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Living Egg-Pod Hazel and the Alien Creature
by prostap

During her career as a cryptozoologist, Hazel had been no stranger to sexual encounters of any kind and had already happily managed to mix her work and studies with her carnal desires multiple times in the past.
Therefore, it was no surprise that when she heard rumours of an unknown, alien creature assaulting women near a mountain village, she jumped at the opportunity.

Following the witnesses of the village’s inhabitants, Hazel ventured in the night by herself along a certain path which supposedly lead to a cavern suspected to be the creature’s lair; upon entering, she found its interior covered with blue, luminescent goo that provided just enough light to see inside.
She didn’t have to examine it though, as four tentacles caught her off-guard, grabbing her clothes and ripping them away, leaving Hazel with only her undergarments!
Turning around, she saw the tentacles were sprouting from the back of a humanoid creature like no other, covered in blue, translucid skin and sporting four arms.
“Who are you?!” she said while trying to cover herself and preserve a bit of her dignity.
The creature’s tentacles stopped moving; after they silently stared at each other for a while, the creature finally spoke:
“You… you are the first to speak to me; the others had always run away in fear at my sight, even if I didn’t mean any harm… I just didn’t want you to go”
“Um… well… perhaps you shouldn’t tear people clothes?”
“I… am sorry… but I am… so needy… it’s hard not to lose control”
The creature looked in desperate need of something indeed; after some more talking, Hazel learned he had travelled entire worlds in order to find some females and reproduce since his species was facing extinction. He explained that the female’s species wasn’t important provided they were of fertile age.
Thus, aroused and a bit moved by the creature’s story, Haze eventually came to a deal him; she offered her womb to bear his off-springs and in exchange he promised to never harass the village’s inhabitants anymore.

“So… Hazel… shall we begin?”
“Yes!” she simply answered, unable to resist her lust any longer.
“Good…” the creature said while approaching Hazel, licking his lips in anticipation before coiling his tentacles her arms and legs, restraining them.
Then Hazel let out a muffled moan as he gave her a passionate kiss; his tongue felt amazingly good, licking and caressing slowly all over her own, giving her a taste of his dense, sticky but incredibly delicious saliva.
They stayed locked together in the kiss for a good minute or so, the creature using his upper set of arms to gently hold her head, caressing it and playing with her hair, while the lower one hugged her and sensually massaged every contour of her body before reaching her bra and starting to get rid of it.

Then, suddenly, the creature pushed himself further into Hazel’s mouth, his jaws parting and his mouth now encompassing not just her lips, but almost half of her face! With the increased reach, his tongue also shot forward and down her throat, stuffing it with copious amounts of saliva.
This caught Hazel off-guard to say the least, being forced to gulp down all that saliva, which tasted so good she wouldn’t have minded it otherwise, if only it wasn’t preventing her from breathing! Fortunately, at that point he retreated his tongue and broke the kiss just as quickly.

“Oh my…” Hazel gasped “…that was one heck of a kiss!”
“…and that was just the beginning…” he said, looking passionately into her eyes.
His lower set of arms had finished removing Hazel’s bra and was now fondling her breasts and nipples. So, he lowered himself and turned his attention to them, admiring them before diving his head into her left boob and suckling its nipple.
“Oh… ah… this feels wonderful!” she said in bliss.
The creature kept going with the suckling, now using his upper arms to hold her breast while the other two went downwards and proceeded to remove Hazel’s panties. After a while however, Hazel didn’t expect the creature’s jaws to part again and almost completely engulf her left breast; most notably though, she didn’t expect his tongue to dart itself forward again and penetrate deep into her nipple!
That made Hazel scream, but not in pain; in fact, she rather screamed in shock at the sensation as she found out it was incredibly pleasurable! The feeling was so great and long lasting that she didn’t even realize the creature had already started repeating the process on her right breast.
Her mind was beginning to give in to the lusty feelings, but in the background her academic self was still working and correctly guessed that the creature’s saliva carried a potent sedative, which soothed all the pain and made her feel only pleasure. She also correctly deduced he was injecting her with a mutagen in this way, capable of making her being fertilized with his alien seed; she didn’t understand though why he didn’t inject it directly into her genitals for that purpose, but she trusted in the creature’s instincts anyway and let him have his way at her.

At this point the creature had finished his job on her breasts and went on his knees to be face-to-face with Hazel’s vagina, giving her clitoris a few licks.
Startled by the sudden stimulation coming from her groin, Hazel’s mind left her train of thought and made her immediately look down to check between her legs; there she met the creature’s eyes lovingly gazing at her in turn while his tongue played with her clit.
“Gosh… are you going with your tongue down there too? Please tell me you’re going to do it…” Hazel said, lust raging across her body more powerful than ever.
The creature simply smiled as he got a harder hold on her, grabbing both her hips and thighs with his four arms before shoving his tongue deep into her vagina.
“AH! Yes! Yes! YES!” was Hazel’s blissful reaction, feeling a climax building up in her.
All kinds of slurping sounds could be heard as the creature explored every fold of her love tunnel with his tongue, making sure to moisturize every single square inch of it until it was dripping with his saliva.
“Come on, do it again! Send it deeper into me!”
The creature’s jaws parted one last time, shooting his tongue beyond her cervix and spewing loads of his warm, dense, sticky saliva directly into her womb.
Hazel yelled in pleasure, finally reaching her orgasm and cumming, part of her own lewd juices being squirted on the creature’s face.

Both satisfied and relieved of their lust, they relaxed for a moment; Hazel softly panting while the creature cleaned his face with his tongue and retracted his tentacles a bit, freeing her arms and letting her sit on his lap.
“That was amazing, dear…” eventually said Hazel, smooching the creature’s forehead and hugging him.
“Thanks… I’m so glad you were willing to do this and that you’re enjoying it… I never managed to reach this point with any of the females I had encountered so far… you are a miracle…” he replied, hugging her in turn and nuzzling her neck.
“Aww… please stop being so emotional or I will cry” she giggled, but apparently the creature was already concerned about something else, curiously sniffing the air around her neck and shoulders.
“I can sense… *SNIFF SNIFF* …a change in your smell already… *SNIFF* …you are taking in my mutagen quickly… I think… *SNIFF SNIFF* …yes, I think you’re ready to receive my seed Hazel” he eventually said, looking deeply into her eyes.
“Then do it big boy…” she simply replied with a smile.

Therefore, the creature allowed her to lay more comfortably on the ground but instead of humping her vagina Hazel was surprised to see him come over her face and evert his long, flexible cock from the hidden slit in his crotch and inserting it inside her mouth!
His cock moved by itself, making its way through her throat and bulging her neck, this time without hindering her breathing thanks to her already mutated respiratory system.
The creature then started whimpering in excitement, making some quite cute and silly faces as he instantly began cumming inside her mouth, orgasming already; Hazel, on the other hand, happily sucked back at his tasty cock, which pulsed around her oesophagus and made her gulp down a continuous stream of deliciously warm and frothy cum.

However, things changed when Hazel sensed other mutations taking effect on her now transforming body: starting from her navel and nipples, her skin was gradually changing colour, becoming yellowish and translucid as well as more stretchable, while her belly and breasts were rapidly filling with cum! She quickly went rubbing and caressing around them to better feel the changes, their increased elasticity allowing them to make more and more room for the creature’s semen.
And speaking of that, amidst all the whimpering and squealing, he showed no signs of stop, his dick now ejaculating loads of cum like a hose!
With his mind overdriven by lust, he suddenly grabbed her head tightly with his arms and forcefully pulled it closer to his crotch, his tentacles twitching uncontrollably in the air, turning Hazel on again as she moaned muffledly.
Her tummy and tits were filling up like balloons with pleasurably warm semen and she came close to another climax when the creature eventually reached the peak of his almost never-ending orgasm, his eyes shut and roaring in pleasure, unloading one huge final stream of cum inside her throat.

Panting, the creature retracted his penis back in his crotch and laid back a few moments to pause a moment and let Hazel catch her breath.
She soon sat up in astonishment to admire her inflated belly and breasts as well as the ongoing changes: her whole torso had now changed coloration and her flesh was translucid enough that she could see all the white cum inside her.  It felt incredible to the touch too and in fact she couldn’t resist groping at her new soft and pliable self, fondling her tits and sloshing her swollen belly.
Meanwhile her body continued to mutate and inch by inch the yellowish flesh spread from her torso to her limbs, her arms already so stretchy she could bend them behind her back as if they had no bones! Unfortunately though, the increased elasticity came at a price; apparently it was a consequence of losing part of her muscle and bone mass in favour of more sloppy and goopy flesh, Hazel’s movements quicly becoming sluggish and more wearisome.
As the changes reached her head, she started feeling hot and dizzy and when she put a hand on her forehead to check her temperature, she found out her nice blonde hair had melted into a mass of tentacle-like appendages constantly wriggling against her will.

“Gosh… these changes… so overwhelming…” she thought aloud.
Hazel’s words stirred the creature back into motion, who came to see the results of her transformation, much to his joy and pride.
“Woah… my mutagen has done miracles on you…” he said, examining every contour of Hazel’s new body with his hands and tentacles.
“How do you feel?”
“I feel… lightheaded and… hot… too hot…” she replied, and looking down at her herself she saw she was indeed sweating.
But it wasn’t just sweat; in fact she soon realized it was denser and stickier, her skin visibly secreting a weird slime all over her body. Seconds later, the slime started to come out at a much faster rate, washing over her face, forming a thicker and thicker coating over her skin and constantly dripping on the floor. Its smell was vaguely reminiscent of honey and also its taste as she caught a few drops around her mouth with her tongue.
“I see the gestation process has started…  maybe it’s better if you rest a bit now, ok?”
“I… yeah… guess so?” Hazel moaned; amidst her dizziness and growing confusion about what was happening to her, it was beginning to be harder to think properly.

So the creature grabbed her securely with all his tentacles and arms, lifted her and gently transported her to another part of the cave that offered a more private space and where she could sit more comfortably.
Once there, Hazel thanked the creature who was being so lovingly caring with a big smile; she was already too sleepy to say anything or move a muscle, but for him it was enough as he returned the smile and caressed her cheek and hair-tentacles.
The weird but relaxing feeling of those appendages being stroked and moving on their own to loop around his fingers quickly sent Hazel to sleep like a lullaby.
He remained with her for some time in a trance-like state, fascinated by her figure; to his eyes, now that she looked more similar to his kind, she was like the sleeping beauty of our fairy tales.
“I… I love you” he shyly whispered in her ear.

The following day, Hazel slowly awoke as the morning beams of light hit the interior of the cave, feeling well-rested and no longer dizzy.
Not seeing the creature anywhere near, she attempted to stand up by herself, only to find out she couldn’t for some reason. Remembering how she was weaker in this new form, she tried harder and harder a few more times but with no success. It was as if a heavy blanket prevented her from moving; thus she looked down at herself to see what it was, only to then scream as she discovered something quite shocking!
Apparently her body didn’t stop secreting slime during the night and now she was covered in so many layers of goo that she was glued in the spot, her head being the only thing jutting out together with her belly and breasts!

Startled by her scream, the creature soon joined Hazel, worrying for her well-being.
“What happened?! Are you ok?”
“I’m STUCK!” Hazel said, struggling one more time to stand up.
“Yeah, I see, but are you ok?”
An embarrassing silenced ensued between the two.
“Yes, I feel good…” she eventually said “…but was I supposed to end up like this?”
“Well yes… your body will be spending energy solely for gestating from now on anyway, so it’s only normal that you’re covered in protective goo”

Hazel went speechless at that; despite feeling a bit frustrated since the creature didn’t warn her about this in their arrangements, a part of her was happy and relieved that he had remained with her.
“Did I just wake you up with that yell of mine?”
“…and you instantly came to the rescue for the damsel in distress, right?” she giggled.
The creature tried to say something but made only a funny noise and blushed from embarrassment.
“Aww, come here my noble knight, let me kiss you…”
And so he delightfully obeyed, coming at her side to receive his prize and hug her engulfed form.
“You did your part of the deal… now let me thank you and be a good father” he whispered.
“As you wish, darling…”

Therefore, another few days passed with the creature taking constant good care of Hazel, nurturing her and helping her with any need as she simply laid there contemplating her ongoing gestation. With time, she found being bound inside a thick layer of warm goo to be increasingly arousing since she gained amazingly pleasurable touch sensitivity through that as if it was part of her skin; it was just perfect for a bondage fetish she thought, with the creature massaging her lovingly every so often!
Hazel also got to learn a lot about the physiology and habits of the creature’s race as they chatted a lot to avoid boredom while inside the cavern together, understanding also more about her own transformation and its importance for their reproduction.
Basically his species consisted primarily of males only, with the few, rare females being the ruling and constantly breeding caste; consequently they evolved and gained the ability to cross-breed with any female by injecting a mutagen in them, which temporarily turned them into living egg-pods.

And that was exactly what happened to Hazel in those days: firstly, her boobs and belly began throbbing and then churning at a growing but not unpleasant rate; she could see through the transparent skin the cum coagulating inside her to form the first eggs.
Later though, as the size and number of the eggs increased significantly, her womb and breasts became larger and turgid, taking an oval shape while her skin felt uncomfortably tensed like a drumhead and showed big, pulsing veins at their base.
Eventually Hazel found herself squeezed under the weight of three huge egg-pods that constantly wobbled and gurgled loudly, draining her energies to produce even more eggs inside and getting some relief only when the creature stroked them or caressed her hair-tentacles, which seemed to always act like a stress ball. Until it happened.

“Ugh… uhmpf… ouch… ow… Ow… OW, AH, AAH, AAAH!” Hazel suddenly cried in pain one night.
“WHAT IS IT?” the creature immediately said, already at her side.
“I… I… think… AANGH… I’M HATCHING!”
The egg-pods that were Hazel’s tummy and tits were in fact contracting noticeably and rhythmically; she was clearly about to give birth!
“Ok, ok… keep calm and try to focus on your breathing!”
The creature coiled his tentacles around her egg-pods, massaging them up and down in sync with their spasms to aid the birthing process.
Hazel on the other hand, despite all the breathing and having already had experience with births, continued to feel an increasing pain as her contractions got harder and longer, her breasts and belly seeming to be ready to explode under the pressure of the eggs being squeezed upwards.
“Ngh… nnngh… NNNGH!”
“Resist just a bit longer, you’re doing well!”
Hazel shut her eyes closed and gritted her teeth, fists clenching and toes curling beneath the goo, trying to find some purchase and push the eggs out.
With a big, powerful and wet *SHLORP* sound, each egg-pod abruptly segmented completely open from her navel and nipples into four meaty petals, erupting all the eggs out and unleashing a torrent of amniotic fluids.

After all the pain, that sudden release hit Hazel like an orgasm, panting heavily from exhaustion but feeling pleasure shocks running all over her body; looking down she saw hundreds of apple-sized eggs laying all around her and shed a single tear in relief.
“It’s over Hazel, you did it…” whispered the creature, hugging her and licking her tear away.
She then felt the meaty petals tingling and they both watched as they slowly retracted before closing and giving Hazel back her original belly and breasts.
“Soon the goo will melt away and you will transform back into your original self while the eggs will hatch… thank you for making this possible”
“Thank YOU my darling, for giving me this opportunity…” she replied, looking deeply into his eyes.
“This doesn’t have to be a one-time only experience, you know?” she then added with a coy smile.
The creature’s pupils widened and his body trembled.
“Do you mean… you wish… really?”
“Maybe… are you up to it?”
Of course he was; a very long time of continuous cycles of fucking and birthing still awaited for Hazel in that cavern…