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Belial Idol: Couples
E1: Introduction

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Those whose bodies, minds, or souls don’t fit either category! Wellllllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples Edition!”

I’m your cutest newest hostess Cynthia Sparks! Replacing our old host Rex Dragoon, who is now part of the original Belial Idol trophy!

For those at home lacking eyes or other forms of sight, I’m a super sexy transformed person! I’m a petite two and a half feet tall and all woman on the inside! On the outside I have beautiful beestung lips, two enormous blue eyes, long pointed ears, a short muzzle and no nose. My hair is a plume of iridescent feathers that flashy flashes with a rainbow of colours. My slim, armless shoulders flow into a long neck like a swan or dinosaur. Rawr! My little torso has a ring of six small breasts that are pretty big on little old me and almost as perky as I am! My nipples are long flexible tentacles, because hosts gotta be able to gesture expansively! My legs are muscular and digitigrade, built for hop-hop-hop-hoppity hopping and my feet are birdlike and have a very firm grip! I also have a truly stupendous cock! I am hung like a very well endowed pornstar! I also have a joint butthole-vagina cloaca hole that is very fun at parties! I am quite the sexy little package!

I’ve spent the last few years as a sexy condom model and sex educator (sex: you should have some!) but now I’m bouncing back to where it all started for our newest edition of Belial Idol!

This time it’s a Couples Contest!

Starting today, three couples will go on a sex! No, six round marathon of transformation for a sizeable cash prize and a lavish wedding! Their goal? To win each other’s hearts while earning your votes... and to still be compatibly in love at the end of the game!

How does Belial Idol work? Just watch the reruns! Heee, I kid. At the end of every Game Round YOU! the at home viewing audience will have the opportunity to VOTE for who YOU! want to be transformed by a randomly selected member heeee, of our panel of cerebral celebrated celebrity judges! At the end end of six rounds, YOU! the audience will get to vote on which couple you thinks deserves to win the Ultimate Prize!

Big bubbly butt wait there’s more! In addition to voting rounds, Belial Idol has a series of Sexy! Exciting! Challenges! Between each Transformation Round the three contestant couples will compete in games of our kinky and nefarious design. The winning couple in each challenge will walk, slither, or fly away with a modest cash prize and be exempt from the following Transformation Round! So if our contestant couples want to walk out of here with the usual two legs, winning challenges would be a smarty pants move!

Since there are only three couples, contestants transformed in the previous round will not be protected unlike in the previous Belial Idol! So watch out!

At the end of each round the couples who have lost the challenge round will face an audience VOTE! to see who gets transformed! Remember your vote counts! So vivaciously vigorously VOTE! After! Every! Round!

The contestants who “win” the vote will be transformed by our panel of superb salacious celebrity judges! The soon-to-be-changed will each enter a CHAMBER OF CHANGES and watch while I spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to select one of our three judges to do the deed! The selected judge will douse one of the contestants with a potent alchemical cocktail according to their whim and design! And the contestant will emerge FOREVER TRANSFORMED and probably way sexier!

I say contestant because we have two contestants in a couple and we will transform each contestant separately! Two CHAMBERS OF CHANGES, two spins of the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION and up to two judges selected each round! And Two! Sexy! Exciting! Transformations! In every round!

That’s right, twice the action packed sexy fun! More bang for your bang! I’m getting hard and wet just thinking about it!

At the end of the six rounds of play, YOU! the audience will vote for your favorite couple to WIN the AMAZING CASH PRIZE! You can pick whoever you like! Who own the most challenges! Who is the most transformed! Who is the cutest couple! Who gave Cynthia the most blowjobs on air! But REMEMBER to VOTE!

Again, I’m your hostess Cynthia Sparks and this is Belgian Idol: Couples!”


“Um, hi, I guess. I’m Cassia. This seasons contestant interviewer.

You might recognize me, or well, a slightly more clothed me, from my music career. In the last two years my songs ‘Worry Later’, ‘Just Tonight’, and ‘Sit On My Face!’ have all cracked Top 10 on the Popcharts. And now, here I am, taking over for Cynthia Sparks to talk with our contestants.

I’ve been told that a bunch of our fans can’t actually see the program, which, uh, you do you? So I’m supposed to describe myself. Well, I’m naked on TV, which is a thing, and a baseline woman, who, despite all the rumors to the contrary, is exactly how nature, strict diet, and a stricter personal trainer have made me. I am 5’10”, slender but very toned, naturally busty and with, I must say, a very nice ass. I have glowing almond coloured skin and long styled black hair with my trademark blue highlights. DudeBro magazine gave my body a 10/10 in a recent issue ranking pop stars, which is pretty gross but maybe a little flattering? Being famous for being hot is weird.

Anyway! Enough about me, let’s meet our couples!

This is Couple Number One: Ambergris and Josh!”



“Ambergris, that’s an unusual name. Isn’t that like, whale puke?”

*sigh* “It’s an ingredient in high end perfume that my mother thought sounded pretty. I usually just go by Amber.”

“To describe Amber, she is tall and willowy and very manicured with no body hair left below her eyebrows. She is thin, has a modest bust and thin hips, but long graceful arms and legs. She has bright blue eyes, angular features, dyed platinum blond hair, and pale ivory skin. I assume that were she allowed to wear clothes on the show they would be very expensive and made by designers.”

“It’s important to look good.”

“You don’t have to tell me, sister. Josh on the other hand is tall and muscular, like he hits the gym a lot.”


“Josh, do you work out a lot?”

“Oh! Uh, yeah.”

“Actually, it’s how we met. Joshua was my personal trainer.”

“Joshua? It says here that his actual legal name is Josh.”

“I just like how Joshua sounds. It’s a more grown up and sophisticated name. I mean, it’s not like there’s a rule that says nicknames have to be shorter right?”

“Okay, so, Josh is tall and muscular, with a broad chest and large arms and clearly doesn’t skip leg days.”

“Uh, nope.”

“He has hazel eyes and short, but well styled hair in a kind of bro-y updo, a strong chin, a model’s cheekbones, and is actually very handsome. And because I am required to point this out he has a nicely circumcised but fairly average length penis.”

“Thanks, you’re pretty hot too. Hey, ow!”

“Joshua! I’m right here! Demons... guys, right? But yes, I do have exquisite taste in guys.”

“So what brought you both here to Belial Idol?”

“Okay so... I’m from a pretty wealthy and powerful family and my father really doesn’t approve of Joshua. My father wants me to marry someone ‘of my station’, some golden finance boy who went to the right schools and preferably is from a ‘good family’. But those guys are all such assholes, and Joshua, well, he’s pretty and makes me feel like a princess. He makes me happy. And so I want to be with him, and stay with him. So daddy has cut me off from my usual funds. I do have a trust fund, but it doesn’t mature until after my 29th birthday and I don’t want to wait three more years to have money again or start my life with Joshua. So here we are, doing this thing.”

“Wow. That’s ambitious? Josh, what about you, are you cool with this?”

“Yeah. Y’know, whatever makes Amber happy, right?”

“Of course he’s cool with this, he’s my guy!”

“Riiiight, okay moving along. This is couple Number 2: Lacey and Archibald!”

“Howdy y’all!”


*laughs* “That’s certainly a set of hellos with a story!”

*laughs* “Well, ah’m a bit of a country gal...”

“...And I’m more of what you would call a city snob.”

“Aw, you ain’t that bad Archie.”

“And you are not nearly this folksy.”

*Mimes spitting* “Surely ah am!”

“Lacey here is tall and fit, with toned limbs, a moderate bust, and a firm muscular bum. She has a long face with a wide generous mouth, playful green eyes, braided red hair, and is covered with freckles.”

“Ah got dirt under mah fingernails an’ callouses too!”

“She does work very hard.”

“Archie here is tall and thin, almost gangly. He has coffee and cream coloured skin, soulful black eyes, cute dimples, and very short curly hair on his head and chest. His cock is uncircumcised and looks longer than average and he has the most elegant long fingers on his hands, like a surgeon or musician.”

“Don’t tell the medical certification board, but I’m a classically trained pianist and violinist.”

*Laughs* “Funny too! So how did a country gal and big city musician get together?”

“We met at college.”

“People give farmers a lot of grief about being rubes, but running a successful farm takes a lot of knowledge and business acumen, so Lacey came to the big city do finish her education.”

“An’ mah alma mater had a real good conservatory, so Archie was there learnin’ to make his fancy noises.”

“Fancy noises?”

*laughs* “Ah meant sweet music.”

*laughs* “Better. Anyway I was playing upright bass in a jazz trio for the college teaching farm benefit auction...”

“Folk music woulda been better, but those big donors surely do love their jazz.”

“... and there was this absolute pain in the ass of a lady helping organize the event, who was also very pretty, and we got to talking...”

“...An’ sometimes opposites attract.”

“Seems like it! So what made you want to be contestants on Belial Idol?”

“We could surely use that prize money. The farm has been in mah family for generations, an’ it needs some love an’ investment ‘fore it’ll really be profitable again. So I’ve been working as a hand on others farm an’ travellin’ out to ranch country for extra work....”

“And being a classically trained violinist isn’t really a high paying profession, especially out in farm country.”

“You’re a mighty fine fiddle player too.”

“But alas fiddling also isn’t a moneymaker. So we’re always just scraping by and things keep getting a little harder and a little worse.”

“And Demon’s Luck tryin’ to pay for a weddin’ with all that goin’ on.”

“But if we were able to win the contest, we could catch up with everything and start our lives together off on a strong foundation.”

“And besides, maybe y’all will turn Archie here into something useful!”

*laughs* “Okay, good luck! Introducing Couple Number 3: Beatrix and Gabriel!”


“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Oh. Um, okay, thank you. How are you?”

“So far so good.”

“I am also well.”

“Beatrix here is a short and fairly curvy woman, with large breasts, generous thighs and butt, and a cute little belly. Definitely an hourglass figure. She has pale white skin, center parted straight black hair, a round face, icy blue eyes that look out of chunky black catseye glasses, and is wearing bright red lipstick. Her body language carries a lot of confidence and she has the presence of a much larger woman.”

“Well, I’m a confident person and besides, good posture is important.”

*laughs* “That’s what my stage presence coach would always tell me, but I could never quite get the trick of it.”


*laughs* “Oh lighten up Trix, this isn’t an inquisition. You’re doing fine Ms. Cassia!”

“Thanks Gabriel.”

“Gabe is fine.”

“Technically it’s Doctor Gabe.”

“Doctor Gabe is my father.”

“Your father is a plumber, Gabe.”

“And a damn good one!”

*laughs* “Gabe here is a big guy: very tall, heavy set, and barrel chested. Maybe just a little overweight. He has warm brown eyes, shaggy brown hair, and a big old beard. He is also, dang! very well hung with a thick cock that is considerably bigger than average. And he is a doctor apparently!”

*chuckles* “I’m an alchemist, not like, a help-sick-people real doctor.”

“You just got your PhD, that’s an achievement! You should be proud of yourself.”

“And yet I still put my lab coat on one sleeve at a time. *chuckles* I think Trix just always wanted to marry a doctor.”

“As if! Physicians are so boring. Alchemy is much more interesting.”

“How did you two meet?”

“Well I am a research librarian professionally and a bit of an amateur historian. My own studies focus on Transformation History, and I did my Master’s studying Avatar Folklore in villages and towns bordering the Freyan Realms. I am currently looking into texts from the very earliest Alchemists to try and figure out their history and the origins of the profession.”

“So when I got stuck on a pretty tricky alchemical process I was working on, and the current literature was lacking a solution, I thought why not check to see if any of the great old alchemists maybe figured it out. Couldn’t hurt to check and maybe a distraction would help get my head out of its rut. So I went to consult the local expert...”

“Who is most definitely me. And we spent the day pulling old Alchemical treatise and whispering about what they contained. Honestly, it was illuminating for me, since I had never really appreciated how Alchemists would read these texts. It was also so much fun!”

“Yeah! I didn’t find what I was looking for, but those old books are wild and filled with ideas and inspiration. Plus I got to spend the day with a smart sexy librarian chick! So I came back a few days later to go dig around in the stacks again.”

“Which turned into chatting about alchemy over coffee, and then going to local transformation events, and eventually it became dating.”

“So you both bonded over shared interests, cool! And why did you decide to join Belial Idol?”

“Gabe has some pretty steep student debt from years of Alchemical studies. To pay it off he would have to take a job with a big company rather than pursuing his own Alchemical interests. And that sucks.”

“And Trix has been working on a book about early Alchemists since before I met her. If we could pay down my debts and get a little extra money, she could take a leave from work and finish writing the book. Which, Demons, is going to be amazing.”

“Plus we could get the whole wedding thing over with.”

“But really that’s not the main reason we are here...”

*giggles* “We both love transformation! And with Alchemy so expensive and Avatars so unpredictable, this seemed like a great way to finally get changed!”

*chuckles* “We are pretty excited!”

“SO excited!!!”

“Uh wild! So, you both want to change?”

*giggles* “Of course!”

“You seem less comfortable with the idea. Why are you here exactly? I mean, I’m more into CMonster, but I remember ‘Sit On My Face!’ being played everywhere. It seems like you’re already famous enough not to do this unless you wanted to.”

“Oh, um, well, it’s like I may be a little, a lot actually, behind on my taxes and this gig will fix it. And my agent says the first Belial Idol was such a great career springboard for other people, like CMonster and Cynthia, that it could help get me back in the spotlight. I just hope, well, that it goes okay.”

“Well good luck to you!”

“Thanks. I think I’m going to need it... Well these are our three couples!”


“Hey sports fans!”

*giggle* “You did that last time! It’s transformation fans!”

*titter* “I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“Formerly Bob and Doug...”

“We decided to rebrand ourselves after the last Belial Idol.”

“We are still two conjoined beautiful blonde women with six perfect tits, three legs, and a pair of amazing cocks!”

“But we decided to make the gender change official and get our voices feminized too.”

*titter* “It really helped with the ratings on our sex podcast!”

*giggle* “Now we can Oooooo!”

Mmmmmm yesssss!”

“And now we are all hard!”

Mmmm tell me more....”

*giggle* “Actually now it’s time to talk about our Judges!”

"Our first Judge is Zoe!"

"Zoe is a celebrity alchemist known for creating sexpet transformations for the rich and famous!"

*titter* "And *to* the rich and famous!"

"Doe, you know how some alchemists avoid using their own medicine?"


"Zoe is definitely not one of them!"

*titter* "I'll say! She is extensively transformed! Where should we start Doe?"

"At the top! She has a classically beautiful face with a cunt instead of a mouth and a long flexible forked tongue that frequently flicks out to taste the world around her."

"I'd let her taste me..."

"Mmmmm yesss!"

"She has a fleshy cobra hood instead of hair that transitions into a long, flexible neck and shoulders sprouting six slightly elongated arms with curious hands and busy fingers!"

"The front of her torso is crowded in large lavender skinned breasts, the largest are as big as volleyballs, with each pair below a tiny bit smaller than the one above..."

"A pattern of breasts that carries on down past her hips and onto the enormous serpentine tail that is her lower body!"

*giggle* "That's right folks! Zoe is a snek below the waist, with fully twenty-two feet of pure, purple and black scaled snake tail supporting her torso!"

"Her tits trail down the entire... what would you call it?"

"Ventral aspect."

"Oh Doe you're so smart! Exactly! Zoe's tits trail down her entire *ahem* ventral aspect, shrinking all the way, until they become a sheath of nipples on the thin dexterous tip of her tail!"

*giggle* "I listen to a lot of edutainment podcasts these days! Hidden between the breasts at her crotch height, Zoe has a truly massive vagina with a slit over a foot long and thick vulva that squeeze out between her cleavage!"

"She also has a second smaller pussy clenched between her buttcheeks, with wide petal shaped vulva the peak out like a lewd lotus flower!"

*giggle* "I bet it's fragrant!"

"Quiet Doe! She might hear this..."

"Zoe is actually pretty controversial folks, since she has a tendency to sneak a little extra into her changes."

*giggle* Ooooo! Who doesn't like a good surprise?"

"Our producers! Hey-o! They like to be in control of the plot twists!"

"I'm actually a little surprised the producers let such an erratic alchemist onto the show."

"The skuttlebutt is that she is the guest of one of our main sponsors: SexyPet: Treat your sexual pet like royalty!"

"You mean the #1 purveyor of quality sex toys for pets and the highest quality sexpet chow?"

"You know it Doe! Zoe has been promoted to their main spokescreature!"

*giggles* "But Bobbi, she's mute!"

*titters* "Advertisement is mysterious!"

"Zoe is a very figgity woman! Constant, snaky movement in her whole body and hands constantly occupied!"

"She is doodling with two hands, playing with a nipple, making some sort of paper craft with another pair, and also jacking off her attendant!"

"She has an attendant?"

"It's in her rider, apparently. Zoe gets an attendant at all times; tonight it’s a smart naked young man wearing only a collar...."

"For a guy getting a handjob he looks pretty nervous!"

"I would be too! Zoe is frightening!"

"Bobbi, I just realized what she is making: paper dolls!"

"That's cute?"

"She's made them by cutting up the list of transformation rules the producers gave her..."

"...Moving on... our Second Judge is Bree Kensingworth!"

"Master Kensingworth is a film director known for his avante-garde vision and for incorporating real live transformations into his movies.”

*titters* “Been there, done that...”

“Bobbi, Bree Kensingworth is an auteur!”

“Help! I’m stuck to a nerd!”

“I thought you love it when I talk nerdy to you....”

“Annnnnyway, unsurprisingly Bree Kensingworth is transformed!”

“Master Kensingworth is very tall, maybe 7’6”, with a lithe build and wiry muscles.”

“His hair appears like an undercut, trimmed short on the sides and back but with a mane that cascades down his back and a single large forelock that hangs framing his angular androgynous face.”

“Except that hair is feathers not hair! Long iridescent black feathers make the majority of his magnificent mane and brilliant white ones form his trademark forelock!”

“He has striking eyes, large and expressive, with black sclera and irises that are different colours!”

“Yeah, Master Kenisingqorth has given himself a unique heterochromia! One of his eyes is icy blue and slit like a reptile and the other eye is red and has a squared pupil like a goat. I heard in an interview that he has different fields of vision in each eye which he uses in his cinematography!”

“His eyebrows are shiny black scales that blend into his ‘undercut’ and ‘freckles’ of scales dot his cheeks and the bridge of his nose.”

“He has such an intense gaze!”

“Now don’t swoon on me, Doe.”

*giggle* “Bree Kensingworth has two long arms ending in long elegant fingers tipped with long black tapered claws.”

“On his chest he has four very large breasts, each as big as his head, with pink udder-like skin and long bovine teats.”

“He has two more breasts on his lower stomach, but black like a equine udder.”

“Speaking of horses! Bree has a beautiful horses’ tail in black fur shot with a single lock of white hair, that he wears braided.”

“And an equine penis that rests in a sheath above huge black balls which grows into a humongous mottled black and white monster when aroused!”

“He also has a huge black mares vagina where his anus should be, but a weirdly modified one that lays cantaloupe sized eggs!”

“Below that his legs are digitigrade, a recurved reminder of his equestrian transformation.”

“And instead of human feet he has built in high heeled shoes that have a cloven hoof toe, and then a five inch spur at the... ankle?”

“Bobbi, I think technically the spur is growing out of the balls of his ‘foot’ since digitigrade ankles are nowhere near a baseline humans...”

“Doe, Bree Kensingworth has very weird feet!”

“I’ll say! We’ve definitely worn hoof boots that create the illusion of having horsey legs, but to see hoof boots on actually horsey legs is wild!”

“It gives Master Kensingworth a towering deliberate gait, like a regal two-legged horse strutting!”

*giggles* “Like human dressage!”

“Bree Kensingworth is wearing his trademark outfit of a tailored jacket and matching cod piece, worn low to only cover his balls!”

“Tonight it’s a classic black tuxedo jacket with shiny black lapels, a black choker with a tiny jet encrusted bow tie, black ribbons woven into his braided horse tail, and of course, a black satin codpiece supporting his huge equine sack.”

“Very stately! He is so hot!”

“Doe, I can tell you like him.”

“Is it my raging erection?”

“Yes!” *titters*


“So why is your ‘auteur’ a judge on the show?”

“Well, his filmography is deeply tied to transformation. He grew up on a farm and his earliest experimental films were based off the strange relationship between humans and livestock animals. His first film was a story about falling in love with a mare, where he filmed himself growing his horsecock, tail, udder, mare pussy, and horse legs to be with her. And his second film, a documentary, had him add his bovine breasts and the ability to lay eggs and then followed him living as a farm animal for six months while his family tended to him.”


“When he eventually went mainstream he always used changed actors in his films and then, with his biggest commercial hits, he had normal actors actually transform on camera as part of his movies for mainstream audiences. They say this work was groundbreaking and earned the actress Ellen Agouti a best actor award for permenantly becoming a giant blind, singing breast in his film Hunter Dectective.”

“Yes, yes, but why is he *here*, on this television program?”

“Ooooh, um yeah, he might be in a bit of hot water right now from his newest film: The Avatar. Rumor has it that he managed to somehow hire an actual living Avatar to star in his film and then exposed the rest of his cast to it without warning them. He wanted to catch their authentic feelings of surprise, fear, arousal, and acceptance in real time.”

“And did he?”

Ooooo yesssss. But that is why he is maybe in some trouble right now.”

*titter* “Well there he is sitting patiently at the Judges desk.”

“Which is quite a contrast with Zoe who has not stopped fiddling or moving at any point.”

“Zoe is casually handing him an origami penis she folded with one of her hands...”

“And Bree Kensingworth has accepted it, holding it pinched between two fingers, one scaly eyebrow arched and the slightest curl of a disproving frown on his mouth.”

“Anyway, moving onto our third and final Judge...”

“We have... an empty chair?”

“Oh! Maybe the Third Judge is invisible?”

“Or maybe just very very tiny?”

*titter* “No! There is no full time third judge!”

*giggle* “That’s right TF fans, we will be having a rotating cast of guest judges this season to mix things up even more!”

“Who will we see!?”

“Will there be returning favorites!?”

“Tune in to see!”

“Back to you Cynthia!”

“Thanks ladies!

Before we sing goodbye tonight we actually have one more super sexy surprise!

A new wicked wrinkle in the Belial Idol format!

But I’ll let Cassia explain! Cassia?”


“Th-thanks Cynthia...

*blows out a breath* Oh Demons, here we go...

As per my contract, I will be undergoing a themed transformation as part of every Challenge Round Episode of Belial Idol: Couples.

These transformations will be shaped by YOU! The viewing audience!

Starting tonight, and then again after every Transformation Round Episode, we will give you a list of transformation options that fit into our episode theme. You can VOTE! to pick an option that you want to see incorporated into my next transformation. Voting will be open for two weeks, and then our semi-tame alchemists will build the winning option permanently into my body!

To get this party started I’ve been given a vial of alchemy to drink tonight!

Demons, this had better be worth it...


Ahhhhhhh! *splurt!*

*panting* Oh! Wow! Th-that’s what that feels like!

I-I I have a cock now! A pretty average looking penis has grown from my crotch just above my clit making me a, well, hermaphrodite I guess.


Next Episode our Theme will be Multiple Choice and the transformation options are:

1: Breasts
2: Arms
3: Legs
4: Cock

S-see you then?”

“Thanks Cassia! I love the new addition!

*giggles* I can’t wait to hippity hop hop hop on over and perch on it!

Anyway! That’s it for tonight! The games begin next Episode with our first Challenge Round!

Remember to VOTE! for Cassia’s next transformtation on our next Episode!

Until then, this is Cynthia Sparks on behalf of Belial Idol: Couples saying goodnight fine fair folks!


Notes form the producer:

Voting is now open for Cassia’s change. Voting will remain open for two weeks. You can vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/20701845

Zoe is a creation of Ordos Tsceri, who will also be designing her transformations.

Bree Kensingworth is a creation of The_Wanderer, who will be designing his transformations.

The next episode will drop the first Sunday in September, so see y’all then.

Thanks for reading and it’s great to be back!



Re: Belial Idol: Couples


Why is it Ordos Tsceri's Naga descriptions always make me extremely happy?  I'm jealous that I didn't think of that one first!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Notes from the producer:

Voting for the first Cassia change is about 1/2 over. For everyone who voted already, thanks, y’all make the game fun to do. If you haven’t voted yet you have one week left. Voting can be done here: http://www.strawpoll.me/20701845

Also, I’m strongly considering limiting voting to one week unless there are any strong objections. The poll seems to have topped out, and this would give us more time behind the scenes to make sure we hit our updates on time.

@LamiaWoman: I know right!? Such a fun character to write!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

I'm all for quickening the pace! 

And thank you so much for your kind words.  In truth, I have to say Darin from Naga's Den deserves the credit / blame; all my naga ideas are based on his approach to the subject, since I love it so much.


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Last chance to vote for Cassia’s first change: https://www.strawpoll.me/20701845

See y’all the first Sunday in September with the First Challenge Round.


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Looking forward to seeing this start up again, the last was a blast.  My biggest question after reading this is what it takes to earn a guest judge slot.


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
S3E2: Challenge Round 1

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Those whose bodies or minds flippy-flop back-and-forth! Welcome to Belial Idol: Couples Edition! The game show where cutesy couples endure rounds of tremendous transformation for a lavish wedding and fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! the awesomely audacious audience, vote for who gets changed by our panel of celebrated celebrity judges!

Tonight will be the first of our Challenge Round games to figure out who wins a nice bonus cash price and which couple gets immunity from transformation in the first round!

This game will also reveal who is first on the voting block to be changed!

Today our cutesy contestant couples will be playing a game of Newbie Weds to see who knows whose lovely lover the best!

I’m your hottest hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!

Now let’s check in with our newly well-hung interviewer Cassia to check in with our capable couples!”


“Thanks Cynthia.

I’m here with Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh!”


“Uh, yo.”

“Amber, are you ready to be tested on how well you know your hubby?

“Of course, I know all about him. My father even paid to have him followed by a detective once.”

“Uh, wow? Okay. Josh, what about you, are you ready to have your knowledge of Amber tested?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“....? Do you two have a special strategy to win?”

“I don’t think we need a special strategy, we are totally in sync! Right Joshua?”


“Just watch: Joshua, what is my favorite colour?”

“Uh, pink? Girls, y’know, always like pink.”

“Jooooshhhh, my favourite colour is wisteria! Why don’t you know that?!”

“Sorry babe! Maybe I could, y’know, write it down?”

“...Moving on to Couple #2: Lacey and Archibald!”



“Lacey how do you feel about your chances?”

“Ah reckon Ah’ll manage fine, and Ah suspect Arch’ll do the same... if he knows whats good for him.”

*laughs* “What about you Archie, feeling confident?”

“I think so. Lacey is always speaking her mind so I suspect I’ll have some insight into what she likes.”

*snorts* “It’s not like you’re real circumspect with your opinions neither.”

*laughs* “Guilty!”

“So you two really know each other then?”

“Yep! Just gotta think of whatever the most highfalutin answer to a question is. What’s Archie’s favourite song? Well, harumph, I find the jazz cover by Lance Erectus of the third concerto of Freyan cockwoman composure Eluena Cumhither to be an utter playful delight....”

*laughs* “And *I* just try to think of whatever the most folksy and rude answer to a given question is. Lacey’s favourite play? “Boy howdy! Ah surely do like that one there with the couple swappin’ and the eyeball moonshine and all them fart jokes. Yeehaw!”

*laughs* “That yeehaw was a real nice touch. Made that impression right uncanny!”


*laughs* “Well it seems like you guys are ready to go. Finally we have Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel!”


“Hey! How’s it hanging?”

*laughs nervously* “Low and lazy?”

*chuckles* “That’s the spirit! How’s your new addition treating you?”

“Okay? It’s umm been pretty weird? But it, oh Demons, it feels really nice.”

“That’s good!”

“Don’t be embarrassed! It looks super hot!”

“Th-thank you.”

“I’m quite jealous! Have you came with it yet? What’s it like?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. I maybe finally caved into it and uh, played with myself last night. I was, uh, worried that maybe tonights transformation might make it hard to do and I didn’t want to regret not trying it y’know?”


“And it was really... nice. I’m sorry I put it off so long. But anyway! The game. Beatrix are you feeling confident?”

“I always try to approach new things with confidence. Believing you can do a thing is the first major hurdle to doing it. Besides, Gabe and I play a ton of boardgames and do bar trivia pretty regularly. So we’re pretty good at quizzes under pressure.”

“What about you Gabe, are you ready for this?”

“Yeah, I mean, it should be fun. Plus, it’s not exactly the highest of stakes here. Trix wants to transform anyway, so if we lose it’s not really a big problemo.”

“Gabe, sweetheart, I still want to *win*! You better take this seriously!”

*chuckles* “Aye aye, Mistress! Playing to win, got it.”

“Okay there you have it, three contestant couples ready to play the Newbie Wed game!”


“Howdy transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“Rock hard and ready for today’s first Belial Idol Challenge Round!”

“We are here today to describe the rules of today’s game!”

“It’s just the Newbie Weds game....”

*giggle* “I think our Producers want us to be more descriptive than that!”

“Fiiiine. Basically it’s a quiz show game where contestants are asked to guess their partners’ answers to a series of questions.”

“So if, say, the question was: ‘What is Doe’s favourite way to wake up in the morning’, Bobbi would say...”

“Mutual Masturbation!”

*giggle* “And she would be right! And we would get a point!”

*titter* “Mmmmm... I’ll get a handful of ‘points’ ifyouknowwhatImean!”

*giggle* “How this will work is that we will break the couples up, boy and girl, and asks the same question to all three couples.”

“Each player will stand at a pedestal with an electronic writing pad doohickey so contestants can write down their answers at the start of each question round to ensure they are playing fair!”

“Each round the guesser will try to guess their partner’s answer...”

“And then their lover will reveal their hidden answer and we’ll broadcast what they wrote on a big screen in the middle of the game set!”

“For every correct answer the couple will get a point and hear a...”

*ding ding*

“And for every wrong answer the couple will obviously not get a point and hear a...”


“Whoever gets the most questions right and amasses the most points wins!”

*titters* “Sounds fun!”

“I hope some of the questions get naughty....”

“But Doe, how will we know if they are cheating? Couldn’t these be rehearsed answers or like, lies to hide something embarrassing?”

“Don’t worry Bobbi, we have a fix for that!”


“One of our vaguely malevolent Producers is an expert at hypnosis and has compelled all of the contestants to provide honest answers in this game!”

*titters* “Don’t you mean sexy, attractive, intelligent, and amazing smelling producers who we love very much?”

*giggles* “Isn’t that what I said?”

“Okay let’s get this game started! For the viewers at home who can’t....”

“Actually Bobbi, I think they don’t need a descriptive running commentary for this game so we get to sit this one out.”

“Huh, what should we do with our time then?”

“Well, we could watch the game, I guess. Or mutually masturbate.”

“Why don’t we do both!’




“Hi again! It’s me your happy hoppy hostess, Cynthia Sparks!

For this Challenge Round I’m gonna brush off my inimitable interview skills and be the Host of our take on The Newbie Weds Game!

So my charismatic couples, who is roaringly ready to play!

The first question goes to the lovely ladies: What is your most favouritest animal!? Remember to write your answers down!”

*interlude music*

“Okay, gracious gregarious gentlemen! Time to guess your lovely lady friends answers!

“Starting with Couple #1: Jolly Josh, what is Ambers favorite animal!?”

“Uh, is it like, a dolphin?”

“Amber? Is that your answer?”

“No! My favourite animal is a kitty cat! Come on Joshua!”

“Oh. Sorry babe...”


“On to Couple #2: Arrrrrrrchie, what is Lacey’s favorite animal!?”



“Darn tootin! Horses are the best!”

*ding ding*

“Points on the board! Okay, Couple #3: Gabey Baby, what is Beatrix’s favourite animal!?”

*laughs* “It’s also cats.”


“Yes, I do love cats.”

*ding ding*

“Hooray! So now it’s time to ask the big old blokes: what is your favourite dessert!? Again be sure to write your answers down!”

*musical interlude*

“Okay Amber! What is Josh’s favourite dessert?”

“Ummm? Cookies-no-brownies, no cookies. Cookies?”

“Josh is that your answer?”


“...What *is* your answer Josh?”

“Oh! It’s Jello Shots!”

“Jooooossshh, that’s not even a dessert!”

“It’s not?!”

“According to the Producers it counts so...”


“...no points for you! Lllllovely Lllllacey what is Archibald’s favourite dessert?”

“That’s an easy one: he loves mah bourbon peach pah!”


“I most certainly do love her bourbon peach pie!”

*ding ding*

*laughs* “Cute! Okay Tricky Trixie, what is Dr. Gabe’s favourite dessert!?”

“Gabe loves donuts. By the dozen.”


“Guilty as charged: donuts!”

*ding ding*

“With one round of questions done, Couples #2 and #3 are neck-n-neck with 2 points each, while a Couple #1 brings up the ass with a goshdarn goosey-egg!

Now we are going to serve another quizzical question to our lascivious ladies: what is your favorite sexual position!?”

*musical interlude*

“Okay Josh, what is Ambergris’ favourite sex position!?”

“Uh, it’s girl-on-top right?”

“Ambrosia my dear?”

“No, we, uh, might do that one a lot, but it’s because you seem to like it. I actually prefer missionary.” *blushes* “I like your weight on me...”


“Too much information! I love it! Okay Arrrrrrrch you’re up! What is Lacey’s favourite position!?”

“She prefers ‘doggy-style’ I believe.”

“Lustrous Lacey?”

“Given my druthers, ‘doggy-style’ is my preference.” *laughs and shrugs* “It’s natural.”

*ding ding*

“Naturally sexy you mean! Okay Gaga Gabe, what is Beatrix’s favourite sexual position?”

“Oh, hmmmm. This is actually pretty hard, we try so many things.... Sorry babe, but uh, missionary?”


“Missionary is nice but soooo vanilla. So no, my favourite is fucking whilst standing up!”


*Laughs* “I think I’d pay to see that! Maybe you can devilishly demonstrate that for me later!

Okay this next questions is for our luxurious lads: What is your favorite part of a woman’s body?”

*musical interlude*

“Okay Amb’s here we go: what is Josh’s favourite part of a woman’s body?”

“It’s boobs.”



*ding ding*

“Boobs on the board! Hooray! *laughs* Llllllacey what is Archie’s favourite part of a woman’s bod-day!?”

“Ah reckon it’s her lovely legs?”


“Th-that’s what I tell people... but really my favourite part of a woman is her cunt.”


“Really? Mah cooter?”

“Yeah, I just love the smell and the taste and the way labia bloom.” *blushes* “It’s not really something you can say in polite company...”

“In retrospect, Ah guess that accounts for all the time ya spend with yer face betwixt mah nethers.”

“Oooo it seems our pianist is also a cunninglinguist! But moving on: Be A Tricks what is Gabe’s favourite part of a woman?”

“He loves cute butts.”


“I do love cute butts!”

*ding ding*

“Okay after two rounds of questions Couples #2 and #3 are still tied, now with 3 points each. Couple #1 is still trailing but has broken the shutout with 1 point!

Time to throw some more, sexy, personal questions at our still female contestants! Wonderous Women, what is your secret sexual fantasy!?”

*musical interlude*

“Okay Josh, what is Amber’s secret kink!?”

“Uh... is it threeways?”

“Sounds like wishful thinking but.... Ambergris?”

“N-no.” *blushes furiously* “mumbles...”

“What was that? Speak up!”

*Still blushing* “Petplay!”


“Ooooo that *is* kinky! Alright Archiballer, what is LalalaLacey’s filthiest fantasy?”

“Lacey has a thing for bondage.”


“Yeah” *blushes* “Ah do, on occasion, enjoy being trussed up.”

*ding ding*

“Wild times! Okay Dr. Gabriel, what is your lovely librarian’s secret fetish?”

“Well, it’s not much of a secret, but her fetish is for transformation.”

“Beat Rix?”

“Yup!” *giggles* “I love transformations! Seeing the changed! Watching transformations happen! Fantasizing about it happening to me! It’s *so* hot!”

*ding ding*

“I can almost smell your excitement! So going into our last question, we still have a tie game for the lead! This question is for the boys: Which other contestant, besides your partner, would you most want to fuck?”

*musical interlude*

“Amber, which other contestant would Josh like to fuck?”

“I don’t see why I have to answer this, we are already out of the game.... Fine! Lacey, I guess...”

“Josh, who would you want to fuck?”

“Uh, Archie actually.”



“Joshua! What!? You’re attracted to guys!?”

“Yeah, but uh, it’s not really a big deal or anything. I’m mostly into chicks, but y’know, sometimes I see a pretty guy, like Arch there, and I’m into it, y’know?”

“Wow, that’s something new to think about.... Although...” *plays with hair* “it’s maybe kind of hot...”

“It’s totally hot!” *laughs* “Okay Lacey, who else would Archibald want to fuck?”

*sigh* “It’d be Amber. Archie always had an eye for a fancy lady.”


“Yeah, Amber is definitely one of my types.”

*ding ding*

“Finally with the game on the line: Beatrix who would Gabe want to fuck?”

“I guess Lacey makes the most sense...”


“Actually it’s Amber...”


*arches eyebrow* “Really?”

“What can I say, the whole petplay thing sounds pretty sexy?”

“Hmm, I guess it does a bit at that...”

“Meow!” *laughs* “There you have it, with 5 correct answers, Couple #2 is the winner of the Newbie Wed Challenge around of Belial Idol: Couples!

Now let’s hop hop hop on over to Cassia for her super sexy special moment!”


“Umm, h-hi guys.

I guess the moment of truth has come for me, huh?

The VOTES are in and it seems y’all want to give me a BREAST based transformation.

The producers tell me I’m supposed to narrate my change more. So here I am: Cassia. I’m a slender, tall woman with a toned but curvaceous body. I’m hot is what I’m saying. I have long limbs, wide hips, and an ass built from a thousand downward facing dogs. I have large, perfect teardrop breasts that hang heavy but firm from my chest. I have a cock and a pussy, which I guess makes me a hermaphrodite? The cock is on the larger size of normal and is uncut and hmm, I’m getting hard? Oh demons why do I have a boner? Is some part of me turned on by this?

*coughs* I have here in my hand a vial containing a ‘Multiple Choice’ themed alchemical elixir that reflects your vote for a breast based change.

Okay. Let’s do this?

D-down the hatch.


Ohhhhh that tingles.

I’m grabbing my tits and they, they still feel normal? What gives?

Ah! My torso just got all itchy! *scratches* What are these bumps? Pimples? Oooo, no they are nipples!

I’m growing six more nipples! Perfect copies of my originals in two even rows trailing down my stomach and onto my hips. And Oooooooo, they are, *Pants*, so sensitive!

And, and they’re, ahhhh, swelling... *moans*. I’m growing extra breasts! *gasps* S-six more! I-I ahhhhh have eight tits!

*moans and pants* A-a-and they seem to have stopped growing? *pants* I now have eight breasts, each as l-large and p-perfect as my original p-pair. My entire, *gasp* chest is tits from my beautiful f-face to my rock hard *groans* cock!


I need to go to my dressing room!


“Wow! Wasn’t that supremely sexy and extremely exciting!? Love your new bouncy bountiful bosom Cassia!

I wish we had put a camera in your dressing room...

So this concludes our first Belial Idol: Couples Challenge Round!

The wacky winners of the Newbie Game are Couple #2!

Congratulations Lacey and Archibald!

You have won a mostly modest cash prize and gained immunity from this Transformation Round!

Which means that our other two comely couples *are* available to transform this round!

YOU! The at home viewing audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!!

Your choices are:

Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh, a slim and elegant heiress and her hunky himbo boyfriend!


Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel, a curvy librarian with a transformation fetish and her big, chill alchemist fiance!

Who will it be!? All four contestants are unchanged! Which Couple will be transformed first!?

It is up to YOU! to VOTE!

I’m your happy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!


Notes from the prodcuers:

Hi all! The Game is officially afoot! Phew!

I know I said ‘first Sunday in September’, but I got impatient and it’s close enough.

To vote for which Couple is transformed in the first Transformation Round please follow this link. Polls will be open for two weeks, so don’t delay!

You can vote for which couple you want to see changed first at the following link: https://www.strawpoll.me/20855057 

See y’all again the first(ish) Sunday in October!



Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the producer: Voting is about halfway over. If you wanted to vote but haven’t yet, now is your chance! https://www.strawpoll.me/20855057 


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 1

“Ladies! Gentleman! Gender nonconforming objects! Wellllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show were contestant couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the not-so-wholesome home audience votes for who is changed by our not-so-celibate celebrity Judges!

Tonight is the fanciest fantabulous first Transformation Round where the couple YOU! Voted for will be transformed! Each Contestant in the couple will take a turn entering the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and then we’ll spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to figure out which Judge will transform them!

At the end of this naughty night both contestants in the couple YOU! voted for will be changed forever!

But first let’s check in with our multiply busty and well hung friend Cassia to interview the wickedly wonderful winners of our first Challenge Round, Couple #2.”


“Thanks Cynthia. Hi Lacey, hi Archie!”



“How does it feel to be the first winners of a Challenge Round?”

“Mighty grand! Ah love the savory taste of victory!”

*chuckles* “Yeah it’s nice, but also the small cash prize is enough to start fixing some things on the farm. Maybe mend a fence or buy some animal feed...”

“Ah think we should finally buy that new milker we’ve been talkin’ about.”

“Oh that sounds kinky!”


*blushes* “Sorry, you meant for your animals. I guess I’ve just got multiple-boob brain right now...”

“Well, when ya put it that way, it surely does sound kinky!” *laughs*

“Yeah.... So how do you both feel about having transformation immunity this round?”

“Pretty relieved actually. I mean, it’s pretty unlikely that anyone is getting out of this game unscathed, but I’m pretty happy not to go first. I’m keen to see what’s ahead and mentally prepare myself for our turn at the wheel.”

“While ah ‘ppreciate a good win, I reckon it would’ve been best to get on with it. Sometimes when ya gotta jump off the cliff, better to be gettin’ it over with than gawking. No use dreadin’ a thing.”

*laughs* “That’s why I’m the planner and she’s the doer I guess.”

“Well congrats to you both and good luck with the next game. Back to you Cynthia!”


“Thanks Cassia! Okay folks! The monumental moment before the moment you are waiting for has arrived!

I am super duper exited to announce that the VOTES are in and the majority of our awesome audience wants to see...




Be transformed tonight!

That’s right fine featured folks! Ambergris, our elegant heiress, and Josh, our handsome himbo, will be the first contestants transformed in Belail Idol: Couples.

How extremely erectioningly exciting!

Cassia, how does our lucky couple feel?


“Thanks Cynthia, well Amber and Josh, how does it feel to ‘win’ the first transformation vote?”

“I’m not sure I’d call this winning...”

“What do you mean, babe? We’re like cool, y’know? The people can’t get enough!”

“But we are going to get changed!”

“Like, whatever?”

“But what if you don’t like what I turn into? What if I’m not pretty anymore?”

“Aw, babe, I’ll love you no matter how you look. You’re my babe, babe.”

“Okay, that was surprisingly sweet. Not let’s move on before someone ruins the moment!”


“Haha! What a perfectly professional move there, comely Cassia!

Now is the moment you all have been waiting for!

We flipped a coin backstage and determined that Jolly Josh is up first!

So hop to it Josh! Please make your way into the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then we will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi.”

“And I’m Doe.”

“Tonight we’re gonna see our first couple permanently transformed!”

“I’m pretty excited!”

*titter* “Me too!”

“And by excited I mean totally erect!”

*titter* “Me too!”

*giggle* “We are breaking in early to lay out the scene, since this time around things are a little different!”

“Since Belial Idol: Couples features, well, couples, we have two CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“I believe it should be ChamberS of Changes, Bobbi.”


“Each CHAMBER OF CHANGES is a 12 foot tall glass cylinder that is wide enough to fit a large person. The chamber has a transparent door in the side and is built to form an airtight seal when a contestant enters it.”

“On the top of each chamber are three alchemical tanks, one for each judge. A Blue one for Zoe, a Red one for Bree Kensingworth, and a Green one for the mystery Guest Judge!”

“The two CHAMBERS OF CHANGES are set up center stage, with a raised dais for our judges stage right and the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION stage left.”

“The WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION is a large carnival prize wheel, that is divided into 24 sections which alternate Blue, Red, and Green; each of which corresponds to one of our three judges.”

“The wheel will be spun, and will tick-tick-tick-tick around and around until it stops on a given colour and judge!”

“And then that judge will activate their alchemical tank on the CHAMBER OF CHANGES, which will spray our contestant and cause a permanent and hopefully sexy transformation!”

Ooooo, Bobbi, I can’t wait!”

*titters* “But you’ll have to hold on for another moment because we need to describe our judges!”

*giggles* “Of course! The judges are seated at their dais stage right, seated at blue, red, and green chairs.”

“Coiled around her Blue seat we have the giant serpentine alchemist Zoe!”

“Zoe is a celebrity alchemist and the spokeswoman for our sponsor SexyPet: look after the pet you fuck! Tonight our giant naga judge is playing solitaire, building a card castle with a second deck, and stroking the long feather boa she has wrapped around her neck.”

“Doe, I don’t think thats a boa. It looks like it’s alive!”

“Y’know, I think you’re right Bobbi! Zoe has a living tube creature wrapped around her shoulders covered with downy auburn fur. It has huge cute eyes and a sphincter mouth on its face and a rather large cock at the tip of its tail.”

“Which Zoe is licking with the long, flexible tongue that flicks out of her cunt-mouth.”

*giggles* “I’d say I was jealous, but I doubt I’d want to be at her mercy like that...”

“Doe, I just noticed... Does Zoe have a new assistant?”

“Yeah? It was a young man last time, and now she has a girl doing her bidding... Wait, you don’t think?”

“The boa creature....”

“Moving on!”

“In the Red chair we have our other fulltime judge: the filmmaker Bree Kensingworth!”

“Bree, aside from being an incredible auteur, is an imposing and handsome creature with four bovine breasts; an equine udder, penis, and tail; feathered hair; and the most piercing mismatched eyes.” *swoons*

*sighs* “Keep it together fangirl!”

“Right! Well Master Kensingworth is wearing an unbuttoned red fox hunting jacket with long tails and a white rabbit fur codpiece on his balls. He is sitting perfectly upright in his seat, clicking his clawed hands on the table impatiently, and looking rather bored.”

“So let’s not keep him waiting! In the final, Green chair is our Guest Judge who today is...?”

“An empty seat!”

“I guess it’s still a surprise?”

“A sexy surprise?”

“Speaking of Sexy, Josh has finally walked his fit little dude butt into the stage left CHAMBER OF CHANGES and with the help of our resident tame Alchemists has climbed inside!”

“The chamber is closing, closing, closing... Sealed!”

“We are all ready for the First Transformation to begin! Back to you Cynthia!”


“Ladies, Gentlemen, and Horny Plants! Our contestant Josh is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

...which is a job for Josh’s lovely lover, the anxious Amber! Cum on up here, Amberdextrous and spin! That! Wheel!”

“Oh... I’m really not comfortable doing this...”

“Don’t be a party poo-pooper! The Producers decreed we do it this way and it would be unwise to displease them! Besides little bitty old me can’t spin that big ol’ wheel. So get to it!”

“Okay. Sorry Joshua!”




“I can’t watch!”

tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick

"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected THE GREEN JUDGE for todays transformation!

Which is the Guest Judge!

So without further ado! Introducing!

The Cocky Couple!

Dickie and Phalice!”


“Wow! Our guest judges are Dickie and Phalice! Ahhhhhh!”

“Bobbi, I didn’t realize you were such a fan!”

“How can you not be? They’re hilarious!”

“For those unfamiliar with them, Dickie and Phalice are a slap-dick comedy duo! Phalice appears to be a short, chubby woman with enormous breasts and Dickie is an androgynous, tall skinny person with small enough breasts to pass as either a man or woman. They have identical heads and faces: vaguely feminine androgynous features with shoulder length tentacles instead of hair, which Dickie wears slicked back over their head and Alice coils into tight springy curls.”

“Their most famous feature is that their heads are not connected to their bodies! Instead of a neck Dickie and Phalice have long, girthy cocks that socket into muscular vaginas at the top of their bodies!”

“Which of course is part of their most enduring shtick: the head swap! In their movies they often play wildly different characters who end up accidentally switching bodies and lives. Like in the screwballs comedy Trading Faces, where a down-on-her-luck maid switches bodies and lives with a spoiled heiress.”

*titters* “I love that one!”

“Or the satire The Little Dick-tator where a lowly prostitute switches bodies with an imposing dictator and tries to fix the country!”

“Hilarious! And thoughtful!”

“Or the action comedy Faces Off!, where a terrorist and detective switch heads and impersonate each other.”

*titters* “So stupid in the best possible way!”

“And here they come now!”

“For the show Dickie is wearing a fancy vest, shirt, and slacks and Phalice is resplendent in a red ball gown!”

“Phalice has tripped on her gown and fallen to the floor!”

“And taken Dickie down with her!”

“And both of their heads have fallen off their bodies!”

*laughs* “Their headless bodies are blindly feeling around for their heads, and Dickie’s body has found a head and stuck it on.”

“Now Dickie is crawling after Phalice’s head, which is scuttling on it’s tentacles, dick in the air!”

*laughs* “Phew he caught it!” *titters* “And gotten a face blast of cum for their trouble!”

“Dickie has placed Phalice’s head back onto her body, except the tentacle hair looks wrong... backwards?”

*laughs* “They mixed up their heads!” *laughs* “And are now switching them back!”

*giggles* “Classic Dickie and Phalice bit right there!”

“No one really knows The Cocky Couple’s origin story. I’d heard that they were a comedy duo pretending to be brother and sister who decided to take it to the next level.”

“Hmm. I’d always believed the rumor that they were originally one comedian who decided to become a duo.”

“Oooo. That would explain why they have such perfect comedic timing!”

“And don’t look now but Dickie and Phalice are fighting over the one Green Guest Judge’s chair!”

*laughs* “So much slapping and poking!”

“Oh, but Bree is clearly not amused!”

*titters* “Loooooooove it!”

“And now he is climbing to his high heeled hooves and giving Dickie and Phalice his chair to use.”

*sigh* “Can we please get on with it now?”

“Dickie and Phalice have taken their seats and Bree continues to stand at his section of the podium.”

“Zoe, along with stroking her boa creatures cock and building her now towering card castle, looks very amused.”


“Yes Phalice, dear?”

“What do you call a twenty-foot long, multiarmed alchemist with ADHD and impulse control issues?”



*laughs* “Hilarious! Zoe loves the joke and has stopped everything else she is doing to clap her six hands!”

*giggles* “Miraculous!”

“Bree is rolling his eyes and shaking his head...”

“I thought this program valued cultured entertainment...”

*giggles* “Oh snap!”

“Hey Phalice?”

“Yah Dickie?”

“What do you call a director who sicks an Avatar on his unsuspecting cast?”

“An Avantar-garde artist?”


*laughs* “Sick burn on Mr. Auteur!”

“Bree has just quirked a sculpted, scaled eyebrow in response.”

“What does a pessimist call one mind split between two bodies? A glass half empty.”

*giggles* “Riposte!”

*titters* “That was a pretty good comeback!”

“Even the Cocky Couple seem to like it, since they have pulled their heads right off their bodies in exaggerated shock!”

“And have just now traded heads again and restyled their tentacle hair.”

“Wait, Bobbi, does this mean that Dickie was Phalice and Phalice was Dickie? Or is Phalice pretending to be Dickie now, and vice versa?”

*titters* “I have no clue!”

“It doesn’t matter because it’s time for our first transformation of the night!”

“That’s right! Poor Josh has been cooling his heels in the CHAMBER OF TRANSFORMATION waiting for our Guest Judge: The Cocky Couple to do their thing!”

“Which they are just! About! To! Do!”

“Hey Doe?”

“Yes Bobbi?”

“Didn’t we used to have an extra helper for Transformation Round shows that could read the contestants mind?”

“Oh you mean Matteo? We replaced him.”

“Oooo! With what? A psychic cock?”

“No! A microphone in the CHAMBER!”

*titters* “Why didn’t the producers think of that last time?”


“Of course! Right! Anyway... Dickie and Phalice have started a struggle over who gets to press the Green button and trigger the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Which has resulted in them both falling on the button at the same time!”


“Josh has just been doused in transformative alchemy with a shimmering, glittery quality!”


“Sounds like our microphone is working!”

“Josh is currently a very fit, muscular guy with short faux-hawked hair and a very nice tan! But maybe not for much longer!”

“It’s all tingly, y’knowwhhhmmmmmmffff...”

“Josh’s mouth has just sealed in on itself leaving him with a blank space on his face below his nose!”

*titters* “So much for our microphone!”

*giggles* “We should have hired the psychic cock!”

“Doe, is it my imagination or is Josh’s body getting... softer?”

“No, his well chiseled muscles are losing definition as his body gains more subcutaneous fat!”

“He still looks fit though.”

“Yeah, but now it’s more of a toned yoga bod instead of a hunky weight lifter.”

“It looks like Josh is still gaining body fat, but only in a few places...”

*giggles* “Boobs!”

*titters* “And an ass!”

“That’s right, Josh has completed the sexy yoga instructor look by gaining a pair of spectacular D-cup breasts and a pillowy bubble butt!”

“Oh, I don’t think those breasts are done growing...”

“No they are definitely expanding, and changing from natural looking teardrops to very spherical looking orbs!”

“Josh is now sporting huge, maybe F-cup, fake looking tits!”

“Josh’s body has continued to feminize, and I would say at this point he looks like a hot girl with no mouth and a faux hawk.”

“And a big cock!”

“And there is something weird happening with his nipples...”

“They are bubbling outward and splitting?”

“And becoming two pairs of extremely plump, beestung lips!”

“Like, Oooooo! I feel like, totally sexy!”

*titters* “And our microphone is back in service!”

“Like ohmidemons! Am I, like, talking from my boobies!? Wait? I have boobies!?”

*giggles* “Josh is fondling his new, unnaturally firm breasts and sucking on his delicate fingers with his lipples!”

“His eyes just widened in shock on his beautiful mouthless face!”

“And his hands have just grabbed his dick, which to remind the viewers, is a little on the smaller side.”

“Oh my cock feels like, soooooo hot!”

“It seems not for long though, since his cock is getting bigger as Josh pulls on it!”

“Five inches, six inches, seven inches, eight inches! Nine inches! Ten inches! Twelve inches!”

“And really thick too! That fucker is almost as wide as our wrists!”

“Like, ohhhhhh! Like, fuck! Like, Ahhhhhhh!”

*giggles* “And there he blows! Shooting his cum all over the inside of the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Weird! His semen is a bright pink colour!”

*giggles* “It seems to match his new look!”

“I’ll say, Doe, our Himbo is looking much more like a Bimbo!”

“And with that, let’s check in with Cassia who is waiting with Amber!”


“Thanks ladies! So Amber, that was wild, huh?”

*blanches* “Yes.”

“How do you feel now that your boyfriend is a girl?”

“Well, not to be preachy, but we don’t know what gender Joshua wants to use...”

*laughs* “Y’know, as a lady with a cock, you’d think I’d know better. Okay, so, how do you feel about Josh getting a girlier body?”

“It’s going to take some getting used to? But at least he still has a penis?”

*laughs* “And what a penis!”

*blushes* “Yeah, it’s enormous! Can a normal woman even handle a cock like that?”

“Yes.” *blushes* “Sexy famous singers get to go to some wild parties...” *coughs* “But maybe you won’t have to worry about the ‘normal’ part!”

“... or the ‘woman’ part...”

“...Well, maybe! Hopefully you and Josh like what you get! Do you have anything to say to the judges before you take your turn in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES?”

“Just... be gentle...”

*Laughs and hefts six breasts* “I feel that! Over to you Cynthia!”


“Ladies! Gentlemen! And adorably sexy clowns! We have a second sexy transformation tonight!

The second member of our chosen couple, Amber, is being sealed in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

Which means it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION! Again!

So Jiggly Josh, cum on down!”

*giggle* “Hi!”

“Hi yourself, Josh. ....or should I call you Josie?”

“Like, why? I’m totally like, still a hot guy. Just like, with boobies now.”


“And look at how totally big my thingy is!”

“Trust me, I can’t take my eyes off your ‘thingy’! But anyway! It’s your turn to Spin! That! Wheel!

*giggle* “Yay!”



“Three!”/“Like, Three!”


tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick






"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected THE RED JUDGE for Amber’s transformation!
Which is Bree Kensingworth!”

*giggle* “Omidemons! The wheel is SO fun! Can I spin it again!?”

“Not right now! Back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”


“Hello again transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“If you are just tuning in, you missed that we transformed Josh, our himbo personal trainer contestant into a sexy bimbo with lipples and a cock!”

“And now we are going to transform his girlfriend, the beautiful Ambergris!”

“Ambergris is currently sealed inside the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“She is an elegant, thin woman with platinum blond hair and blue eyes!”

*titters* “But not for long!”

“That’s right, Bobbi. The WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has just selected the Red Judge: Bree Kensingworth to Transform Amber!”

“Bree is intensely studying Amber and is leaning forward over his desk, his four udder-like breasts hanging heavily out of his fox hunting jacket.”

“His large equine penis is also fully unsheathed and erect!”

“He does not look bored now!”

*swoons* “I wish he looked at me like that...”

“His claws are leaving scratches on the desk and he is tilting his head, viewing Amber with his blue slit pupil eye and then his red goat pupilled eye.”

“I’m still so jealous!”

“Oh and look who else is jealous!”

“Zoe has knocked over her very large and elaborate card castle and is sullenly hugging herself with all six arms!”
“It seems our chaotic naga alchemist is feeling left out!”

“Oh! She is looking at her assistant with a hungry look, her cunt tongue flicking out to lick her face.”

“Uh oh...”

“Zoe has produced a small vial from somewhere labelled ‘drink me’ in spectacular cursive.”

“Doe, I thought the Producers had her searched!”

“They did! And now the very nervous looking assistant is drinking from the vial!”

“And is starting to change!”

“She has dropped the vial as her arms have retracted into her shoulders!”

“Which has also made her page jacket fall off, leaving her naked!”

“Her breasts have expanded to be as large as her head and her mouth and nose have reformed into a vagina!”

“And she is growing a lengthy, girthy cock!”

“I guess she isn’t much use as Zoe’s assistant anymore...”

“Oh but she isn’t finished changing!”

“No, her lower body is growing tawny fur and a thick tail!”

“And her feet are growing longer and reforming, as her legs are becoming digitigrade and very muscular!”

“Her belly is growing a big furry pouch! Like a kangaroo?”

“Doe, I think she’s done...”

“Zoe is beckoning her closer and the poor assistant is hopping to her, making her huge breasts bounce and flop.”

“And Zoe is peeling open her former assistants pouch and placing her living boa-with-a-cock creature inside...”

“It’s like she made her assistant into a living purse...”

“Oh! Bree has rapped his hands on the desk and cleared his throat!”

“If we are all finished with the interruptions?”

“Right! We have an Amber to transform!”

“Bree has lifted his hands and cracked his knuckles like a conductor getting ready to present.”

“Prepare yourself, my dear.”

“And he has reached out and triggered the Red Judge’s controls!”


“And now Amber is soaked in syrupy alchemy!”

“Ah! It’s so sticky!”

*giggles* “Amber looks pretty unimpressed.”

“And is trying to scrape the fluid off her arms and out of her wet hair.”

“This is ridiculous! Oh! I feel funny...”

“The Alchemy has soaked into her skin and must be starting to work it’s magic!”

“Amber is rubbing her face with her hands...”


“Oh! Wow! Amber’s blue eyes have gotten bigger, brighter, and have a decided feline slit pupil!”

“The tip of her nose has also gotten black, triangular, and cat-like!”

“And the philtrum of her top lip has split open leaving her with a feline looking cleft!”

“And she has the cutest whiskers!”

“Amber is reaching up and touching her hair which is becoming white-grey as her eyebrows darken to black.”

*yowl* “What’s happening?”

*titters* “She’s growing black furred pointy cat ears which are sticking out of her hair is what’s happening!”

“And now she is looking at her hands with an adorably puzzled expression as her finger nails become retractable claws and her palms swell into paw pads!”

“Her fingers are swelling too, becoming not quite paws, but paw-like!”

“Similar change is happening to her feet which are swelling and stretching, reforming into digitigrade legs with huge cat paws for feet!”

“Meow! Itchy!”

“Amber is scratching at her arms as she grows fur!”

“The fur starts just above her elbows and is the same white as her hair, but from her forearms down the fur is black like her ears!”

“And she is growing a matching coat on her legs with grey-white fur on her thighs and black fur covering her reformed calves and paws!”

“Ah! Oooh!” *yowl*

“Now Amber is growing red bumps on her torso!”

“Nipples alert!”

“That’s right! Our pretty new kitty has sprouted eight additional nipples, giving her ten total arranged in five pairs!”

“Her original tits, which are small but perky, are expanding a little and becoming perfectly formed...”

“... while the next pair of nipples down have grown small, maybe a-cup breasts.”

“The nipples below that have also swollen into very small, don’t-bother-with-a-bra sized tits on her stomach!”

“Her fourth and fifth pair of nipples dont seem to be growing into breasts at all, but are just prominent nipples on her lower stomach and crotch!”

“Amber is gently caressing her new nipple collection!”


*giggles* “I think she likes them!”


*titters* “Amber has just fallen to all fours, standing naturally and easily on her hands and feet!”

“Like a kitty on paws!”

“A posture that sticks her ass in the air!”

“Which is convenient since she is currently growing a long, feline tail covered in short black fur!”

“A tail that is sprouting from a new patch of white-grey fur on her lower back.”

“She is pacing around the chamber easily on her four limbs...”

“Do you think she is stuck on all fours?”

“Nope! She has climbed back onto her feet, tail lashing for balance, and is banging on the door to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Meow! Let me out already! Meowwwww!”

*titters* “Seems like our kitty cat princess is done changing and wants out!”

“Oh look! Bree is smiling! He looks very pleased!”

“What a pretty pussy...”

“And on that note, Ambergris, our fancy heiress is now a fancy catgirl!”

“Let’s check in with Cassia to see what Josh thinks of his girlfriends transformation!”


“Thanks ladies! Now I’m here with Josh!”

*giggles* “Hiiiieeee!”

“How are you feeling Josh?”

“Like really good and like, totally bubbly! I’m like a fizzy drink that’s gotten like, all shook up and stuff!”

*laughs* “Sounds fun!”

“Omidemons it totally IS!”

“So what do you think about Amber’s change!”

“She is SO CUTE! I just want to like, pet her and cuddle her and like, fuck her kitty brains out! Eeeeeee!”

“So you still find her sexy?”

*giggles* “Totally! My thingy has been so hard since she changed!”

“Speaking of thingies... it’s time to announce the vote for my next transformation!”


“Yeah... so I’m currently a sexy woman with an average penis and eight large, perfectly shaped breasts! For my next change the producers have told me it has a ‘home’ theme.”

“Like, what does that mean?”

“I have no idea. But here are the voting options:

1: Cock
2: Nipples
3: Vagina
4: Lips

So pick whatever you want to see changed next I guess?”

“Ohhh! I hope it’s the Vjayjay one!”

“I guess we’ll find out! Back to you Cynthia!”


*laughs* “Wasn’t that an awesomely action packed first transformation round episode! Spoiled brats to kitty cats! Himbos to bimbos! Wow! I’m gonna have to jumping jack off right after this!

Next up is the Second Challenge Round: The Domestic Challenge! So tune in next week to see which of our Competitive Couples will win immunity and who could be transformed next!

And remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next ‘home’ themed transformation!

I’m your hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Thanks for tuning in and goodnight!”


Message from the Producers: The game is officially afoot! Thanks to PssyMouthDckNeck aka PMDN for creating the Cocky Couple and designing Josh’s guest judge transformation! And as always thanks to Ordos Tsceri and The_Wanderer for their contributions.

Also please remember to vote for Cassia’s next transformation here: https://www.strawpoll.me/21047716

See you again the first Sunday in November!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

i like! smile


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the producers: only one week left to vote for the next Cassia transformation and it’s a tight race! Vite here: https://www.strawpoll.me/21047716

@Nebellegende: Thanks!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Challenge Round: 2

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Sentient cum! Welcome back to Belial Idol: Couples, the game show where Courageous Couples undergo rounds of tingling transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! the Amazing Audience vote for which contestants are changed by our panel of sensational celebrity Judges!

Last Episode was our first Transformation Round where Couple #1, Ambergris and Josh where transformed from Heiress to Catgirl and from Himbo to Bimbo!

Tonight we will be playing our second Challenge Round game to determine who wins a modest cash prize and earns immunity from the next Transformation Round!

Tonight’s game will also reveal which Couples can be changed in the next Transformation Round!

In this Challenge Round Episode our Couples will be playing the Domestic Challenge, a game designed to test how well our Crazy Couples live together!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!”


“Hi folks! It’s me, Cassia, your eight breasted, hermaphroditic interviewer! And as always I’m checking in with our Couples before the next game starts!

So without further adieu here are Ambergris and Josh!”



“I know I’m supposed to ask about your game plan, but I’m sure everyone would rather know how you both are finding your transformations?”

“Like, it’s been totally great! I feel like, sooooo good and Kitty is so playful and fun like this!”

“Josh, you call Amber kitty now?”

“Like, totally! She is such a cuuuuute and sexy Kitty!”

“Amber, you’re okay with this?”

*blushes* “Yes, it’s actually kind of nice? And hot...”

“So you’re enjoying your transformation too?”

“Mew? It’s kind of embarrassing sometimes... but...” *blushes and flattens ears* “yes, I like it a lot....”

“That’s great! Do you two have any special plans for the game today?”

“Well, we don’t like, live together because Kitty’s dad is a big meanie, but I have to like, do my share while living with my bros!”

*sniffs and lashes tail* “I don’t usually do the chores... that’s what the Help is for.”

“Okay! Moving on to Couple #2: Lacey and Archibald!”



“Are you two ready for tonight’s game?”

“Ready and rarin’!”


“Do you have any sort of special strategy?”

“Well, we won the last game, so I guess just keep doing what we’re doing?”

*laughs* “Ah wonder how long we can keep this here win streak alive?”

*laughs* “Perhaps go wire-to-wire?”

“An’ then win the whole caboodle!”

“That’s the spirit! Moving on to Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel!”



“Are you two ready for the Domestic Challenge?”

“Sure. Trix is extremely tidy!”

“I am. Gabe is a complete slob, though.”

“Right! But I figure that between the two of us we have a happy, competitive middle ground. Tidy enough to pass inspection, but lazy enough to keep up with the other teams.”

“Gabe, I’m not sure I can tolerate a haphazard job...”

“Don’t you want to win?”

*groan* “Curse you for pitting my obsessive compulsions against my unhealthy competitiveness!”

*chuckles* “I’m just trying to help you grow as a person.”

“Speaking of changing people... I think it’s time to start our game! Let’s check in with our ladies in the booth!”


“Howdy transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“And today we are here to tell you about the Belial Idol: Couples Domestic Challenge.”

“Which is about a buck cheaper than a Foreign or Craft Challenge!”

*titters* “Hey-oh!”

*giggles* “But seriously, today our Contestants will be performing a series of tasks to see which couple is the best at the day-to-day part of living together! An important test since sex is only part of being in a healthy relationship!”

“What!? Lies! I don’t believe you!”

“Bobbi, being in a relationship is also about teamwork and like, being a good roommate.”

“Help! Help! I’m conjoined to a madwoman!”

“Calm down, I’ll show you how important sex is later....”

Oooooh do you promise?

“Anyway! The game course is set up as three ‘homes’ which are made up of a series of locked rooms.”

“Each room contains a household task for our Couples to finish by working together.”

“Once a given task is completed to our Producers’ satisfaction, the door to the next room will be unlocked and our Couples can move on to the next task until they complete the game.”

“The first Couple to finish all the tasks will win the game, a cash prize, and transformation immunity!”

“I’m looking to see our contestants attack their chores with purpose and to see our Couples display their best teamwork. What about you Bobbi?”

“I just want to see them fuck!”

*giggles* “Our three Couples are approaching the locked front door to their ‘homes’.”

“Our set designers have really outdone themselves, giving each Couple’s ‘home’ it’s own look.”

“That’s right, Bobbi. Couple #1 has a ‘home’ modeled on a classic mansion with a white painted brick facade, columns, and a striking pediment!”

“Very fancy!”

“Couple #2 has their entryway styled liked a farmhouse with old weathered shiplap covered in flaking blue paint!”


“And Couple #3 has a facade modeled on a fancy old wooden house covered in elaborately carved decorations and painted flourishes...”

“Like a big, slightly spooky dollhouse. I don’t get it, Doe?”

“I think the set designers are riffing on Beatrix being a gothy librarian.”

*titters* “Okay, I guess that makes sense, although I think she is more nerdy than gothy...”

“Goth-adjacent, let’s say.”

“Let’s also say the game is about to begin!”

“The Couples are lined in front of the locked entrances to their ‘home’ courses!”

“Cynthia is counting them down!”




Get hoppity hopping!”

“And they’re off!”

“All three Couples have entered the first room in the course!”

“Which is the Laundry Challenge! Brought to you by our Sponsor: Sparkle Shine Laundry: Get out those pesky cum stains!”

“Each Couple has an enormous pile of clean laundry that needs to be folded and sorted into baskets marked ‘everyday’, ‘fancy’, ‘sexy’ and ‘kinky’.”

“When the Couples complete the chore the Producers will unlock the door to the next room and task!”

“Couple #2, Lacey and Archibald have divided the laundry into two piles and are both folding away.”

*giggles* “Lacey has lifted a t-shirt and sotted a ball gag!”

*blushes* “Arch! Take a gander at what Ah found!”

*chuckles* “I think that one goes in the kinky box.”

*titters* “I always thought the ‘Kinky Box’ was for a different kind of sex toy!”

“What do you mean Bobbi?”

*titters* “I’m talking about a penis in a vagina, Doe!”

*giggles* “Couple #1, Amber and Josh, are not working quite so efficiently.”

“Well, Josh is folding laundry and humming a Cassia song with his breast mouths...”

“But Amber is prowling around on all fours, prodding, clawing, and batting at the laundry.”

“Kitty! Like, Get to work!”


*titter* “Amber is now rolling in the laundry pile like a silly kitten!”

*giggles* “She sure is cute now!”

“Hmmm... Couple #3 seem to have split up the chores?”

“Sure looks like it: Beatrix is folding the laundry in very precise, crisp strokes while Gabe is awkwardly delivering the folded laundry to it’s labelled basket.”

“Beatrix is like a laundry origami artist! Her folded panties look like miniature panties!”

“Trix, dear, I know you like to do all the folding but... this is a race and I could help speed things up.”

*sigh* “I know. It’s just, folded laundry should be perfect and...”

“And my folding isn’t up your level, I get it. But the race...”

“Alright. You can help, just maybe try to hide it from me?” *sigh*

*chuckles* “Okay.”

“And give me any lingerie you find! The pretties deserve better than being mauled by you!”

“Couple #1 continues to struggle: Amber has stopped playing in the laundry pile and started to pounce on Josh’s folded laundry piles!”

“Kitty! Bad Kitty!”

*giggles* “Mew!”

“Archie and Lacey seem to be pulling ahead and have almost finished folding and sorting their laundry.”

“Ooooh. Lacey has found a strappy bondage harness and is staring at it and blushing.”

“She looks very flushed and maybe... horny?”

“She has actually found quite the collection of restraints, hoods, and latex clothing in their laundry.”

“Lacey, come on! Put your toys in the kinky box, we’re almost done!”

“Huh, oh right!” *blushes* “Mah apologies.”

*titters* “I think she’s more sorry that she doesn’t get to put the gear on!”

*giggles* “who doesn’t like a good game of bondage dress up?”

“Speaking of a game of dress up, Beatrix and Gabe look like they’re playing with their laundry...”

“Beatrix is holding up a huge zebra striped codpiece!”

“Would you look at the size of this thing!”

*chuckles* “It looks a little big for me.”

“Right now, maybe.” *Laughs* “But I was thinking more for me!”

“Gabe is holding up an enormous red two-cupped bra.”

“Trix, What about this?”

*clicks tongue* “Bigger breasts? Sure? But it’s a little pedestrian isn’t it?”

*titters* “Gabe has stuck his fingers inside the cups of the bra and stuck out eight inch nipple sleeves!”

“Ooooh. Now that’s much more interesting....”

“Couple #2 looks to be just about finished their laundry folding and are sorting their clothes into the relevant hampers.”

“Lacey is really taking her time putting the restraints into the kinky hamper...”

“Ooooo, she just clipped a handcuff onto her left wrist!”

“She is biting her lip and putting her hands behind her back and posing and... ooops!”

“The other handcuff has snapped closed!”

“Lacey has just restrained herself!”

“Archie, Ah think Ah might be in some consternation here...” *blushes and rattles chain*

“Demons! Lacey, what happened?”

“Archie is examining the handcuffs and trying to spring them open, but with no luck!”

“Lacey is trembling.” *titters* “I think she is really getting off on this!”

“These are really locked. I don’t think we can get them off....”

“Ah don’t reckon ya saw the key?”

*giggles* “Spoilers! There isn’t one!”

*titters* “It looks like Lacey will have to finish the challenge with both hands tied behind her back!”

“But it appears the Producers have decided that Couple #2 has finished the Laundry task and opened the next door!”

“Lacey and Archie with the lead!”

“Hmm. It looks like Josh has emptied out a laundry basket and placed it upright in the corner of the room...”

“Amber is slinking over to it, a curious look on her slightly feline face.”


“Amber has jumped into the empty hamper and has squeezed herself into it!”

*titters* “She really doesn’t fit...”


“With Amber occupied Josh is finally getting some traction on his folding and catching up to Couple #2.”

“Speaking of which... Archie and Lacey have entered the second room: the Clean Up Challenge, brought to you by our sponsor La Chatte Serree Maid Service!”

“In this stage of the race our Contestant Couples will have to clean up a sizeable, gooey mess to proceed to the next room!”

“Doe, I don’t see any gooey mess in the room, just one of the Belial Idol Freyan cockwomen: Glansilly! Who is, to remind the sightless in our audience, a cowgirl cockwoman! She has the usual body plan of cockwomen: sexy lady legs and female body from the hips down and an enormous torso sized cock and balls instead of an upper body.”

“Except, unlike a standard cockwoman, Glansilly was transformed in the last iteration of Belial Idol to become cowlike: with hooved feet, a ropey cow tail, a scrotum that is also an udder, a giant cock-torso that is sheathed and bull-like, and Holstein patterned skin!”

“Right, so what is she doing in the Clean Up Challenge Room? And where’s the mess?”

“Glansilly is the mess! Our Producers have inserted a sex toy into our cowgirl cockwoman’s leathery bovine vagina and have been expertly teasing her to the point of orgasm since the game started. And now that Archie and Lacey have entered the room...”


*titters* “There she blows!”

“Glansilly has just ejaculated a huge swath of hot, steaming cum all over the Clean Up Challenge room from her huge bull-like cock body!”

“And short smaller streamers of mixed milk and semen from the four long teats on her udder-testicles!”

*giggles* “Archie looks horrified!”

“Demons, this is disgusting!”

“Ah reckon ya best get to it...”

“Wait, aren’t you going to help?”

*rattles handcuff chains*

“Right...” *sigh*

“It’ll be just like mucking out a barn stall.”

“I hate mucking out the barn...”

“Archie has fetched a mop and bucket and started to sop up the cum.”

“Meanwhile, back in the first room, Gabe and Beatrix have gotten distracted by all the wild transformed garments in their laundry pile...”

“Beatrix is wearing the huge bra with the six inch ‘nipple’ sleeves, the huge zebra codpiece, and a cock-sock on her nose while Gabe has on a fake maternity belly, three nipple pasties, a facial veil, and a nine-cupped bra on his back.”

“They are mostly just digging through the clothes now, looking for other things to add to their costumes...”

“Trix! Check this out! What do you think it could be?”

“Hmmm... it looks kind of like culottes but for like eight legs? Oh! Tentacle culottes!” *Squeee* “I love those! Give them to me!”

*chuckles* “How are you even going to wear those?”

“Don’t ruin the moment...”

“Oh! Speaking of moments... we should really get back to the game, huh?”

“Demons! I got carried away!”

*titters* “I’ll say!”

“Beatrix and Gabe are finally back to folding and sorting their laundry.”

“Meanwhile Josh has managed to get all of Couple #1’s laundry done with Amber occupied with her box!”

“And now that he has lured his Kitty out of her basket they are entering the Clean Up Challenge room!”

“Where they are met by Scroti, another returning Belial Idol Cockwoman!”

“Scroti was a ‘normal’ cockwoman at the start of the last iteration of Belial Idol, but during the game was transformed to become super muscular, girthy, and with turbocharged ejaculation!”

*titers* “This is gonna get messs-yyyy!”


*giggles* “There she blows!”

*titters* “And oh what a mess!”

*yowl!* “This is disgusting! Joshhhhuaaaa!”

*giggles* “Don’t like, worry, babe! I’ve totally got this! It’s just like after a totally wild frat party! But with less like, puke and broken glass!”

*giggles* I want to go to those parties!”

“While Josh gets to work, let’s check in with Couple #2!”

“Despite working solo, Archie has made fast work of cleaning up, and he and Lacey are just about ready to move onto the next task!”

“It seems mucking out the barn is a transferrable skill!”

“The Producers have decided the task is completed and Archie and Lacey have moved on to the Dinner Challenge!”

“Brought to you by our Sponsor: Spooge! Spooge is the meal replacement that is salty, bitter, sticky, and thick!”

“Everyone knows that shared mealtime is important for relationships, so in this stage of the Domestic Challenge our Couples will have the privilege of eating a big old bowl of hot steaming Spooge!”

*titters* “And the Producers won’t be satisfied unil they swallow every drop!”

“Archie and Lacey have taken their seats at the plain farmhouse dinner table with the large bowl of Spooge. They look horrified!”

“Clearly not Spooge fans...”

“Archie is scooping out a pudding-like dollop of Spooge and putting in into his mouth!”

*titters* “And he is gagging on it!”

“Ugh! That is positively revolting!”

“Lacey whose hands, remember, are chained behind her back is leaning forward to sniff the white, mushy food, her long braid of red hair falling into the goop!”

“And she has just dropped herself face first into goop and is gobbling the Spooge up like a dog!”


*gags* *coughs* “Arch, Ah can’t let ya do all the nasty chores. Y’just sit back and reconnoiter there a minute and Ah’ll have this here slop chocked down in no time.”

*giggles* “And down she goes again, head down, face buried in the Spooge!”

*titters* “I’d say she’s bobbing for Spooge!”

*giggles* “Checking back in on Couple #3 they have completed the Laundry Challenge task and moved into the Clean Up Challenge room!”

“Where they are being met by two Belial Idol Cockwomen: my ex-wife Urethrella and our new Cockwoman Tina!”

“Ugh, just look at that stupid cock-bitch!”

“Doe, it’s okay. We’ve been over this, it was a mutual uncoupling.”

“She turns into a cock, gets famous and ditches you!”

“She just needed a lover who had an improbably large cunt that could fit her. And we weren’t willing to change our body like that. We’ve all moved on.”


“Anyway! My ex-wife is majestically ejaculating as the Producers have finally allowed her to make a big mess!”

“But Tina still hasn’t cum yet...”

“Ooooh I’m too nervous!”

“Urethrella has walked over to Tina and is rubbing her shaft and legs against her!”

“It’s okay honey, just relax, let it all wash over you and then erupt like the sexy, giant cock you are!”

“Ahhhh! DEMONS!”

“And there she blows!”

“Gabe and Beatrix’s Clean Up room is now a spectacular mess!”

*giggles* “Beatrix looks horrified.”

“This is repulsive!”

*chuckles* “This is just another day in the alchemy lab.” *cracks knuckles* “Grab a mop!”

“I hate this so much...”

“I know you do, but you get used to it! Seriously, the floods of cum I’ve seen...”

“Meanwhile Couple #1, by which I mean Josh, has finished the Clean Up task and has progressed to the Dinner Challenge!”

“Josh has seated himself at the very fancy dining table in front of the big crystal bowl of steaming Spooge and is looking at it dubiously...”

“And Amber has leaped up onto the table like a cat and crawled over to the bowl.”

“Josh has scooped up a double handful of Spooge and pressed it to his lipples!”

“Like, ewwwwww! That is *totally* icky!!!”

“Amber is leaning forward and sniffing the Spooge, her long tail flicking the air behind her...”

*lick* *lick* *Purrrrrrrrr*

“Kitty, you like it?”

*lick lick lick* “Mew! It’s creamy and salty and delicious!”

*giggles* “Amber has her head down over the bowl of Spooge and is delicately lapping it up like a kitty cat!”

“Couple #2 has completed their ‘delicious’ and ‘nutritious bowl of Spooge!”

“Lacey‘s face is covered in white, gelatinous blobs of Spooge and her hair is full of the gunk. Her arms also remain firmly chained behind her back so the Spooge is just dripping off her face!”

*titters* “It reminds me of a bukkake facial party we went to once...”

*giggles* “So good for the complexion!”

“Y’know Doe, I think under all that Spooge on her face, Lacey looks pretty happy and... horny?”

“I think maybe she likes the humiliation?”

“The Producers have decided the task is done and have opened the door to the next stage of the Domestic Game: The Bathing Challenge!”

“Brought to you by our sponsors Percival's Patented Pelt Product: haircare for your improbably hairy friends!”

“That’s right folks, after a long day of work, there is nothing more intimate than bathing your lover!”

“Unless it’s washing their hair: the most intimate thing you can do.”

“Weird! In this stage of the game our couples will have to clean off all of the cockwoman spunk and Spooge from their bodies before the next door will open!”

“Bobbi, how will the Producers know when the task is complete?”

“Our Producers are able to smell the slightest trace of cum on a person from forty feet away!”

“Archie will have his work cut out for himself with Lacey still restrained and her head and hair absolutely covered in Spooge!”

“Couple #3 has finished their Clean Up challenge room by, unlike the other contestants, actually working together!”

“Gabe and Beatrix have seated themselves at the carved, antique dining table and are staring at a steaming cauldron of Spooge.”

*titters* “Beatrix looks super not into it, and is pinching her nose closed.”

*shakes head* “That is an *enormous* no from me.”

“Gabe has lifted the large ceramic cauldron, tipped it to his lips, and is chugging the Spooge!”

*titters* “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

“The Spooge is dribbling down his chin and coating his beard in thick, ropey globs of Spooge!”

“Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

“Demons! Gabe has just chugged the entire bowl of Spooge in one go!”


“Gabe, That was disgusting!”

*urp* “Sorry, but I think we caught up?”

“The Producers are satisfied and Couple #3 has moved on to the Bathing Challenge!”

“They have caught right up to Couple #2!”

“Gabe! Come on! Hurry!”

“Sorry, Trix...” *burp* “Feeling a little full here...”

“Speaking of Couple #2, Archie has quickly cleaned himself off, and is currently washing Lacey in the large galvanized steel farmhouse basin we’ve provided.”

“Oh! Lacey seems to *really* like being touched with her arms bound!”

*giggles*. “And Archie clearly knows it! He’s really taking his time on cleaning her breasts, thighs, and pussy!”

*giggles* “Which I’m pretty sure were never actually touched by Spooge...”

“I wonder how much all this getting dirty is going to slow down their getting clean?”

“Couple #3 has also entered the Bathing Challenge room!”

“Beatrix is fairly clean, just a bit of cum from cleaning up after the cockwomen, but Gabe’s beard and chest hair are coated in thick gobs of Spooge!”

“But they are climbing into the ornate clawed bathtub and working together to get clean!”

“It seems that despite their earlier distraction, Gabe and Beatrix are now in it to win it!”

“Couple #1 are just finishing their Dining Challenge with Amber licking up the last few morsels of Spooge from the crystal bowl.”


“The producers have opened the door to the next room and the Bathing Chellenge!”

“Like, come on Kitty! Let’s go!”

“Meow. I will not be rushed.”

“Josh has run ahead, big breasts bobbling, and run straight to the huge, Jacuzzi tub!”

*giggles* “Canonballs!”


*titters* “I give him a 7 on that dive, Doe!”

*hissss* “Joshhhhhua! You almost got me wet!”

“Like, sorry! But, like, Kitty you need to have, like, a bath for the game!”

*sniff* “I will bathe myself, thank you.”

“Amber, showing remarkable flexibility, is now licking her body clean with her rough tongue.”

*titters* “You love to see a pussy lick herself!”

“Meanwhile Couple #3 have finished bathing themselves and our Producers have determined they are clean enough to proceed to the next task!”

“The *final* task!”

“That’s right! Bobbi, what’s the most important part of being in a relationship?”

“Is it fucking, Doe?”

*giggles* “It is! And the last stage of our game is the Intimacy Challenge! Where our couples have to fuck to win!”


“The first Couple where both Contestants orgasm will finish the game and win this Challenge round!”

“And no faking it! Our Producers can *always* tell!”

“Couple #3 look nervous approaching the handsome, carved antique bed.”

“Especially Beatrix...”

“Gabe, I’m not sure I can do this... n-not with everyone watching.”

“It’s okay, Trix. Just close your eyes and focus on my voice.”


“Gabe is guiding Beatrix onto the bed and her eyes are firmly closed.”

“He has her positioned on her hands and knees and is crouching behind her her, leaning forward to whisper in her ear.”

“And he is gently cupping and stroking her large, hanging breasts.”

“Remember that sexy bra from earlier? The big red one with the long nipple sleeves?”


“Well you breasts are growing in my hands, getting bigger and fuller. Expanding!”


“And your nipples are getting so hard, and big. And they are growing longer and thicker, like teats. No like cocks! Erect six inch cocks!”

“Ohhhh... tell me more!”

*titters* “Yes! Tell us more!”

“Actually we should check in with our other Couples...”

“Awww do we have to? This is getting hot!”

“I’m afraid so, Bobbi. Lucky for you Couple #2 is also having a sexy time!”

*titters* “That’s right! Lacey still has her arms restrained while Archie washes her body...”

“Or at least caresses her body...”

“And licks her body.”

“Do they know that the Producers have decided they are clean enough and have unlocked the door to the Intimacy Challenge room?”

*titters* I’m not sure they care!”

“Mmmmm Archie, ya gotta s-ssstop....”

“Do you really want me to?

“N-n-nooo-ohhhh! But the g-gah-game.....mmm...”

“You just have to say the magic word....”

“Ohhhhhh....” *pants* “Beaver! Archie Beaver!”

*sighs* “Okay fine.”


“Doe, I guess it’s their safeword?”

“Adorable! So Couple #2 has entered the final room in the Domestic Challenge where they will have to orgasm to win!”

“Lacey is downright dripping with arousal, is chewing her lower lip, and walking crookedly!”

“That girl’s too ready to fuck!”

“Archie has grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over to the plain wooden bed and pushed her onto it.”

“Lacey is on her back, legs spread, panting.”

“And Archie has gone straight down on her, burying his face in her wet cunt!”

“All Lacey can do is lay there are submit to it, chains rattling a bit as she squirms!”

“Oh demons! Archie!” *moans* “Ohhhh Archie!” *gasps* “Oh! Fuuuuuuck!” “Ah-ahhhh-ahhhhnnnnn!”

“And there she goes! Our first contestant has orgasmed!”

“Lacey is on the board!”

“Now all they need to do to secure the win is for Archie to cum too!”

*giggles* “But it seems that our man is intent on eating out Lacey a second time!’

“Couple #3 continues their foreplay as Gabe tries to coach Beatrix into feeling the mood.”

“Gabe is still whispering to his lover, but now he is stroking her cunt with his hand.”

“Feel my fingers touch the pussy that used to be your best friend, feel your clit press into your huge balls, make your big cock so hard....”

“Ohhhhmmmm...” *pants* “M-my tentacles tell me a-about them....”

“There are so many of them, and they are holding my, squeezing me, pressing me against you...”

“Gabe! Fffffuck me, I’m ready!”

“Aw yeah! It’s bone time!”

“Gabe has positioned himself behind Beatrix and is pushing his large cock into her as she pushes back against him.”

“Yessss Gabe, fuck me like I’m still just a human woman, one last time before you take your changes too! Ohhhhhh!”

“Gabe is really thrusting into Beatrix whose eyes remain squeezed shut as she pictures herself as some sort of sexy transformee!”

*moans* “It-it feels j-just liiiiike be-before!” *gasps* *Ahhhhhhh!!!!”

*titters* “And Beatrix is on the board!”

“But Gabe is stopping and pulling out. He’s clutching his stomach.”

“Gabe, wh-what’s wrong?”

*burp* “It’s my stomach... I shouldn’t have chugged that Spooge so fast...” *heave* “Just need a sec here...”

“Meanwhile Lacey is enjoying her third orgasm as Archie continues to relentlessly eat out her pussy!”

“That’s great but we don’t hand out bonus points! Archie has to come!”

“Couple #1 is trailing the pack: Josh has finished cleaning himself but Amber’s tongue based cleaning strategy is really quite slow!”

“Kitty, we really, like, have to get you in the bath!”

“No.“ *lick*  This is how I will clean myself.” *lick*

“Josh has marched over to Amber, lifted her up and is carrying her over to the bath!”

*yowl!* “What are you doing! Joshua! Put me down this instant! Don’t you dare!”



“Josh has dropped Amber into the bath! Which has left her a miserable looking catgirl!”

“But it has also convinced the Producers that Amber is clean enough to open the door to the final Intimacy Challenge!”

“Couple #1 still has a shot!”

“Couple #3 is trying to regroup, with Beatrix kneeling in front of Gabe trying to coax his mojo back...”

“Gabe, I’ve slithered here on my nest of tentacles, and am taking the biggest of your dozen cocks into my mouth, knowing that your cum will make it a pussy.”


“Can you do it for me? Transform me with you cum! Give me a cunt face!”

“Beatrix is licking and kissing Gabes half-hard cock while he rubs his aching belly.”

“Meanwhile Lacey has had another orgasm, but has managed to kick Archie off of her and tackle him to the floor!”

“She is straddling his lap reverse cowgirl style and has managed to push him inside her!”

“They are fucking! Lacey bouncing wildly, her modest breasts bouncing, her manacle chains rattling!”

“Archie looks close! Clearly excited from all that sexy oral!”

*pants* “Demons!” *grunt!*

“And there he blows! Archie has cum! Couple #2 has won the Domestic Challenge!!!”

*pants* “Wow...”

*laughs* “Yeehaw pardner...” *pants*

“Congratulations Lacey and Archie! Back to our host Cynthia Sparks!”


“Thanks lovely ladies!

Cacophonous Congratulations to Couple #2, the winners of the Domestic a Challenge!

This is one regal repeat performance!

As winners they again are Immune from the next Transformation Round and win a marvelously modest Cash Prize!

But we still have one last super segment for you all tonight, fine friendly folks!

Let’s hop pity hop over to Cassia for her terrific transformative time!”



So it’s that time again. Tonight I’m getting a “home” themed transformation and you guys voted for me to get the “Vagina” change. *Takes a deep breath* Who knows how that’s going to turn out?

Okay, so... I’m still a smoking hot popstar with a great body, except now that includes eight large, perfect teardrop breasts that cover my torso from chest to my crotch. I have long, beautifully toned legs and arms, and a firm, but still round ass. I have my original vagina... for who knows how much longer... and a large human scale cock that mmm, is actually getting hard right now? I think I’m turning myself on a little bit here. *blushes* This whole transformation thing is kind of hot you guys.

I’m holding tonight’s vial of special elixir, designed by our Alchemy Team to give me my Home transformation.

I hope you guys made me something nice!

Time for my medicine.



Mmmmm, that tastes like home somehow. Ah, I’m getting a feeling like nostalgia. But like in my flesh? It’s really nice, and ahhh, it’s really centering itself in my eight breasts...

Ooooo, that’s intense! My tits are getting bigger, and *moans* something really *moans* intense is happening inside them!

*pants* Is this some kind of “home” is like a “bosom” and a bosom is tits gag.... Ahhhhhhh!

*gasps* Oh... my... ah... eight nipples have all just... split open and are.... oh demons oh fuck... swelling? Ooooo b-b-blossominnnnng into.... labia! With the, oh, bumps of my nipples are bec-coming clits!

I-I-I-I-I.... AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhnnnnhhhhhhhhHHHHH!!!

*pants* Oh demons, did I just fucking orgasm on tv.....

*blushes* And I fucking squirted too... from my tits....

*phew* I h-have eight new pussies where I used to have nipples. Th-that’s right folks! I have eight vaginas, one on the tip of each of my eight beautiful tits.

Which are still wet and dribbling Something white and sticky. Am I lactating pussy-juices? *strokes a nipple-cunt and shivvers* Oooooh Demons. *sniffs finger, licks it* Why does it taste like milk and cookie butter? And how does it still smell so much like pussy?

So yeah, I guess I’m now a hermaphroditism with eight breasts with vaginas in them? W-w-w-wild, right?

I’m gonna have to put more vibrators in my rider...

Anyway, b-back to you Cynthia!


I wish we had put a camera in your dressing room...

So this concludes our second Belial Idol: Couples Challenge Round!

The wacky winners of the Domestic Challenge are once again Couple #2!

Congratulations Lacey and Archibald!

You have won another modest cash prize and gained immunity from this Transformation Round!

Since there are no skip weeks for transformed contestants, that means that both our other comely couples *are* available to transform this round!

YOU! The at home viewing audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!!

Your choices are:

Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh, a fine fancy feline catgirl and her bouncey bimbo boyfriend!


Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel, a curvy librarian with a transformation fetish and her big, chill alchemist fiance!

Who will it be!? All four contestants are unchanged! Which Couple will be transformed next!?

It is up to YOU! to VOTE!

I’m your happy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!


Note from the Producers: Hi again! I’m putting this up a bit early because this weekend is too spooky to spend time on uploading. So enjoy the treat!

For the next TF round the choices are:

1. Amber (a multibreasted Siamese catgirl) and Josh (a male identifying curvaceous bimbo with a huge cock, lipples, and no mouth on their face)

2. Beatrix (a baseline human woman who is short and curvy and a librarian) and Gabriel (baseline human man with a big dick and large body)

To vote for the next Couple transformed follow this link: https://www.strawpoll.me/21192094

See y’all the first weekend in December for Transformation Round 2!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

agian a realy nice episode smile iam al little sad that i have to wait another month for the next one ^^


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the producers: Howdy all. I suspect many of you are burnt out on the whole concept of voting, but if you still have anything left in the tank, there is one week left to vote for the next Transformation Round:

For the next TF round the choices are:
1. Amber (a multibreasted Siamese catgirl) and Josh (a male identifying curvaceous bimbo with a huge cock, lipples, and no mouth on their face)
2. Beatrix (a baseline human woman who is short and curvy and a librarian) and Gabriel (baseline human man with a big dick and large body)

To vote for the next Couple transformed follow this link: https://www.strawpoll.me/21192094

@Nebellelegende: Haha, I cannot believe I did the first Belial Idol weekly! Monthly is much better for my schedule, to make sure I (and my excellent collaborators) have time to make the best chapters possible, and to save time for other writing projects. Hope the wait is worth it!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

oh the wait is definitely worth it ! smile


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 2

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Beings too horny and boorish to be either! Welllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show where Contestant Couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the wholly horny home audience votes for who is changed by our salacious sensate celebrity judges!

Tonight is the superbly sexual Second Transformation Round where the couple YOU! Voted for will be transformed! Each Contestant in the couple will take a turn entering the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to figure out which judge will transform them!

At the end of this naughty night both contestants in the couple YOU! voted for will be changed forever!

But first let’s check in with our lactating cunt nippled and multiply busty, hermaphrodite friend Cassia to interview the wickedly wonderful winners of our challenge round, Couple #2.”


“Thanks Cynthia. Hi Lacey! Hi Archie!”



“So you’ve won back to back Challenges! That’s exciting!”

*laughs* “Was there ever any doubt?”

*laughs* “Aw hun, don’tcha get all cocky now!”

“I thought you loved it when I’m ‘cocky’?”

“Now yer just puttin’ words in mah mouth...”

*laughs* “You’re just trying to set me up...”

“Mah, whatevah do ya mean?” *bats eyelashes*

*laughs* “You two are feeling frisky.”

“Victory’ll do that, I reckon.”

“So what are your plans for this prize money?”

“Well we can definitely get the deluxe milker now.”

“Which I reckon ya could use there Ms. Cassia, what with the milk drippin’ from your six boob cooters there”

*blushes* “It would be nice to relieve the pressure a bit. But how would that work? I don’t really have nipples anymore...”

*coughs* “The deluxe model comes with special attachements...”

“Oooooh. I guess I should look into getting one of my own.”

*winks* “I reckon!”

“Well congrats to you both and good luck with the next game. Back to you Cynthia!”


“Thanks Cassia! Okay folks! The penultimate to the penis hardening moment has arrived!

I am super duper exited to announce that VOTES are in and the majority of our awesome audience wants to see...





*giggles* Someone sounds excited! Couple number three will be transformed tonight!

That’s right fellatio favoring folks! Beatrix, our luscious librarian and turbo transformation fan, and Gabriel, our good guy and aspiring alchemist, will be the Contestants transformed tonight on Belail Idol: Couples.

How rockhard riveting!

Cassia, how does our lucky couple feel?


“Thanks Cynthia! Well Beatrix and Gabe, how does it feel to ‘win’ this transformation vote?”

*claps hands* “AH! I am *so* excited! Ecstatic!”

*laughs* “I can see that! Aren’t you at all nervous? You don’t know what kind of transformation you’ll be getting...”

“That’s part of the fun for me! To be changed randomly, to not have any real control over the process.... it’s totally hot! Ooooo... I can’t wait!”

“What about you Gabe?”

“I’m really excited for Trix! She has wanted this her entire life.”

“That’s sweet. But I meant what about you; you’re getting changed too.”

*chuckles* “I’m excited too. I mean, I got into Alchemy because I love transformation and always thought I would eventually get changed....”

“You sound a little hesitant?”

“I guess I’m a bit caught up on the practicalities of it? At least one of us has to be able to work, right? To look after us. Not to mention the loss of normalcy. It’s exciting, but also a lot to think about.” *chuckles* “But I guess it’s too late for doubts now?”

*laughs* “Maybe a bit.”

“I guess it’s better than a lab accident!”

*laughs* “Hopefully!”

“As a multiply transformed person, do you have any advice for us?”

“Oh? Umm... I guess try and embrace it? When I had my first change, grew my cock, I was put off by it and tried to deny that I was different.” *blushes* “But having a cock is awesome! It feels so good! I should’ve just enjoyed it from the start, y’know? When I got my nipple-cunts, I did the opposite, and just went for it, bought a whole fleet of toys to insert into all my vaginas at once. Just stuffing myself like a pincushion full of big vibrating rubber... Mmmmm. It’s been simply amazing!” *giggles* “So, yeah, just fucking go for it!”

“Hurry up! Stop talking! Make with the Wheel!”

*laughs* “You’re impatient!”

“Better throw it back to Cynthia before Trix goes on a rampage!”



“Well you heard the at-the-moment-still-a-lady! Let’s get going!

Now is the moment you all have been waiting for!

Since she called dibs and is a little scary, Beautiful Beatrix is up first!

So Beatrix, hippity hop-hop-hop on down to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then we will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

But first, let us welcome this week’s Guest Judge!

Introducing the Cuntry Music Sensation!

The singing Centaur!

Johnny Cocks and his wife-penis June!”


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi.”

“And I’m Doe.”

“Tonight we get to see our next Couple get permanently transformed!”

“With the help of Johnny Cox and his wife June!”

*Wooo!* “I’m such a fangirl!”

*giggles* “You would be...”


*clop clop clop clop*

“And there he is now! Johnny! Woooo!”

“Johnny Cocks from the waist up is a ruggedly handsome man, with tanned leathery skin, a toned muscular physique, and  a salt-n-pepper goatee! He has an acoustic guitar strapped to his back and is wearing his trademark black cowboy hat and nothing else.”

“From the waist down, Johnny Cocks is all horse! A strapping, powerful, roan red mustang with white sock above his shining hooves. The horse body is a hermaphrodite with a large black mare pussy and a truly enormous stallion cock.”

“And not just any stallion cock! That penis is Johnny Cocks wife!”

“That’s right, June Wood-Cocks, a beloved Cuntry singer and comedienne in her own right, fused with Johnny and their beloved horse Trigger to become the hottest Cuntry music duet act in the world!”

“June is physically a full-sized woman made out of an equine penis. From the hips down her body is entirely cock, with the raised band of her cock sheath around her waist like a belt. Above that she looks like a woman with mottled pink and brown skin: she has a chest, arms, breasts, a head and a neck.”

“Of course her head is also the glans of the equine penis that she is. Her throat has a bumped collar of flesh, like the rim of a horse cock glans; she is bald, and her beestung lips are the opening to her urethra.”

“Her head is also heartshaped instead of round, flared like the proudest stallion’s cock!”

“Johnny Cocks is rearing up, forelegs kicking the air, and June is smiling and waving.”

“Howdy y’all! How’s everyone doin’ tonight!?”

“The crowd is going wild! Woo!”

“They are really happy to see June!”

*laughs* “Aww shucks, y’all so sweet! See Johnny boy, I told ya they’d like me more.”

“Everyone always does, Baby.”

“Doe, y’know they say that June controls the whole horsepart of their body and that Johnny is just along for the ride?”

“Well, I guess it makes sense since she was already managing his career, keeping him sober, writing most of his best songs, and raising their kids...”

“What a cock!”

*giggles* “Johnny and June have trotted over to the Judge’s desk, pushed the unnescesary chair aside, and reared up and put that their front hooves on the table so that June can peer over the edge of the desk.”

“Judge Number 1: Zoe, our resident multi-armed, multi-breasted, giant serpent alchemist has been working on a series of complex math equations on paper while also playing five-finger fillet with a syringe filled with alchemy. Noting the arrival of our Guest Judge she is now looking intensely at June and licking her pussy-mouth lips with her long flexible tongue. She looks like she wants to make a meal out of her. And of course the needle is still rapidly stabbing between her one hand’s splayed fingers the entire time.”

“Judge Number 2: Bree Kensingworth, our other regular judge, is a film director whose body carries several animalistic changes most notably four pink-skinned breasts, a mare’s vagina, and an enormous black stallion’s cock. Tonight Master Kensingworth looks dashing in a houndstooth tweed jacket and a purple velvet codpiece, but also appears every so slightly flustered. His elegant nose is dilated and sniffing at some sort of scent.”

Oooo his equine cock is totally hard!”

“June has propped herself up on the table and is batting her eyelashes at Master Kensingworth...”

“Well howwwwdy there, ya fine sweet equine thing!”

*raises eyebrow* “I beg your pardon?”

“I reckon I’m a fan! Yer that film director, right?”

“Indeed, but I’m highly skeptical that your familiar with my oeuvre.”

“Golly ya lay eggs too! That’s mighty interesting!”

*coughs* “Well as a matter of fact I do, but I was referring to my body of film.”

*laughs* “The only body of yours I want is the one with that sweet mare pussy!”

*blinks eyes* “Oh...” *frowns* “...” *blushes slightly* “...”

*drools precum* “Ya smell downright intoxicatin’.”

“Hmmm. I might have noted that your cunt is also giving off a rather musky aroma as well. Reminds me of a former lover...”

“You’ve fucked a centauress before?”

“No. I seduced my family’s horse. It was the subject of my first film.”

*laughs* “Now *that* sounds like a movie I’d like to take a gander at!”

*titters* “Doe, that might be a Bree Kensingworth film even I’d be able to sit through!”

*giggles* “I doubt you’d be able to just *sit* through it!”

Ohhhh myyyyy. Johnny Cocks is giving Zoe an apologetic look.”

“Wives and cocks, what are you gonna do with them?”

“Zoe is writing something beautifully on a piece of paper covered in cryptic math symbols and handing it to her new and very nervous looking assistant. Who is, this week, a tall young woman with red frizzy hair and a newly earned forearm sized cock.”

“Ah-hem. Zoe says: ‘I have some suggestions.’

“Shucks, I love my Juny-cock just the way she is.”

*titters* “Zoe has rolled her eyes and went right back to her math, while still playing the knife game with her loaded alchemical syringe.”

“Once again, I have to question why she even has a syringe loaded with alchemy given the precautions our Producers have assured us they are taking...”

“Speaking of Those-the-shall-not-be-named, let’s get back to the Rundown: Beatrix has ran to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and jumped right on in!”

“And with a little help from our resident Alchemists. The Chamber is closing, closing, closing... Sealed!”

*titters* “Beatrix is nearly vibrating with excitement!”

*giggles* “She certainly looks impatient! So without further ado, let’s get started with our next Transformation!”

“Back to you, Cynthia!”


“Ladies, Gentlemen, Pets and Possessions! Our contestant Beatrix is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFOMATION!

...which is a job for Gabe, the handsome hubby of the bodacious Beatrix! Cum on up here, Gab-zukes and spin! That! Wherl!”

“Okay! Let’s do this!”

“You look excited!”

“I am. Beatrix is so happy and it’s really cool to be part of this moment with her.”

*laughs* “I meant you’re raging erection!”

*blushes* “Well, it’s not every day you get to see the woman you love transform into the sexual monster of her dreams. It’s fucking hot.”

“It sure is!”

*muffled* “Spin the damn wheel!”

*laughs* “Okay, for our own safety, Gabe, spin that wheel in...”




“Love you Babe!”

tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick

"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER ONE for todays transformation!
Let the transformation begin!”


Oooooooh yesss. Folks it’s finally transformation time!”

Mmmmmm I’m so excited!”

“And so is Beatrix who is fondling her tits and touching her pussy!”

“Doe, she is full on jilling off in there!”

“Demons demons demons ahhhh.”

“She sure is! I guess she was too excited to wait!”

*titters* “Taking the old cunt for one last spin before it’s maybe gone for good!”

“Ahhh, ahhh, AHHHHHH!”

*giggles* “And there she goes!”

“It’s a good thing women don’t have an obvious refractory period!”

“Well women with cunts....”

“Right! Hashtag gender awareness!”

“So THE WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected Zoe as the judge for Beatrix’s change.”

“Which is terrifying!”

“Zoe has completely stopped moving, put aside her mathematics, and set down her alchemical syringe. She is just staring at Beatrix, her long tongue flicking out to taste the air and stroke her cunt mouth.”

“Absolutely menacing!”

“Beatrix is, to remind the audience, currently a short, curvy woman with generous breasts, thighs, and ass. She has pale skin, centre parted black hair, and wears catseye glasses.”

*titters* “But not for much longer!”

“Zoe has lifted up the tip of her long serpentine tail, inserted it into her cunt mouth, sucked on it, and pulled it out, glistening with her grool. Her six hands are all resting on the table, and she is slowly lowering her cunt juice slick tail onto the Blue judges button!”


“Beatrix has just been soaked in alchemical fluids!”

“Yessss! Oh demons yes!”

“And she has gone right back to masturbating!”

*titters* “She really is a transformation fanatic!’

“Beatrix has stopped fondling her tits to try and touch her back, like she has an itch on her shoulder blades....”

“While keeping one hand buried in her snatch!”

“Oooo is it, oh, on my back? Fuck I wish I could see...”

“We can see! It appears that Beatrix has sprouted two nipples on her back, on her lower shoulder blades, about where her original frontside nipples are.”

“And the flesh under those nipples is swelling, becoming a new pair of tits!”

“Beatrix has finally managed to brush her expanding back breasts with a hand!”

*Squeeee!* I’m transforming! It’s finally happening!”

“Her back tits have grown as big as her front pair, and now all four breasts, which are already pretty large, are expanding, swelling to pornstar proportions!”

“I’d estimate Beatrix has gone from having two D cup breasts to four F cup breasts.”

“Ohhhhh, ahhhh, I want more!”

“Zoe has written another immaculately penned message and given it to her assistant.”

“Do not worry, there is always more to come.”

“Bobbi, I think I see the next stage of the transformation.”

“Oh? Where?”

“It looks like Beatrix is sprouting more nipples, yeah, it’s a little hard to see with her expanded original tits, but Beatrix has three more nipples in a row on her ribs!”

“You’re right! And it looks like she has grown three matching nipples on her back too!”

“And two more, one on either of her sides, in line with the other six nipples...”

“So eight more nipples in a circle around her body.”

“Make that eight more breasts! The nipples are growing adipose tissue, and expanding into a veritable belt of breasts that go all the way around her body below her top breasts and arms!”

“Oooooo, I have more tits! Oh fuck yesss!”

“Beatrix is grabbing and fondling her many breasts, squeezing them as they expand and grow into solid D cup breasts!”

“I like how the spacing of her breasts means that her bigger top pairs pool into the double cleavage of the lower breasts over front and back. It’s very cute!”

“Oh Demons! Ahhhhhnnnnnnnn! I’m, I’m gonna need more arms!”

“Zoe is writing another message on her papers...”

“Arms are terribly overrated.”

“I wonder what that means for Beatrix...”

“I guess we are about to find out!”

“Bobbi, I just noticed something: Gabriel is totally jacking off to this!”

*titters* “Yeah! It seems Beatrix’s hubby gets off on watching her transform! Maybe almost as much as she is loving being transformed!”

*giggles* “I think I can guess why he went into Alchemy!”

*titters* “Do what you love!”

“Oh demons! My arms feel funny!”

“Beatrix has stopped finger fucking herself to hold up her arms and look at them...”

“Her fingers are getting longer, and starting to curl and coil in a way that is impossible with bones!”

“And as her fingers elongate, her hands are splitting apart, becoming five separate tubes of flesh.”

*Squeeeeee!* “Tentacles! I’m growing tentacles! Oh fucking yessssss!”

“Her arms are splitting all the way up, now to her elbows, now to her shoulders leaving her with ten tentacles instead of arms!”

“Tentacles that are getting longer, long enough to brush the floor and sprouting an inner lining of suction cups, like an octopus!”

“Ohhhh fuck! This is, ahhhh, such a fucking dream! OOooooooo!”

“Beatrix is fondling, groping, and teasing her many breasts with her tentacles!”

“And she has inserted a tentacle into her pussy and anus and is fucking herself like her own hentai monster!”


“And so hot!”

“Oh! Ohhhhhhh! Demons! Demons fuck! Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“And there she blows!”

“Orgasming and constricting her body with her tentacles, really crushing herself in a knot of herself!”

“Oh and her tongue is lengthening out of her open, screaming mouth, unfurling to be six, eight, twelve inches long and prehensile!”

“Oh I bet she’ll like that!”

“And we are getting the indictaction that the transformation is now complete.”

“So Beatrix has transformed from a curvy librarian into a woman with ten tentacle arms, and twelves breasts arranged symmetrically around her body.”

“And a lengthened tongue!”

“Zoe is writing one more note... and she has broken her pen?”

“Oh! She has grabbed her new assistant by the arm and yanked her toward her!”

“She has reached down and grasped her assistant by her enormous penis with another hand!”

“And picked up her syringe, tossed it in the air, making it flip end over end, caught it and driven it into the arm of her assistant, injecting her with the alchemy!”

“Her assistant is rapidly shrinking, being sucked into her cock which is also shrinking a bit, going from a full sized person to something that fits easily in one of Zoe’s hands.”

“And now Zoe is writing with her former assistant, now a pen?”

*giggles* “A pen-is, since her assistant is now mostly a cock that writes with a black, cummy ink, but with a tiny pair of breasts and a face at the end, like a tiny armless animate bust!”

“A face that is pinched in ecstasy as she experiences orgasmic pleasure from writing I guess?”

“And another Zoe assistant is retired...”

“Zoe is holding the newly completed sign up, beautifully written in thick gloppy ink, and showing it to Johnny Cocks.”

“Y’all this here sign says,‘It’s a start.’”

“Zoe remains terrifying!”

“And Beatrix is transformed!”

“And with that, let’s check in with Cassia who is waiting with Gabe!”

“Thanks ladies! Gabe, you sure look like you enjoyed watching that!”

*pants* “Yeah-yeah, that was w-wild...”

“Do you like the new Beatrix?”

“Well, the most important thing is that she likes it...”

“Oh, I think we *all* know that she does!”

*laughs* “Yeah... but yes, I can’t wait to fuck her while she clutches at me in her tentacles.” *blushes* “It’s something we may have roleplayed before...”

*laughs* “Delightful! You’ll have to tell me how the real thing compares to the fantasy! Are you ready for your turn in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES?”

“Yeah... Yeah, I think so. Yes.”

“Okay! Over to you Cynthia!”


“Ladies! Gentlemen! Living components of a Fleshpirate Airship! We still have a second titular transformation tonight!

The second member of our honored couple, Gabriel, is being sealed in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

Which means it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION! Again!

So Tentacled Trixie, cum on down!”

“Hello! Ah! I’m so excited for Gabe to change!”

“Is that why you’re groping yourself and stroking your cunt with your new tentacles?”

“Oh... uh... No? They just seem to start doing that when I’m not focusing on them...”

“Like they have a mind of their own?”

“A *very* naughty mind...”

“Oooo I like it!”

“Mmmmm me too.... although it’s, ah mmm, a bit distracting...”

“Speaking of distracting tentacles! It’s time to Spin! That! Wheel!




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick

"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER THREE for Gabe’s transformation!
Which is Cuntry Star Johnny Cocks!”

“Oh Gabe! I can’t wait!”

*laughs* “Me neither, back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”


“Hello again Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“If you are just tuning in, we have already transformed Beatrix, our curvy librarian contestant, into a curvier, multiply breasted librarian with ten tentacles for arms!”

“And now we are going to transform Gabe, Beatrix’s boyfriend and youthful alchemist!”

“Gabe is locked inside the CHAMBER OF CHANGES awaiting his dose of alchemy!”

“Gabe is currently a tall, heavyset guy with shaggy brown hair and a beard! And also just an absolute hammer of a cock!”

“But for how much longer?”

“The WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected the Guest Judge: Johnny Cocks to do his transformation.”

“Johnny Cocks has taken his guitar off his back and is strumming it, humming a tune.”

*strums guitar* “Ye know, Juny-cock, times like these I feel that we’re truly Demon blessed...”

“Oh here we go folks!”

*strums guitar* “That we live in times where a simple Cuntry music superstar, such as myself, can fuse with his favourite horse and his dear wife...”

“Which was all mah idea.”

*strums guitar* “And I guess I’m just downright thankful, is all...”

“Johnny-dear, why don’t ya focus on the signin’ about drinkin’ and eatin’ cunts?”

*strums guitar* “Maybe I’ll sing a little song for the moment...”

“Get on with it, dear...”

*strums guitar* “I just wanted to use this here forum is all, to share with y’all my thoughts...”

“Ya always did your best thinkin’ with your cock, dear.”


*giggles* “And June has used just stamped on the Green Alchemy activation button with one of their foreleg hooves!”


*titters* “Soaking Gabe in alchemy! Away we goooo!”

“Huh. It smells like.... fresh cut grass?”

“Gabe is kind of squirming, shifting, and flexing his muscles...”

“Which are getting bigger and bulkier.”

“Yeah! Our slightly overweight guy is getting swole!”

“Especially his legs which have reached bodybuilder degrees of muscular and are still growing!”

“As opposed to his upper body which seems to have topped out at part-time power lifter! Muscular, but not really ripped!”

“His legs now have muscles on top of muscles, and his hips are widening to accommodate his enormously jacked thighs!”

*giggles* “It’s like someone doesn’t know he can skip leg days!”

“Ahhh! I feel so *POWERFUL*!”

“Now Gabe is kicking his super muscular legs out, and they are shifting...”

“His toes are fusing as his feet lengthen and his calves shorten....”


“And Gabe is now standing on monstrously muscular digitigrade legs!”

“Which end in huge cloven hooves!”

*growls* *stamps hooves*

“Now he is growing a long ropey tail and a pair of horns are pushing out of his head!”

“He looks like a bull minotaur!”

“Specifically a Bulging Blue bull...”


“It’s a breed of cow known for being cartoonishly muscular due to differences in myostatin gene expression...”

“Doe, why do you know that?”


*titters* “Well Gabe now has super muscular bullish legs, and a full sized pair of bull horns...”

“Johnny Cocks seems quite pleased with the transformation so far.”

“If there is one thing I know, it’s cattle!”

*drools precum* “Intimately...”

“Back in the CHAMBER Gabe looks uncomfortable and appears to have started sweating?”

“Oh.... so hot! Burning up!”

“Bobbi, you’re right, but it’s a strange sort of perspiration... like black beads of sweat on his legs that are sort of hanging there and spreading...”

“The black tarry sweat is only happening on his lower body, while on his upper body it’s just normal sweat!”

“Except that all of his body hair is falling out, leaving his skin smooth, showing off his newly muscular chest and arms!”

“The droplets of black sweat on his legs are flowing together, coating Gabe’s lower body in black tar?”

“Oooooo! I think it’s latex!”

“Doe, I think you’re right!”

“June-cock, if there is another thing I know about, it’s that black gold. I’m nothin’ if not an Oilman.”

“Oh here we go! “Blah blah the future is in plastics....”

*deadpan* “Well it is!”

“Gabe is now from the waist down a super muscular latex Minotaur!”

“With a rather underwhelming set of male equipment...”

*giggles* “Gabriel’s formerly impressive cock does seem less so, compared to his massive new lower body.”

“Oh, I’m so HARD! Oh Great Demons!”

*titters* “I’m guessing that is about to change!”

“That’s right folks! It looks like Gabe’s black, shiny latex balls are swelling!”

“Are they ever! The size of oranges! Cantaloupes! Basketballs!”

“His scrotum is totally smooth except for four bumps which are lengthening and growing into tubes...”

“His balls look like... an udder?”

“That’s right Bobbi! Gabe’s Scrotun has expanded into a huge, taught, latex udder with four teats as big as his original cock...”

“It hangs heavily between between his muscular thighs!”

*giggles* “It’s a good things his hips widened to make space for it!”

*titters* “And that his legs bulked up to carry the load!”

“Oh Demons! It feels so full!” *groan*

“Oh look! Some sort of white fluid is leaking out of the udder!”

“I guess Gabe is a milker now!”

“Ohhhhhh...” *grunt* “Somethings happening to my ass!”

“Let’s check the reverse camera angle!”

“Something is happening to Gabe’s butthole, squeezed between his hugely muscular glutes!”

“His anus is swelling and becoming puffy... a wide latex ring for raised flesh...”

“It’s a bovine vagina!”


“Oh hello there sweetie pie...”

“Gabe his fingering his new cunt and tugging on a teet, milking himself!”

“I’m not sure that’s milk... it looks too plasticky?”

*moan* “Ah still so FULL!” *snort*

“Gabe is now stroking his black latex cock...”

“Which is finally starting to grow!”

“It has grown one foot long, two feet long, two and a half feet long!”

“And folks, it is *thick*! That beast is easily wider than a soda can!”

“Hmm, the base of the cock appears to have a sheath like horse cock, but the top half of the cock is definitely human!”

“A humongous circumcised human black latex penis!”

“With an enormous black latex udder instead of balls!”

*snort* “Ahhhhhh” *moan*

“Gabe is jacking himself off with both hands wrapped around his massive penis!”

“Oh! It looks like Beatrix is loving the show! She is laying on the ground, writhing in a knot of tentacles...”

“Some of which are buried deep in her cunt and ass!”

*stamps hooves* “Demons! Demons! Demons!” *BELLOWS!!!*


“And there he blows!”

*titters* “Gabe has just exploded in a torrent of white cum from his cock!”

“With matching jets spraying out of his udder balls!”

“And even a good goosh of white fluid sluicing out of his bovine cunt!”

“Hmmm... The cum doesn’t look like semen... it’s sticking to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and coating it?”

“Weird. What do you think it is?”

“It looks like white latex. I think Gabe lactates and cums white latex!”

“Oooooh! Kinky!”

“Johnny Cocks is reaching under his equine body to give his June-cock a good stroke.”

“Ya did good there Johnny-boy.”

“Thanks baby. I told y’all that plastics were the future!”

*titters* “Or at least Gabe’s future!”

*giggles* “To sum up, Gabe has transformed from a big bearded guy into a muscular latex Minotaur!”

“Let’s check in with Cassia to see what Beatrix thinks of Gabe’s new form!”

“Bobbi, I think we already know what she thinks...”

“Whatever! Take it away Cassia!”

“Thanks ladies! I’m here with Beatrix!”


*laughs* “I see you’re still lied up in knots!”

“Uh, yeah, these things take some getting used to! They certainly get so tangled up...” *Sounds of skin slipping on skin and suction cups popping off* “There, that’s better!”

*laughs* “Free at last! Ha. So what do you think of Gabe’s transformation!?”

“I *love* it! His cock looks amazing and I can’t wait to show him just how much fun having a pussy is! And that latex body... mmmm!”

“So you don’t have any reservations?”

*bites lip* “Well, I am a little worried that I won’t be able to accommodate that cock entirely, but I’m keen to try. And hopefully my next change makes me a little stretchier...

*gasps* “B-Beatrix, you’re, oooooh,” *pants* “tentacle monstering all my tit cunts...”

“Oh Demons! I’m sorry! These things have minds of their own!”

*moans* “You don’t h-have to stoppp...”

“Oh.... wow....” *blushes*  “I should though, at least until I have a chat with Gabe...”

*groans* “And I guess I have a little business to do.” *takes a deep breath* “It’s time to announce my next transformation!

I’m currently a sexy, athletic and toned woman with a cock, pussy, and eight perfect, large tits that have cunts instead of nipples and which leak a milky fluid. And want very much to be filled and fucked by tentacles... ”


*clears throat* “The Producers tell me my next transformation will have a “wild” theme and the voting options are:
1: Tiger
2: Zebra
3: Giraffe
4: Elephant

So uh pick whatever you want to me be?”

“Oooh! It’s so hard to pick just one! I think they would all suit you! Would the Producers give you more than one?”

“Don’t give them ideas! Anyway! Back to you Cynthia.

(And Beatrix, I’ll be in my room later if you... or your gentleman... want to stop by...)”


“Yowza! Wowza!

Although, I’m wondering what I have to do to get some titillating tentacle time? I remember when I was the interviewer getting all the lovin’....*sigh*

Next up is the Third Challenge Round: The Barnyard Race! So tune in next week to see which of our Competitive Couples will win immunity and who could be transformed next!

And remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next ‘wild’ themed transformation!

I’m your hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Thanks for tuning in and goodnight!”

Notes from the Producers: Thanks to Redstar00 for Guest Judging this week and designing Gabe’s transformation and Johnny Cocks and June. Thanks to Ordos Tsceri for designing Beatrix’s transformation and Zoe stuff, and The_Wanderer for Bree stuff.

Remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next transformation! Polls close in 2 weeks. Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42225119

See y’all the first weekend of the new year! May 2021 suck exponentially less!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the Producers: there is one week left to vote for Cassia’s next change. It’s actually quite close this time, so go vote! Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42225119


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol
Challenge Round 3

“Ladies and Gentlemen! People who are more decoration than person! Welcome back to Belial Idol: Couples, the game show where Courageous Couples undergo rounds of tantalizing transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! The awesome audience votes for which contestants are changed by our panel of salty celebrity Judges!

Last Episode was our second Transformation Round where Couple #3, Beatrix and Gabriel, were transformed! Beatrix from a luxurious libraian to a tentacled fantasy! Gabriel from an alchemical researcher to a latex minotaur!

Tonight we will be playing our third Challenge Round game to determine who wins a modest cash prize and earns immunity from the next Transformation Round!

Tonight’s game will also reveal which Couples can be changed in the next Transformation Round!

This Challenge Round Episode our Couples will be playing in the Barnyard Race, a game designed to test how well our Craven Couples work together!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!”


“Hi folks! It’s me, Cassia, your eight breasted, vagina-nippled, hermaphroditic interviewer! And as always I’m checking in with our Couples before the next game starts!

Say hello to Ambergris and Josh!”



“How are you both doing? Amber, I see you have a diamond encrusted collar on and that your hair is tied back into pigtails with light blue bows.”

*blushes* “I got the collar for myself as a gift, but the hair was Joshua’s idea.”

*giggles* “I just wanted Kitty to look like, totally extra cute for tonight!”

*laughs* “She does look very cute! So what is your plan to win a barnyard challenge? Any experience?”

*lashes tail* “My father owns a small hobby farm to keep his dressage horses, but I’ve never really visited. Horses are boring!” *starts licking hand-paw*

“Okay? What about you Josh, any strategies?”

“Like, I dunno? I guess try my very best? Maybe do, like, whatever the other guys are like, doing? But faster? Right Kitty?”

*coughs up hairball*

“Moving onto Couple Number 2: Lacey and Archibald!”



“Are you two ready for tonight’s game?”

“We sure are!”

“Darn tootin’!”

*laughs* “More confidence from all your winning?”

“Naw, we reckon we’ve got a real advantage over these here greenhorn cityslickers!”

“Because you still have your original bodies?”

*laughs* “No, on account of we’re real actual farmfolk.”

“Lacey has all of the skills: milking, roping, branding...”

“Oh! Archie yer makin’ it sound real kinky, like.”

*chuckles* “Sorry, I shouldn’t distract you before the event!”

*laughs* “What about you Archie, do you also have the farm skills?”

“Eh? He ain’t completely useless...”

*chuckles* “I’ll take that as a compliment!”

*laughs* “Moving onto Couple Number Three! Hi Trixie, hi Gabe.”

“Hey Cass...”


“Oh! Mmmmm... hello tentacles...”

“...Do you want me to make them stop?”

“Oooo.... No...” *pants*

“Ladies! You’re making me jealous!”

“Oh Gabe, you *love* it... Here Cass, come here...” *kisses passionately*

*Grunts* *stamps hooves* *snorts*

“Ohhhh, we b-better stop before he loses c-control again...”

“Mmmm... why not let him? You certainly liked it last night...”

“Sssssss-Cynthia! B-back to you, st-start the game before we..” *moans* “have an incident here....”


“Oh bubbly boo! Just when things were getting *interesting*...

But anyway! I have some extremely edifying and exciting news to announce!

This Challenge Round will involve help from our illustrious in studio audience!

That’s right! If you volunteered to participate (and signed the waiver indemnifying the Producers from any liability related to said participation) then you might be called tonight!

So! In some particular order!

Edgar and Tammy Green, Cum On Down!

Ken Chic, Cum On Down!

Peggy Wood! Sarah Swinson! Wilbur Hogstrander! Bo Argo! CUM! ON! DOWN!

Please follow the directions of the happy helpful alchemical assistants and head to your positions in the Barnyard Race course!

Happy changes and have fun!

And with that final piece of business, we’re rip, ready, and raring to get on with our race!

Let’s check in with our ladies in the booth!


“Howdy transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“And today we are here to tell you about the Belial Idol: Couples Barnyard Race!”

“It’s a race in a barnyard... I think that about covers it?”

*titters* “You’re forgetting to the most important part!”

“I am?”

“The Barnyard Race is sponsored by our friends at Cleanly Farms!”

*giggles* “That’s right! Cleanly Farms: the only farm where you can be sure no animals were harmed in making your meal...”

“...because the only animals involved are people!”

“Cleanly Farms is People! It’s People!!”

“Well, animal people.... who we have been asked by our sponsor to specify are treated humanely. Just not humanly?”

*giggles* “Who wrote this ad copy?”

*titters* “A cow probably!”

“Mooo-ving right along... the Belial Idol: Couples Barnyard Racecourse has been set up in our studio space in a broad circuit around a central red-painted barn!”

“Our Contestant Couples will move around this dirt track, stopping to do farm-related tasks. The first Couple to finish all their tasks and make it to the finish line wins!”

*giggles* “Like I said, it’s a race in a barnyard...”

“Our contestants are standing in the starting pen, which is in a small fenced off area near the start of the barnyard track.”

“To remind our at home and sometimes sightless audience: Couple #1 is Ambergris and Josh. Amber is currently a fancy catgirl with tawny furred paws for arms and kegs, eight kitty titties, a long cat tail, and some other fine feline features!”

“Meow! And Josh has the bodacious body of a beautiful bimbo with curves, big fake looking tits with lipples, and a long hard cock! He also has no mouth on his feminized face!”

“Couple #2 is Archibald and Lacey who are still, sadly, baseline human. Archie is a dark skinned and elegant looking man and Lacey is a fit, sturdy woman with red hair and freckles!”

*titters* “But for how much longer!?”

“Couple #3 is our most recently transformed contestants: Beatrix and Gabriel! Beatrix went from being a curvy little librarian, to a woman with 12 big breasts stacked in two tows which wrap around her body and ten tentacles instead of arms! She also has a lengthened and prehensile tongue!”

“Gabe meanwhile has gotten muscular and became a latex minotaur from the waist down with black latex hooved feet, a black latex udder, a black latex bovine vagina, and a huge black latex cock! He also lactates and cums white liquid latex.

“The three teams look eager and impatient to start!”

“And so are we! So let’s get on with it!”

“The first task zone has rich dark soil that has been lovingly tilled in rows and hung with empty bamboo trellises, as if for a garden.”

“Now our first two In Studio Audience Volunteers are being directed to remove their clothes and stand in the center of the soil.”

“Edgar and Tammy Green are a married couple in their early 40’s and pretty average looking: both are a bit overweight but are otherwise pretty unremarkable.”

“Edgar runs a small landscaping company and Tammy is a local florist. They told us their dream is to open a small greenhouse.”

“The pair is now standing awkward and naked in the field, and our tame alchemists are shoveling dirt over their feet and legs so that both people are burried to the knee.”

“Another alchemist, wearing a large fertilizer spraying tank and hazmat suit is now approaching the couple. The Alchemist is spraying the couple thoroughly with the fertilizer alchemy!”

“Oh! Looks like they caught one of the other alchemists a bit too! A woman member of the team! Whose hair just went from brown and boring to a brilliant cascade of green leafy vines... with little pea pods hanging out like decorations!”

*Titters* “Ewww! She has pea in her hair!”

*Giggles* “The Greens are changing even more.. becoming well, green!”

“That’s right! Their skin has turned green, and their legs have fused together into stems that seem to be rooting them into the soil!”

“I guess instead of opening a greenhouse, our volunteers are about to move into one!”

*titters* “Only with the help of a shovel!”

“Both Edgar and Tammy are losing their arms, which are shriveling up, and retracting into their bodies, while their hair is changing into a broad leafy facsimiles of their previous hairdos!”

“Oh, Tammy‘s breasts and hips are growing, making her extremely curvy and giving her a real nature goddess vibe.”

“Edgar seems to be getting much more muscular, like a rippling plant-based vegan beefcake!”

“Oh! And their nipples just turned into flowers: Edgar’s a purple, broad starshape with yellow middles and Tammy’s are all yellow, but with pointier flowers...”

“I’d say that Tammy’s nipples look like tomato flowers, while Edgars look more like aubergine blossoms...”



“Egg? Plant?”

“Penis emojis...”

*titters* “Oh! Okay!”

“The Greens’ genitals have remained mostly human, but have become green and enlarged into a huge vertically oriented cunt on Tammy and a long hard green cock on Edgar.”

“Both sets of genitals are dripping a thick, resinous pollen fluid....”

“And the couple looks super horny!”

“Hmm... it appears their transformations have stopped....”

*shuffles papers* “This doesn’t seem to be what our outline has led us to expect...”

“Oh! One of the alchemy team, the woman with the pea hair, is now approaching the couple with what look’s like a paintbrush!”

“The leafy alchemist is carefully dipping her paintbrush into Tammy’s green, resinous cunt, sweeping it around until it’s sticky and glistening with her juices.”

“And now she is carrying the paint brush over to Edgar!”

“She is painting his sticky, dripping green penis glans, getting his resin all over the brush...”

“Oh! And Edgar looks like he’s coming! Just absolutely writhing in silent pleasure!”

“And the Alchemist is rushing back over to Tammy and shoving the paintbrush into her snatch, making her orgasm in a silent rictus of ecstasy!”

“Our volunteer couples are still showing us their o-face, and the soil around them is moving a bit...”

“Oh! The garden is filling with little green shoots, tiny little plants that are stretching into vines and climbing the provided trellises!”

“The new vines are getting thicker and putting out leaves and... It looks like there are two kinds of leaves? One is kind of broad? And the other is thinner and spiky?”

“That would be an eggplant leaf and tomato plant leaf...”

“Speaking of tomatoes and penis emojis, the vines, which are now towering and thick, are sprouting buds which are growing into fruit?”

“That’s right! The garden now has giant red tomatoes, each the size of a very large breast, and dark purple eggplants the size of thighs!”

“Yeah except these tomatoes have dark green nipples and the eggplant have bright green glans instead of stems!”

“It seems our first stage is finally set up and ready for the race!”

“Oh! The alchemist with the leafy hair has just pushed the Green’s sticky paintbrush down her pants and oh! There she blows!”

*giggles* “It seems our tame alchemist has just cross pollinated herself! And she is having one heck of an orgasm!”

“And the little pea pods in her hair are getting bigger and heavier!”

“I’d say she went from Snow to long, shelling peas now, Bobbi.”

“Oh Snap!”

“Alright our contestant couples are being given the starting signal!”



“And they’re off!”

“In this first stage our Couples are expected to harvest the Green Garden, picking ten breast tomatoes and ten cock eggplant, and loading them into their carts, which are stationed at the end of the garden nearest the track!”

“Couple #2, Lacey and Archie are taking the problem on full steam, like the professional farmers that they are!”

“Archie is working methodically, massaging the stems with his long, delicate fingers, making Tammy and Edgar writhe in pleasure, and making their fruit fall off the vine.”

“Archie is then setting the fruit gently on the ground. Lacey is picking the plucked fruit up, two at a time, and rushing them to their cart!”

*giggles* “She is currently carrying a pair of tomatoes in her arms like big red tits, green areola out!”

*titters* “It’s a good look for her!”

“Couple #3 is also going to work, although they seem to be having some difficulty...”

“Beatrix is stroking and picking several pieces of fruit at once with her ten handsy tentacles, which is good; but has also managed to get herself tangled with the vines!”

“Gabe meanwhile looks to be avoiding the tomato breasts and focusing on eggplants, although I have no idea why?”

“Do you think it’s because the tomatoes are red? Like they might make him angry like a bull?”

“Well, Bobbi, it’s actually a myth that red enrages bulls. Bulls are color blind and can’t actually see the colour red...”

*titters* “Yes, but does Gabe know that?”

*giggles* “I have no idea!”

“Couple #1, Josh and Amber, are being Couple Number One....”

“Which is to say that Josh is doing his best to pick some fruit while Amber seems to have found a stray butterfly to stalk through the garden...”

“Yep, our resident Belial Idol catgirl is prowling on four limbs, butt and tail in the air, slinking after a bug!”

“And it looks like Josh just noticed...”

“Kitty! Like, get to work!”

“Mew, quiet I’m *hunting*...”

*dramatic sigh* “Oh Kitty...”

“It looks like Beatrix is really struggling to get her tentacles free of those vines!”

“It’s like every time she focuses on unwinding one tentacle, all her other tentacles just go back to teasing the Green plant-people and get all wound up again...”

“Demons! Arrgh! Tentacles no.....”

“The upside is that she’s managed to stimulate the Greens enough to drop all the naughty produce her team needs for their cart!”

“Gabe is scooping up armfuls of tomatoes and eggplant and carrying them to their cart.”

*giggles* “While being very careful to not actually look at any red-skinned tomato boobs!”

“Couple #2 has efficiently picked their produce and loaded their cart...”

“Now all they need is a pony to pull it!”

“That’s right! One member of each Contestant Couple has to put on a pony costume and harness and drag the cart around the course!”

“Lacey has started to pull on the hoof boots...”

“Archie, I reckon I’ll be pull this here cart...”

“Are you sure? You’re a better farmer than I am. I think our chances to win go up if I’m pulling hot cart...”

*blushes* “I want to be the pony.... please....”

“Oh! Ohhhhhh....”

*titters* “It seems that Lacey finds being tied up, harnessed, and treated like a pony sexy...”

“Don’t you?”


*giggles* “Archibald is helping Lacey into her ponygirl costume and harnass which is comprised of hoof boots, a leather harness that sits on her upper chest, winds between her breasts, and then rests against her stomach to her hips.”

“The harness comes together on her back such that her arms need to be bound across her back to close. It’s quite complicated!”

“And finally to finish off the look is a butt plug sporting a fake horse tail, specifically made to match her red hair!”

“Our other Sponsor: Kinky Tails having made a tail for each contestant...”



“What in tarnation was that?”

*giggles* “That was the sound of the locks engaging! Lacey is now trapped in her ponygirl costume with her arms bound and chained into her pony costume for the rest of the Barnyard Race!”

“I think you’re locked up again, dear...”

“Ohhhh demons....”

“I guess you should giddy up.”


“Lacey has lurched into motion and is now pulling the heavy cart onto the dirt track and towards the next task.”

“I must say that Lacey has tremendous ponygirl form: straight back, chest held out high and proud, tall elegant steps! She’s a master!”

*titters* “And here I thought she was the sub!”

“Meanwhile, Couple #3 has loaded their cart and now Gabe is working to pull Beatrix free of the vines.”

“He has his muscular arms wrapped around her waist just below her second row of boobs, dug in his latex hooves, and has started to pull....”

“Okay Babe, 1, 2, 3” *grunts*

“Owww ow ow ow! Stop! Stop!”

“Demons! Sorry! Okay... can you focus on totally relaxing all your tentacles at once?”

“I think so? These things are so tricky!”

“Gabe is now slowly but relentlessly pulling Beatrix out of the vines, and her tentacles are slowly sliding free....”

“And she is.... free!”

“Now she has turned in Gabe’s arms so they are face to face and kissing, with her legs wrapped around his hips, and her tentacles wrapped around everything else...”

*kisses* “My hero!”

“Not just that, but it looks like some of her tentacles have started to probe Gabe’s bovine vagina and stroke his udder...”

“Oh! And his long latex cock has gone from rubbery flaccid to rock hard and is pressing against Beatrix’s crotch!”



“Gabe is carrying Beatrix out of the garden, his hard latex cock rubbing against her cunt with every hoofbeat.”

“And now they are at the cart where they have to choose which one of them has to be the pony for their team!”

“Should we rock, paper... scourge for it?”

*laughs* “I think I should do it, Trix. I’ve already got the footwear...” *clop clop*

“Gabe will be the bull pony. Pony bull? Whatever!”

“They are strapping Gabe into the pony costume, but skipping the hoof boots and tail since he already has his own.”



“And Gabe is locked in, arms restrained, for the rest of the game!”

“Ready, dear?”

*Paws ground with hoof* “Yeah...”

“Good. Then go!” *cracks tentacle whip*

*giggles* “And Gabe is off! Rapidly pulling his team’s cart with his super muscular legs!”

“Our pony-bull-pony-boy seems built for this section of the course!”

*giggles* “Beatrix is really struggling to keep up, tentacles trailing, 12 breasts bouncing heavily as she jogs!”

“Meanwhile poor Josh has finally finished picking all of the required boob tomatoes and cock emojis and has loaded them into their cart.”

*phew* “Okay Kitty, it’s, like time for one of us to totally like, pull this cart? Do you, like, want to do it?”

*flicks tail* “Of course not.”

“But Kitty, I like, just did all the work and I’m totally tired!”

*licks paw* “So?”

*whines* “Kitty....”

“Meow, the sooner you start pulling the cart the sooner we’ll get there.” *Twists around to clean inner thigh*

“Josh is pulling on the pony costume, slipping on the hoofboots, harness, and inserting his tail buttplug. He makes a strapping pony with his big round, fake looking tits hanging proudly.”



“Josh is locked into the cart and is starting to pull it, his two nipple-mouths gritting their teeth with effort....”

*giggles* “And Amber has leapt up onto the cart and is laying down among the produce!”



“Couple #2 has reached the second task area!”

“This area has three closed sheds with small paddocks! Each Contestant Couple must first choose a shed to open to gather what they need for this next section...”

“Since Pony-Lacey is locked and harnessed to her cart, that means this part of the race is up to Archie!”

“Archie is surveying the sheds and has chosen the middle one to open...”

“He’s reaching out, pulling open the door, and...”


“That’s right folks! It’s time for a dairy challenge!”

“And not just any dairy challenge: it’s the return of the Belial Idol Cowgirls! In this case, let’s give a warm welcome back to Suzie!”

“Suzie was a volunteer from the first Belial Idol who was transformed from an athletic looking woman into a curvaceous cowgirl!”

“Specifically she currently has a curvy body with Holstein patterned skin, cow horns and features, a tail, and hooved feet!”

“But most importantly for this game: she also has four large lactating breasts with teat-like nipples, and a big cow’s udder hanging from her crotch!”

“These days Suzie works as a happy milk cow for today’s sponsor: Cleanly Farms!”

“Cleanly Farms: Moooooooo!”

*titters* “Now that slogan was *definitely* written by a cow!”

*giggles* “Or at least a cowgirl! Anyway, Archie has led Suzie out of the shed with a lead clipped to her nosering and has also fetched a large steel milk can, stool, and steel pail.”

“He has led Suzie over to his cart where she has set her hands and bent over letting her udder and breasts hang heavily.”

“Archie is sitting on his stool with the pail placed under Suzie’s udder and is milking her with his long, elegant fingers.”

“Oh, Lacey is watching with a lot of interest...”



“I’d shake yer hand, but Ah’m a might bit trussed up, present like.”


“How d’ya find bein’ livestock?”


“That good, huh?”


“I don’t reckon you’re lookin’ for a new farm?”


“Oh, I don’t think our Sponsors will appreciate our Contestant meddling with their cattle....”

“But that’s a problem for those-who-we-do-not-mention....”

“Anyway! To complete this task, our Contestants must milk their cowgirl enough to fill their big milk can completely! Which I would say is about 2 gallons.”

“The Contestants will then load their milk can onto their cart and bring it and their picked produce to the next part of the course!”

“Archie seems to have the milking technique down and is making great progress!”

“It looks like Couple #3 is pulling into the Dairy Task area! They were really able to make up time!”

“Gabe’s powerful legs have really given him the ability to haul ass!”

*titters* “Don’t you mean haul bull? He’s a minotaur not a donkeytaur!”

*giggles* “Beatrix has chosen to open the first milking shed, revealing their Belial Idol Cowgirl!”


“It’s Carly! Carly was transformed in our last show from a petite skinny woman into a curvaceous mostly-human cowgirl with a cow’s tail, ears, and cute little horns!”

“She also went from having small, perky breasts to two huge breasts with four human nipples on each!”

“Yeah, Couple #3 is at a serious disadvantage here: Carly produces milk, but nowhere near as much as the Cowgirls with udders.”

“Beatrix has led Carly out by her nosering and carried her milk can, two pails, and a stool, all clutched in a different tentacle...”

“While her free tentacles grope and caress Carly’s large breasts, squeezing them, making them seep milk!”

“Oh! Carly and Gabe are staring at each other and starting to breath pretty hard...”

*titters* “Do I sense some animal attraction?”

“Gabe’s latex cock has returned to its full, impressive length and he is pawing at the ground with his hooves, making his cart move....”


“Meanwhile Carly has turned her back to Gabe and has lifted her tail: clearly a bovine invitation to fuck her!”

“Beatrix doesn’t seem upset though? If anything I’d say she’s bemused?”

“And horny! Her tentacles are teasing her nipples and pussy! I think she wants to watch....”

“Dear, it’s alright if you want to...”

*Snort* “Are-are you sure?”

“I don’t mind sharing and... these bodies are meant to be enjoyed, succumbed to.”

“Beatrix has given Gabe a little whip with her tentacles and now he is lunging to get at Carly, pulling his cart along behind him!”



“And Gabe, our latex Minotaur, and Carly, our cowgirl, are fucking like a couple of cattle!”

“Carly has fallen forward, hands on the ground with her ass in the air, and Gabe is fucking her from behind, leaning over her as much as his harness will allow!”

“Yeehaw! Ride’em cow-people!”

“Oh! It looks like Beatrix is joining the fun!”

“That’s right, Doe, she has come up behind Gabe and is burying her long, flexible tongue in his white-latex leaking bovine snatch!”

*giggles* “Beatrix is in for a wild ride, with Gabe’s wildly thrusting hips smashing his super muscular ass into Beatrix’s face!”

“Beatrix has her eyes on the prize though, since she has also maneuvered the pails under her two bovine lovers and is milking both of them will they all fuck!”

“Her tentacles are squeezing Carly’s breasts, kneading milk out, which is dripping partially into one pail, but she is also milking Gabe’s testicle-udders, squirting his white latex ‘milk’ into the other bucket!”

“Beatrix really isn’t getting much milk from Carly, but she is getting tons of latex from Gabe!”

“Does that even count as milk in this contest?”

“The Producers have just ruled that because Gabe’s latex is technically edible and is produced by an udder, that it does indeed count!”

“It seems Couple #3 is back in the game!”

“Couple #2 has meanwhile filled their jug with milk and Archie is loading it onto their cart!”

“Suzie has given Archie a big, friendly lick in thanks for an expert milking.”


“Aw, shucks, it was nothing...”

“Archie just does happen to own just the nicest, right clever hands, dontcha’ reckon? Plays ya like one of his fine instruments. If’n ya joined our herd, Ah could make sure ya get that kind of service real regular like...”


“Lacey, enough recruiting, time to giddy up!” *Spank!*


“And Lacey is off, once again high steeping in perfect ponygirl dressage form, moving towards the next challenge area!”

“Couple #1 is finally pulling into the milking task station!”

“Josh looks absolutely bushed, bent over, both of his nipple mouths gasping for breath, making his huge fake tits wobble!”

“And Amber is leaping off their cart and landing lightly on all four of her paws, cool as a kitty.”

“Amber is trotting over to the third milking shed and has batted open their door revealing their Belial Idol cowgirl!”



“It’s Tina! And Janet!”

*giggles* “Two cowgirls for the price of one!”

“Tina is a quadruped cowgirl who was the most transformed in our previous Belial Idol contest: she stands on four cow legs, is covered in spotted cow fur, has a tail, her face has a long bovine muzzle and other cow features, and she has a full cow’s vagina!”

“Tina is also the proud owner of two udders: one with two teats on her chest made from her original breasts, and an absolute champion milker’s udder that hangs heavily between her hind legs!”

“She is an absolute milk making machine!”

“Janet meanwhile was transformed into a bullgirl!”

“Janet is a tall muscular woman standing on hooved legs, covered in brown fur, and has a tail and some other bovine features! Her most striking feature is a huge pair of bull horns growing from her head!”

“She has medium sized breasts which do lactate a little, but instead of an udder, Janet is blessed with a full sized bull cock and balls!”

“Janet isn’t much of a milk producer, but is instead here to help milk Tina, to really take advantage of her double udders!”

“Bobbi, this is a huge boost for Couple #1, who could really get back into this race here.”

“Janet has brought out two pails and stools and has started to milk Tina’s bulging, enormous main udder.”

“Amber meanwhile is still curiously circling Tina, studying her tits and sniffing.”

“Meow! Cream!”

*titters* “Amber has latched herself onto Tina’s breast udder is happily suckling on her milk!”

“Noooo! Bad Kitty! You are, like, supposed to be helping! Kitttty!”


*giggles* “So much for the double milkmaid advantage!”

*titters* “At least they are still in the race!”

“Speaking of the race, Couple #2 is approaching our second task area where Ken Chic is waiting on a wooden platform covered in straw!”

“He is holding a vial of alchemy and is waiting for his signal to drink it! Which is now!”

“Ken is currently a gawky, skinny guy who is short with a really small penis. He is also kind of twitchy nervous looking...”

“But not for long! He is currently scratching himself as... feathers push out of his skin!”

“Specifically white feathers with black fringes, kind of like a natural outline, as if the feathers were drawn on by an artist! It’s actually quite beautiful...”

“Ken is also getting bigger, growing both taller and thicker as his feathers grow in and plump him up even more!”

“I’d say he is about ten feet tall now, and very puffy with his black and white feathers!”

“Some of his new feathers, those on his butt and head are growing longer, becoming a wide fan of tail feathers and an equally wide fan of head feathers, like a fancy hairdo!”

“Y’know, Bobbi, between the coloration and the distinctive head plumage, I’d say that Ken Chic is becoming a Silver Laced Hen....”

“Ken is starting to take on a decidedly female figure, although he doesn’t seem to be growing boobies!”

“No, it looks more like his pectorals are growing into chicken-like flight muscles, which give him a prominent and busty-looking chest, but without any nipples or mammary tissues!”

“Ken is also getting very wide hips with downright plump thighs and ass!”

“His lower legs are becoming very thin and growing scales while his feet are reconfiguring into clawed bird feet!”

“Meanwhile his arms are growing long feathers and shrinking into useless little flightless wings!”

“His mouth and nose have merged and push forward into a cute little beak and checking the crotch-iso-cam, it appears that yes, Ken no longer has a micro-penis, but instead is now the proud owner of a giant hen cloaca!”

*titters* “Ken Chic is now a Chic-Ken!”

“And a decidedly pregnant one, as his, or I guess her, stomach is pushing out in an obvious bulge!”


“Oh Chic-Ken is now squatting and pushing an egg the size of a handball out of her cloaca!”

“She is flapping her stubby little wings and looks to be enjoying the experience!”



“Looks like Chic’s first egg is ready and waiting for Lacey and Archie to use in the next leg of the race!”

“Checking back on the milking challenge it looks like Couple #3 has managed to fill their milk canister and disentangle themselves from their steamed-milky threeway!”


“Beatrix’s face and tentacles are coated in white latex from Gabe’s udder and cunt; and a very satisfied looking Carly has white latex coating her thighs and crotch from Gabe’s ejaculate!”

“Beatrix is giving Carly a many tentacled hug and passionate goodbye kiss!”


“The display is making Gabe’s long, latex cock go from hanging to hard again...”

*snorts* “Trix we gotta go now before.... I lose it again...”

*clicks tongue* “Don’t rush me...”

“Get in the cart!”

“Beatrix and Carly are loading the milk canister into the cart and now Carly is boosting Beatrix aboard!”

“And they’re off, Gabe pulling the cart with his mighty legs, making them speed along the dirt barnyard track!”

“Hmmm... Beatrix is licking at her mouth with her long, flexible tongue and frowning thoughtfully... I wonder what’s up?”

“Something to look into later! Since Lacey and Archie have reached Chic-Ken’s nest!”

“So what happens in this section of the course, Doe? Do they just throw an egg or two into the cart?”

“Not exactly!”

“Do they... place the egg gently in the cart?”

*giggles* “Not at all! In this section of the course our Contestants are going to do a Belial Idol variant of an egg-and-spoon race!”

“Those eggs are the size of grapefruit, how are they going to carry them in a spoon?”

“How? By using a specialized jumbo spoon-slash-gag that our pony players will hold in their mouths!”


“Our ponies will have to carefully trot to the next stage of the race while balancing their eggs with their mouths! If they drop their egg they will have to backtrack to Chic-Ken to get another one!”

*titters* “Egg-cellent!”

“Archie has picked up an egg-holder gag and is showing it to Lacey!”

“The gag has a measuring cup sized bowl for holding an egg and a long, thick handle modded to look like a cock for the ponies to hold in their mouths. There is also a strap to secure the egg-holder gag onto the face of the pony Contestant.”

“Okay Lacey, are you ready?

“Ooooo Archie, this is... right sexy....” *shivers*

“I know you like it, but you need to keep it together just a bit longer...”

“But,” *pants* “Archie, can’t ya just make me come one little time?” *pants* “Ah’m wetter than a watering hole....”

“No, we have to keep going! We can win this thing!”

“Archie has pushed the egg-holder gag into Lacey’s mouth, making her eyes go wide with arousal, and is now bucking the straps closed!”



*titters* “Which has locked itself closed for the rest of the game!”


*giggles* “Lacey loves it!”

“Archie has gotten the egg from Chic-Ken’s nest and placed it into the egg cup! Lacey has to strain to hold it up and balance the heavy object!”

“Alright, girl, giddy up!” *slap*


“And off Lacey goes, walking on legs made rubbery with intense arousal, nostrils wide and panting!”

“What comes first? The Lacey or the egg?”

*giggles* “The Chic-Ken!”

“Speaking of chicken, Gabe and Beatrix have already made it to Chic’s nest!”

“Unfortunately, they will have to wait until she lays her next egg!”

“Which shouldn’t be long based on the size of her curved belly...”

“Meanwhile Couple #1 has filled their canister of milk and finished their milking challenge !”

“More like Janet and Tina finished the challenge for them...”

*giggles* “Amber looks quite happy and full of cream. She has climbed back onto the team cart and curled up for a nice catnap!”

“Josh has started to pull the cart, straining to pull all of the produce, milk, and his catgirl girlfriend!”

“But they are at least on the way!”

“Speaking of on the way! Chic-Ken is squatting, flapping her wings, and orgasming as she squeezes out her next egg!”

“Bokbokbokbok... cock-a-doodle-doooooooo!”

*giggles* “There she crowns!”


“Beatrix is holding up the egg-holder gag for Gabe...”

“Sorry dear, I’ll try and make this up after for you...”

“It’s okay, mmmhhhnnnffff...”



“And now Gabe is locked in!”

“Beatrix has placed their egg carefully in Gabe’s holder!”

“Which with Gabe’s enhanced strength seems not to bother him at all!”

“And they’re off!”

“Gabe is moving much more carefully than before, but Couple #3 is still gaining on Couple #2! Probably because Lacey is positively wobbling in arousal!”

“It’s a race!”

“Since two of our Couples are nearing the final task area, let’s check in with how it’s set up!”

“Our final four volunteers are standing naked in ankle deep mud inside a pen and looking around uncertainly!”

“We have Peggy Wood: a slightly chubby grad student and aspiring dietician!”

“Sarah Swinson: a very fit twenty-something triathlete!”

“Wilbur Hogstrander: a short middle-aged lawyer with a cute little beer belly!”

“And Bo Argo! Who has no listed trade except ‘fighting tyranny’, is in his thirties, is covered in tattoos, and has a long scraggly beard!”

“Our team of potty-trained alchemists have surrounded the pen with what look to be dart guns...”

“Except for the alchemist with the pea-hair who has a long bamboo straw?”

*Fwip* *Fwip* *Fwip* *Fooo!*

“Our alchemists have just darted all four of our volunteers! Presumably as a means for transformative alchemy delivery!”

“The skin of all four of our volunteers is becoming very...pink...”

“And their noses are flattening and becoming wider with very large nostrils!”


*titters* “Piggies!”

*Giggles* “That’s right, Bobbi, we now have Belial Idol pigs! Who are now growing little curly tails, floppy piggy ears, trotters on their feet, and hands with three trotter fingers!”

“They are also growing extra nipples, eight per piggy, boy and girl, and our two new boar’s cocks are changing to remain large and generally human, but now sheathed, red, and twisted at the end like a pig’s!”



“Our four piggy volunteers look very emaciated, with flat bellies, obvious ribs, and flat tits!”

“Emaciated? Bobbi, that’s a fantastic word!”

*titters* “Thanks, I learned it from our word of the day toilet paper you bought us! It means hungry!”

*giggles* “Just one of the unexpected learning opportunities of conjoinment!”

“But, Doe, why are the piggies so skinny? I was expecting them to be plump if nor downright fat!”

“Don’t worry Bobbi, it’s coming! The next phase of our race has our Contestants deliver their produce, milk, and eggs to our porcine volunteers! They will then wait until the piggies eat all of their food, and then our Couples will sprint to the finish line!”

“But before Couples #2 and #3 pull into the pig station, let’s check in with Couple #1, who is just pulling up to Chic-Ken who has managed to lay two eggs in the time it’s taken Josh and Amber to reach her.”

“Amber is looking at Chic-Ken and licking her lips, tail twitching!”

“Meow, pretty birdy!”

“Kitty, like, noooo. Just get the egg!”




“Amber has picked up one of the egg carrying muzzle cups and pushed it into one of Josh’s lipples!”

“The strap buckles won’t close, so Josh will just have to suck, suck, suck on the holder’s dildo-gag to keep that egg in place!”

“Amber has leapt over to Chic-Ken and picked up one of her eggs, now walking over on hind legs and carefully carrying the large egg to Josh, who is still trussed up and restrained by his pony gear!”

“She has heavily placed the egg in the cup, which has caused Josh’s big, round tit to wobble, almost making the egg fall out!”

“Kitty! Like, careful!”

“Joshua, mrrrow, keep your tit still!”

*titters* “Joshua, since he has two lipples, can speak and suck at the same time!”

“I can’t decide if that is an advantage or not?”

“Egg aboard, Josh, still walking in his hoof boots and pulling Couple #1’s cart, is taking his first careful steps forward, his tits wobbling and making the egg holder bounce dramatically!”

“Joshua! Careful!”

“I’m like trying!”

*giggles* “Whoops!


“Egg down!”

“Joshhhhhuaaaa! Mrrrowww!”

“Like, sooorrrryyy!”

“Looks like they will have to go back and get another egg!”

“Lucky for them, there is still an extra egg in the nest which Amber has fetched and placed in the holder sticking out of Josh’s left tit!”

“This time Josh is moving much more slowly and carefully, taking short, mincing steps!”

“Which is helping...but his boobs are still bouncing!”

“They are starting to make some progress....”

“Slow and steady....”


*giggles* “Egg down!”

*titters* “Again!”

“Oh! Frick-cicles!”


“Hey Bobbi, what does making an omelette have in common with using a lipple to carry an egg?”

“Dunno, Doe.”

“You can’t do it without breaking a couple eggs!”

*titters* “Heey-oohhh!”

“Now Couple #1 will have to swing back to Chic-Ken and wait for her next egg!”

“Meanwhile it looks like Couple #2 and Couple #3 are both pulling up to our pig pen at once, eggs still intact!”

“Archie and Beatrix have both gotten to work piling their food offerings up for the starving piggies! Boob tomatoes! Eggplants! Cowgirl milk! And of course one giant egg from each Couple!”

“The piggies are rushing over and sniffling the food... clearly very excited!”

“Peggy Wood has lifted one of the breast sized tomatoes with a green nipple and is taking a big old bite of it!”


“And now she is absolutely going to town on the thing, eating it completely while the other three piggies watch...”


“Peggy has instantly gained some weight from her treat, becoming less skinny!”

“But it seems that a disproportionate amount of that weight has gone to her tits which are now eight solid a-cups!”

*giggles* “And she has immediately grabbed another tit tomato and started chowing down on it too! Making herself even bustier!”

“It looks like Wilbur has decided to try a penis emoji, and whoop! His cock has grown substantially!”

“Sarah, our former triathlete, is taking an experimental drink of milk....”

*snort snort snort*

“And it appears to mostly just make piggies chubby, the milk instantly going to her thighs, butt, and tummy.”

“Oh, she looks a bit unhappy with this change and has pushed the milk aside...”

“I think she’s going to try and diet the game out....”

*tummy rumble*

*titters* “Good luck with that! This piggy has a better chance of flying...”

“Peggy, who continues to chow down mostly on boob tomatoes, has taken a break to drink some of the milk, making herself pleasantly chubby with round full d cup breasts!”

“Peggy is into the piggy!”

“Bo, our bearded... rougher... male piggy, has chosen an egg to eat and has cracked it open, swallowing the fluids inside raw!”


“And Bo is now the proud owner of a pig vagina below his now shrunken penis!”

*giggles* “It looks like he likes it! He’s going straight for the other egg!”

*snorts* *SQUEAL!*

“And now Bo is completely female and a totally feminized sow piggirl!”

*giggles* “She’s adorable! And now Bo is pushing Peggy aside to get at some tit tomatoes!”

*titters* “Piggy wants herself some titties!”

“Both Couples #2 and #3 are stuck waiting for the pigs to finish their share of the food before they can move onto the next stage of the race...”

“Lacey is trembling with arousal, rubbing her thighs together and gasping through her nose!”

“Being dressed as a bondage pony and gagged seems to agree with her!”

“Archie is yelling at the pigs to try and get them to eat his food first, but Beatrix has been trying to use her tentacles to move her food to better attarct the pigs!”

“Oooh but doing so has put her near Lacey and, I’m not sure Beatrix has realized it, but her tentacles have latched onto our horny ponygirl!”

*titters* “That’s right! Beatrix has Lacey constricted in her tentacles, which are binding her even tighter, teasing her breasts and pussy!”

*giggles* “Lacey looks super into it!”

*titters* “And Beatrix has just figured out what is going on!”

“Demons! I’m so sorry!”

“Lacey is breathlessly shaking her head and squeezing her thighs to hold a tentacle pressed against her labia...”

“You like it?”

“Lacey is nodding vigorously, making her harness rattle...”

“Well. Okay then.... you pretty pony....”

“Beatrix has latched onto Lacey like a horny octopus, pressing her breasts against her, letting her tentacles roam over both their bodies, knot them together, wiggle inside their pussies....”

“Ooooooh. Lacey is loving this! Like she is finally getting the weird fucking she’s wanted this entire game!”

“Hmmm... Beatrix is licking her lips vigorously with her lengthened, prehensile tongue!”

“Lacey is writhing in the tentacles, her entire pony costume clad body twisting....”

“There she blows! And still they’re going...”

“Oh! And Archie has just noticed that his girlfriend is being fucked by a competitor!”

“And... he’s decided to just masturbate to it! What a good sport!”

“I mean it is quite the show those two are putting on....”

“Gabriel is watching too, and based on his erect, rigid, black rubberized cock and it’s dripping white latex precum, he is also enjoying the show!”

“Poor bull can’t blow his own horn though...”

*giggles* “A tough break!”

“Speaking of tough breaks... Couple #1 has finally gotten their next egg and placed it into the egg holder clutched in Josh’s left lipple....”

“Joshua! Mew! Be careful!”

“Quiiiietttt! I’m like totally trying to concentrate here!”

“Josh is moving very slowly... but those boobs are still too wobbly....”




*Titters* “And there goes another egg!”

“Looks like Josh and Amber are heading back to the nest to start this leg over again...”

“Meanwhile at the front of our race the piggies are making quick work of their snacks!”

“Peggy and Bo have been fighting over breast tomatoes and drinking lots of heathy cowgirl milk and have become two plump pigs, each with eight huge, squishy tits!”

“Wilbur has been keeping after his diet of penis emojis, with the odd drink of milk, and has become quite the boar with a huge semi-porcine cock, tusks, and a body both muscular and fat!”

“A far cry from the soft little lawyer he was to start the game!”

*titters* “He’s the big pig now!”

“Poor Sarah is standing fast to her abstinence, clutching her belly and looking miserably at the other pigs pigging out....”

*tummy grumble*


“She better not wait too much longer, or else everything is going to be eaten!”


“Sarah has cracked and is finally pigging out!”

*titters* “She is grabbing whatever she can! Penis emojis! Titty tomatoes! Milk!”

“The mixed diet is having an interesting effect!”

“The boob tomatoes are going right to her boobs! All eight of them have gone from barely there to big and bouncey!”

“The penile eggplants have given Sarah a cock! She’s now a proud hermaphrodite!”

*titters* “This little piggy is sporting a huge hog!”

“Sarah has also had enough milk to fill out a bit and become chubby, but not as fat as the other pigs! Plus all the eggplant-male energy has left her with some solid muscle tone underneath her plump skin...”

“Is she thicc? I never know when to call someone thicc...”

“With that big cock of hers I’d say she is THICK!” *giggles*

*titters* “With Sarah’s help our pigs have managed to eat up all of Couple #2 and #3’s food meaning that our Contestants can proceed to the next stage of the contest!”

“This food delivery has left our four volunteers as a big, fat boar-man, two fat multiply busty pig-girls, and one curvy and thicc piggy herm!”

“And now our happy piggies are wallowing in the mud getting their fuck on!”

*various oinks, moans, and squeals*

“Bo Argo, our newly female pig, is really into being penetrated! She is sucking Wilbur’s cock and getting railed by Sarah, who is herself getting fisted by Peggy!”

*panting, grunting, squealing*


“There she blows!”

“Sarah has just obviously cum with her new penis! Just pumping Bo full of her boar spunk!”

*titters* “Maybe someone should have warned Bo that Chic-Ken’s eggs convey hyper-fertility....”

*giggles* “Anyway, our two leading couples are now on the homestretch! They just need to gallop to the finish line! First one there wins the race!”

“Of course there’s a twist: our couples must unhitch their pony team member, saddle them, and then the free contestant must ride their pony to the finish line!”

“Archibald has managed to untangle Beatrix and Lacey, both of whom look flushed but and happily post coital after their tentacle bondage fucking!”

“Lacey is blushing and avoiding Archie’s eye contact. She looks like she wants to say something, but remember, she is still gagged with the phallic egg-holder!”

“Archie doesn’t look mad though, if anything he is being extra tender and affectionate as he expertly unhooks Lacey from the cart and starts to saddle her.”

“It’s okay babe.... I know you just needed to get fucked, and I should have done it myself, sooner.”


“Plus it was really... stimulating to watch you get fucked like that by another hot lady....”


“I think it’s given me some ideas....”


“Alright, time for you to giddy up pony!”

“Archie has secured the saddle and is climbing up into it, sort of in a piggy-back ride position!”

*giggles* “More like a pony-back ride! Lacey is bending a bit under Archie’s weight, but is managing to hold him up and lurch forward on her hoof boots!”

“Meanwhile, Beatrix is having issues getting Gabe unhooked from his cart!”

“Yes, it seems like the buckles are giving her some issues!”

“Also giving her some issues is the fact that half her tentacles have started to molest a very horny Gabe!”

*giggles* “Those things certainly have a one-track mind of their own!”

“While Couple #3 struggles, let’s check in with Couple #1!”

“....Speaking of struggling! Couple #1 has secured another egg and placed it in Josh’s eggholder cup, which remember is gripped in one of his lipples!”

“He is walking as slowly and carefully as he can, and this time Amber is walking backwards in front of him, holding his tits to support them!”

“Their teamwork seems to be working and they are two thirds of the way to the piggy task area! They might be able to catch up!”

*titters* “Or at least feed the pigs...”

“Oh! Amber has just dropped back down to all fours and is winding around Josh’s legs, purring...”

“Kitty? What are you, like, doing?”


“Kitty? Amber, like, hey!”


“Oh, Kitty, are you... like, are you in heat again?”


“Oh you poor pussy! Like, okay, but you need to be totally gentle so we don’t, like break this egg too, okay?”

“Amber has turned around, lifted her fluffy cat tail up, and exposed her pink, wet sex!”

“Josh still wearing his pony costume with his arms tied behind his back, has gotten a very big boner!”

“And Amber has backed herself onto his cock, humping back against him, yowling!”


“Kitty! Careful! The Egg!”

“That horny pussy has no interest in being gentle!”

*titters* “And neither does Amber!”

“Oh no!”


“Demons, like, fuck it!”

“The egg is down!”

“So Josh is just going for it, railing Amber, who is caterwauling and screeching!”


“And there she blows!”

“Oh Demons! AHHHHH!”

“And there Josh blows too! Who it seems is a screamer!”

“Oh! Amber has just noticed the broken egg...”

“Jooooossshuuuaaa! You broke another one!”

“Hey Doe, why didn’t the catgirl notice the broken egg?”

“Dunno, Bobbi....”

“Because she was getting LAID!”

*giggles* “You CRACK me up!”

*titters* “I’m great at YOLKS!”

“Folks, at the front of the race, Couple #2 has a commanding lead, with Lacey carrying Archie slowly but surely to the finish line!”

“Behind them Couple #3 has finally gotten itself together, with Gabe all saddled up, and Beatrix climbing aboard!”

“I wonder how much faster Gabe can carry Beatrix with his fearsome new strength?”

“And they’re off!”

“Gabe is thundering down the course, just churning his enormously strong latex legs!”

“And Beatrix is clinging on for dear life with her tentacles!”

“Well, some of them! Some of her tentacles are stroking Gabe’s cock, teasing his pussy, and whipping him in the ass!”

“The combination seems to be motivating, since he just keeps running faster!”

“Archie has noticed that Couple #3 is gaining and has started to spank Lacey, trying to goad her into more speed!”

“Come on Lacey! Faster Pony, faster! Hiyah!”


*titters* “I think the spanking might be having the wrong effect!”

*giggles* “Lacey seems to be clenching her thighs and going a bit weak in the knees!”

“Couple #3 is gaining.... gaining... gaining.... past them!”

“Gabe and Beatrix have taken the lead!”

“And Lacey has collapsed to the ground....”

“Archie has rolled her onto her back, spread her pony boot clad legs, and has started to eat her out!”

*titters* “She might not win, but at least Lacey will get a happy ending!”

“And Gabe and Beatrix have crossed the finish line!”

“Couple #2 has won the Barnyard Race Challenge!”

“Oh... and now Beatrix and Gabe are celebrating by fucking!”

“For those at home who can’t see, Beatrix has swung herself around and is holding herself up by her tentacles and helping Gabe fuck her with his huge latex cock!”

“I’m impressed she can handle that monster....”

“Gabe? I hardly think he’s monstrous...”

*giggles* “I’m talking about that giant penis!”

*titters* “It’s amazing what you can fit inside yourself when you’re motivated!”

“And with that, let’s go to Cynthia Sparks!”


“Thanks comely commentors!

Hippity-Hip-Hip Hooray to Couple #3, the winners of the Barnyard Race Challenge!

As winners they are Immune from the next Transformation Round and win a marvelously modest Cash Prize!

But we still have one last super segment for you all tonight, fine friendly folks!

On behalf of The Producers, I’d like to apologize for the apparent voting irregularities that occurred this round. They were technical in nature and not intentional on our part. We are convinced we have a found a solution that everyone should enjoy!

And with that, let’s hop pity hop over to Cassia for her terrific transformative time!”


“Oh that sounds ominous...

*takes a big breath*

Hi! It’s me Cassia!

Tonight I’m getting a ‘Wild’ themed transformation and you guys voted for ‘Elephant’ I think? Or maybe ‘Giraffe’? The voting system had some issues...

But I guess the Producer’s sorted it out? So haha that’s a total relief and not worrying at all...

Okay, so... I’m still a smoking hot popstar with a great body, except now that includes eight large, perfect teardrop breasts that cover my torso from chest to my crotch. Each of my breasts has a cute, pink vagina instead of a nipple and leaks a sweet milky fluid. I have long, beautifully toned legs and arms, and a firm, but still round ass. I have my original vagina and a large human scale cock which makes me a saucy hermaphrodite, at least as far as my crotch area goes. I wonder how sex is defined when you have so many genitals? Anyway, I’m sexy and equipped for all kinds of lewd adventures!

I’m holding tonight’s vial of special elixir, designed by our Alchemy Team to give me my ‘Wild’ transformation.

Which... I hope they didn’t go too wild to compensate for the whole voting thing...

Oh well! Too late now!



Hmm... minty? That was blandly agreeable?

Oh! My skin is changing colour, becoming yellow with brown patches... like the pattern of a giraffe? I guess giraffe won?

And I feel like I’m stretching? Yeah, I’m definitely getting taller! And woah, my neck is so long! I guess I’m like, ten feet tall now? And more than two feet of that is neck!

Oh, ouch! I feel a pinching in my temples and I’ve grown cute little giraffe horns with fuzzy tips! And ahhh, a stubby giraffe tail like a cute little paintbrush!

Mlllaghh! Mlahhh! My tongue has turned purple and gotten very long and bendy! It’s like a little hand! Mlahhhgghh!

*moans* S-something is happening to my original pussy? It’s getting so hot! And growing and moving to face more backward? I can see it by bending my long neck and... woah! It’s a black ring of puckered flesh... like a giraffe I guess? I have a giraffe’s pussy now!

I guess I’m a multibreasted giraffe girl now?

Oh... something is happening to my hands and forearms... and also my lower legs and feet....

They are turning grey and my fingers are fusing into just two.... becoming wider and blunter?

My feet are expanding into flat wedge-like clumps, and my toes are turning into three hard bony bumps?

And I seem to be getting curvier? My giraffe changed stretched me out, made me really lithe, but now my ass, thighs, and breasts are filling out...

Demons! My nose! Something is happening to my nose! It’s getting longer and thicker and bendy! Like a tentacle on my face or a... trunk? I’m becoming part elephant too?

I have a two foot long elephants trunk! And I’ve grown cute little tusks too.

And my ears are growing, hanging down, but now spreading out, wide and fanlike, definitely elephant ears!

Ohhhhhh *gasps* now there is *moans* something happening to my penis! It’s getting bigger, changing shape! It’s *gasps* starting to move! To surge and wiggle, like it has a mind of it’s own! It’s over a foot long and thick as my wrist, and it *moans* it’s making my stumble with its strong rooting motion! My glans has been swallowed into a blunt club, and I’ve grown an animalistic sheath, and oh demons, is this *pants* what an elephant cock is like!?

Oh fuck, fuck fuck, I”m gonna, I’m gonna cum!


*pants* Oh... oh Demons that was good.

*laughs* looks like I’ve made quite a mess...

So... I’m now a giraffe-elephant-hybrid hermaphrodite with eight breasts that have lactating pussy-nipples...


I’m going to need to spend some time getting used to this, so back to you Cynthia!”


“Huh, ‘getting used to this’; is that a new euphemism for masturbating?


So this concludes our third Belial Idol: Couples Challenge Round!

The wacky winners of the Barnyard Race Challenge are Couple #3!

Congratulations Beatrix and Gabriel!

You have won another modest cash prize and gained immunity from this Transformation Round!

Since there are no skip weeks for transformed contestants, that means that both our other comely couples *are* available to transform this round!

YOU! The at home viewing audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!!

Your choices are:

Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh, a fine fancy feline catgirl and her bouncey bimbo boyfriend!


Couple #2: Lacey and Archibald, a country gal farmer with a penchant for bondage and a city boy musician who loves to eat pussy!

Who will it be!? All four contestants are unchanged! Which Couple will be transformed next!?

It is up to YOU! to VOTE!

I’m your happy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!


Note from the Producers: Happy New Year!

To vote for the next transformed couple go here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42376277


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

and again a nice part smile
keep them coming


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the Producers: only about one week left to vote for which Couple gets changed in the next Transformation Round:  https://www.strawpoll.me/42376277


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 3

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Ambiguously gendered denizens of message boards! Welllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show where Contestant Couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the hallowed home audience votes for who is changed by our salient salty celebrity judges!

Tonight is the terribly terrific Third Transformation Round where the couple YOU! Voted for will be transformed! Each Contestant in the couple will take a turn entering the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to figure out which judge will transform them!

At the end of this explosive episode both contestants in the couple YOU! Voted for will be changed forever!

But first let’s check in with our lactating cunt nippled and multiply busty, hermaphrodite giraffe-elephant friend Cassia to interview the wicked wonderful winners of our challenge round, Couple #3.”


“Thanks Cynthia. Hi Trix and Gabe!



“So you finally won a game! How does it feel?”

“Absolutely delicious!”

*laughs* “Yeah! It’s nice to win! And nice to say goodbye to a healthy chunk of student debt.”

“Although it’s a bit disappointing that we aren’t eligible for a transformation this week...”

“But it’s kind of nice that Lacey and Archibald might finally get a turn.”

“Ohhh... I hope it’s them. It’s always such a pleasure to see someone *fresh* transform....”

*chuckles* “You are such a fiend!”

*Laughs* “Wait until you’re in my clutches!” *wraps in tentacles*

*laughs* “Help! Help! I’m being molested by a sex beast!”

Mmmmmm... you love it!”

“Oh, Cassia, are you okay? You’re being awfully quiet...”

*pouts* “And standing just out of tentacle reach too, I’ve noticed...”

“Oh, yeah? I’m just feeling a little shy since my last transformation.... It was kind of a lot.”

“Oh! But you look so good! I love how big you are now! I just want to latch onto you, climb you, make you cum while I cling to you....”

“And I love how animalistic you smell! Your giraffe cunt is intoxicating!” *snorts* “And that elephant cock looks like it could stretch even my latex pussy out...”

“You guys really like it?”

“Of course!”

“I’ve always wanted to have sex with someone with a trunk!”

“Maybe you could help us celebrate our win after the episode...”

“Oh, yeah, I’d like that.”

“It is most assuredly a date...”

*laughs happily* “Back to you Cynthia!”


“Jealousy is unprofessional, jealousy is unprofessional, jealousy is unprofessional....

Oh! Hi again fine funky folks! The perambulation before the transformation moment has arrived!

I am super duper excited to announce that VOTES are in and the majority of our awesome audience wants to see...




Get transformed tonight!

*giggles* The audience apparently wants us to complete the set! Fresh flesh for the CHAMBER!

That’s right penetrated pussy people! Lacey, our strong country gal with a bias for bondage, and Archibald, our city boy musician who eats cunt, will be the Contestants transformed tonight on Belail Idol: Couples.

How wonderfully wet!

Cassia, how does our lucky couple feel?


“Thanks Cynthia! Well Lacey and Archibald, it seems it’s finally your turn!”

“Ah reckon that it couldn’t’ve lasted forever...”

“Although to go out on the *farm* challenge is a bit embarrassing!”

“Aw, Arch, ya did me right proud at the farmin’. Ah fear that Ah let the team down with mah slow prancin’

“Well, you were racing a hyper-muscular Minotaur, which is hardly fair. Besides, you made for a much prettier ponygirl.”

“Aw shucks!”

“Are you two nervous?”

“Of course, but we knew what we were signing up for.”

“Ah’m tryin’ to keep my view on the bright side. Mayhaps we’ll get a change that’s useful for the farm or somethin’ that suits our druthers.”

*laughs* “Yeah, a transformation can be pretty fun! If life changing and strange.”

*Chuckles* “I guess you’re living proof!”

*laughs* “Yeah, I guess so. I still can’t get used to how small everyone looks now!”

“Well, Ah think you look mighty winsome Ms. Cassia.”

*blushes* “Thanks! I guess it’s time to throw the broadcast back to Cynthia! Good luck!”

“Now that the cacophonous compliments for Cassia have concluded we can get on with the show!

Now is the moment you’ve all have been waiting for!

Since being in distress is kind of her deal, The Producers have declared that Lacey is up first tonight!

So Lacey, hippity hop-hop-hop on down to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then we will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

But first, let us welcome this week’s Guest Judge!

You know her from her time as the lovely assistant on our competitor gameshow Freyan Fusions and more recently as the host of the talkshow Broodmother!

It’s Mum herself: Evie Ova!”


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi.”

“And I’m Doe.”

“Tonight we get to see our next Couple get permanently transformed!”

“With the help of Evie Ova!”

“Evie Ova? Didn’t she used to work for that other gameshow that was just a ripoff of Belial Idol?”

“I believe the courts decided it was ‘inspired’ by us in a non-legally liable way...”

“So why did it go off the air!?”

“Bad ratings!”

*titters* “Boo-Yah! Suck it!”

*giggles* “I tried! We aren't that flexible!”

“Evie Ova started her career as a sexy little number who basically did Cassia’s job but without the weekly transformations... because Freyan Fusions was a much worse show....”

“Only four transformation options and so culturally appropriative!” *shakes head and clicks tongue*

“When the gameshow was cancelled Evie Ova took a gig as the spokesmodel for Fecundr and underwent their experimental fertility treatment...”

“And it totally worked!”

*titters* “Too well! Which was a problem when Fecundr went bankrupt...”

“These days Evie Ova is permanently hyper-pregnant and the hostess of Broodmother, the show where guests go to get the “the sex talk” with Mum!”

“And here Evie Ova is now!”

“Hullo my babies!” *mwah* *mwah* “Mum is here!”

“For the sightless at home, Evie Ova is an enormous woman, seven feet tall and hugely curvy, with hips as wide as doorframes and thighs as thick as hams!”

“She is hugely, spectacularly pregnant, with a round taught belly that visibly squirms with life and literally glows!”

“I heard that she actually has multiple wombs in there, each undergoing parthogenic fertilization so that she is always pregnant, timed so that she gives birth every couple of months or so....”

“She isn’t just fecund, she’s Fecundr!”

*giggles* “She also has multiple breasts, four big lactating boobs on her chest above her straining baby bulge and six more tits pushed to the side framing her round belly!”

“Evie Ova has a round face, puffy with pregnancy and long, beautifully cascading blonde hair that swirls around her body like a cape!”

“She is topless, as always, and is only wearing a sarong tied around her waist which is printed with a festive stylized sperm motif!”

“Evie has waddled to the desk and is carefully and heavily sitting...”

*sighs* “Oh, Mum is so happy to finally be here! Did you know, my babies, that we auditioned for this show? Yes, it’s true! Mum thought she could be the new interviewer since little Cynthia has replaced the irreplaceable Rex Dragoon. And isn’t Cynthia just trying her best, my babies?” *sighs* “Alas, The Producers decided not to choose your humble Broodmother and go with the lovely Cassia. Although, after seeing her work, we think They made the right choice. We don’t think Mum would have been able to bring the honest *simplicity* to the role that lovely Cassia does...

So who else do we have here....

Oh! Bree Kensingworth! Hullo!”

“Hello, Mum.”

“It’s been simply ages since we last saw each other! We believe we had you onto Broodmother to discuss your little movie, Avatar... the one with all of that... controversy around it?”

*frowns* “Yes, Mum.”

“And that horrible investigation! Such a terrible fuss! And now you’re here, hosting on a television gameshow instead of directing films! Well. I’m sure your career will bounce right back!”

*grates teeth*

“And who else is here? Oh... it’s you. Zoe.”

“Hmmm... Evie Ova doesn’t look like she is happy to see Zoe...”

“Zoe on the other other other other hand looks delighted to see Evie!”

“She is writing a message on a piece of paper with the penis-shaped pen that was one of her former assistants...”

“And handing the note to this weeks victim... I mean, assistant, a pretty and effeminate looking young man...”

“The note...” *voice cracks* “The note says: Hi Mum and has a smiley face drawn on it...”

“Zoe, you know that my legal settlement with Fecundr included a restraining order against you for your so-called consulting...”

“Zoe is shrugging with all her arms but one which is beautifully scribing another missive and handing it to her assistant...

“Zoe says: I was here first.”

“Well, just be sure you stay well away from us, and keep your hands where Mum can see them!”

*titters* “Zoe is making a grand show of spreading her six hands out and placing them flat on the table top.”

*giggles* “I wonder how long Zoe can sit still like that.”

*titters* “She is already starting to tap her hands!”

*giggles* “Just drumming out an increasingly complex rhythm!”

“Whatever keeps her busy I guess?”

“Back to you, Cynthia!”


“Ladies, Gentlemen, Genitals and Growths! Our contestant Lacey is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFOMATION!

...which is a job for Archie, the elegant musical boy-toy! Cum on up here, Arrrrrrrrr-chie and give us and spin! That! Wheel!”

“Oh, Demons, this is nerve wracking!”

*laughs* “And you have the easy part!”

“Well, it is my turn next... kind of puts it all into perspective, you know?”

“Pre-transformation jitters! Well there is only one cure for that!”

“There is?”

“Getting it over with!” *laughs*

“Okay. Love you Lacey! No matter what!”

“Okay Archie, spin that wheel in...”




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick






"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER TWO for today’s transformation!
Let the transformation begin!”


“Welcome back folks! It’s transformation time!”

“In the words of Lacey, our transformation subject: Yeehaw!”

*giggles* “I reckon we are in for a wild woolly rodeo, y’all!”

*titters* “The wheel of transformation has selected Judge Number Two: Bree Kensingworth to be this week’s judge!”

“For new viewers, Bree is a brilliant and renowned film director who is himself transformed. He is fiercely androgynous while also being generously hermaphroditic! He has carefully sculpted his body by incorporating animalistic changes, with the most obvious being  four bovine breasts, a mare’s vagina, and an enormous black stallion’s cock. Tonight Master Kensingworth looks dressed for business in a deconstructed navy blue suit jacket with narrow lapels, a skinny knit black tie, and a matching black silk knit codpiece cuddling his enormous equine balls.”

“He is leaning on the table, steeping his long elegant taloned fingers together and studying Lacey, turning his head this way and that to view her with his wide-angle goat-pupilled red eye and the narrow focus slit of his icy blue reptilian eye.”

“Hmmm... what to do with you?”

“Lacey for her part is standing nervously but defiantly in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Lacey is currently a baseline human with tanned freckled skin, long strong limbs, a moderate bust, and a loose tangle of red hair.”

*titters* “But not for long!”

“She looks like she is panting and trembling a little....I bet the confinement and loss of power here is a big turn on to our resident submissive.”

“Bree continues to ruminate on just what he wants to do with Lacey, stroking his pointed chin with his claws...”


“Evie Ova looks annoyed at how long Bree is taking with this...”

“Dear, you really are quite adept at *slowly* thinking through problems.”

“Bree has arched a scaly eyebrow and has glanced over at Evie...”

“Mum, if I wanted to hear creative advice I would rather ask Zoe.”

"Really!? But she’s completely mute!"


“Oh! Touché! A palpable hit!”

“Oh snap!”

*giggles* “Zoe, who has been entranced on her six handed drum solo on the table and twitching like a snake, but has managed to suddenly work clapping into her percussive arrangement!”

*titters* “Earning her a dirty look from Mum and a wink from Bree!”

“Bree has returned his focus to Lacey, has rubbed his hands together and has his finger hovering over the Alchemy release button!”

“Hold on tight buckaroo...”


“Lacey has just been sprayed with alchemical fluids!”

*Eeeep!* “Whelp yer in for it now, pardner...”

“And away we go!”

“I don’t see anything yet, except Lacey is scratching her head and.... her hair is falling out?”

“Yep! Lacey is loosing her long straight red hair, leaving her with a bald scalp!”

“Lacey looks shocked and is rubbing her smooth bald head...”

“Ah never signed up for this.... oh! What in tarnation!?”

“Lacey has just felt her ear which is lengthening and changing shape into a... horse ear?”

*giggles* “Ooooh, I think Lacey is going to love that!”

“Lacey’s newly equine ears have migrated to the top of her bald head, and she has poked one, making it flick in response!”

“Oh demons! Could this truly be happenin’? Am Ah really turning into a p-p-pony...”

“Lacey is being forced onto her tiptoes now, as her feet lengthen and her toes shrink into her foot, except her middle toe which is growing huge and expanding into a hoof!”

“Lacey’s legs are bending oddly, lengthening, and getting much more muscular!”

“We have ourselves another digitigrade contestant!”

“Oh demons! Oh yesss.....”

“Lacey’s fingers, meanwhile are growing hooves of their own!”

“Each one of her digits, from the middle joint to the tip is becoming covered in hard-hoof material!”

*titters* “Which Lacey is now putting to use scratching her skin!”

“Ah! Ah’m so itchy!” *loudly clops*

*giggles* “She is hopping around on her hooves, scratching up a storm as she grows a new pelt of fur, matching the colour of the red hair that she lost!”

“But with white fur on her hands and above her hooves like socks!”

“And a star-shaped white fur spot on her chest above her breasts, as well as a cascade of smaller star marks on her right ass cheek and outer thigh!”

“Speaking of breasts, Laceys moderate bust has expanded into a solidly large pair of tits!”

“Her nipples have turned black and she has grown a second pair of teats on the flat of her crotch, which are expanding to become a small black equine udder!”

“Mah face!”

“Lacey has grabbed her face, clutching at it as it stretches longer!”

“Lacey already had a long face and a strong jaw, but I dare say now she is totally horse-faced!”

*whickers* *snorts*

“That’s right! Lacey now has a long horse muzzle with a square boxy snout with wide equine nostrils!”

“She still has some humanity left in her face though, with forward facing human eyes and plush lips around her expanded mouth!”


“Lacey is stretching out her back as she grows a short tail nub on her ass, and a second matching tail nub on the back of her head?”

*giggles* “I guess she’s going to get a ponytail!”

*pants* “Oh demons! Ffffuuuuck!” *Whinny!*

“Lacey is orgasming as her anus puffs into an equine donut and her pussy becomes a black leathery and rear facing mare’s cunt!”

“Oh! And not only that... the back of her head has warped and split open to reveal a matching horse anus and vagina just below her head-tail nub....”

*titters* “I guess you can fuck her brains out now!”

*giggles* “And sex is always in her head!”

“And finally Lacey is growing in long, gorgeous silky hair on her tail nubs leaving her with cascading roan red horse tails on her rear and head!”

“Our farm girl is now well, even farm-ier!”

“And downright furrier!”

“Better call a farrier!”

“I’m out of things to riff on....”

*giggles* “Okay! Bree Keninsgworth looks quite pleased with the transformation, sitting with his hands folded and his equine cock fully hard and erect!”

“There are few things in this world more beautiful than a woman or a horse...” *sighs* “It’s a shame she doesn’t yet have the proper regalia...”

“Oh! Zoe has heard that and stopped her percussion symphony, looked at Bree in surprise, and stared at Lacey, her long tongue probing the air!”

“Uh oh....”


“Zoe has jammed four fingers into her cunt mouth to form a whistle and blown a sharp, high, wet note!”

“And emerging from backstage is her former assistant turned armless kangaroo girl purse!”

“Who is hopping, huge breasts swaying and bouncing, up to her mistress, her pouch stuffed with belongings!”

“Zoe has reach inside the pouch, much to the evident pleasure of her purse-a-roo, and pulled out shears, a leather punch, a riveter, some metal rings, and a sewing kit...”

“I don’t like where this is going....”

“The Producers made sure that Zoe’s purse was thoroughly searched for alchemy....”

“Zoe has just reached into her huge primary pussy and pulled out a silicon tube, which she has opened to pull out a syringe!”

“Oh no! Run away new assistant!”

“Too late!  Zoe has struck fast as a snake and grabbed her assistant, injecting him with alchemy!”

“Her assistant, who is a thin small man with a little penis, is deflating! And flattening!”

“More like their internal body is dissolving so that they are just a living skin...”

“Which is becoming a luxurious, shiny black leather!”

“Zoe has picked up the leather hide and is looking at with evident satisfaction at her former assistant, while the still animate eyes of her transformed leather look around wildly!”

“Zoe is now laying the living leather on her desk and is starting to cut it into strips....”

“What do we do?”

“Carry on with the show I guess?”

“Back to Cassia, to have a chat with Archie....”

“Thanks ladies... So hi Archie, how are you feeling after seeing Lacey transformed?”

*laughs* “Mostly nervous for my own change, but also pretty happy for Lacey.”

“Oh? You think she’ll like her new body?”

“Yes, I think so. She’s always liked horses and this body seems pretty easy to live with. All things considered, it’s pretty ideal.”

“Huh, I thought she’d maybe like something a little more... restrictive?”

*chuckles* “There’s no reason you can’t hobble a horse.”

*laughs* “Oh my! So are you ready for your turn in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be?”

“That’s the spirit! Back to you Cynthia!”

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Aware and immobile statuary! We still have a second sexy transformation tonight!

The second member of our honored couple, Archibald, is being sealed in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

Which means it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION! Again!

So Horsey Lacey, cum on down!”

*whickers* “Howdy!”

“How do you feel right now, Lacey?”

“Like Ah could gallop a whole marathon and be run train on by a whole team of cowboys and their mounts!”

*laughs* “Sounds like a rodeo party!”

*neighs* “Ah may be a filly, but Ah reckon that I buck like a bronco!”

“But do you *fuck* like a bronco?”

*snorts* “Game’s still young, Ah suspect...’”

“Speaking of the game...it’s time to Spin! That! Wheel!”




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick






"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER THREE for Gabe’s transformation!

Which is Evie Ova, the Broodmother herself!”

“Safe trails, Arch!”

“Let’s go back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”


“Hello again Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“If you are just tuning in, we’ve already transformed Lacey, our country gal cowgirl, in the human sense not the bovine one, into a country gal horsegirl!”

*giggles* “This time in the equine sense!”

“And now we’re going to transform Archibald, Lacey’s musician boyfriend!”

“Archibald is currently locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES awaiting his dose of alchemy!”

“Archie is of average height and is thing and elegant, with dark skin and long elegant hands and n above average cock!”

*giggles* “But all of that is about to change!”

“THE WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected the Guest Judge Evie Ova to do his transformation!”

“Evie Ova is lovingly stroking her protruding, multiply pregnant belly while milk beads and leaks from her multiple tits as she ponders what to do with Archie...”

“Meanwhile Zoe is still cutting and stitching together the living leather hide that was once her assistant into.... something!”

“Evie looks like she has made up her mind!”

“Oh my babies, Mum has had such a difficult time deciding what to do with the handsome Archibald! So very many options! So much room for improvement! And such disruptive behavior from my fellow judges; I cannot believe that the fine Hosts of this program allow this! If Mum were the host, my babies, such misbehavior would be sternly punished!” *tsk-tsks* “But The Producers made their decision and what’s done is done.” *dramatically sighs* “I believe Archibald is a good boy who just needs a little encouragement to accept his place in the world. And Mum has his medicine right here!”

“Evie Ova has presed down her Alchemical activation button!”


“Soaking Archie in transformative alchemy!”

“Away we goooooo!”

“Archie is poking at the fluid covering him, stretching it like saliva, snot, or cum!”

“It’s very thick!”

“Oh.... I feel funny....”

“Archie is rubbing his face with his hands!”

“Which is giving us a great view of his dick and balls which are both starting to grow!”

“His testicles especially are swelling immensely! His hairless scrotum going from coin purse, to actual purse, to a handbag size that fills his lap and pushes his legs apart!”

“Not to be outdone his rockhard dick has grown longer and wider!”

“It’s 12 inches! 14 inches! 20 inches! 24 inches! 36 inches long!”

“And as wide as a coke can!”

*giggles* “A regular trouser snake!”

*titters* “More like an anaconda!”

*meaty slap*

“Whooop! But now his long, long cock has gone entirely limp...”

“It’s not really flaccid and hasn’t shrunk in length at all... but it’s just hanging there engorged against Archie’s huge balls!”

“Oh Demons!” *grunts*


“Archie has just come! Ejaculating a huge load of semen that is flowing out of his long limp dick, making it sway around a bit like a fire house...”

“There he blows?”

“It’s a bit anticlimactic when the dick isn’t hard, isn’t it?”

“What, what’s happened?”

“Archie has lifted the thick rope of his cock and is inspecting it, and it’s just kind of dangling out of his hands....”

“It’s like his cock doesn’t have erectile tissue anymore?”

“Are there pills for that?”

“I don’t think so? Oh! Something is happening to Archie’s face!”

“Yeah! His delicate, thin lips are expanding, inflating into swollen beestung lips that fill his lower face!”

“Whath thappeningth?”

“Oh! Archie’s tongue is flowing out of his mouth and it’s enormous!”

“Just a giant pink slab of drooling flesh!”

“It’s almost six inches wide, squeezing through his mouth, and hangs down at least foot from his mouth!”

“Blagh! Mlapphh!”

“Archie has managed to pull most of his huge tongue back into his enlarged mouth...

*giggles* “but three or four inches hangs out over his swollen bottom lip!”

“My thongue!” *sniffle* “My Nothe?”

“Archie is rubbing his nose which is becoming a dark red-pink, swelling, and twisting into a very large cock glans!”

“But just the glans, and angled up in such a way that if he were eating pussy his new nose would rub against a clit, I would think....”

“Archie has stuck out his huge slab of a tongue and is licking his nose glans!”

*giggles* “But also just covering his whole face in tongue! Slathering himself in a thick salvia!”

*wet slathering noises*

“I see Archie’s chest is also changing!”

“It kind of looks like he’s growing breasts, but under his skin?”

“Yeah, he’s getting two round bulges like tits, but under a loose skin top...”

“It looks like he’s going bra-less and busty under a high-necked athletic bikini top... except that top is made of wrinkly skin?”

“Balls! He has chesticles!”

*giggles* “Oh definitely! Archie now has a scrotum filled with big, d-cup breast sized testicles growing from his chest!”

“I wonder if those connect to his nose?”



*giggles* “Archie has just sneeze-cum through his nose! Blowing his huge tongue aside and absolutely spraying semen from his... nostril I guess?”

*titters* “There he blows... HIS NOSE!”

*giggles* “Better grab a tissue!”

*titters* “A whole box!”

“We are getting the signal that Archie has finished his transformation!”

“Oh! Archie just grabbed his ropey dick, raised it to his face, and started to lick and suck on it!”

“I guess when life gives you a long limp cock, autofellate?”

*titters* “I’d suck our dicks if I had those lips...”

*giggles* “And if we were flexible enough!”

“I’m scheduling us for yoga!”

“Oh, I’d be your downward facing dog... Ruff! Ruff!”

*titters* “Heal girl!”

“Evie Ova looks happy with her work.”

“My dear Archibald, now you can focus on your true calling without any silly distractions. Mum always knows best!”

“Oh and Zoe looks to have completed her art project... what do you think it is?”

“It’s a black leather body harness and saddle, complete with a head piece and reins... I think for Lacey!”

“And oh! It still looks alive! I see little eyes worked into the saddle that are moving and the former assistants cock has been positioned as the riding horn!”

“Zoe has beautiful craftsmanship!”

“I’m still not sure I’d want to wear it...”

“Good point...”

“Anyway, let’s go now to Cassia!”


“Thanks Ladies! I’m here with Lacey!”


“I love the new look!”

*whickers* “Thank ya kindly!”

“And you’re new vaginas have a downright intoxicating smell...”

“Ah dare say that your intimidatin’ elephant cock there is lookin’ mighty invitin’... but this here pony is spoken’ for.”

“Speaking of your significant other, what do you think of Archie’s transformation?”

“Well... Ah must confess that Ah ain’t ever thought Ah’d see mah man suckin’ on his own cock... so Ah guess Ah’m surprised mostly?”

*laughs* “And now speaking of surprises, we have one for you! A gift from Zoe!”

“Demons! Is that there harness for me? It’s surely beautiful!”

“Want me to help you put it on?”

“Would ya?”

“Okay so step through this... and there....”

*rattling and fumbling sounds*

“Okay and now for the head piece and reins....”

*click, snap*

“What do you think?”

“Ah love it! It fits me perfect-like, like a too-tight glove...”

*clops feet* *metallic rattling*

“Makes me feel like a proper pony.”

*tosses head and whickers*

“Although these blinders and reins are gonna take some gettin’ used to...”

“Then let’s wrap this segment up so you can prance to your hearts content!

It’s time to announce my next transformation!

I’m currently a lot right now... I’m a giraffe-elephant-hybrid woman with an elephant’s cock, giraffes pussy, and a body that brings out the best of both animals! I also have eight large tits with lactating cunts for nipples!

The Producers tell me my next transformation will have a “math” theme and the voting options are:

1: Head
2: Arms
3: Legs
4: Hands

I’m pretty concerned about this next one, so please be gentle.”

“Oh if’n Ah was pickin’ for mahself Ah’d most surely choose the arms!”

“Why’s that?”

“Ah reckon that math’d mean either addition or subtraction of some sort. An extra arm or two would be handy, and Ah wouldn’t entirely mind if’n I was armless....”

“I’d be happy to trade with you... but anyway, let’s head back to Cynthia to close out the episode!”


“Well wasn’t that fun my fine funky fuckable folks!?

We finally managed to transform our entire collection of Contestants!

Next up is the Fourth Challenge Round: The Trust Challenge! So tune in next week to see which of our Competitive Couples will win immunity and who could be transformed next!

And remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next ‘math’ themed transformation!

I’m your hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Thanks for tuning in and goodnight!”

Message from the Producers: The game is officially halfway done! Thanks to Twisted Infinity for designing Mum and Archibald’s transformation. And as always, thanks to The_Wanderer and Ordos Tsceri for their contributions as Bree and Zoe!

To vote for Cassia’s next transformation visit this link: https://www.strawpoll.me/42586755    Poll closes in 2 weeks!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

This vote for Cassia’s next TF is super close, so vote now if you want to effect the outcome: https://www.strawpoll.me/42586755


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Challenge Round: 4

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Amalgamations of the two! Welcome back to Belial Idol: Couples, the game show where courageous couples undergo rounds of tantalizing transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! The awesome audience votes for which contestant are changed by our panel of salty celebrity Judges!

Last Episode was our second Transformation Round where Couple #2, Lacey and Archibald were transformed into a rancher who is her own horse and a musician who loves oral so much that he’ll stuck his own boneless dick!

Tonight we will be playing our fourth Challenge Round game to determine who wins a modest cash prize and earns immunity from the next Transformation Round!

Tonight’s game will also reveal which Couples can be changed in the next Transformation Round!

This Challenge Round Episode our Couples will be playing in the Trust Maze, a game designed to test how well our Cute Couples Communicate!

Specifically, we will be dropping one comely Contestant form each Couple into an amazing maze blindfolded and their partner will have to guide them through the maze via radio! How exciting!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!”


“Hi folks! It’s me, Cassia, your eight breasted, vagina-nippled, hermaphroditic elephant-giraffe person interviewer! And as always I’m checking in with our Couples before the next game starts!

First up is Couple #1: Hi Amber and Josh!”


*giggles* “Hiiiiiii!”

“It’s been tough going for you guys in the first few challenges...”

“I prefer to think of it as a series of minor setbacks...” *Mew* “A market adjustment.”

“Like, I think we just need to like, stay totally positive!”

“The Longview and positivity! I love it. So which one of you is going to be blindfolded and which is going to be the guide?”

“Obviously, I’ll be the one giving directions. Joshua is much better at following instructions.”

*giggles* “It’s true! I’m like, a waaaay better doer than like, a thinker.”

“Bossing people around and following orders without thinking too hard, playing to your strengths. Got it!

On to Couple #2: Hi Lacey and Archie!”


*pops cock out of mouth* “Thaluthaythonsh!”

“How are you getting on with your new bodies?”

“Ah’m doin’ terribly terrific, Ms. Cassia! Ah have an energy and strength that Ah can nary reckon! Ah feel like I could gallop a hun’erd miles and fuck an entire herd o’ menfolk!”

“And what about you Archie?”


“Archie? You’re just staring at my elephant cock...”

*drools* “Thorry! It’th hard to focuth with all theethe delithouth looking cockth and cunth around. I jutht want to thuck on them all tho bllad!”

“It’s like Arch is right addicted to oral now!”

“Oh that sounds... difficult?”

*whickers* “It surely is no hardship for me!”

*laughs* “Lacey I see you’re still wearing the leather harness that Zoe made for you out of their assistant. You must like it!”

*snorts* “Well, truly it won’t come off. The buckles right melted into themselves the next mornin’ and now the entire contraption is starting to fuse to mah body. The saddle, here on mah back, seems to have merged with mah spine...”

“Oh, demons, I’m sorry!”

*whickers* “Don’tcha be! It’s proper sexy...”

*laughs* “Okay. So who will be doing which part of the maze game on you te-”


“It theemth the slady hath thplloken.”

“Are you going to be able to give instructions? You have kind of a...”

“Thplleeth impllediment?”


“I’ll jutht haffe to do my betht.”

“Good luck!

On to Couple #3: Hi Trix, hi Gabe!”

“Hey you.”

“How’s it going?”

“Good, good. Oh, Trix what’s up with your top lip? It looks a little swollen and like you have a bump on your gums?”

“Oh, yes, that. Apparently my last transformation from Zoe included a clause that whenever I perform cunnilingus my mouth turns a little more into a vagina...”

“Oh but you ate me out a bunch of times last night...”

“You’re welcome.”

“Ah! I’m so sorry? I didn’t know that would happen...”

“Why?” *licks puffy lips with long fleixible tongue* “It feels divine...”

“Oh as long as you like it... so um, which of you two will be the blindfolded maze runner and which will be giving directions?”

“Oh gee, I don’t know? What would you like to do Trix?”

“I think I should probably give out instructions. I have a hard enough time wrangling my tentacles when I can actually see what they are doing...”

“Okay, I guess it makes sense to put the minotaur in the maze.”

*laughs* “Why is that? Is that a thing?”

*chuckles* “I suppose not in this fictional universe!”

*laughs* “There you have it! Good luck everyone!

Now back to Cynthia!”


“Thanks Casually Comely Cassia!

What’s a maze without some extra spectacularly sexual special ornery obstinate obstacles! 

To make our muddled mixedup maze harder this Challenge Round will involve help from our illustrious in studio audience!

Tonight our awesome audience transformation is brought to us by TransHire. Why spend time and money searching for the perfect employee when you can *make* any new hire perfect for the job? TransHire: Customize Your Workforce.

So look and listen uppity up! If you volunteered to participate (and signed the waiver indemnifying The Producers from any liability related to said participation) then you might be called tonight!

So! In some particular order!

Angelica Jamry! Bessy Buttercup! Dolly Smash!

Cum on down!

Mulva Doora! Al Dation! Handsel Anwood!

Cum on down!

Devin Lick! Lieutenant Elizabeth Silvers! Megan Honeypot!

Cum on down!

Cindi Derry-Gibbles! Petra Coche! Otto Peters!


Please follow the directions of the happy helpful alchemical assistants and climb into your maze-compatible TransHire transformation pods. When the time is right you will emerge from your simply stainless steel chemical chrysalis as beautifully bountiful butterflies!

Happy changes and have fun!

And with that final piece of business, we’re rip made-up and mad to get on with our maze!

Let’s check in with our ladies in the booth!


“Howdy Transformation Fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“And we’re ready to be a-mazed!”

“Wait I’m lost?”

*Titters* “What are you... blind?”

“I better get you back in the fold to escape from this labyrinthine bit: We’re here to tell you about today’s Fourth Challenge Round!”

“The Trust Maze!”

“The Producer’s minions have been hard at work turning our studio warehouse into an enormous people puzzle path!”

*titters* “Do you mean a maze?”

“Yes! Viewed from above the maze is a large equilateral triangle, with entrances in each corner! Our blindfolded contestants will be let into the maze at the corners and have to find their way through a maze of corridors to the very center!”

“First one to activate a big red button in the middle wins!”

“The non-blindfolded half of each couple will watch the progress of their partner on a monitor and give them directions as they wind their way through the maze.”

“Sounds almost too easy...”

“Which is where our volunteers come in! Our transformation volunteers will be positioned in their metal transformation pods at strategic points within the maze, blocking gates that our contestants have to pass through. The non-blindfolded partner will have to trigger the transformation pod in one of four settings which will cause the volunteer to transform into the perfect TransHire employee for our maze!”

“One setting will generate an obstacle transformation, another might cause a helpful transformation... it’s totally up to chance!”

“It looks like our alchemical teams have set all of the TransHire volunteer transformation pods into place...”

“And our maze-running contestants have been blindfolded and let into their starting rooms in the maze...”

“We are just about ready to begin...”

“And here is Cynthia Sparks now:”

“Beautiful Blindfolded Ravishing Racers! Sexy Sighted Gorgeous Guides! On my mark! Geeeet Rrready! Getttt Setttt! Hippity Hoppity Gooooo!”

“And they’re off!”

*Titters* “Very slowly!”

*giggles* “Each one four four blindfolded contestants: Josh from Couple #1, Lacey from Couple #2, and Gabe from Couple #3, have their faces covered by blinding hoods and their hands out trying to grope their way to a wall or surface and feel their way into the maze!”

“I prefer my groping to have more breasts....”

“Amber, who remember is a grey-white catgirl, is laying bonelessly on the floor, tail twitching is narrowing her bright blue feline eyes...”

“Mrow, Joshua I want you to do exactly what I tell you.”

“Like, okay Kitty?”

“Put your arms up in front of you, now turn a half step left, a little more, and now walk forward slowly until I tell you to stop... *purr*-fect.”

“Joshua, who you’ll recall is a curvaceous bimbo with a big dick and lipples on his big fake tits, is now walking calmly forward, arm stretched out in front of him, breast lipples pursed in grim concentration...”

“Stop! Meow, now turn left! And now walk straight again...”

“It seems that this game plays to the strengths of Amber and Josh!”

“Lacey, who is a ginger furred anthro horsegirl with a mare’s vagina between her legs and on the back of her head, meanwhile has managed to clop over to the wall and place her hand against it...”

“She’s panting? I’d have thought such a strong ponygirl would have better endurance...”

*titters* “I think that’s arousal! Just look at how she keeps lifting both of her tail so show her glistening, wet mare pussies!”

*snorts* “... Archie mmmm tell me what ye want me to do....”

*slurps* “Lllashy, pthallow that wall and then turn lllepht...”

“Archie, who has gained huge balls and a limp hose-like cock as well as a giant tongue, lips, and a cock-like nose atached to bountiful chesticles, is sure dribbling a lot when he talks...”

“His pillowy lips are shiny and wet, and his huge tongue keeps slipping out of his mouth when he talks!”

“But Lacey seems to have understood him and has started to cautiously trot into the maze, her legs wobbly with arousal!”

“Meanwhile Gabe, who is a muscular man from the waist up and a hermaphrodite latex Minotaur from the waist down with a big rubber udder that lactated white latex, is pawing at the ground with his latex hooves and looking agitated!”

“Beatrix, whose ten semi-independent tentacles are teasing the many breasts arranged around her torso and stroking her pussy, looks both aroused and concerned...”

“Gabe, dear, are you alright?”

*Snorts* “I... don’t like being blindfolded... Just, tell me if I’m pointed in the right direction...”

“Gabe? What are you thinking?”

“Just do it! Please...”

“Okay, turn a little left, a little left, a little left. There!”


“Woah! Gabe has just lowered his head and horns and charged in the direction that Beatrix aimed him!”


“...And smashed into the wall!”

*giggles* “I guess that’s one way to navigate a maze?”

“While Gabe is shaking off his collision, Josh has made it to the first gate...”

“That’s right, Josh is standing in front of a doorway currently filled by a TransHire transformation pod. To open the pod, Amber has to set it to one of four modes and trigger the Transformation.”

“This pod contains our volunteer Angelica Jamry, who went into the pod as a short, slight woman with a huge poof of frizzy blond hair.”

“Let’s see what Amber and Josh do now....”

*purrrrrr* “What a good puppet....”

“Kitty? What do I do now?”

“Mmrrroooww, just wait a moment...”

“Amber has climbed to her feet and is peering at the dial and lever that activate the pod. She is really studying it, eyes up close, Kitty nose twitching....”

“Meow!” *bats*

“And after all that Amber just idly bats the dial into a random configuration and is now pulling the Transformation lever!”


“The TransHire pod has disintegrated! Leaving lay a huge pool of translucent purple slime that fills the room to an ankle depth...”

“Holy slimes! We melted the volunteer!”

*giggles* “Not so fast! The pool of slime is moving and trying to congeal itself into shape...”

“Oh, I see a crude face and hair and floppy hands... oop! And now they’ve melted back into the puddle!”

*giggles* “I think Angelica Jamry has been turned into a purple slimegirl, but hasn’t quite got the hang out of being a fluid creature yet...”

“She is managing to pool around Josh’s legs, making him wade a little and slowing him down....”

“I guess this is meant to be an example of an obstacle transformation?”

*titters* “A slight one!”

“Josh looks confused....”

“Kitty? Like, why are my feet totally wet and slimy...it’s so totally nasty!”

“Meow, just wade straight. I’ll tell you when to turn....” *hisses* “Thankdemonsthatisn’tmeinthere....”

“Like, what was that Kitty?”

“Nothing! Now, stop and turn left, left, left and go straight again!”

“Switching teams: Gabe has also managed to bull rush himself to his first gate!”

“This pod contains the volunteer Dolly Smash!”

“When she went into the TransHire TF pod, Dolly was an extremely toned and sexy woman with strawberry blonde hair!”

“Beatrix is in a fight with her tentacles to work the TransHire TF pod controls, setting the dial in one position just to have a rogue tentacle reset the device!”




*titters* “I think Beatrix just accidentally triggered her pod!”

“Which has disintegrated and released Dolly... who looks unchanged?”

“Still the tall, athletic looking woman she was when she went into the tank...”

“She is taking a step towards Gabe and woah!”

“Woah is right! Dolly has just fallen into pieces!”

“Her body has split into detached sections! A quick survey shows her pretty head as one chunk, her chest and pert breasts as another, her hips and thighs as another piece, and then her arms and lower legs as separate pieces...”

“It’s like Dolly got Smashed!”

*giggles* “She looks confused and Gabe is standing there not knowing what’s happened...”

“Ex-excuse me? Can I get a little help?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I just transformed? I feel really weird but can’t seem to move or see myself?”

“Trix? A little help?”

“Your volunteer was a woman who split into separate body parts...”

“My girlfriend says you fell into pieces.”

“Oh! Can you show me?”

“Gabe is following the sound of Dolly’s voice and has picked up her head and held it so she can see her pile of wiggling body parts.”

“Oh! That’s so weird! Kind of sexy though... Do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh! Umm, I don’t know, I’m kind of in a race right now...”

“But I’m so horny! And I can’t exactly do it myself...”

“What if I place one of your hands on your crotch?”

“Hmmmpphh, I guess....”

“Gabe, with Dolly’s direction has found both her hands and placed them so that she can  stroke her pussy, which she has enthusiastically started doing.”

*moans* “Ohhhhh it feels so good. Don’t you want to join in? Have your way with me?”

*snorts* “I gotta, gotta go!”

“Ohhhh... Please I’m so horny and helpless!”

“And now Gabe is stumbling away and through the door deeper into the maze....”

“Speaking of stumbling! Lacey has managed to reach her first gate!”

“This transformation pod contains the volunteer Bessy Buttercup, a chubby woman who was decidedly pearshaped with a wide meaty butt but very small breasts!”

“Lllathy, I’m gonna pullff the pthflirst llever...”

“Right ya are.”



“And Ms. Buttercup has gone full on Bessy!”

*Titters* “Bessy is now some sort of cowgirl obstacle!”

“She has gotten trademark Holstein printed skin, cow like facial features, and a ropey tail above her big round butt!”

“More importantly her breasts have become two huge pink udders, each much larger than her torso, so big that they completely block the doorway to the next part of the maze!”

“Hmmm.... Bessy also seems to have lost her arms and legs...she’s just a head and torso and huge udder-breasts!”

*titters* “An absolute milk machine cum doorway!”

“Bobbi, I’m surprised, that was an excellent use of ‘cum’!”

“You know me, Doe, always trying to find new and better ways to cum on air!”

*giggles* “Lacey is standing here uncertainly, horse tails whisking...”

“Arch, what in tarnation is goin’ on? What d’ya need me to do?”


“Arch get that wiggly cock a’ yer outta yer mouth!”

*pops cock out* “Thorry... The gate lllady ish a cowb bnow wiph really big tith. I shthingk you mneed to mwilk her to openg the ndoor.”

*spits on hands* “Alright. Howdy miss cow, are ye feeling full?”


“Well dontcha worry yourself none, ol’ Lacey’ll have ye feelin’ better in nary a moment.” *touches huge udder* “My yer a big gal, aintcha?”


“Well, we might’n’ have ta change our estimate on time here, but I’ll getcha milked!”

“Lacey has gotten to work milking her Cowgirl obstacle, but Gabe has managed to bull charge his way to his next gate!”

“It seems that Josh has been slowed down enough by the slimegirl that Gabe has had a chance to pull ahead!”

“This TransHire pod contains Al Dation, a bespectacled wiry man with a strikingly long nose!”

“Beatrix is trying to steer her tentacles into making a selection, but once again they went off and did the thing!”



“Releasing an adorable Dalmatian doggirl!”

*titters* “What a cute pup!”

“Al Dation the Dalmatian now has the head of a dog, walks on four canine legs, and has the torso of an eight breasted woman covered in spotted fur!”

“Al also has a cute wagging tail and a large and very pink knotted doggy cock!”

*wags tail* “Ruff!”

“Strangley, Al also has a long tentacle growing from he back of his neck like a leash which has latched onto Gabe’s arm.”

“Woof! Woof!”


“You seem to have made a doggirl friend, dear. And it looks like she is trying to lead you where to go... I’ll keep giving you direction prompts, but maybe follow your new friend?”

“Okay. So... do you know where to go? Can you show me girl?”


“Okay! Lead on! Good girl!”

*giggles* “It seems Gabe has landed himself a seeing-eye doggirl for the next leg of the course!”

“Meanwhile Josh has managed to wade his way through a slimegirl to reach his next gate in the course!”

“This pod contains Mulva Doora, an adorably fat woman with curly black hair!”

“...and stop! *purrr*-fect.”

“Like what now Kitty?”

“Hold on, I have to trigger the next gate thingy.... okay.” *Meow*


“Woah! Mulva Doora is a door-a made-a vulva!”

*giggles* “That’s right, Bobbi! Mulva has filled the entire frame of the gate with her body which is mostly a tightly clamped set of vulva with her face suspended at the peak of her clenched slitting like a clitoris!”

“Not *like* a clit, her face looks to actually be a clit, now bald and a hot red-pink, but still with the shape of her face, eyes, and a mouth....”

“Mulva the vulva door is effectively blocking the path deeper into the maze and it looks like Josh’s going have to get her to open up somehow!”

“Okay, Joshua, you’re gate person has become a giant pussy that is blocking you way...”

“Like, a big another big kitty?”

“Mrrrr... no, like a vagina that is as tall as you are and also a door. I think you’ll have to...  tease it to open up to let your through...”

“Okay! Like I can totally do that!”

*purrr* “I know...”

“Josh has stepped forward to touch and caress the huge, wet labia of Mulva, stroking her and making her moan!”

“Josh is also pressing his mouthless, smooth face to Mulva’s clit-head and is nuzzling it, while also pressing her tits and his lipples to Mulva’s long slit, letting himself lick her vulva body!”

“Mulva looks to be enjoying the sensation, so I don’t expect this gate to keep Josh for long!”

“Lacey meanwhile is making good progress draining the huge udder-breasts of Bessy, but still hasn’t managed to clear the first gate!”

“Gabe, with the help of Lacey and Al Dation the seeing-eye doggirl, has managed to push out a substantial lead and is coming up on his third gate!”

“This gate has a TransHire pod containing Megan Honeypot!”

“Ms. Honeypot was a complete bombshell when she went into the pod: tall and muscular, but with fearsome curves, and platinum blonde hair that hung in an untamed tangle about her head!”

“But it looks like Lacey, or at least her tentacles are about to change that!”


“Oh! Megan Honeypot is still transforming!”

“Yes, she’s stumbling out of the exploded TransHire TF pod, headless and with a second set of arms instead of legs!”

“And she has fallen to all four arms! Her pussy is expanding, growing huge, petal-shaped labia and her clit is lengthening into a flexible tongue!”

“Her breasts have sunk into her body and her transforming cunt is crawling up her body onto her top-side where it is expanding into a huge and fleshy flower!”

“Doe, how is this a barrier?”

“Hmmm... I’m not sure.”

*sniffs* *snorts*

“Hmm...Gabe has stopped moving forward and is breathing heavily and looks quite aroused...”

*sniffs* *pants*

“So does Al Dation, whose canine cock is out and bulging!”

“Hmm... Both our Minotaur Contestant and seeing-eye doggirl are starting to fondle themselves, Gabe stroking his huge black latex cock and and teasing an udder teat, and Al Dation curled up to lick her penis with her hot, rough tongue!”

“Oh! I bet Ms. Honeypot is emitting a strong aphrodisiac pheromone!”

“Ah the old honeypot...”



“Oh! Al Dation seems to be done only licking her cock and has now mounted Gabe, fucking him in his bovine pussy!”

*titters* “Right in the milky honeypot!”

“Meanwhile with Couple #1, Josh has pressed both of his lipple tits to Mulva Doora’s clit-face and she looks just about ready to cum!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” *slurp*

“And her orgasmic spasm has opened her vulva door a narrow crack!”

“Which Josh has thrust his body into, wiggling through it, penetrating the opening and making Mulva cum again!”

“AHHHHHHHH!” *slurp*

“Which has caused Mulva’s vulva door to open enough for Angelica Jamry, the incompentent purple slimegirl to sluice through after Josh!”

“Now Josh and his liquid antagonist are on the other side of the gate...”

“Where he has gone back to being directed by Amber while Aneglica Jamry continues to try and slow him down!”

“Lacey meanwhile has already finished milking Bessy and has lifted the now diminutive cowgirl torso out of the doorway.”

“It was a right pleasure milkin’ ya honey. Mayhaps ya should take a gander at our farm afore ye decide what ya might wanna do next.”


“And now Lacey is stumbling on deeper into the maze.”

“Gabe meanwhile is still under the spell of Ms. Honeypot and is being fucked by his frenzied doggirl!”

“Beatrix was trying to snap him out of it, yelling at him to move on, but it seems she is also very turned on by it...”

“Or at least her tentacles are, since she is being fucked by her own flexible arms in all of her holes!”


“Which has effectively gagged her so Gabe is on his own!”

“Amber is still imperiously telling Josh what to do, but he is being hampered by Angelica Jamry the slimegirl who is getting much better at slowing him down!”

“Yep! She is currently forming a knee high bubble that Josh has to awkwardly wade through to keep moving!”

“Which has allowed Lacey to catch up since she is trotting up to her next gate which contains the TransHire TF pod containing Handsel Anwood!”

“Archibald is looking over the control settings for the pod and sucking on his own cock in concentration, huge lips pursed around it and precum dripping out of his nose-cock.”

*sniffles* *mumbles*

“Arch’ for the last darn time I can’t cotton a single demon fuckin’ utterance when you have yer mouth full ah cock!”

*pops cock out* “Thorry. I’m going to pullf the leffer bnow.”


“Woah! Handsel has sure become... elaborate?”

*titters* “I’d call him handsy!”

*giggles* “That’s actually a very apt description! Handsel Anwood is mostly a thicket of arms ending in grasping hands!”

*titters* “And woody! Since he still has a cock!”

“That’s right, at the centre of the arms is a four foot tall, soda-can thick cock stalk resting on a mound of testicles. Growing out from that mound are... what? Forty?”

“I count 57...”

“57 long multi-jointed arms that fill the room with the final joints angled up so that all of the hands are aloft.”

“Except for about ten hands which have formed a physical barrier blocking Lacey from moving deeper into the maze.”

“It looks like Lacey is going to have to make her way through Handsel’s hands while blindfolded and somehow convince Handsel to open the gate.”

“Oooo! I bet that ‘convincing’ is going to very interesting...”

“Llathy, your in a roomff phtull opth hansh. And the hansh are glblockingh the ndoor.”

“How do ya reckon I get through it?”

“I phtligure you need to thuck the cockth in the nmiddle.”

*snorts* “Really truly?”

*dribbles salvia* “Yethhhhh...”

“Alright, here I go...” *clop* *clop*

“Lacey is cautiously clopping her way into the forest of hands, blindfolded so she can’t see... and she’s bumped into a hand!”

*Titters* “Handsel knows she’s there now!”

“The hand she brushed is caressing her now, running down Lacey’s flank, brushing her rear tail.”

“Ah! Oooooh... Demons....”

“Lacey likes it! Almost shivering in arousal!”

“More hands are reaching out to touch her, stroking her legs, squeezing her ass, caressing her breasts, as she unsteadily trots closer to the central penis!”

“Clother, Llathey, juth a liddle clother... I can allmotht tathte it....”

*whickers* “Ohhhhh....”

“Lacey has finally reached the long central cock in the middle of the room, with dozens of hands rubbing, clutching, teasing her....”

“Her equine nostrils are flared into wide circles and her her tails are both raised to show her shining wet mare pusssies!”

“There Lathey, put the cock in your mouthh... thuck it! Thlurp it! Yethhhh!”

“Lacey is bending down, running her tongue along Handel’s cock and putting into her long equine mouth!”

“Golly, a horse can fit a lot of cock in there....”

“Yethhhh... ngood Lathey, mmmmm....” *pops cock into mouth*

“Lacey is bobbing her head on the cock while running her hands along it’s length, really sucking on it!”

*Titters* “So is Archie, who is fellating himself with his huge soft lips, watching Lacey suck off Handsel.!”

“Do you think he wishes he was Handsel getting sucked, or Lacey sucking cock?”

“Oooooh... why choose?”

“Handsel’s hands are continuing to pleasure Lacey too, touching, stroking, grabbing, pushing fingers inside her cunts, rubbing her clits....”

*Sucking sounds*

*snorting* *whimperwhimperwhimperwhimper* *WHINNY!*

“Lacey has just cum! There she blows!”

“Despite orgasming she has managed to keep sucking off Handesel and....”

*gag* *coughs*


“There he blows!”

*giggles* “Handsel has just erupted with cum!”

“And all of his arms have fallen limply to the ground clearing the maze gate for Lacey!”


*suckssucksucksucksucks* *AAAAAAAA-CHOOOO!*

“And now Archie has cum too, semen shooting out of his nose glans!”

“There he blows!”

“And based on his puffed out cheeks and the motion of his neck, I’d say he’s also coming through his ropey main cock and swallowing his entire enormous load!”

*wipes nose* *mumbles*


*pops cock out of mouth* “Thorry.... lokay you gneed to...”

“Oh! Action is happening up ahead with Gabe!”

*giggles* “Aside from all the action that’s been happening this entire time!”

*titters* “Gabe is still under the pheromone spell of Ms. Honeypot, the quadruped living pussy-flower, and getting absolutely reamed by Al Dation, the well-hung seeing-eye guide doggirl!”

“Both Gabe and Al have had several orgasms, but are still absolutely fucking!”

“Gabe though, while stroking his own huge, latex cock has managed to blow a load all over his muscular chest and face, covering his nose with a thick layer of his white latex cum!”

“Which seems to have acted as a sealant, preventing the sexy pheromones of Ms. Honeypot from reaching his brain...”

“So he seems to be snapping out of it!”

“Al Dation though, is still in the throws of it and is still fucking away, barking and howling pleasure!”

“Huh? Whaa.... oh. Oh Demons.” *Pants* “Al! Down girl! Stop!” *Moans*

“Gabe! You need to get out of the room! The transformation was some sort of aphrodisiac creature! Listen to me and I’ll guide you...”

“Okay, Trix...”

“Gabe is starting to move towards the exit... except there is still one problem!”

*giggles* “Al Dation has managed to get herself knotted in his pussy, so Gabe is stuck to his doggirl by the vagina!”

“Gabe has managed to lift Al Dation onto his back, who is still trying to hump him, and managed to stumble out of the room.”

“Free from Ms. Honeypot, Al is coming back to herself, but still stuck deep inside of Gabe.”

“Easy there, girl. Good, good girl!”


“It’ll be okay, we’ll just have to take it slow and easy. Okay?”


“Gabe is moving onto the next gate, slowly and awkwardly, dragging Al Dation with him.”

“So, to recap, Gabe has cleared three gates and only has one more to cross before reaching the middle of the maze. Lacey has cleared two gates, and is stumbling her way to the next gate, but still has two gates to clear. Josh has cleared two gates, but is currently being slowed by his slimegirl obstacle who is doggedly trying to swamp him down.”

“Despite that, Josh has reached the third gate!”

“This transformation pod contains Devin Lick, a pretty normal looking skinny guy with curly red hair.”

“Amber looks quite pleased with Josh’s obedient progress.”

“Alright, stop. Excellent.” *purrrrrrrr*

“Like, thanks Kitty.”

“I’ll have this gate open in a moment....”


“The TransHire pod has released Devin who looks mostly the same... thing and lanky... but with a transformed skin?”

“He’s gone bald and hairless, and has a dark pink skin that looks.... rough and wet?”

“Oh? And he seems to have lost his cock.... and is just smooth around the bend now...”

“Y’know... I think he kind looks like a tongue?”

“Yeah, Bobbi, I think you’re right!”

“And now Devin Lick is approaching Josh to get in his way...”

“Uh, hey.... can I lick you?”

“Like ewwwww! No! That’s totally fricking sick!”

“But... I want to....”

“Don’t be gross! Get out of my, like, way. What’s like, wrong with you?”


“Aaaaand Josh has cleared the third gate!”

“Although he still has to contend with Angelica Jamry, the purple slimegirl who has managed to climb up to his thighs and sort of form arms to try and slow him down....”

“Which means that both Josh and Gabe only have one more gate to clear!”

“Lacey better work hard to catch up....”

“Speaking of Lacey she’s reached her third gate too!”

“This TransHire pod contains Lieutenant Elizabeth Silvers, a decorated police officer with a lean, muscular body!”

“I just want to take a moment to thank Lt. Silvers for her service...”

“You mean for her police work?”

“No! For sucking our cocks on that date a few weeks ago!”

*titters* “A real act of heroism!”

“Okay, Arch, get ‘er done!”



“Okay folks, looks like we have another ongoing transformation happening here!”

“Sure does! Lt. Silvers has stumbled out of her TransHire pod on unsteady legs ending in hooves!”

“Unsteady because her ass is ballooning out behind her and growing two more hooved legs!”

“Legs that are taking on a decidedly hind leg quality! I daresay we have ourselves a centuress!”

“Actually, Bobbi, I’d say we have ourselves a centaur, since Lt. Silvers new black furred horse body is definitely sporting a huge equine penis!”

“Lt. Bobbi is taking her first unsteady steps with her horse body, holding ear arms out for balance...”

*giggles* “Which isn’t very effective since her arms are sinking into her torso and their mass is all going straight to her tits which are getting enormous!”

“Finally she is growing a pair of long cone-shaped horns from the top of her head which look.... kind of plastic or glass?”

“Oh! They’ve started to flash red and blue! They’re police sirens!”

*titters* “And so are her long pointy nipples and her cock, which are also flashing police lights!”

*giggles* “How arresting!”

“Lt. silvers looks frightened by the change and is scrabbling around a bit on her hooves, but Lacey is approaching her calmly, trotting forward with her hands raised....”

*police siren noises*

“Woah there girl! Ain’t no need to be in a tizzy!”

“Whooo-whoop whoop.”

“Can’t talk? That’s right okay. Here, I’m goin’ ta reach mah hand out to touch ya...”

“Lt. Silvers seems to be settling down as Lacey places her hands on her equine flank and rubs her human back.”

*whickers* “There girl, there.... I’m wonderin’ if’s ye could give me a lift deeper into this here maze?”


“I’m real good at riding barebacked... Is that okay?”

“Whoop! Whoop!”

“Lacey has swung herself up onto Lt. Silvers horse back, squeezed her body with her powerful thighs, and wrapped her arms around Lt. Silvers armless torso!”


*police siren noises*

“Hi ho Lt. Silvers away!”

*galloping hoof sounds!*

*titters* “And now Lacey is charging on her new steed deeper into the maze, just letting Lt. Silvers carry her through it with a bit of guidance from Archie!”

*giggles* “A lot of cock muffled direction!”

“Lacey is gaining ground and has caught the pack! All three contestants are currently heading for the fourth and final gate!”

“And I think Lacey’s going to reach the next gate first since Gabe is moving slowly so as not to hurt the doggirl currently knotted inside him and Josh is wading through a very determined animate pond!”

“And Lacey has reached her final gate!”

“This gate contains Petra Coche, a distinguished looking middle-aged woman with a sharp nose and piercing eyes!”

“Woah there girl! Woah!” *dismounts* “Okay Arch’ let’r rip!”



“The TransHire Pod has burst open revealing a... what’s the fancy word for bird?”


“Avian looking Petra!”

“And not just any bird! Petra looks like a peacock! Her slender body is covered in brilliant blue feathers, she has a beak and scaly legs, and her arms are now stubby little wings!”

“And she has the trademark tail feathers that she is unfurling and....”



“Why are you clucking? And playing with one of our cocks?”


“Not that I’m complaining about that part...”


“I think maybe Petra has hypnotic powers? Can we cut Bobbi’s feed?”

“Huh... wha? What’s going on?”

“You were a chicken...”

“I was?”

“And jerking us off.”

“Well that part checks out...”

“Lacey and Lt. Silvers have also fallen under Petra Mesmer’s hypnotic powers and appear to think they are ordinary horses...”

“Lt. Silvers is milling around on her four legs and Lacey has dropped to all fours and is also trotting around...”

“Not just trotting... I think we are witnessing horsey seduction!”

*titters* “Lacey is presenting her hindquarters to Lt. Silvers and lifting both her tails to show the dribbling wet mare pussies to the armless stallion centauress!”

“And Lt. Silvers is into it, nostrils flaring, huge equine penis growing out of its sheath, pulsing and flashing blue and red!”

*snorts* *whickers*

*siren noises*

“And Lt. silvers has reared up and over Lacey, her equine penis rubbing between Lacey’s legs....”


“Lacey is shifting her body, helping Lt. Silvers slide the cock home and....”



“And Lacey is getting ridden like a horse in heat by a determined stallion!”


“As much as I hate to leave this scene, Gabe and Al Dation have reached their fourth and final gate!”

“This TransHire pod contains Otto Peters, a barrel shaped middleaged balding man!”

“Beatrix has managed to tie all of her tentacles up in a knot, and is having to use her long flexible tongue to nudge the controls into their configuration.”

“Ooooklay hewre way glow!”


“The TransHire pod has burst open revealing a mass of shiny red latex tentacles!”

“Just an absolute storm of them, which have snared Gabe and Al Dation in a writhing, clutching mass!”

*slurpppp pop!*

*titters* “Al Dation’s knot has finally slipped out of Gabe!”

“Which unfortunately just means that Otto’s tentacles can now stroke Al’s cock and push into Gabe’s bovine snatch!”

“Yep! Gabe and Al are not so much being held up by Otto’s tentacles as absolutely fucked by them!”

*giggles* “Lacey looks quite flustered and jealous...”

“Oh this is ridiculous! *I’m* supposed to be the tentacle monster fucking my boyfriend!”

*titters* “And she’s too tangled with herself to even masturbate while watching!”

*frustrated groaning*

“Meanwhile Josh has had to really fight against the tides of Angelica Jamry, but has managed to just about reach his final gate too!”

“It’s helped that Amber’s directions have been so smooth and easy to follow that Josh at least hasn’t gotten lost at all...”

“This gate contains our final volunteer Cindi Derry-Gibbles!”

“Cindi is a mother of three and a retired model who is currently working in porno where she is known for her giant blond hair and natural double d breasts!”

“Amber looks to be in some discomfort though: lashing her tail and wiggling her bum in the air...”




“Oh no... Like, Kitty? Are you going into heat?”



*titters* “This could be a real problem for Couple #1!”

“To remind viewers, Amber seems to lose her human intellect and go feral catgirl when she gets too horny!”

“Josh is also in trouble since Angelica Jamry has managed to float Josh!”

“That’s right the slimegirl has managed to coalesce into a deep enough puddle that Josh has to tread water and lift his tits out of the purple slime to speak!”

“So Couple #1 is asea, Couple #2 is being hypnotized into rodeo fucking, and Couple #3 is in the clutches of a horny tentacle monster?”

“Basically, yeah.”

“What happens if no one can finish the maze?”

“That’s a problem for the Producers... oh! Amber in the kitty mode is playing with the TransHire TF pod controls!”


*titters* “And she has accidentally triggered the controls!”


“And here comes Cindi Derry-Gibbles! Who so far looks... sort of like a bat? Wyvern?”

“Yeah, her arms have become three foot long skin-wings and her legs have morphed into a new pair of arms ending strong, bird-like hands. Her neck has also elongated into a four foot long sinuous tube and she has grown a long matching tail!”

“Those arms look too small to fly with though. With her weight she would need far more displacement to generate lift....”

*giggles* “My breasts feel weird?”

“I think we just found her lift...”

*giggles* “Cindi’s breasts are inflating and floating like hot air balloons!”

“Balloons-boobs that are getting bigger and bigger and starting to lift Cindi off the ground!”

“Did someone order a floatation device!?” *giggles* “Quick grab on!”

*sputter* “Like, okay!” *sputter*

“Cindi is reaching out with her leg hands and grabbing onto Josh, who is fully afloat and trapped in the slimegirl Angelica Jamry!”

“Cindi’s breasts are getting bigger and bigger and lifting both her and Josh into the air and pulling Josh out of the slimegirl!”

“Who is trying to form liquid arms to pull Josh back! It’s a riptide!”


“And Josh is free! Leaving Angelica to wave her watery arms and form a very angry looking face from her fluids!”

“Cindi and Josh have floated up over the walls of the maze, and now Cindi is starting to flap her wings to take them toward the center of the maze!”

“Josh has taken the lead!”

“Lacey meanwhile is still under the hypnotic peacock spell and is being fucked by Lt. Silvers the armless stallion centauress!”

“Except now Lacey has positioned herself so that mare pussy on the back of her head is getting hammered!”

“That is so much cock pistonning into her head! It doesn’t seem physically possible!”

*titters* “And there she blows!”

*giggles* “Lt. Silvers has just splooged, making equine sperm geyser from out of Lacey’s horsey mouth!”

*titters* “But the two horsies aren’t stopping, just repositioning so that they can fuck again!”

“Petra Coche seems intent on keeping the pair there and watching them copulate as long as she can!”

“Checking in with Team #3: Gabe along with his seeing-eye doggirl Al Dation are still caught in the clutches of Otto Peters the tentacle creature!”

“Both Gabe and Al are being helplessly aloft by tentacles, which are probing, groping, pulling, pleasuring them both, but also carefully not letting either of them cum!”

*titters* Beatrix, feeling jealous is acting out the same scene, but in her case she’s both the victim and the tentacles!”

*giggles* “Sounds efficient!”

“Otto Peters the tentacle monster does have a puckered, circular cunt and Gabe has managed to get an arm just free enough to jam his hand into Otto’s enormous central vagina!”

“Which has distracted Otto enough that his tentacles have loosened enough for Gabe to slip partially free as he continues to fist the tentacle monster!”

“Oh! I think Otto just orgasmed as all of the tentacles just spasmed and went slack for a moment!”

“Which has allowed Gabe to slip free and try and feel his way to the doorway!”

“Al Dation the doggirl has wriggled free too!”

“But Otto has already recovered and is throwing out tentacles to try and reclaim his victims!”

“Dang! He’s already caught Al, and has wrapped our poor doggo back in his tight, teasing embrace!”

“Otto has also managed to get the tip of one tentacle around Gabe’s left leg!”

“But Gabe has managed to kick free with his immense strength and stumble through the gate!”

“Which means that Gabe is now clear to feel his way to the center of the maze!”

“But it looks like it’s too little too late since Josh, held aloft by his blimp-girl Cindi Derry-Gibbles has managed to float to the middle of the maze!”

“He is right above the plinth holding the big red button that he’ll need to hit to complete the maze!”

“But he and Cindi are just hovering there....”

“Like, Cindi, can you like, put me down now?”

*giggles* “I actually don’t know how to land!”

“Like.... what?”

“I guess I could just drop you? That’s like, a long way down tho...”

“Kitty, what do I do?”

“Mrow! Mrrrrrow! Mrrrrrrrrcum! Cum!”

“Like, Cindi, Kitty thinks I should like, make you cum?”

“I’m not going to say no, but, like are you sure she wasn’t, like, talking about herself?”

“Like, just hold me up to your pussy!”

*giggles* “Mmmmm okay!”

“Cindi Derry-Gibbles has lifted Josh up so that he can press his tits and lipples to her cunt, where he is eating out the blimp-girl with both his mouths!”

“Doe, do you think making her orgasm will fix their problem?”

“No clue! But it’ll be fun to watch!”

“Oh! Complication on the Lacey front! Somehow slimegirl obstacle Angelica Jamry has managed to ooze into the room where Petra Coche is hypnotizing Lacey and Lt. Silvers!”

“And our slimey gal seems to be immune to Petra’s hypnotic feathers!”

“And Angelica the slimegirl has managed to engulf Petra, making her pull in her hypnotic tail feathers and swim!”

“Which is allowing Lacey and Lt. Silvers to snap out of it!”

*Neighs* “Huh? What in tarnation is happenin’ round here and why do my nethers feel so downright stretched and serviced?”


“You’re right girl, now ain’t the time for ponderin’! Let’s saddle back up!”

“Lacey has swung back onto Lt. Silvers centauress back and spurred her forward!”


*police siren noises*

“So Lacey is charging deeper into the maze on her steed, who remember can see! She could catch up!”

“Lacey will have to hurry, since a blindfolded Gabe has managed to stumble and feel his way into the final chamber!”

“Josh meanwhile is suspended above the final chamber, mere feet from the button!”

“Anyone could win!”

“Whoever hits the button will be the winner!”

“Lacey is making her final turns!”

“Gabe has just about groped his way to the pedestal!”

“And Josh looks to have just given Cindi Derry-Gibbles the blimp-girl an orgasm!”

“For whatever that’s worth?”

“Gabe has touched the pedestal!”

“Lacey has made the last turn!”


“And Cindi has orgasmed!”

“Oh Demons! Ohhhhh AHHHHHHH!”

“There she blows!”

*titters* “Blows air anyway!”

*giggles* “That’s right! Cindi’s orgasm seems to released all of the air stored in her inflated breasts which is making her and Josh rapidly fall back to the ground!”

“Gabe is feeling his way up the pedestal! Almost touching the button!”


“But a falling Josh has landed on the big red button! Josh and Amber have won the Maze Race!”


“I can’t believe I’m saying this but: Couple #1 has won a Challenge Round!”

“Can this even be real!?”

“Pinch us!”


“Oooo that’s not a pinch....”

“Mmmm I know....”

*moans* “T-take it away Cassia....”



“Hi again folks!

It’s time for my next transformation! So to recap how I look for the sightless: overall I’m a giraffe-elephant-hybrid woman with an elephant’s cock, giraffes pussy, and a body that brings out the best of both animals! I have a giraffe skin pattern, a super long neck and long lean limbs like a giraffe, but I also have an elephant’s trunk and wide fanlike ears. I also have eight large tits with lactating cunts for nipples from an earlier transformation!


I’m very large and feel quite strong and sexy!

But I guess it’s time to mix things up again? This week I’m getting a “math” themed transformation, whatever that means?

Here goes!



Oh I feel super flush in my legs, like they are on fire! I guess legs must have won? Am I going to get more legs or lose them? *laughs* Or get the integral of a leg, whatever that might be...

They feel like they are melting and splitting?


Oooo That felt so weird! But I have four identical legs: long and humanoid, giraffe patterned on the thigh, but grey from the calves down, with three blunt toes in a kind of elephantine wedge heel. The legs are so close together though. This seem ungainly....

Ooof! My stomach feels so bloated and my ass.... is stretching? I’m growing a torso between my front and back legs... like some sort of centaur? But a human one. What’s that called? Right a humantaur! I’m a giraffe-elephant-humantaur now!

Oh demons! *moans* Somethings happening to my cock! When my body stretched... *gasps* my elephant-like cock and my pussy moved to my rear legs and I can’t see what’s happening, but my cock is erect and writhing wildly! I’m stumbling with the force of it!

Ahhhh! I’m coming! *TRUMPETS!!!*

*pants* I can see on the monitor that my elephant cock has grown enormous! I have a full sized elephant cock and balls hanging below my lower body!

That’s so hot... but how am I ever going to fuck anyone with that?

Ah! Something is happening on my front crotch... which is smooth right now!

It’s... a cock! *moans* I’m growing a new cock and balls there! It... is a giraffe cock! Oh Demons I’m growing a new giraffe cock between my front legs!


I’m coming again! *gasps*

And it seems to be over: I’m now a giraffe-elephant humantaur with a huge elephant cock and a giraffe pussy in the rear, and a new giraffe cock in the front! And eight large tits with lactating pussy nipples! Oooooh fuck I am so fucking sexy and horny! Oh fuck!


C-cynthiaaaa back to you....”


“Thanks Cassia!

I see we added two legs and a torso to carry the four!


So this concludes our Fourth Belial Idol: Couples Challenge Round!

The wacky winners of the Trust Maze Challenge are surprisingly Couple #1!

Congratulations Ambergris and Josh!

You have won a modest cash prize and gained immunity from this Transformation Round!

Since there are no skip weeks for transformed contestants, that means that both our other comely couples *are* available to transform this round!

YOU! The at home viewing audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!!

Your choices are:

Couple #2: Lacey and Archibald: a literal country ponygirl with a mare cunt between her legs and another on the back of her head and a city boy who loves eating pussy or sucking his own long, limp dick!


Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel: a librarian with multiple breasts, tentacles with a mind of their own, and a mouth that might be slowly turning into a pussy and a junior alchemist who is a latex Minotaur from the waist down with a huge rubbery cock, a bovine pussy, and a big rubber udder that lactates white latex!

Who will it be!? Which Couple will be transformed next!?

It is up to YOU! to VOTE!

I’m your happy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!


Notes from the Producers to vote for the next TF-round go to this link: https://www.strawpoll.me/42750199

See y’all again next month!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Voting is half over for the next transformation round and it’s a very close race! Vote now to choose who is changed next!

Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42750199


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 4

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Sensational smells that are perhaps sentient! Welllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show where Contestant Couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the hopefully horny home audience votes for who is changed by our statistically stylish celebrity judges!

Tonight is the fashionably fun Fourth Transformation Round where the couple YOU! Voted for will be transformed! Each Contestant in the couple will take a turn entering the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to figure out which judge will transform them!

At the end of this explosive episode both contestants in the couple YOU! Voted for will be changed forever!

But first let’s check in with our lactating cunt nippled and multiply busty, four-legged hermaphrodite giraffe-elephant friend Cassia to interview the wicked wonderful winners of our challenge round, and I still can’t believe I’m saying this, Couple #1.”


“Thanks Cynthia! I’m here with Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh! Hi guys!”


“Like, Hiiiiiii!”

“What’s it like to *finally* win a round of the game?”

“It’s like, super really totally awesome!” *giggles*

*sniffs* “I don’t understand why everyone is so surprised...”

“Well, I mean, you guys had a pretty bad track record?”

“As anyone with any understanding of statistics would tell you, 4 games is a small sample size. Besides, Meow, I *always* win in the end.”

“Like, it’s spooky, but she kinda does?”

“Always bet on the cat.” *purrrrrs*

*laughs* “Hear that folks? Call your bookies! Alright back to you Cynthia!”


*laughs* “You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t change my bet quite yet!

Well folks, the delay before the sex-ay is over and the transformation moment has arrived!

I am super duper excited to announce that VOTES are in and the majority of our awesome audience wants to see...




Get transformed tonight!

*giggles* The audience apparently wants an encore! Back-to-back trips to the CHAMBER!

That’s right pleasurably pretty people! Lacey, our strong country gal turned pony girl, and Archibald, our city boy musician with an obsession with sucking his own junk, will be the Contestants transformed tonight on Belail Idol: Couples!

How flavourably fine!

Cassia, how does our lucky couple feel?


“Thanks Cynthia! Well Lacey and Archie, right back at it! How does that make you feel?”

*Whickers* “Ah reckon the horse’s already out of that barn, no real use worrying about it now.”

*laughs* “And in this case your body is the horse?”

*neighs* “Y’all could say that!”

“What about you Archie? How do you feel about getting another change so soon?”


“Arch... yer doin’ the cock mumbles...”

*splort* “Thorry. Isht oktay. My shangnes are algreadly tho nweird, wha’sh a glittle mnore? Plush, thome of them areth slo flun!” *pops cock back into mouth*

“I understood like maybe half of that?”


“Which of you two are going to go first?”

“Ah reckon it don’t matter much. Mind if I hop in the chamber first pardner?”

*mumbles* *shurgs*

“Well okay then. Let’s throw it back to Cynthia!”


“Oh to be muffled by my own cock! Hastag lifegoals!

Now is the moment you’ve all have been waiting for!

Since I guess the first horse out the gate gets to the finish line first, I guess we’ll be changing Lacey first tonight!

So Archie, hippity hop-hop-hop on down to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then we will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

But first, let us welcome this week’s Guest Judge!

After breaking out as a runway star after years behind he scenes of fashion, we have the iconoclastic trend setter and chief creative officer for ReFashion Magazine!

It’s the one, the only, Erica!”


“Howdy Transformation Fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe! And we’re back to give Contestant Couple #2 a sexy transformation!”

“I feel like we just did this...”

“That’s because we just did! This is our first ever back-to-back change!”

“Oh good, I was worried that I was seeing the future!”

“Well you’re not!”

*titters* “But I knew you were going to say that...”

“Tonight we’re joined by Erica! The head editor of ReFashion Magazine!”

“Ooh. She’s the one pushing that clits are the new cocks right?”

“The clitoris! So hot right now.”

“But what I don’t get is... when did the clitty ever go out of style?”

*giggles* “Her past is intentionally a bit mysterious, but the official story is that she worked behind the scenes in fashion, helping numerous renowned designers realize their vision...”

“Until a runway show by Carman, who was using alchemy to make a fashion line of living clothing. Erica became her grand finale and an instant cultural sensation!”

“And now she combines her perspective as an influencer and fashion expert to drive clothing and body trends...”

“And here she is now... Gliding so delicately on her hooves.”

*clip clip clip clip clip*

“For those unfamiliar with her, Erica is a striking woman whose body is a living expression of fashion. She has a tangled updo of tentacles, a domino mask of penis glans on her face with a dickslit nose, four breasts, and a tulip-shaped lower body that is made of great sheets and lobes of labia, like a grand gown made of pussy. Instead of feet she has dainty and elegant hooves. She is also completely armless, with sweeping shoulders that elegantly display her current role as a fashion object.”

*clip clip clip clip clop* “Hello darlings...”

“Zoe has stopped what she was doing, which seems to have been performing tiny Shibari on one pair of her hands with orange yarn while also knitting a tail warmer, and is now clapping her free hands and waving!”

“She looks like a fan of Erica, which is unsurprising since they both run in fashionable transformation circles.”

“Ah Zoe, dear, always a pleasure to see you... and if it isn’t Bree Kensingworth! It’s been ages! Since the last premiere? I simply adore your outfit... *Who* are you wearing?”

“Tonight Bree is wearing a black latex blazer with a red leather codpiece and a matching tie.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s very gentrified dom, and codpieces are so hot right now.”

*giggles* “So hot!”

*titters* “We should get a pair!”

“Oh! Zoe is kind of rocking back and forth like a transfixed snake!”

“New assistant run! You can’t use college credits if you’re just a dildo!”


“Oh it’s okay... Zoe is just calling her handbag...”

“And out she hops now!”

“To remind viewers, Zoe’s handbag is a fromer assistant turned armless kangaroo girl whose pouch is Zoe’s purse!”

“Here she hops, big breasts surging and bouncing!”

“Zoe has reached into the pouch and is clearly looking for something!”

“Erica looks delighted by the purse...”

“Oh my, such a perfectly stylish accessory!”

“Zoe has pulled out her living boa, who was her very first assistant, and has handed it to her current assistant to give to Erica.”

“The assistant has draped the boa over Erica’s armless shoulders and Erica is nuzzling its soft, feathery auburn fur with her penis-glans cheeks.”

“The boa has lidded is cute eyes and is cooing through its mouth-spchinter. And its erect cock is dribbling precum...”

“I simply adore it! So cute and companionable! I’ve always been a soft touch for living fashion.”

“Eh-hmm my mistress says it’s a gift.”

“How delightful! Thank you Zoe! You spoil me!”

“Zoe has clapped her hands happily and is also looking at her current assistant kind of hungrily...”

“Uh oh!”

“Zoe has picked up one of her knitting needles, snapped it in two, and revealed that it’s some sort of dart!”

“Not again!”

“And she’s thrown it right at her current assistant!”

“Who of course has started to change...”

“Why do people keep signing up for this?”

“I figure they’re either perverts or danger junkies...”

“Her assistant is growing a pelt of shimmering brown fur with a pattern of horizontal black stripes on her lower back, hips, and ass!”

“She’s also growing a long, flexible, sort of reptilian tail!”

“Her torso is elongating slightly while her arms and legs are shrinking and oooph! Down she goes!”

*titters* “New assistant is now on all fours and her hands and feet have become big weighty paws!”

“Her hair has diminished to a little mane and she’s grown round little ears.... She looks kind of like a thylacine?”

“I can see her thighs too, but I’d say she looks more like a weird wolf or tiger!”

“That’s called a... you know what, never mind....”

“Wolf-tiger assistant has trotted over to Erica where she has rolled onto her back like she wants belly rubs!”

“Revealing that she has a large punch on her belly! She’s a thylacine purse-girl!”

“Oh my! For me? What a stylish new bag! I simply love it!”

“And I simply love transformations! So let’s move onto the WHEEL!”

“Back to you, Cynthia!”


“Ladies, Gentlemen, Slimes and Jellies! Our contestant Lacey is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFOMATION!

...which is a job for Archie, our orally fixated musician! Cum on up here, Arrrrrrrrr-chie and give us and spin! That! Wheel!”


*laughs* “What?”

*plops cocks out of mouth* “Helloth Thynthiash! Ith nishe to blee backh!”

*laughs* “Pardon?”

“I thaidh ish nishe to blee backh...”

“I can’t understand you at all!”

“Mlaybly I thoud jutht thpin the gnwheel?”

“Maybe you should just spin the wheel?”

*nods vigorously and puts cock back in mouth*

“Okay Archie, spin that wheel in...”




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick

"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER ONE for today’s transformation!
Let the transformation begin!”


“Welcome back folks! It’s transformation time!”

“Woo! It’s the best time!”

“Lacey is currently sealed inside one of the CHAMBERS OF TRANSFORMATION!”

“To remind folks at home, Lacey is currently a cute ponygirl with hooved feet, a horsey tail, auburn fur and and a partially equine face!”

“She has breasts, a mares udder, and an equine cunt on her hindquarters and a second pussy on the back of her head below a full horse’s tail which serves as a ponytail.”

“In addition Lacey has permanent horse tack fused to her body, a gift from Zoe made from yet another former assistant.”

“This is a saddle with a small cock horn, straps, reins and eye blinders.”

“She is a very pretty horse.”


“You disagree?”

*giggles* “No I’m just making a horse sound!”


“Zoe, our giant terrifying multi-ply armed serpent alchemist is studying Lacey, her long flexible tongue snaking in and out of her cunt mouth...”

“She is rubbing her hands together in anticipation...”

“Except two of her hands are lashed together by artful and complicated knots!”

“And now she is looking at those bound hands and looking at Lacey...”

“She doesn’t have the facial components to smile but...” *shivers* “I think she’s smiling?”

“It’s very menacing!”

“And now she is reaching out to activate her alchemical controls and...”


“Lacey is soaked in alchemy!”

“Here Ah go again’”

“She is kind of pacing around a bit, shifting her hips and back...”

*snorts* “Ah feel stiff? It kinda hurts like when Ah was growin’ as a girl...”

“That’s because she’s growing now! Lacey’s hips and thighs are getting wider and more powerful and she’s growing taller and broader...”

“And her arms are getting longer too! Even longer than the rest of her!”

“She’s really starting to fill up the CHAMBER...”

“Oooh. Mah hands? They’re gettin’ so very stiff!”

*giggles* “That’s because they are becoming hooves: fingers fusing and growing a hard keratin nail that’s leaving her a big hoof and a small, blunt thumb!”

“Oooooh...” *clops hooves together* “That’s so hot.... I’m feelin’ mighty horny but... mah hands can’t... they  ain’t... “ *whickers*

“Lacey is now as large as a big horse, squeezed against the glass of the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Except horse might not be entirely right since her breasts and udder are starting to expand considerably!”

“Her udder has gone from a tight little mares sack to a huge pink, bovine globe with four long teats!”

“And her breasts have gone from large to huge and hanging, with four long teat-like nipples each!”

*snorts* “Mah tits feel so hot and heavy... like they’re... ohhhh...” *Mooooooo!*

“Lacey is now a horse-cow-woman!”

*giggles* “With cue little horns on her head to match!”




“The CHAMBER OF TRANSFORMATION has just broken open! Spilling a now draft horse sized Lacey onto the stage!”

“Where she has fallen quite naturally to all four of her hooves!”


“Lacey is rearing up on her hind legs, kicking her front legs? Arms?”

“And falling right back down onto her forelegs...”

*snorts* “Ah can’t stand up! Ah’m stuck like this? Like a horse?” *neighs* “Oh Demons!”

“I can’t believe she broke the CHAMBER...”

“Better hope it’s insured...”

“Lacey appears to be finished changing...”

“But now something is happening to her saddle...”

“For one thing it’s bigger, but it’s also growing new straps? Tentacles?”

“Tentacle straps?”

“They’ve mostly retracted back under the saddle like a nautilus in its shell... just sort of peaking out...”


“And the saddle has also sported a large leathery human pussy facing backwards just above Lacey’s hindquarters and its saddlehorn-cock is getting bigger and longer and... oh! It’s ejaculating!”

*whinnies!* “What in tarnation!?”

“Lacy’s saddle has just tied her up!”

*giggles* “That’s right! The saddle’s twelve new tentacles have just shot out and tied up Lacey’s legs and have her hogtied on the ground, unable to move...”

*moans* *snorts* “Oh demons!”

“We have one big ol’ horse-cow all tied up and horny like at a rodeo!”

“How long do you think her saddle will keep her tied down?”

“I don’t know? Maybe we should find a winch...”

“Oh! Zoe is doing something with her penis-pen, another former assistant....”

“She seems to be coating it with yet more alchemy on a paintbrush. How does she keep smuggling it in?”

“And her former penis-pen is expanding and growing hummingbird wings and legs and is vibrating....”


“And is now a flying cock which is circling in a loop and zipping right at Lacey!”


“And the flying cock has landed on the rump of our tied up Contestant and is now inserting itself into the pussy on the back of her saddle...”


“One former assistant of Zoe is fucking the other one.”

“Bobbi, Do you think they knew each other before?”

*titters* “Well they do now!”


*pants* “Oh what’s happening? Mah saddle feels all tingly...”

“I think maybe the saddle is having an orgasm? It seems to be twitching and it’s cock has spurtled a little more....”

“There it blows?”

“And the tentacles have retracted freeing the very large quadrupedal Lacey!”


“And the flying penis pen has zipped off into the studio audience to find a new playmate...”

“Speaking of finding a new plaything let’s check in with Cassia who is live with our next transformation subject Archie!”


“Thanks ladies... So hi Archie, how are you feeling after seeing Lacey transformed again?”

“Ith acthully blery exthiting!”


“Yeth the’th thoo glargne bnow!”

“That’s nice.”


“How do you feel out your next change?”

“A lithle thcarethd nbut altho a lithle exthited?”

“Interesting... You don’t say....”

“Youth canth acthully thunderthtandth mlee canth youth?”

“Very cool!”

“Mly lithp ithn’t that blad ith it?”

“Back to you Cynthia!”


“Ladies! Gentlemen! Aware produce waiting to be eaten! We still have a second sexy transformation tonight!

The second member of our honored couple, Archibald, is being sealed in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

A different one because this time we packed an extra...

Which means it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION! Again!

So Horsey Lacey, cum on down!”

*whickers* “Howdy!”

“How do you feel right now, Lacey?”

“Big? Strong? Like Ah need a good an’ proper moooo-milkin’!”

“I think you look like you’d be fun to ride!”

“Shucks! Feel free to hop on up into my saddle and Ah can take you on a little cantor...”

“Oh that sounds nice too... but I wasn’t talking about going for a trot.”

*whickers* “That’s mighty flatterin’ but don’t we have a big ol’ wheel to spin?”

“Now that you have four legs instead of arms, can you spin the wheel?”

“Ah reckon if Ah rear up real tall Ah can manage!”

“Alright then Lacey...it’s time to Spin! That! Wheel!”




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick

"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER TWO for Gabe’s transformation!
Which is our resident director Bree Kensingworth!”


“Let’s go back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”

“Welcome back transformation fans!”


“If you are just tuning in, Lacey our country gal turned ponygirl is now a quadrupedal equine cowgirl!”


“And now it’s time to transform her boyfriend Archibald!”

“Archie, for those that can’t see is currently an oral sex machine!”

“Well, not literally a machine! Instead he has plush, luscious swollen lips, a huge wet dripping tongue, and a nose that is a small cock oriented for oral sex!”

“He also has large testicles like breasts on his chest, a huge scrotum, and a long ropey cock that is totally flaccid and which he is constantly sucking on...”

“He seems to have a powerful oral fixation!”

“But now it’s time to change all that, or at least some of that!”

“Bree Kensingworth, our ex-director judge, is stroking his chin with the side of a taloned finger and looking thoughtful...”

“He is giving Archie a very intense look and the teats on his udder-like breasts are getting hard...”

“And so is his equine cock which is swelling out of it’s sheath...”

“Erica, our guest judge looks enchanted.”

“Oh this is simply marvelous! That horse-persons change was so stylish and invigorating, I cannot wait to see what you come up with Master Kennsigworth.”

“Oh is Bree frowning a little?”

“Not now Erica, I’m creating.”

“Bree is twisting his head to look at Archie with his slit and square pupil eyes, sizing him up.”

“What to do with you...”

“A slow fangy smile is blossoming on Bree’s face...”

*snaps fingers* “Ah... I’ve got it!”

“And he’s hit the button!”

“Oh this is all so exciting!”


“And Archie is doused in alchemy!”

*splutters* *sucks*

“And Archie is still just sucking his own long and limp cock!”

*giggles* “Like ya do....”

“And he’s starting to change!”

“The human-sized penis glans that has replaced his nose is swelling and growing out if his face into a full sized cock!”

“But that’s not all! The cock is getting longer and longer and becoming what’s the word?”


“That! The cock is now four feet long and waving in the air like a tentacle!”

“Or a trunk! And now it’s plumping up and becoming nearly as thick as Archie’s arm!”

“And it’s growing a new foreskin...”

“Which is also becoming animate! It’s undulating and getting grippy like, well, a trunk that is also a cock!”

“Othhhh nmy gottthhh!”


*titters* “Archie has just slammed his new cock trunk into his plush, drooling mouth, and let his limp ropey cock fall out of his mouth!”

“Now Archie is rotating his shoulders oddly...”

“He seems to growing some odd growths there?”

“Which are growing into new arms!”

“Four new arms!”

“His original slender arms are being pushed down his sides while a new pair is sprouting from his shoulders and also below on his torso!”

“The new topmost arms are getting very muscular and long, growing thicker than his thighs at the shoulder!”

“And long enough for his new hugely muscular hands to drag on the floor... like a gorilla?”

“Exactly! Archie now has his orignal arms and beefy gorilla arms that have given him the posture of a great ape!”

“His other new arms, the lowest ones are very delicate and dainty, like a small womans beautiful hands!”

*titters* “He’s the beauty and the beast!”

*giggles* “...At least when it comes to his arms!”

*sucks suck sucks sucks*

“Archie is still sucking his cock-trunk!”

“Meanwhile his huge balls are changing now!”

“They are becoming smooth and dark pink and growing four... teats? Small cocks?”

*giggles* “Why not both?”

“And Archie is milking those teats with his original and soft lady hands, making him spurt milk? Cum?”

*giggles* “Why not both?”

“Ooooohhhh! Demons... yes!”

“Who was that?”

“Archie, I think?”

“But his slurpy, lisping mouth is still totally stuffed with cock-trunk...”

“I think it’s his limpy original cock? Which seems to have grown very pretty feminine lips!”

“It seems not to be a cock anymore?”

“It’s also become prehensile... but it’s moving kind of like a snake?”

“And the penis glans is taking on the diamond shape of a snake head but without any eyes or nose, just the new lips and mouth....”

“Ahhhh... Oh I can speak again?”

“Archie’s new voice is... different. It’s not really feminine, but it’s not really masculine anymore either?”

“It’s definitely androgynous.”

“Oh my it’s so *pants* nice to *moans* be able to be understood.... AHhhhhhhhhh!”

*titters* “And there he blows!”

“Archie is cumming hugely from his trunk cock and swallowing every drop in his greedy plush mouth!”

“And his new cock-teats are spurting great gobs of his milk-cum!”

“We are getting the indication that his change is done.”

“Erica looks delighted!”

“Oh my such a complex and eclectic new look. Perhaps baroque transformations should be more fashionable! We should write a column....”

“Bree is nodding his elegant head...”

“Thank you, I wanted to give him a sense of story and contrast... and fix his awful elocution.” *tsks* “There is no excuse for poor enunciation.”

“There is also no excuse for letting a segment drag on too long!”

“So let’s go back to Cassia for her special announcement!”


“Thanks ladies! I’m here with Lacey!”


“I have to say, you just keep getting sexier and sexier. So big and equine!”

*whickers* “Thank ya kindly, hun. Ah admit that the notion of bein’ mounted by a big stud like ya is mighty appealin’. Ah reckon that Ah could just about manage that mighty elephant pecker yah got betwixt yer hindquarters in my rear pussy... an’ that giraffe cock may fit just right in mah head cunt....”

*trumpets* “Maybe we need to find a good paddock after this...”

“Fine with me as long as Arch gets a good gander or somethin’ sweet to wrap his lips around...”

“Speaking of Archie, what do you think about his new west change?”

“Ah must admit that his new penis trunk has me a bit weak in all four knees and Ah can’t wait to feel his hands on my udders...”

“For sexy times?”

“...and because they feel mighty full!”

*laughs* “I’d be happy to help with that...”

*whickers* “Promises... Ah guess mah only concern is whether he’ll still want me. Ah mean, he came here with an aspirin’ bride, and now he’s got himself a mount or new livestock for the herd...”

“Demons that’s hot...”

*neighs* “Ah know, right?”

“Anyway! We’re here to set up my next transformation! To recap I’m currently pretty complicated. I started as a very conventionally sexy popstar, and I’m currently a elephant-giraffe-humantaur hermaphrodite. I have an elephants trunk and ears on my face, tusks, and giraffe horns. I am very tall with an elongated neck, long limbs, and a giraffe pattern to my skin. I’m a four-legged humantaur with chunky elephant like feet and elephant-like hands. I have six big round breasts caped with pussies instead of nipples that are constantly leaking a sweet milky lubricant. I have a giraffes tail and pussy on my rear, a giraffe’s cock between my front legs, and a huge full-sized elephant penis growing from my rear crotch and hanging below my belly.


It’s a lot!

And I guess it’s time to add even more to it? Next rounds transformation theme is trading, so y’all will vote twice: once to pick what to swap out, and once to pick with it will be replaced with.

So without further ado...

You can vote to replace my arms, legs, trunk, or hair.

And you can vote to replace it with tentacles, cocks, pussies, or arms

I can’t wait to learn what you decided to change next...”

*whickers* “Ya smell mighty aroused. It’s makin’ me downright wet....”

“Well then let’s end the show and collect your Archie! Back to you Cynthia!”


“And they said that taking the promotion from interviewer to host was a good idea... geez....

*A-hem* Well wasn’t that enjoyable my enviable enlargeable engines of desire?

We’re really getting into the game now and handing out multiple transformations!

Next up is the Fourth Challenge Round: The Swap Challenge! So tune in next week to see which of our Competitive Couples will win immunity and who could be transformed next!

And remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next ‘trade’ themed transformation!

I’m your hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Thanks for tuning in and goodnight!”


Note from the Producers: Sorry I’m a little late. We have a two step voting process this time:

Step one: vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42900627

Step two: vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42900631

See you all the first weekend in May!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples

Challenge Round 5

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Conjoined groups with multifactorial genders! Welcome back to Belial Idol: Couples, the game show where courageous Couples undergo rounds of tantalizing transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! The awesome audience votes for which contestant are changed by our panel of salty celebrity Judges!

Last Episode was our fourth Transformation Round where Couple #2, Lacey and Archibald, were transformed back-to-back into a rancher who is basically her own horse and a multi-armed musician who loves oral so much that he’ll stuck his own cock-trunk!

Tonight we will be playing our Fifth Challenge Round game to determine who wins a modest cash prize and earns immunity from the next Transformation Round!

Tonight’s game will also reveal which Contestants can be changed in the next Transformation Round!

This Challenge Round Episode our Couples will be playing in the Key Party Challenge, a game designed to test how well our merry members mix and mingle!

Everyone knows that monogamy gets a little stale after a while! So to keep things feeling frisky and fresh we are going swap things up by swapping partners! Wow what a terribly terrific twist!

The Producers in their infinite wisdom have decided that tonight’s talented Teams will be!

Team #1: Ambergris and Lacey!

Team #2: Archibald and Beatrix!

And Team #3: Gabriel and Josh!

These new teams have been invited to our spectacular Key Party where they will have to complete a series of challenges! The first team to finish all their games wins!

But how will our new teams do? Can they work together? Will they squabble? Will they fuck!?

Tune in to find out!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!”


“Hi! It’s me, your favorite transformed interviewer Cassia! I’m here to check in with our newly remixed teams to see how they all feel about tonight's Challenge.

First up is Team #1: Amber and Lacey! Hi gals!”



“And how are we feeling about the impending teamup?”

“It will be fine as long as the cattle follows instructions...” *licks paw*

*snorts* “Listen Pussy, better wranglers than ya have tried...”

*flicks tail* “Whatever...”

“Haha ladies! Save it for the game! Do you have any special strategy?”

“With my brains and the cattle’s brawn I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

“Ah reckon she’s right about the brawn part at least...”

*laughs* “Good luck!

Next up is Team #2: Archie and Trix! Hi guys!”


“And salutations!”

“Did you just?”

“Finish your sentence?” *laughs* “Maybe a little.”

“I love the team synergy already! So you two are ready to go?”

“Of course! I love party games and I’m told they bring out my competitive side...”

“I’m just salivating at the thought of beating Lacey! Well, that and oral sex... but I’m always salivating thinking about a hard cock or a plush, juicy vagina....”

“Speaking of Vaginas, it looks like your mouth has changed more Trix.”

“Yeah, my lips have gotten pretty puffy and you can see here where my philtrum has split I’ve grown a little clit.”

“It’s adorable! I must say, I just want to eat your face...” *drools*

*laughs* “That makes two of us! But it’s time to move on!

So finally here we are with Team #3: Gabe and Josh! Hi Gentlemen!”


*giggles* “Hiiiiiiiiiiii!”

“How do you both feel about your surprise team up?”

“Great! I think Josh is going to make a great partner for this next game.”

*blushes* “Like, really?”

“Sure! I don’t think there’s anything here we can’t do if we work together.”

“That’s like, sooo totally nice!”

“That is pretty positive! Love it. What’s your plan to beat your significant others?”

“I guess just try and do our best?”

“But like, like, what if our best isn’t like, good enough?”

“Then we should make sure to have fun too.”

“Have fun?”

“Yeah. What’s the point of a game if we don’t enjoy it, right?”

*giggles* “I think it’s gonna be like, totally fun being on your, like team?”

*laughs* “I hope so!”

“There you have it: team friction, team synergy, and team positivity!

And with that let’s go back to Cynthia to finish setting up our game!”


“Thanks Carnal Castle Creature Cassia!

Before we get started with this game we are going to need some party favours!

Which means we are going to need some voluptuous volunteers from our studio audience!

Tonight’s Challenge is brought to us by the game Vials Against Humanity! A game so fun it’ll change your life!

So look and listen uppity up! If you volunteered to participate (and signed the waiver indemnifying The Producers from any liability related to said participation) then you might be called tonight!

So! In some particular order!

Carlie Cantaloupe

Debra Doubloon

Gertrude Giante

Cum on down!

Please follow the directions of the happy helpful alchemical assistants who will supply you with your Vials Against Humanity branded potions and position you within the game!

Happy changes and have fun!

And with that final piece of business, we’re rip made-up and mad to get on with our game!

Let’s check in with our ladies in the booth!


“Howdy Transformation Fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“And tonight we’re going to have a Belial Idol themed Key party!”

*giggles* “I’m excited! Who doesn’t love a good partner swap?”

“I wouldn’t know! Every time we go to a Swingers Party I always end up stuck with you!”

*giggles* “Well we are joined at the hip. And torso. And chest. And really most of our body....”

*titters* “And I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

“Aw... Speaking of changing... the topic: all the Contestants have all been blindfolded, gagged, and earmuffled and released into the central ballroom of the Key Party challenge set!”

“That’s right! To receive the keys to their own private rooms and progress in the game, each Contestant must find their teammate using touch alone!”

“When they think they’ve found their partner the Contestants have been instructed to shake their partner's hand or analogous appendage and tap their head.”

“If they have the right partner The Producers will remotely trigger a vibrating bracelet each Contestant is wearing to tell them to remove their blindfolds, gags, and earmuffs!”

“The contestants are spread out all around the empty checkerboard floored ballroom and are starting to shuffle around searching for their partner.”

“Beatrix, who to remind the home audience has a torso ringed in breasts and ten tentacles instead of arms, is slowly walking while her tentacles reach out, twisting, trying to find someone to latch onto.”

“Lacey is also starting to search. She is a large quadrupedal horse-girl with two horse cunts and big milky udders. She also has a permanent living saddle and reins grafted to her body which has bondage tentacles that it deploys when it orgasms. Lacey has four legs and has hooves with thumbs instead of hands now and is forced to lower her head to try and nudge into her partner...”

*titters* “But she seems terribly distracted by all the extra bondage gear...”

*giggles* “You’d think she’d have the advantage of experience being all blindfolded like this, but she mostly just seems aroused!”

“Ambergris, Lacey’s partner for this challenge, is a ash-furred catgirl with multipe breasts. She’s walking on her hind legs with her hand paws out and oh! She’s just bumped into Gabe!”

“Amber is pressing her kitty nose to Gabe and sniffing, feeling him with her sensitive whiskers. She’s shaking her head and frisking away from a very confused Gabe on all fours, her tail winding through his muscular legs on the way...”

“Gabe, to remind folks, is basically a muscular man from the waist up and a black latex minotaur from the waist down! He has super muscular bovine legs, hooves, an udder, a huge rubber cock, and a bovine vagina!”

“All of which leak a white latex instead of milk, lube, or cum!”

“He seems agitated, like he doesn’t enjoy being blindfolded...”

“His partner for this challenge Josh has gotten himself caught in the suction-cupped embrace of Beatrix! Josh is currently a curvaceous-looking babe with a big cock, lipple mouths on his big too round tits, and no mouth on his heart shaped face. And he is totally, helplessly caught by Lacey whose tentacles are squeezing and caressing him...”

*titters* “Holy hentai!”

“Meanwhile Archibald is methodically crawling forward, searching with his limbs. Since his last change Archibald is walking on his legs and his biggest muscular arms like a gorilla, but he is using his other hands, his androgynous originals and his dainty new feminine hands, to feel for people. His chesticles and ball-udder organ sway gently with every step. He also has his cock trunk extended, feeling around for his teammate too.”

“And since his plush, dribbling original mouth is empty, he has stuffed his modified trouser snake, the one with his speaking mouth, into his sucking mouth, gag and all!”

“I wonder how sensitive his old cock turned speaking tube is?”

*titters* “Archie seems to be enjoying it!”

“And oooof! Amber has just barged into Archie while padding on all fours, her back now arched, fur standing up in surprise!”

“And now she is leaning cautiously forward, sniffing at Archie and winding her flexible form around his arms and legs, caressing his body with her fur....”

“Before flipping up her tail and slinking away, leaving a confused looking blindfolded and gagged Archie in her wake...”

“Amber is quite good at being blindfolded ... must be a cat thing?”

“Beatrix seems to have resorted to the if you’re-lost-stay-still maxim and has parked herself near the centre of the room with her tentacles splayed out like an anemone!”

*titters* “And she already has Josh caught in her clutches... and oh! She’s managed to latch onto Gabe as well!”

*giggles* “Josh and Gabe are really only steps apart, but they don’t know it! Instead of finding each other they’re both caught fast, being caressed and teased by Beatrix’s frisky limbs!”

“So close but yet so tangled!”

“Lacey meanwhile has just sort of stopped, both of her tails raised, presenting both of her glisteningly wet equine cunts!”

“This horsegirl is hot to trot!”

“And Amber, whose cat nose is sniffing up a storm, has just slinked up to Lacey. She has stood up and stretched, her nose inches from Lacy’s wet cunt, and is taking a long considered sniff!”

“I guess she followed her nose to the horniest smelling person?”

“Now she’s stuck out her little pink tongue for a tiny lick...”

“Making Lacey jump and rear up!”

“Amber is lucky she didn’t just get kicked... you don’t spook a horse like that!”

“Amber has reached out and put her paw on Lacey’s flank and is tapping her head indicating she has found her partner!”

“The Producers have turned on their vibrator bracelets to let Amber and Lacey know they can remove their blinders, gags, and muffs!”

“Amber has quickly shaken off her gear and is now helping Lacey remove her blindfolds since her hands are mostly hooves...”

“Lacey still looks very flustered and aroused...”

*snorts* “Th-thank ya kindly...”

“Amber looks quite unimpressed...”

*sniffs* “Pull yourself together cattle and follow me. We have a game to win.”

“And Amber has fallen back to her paws, grabbed Lacey’s living reins in her mouth, and is leading a still unsteady Lacey to the second stage of the challenge.”

“Team #1 is already moving on!

“Meanwhile Gabe and Josh are still all tangled up in Beatrix’s tentacles, both of them being fondled and probed and too distracted to put up much of a fight.”

*titters* “Or at least too tied up to...”

“Beatrix hasn’t really moved, but Archie continues to search for her, doing a kind of back-and-forth methodical search pattern that seems destined to eventually work.”

*titters* “Unfortunately he is almost on the opposite side of the room, so it might be a while before his plan works out.”

“Team #1: Amber and Lacey have reached the first door, removed their key from the peg and unlocked it, moving into the private area for the second stage of the challenge.”

“This new room is a small intimate parlour filled by a pair of recliner chairs facing each other with space to stand in between. Next to each chair is a fishbowl full of paper notes on a little table.”

“And in this new room our Teams will be playing the most fraught of all party games: Charades!”

“That’s right folks, our poor Teams will each have to get three correct answers to receive their next key and move onto the next stage of the Key Party Challenge.”

“Lacey and Amber have taken their Charades positions with Amber leaping gracefully onto her chair and Lacey knocking hers over to make more room to stand.”

“Mew. I’ll go first.”

“Faine by me.”

“Amber has fished her paws into the bowl and pulled out a slip of paper. She’s read it and is sitting up in her chair and starting to clean herself with her tongue, licking her paws and furry arms.”

“Cat. Lick. Kitty. Pussy. Cunnilingus?” *snorts* “Are ya sure it ain’t kitty cat?”

*timer horn*

*Yowl* “It was ‘bath’!” *sniff* “I was bathing myself...”

“Well ya looked mighty catty while ya were doin’ it!”

*Mrrrrr...* “Everything I do looks catty!”

*giggles* “Right now I’d say they both look catty!”

*titters* “Hey-oh!”

“It’s now Lacey’s turn to perform a clue, but because she’s likely to just smash the clue bowl with her hooves, The Producers have placed a screen behind Amber to display the clue...”

“And the timer has started! Lacey is prancing in place, kicking up her hooves and clopping in a little circle...”

“Dressage! Prance! Show pony! Mrrrr....”

*timer horn*

*whickers* “Ah was goin’ for ballet.”

“Well then why was it so clearly dressage?!”

“Golly, Ah don’t rightly know why my plié and entrechat are lackin’ ... might could it be that Ah’m a horse! Use yer darn imagination!”

*sniffs* “As a patroness of the royal Freyan Ballet, that was a laughable attempt at portraying the art form...”

“Just get on with the next clue Pussy...”

“As much as I don’t want to cut away from this drama, Archie has finally managed to blunder into Beatrix’s tentacle trap!”

“Archie is tapping his head indicating he’s found his partner! And The Producers have sent the signal that Archie and Beatrix can unblindfold themselves!”

“Beatrix’s mouth gag, which is more phallic than ball, is coming out shiny and slick from her partially cuntified mouth...”

“And the recently unblindfolded Archie is staring at it, licking his huge lips and drooling...”

“What are you staring at?”

“Oh! My sincerest apologies... you just have a simply enchanting mouth and the most delicious looking gag. But you’re correct that we haven’t time to tarry!”

“My, so verbose!”

*chuckles* “I am just completely overjoyed to be able to speak clearly again! Although, I must admit, that the language flows through me with an unnatural fervor since my most recent alteration.”

“Well, I approve.”

“Shall we press onwards?”

*giggles* “Such a wonderful meeting of the librarian and the newly minted wordsmith!”

*titters* “Bunch of fucking nerds!”

“Beatrix has released her various prey and Team #2 is moving deeper into the game, tentacles in arm and arm and arm and arm and trunk!”

“And Gabe and Josh are unsteadily moving free, arms out, searching for each other, just steps apart... So close!”

*giggles* “But they’re both walking in completely the wrong directions!”

“Meanwhile Lacey and Amber are still trying to get their first correct Charades answer, despite playing several rounds!”

“Right now Lacey is performing a clue, lifting up her foreleg and licking her hoof, and rubbing her face with it....”

*Mrrr....* “You are doing what I did for bath, but it can’t be that again. What did you guess? Cat? Pussy? Oh... cunnilingus!”

*happy ding*

“Howdy we got one!”

*purrrr* “More like I got one.”

“Team #1 is on the board! Just two more answers until they can move on!”

“Team #2, Archie and Beatrix, have entered their own Charades parlour and are getting ready to play their first round of this terrible game!”

“Charades: a game much worse than Vials Against Humanity!”

“Why act out the clue when you can transform into the answer!?”

“Beatrix has pulled out a slip of paper, looked at it, and nodded. Now she is reaching out with her tentacles, winding them near together where they emerge from her shoulders, but holding the ends out in the air, tips splayed...”

“Those certainly look like branches. Are you some sort of plant? A tree perhaps?”

“Beatrix is nodding and now thrusting out her breasts and twisting her torso... but she’s running out of time!”

“Oh! Of course, a tree woman! Dryad! Well acted!”

*happy ding*

“Thank you, excellent guessing!”

“Team #2 is already on the board! Now Archie is pulling out a slip of paper with his cock-trunk and looking at it. He’s smiling with his speaking mouth.”

“Now Archie is making a show of balling up one of his huge, apelike hands and then shoving it into his sucking mouth, somehow stretching his face around the giant fist!”

“And his eyes lidded in pleasure he is slowly moving the fist in and out of his face....”

“Hmm... assuming this isn’t just your oral fixation, I’m guessing fisting.”

*happy ding*

“Team #2 has two correct answers done and only needs one more to proceed!”

“Arhie is still fisting his face, but his other mouth is smiling!”

“Oh bravo!”

“Thank you. Do you think we can go three for three?”


“Beatrix has pulled out another slip of paper and is reading it with a frown.”

“Hmmmm... okay. I think I can do this.”

“She has taken a deep breath and is now winding her ten tentacles around her body, tightening them to restrict her herself, looping them like a net...”

“Her tentacles are artfully squeezed around her breasts to lift them out, looped tightly over her cunt, and have stitched her legs together. It’s actually very beautiful.”

“Ahhh... I recognize that exquisite rope work. Shibari!”

*happy ding*

“Yes! I was worried that would be too tricky!”

*chuckles* “Well between Lacey’s bondage fetish and all the lasso rope strewn about the farm, let’s say I have some experience with the art form. Besides, you did a simply marvellous job binding yourself, particularly given that you were using your own limbs!”

*blushes* “Thank you. I think I could have done much better if I just had a few more tentacles or longer ones. Ten feels sometimes feels like such a limited number...”

“Oh! And here comes our key delivery creature!”

“It’s Pippy! Zoe’s former assistant turned cock pen turned flying penis hummingbird! She has a small key clutched in her bird like feet!”

“Which she has deposited gently into one of Archie’s delicate feminine hands!”

“Thank you, dear. Ms. Beatrix, shall we?”

“Oh yes.... but I’m going to need a few minutes to unbind myself....”

“Meanwhile Gabe and Josh continue to search for each other... and oof! Have just smacked into each other!”

*Giggles* “Gabe has thrown his muscular arms around the stumbling Josh and pulled him into an embrace, smashing Josh’s breasts against his broad muscular chest...”

“And our Producers have just let them know to take off their blindfolds, which they’ve done. Josh is still in Gabe’s arms, gazing up at him and blushing with his mouthless face and breasts.”

“Hey there, I found you...”

“Like, yeah....”

“Great let’s get onto the next challenge!”

“Like, okay?”

“Gabe has taken Josh by the hand and is leading him to the Charade room...”

“Meanwhile Amber and Lacey still haven’t managed to advance to the next room!”


*snorts* “Don’tcha be cross with me! Ah’m part cowgirl, I turned ‘round backwards like, and backed mahself up! Reversin’ Cowgirl! Reverse. Cowgirl! I reckon ya shoulda figured that one out!”

*meows* “That’s a big stretch even for me, and I’m verrrry flexible.” *inspects claws*

*frustrated neigh* “Get on with it Puss...”


“Amber has stabbed another paper slip with her claws, looked at it, and is now acting it out!”

“She has slipped her kitty cat tail down under her crotch so that it’s pressed against her labia with the tip poking out like a little cock? And now she’s slowly pushing the tail forward extending her furry imitation phallus!”

“Cock! Boner! Stiffy! Erection!”

*happy ding*

*Meow* “Correct. I am the best at this game.”

“That’s two for Team #1!”

“Just one more correct answer to go!”

“Meanwhile Archie and Beatrix have entered the next room in their challenge and have been confronted with a big round disembodied breast sitting on a red floor cushion!”

“Except that’s not just any breast, that breast has a face! It’s our transformed studio volunteer Carlie Cantaloupe!”

“She’s gone from a cute college student studying veterinary science and Iinguistics to a melon sized breast with eyes, a nipple nose, and a full-lipped mouth. She also has a tight little cunt on her back side.”

“She’s smiling and going to tell our contestants what to do:”

“Hi guys! Uh, your job is to move me from my cushion here up that flight of stairs and deposit me on the cushion at the top without using your hands! And uh, Tentacles count as hands!”

“Yep! That’s the name of the game here: the boob-loon challenge: can our Teams move their breasts across the course, including up a flight of stairs with out using their hands?!”

*titters* “Or tentacles!”

“Archie and Beatrix look pretty perplexed on how to proceed...”

*titters* “16 arms and tentacles between them and they can’t use even one!”

“While they figure it out, let’s check in with Gabe and Josh who have reached the Charades room with Gabe just about to start his first clue!”

“Gabe is turning sideways to Josh, has fallen to his hands and knees and is wagging his bovine tail and generally acting like a dog...”

“And now he is humping away on all fours, still wagging his tail!”

“Like? Like? I dunno! This is like, too hard! Frig frig frig and shoot!”

*timer horn*

“Frig! I’m like so totally sorry!”

*chuckles* “It’s fine, it was our first try.! We’ll get it!”

“Like, you aren’t mad at me?”

“Of course not. I was going for doggy style by the way.”

“Oooooh! I’m such a ditz!”

*chuckles* “It’s fine. And you’re turn.”

“Now Josh has fished out a prompt for himself and is starting to perform his clue!”

“Josh is doing twiddly fingers...”

“Twiddly? Fingers?”

“Wiggling. He is wiggling his fingers and raising his arms like it’s raining?”

“Rain? Storm? Snow?”

“And now Josh is pointing the *twiddly fingers* at himself, aiming at his face and his tits mostly....”

“Um? Wet? Golden Shower?”

*timer horn*

“Like, I was going for bukkake...”

*chuckles* “Dang that was really good!”

*blushes* “You, like, really think so?”

“Moving to check on with Team #1 who is still doing Charades: Lacey and Amber still need one more correct answer!”

*Neigh!* *Stomps hooves*

“Will you just calm down, it’s not my fault you’re terrible at this.”

*snorts* “Just pick the next darn cum-cursed clue....”

“Fine....” *meows*

*titters* “So it seems like things are going well....”

“Amber has pulled out a clue and looked at it and is staring to mime something? Except she seems distracted?”

“And now she is on all fours, shaking her hips, and pacing while breathing heavily...”

“She looks agitated?”

*titters* “Is agitated egghead speak for horny?”


“Ah know ya’ll get cross with me if I guess cat again, but surely yer actin’ mighty catty right now...”


“And ya really ain’t supposed to be usin’ words and sounds and such....”


“Wait, is this here that thing where ya go into heat and get all feral like?”

*nods head* “Mrrrrrrrr....”

“Demons! Well I better take care of that. Onto yer back Pussy.”

“Amber is rolling onto her back, paws in the air, ten breasts heaving, her tail lashing, and her engorged pussy glistening...”

“Lacey has stepped heavily forward and dipped down her head on the end of it’s long, slightly equine neck.”

“She is opening her wide, horsey mouth and running her tongue along Ambers breasts, making the catgirl mewl and squirm.”

*Titters* “You love to see somone lick a pussy!”

*giggles* “And based on the sounds Amber is making, a pussy loves being licked!”

“Meanwhile Beatrix and Archie have come with a plan to move their tit up the stairs!”

“Archie has lowered his ass to the floor creating a ramp with his back.”

“Beatrix meanwhile has pushed Carlie Canataloupe the breast with her own seated ass until it’s pressed between their butts.”

“Now she is kind of using her ass to roll our volunteer tit onto Archie’s back and then sort of doing a back bridge to pin it there, squeezing Carlie between them, held in place by her ass and her lower back breasts.”

“The tit is aboard!”

“Okay Archibald, she’s secured.”


“Archie, who uses his largest arms to walk like a gorilla is carrying them both up the stairs with Beatrix shifting her body to keep the boob pinned between them....”

“Except Beatrix can’t hold still! Her tentacles are starting to wrap around Archie and her, slowing him down and teasing his udder-cocks, squeezing his chesticles, touching her tits, and brushing against Carlie Cantaloupe the breast!”

“Tentacle Infraction!”

“Carlie Cantaloupe has wiggled and bounced free of Archie and Beatrix and is now rolling herself back to her starting pillow!”

*titters* “Don’t drop the boob!”

“Looks like Team #2 will have to start over and keep their hands and tentacles to themselves!”

“Team #3: Gabe and Josh are finally getting the hang of Charades!”

“Gabe is currently milking his udder, spraying white latex milk around...”

“Like, cow? Udder? Is it like, milking!?”

*happy ding*

“Yeah! You got it dude! Awesome!”

*giggles* “Like, yippee!”

“Okay your turn.”

“Now Josh is reaching into the bowl and pulling out his next clue... studying it and nodding...”

“He has grabbed each of his big, fake looking tits and is kind of squeezing them inward so that his lipples can touch...”

“And is making them kiss each other, plush lips brushing, grinding, biting...”

“Woah! Uh is it kissing?”

*happy ding*

“Yeah! You like totally got it!”

“Well you did a fantastic job! And that was totally hot!”

*blushes* “Like, really?”

“Yeah! Okay my turn...”

“Team #2 has two answers done, and only needs one more correct answer to get their next key!”

“Meanwhile Team #1 is still dealing with a very horny kitty!”

“Lacey is really working on that pussy though!”

“You mean Amber?”

*giggles* “No I mean Amber’s vagina!”

“Lacey is licking away at Amber’s cunt with her wide equine tongue, making the catgirl pant and mewl...”








“And Amber is cumming! Flexible back bent, tail lashing, claws unsheathed, fangy mouth open!”

“Oh demons!” *purrrrrrrr* “So much better...”

*whickers* “Yer welcome. Now I reckon we can get back to playin’ the game...”

*purrrrrrrr* “Just let me bask here a second...”

“Team #2, Archie and Beatrix, is lining up for another crack at the boob-loon stage!”

“Not to be a malcontent, but are you certain you have all your limbs in check?”

“I promise to do my best.”

“Alright, shall we commence?”

“Archie and Beatrix are working together to lift the living breast Carlie Cantaloupe between their backs again!”

“And they are making decent progress towards the staircase!”

“They are waddling forward and Beatrix is doing everything she can to keep her tentacles away from Archie and Carlie...”

“But she has a lot of tentacles and only so much attention to give...”

“And those tentacles seem to love getting into trouble...”

“And they are reaching out despite her best efforts and....”

“Tentacle Infraction!”

“And Beatrix has touched the boob causing Carlie to wiggle free and roll back to the start!”

“Looks like Team #2 is starting over again!”

“Meanwhile Team #3 is still working through the Charades stage.”

“Josh is currently using his two hands like sock puppets, bouncing them around and having his fingers mime talking...”

“People! Friends? Lovers?”

“And now Josh has stuck his two forearms together and squished his two hand ‘heads’ next to each other...”

“Fucking? Ummm... Cuddles?”

*timer horn*

“It was like, conjoinment?”

“Oh! Yeah that was really good! I should’ve gotten that one. Sorry dude.”

“Oh! Like it’s totally okay.”

“My turn I guess?”

“Gabe has taken a clue and read it over and is now smiling.”

“He has reched up to grab the large latex bull horns growing from his head and is stroking them with his hands while squinting his eyes and snorting....”

*giggles* “Is it horny?”

*happy ding*

“Yeah! Great job! That was three! We did it!”

“Oh my gosh!” *Squeee*

“Josh has leapt into Gabe’s strong arms for a tight hug to celebrate!”

“I’d say these two are the most wholesome, but I think I see a bit of half-chub dick action there from both contestants.”

*titters* “And now here is our flying vibrator cock to deliver the key for the next section! Team #3 advances!”

“Team #1 is still trying to get out of the Charade stage.”

“Ah’m gonna need ya to focus Puss.”

*purrrrr* “Quiet cattle, you’re ruining my afterglow...”

“Lacey is trying to act out something that involves a lot of looking like a stamping horse...”

“While Amber, our postcoital kitty, is laying bonelessly on the floor, still luxuriating in afterglow...”

*timer horn*

*Neighs!* “Demons! Ya ain’t even tryin’!”


“Well, it’s certainly yer darn turn, so get after it kitty...”

“Amber is bonelessly snatching a new clue, lackadaisically reading it, and lazily rolling onto her back...”

“She’s lifting her tail up to her lips and is shoving the tip of her tail into her mouth....”

“And bobbing her head, sucking on her tail....”


*happy ding*

“There, are you satisfied?”

“Good enough, I reckon...”

“Team #1 has finished all three of their answers and can finally move onto the next stage...”

*coughs up hairball*

*giggles* “Just as soon as Amber is done honking up hairballs....”

*titters* “Blowjob flossing is the worst!”

“This means that all three teams are currently in stage three: the boob-loon challenge!”

“Team #2, Archie and Beatrix, have made several attempts to move their boob Carlie Cantaloupe up the stairs...”

“But Beatrix’s grabby tentacles keep grabbing the tit and resetting the challenge!”

“Team #3 meanwhile is preparing for their first attempt!”

“Gage is laying his huge, muscular body on the floor, sucking in his abs to make a bowl on his belly...”

“While Josh pushes their breast Gertrude Giante, a former graduate student studying fluid mechanics who is now just a whopping watermelon sized tit...”

“With a face and pussy!”

“....up onto Gabe’s stomach.”

“Great job! Now climb aboard.”

“Um, like, okay?”

“Josh is stepping over Gabe and settling into his lap, straddling him.”

“Now lean forward...”

*blush* “Okay...”

“Josh is leaning forward, trapping Gertrude the Giante tit between their bodies, and wrapping his arms around Gabe’s strong shoulders.”



“Now Gabe is pushing himself off the floor and onto his hooves...”

“Josh is wrapping his long curvy legs around Gabe’s hips and holding on tight to Gabe’s neck while Gabe is cradling Josh’s bubble butt in his strong hands.”

“You okay?”

*blush* “Yeah....”

“And now Gabe is carefully walking up the stairs with Josh in his arms and Gertrude Giante the breasts squished between them....”

“Team #1 has also arrived at the beginning of the Boob-loon challenge and is getting ready to move their tit-ified volunteer Debra Doubloon...”

“A part time teaching assistant continuing her studies into early education who is now a sports ball sized breast with a face and pussy!”

“Lacey has laid down on her stomach, tucking in her long equine legs, tilting herself slightly to one side!”

“Amber is using her head to bump, push, and roll Debbie D toward Lacey and up into the her living saddle...”

“A saddle who is, to remind the audience, a former assistant of the alchemist Zoe and is now permanently fused to Lacey!”

“Amber has precariously balanced the breast in the saddle and climbed on top, using her body to hold it in place!”

“Meow. There. Giddy up, Cattle.”

“Lacey has climbed to her hooves and is carrying the breast and catgirl through the course.”

“Finally something you are good for...”

“Team #2, Archie and Amber are looking at Carlie the breast and trying to figure out a new plan.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to keep my tentacles to themselves... I think you might need to move Carlie solo...”

“I concur, but I am having trouble conceiving the optimal approach. Say Carlie, must you judge the slightest brush of a tentacle an infraction?”

“Yes, duh, it’s the rules. I don’t want to cross The Producers. They said “no hands and no tentacles...”

“Did they decree a rule that prohibits penis-trunk use?”

“Uh? No? I guess not....”


*giggles* “Archie has picked up Carlie Cantaloupe in his strong cock-trunk and is walking through the course with Beatrix following a safe distance behind him, just out of tentacles reach.”

“Problem solved!’

“Which means all three of our teams are neck-in-neck-in-neck heading through the third stage and into the fourth!”

“Anyone can win!”

“All three Teams are handling the steps, stairs, and minor roadblocks with ease, with Lacey able to take a comfortable lead with her long horsey legs!”

“Lacey and Amber have reached the top of the stairs and are almost at the destination pillow for their transported tit!”

“Amber, riding on Lacey’s back, seems to be getting bored just holding the Debra Doubloon the boob-loon in the saddle and has started to idly paw at and lick the saddles shiny leather cock....”

“What in tarnation are ya doin’ up there?”

*purrr* “Nothing you need to concern yourself with...”

“Ya ain’t playin’ with mah saddle are ya? It’s got itself a might of a hair trigger....”


“Oh no!”

“Oh yes!”

“There it blows!”

“Amber has triggered Lacey’s saddle by making it ejaculate through it’s cock!”

“Which has caused the saddle to grab Lacey and Amber with it’s tentacles, biding them both up!”

*yowls* “Unhand me, Cattle! And out away your kinky yarn! This is not the time for your bondage nonsense...”

*moans* “This ain’t mah doin’. I warned ya not to play with mah saddle...”

*giggles* “With Team #1 all tied up, Team #3, Gabe and Josh, have climbed into the lead and have all but finished the boob-loon course!”

“Eeeeee! We like totally did it!”

“We sure did dude!”

“And Gabe has given Josh a kiss on his face in the blank spot where his mouth should be!”

*giggles* “Making Josh blush the brightest red yet!”

“Gab has maneuvered them over to the finish line cushion and Josh is reluctantly climbing out of Gabe’s arms.”

“Which has let Gertrude Giante the enormous breast fall heavily onto her cushion!”


“Ah, sorry!”

“And here comes our little flying cock to deliver the key to the next room! Team #3 takes the lead!”

“But Team #2 is right behind them, Archie able to easily carry the tit Carlie Cantaloupe up the stairs in his penis-trunk and deposit her gently on her cushion.”

“Thanks for the ride!”

“It was entirely my pleasure!”

“Team #2 has also finished the third stage!”

“Which means our flying cock delivery service has swooped in to give Archie and Beatrix the key to the fourth stage as well!”

“So we have two Teams moving on neck-and-neck! And one Team that’s falling behind....”

*giggles* “You could say they’re all tied up!”

*titters* “Bound to be late!”

“Lacey, Amber, and Debbie D are still restrained by Lacey’s saddle, although Amber is doing her kitty cat best to wiggle free!”

“And by activating feline bonelessness and flexibility she has managed to slip out of her tentacle bonds!”

“She is looking skeptically at Lacey who is still all tied up...”

“Mrrrow. Now what?”

“Ah’m afraid to say ya gotta eat out mah saddle until it comes again...”


“Ah told ya not to play with it...”


“Meanwhile Teams #2 and #3 have entered the fourth challenge room!”

“This room is set up like a private lounge, a place for our Teams to relax a little privately!”

“To help them relax and to give them something to do, our Teams will have to play the most intimate of games...”

*giggles* “A puzzle!”


“I find puzzles very sexy...”

“Dork alert!”

“Especially when they are special 3D puzzles from our sponsor: Vials Against Humanity!”

“I guess...”

“And when we’ve sunk the puzzle pieces into a large jacuzzi tub filled with bubbling liquid latex for our contestants to find!”

“I’ll give it a chance!”

“Team #3, Gabe and Josh, have entered their room first and read the instructions!”

“Oh cool! I love puzzles!”

“Like, cool? I totally don’t...”

“Maybe we should divide this up?”

*giggles* “Okay!”

“Josh has skipped over to the jacuzzi filled with hot pink latex and slipped into it with a happy coo. He is currently splashing around and pulling out big chunks of something?”

“The chunks are 3D pieces of their puzzle! They are shiny and plastic looking, and seem to be treated so that the latex just slides right off.”

“The puzzle chunks are white but covered in rainbow spots... and some of the pieces look pretty anatomical?”

*titters* “Josh meanwhile is getting coated in pink latex that covers him to just below his unnaturally round breasts and has coated his arms as well!”

“Team 2, Archie and Beatrix, have also entered their room and are preparing to start their puzzle...”

“I guess one of us needs to find the pieces...”

“Release the kraken!”

“Oh! Kraken! I like that.” *laughs* “Alright!”

“And Beatrix has leapt into the green latex pool and is allowing her tentacles to unfurl and latch onto everything!”

*titters* “She was born for this!”

*giggles* “Well...made for it anyway...”

“And already Archie is pulling Beatrix out of the green latex with probably all of the puzzle chunks in her octopussy grasp!”

“Team #1 remains stuck with Lacey totally restrained by her saddle, helpless to move!”

“Amber is hesitantly sniffing at the glistening, leathery folds of Lacey’s saddle’s vagina...”

“Mrrow. I guess if I must, I must...” *lick*

“And Amber is licking the saddle’s cunt with her long, rough feline tongue!”

*titters* “A pussy licking pussy!”

“Speaking of pussies: both of Lacey’s equine cunts, the one on her rear and the one on the back of her head, are drooling with need!”

“Something about being tied up helpless while someone eats out a pussy so close to hers seems to really get her wet!”


“While Team #1 works on licking this problem in the lovebud, Team #3, Gabe and Josh are working on their puzzle.”

“Josh is still rooting around in the latex trying to find pieces for their puzzle...”

“While Gabe is working on assembling what they’ve found so far.”

“Hmm... I see a dog-like head with rainbow spots and bright mismatched ears, a couple paws, and some tits?”

*giggles* “I think it’s Al Dation, the seeing eye Dalmatian girl from the Maze Challenge! Except plasticized and puzzle-ized...”

“That’s right! We treated Al Dation with Vials Against Humanities “Puzzling Elixir”!”

“...Because the only thing sexier than doing a puzzle, is being a puzzle!”

“Unless you *do* your puzzle by fucking it after you finish building it?”

“Speaking of puzzles! A green latex coated Beatrix and Archie are busily building their own puzzle!”

“Beatrix seems to be building mostly legs covered in beautiful and elaborate tattoos...”

“While Archie seems to be assembling a gigantic cock which is also covered in tattoos.”

“They are running out of pieces and there doesn’t seem to be arms or a torso or a head...”

*giggles* “It must be a Freyan cockwoman! And those tattoos... I think it’s Shafta! The last of our returning Cockwomen from the first iteration of Belial Idol!”

*titters* “That’s right! Those are definitely the tattoos made by Fen, the living cocksleeve and tattoo artist from the first season!”

“Shafta’s tattoos really lend themselves to life as a puzzle!”

“Beatrix and Gabe have run out of pieces and are now lifting the torso sized tattooed cock and balls onto a pair of shapely, tattoed legs and feminine hips and...”


“They have finished their Shafta puzzle!”

“Which has allowed Shafta to reanimate!”

“Ohhhh. Good job guys! I have something for you....”

“And now Shafta is squatting and straining and has dropped an egg shaped container out of her vagina!”

“Which Archie is opening to reveal the key to the Fifth and Final room!”

“Team #2 has regained the lead!”

“Meanwhile Team #1 is still all tied down with Amber still eating out Lacey’s saddle’s cunt to free her!”

“Based on the way that saddle’s tentacles are trembling and its cock is twitching it won’t be long now....”


“There it blows!”

“Lacey’s saddle has orgasmed and pulled it’s tentacles back in, releasing a trembling Lacey...”


*titters* “Who might not be tied up, but still doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere...”

“Amber meanwhile is using her head to push their breast, Debra Doubloon, onto it’s finishing cushion, earning Team #1 their next key!”

“Amber, the key jingling from her tail, has trotted over to Lacey and has given her a sharp, clawed smack to her haunches!”

“Ooohhh,” *snorts* “Ouch...”

“Giddy up Cattle! You’ve slowed us down enough!”

“Team #1 is moving onto the puzzle stage”

“Team #3, Josh and Gabe, have almost finished their Al Dation puzzle, just waiting on one piece that Josh is still trying to fish out of the latex!”

*giggles* “Like I got it!”

“Great! Quick! Bring it here!”

“Josh is climbing out of the latex, his body below his tits coated in link latex and arms gloved to the elbow.”

*chuckles* “It’s like we’re twins!”

*titters* “Gabe is naturally half covered in black latex with a huge rubber cock and Josh looks the same in pink latex, his own big dick looking like it’s made of pink plastic...”

*giggles* “I can see the family resemblance!”


“Gabe has clicked in the final piece, animating Al Dation, the multibreasted, well-hung dalmation girl, who is pulling a capsule out of her anus!”

“Her tail is wagging so much! What a good doggo!”

*bark bark*

“And in this capsule is the final key for Team #3!”

“They can move onto the final stage and have just about caught up to Archie and Beatrix!”

“Meanwhile, Amber and Lacey have rushed into their puzzle room and seem to be having an argument!”

*hiss* “I am *not* going in the latex!”

“Ah don’t have hands! How do ya reckon Ah’ll get the puzzle pieces? Bob for them!?”

“At least you can do that! How are you going to build the puzzle with hooves!” *yowls* “And do you have any idea how hard it is to clean latex out of fur!”

*neighs!* “Ah have fur too!”

*giggles* “Such teamwork!”

“Speaking of teamwork... Archie and Beatrix are fucking!”

“That’s right: the final stage of the Key Party Challenge is for our remixed couples to fuck in a strange bedroom!”

*titters* “Like at end of any good key party!”

“To win the game, the Teams will have to fuck until both members cum!”

“And Archie and Beatrix have wasted no time getting down to business!”

“Bobbi, there sure is a lot going on there...”

*titters* “I’ll say! It’s hard to tell just where one Contestant ends and the other begins!”

“From what I can tell, Archie is using his main, enormous dick-sucking mouth and huge slab of a tongue to eat out Beatrix’s somewhat pussified mouth!”

“He has wrapped his cock trunk around Beatrix’s head, between their cleavage, and down into her cunt!”

“He is using all six of his arms to grab and knead Beatrix’s back breasts, clutching her to him, mashing her front tits against his chesticles!”

“And his lower, serpentine mouth-stalk thing is attached to Beatrix’s clit, licking and sucking while his cock-trunk slams into her!”

“Beatrix has them both wrapped in wild, undulating tentacles which tease her breasts, have wiggled into both their anuses, and are milking the cock-like teats growing from Archie’s testicle like udder!”

“It’s like a living knot of furious sex!”

“They cannot be far from cumming now!”

“Josh and Gabe are going to have to hurry if they want to beat them!”

*giggles* “The quickest quickie!”

“Josh and Gabe have entered their bedroom holding hands...”

“Are you ready for this?”

*blush* “Like, yeah. Are you?”

“Of course, I’ve been thinking about this since they teamed us up.”

“Like, wow....”

*giggles* “You’re wasting time!”


“I think it might be too late!”

*titters* “There they blow!”

“Archie is ejaculating through his huge cock-trunk pumping litres of cum into Beatrix!”

“Who is clenching all of her tentacles and screaming as she orgasms!”

“The game over alarm has sounded and The Producers are dropping confetti on the course!”

“Team #2 has won the Challenge!”

*giggles* “And Lacey has just pushed Amber into their light blue latex pool!”

*titters* “And a furious catgirl is splashing latex at Lacey and cursing!”

“Oh! And Josh and Gabe have decided to fuck anyway!”

“Josh has his cock buried in Gabe’s bovine pussy, and is milking Gabe’s udder and cock, his moaning breasts mashed to Gabe’s back!”

“They aren’t doing this to win the game, folks. This is just for the love of fucking!”

*titters* “Such dedication. You love to see it!”

“Speaking of things we love to see: let’s toss it to Cassia for her special segment!”


“Thanks ladies!

Well everyone I guess it’s time for me to have my next transformation, huh? It’s weird but I think I’m looking forward to it?

Before I do the deed, I should probably recap what I currently look like! Well, I started out as a sexy lady with a toned but generous body; I totally looked the part of a hot popstar. Now, well, I’ve done this transformation thing a few times! As part of my changes I’ve become something of a giraffe-elephant hybrid and my head and face reflect that? I have a big old elephant trunk, elephant ears, giraffe antlers, tusks, and a long, long neck! My skin is covered in a giraffe fur pattern and I’m very tall. My body is overall a hunantaur, with two arms and four long elegant legs that end in kind of wedgey elephant feet. I have eight large and perfectly formed breasts with pussies for nipples that constantly dribble a sort of slippery milk. I have a hooked giraffe cock between my front legs and a full sized prehensile elephant penis between my rear legs. I have a giraffe mare’s pussy and anus on my rear too, a giraffe udder, and a cute little giraffe tail! And tonight I’m gonna change even more!

Demons it’s so hot!

Tonight it’s a ‘swap’ change, where you guys all picked something to switch. I’ve spent the week thinking about all the different combinations and what they could mean for me...

It’s been pretty exciting!

Well I guess without further ado let’s do it!

See you on the other side!


Wow my shoulders feel really hot and weird! I guess arms were part of the switch!

Ooooh that feels nice...

*pants* I seem to be growing like, ruffles from my shoulders, like a frilly-sleeved top.... but their made of flesh?

It looks, oooh, it looks like labia? And it’s starting to get wet.... oooooooh....

And ahhhh.... my arms just went limp! I can’t move them!

Oh and my fingers are sinking into my fists and my arms are becoming rounder and pulling back into my shoulder....

They look like long cocks... no... like clits! Ah.... Demons!

*whimpers* My armpits... are becoming so sensitive and wet... and fuck! Demons! They’re cunts! My armpits are cunts!

And....ooooooh.... my arms are gone! They’re shrunk down to...*moans*... tennis ball sized clits....

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck....


*pants* Oh, that was... so intense... ahhhh

My arms have been swapped.... for pussies

Demons, I’m armless.... *moans*

I guess I’ll be... *pants* using this trunk more....


B-back to you Cynthia....


“Thanks Cassia!

I’d give off to give you a hand but I don’t have any either!

*laughs* Arms are so overrated!

This concludes our Fifth Belial Idol: Couples Challenge Round!

The wonderfully wet winners of the Key Party Challenge is Team #2!

Congratulations Archibald and Beatrix!

You have won a modest cash prize and gained immunity from this Transformation Round!

But wait! Aren’t they from different Contestant Couples!? They are! So here’s the second sensationally tyrannical twist: YOU! The at home viewing audience will vote on which of our other ravishingly remixed Teams will be transformed this round!

Your choices are:

Team #1: Lacey and Ambergis: a four-legged horsegirl of course-girl with two mares vaginas betwixt her nethers and on the back of her head, bovine udders and breasts, and a built in sentient bondage saddle and a rich multi-breasted catgirl!


Team #3: Gabriel and Josh: a junior alchemist who is a latex Minotaur from the waist down with a huge rubbery cock, a bovine pussy, and a big rubber udder that lactates white latex and a himbo-bimbo with big fake breasts with lipples, a bodacious lady bod, and a big hard cock!

Who will it be!? Which Couple will be transformed next!?

It is up to YOU! to VOTE!

I’m your happy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!


Notes from the Producers: Thanks to Ordos Tsceri, The_Wanderer, and Nihya for help with this challenge.

To vote for the next Transformation Round vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/45213701

See y’all next month!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Notes from the Producers: the vote this time is very close. If you haven’t voted, but might want to you have until the weekend to maybe change the outcome. Vote here:  https://www.strawpoll.me/45213701


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I really like the voulnteer changes in this last bit. Super fun


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Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 5

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Legally designated Pretty Pets and Comely Cattle! Welllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show where Contestant Couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the hopefully horny home audience votes for who is changed by our statistically stylish celebrity judges!

Tonight is the filthy fuckable Fifth Transformation Round where the contestants YOU! Voted for will be transformed! Each Contestant will take a turn entering the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to figure out which judge will transform them!

At the end of this explosive episode both contestants on the remixed team YOU! Voted for will be changed forever!

But first let’s check in with our lactating cunt-nippled and multiply busty, four-legged hermaphrodite giraffe-elephant with cunts instead of arms friend Cassia to interview the swippy-swapped mixed up winners of our last challenge round..”


“Thanks Cynthia! I’m here with Team #2: Archie and Trix!”



“How does it feel to have won our remixed challenge?”

“It’s always a pleasure to win.”

“Positively sumptuous!”

*laughs* “Does it feel different winning with a different partner? What was it like working as a team?”

“I enjoyed it very much, Archibald is a gentleman and an excellent competitor.”

“I couldn’t concur more! Beatrix is brilliant and a truly tremendous tentacled lover. I miss my lovely Lacey, of course, but if I were a solo fixture I would joyously ally myself with Trix anytime.”

*grins and winds tentacles around Archie* “I feel completely the same.”

“It’s nice when sexy games build new friendships! But are you concerned that you’re winning puts your romantic partners at risk of a transformation?”

“Personally I’m delighted! Usually winning is a bit bittersweet since it puts Gabe and myself out of the transformation game. This way we get a share of winnings and I get to watch Gabe be transformed. Maybe... Tentacles crossed...”

“And you Archie?”

“I’m perhaps less enthusiastic than my teammate, but Lacey seems to have savoured every alteration thus far. So if my beloved is our transformation candidate this evening I hope it’s another enjoyable experience for her.”

“Well I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see how it goes! Back to you Cynthia!” 


*laughs* “I’m starting to ‘ship’ those two, and by ‘ship’ I mean imagine them fucking!

Well folks, the delay before the sex-ay is over and the transformation moment has arrived!

Remember that this week is a special re-mixed twist episode of Belial Idol: Couples, where are usual pairs have been sexily swapped!

I am super duper excited to announce that VOTES are in and the majority of our awesome audience wants to see...




Get transformed tonight!

That’s right really rather ravishing rogues! Ambergris our Heiress turned perfectly pampered puss and Lacey our ropin’ country cowgirl turned roped up equine cow will be the Contestants transformed tonight on Belail Idol: Couples!

How tremendously twisted!

Cassia, how does our lucky team feel?


“Thanks Cynthia! Well Amber and Lacey, how does it feel to be this week’s lucky transformees?”

*yowls* “I absolutely knew this would happen as soon as I was paired with this cow!”

*whickers* “Ah’m not at all surprised that we’re floatin’ here at the bottom of the barrel.”

“So you wouldn’t say you had a good partnership?”

*laughs* “I’d say not! This cattle will not follow my excellent direction and is just big and clumsy and and...” *yowl*

*snorts* “An’ Princess Pussy here, I reckon, is the most selfish creature livin’ today.”

*laughs* “I take it that you two don’t want to team up again?”



*laughs* “I’ll take that as a no!  Lacey, you’re our first contestant to do a three-peat of transformations! How does that feel?”

“I reckon it just means Ah’m popular. Takin’ it as a compliment.”

*laughs* “That’s a nice way to look at it.”

“Any advice seein’ as how ya’ve changed more’n the rest of us?”

*strokes chin with trunk and shrugs armless shoulders* “I guess try to embrace it? No matter how weird it gets, you’ll have to live with it, so try and find the fun sexy part. Like, I just lost my arms but my new shoulder pussies are so hot and I’ve gotten so much better with my trunk! Watch this!” *pushes trunk against and into shoulder cunt* “Mmmm ohhhh.... I couldn’t do this before....”

*whickers* “Intrestin’”

“Mmmm it is isn’t it. Anyway, Let’s throw it back to Cynthia!”


*laughs* “I have a place or two Cynthia could shove her trunk! Yowza!

Now is the moment you’ve all have been waiting for!

We did a coin flippity-flop before the show, but Amber demanded she go first. Since Lacey just snorted, we’ll pamper our particularly pedicured princess pussy and proclaim she promenade to the primary pedestal pronto!

So Amber, hippity hop-hop-hop on down to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then we will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

But first, let us welcome this week’s Guest Judge!

Or should is say Guest Judges!

That’s right! For this special swapped team themed transformation round we are going to completely swap our roster of judges!

Specifically we are tagging in our Judges from the previous iteration of Belial Idol!

So without further flim-flam or additional ado... welcome back:

Judge 1: Saiya!

Judge 2: Gigi!

Judge 3: The Mysterious Stranger!

What a totally terrific twist!”


*woman doing a gruff man impression* “Howdy Transformation Fans!”

*gruffly* “I’m Bob!”

*gruffly* “And I’m Doug!”

*gruffly* “We’re back swapping in for this special episode! And we’re grrrr so manly!”

*giggles* “I’m sorry, I can’t keep it up! It’s us Bobbi and Doe!”

*titters* “And we’re here to reintroduce our special Guest Judges for tonight!”

“Our first judge is the famous artist Saiya! She’s renowned for using alchemy to make living sculptures that exemplify themes of nature, tranquility, and beauty!”

“Physically she is a handsome middle-aged woman with delicate features and long black hair filled with streaks or red, green, blue, and pink. She is dressed very elegantly in a modest, but perfectly cut black dress and a beautiful silk scarf woven from the colours in her hair."

“Hello everyone. It is truly humbling and a joy to be invited back.”

“In the years since appearing as a judge on our program Saiya continued to make revolutionary transformed art, including the famous Maiden’s Flower sculpture which continues to be exhibited at museums around the world.”

*titters* “You’ve dragged me to a lot of boring art galleries over the years Doe, but Saiya’s art I actually like!”

“Because naked sexy transformees?”

“Because naked sexy transformees!”

“Next up is Gigi! She is the renowned influencer and entrepreneur behind the lifestyle brand Gooch!”

“Don’t you mean cult leader?”

*giggles* “Of course not because that would be defamatory!”

“Well Gooch certainly seems cult-ish...”

“Regardless, Gigi started her life as male fashion designer who, as part of her obsession with feminine beauty and perfection, sculpted her body into her idealized self. Gigi now has long, flowing golden hair that trails down to her ankles framing a perpetually young and cute face with huge cupid's bow lips and giant blue eyes. She grew giant breasts, a massive firm butt, and hips nearly as wide as she is tall!”

“She also has a truly massive cock, nearly as large as her legs and permanently erect with balls that hang down past her knees!”

“Gigi as always is impeccably dressed in a clean and clingy white dress that hugs her humongous breasts, rides her her epic hips, and bulges obscenely at her crotch!”

*murmurs* “She looks like a cult leader...”

“In the years since Gigi was a judge she has transitioned from being a designer to acting to running her own lifestyle company that specializes in enhancing the feminine beauty of its clients!”

“You mean followers! Because it’s a cult!”

“Shhh you. Our fourth judge is The Mysterious Stranger! He hails from parts unknown sowing transformation in his wake."

"Still very mysterious, Doe!”

"He wears a heavy black duster jacket over loose fitting trousers and boots. Heavy work gloves cover his hands and his face is hidden behind a wide brimmed hat and a grey venetian mask inlaid with steal designs. For all we can see, he might not even be human!"

"So mysterious!”

“Sometimes when he moves, or if the light hits him just right, the shapes under his garments seem impossible, not just as if he were inhuman, but as if he might be of a geometry that defies logical explanation. As if will and avarice and lust and judgement have manifested and been disguised to walk amongst us. Can we even understand what he is!?”

“Doe, are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just, he’s so mysterious!”

“What’s he been up to since the last show?”

“It’s a mystery!”

“Why did we even have him back as a judge...”

“It’s a mystery!”

“Can’t we just ask The Producers?”

*shivers* “Be my guest but leave me out of it....”

“But Doe, we’re conjoined!”

“So it will remain a mystery!”

“I guess it’s time to throw back to Cynthia...”

“No! Actually as a condition of Gigi coming back on the show we’ve agreed to showcase some products from Gooch!”

“Does this make us complicit?”

“Under capitalism we’re all complicit! So without further ado, take it away Gigi!”

“Thank you beautiful ladies.

Hi everyone! I’m delighted to be here with you today to share the good news about wellness and being your best feminine self! I was born a man and it took painstaking years and a fortune to become this radiant goddess you see before you today. I founded Gooch to help others along their path to feminine perfection. My carefully curated products are designed to ease everyone’s path to finding their own ideal selves. Because shouldn’t everyone get to feel like a goddess?

And so I’ve brought a sample for one lucky audience member to demonstrate. As our hoppy hostess Cynthia would say: Rocky Absmith, Cum on down!

Your girlfriend, an acolyte of my brand, entered you in our draw and just wants you to be your best self. *mwah*”

“A very handsome and surprised looking man is standing up in the applauding audience. His girlfriend is encouraging him to cum on down...”

“A girlfriend who is dresses in a tight white dress with long blonde hair, impossibly beestung lips, giant spherical tits and improbably wide hips... like a smaller scale version of Gigi...”

*giggles* “And who is fighting to contain a raging boner inside her tight skirt!”

“Rocky has made his way down to a small stage and taken off his clothing revealing a very fit body with sculpted pecs, chiseled abs, muscular limbs, and a large circumsized cock.”

“On the stage is a large claw-footed bathtub filled with Gooch’s own ‘Bubbilcious’ Bubble Bath. Rocky seems hesitant and is looking up at his very excited girlfriend who is smiling and nodding and adjusting her bulging skirt. He breaths out a deep breath and is stepping into the very pink bubbles!”

“And he has slipped and made a very girly squeal as he has fallen totally into the bath! Submerging himself!”

*giggles* “Or should we say herself! Since Roxy is now standing in the bath as a cute little chubby lady!”

“She has a bright pink pixie haircut, a heart shaped face with round eyes and an upturned nose, medium sized breasts that look large on her small body, a cute little paunch, wide hips and thighs, and a big round butt.”

“Roxy also clearly has a cute little vagina squished between her meaty thighs. She is definitely female!”

“And now that the shock has worn off she has flopped back into the tub, kicked her shapely chubby ankles over the side, and has settled in to watch the rest of the show!”

“Does this baptism mean she is in the cult now?”

“I don’t know or care because it’s time to send the broadcast back to Cynthia!”


“Ladies, Gentlemen, semiconscious orifices! Our contestant Ambergris is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFOMATION!

...which is a job for Josh our himbo bimbo with the booby mouths! Cum on up here, Ja-ja-ja-josh and give us and spin! That! Wheel!”

*giggles* “Hiiiiiiiiii!”

“Hi Josh! You seem sunny.”

“It’s like, fun to spin the wheel? And like, this time I don’t have to be totally nervous about like, changing too?”

*laughs* “Eating your cake without having it, gotcha!”

*giggles* “I love cake!”

“I bet you do! How do you feel about Amber being transformed? Nervous for her? Excited?”

“Like maybe both? But everyone else has been so like, happy and sexy after their like, changes? Gosh I dunno! Kitty says she always lands on her feet...”

*laughs* “Assuming she still has feet to land on!

Okay Josh, spin that wheel in...




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick



"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER TWO for today’s transformation!
Let the transformation begin!”

“Welcome back transformation fans!”

“It’s time for the part your actually a fan of...”

“The transformation!”

“To recap Ambergris is currently locked in the transformation tube...”

“And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected Judge Number Two, Gigi, for tonight’s transformation!”

*titters* “Gee Golly Gosh!”

“Amber is our rich heiress contestant who is currently something of a catgirl. She has ash white-grey fur patches over her back, thighs, upper arms, lower back, and on her long feline tail!”

“Her long hair matches her grey-white fur. She also has cat ears, paw-like hands and digitigrade legs with pawed feet which are all covered in short black fur.”

“Her has cat-like facial features and she has ten nipples on her chest, which sprout breasts of descending sizes, going from medium to non-existent under her lowest nipples.”

“She is a very pretty kitty.”

“Gigi is studying her, one hand stroking her chin the other stroking something else...”

“Hmm... so elegant but so... under-developed.... You really ought to have sought my blessings sooner. I have just the perfect mixture of Gooch products to help.”

“And Gigi has pressed her transformation trigger!”


“Which is spraying a variety of chemicals, salves, mists, unguents, topical ointments, exfoliating creams, organic scrubs, and other wellness products onto Amber!”

*yowl* “So disgusting!” *hiss*

*titters* “Catgirls hate water!”

*giggles* “And being doused in patented wellness products!”


“And it looks like Amber has started to change!”

“Her hair is getting longer, cascading down her back into a cape, now shot through with pink highlights!”

“Her feline ears are getting longer and have grown lynx-like tufts at the tips which are also pink!”

“Her face is pushing out, just a little, giving her the hint of a muzzle and her face is being covered in short black fur!”

“Except for around her eyes, where she has grown a mask of bright pink fur! And her feline nose has turned heart-shaped and pink!”


“Ambers whole body is growing a thick coat of fur, except for her breasts, mostly ash white, but with pink stripes across her back!”

“Her tail is also growing longer and thicker, huge and bushy like a snow leopard’s, and gaining pink stripes!”

“She is also growing taller, going from petite to a towering seven feet!”

“She’s gone from house cat to jungle cat!”


“Her breasts, all ten of them, are expanding, becoming heavy and teardrop, each bigger than her head!”

*titters* “That kitty has some serious titty!”

“That’s not all! Her hips, ass, and thighs are also expanding!”

“Her hips are wider than her shoulders... as wide as a doorway!”

“And her ass has become huge and round, a shelf of jiggling ripe flesh!”

“That cat’s got ass!”


“Oh! Amber’s clitoris just exploded in size! And her vulva have just ballooned into sizable testicles!”

“She now has a fourteen inch long, wrist-thick pink cock and orange sized balls!”


“Which she is now ejaculating through, her clawed paws scratching the chamber glass!”

*titters* “There she blows!”

“It appears that Amber is male? Except... what’s she doing?”


“She is spreading her massive ass cheeks and rubbing her asshole against the glass of the chamber?”

“Can we get a cam on that? Oh! Her asshole has just become a gigantic vagina in the cleft of her giant bubble butt!”

*titters* “The pussy still has the pussy!”

“Gigi looks very pleased...”

“What a beautiful feline goddess you are! I do such exquisite work... For any of you in the audience who want to start your own path to being a goddess, please come into one of my Gooch boutique temples...”

*coughs* “Cult..” *coughs*

“... and with that recruitment advertisement let’s go back to Cynthia for our next spin!”

Ladies! Gentlemen! Those of you too filthy to even pretend! We still have a second sexy transformation tonight!
The second member of our honored couple, Lacey, is being sealed in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

A different one because this time we packed an extra...

Which means it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION! Again!

So Arrrrrrchie, cum on down!”


*laughs* “So formal!”

“Greetings, hello, hi, and yo!”

“Yo, yourself! How are you feeling tonight?”

“I’m in fine form, although I find myself salivating at the sight of your delectable cock Cynthia...”

“But you’re always drooling...”

“I’m insinuating that I want to perform fellatio on your cock.”

“Oooooh, finally! Quick spin the wheel and you can suck-suck-suck-suck away!”


“Alright then Archie...it’s time to Spin! That! Wheel!”




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick



"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER THREE for Lacey’s transformation!
Which is our mysterious guest judge: The Mysterious Stranger!”

*licks huge, salivating lips*

“Ooooooh Arrrrrchieeee....” *pants*

*sucks suck sucks*

*moans* “Fffffffinallly.... Let’s...*gasps* go back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”


“Welcome back Transformation Fans!”

“It’s time for our second transformation of the episode!”

“That’s right! We have the lovely Lacey locked in a special extra large transformation chamber!”

“To remind folks, Lacey is currently a large draft horse with bovine features!”

“She is huge and quadrupedal with hooved hands and feet, auburn fur, a muzzled face, and two mare’s vaginas: one in the usual place and one on the back of her head!”

“Lacey also has a big bovine udder and her breasts are big and heavy and have bovine teats!”

“In addition she has a living saddle and reins grafted to her body which has a saddle cock-horn and a vagina of its own!”

“When Lacey’s saddle cums, it’s releases tentacles which bind her legs and tie her up!”

“Which given Lacey’s peccadilloes she finds very, very sexy!”

“Didn’t we just transform Lacey?”

“Twice! This isn’t sloppy seconds it’s filthy thirds!”

*titters* “And about to get filthier!”

“The WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected The Mysterious Stranger to do Lacey’s transformation...”

“He is.... studying her? Does he even have eyes?”

“The mask he wears is pointed in her direction and there is kind of a malevolent attention being levelled at Lacey...”

*shivers* “Something unnatural is moving under The Mysterious Stranger’s clothes...”

“Moving in ways that defy anatomy....”

“Oh! Demons! A black vapour has appeared in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES covering Lacey!”

“He didn’t his the button or trigger the transformation mechanism....”


“But Lacey is transforming!”

“She has reared up on her hind legs, eyes wide in pleasure and panic!”

“Her neck is becoming loose...looking kind of like a foreskin?”

“Her neck wrapping up over her head which is loosing definition and becoming bulbous...”

“And now her face and head are retracting into her neck, except for the mare pussy, anus, and horsetail which were previously on the back of her head...”

“These have remained on the end of her neck as it is being pulled slowly back into her body!”

“And speaking of her body: her hoof-like hands have become hooves and her arms have twisted around and reformed into inward pointing hind legs!”

“Her shoulders and back are gaining muscle and fat, becoming a second powerful horse’s hindquarters!”

“Her breasts are merging together and swelling into a second bovine udder to match the one between her other legs!”

“And now her neck has retracted all the way into her body, positioning her head-pussy, anus, and tail into the appropriate spot between her new rear legs!”

“Lacey is now basically the back half of two horses stuck together in the middle...”

“With no neck, head, or face....”

*moans* “Demons... Ah feel so strange....”

“What’n tarnation am Ah?”

*titters* “At least she can still talk!”

“Apparently from either of her mare cunts!”

“Oh! Now her saddle is transforming, getting a bit bigger and growing a second cock saddle horn and vagina, so it too is mirrored!”

*giggles* “It seems to like the transformation since it’s cumming!”

*titters* “There it blows!”

“Which has released the tentacles which have trussed up Lacey’s legs causing her to call over!”

*conspicuously silent writhing*

“Hmmm... Lacey seems to have gone quiet....”

*titters* “Looks like she’s enjoying herself though!”

“Speaking of things we enjoy, let’s check in with Cassia!”


“Aw thanks ladies! Well it’s that time again to announce my next and I guess last transformation. And to help me do that I’m joined by Amber, straight from her latest transformation!”


*laughs* “You sound chipper!”

*purrs* “I feel great and it’s super nice to spend time with you!”

“Huh. That’s... uncharacteristically nice of you?”

*giggles* “I was being kind of a meany wasn’t I? But it’s time to turn over a new leaf! Flip the page! Be a good kitty!”

“That’s nice?”

“It sure is!” *meows* “Although it’s really easy to be nice to someone as pretty as you are!”

“Aw shucks, everyone is a big flatterer tonight!”

*purrr* “I’d love to do more than flatter you... make you feel so purrrrfect...”

*laughs* “Hold that thought!

First I’ve got to describe myself!

Let’s see, I’ve got a giraffe-elephant hybrid thing going on so that my head has elephant ears, giraffe antlers, and a long flexible trunk. I have a very long griaffe like neck an elegantly elogated body! My skin is mostly covered in giraffe spots except on my breasts and lower legs. I have no arms and instead have big cunts on my shoulders and Inhave six huge breasts on my torso that have pussies for nipples. I have a taur-shaped body with four legs that end in elephant-like wedge-heeled feet. I have a giraffe tail and cunt between my rear legs and a giraffe mare’s udder. I have a griaffe cock and balls between my forelegs and a full-sized elephant cock and balls hanging heavily from my rear hips. I’m very tall and very sexual.”

*giggles* “She’s such a cutey!”

“Thanks! And now it’s time for my one last transformation which will be a curated change cooked up by one of the Belial Idol: Couples resident alchemists!

You get to vote on whether my final transformation will be designed by Zoe or Bree Kensingworth!

I’ll be anxiously watching the polls!”

“Mew! It’s so exciting!”

*laughs* “It is, isn’t it?

Now let’s send it back to Cynthia to rippity-warp up the episode!”

*laughs* “And there you have it folks, another exciting Transformation Round episode in the bobbing beautiful books! Only one more round to go!

I want to thank our special returning Guest Judges for swapping in! It was especially sexually stimulating to see you all again!

Next up is the final Sixth Challenge Round: The Contest Round! So tune in next week to see which of our Competitive Couples will win immunity and who could be transformed next!

And remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next ‘curated’ themed transformation!

I’m your hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Thanks for tuning in and goodnight!”


Notes from the Producers: Oh my goodness we are almost done! For Cassia’s final transformation the options are to pick either Zoe or Bree Kensingworth to design the change. You can vote for them here: https://www.strawpoll.me/45361419

Thanks to Demon-Man and Esunalily for being return Judges. Also shout out to Phil Ein Blank for designing Saiya.

See you all next month!

@darkdonny: Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the gameshow!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Loving the new update. Fantastic work as usual. I've been digging Lacey's rural charm and transformation sets as well.