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Belial Idol: Couples
E1: Introduction

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Those whose bodies, minds, or souls don’t fit either category! Wellllllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples Edition!”

I’m your cutest newest hostess Cynthia Sparks! Replacing our old host Rex Dragoon, who is now part of the original Belial Idol trophy!

For those at home lacking eyes or other forms of sight, I’m a super sexy transformed person! I’m a petite two and a half feet tall and all woman on the inside! On the outside I have beautiful beestung lips, two enormous blue eyes, long pointed ears, a short muzzle and no nose. My hair is a plume of iridescent feathers that flashy flashes with a rainbow of colours. My slim, armless shoulders flow into a long neck like a swan or dinosaur. Rawr! My little torso has a ring of six small breasts that are pretty big on little old me and almost as perky as I am! My nipples are long flexible tentacles, because hosts gotta be able to gesture expansively! My legs are muscular and digitigrade, built for hop-hop-hop-hoppity hopping and my feet are birdlike and have a very firm grip! I also have a truly stupendous cock! I am hung like a very well endowed pornstar! I also have a joint butthole-vagina cloaca hole that is very fun at parties! I am quite the sexy little package!

I’ve spent the last few years as a sexy condom model and sex educator (sex: you should have some!) but now I’m bouncing back to where it all started for our newest edition of Belial Idol!

This time it’s a Couples Contest!

Starting today, three couples will go on a sex! No, six round marathon of transformation for a sizeable cash prize and a lavish wedding! Their goal? To win each other’s hearts while earning your votes... and to still be compatibly in love at the end of the game!

How does Belial Idol work? Just watch the reruns! Heee, I kid. At the end of every Game Round YOU! the at home viewing audience will have the opportunity to VOTE for who YOU! want to be transformed by a randomly selected member heeee, of our panel of cerebral celebrated celebrity judges! At the end end of six rounds, YOU! the audience will get to vote on which couple you thinks deserves to win the Ultimate Prize!

Big bubbly butt wait there’s more! In addition to voting rounds, Belial Idol has a series of Sexy! Exciting! Challenges! Between each Transformation Round the three contestant couples will compete in games of our kinky and nefarious design. The winning couple in each challenge will walk, slither, or fly away with a modest cash prize and be exempt from the following Transformation Round! So if our contestant couples want to walk out of here with the usual two legs, winning challenges would be a smarty pants move!

Since there are only three couples, contestants transformed in the previous round will not be protected unlike in the previous Belial Idol! So watch out!

At the end of each round the couples who have lost the challenge round will face an audience VOTE! to see who gets transformed! Remember your vote counts! So vivaciously vigorously VOTE! After! Every! Round!

The contestants who “win” the vote will be transformed by our panel of superb salacious celebrity judges! The soon-to-be-changed will each enter a CHAMBER OF CHANGES and watch while I spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to select one of our three judges to do the deed! The selected judge will douse one of the contestants with a potent alchemical cocktail according to their whim and design! And the contestant will emerge FOREVER TRANSFORMED and probably way sexier!

I say contestant because we have two contestants in a couple and we will transform each contestant separately! Two CHAMBERS OF CHANGES, two spins of the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION and up to two judges selected each round! And Two! Sexy! Exciting! Transformations! In every round!

That’s right, twice the action packed sexy fun! More bang for your bang! I’m getting hard and wet just thinking about it!

At the end of the six rounds of play, YOU! the audience will vote for your favorite couple to WIN the AMAZING CASH PRIZE! You can pick whoever you like! Who own the most challenges! Who is the most transformed! Who is the cutest couple! Who gave Cynthia the most blowjobs on air! But REMEMBER to VOTE!

Again, I’m your hostess Cynthia Sparks and this is Belgian Idol: Couples!”


“Um, hi, I guess. I’m Cassia. This seasons contestant interviewer.

You might recognize me, or well, a slightly more clothed me, from my music career. In the last two years my songs ‘Worry Later’, ‘Just Tonight’, and ‘Sit On My Face!’ have all cracked Top 10 on the Popcharts. And now, here I am, taking over for Cynthia Sparks to talk with our contestants.

I’ve been told that a bunch of our fans can’t actually see the program, which, uh, you do you? So I’m supposed to describe myself. Well, I’m naked on TV, which is a thing, and a baseline woman, who, despite all the rumors to the contrary, is exactly how nature, strict diet, and a stricter personal trainer have made me. I am 5’10”, slender but very toned, naturally busty and with, I must say, a very nice ass. I have glowing almond coloured skin and long styled black hair with my trademark blue highlights. DudeBro magazine gave my body a 10/10 in a recent issue ranking pop stars, which is pretty gross but maybe a little flattering? Being famous for being hot is weird.

Anyway! Enough about me, let’s meet our couples!

This is Couple Number One: Ambergris and Josh!”



“Ambergris, that’s an unusual name. Isn’t that like, whale puke?”

*sigh* “It’s an ingredient in high end perfume that my mother thought sounded pretty. I usually just go by Amber.”

“To describe Amber, she is tall and willowy and very manicured with no body hair left below her eyebrows. She is thin, has a modest bust and thin hips, but long graceful arms and legs. She has bright blue eyes, angular features, dyed platinum blond hair, and pale ivory skin. I assume that were she allowed to wear clothes on the show they would be very expensive and made by designers.”

“It’s important to look good.”

“You don’t have to tell me, sister. Josh on the other hand is tall and muscular, like he hits the gym a lot.”


“Josh, do you work out a lot?”

“Oh! Uh, yeah.”

“Actually, it’s how we met. Joshua was my personal trainer.”

“Joshua? It says here that his actual legal name is Josh.”

“I just like how Joshua sounds. It’s a more grown up and sophisticated name. I mean, it’s not like there’s a rule that says nicknames have to be shorter right?”

“Okay, so, Josh is tall and muscular, with a broad chest and large arms and clearly doesn’t skip leg days.”

“Uh, nope.”

“He has hazel eyes and short, but well styled hair in a kind of bro-y updo, a strong chin, a model’s cheekbones, and is actually very handsome. And because I am required to point this out he has a nicely circumcised but fairly average length penis.”

“Thanks, you’re pretty hot too. Hey, ow!”

“Joshua! I’m right here! Demons... guys, right? But yes, I do have exquisite taste in guys.”

“So what brought you both here to Belial Idol?”

“Okay so... I’m from a pretty wealthy and powerful family and my father really doesn’t approve of Joshua. My father wants me to marry someone ‘of my station’, some golden finance boy who went to the right schools and preferably is from a ‘good family’. But those guys are all such assholes, and Joshua, well, he’s pretty and makes me feel like a princess. He makes me happy. And so I want to be with him, and stay with him. So daddy has cut me off from my usual funds. I do have a trust fund, but it doesn’t mature until after my 29th birthday and I don’t want to wait three more years to have money again or start my life with Joshua. So here we are, doing this thing.”

“Wow. That’s ambitious? Josh, what about you, are you cool with this?”

“Yeah. Y’know, whatever makes Amber happy, right?”

“Of course he’s cool with this, he’s my guy!”

“Riiiight, okay moving along. This is couple Number 2: Lacey and Archibald!”

“Howdy y’all!”


*laughs* “That’s certainly a set of hellos with a story!”

*laughs* “Well, ah’m a bit of a country gal...”

“...And I’m more of what you would call a city snob.”

“Aw, you ain’t that bad Archie.”

“And you are not nearly this folksy.”

*Mimes spitting* “Surely ah am!”

“Lacey here is tall and fit, with toned limbs, a moderate bust, and a firm muscular bum. She has a long face with a wide generous mouth, playful green eyes, braided red hair, and is covered with freckles.”

“Ah got dirt under mah fingernails an’ callouses too!”

“She does work very hard.”

“Archie here is tall and thin, almost gangly. He has coffee and cream coloured skin, soulful black eyes, cute dimples, and very short curly hair on his head and chest. His cock is uncircumcised and looks longer than average and he has the most elegant long fingers on his hands, like a surgeon or musician.”

“Don’t tell the medical certification board, but I’m a classically trained pianist and violinist.”

*Laughs* “Funny too! So how did a country gal and big city musician get together?”

“We met at college.”

“People give farmers a lot of grief about being rubes, but running a successful farm takes a lot of knowledge and business acumen, so Lacey came to the big city do finish her education.”

“An’ mah alma mater had a real good conservatory, so Archie was there learnin’ to make his fancy noises.”

“Fancy noises?”

*laughs* “Ah meant sweet music.”

*laughs* “Better. Anyway I was playing upright bass in a jazz trio for the college teaching farm benefit auction...”

“Folk music woulda been better, but those big donors surely do love their jazz.”

“... and there was this absolute pain in the ass of a lady helping organize the event, who was also very pretty, and we got to talking...”

“...An’ sometimes opposites attract.”

“Seems like it! So what made you want to be contestants on Belial Idol?”

“We could surely use that prize money. The farm has been in mah family for generations, an’ it needs some love an’ investment ‘fore it’ll really be profitable again. So I’ve been working as a hand on others farm an’ travellin’ out to ranch country for extra work....”

“And being a classically trained violinist isn’t really a high paying profession, especially out in farm country.”

“You’re a mighty fine fiddle player too.”

“But alas fiddling also isn’t a moneymaker. So we’re always just scraping by and things keep getting a little harder and a little worse.”

“And Demon’s Luck tryin’ to pay for a weddin’ with all that goin’ on.”

“But if we were able to win the contest, we could catch up with everything and start our lives together off on a strong foundation.”

“And besides, maybe y’all will turn Archie here into something useful!”

*laughs* “Okay, good luck! Introducing Couple Number 3: Beatrix and Gabriel!”


“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Oh. Um, okay, thank you. How are you?”

“So far so good.”

“I am also well.”

“Beatrix here is a short and fairly curvy woman, with large breasts, generous thighs and butt, and a cute little belly. Definitely an hourglass figure. She has pale white skin, center parted straight black hair, a round face, icy blue eyes that look out of chunky black catseye glasses, and is wearing bright red lipstick. Her body language carries a lot of confidence and she has the presence of a much larger woman.”

“Well, I’m a confident person and besides, good posture is important.”

*laughs* “That’s what my stage presence coach would always tell me, but I could never quite get the trick of it.”


*laughs* “Oh lighten up Trix, this isn’t an inquisition. You’re doing fine Ms. Cassia!”

“Thanks Gabriel.”

“Gabe is fine.”

“Technically it’s Doctor Gabe.”

“Doctor Gabe is my father.”

“Your father is a plumber, Gabe.”

“And a damn good one!”

*laughs* “Gabe here is a big guy: very tall, heavy set, and barrel chested. Maybe just a little overweight. He has warm brown eyes, shaggy brown hair, and a big old beard. He is also, dang! very well hung with a thick cock that is considerably bigger than average. And he is a doctor apparently!”

*chuckles* “I’m an alchemist, not like, a help-sick-people real doctor.”

“You just got your PhD, that’s an achievement! You should be proud of yourself.”

“And yet I still put my lab coat on one sleeve at a time. *chuckles* I think Trix just always wanted to marry a doctor.”

“As if! Physicians are so boring. Alchemy is much more interesting.”

“How did you two meet?”

“Well I am a research librarian professionally and a bit of an amateur historian. My own studies focus on Transformation History, and I did my Master’s studying Avatar Folklore in villages and towns bordering the Freyan Realms. I am currently looking into texts from the very earliest Alchemists to try and figure out their history and the origins of the profession.”

“So when I got stuck on a pretty tricky alchemical process I was working on, and the current literature was lacking a solution, I thought why not check to see if any of the great old alchemists maybe figured it out. Couldn’t hurt to check and maybe a distraction would help get my head out of its rut. So I went to consult the local expert...”

“Who is most definitely me. And we spent the day pulling old Alchemical treatise and whispering about what they contained. Honestly, it was illuminating for me, since I had never really appreciated how Alchemists would read these texts. It was also so much fun!”

“Yeah! I didn’t find what I was looking for, but those old books are wild and filled with ideas and inspiration. Plus I got to spend the day with a smart sexy librarian chick! So I came back a few days later to go dig around in the stacks again.”

“Which turned into chatting about alchemy over coffee, and then going to local transformation events, and eventually it became dating.”

“So you both bonded over shared interests, cool! And why did you decide to join Belial Idol?”

“Gabe has some pretty steep student debt from years of Alchemical studies. To pay it off he would have to take a job with a big company rather than pursuing his own Alchemical interests. And that sucks.”

“And Trix has been working on a book about early Alchemists since before I met her. If we could pay down my debts and get a little extra money, she could take a leave from work and finish writing the book. Which, Demons, is going to be amazing.”

“Plus we could get the whole wedding thing over with.”

“But really that’s not the main reason we are here...”

*giggles* “We both love transformation! And with Alchemy so expensive and Avatars so unpredictable, this seemed like a great way to finally get changed!”

*chuckles* “We are pretty excited!”

“SO excited!!!”

“Uh wild! So, you both want to change?”

*giggles* “Of course!”

“You seem less comfortable with the idea. Why are you here exactly? I mean, I’m more into CMonster, but I remember ‘Sit On My Face!’ being played everywhere. It seems like you’re already famous enough not to do this unless you wanted to.”

“Oh, um, well, it’s like I may be a little, a lot actually, behind on my taxes and this gig will fix it. And my agent says the first Belial Idol was such a great career springboard for other people, like CMonster and Cynthia, that it could help get me back in the spotlight. I just hope, well, that it goes okay.”

“Well good luck to you!”

“Thanks. I think I’m going to need it... Well these are our three couples!”


“Hey sports fans!”

*giggle* “You did that last time! It’s transformation fans!”

*titter* “I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“Formerly Bob and Doug...”

“We decided to rebrand ourselves after the last Belial Idol.”

“We are still two conjoined beautiful blonde women with six perfect tits, three legs, and a pair of amazing cocks!”

“But we decided to make the gender change official and get our voices feminized too.”

*titter* “It really helped with the ratings on our sex podcast!”

*giggle* “Now we can Oooooo!”

Mmmmmm yesssss!”

“And now we are all hard!”

Mmmm tell me more....”

*giggle* “Actually now it’s time to talk about our Judges!”

"Our first Judge is Zoe!"

"Zoe is a celebrity alchemist known for creating sexpet transformations for the rich and famous!"

*titter* "And *to* the rich and famous!"

"Doe, you know how some alchemists avoid using their own medicine?"


"Zoe is definitely not one of them!"

*titter* "I'll say! She is extensively transformed! Where should we start Doe?"

"At the top! She has a classically beautiful face with a cunt instead of a mouth and a long flexible forked tongue that frequently flicks out to taste the world around her."

"I'd let her taste me..."

"Mmmmm yesss!"

"She has a fleshy cobra hood instead of hair that transitions into a long, flexible neck and shoulders sprouting six slightly elongated arms with curious hands and busy fingers!"

"The front of her torso is crowded in large lavender skinned breasts, the largest are as big as volleyballs, with each pair below a tiny bit smaller than the one above..."

"A pattern of breasts that carries on down past her hips and onto the enormous serpentine tail that is her lower body!"

*giggle* "That's right folks! Zoe is a snek below the waist, with fully twenty-two feet of pure, purple and black scaled snake tail supporting her torso!"

"Her tits trail down the entire... what would you call it?"

"Ventral aspect."

"Oh Doe you're so smart! Exactly! Zoe's tits trail down her entire *ahem* ventral aspect, shrinking all the way, until they become a sheath of nipples on the thin dexterous tip of her tail!"

*giggle* "I listen to a lot of edutainment podcasts these days! Hidden between the breasts at her crotch height, Zoe has a truly massive vagina with a slit over a foot long and thick vulva that squeeze out between her cleavage!"

"She also has a second smaller pussy clenched between her buttcheeks, with wide petal shaped vulva the peak out like a lewd lotus flower!"

*giggle* "I bet it's fragrant!"

"Quiet Doe! She might hear this..."

"Zoe is actually pretty controversial folks, since she has a tendency to sneak a little extra into her changes."

*giggle* Ooooo! Who doesn't like a good surprise?"

"Our producers! Hey-o! They like to be in control of the plot twists!"

"I'm actually a little surprised the producers let such an erratic alchemist onto the show."

"The skuttlebutt is that she is the guest of one of our main sponsors: SexyPet: Treat your sexual pet like royalty!"

"You mean the #1 purveyor of quality sex toys for pets and the highest quality sexpet chow?"

"You know it Doe! Zoe has been promoted to their main spokescreature!"

*giggles* "But Bobbi, she's mute!"

*titters* "Advertisement is mysterious!"

"Zoe is a very figgity woman! Constant, snaky movement in her whole body and hands constantly occupied!"

"She is doodling with two hands, playing with a nipple, making some sort of paper craft with another pair, and also jacking off her attendant!"

"She has an attendant?"

"It's in her rider, apparently. Zoe gets an attendant at all times; tonight it’s a smart naked young man wearing only a collar...."

"For a guy getting a handjob he looks pretty nervous!"

"I would be too! Zoe is frightening!"

"Bobbi, I just realized what she is making: paper dolls!"

"That's cute?"

"She's made them by cutting up the list of transformation rules the producers gave her..."

"...Moving on... our Second Judge is Bree Kensingworth!"

"Master Kensingworth is a film director known for his avante-garde vision and for incorporating real live transformations into his movies.”

*titters* “Been there, done that...”

“Bobbi, Bree Kensingworth is an auteur!”

“Help! I’m stuck to a nerd!”

“I thought you love it when I talk nerdy to you....”

“Annnnnyway, unsurprisingly Bree Kensingworth is transformed!”

“Master Kensingworth is very tall, maybe 7’6”, with a lithe build and wiry muscles.”

“His hair appears like an undercut, trimmed short on the sides and back but with a mane that cascades down his back and a single large forelock that hangs framing his angular androgynous face.”

“Except that hair is feathers not hair! Long iridescent black feathers make the majority of his magnificent mane and brilliant white ones form his trademark forelock!”

“He has striking eyes, large and expressive, with black sclera and irises that are different colours!”

“Yeah, Master Kenisingqorth has given himself a unique heterochromia! One of his eyes is icy blue and slit like a reptile and the other eye is red and has a squared pupil like a goat. I heard in an interview that he has different fields of vision in each eye which he uses in his cinematography!”

“His eyebrows are shiny black scales that blend into his ‘undercut’ and ‘freckles’ of scales dot his cheeks and the bridge of his nose.”

“He has such an intense gaze!”

“Now don’t swoon on me, Doe.”

*giggle* “Bree Kensingworth has two long arms ending in long elegant fingers tipped with long black tapered claws.”

“On his chest he has four very large breasts, each as big as his head, with pink udder-like skin and long bovine teats.”

“He has two more breasts on his lower stomach, but black like a equine udder.”

“Speaking of horses! Bree has a beautiful horses’ tail in black fur shot with a single lock of white hair, that he wears braided.”

“And an equine penis that rests in a sheath above huge black balls which grows into a humongous mottled black and white monster when aroused!”

“He also has a huge black mares vagina where his anus should be, but a weirdly modified one that lays cantaloupe sized eggs!”

“Below that his legs are digitigrade, a recurved reminder of his equestrian transformation.”

“And instead of human feet he has built in high heeled shoes that have a cloven hoof toe, and then a five inch spur at the... ankle?”

“Bobbi, I think technically the spur is growing out of the balls of his ‘foot’ since digitigrade ankles are nowhere near a baseline humans...”

“Doe, Bree Kensingworth has very weird feet!”

“I’ll say! We’ve definitely worn hoof boots that create the illusion of having horsey legs, but to see hoof boots on actually horsey legs is wild!”

“It gives Master Kensingworth a towering deliberate gait, like a regal two-legged horse strutting!”

*giggles* “Like human dressage!”

“Bree Kensingworth is wearing his trademark outfit of a tailored jacket and matching cod piece, worn low to only cover his balls!”

“Tonight it’s a classic black tuxedo jacket with shiny black lapels, a black choker with a tiny jet encrusted bow tie, black ribbons woven into his braided horse tail, and of course, a black satin codpiece supporting his huge equine sack.”

“Very stately! He is so hot!”

“Doe, I can tell you like him.”

“Is it my raging erection?”

“Yes!” *titters*


“So why is your ‘auteur’ a judge on the show?”

“Well, his filmography is deeply tied to transformation. He grew up on a farm and his earliest experimental films were based off the strange relationship between humans and livestock animals. His first film was a story about falling in love with a mare, where he filmed himself growing his horsecock, tail, udder, mare pussy, and horse legs to be with her. And his second film, a documentary, had him add his bovine breasts and the ability to lay eggs and then followed him living as a farm animal for six months while his family tended to him.”


“When he eventually went mainstream he always used changed actors in his films and then, with his biggest commercial hits, he had normal actors actually transform on camera as part of his movies for mainstream audiences. They say this work was groundbreaking and earned the actress Ellen Agouti a best actor award for permenantly becoming a giant blind, singing breast in his film Hunter Dectective.”

“Yes, yes, but why is he *here*, on this television program?”

“Ooooh, um yeah, he might be in a bit of hot water right now from his newest film: The Avatar. Rumor has it that he managed to somehow hire an actual living Avatar to star in his film and then exposed the rest of his cast to it without warning them. He wanted to catch their authentic feelings of surprise, fear, arousal, and acceptance in real time.”

“And did he?”

Ooooo yesssss. But that is why he is maybe in some trouble right now.”

*titter* “Well there he is sitting patiently at the Judges desk.”

“Which is quite a contrast with Zoe who has not stopped fiddling or moving at any point.”

“Zoe is casually handing him an origami penis she folded with one of her hands...”

“And Bree Kensingworth has accepted it, holding it pinched between two fingers, one scaly eyebrow arched and the slightest curl of a disproving frown on his mouth.”

“Anyway, moving onto our third and final Judge...”

“We have... an empty chair?”

“Oh! Maybe the Third Judge is invisible?”

“Or maybe just very very tiny?”

*titter* “No! There is no full time third judge!”

*giggle* “That’s right TF fans, we will be having a rotating cast of guest judges this season to mix things up even more!”

“Who will we see!?”

“Will there be returning favorites!?”

“Tune in to see!”

“Back to you Cynthia!”

“Thanks ladies!

Before we sing goodbye tonight we actually have one more super sexy surprise!

A new wicked wrinkle in the Belial Idol format!

But I’ll let Cassia explain! Cassia?”


“Th-thanks Cynthia...

*blows out a breath* Oh Demons, here we go...

As per my contract, I will be undergoing a themed transformation as part of every Challenge Round Episode of Belial Idol: Couples.

These transformations will be shaped by YOU! The viewing audience!

Starting tonight, and then again after every Transformation Round Episode, we will give you a list of transformation options that fit into our episode theme. You can VOTE! to pick an option that you want to see incorporated into my next transformation. Voting will be open for two weeks, and then our semi-tame alchemists will build the winning option permanently into my body!

To get this party started I’ve been given a vial of alchemy to drink tonight!

Demons, this had better be worth it...


Ahhhhhhh! *splurt!*

*panting* Oh! Wow! Th-that’s what that feels like!

I-I I have a cock now! A pretty average looking penis has grown from my crotch just above my clit making me a, well, hermaphrodite I guess.


Next Episode our Theme will be Multiple Choice and the transformation options are:

1: Breasts
2: Arms
3: Legs
4: Cock

S-see you then?”

“Thanks Cassia! I love the new addition!

*giggles* I can’t wait to hippity hop hop hop on over and perch on it!

Anyway! That’s it for tonight! The games begin next Episode with our first Challenge Round!

Remember to VOTE! for Cassia’s next transformtation on our next Episode!

Until then, this is Cynthia Sparks on behalf of Belial Idol: Couples saying goodnight fine fair folks!


Notes form the producer:

Voting is now open for Cassia’s change. Voting will remain open for two weeks. You can vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/20701845

Zoe is a creation of Ordos Tsceri, who will also be designing her transformations.

Bree Kensingworth is a creation of The_Wanderer, who will be designing his transformations.

The next episode will drop the first Sunday in September, so see y’all then.

Thanks for reading and it’s great to be back!



Re: Belial Idol: Couples


Why is it Ordos Tsceri's Naga descriptions always make me extremely happy?  I'm jealous that I didn't think of that one first!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Notes from the producer:

Voting for the first Cassia change is about 1/2 over. For everyone who voted already, thanks, y’all make the game fun to do. If you haven’t voted yet you have one week left. Voting can be done here: http://www.strawpoll.me/20701845

Also, I’m strongly considering limiting voting to one week unless there are any strong objections. The poll seems to have topped out, and this would give us more time behind the scenes to make sure we hit our updates on time.

@LamiaWoman: I know right!? Such a fun character to write!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

I'm all for quickening the pace! 

And thank you so much for your kind words.  In truth, I have to say Darin from Naga's Den deserves the credit / blame; all my naga ideas are based on his approach to the subject, since I love it so much.


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Last chance to vote for Cassia’s first change: https://www.strawpoll.me/20701845

See y’all the first Sunday in September with the First Challenge Round.


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Looking forward to seeing this start up again, the last was a blast.  My biggest question after reading this is what it takes to earn a guest judge slot.


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
S3E2: Challenge Round 1

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Those whose bodies or minds flippy-flop back-and-forth! Welcome to Belial Idol: Couples Edition! The game show where cutesy couples endure rounds of tremendous transformation for a lavish wedding and fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! the awesomely audacious audience, vote for who gets changed by our panel of celebrated celebrity judges!

Tonight will be the first of our Challenge Round games to figure out who wins a nice bonus cash price and which couple gets immunity from transformation in the first round!

This game will also reveal who is first on the voting block to be changed!

Today our cutesy contestant couples will be playing a game of Newbie Weds to see who knows whose lovely lover the best!

I’m your hottest hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!

Now let’s check in with our newly well-hung interviewer Cassia to check in with our capable couples!”


“Thanks Cynthia.

I’m here with Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh!”


“Uh, yo.”

“Amber, are you ready to be tested on how well you know your hubby?

“Of course, I know all about him. My father even paid to have him followed by a detective once.”

“Uh, wow? Okay. Josh, what about you, are you ready to have your knowledge of Amber tested?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“....? Do you two have a special strategy to win?”

“I don’t think we need a special strategy, we are totally in sync! Right Joshua?”


“Just watch: Joshua, what is my favorite colour?”

“Uh, pink? Girls, y’know, always like pink.”

“Jooooshhhh, my favourite colour is wisteria! Why don’t you know that?!”

“Sorry babe! Maybe I could, y’know, write it down?”

“...Moving on to Couple #2: Lacey and Archibald!”



“Lacey how do you feel about your chances?”

“Ah reckon Ah’ll manage fine, and Ah suspect Arch’ll do the same... if he knows whats good for him.”

*laughs* “What about you Archie, feeling confident?”

“I think so. Lacey is always speaking her mind so I suspect I’ll have some insight into what she likes.”

*snorts* “It’s not like you’re real circumspect with your opinions neither.”

*laughs* “Guilty!”

“So you two really know each other then?”

“Yep! Just gotta think of whatever the most highfalutin answer to a question is. What’s Archie’s favourite song? Well, harumph, I find the jazz cover by Lance Erectus of the third concerto of Freyan cockwoman composure Eluena Cumhither to be an utter playful delight....”

*laughs* “And *I* just try to think of whatever the most folksy and rude answer to a given question is. Lacey’s favourite play? “Boy howdy! Ah surely do like that one there with the couple swappin’ and the eyeball moonshine and all them fart jokes. Yeehaw!”

*laughs* “That yeehaw was a real nice touch. Made that impression right uncanny!”


*laughs* “Well it seems like you guys are ready to go. Finally we have Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel!”


“Hey! How’s it hanging?”

*laughs nervously* “Low and lazy?”

*chuckles* “That’s the spirit! How’s your new addition treating you?”

“Okay? It’s umm been pretty weird? But it, oh Demons, it feels really nice.”

“That’s good!”

“Don’t be embarrassed! It looks super hot!”

“Th-thank you.”

“I’m quite jealous! Have you came with it yet? What’s it like?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. I maybe finally caved into it and uh, played with myself last night. I was, uh, worried that maybe tonights transformation might make it hard to do and I didn’t want to regret not trying it y’know?”


“And it was really... nice. I’m sorry I put it off so long. But anyway! The game. Beatrix are you feeling confident?”

“I always try to approach new things with confidence. Believing you can do a thing is the first major hurdle to doing it. Besides, Gabe and I play a ton of boardgames and do bar trivia pretty regularly. So we’re pretty good at quizzes under pressure.”

“What about you Gabe, are you ready for this?”

“Yeah, I mean, it should be fun. Plus, it’s not exactly the highest of stakes here. Trix wants to transform anyway, so if we lose it’s not really a big problemo.”

“Gabe, sweetheart, I still want to *win*! You better take this seriously!”

*chuckles* “Aye aye, Mistress! Playing to win, got it.”

“Okay there you have it, three contestant couples ready to play the Newbie Wed game!”


“Howdy transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“Rock hard and ready for today’s first Belial Idol Challenge Round!”

“We are here today to describe the rules of today’s game!”

“It’s just the Newbie Weds game....”

*giggle* “I think our Producers want us to be more descriptive than that!”

“Fiiiine. Basically it’s a quiz show game where contestants are asked to guess their partners’ answers to a series of questions.”

“So if, say, the question was: ‘What is Doe’s favourite way to wake up in the morning’, Bobbi would say...”

“Mutual Masturbation!”

*giggle* “And she would be right! And we would get a point!”

*titter* “Mmmmm... I’ll get a handful of ‘points’ ifyouknowwhatImean!”

*giggle* “How this will work is that we will break the couples up, boy and girl, and asks the same question to all three couples.”

“Each player will stand at a pedestal with an electronic writing pad doohickey so contestants can write down their answers at the start of each question round to ensure they are playing fair!”

“Each round the guesser will try to guess their partner’s answer...”

“And then their lover will reveal their hidden answer and we’ll broadcast what they wrote on a big screen in the middle of the game set!”

“For every correct answer the couple will get a point and hear a...”

*ding ding*

“And for every wrong answer the couple will obviously not get a point and hear a...”


“Whoever gets the most questions right and amasses the most points wins!”

*titters* “Sounds fun!”

“I hope some of the questions get naughty....”

“But Doe, how will we know if they are cheating? Couldn’t these be rehearsed answers or like, lies to hide something embarrassing?”

“Don’t worry Bobbi, we have a fix for that!”


“One of our vaguely malevolent Producers is an expert at hypnosis and has compelled all of the contestants to provide honest answers in this game!”

*titters* “Don’t you mean sexy, attractive, intelligent, and amazing smelling producers who we love very much?”

*giggles* “Isn’t that what I said?”

“Okay let’s get this game started! For the viewers at home who can’t....”

“Actually Bobbi, I think they don’t need a descriptive running commentary for this game so we get to sit this one out.”

“Huh, what should we do with our time then?”

“Well, we could watch the game, I guess. Or mutually masturbate.”

“Why don’t we do both!’




“Hi again! It’s me your happy hoppy hostess, Cynthia Sparks!

For this Challenge Round I’m gonna brush off my inimitable interview skills and be the Host of our take on The Newbie Weds Game!

So my charismatic couples, who is roaringly ready to play!

The first question goes to the lovely ladies: What is your most favouritest animal!? Remember to write your answers down!”

*interlude music*

“Okay, gracious gregarious gentlemen! Time to guess your lovely lady friends answers!

“Starting with Couple #1: Jolly Josh, what is Ambers favorite animal!?”

“Uh, is it like, a dolphin?”

“Amber? Is that your answer?”

“No! My favourite animal is a kitty cat! Come on Joshua!”

“Oh. Sorry babe...”


“On to Couple #2: Arrrrrrrchie, what is Lacey’s favorite animal!?”



“Darn tootin! Horses are the best!”

*ding ding*

“Points on the board! Okay, Couple #3: Gabey Baby, what is Beatrix’s favourite animal!?”

*laughs* “It’s also cats.”


“Yes, I do love cats.”

*ding ding*

“Hooray! So now it’s time to ask the big old blokes: what is your favourite dessert!? Again be sure to write your answers down!”

*musical interlude*

“Okay Amber! What is Josh’s favourite dessert?”

“Ummm? Cookies-no-brownies, no cookies. Cookies?”

“Josh is that your answer?”


“...What *is* your answer Josh?”

“Oh! It’s Jello Shots!”

“Jooooossshh, that’s not even a dessert!”

“It’s not?!”

“According to the Producers it counts so...”


“...no points for you! Lllllovely Lllllacey what is Archibald’s favourite dessert?”

“That’s an easy one: he loves mah bourbon peach pah!”


“I most certainly do love her bourbon peach pie!”

*ding ding*

*laughs* “Cute! Okay Tricky Trixie, what is Dr. Gabe’s favourite dessert!?”

“Gabe loves donuts. By the dozen.”


“Guilty as charged: donuts!”

*ding ding*

“With one round of questions done, Couples #2 and #3 are neck-n-neck with 2 points each, while a Couple #1 brings up the ass with a goshdarn goosey-egg!

Now we are going to serve another quizzical question to our lascivious ladies: what is your favorite sexual position!?”

*musical interlude*

“Okay Josh, what is Ambergris’ favourite sex position!?”

“Uh, it’s girl-on-top right?”

“Ambrosia my dear?”

“No, we, uh, might do that one a lot, but it’s because you seem to like it. I actually prefer missionary.” *blushes* “I like your weight on me...”


“Too much information! I love it! Okay Arrrrrrrch you’re up! What is Lacey’s favourite position!?”

“She prefers ‘doggy-style’ I believe.”

“Lustrous Lacey?”

“Given my druthers, ‘doggy-style’ is my preference.” *laughs and shrugs* “It’s natural.”

*ding ding*

“Naturally sexy you mean! Okay Gaga Gabe, what is Beatrix’s favourite sexual position?”

“Oh, hmmmm. This is actually pretty hard, we try so many things.... Sorry babe, but uh, missionary?”


“Missionary is nice but soooo vanilla. So no, my favourite is fucking whilst standing up!”


*Laughs* “I think I’d pay to see that! Maybe you can devilishly demonstrate that for me later!

Okay this next questions is for our luxurious lads: What is your favorite part of a woman’s body?”

*musical interlude*

“Okay Amb’s here we go: what is Josh’s favourite part of a woman’s body?”

“It’s boobs.”



*ding ding*

“Boobs on the board! Hooray! *laughs* Llllllacey what is Archie’s favourite part of a woman’s bod-day!?”

“Ah reckon it’s her lovely legs?”


“Th-that’s what I tell people... but really my favourite part of a woman is her cunt.”


“Really? Mah cooter?”

“Yeah, I just love the smell and the taste and the way labia bloom.” *blushes* “It’s not really something you can say in polite company...”

“In retrospect, Ah guess that accounts for all the time ya spend with yer face betwixt mah nethers.”

“Oooo it seems our pianist is also a cunninglinguist! But moving on: Be A Tricks what is Gabe’s favourite part of a woman?”

“He loves cute butts.”


“I do love cute butts!”

*ding ding*

“Okay after two rounds of questions Couples #2 and #3 are still tied, now with 3 points each. Couple #1 is still trailing but has broken the shutout with 1 point!

Time to throw some more, sexy, personal questions at our still female contestants! Wonderous Women, what is your secret sexual fantasy!?”

*musical interlude*

“Okay Josh, what is Amber’s secret kink!?”

“Uh... is it threeways?”

“Sounds like wishful thinking but.... Ambergris?”

“N-no.” *blushes furiously* “mumbles...”

“What was that? Speak up!”

*Still blushing* “Petplay!”


“Ooooo that *is* kinky! Alright Archiballer, what is LalalaLacey’s filthiest fantasy?”

“Lacey has a thing for bondage.”


“Yeah” *blushes* “Ah do, on occasion, enjoy being trussed up.”

*ding ding*

“Wild times! Okay Dr. Gabriel, what is your lovely librarian’s secret fetish?”

“Well, it’s not much of a secret, but her fetish is for transformation.”

“Beat Rix?”

“Yup!” *giggles* “I love transformations! Seeing the changed! Watching transformations happen! Fantasizing about it happening to me! It’s *so* hot!”

*ding ding*

“I can almost smell your excitement! So going into our last question, we still have a tie game for the lead! This question is for the boys: Which other contestant, besides your partner, would you most want to fuck?”

*musical interlude*

“Amber, which other contestant would Josh like to fuck?”

“I don’t see why I have to answer this, we are already out of the game.... Fine! Lacey, I guess...”

“Josh, who would you want to fuck?”

“Uh, Archie actually.”



“Joshua! What!? You’re attracted to guys!?”

“Yeah, but uh, it’s not really a big deal or anything. I’m mostly into chicks, but y’know, sometimes I see a pretty guy, like Arch there, and I’m into it, y’know?”

“Wow, that’s something new to think about.... Although...” *plays with hair* “it’s maybe kind of hot...”

“It’s totally hot!” *laughs* “Okay Lacey, who else would Archibald want to fuck?”

*sigh* “It’d be Amber. Archie always had an eye for a fancy lady.”


“Yeah, Amber is definitely one of my types.”

*ding ding*

“Finally with the game on the line: Beatrix who would Gabe want to fuck?”

“I guess Lacey makes the most sense...”


“Actually it’s Amber...”


*arches eyebrow* “Really?”

“What can I say, the whole petplay thing sounds pretty sexy?”

“Hmm, I guess it does a bit at that...”

“Meow!” *laughs* “There you have it, with 5 correct answers, Couple #2 is the winner of the Newbie Wed Challenge around of Belial Idol: Couples!

Now let’s hop hop hop on over to Cassia for her super sexy special moment!”


“Umm, h-hi guys.

I guess the moment of truth has come for me, huh?

The VOTES are in and it seems y’all want to give me a BREAST based transformation.

The producers tell me I’m supposed to narrate my change more. So here I am: Cassia. I’m a slender, tall woman with a toned but curvaceous body. I’m hot is what I’m saying. I have long limbs, wide hips, and an ass built from a thousand downward facing dogs. I have large, perfect teardrop breasts that hang heavy but firm from my chest. I have a cock and a pussy, which I guess makes me a hermaphrodite? The cock is on the larger size of normal and is uncut and hmm, I’m getting hard? Oh demons why do I have a boner? Is some part of me turned on by this?

*coughs* I have here in my hand a vial containing a ‘Multiple Choice’ themed alchemical elixir that reflects your vote for a breast based change.

Okay. Let’s do this?

D-down the hatch.


Ohhhhh that tingles.

I’m grabbing my tits and they, they still feel normal? What gives?

Ah! My torso just got all itchy! *scratches* What are these bumps? Pimples? Oooo, no they are nipples!

I’m growing six more nipples! Perfect copies of my originals in two even rows trailing down my stomach and onto my hips. And Oooooooo, they are, *Pants*, so sensitive!

And, and they’re, ahhhh, swelling... *moans*. I’m growing extra breasts! *gasps* S-six more! I-I ahhhhh have eight tits!

*moans and pants* A-a-and they seem to have stopped growing? *pants* I now have eight breasts, each as l-large and p-perfect as my original p-pair. My entire, *gasp* chest is tits from my beautiful f-face to my rock hard *groans* cock!


I need to go to my dressing room!


“Wow! Wasn’t that supremely sexy and extremely exciting!? Love your new bouncy bountiful bosom Cassia!

I wish we had put a camera in your dressing room...

So this concludes our first Belial Idol: Couples Challenge Round!

The wacky winners of the Newbie Game are Couple #2!

Congratulations Lacey and Archibald!

You have won a mostly modest cash prize and gained immunity from this Transformation Round!

Which means that our other two comely couples *are* available to transform this round!

YOU! The at home viewing audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!!

Your choices are:

Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh, a slim and elegant heiress and her hunky himbo boyfriend!


Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel, a curvy librarian with a transformation fetish and her big, chill alchemist fiance!

Who will it be!? All four contestants are unchanged! Which Couple will be transformed first!?

It is up to YOU! to VOTE!

I’m your happy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!


Notes from the prodcuers:

Hi all! The Game is officially afoot! Phew!

I know I said ‘first Sunday in September’, but I got impatient and it’s close enough.

To vote for which Couple is transformed in the first Transformation Round please follow this link. Polls will be open for two weeks, so don’t delay!

You can vote for which couple you want to see changed first at the following link: https://www.strawpoll.me/20855057 

See y’all again the first(ish) Sunday in October!



Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the producer: Voting is about halfway over. If you wanted to vote but haven’t yet, now is your chance! https://www.strawpoll.me/20855057 


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 1

“Ladies! Gentleman! Gender nonconforming objects! Wellllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show were contestant couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the not-so-wholesome home audience votes for who is changed by our not-so-celibate celebrity Judges!

Tonight is the fanciest fantabulous first Transformation Round where the couple YOU! Voted for will be transformed! Each Contestant in the couple will take a turn entering the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and then we’ll spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to figure out which Judge will transform them!

At the end of this naughty night both contestants in the couple YOU! voted for will be changed forever!

But first let’s check in with our multiply busty and well hung friend Cassia to interview the wickedly wonderful winners of our first Challenge Round, Couple #2.”


“Thanks Cynthia. Hi Lacey, hi Archie!”



“How does it feel to be the first winners of a Challenge Round?”

“Mighty grand! Ah love the savory taste of victory!”

*chuckles* “Yeah it’s nice, but also the small cash prize is enough to start fixing some things on the farm. Maybe mend a fence or buy some animal feed...”

“Ah think we should finally buy that new milker we’ve been talkin’ about.”

“Oh that sounds kinky!”


*blushes* “Sorry, you meant for your animals. I guess I’ve just got multiple-boob brain right now...”

“Well, when ya put it that way, it surely does sound kinky!” *laughs*

“Yeah.... So how do you both feel about having transformation immunity this round?”

“Pretty relieved actually. I mean, it’s pretty unlikely that anyone is getting out of this game unscathed, but I’m pretty happy not to go first. I’m keen to see what’s ahead and mentally prepare myself for our turn at the wheel.”

“While ah ‘ppreciate a good win, I reckon it would’ve been best to get on with it. Sometimes when ya gotta jump off the cliff, better to be gettin’ it over with than gawking. No use dreadin’ a thing.”

*laughs* “That’s why I’m the planner and she’s the doer I guess.”

“Well congrats to you both and good luck with the next game. Back to you Cynthia!”


“Thanks Cassia! Okay folks! The monumental moment before the moment you are waiting for has arrived!

I am super duper exited to announce that the VOTES are in and the majority of our awesome audience wants to see...




Be transformed tonight!

That’s right fine featured folks! Ambergris, our elegant heiress, and Josh, our handsome himbo, will be the first contestants transformed in Belail Idol: Couples.

How extremely erectioningly exciting!

Cassia, how does our lucky couple feel?


“Thanks Cynthia, well Amber and Josh, how does it feel to ‘win’ the first transformation vote?”

“I’m not sure I’d call this winning...”

“What do you mean, babe? We’re like cool, y’know? The people can’t get enough!”

“But we are going to get changed!”

“Like, whatever?”

“But what if you don’t like what I turn into? What if I’m not pretty anymore?”

“Aw, babe, I’ll love you no matter how you look. You’re my babe, babe.”

“Okay, that was surprisingly sweet. Not let’s move on before someone ruins the moment!”


“Haha! What a perfectly professional move there, comely Cassia!

Now is the moment you all have been waiting for!

We flipped a coin backstage and determined that Jolly Josh is up first!

So hop to it Josh! Please make your way into the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then we will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi.”

“And I’m Doe.”

“Tonight we’re gonna see our first couple permanently transformed!”

“I’m pretty excited!”

*titter* “Me too!”

“And by excited I mean totally erect!”

*titter* “Me too!”

*giggle* “We are breaking in early to lay out the scene, since this time around things are a little different!”

“Since Belial Idol: Couples features, well, couples, we have two CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“I believe it should be ChamberS of Changes, Bobbi.”


“Each CHAMBER OF CHANGES is a 12 foot tall glass cylinder that is wide enough to fit a large person. The chamber has a transparent door in the side and is built to form an airtight seal when a contestant enters it.”

“On the top of each chamber are three alchemical tanks, one for each judge. A Blue one for Zoe, a Red one for Bree Kensingworth, and a Green one for the mystery Guest Judge!”

“The two CHAMBERS OF CHANGES are set up center stage, with a raised dais for our judges stage right and the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION stage left.”

“The WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION is a large carnival prize wheel, that is divided into 24 sections which alternate Blue, Red, and Green; each of which corresponds to one of our three judges.”

“The wheel will be spun, and will tick-tick-tick-tick around and around until it stops on a given colour and judge!”

“And then that judge will activate their alchemical tank on the CHAMBER OF CHANGES, which will spray our contestant and cause a permanent and hopefully sexy transformation!”

Ooooo, Bobbi, I can’t wait!”

*titters* “But you’ll have to hold on for another moment because we need to describe our judges!”

*giggles* “Of course! The judges are seated at their dais stage right, seated at blue, red, and green chairs.”

“Coiled around her Blue seat we have the giant serpentine alchemist Zoe!”

“Zoe is a celebrity alchemist and the spokeswoman for our sponsor SexyPet: look after the pet you fuck! Tonight our giant naga judge is playing solitaire, building a card castle with a second deck, and stroking the long feather boa she has wrapped around her neck.”

“Doe, I don’t think thats a boa. It looks like it’s alive!”

“Y’know, I think you’re right Bobbi! Zoe has a living tube creature wrapped around her shoulders covered with downy auburn fur. It has huge cute eyes and a sphincter mouth on its face and a rather large cock at the tip of its tail.”

“Which Zoe is licking with the long, flexible tongue that flicks out of her cunt-mouth.”

*giggles* “I’d say I was jealous, but I doubt I’d want to be at her mercy like that...”

“Doe, I just noticed... Does Zoe have a new assistant?”

“Yeah? It was a young man last time, and now she has a girl doing her bidding... Wait, you don’t think?”

“The boa creature....”

“Moving on!”

“In the Red chair we have our other fulltime judge: the filmmaker Bree Kensingworth!”

“Bree, aside from being an incredible auteur, is an imposing and handsome creature with four bovine breasts; an equine udder, penis, and tail; feathered hair; and the most piercing mismatched eyes.” *swoons*

*sighs* “Keep it together fangirl!”

“Right! Well Master Kensingworth is wearing an unbuttoned red fox hunting jacket with long tails and a white rabbit fur codpiece on his balls. He is sitting perfectly upright in his seat, clicking his clawed hands on the table impatiently, and looking rather bored.”

“So let’s not keep him waiting! In the final, Green chair is our Guest Judge who today is...?”

“An empty seat!”

“I guess it’s still a surprise?”

“A sexy surprise?”

“Speaking of Sexy, Josh has finally walked his fit little dude butt into the stage left CHAMBER OF CHANGES and with the help of our resident tame Alchemists has climbed inside!”

“The chamber is closing, closing, closing... Sealed!”

“We are all ready for the First Transformation to begin! Back to you Cynthia!”


“Ladies, Gentlemen, and Horny Plants! Our contestant Josh is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

...which is a job for Josh’s lovely lover, the anxious Amber! Cum on up here, Amberdextrous and spin! That! Wheel!”

“Oh... I’m really not comfortable doing this...”

“Don’t be a party poo-pooper! The Producers decreed we do it this way and it would be unwise to displease them! Besides little bitty old me can’t spin that big ol’ wheel. So get to it!”

“Okay. Sorry Joshua!”




“I can’t watch!”

tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick

"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected THE GREEN JUDGE for todays transformation!

Which is the Guest Judge!

So without further ado! Introducing!

The Cocky Couple!

Dickie and Phalice!”


“Wow! Our guest judges are Dickie and Phalice! Ahhhhhh!”

“Bobbi, I didn’t realize you were such a fan!”

“How can you not be? They’re hilarious!”

“For those unfamiliar with them, Dickie and Phalice are a slap-dick comedy duo! Phalice appears to be a short, chubby woman with enormous breasts and Dickie is an androgynous, tall skinny person with small enough breasts to pass as either a man or woman. They have identical heads and faces: vaguely feminine androgynous features with shoulder length tentacles instead of hair, which Dickie wears slicked back over their head and Alice coils into tight springy curls.”

“Their most famous feature is that their heads are not connected to their bodies! Instead of a neck Dickie and Phalice have long, girthy cocks that socket into muscular vaginas at the top of their bodies!”

“Which of course is part of their most enduring shtick: the head swap! In their movies they often play wildly different characters who end up accidentally switching bodies and lives. Like in the screwballs comedy Trading Faces, where a down-on-her-luck maid switches bodies and lives with a spoiled heiress.”

*titters* “I love that one!”

“Or the satire The Little Dick-tator where a lowly prostitute switches bodies with an imposing dictator and tries to fix the country!”

“Hilarious! And thoughtful!”

“Or the action comedy Faces Off!, where a terrorist and detective switch heads and impersonate each other.”

*titters* “So stupid in the best possible way!”

“And here they come now!”

“For the show Dickie is wearing a fancy vest, shirt, and slacks and Phalice is resplendent in a red ball gown!”

“Phalice has tripped on her gown and fallen to the floor!”

“And taken Dickie down with her!”

“And both of their heads have fallen off their bodies!”

*laughs* “Their headless bodies are blindly feeling around for their heads, and Dickie’s body has found a head and stuck it on.”

“Now Dickie is crawling after Phalice’s head, which is scuttling on it’s tentacles, dick in the air!”

*laughs* “Phew he caught it!” *titters* “And gotten a face blast of cum for their trouble!”

“Dickie has placed Phalice’s head back onto her body, except the tentacle hair looks wrong... backwards?”

*laughs* “They mixed up their heads!” *laughs* “And are now switching them back!”

*giggles* “Classic Dickie and Phalice bit right there!”

“No one really knows The Cocky Couple’s origin story. I’d heard that they were a comedy duo pretending to be brother and sister who decided to take it to the next level.”

“Hmm. I’d always believed the rumor that they were originally one comedian who decided to become a duo.”

“Oooo. That would explain why they have such perfect comedic timing!”

“And don’t look now but Dickie and Phalice are fighting over the one Green Guest Judge’s chair!”

*laughs* “So much slapping and poking!”

“Oh, but Bree is clearly not amused!”

*titters* “Loooooooove it!”

“And now he is climbing to his high heeled hooves and giving Dickie and Phalice his chair to use.”

*sigh* “Can we please get on with it now?”

“Dickie and Phalice have taken their seats and Bree continues to stand at his section of the podium.”

“Zoe, along with stroking her boa creatures cock and building her now towering card castle, looks very amused.”


“Yes Phalice, dear?”

“What do you call a twenty-foot long, multiarmed alchemist with ADHD and impulse control issues?”



*laughs* “Hilarious! Zoe loves the joke and has stopped everything else she is doing to clap her six hands!”

*giggles* “Miraculous!”

“Bree is rolling his eyes and shaking his head...”

“I thought this program valued cultured entertainment...”

*giggles* “Oh snap!”

“Hey Phalice?”

“Yah Dickie?”

“What do you call a director who sicks an Avatar on his unsuspecting cast?”

“An Avantar-garde artist?”


*laughs* “Sick burn on Mr. Auteur!”

“Bree has just quirked a sculpted, scaled eyebrow in response.”

“What does a pessimist call one mind split between two bodies? A glass half empty.”

*giggles* “Riposte!”

*titters* “That was a pretty good comeback!”

“Even the Cocky Couple seem to like it, since they have pulled their heads right off their bodies in exaggerated shock!”

“And have just now traded heads again and restyled their tentacle hair.”

“Wait, Bobbi, does this mean that Dickie was Phalice and Phalice was Dickie? Or is Phalice pretending to be Dickie now, and vice versa?”

*titters* “I have no clue!”

“It doesn’t matter because it’s time for our first transformation of the night!”

“That’s right! Poor Josh has been cooling his heels in the CHAMBER OF TRANSFORMATION waiting for our Guest Judge: The Cocky Couple to do their thing!”

“Which they are just! About! To! Do!”

“Hey Doe?”

“Yes Bobbi?”

“Didn’t we used to have an extra helper for Transformation Round shows that could read the contestants mind?”

“Oh you mean Matteo? We replaced him.”

“Oooo! With what? A psychic cock?”

“No! A microphone in the CHAMBER!”

*titters* “Why didn’t the producers think of that last time?”


“Of course! Right! Anyway... Dickie and Phalice have started a struggle over who gets to press the Green button and trigger the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Which has resulted in them both falling on the button at the same time!”


“Josh has just been doused in transformative alchemy with a shimmering, glittery quality!”


“Sounds like our microphone is working!”

“Josh is currently a very fit, muscular guy with short faux-hawked hair and a very nice tan! But maybe not for much longer!”

“It’s all tingly, y’knowwhhhmmmmmmffff...”

“Josh’s mouth has just sealed in on itself leaving him with a blank space on his face below his nose!”

*titters* “So much for our microphone!”

*giggles* “We should have hired the psychic cock!”

“Doe, is it my imagination or is Josh’s body getting... softer?”

“No, his well chiseled muscles are losing definition as his body gains more subcutaneous fat!”

“He still looks fit though.”

“Yeah, but now it’s more of a toned yoga bod instead of a hunky weight lifter.”

“It looks like Josh is still gaining body fat, but only in a few places...”

*giggles* “Boobs!”

*titters* “And an ass!”

“That’s right, Josh has completed the sexy yoga instructor look by gaining a pair of spectacular D-cup breasts and a pillowy bubble butt!”

“Oh, I don’t think those breasts are done growing...”

“No they are definitely expanding, and changing from natural looking teardrops to very spherical looking orbs!”

“Josh is now sporting huge, maybe F-cup, fake looking tits!”

“Josh’s body has continued to feminize, and I would say at this point he looks like a hot girl with no mouth and a faux hawk.”

“And a big cock!”

“And there is something weird happening with his nipples...”

“They are bubbling outward and splitting?”

“And becoming two pairs of extremely plump, beestung lips!”

“Like, Oooooo! I feel like, totally sexy!”

*titters* “And our microphone is back in service!”

“Like ohmidemons! Am I, like, talking from my boobies!? Wait? I have boobies!?”

*giggles* “Josh is fondling his new, unnaturally firm breasts and sucking on his delicate fingers with his lipples!”

“His eyes just widened in shock on his beautiful mouthless face!”

“And his hands have just grabbed his dick, which to remind the viewers, is a little on the smaller side.”

“Oh my cock feels like, soooooo hot!”

“It seems not for long though, since his cock is getting bigger as Josh pulls on it!”

“Five inches, six inches, seven inches, eight inches! Nine inches! Ten inches! Twelve inches!”

“And really thick too! That fucker is almost as wide as our wrists!”

“Like, ohhhhhh! Like, fuck! Like, Ahhhhhhh!”

*giggles* “And there he blows! Shooting his cum all over the inside of the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Weird! His semen is a bright pink colour!”

*giggles* “It seems to match his new look!”

“I’ll say, Doe, our Himbo is looking much more like a Bimbo!”

“And with that, let’s check in with Cassia who is waiting with Amber!”


“Thanks ladies! So Amber, that was wild, huh?”

*blanches* “Yes.”

“How do you feel now that your boyfriend is a girl?”

“Well, not to be preachy, but we don’t know what gender Joshua wants to use...”

*laughs* “Y’know, as a lady with a cock, you’d think I’d know better. Okay, so, how do you feel about Josh getting a girlier body?”

“It’s going to take some getting used to? But at least he still has a penis?”

*laughs* “And what a penis!”

*blushes* “Yeah, it’s enormous! Can a normal woman even handle a cock like that?”

“Yes.” *blushes* “Sexy famous singers get to go to some wild parties...” *coughs* “But maybe you won’t have to worry about the ‘normal’ part!”

“... or the ‘woman’ part...”

“...Well, maybe! Hopefully you and Josh like what you get! Do you have anything to say to the judges before you take your turn in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES?”

“Just... be gentle...”

*Laughs and hefts six breasts* “I feel that! Over to you Cynthia!”


“Ladies! Gentlemen! And adorably sexy clowns! We have a second sexy transformation tonight!

The second member of our chosen couple, Amber, is being sealed in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

Which means it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION! Again!

So Jiggly Josh, cum on down!”

*giggle* “Hi!”

“Hi yourself, Josh. ....or should I call you Josie?”

“Like, why? I’m totally like, still a hot guy. Just like, with boobies now.”


“And look at how totally big my thingy is!”

“Trust me, I can’t take my eyes off your ‘thingy’! But anyway! It’s your turn to Spin! That! Wheel!

*giggle* “Yay!”



“Three!”/“Like, Three!”


tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick






"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected THE RED JUDGE for Amber’s transformation!
Which is Bree Kensingworth!”

*giggle* “Omidemons! The wheel is SO fun! Can I spin it again!?”

“Not right now! Back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”


“Hello again transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“If you are just tuning in, you missed that we transformed Josh, our himbo personal trainer contestant into a sexy bimbo with lipples and a cock!”

“And now we are going to transform his girlfriend, the beautiful Ambergris!”

“Ambergris is currently sealed inside the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“She is an elegant, thin woman with platinum blond hair and blue eyes!”

*titters* “But not for long!”

“That’s right, Bobbi. The WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has just selected the Red Judge: Bree Kensingworth to Transform Amber!”

“Bree is intensely studying Amber and is leaning forward over his desk, his four udder-like breasts hanging heavily out of his fox hunting jacket.”

“His large equine penis is also fully unsheathed and erect!”

“He does not look bored now!”

*swoons* “I wish he looked at me like that...”

“His claws are leaving scratches on the desk and he is tilting his head, viewing Amber with his blue slit pupil eye and then his red goat pupilled eye.”

“I’m still so jealous!”

“Oh and look who else is jealous!”

“Zoe has knocked over her very large and elaborate card castle and is sullenly hugging herself with all six arms!”
“It seems our chaotic naga alchemist is feeling left out!”

“Oh! She is looking at her assistant with a hungry look, her cunt tongue flicking out to lick her face.”

“Uh oh...”

“Zoe has produced a small vial from somewhere labelled ‘drink me’ in spectacular cursive.”

“Doe, I thought the Producers had her searched!”

“They did! And now the very nervous looking assistant is drinking from the vial!”

“And is starting to change!”

“She has dropped the vial as her arms have retracted into her shoulders!”

“Which has also made her page jacket fall off, leaving her naked!”

“Her breasts have expanded to be as large as her head and her mouth and nose have reformed into a vagina!”

“And she is growing a lengthy, girthy cock!”

“I guess she isn’t much use as Zoe’s assistant anymore...”

“Oh but she isn’t finished changing!”

“No, her lower body is growing tawny fur and a thick tail!”

“And her feet are growing longer and reforming, as her legs are becoming digitigrade and very muscular!”

“Her belly is growing a big furry pouch! Like a kangaroo?”

“Doe, I think she’s done...”

“Zoe is beckoning her closer and the poor assistant is hopping to her, making her huge breasts bounce and flop.”

“And Zoe is peeling open her former assistants pouch and placing her living boa-with-a-cock creature inside...”

“It’s like she made her assistant into a living purse...”

“Oh! Bree has rapped his hands on the desk and cleared his throat!”

“If we are all finished with the interruptions?”

“Right! We have an Amber to transform!”

“Bree has lifted his hands and cracked his knuckles like a conductor getting ready to present.”

“Prepare yourself, my dear.”

“And he has reached out and triggered the Red Judge’s controls!”


“And now Amber is soaked in syrupy alchemy!”

“Ah! It’s so sticky!”

*giggles* “Amber looks pretty unimpressed.”

“And is trying to scrape the fluid off her arms and out of her wet hair.”

“This is ridiculous! Oh! I feel funny...”

“The Alchemy has soaked into her skin and must be starting to work it’s magic!”

“Amber is rubbing her face with her hands...”


“Oh! Wow! Amber’s blue eyes have gotten bigger, brighter, and have a decided feline slit pupil!”

“The tip of her nose has also gotten black, triangular, and cat-like!”

“And the philtrum of her top lip has split open leaving her with a feline looking cleft!”

“And she has the cutest whiskers!”

“Amber is reaching up and touching her hair which is becoming white-grey as her eyebrows darken to black.”

*yowl* “What’s happening?”

*titters* “She’s growing black furred pointy cat ears which are sticking out of her hair is what’s happening!”

“And now she is looking at her hands with an adorably puzzled expression as her finger nails become retractable claws and her palms swell into paw pads!”

“Her fingers are swelling too, becoming not quite paws, but paw-like!”

“Similar change is happening to her feet which are swelling and stretching, reforming into digitigrade legs with huge cat paws for feet!”

“Meow! Itchy!”

“Amber is scratching at her arms as she grows fur!”

“The fur starts just above her elbows and is the same white as her hair, but from her forearms down the fur is black like her ears!”

“And she is growing a matching coat on her legs with grey-white fur on her thighs and black fur covering her reformed calves and paws!”

“Ah! Oooh!” *yowl*

“Now Amber is growing red bumps on her torso!”

“Nipples alert!”

“That’s right! Our pretty new kitty has sprouted eight additional nipples, giving her ten total arranged in five pairs!”

“Her original tits, which are small but perky, are expanding a little and becoming perfectly formed...”

“... while the next pair of nipples down have grown small, maybe a-cup breasts.”

“The nipples below that have also swollen into very small, don’t-bother-with-a-bra sized tits on her stomach!”

“Her fourth and fifth pair of nipples dont seem to be growing into breasts at all, but are just prominent nipples on her lower stomach and crotch!”

“Amber is gently caressing her new nipple collection!”


*giggles* “I think she likes them!”


*titters* “Amber has just fallen to all fours, standing naturally and easily on her hands and feet!”

“Like a kitty on paws!”

“A posture that sticks her ass in the air!”

“Which is convenient since she is currently growing a long, feline tail covered in short black fur!”

“A tail that is sprouting from a new patch of white-grey fur on her lower back.”

“She is pacing around the chamber easily on her four limbs...”

“Do you think she is stuck on all fours?”

“Nope! She has climbed back onto her feet, tail lashing for balance, and is banging on the door to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Meow! Let me out already! Meowwwww!”

*titters* “Seems like our kitty cat princess is done changing and wants out!”

“Oh look! Bree is smiling! He looks very pleased!”

“What a pretty pussy...”

“And on that note, Ambergris, our fancy heiress is now a fancy catgirl!”

“Let’s check in with Cassia to see what Josh thinks of his girlfriends transformation!”


“Thanks ladies! Now I’m here with Josh!”

*giggles* “Hiiiieeee!”

“How are you feeling Josh?”

“Like really good and like, totally bubbly! I’m like a fizzy drink that’s gotten like, all shook up and stuff!”

*laughs* “Sounds fun!”

“Omidemons it totally IS!”

“So what do you think about Amber’s change!”

“She is SO CUTE! I just want to like, pet her and cuddle her and like, fuck her kitty brains out! Eeeeeee!”

“So you still find her sexy?”

*giggles* “Totally! My thingy has been so hard since she changed!”

“Speaking of thingies... it’s time to announce the vote for my next transformation!”


“Yeah... so I’m currently a sexy woman with an average penis and eight large, perfectly shaped breasts! For my next change the producers have told me it has a ‘home’ theme.”

“Like, what does that mean?”

“I have no idea. But here are the voting options:

1: Cock
2: Nipples
3: Vagina
4: Lips

So pick whatever you want to see changed next I guess?”

“Ohhh! I hope it’s the Vjayjay one!”

“I guess we’ll find out! Back to you Cynthia!”


*laughs* “Wasn’t that an awesomely action packed first transformation round episode! Spoiled brats to kitty cats! Himbos to bimbos! Wow! I’m gonna have to jumping jack off right after this!

Next up is the Second Challenge Round: The Domestic Challenge! So tune in next week to see which of our Competitive Couples will win immunity and who could be transformed next!

And remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next ‘home’ themed transformation!

I’m your hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Thanks for tuning in and goodnight!”


Message from the Producers: The game is officially afoot! Thanks to PssyMouthDckNeck aka PMDN for creating the Cocky Couple and designing Josh’s guest judge transformation! And as always thanks to Ordos Tsceri and The_Wanderer for their contributions.

Also please remember to vote for Cassia’s next transformation here: https://www.strawpoll.me/21047716

See you again the first Sunday in November!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

i like! smile


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the producers: only one week left to vote for the next Cassia transformation and it’s a tight race! Vite here: https://www.strawpoll.me/21047716

@Nebellegende: Thanks!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Challenge Round: 2

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Sentient cum! Welcome back to Belial Idol: Couples, the game show where Courageous Couples undergo rounds of tingling transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! the Amazing Audience vote for which contestants are changed by our panel of sensational celebrity Judges!

Last Episode was our first Transformation Round where Couple #1, Ambergris and Josh where transformed from Heiress to Catgirl and from Himbo to Bimbo!

Tonight we will be playing our second Challenge Round game to determine who wins a modest cash prize and earns immunity from the next Transformation Round!

Tonight’s game will also reveal which Couples can be changed in the next Transformation Round!

In this Challenge Round Episode our Couples will be playing the Domestic Challenge, a game designed to test how well our Crazy Couples live together!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!”


“Hi folks! It’s me, Cassia, your eight breasted, hermaphroditic interviewer! And as always I’m checking in with our Couples before the next game starts!

So without further adieu here are Ambergris and Josh!”



“I know I’m supposed to ask about your game plan, but I’m sure everyone would rather know how you both are finding your transformations?”

“Like, it’s been totally great! I feel like, sooooo good and Kitty is so playful and fun like this!”

“Josh, you call Amber kitty now?”

“Like, totally! She is such a cuuuuute and sexy Kitty!”

“Amber, you’re okay with this?”

*blushes* “Yes, it’s actually kind of nice? And hot...”

“So you’re enjoying your transformation too?”

“Mew? It’s kind of embarrassing sometimes... but...” *blushes and flattens ears* “yes, I like it a lot....”

“That’s great! Do you two have any special plans for the game today?”

“Well, we don’t like, live together because Kitty’s dad is a big meanie, but I have to like, do my share while living with my bros!”

*sniffs and lashes tail* “I don’t usually do the chores... that’s what the Help is for.”

“Okay! Moving on to Couple #2: Lacey and Archibald!”



“Are you two ready for tonight’s game?”

“Ready and rarin’!”


“Do you have any sort of special strategy?”

“Well, we won the last game, so I guess just keep doing what we’re doing?”

*laughs* “Ah wonder how long we can keep this here win streak alive?”

*laughs* “Perhaps go wire-to-wire?”

“An’ then win the whole caboodle!”

“That’s the spirit! Moving on to Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel!”



“Are you two ready for the Domestic Challenge?”

“Sure. Trix is extremely tidy!”

“I am. Gabe is a complete slob, though.”

“Right! But I figure that between the two of us we have a happy, competitive middle ground. Tidy enough to pass inspection, but lazy enough to keep up with the other teams.”

“Gabe, I’m not sure I can tolerate a haphazard job...”

“Don’t you want to win?”

*groan* “Curse you for pitting my obsessive compulsions against my unhealthy competitiveness!”

*chuckles* “I’m just trying to help you grow as a person.”

“Speaking of changing people... I think it’s time to start our game! Let’s check in with our ladies in the booth!”


“Howdy transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“And today we are here to tell you about the Belial Idol: Couples Domestic Challenge.”

“Which is about a buck cheaper than a Foreign or Craft Challenge!”

*titters* “Hey-oh!”

*giggles* “But seriously, today our Contestants will be performing a series of tasks to see which couple is the best at the day-to-day part of living together! An important test since sex is only part of being in a healthy relationship!”

“What!? Lies! I don’t believe you!”

“Bobbi, being in a relationship is also about teamwork and like, being a good roommate.”

“Help! Help! I’m conjoined to a madwoman!”

“Calm down, I’ll show you how important sex is later....”

Oooooh do you promise?

“Anyway! The game course is set up as three ‘homes’ which are made up of a series of locked rooms.”

“Each room contains a household task for our Couples to finish by working together.”

“Once a given task is completed to our Producers’ satisfaction, the door to the next room will be unlocked and our Couples can move on to the next task until they complete the game.”

“The first Couple to finish all the tasks will win the game, a cash prize, and transformation immunity!”

“I’m looking to see our contestants attack their chores with purpose and to see our Couples display their best teamwork. What about you Bobbi?”

“I just want to see them fuck!”

*giggles* “Our three Couples are approaching the locked front door to their ‘homes’.”

“Our set designers have really outdone themselves, giving each Couple’s ‘home’ it’s own look.”

“That’s right, Bobbi. Couple #1 has a ‘home’ modeled on a classic mansion with a white painted brick facade, columns, and a striking pediment!”

“Very fancy!”

“Couple #2 has their entryway styled liked a farmhouse with old weathered shiplap covered in flaking blue paint!”


“And Couple #3 has a facade modeled on a fancy old wooden house covered in elaborately carved decorations and painted flourishes...”

“Like a big, slightly spooky dollhouse. I don’t get it, Doe?”

“I think the set designers are riffing on Beatrix being a gothy librarian.”

*titters* “Okay, I guess that makes sense, although I think she is more nerdy than gothy...”

“Goth-adjacent, let’s say.”

“Let’s also say the game is about to begin!”

“The Couples are lined in front of the locked entrances to their ‘home’ courses!”

“Cynthia is counting them down!”




Get hoppity hopping!”

“And they’re off!”

“All three Couples have entered the first room in the course!”

“Which is the Laundry Challenge! Brought to you by our Sponsor: Sparkle Shine Laundry: Get out those pesky cum stains!”

“Each Couple has an enormous pile of clean laundry that needs to be folded and sorted into baskets marked ‘everyday’, ‘fancy’, ‘sexy’ and ‘kinky’.”

“When the Couples complete the chore the Producers will unlock the door to the next room and task!”

“Couple #2, Lacey and Archibald have divided the laundry into two piles and are both folding away.”

*giggles* “Lacey has lifted a t-shirt and sotted a ball gag!”

*blushes* “Arch! Take a gander at what Ah found!”

*chuckles* “I think that one goes in the kinky box.”

*titters* “I always thought the ‘Kinky Box’ was for a different kind of sex toy!”

“What do you mean Bobbi?”

*titters* “I’m talking about a penis in a vagina, Doe!”

*giggles* “Couple #1, Amber and Josh, are not working quite so efficiently.”

“Well, Josh is folding laundry and humming a Cassia song with his breast mouths...”

“But Amber is prowling around on all fours, prodding, clawing, and batting at the laundry.”

“Kitty! Like, Get to work!”


*titter* “Amber is now rolling in the laundry pile like a silly kitten!”

*giggles* “She sure is cute now!”

“Hmmm... Couple #3 seem to have split up the chores?”

“Sure looks like it: Beatrix is folding the laundry in very precise, crisp strokes while Gabe is awkwardly delivering the folded laundry to it’s labelled basket.”

“Beatrix is like a laundry origami artist! Her folded panties look like miniature panties!”

“Trix, dear, I know you like to do all the folding but... this is a race and I could help speed things up.”

*sigh* “I know. It’s just, folded laundry should be perfect and...”

“And my folding isn’t up your level, I get it. But the race...”

“Alright. You can help, just maybe try to hide it from me?” *sigh*

*chuckles* “Okay.”

“And give me any lingerie you find! The pretties deserve better than being mauled by you!”

“Couple #1 continues to struggle: Amber has stopped playing in the laundry pile and started to pounce on Josh’s folded laundry piles!”

“Kitty! Bad Kitty!”

*giggles* “Mew!”

“Archie and Lacey seem to be pulling ahead and have almost finished folding and sorting their laundry.”

“Ooooh. Lacey has found a strappy bondage harness and is staring at it and blushing.”

“She looks very flushed and maybe... horny?”

“She has actually found quite the collection of restraints, hoods, and latex clothing in their laundry.”

“Lacey, come on! Put your toys in the kinky box, we’re almost done!”

“Huh, oh right!” *blushes* “Mah apologies.”

*titters* “I think she’s more sorry that she doesn’t get to put the gear on!”

*giggles* “who doesn’t like a good game of bondage dress up?”

“Speaking of a game of dress up, Beatrix and Gabe look like they’re playing with their laundry...”

“Beatrix is holding up a huge zebra striped codpiece!”

“Would you look at the size of this thing!”

*chuckles* “It looks a little big for me.”

“Right now, maybe.” *Laughs* “But I was thinking more for me!”

“Gabe is holding up an enormous red two-cupped bra.”

“Trix, What about this?”

*clicks tongue* “Bigger breasts? Sure? But it’s a little pedestrian isn’t it?”

*titters* “Gabe has stuck his fingers inside the cups of the bra and stuck out eight inch nipple sleeves!”

“Ooooh. Now that’s much more interesting....”

“Couple #2 looks to be just about finished their laundry folding and are sorting their clothes into the relevant hampers.”

“Lacey is really taking her time putting the restraints into the kinky hamper...”

“Ooooo, she just clipped a handcuff onto her left wrist!”

“She is biting her lip and putting her hands behind her back and posing and... ooops!”

“The other handcuff has snapped closed!”

“Lacey has just restrained herself!”

“Archie, Ah think Ah might be in some consternation here...” *blushes and rattles chain*

“Demons! Lacey, what happened?”

“Archie is examining the handcuffs and trying to spring them open, but with no luck!”

“Lacey is trembling.” *titters* “I think she is really getting off on this!”

“These are really locked. I don’t think we can get them off....”

“Ah don’t reckon ya saw the key?”

*giggles* “Spoilers! There isn’t one!”

*titters* “It looks like Lacey will have to finish the challenge with both hands tied behind her back!”

“But it appears the Producers have decided that Couple #2 has finished the Laundry task and opened the next door!”

“Lacey and Archie with the lead!”

“Hmm. It looks like Josh has emptied out a laundry basket and placed it upright in the corner of the room...”

“Amber is slinking over to it, a curious look on her slightly feline face.”


“Amber has jumped into the empty hamper and has squeezed herself into it!”

*titters* “She really doesn’t fit...”


“With Amber occupied Josh is finally getting some traction on his folding and catching up to Couple #2.”

“Speaking of which... Archie and Lacey have entered the second room: the Clean Up Challenge, brought to you by our sponsor La Chatte Serree Maid Service!”

“In this stage of the race our Contestant Couples will have to clean up a sizeable, gooey mess to proceed to the next room!”

“Doe, I don’t see any gooey mess in the room, just one of the Belial Idol Freyan cockwomen: Glansilly! Who is, to remind the sightless in our audience, a cowgirl cockwoman! She has the usual body plan of cockwomen: sexy lady legs and female body from the hips down and an enormous torso sized cock and balls instead of an upper body.”

“Except, unlike a standard cockwoman, Glansilly was transformed in the last iteration of Belial Idol to become cowlike: with hooved feet, a ropey cow tail, a scrotum that is also an udder, a giant cock-torso that is sheathed and bull-like, and Holstein patterned skin!”

“Right, so what is she doing in the Clean Up Challenge Room? And where’s the mess?”

“Glansilly is the mess! Our Producers have inserted a sex toy into our cowgirl cockwoman’s leathery bovine vagina and have been expertly teasing her to the point of orgasm since the game started. And now that Archie and Lacey have entered the room...”


*titters* “There she blows!”

“Glansilly has just ejaculated a huge swath of hot, steaming cum all over the Clean Up Challenge room from her huge bull-like cock body!”

“And short smaller streamers of mixed milk and semen from the four long teats on her udder-testicles!”

*giggles* “Archie looks horrified!”

“Demons, this is disgusting!”

“Ah reckon ya best get to it...”

“Wait, aren’t you going to help?”

*rattles handcuff chains*

“Right...” *sigh*

“It’ll be just like mucking out a barn stall.”

“I hate mucking out the barn...”

“Archie has fetched a mop and bucket and started to sop up the cum.”

“Meanwhile, back in the first room, Gabe and Beatrix have gotten distracted by all the wild transformed garments in their laundry pile...”

“Beatrix is wearing the huge bra with the six inch ‘nipple’ sleeves, the huge zebra codpiece, and a cock-sock on her nose while Gabe has on a fake maternity belly, three nipple pasties, a facial veil, and a nine-cupped bra on his back.”

“They are mostly just digging through the clothes now, looking for other things to add to their costumes...”

“Trix! Check this out! What do you think it could be?”

“Hmmm... it looks kind of like culottes but for like eight legs? Oh! Tentacle culottes!” *Squeee* “I love those! Give them to me!”

*chuckles* “How are you even going to wear those?”

“Don’t ruin the moment...”

“Oh! Speaking of moments... we should really get back to the game, huh?”

“Demons! I got carried away!”

*titters* “I’ll say!”

“Beatrix and Gabe are finally back to folding and sorting their laundry.”

“Meanwhile Josh has managed to get all of Couple #1’s laundry done with Amber occupied with her box!”

“And now that he has lured his Kitty out of her basket they are entering the Clean Up Challenge room!”

“Where they are met by Scroti, another returning Belial Idol Cockwoman!”

“Scroti was a ‘normal’ cockwoman at the start of the last iteration of Belial Idol, but during the game was transformed to become super muscular, girthy, and with turbocharged ejaculation!”

*titers* “This is gonna get messs-yyyy!”


*giggles* “There she blows!”

*titters* “And oh what a mess!”

*yowl!* “This is disgusting! Joshhhhuaaaa!”

*giggles* “Don’t like, worry, babe! I’ve totally got this! It’s just like after a totally wild frat party! But with less like, puke and broken glass!”

*giggles* I want to go to those parties!”

“While Josh gets to work, let’s check in with Couple #2!”

“Despite working solo, Archie has made fast work of cleaning up, and he and Lacey are just about ready to move onto the next task!”

“It seems mucking out the barn is a transferrable skill!”

“The Producers have decided the task is completed and Archie and Lacey have moved on to the Dinner Challenge!”

“Brought to you by our Sponsor: Spooge! Spooge is the meal replacement that is salty, bitter, sticky, and thick!”

“Everyone knows that shared mealtime is important for relationships, so in this stage of the Domestic Challenge our Couples will have the privilege of eating a big old bowl of hot steaming Spooge!”

*titters* “And the Producers won’t be satisfied unil they swallow every drop!”

“Archie and Lacey have taken their seats at the plain farmhouse dinner table with the large bowl of Spooge. They look horrified!”

“Clearly not Spooge fans...”

“Archie is scooping out a pudding-like dollop of Spooge and putting in into his mouth!”

*titters* “And he is gagging on it!”

“Ugh! That is positively revolting!”

“Lacey whose hands, remember, are chained behind her back is leaning forward to sniff the white, mushy food, her long braid of red hair falling into the goop!”

“And she has just dropped herself face first into goop and is gobbling the Spooge up like a dog!”


*gags* *coughs* “Arch, Ah can’t let ya do all the nasty chores. Y’just sit back and reconnoiter there a minute and Ah’ll have this here slop chocked down in no time.”

*giggles* “And down she goes again, head down, face buried in the Spooge!”

*titters* “I’d say she’s bobbing for Spooge!”

*giggles* “Checking back in on Couple #3 they have completed the Laundry Challenge task and moved into the Clean Up Challenge room!”

“Where they are being met by two Belial Idol Cockwomen: my ex-wife Urethrella and our new Cockwoman Tina!”

“Ugh, just look at that stupid cock-bitch!”

“Doe, it’s okay. We’ve been over this, it was a mutual uncoupling.”

“She turns into a cock, gets famous and ditches you!”

“She just needed a lover who had an improbably large cunt that could fit her. And we weren’t willing to change our body like that. We’ve all moved on.”


“Anyway! My ex-wife is majestically ejaculating as the Producers have finally allowed her to make a big mess!”

“But Tina still hasn’t cum yet...”

“Ooooh I’m too nervous!”

“Urethrella has walked over to Tina and is rubbing her shaft and legs against her!”

“It’s okay honey, just relax, let it all wash over you and then erupt like the sexy, giant cock you are!”

“Ahhhh! DEMONS!”

“And there she blows!”

“Gabe and Beatrix’s Clean Up room is now a spectacular mess!”

*giggles* “Beatrix looks horrified.”

“This is repulsive!”

*chuckles* “This is just another day in the alchemy lab.” *cracks knuckles* “Grab a mop!”

“I hate this so much...”

“I know you do, but you get used to it! Seriously, the floods of cum I’ve seen...”

“Meanwhile Couple #1, by which I mean Josh, has finished the Clean Up task and has progressed to the Dinner Challenge!”

“Josh has seated himself at the very fancy dining table in front of the big crystal bowl of steaming Spooge and is looking at it dubiously...”

“And Amber has leaped up onto the table like a cat and crawled over to the bowl.”

“Josh has scooped up a double handful of Spooge and pressed it to his lipples!”

“Like, ewwwwww! That is *totally* icky!!!”

“Amber is leaning forward and sniffing the Spooge, her long tail flicking the air behind her...”

*lick* *lick* *Purrrrrrrrr*

“Kitty, you like it?”

*lick lick lick* “Mew! It’s creamy and salty and delicious!”

*giggles* “Amber has her head down over the bowl of Spooge and is delicately lapping it up like a kitty cat!”

“Couple #2 has completed their ‘delicious’ and ‘nutritious bowl of Spooge!”

“Lacey‘s face is covered in white, gelatinous blobs of Spooge and her hair is full of the gunk. Her arms also remain firmly chained behind her back so the Spooge is just dripping off her face!”

*titters* “It reminds me of a bukkake facial party we went to once...”

*giggles* “So good for the complexion!”

“Y’know Doe, I think under all that Spooge on her face, Lacey looks pretty happy and... horny?”

“I think maybe she likes the humiliation?”

“The Producers have decided the task is done and have opened the door to the next stage of the Domestic Game: The Bathing Challenge!”

“Brought to you by our sponsors Percival's Patented Pelt Product: haircare for your improbably hairy friends!”

“That’s right folks, after a long day of work, there is nothing more intimate than bathing your lover!”

“Unless it’s washing their hair: the most intimate thing you can do.”

“Weird! In this stage of the game our couples will have to clean off all of the cockwoman spunk and Spooge from their bodies before the next door will open!”

“Bobbi, how will the Producers know when the task is complete?”

“Our Producers are able to smell the slightest trace of cum on a person from forty feet away!”

“Archie will have his work cut out for himself with Lacey still restrained and her head and hair absolutely covered in Spooge!”

“Couple #3 has finished their Clean Up challenge room by, unlike the other contestants, actually working together!”

“Gabe and Beatrix have seated themselves at the carved, antique dining table and are staring at a steaming cauldron of Spooge.”

*titters* “Beatrix looks super not into it, and is pinching her nose closed.”

*shakes head* “That is an *enormous* no from me.”

“Gabe has lifted the large ceramic cauldron, tipped it to his lips, and is chugging the Spooge!”

*titters* “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

“The Spooge is dribbling down his chin and coating his beard in thick, ropey globs of Spooge!”

“Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

“Demons! Gabe has just chugged the entire bowl of Spooge in one go!”


“Gabe, That was disgusting!”

*urp* “Sorry, but I think we caught up?”

“The Producers are satisfied and Couple #3 has moved on to the Bathing Challenge!”

“They have caught right up to Couple #2!”

“Gabe! Come on! Hurry!”

“Sorry, Trix...” *burp* “Feeling a little full here...”

“Speaking of Couple #2, Archie has quickly cleaned himself off, and is currently washing Lacey in the large galvanized steel farmhouse basin we’ve provided.”

“Oh! Lacey seems to *really* like being touched with her arms bound!”

*giggles*. “And Archie clearly knows it! He’s really taking his time on cleaning her breasts, thighs, and pussy!”

*giggles* “Which I’m pretty sure were never actually touched by Spooge...”

“I wonder how much all this getting dirty is going to slow down their getting clean?”

“Couple #3 has also entered the Bathing Challenge room!”

“Beatrix is fairly clean, just a bit of cum from cleaning up after the cockwomen, but Gabe’s beard and chest hair are coated in thick gobs of Spooge!”

“But they are climbing into the ornate clawed bathtub and working together to get clean!”

“It seems that despite their earlier distraction, Gabe and Beatrix are now in it to win it!”

“Couple #1 are just finishing their Dining Challenge with Amber licking up the last few morsels of Spooge from the crystal bowl.”


“The producers have opened the door to the next room and the Bathing Chellenge!”

“Like, come on Kitty! Let’s go!”

“Meow. I will not be rushed.”

“Josh has run ahead, big breasts bobbling, and run straight to the huge, Jacuzzi tub!”

*giggles* “Canonballs!”


*titters* “I give him a 7 on that dive, Doe!”

*hissss* “Joshhhhhua! You almost got me wet!”

“Like, sorry! But, like, Kitty you need to have, like, a bath for the game!”

*sniff* “I will bathe myself, thank you.”

“Amber, showing remarkable flexibility, is now licking her body clean with her rough tongue.”

*titters* “You love to see a pussy lick herself!”

“Meanwhile Couple #3 have finished bathing themselves and our Producers have determined they are clean enough to proceed to the next task!”

“The *final* task!”

“That’s right! Bobbi, what’s the most important part of being in a relationship?”

“Is it fucking, Doe?”

*giggles* “It is! And the last stage of our game is the Intimacy Challenge! Where our couples have to fuck to win!”


“The first Couple where both Contestants orgasm will finish the game and win this Challenge round!”

“And no faking it! Our Producers can *always* tell!”

“Couple #3 look nervous approaching the handsome, carved antique bed.”

“Especially Beatrix...”

“Gabe, I’m not sure I can do this... n-not with everyone watching.”

“It’s okay, Trix. Just close your eyes and focus on my voice.”


“Gabe is guiding Beatrix onto the bed and her eyes are firmly closed.”

“He has her positioned on her hands and knees and is crouching behind her her, leaning forward to whisper in her ear.”

“And he is gently cupping and stroking her large, hanging breasts.”

“Remember that sexy bra from earlier? The big red one with the long nipple sleeves?”


“Well you breasts are growing in my hands, getting bigger and fuller. Expanding!”


“And your nipples are getting so hard, and big. And they are growing longer and thicker, like teats. No like cocks! Erect six inch cocks!”

“Ohhhh... tell me more!”

*titters* “Yes! Tell us more!”

“Actually we should check in with our other Couples...”

“Awww do we have to? This is getting hot!”

“I’m afraid so, Bobbi. Lucky for you Couple #2 is also having a sexy time!”

*titters* “That’s right! Lacey still has her arms restrained while Archie washes her body...”

“Or at least caresses her body...”

“And licks her body.”

“Do they know that the Producers have decided they are clean enough and have unlocked the door to the Intimacy Challenge room?”

*titters* I’m not sure they care!”

“Mmmmm Archie, ya gotta s-ssstop....”

“Do you really want me to?

“N-n-nooo-ohhhh! But the g-gah-game.....mmm...”

“You just have to say the magic word....”

“Ohhhhhh....” *pants* “Beaver! Archie Beaver!”

*sighs* “Okay fine.”


“Doe, I guess it’s their safeword?”

“Adorable! So Couple #2 has entered the final room in the Domestic Challenge where they will have to orgasm to win!”

“Lacey is downright dripping with arousal, is chewing her lower lip, and walking crookedly!”

“That girl’s too ready to fuck!”

“Archie has grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over to the plain wooden bed and pushed her onto it.”

“Lacey is on her back, legs spread, panting.”

“And Archie has gone straight down on her, burying his face in her wet cunt!”

“All Lacey can do is lay there are submit to it, chains rattling a bit as she squirms!”

“Oh demons! Archie!” *moans* “Ohhhh Archie!” *gasps* “Oh! Fuuuuuuck!” “Ah-ahhhh-ahhhhnnnnn!”

“And there she goes! Our first contestant has orgasmed!”

“Lacey is on the board!”

“Now all they need to do to secure the win is for Archie to cum too!”

*giggles* “But it seems that our man is intent on eating out Lacey a second time!’

“Couple #3 continues their foreplay as Gabe tries to coach Beatrix into feeling the mood.”

“Gabe is still whispering to his lover, but now he is stroking her cunt with his hand.”

“Feel my fingers touch the pussy that used to be your best friend, feel your clit press into your huge balls, make your big cock so hard....”

“Ohhhhmmmm...” *pants* “M-my tentacles tell me a-about them....”

“There are so many of them, and they are holding my, squeezing me, pressing me against you...”

“Gabe! Fffffuck me, I’m ready!”

“Aw yeah! It’s bone time!”

“Gabe has positioned himself behind Beatrix and is pushing his large cock into her as she pushes back against him.”

“Yessss Gabe, fuck me like I’m still just a human woman, one last time before you take your changes too! Ohhhhhh!”

“Gabe is really thrusting into Beatrix whose eyes remain squeezed shut as she pictures herself as some sort of sexy transformee!”

*moans* “It-it feels j-just liiiiike be-before!” *gasps* *Ahhhhhhh!!!!”

*titters* “And Beatrix is on the board!”

“But Gabe is stopping and pulling out. He’s clutching his stomach.”

“Gabe, wh-what’s wrong?”

*burp* “It’s my stomach... I shouldn’t have chugged that Spooge so fast...” *heave* “Just need a sec here...”

“Meanwhile Lacey is enjoying her third orgasm as Archie continues to relentlessly eat out her pussy!”

“That’s great but we don’t hand out bonus points! Archie has to come!”

“Couple #1 is trailing the pack: Josh has finished cleaning himself but Amber’s tongue based cleaning strategy is really quite slow!”

“Kitty, we really, like, have to get you in the bath!”

“No.“ *lick*  This is how I will clean myself.” *lick*

“Josh has marched over to Amber, lifted her up and is carrying her over to the bath!”

*yowl!* “What are you doing! Joshua! Put me down this instant! Don’t you dare!”



“Josh has dropped Amber into the bath! Which has left her a miserable looking catgirl!”

“But it has also convinced the Producers that Amber is clean enough to open the door to the final Intimacy Challenge!”

“Couple #1 still has a shot!”

“Couple #3 is trying to regroup, with Beatrix kneeling in front of Gabe trying to coax his mojo back...”

“Gabe, I’ve slithered here on my nest of tentacles, and am taking the biggest of your dozen cocks into my mouth, knowing that your cum will make it a pussy.”


“Can you do it for me? Transform me with you cum! Give me a cunt face!”

“Beatrix is licking and kissing Gabes half-hard cock while he rubs his aching belly.”

“Meanwhile Lacey has had another orgasm, but has managed to kick Archie off of her and tackle him to the floor!”

“She is straddling his lap reverse cowgirl style and has managed to push him inside her!”

“They are fucking! Lacey bouncing wildly, her modest breasts bouncing, her manacle chains rattling!”

“Archie looks close! Clearly excited from all that sexy oral!”

*pants* “Demons!” *grunt!*

“And there he blows! Archie has cum! Couple #2 has won the Domestic Challenge!!!”

*pants* “Wow...”

*laughs* “Yeehaw pardner...” *pants*

“Congratulations Lacey and Archie! Back to our host Cynthia Sparks!”


“Thanks lovely ladies!

Cacophonous Congratulations to Couple #2, the winners of the Domestic a Challenge!

This is one regal repeat performance!

As winners they again are Immune from the next Transformation Round and win a marvelously modest Cash Prize!

But we still have one last super segment for you all tonight, fine friendly folks!

Let’s hop pity hop over to Cassia for her terrific transformative time!”



So it’s that time again. Tonight I’m getting a “home” themed transformation and you guys voted for me to get the “Vagina” change. *Takes a deep breath* Who knows how that’s going to turn out?

Okay, so... I’m still a smoking hot popstar with a great body, except now that includes eight large, perfect teardrop breasts that cover my torso from chest to my crotch. I have long, beautifully toned legs and arms, and a firm, but still round ass. I have my original vagina... for who knows how much longer... and a large human scale cock that mmm, is actually getting hard right now? I think I’m turning myself on a little bit here. *blushes* This whole transformation thing is kind of hot you guys.

I’m holding tonight’s vial of special elixir, designed by our Alchemy Team to give me my Home transformation.

I hope you guys made me something nice!

Time for my medicine.



Mmmmm, that tastes like home somehow. Ah, I’m getting a feeling like nostalgia. But like in my flesh? It’s really nice, and ahhh, it’s really centering itself in my eight breasts...

Ooooo, that’s intense! My tits are getting bigger, and *moans* something really *moans* intense is happening inside them!

*pants* Is this some kind of “home” is like a “bosom” and a bosom is tits gag.... Ahhhhhhh!

*gasps* Oh... my... ah... eight nipples have all just... split open and are.... oh demons oh fuck... swelling? Ooooo b-b-blossominnnnng into.... labia! With the, oh, bumps of my nipples are bec-coming clits!

I-I-I-I-I.... AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhnnnnhhhhhhhhHHHHH!!!

*pants* Oh demons, did I just fucking orgasm on tv.....

*blushes* And I fucking squirted too... from my tits....

*phew* I h-have eight new pussies where I used to have nipples. Th-that’s right folks! I have eight vaginas, one on the tip of each of my eight beautiful tits.

Which are still wet and dribbling Something white and sticky. Am I lactating pussy-juices? *strokes a nipple-cunt and shivvers* Oooooh Demons. *sniffs finger, licks it* Why does it taste like milk and cookie butter? And how does it still smell so much like pussy?

So yeah, I guess I’m now a hermaphroditism with eight breasts with vaginas in them? W-w-w-wild, right?

I’m gonna have to put more vibrators in my rider...

Anyway, b-back to you Cynthia!


I wish we had put a camera in your dressing room...

So this concludes our second Belial Idol: Couples Challenge Round!

The wacky winners of the Domestic Challenge are once again Couple #2!

Congratulations Lacey and Archibald!

You have won another modest cash prize and gained immunity from this Transformation Round!

Since there are no skip weeks for transformed contestants, that means that both our other comely couples *are* available to transform this round!

YOU! The at home viewing audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!!

Your choices are:

Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh, a fine fancy feline catgirl and her bouncey bimbo boyfriend!


Couple #3: Beatrix and Gabriel, a curvy librarian with a transformation fetish and her big, chill alchemist fiance!

Who will it be!? All four contestants are unchanged! Which Couple will be transformed next!?

It is up to YOU! to VOTE!

I’m your happy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!


Note from the Producers: Hi again! I’m putting this up a bit early because this weekend is too spooky to spend time on uploading. So enjoy the treat!

For the next TF round the choices are:

1. Amber (a multibreasted Siamese catgirl) and Josh (a male identifying curvaceous bimbo with a huge cock, lipples, and no mouth on their face)

2. Beatrix (a baseline human woman who is short and curvy and a librarian) and Gabriel (baseline human man with a big dick and large body)

To vote for the next Couple transformed follow this link: https://www.strawpoll.me/21192094

See y’all the first weekend in December for Transformation Round 2!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

agian a realy nice episode smile iam al little sad that i have to wait another month for the next one ^^


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the producers: Howdy all. I suspect many of you are burnt out on the whole concept of voting, but if you still have anything left in the tank, there is one week left to vote for the next Transformation Round:

For the next TF round the choices are:
1. Amber (a multibreasted Siamese catgirl) and Josh (a male identifying curvaceous bimbo with a huge cock, lipples, and no mouth on their face)
2. Beatrix (a baseline human woman who is short and curvy and a librarian) and Gabriel (baseline human man with a big dick and large body)

To vote for the next Couple transformed follow this link: https://www.strawpoll.me/21192094

@Nebellelegende: Haha, I cannot believe I did the first Belial Idol weekly! Monthly is much better for my schedule, to make sure I (and my excellent collaborators) have time to make the best chapters possible, and to save time for other writing projects. Hope the wait is worth it!


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oh the wait is definitely worth it ! smile