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Re: CTF-Anthology: Sausage Factory Part I

CTF-Anthology: Sausage Factory Part I
by sirka

Jinx tossed and turned in her bed, sheets sticking to her pale grey skin from her sweat. Her pink hair was disheveled and messed, and her feet kicked outward in irritation from time to time. Her nose wrinkled at some strange, strong odor.

Not her own, not her body’s, but something else. It seemed to flood her senses. Tantalizing and disgusting at the same time. Too strong… yet faint.

As if it was far away from her. It was familiar too… like she could just place the name of it on the tip of her tongue if only she could-


She shot up, breathing heavy, the beads of sweat on her brow glimmering in the moonlight cast through the open window. She’d left it open, hoping that a cool breeze would come in and relax the overpowering heat that seemed to be strangling her. But it had been a futile gesture. She was hotter, stickier, and more miserable than when she laid down.

She wasn’t tired, or least of all not tired enough to sleep in these conditions. So stumbling out of bed she peeled off her panties and kicked them to one side. Walking into her bathroom her undershirt was cast aside as well. Her pale, nubile breasts free as she turned on the light and blinked at the fluorescent glow. Soon the shower rinsed away the pungent odor that was tickling at her psyche, replaced with the gentle fragrance of warm soaps and shampoos.

Her hands wandered over her body, washing and scrubbing away the last traces of her tiredness and of her strange dream. Now a barely recollected nightmare of sensation and smells. She did find herself… taken by herself though. A pent up bit of arousal and need for some unnamable quantity that drove her fingers to explore her body. Pinching her nipples and teasing her folds. Running between her butt cheeks and teasing her cute hairless rosebud with a bit more force than was strictly needed for the sake of cleanliness. She almost pressed in, letting her errant digit be engulfed by her ass, exploring her rear entrance.

Before she pulled it back and merely continued to shower. Rinsing off the soap and shampoo before taken her exit.

Wiping away the condensation on her mirror and being rewarded with a smiling, flushed faced, and far more content picture of herself.

She re-clothed herself, colorful pink on purple striped panties pulled up and over her bottom, a matching bra, and soon her favored skirt and leggings. Shoes next and then a brief stop before a mirror to magic her hair into something presentable. A spark of pink and it styled itself up into her favored horned appearance. She flashed a cheshire grin and winked to her reflection. If it was too hot to sleep then that meant it was the perfect night for some fun out in town.

Out of the Titan’s Tower where the sometimes villainess sometimes heroine currently resided, and soon making her way into town. The street lights casting their artificial glow over the road and sidewalks. While Jinx herself skipped along, dancing to a chaotic tune only she could hear. Her earlier cut off self-exploration left her pent up and stimulated, her gait stiff and quick. Darting forward and jerking from side to side as she smiled and giggled.

She grabbed onto a the long, hard, length of a street lamp. Swinging around the pole and gazing in every direction. Placing her legs upon it and falling back, her butt pressed upon the warm metal and hanging upside down.

Panting, a bead of sweat falling from her brow to the concrete, her cat like eyes beheld a new place.

Her eyes widened, her pulse quickened, and her clit stiffened as she read the words aloud.

“Club Priapus?”

The words rolled out of her mouth, her lips tingling as she said them. Her throat tightened and she felt the need to swallow. But upside down it was so hard. Snorting, she managed to force action. Before coming down from the pole onto her feet. Her platformed boots clacking on the ground as she stood up straight and looked at the glowing neon sign. The words stood below a obelisk upon the sign, it’s immense towering presence pointed heavenward.

As she looked upwards that smell once more assaulted her senses. If only for the briefest moment, but it had her wobbling forward one unsteady step after another till she had passed the threshold.

And the pounding music broke the spell as it the sound washed over her. Jinx blinked in confusion as she looked over the club. Filled to the brim with attractive young women with distinctly abrasive fashion styles. Chains, spiked collars, and corsets were common among the lot. It was clearly her kind of place.

Or would have if she hadn’t felt to jelly legged right then. Shaking her head, she made her way to the bar and ordered something. The fruity drinks all had strange feminine names and Kinx couldn't place any of them. But as long as whatever was served could settle her stomach and gird her will she’d be satisfied.

It did more than that.

She sputtered and coughed as the viscous liquid past her lips. It was strong, a too sweet taste, that was left a pungent salty flavor after she swallowed. Which was its own struggle. The fermented white fluid flowed slowly down her throat, and seemed to burn as it went. The alcohol most likely.

Still, tears welling at the edges of her eyes, Jinx slammed the glass down and flashed her best grin. Even as her stomach seemed dead set on doing somersaults. The thick creamy drink had sweet aftertaste that made each breath stink with an overpowering odor. She’d never drank anything like it before.

And weirdly enough she wished that wasn’t so. It tasted delicious. And as the fluid sunk low in her gut her head began to pound. It seemed impossible to have affected her so quickly, but the giddy lightness to her steps was already given proof to how utterly tipsy that one drink seemed to have made her.

Smiling wildly she turned and made her way through the crowd, between women who gave her appreciative looks with every sashaying move she made. Jinx had never been up for more than mild experimentation before, but now she felt like returning those smoldering gazes with her own.

Perhaps she would get lucky tonight?

Then the music changed to something louder and those thoughts abandoned her as the sound spoke to her soul.

Jinx writhed upon the floor. Her body possessed by the pounding Goth-Metal sound. Her earlier attempt at a dance had degenerated into a feet pounding nonsense. Her movements feral, beastly, lacking any sort of subtlety or grace. The music seemed to be growing louder, harder, stronger with every passing moment. Her lungs vibrated and her stomach gurgled. Jinx’s eyes widened and she stumbled forward, suddenly feeling clammy and wet. Sweaty and uncomfortable as she had been when she awoke. Her earlier beverage seemed on the way up, and so with eyes wide she looked around for an exit. Spotting a single solitary sign of rosy colored light stating “Ladies” Jinx took off towards it. The thick mucus like texture straining at the back of her throat. She pushed through the door, and was shocked at how cold it was. She hugged tight at the chills that ran up her as she entered a room that didn’t feel like a sauna.

Only to fall against the wall, a wet cough issuing from her mouth.


She clamped her mouth shut, and swallowed the substance that had come up. It tasted every bit as strong and pungent as when she had drank it down. If anything it was worse now that it was warmed from resting in her belly.

Which was the strangest thing about it.

It did taste exactly like it had from the glass. The same texture, the same flavor, the same smell, the same in every way.

Like she hadn’t even been digesting it, like there’d been nothing in her stomach but it.

The bitter alcoholic aftertaste was lessened, but beyond that it was the same in every fashion.

Eyes closed in concentration, Jinx’s throat bulged out as the thick creamy fluid went down again. When she opened her mouth her breath stank of it even more, her eyes watered again and her tongue couldn’t get rid of it.

Seeing a drinking fountain further down the hall, she sprinted towards it. Gouts of warm water filling her lips, and taken in. Slowly the taste lessened… but did not depart.

“Gah… Fuck me, I need some mouthwash or something.”

Jinx looked around… she wanted to go to the bathroom. She needed to go to the bathroom.

So her journey continued, step after unsteady step. The lights hanging far above her as she walked down the long hall. Only rows of locked doors lining it. Till she came to a corner, a janitor’s closet on one side and another all along the other. But at least she could see a sign with the silhouette of a woman pointing to one of the doors.


Jinx made her way quickly down this last hall. Step after step, trying not to notice how her own panties had grown moist and uncomfortable from her exertions on the dance floor. They stuck to her groin like they were painted on, her clit fierce and erect. Pressed like red-pink button into the cotton candy striped material and sending flashes of pleasure into her with every shuddering step she took. It was so ceaseless that she had become numb to its existence and her own dripping snatches yearning need to be filled utterly and completely.

To be fucked like she had never been before. Not with pink nailed fingers or pinker toys but a thick hard cock. To finally have her cherry properly… popped as it were.

“Ugh… what’s wrong with me?” Jinx asked the empty hall. Sweat streaked brow pressed against the door that at last separated her from the Ladies Room of Club Priapus. Her whole body shaking as the fever reached a crescendo that almost had her fainting dead away where she stood. Swallowing back another rising pulse of that upcoming surge of her drink she pushed forward and opened the door. Blinking at the harsh fluorescent lights of the room she stepped forward.

“What the…”

This was no restroom.

There was no toilet.

No sink.

No stalls.

Just a great, big, hole against the wall opposite the door. Which had already swung closed behind her.

The rubbery tube was backlit by glowing purple and red lights. A bright pink fluorescent flowery symbol above the tunnel that pointed down with a twisting arrow. While the words Ladies Wel-cum! were written just above it. Jinx shivered at the sight, a supernatural tugging sensation drawing her towards it, her eyes unable to look away from the hole. Every step forward seemed to increase the attraction…

“Ugh… oh fuck me-ahh…”

Jinx moaned, drooling from her mouth as she bent forward. The smell, that musky overpowering scent! It conquered her senses, dominated her soul. It left her legs shaking and her cunt dripping. Trails of her fluids dripping down her legs to her stockings. She needed it.

She needed more of it!

Bending down, she placed her hands upon the sides of the hole, grasping at the metal bars beside it as she pushed her head in. It was over a foot wide, so there was no danger of getting stuck or having her pink hair touch the rubbery moist sides. Eyes closed she inhaled deeply, her lungs filling with that odor. The salty sweet scent that blotted out all thought. It was sweaty and harsh… warm and comforting… it was soo good!

Her tongue sticking out to taste the toe curling delicacy, her body shivering with every inch more that she moved as the ecstasy of it all washed over her. Closer…

Closer and closer…

Her tongue touched the pinkish surface.

The spell broke as she pulled it back, tasting not the smell but a strong rubbery latex like flavor. The fluid dripping around her may have smelled like that heavensent scent, but it was a lie!

A dirty terrible lie!


And with a sudden force the tunnel slammed closed around Jinx’s head, her arms spazzing out wildly as she tried to pull herself free. Only for the mucus slick surface to convulse, pulling her into it. Her eyes widened in shock as she spit out the slimy lubricant that surrounded her, her hair matted to the sides of the tunnel as it tugged on her neck and face. The force was growing even as the tight vice like grip increased. She could barely breath!

And when she did that smell returned, assaulting her senses and making her hands go slack.


And soon her head and shoulders were pulled in, arms forced to her sides as she kicked and screamed. She couldn’t reach the handles anymore, and while the tightest part of the trap was no longer on her neck she took no comfort on her predicament. Further in the wide ribbed innards had cinched taut and her eyes beheld a now only inches wide hole. Which writhed and pulsed along the length.

“Let me go! You dumbass piece of sh-AHHH!”


Another strong convulsion and Jinx’s body was pulled in up to her breasts. Her chest tight and bound, arms forced painfully close to her sides. Her fingers clenched tight as she bent her legs up, and after a bit of work dug her feet against the wall itself. Straining with all her might she pushed back!

And felt the grip lose. Her body sliding, slowly, so incredibly slowly, out of the slick tight tunnel.

“Come on! Come on, you can do this,” she said to herself. Panting for air between attempts, face flushed and heart pounding. That sickly salty sweet odor coming and rising as her feverish attempts to free herself increased. She felt the next surge of contractions drawing her in and smiled as she won against them. Holding still and gaining almost half a foot. Her hands tried to grab onto her legs, and soon she’d have a grip on the handles and then…

A blast of air issued forth from the end of the tunnel, with it a fresh, stronger scent.

“Oh no! No no no no I can-”

Her stomach became unsettled, the pungent odor overpowering her. Her muscles relaxed, her legs slipping down. She felt her insides too much, too tight. She could feel, she could hear her stomach make a loud gurgling sound and-


She rocketed forward. Her escape had been only illusionary, pulling the tunnel itself back as she had, stretching it on her body. While most of her torso had still been further in. The next contraction took her down to her belly, her hands just trapped just behind the edge of the pink surface. Fingers struggling to escape. Her palms now turned to face the pink trap. She wormed them out, freeing her cotton candy colored nails. She grabbed onto the lip, trying to get a hold to extricate herself. A last, a truly last effort at salvation.


And it only took one last contraction to pull her in. Her body trapped, her entire torso above her hips sealed within. Her skirt partially lifted up from being tugged by the machine and showing her striped panty clad butt as she kicked and thrashed. A futile gesture.

While within the tunnel Jinx was held. So tight, so close. There was no way out… and no way forward. The end was a foot or so away from her. A large syphon capped dome that was enclosed by the rubber membrane. On the other side of the slimy cap she could see bleary lights, distorted by the liquid and by the curvature. But forward would provide no egress. And reverse wasn’t an option… at least till this infernal contraption let her go.

“Hey! Hey, is anyone listening to me? I’m Jinx! I’m a pretty big deal if I-I! Wh-aht’s ha-hap-pen-ning?!”

The tunnel began to shake, a slow full body massage. A vibrating force that had Jinx’s teeth chattering as it rose in pitch, before slowing, slowing, and slowing. Now a dull throb that reminded her of the heavy bass from the club it was an ever present embrace of sensation. Comforting, tingling… warm.

Warm like the tunnel. It had been cold to her before, but now fluid filled tubes were pumping warm, hot even, water along it. The rubbery prison heating up around her as the mucus became more active in the presence of heat. Dripping around her and moving in response to the change in temperature. It coated her upper body utterly, from the sticky strands of her pink hair down to her panty clad bottom still wriggling in an attempt to free herself.

Then the whole tunnel seemed to press in, pushing Jinx’s body towards the end… no, drawing the rounded cap toward her! The whole mucus dripping membrane stretched out… and then contracted. Then it stretched again, dragging against Jinx’s trapped body. Not drawing her in any deeper, the grip on her hips was tight and wouldn’t let her legs pass. Instead it was pumping on her, tugging on her body. A little hard and fast at first, but starting to slow into gentle coaxing motions as it continued to move. The heat, the vibrations, and now this all adding together to massage and press against her body without end.

It felt good.

It felt too good.

Jinx’s eyes slowly closed as she found herself lulled into dreamy state of full body ecstacy. Each slow contraction seeming even better than the last. Her tongue hung from her mouth and her drool mixed with the lubricating fluids as the tunnel continued to pull and tug on her. Toe’s curled in her boats as her body went numb with pleasure.

“Aah...ooh fuck me!”

Till her cunt clenched so hard that even her current predicament couldn’t keep her from ignoring her poor slit any longer. The fat nub of her clit pressed against the rim of the tube, and coaxed into an unending rain of pleasure as that joy button was pressed again and again and again.

Till it seemed to break.

And with it something deeper and more fundamental within Jinx came unoored. Eyes wide as that familiar pleasure departed from her and a new weight began to develop. Low, large, and growing greater.

“Ugh-ooh wh-MMPH?!”

Jinx’s moan was cut off abruptly as her mouth filled with fluid. Clear, sticky, and tainted with the familiar taste of that drink but lacking the thickness of it. It was wrong.

Nothing like this should come from within her.

Yet it had .

Cheeks bulging out, Jinx struggled mightily to swallow. And was rewarded for her efforts with the sensations of her stomach growing tight as that weight from before bloated with a sudden surge of expansion. She could feel her skin stretch out as it pressed against the rubbery tunnel convulsing around her. The slick slimy ribbed contours rubbing up and down over no longer flat belly as it began to develop a distinct bump.

Not a baby bump…

But the no more babies ever again bump.

As those twin weights within her, still growing, still swelling, still pulsing with new purpose that had liberated them from the shackles of her womb. From the organ they had conquered and were filling up even as that same forge for new life shrunk around them. Jinx couldn’t see what her ovaries had become…

But she felt it when her own powers, which had so far ignored her calls upon them, turned against her gender with cruel and twisted purpose. And that crackling blacklight surged within her once so weak egg containers. And they surge of growth was like a kick to the gut.

“GAAH-OOh aah wh-gah-”

Her testicles, her swollen balls still eagerly drinking in her feminine nature and converting it into the utter rejection and inversion thereof ballooned outward. Pushing her greyish stomach outward till her belly button popped out and dragged against the ceaseless ministrations of the tunnel. Accompanied by such a sound of shifting, changing, and movement within that Jinx had no hope of holding in the rush of fluid up her throat this time.

A blast of clear and sticky fluid that struck the rounded end of the tube some few inches from her face.

Where it had been over a foot away earlier that was no longer true. Not because the tunnel had shrunk upon her as it massaged her flesh into something different. But instead because Jinx herself was stretching to fill it. Pulled longer… pulled thinner. Her flesh and being accepting its new purpose. It’s new shape.

Her new shape.

Jinx’s fingers were numb. Unmoving as her mind was assaulted by this utter violation of her sense of self. Of her entire concept of her own identity. What she was becoming was starting to invade her thoughts. Her conscious mind might still ignore the self evident, but at some lower base level she was accepting her true instincts.

Her true purpose.

Her true and right existence.

And a sudden twist of her insides that had her bulging belly, now streaked with outpressed veins that pumped and pumped with blood as her body fell into sync with two obscenely oversized sperm makers within and the outward machine that was changing her, growing ever so slightly larger gave proof to that destiny. Her cunt, her gasping feminine wound was dripping. Wide and gasping like wounded animal as it neared its extinction. Her clit vanished from her female organ, and taken from it that lie of woman’s pleasure that had hidden her soul’s true need to become an icon to a man’s.

The descending force was the unstoppable obliteration of what she had been. And with it came a sense of rightness that had Jinx’s body instinctual coaxing it forward. Legs spread wide and planted firmly. Deep breaths timed with the contractions even as she began to shake her head as the horror of her fate took clear shape in her mind at last. Her birth canal, dilated so much that the lack of pain was yet another impossible part of her transmogrification. Though given the size of her twins it made sense that such would be required to free them to their proper place between her legs.

Full, loose, and full of juice.

“N-no this can’t be happening to me… I’m not… I can’t be… I’m not a penis!”


The sudden violent tug of the tunnel dragged Jinx forward, inexorably to her destiny. Her pink hair dripping with lubricant pressed against the rounded dome around her face. Her head now mostly free of the tunnel’s touch. While trapped against her sides her nerveless fingers could no longer even keep clenched as fists as her body tightened upon her enormous sack. The strength of her arms draining away as the inverted and bloated thing that had been her womb and ovaries battered upon the last barrier between it and the open space between her pale stocking clad legs.

It wasn’t a contraction that at last finished things though. But the lack of them. Her birth canal-her vagina was ceasing to exist around the enormous testes even as those two still grew larger from their greedy glutting of feminine essence. And the shrinking tunnel was vanishing from the end once connected to her inverted womb, the soon to be birthed sack, towards her fat cunt lips. Wide and pressed into her dripping panties even as the first of her gargantuan new gonad’s pushed against that striped fabric. And pushed still further.

Till at long last, despite the moaning near inarticulate pleas of Jinx herself, face stained with tears of pre-seminal fluid leaking from her eyes as she shook her head trying to deny the truth of her proper penile purpose; despite her birth as one of the female sex and nearly two decades spent as such; despite the totality of her genetics, her very soul itself, having been once shackled to the common desires of sex and procreation as a future mother-to-be that now never would…

Despite all that nothing could stop that loud, wet, sound from echoing through the tiny room in which Jinx was unmade.



And her panties pressed out so far that the elastic digged painfully into her backside, revealing her ass crack as the melon sized testicle freed from her body at last. The skin at first too whitish-pink from its recent birth to match the rest of her. But loud sounds of gurgling growth that pulled even more on her abused underwear heralded yet another round of swelling that began to change. Veins standing out on the sack as her skin darkened, starting to match the pale greyish color of her body as a whole.

While the fashionably late partner grew in both size and its own need to eject from her body. Despite the egress of the other once ovarie, Jinx’s once loyal sisters of egg shepherding female fertility, the next and last would not come as easily. Jinx’s now nearly exterminated cunt was trying to cinch shut even as the last teste pressed down with ever increasing force. And as the conflicting needs of her warping flesh fought against each other a purple glow began to surround her nuts. The one already outside glowing through both the taut skin of her sack and the strained fabric of her panties while the one within grew hot from its own rising draw upon her mystic energies. Her balls had wills of their own… simple, base, and profanely vulgar desires alone, but that was enough to allow these enormous organs made from her weak and willess ovaries to call upon the strength to finish things entirely on their own.

“N-no st-aaAAAHHHP!!”


This ejection was nearly deafening. The force hurting as her balls slammed against the cold tiles below the hole. Her panties torn to shreds in an instant of pussy erasing ball birth that left the swinging sack free at last. Her balls content and drunk on the power they had called upon against the conscious will of their mistress dropped low and hummed with power. The lights within the room flickered as witchy penile power filled that space. Before testes did as they are want to do.

And jerked up.

Jinx’s eyes widened as she felt it.






She kept her lips clenched shut, even as her jaw began to hurt, going numb as the flow of pre thickened into hot, thick, spunk. A vast endless sea of spunk rising as a white tide of ball batter washing away the memory of Jinx the sexy teen villainess.

And leaving behind…

“No. I’m not a-”

Nothing but-

“Stop! I don’t want to be-”

A big, fat-

“I won’t! I won’t become just… just a-”

A thick, throbbing, oh-so hard and oh-so very needy-

“P-please… please let me wake up and not… not be a-”


Eye’s glowing slivers of electric pink as through an act of titanic concentration she willed her urethra-her throat to contract and force down the thick, creamy, and delicious ejaculation back down. To hold it in and swallow! Even as she began to taste the foul flavor of curdled womb spunk, ruined womanhood, and cast aside mothering that-would-never-be as cocks didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t-


Panting, Jinx couldn’t help but grin as she felt her first load forced back and flowing down… and down yet further. Following the new path of her altered internal plumbing, the enlarged bladder and newly grown prostate located among the empty void where once her womb had lain. And flowed into her balls…

Which raged at this betrayal. They had struggled so hard, grown so large. How could this bitch, this cunt, this worthless wannabe slit not be proud of them; not sing white erupting praise in thick joyus jets at what they had become.

At what she had become.

No! They were not those weak feminine orbs anymore or ever again! They were large and if this stupid cunt-deluded bitch was going to dig in her heels…

Then they would just have to take charge.

The sound was not that of contented testes but of blue balls near ultramarine. The gurgling noise of Jinx’s engines of raw male potency rose louder and louder as they drooped low. Lower still till the weight had her legs shaking and her bare bottom was dragged towards the floor. Even as those baleful orbs, those once ovaries made gargantuan male gonads grew and grew. Till they each exceeded the size of the ungrateful cunt-whore’s head to which they were attached. And further still as they stole the bitch’s power into themselves. Crafting a load of wriggling sperm each and every one of twenty trillion which was a dedicated anti-womb pussy popping, penis making, super-sperm crackling with pink power that was more than just the trace vestiges of womb essence still not cast out and discarded as her testes were ever so desperate to do.

Jinx for her part had felt the last chance of victory slip through her hands as her power departed her utterly and centered at those twin womb breakers between her legs. The upward jerk and sudden shift of mass upwards had her whole body jerking forward and slamming her face flush against the dome at the end of the tube. Her whole frame stretching that last inch and a half. While an unstoppable tide of pure penis power pushed up her throat-her urethra. Jinx shook her head, crying out in despair as the flow of pre redoubled. Through bleary eyes she thought she saw figures… winged women beyond the curved dome looking down at her.

“P-please he-eagh-guh me-eeeh-leh!”

The only response was for one of those cruel demonesses to reach to a nearby control panel and increase the rate of the contractions still befalling Jinx’s poor body.

The flow up pounded with the beat of her heart-her throbbing veins. Her breasts, those simple sexual characteristics of which she once was so proud were dwarfed utterly by the balls between her legs and the pure force fucking her soul and flesh into this new form. The pulsing length of her urethra now clearly threaded down the length of her chest-her shaft gave proof to that. She shut her mouth again, to stave off the tsunami of white come to erase her for as long as possible.

Instead jet after jet filled her mouth. Striking the back of her teeth and filling her cheeks. Continuing as the rising tide fell upon this last dyke; this final and ultimate stand against the inevitable. A raging flood so potent, so powerful-

“I won’t!”

It could only come from-

“I’ll never!”

Would only ever come from-

“I’m not!”


“Stop! This isn’t right!”


“NO NO NO NO!!!”


Tears of white trickled from her eyes as the jets of spunk flowed out her nostrils. And slowly her lips-dick slit parted, a deluded grin spreading on her face-bellend. The flow of white, that tide of overwhelming spunk; of sperm singing of woman shafted; of the female made penile; of the feminine utterly rejected for not the masculine but merely the symbol thereof. Shot after shot of the thick cum spurted out and splattered against the dome as it filled up. The white tide rising and covering Jinx’s still pinkish lips-glans even as the pressed agains the dome in a sloppy, spunk covered kiss. Her eyes rolling back as-

What eyes? Cocks don’t have eyes. Cocks don’t need to eyes to see things to fuck. Cocks are better like that.

“Jinx is a cock.”

Her fingers weren’t just numb now. Now her whole arms seemed dead to the world and utterly senseless as the tube rubbed against her body with growing force. Dragging on those nerveless limbs as-

Arms!? Cocks don’t have arms! Legs maybe… with sexy ass and sexier assholes… the only kind of “cunts” that cocks like. Of course big, thick cocks like Jinx can’t fit in such tiny ass-cunts.

“Jinx is a cock.”

The flow of cum was suffocating-

Lungs? Cocks don’t breath… they spurt and spurt and spurt-

“Jinx is a cock!”

The taste across her tongue was bliss beyond words-

No tongues. No words. No talking! Cocks fuck! Cocks squirt and spurt and cum! CUM!

“Jinx is a cock!”

Her whole body began to barrel out into a proper shaft. Her dress, torn and stained broke apart around her chest as the tatters of her bra pulled free from her breasts. Soon shrinking till twin nubs before even her nipples-

Tits on a dick?! Stupid! Cocks have balls. Big and beautiful balls. No need for tits with those. Better to since dick-milk is so much better than any shitty substitute that some stupid cunt-cow might make.


Soon the whole of Jinx’s head was obscured by the flood. Her bright pink hair vanishing strand by strand into the ocean of creamy ball batter as her testes pumped and pumped. It was going to be such a mess to shampoo-

HAIR?! Hairy balls maybe, fuzzy and full of sperm. But on a cockhead?! Disgusting. Cocks are balled and throbbing, pulsing; erect and ready to squirt and spurt. To cum and cum and cum and-


The flow of cum continued. An unabated river of penis flowing through a once-girl turned dick. Flushing out every last trace of cunt-having and leaving nothing but the throbbing fuck-stick she should always have been. The tainted spunk, carrying the last ruined traces of her womb glowing with a trillion pinpoints of nigh invisible pink light from her own powers as the totality of her being was turned over to the absolute dedicated purpose of being an enormous dick. While the tube itself stretched now as her flesh fully gave over to being a cock at last. Filling out and expanding the tunnel to its limits with full foot of further thick erect flesh.

While the broken form of her soul and mind settled into things.

“Penis dick cock fuckstick, Jinx cums cummy cums super duper donger dong. Balls? Jinx’s balls big balls biggest balls! Bigger balls better balls to spunk and spunk like cocks cock. Pressure pleasure throb and stiff make Jinx big and thick and always ready always wanting always want more more more! Cock locked and ready to cum whenever wherever Jinx is up down floor more every hole no hole. No slit no problem Jinx armed and loaded dickslit dick dickie dick spread wide and out and out cums cum. Swallow no swallow out it goes goodness goody too too much to hold in. Wedding tackle wedding bells bellend pretty pricky prick and pretty penis Jinx make every ending happy and spunk-white. Two in the sack ready to go go gonads go no ovaries no pussy no no no! Testicle besticle joy joy joy-stick. Fuck cunts fuck Jinx fuck Jinx fuck cock fuck dick fuck FUCK FUCK!”

Slowly the white discharge of her first colossal ejaculation receded pumped out from a nozzle at the end of the tube. With it revealing that the dome was now filled with cockhead. A giant cotton candy pink bellend that pressed flush against the translucent plastic and forced its-hers dickslit against the end.

She was Jinx after all. Jinx the cock.

At last.


The tube back pushed and released Jinx at last. Letting the girl-cock fall backwards onto her bottom, a still distinctly cute rear end little changed by the grotesque penisification she had undergone. Semi-flaccid and still dick-drunk from the rapture of rod-becoming that had unmade her… remade her as an enormous pale skinned cock with a pair of gargantuan nuts seated upon feminine legs. Still clad in her boots and stockings. Which were the only garments that had survived her monstrous manhood metamorphosis into the utter rejection and inversion of all maidenhoods. Those once ovaries now at last content that all was right with the universe; themselves free and large as womb cursed orbs could never be and their mistress a living shaft.

Jinx’s power flowed freely once more at her command.

“Fuck sluts find sluts find fucks Jinx-cock cocks up cocks. Suck fuck sucky fucky fucks and sucks. Suck Jinx! Fuck Jinx! Jinx sucks! Jinx fucks!”

Not that she was of a mind to use it for much of anything. Given how her own body and soul had been completely altered and how her powers had aided in that glorious rebirth into the paramount of penile personhood it wouldn’t have done for her to realize what those profane energies could do to a poor mortal pussy even without the tainted drink or the machine to coax them into a proper shaft.

At best any cunt haver Jinx turned her attention to would pop their pussy and give the viril villainess something tasty to suck upon as a giant dick-sucking dick. More likely Jinx would shaft them up as she had been.

Though likely a weaker and less potent member at the end.

“Well you turned out wonderfully, didn’t you?”

Which was why no mortal woman would approach her. She would be kept off the dance floor and away from guests… both the temporary and likely permanent acquisitions like Jinx herself until. Only when the elite succubus bar Club Priapus was in demoness attendance only would she walk the floor, balls swaying and proudly showing her enormous shafted form to the ravishingly hungry demon-sluts whose eclectic tastes had called upon her and doomed her to this abominable ecstasy as Jinx the cock.

Instead a lithe and slender girl of a hellspawn not too dissimilar from Jinx herself an hour and a lifetime ago. With fire engine red pigtails waitress uniform that doubled as a rubber fetish outfit. Perfect when you got to handle the girl-cocks that worked at the Club.

They could always ask to leave… if they could ever manage to put together a sense of self that wasn’t entirely based on being a throbbing prick as big as a person. Even the most willful only ever managed to the appearance of a human female… while still being a cock through and through in mind and sol while their balls happily dwelled between their legs and urged them back into a proper penis shape.

There was no telling how long, if ever, Jinx the cock would take to think about taking time off to attend the club as a customer again… which would be shame if so.

Teasing a poor penis pretending to be a woman till she started spurting white from her lips and ruined whatever nice outfit the bar put her in was a favorite pastime for many of their regulars. And the cocks loved it too.

“Let’s have look here… nice glans. A very fetching color,” the attendant said as she spread Jinx’s dickslit wide and fingered the hole. Before leaning in and taking a deep breath. “And a very sweet aroma. You’re going to be the base for some very sugary drinks. Most succubi hate that.”

Jinx wilted at the statement. Was her cum wrong? Was she wrong? Was she not a good cock? She wanted so desperately to be a good cock! To be a proper penis that would please everyone has she was to do so.

“But I’m not most succubi.” And with that the she leaned forward and licked Jinx. Lavishing her bellend with attention while massaging her glans. Even as Jinx’s shaft grew rigid and her body began to swell again. Around the invading digits of the succubus’s glove clad hand. A taste of… oral pleasure that left Jinx shuddering from the tips of her toes to the top of her shaft as a thick spurt of pure her came up and out.

Licking her hand clean with a black-red tongue at least a foot long Jinx somehow saw without eyes the fanged grin she received. Her balls swelled at the knowledge that she was a good cock and that she had served to grant pleasure to another. And swelled yet further as that tongue delved deep into her new body as a long kiss urged her to full mast. Pressing the smaller girl against her own girl-cock body. And soon plastering the entire room with Jinx-cum.

Lilinith was chastised for making a mess in one of the changing chambers and wasting fresh cock-milk. Jinx the cock as shown her room to rest after her exertion. And covered in lavender sheets and nuzzled up against a purple-black fuck doll with sucking nuzzles for her, she dreamed many dickie dreams. And even in the most curious ones where she had very none-dick like arms and hair she was herself still truly a penis through and through. With a a pair of gigantic balls between her legs to give proof to that.

Though… she did feel strange thoughts about a pair of figures from those dreams. A dour goth and chipper alien… both disgustingly possessing of slits instead of sacks like her.

And she did truly wish that they too could know what a joyful revelation it was to be a cock like her.