout her house in plain sight. It was almost enough to make her wet if she thought about it enough, remembering which painting was lurking behind which. She actually rather enjoyed hiding their entire relationship in plain sight, sneaking quick kisses and gropes from the smaller but stronger girl in public when she was sure no one was looking. Abigail would often be quite cross about these public displays of affection and pout for a while, which she found cute as well. She loved to tease her girlfriend until she was red in the face and about to burst, at which point she would usually receive the wet and sensual wrath of the stronger, slightly older girl’s tongue, exactly as planned. Lady Hornbeam was only 7 months or so younger than Lady Blythe, but Abigail never missed an opportunity to tease the younger girl about the age difference, exaggerating it greatly by calling her a little girl and such. Willow would respond by calling her an old lady. They rarely actually argued and generally would have just made the cutest couple, if they were allowed that.

Perhaps she would run away with me. We could go somewhere new and exciting and start over together. I know she loves me, but will she leave her old life behind as I have chosen? What would we do though? I don’t care as long as I can be together with Willow. If others didn’t know who we were then we could live freely.

Lady Blythe had gone to visit Lady Hornbeam to talk about this devastating news and find a better solution. When she arrived at the estate she was greeted by the staff and quietly praised for her marriage proposal, which she graciously accepted with a hidden grimace. She was led up a familiar wide sweeping marble staircase and down hallways to a drawing room just off of Willow's room. The doors to the room were opened and revealed Lady Hornbeam within, sitting at an easel with golden sunlight streaming down upon her from an impossibly high window. She looked absolutely radiant as she carefully set aside her painting supplies and got up to greet her friend. They came together for a quick and chaste hug in front of the help and made strained but polite chit chat while they packed away her painting supplies and brought in tea and sandwiches. After the tray of food was dropped off Willow asked the staff to make up a guest room for her friend, as she would be staying the night. Abigail cocked a beautifully manicured eyebrow at her lover, as she had heard nothing of herself staying over, but stayed quiet. They were told a room would be prepared immediately and the maid swept from the room in her stereotypical black and white lacy uniform. Abigail usually found the outfits a bit sexist, but appreciated it right now as she could hear the maid's heel clad footsteps echoing away, signaling their privacy and safety.

They immediately sprang to their feet to desperately embrace one another, mashing their shapely lips together in an undignified kiss born of longing and absence. Willow broke the kiss and spoke first.

"My love, I've heard the terrible news of your marriage proposal. It can't really be that drunken whoremonger can it? Say it isn't really the young Lord Gerhardt."

Feeling her eyes begin to glisten, Abigail held back tears.

"I'm afraid it is. Why? Why me? We've barely even spoken. I can't imagine what impression I would have given him that would indicate I want to spend any kind of life with him. Please, tell me I don't have to. Tell me this is just a joke. I can just say no, right?" She pleaded, lip trembling.

Willow reached up and tucked Abigail's head under her chin as she pulled her in closer, her golden hair smelling faintly of rosehips.

"Of course you can. You can choose to reject him. Everyone knows he's a lecherous fool. The repercussions would not be severe. " She ran her hands up and down the beauty's back. "Shh. It will be alright." She soothed.

She sobbed, “No, it won’t. How could it be? Father already told me how happy he is and how much he approves. He can’t wait for grandchildren, he says. Grandchildren! They actually expect me to put his disgusting thing inside me and give birth! Me! I’m sure the increase in business they expect from partnering with his family’s alchemical shops isn’t affecting his judgement at all.” This last thing she said sourly under her breath, but there was no way for someone to miss it.

Willow stroked her hair and kissed her sweetly on the forehead before pulling away to sit down. They both sat and helped themselves to some tea and took a moment to clean off and reapply lipstick with the provided cloth napkins from lunch before continuing. These would be secretly dropped in the wash with her painting drop cloth and sent back to the kitchens separately to avoid anyone suspecting the stains were lipstick.

Abigail continued, “All Father sees are profits, and all Mother sees is grandchildren. I might as well be a piece of meat to them, to be sold or traded. Did you know that neither of them has actually asked if I want him or this, at all? They were so overjoyed for themselves they didn’t give me a second thought. I thought I was more to them than some prized heifer.”

“My love, you shouldn’t say such things. I know your parents love you very much, they are simply too excited to see the whole picture right now. You know I love you as well and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you. Do you have any plans so far?” Willow calmly interrupted her wallowing with an edge of reassurance in her voice.

How can she do that? She wondered to herself.

How can she be so calm and kind and pretty, all in one package? How can she ask me about the one thing I want to speak of. The one thing I’m most afraid to ask.

She lightly shook her head and chuckled. Willow watched her golden tresses shake and saw a sheepish smile grace her companion’s lips.

“I do.” Came the short answer. She hesitated. How do you ask your lover to abandon everything they’ve ever known and join you in destitution for life, probably? All in a rush appears to be the answer, at least in Abigail’s case.

“I want to run away with you forever. I don’t want to be Lady Blythe ever again if this is what it means. I want to disappear and just be with you and never care what anyone else thinks about you loving me ever again. I want to be with you forever! W...will you run away with me?” Her eyes were watering, threatening to spill over into tears at any moment, anxiously awaiting her long time friend and lover’s response, fearing the worst.

Lady Hornbeam on the other hand was overjoyed. This was more than she could have hoped for. She had wanted Abigail to ask her a question like this for years, and here she was, distraught, on edge, desperate for a way out of her unbearable future and asking her to run away together. Her phrasing all day had just been so specific. It was all so… perfect. She looked at Lady Blythe with her big green eyes, pursed her lips for a moment, as if thinking of just the way to word a tricky answer.


With that, those two little letters, that one tiny word, Abigail’s world began to unravel. Her stormy blue-grey eyes threatened to unleash a torrent, until she saw Willow's right hand raise with its index finger pointed to the ceiling and a mischievous smile on those luscious red lips of hers.

“However, I do have what you might call a counter proposal of my own.”

It was as if she were struck by a small jolt of electricity upon hearing this. Her breathing returned, though she was still fairly in the grips of panic. There was hope yet! She sniffled and wiped her face with the napkin again, searching her lover’s emerald eyes for understanding. Finding only lust and love and...something else… she could only gape wordlessly as Willow stood and turned her hand over, curling her finger a few times seductively.

Rising wordlessly, she followed her across the room to a particular painting on a wall facing perpendicular to the door. The painting contained a beautiful, slightly flushed woman sitting at a table using one hand to operate a juicer, squeezing peaches from a nearby bowl into a jar.

"Do you want to know why this is one of my favorite paintings?" The taller girl asked.

Paintings. She wants to talk to me about paintings? I just asked her to run away, and was rejected, and she wants to talk about paintings?

Abigail was dumbfounded.

"Why would I want to know that? Does it have something to do with your proposal?"

"Of course it does my sweetness. It has several secrets hidden within." She smiled once again. "Where is the girl's other hand my dear?"

She looked and saw that it was under the table, out of sight and said so, also asking why.

"I once read that playing with one's self was called juicing your peach. So I thought it amusing for her to juice her peaches for everyone to see." She grinned an adorable grin at her own joke. "Now, look at the frame. See the hidden peach?" She asked.

She's playing with herself. This has been up since the last remodel. There's been a woman pleasuring herself in the drawing room for at least 3 years and no one has noticed. But what does that have to do with us?

She mused while running her fingers over the ornate wooden surface, finding a small wooden peach in the lower right hand corner of the frame and pointed at it. She could swear Willow's strikingly green eyes flashed as she said,

“Push it.”

With a click the peach sunk into the frame and then sprang back.

A button.

Silently a section of the wall slid straight back and glided backward on clearly well oiled rollers as they made not a sound either. The girls walked through and Willow pulled an ornate wooden handle hanging from the ceiling, shutting the door/wall once again without a sound. It was rather dark and Lady Hornbeam took her girlfriend by the hand and led her to what felt like a chaise or sofa and told her to wait right there. She then struck a match and began lighting candles in the surprisingly cavernous dark room.

"Where are we? You've never brought me here before. How did it get here?" Abigail wondered aloud.

"Do you remember the remodel a few years back?" She asked.

"Yes of course, there were all those delays and extra costs. It took forever." She remembered Lord Hornbeam being quite furious about all the extras.

"And do you remember what used to be next to the drawing room by my bed chamber?"

Come to think of it, No, she didn't. Despite having visited the house several times per week for most of her life, she couldn't seem to recall, and told her so.

"It's truly remarkable how unobservant people really are on a day to day basis. No one else seems to remember either. Now it is my lair. My private sanctuary. All those extra costs and delays were my doing. To hide the extra work the contractor was doing for me in secret."

As realization began to dawn on Abigail, Willow finished lighting her candles and shed a little more light on the situation. Wall to wall they were surrounded by sex. Paintings, sketches, phallic objects, pumps, clamps, whips, and more filled the room. That was all taken in with just her first glance. Her mouth hung open as she gazed about the room in awe and wonder.

What is all this? A pornography collection? No, this is more than that. There are bolts in the walls and ceiling. A drain in the floor. This is a dungeon. A sex dungeon!

Her eyes widened as she took in more of the objects and their details. The paintings around the room were primarily of a young blonde woman that bore a striking resemblance to herself in various stages of copulation with men and women and…

beasts...and mutants? Transformed? What is going on?

Willow had stepped back against the wall, watching her stunned girlfriend take in the room.

"What is all this?" Came Abigail's predictable and inevitable question.

"My obsession. You. Us. Sex. Secrecy. Hiding in plain sight. I've watched you and painted you so many times I can do it from memory now. I started with us and then just let my imagination run rampant. As you can see, I can imagine quite a lot for the pair of us."

She passed over a stack of papers covered in sketches of them kissing, groping, scissoring. A particularly detailed picture showed what appeared to be their two curving bodies in a sixty nine position, with their faces obscured by their own contrasting masses of hair and the other's smooth thighs. There were sketches and detailed drawings of the pair of them copulating with various toys in various positions. Paintings showed them in bed with each other and transformed. Vagina women, little more than shapely legs and giant vaginas were prominent. The pair of beautifully contrasting women fondled them and each other, bathing in their copious fluids, probing their impossible pink depths. There were even more extreme transformations. Abigail saw herself writhing in pleasure with beings with all manner of appendages, filling all of her holes. There were creatures with multiple penises, breasts and mouths in all manners of strange configurations. Upon closer inspection, many appeared to be conjoined in various ways as well, with extra limbs and breasts and eyes looking out of sometimes unexpected places.

Abigail was a deviant. No doubt about it. She also loved Willow with all of her heart. That very act alone defied the polite society their parents still professed to be a part of. This was a whole new level though. Everyone in Assiah knew of the demons and alchemy and magic that regularly transformed the inhabitants of this world into sexually depraved beasts and more, but they were supposed to be so few and far between. That was for the twisted and gross underbelly of society.

Isn't it? Here sits my love confessing to me her obsession with these...things. Is she a monster? No. Surely not. But what can all this mean?

"I have a much better idea. I love you. I love my life, my mansion, and my servants and all. I love living our secret life. Look at this place, this hidden monument to my depravity and you. I don't intend to run away but instead, I invite you to come and join me here forever."

Her mind nearly blanked. "You want me to hide here? In this dungeon? Forever?"

Willow laughed. "No my love. I'm not asking you to be my secret love slave per se, tempting as that might be. Logistically though, I couldn't provide for all your needs here. No. I'm inviting you on a journey of depravity. I will help you fake your abduction and escape from your would-be fiancée and your parents and even any perceived responsibility to the oaf. It will be up to our fathers to maintain a business relationship with Lord Gerhardt, but that will no longer be either of our concern."

"How does turning us into a vagina woman or pony girls help then?" She asked, gesturing at the paintings.

"You misunderstand me. I'll spell it out. I don't want you to become a vagina woman. I want to join you with my body. I want to merge with you and keep you right here." She rubbed at her crotch in a circular motion. "I want to hide you from all of them in plain sight, like everything else we've done. I want to share my love with you in a way that is more permanent than marriage. In truth, I can't stand the thought of you with that cretin. Come with me and together we'll explore the depths of our love forever." She finished with a grin. She had sat next to Abigail and taken her hands in her own, gazing deeply into the older girl's wet gaze. She watched the gears turn behind her troubled stare with keen interest.

This is not what I had in mind. Of course I wanted to be together forever, but do I want to be a part of, something, no, someone else? It certainly would solve my marriage dilemma if I simply disappeared. I'd be merged into Willow with no one the wiser. They'll search for me, but who would search her body? No one. It's a perfect hiding place to be certain, but to give up everything I am is insane. Isn't it?

She searched her partner's eyes and found more love and longing and want. She did not find malice.

A bit, but she would never hurt me. I know that. My parents would mourn me after a time, but they'd miss me if I simply ran away as well. At least this way they'd think it was against my will. They wouldn't think that their little girl had just abandoned them and all her responsibilities.

She was silent for several thudding heartbeats while her thoughts churned. Willow was beside herself with anticipation. How could the seconds that Abigail mulled this over feel like days or weeks? She kept her face straight, worried any expression might break the spell. When Abigail finally spoke, it started as barely more than a whisper, quivering.

"How would you do it? I don't want to become some kind of monster. I mean that quite literally."

Willow embraced her lover and kissed her face several times before pulling apart just a bit and speaking softly. She had thought this out long ago. She spoke with warmth and conviction.

"For the 'abduction' you will go to town to do some shopping and never return. We will ditch your car and purse, but take your cash and credit cards to make it look like a robbery. Then I will continue on to a restaurant and have dinner 'by myself' before calling your parents to ask if they've seen you. They will never precisely know what happened. For the transformation, I have already acquired a carefully refined alchemical potion. I've thought about this for a long time. I promise you a lifetime of happiness. All we need is time to put my plan into motion and your consent. What do you say?"

She pondered her options once more. Being unable to come up with another solution in which they could be together, she finally said quietly, "I accept. I'll do it. I'll merge with you and become yours. I trust you to keep me safe and happy forever."

"I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me." They kissed passionately then, pawing at one another. The svelte Lady Hornbeam grabbed Abigail's wrist and pushed her back onto the velvety cushioning. She broke the kiss and positioned the toned wrist under her lover's back and then repeated the process with her other arm, pinning the blonde with no more than her own weight and self restraint. She could easily have overpowered the taller girl at any time, she just chose not to do so. She chose to submit. The part of her that enjoyed giving up her physical power here was the same that convinced her to accept this ludicrous proposal in the first place. Submitting to Willow's desires had always given her great pleasure deep down. Becoming part of her was just the final extension of that, she rationalized.

She lay on her hands and waited while Willow began lifting her dress and skirts. Shortly thereafter her undergarments were removed and she squirmed, anticipating her lover's touch. She took in the paintings flickering in the candlelight. One caught her eye that featured Willow standing behind Abigail and grasping her hips as if thrusting into her from behind. Abigail's eyes in the picture were glassy, and her chin was upturned in pleasure, her lips frozen in an 'O' of pleasure. This seemed odd, as even though they had had sex many times over the years and brought each other to countless orgasms, they had never penetrated each other any more than a few inches of a finger to massage a g-spot. Then she thought about the phallic objects she had seen lying about. Big ones, small ones, some with straps.

Straps. She's going to put on one of those things and put it in me. No!

At that moment her train of thought was subverted by her lover's warm tongue running up her snatch to flick her clit right away, eliciting a moan. She slowed down at that point and took her time kissing every inch of labial flesh, gently suckling as she moved along. She turned her head slightly sideways and ran her tongue up and down Abigail's slit in a side to side motion. The submissive girl began to buck and Willow knew she was close. She licked a finger and slipped it inside, crooking it upwards to rub against the other girl's sensitive g-spot as she attacked her clit in earnest. With her other hand she reached up and began to squeeze at the nearest nipple through the tough fabric of the dress, drawing a sharp intake of breath or a short "ah". It had been days since they had been together. The stress of all the recent events had-had its toll on her as well. Abigail thrust her hips madly against the incessant tongue and in under four minutes, she was gushing around her lover's fingers and clenching her muscular thighs around her head.

Willow was ecstatic. She was hot and sweaty underneath Abigail's skirts, and revelled in being crushed between those thighs of steel and covered in her juices. Everything reeked and tasted of feminine musk and salt and it was fantastic. She withdrew the fingers and continued to gently lap her slit, occasionally flicking her clit again. The toned blonde had squealed quietly when she came and tried to squirm to escape the licking, but never once moved her hands from underneath herself.

Willow extricated herself from the surrounding folds of damp cloth and came up to lay with her panting girlfriend after her first orgasm of the evening. Abigail finally repositioned her arms, knowing the first round of the night was over, and they caressed each other.

"How was that?"

"Mmmm, hah, wonderful…overdue" Came the labored response.

"Seeing as you have agreed to give yourself to me, I want you to cum as many ways as I know how until the change. Will you agree to be my willing plaything starting right now?" Willow asked, her eyes alight.


I've already agreed to give her everything, haven't I?

"...trust you. I love you. What do you want me to do?"

Willow's emerald eyes flared with lust and anticipation. "I love you too. First, a change is in order. You said you no longer wanted to be Lady Blythe if it meant marrying Lord Gerhardt. As you are now mine, and not his, I will not refer to you as Lady Blythe, or even Abigail in private ever again, nor will you. Until further notice you will simply be my pet, Abi. Understood?"

Abi nodded.

"Good, then roll over and present yourself to me." Came the answer as she swept to her feet and began rummaging around the room.

Abi rolled over onto her front with her legs hanging off the lounge and reached back, pulling her skirts up around her waist. Then she reached back a bit farther and spread her lips for her lover and waited, feeling the cool air on her already wet thighs as she listened to her girlfriend, owner? rustle around the strange room. She came back before long and ran a hand down the inside of the blonde's right thigh. She squirmed a bit and pushed out her crotch, searching for contact. She heard Willow drop to her knees between her legs. She felt her hot breath on her skin, and then a warm wetness as a tongue began to lick her still sensitive slit. Then without warning the attention moved upward, to the untouched rosebud of her anus and she froze in shock at the unfamiliar sensations and dirty nature of the act.

"What are you doing?" She asked with more than a hint of concern in her voice.

"Preparing you." She continued to lick and spear the other girl's anus in between short phrases. "I know you've never, slurp, allowed anything inside you, but, slurp, I want that to change before your change, slurp. Will you trust me that my toys can feel very, slurp, very good?"

"I trust you. Will you take it slow?"

"Of course my love. Try to relax. This isn't big, but it may feel hot or it may sting at first."

Abi held her cheeks wide and tried to relax the virgin muscle as she felt something begin to press against it. It was cool and wet and smooth and felt no bigger around than the tip of her pinky. It traced slow deliberate circles around her pucker, leaving a trail of cool soothing lubricant wherever ever it had touched. She felt it begin to push in slowly, no more than half an inch, before being pulled back out and pushed back to the same depth. She was toying with just the tip of the object, whatever it was. It was slim and cylindrical and split her easily with it's back and forth motion. Every once in a while, Willow would lick her butthole around the object and let forth an undignified bit of drool or spittle to slide down inside with the invading object.

Ah ah...there's the burn. Oohhphh. Ah ah, that's so weird.

Abi felt it begin to slide further in with each little push, getting slightly wider as it went. It got to be just bigger around than her thumb and then seemed to taper back down. It wasn't long either, maybe as long as her middle finger. After a few minutes of this thrusting the sensations had shifted from burning friction to slick warm tingling. Then Willow drew the object back, wetting it again, and slowly drove its entire length inside with one push before swooping down and rubbing her clit profusely.

With the addition of the unfamiliar sensations of her new butt plug being hilted and the skillful stroking of the dominant raven-haired beauty she had chosen to submit the rest of her life to filling her mind completely, poor Abi came again and squirted her juices all over her lover's hand.

"Mmm delicious." She said as she carefully sucked the web of sticky fluids off of each finger.

"Now clean yourself up. We have dinner to prepare for."

Abi reached back to grasp the plug before having her hand gently swatted away.

"No one told you to remove that. That's your new plug, and I want you to wear it for me through dinner, pretty please." Her voice dripped with false sweetness.

"The whole dinner? Won't it get uncomfortable?"

"Here. These should help with that." She passed Abi a pair of black lace panties with a bulging butterfly motif on the front. The body of the butterfly was raised a bit. When Abi asked about this, she was merely told to ensure that it pressed right up against her sex. She pulled them on snugly, feeling them contact and drag on the lubricated object in her butt, and rearranged her dress and skirts. It didn't seem to help with comfortability much, but she did as told anyway without objection.

"Come now, and stand by the door while I blow out the candles."

Abi stood, and felt the object within her slightly shift. She was somewhat consciously and unconsciously clenching her sphincter around the invader. That clenching was starting to feel better. It didn't quite burn anymore, but she was acutely aware that her hole was not all the way closed.

That's what it is. It's trying to suck it in or cut it off. That's why it keeps clenching. Unf.

She began to move toward the door and felt it begin to shift a bit inside her with each step, tugging at the ring of her anus ever so slightly, constantly reminding her of its presence. She reached the door and saw a small point of light shining through the otherwise dark wall. Closer inspection revealed it to be a peephole in the wall. Abi bent to look through it as she heard Willow returning.

"This is all terribly exciting. Why didn't you tell me you had a secret room before? We could have had our fun in here for years. I don't see anyone outside. Do you think it's safe to come out?" Abi was clearly starting to enjoy her situation. Overcoming her nerves, as usual. Willow pressed up against Abi's backside and she moaned softly and closed her eyes as she felt the taller woman's hands run up her sides. Then she gasped as she felt something soft slide snug against her neck and then 'click' into place, the click heard from behind her head.

Click? A lock? What is this?

"What was that? What is this?" She reached up and brushed her fingers against the object. It felt like no more than a piece of frilly lace with maybe a cameo on the front, wrapped around her neck, but behind her head there was a plain rectangle of metal. Her nails could feel no seams or hole for a key or mechanism. The cloth was tight against her throat, but not restrictive. She couldn't seem to get a finger under it however. It was as if her nail just refused to slide under the material. Her eyes snapped to Willow in the gloom, full of worry and edging on panic as she began to pull at the frilly lace portion with both hands. It didn't rip or budge at all, much less pull the satiny portion away from her skin.

"Shh, shh, shh, it's alright my love. This is a gift! A special collar I've made for you." She explained.

"You made it?" She stopped fighting with the collar.

If she made it then it can't be dangerous, but...

"How did you make something like this? What is it?"

"I have one last confession before we go back out there. I knew that we would have to do something drastic to be together a long time ago. One of us was bound to be married off like some bargaining piece at some point. Could I live with you or myself married to some lout and forced to submit to their whims and urges? No. I knew I would have to take action to ensure our future so I began studying rune magic." She placed a finger on her necklace, a seemingly simple silver pendant in the shape of a set of women's lips nestled above her cleavage. A small symbol made of intensely vibrant green light shone briefly on the surface of the lips, as if tattooed onto them, then in an instant, it was gone again and the pendant looked exactly as it had before.

"What do you think of that?" She continued.

The back of her neck was suddenly warm and Abi rubbed at the collar absentmindedly while she pondered the question.

I think it's really impressive, and maybe a little scary. Should I really do this? Should I really give myself to her so willingly? She seems to have thought this whole thing out far more than I had anticipated. Still, she's my best friend. I don't want to be shipped off with some pig of a man. She has offered me a lifetime of love and care and happiness that no one else has promised. She even seems to have our future financial needs taken care of with this new skill of hers...

She opened her mouth to finally say that she was very impressed by all this.


But nothing came out. She opened her mouth and moved her jaw and lips and tongue, and yes, she could feel air escaping her lungs, but no sound would come. She tried to scream at the top of her lungs, but not even a whisper peeped out. Her eyes widened again and she threatened to panic a bit before remembering the flash of light on the lip pendant around Willow's neck. Understanding washed over her and she calmed down.

The pendant, the collar, my collar, they work together. When she touches those lips around her neck, it takes my voice. How is this possible?

She began to try and ask that very question before her expression turned pouty, as nothing had come out of her mouth, yet again. She cocked her hands on her hips and stared up at the raven haired beauty with indignance. Willow laughed and pressed her hand to the pendant again, eliciting another flash of green light and accompanying warmth on the back of her neck.

"That's not funny." She stated, with more than a bit of indignance in her voice. "It's really impressive that you can do that, but why do you feel the need to gag me at all?"

"The answer is simple. I intend to do things to you that will curl your toes and make your hair stand on end. I intend to give you so much pleasure that you could not contain yourself even if you wanted to, and I don't want everyone in the mansion knowing about it. As usual.  Now check that the coast is clear and let's be on our way. We've been absent for some time now."

Feeling slightly put off at being bossed around (but a little turned on by it) she did as instructed and checked the peep hole again. Finding no one there, she gave the all clear in the form of a thumbs up. She pulled the handle hanging from the ceiling and once again, a large section of the wall opened inward without so much as a sound. Abi stepped through first and Willow pulled the handle again, quickly shuffling out as the door quietly swung shut behind her.

They retired to their separate rooms to prepare for dinner.


Re: Escaping One Future

Willow, Abi, as well as Willow's parents, and a few other lords and ladies sat down for dinner in the opulent dining room. Lord and Lady Hornbeam wished Abigail well and exchanged polite chit chat about her family. Quickly the conversation turned to the upcoming engagement. Abi was so tired of this subject, or so she thought. Now that she had decided to give herself to Willow though, she found that she was free to simply react to the engagement the way everyone expected. It didn't matter how she actually felt as long as she put on a show. She would profess her undying love and solidify her position in the local hierarchy before taking her own disappearance. Then surely no one would fault her or her parents when she left, thinking it to be against her will. She smiled and began to fawn over the young Lord Gerhardt. She told them how handsome she thought he was and agreed that they would make such striking and beautiful children. She told them she was ever so excited to be whisked away by her new lover and start a huge family of her own. In fact, in her eagerness to prove herself a happy bride to be, she oversold herself a bit and began to make Willow jealous. The conversation moved away from the engagement and on to some business dealings between Lord Hornbeam and some of the other guests about expansion into some new market. Once Willow determined Abi would not be the center of attention again, she slowly reached up and placed a hand to the necklace she wore, careful to conceal it's small flash of light.

Oh no.

Abi felt a pulse of heat from the collar around her neck, followed by an equally cold feeling of dread settle in the pit of her stomach. Her eyes flew to Willow, who barely concealed a grin and then looked back to the head of the table, so as to feign paying attention.

Why? Surely I will need to speak at some point. How does she expect me to respond?

Abi's mind was reeling. She found herself at a dinner party with her secret lesbian lover and her family and friends, with a foreign object firmly wedged in her backside, a slightly uncomfortable pair of underwear, and now, to top it all off, she couldn't even speak.

What is the point of all this?

She didn't have to wait long to find out. As the conversation continued to drone on about market trends and fuel prices and politics Willow sat her hands in her lap and turned a band on the outside of a ring on her right hand a few degrees. Had anyone been under the table to witness the faint glow emitted by the ring, they may have correctly surmised that a rune magic effect had just been activated somewhere in the nearby vicinity. As it was, only Abi noticed anything amiss. She had been resisting squirming in her seat a bit from the beginning of dinner, for obvious reasons. She didn't want to give Willow the satisfaction of knowing the plug was uncomfortable. Regardless, she found herself beginning to fidget. Something was happening with the plug in her ass.

No. She wouldn't. Not here!

She wasn't sure at first, but there it was again. The toy was beginning to warm up. She could feel it coming on in gentle waves. It didn't really seem to get very hot, but the sensation was beginning to feel more pleasurable. Soon she noticed a slick sensation near the base of the plug.

What is happening? Is she doing something? Oh Demons, she has to be doing this. What are you doing to meahuh?

Even her own thought was derailed as she felt the plug lurch within her. Only an inch in length, but enough for her to realize that things were about to get very weird. She looked at Willow with her blue eyes wide with fear and Willow delighted at her predicament.

She was finally beginning to understand. She couldn't make a sound due to the collar around her neck. She couldn't ask to stop if she wanted to. She couldn't speak to excuse herself from the table even! Getting up and walking away with no explanation certainly wasn't an option either. She was trapped and would have to just submit to what was happening.

Ah! Ah!

Another pulse and she felt the invader grow another inch.

Oh Demons how big can it get? No no don't answer that. Please, please, stop. Oh Demons. Noooo.

The toy had grown at this point to be about 4 inches in length and about 2 inches around at its widest point and was idling with a warm wet feeling. It would not get any wider, but would instead expand in length acting rather like a thin tentacle. In truth the toy also attempted to mimic the feeling of living skin with the warmth, while secreting a natural lubricant to make its passage easier and keep things from getting too uncomfortable over long periods of time. The lubricant also functioned as a solvent for any fecal matter it may encounter on it's quite long journey into its host's bowels, thus eliminating the need for any cleaning or prep work before anal play. Operated remotely by a dial on a ring, the magical gizmo was one of Willow's favorite creations and she expected to find a way to mass produce and market them eventually. Of course, Abi knew none of this.

Back in Abi's present, she felt another warm wave coming on and focused on not dropping the bite of food halfway to her mouth. She had been trying to continue eating to keep up pretenses that everything was normal since Willow wouldn't even properly acknowledge her distress. She would only give an occasional glance and smirk in Abi's direction. She was enjoying watching the blonde subtly shift in her seat soundlessly.

Looking around the table, Willow and Abi were seated opposite each other near the far end of the table from the elder Lord and Lady Hornbeam, with only two of Willow's younger female cousins seated farther on the end. The young girls were talking at a mile per minute and seemingly not paying attention to their surroundings at all. The rest of the adults seemed focused on Lord Hornbeam or their plates.

I can't believe it. I'm mute and have something burrowing into me, and no one notices anything? Oh. That...that is actually starting to feel good. Unph. Mnmmm.

No one was paying her any attention at all it seemed. Once the conversation had shifted away from her she might as well be invisible as well.

She felt another warm pulse and with another surge, her rectum filled just one inch more. The slim invader was slowly working it's way up her insides, lubricating itself as it went. Abi glanced at Willow and caught her watching. She silently pleaded with her eyes for her to turn off the plug, to let it withdraw, to let her speak again! Willow made a surreptitious hand gesture, as if to say, 'I understand.' Then she grabbed her napkin and both hands disappeared under the table again.

Thank the Demons. I am going to make her pay for this when we are alone again. Ooh I will make her regret thi...Ah!

Her mouth flew open in a silent yelp, but not even a hiss sounded as the air passed her lips.
Something was happening with the underwear Willow had given her earlier.

Ugh. It feels like they're moving. I thought she was turning off the plug!

They were and she wasn't. First the panties had cinched to become as taut against her skin as they could. Next she felt a crawling across the front as the butterfly on the panties fluttered down to nestle its main body over her clitoris. Before she could worry about that, there was another warm pulse in her behind and she felt the plug worm another inch forward, now well beyond the first bend in her rectum.

She felt so full. Oh my Demons why? It's so far in and it is so warm. She panted, silently.

Still no one took a second glance at her as she shakily reached for her glass to keep up appearances. As she began to take a drink the panties activated. A low buzzing began in her crotch.

No no no. Not here. Please!

Abi had never had much difficulty in orgasming, and she could tell today would be no exception. She set her glass down and placed both hands on the table, lightly bracing herself. She whimpered her silent plea, unheard by anyone around and only imagined by Willow herself. It was too much. Abi was going to cum soon and she knew it. The buzzing sensation in front continued and another pulse heralded the eighth inch of plug slowly creeping forward through her ass. She looked desperately at Willow, her eyes begging and lips silently mouthing, 'Please, please, please…'

The predatory smile she got back told her there would be no mercy. The silent buzzing on her clit suddenly intensified and Abi found herself
doing all she could to not thrash at the table. Her mouth parted just slightly, and had she been allowed sound the room would have been filled with a primal guttural moan as she came at the dinner table. Her knees shook under the table and she planted her heels on the floor. With her ass full of the rune magic plug and the relentless assault on her clit, she could do nothing but let her knees quake and dig her fingers into her palm until it passed. It was an intense orgasm. She could feel the blood draining from her face and a light sweat appeared on her brow. It felt as if she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Her vocal chords thrashed together, but still made no sound. As she came down from her orgasm she looked around to see if anyone had noticed. To her horror, the entire table was looking directly at her. What little blood remained in her face drained instantly as sound flooded back into her world and the vibration against her clitoris stopped.

"I say again, Lady Blythe, are you quite alright alright?" Came the concerned voice of Lord Hornbeam from the head of the table amid the clinking and clearing of plates by the staff.

She felt a warmth on the back of her neck as the collar was deactivated. She tried out her voice and it felt scratchy, just as if she really had been screaming all along.

"I...think I need to lie down. Suddenly I feel quite faint. Lady Hornbeam, would you see me to my room please?" She stood, placing her hands on the table to steady herself, for the first time really feeling the full length of the toy inside her. Her blood quickly rushed back to her face and she found herself blushing as she began to exit the room. Each step made her gloriously toned ass cheeks rub against the base of the toy. While previously this had served to simply remind her the toy was there, now each tiny movement was translated up the full length of the invading object. It felt so strange, and full.

It almost hurts, but when it tugs just right it feels amazing. I can't believe she did that! How could she just make me cum in front of all those people? They can't know what happened could they?

She tried to glance at the others out of her peripheral vision as she met Willow at the head of the table and took her arm. As best she could tell, the expressions present showed
varying degrees of concern, not suspicion or disgust. As they came together Abi tried to give Willow her best withering glare, but still got back mirth and concealed laughter in her lover's eyes. They made their excuses for the evening and made their way toward Abi's room before making a detour to the drawing room and the secret chamber.

"At dinner! Really?" Abi exclaimed loudly as soon as the thick door had shut.

Willow truly did laugh then, letting out her pent up amusement at the situation finally spill forth.

"I had to test the plug and the panties and the collar. What better way to test the choker than with you screaming your head off, and what better way to test the effects of the other toys than forcing a climax in public, in front of people you know and care about no less?"

"Take them off." Abi pouted.

"Aww. Honey. I know you're a little embarrassed but didn't it feel good?" She asked.

"Of course it felt good. These underwear are ruined. Completely. Unsalvageable. I do not envy the lady that does my laundry after this either. I am completely soaked. It still feels good, but please, please take them off." She pleaded.

Willow reached over to her right hand and slowly twisted the ring back to its original position. Abi's eyes unfocused and her mouth dropped open an inch or two as she focused on the sensation of the long and skinny toy shrinking down the lentgh of her bowels to its original length of just about two inches. She wanted to describe tje experience, but could really only liken it to having a really long tapered object being forced out for an unnatural amount of time.

"Present yourself to me." Willow commanded.

Abi did as she was told and leaned over the sofa face down. She reached back and pulled up her skirts revealing the mess she had promised. The panties were drenched in her fluids, as were her thighs and petticoats. Willow slowly removed the underwear, pulling it over her lover's hips and smiled as she watched the black material drag along Abi's smoothe but firm legs.

Soon these will all be gone. Repurposed to my will. Oh Demons I can't wait to make you mine.

She reached out and gently removed the plug, eliciting a soft moan as it popped free of its puckered prison before wrapping her arms around the blonde's muscular thighs, pushing her face into the folds of her lover's drenched pussy. It was delicious as always. Sweet, and salty and musky. She would miss this as well, quite a bit of she was being truthful. She could spend an hour between Abi's delicate folds with ease, not that she ever needed that much attention to finish. She tried to savor the flavor as she began to work the older girl's clit with her thumb while lapping her tongue up and down, occasionally darting just into her slit. It didn't take much more of this before her hips bucked and she was rewarded with her desired prize, a face full of her lover's cum.

"I am truly sorry for what I did to you out there." Willow said with a sticky grin as she flipped Abi over and got on the sofa as well before laying Abi on her back across her lap so they could gaze at each other. She licked her smudged red lips and continued. "If it's any consolation I don't believe any of them actually knew what was happening."

Willow grasped the pendant on her neck and Abi felt the warmth on the back of her neck again. This time the cloth loosened and fell away to the sofa below.

"It's really not any consolation at all no. I have never been so mortified in my life! I knew you liked hiding our affair in plain sight, but that was just too much."

"Do you mean to tell me that you didn't enjoy yourself?" Willow asked as she bent down to nibble on Abi's earlobe, purposely drawing her hot breath against her lover's sensitive neck as she spoke in a sultry voice.

If we're being honest, I think that may have been one of the most erotic things that has ever happened to me. She thought to herself. I felt so full, and came so hard. I must admit, the toys felt a lot better than I expected. No one even paid me any attention until I was too far gone to care. It was kind of fun to scream so loud with others nearby and have no one hear it.

"Okay, so I liked it a little." She blushed and looked away, suppressing a grin. "It was fun to feel so good with everyone right there. I was so scared I couldn't even look at them though. I was so mad at you at first, but after a bit all I could think about was the plug and my clit. Demons, that was unreal. Speaking of which, what is going on with those things? Are they alive?"

"No, not alive. They are our future. They are toys I created to sell. The design work was the hardest part, they're surprisingly easy to reproduce in various sizes. I also have toys for the front, but I was certain you would not appreciate those, so we went with the butterfly instead."

Abi nodded and rubbed at her crotch absentmindedly.

"I really liked that one. It hugs your body so well. I don't think you could dislodge it if you tried. The way it increased its vibration toward the end was pretty amazing. Have you tried them?"

It was Willow's turn to blush at that point.

"Yes. I've tested every toy I've ever made on myself first."

"Without me? I have to admit I'm a little hurt that you kept this secret from me."

Willow broke their gaze and looked thoughtful.

"I know. It started small and grew quickly. I originally thought for this to be our playroom, but then it became just mine. I found that there is power in secrets, and I loved having a secret that only I knew about."

"Then why share it with me now?"

"Because silly," she leaned in and pecked Abi on the lips. “You’ve agreed to share everything that you are with me. I will share everything I am with you. That of course includes all of my toys and secrets. It will be hard to keep too many from you soon. l must admit I simply can't wait until we are merged. I want to share everything with you. I can't wait to try out so many new experiences with you. I just know we're going to love our new life. Now, off to bed. We have a big day tomorrow." She got up, helping the shorter girl to her feet.

"We do?" Abi's beautiful eyes went wide.

"Oh yes my love. Tomorrow we put our plan in motion."

The two girls quietly made their way back through the secret entrance and made it back to their rooms without being seen. Willow prepared for bed with glee and fell asleep easily with dreams of beautiful women in her head. Abi on the other hand stayed up late.

She undressed and sat in front of a vanity and really took herself in. She was gorgeous, from her luscious blonde hair to her toned and smooth legs. She got out a brush and began to de-tangle her hair, taking the time to run her fingers through it and feel its soft texture and smell it's fragrance. She watched herself sweep the brush over her hair methodically and wondered if she would have any hair left after tomorrow. Willow had been  purposefully light on the details of their upcoming transformation, but she still trusted her completely not to turn them into some sort of freak one might see in the magazines celebrating bizarre transformations and their lovers. Once she’d worked the kinks out of her hair she stood and twisted in the mirror, taking in every tanned curve, every muscle slinking under the skin like a cat’s, with grace and power.

She had been somewhat genetically blessed of course to come out reasonably proportioned and with her hair and beautiful face she knew she was lucky. Luck didn’t account for everything though. She’d spent years working out and competing in school sports to sculpt this body. She ran her hands down her powerful thigh and sighed. She’d be giving these up too she supposed. If she was going to be hidden, then it would be unlikely that she would keep many of her original features, she reasoned. She moved upward and cupped both breasts, twisting from side to side to better take in their shape via the mirror. She wanted to build a lasting mental image of herself as she was, before any changes happened. They were full and capped with enticing little nubs and she loved the way Willow would roll them between her fingers as she went down on her.

She turned off the vanity and got in bed. She was as ready for the events of the next day, the beginning of the rest of her life with Willow, as she would ever be. Though her mind swirled with depraved thoughts of cocks and pussies and demons and monsters she did manage to drift off to a fairly fitful sleep.

Abi was dragged from her reverie by the sound of the curtains being drawn open by one of the servants and a burst of light and warmth upon her face. She vaguely remembered the images from her dream. Everything was wet and soft and warm and musky. She wanted to go back to the darkness and the warmth and pulled her blankets up over her head, revelling in the heat.

“Come now Lady Blythe.” Chirped the maid that had opened the curtains. She thought it was Samantha, a petite redheaded girl with a pert set of breasts and tush. Abi never really minded being awakened by her. She was so nice.

Will I ever actually see you again with my own eyes? Who knows? Willow I suppose.

"The others are being awakened as well."

Fine. She threw the covers down with a flop.

"I'm up. I'm awake. Just give me 10 minutes or so and come back to help with my hair."

"As you wish m'lady". The maid stopped tidying up and went to find another task for the next few minutes. Abi watched her small but shapely rear scoot out of the room. Shortly after she had dressed Samantha returned and helped her style her hair into a simple but stylish up-do with a few tendrils of golden hair hanging down to frame her face. She selected some shining jewelry, nothing that she actually cared about or was very expensive since it was going to be ‘stolen’. She got her phone and opened a group chat with her parents.

A simple, “Good morning, I love you” was all she could manage to send.

What did one say? Good morning Mother and Father, I’m afraid you’ll never see me again as I’ve decided to run away forever! She shook her head. Mother, Father, I’ve decided to run away with my secret girlfriend to go get transformed and never return! Accurate, yes, but tasteless.

She just couldn’t think of any more to say without spilling everything. Even though she was upset that they were so accepting of the marriage proposal, she did feel bad about just disappearing.

On the other hand, if I don’t just disappear, then I’ll be to blame for ruining the engagement and the business proposals. Besides, it’ll be worth it. I get to spend the rest of my life with Willow. Actually the rest of my life. Some people just say that, but there will be no turning back from this. Am I ready?

She looked herself in the eye in the vanity and found a hint of resolve she wasn’t sure was there a moment before.

I am ready. We are doing this. Right now.

Abi gathered her purse and phone and car keys and strode out of the room to meet up with Willow. She had butterflies in her stomach and doubted they would go away any time soon. She met her in the den, already waiting for Abi.

“How did you sleep my love?” Willow asked as she stood. She was dressed simply, in a crop top and skirt.

“It was pleasant in its own way. I couldn’t get the transformation out of my mind though. I’m fairly certain I would have had an actual wet dream if not for your maid waking me.” She replied.

“Mmm. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for that later. Let’s go.”

Willow scooped up her things and headed out the front door of the mansion with Abi in tow. They had already discussed the plan in detail and knew what to do. They got in their separate vehicles and began the drive back into the city proper. As Lord and Lady Hornbeam lived on the edge of town in a large estate, they had easy access to a rest stop on the way where they planned to stage Abi's disappearance.

They parked and Willow got out and came over to Abi's car. It was a simple two seat sports car, red, a newer model. Abi went to the restroom and flushed her car keys. She simply gave Willow all of her cash as that was relatively untraceable and made it look more like a robbery. Next they made sure no one else was near and Willow got out a pair of thick rubber gloves and a stun gun.

"Your phone please." She said matter-of-factly, holding out her hand.

Abi rummaged through her purse for a moment before Willow told her to dump the contents in the driver's seat. Setting the expensive phone on the seat she told Abi to step back and zapped the phone's charging port with the stun gun. The gun made a nasty crackle and a hiss of ozone and they watched the screen flash white, then blue, and within 3-4 seconds black.

"Wow." They said in unison.

"Do you think it's completely fried?" Asked Abi.

Willow glanced around once more and seeing no one else, reached out and zapped the phone again, this time for a prolonged period. After a few seconds smoke could be seen coming from under the screen and trapped underneath it.

"It is now."

They shared a nervous laugh and Willow replaced the gloves and stun gun in her own purse. She gathered Abi's credit cards as well. She would dispose of those in a dumpster in town later. They tossed the phone back in the car and locked the doors.

When someone found the car, they'd find it locked and abandoned at a rest stop, close to home. When they did get inside it they would see the purse's contents minus the money and the fried cell phone laying there with no sign of their owner. A robbery and kidnapping for sure.

With the car staged they got a bag from the back of Willow's car, a restored yellow convertible with white leather interior and a powerful engine.

Luck was with them that day, for there were no other people stopping to use this rest area it seemed. They made their way to the back of the rest area facilities and into the woods ringing either side of the highway to a secluded clearing Willow had previously scouted out.

Ringed by bushes and covered by conifers it was a beautiful spot that Abi would have been happy to have visited just for a secret picnic. They laid out a tarp from the bag and then covered that with a plush blanket, then sat down behind the bushes.


Re: Escaping One Future

It was quiet. They could hear the wind and birds and the occasional car pass by on the highway. Willow reached into her bag and pulled out a small glass vial full of a pearlescent white liquid.

Refined demon cum, an alchemical potion. That little bottle is going to change my life, no, our lives, forever. This is it. Whew.

Abi blew out a breath slowly.

WIll I be able to breathe after this? She hasn’t given any hints at all.

Another breath. She took the time to really just focus on the feeling of air slowly inflating her lungs to full capacity, and then exhaled till empty, savoring the feeling. She rubbed her arms and watched her girlfriend begin to disrobe. She did the same, but kept her eyes focused on Willow’s emerging alabaster skin. It was so pale in the dappled sunlight. Her breasts were small and puffy and her body long and lean. She was gorgeous and Abi wondered if they would still be beautiful when they were done. Then she thought about Lord Gerhardt. Stinking of alcohol. Pushing himself on her. She shuddered.

“Willow, you’re beautiful. I love you. I’ve been thinking a lot and I want this. I want to be together with you, inseparable, forever. I’m ready. What do we do?”

“It’s simple, my love. Drink this and lay face down on the blanket, then my fantasy will become our reality. You will live with me, always, and I promise you a lifetime of new and amazing experiences in return. As a bonus, we'll both live longer with our combined life forces. So we get to enjoy each other for many, many years to come." She purred as she handed Abi the vial.

She took it delicately and studied it for a moment, watching the different colors shift across its surface. It was kind of pretty in a way, but it still felt so ominous. She opened it and heard the little pop of the seal being broken. Immediately they smelled a musk that curled their nostrils. Willow breathed it in deeply and sighed contentedly. It had another scent as well, something both sweet and fruity but Abi couldn't quite peg down what it was. She looked away, to Willow's gorgeous face, and her red stained lips framed by her raven hair. She pulled Willow to her and kissed her passionately before shuffling back away from her girlfriend to keep her safe. Even folks that knew next to nothing about transforming knew not to touch someone while they were taking a potion. She closed her eyes and quickly upended the bottle, swallowing the thick contents quickly, like taking a shot or swallowing bad medicine. She grimaced, but in truth it didn't taste so bad. It did taste a bit like cum, which was new, but it was mostly overpowered by the taste of fresh, sweet strawberries.

"Now lay down flat on your stomach."

"O-okay." As she lay down, she could feel the softness of the blanket and the hardness of the ground underneath. The demon cum solution was unnaturally warm and left a tingling sensation all the way down her esophagus to pool in her belly. It seemed to Abi that she could feel every cell that the mixture touched on its way as they became energized, priming for their transformation into their new purpose. She was nervous, but that was a moot point now wasn't it? The newfound sense of freedom washing over her felt oddly like having finished her school exams. She didn't know which things specifically, but she could feel that there were a multitude of things she would never have to do or care about any more and that did feel like a weight lifted off of her.

You've drunk the potion. That's it. You're done. No more responsibility. No more marriage. Just Willow and you. Nothing else matters so relax and let her do what she needs to. Just let it happen. This is it. Enjoy it.

Even after her mental prep talk, Abi was still a bit jumpy. She flinched as she felt Willow's smooth thighs contact the skin of her outer hip.

She's straddling me.

Abi turned her head to the left and looked at Willow out of the corner of her left eye. She was smiling and watching Abi's tailbone with rapt attention. Willow aimed her hips just right, letting Abi's legs stretch behind her as her torso laid out in front. Once satisfied, she pressed down into the slightly older blonde's firm ass with her crotch.

The transformation began almost immediately, but went slowly. This was something that Willow had wanted for quite some time, and she wanted to savor every bit of it. Abi had still not quite realized just how much her girlfriend was enamored with the taboo. Willow's pulse quickened and her breathing became deep and rhythmic. She closed her eyes and imagined the final form she had been sculpting for the pair of them.

The skin at the top of Abi's ass cheeks began to itch, then numbed, reminiscent of novocaine, before stretching out to meet with the skin of Willow's crotch like pulled taffy. Abi felt as if she was growing a tail for a moment before the tops of her cheeks and the delicate pink pucker of her asshole extended as well, filling the gap completely. They both felt Abi's asshole squish up against Willow's sopping pussy and warm up as the skin began to fuse. The ring of her anus merged with the outer labia of Willow's vagina and they knew; they were one.

I knew there was no turning back, but this is really it isn't it?

Abi wiggled her hips, causing Willow to sway a bit and the conjoined flesh to pull. They could feel the tug but it was numb, like snagging a piece of clothing on something.

I think we're stuck now. A giant tube! Oh Demons, we're a 'we' now.

Indeed they were a connected tube from Abi's puffy lipped mouth all the way back to Willow's womb. With that, the skin on the inside of Willow's thighs began to prickle and then numbed as they seemed to soften, and flow over Abi's muscular ass and the tops and sides of her thighs. She felt the beginning of a powerful suction in her lower abdomen. As Willow tried to keep focused on her vision, Abi felt the now familiar sensation creep slowly from her butt, over the back of her thighs, down her shapely calves and come to rest in each foot. She kicked her legs and squawked a bit because the prickling sensation tickled like mad as it crept over the bottom of her feet before they went numb. Willow rode her writhing, laughing girlfriend and thought that this was going to work out just fine. She just knew Abi would come to love her new form...despite obvious initial reservations.

Abi propped herself up on her arms, raised her left leg, and they both twisted around to watch her foot. There was a sensation of suction and they both watched in fascination as each of the pretty, blue manicured toes disappeared into the foot they belonged to.

Well, goodbye toes. Guess I won't be seeing you anymore.

Willow could not feel Abi's feet through their connection yet, it was not strong enough. Instead she watched with delight, and concentrated harder on the body she wished to sculpt. It excited her to see the transformation she had dreamed of finally becoming reality.

"Ooh Abi thank you so much. Thank you for this. I've wanted this for so long. I can finally feel complete. I never thought it would be you though. I can't believe you're actually mine. This is so hot. Oh Freya. Fuck... "

"I am. I truly am yours. Take good care of me Willow."

"I will. You'll be better cared for than any pet, I can assure you. You've made me so happy. I love you."

"I love you too."

During the exchange further changes had developed. The itching sensation spread the length of Abi's feet and calves before the sucking sensation returned. She kicked her leg further out to the side to better watch as her dainty foot blurred, then melted and pulled in to the new stump of her leg. Her mouth parted silently as she watched.

She had known that she was going to transform and change herself on an intellectual level. She had known that that meant her body would warp and twist. Actually seeing it happening before her eyes was a whole different story. Doubt was starting to creep in.

Oh my Demons. That's so creepy to watch. What is she doing to me? Ah! Was this the really the right decision? Was this really my only option?

It didn't matter. The changes continued. Abi's leg became heavy at the end where her foot had melted into the ankle, as if the mass was still there. It felt very liquidy, and gently sloshed a bit as she shook her stump from side to side. Her pulse quickened and she laid down her leg and her head, closing her eyes to focus on the sensation. It felt strange to have a pair of legs with no feet, she was so used to the way her feet would wiggle at the end of those ever-shortening appendages. She waved them around and felt the wind blow across her stumps.

Willow turned back forward and gave Abi a small back rub, comforting her with gentle caresses. Abi moaned as Willow pushed a little harder, digging her palms into the strong muscles of the athletic girl's back. It felt good to have her muscles worked out and manipulated, even if they would be warped and twisted only minutes later.

Abi was starting to feel warm all over, like a heat was being pulsed out from her groin, what was left of it, and her skin felt like it was thickening, gaining a more rubberized texture. It started at her leg stumps and began creeping its way up one inch at a time. While the skin morphed, the legs continued to pull themselves inwards, getting thicker and heavier as they went. First the ankles, then the shins, then the knees, all slowly consumed by the next, until she was left with a pair of very heavy round nubs resting just underneath Willow's pale white ass. Abi mentally flexed what used to be connections to calf muscles and only felt the nubs shift just a hair. She still seemed to remember her body's old connections, but things were missing or rewired. The realization of her complete loss of mobility broke through the haze of love and excitement that had been driving this process so far.

"I'm starting to get scared. I love you, but this is big. This is everything that I am. Will you please tell me what's happening to us?"

"Well, I bet you can guess that I've decided to make you into my most intimate of areas…"

"Mhmm, I thought of so many things that you might do to us, and I was fairly certain this would be it. You said you wanted to keep living your life with me along in secret so, being just a body part made the most sense. I've thought about it hard and I'm ready to be your p-pussy. I know there's no going back, but It's still so strange and scary. What is happening with my legs? I can feel them, but they don't feel the same any more."

Willow felt a slight thrill as her girlfriend submitted a little further. She was willing to be reduced to nothing but a focal point for her desire and that was intoxicating. It only made her slight deception all the more taboo. She reached back and caressed the nubs under her, thinking harder on the form she sought to make reality.

"That's because they're not your legs anymore. They're becoming my new testicles."

There was a very pregnant pause. Everything in the clearing was silent.

"What?" Croaked Abi in disbelief.

That can't be right. I had to have heard wrong.

"Say that again?" She asked.

"Your legs are gone. They're mine now, and I'm going to turn them into a nice, heavy, swinging ballsack."

Abi's mind blanked for a moment. Thought was momentarily suspended by her disbelief, which tried in vain to overcome her certainty that she did understand what was being said.

Like an ancient Edeni golem awakening, the gears in her brain slowly began to turn again, defaulting to pure logic in the face of the unexpected and unfathomable.

Ballsack? Balls? But that would mean that we'll have a… No…

"We're going to have a penis?"

"Close. Try again my love."

"I'm going to have a penis?"


"No. Please…"

Willow leaned down over Abi's torso and wrapped her arms around the girl. She was so warm to the touch and smooth but so different than the smooth tanned skin she used to sport. She reached underneath her, tweaking the blonde's turgid nipples, and spoke softly in her ear.

"You are going to become my beloved cock, body, mind and soul. You are going to be that which I use to pleasure myself for the rest of my un-natural life. We will be joined forever and share experiences that literally no other being on the planet can. I intend to find out just how good we can make each other feel."

"No, no, no. Please don't."

"It's already begun."

With that she sat up and began to grind her hips into Abi's behind. The submissive girl whimpered as she felt a pulse of intense heat from her tailbone. WIllow ground in her clit hard and yelped as it fused and started tugging as she kept grinding. She stopped and focused again on the transformation she had painstakingly planned out. What was left of her clit surged forward into Abi and began reaching for her spinal column, seeking to make more meaningful connections. Meanwhile, both of their sets of ovaries began to migrate, being pulled through the transforming flesh to merge into one large dense mass and two smaller masses. The former wedged itself firmly in Willow's anus and the others seemed to take up residence in her lower abdomen.

The heat began to suffuse her whole body, or more accurately, throughout her torso seeing as that was nearly all that remained. Her stomach cramped and she felt like she was being inflated as her digestive system gurgled and warped itself into a much more primitive muscular tube connected at the end with her legs and the newly minted prostate she had just gained. She lifted herself onto her elbows and watched the tube push forward over her flat belly and replace her sternum, pushing her breasts aside before she lost sight of its progress under her chin. She began to gag for a moment and found her chin and neck being forced back up to face her front. Whatever change was happening in her throat seemed to finish and she found herself able to breathe again, but something was wrong.

"I don't want to be a penis!"

"I'm sorry baby, but there's no turning back. I've wanted a living cock for so long. I can't believe it's happening. Just relax, I promise it's going to feel so good you won't be able to stand it.

"I can't move my neck. I can't move my head. What's happening now?"

"Shh. It's okay. You're becoming my big, strong shaft now. You won't need to look around the same anymore. Everything will be alright." The dominant girl soothed her girlfriend while lightly stroking her back and sides up and down with both hands in a rhythmic motion.

Abi's skin was beginning to darken, almost as if she had taken a trip to the tanning salon. Meanwhile a network of veins was beginning to work their way from Willow's crotch across the surface of Abi's newly formed cockflesh. Willow traced them lightly with her fingertips and watched her new cock shudder. Her actual shape was beginning to distort now, growing and shrinking to become more tubular all around.

She moaned as a heat built behind her breasts. In no time the suction joined it and her breasts melted away to nothing more than slight lumps on the underside of the massive new cock she was becoming.

Her spine was beginning to dissolve. It didn't hurt, but she was highly aware of the simple restructuring happening down below as she became spongy flesh through and through.

"Baby, I'm sca… " Abi was interrupted by a forceful and final belch as her throat and stomach finished their final transformation into her new urethra.

"I'm scared. Why? Why a dick?" She sucked in a big gob of saliva.

"There's nothing to worry about. I'm going to take such good care of you. You're going to feel good every single day nestled right here between my thighs. As for why, I do have a further confession to make. I love women, yes. I've loved you and your beauty since I discovered sex, but I have always felt there was something missing. I know you never minded there wasn't a throbbing cock in bed with us, but I missed it. I needed it, more than anything. I had already planned to find another willing submissive to become the penis of my fantasies, but when you came to me with your dilemma, it was just too perfect! I was afraid that you wouldn't want me anymore if I had a penis, but I just couldn't stop thinking about it! Then I realized that you could become my penis, and my having one wouldn't bother you, because I'll be too busy making sure you never regret this choice. You've made me so happy and I know I can do the same for you. There are going to be some major changes coming up. Try to relax. I promise it can feel great if you submit and give in. Will you still trust me?"

"Can I? Does it matter? You're doing this already. I don't have a choice but to be… yours. I won't lie, I'm hurt that you did this without telling me." She stopped to slurp and spit. "It's hard to trust you but I know you don't want anything truly terrible for me. Remember, anything you do that I won't like is only going to hurt us from now on. We are going to have to be together in this. This is not a good start to that relationship."

"I know. Honey, I'm going to spend the rest of our lives making this up to you. I love you. Now, I need you to submit to me one more time. Put your arms down flat at your sides. You don't need them anymore, but we do need to make you nice and fat."

Abi sucked and spit again and took in a deep breath before laying her chest down on the blanket and doing as she was told. Her skin felt clammy and then tacky and incredibly warm as the skin on her arms simply fused and melted into the pillar of mighty flesh beside them. It's main shaft flared out a bit from the base now, giving it a slightly tapered look. Narrow at the base, wide in the middle and then her cute little human face, upturned, right at the blunt end of the massive cock she was becoming. She tried to move her arms and got no more than a giant twitch of her tubular body.

Oh Demons, that's it then. Zero mobility. I'm never going to move again. It's like being paraplegic.

She looked back as far as her eyes would roll, trying to get a glimpse of Willow and felt her jaw go slack. Then her cheeks began to inflate, running away with her mouth and nose. At the same time she began to drool uncontrollably.

No! Not my mouth. I won't be able to speak! Please! I've seen transformees with lips everywhere. No! Please no…

The sucking sensation returned in her mouth and her tongue felt the last thing it ever would as her teeth dissolved, before it too slurped inside and disappeared forever. Next her beautiful lips and nose lost their definition and formed into the gaping 'O' of a giant dickslit. The drool, which she now knew in her heart to be precum began to flow freely at this point, unchecked by her efforts to hold it in. It was just a trickle, a gift from her new prostate, but constant. Little did she know how much it was about to intensify.

Her eyes slid apart just a bit and her ears melted into the growing ring of flesh originating from her jaw that was forming her new flared head leaving her deafened. She couldn't believe that Willow would take away her senses!


What was that?


There it is again.


Abi found she could indeed still hear. She could hear the insistent pounding of her lover's heart pumping her full of blood. That throbbing rhythm pounded in her ears over and over again until it was a constant driving force in the back of her psyche. It literally filled her with need. She began to engorge and felt Willow's excitement and arousal through their new connection. She cried soundlessly as her golden locks fell out and slid down to the blanket below as the rest of her bones dissolved and left her as nothing more than nearly finished spongy cock meat. She had always loved her hair and was sorry to see it go especially.

It was at this point that she realized her brain was still telling her to breathe, but she had no orifice left with which to do so! Panic set in and her eyes thrashed wildly in their sockets. Her urethra mouth spasmed like a great fish as she tried in vain to suck air through an opening that had reversed direction and no longer connected to her lungs.

Then the sucking, pulling sensation returned and she felt what she was sure were her lungs being pulled down away from her chest toward their crotch. She was right, they were being repurposed. They made their way down and reformed along the way, becoming droopy and stretchy. Abi tried to scream in vain as she felt a great pressure on the wall of her vagina from the inside, before they phased through and popped out of her body as a large, hairless, wrinkly sack. Her vaginal lips sealed around the protrusion of flesh, leaving no more than a slightly darkened ring and truly removing the last outward traces of her femininity.

Finally her need to breathe was rewarded, in a sense, for as she tried desperately to inhale, they both felt masses that had been Abi's ovaries settle inside the wrinkled sack of flesh that would become their new balls. Next they felt the round nubs that were her legs sucked inward. Right leg first, the roiling mass popped down through what was her vagina to slosh down into Willow's shrivelled, new, empty nutsack and began to fill it's new contents with a sensation of great pressure. The left followed with an equally intense feeling as it squeezed through the former vaginal opening to plop down and hang just below it's twin, filling out it's new sack like a pair of grapefruits. She tried another inhale and felt her massive assets clench. She exhaled and they relaxed. She took another breath, feeling the heavy testicles rise in their new fleshy sack, and exhaled again, paying attention to the way the skin relaxed and the hot mass of spunk inside roiled. She was churning them with each 'breath', fulfilling her brain's former need to breathe. Willow was particularly proud of her idea to turn Abi's lungs into her new testicles. Since they both have sets of voluntary and involuntary processes, she was sure she could co opt one for the other and was more than pleased at the result.

Willow was almost there. Just a little bit more to achieve the dream she'd been working toward for so long. She pinched and rolled her own nipples in excitement as she felt the first inkling of an orgasm deep down. Her former girlfriend Abi was little more than a massive pillar of meat with a pair of beautiful blue eyes gracing her slightly purplish 'head', a pair of gargantuan testicles, and the firm curve of her toned ass cheeks poking out from underneath Willow's original set. As sexy as it was to be connected to such a monster though, she still couldn't feel it properly.

She reached down with both hands and massaged the flesh of Abi's ass and worked it like dough up into her own ass, filling it out nicely, and down into her thighs, plumping them up a bit as well.

With this loss of mass Abi was reduced to nothing more than a giant, sentient cock and a pair of balls. She couldn't move, beyond the odd spasm that was so alien, but throbbed in her head with a wonderful feeling. She tried to work her mouth again to say something, say anything! She succeeded in pushing a glob of Pre-cum about the size of her former fist out, and then was forced to just feel it run down her body. Without arms or hands, she could do nothing to check the flow of the thick gooey mess. How was she going to communicate like this? Was she going to be able to? She didn't know, and that was terrifying. It was a bit like being paralyzed, but she could still feel so much. Every inch of her skin felt alive and she just radiated heat from her core.


It was back. That incessant, throbbing pulse was back, like a wonderful headache.

A pulse! That's what it is! It's Willow's heartbeat!

Almost as soon as this realization hit, her mind felt a powerful, soul wrenching jolt. It had taken this long for Willow's clitoris to finally connect with Abi's nerve center near the head of her meter long, seemingly circumcised shaft. Now that it had, her mind was flooded with a jumble of emotions, sensations, and images. It was too much to process at once as Willow's mind unleashed all of her pent up desires in a torrent. Abi's mind weathered the assault fairly well, picking out soothing feelings of love and affection and concern and curiosity. She latched onto images of Willow walking down hallways with no underwear, the slab of meat between her thighs swinging freely. Another flashed by; one of Willow hiding behind a corner, skirts flipped up with an unknown blonde's head sunk down until their new balls rested against her chin. She focused on the feeling of those new powerful balls, feeling their ache. She knew now that they were full to bursting and had to be released soon. She could feel a hardness beginning all over, as if she were being inflated again or bloating akin to eating too much. She was so sensitive every stray breeze threatened to set her off.

Her skin flushed, and she felt like she had a fever. Demons! Everything was so hot for some reason.


That throbbing was driving her mad, making it harder to think. Everything was starting to revolve around sex. Her whole body throbbed and felt stretched ever so tightly. Images continued to flash. A shapely woman bent over a stool, one of Willow's plugs in her ass and a sheen of wetness glistening off the inside of her outer labia. A glimpse of Abi's new form trapped in a cock cage. Pounding a wet pussy again and again. The images flashed faster. She could only make out little bits. Lovely hair, a rounded ass, puffy nipples, pink pussy, big dick, sculpted arms, body parts continued to flash through her mind at breakneck speed.

She could feel Willow pouring love and lust into literally every fiber of her being. It was intoxicating.  She reeled in sensation, pure bliss radiating from all over her taut skin.

If this is what I have to look forward to… this might be okay. Oh Demons I've never felt this way. I'm so hot and horny and, and hard! Uagh! Why? Something this gross shouldn't feel this good right?

Oh but it did. With their mental link fully established, Willow was receiving all of Abi's thoughts and feelings in a feedback loop, ramping up her sex drive to new heights. In turn, most of those feelings were then being shared back along the connection, albeit with a filter controlled by Willow. She tried her best to keep their final form in mind. They were so close. She just needed to make that big dick cum. Just one giant blast to seal the deal forever.

She leaned forward and scooped up a glob of the copious amount of pre cum they had been gushing and spread it over their tip in big circles.
Abi tried to moan, but only succeeded in pushing out more fluid from her giant dickslit of a mouth. As Willow's hands worked the slippery pre around their flared head Abi felt her entire body spasm in a great twitch. That felt amazing. Willow agreed and focused her efforts on the flared tip and was rewarded with a burst of sensation and another mental cry from her companion.

Abi felt so warm and wonderful having her head stroked by her girlfriend's soft and delicate fingers. The pair began to rub up and down her whole shaft length, coating it in slick juices. She felt so happy and content. It felt unreal to lay there and have every fiber of her being stroked for pleasure. She felt something that previously she would have described as her guts rumbling, but this was different. They were no longer guts obviously, and they were...gurgling?

Oh Demons, I think I'm going to cum. Oh. Please! Please Willow! Let me cum please! IT FEELS SO GOOD! I NEED IT!

"AHH! Ahh! Here it comes Abi! Your new purpose, for the rest of our lives...unh...huh..gah!"

Both felt an intense pressure rise up from their loins. Abi did her best to scream, gag or throw up, anything to help the hot bulge of semen force it's way up her modified esophagus. She felt so full, and strained as hard as she could, and was rewarded with the first spurt of her new life, a thick white glob of cum shot out across the blanket. It was salty and sweet and somewhat foul. She was somewhat revolted, and wondered how she could taste with no tongue, but it felt so good to push it out that she didn't have enough wherewithal to care about the details right then. She was so warm and tingly all over. She felt more pumping through the massive tube of muscle she now encompassed, splitting everything she was with an absolute torrent of jism originating from the very core of her being. She revelled in the pulsing spasms she was racked with that brought more of that rank goo from her depths. She could think of nothing more to do than to close her eyes and reel in the sensation as her massive balls clenched again and again, forcing more and more spunk up her gullet.

For almost four whole minutes she spewed cum from her new orifice. She focused on what used to be her mouth and what used to be her asshole. If she really thought about it, this was like having cum rocketed through her entire body. She clenched even harder again and again, and loved nearly every second of it, but something was nagging at the back of her placid mind. Even as she came down from the biggest orgasm of her life, she immediately felt something was amiss.

She opened her eyes and saw that perspective had shifted again. She was still looking up at the world from between her girlfriend's legs, but there was more of them there than before.

"Mmnn silly cock. You're only half right. I am absorbing a bit of you to make me stronger. Thanks for letting me skip the gym forever, love, but you're right. There's definitely less of you." Willow planted with glee.

Willow! You can hear me? Less of me? How much less can I become?

"Mmm yes. I can hear you just fine. I can feel you too. Everything. Oh, and I don't mean it like that. I mean, you're shrinking down to a manageable size. I can't carry on with a 3 foot cock for a girlfriend between my legs can I? Mm. Have be careful. That is sort of tempting too. Hah, hah. But believe me, we will explore the depths of how much less you can be, together."

She panted, trying to concentrate. One more orgasm. One more to finalize their form and seal the deal. She scooped up a handful of their cum and slathered it all over Abi's 'face', before moving down around the head, and then back up and down in large strokes. She would put pressure on the head and squeeze so that her head popped out when she passed over it. She thought of every dirty thing that she could think of and directed those thoughts at Abi.

She couldn't wait to get home and slip into bed and play with her new pet cock. She thought of an attractive schoolmate with curly red hair and freckles, sort of an innocent look to her. Then she was naked and dripping with cum, her hair a mess plastered to her face with sweat and cum. Images of spurting into a warm wet hole. She wondered if it was an ass or a pussy, before realizing she really had no say in the matter anyway. Then there was Willow herself, with her ruby red lips parting to take in her girth in her warm wet embrace. Then there was a blonde, on her knees, naked ass in the air. She looked familiar, but Abi couldn't see her face. She put her head down and raised her ass, wiggling it in invitation. She needed no more and they lined up with her sopping wet pussy before plunging in. It was hot and slippery all over. She loved being thrust inside. She was shoved in again and again, and again, and before she knew it, she was pulled out of her warm embrace, a hand stroking her entire length as the blonde turned around to be blasted with ropes of semen. When she did, Abi received a shock, for the face was her own!

The painting in her secret room! She wanted to fuck me for real! Ungh ah Hahn!

With that she came again, this time gallons. Through the haze of orgasmic bliss she was aware of her body changing again. Through it all her body involuntarily kept up a feverish pattern of churning, flexing, and spurting. She couldn't stop this if she wanted to, and she truly didn't. She realized as she continued to unload inhuman amounts of semen, that the mass was what was left of her old body. Anything Willow wasn't using to enhance herself was being spewed forth from her tip in a rush onto the tarp and blanket below her.

She found herself shocked and aroused that she didn't care. She knew she should, but in the face of a seemingly never ending orgasm that was quite literally melding her into her lover's perfect image, she found she couldn't care less about what she was losing. As she sprayed and shrunk, she watched the world get larger in blissful curiosity. She was cognizant of the fact that this would never happen again and wanted to enjoy it. At the half-way point she thought her mind would melt and she would become nothing but cock. All she could think about was the never ending flood of hot, sticky jism that coursed through her entire being. Soon the shrinking stopped as did the spurting soon after. She was completely wiped. She felt like she should be panting, but only felt her new scrotum tighten a bit at the front and squeeze out another glob of cum. She felt like she had just run a marathon, at least that was how what was left of her brain attempted to justify her 'chest' heaving and her numb limbs. But she knew. She knew with everything she was that that was a fantasy now.
One by one, eight sticky fingers and two thumbs pried themselves loose from her, her loosening skin sticking to each a bit, leaving her somewhat cool and laying lifeless on the ground.

Willow panted to catch her breath and take in the scene before her as Abi shrivelled back toward her body to rest.

Did I do it right?

She began a quick inspection.

Both arms, all fingers? Check. Check. Head, face? Double check. Boobs? Whew. No changes. Couldn't explain that.

She shifted off of her sore thighs to extend her legs.

Feet and toes are okay. Butt?

She reached behind her newly toned and slightly expanded ass to finger her rosebud and found an unfamiliar lump toward the perineum.

What the hell? I didn't plan any alterations back there.

Tentatively she brushed against it and was rewarded with a burst of pleasure. She knew instinctively what it was. She just didn't expect to have one anymore. There was no mistaking that nub or that pleasure though; her asshole had gained a clit.

Ooh fuck. That will certainly take some getting used to.

"Do you feel that, love? It's our new clitoris" She asked her new penile companion, who had been silent and unresponsive for a moment since her orgasm.

Hmm? What? Oh! Mnmnm. Yes. That feels wonderful. I can't believe we still have one. Won't do much good back there. Came the sleepy thought reply.

"Well, I suppose it will make anal play more interesting."

What? Anal play! Our anus? Why? I thought you wanted to put me in… those places.

"I will love, don't worry."

I wasn't worried at all! I'm still not so sure about all that part of this. Look at me! I'm a penis! A wrinkly sticky penis! I thought I was going to be your vagina. This is… this is not what I expected.

She did look. Her eyes trailed down her body and between her thighs, to where she saw her prize lay like a sleeping python. To Willow it looked so strong and virile, but not manly at all. It was about 7 inches long and getting softer, with a large flared head sporting two beautiful blue eyes and no sign of a foreskin at all. The body thickened in the center to be pretty girthy, she wrapped her thumb and index finger around the middle and estimated it to be about 4 inches or so, but could tell it narrowed a bit toward the base, giving it a rather torpedo shape when hard. It was covered in a network of angry looking veins, but completely devoid of hair. The pair of balls underneath were respectable, each nearly the size of a decent lime.

"I know my love, but I promise, I am going to make you feel so good. I have wanted this for so long that I only have one regret. Do you know what that is?"

It's me, isn't it? Now you'll never get to fuck me with one of these. No one will! Oh my demons. That actually makes me so happy. I will never, ever have to endure anyone forcing themselves upon me!

"Mmmmn. I'm so happy that you are happy my little cock. But I'm afraid you have grossly misjudged your situation. You are mine now, and I hope to force you into many wonderful places. Can you see where I'm thinking of now?"

Abi tried to reach through their mental connection to see if she could discern where that was, but found she hit a wall. She could feel herself projecting feelings and emotion and thoughts through the connection, but only felt a general sense of ease and contentment coming back to her. There were no more images or clearly defined concepts and feelings like before.

No, I don't. I can't hear you anymore. It's like someone shut the door on a conversation in the next room. I know something's going on, but I can't tell what.

"Well, I'm glad to see the link is working as intended."

What do you mean as intended? We can't feel each other!

"Of course we can. I designed the link so that you always broadcast to me, but I can choose what I send to you. Can you feel this?"

She held up her hand and gently licked the underside of her index finger from base to tip, and then hesitated, before plunging her pillowy red lips down to the base of the digit just so she could slowly suck on it all the way back to the tip.

Abi moaned internally and her whole body made an involuntary twitch that moved her owner's hips, sent blood rushing into herself and jostled her new testicles. That felt incredibly odd, feeling the sack that her body had become contract itself in a weak attempt to squeeze some more jizz from itself and actually succeed in pumping out a little something.

It felt amazing and agonizing to feel the small clump of semen and fluid travel up her great length. For a moment she tried to close her mouth to hold it in, before realizing that she had no real muscles with which to do so. Therefore it just trickled out to leak onto the blanket with the rest of…

Me. That's me down there...

Her head lolled to the left and she stared at the massive splatter of cum stretched out on the blanket before her at an odd angle.

Oh Demons that's all that's left. It must be at least a gallon or two. Ugh. No wonder I'm so tired.

Tired was an understatement. The newly minted cock didn't know it, but she would never be this exhausted again in her life. After this event, the shared libido of the two women would keep her so aroused that she would almost never be without entertainment for more than a few hours at a time. All she could do for now was breathe/churn, and recuperate.

All of a sudden her entire world was jostled, and she was shoved up against the warm skin of her host's inner thigh as she stood up, letting gravity grab hold of their heavy nutsack as well. Her view was forcibly pointed at the ground, but she found she could basically look 'forward' by orienting her eyes to look what would have been considered 'up' previously.

The first drastically different thing she noticed was how little she could see at waist height. She could see the clearing certainly, even though it bobbed and swayed like a video shot by hand, but she could not see over even the shortest of the bushes they had hidden in. She watched silently as Willow packed her small bag, but she stopped before bundling up the blanket. She reached down, grabbed her new dick and pointed it at the mess. When she spoke, she sounded absolutely drunk with power.

"Have a look, little cock. That's you. Everything that you were. Everything you could have been, reduced to a sticky splat of girl cum to be discarded like a giant used hankie. How does that make you feel?"

I know I should be revolted. That's horrible right? How do I feel? I feel like I was meant to be here. Something about that feels...right. I didn't need any of that. I just needed you. And now I'm yours. I feel happy, but it's still so strange. I get dizzy when you move. It feels like my stomach is sloshing but it's so full. Even though I felt so empty a moment ago, I can feel myself filling up again. It felt so good to cum, and now it feels good in a different way while I fill back up. The breeze feels nice across my new skin. It's odd. I feel like I want to stretch and lay out in the sunshine, but all that happens when I try is this.

She strained as hard as she could and was rewarded by stiffening and growing a centimeter or two while her new testicles clenched underneath, pulling up into the hairless sack.

Willow let go of Abi and her vision swung wildly as she bounced down and was then jostled around when Willow grabbed their balls and pulled them up to get a better look at them. They were large, for testicles, but not outside the realm of normal for a large male. The whole package was Abi's original slightly tanned hue with just a hint of purple and blue thrown in here and there by large veins visible underneath the surface. The sack was truly hairless, not a follicle in sight, as was the shaft, and was only slightly wrinkled now, like it had grown somewhat taught. As this had the benefit of tucking them in to their body a bit, Willow was all for it. After all, Abi was now her biggest, juiciest secret of all. She sighed in pleasure, before dropping the testicles in her hand, giving Abi a swift case of vertigo as everything dropped under her and swung.


"Sorry. I guess that's something new to get used to. I'll try not to be too rough with you."

It's okay. Just weird is all. I mean really. If you had just made me your vagina then I wouldn't have all these moving parts.

She was pouting or sulking. She hadn't decided which. No matter how happy she was to be bonded with Willow, and she was, she was not yet sold on what she had become. She also didn't have time to dwell on that before the world started moving again.

Ugh. You remember when we went to the amusement park?

"Freya's Funpark, wow, I had almost forgotten about that place. Yes, I do, why?"

You remember sitting in the car of the rollercoaster, being buckled in and unable to move, and being pulled along the track? Up, up and up until suddenly you get thrust into the experience in a rush?

"Yes of course, that's why we do it. It's a thrill to be careening out of control with no control of your future. Knowing however, that someone is overseeing the ride, making sure you are safe and entertained for the duration makes it even better though right? It allows you to relax and just enjoy the ride right?"

Yes… I was going to say that. You are my personal ride and operator forever. It's still scary, like all good rides should be, but I've decided to try and enjoy the ride, yes. So, what do we do now?

"I," she emphasized the word, "have got to clean you up."

And so she went about bundling up the blanket and tarp. She stayed nude so that Abi had a moving, jostled view of the world as they moved about. Once that was gathered, it was time to leave the clearing. It was time to get dressed. She reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of brand new boy shorts and grabbed her skirt. She pulled the underwear up and tucked her mighty new package inside.

Abi wasn't sure how to feel about this. She had been certain her girlfriend would make her into her genitals and had been mentally trying to prepare for it, but in all her mental prep work she had not realized she would be shoved into a pair of underwear every day for the rest of her life. The world took on a slightly white haze and then everything got a bit darker as the skirt was wrapped around their waist.

She wasn't dangling anymore, and she was grateful for that. The new boy shorts pulled her new testicles up and pressed her 'head' and 'torso' down onto them, but this provided an unexpected support and stabilization that made continued movement much less wild.

Ugh. This is so undignified.

Willow chuckled to herself about having a dignified penis as she left the clearing carrying the bundle of Abi's former essence under her arm like a blanket for a picnic. Every step jostled Abi in her new cotton home and Willow started learning to walk again with a new pair of full balls bumping against her thighs with each step. She found if she really swayed her hips while she walked, she could really rub the side of each testicle against her leg and it just felt so good to do that.

Back in the skirt, Abi was listening. She clearly heard Willow's footsteps on the gravel to the car. She heard a car drive by on the freeway. She heard Willow dig for her keys and unlock the door. The world swung and bounced a bit as Willow sat down. Abi could smell the leather of the seats now and found the familiar car smell oddly comforting and relaxing. Then came a ding and click before the engine roared to life. Abi subconsciously knew that engines caused vibration, but now that feeling was one of her only abilities, everything was so much more pronounced. It felt lovely and soothing. After all that had happened, she found herself wanting to drift off to sleep. Aided by a flow of soothing thoughts from Willow, she fell asleep to the tune of some upbeat rock song that had been insanely popular some 30 years prior.

Willow on the other hand, felt like she'd grabbed a live wire. She'd never had so much energy in her whole life. She felt so strong and powerful after absorbing just a bit of Abi's physique. Sure, she had gained an unexpected ass clit, but, in truth, that may turn out to be a blessing. But this feeling of walking around with a massive schlong between her legs was already exhilarating. A meat pole that used to be a person had become a living embodiment of their love and lust. Not just any person, but her own secret lover. Now they would embark on a journey to find themselves, and lots of others like them.

The only life that Abi would ever have was up to Willow now. Any enjoyment outside of her own mind was now Willow's responsibility and it was something she didn't, scratch that, wouldn't, take lightly.

She had a talk with herself about her responsibility to her cock. She resolved to find somewhere warm and sticky to put her soon. She didn't actually have a solid plan for that as she had intended to be with Abi forever. She still would be but, any future that they might have had was gone. Replaced with something new and shiny, but gone nonetheless. Life was about to get weird.

She drove through the center of town and stopped behind a seafood restaurant to dump her bundle. Why should anyone look for a missing girl among the fish guts?

She had just gotten back in the car and finished rearranging her new body mate between her legs when she felt her begin to stir again.

"Did you have a nice nap?"

Nap? Where am I? What's going on? I can't see! Oh Willow! Was that real? Am I really a… a penis now?

Willow turned the car on and Abi heard the keys jangling above her again before the engine turned over. She reached down and gently caressed her new shaft and balls between her milky white thighs. Abi felt the caress of giant fingers along the whole left side of her flared face and head, her shaft, and left tesitcle. They wrapped around and cupped underneath her new balls and she felt them roll inside her.

"It's okay. you're with me, and you always will be. Everything you remember was quite real. I turned you into the sexiest, juiciest, piece of girl meat I could imagine and it went off nearly without a hitch."

Without a hitch? So, we're okay? We don't look like a freak?

"No way."

Willow glanced at her reflection in the rear view. After a ride through town in the convertible, her hair was a bit disheveled, but other than that she looked perfect. In fact she was glowing with nearly the same energy as a pregnant woman. She supposed it was due to all the excess vitality she had absorbed from her new addition. She felt supercharged, like anything was possible. She finally just felt, right, for the first time she could remember. No, it was even better than that. Not only was she complete, but it was none other than her first true love that had given everything she was to complete her. She was over the moon.

"Honey we are the sexiest thing walking this planet right now. You're so perfect. I can't wait to get you home but I have to put in an appearance around town for an alibi."

Where are we going first?

It was still midafternoon and so there were plenty of people out and about. Willow grabbed a pair of sunglasses off the dash and tied a scarf around her head.

"Let's go see some friends."

What? We can't let people see us! Who?

"Relax my pet. No one is going to see you. Hahaha!"

To be continued…

Author's notes.

In this I wished to tell the tale of two lovers forced with an unthinkable choice that would split them apart. Rather than be split apart, they decide to become inseparable.

I wanted to play with trickery, with Willow's deception.

I wanted to play with hiding in plain sight, which will continue.

I wanted to play with magic. (The toys)

I wanted to play with sex and submission and basic pet play.

I wanted to play with reluctance-turn-acceptance. This will be on going with Abi's degradation and continuing mental transformations.

Next I want to play with intricate plot, and many more transformations.

I want Abi to be used and abused in a multitude of mental and physical ways.

Warning, there will be urine. I aim to keep it gross but not disgusting if that makes sense. It's main purpose is humiliation. In this same vein, there will likely be some light scat later on. It just logically makes sense if I'm covering deep aspects of reductive, degrading transformations which seem to be what get my rocks off.


Re: Escaping One Future

Escaping One Future
AKA:Alternate Future Number 2

WARNING: If you are not of a legal age to view/read pornography in your state/country turn around and run away right now. Believe me when I say this is not for you. If you are in fact of a legal age to view pornography, you may yet want to turn around. This is the second chapter in a downward spiral into degradation.

Disclaimer: All characters engaging in sexual activities are of a legal age to do so. In my home, the legal age is 18, so I think of that as the minimum when writing. It would be awesome if you all did the same. Thank you. Any similarities between any real people, places or events are entirely coincidental. Any similarity to 3rd party media personalities/characters/franchises etc… are likewise unintended.

Notes: This story connects with Escaping One Future, The Dakini Ring Part 1, and Queen Daisy (loosely).

Dramatis Personae

Name: Lady Willow Hornbeam
Biological Sex: M
Identifies as: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'8''
Eyes: Green
Hair color: Black
Body type: long and elegant. Willowy.
Description. FtM transformee. Merged with her former girlfriend, turning her(Abi) into her new cock. She also gained a clitoris next to her anus. Accomplished rune mage and magical sex toy creator.

Name: Millie Yahnotov
Sex: F
Age: 21
Height: 5'5"
Descrition: Petite, Blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty smart, but makes her way through life having sex and blackmailing.
Has insanely rich parents, has no need for money. Blackmails people for favors. Member of tennis and swimming teams. Started blackmailing the tennis coach. Wears expensive accessories, drives a nice car, loves short skirts; Abi's former sports rival, Willow's close friend when they were younger, now hangs out with Amy Johnson

Name: Sabrina Gans
Sex: F
Age: 22
Height: 5'1"
Hair color: Brunette
Eyes: Blue eyes, piercing.
Body type: Small, tomboy frame
Description: Smoky look, dresses in jeans and elegant tops for day to day, wears little black dresses to impress. Ran off with a boy from high school, supposedly got married, came back to town about 2 years later and doesn't talk about the time she was gone. Her former husband is now a huge slab of meat between her baby sister's thighs.

Name: Dinah Henley
Sex: F
Age: 21
Height: 4'8"
Body type: bottom heavy, curvy
Hair color/style: blonde, down to her waist
Friend structure: Best friends with Izzie, leader, more dominant of the pair.
Education: High school diploma, some community college.
Occupation: none, club kid. Going nowhere, conscious of it
Turn ons: steamy romance novels lead to finding bdsm porn at an early age. Loves to dominate Izzie in bed. Taking Izzie to get tattoos and modifications. Gets off on Izzie sinking to new depravities.

Name: Izzie Murtagh
Sex: F
Age: 21
Height: 5'0"
Body type: small and busty
Hair color/style: brunette, dyed red
Eyes: blue
Family structure: large, mother, father, aunts, cousins, 3 sisters, 2 brothers
Education: high school diploma, some college.
Occupation: social media manager, multiple brands.
Background: photography, writing, arts and crafts
Turn ons: receiving pleasure, teasing, bondage, bdsm.
Turn offs: reptilian features.
Body modifications: tongue implants for enhanced oral stimulation, large tongue gauge, pierced nipples

Name: Zayne Harris
Sex: m
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200 lbs
Body type: fading athletic
Hair color/style: black
Eyes: grey
Family structure:
Education: did okay in high school, sports got him into college, but an injury forced him off the field.
Occupation: operates a pair of the town's most popular gyms.
Transformations: none

Main Body

Abigail’s senses began to return. She was warm, and relaxed, like being snuggled in bed under layers of comfy cotton blankets. She was curled at an odd angle though and it was still dark out. The clattering noise of a motor came to the forefront of her waking senses.

Landscapers? This early? What time is it? - Abi

She rolled over to check the clock on her nightstand. That is, she attempted to. However, when she tried to straighten out, none of her limbs responded. In fact, her torso barely moved. She became aware of a large lump underneath her, a hollowness in her chest, as well as being pressed in from both sides by two massive objects. They were warm, soft and smooth, and familiar somehow… They were… Willow’s thighs… She was certain of it… but… they were so big!

Oh Freya! I'm not in my room. - Abi

The events of the last 48 hours or so came back to her in a rush. Her marriage proposal from Lord Gerhardt. Her parent’s elated response. Her deep despair. Going to see her lover. Willow's comforting embrace. Confessing her heart's desire to run away together. Willow’s refusal to run away. Her counter-offer to hide Abigail in plain sight. Abigail’s reduction in status to Willow’s beloved pet. Abi’s emergence. Dinner with the nobles. Willow's magical sex toys. Somewhat secretly orgasming at dinner. Studying her beautiful body in the mirror one last time. The final drive to the rest stop. The potion bottle. Unrestrained passion. Bottomless depths of pleasure, and love. A true conduit of lust and love.

That’s me. I am that conduit now. Aren’t I? - Abi

Yes my love. You are magnificent!

Another person's thoughts invaded her own, inside her head. It was her lover, and soul-mate, Willow!

You are my beautiful Abi-cock! I am so thrilled you accepted my offer. I’ve felt so alive the last few hours. Everything feels new, brighter, more exciting. We have a secret from the whole world now, you and I. - Willow

That’s right. She had willingly transformed herself into her girlfriend’s penis. In the face of a lifetime of marriage to a drunken whoremonger she had agreed to become her secret girlfriend and long-time lover’s new cock. She was no longer Lady Abigail Blythe, daughter of a prominent family in her home city of Novariel. She wasn't even a person anymore. Now she was little more than an object; an appendage; a sentient slab of girl meat currently nestled between the thick, creamy white thighs of her former lover and aspiring rune mage, Willow. Abi felt their once familiar, but now totally alien weight squeeze in on her body from both sides and a twinge deep in her core. It seemed her new owner’s libido was already stirring.

I have an owner… body and soul… - Abi

She took a deep ‘breath’ and felt her repurposed lungs-cum-testicles churn. That would take some getting used to, but it was almost pleasurable in its own way. She was actually constantly moving the mass of spunk within her. Not being one hundred percent immobile was easier to accept. She wondered if she actually produced sperm now. Willow didn't comment.

Another sound intruded on her thoughts. An advertisement about lawyers offering guaranteed settlements in botched transformation cases was playing somewhere very close to her head. 'D-Cum chasers' she remembered they were often called. That ended and gave way to a strumming bass line of a song beginning.

The radio? I was out for a while, wasn't I? Are we in the car? - Abi

Yes my love. You fell asleep on the way to dinner. You missed it, not that it would have been particularly exciting for you anymore... Now we are on the way to The Twisted Songbird. - Willow

The Twisted Songbird! That fetishist karaoke bar? Our fathers said we were never to go there! - Abi

Then it will be unlikely that we should run into them there won't it? Besides, all I said was that I wanted a night out. The Twisted Songbird was all Dinah's idea. Apparently it's Zayne's birthday and she wants to give him a big present. - Willow

Dinah? - Abi

Abi thought of the bottom-heavy blonde they hung out with regularly. Normally she would wonder about Dinah's job, or school, or love life. She was openly bisexual, a fact which had teased Abi for years. She was happy with Willow (obviously) but had found herself masturbating to tales of Dinah's exploits more than once. She had been jealous of her friend's freedom to express her sexuality openly. She had also found when she was having difficulty reaching climax that visions of Dinah being eaten out with her thick, creamy white legs pulled back behind her own head like a pretzel would often suffice to push her over the edge. She felt a little guilty, thinking of another while she made love to Willow, but she knew she'd never act on the impulse. It just heightened her arousal levels in the moment. Most likely due to the taboo nature of the thoughts themselves.

Now she found new desires. She felt their shared pulse quicken at the thought of exploring the depths of Dinah’s plump, pink pussy. At least, they assumed it was plump and pink. She felt a flush at the thought of Dinah’s tiny mouth suckling her head. She began to stiffen at the thought of having her head rubbed against the pucker of Dinah’s young and beautiful little asshole.

Wait, what? I’ve never had a thing for Dinah’s ass before. I like the shape, sure, but… I’ve never wanted to be inside her before. This is so weird. - Abi

You're beginning to think more like a cock. That's okay. That's normal. As for your new fetish, that would probably be my fault, love. I’m afraid I’ve always been a bit of an ass woman. Which makes our new shared ass-clit doubly interesting. As my cock, over time, you'll grow to have the same warped perversions I do. Who knows, you might even give me a fetish or two I didn't already have. I've never given Dinah much thought before, but now that you mention it, she might be a fun test drive of our new body. What do you think? - Willow

Can we please? I feel good, like, really good, but I'm so horny… I want her to touch me so badly. I bet her fingers are really soft. You can't imagine what this is like. It's so intense. - Abi

I think I have some idea… Willow chuckled internally.

It's… it's everything. That's all I can think about. Nothing else matters except getting into Dinah's sweet pussy! I want it so bad! - Abi

Willow squirmed in her seat. Having a sex organ with its own lustful thoughts was going to be quite the experience. She grinned and gunned the engine.

Calm down, Pet. Patience. I've waited for this for years. You can wait a few hours more. I promise we're going to have fun tonight. No matter what. - Willow

Not long later Abi heard the radio shut off and sensed the rumbling vibrations of the car's engine cease. Willow tossed her keys in her purse. Abi heard her open a tube of lip gloss, a moment later Willow smacked her lips and the lip gloss close again, tossed in the center console. The car door opened, shoes hit pavement, jostling movement as Willow stood, then the car door closed. More jostling against Willow’s slightly plumped up thighs as she walked into the bar.

As soon as the door opened, they were both assaulted by the off key wailing of someone failing to imitate a pop diva from last year. For Willow, it was a minor hindrance. She could tune out the singer and focus on the sights before her, such as the hostess' third breast, or her ass cheeks in her ultra short-shorts. But now, shoved in a pair of boyshorts, Abi could only focus on sounds. The terrible singer. The jostling, clattering noises of walking in heels and the thumping of the bass pumping through the room along with Willow's own pulse.

My own base rhythm. She mused, smiling mentally.

Even though it was still light out, the bar was strategically dark, occasionally lit by colorful flashing lights placed here and there. She saw plenty of standard humans, and some transformed. Some cock women were telekinetically floating microphones in front of their urethras to sing. She saw a Naga with indigo and violet scales slither by, her scales rippling in a mesmerizing fashion.

Willow was led through the bar to a private room. It seemed her friends were already there. She closed her eyes, tapped into her internal reserve of mana and imagined an energy conduit between her eyes and Abi's to share her vision with Abi. Abi saw the world through Willow’s eyes. She had no control though, simply forced to watch whatever Willow rested her gaze on. In a way, it was a lot like watching a movie shot in first person. One one hand, Abi was a bit disoriented, but this was much better than being confined to a pair of panties. On the way they stopped to watch a female singer in a public space slap her denim clad ass and flick her long, blonde hair in a wide circle as she sang a particularly suggestive lyric from an older rock and roll hit. They locked eyes for a moment and the girl felt up her own right breast and flicked out her tongue at Willow. It forked at the tip and flickered up and down rapidly just like a real snake's. Willow's jaw dropped and she stopped dead in her tracks.

Damn. That was hot. They thought in tandem.

Jinx. Silly. - Willow

Love you. - Willow & Abi thought together again.

Abi felt a tightening in her chest, so to speak, and strained against her soft cotton prison. Willow got a minor thrill from Abi's involuntary response to her visual and mental stimulus. She shook her head and trotted to catch up with the cute hostess. The girl stopped and opened a padded booth door, #14, and gestured inside, instructing her to press the call button by the door for service before disappearing.

The door shut and the sounds of the bar fell to a muffled din. No one was singing at the moment. The room was simple. Three screens adorned the north, east and west walls. A modern sofa and a couch sat against the north and east walls, with coffee tables in front of each. A quick glance around the room revealed they were in fact the last to arrive, as expected. Their friends Millie and Sabrina were sitting on the small sofa while Dinah, Izzie and the birthday boy Zayne took up half of the couch in front of a small pile of gift bags sitting on a coffee table. Willow deposited hers, (Abi had no idea what it was) and moved around the tables to take a seat on the end of the large couch next to Izzie.

Willow had changed while Abi was unconscious and felt like a knockout in a nice pair of heels, a form fitting, open backed blouse, in black. She covered Abi in a tantalizing white, leather, high waisted, pleated skirt with a buckle. That should keep her nice and hidden and look fabulous at the same time.

Millie and Sabrina each looked stunning in a little black dress with matching heels and clutches. Millie's blonde hair was pulled back into a severe ponytail, while Sabrina had opted for smoky eyeshadow and was letting her naturally dark bangs and shoulder length hair frame her face, giving her a slightly dark and edgy vibe.

Zayne was a newer friend, but they'd known him a few years now. He'd been dating Dinah for the last couple and by all accounts was amazingly good to her. He was tall and athletic. He played several sports in high school until a serious knee and A.C.L. injury took him out of contention for any real career in sports. He had healed remarkably well, but not in time to retain his athletic scholarships and grants so his dad sent him to business school instead. His athlete's body combined with his short-cropped black hair, icy blue eyes, and strong jaw filled out a suit in the boardroom like a dream made real.

Dinah had nearly swooned when he walked up to herself and Izzie at a dance club. He introduced himself, begged Izzie's sincerest apologies for attempting to steal her friend away for a few minutes, and asked her to dance, as if they were at a formal dance rather than a loud, sweaty, flashing neon, techno-raver paradise.

There had been instant chemistry. Just as Dinah and Izzie had been an inseparable pair prior, Dinah and Zayne were hardly seen apart in public after meeting.

Tonight he wore a simple pair of tailored grey slacks, as well as a black dress shirt, sleeves cuffed at his elbows. Speaking of elbows, on his left was Dinah, in a black maxi dress that hugged all her curves just right, with a slit from the top of her left hip down to her ankle. The slit was perfectly positioned to show off her generous hip and thigh. She was currently rubbing circles on Zayne's knee, a habit she'd picked up after he told her about his injuries.

Izzie sat to the left of Zayne, wearing a black wrap dress with a moon and star motif. She was a study in contrast to Dinah. Though Izzie was slightly taller, the girls weighed nearly the same amount. While Dinah was a wonderful representation of the wide-bottom girl's club, she couldn't hold a candle to Izzie's rack. With a stiff bra forcing her tits into a shelf under her chin and the high, wide waist on her dress, she was all titanic tits and toned legs, capped in a shockingly high pair of heels that would stand her a few inches above her best friend Dinah should they stand side by side.

Normally shy to begin with, Willow instantly noted her body language tonight. Her head was down, her straight red hair hung in her face, (it was a dye job. Dinah had gotten it done for her a month ago, her brunette roots were just beginning to show,) and she fidgeted her hands in her lap more than usual, but even more interesting, she was pressed right up against Zayne. She had her tits practically mashed into his shoulder, as she leaned toward him and Dinah.

Interesting. - Willow.

What? What is it? Abi was eager for outside input.

Izzie is acting strange. She and Dinah are practically on top of Zayne. Guess someone's getting a three-way for his B-day. Haha. - Willow

Abi's thoughts became unfocused as visions of Dinah and Izzie kneeling before her, nuzzling her with their soft and pillowy lips swam through her head.

"Hey! The gang's all here!" Boomed Zayne.

"Almost. Where's Abigail?" - Sabrina.

"I'm not sure. I thought she'd be here already." Willow lied casually. Abi felt a thrill of excitement at their first cover-up. She felt fresh hot blood pump through her body as Willow's heart pounded in her chest. Hiding her in public like this was exactly one of the things that excited Willow about this arrangement, and she had to admit, being a fly in the wall was kind of exciting.

"Well, no offense to her, but I'm ready to get this birthday party started. Who wants a drink?" Zayne patted Dinah's knee to let her know he wanted up. He made his way to the intercom by the door grinning from ear to ear. He had to be the luckiest guy in the world. Here he was turning another year older in the company of none other than five nearly perfect women, each of them dressed to the nines.

He ordered a round of drinks for the room and a couple of sushi rolls. Just something to snack on really, not a true meal.

"Alright, who's going to go first?" Zayne picked up the remote and started flicking through possible song choices on the screens.

"I will!" Dinah volunteered, hopping to her feet. She took the remote from him with a kiss and selected a pop track that had been on the charts for a few months now. She was pretty good, managing to keep time and not stumble over the words, but she could never hope to match the original artist's vocal complexity.

At the end of her song the waitress appeared, bringing their order. Then the party began in earnest. The drinks flowed and the girls danced, and Abi found herself growing stiff. It was maddening. She was hot and bothered, and stuffed into a pair of boyshorts too tight to allow her the freedom required to reach a full erection.

Willow was busy enjoying the music and the food. She had always been fond of sushi and she had a decent voice. After a drink and a snack, it was her turn to sing. She picked a pop song from five or six years ago. She performed pretty well and soaked up the praise that followed. She knew she wasn't good enough to sing professionally, but secretly daydreamed about being on stage. Who didn't?

Abi. That's who. Once upon a time, she may have dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. Now she dreamed of breasts and asses, mouths and pussies. She didn't despair at the loss of her chance for fame. Most were never that lucky anyway. The more she thought about it, she thought she could grow to be content with trading the futures she had dreamed of for herself for the pleasures of flesh and spirit. She now physically and mentally felt Willow's love for her at all times. True unconditional love. That was easy to bask in, to get lost in for a while…

Willow's first drink had been surprisingly strong. Zayne ordered a second round of drinks and insisted everyone try his recent favorite, a Karma's Realm Iced Tea. Containing absolutely no tea, the drink still managed to fake the taste, despite being made of purely liquor. It was actually really good. Willow smiled to herself, feeling the warmth of the alcohol soak into her. She imagined she could feel it pumping straight through her bloodstream into Abi. She continually sipped her drink, sitting back and watching Zayne and the other girls sing.

Sabrina got up and sang a rousing classic dance hit that got all the girls on their feet, laughing and singing and dancing. Willow focused on Sabrina's shimmery, black-clad ass bouncing with the song, forcing Abi-cock to watch the same.

Fuck. It's like they all subconsciously knew you were going to do this to me today. When have they all been this sexy at one time? Aaaaagh! - Abi

I know. Even Millie looks hot tonight, and despite your previous similarities, she's never been my type. - Willow

Really? You mean it? I always wondered. - Abi

Mmhmm. There's something about her I've always found just slightly off-putting, but I've never been able to pin down the reason. I much prefer your company. - Willow

You'd better! - Abi

After three drinks she was feeling a definite buzz. She was feeling flush and the other girls' perfume smelled so good she could barely stand it. She could smell a mixture that permeated the room. Millie and Dinah each wore something floral while Sabrina's was sweeter. Willow took another surreptitious sniff of the air and caught a whiff of something that made Abi twitch against her cotton prison involuntarily.

Izzie had brushed past Willow's seated position to sing her first song of the evening. Up till now she had stayed seated, barely interacting with the group. She had seemed preoccupied, nervous maybe. As her rear end passed Willow’s face, she caught the unmistakable smell of her friend Izzie's wet and extremely aroused pussy.

Hnnng. Uhn. Holy shit! She's not nervous! She's unbelievably horny! What the fuck is going on? Shit. Abi, calm down. Just pull it together. - Willow

Pull it together? I'm your fucking horny-as-hell dick now, you get to deal with this. Oh gods. She smells so good. Willow, we have got to find a way to fuck one of our friends tonight. They're all so hot. I'm a goddamn lesbian! How did I not notice all of our friends look like porn stars before? Their hair, their makeup, their tits, their asses, how are they all so… perfect? So intoxicating? - Abi

Well, it's different now. Even at my horniest, I've never wanted to just mount and fuck you the way I want them now. These male hormones are intense. We'll get used to it… I hope. We have to. - Willow

Abi whimpered mentally. This part of her new existence was sweet torture. If she were in her old body she could do kegel exercises or run to the restroom to relieve herself. Not that she would, unless Willow ordered her to. But now that she had no freedom to escape, and no hands to relieve herself, her arousal only grew and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. She wanted to stroke herself so badly it was maddening. She pouted at her loss of arms.

By the time their internal conversation was done, Izzie had selected her song and started swaying her ass seductively to the beat. It sounded like modern hip-hop or rap, which was unexpected from the shy girl. It was a song made popular by two pop stars that had zero qualms about using their sluttiness to work their way to the top. Willow wasn't familiar with the song, but some assorted lyrics made her jaw drop.

"When he start to drip,
I get a grip.
When he about to blow,
I drop it down low.
He fucked my whole clique,
You'd think I'd be sick,
But I just can't get enough of that big dick."

Izzie's eyes were closed, and she danced to her song as if no one else was in the room. Willow was mesmerized.

"Knock me up,
Then break me down,
In your cum,
I wanna drown."

She varied her timing and inflection with ease. It was a precision performance, executed with grace and sex appeal. Willow was no one to judge, but subject matter aside, Izzie was giving the best performance of the evening, totally in the zone.

"Feel up my butt,
I'm almost fed up,
I'll gobble it up,
Then swallow it down."

When the song finished, the room was stunned silent, a stark contrast to the general applause that had followed each of the previous singers. Izzie's face turned nearly as red as her hair. She remained rooted in place, head down, fidgeting with the hem of her starry dress. Willow didn't understand. Izzie had just slain her song and was a treat to watch. She should be elated, shouldn't she? Dinah spoke up first.

"Oh Izzie! That was amazing! I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you Mi… Dinah. I'm really glad that you liked my song. Can we give Zayne his presents now?" Izzie asked, an eager tone in her voice.

Woah, did you catch that? - Willow

Was she about to say… - Abi

Mmhmm. - Willow

Then that means they're… - Abi

Mmmmhmmm. - Willow

"Are you ready to?" Asked Dinah.

"Yes, I think so." - Izzie

How did we not see that? - Abi

Too wrapped up in ourselves I suppose. - Willow

"What do you say, Zee? Are you ready for your presents?" Dinah batted her eyelashes at him.

"Most definitely, bring on the gifts!" Cheered Zayne.

They started with Millie, who'd gotten him a new digital camera, to take better pictures/videos of his workout routines for his gyms' adverts.

"Ohmygosh that's perfect. We can even use it tonight!" Said Dinah, who seemed more enthused than Zayne himself. Zayne smiled and passed the camera to Dinah. She was really cute when she was excited about something. She opened the box and began to assemble the camera, battery, and lens.

Next was Sabrina. She'd gotten him a fine leather briefcase for meetings. A classic gift. Zayne thanked her for it.

What did we get him? - Abi

I got him tickets to see that band he likes, Freya's Acolytes. - Willow

Ooh. Good one. - Abi

Thank you. Willow’s internal satisfied smirk was felt by Abi.

You couldn't put my name on the tag too could you? - Abi

It's way too late for that. - Willow

Aww. - Abi

Indeed, the tickets were well received. Zayne jumped up to give Willow a hug. She stood, and made sure to turn her hips to the side to avoid frontal contact.

Only Dinah and Izzie were left, but there were five gifts left.

"Wow. You two really went all-out for me this year didn't you? I'm the luckiest guy in the world." He chuckled and flashed a dazzling smile.

"You haven't seen anything yet mister." Dinah countered.

She gave him a small bag. He removed the tissue paper and fished out a heavy silver hoop, only a little bigger around than his fingertip, in plastic packaging.

"What's this? No-pierce Nose Ring? Oh! No way Hon! Really?" His face lit up with excitement.

"Of course." Dinah replied. "You said you'd like me to have one, and you know how much I hate needles, so I found these. I already watched a video on how to do it. Let me see it."

Zayne handed the package over, in awe that his girlfriend would change her appearance for him. Dinah removed a nitrile glove from the package first, then pulled the ring out of another baggie. She used her phone as a mirror and lined up the ring with her septum. As she pushed, the alchemically treated ring sank into the flesh in the tip of her nose with almost no resistance, as if it was phasing right through her. She held it in place for thirty seconds and let go. To no one's surprise, the ring held in place, it's bonding magic now complete.

"Well? What do you think?" She twisted her head back and forth so he could get a better look. Her nose was slender to begin with so the heavy, seamless metal hoop seemed overly large, and bull-like to Millie, but Zayne, her intended audience, was awestruck.

"I think it's perfect. I can't believe you did it, but I love it. Wow. Thanks, Hon! Did it hurt?" - Zayne

"No. It felt all tingly. Honestly, I thought I was going to sneeze, but I was so terrified of where the ring might end up that I just froze!" Everyone laughed.

"What's next?" Asked Willow, suspicious, and eager to see where this was going. Dinah spoke up again.

"Some of you may have been wondering why I asked you here, to the Twisted Songbird specifically. You are all my closest friends in the world and I love you with all my heart, but I've been keeping a secret from you all for the last five years."

Ooh, finally. This sounds promising. - Abi

Dinah walked over and held out a hand, which Izzie grasped.

"Ever since we turned eighteen, Izzie and I have been in a secret, lesbian relationship."

I knew it! - Abi

I knew it! - Willow

"I knew it!" - Sabrina

Everyone paused to look at her. She held her hands up in apology.

"Sorry, sorry, not the time, go on." - Sabrina

Willow and Abi shared an internal snicker at the brunette's outburst.

"Before I met Zayne, Izzie and I fell in love. Then we began to experiment with BDSM. She became the Sub to my Dom. Eventually she came to call me Mistress. I never demanded it. It just felt right, for both of us. We even went so far as to pierce her as well. We got her cute little nipples pierced, and recently... Izzie, face the group and stick out your tongue please." - Dinah

"Yes Mistress." Izzie dropped all earlier pretense and twirled around, placing her back to the northeast corner of the room, and stuck out the tip of her tongue as her Mistress had requested.

The group gasped at the sight of a 0 gauge piercing right through the tip of her tongue. How did she speak without a lisp? How long had she had that? How had she sang that song with that in? How had none of them found out before now?

Abi didn't know, but Willow's pulse was racing, and she was starting to leak. She felt the trickle of pre-cum well up in her 'mouth'. She wanted to expel it, so she flexed her base and worked a big glob up. It felt rather good to flex and leak. It was so gross to just lay in her own fluids, but they wouldn't stop. The viscous fluid smelled strong and musky. Would the other girls smell it? She didn't care. She was fixated on the girls' piercings and churning up as much cum as she could. She 'breathed' deep and felt her repurposed lungs churn and roil the mass of hot spunk inside her.

Woah girl. Slow down. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Don't go blowing our load early on me. Willow chided her new bodypet. Abi whimpered internally.

"I know you've all got questions, and we're really very sorry for deceiving you all. We knew that others outside of this room would not approve, and we understand you may be uneasy as well, but we trust you all implicitly. Izzie, elaborate, in your own words please." Dinah stepped back and waved a hand, urging Izzie to action.

Izzie spoke in a clear voice for once. No shyness, no flinching. She was confident and it was... sexy.

"You may flinch at the word Slave. Even my Mistress does at times. I do not. I say it proudly. I am owned. I belong to someone. That feels so comforting on a spiritual level. She is my center, my balance. She is my Mistress that I love more than anyone on this twisted rock. To me, being her slave just means that I have given Mistress Dinah full control of all decisions in our relationship. Her will is divine law as far as I am concerned. By her own authority, I am allowed to question her wisdom. I am not a drone but, and I hate to be cliché, her wish is my command. My wish is to be with her forever. I have known for some time that, as her slave, I could never be her wife. I could never be her equal if I wanted to be with her in the manner I do." She paused, looking around the room.

Millie and Sabrina wore expressions ranging from horrified to curious, respectively. Zayne and Willow wore slack-jawed expressions of pure lust. It seemed the birthday boy was getting more than he bargained for, and loving it. Izzie herself had stopped fidgeting, and aside from a slight blush, all of her nerves seemed to be calmed with this revelation of their true selves. She perked up even more and continued.

"Zayne, I have never seen Mistress Dinah happier than I have when she comes home from being with you, aside from spending 'quality time' with myself of course. (Insert naughty wink) I thank you for that, and for being so kind to her and always taking such good care of her. I hope… that you will take good care of us from now on."

"Izzie, you may give your present to Zayne now. - Dinah

"Thank you Mistress." - Izzie

Izzie picked up her present and walked over to stand before the dumbstruck Zayne. He took the paper bag without a word, removed the tissue and dug in it without looking at the bag. His eyes were too busy darting between his girlfriend and her… slave. What did that mean for him and Dinah? He didn't know. He felt cool metal at his fingertips. He pulled the object out, listening to the clinking of the intricate links as a five foot long metal dog leash came fully into view.

"What's this?" He breathed, his voice barely above a whisper. It was gorgeous. Each link was as thick as his index finger and about an inch in length and had an intricate geometric pattern of dots on each end. Ending in a padded black leather loop on one end, and a swivel-eye snap hook on the other. The occupants of the room still thinking with the heads on their shoulders knew instantly what the shiny, exquisite chain was.

"That is my new leash, Master. If you will have me?" Izzie stared into his bright blue eyes, willing him to say 'yes'. - Izzie

Zayne looked aroind the room. All eyes were on him, waiting. He looked to Dinah, questioning if this was real, if this was okay. She gave a tiny nod and giggled. She was pleased he wasn't revolted. She had so much more in store…

"Where do I clip it?" He wondered aloud.

"Why, right here, Master…" Izzie practically purred as she sunk to her knees. She stuck out her tongue and presented the gauged ring to Zayne. This time, she stuck her tongue all the way out, and Willow could see a quartet of large bumps midway down her tongue arranged two to a side.

"What are those?" Willow and Zayne asked in tandem.

Izzie did not answer, but remained on her knees presenting her tongue. She managed to smile impishly. Dinah spoke for her.

"Those are silicone disks, like miniature breast implants, under the skin of her tongue to further stimulate your magnificent cock as she sucks you off. Do you approve? Should we remove them, or add more?" Dinah was in total command of the room.

"I… approve very much, yes. No, no need to alter her further..." Answered Zayne in a daze.

"Oh, but I promise she enjoys a good alteration. Nevertheless all you need to do is claim her, and she will be ours." - Dinah

He reached forward and tenderly clipped the snap hook on the leash through her gauged tongue ring. Izzie closed her eyes and visibly shuddered in pleasure. A single happy tear rolled down her left cheek, in full view of the rest of the assembled party. Everyone watching could see how pleased and relaxed the turn of events had made the busty girl. She knelt beside him on the floor, happy as a newly adopted puppy.

"You're just going to… co-own her then? I can't believe we're discussing this, but, how does that work?" Inquired Millie.

How indeed? Wondered Willow.

"I'm glad you asked. Zayne? Are you ready for your third gift?" Dinah handed over a third bag, smaller and lighter than the last, but bigger and heavier than the first.

He merely nodded. Words had failed him for the moment. He reached inside the bag and pulled out a small crystal bottle. Inside was a shimmery pearlescent liquid. A collective gasp was heard round the room.

"Is this what I think it is?" Zayne found his voice again.

"Well, if you think that is a highly refined D-cum solution designed to give me the perfect designer body to please you forever, then yes. That's exactly what it is." She beamed.

"Dinah…" Zayne began but was quickly interrupted.

"Zayne, I love you, and I love Izzie. I'm so torn. My life is going nowhere, fast. I want to be with you both for the rest of my life. I was the happiest woman on the planet when you asked me out and I had both of you. My big, strong man in public, and my weak, doting slave girl in private. But now the novelty of truly living a constant lie has worn thin. I want to break free of the hidden double life we've been leading. I want to come out into the light and be who I truly am. I want to be free to be who I want to be. I can't ask you both to marry me, but I can ask you the same as Izzie. Will you take care of us both? Forever?" Dinah finished pouring her heart out and fell silent, anxiously awaiting his answer.

He stood up. He clicked his tongue, but didn't say anything. He took a step past Willow and turned around to face Dinah and Izzie, his back to Millie and Sabrina. He looked at the titanium lead in his hand and followed it's length to Izzie's tongue. Saw how it's weight gently pulled straight down on that sensitive bundle of muscle. Saw the hope and eagerness in her eyes.

Izzie really wants this? It's crazy but… I think she really does. - Zayne

He looked to Dinah, her hand on Izzie's shoulder to steady herself just as much as her Sub. She was putting on a brave face for the group, but Zayne knew her better than anyone here (with the possible exception of Izzie, apparently) and he could tell she was quaking inside. They had bared everything to the whole group. They must be so scared right now...

It was all up to him. He could break up with her and Izzie and walk away from all of this craziness right now. No one would really fault him for doing so, given the circumstances.

But did it really bother him that they had a secret romance? Would he have accepted it if they had brought it to him sooner? They were together longer. Was he the 'other guy'? Did it bother him that they were asking him to provide for them, like pets? Did it bother him that Dinah wanted to become something else, something unknown? Should he reject the pair of them?

The suspense is KILLING me! - Abi

Aaaah! You startled me! Don't do that! - Willow

Sorry… but… it is... Abi thought back, sheepishly.

Zayne walked slowly around to the south side of the room. The only sounds heard were their own heartbeats, the muffled thumping of music in the other rooms and Izzie's lead dragging heavily across the low coffee table. He stopped and turned to face the entire group, leash in one hand, potion bottle in the other.

"Well… somebody say something!" Millie practically shrieked in the silence. It was the first time she'd spoken since the gift giving began and she hadn't realized how tense she had become just watching this whole scene unfold.

Zayne held out his hands for peace, breaking the tension, "Okay. Dinah, you say you want to transform yourself, for me, and yourself. You want me to take care of you and Izzie, however you turn out. That's a big request, but I've made a decision. I already love Izzie as a friend and I already decided we could become more than that when I accepted her leash."

He wrapped it once around his hand, pulling just enough to pull the leash taut, but not so much as to really pull on her, just adding constant tension on the line. Izzie moaned.

"If you love her as much as I love you, then I'm sure we'll all work it out. She clearly thinks the world starts and ends with you, but I think I can find a place to fit in there. There's a good foundation of mutual love and respect here. Karma be damned…" He paused and knocked on the wooden coffee table three times, then cocked his ear and pointed his finger to the sky for a moment. Sensing no immediate smiting, he continued.

"I don't want to spend a single second of my life looking back on this moment wondering 'what if?'. I will love and take care of you both to the best of my ability as long as the three of us live. That's a promise." - Zayne

Izzie reached up and grasped Dinah's hand on her shoulder. Dinah took it into her own and daintily pulled the submissive redhead to her feet. Willow got a great look at Izzie's cleavage as she struggled to her feet.

Damn. Those heels are steep. - Willow

Fucking sexy is what they are. - Abi

The sapphic couple embraced, and kissed passionately. They kissed with a familiar heat that made Abi recall the feeling of her lips on Willow's as if it were real.

"I love you." - Dinah

"I love you too." - Izzie

"Can you believe it?" - Dinah

"Of course Mistress. You said it would happen this way. I never doubt you." - Izzie

"Then you're ready?" - Dinah

"I'm sure now." - Izzie

"I love you." - Dinah

"I love you too." - Izzie

"Zayne, I'm going to need that potion, and a little help from Izzie. Would you unclip her please?" - Dinah.

Zayne did as bidden, gently releasing Izzie's sensitive tongue from the heavy lead. She sucked it back in with exaggerated slowness to tease Zayne with the sight of each implant slipping between her lips, then her gauge slowly disappearing from view. Dinah made her way over and embraced Zayne, pressing her whole body into his. Her right arm snaked up and drew his head down into a passionate kiss while she retrieved the potion bottle with her left. Then she pushed him back toward the couch and he silently plopped back down next to Willow.

"Willow, will you take a picture? I can't believe you got a professional grade camera for your birthday Zee. Now we can have a really great set of before and after pictures too." - Dinah

She and Izzie posed for the camera. They stood plainly, side by side, holding hands. Willow snapped a few photos just to be sure she'd gotten a good one. After all, there wouldn't be another chance after this.

Dinah and Izzie hugged each other and pressed their foreheads together taking a deep breath before Dinah turned to address the group. Willow clicked away.

"Everyone, this is not a goodbye. This is a stepping off point to the rest of my life. I hope things don't have to change too much afterwards... I love you all. We'll see you on the other side. Izzie, open wide." - Dinah

Before the group could comprehend the last thing she said, Izzie dropped to her knees and threw her head back, mouth open, modified tongue stretched as far as it would go, eager to receive her Mistress' gift. Dinah uncorked the bottle, and quickly poured about half of the shimmery liquid straight down Izzie's throat.

"Izzie?" - Zayne

"Mmmm!" Izzie licked her lips. She smiled, thrilled with the crowd's shocked expressions. They had only suspected Dinah would transform herself. Just as Mistress had planned.

"Assume your position, slave." Dinah commanded Izzie with a smile, before downing her own portion of the bottle. She paused before adding her sub's title deliberately. She knew how much she enjoyed it and she wanted her to get the most she could out of this once in a lifetime experience.

Izzie faced the group and got down on all fours with her ass high in the air. This was made particularly difficult by the steep heels she had chosen. She didn't care. They were meant to give everyone else a thrill, not give her comfort. She had to crane her neck back to look up at the assembled group, giving them all a generous look down her expansive cleavage. She smiled, licked her lips seductively, and blew the crowd a kiss.

Dinah swung her leg over Izzie's back and sat her curvaceous rear on the busty girl's shoulders with Izzie's head right between her pale thighs, as if straddling her so Izzie could pick her up on her shoulders.

"Do you feel it?" - Dinah

"Yes Mistress. I feel warm. No, I feel hot.  It can't possibly be this hot in here can it? I-I'm going to melt..." - Izzie

"It's okay my love, that just means the potion is working. Soon we will have everything we wanted. Any second now, the transformation will… Unnhhhh GODS! Whaaaaat i-is… happ…." Dinah couldn’t even finish her question as she was rocked by her own unbearable flash of heat, and the group watched as their clothes simply disintegrated before their eyes, floating through the air like so much ash.

Dinah's long, golden ponytail cascaded down her back all the way to her ass, now free of its ties. Her small, but perky tits dropped free, giving the group a decent look at her pink nipples, erect and hard as diamonds. Similarly, Izzie's monsters swung free below her, revealing the thick silver hoops that already adorned her big nubs. Dinah squealed and crossed her arms in front of her chest to preserve what she could of her modesty. Izzie, balancing on her hands and now the balls of her feet, had no such luxury and was forced to endure the shame of letting her closest friends ogle her pierced tits openly.

It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. They're going to be on display forever, remember? Unless Mistress chooses to cover them, and you know she won't. They belong to her now. You knew this was coming. Be free. This is it! Let go of your shame. You're doing exactly what you were meant to do. Izzie talked herself down.

"It's happening Mistress! I love you! I can feeeel ittt! AaaAAAGHN!" Izzie cried out as Dinah's bare skin contacted her own and the distinction began to blur.

Their touch was electrically charged. The girls felt like every atom of their bodies was instantly imbued with sexual energy from deep within. Their pussies gushed and nipples engorged, harder than they'd ever been before. Izzie watched the creamy skin of her mistress' thighs ripple and distort, inches away from her eyes, then begin to flow over her upper arm.

This is it. Hah... - Izzie mentally sighed in relief. As Dinah's flesh subsumed her own, the heat that had built within her was soothed, like having aloe poured over a sunburn.

Dinah's chunky calves consumed her forearm, and finally her hands stretched and warped, completely replaced by Dinah's feet. Dinah's ample ass cheeks flowed over Izzie's tiny shoulders, restructuring them for her new pair of front-facing legs. Dinah cried out as her feet cramped horribly, and were forced to stand en pointe, as if wearing a ballet slipper. Then they watched together as Dinah's toes, heel, and ankle melded, leaving her leg smooth and featureless, ending in a single, tapered, tough-soled digit instead of a human foot. In the rear, Izzie's legs were taking on an identical shape and appearance to Dinah's in front, facing the same direction.

"They're becoming a humantaur!" Sabrina shouted right as Izzie's thighs rippled, right where they joined her pale ass.

Each thigh rotated 180 degrees, pointing Izzie's shins and knees outward. The joint of her thighs began to slide up her side to join their twins like a boat moving upriver. Izzie giggled like a mad woman as they passed over her ribs, settling behind her original shoulder joint/the remains of Dinah's ass cheeks in what was technically their thorax now. They wobbled side to side as this shifted their center of balance. Instead of balancing on top of their legs, their new combined torso hung suspended from their four legs like a spider, or mantis.

This left Izzie's naked lower body to hang almost two feet behind their four, spindly legs, like an insect's abdomen, prominently exposed. Her shapely hips and girlish waist remained intact. The fat in her ass cheeks had rounded them out into nearly perfect globes, lacking stumps or scars of any sort.

"Well, that's not the way a humantaur usually looks…" - Sabrina

"How do you know what a normal humantaur looks like?" - Millie

"Not important right now. Look!" - Sabrina

I don't even have arms to cover myself with. All my limbs belong to Mistress Dinah now. Oh fuuuhhh uhhnnph. Oh fuuuck. Not now. Please. It's too soon! - Izzie

"Mistress! I'm c-cummm...nnnnngg… fuuuuhhh fuuckk! I'm sorry Mistress! I tried to hold it. I can't stop it! Oh g-GODdds… it feels so good. I can't believe being part of you feels so goOod!" Izzie's eyes rolled back in their sockets as she lost control of herself and orgasmed in front of the whole group.

Unseen by them, her pussy and asshole spasmed and clenched wildly, desperate for penetration to heighten her pleasure. They were able see the half combined form of Dinah and Izzie's four legs quaking uncontrollably till it passed. Their stance sagged low to the ground and they almost fell completely to the floor.

Up to this point, Izzie's cherubic face and small torso had remained unchanged. Only her arms and legs had been affected. Dinah's only changes thus far were her feet's restructuring and her legs' absorption of Izzie's arms. This was soon to change.

"Look! Izzie's hair is falling out…" - Millie

"Something is happening to her head!" - Willow

Indeed, Izzie's dyed-red locks took only seconds to fall out completely, wisped away to nothing before they ever hit the floor. Then she felt something cool and wet begin to creep across her scalp. An impulse to sink into that feeling overcame her and like the good sub she was, she obeyed, losing herself to the sensation. Her skull softened and she could swear she actually felt her brain dissolve. As the feeling spread around her head her hearing became muffled before returning in an altogether different fashion. She could feel and interpret the very vibrations in the air. It took her a few seconds to work out how to understand that input as a conventional sound. Once she did, she realized a whole new world of senses had been opened to her. Mana senses.

Wow! - Izzie

She had no time to explore this new found glory, as her throat  and face suddenly felt very wrong. Something was welling up from within, while her head and face continued to sink into Dinah's crotch behind her. Her chin dissolved and it's former bulge smoothed out.

Oh Freya! She's just a pair of eyes and a mouth now! There's nothing left! - Abi

What the fuck? Did she just replace her pussy with Izzie's face? - Zayne

Indeed she had done just that, but the true extent of Izzie's changes would have to wait to be revealed to the group. Her major restructuring was complete and now only minor changes were occurring, such as her waist cinching a bit, and her ass padding itself out a bit more. Her breasts firmed up underneath her, wondrous orbs magically free of sag. Her skin crawled as Dinah's paler, softer flesh wiped away any trace of Izzie's original coloring. In fact, it erased the birthmark on the back of her left calf, and any other blemishes she had picked up over the years. Their skin was becoming pale, smooth, and blemish-free.

By this point Izzie's changes were slowing, but she still burned with desire and despaired at her inability to act on it. She had lost control of her arms when they became Dinah's legs and she had lost control of her original legs when they had migrated up her body. She could wiggle and flex her back and abdomen, but in effect, she was limbless now. A quadruple amputee. She completely lacked any appendage she could control, and was in effect headless as well. While her face remained in Dinah's crotch, facing the group, she had no neck to move it with. She was along for the ride, a passenger in her own body forevermore.

Furthermore, her nervous system had integrated with Dinah's. She felt Dinah's heart hammering away. She felt her arousal, her nervousness. Izzie was so hot, she was sure she would cum again soon. Already the pleasure of all the sensations was building her to another orgasm. She just needed a little more stimulus...


Re: Escaping One Future

Dinah was nearing completion. She felt the magic converge just before the group saw her shoulders begin to ripple. Her arms fell away from her chest, limp and totally unresponsive, dangling by her side. Then they began to pull inwards, like someone pulling their arm out of a long shirt sleeve. But her hand continued to be drawn in as well, leaving her with only nicely rounded shoulder nubs.

Her bare breasts felt hot and tight as the mass of her useless arms slowly flowed into them. Her mosquito bites billowed out to an unimaginable size. She labored to breathe as the unfamiliar weight of her massive new HH cup tits settled on her chest.

Holy shit! These things are ridiculous! They're so sensitive… and my… my pussies! They're on fire! Holyfuck I have twin pussies! I need to… I need to… "CUMMM! OH Zayne! Izzie! I'm cumming, I'm cumming so fucking hard… I can't breathe… oh… gods… I think I'm gonna… we're gonna… help…" Dinah cried out as all four of her legs spasmed and quaked and her eyes rolled back in their sockets.

Izzie felt a familiar buildup of sexual pressure as Dinah got worked up, but it wasn’t only copied to her original pussy. Her new mouthgina dominated her awareness. Their arousal hyper focused her every thought on how sexy this was, and how good it felt. The engorged clit in her face was positively buzzing. Her throat contracted in pleasurable waves. When Dinah came, her world exploded. She erupted from both ends simultaneously. Her eyes rolled back as she completely let go and she gave in to the quivering, twitching, spasming bliss that she had longer for.

Zayne was on his feet in an instant. He bounded over the coffee table and caught the falling girls right as the energy of the transformative magic fled their finished form. Willow was right behind him and helped him ease them down to the floor and straighten out their legs. Both pairs of eyes were closed, but they both seemed to be breathing normally. That was a good sign.

"Dinah, Izzie? Wake up. Wake up please.. Honey? Please be okay. Please be okay…" Zayne cradled Dinah's head, tucking her long blonde hair behind her ear and speaking softly. It was clear to the group that he was deeply concerned.

"H-hey there handsome. Don't worry so much. You'll get wrinkles." A smirking Dinah chided him weakly as she woke up, slowly opening her eyes to find herself on her side, her head and shoulders in Zayne's lap.

Oh Freya. I can smell his cock through his pants. It smells so good! Izzie! Can you hear me! Did it work? - Dinah

Mistress? Yes! I can hear you! I think it did! I feel delirious. I- I can barely move at all! But I can feel everything! It's exquisite torture Mistress. It's perfect! Thank you. - Izzie

"Are you okay?" - Zayne

"We're awake, and we think we're in perfect shape. We're a little tired, but we've never felt better in our lives." Said Dinah, sleepily, turning her head to gaze into her lover's concerned eyes.

"We? Then that means... Izzie's still in there? Izzie! Can you still talk?" - Sabrina

"Y-yesh… I can shtill shpeak." Izzie spoke up with a noticeable new slur in her speech.

"You sound different. What's wrong?" Said Millie with obvious worry in her voice.

Dinah sat up and gathered her legs underneath her, then flexed them to stand straight up on them, slowly. As she reached full height, her four legs spread out in diagonal directions. This new quadruped configuration would take some practice. For now, she would just try to plan every movement carefully, and move slowly. As she stood, Willow admired how graceful her movements were already, along with how beautifully her golden hair flowed down her back, to the seamless joint of their two bodies. Willow and Abi were sad to see that Dinah's original asshole seemed to be gone.

"Nothing is wrong. We're just a little dizzy. No! Wait, that's it! We're Dizzie now! With an 'ie'. Haha! We had so much trouble thinking of our new name before we transformed, but now it seems so obvious. We can't believe we didn't think of it sooner." they beamed.

Willow's wandering gaze continued down Izzie's slender back, terminating in her luscious, naked rear end waving in the air. With her lack of leg stumps, her ass cheeks had simply rounded out, two firm globes just begging to be squeezed. Her original human pussy was still dripping from their multiple orgasms, and her winking asshole had a distinctly thicker ring of muscle that gave Willow and Abi no small amount of impure thoughts during a very poignant moment in their friends' lives. (Life?) Willow adjusted Abi's stiffened form as surreptitiously as possible.

The newly minted Dizzie stood proudly and faced her friends, bare shoulders pulled back, their enormous breasts thrust out, and faces redder than Izzie's former dye job. They were thrilled, mostly. Clearly exhibitionism would take some getting used to though.

Nestled in Dinah's crotch were Izzie's sparkling blue eyes and sexy little mouth. While Dinah had gained about a foot in height from the transformation, Izzie's perspective had gotten much lower. She looked up at her friends and continued, urged on internally by Dinah.

"Noshing ish wrong. I am exacshually ash I wash deshigned. I no longer posshessh any teeth, ash I will have no further ushe for them in my new role ash Misstressh Dinah'sh pusshy." Izzie stated matter-of-factly.

"Dinah’s... Pussy…" Millie was dumbfounded.

"Izzie, show them. Say 'aah'." - Dinah

Izzie opened her lips wide, and everyone leaned in to see that where her teeth and gums used to be, resided Dinah's original labia minora, clit, vaginal canal and presumably the rest of her original reproductive organs. She stuck out her tongue and said "aah" as instructed, showing everyone her original body modifications to her tongue were all still intact.

Holy hell, Willow… I've never asked you for anything I've wanted more than that. I- I want to feel her tongue implants cradle my whole body as you slam me deep inside her face-cunt. I want her to taste me while I plow her. I want a blow job while you get laid. Please? Can we? You know she's just as horny as we are! Probably moreso! Zayne can't fill all their needy little holes by himself! Begged Abi, with every ounce of her will.

I… that's…so tempting… but... No! They're Zayne's girlfriend! Not ours. And… we must remain a secret. A time may come when we can be free, like them. I admit, I envy them as well. For now… let's watch. - Willow

Awww, not fair… - Abi sulked. She couldn't believe it herself, but she was deeply saddened by Willow's resolve. It frightened her a bit just how quickly she was starting to think like a penis.

Zayne hugged Dinah and kissed her again. His nose bumped her new nose ring and it tickled. She giggled as he rubbed his hands over the smooth nubs of her shoulders.

"Why no arms?" Zayne asked quizzically.

"For Izzie, and for me too, I suppose. Izzie gets off on bondage and helplessness. Being armless certainly will make things a lot more challenging for both of us. She revels in the struggle. Eventually we'll develop a weak form of telekinesis, like Freyan Cockwomen. Maybe not quite as strong, regardless, only I'll be able to control it. In fact… Izzie has no direct control over anything besides her face and our humongous ass. Isn't that right, dear?" She looked down at her lover and pussy Izzie wagged her rump as if she had a tail attached.

"Yesh, Misstressh." Izzie

Now there's an idea - Willow

"I have full control of all our legs and where we go. I can take control of our ass if I want to, and right behind those luscious lips of hers is my original vag, combined with her heavily modified tongue, designed to give your cock unrivaled stimulation. She's just my bodypet, along for the ride. My plaything to use for my own pleasure and amusement. She'll have to beg me for any little thing she wants. No matter how horny she gets, she literally can't do a thing about it without my help. It's the ultimate form of denial play... Isn't that right, slave?" - Dinah

"Yesh Mistressh." - Izzie

"Do you regret your decision?" - Dinah

"No Mistressh." - Izzie

"Are you happy so far?" - Dinah

"Yesh Misstressh." - Izzie

"Would you tell me if you weren't?" - Dinah

"Yesh Mistressh." - Izzie

"Good. You know I love you, and your happiness means everything to me. More so now than ever. We are one." - Dinah

"We are one." Izzie repeated, like a mantra.

Aww. - Willow & Abi

"So… what exactly are you now? Is this really what you were going for?" Millie asked, slightly skeptical.

"Oh yes. We think we turned out perfectly." Dizzie practically purred and did a little spin, looking down at herself, missing Millie's tone completely. She was already skittering her pointy feet around gracefully, no longer swaying off balance.

She continued, "We are now what we call a Spider-taur. We came up with this configuration together. We liked the way that arachnids suspend their bodies on multiple legs, but wanted none of the gross exoskeleton nonsense. In fact, as we grow into our new body, we should eventually be able to walk on walls. We suspect we may be able to learn to pick up objects with this ability as well, but for now, we'll settle for just not falling down. I know we don't have eight limbs, or fangs or anything, but aside from that we feel rather like a sexy humanoid spider, so, Spider-taur." - Dinah

"But, why merge together?" - Zayne

"At first we loved living our split secret life, baby. But as time went on we grew to hate splitting the good times and the pleasure between Izzie and Zayne. From now on, as both of our pussies, and my ass, Izzie is a vital part of any and all intimacy we receive, never to be left out during our special time with Zayne ever again, while continually reinforcing my status above her as her mistress and her as my sub forever. We share all sensations now. We can even hear each other's thoughts, but we will always retain our individuality. Izzie does retain full control of her speech. She can express herself at any time, but like a good little sub, she knows when to be silent. When I speak for us, I speak for us as a unified pair. Sorry-not-sorry for the little deception. You should have seen all of your faces when Izzie took her half of the potion! Gods! I wish I'd gotten a picture of that." Dinah finished with a hearty laugh that Izzie joined in from below.

The group joined in shakily. They were relieved the duo could make jokes and seemed to be unharmed, but it wasn't every day two of your best friends became one new one right in front of you. They were still a little uneasy.

"Okay, we aren't quite done yet. You've got two more presents to open. Zayne, can you open the larger one first please?" - Dinah

Zayne pulled a pen and a large, official looking document with lots of ornate gold filigree on a clipboard from the last bag.

"This document legally reclassifies the both of us as a single, non-human person. In other words a transformee. It also establishes our new joint identity as a single legal entity that will inherit all of our former properties, possessions, debts, etc… and is responsible for our individuaI prior commitments. Personally, my favorite part of the document is that Izzie Murtagh is now officially listed on legal documentation as my 'primary genitalia'." Dinah beamed. She was ecstatic. Their plan had gone off without a hitch.

"What do we need to do?" - Zayne

"Well, as we currently lack the ability to write, we need you to fill this out for us." - Dinah

Dinah instructed Zayne to fill in the sections for Izzie and herself. Then he filled out a section authorizing him to fill out the form for them, and then the rest of the girls were asked to sign as witnesses.

"There. With that done, we are now officially Dizzie!" - Dizzie

"Do you want us to call you that all the time?" - Zayne

"No. Only when referring to us both as a unit. If you want to talk to us individually, our old names are fine. We don't want to forget who we were, we're just ready to be something… more" said Dinah.

"Or lessh." Finished Izzie with her new lisp.

That got a genuine laugh out of the assembled group and tensions began to relax.

"Speaking of which, Zayne, we have one last gift for you." - Dinah

"I'm almost afraid at this point. You're not going to reduce yourselves into some kind of out of control sex monster now are you?" Zayne asked the question with a lighthearted tone, but the group could tell he was only half-joking. Zayne loved Dinah deeply and was more than a little concerned.

"No. We want that to be very clear." They spoke in tandem, their voices in perfect harmony. Despite Izzie's lisp, this new joint voice granted them a new strength and authority.

"We want to love you, not scare you. We don't want to be seen as a monster. We want to be loved, not feared. We still want to be your girlfriend, but we do acknowledge that we like being treated as a pet too. We wanted to be with each other, forever. No one can ever separate us now. Now we want to be yours, forever." Dizzie finished proudly.

"Aww. I do love you. And I promise, I always will." Zayne gave her bare shoulders a big hug and a peck on the lips, conscious of her sexy new nose ring. Izzie stared into his groin hungrily. His slacks were sporting a large tent, and it was just inches away...

"We knew you would." Dizzie blushed and swooned just a bit, nuzzling her face and shoulder into Zayne's broad chest. Gods… he smelled so good… It was a lucky thing that she didn't have arms anymore. They wanted to throw him down and mount his magnificent cock right then and didn't know if she could have held herself back. She took a deep breath to steady herself.

"Thank you Zee. We're so happy. Now, if you'd open the last bag, we have one last gift. We know you like body jewelry, so we thought you may like this." Dinah said, barely suppressing a mischievous grin.

He fished the small item out of the obscuring tissue paper and examined it. It was deceptively heavy for its diminutive size, metallic, and tinkled a bit as he moved it around.

"Is this a bell?" He asked incredulously as he held it up for the group to see.

Dangling from a clip between his fingers was indeed a small chromatic bell. He rang it sharply. The tone was rich and pure, not tinny at all.

"That's right. It's a weighted bell. Why don't we put it on? Can you guess where it goes?" Dinah arched an eye row playfully.

"I think I have some idea… Izzie, show me that incredible tongue again." Zayne took to commanding her quickly.

She complied without a word, opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out, and gazed into his eyes with a deep hunger in her own, eager to receive… anything he would bestow upon her. That was Izzie's new role in life forevermore in the passenger seat of her own new highly sexually charged body. It made her even wetter.

He reached out and clasped it to her tongue gauge. Then he grasped it lightly and pulled gently. They gasped together, and Izzie extended her tongue to its maximum length. He ran his thumb over her implants, noting their positions on either side of her tongue, and the placement of the gauge, front and center, where most lesbians would opt for a simple bolt.

"This was all for me too, wasn't it? Those mods to her tongue, those wouldn't aid her in licking you… In fact, I'd wager the only thing they are helpful for is sucking cock. Am I right?" He asked, and released the bell to watch as it fell against Izzie's chin, tinkling softly. The extra weight pulled down on her tongue, causing her to leave her first row of implants hanging out for any and all to see. He looked up to Dinah for confirmation.

"Yes!" She burst out. "We're so glad you noticed! You do like it, right?" - Dinah

"Of course I do. How often does a guy's girl custom modify her best friend, expressly for his sexual pleasure? Nobody answer that. Rhetorical question." Zayne's affirmation received another chuckle from the group.

"Okay everyone. We want to thank you all for coming out for us tonight, and generally being so accepting of our surprise. Honestly you've all been amazing and we don't deserve such wonderful friends. I'm afraid we're not in the mood for singing anymore. All we can think about now is getting Zayne home to get… reacquainted. Sorry" - Dizzie

Both Dinah and Izzie blushed, and Willow noticed that not quite all of Izzie's former skin blemishes were gone. Right across her nose and where her cheeks would have been she retained a smattering of freckles. Willow thought they were adorable. Abi throbbed and continued to leak her liquid approval of the night's events. That weighted bell pulling on Izzie's tongue was turning her on so badly...

As the group gathered their things and made their way toward the exit, Dinah spoke up again.

"Ahem." - Dinah

Everyone stopped to look.

"Zayne, you forgot something…" Dinah pouted.

"Huh?" He looked around at the assembled group dimly, but they could give him no clue what she meant either.

"What do you mean?" - Zayne

"Our leash, silly! That wasn't a gag-gift you know." Dizzie said together, a tinkling chime added to their lispy harmony.

"Oh! Silly me indeed. How could I forget?" He mimed smacking himself in the forehead.

"Hold still." - Zayne

Dizzie shuffled her legs quickly and stood up straight, proudly displaying her enhanced bosoms and sticking out her crotch, and thus Izzie's tongue. Just minutes ago, when the transformation started, Dinah had still attempted to cover herself up and preserve her modesty while Izzie had been forced to expose herself the entire time. Now, in contrast, she found she was completely comfortable in her new body. It was perfect, in her eyes. She felt no need to cover herself in any clothing, barring weather, or the possibility of lingerie to entice Zayne. She was doubly glad she had ensured their legal paperwork also qualified them for a public nudity license valid in all parts of the Empire.


Re: Escaping One Future

Zayne pulled Dinah in for a slow and passionate kiss, thumbed the clip, and deftly slid it over her new nose ring as he disengaged. She squawked, and tilted her torso forward for a second, unprepared to  take the weight of the titanium leash on the ring. It was heavy, and made her eyes water just a bit, but wasn't unbearable. Mostly, she was just surprised. It didn't hurt, but she was constantly aware of its presence, and any minor movement Zayne made with his hand at the other end of the leash. She had never expected it to be used on her, and found her sudden vulnerability as arousing as it was embarrassing.

"Hey, what gives? That's Izzie's leash." Dinah protested.

"Ah, Ah, Ah. Remember? 'You are one.'". He repeated their mantra back at them.

"If this is Izzie's leash, and you two are one now, then this is just as much your leash. Besides, Izzie's already sporting an accessory, and she's not in control. You are. I don't need to lead her around. I thought that was another point of your arrangement. Wherever you go, she's along for the ride. When we get home, I may be persuaded to take it off, but without arms, the decision of where this gets clipped, where I take you, and when it comes off are entirely up to me." Zayne finished with authority and a smirk.

He had her right where he wanted her. (Which was coincidentally right where she wanted to be in the first place.) While Dinah loved to dominate Izzie, in her relationship with Zayne, she very much submitted to him, and he had evaluated Dinah's switch personality expertly. He exerted his control and her many legs squirmed. Izzie's gaze laser focused on Zayne's crotch and she began to drool and drip from both ends. Their combined arousal was overpowering for the former girls.

"Oh. Fuck… we, we love you. Thank you. We knew you were the one. Umm, will you take us home? Now, please?" Dinah whimpered, clearly uncomfortable. It did the trick, and Zayne took pity on the horny girls.

"Okay. No more teasing, for now. I hear you. You've had a big night, and given me the best birthday gift of all time. Let's get you girls home so I can start showing you just how much I really appreciate it." Zayne said with a genuine, loving smile.

The public display of lewdness unnerved Millie a bit, but she was respectful. These were still her friends after all. Sabrina was all smiles and congratulations. The night's events seemed like great fun and entertainment for her. Willow and Abi couldn't wait to go home and learn how to jerk themselves off while thinking about Dizzie and Zayne and all the new sexual positions they could try out.

They filed out of the private booth and Dizzie had Zayne drop off their legal documents with a receptionist, since she currently lacked the ability to hand off… anything. The Twisted Songbird's paralegal team would handle the rest. Their legal services were one of the main reasons Dinah had chosen the venue for her transformation in the first place.

As they made their way out, Willow looked around to see if the rocker chick with the forked tongue was still around. Maybe she'd be down for some action. She had no idea how to approach her, but she'd love to see that bifurcated tongue run all up, and down, and around Abi's length.

Fuck. Willow shook her head. She was getting distracted easily. The mere thought was causing Abi to tense up without even knowing why. She was idly scanning the room when Abi spoke up.

Hey wait, go back. The blonde on your left. Isn't that Amy Johnson? Her thoughts interrupted Willow's search.

Willow, Abi and Amy had gone to school together their entire lives, so there was little chance she would be mistaken for anyone else. They had never been super close friends, but as another daughter of a "pure bloodline" she had attended practically all of the same social events as Willow and Abi had growing up. They had both been fond of watching that juicy ass of hers flipping around in tight little cheerleader skirts for the better part of three years as part of the high school squad. Her perky tits weren't bad either, but they hadn't had any real contact with her since high school. Last Willow had heard, she was leading tours at the local ruins.

Willow scanned back to her left and zeroed in on a blonde bombshell with a body to die for. She turned and Willow got a perfect look at her face. Smokey eyeshadow, pink lipstick, gold hoop earrings and a little black dress gave her a sultry, and deceptively innocent appearance the lesbians had never seen her in before, but there was no mistaking that body. Abi throbbed, straining against her cotton prison.

It is her! - Abi

That didn't make sense though. Dinah hadn't invited her, so she wasn't here with the group. She wove her way confidently through the bar, followed by…

What is that? - Abi

Wow. I've never actually seen one in person. Grotesque aren't they? - Willow

Following Amy was a creature that had to be a transformee the size of a bear cub, or a small gorilla. It shuffled behind her on massive forelegs and tiny hindquarters. It's back and front shoulders were also heavily muscled. It sported a sizable, semi-erect penis between its legs and a wagging tail that also seemed to double as a smaller penis. Most notable however, was its head. A huge phallus, at least a foot in length and thick as a two liter bottle. It's glans was massive, and settled into the dick slit was a brilliant blue-green eye. It's gaze was constantly scanning the room, moving from breast, to ass, to crotch of the various people it passed. It was always right on Amy's tail though.

Maybe it's a side effect of becoming a horny-as-hell cock, but… I actually think it's kinda cute. What is it? Abi asked, totally clueless.

Unless I miss my guess, that is a Dakini Spawn. A type of transformee created by fusing a human being with a parasite called a Dakini Worm. The worm takes complete control of the host and then warps their body into some penis-headed freak. You might feel an affinity for their hosts because they are most often reduced to a penis or some other single body part, just like yourself or Izzie. - Willow

Why would you make me like them then? You don't sound like you like them. - Abi

I don't. Even though I've read they are universally kind and sweet, they don't care about their hosts' desires at all. Dinah and I care about you and Izzie being happy with your choices forever. Those things get used on unsuspecting people and turn them into slaves in perverted parodies of their former bodies. - Willow

When you put it that way, they do sound a little scary. - Abi

Only a little? - Willow

It must be an effect of the transformation, but… they still seem kinda cute, and… I don't know, being dangerous and taboo has always been kind of a turn on. - Abi

Don't go getting any ideas. I never want one of those things near us. I'm actually a little afraid of what might happen to you should I be transformed further. - Willow

What does that mean? - Abi

I'd be afraid of losing you if you were reduced any further. I worked very hard to keep the majority of your intellect intact. - Willow

What do you mean, "majority"? The thought of not knowing which aspects of her personality would disappear should be a terrifying prospect, instead it was met with simple curiosity.

Surely you've noticed by now… your memories and grasp of certain things are… slipping… to a small degree? Willow probed gently.

I mean… I keep thinking about sex every three to five minutes, and it is easy to slip into a fuzzy haze. I'm so easily distracted all the time now. I haven't really had time to analyze the full extent of my changes. Am I going to be… an imbecile? Will I devolve into no more than a cum drooling idiot? Abi asked fearfully.

No. I love you. Remember? I care very much about keeping you around for the rest of my life. You are my greatest treasure. Losing you is my biggest fear. It's just that, as a cock, your mind will begin to care less about human concerns and more about cock concerns, eventually. You will still have all your memories and logic and reasoning centers intact. Your priorities might just… change, a bit, over time. It's a completely natural process. - Willow projected all of the love and reassurance she could at Abi. She needed to assure her that they had made the right decision.

She was bathed in an all encompassing sea of warmth and light and gently sank into the peaceful depths of Willow's unfiltered love. Her vision began to dim. Willow hadn't ceased the visual connection. Abi was simply tired now, and the wonderful feeling of the absolute certainty of Willow's raw passion for her lulled her into a fully content state for a little while. She was enjoying riding the waves of bliss and thinking very distracting horny thoughts now, too distracted to continue the conversation herself.

Willow watched Amy and the phallus-laden Spawn enter a private booth. It seemed the prudish cheerleader also had a hidden kinky side.

Good for her. That might be fun to explore later. - Willow

Thankfully, Amy hadn't seen them. Willow didn't want her telling anyone where she had been. That was the last thing they needed.

Don't worry your pretty self about the nasty spawn. Let's go home and make you feel even better. Hmm? Willow buttered up Abi, unnecessarily.

Yes please… came Abi's distracted, but delighted answer. She felt Abi's spark of pride at being called pretty. She did not want to give up her feminine identity. She still considered herself Willow's girlfriend, though the term had radically altered its meaning in her rationale. She was Willow's girlfriend before the merge, and like she said earlier, her personality would remain intact, because Willow would miss her girlfriend. Therefore, even though she was a very fine specimen of a male reproductive organ, she remained very much in mind, a female. Her new form just made her… exotic, she reasoned.

"Hey! Glad I found you!" A happy voice exclaimed from behind, startling Willow.

Willow hopped about an inch off the ground in surprise. She had been so engrossed in watching Amy that she'd stopped paying attention to her surroundings. She turned around and then looked down to find Sabrina's gorgeous face beaming up at her. Her sexy black heels might have put her up to Willow’s nose if Willow were flat-footed. However, as she was similarly decked out for the evening, the lithe girl only came up to about her chin.

Willow stepped back and gave her childhood friend a new appraisal. When last she had seen Sabrina, she had been in a happily committed relationship. Now she was not only painfully single, but doubly attracted to the female form. She already thought Sabrina was pretty in a platonic way. She had never been competition for… anything Willow had ever wanted. She was a makeup-wearing tomboy. They didn't run in the same social circles except with this group. She was always fun to hang out with, but never had she shown any interest in the transformed the way she had let slip tonight. Abi's memories told her that she shared similar feelings before the transformation. Cute... in a girl next door kind of way.

Now that Abi was churning away, working herself up into a leaking mess in Willow's panties, begging for release in the back of her mind, Willow saw Sabrina through a new lens. She blanked, her mouth slightly agape. Even Abi's lustful thoughts faded away for a moment as she got lost in Sabrina's eyes.

They were blue, ringed with just the slightest tinge of green. Like the ocean in a tropical paradise. They practically sparkled in the swirling lights on the ocean floor. Somehow a cross between doe-eyed and puppy eyes, she seemed to stare straight through Willow with the most innocent expression. Her dark hair was still carefully styled. She wore it parted on her left, with long bangs swept to the side. Her makeup was perfect, almost as if she'd just applied it. Her brows were sharply styled and her eyelashes were long and inviting. She framed her eyes with a simple line of black eyeliner and smokey shadow in a sharp wing off to each side. She had a long, slender, heart-shaped face, a cute button nose, and adorable cheeks that dimpled when she smiled. Her teeth were dainty, white, and just crooked enough to tell they were natural. She'd never had braces.

She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and Willow noted the two metal studs in her left ear. She was just so small and all her features so delicate. Willow was used to seeing her in jeans or slacks and a nice blouse, but… this little black dress was designed to do her in. A mini, three-quarter sleeve with a substantial boob window showed off her modest bust and hugged her in all the right places, stopping about six inches down her thigh. She had been tugging it down surreptitiously all night. She was slightly self conscious about the length but knew without being overconfident that she was an absolute knockout in this dress, so she wore it bravely and pretended not to care.

"I mean, I'm glad you haven't left yet. I insisted on riding with Izzie and I think I've had a little too much to be driving her car home, even though she won't need it anymore, am I right? Haha. I wouldn't have drank so much if I'd known they were going to do that. Did you know they had that planned?" Sabrina continued, seemingly oblivious to Willow’s momentary loss of her faculties.

"Uh… what? No. I had no idea." Willow regained her composure.

"Absolutely wild. Can you imagine what it's like to be merged with someone like that?" - Sabrina

Hahaha. Not a clue, no. Hahaha. Abi was rolling with laughter internally.

"No, I can't imagine it either." Willow lied, her tone carefully even.

"I never said I couldn't imagine it. I've been thinking about stuff like that all night thanks to Dinah, I mean, Dizzie. Well, whaddya think?" She blinked innocently up at Willow.

The dick-girl's mind blanked.

"About what, exactly?" - Willow

"Will you give me a ride home? C'mon. Don't make me get down on my knees and beg." Sabrina teased.

Abi had an imaginary flash of Sabrina on her knees, her face inches away from her newly lowered vantage point. She imagined she could feel breath on her skin. Sabrina's lips mouthed, "Please…". Willow's mouth went dry. She licked her lips and responded.

"Of course, what kind of friend would I be to leave you stranded here? Anything might happen… and I'm starting to think you might like it a bit too much." Willow said with a grin, teasing the smaller girl back.

"Maybe just a biiiiit." Sabrina said, glancing around with an impish smile.

Whaaat? - Abi

Willow looked around. She'd forgotten about Amy. The coast looked clear still.

"C'mon then. Let's chat in the car." Willow ushered Sabrina to the exit. As much as she loved being secretly transformed in a haven for transformation, it was time to go. Besides, watching the globes of the sultry brunette's ass cheeks bounce in a consistent rhythm under the hem of her dress was hypnotic. Abi broke their reverie once they exited the building.

Willow, her ass… it's amazing! - Abi

I'll second that… - Willow

Was she coming on to us inside? Abi asked, incredulous.

No… surely not. She's just… excited by the evening. That's all. That was so sexy, nearly anyone would be worked up… - Willow

Right, (Willow could hear the disbelief in her mental tone) but… if she's coming onto you… then… is she a lesbian too? - Abi

No. She had a husband, I think. What was his name? Jack? John? - Willow

Ohh! Justin. Justin Tailor. She never talks about him, I forgot. He was kind of cute, for a boy. Smooth tan skin, dark curly hair, dreamy eyes, dimples. I wonder what happened to him, and more importantly, if he's into girls with a little something extra? - Abi

Woah! Slow down. We're lusting after men now? And our friend's exes now to boot? We have more class than that… surely. - Willow

Well, maybe not seriously, but… while You might still be picky… I'm having sexual fantasies about everyone and everything. It's like my libido has gone through the roof. - Abi

That makes sense. In a way, you're like a teenage boy. Your entire essence is being infused with testosterone from my new balls. It's distracting to me, but must be overwhelming for you. Willow empathized with her companion.

It's not so bad. It's really sexy actually, but it's so infuriating to not be able to act on my own impulses. Of course, I haven't had a socially acceptable impulse since transforming. Maybe it is better that I'm just a cock after all. I don't know that I'd be able to control myself in my own body with a penis. In fact, I can't believe you haven't played with me more. Abi conceded.

You're too right about that. You haven't received nearly enough attention. Let's get Sabrina home and I'll fondle you all the way home. How does that sound for starters? - Willow

Mmm. Wonderful. I can't wait. Abi stiffened in response, already daydreaming about thoughts of gentle stroking and caressing.

Don't be alarmed, but I'm going to cut off my visual feed. It's a bit draining to keep it active for so long. Besides, there won't be much to see on the road anyway. - Willow

Oh… OK. Don't strain yourself, love. I'll be alright. I know you'll take care of me. Abi made a show of being brave.

Truthfully, being relegated back to Willow’s panties was a little scary still, but she resolved to trust her partner. There was a disorienting moment as her vision faded, then returned, once again showing the confines of Willow's thighs and underwear. She became more dependent on sound once again.

Willow's footsteps crunched to the car. The door opened. Her center of balance shifted and jostled as they sat down. Abi was uncomfortably compressed on all sides by warm, smooth flesh. It was heavenly, even if a little cramped. Then Willow shifted her thigh, and one of her testicles shifted, allowing Abi more freedom. She heard the creaking of the bench seat on their right, the door shut, the clicking of seat belts. Then the keys, jangling, then clicking as they twisted, coaxing the engine to life.

Willow settled into her seat and felt Abi flex as she gunned the engine. She loved the roar the old muscle car made. It made a lovely vibration she could feel all the way down in Abi's tip. She turned on the radio, another rock song from twenty years ago, and threw the car in reverse. Abi heard the sounds of the gears shifting each time. She realized she had never noticed the sounds of an engine in such detail before. With enhanced senses and less stimuli, she found she could really focus when she wanted to. She knew this would be vital to maintaining her personality and vowed to use it to her advantage in this strange new life.

With a couple more maneuvers they were on the open road. The sounds of the road were making Abi drowsy until Sabrina spoke up.

"Thank you much for taking me home. I don't think I'm ready to call it a night yet. Are you?" - Sabrina

Willow was definitely ready for some alone time, but a further alibi for the evening could prove valuable later.

"Not really. What did you have in mind?" - Willow

"We're already going to my house. You should sleep over. We'll have a movie night." - Sabrina

Slumber party? The porno version of that idea sounds fun, but… the reality... - Abi

"Hmm. I don't know. I didn't pack a bag. I'll have to have one of the servants bring one over, but it sounds like fun to me." Willow said with a grin.

But, wait… what about me? I need you. I can’t.... I can’t get off by myself! I- I need you... Abi asked, dismayed.

You'll just have to wait, won't you, my needy little cock? Don't worry. I'm sure we'll manage some 'alone time'. Willow delighted in denying Abi. As wonderful as stroking her until she was totally incoherent sounded; this form of power play, the ease with which she could override Abi's wants and needs, was what really got Willow's juices flowing.

Abi felt cheated. She had been looking forward to playtime more than anything. This detour was dreadful. She actually dreaded it. But what could she do? Nothing. She was a cock. A slave to her master's will.

They thundered down the road, with no other traffic in sight. Sabrina sighed in contentment. Willow stole a sideways glance at her friend. Her right arm gripped the passenger door. Her dark hair blew gently in the wind. She turned her face to catch the moonlight and smiled. Her eyes were closed. She was so sweet, and innocent, enjoying the feeling of the night air in the convertible.

Then she bit her lower lip and squirmed in her seat. Willow's eyes almost bugged out of her skull watching the lithe girl rub her thighs together right beside her. The hem of her dress was beginning to ride up. She was so sexy and distracting that Willow's attention to the road was slipping. Without warning Abi began to feel bloated as she began to swell in her cotton confinement. She felt Willow’s heartbeat hammering away, pumping blood to her at impossible speeds. It was a rush like no other. Suddenly she was wide awake and overcome with lust, powerless to act on it.

Wha...what’s going on? I feel so good… - Abi


The road's rumble strip jolted Sabrina. Willow swerved to stay on the road. She had been staring too intently and lost focus. She wrestled the car back into the center of the lane.

"Ooh!" - Sabrina

Fuck! Did she see? - Willow

I don't know! I can't see! - Abi

Willow glanced at their passenger.

She saw me. She definitely saw me.  - Willow

How can you be sure? - Abi

Oh! I'm sure! And you'll know why soon enough. - Willow

Sabrina had turned her whole body toward Willow and placed one leg up on the bench seat between them. She was watching Willow's face intently with a mischievous grin on her face like the cat that caught the canary. Willow snapped her gaze back to the road.

"Willow, did you see something you like?" She purred.

When did her voice get so sultry? - Willow

About two seconds ago. Holy fuck. - Abi

"I… Umm… I… Mmm… Uhh... yes." She stammered meekly, caught completely off guard. Sabrina’s body language was open and Willow knew she had her full and undivided attention. Her pulse quickened and her heart hammered in her chest. Her loins tightened. Abi bulged uncontrollably, feeling like a whale crammed into a swimming pool; she had no room to grow.

"Who would have thought? Pure and proper Lady Willow Hornbeam likes girls, doesn't she? Mmm. Yep." Sabrina said with certainty.

Willow's heart seized in her chest. She was nervous. No one had ever openly accused her of being a lesbian before. She knew she should simply laugh it off and deny, deny, deny. Keeping their secret was imperative to their safety… wasn’t it? She was being led, toyed with. She was unused to being on this side of that sort of exchange.

"Yes." The answer left Willow as barely more than a whisper.

"That's not very pure or proper at all then, is it?" - Sabrina

"No. How did you know?" She replied, her knuckles turning white on the steering wheel.

"I've seen the way you look at me, and the others. You may fool a lot of people, but not me. I see the way your gaze lingers. The way you watch our asses sway behind us as we leave… I know you were watching mine the whole way to the car. Does anyone else know your little secret?" - Sabrina

"No." - Willow

"No one?" - Sabrina

"Not a single other person knows my feelings." - Willow

"Then why are you telling me now?" - Sabrina

I also thought we had to remain a secret? - Abi

"I'm not sure exactly. No one has ever asked before, if I'm being honest. I think I'm changing my outlook on life as we speak. I always thought I would deny such accusations when presented with them. Yet… Here we are being open and honest.. There is power in secrecy, yes, but it is lonely. I have hidden for so long, just like Dina and Izzie. I have to continue, for the sake of my family's reputation, but I find myself envious of Dizzie. She, they, have the courage to live their lives on their own terms. Hearing you talk about them, about transforming… I guess I just feel like I can trust you." - Willow

"Good, because I have a confession as well; I've developed a bit of a crush on you. At first I thought it was just confused feelings from some personal baggage, but now I know it's quite specific. Tonight, watching you dance and sing, hearing your open and honest answers to my questions, and especially seeing how you treated Dizzie, told me that you're exactly the type of girl I'd like to get to know better." Sabrina put her hand on Willow's thigh.

Her heart leapt, but still, she couldn't shake the thought, "What about Abi?".

No way. Is this really happening? - Abi

It most certainly is. Are you okay with this? - Willow

Abi knew she should have had more conflicting feelings about Willow moving on so quickly, but the prospect of fulfilling her new life's purpose quickly outweighed any hindering thoughts.

I love you baby. It's a little fast, for a former girlfriend, but… I'm your virgin cock now. I'm brand spanking new and I want to be used… she wants to use us… Look at her! She's a sexy little girl-next-door, and she wants you!

Willow did as instructed. She glistened in the moonlight. A few loose strands of hair swirled round her tiny face in the open air. Her eyes were huge, and adorable. She was really opening up here. Willow's heart melted. Sabrina would make an excellent new girlfriend, even if that line of thinking was moving a little fast.

It's okay. - Abi

Willow's skin prickled into tiny goosebumps at the unexpected contact. Her nipples hardened. Sabrina’s hands were delicate. Both Willow and Abi yearned for her to flip up their skirt and discover their secret. Instead they said nothing, and Willow kept her focus on the road, ostensibly.

"I want this… but, I have a couple minor reservations." - Willow

"Such as?" - Sabrina

"Aren't you married?" - Willow

"Oh fuck. Why did you have to bring that up?" Sabrina exclaimed in shock.

Willow thought she had offended her new confidant, and was ready to apologize profusely before she looked over to find the smaller girl biting her lip, whimpering, her dress pulled completely up around her waist and rubbing her groin through the outside of her panties.

"I… uh… what are you doing?"

"Masturbating. I was already furiously horny before you brought up my ex husband. Nah… nnng… Did you ever meet Justin?" - Sabrina

"I've seen pictures. He was handsome, but I don't understand why that makes it okay for you to rub one out right now!" - Willow

Are you complaining? Stop it and show me what you see. - Abi

Can't focus… too many distractions. - Willow

No fair… - Abi

"Okay. You told me one of your secrets, I'll tell you mine. No one else in our group knows this, but hearing about him makes me need to cum. Literally. It's a curse from a lesser demon. My ex husband is currently... my baby sister's cock! Muaah… Ooh… oh Gods, it feels so good to say that out loud. Aaaah!" Sabrina confessed in a rush. She moaned lustily and squealed in delight with her revelation.

Did I just hear her sister also has a living cock? - Abi

"He's her... penis? What? How did that happen?" - Willow

"A demoness caught Shelby trying to give him a blow job after our wedding ceremony and thought it was… Aahn… quite rude of him to deny her advances, despite our marriage, so she made him unable to deny his base urges ever again." Sabrina explained while doing her best to maintain her composure.

"I walked in on the end of the transformation. Just the thought of him makes me gush. She thought that would keep us together. That I would fuck Shelby to stay with my husband. She didn't count on my being able to resist." In an act of impressive willpower, she forced her dress back down and sat on her hands.

"Then you and Shelby never… used him?" Willow asked gingerly. They had reached Sabrinas' house and started up the driveway.

"No! She's my… Hmmm… baby sister. I won't do it. I don't care what that demon bitch said. They are not… Grrr… perfect for me. Incest is still wrong. Mmmmn." Sabrina repeated to herself like a mantra.

"And… he's still… alive in there?" Willow continued, enthralled.

"Oh yes, but he can't communicate, so we got a telepathic reading. He's fully alive and well as he can be in there. Shelby said as far as she can tell he still genuinely loves me, and pines for me constantly. I've thought of him… trapped in there… forever. Eternally horny… for me... It… it makes me so wet to think about him. I… I've never seen a more perfect cock… he’s so big and veiny… but I still can't fuck my baby sister. It’s wrong. He's just… trapped down there, between her soft, creamy thighs forever. I bet she still gets waxed. I bet she's super smooth down there… No! Even though I'm mad at her… I still love him… I miss him… and I miss Shelby. There was no real closure, just… an unhappy ending. Now she and I don't talk. She can't even look me in the eyes anymore. I think she's attracted to me now too. It's so confusing and messed up." - Sabrina

"I'm so sorry. None of us had any idea you were going through that. You’ve hidden it incredibly well. Is there anything I can do?" Willow genuinely felt empathy for her friend's situation, and couldn't resist offering to help.

"Actually, I think there is. Before the demoness departed, in another effort to persuade me to give in to my own base urges, she tweaked my sexual orientation a bit. I no longer find men attractive. Even women hold little interest for me unless they meet some simple criteria, and it just so happens that I know you fit the bill."

She knows everything! - Abi

She can't. It's not possible! - Willow

Abi was right, and Willow knew it. She was being toyed with, again. Just as quickly as Sabrina had opened up, she had closed herself off again and was driving the conversation in a dangerous direction for Willow. Her palms were sweating, causing her to have to adjust her death-grip on the wheel. She cleared her throat, and willingly walked into the waiting trap as they pulled up to Sabrina's garage.

"And just what criteria might that be?" Willow asked, waiting for the answer with bated breath.

"They need to have a winning personality, of course. I'd say you and I have always gotten along swimmingly, so that checks out. The other deal-breaker for me…” She leaned in close. So close Willow could feel her breath in her ear. The little hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention. “Is that they absolutely must be a female with a succulent slab of girl-meat sitting between her thighs, and I saw your bulge when you were cradling Dizzie." She finished and sat back in the passenger seat with a devilish grin, all her cards on the table.

They pulled into the garage and sat in silence for a moment with the engine running. Sabrina broke the silence.

"Well, what do you think, Willow? Do you want to come stay the night with me?"

Willow silently fumed for a moment. She was normally so careful. She was disappointed in herself for being found out on the first night. On the other hand, the results of being discovered seemed rather promising. Maybe Sabrina could help her hide it better.

Willow. Take it easy. Abi poured every ounce of calming reassurance into their connection as she could.

Willow took a deep breath and pushed away thoughts of the past and the future. She did her best to focus on the present, and her true desires. If she was going to bed with Sabrina, there was one more secret to share.

"Yes, we'd love to." Willow said with a sly grin, watching for the smaller girl's reaction from the corner of her eye.

Sabrina's mask of confidence slipped as she splattered, "Di-did you just say we?"

To be continued…

Author's notes

This concludes our second installment of Escaping one Future. In the next chapter Abi gets used and more transformations for Willow and Abi's friends abound. However, have a few other projects burning a hole in my pocket, so I will take a brief hiatus from this saga.

New Character Bio

Name: Dizzie
Species: humantaur (spider type)
Sex: f
Hair: long and blonde
Cup size: upper- HH ; lower- FF
Legs: 4
Arms: 0
Vaginas: 2
Mouths: 2
Piercings: lower nipples, lower tongue, nose
Abilities: telepathy (internal), telekinesis (weak), walk on walls (eventually)