Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 2

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Beings too horny and boorish to be either! Welllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show where Contestant Couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the wholly horny home audience votes for who is changed by our salacious sensate celebrity judges!

Tonight is the superbly sexual Second Transformation Round where the couple YOU! Voted for will be transformed! Each Contestant in the couple will take a turn entering the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to figure out which judge will transform them!

At the end of this naughty night both contestants in the couple YOU! voted for will be changed forever!

But first let’s check in with our lactating cunt nippled and multiply busty, hermaphrodite friend Cassia to interview the wickedly wonderful winners of our challenge round, Couple #2.”


“Thanks Cynthia. Hi Lacey! Hi Archie!”



“So you’ve won back to back Challenges! That’s exciting!”

*laughs* “Was there ever any doubt?”

*laughs* “Aw hun, don’tcha get all cocky now!”

“I thought you loved it when I’m ‘cocky’?”

“Now yer just puttin’ words in mah mouth...”

*laughs* “You’re just trying to set me up...”

“Mah, whatevah do ya mean?” *bats eyelashes*

*laughs* “You two are feeling frisky.”

“Victory’ll do that, I reckon.”

“So what are your plans for this prize money?”

“Well we can definitely get the deluxe milker now.”

“Which I reckon ya could use there Ms. Cassia, what with the milk drippin’ from your six boob cooters there”

*blushes* “It would be nice to relieve the pressure a bit. But how would that work? I don’t really have nipples anymore...”

*coughs* “The deluxe model comes with special attachements...”

“Oooooh. I guess I should look into getting one of my own.”

*winks* “I reckon!”

“Well congrats to you both and good luck with the next game. Back to you Cynthia!”


“Thanks Cassia! Okay folks! The penultimate to the penis hardening moment has arrived!

I am super duper exited to announce that VOTES are in and the majority of our awesome audience wants to see...





*giggles* Someone sounds excited! Couple number three will be transformed tonight!

That’s right fellatio favoring folks! Beatrix, our luscious librarian and turbo transformation fan, and Gabriel, our good guy and aspiring alchemist, will be the Contestants transformed tonight on Belail Idol: Couples.

How rockhard riveting!

Cassia, how does our lucky couple feel?


“Thanks Cynthia! Well Beatrix and Gabe, how does it feel to ‘win’ this transformation vote?”

*claps hands* “AH! I am *so* excited! Ecstatic!”

*laughs* “I can see that! Aren’t you at all nervous? You don’t know what kind of transformation you’ll be getting...”

“That’s part of the fun for me! To be changed randomly, to not have any real control over the process.... it’s totally hot! Ooooo... I can’t wait!”

“What about you Gabe?”

“I’m really excited for Trix! She has wanted this her entire life.”

“That’s sweet. But I meant what about you; you’re getting changed too.”

*chuckles* “I’m excited too. I mean, I got into Alchemy because I love transformation and always thought I would eventually get changed....”

“You sound a little hesitant?”

“I guess I’m a bit caught up on the practicalities of it? At least one of us has to be able to work, right? To look after us. Not to mention the loss of normalcy. It’s exciting, but also a lot to think about.” *chuckles* “But I guess it’s too late for doubts now?”

*laughs* “Maybe a bit.”

“I guess it’s better than a lab accident!”

*laughs* “Hopefully!”

“As a multiply transformed person, do you have any advice for us?”

“Oh? Umm... I guess try and embrace it? When I had my first change, grew my cock, I was put off by it and tried to deny that I was different.” *blushes* “But having a cock is awesome! It feels so good! I should’ve just enjoyed it from the start, y’know? When I got my nipple-cunts, I did the opposite, and just went for it, bought a whole fleet of toys to insert into all my vaginas at once. Just stuffing myself like a pincushion full of big vibrating rubber... Mmmmm. It’s been simply amazing!” *giggles* “So, yeah, just fucking go for it!”

“Hurry up! Stop talking! Make with the Wheel!”

*laughs* “You’re impatient!”

“Better throw it back to Cynthia before Trix goes on a rampage!”



“Well you heard the at-the-moment-still-a-lady! Let’s get going!

Now is the moment you all have been waiting for!

Since she called dibs and is a little scary, Beautiful Beatrix is up first!

So Beatrix, hippity hop-hop-hop on down to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then we will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

But first, let us welcome this week’s Guest Judge!

Introducing the Cuntry Music Sensation!

The singing Centaur!

Johnny Cocks and his wife-penis June!”


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi.”

“And I’m Doe.”

“Tonight we get to see our next Couple get permanently transformed!”

“With the help of Johnny Cox and his wife June!”

*Wooo!* “I’m such a fangirl!”

*giggles* “You would be...”


*clop clop clop clop*

“And there he is now! Johnny! Woooo!”

“Johnny Cocks from the waist up is a ruggedly handsome man, with tanned leathery skin, a toned muscular physique, and  a salt-n-pepper goatee! He has an acoustic guitar strapped to his back and is wearing his trademark black cowboy hat and nothing else.”

“From the waist down, Johnny Cocks is all horse! A strapping, powerful, roan red mustang with white sock above his shining hooves. The horse body is a hermaphrodite with a large black mare pussy and a truly enormous stallion cock.”

“And not just any stallion cock! That penis is Johnny Cocks wife!”

“That’s right, June Wood-Cocks, a beloved Cuntry singer and comedienne in her own right, fused with Johnny and their beloved horse Trigger to become the hottest Cuntry music duet act in the world!”

“June is physically a full-sized woman made out of an equine penis. From the hips down her body is entirely cock, with the raised band of her cock sheath around her waist like a belt. Above that she looks like a woman with mottled pink and brown skin: she has a chest, arms, breasts, a head and a neck.”

“Of course her head is also the glans of the equine penis that she is. Her throat has a bumped collar of flesh, like the rim of a horse cock glans; she is bald, and her beestung lips are the opening to her urethra.”

“Her head is also heartshaped instead of round, flared like the proudest stallion’s cock!”

“Johnny Cocks is rearing up, forelegs kicking the air, and June is smiling and waving.”

“Howdy y’all! How’s everyone doin’ tonight!?”

“The crowd is going wild! Woo!”

“They are really happy to see June!”

*laughs* “Aww shucks, y’all so sweet! See Johnny boy, I told ya they’d like me more.”

“Everyone always does, Baby.”

“Doe, y’know they say that June controls the whole horsepart of their body and that Johnny is just along for the ride?”

“Well, I guess it makes sense since she was already managing his career, keeping him sober, writing most of his best songs, and raising their kids...”

“What a cock!”

*giggles* “Johnny and June have trotted over to the Judge’s desk, pushed the unnescesary chair aside, and reared up and put that their front hooves on the table so that June can peer over the edge of the desk.”

“Judge Number 1: Zoe, our resident multi-armed, multi-breasted, giant serpent alchemist has been working on a series of complex math equations on paper while also playing five-finger fillet with a syringe filled with alchemy. Noting the arrival of our Guest Judge she is now looking intensely at June and licking her pussy-mouth lips with her long flexible tongue. She looks like she wants to make a meal out of her. And of course the needle is still rapidly stabbing between her one hand’s splayed fingers the entire time.”

“Judge Number 2: Bree Kensingworth, our other regular judge, is a film director whose body carries several animalistic changes most notably four pink-skinned breasts, a mare’s vagina, and an enormous black stallion’s cock. Tonight Master Kensingworth looks dashing in a houndstooth tweed jacket and a purple velvet codpiece, but also appears every so slightly flustered. His elegant nose is dilated and sniffing at some sort of scent.”

Oooo his equine cock is totally hard!”

“June has propped herself up on the table and is batting her eyelashes at Master Kensingworth...”

“Well howwwwdy there, ya fine sweet equine thing!”

*raises eyebrow* “I beg your pardon?”

“I reckon I’m a fan! Yer that film director, right?”

“Indeed, but I’m highly skeptical that your familiar with my oeuvre.”

“Golly ya lay eggs too! That’s mighty interesting!”

*coughs* “Well as a matter of fact I do, but I was referring to my body of film.”

*laughs* “The only body of yours I want is the one with that sweet mare pussy!”

*blinks eyes* “Oh...” *frowns* “...” *blushes slightly* “...”

*drools precum* “Ya smell downright intoxicatin’.”

“Hmmm. I might have noted that your cunt is also giving off a rather musky aroma as well. Reminds me of a former lover...”

“You’ve fucked a centauress before?”

“No. I seduced my family’s horse. It was the subject of my first film.”

*laughs* “Now *that* sounds like a movie I’d like to take a gander at!”

*titters* “Doe, that might be a Bree Kensingworth film even I’d be able to sit through!”

*giggles* “I doubt you’d be able to just *sit* through it!”

Ohhhh myyyyy. Johnny Cocks is giving Zoe an apologetic look.”

“Wives and cocks, what are you gonna do with them?”

“Zoe is writing something beautifully on a piece of paper covered in cryptic math symbols and handing it to her new and very nervous looking assistant. Who is, this week, a tall young woman with red frizzy hair and a newly earned forearm sized cock.”

“Ah-hem. Zoe says: ‘I have some suggestions.’

“Shucks, I love my Juny-cock just the way she is.”

*titters* “Zoe has rolled her eyes and went right back to her math, while still playing the knife game with her loaded alchemical syringe.”

“Once again, I have to question why she even has a syringe loaded with alchemy given the precautions our Producers have assured us they are taking...”

“Speaking of Those-the-shall-not-be-named, let’s get back to the Rundown: Beatrix has ran to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and jumped right on in!”

“And with a little help from our resident Alchemists. The Chamber is closing, closing, closing... Sealed!”

*titters* “Beatrix is nearly vibrating with excitement!”

*giggles* “She certainly looks impatient! So without further ado, let’s get started with our next Transformation!”

“Back to you, Cynthia!”


“Ladies, Gentlemen, Pets and Possessions! Our contestant Beatrix is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFOMATION!

...which is a job for Gabe, the handsome hubby of the bodacious Beatrix! Cum on up here, Gab-zukes and spin! That! Wherl!”

“Okay! Let’s do this!”

“You look excited!”

“I am. Beatrix is so happy and it’s really cool to be part of this moment with her.”

*laughs* “I meant you’re raging erection!”

*blushes* “Well, it’s not every day you get to see the woman you love transform into the sexual monster of her dreams. It’s fucking hot.”

“It sure is!”

*muffled* “Spin the damn wheel!”

*laughs* “Okay, for our own safety, Gabe, spin that wheel in...”




“Love you Babe!”

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"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER ONE for todays transformation!
Let the transformation begin!”


Oooooooh yesss. Folks it’s finally transformation time!”

Mmmmmm I’m so excited!”

“And so is Beatrix who is fondling her tits and touching her pussy!”

“Doe, she is full on jilling off in there!”

“Demons demons demons ahhhh.”

“She sure is! I guess she was too excited to wait!”

*titters* “Taking the old cunt for one last spin before it’s maybe gone for good!”

“Ahhh, ahhh, AHHHHHH!”

*giggles* “And there she goes!”

“It’s a good thing women don’t have an obvious refractory period!”

“Well women with cunts....”

“Right! Hashtag gender awareness!”

“So THE WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected Zoe as the judge for Beatrix’s change.”

“Which is terrifying!”

“Zoe has completely stopped moving, put aside her mathematics, and set down her alchemical syringe. She is just staring at Beatrix, her long tongue flicking out to taste the air and stroke her cunt mouth.”

“Absolutely menacing!”

“Beatrix is, to remind the audience, currently a short, curvy woman with generous breasts, thighs, and ass. She has pale skin, centre parted black hair, and wears catseye glasses.”

*titters* “But not for much longer!”

“Zoe has lifted up the tip of her long serpentine tail, inserted it into her cunt mouth, sucked on it, and pulled it out, glistening with her grool. Her six hands are all resting on the table, and she is slowly lowering her cunt juice slick tail onto the Blue judges button!”


“Beatrix has just been soaked in alchemical fluids!”

“Yessss! Oh demons yes!”

“And she has gone right back to masturbating!”

*titters* “She really is a transformation fanatic!’

“Beatrix has stopped fondling her tits to try and touch her back, like she has an itch on her shoulder blades....”

“While keeping one hand buried in her snatch!”

“Oooo is it, oh, on my back? Fuck I wish I could see...”

“We can see! It appears that Beatrix has sprouted two nipples on her back, on her lower shoulder blades, about where her original frontside nipples are.”

“And the flesh under those nipples is swelling, becoming a new pair of tits!”

“Beatrix has finally managed to brush her expanding back breasts with a hand!”

*Squeeee!* I’m transforming! It’s finally happening!”

“Her back tits have grown as big as her front pair, and now all four breasts, which are already pretty large, are expanding, swelling to pornstar proportions!”

“I’d estimate Beatrix has gone from having two D cup breasts to four F cup breasts.”

“Ohhhhh, ahhhh, I want more!”

“Zoe has written another immaculately penned message and given it to her assistant.”

“Do not worry, there is always more to come.”

“Bobbi, I think I see the next stage of the transformation.”

“Oh? Where?”

“It looks like Beatrix is sprouting more nipples, yeah, it’s a little hard to see with her expanded original tits, but Beatrix has three more nipples in a row on her ribs!”

“You’re right! And it looks like she has grown three matching nipples on her back too!”

“And two more, one on either of her sides, in line with the other six nipples...”

“So eight more nipples in a circle around her body.”

“Make that eight more breasts! The nipples are growing adipose tissue, and expanding into a veritable belt of breasts that go all the way around her body below her top breasts and arms!”

“Oooooo, I have more tits! Oh fuck yesss!”

“Beatrix is grabbing and fondling her many breasts, squeezing them as they expand and grow into solid D cup breasts!”

“I like how the spacing of her breasts means that her bigger top pairs pool into the double cleavage of the lower breasts over front and back. It’s very cute!”

“Oh Demons! Ahhhhhnnnnnnnn! I’m, I’m gonna need more arms!”

“Zoe is writing another message on her papers...”

“Arms are terribly overrated.”

“I wonder what that means for Beatrix...”

“I guess we are about to find out!”

“Bobbi, I just noticed something: Gabriel is totally jacking off to this!”

*titters* “Yeah! It seems Beatrix’s hubby gets off on watching her transform! Maybe almost as much as she is loving being transformed!”

*giggles* “I think I can guess why he went into Alchemy!”

*titters* “Do what you love!”

“Oh demons! My arms feel funny!”

“Beatrix has stopped finger fucking herself to hold up her arms and look at them...”

“Her fingers are getting longer, and starting to curl and coil in a way that is impossible with bones!”

“And as her fingers elongate, her hands are splitting apart, becoming five separate tubes of flesh.”

*Squeeeeee!* “Tentacles! I’m growing tentacles! Oh fucking yessssss!”

“Her arms are splitting all the way up, now to her elbows, now to her shoulders leaving her with ten tentacles instead of arms!”

“Tentacles that are getting longer, long enough to brush the floor and sprouting an inner lining of suction cups, like an octopus!”

“Ohhhh fuck! This is, ahhhh, such a fucking dream! OOooooooo!”

“Beatrix is fondling, groping, and teasing her many breasts with her tentacles!”

“And she has inserted a tentacle into her pussy and anus and is fucking herself like her own hentai monster!”


“And so hot!”

“Oh! Ohhhhhhh! Demons! Demons fuck! Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“And there she blows!”

“Orgasming and constricting her body with her tentacles, really crushing herself in a knot of herself!”

“Oh and her tongue is lengthening out of her open, screaming mouth, unfurling to be six, eight, twelve inches long and prehensile!”

“Oh I bet she’ll like that!”

“And we are getting the indictaction that the transformation is now complete.”

“So Beatrix has transformed from a curvy librarian into a woman with ten tentacle arms, and twelves breasts arranged symmetrically around her body.”

“And a lengthened tongue!”

“Zoe is writing one more note... and she has broken her pen?”

“Oh! She has grabbed her new assistant by the arm and yanked her toward her!”

“She has reached down and grasped her assistant by her enormous penis with another hand!”

“And picked up her syringe, tossed it in the air, making it flip end over end, caught it and driven it into the arm of her assistant, injecting her with the alchemy!”

“Her assistant is rapidly shrinking, being sucked into her cock which is also shrinking a bit, going from a full sized person to something that fits easily in one of Zoe’s hands.”

“And now Zoe is writing with her former assistant, now a pen?”

*giggles* “A pen-is, since her assistant is now mostly a cock that writes with a black, cummy ink, but with a tiny pair of breasts and a face at the end, like a tiny armless animate bust!”

“A face that is pinched in ecstasy as she experiences orgasmic pleasure from writing I guess?”

“And another Zoe assistant is retired...”

“Zoe is holding the newly completed sign up, beautifully written in thick gloppy ink, and showing it to Johnny Cocks.”

“Y’all this here sign says,‘It’s a start.’”

“Zoe remains terrifying!”

“And Beatrix is transformed!”

“And with that, let’s check in with Cassia who is waiting with Gabe!”

“Thanks ladies! Gabe, you sure look like you enjoyed watching that!”

*pants* “Yeah-yeah, that was w-wild...”

“Do you like the new Beatrix?”

“Well, the most important thing is that she likes it...”

“Oh, I think we *all* know that she does!”

*laughs* “Yeah... but yes, I can’t wait to fuck her while she clutches at me in her tentacles.” *blushes* “It’s something we may have roleplayed before...”

*laughs* “Delightful! You’ll have to tell me how the real thing compares to the fantasy! Are you ready for your turn in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES?”

“Yeah... Yeah, I think so. Yes.”

“Okay! Over to you Cynthia!”


“Ladies! Gentlemen! Living components of a Fleshpirate Airship! We still have a second titular transformation tonight!

The second member of our honored couple, Gabriel, is being sealed in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

Which means it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION! Again!

So Tentacled Trixie, cum on down!”

“Hello! Ah! I’m so excited for Gabe to change!”

“Is that why you’re groping yourself and stroking your cunt with your new tentacles?”

“Oh... uh... No? They just seem to start doing that when I’m not focusing on them...”

“Like they have a mind of their own?”

“A *very* naughty mind...”

“Oooo I like it!”

“Mmmmm me too.... although it’s, ah mmm, a bit distracting...”

“Speaking of distracting tentacles! It’s time to Spin! That! Wheel!




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"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER THREE for Gabe’s transformation!
Which is Cuntry Star Johnny Cocks!”

“Oh Gabe! I can’t wait!”

*laughs* “Me neither, back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”


“Hello again Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“If you are just tuning in, we have already transformed Beatrix, our curvy librarian contestant, into a curvier, multiply breasted librarian with ten tentacles for arms!”

“And now we are going to transform Gabe, Beatrix’s boyfriend and youthful alchemist!”

“Gabe is locked inside the CHAMBER OF CHANGES awaiting his dose of alchemy!”

“Gabe is currently a tall, heavyset guy with shaggy brown hair and a beard! And also just an absolute hammer of a cock!”

“But for how much longer?”

“The WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected the Guest Judge: Johnny Cocks to do his transformation.”

“Johnny Cocks has taken his guitar off his back and is strumming it, humming a tune.”

*strums guitar* “Ye know, Juny-cock, times like these I feel that we’re truly Demon blessed...”

“Oh here we go folks!”

*strums guitar* “That we live in times where a simple Cuntry music superstar, such as myself, can fuse with his favourite horse and his dear wife...”

“Which was all mah idea.”

*strums guitar* “And I guess I’m just downright thankful, is all...”

“Johnny-dear, why don’t ya focus on the signin’ about drinkin’ and eatin’ cunts?”

*strums guitar* “Maybe I’ll sing a little song for the moment...”

“Get on with it, dear...”

*strums guitar* “I just wanted to use this here forum is all, to share with y’all my thoughts...”

“Ya always did your best thinkin’ with your cock, dear.”


*giggles* “And June has used just stamped on the Green Alchemy activation button with one of their foreleg hooves!”


*titters* “Soaking Gabe in alchemy! Away we goooo!”

“Huh. It smells like.... fresh cut grass?”

“Gabe is kind of squirming, shifting, and flexing his muscles...”

“Which are getting bigger and bulkier.”

“Yeah! Our slightly overweight guy is getting swole!”

“Especially his legs which have reached bodybuilder degrees of muscular and are still growing!”

“As opposed to his upper body which seems to have topped out at part-time power lifter! Muscular, but not really ripped!”

“His legs now have muscles on top of muscles, and his hips are widening to accommodate his enormously jacked thighs!”

*giggles* “It’s like someone doesn’t know he can skip leg days!”

“Ahhh! I feel so *POWERFUL*!”

“Now Gabe is kicking his super muscular legs out, and they are shifting...”

“His toes are fusing as his feet lengthen and his calves shorten....”


“And Gabe is now standing on monstrously muscular digitigrade legs!”

“Which end in huge cloven hooves!”

*growls* *stamps hooves*

“Now he is growing a long ropey tail and a pair of horns are pushing out of his head!”

“He looks like a bull minotaur!”

“Specifically a Bulging Blue bull...”


“It’s a breed of cow known for being cartoonishly muscular due to differences in myostatin gene expression...”

“Doe, why do you know that?”


*titters* “Well Gabe now has super muscular bullish legs, and a full sized pair of bull horns...”

“Johnny Cocks seems quite pleased with the transformation so far.”

“If there is one thing I know, it’s cattle!”

*drools precum* “Intimately...”

“Back in the CHAMBER Gabe looks uncomfortable and appears to have started sweating?”

“Oh.... so hot! Burning up!”

“Bobbi, you’re right, but it’s a strange sort of perspiration... like black beads of sweat on his legs that are sort of hanging there and spreading...”

“The black tarry sweat is only happening on his lower body, while on his upper body it’s just normal sweat!”

“Except that all of his body hair is falling out, leaving his skin smooth, showing off his newly muscular chest and arms!”

“The droplets of black sweat on his legs are flowing together, coating Gabe’s lower body in black tar?”

“Oooooo! I think it’s latex!”

“Doe, I think you’re right!”

“June-cock, if there is another thing I know about, it’s that black gold. I’m nothin’ if not an Oilman.”

“Oh here we go! “Blah blah the future is in plastics....”

*deadpan* “Well it is!”

“Gabe is now from the waist down a super muscular latex Minotaur!”

“With a rather underwhelming set of male equipment...”

*giggles* “Gabriel’s formerly impressive cock does seem less so, compared to his massive new lower body.”

“Oh, I’m so HARD! Oh Great Demons!”

*titters* “I’m guessing that is about to change!”

“That’s right folks! It looks like Gabe’s black, shiny latex balls are swelling!”

“Are they ever! The size of oranges! Cantaloupes! Basketballs!”

“His scrotum is totally smooth except for four bumps which are lengthening and growing into tubes...”

“His balls look like... an udder?”

“That’s right Bobbi! Gabe’s Scrotun has expanded into a huge, taught, latex udder with four teats as big as his original cock...”

“It hangs heavily between between his muscular thighs!”

*giggles* “It’s a good things his hips widened to make space for it!”

*titters* “And that his legs bulked up to carry the load!”

“Oh Demons! It feels so full!” *groan*

“Oh look! Some sort of white fluid is leaking out of the udder!”

“I guess Gabe is a milker now!”

“Ohhhhhh...” *grunt* “Somethings happening to my ass!”

“Let’s check the reverse camera angle!”

“Something is happening to Gabe’s butthole, squeezed between his hugely muscular glutes!”

“His anus is swelling and becoming puffy... a wide latex ring for raised flesh...”

“It’s a bovine vagina!”


“Oh hello there sweetie pie...”

“Gabe his fingering his new cunt and tugging on a teet, milking himself!”

“I’m not sure that’s milk... it looks too plasticky?”

*moan* “Ah still so FULL!” *snort*

“Gabe is now stroking his black latex cock...”

“Which is finally starting to grow!”

“It has grown one foot long, two feet long, two and a half feet long!”

“And folks, it is *thick*! That beast is easily wider than a soda can!”

“Hmm, the base of the cock appears to have a sheath like horse cock, but the top half of the cock is definitely human!”

“A humongous circumcised human black latex penis!”

“With an enormous black latex udder instead of balls!”

*snort* “Ahhhhhh” *moan*

“Gabe is jacking himself off with both hands wrapped around his massive penis!”

“Oh! It looks like Beatrix is loving the show! She is laying on the ground, writhing in a knot of tentacles...”

“Some of which are buried deep in her cunt and ass!”

*stamps hooves* “Demons! Demons! Demons!” *BELLOWS!!!*


“And there he blows!”

*titters* “Gabe has just exploded in a torrent of white cum from his cock!”

“With matching jets spraying out of his udder balls!”

“And even a good goosh of white fluid sluicing out of his bovine cunt!”

“Hmmm... The cum doesn’t look like semen... it’s sticking to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and coating it?”

“Weird. What do you think it is?”

“It looks like white latex. I think Gabe lactates and cums white latex!”

“Oooooh! Kinky!”

“Johnny Cocks is reaching under his equine body to give his June-cock a good stroke.”

“Ya did good there Johnny-boy.”

“Thanks baby. I told y’all that plastics were the future!”

*titters* “Or at least Gabe’s future!”

*giggles* “To sum up, Gabe has transformed from a big bearded guy into a muscular latex Minotaur!”

“Let’s check in with Cassia to see what Beatrix thinks of Gabe’s new form!”

“Bobbi, I think we already know what she thinks...”

“Whatever! Take it away Cassia!”

“Thanks ladies! I’m here with Beatrix!”


*laughs* “I see you’re still lied up in knots!”

“Uh, yeah, these things take some getting used to! They certainly get so tangled up...” *Sounds of skin slipping on skin and suction cups popping off* “There, that’s better!”

*laughs* “Free at last! Ha. So what do you think of Gabe’s transformation!?”

“I *love* it! His cock looks amazing and I can’t wait to show him just how much fun having a pussy is! And that latex body... mmmm!”

“So you don’t have any reservations?”

*bites lip* “Well, I am a little worried that I won’t be able to accommodate that cock entirely, but I’m keen to try. And hopefully my next change makes me a little stretchier...

*gasps* “B-Beatrix, you’re, oooooh,” *pants* “tentacle monstering all my tit cunts...”

“Oh Demons! I’m sorry! These things have minds of their own!”

*moans* “You don’t h-have to stoppp...”

“Oh.... wow....” *blushes*  “I should though, at least until I have a chat with Gabe...”

*groans* “And I guess I have a little business to do.” *takes a deep breath* “It’s time to announce my next transformation!

I’m currently a sexy, athletic and toned woman with a cock, pussy, and eight perfect, large tits that have cunts instead of nipples and which leak a milky fluid. And want very much to be filled and fucked by tentacles... ”


*clears throat* “The Producers tell me my next transformation will have a “wild” theme and the voting options are:
1: Tiger
2: Zebra
3: Giraffe
4: Elephant

So uh pick whatever you want to me be?”

“Oooh! It’s so hard to pick just one! I think they would all suit you! Would the Producers give you more than one?”

“Don’t give them ideas! Anyway! Back to you Cynthia.

(And Beatrix, I’ll be in my room later if you... or your gentleman... want to stop by...)”


“Yowza! Wowza!

Although, I’m wondering what I have to do to get some titillating tentacle time? I remember when I was the interviewer getting all the lovin’....*sigh*

Next up is the Third Challenge Round: The Barnyard Race! So tune in next week to see which of our Competitive Couples will win immunity and who could be transformed next!

And remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next ‘wild’ themed transformation!

I’m your hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Thanks for tuning in and goodnight!”

Notes from the Producers: Thanks to Redstar00 for Guest Judging this week and designing Gabe’s transformation and Johnny Cocks and June. Thanks to Ordos Tsceri for designing Beatrix’s transformation and Zoe stuff, and The_Wanderer for Bree stuff.

Remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next transformation! Polls close in 2 weeks. Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42225119

See y’all the first weekend of the new year! May 2021 suck exponentially less!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the Producers: there is one week left to vote for Cassia’s next change. It’s actually quite close this time, so go vote! Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42225119


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol
Challenge Round 3

“Ladies and Gentlemen! People who are more decoration than person! Welcome back to Belial Idol: Couples, the game show where Courageous Couples undergo rounds of tantalizing transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! The awesome audience votes for which contestants are changed by our panel of salty celebrity Judges!

Last Episode was our second Transformation Round where Couple #3, Beatrix and Gabriel, were transformed! Beatrix from a luxurious libraian to a tentacled fantasy! Gabriel from an alchemical researcher to a latex minotaur!

Tonight we will be playing our third Challenge Round game to determine who wins a modest cash prize and earns immunity from the next Transformation Round!

Tonight’s game will also reveal which Couples can be changed in the next Transformation Round!

This Challenge Round Episode our Couples will be playing in the Barnyard Race, a game designed to test how well our Craven Couples work together!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!”


“Hi folks! It’s me, Cassia, your eight breasted, vagina-nippled, hermaphroditic interviewer! And as always I’m checking in with our Couples before the next game starts!

Say hello to Ambergris and Josh!”



“How are you both doing? Amber, I see you have a diamond encrusted collar on and that your hair is tied back into pigtails with light blue bows.”

*blushes* “I got the collar for myself as a gift, but the hair was Joshua’s idea.”

*giggles* “I just wanted Kitty to look like, totally extra cute for tonight!”

*laughs* “She does look very cute! So what is your plan to win a barnyard challenge? Any experience?”

*lashes tail* “My father owns a small hobby farm to keep his dressage horses, but I’ve never really visited. Horses are boring!” *starts licking hand-paw*

“Okay? What about you Josh, any strategies?”

“Like, I dunno? I guess try my very best? Maybe do, like, whatever the other guys are like, doing? But faster? Right Kitty?”

*coughs up hairball*

“Moving onto Couple Number 2: Lacey and Archibald!”



“Are you two ready for tonight’s game?”

“We sure are!”

“Darn tootin’!”

*laughs* “More confidence from all your winning?”

“Naw, we reckon we’ve got a real advantage over these here greenhorn cityslickers!”

“Because you still have your original bodies?”

*laughs* “No, on account of we’re real actual farmfolk.”

“Lacey has all of the skills: milking, roping, branding...”

“Oh! Archie yer makin’ it sound real kinky, like.”

*chuckles* “Sorry, I shouldn’t distract you before the event!”

*laughs* “What about you Archie, do you also have the farm skills?”

“Eh? He ain’t completely useless...”

*chuckles* “I’ll take that as a compliment!”

*laughs* “Moving onto Couple Number Three! Hi Trixie, hi Gabe.”

“Hey Cass...”


“Oh! Mmmmm... hello tentacles...”

“...Do you want me to make them stop?”

“Oooo.... No...” *pants*

“Ladies! You’re making me jealous!”

“Oh Gabe, you *love* it... Here Cass, come here...” *kisses passionately*

*Grunts* *stamps hooves* *snorts*

“Ohhhh, we b-better stop before he loses c-control again...”

“Mmmm... why not let him? You certainly liked it last night...”

“Sssssss-Cynthia! B-back to you, st-start the game before we..” *moans* “have an incident here....”


“Oh bubbly boo! Just when things were getting *interesting*...

But anyway! I have some extremely edifying and exciting news to announce!

This Challenge Round will involve help from our illustrious in studio audience!

That’s right! If you volunteered to participate (and signed the waiver indemnifying the Producers from any liability related to said participation) then you might be called tonight!

So! In some particular order!

Edgar and Tammy Green, Cum On Down!

Ken Chic, Cum On Down!

Peggy Wood! Sarah Swinson! Wilbur Hogstrander! Bo Argo! CUM! ON! DOWN!

Please follow the directions of the happy helpful alchemical assistants and head to your positions in the Barnyard Race course!

Happy changes and have fun!

And with that final piece of business, we’re rip, ready, and raring to get on with our race!

Let’s check in with our ladies in the booth!


“Howdy transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“And today we are here to tell you about the Belial Idol: Couples Barnyard Race!”

“It’s a race in a barnyard... I think that about covers it?”

*titters* “You’re forgetting to the most important part!”

“I am?”

“The Barnyard Race is sponsored by our friends at Cleanly Farms!”

*giggles* “That’s right! Cleanly Farms: the only farm where you can be sure no animals were harmed in making your meal...”

“...because the only animals involved are people!”

“Cleanly Farms is People! It’s People!!”

“Well, animal people.... who we have been asked by our sponsor to specify are treated humanely. Just not humanly?”

*giggles* “Who wrote this ad copy?”

*titters* “A cow probably!”

“Mooo-ving right along... the Belial Idol: Couples Barnyard Racecourse has been set up in our studio space in a broad circuit around a central red-painted barn!”

“Our Contestant Couples will move around this dirt track, stopping to do farm-related tasks. The first Couple to finish all their tasks and make it to the finish line wins!”

*giggles* “Like I said, it’s a race in a barnyard...”

“Our contestants are standing in the starting pen, which is in a small fenced off area near the start of the barnyard track.”

“To remind our at home and sometimes sightless audience: Couple #1 is Ambergris and Josh. Amber is currently a fancy catgirl with tawny furred paws for arms and kegs, eight kitty titties, a long cat tail, and some other fine feline features!”

“Meow! And Josh has the bodacious body of a beautiful bimbo with curves, big fake looking tits with lipples, and a long hard cock! He also has no mouth on his feminized face!”

“Couple #2 is Archibald and Lacey who are still, sadly, baseline human. Archie is a dark skinned and elegant looking man and Lacey is a fit, sturdy woman with red hair and freckles!”

*titters* “But for how much longer!?”

“Couple #3 is our most recently transformed contestants: Beatrix and Gabriel! Beatrix went from being a curvy little librarian, to a woman with 12 big breasts stacked in two tows which wrap around her body and ten tentacles instead of arms! She also has a lengthened and prehensile tongue!”

“Gabe meanwhile has gotten muscular and became a latex minotaur from the waist down with black latex hooved feet, a black latex udder, a black latex bovine vagina, and a huge black latex cock! He also lactates and cums white liquid latex.

“The three teams look eager and impatient to start!”

“And so are we! So let’s get on with it!”

“The first task zone has rich dark soil that has been lovingly tilled in rows and hung with empty bamboo trellises, as if for a garden.”

“Now our first two In Studio Audience Volunteers are being directed to remove their clothes and stand in the center of the soil.”

“Edgar and Tammy Green are a married couple in their early 40’s and pretty average looking: both are a bit overweight but are otherwise pretty unremarkable.”

“Edgar runs a small landscaping company and Tammy is a local florist. They told us their dream is to open a small greenhouse.”

“The pair is now standing awkward and naked in the field, and our tame alchemists are shoveling dirt over their feet and legs so that both people are burried to the knee.”

“Another alchemist, wearing a large fertilizer spraying tank and hazmat suit is now approaching the couple. The Alchemist is spraying the couple thoroughly with the fertilizer alchemy!”

“Oh! Looks like they caught one of the other alchemists a bit too! A woman member of the team! Whose hair just went from brown and boring to a brilliant cascade of green leafy vines... with little pea pods hanging out like decorations!”

*Titters* “Ewww! She has pea in her hair!”

*Giggles* “The Greens are changing even more.. becoming well, green!”

“That’s right! Their skin has turned green, and their legs have fused together into stems that seem to be rooting them into the soil!”

“I guess instead of opening a greenhouse, our volunteers are about to move into one!”

*titters* “Only with the help of a shovel!”

“Both Edgar and Tammy are losing their arms, which are shriveling up, and retracting into their bodies, while their hair is changing into a broad leafy facsimiles of their previous hairdos!”

“Oh, Tammy‘s breasts and hips are growing, making her extremely curvy and giving her a real nature goddess vibe.”

“Edgar seems to be getting much more muscular, like a rippling plant-based vegan beefcake!”

“Oh! And their nipples just turned into flowers: Edgar’s a purple, broad starshape with yellow middles and Tammy’s are all yellow, but with pointier flowers...”

“I’d say that Tammy’s nipples look like tomato flowers, while Edgars look more like aubergine blossoms...”



“Egg? Plant?”

“Penis emojis...”

*titters* “Oh! Okay!”

“The Greens’ genitals have remained mostly human, but have become green and enlarged into a huge vertically oriented cunt on Tammy and a long hard green cock on Edgar.”

“Both sets of genitals are dripping a thick, resinous pollen fluid....”

“And the couple looks super horny!”

“Hmm... it appears their transformations have stopped....”

*shuffles papers* “This doesn’t seem to be what our outline has led us to expect...”

“Oh! One of the alchemy team, the woman with the pea hair, is now approaching the couple with what look’s like a paintbrush!”

“The leafy alchemist is carefully dipping her paintbrush into Tammy’s green, resinous cunt, sweeping it around until it’s sticky and glistening with her juices.”

“And now she is carrying the paint brush over to Edgar!”

“She is painting his sticky, dripping green penis glans, getting his resin all over the brush...”

“Oh! And Edgar looks like he’s coming! Just absolutely writhing in silent pleasure!”

“And the Alchemist is rushing back over to Tammy and shoving the paintbrush into her snatch, making her orgasm in a silent rictus of ecstasy!”

“Our volunteer couples are still showing us their o-face, and the soil around them is moving a bit...”

“Oh! The garden is filling with little green shoots, tiny little plants that are stretching into vines and climbing the provided trellises!”

“The new vines are getting thicker and putting out leaves and... It looks like there are two kinds of leaves? One is kind of broad? And the other is thinner and spiky?”

“That would be an eggplant leaf and tomato plant leaf...”

“Speaking of tomatoes and penis emojis, the vines, which are now towering and thick, are sprouting buds which are growing into fruit?”

“That’s right! The garden now has giant red tomatoes, each the size of a very large breast, and dark purple eggplants the size of thighs!”

“Yeah except these tomatoes have dark green nipples and the eggplant have bright green glans instead of stems!”

“It seems our first stage is finally set up and ready for the race!”

“Oh! The alchemist with the leafy hair has just pushed the Green’s sticky paintbrush down her pants and oh! There she blows!”

*giggles* “It seems our tame alchemist has just cross pollinated herself! And she is having one heck of an orgasm!”

“And the little pea pods in her hair are getting bigger and heavier!”

“I’d say she went from Snow to long, shelling peas now, Bobbi.”

“Oh Snap!”

“Alright our contestant couples are being given the starting signal!”



“And they’re off!”

“In this first stage our Couples are expected to harvest the Green Garden, picking ten breast tomatoes and ten cock eggplant, and loading them into their carts, which are stationed at the end of the garden nearest the track!”

“Couple #2, Lacey and Archie are taking the problem on full steam, like the professional farmers that they are!”

“Archie is working methodically, massaging the stems with his long, delicate fingers, making Tammy and Edgar writhe in pleasure, and making their fruit fall off the vine.”

“Archie is then setting the fruit gently on the ground. Lacey is picking the plucked fruit up, two at a time, and rushing them to their cart!”

*giggles* “She is currently carrying a pair of tomatoes in her arms like big red tits, green areola out!”

*titters* “It’s a good look for her!”

“Couple #3 is also going to work, although they seem to be having some difficulty...”

“Beatrix is stroking and picking several pieces of fruit at once with her ten handsy tentacles, which is good; but has also managed to get herself tangled with the vines!”

“Gabe meanwhile looks to be avoiding the tomato breasts and focusing on eggplants, although I have no idea why?”

“Do you think it’s because the tomatoes are red? Like they might make him angry like a bull?”

“Well, Bobbi, it’s actually a myth that red enrages bulls. Bulls are color blind and can’t actually see the colour red...”

*titters* “Yes, but does Gabe know that?”

*giggles* “I have no idea!”

“Couple #1, Josh and Amber, are being Couple Number One....”

“Which is to say that Josh is doing his best to pick some fruit while Amber seems to have found a stray butterfly to stalk through the garden...”

“Yep, our resident Belial Idol catgirl is prowling on four limbs, butt and tail in the air, slinking after a bug!”

“And it looks like Josh just noticed...”

“Kitty! Like, get to work!”

“Mew, quiet I’m *hunting*...”

*dramatic sigh* “Oh Kitty...”

“It looks like Beatrix is really struggling to get her tentacles free of those vines!”

“It’s like every time she focuses on unwinding one tentacle, all her other tentacles just go back to teasing the Green plant-people and get all wound up again...”

“Demons! Arrgh! Tentacles no.....”

“The upside is that she’s managed to stimulate the Greens enough to drop all the naughty produce her team needs for their cart!”

“Gabe is scooping up armfuls of tomatoes and eggplant and carrying them to their cart.”

*giggles* “While being very careful to not actually look at any red-skinned tomato boobs!”

“Couple #2 has efficiently picked their produce and loaded their cart...”

“Now all they need is a pony to pull it!”

“That’s right! One member of each Contestant Couple has to put on a pony costume and harness and drag the cart around the course!”

“Lacey has started to pull on the hoof boots...”

“Archie, I reckon I’ll be pull this here cart...”

“Are you sure? You’re a better farmer than I am. I think our chances to win go up if I’m pulling hot cart...”

*blushes* “I want to be the pony.... please....”

“Oh! Ohhhhhh....”

*titters* “It seems that Lacey finds being tied up, harnessed, and treated like a pony sexy...”

“Don’t you?”


*giggles* “Archibald is helping Lacey into her ponygirl costume and harnass which is comprised of hoof boots, a leather harness that sits on her upper chest, winds between her breasts, and then rests against her stomach to her hips.”

“The harness comes together on her back such that her arms need to be bound across her back to close. It’s quite complicated!”

“And finally to finish off the look is a butt plug sporting a fake horse tail, specifically made to match her red hair!”

“Our other Sponsor: Kinky Tails having made a tail for each contestant...”



“What in tarnation was that?”

*giggles* “That was the sound of the locks engaging! Lacey is now trapped in her ponygirl costume with her arms bound and chained into her pony costume for the rest of the Barnyard Race!”

“I think you’re locked up again, dear...”

“Ohhhh demons....”

“I guess you should giddy up.”


“Lacey has lurched into motion and is now pulling the heavy cart onto the dirt track and towards the next task.”

“I must say that Lacey has tremendous ponygirl form: straight back, chest held out high and proud, tall elegant steps! She’s a master!”

*titters* “And here I thought she was the sub!”

“Meanwhile, Couple #3 has loaded their cart and now Gabe is working to pull Beatrix free of the vines.”

“He has his muscular arms wrapped around her waist just below her second row of boobs, dug in his latex hooves, and has started to pull....”

“Okay Babe, 1, 2, 3” *grunts*

“Owww ow ow ow! Stop! Stop!”

“Demons! Sorry! Okay... can you focus on totally relaxing all your tentacles at once?”

“I think so? These things are so tricky!”

“Gabe is now slowly but relentlessly pulling Beatrix out of the vines, and her tentacles are slowly sliding free....”

“And she is.... free!”

“Now she has turned in Gabe’s arms so they are face to face and kissing, with her legs wrapped around his hips, and her tentacles wrapped around everything else...”

*kisses* “My hero!”

“Not just that, but it looks like some of her tentacles have started to probe Gabe’s bovine vagina and stroke his udder...”

“Oh! And his long latex cock has gone from rubbery flaccid to rock hard and is pressing against Beatrix’s crotch!”



“Gabe is carrying Beatrix out of the garden, his hard latex cock rubbing against her cunt with every hoofbeat.”

“And now they are at the cart where they have to choose which one of them has to be the pony for their team!”

“Should we rock, paper... scourge for it?”

*laughs* “I think I should do it, Trix. I’ve already got the footwear...” *clop clop*

“Gabe will be the bull pony. Pony bull? Whatever!”

“They are strapping Gabe into the pony costume, but skipping the hoof boots and tail since he already has his own.”



“And Gabe is locked in, arms restrained, for the rest of the game!”

“Ready, dear?”

*Paws ground with hoof* “Yeah...”

“Good. Then go!” *cracks tentacle whip*

*giggles* “And Gabe is off! Rapidly pulling his team’s cart with his super muscular legs!”

“Our pony-bull-pony-boy seems built for this section of the course!”

*giggles* “Beatrix is really struggling to keep up, tentacles trailing, 12 breasts bouncing heavily as she jogs!”

“Meanwhile poor Josh has finally finished picking all of the required boob tomatoes and cock emojis and has loaded them into their cart.”

*phew* “Okay Kitty, it’s, like time for one of us to totally like, pull this cart? Do you, like, want to do it?”

*flicks tail* “Of course not.”

“But Kitty, I like, just did all the work and I’m totally tired!”

*licks paw* “So?”

*whines* “Kitty....”

“Meow, the sooner you start pulling the cart the sooner we’ll get there.” *Twists around to clean inner thigh*

“Josh is pulling on the pony costume, slipping on the hoofboots, harness, and inserting his tail buttplug. He makes a strapping pony with his big round, fake looking tits hanging proudly.”



“Josh is locked into the cart and is starting to pull it, his two nipple-mouths gritting their teeth with effort....”

*giggles* “And Amber has leapt up onto the cart and is laying down among the produce!”



“Couple #2 has reached the second task area!”

“This area has three closed sheds with small paddocks! Each Contestant Couple must first choose a shed to open to gather what they need for this next section...”

“Since Pony-Lacey is locked and harnessed to her cart, that means this part of the race is up to Archie!”

“Archie is surveying the sheds and has chosen the middle one to open...”

“He’s reaching out, pulling open the door, and...”


“That’s right folks! It’s time for a dairy challenge!”

“And not just any dairy challenge: it’s the return of the Belial Idol Cowgirls! In this case, let’s give a warm welcome back to Suzie!”

“Suzie was a volunteer from the first Belial Idol who was transformed from an athletic looking woman into a curvaceous cowgirl!”

“Specifically she currently has a curvy body with Holstein patterned skin, cow horns and features, a tail, and hooved feet!”

“But most importantly for this game: she also has four large lactating breasts with teat-like nipples, and a big cow’s udder hanging from her crotch!”

“These days Suzie works as a happy milk cow for today’s sponsor: Cleanly Farms!”

“Cleanly Farms: Moooooooo!”

*titters* “Now that slogan was *definitely* written by a cow!”

*giggles* “Or at least a cowgirl! Anyway, Archie has led Suzie out of the shed with a lead clipped to her nosering and has also fetched a large steel milk can, stool, and steel pail.”

“He has led Suzie over to his cart where she has set her hands and bent over letting her udder and breasts hang heavily.”

“Archie is sitting on his stool with the pail placed under Suzie’s udder and is milking her with his long, elegant fingers.”

“Oh, Lacey is watching with a lot of interest...”



“I’d shake yer hand, but Ah’m a might bit trussed up, present like.”


“How d’ya find bein’ livestock?”


“That good, huh?”


“I don’t reckon you’re lookin’ for a new farm?”


“Oh, I don’t think our Sponsors will appreciate our Contestant meddling with their cattle....”

“But that’s a problem for those-who-we-do-not-mention....”

“Anyway! To complete this task, our Contestants must milk their cowgirl enough to fill their big milk can completely! Which I would say is about 2 gallons.”

“The Contestants will then load their milk can onto their cart and bring it and their picked produce to the next part of the course!”

“Archie seems to have the milking technique down and is making great progress!”

“It looks like Couple #3 is pulling into the Dairy Task area! They were really able to make up time!”

“Gabe’s powerful legs have really given him the ability to haul ass!”

*titters* “Don’t you mean haul bull? He’s a minotaur not a donkeytaur!”

*giggles* “Beatrix has chosen to open the first milking shed, revealing their Belial Idol Cowgirl!”


“It’s Carly! Carly was transformed in our last show from a petite skinny woman into a curvaceous mostly-human cowgirl with a cow’s tail, ears, and cute little horns!”

“She also went from having small, perky breasts to two huge breasts with four human nipples on each!”

“Yeah, Couple #3 is at a serious disadvantage here: Carly produces milk, but nowhere near as much as the Cowgirls with udders.”

“Beatrix has led Carly out by her nosering and carried her milk can, two pails, and a stool, all clutched in a different tentacle...”

“While her free tentacles grope and caress Carly’s large breasts, squeezing them, making them seep milk!”

“Oh! Carly and Gabe are staring at each other and starting to breath pretty hard...”

*titters* “Do I sense some animal attraction?”

“Gabe’s latex cock has returned to its full, impressive length and he is pawing at the ground with his hooves, making his cart move....”


“Meanwhile Carly has turned her back to Gabe and has lifted her tail: clearly a bovine invitation to fuck her!”

“Beatrix doesn’t seem upset though? If anything I’d say she’s bemused?”

“And horny! Her tentacles are teasing her nipples and pussy! I think she wants to watch....”

“Dear, it’s alright if you want to...”

*Snort* “Are-are you sure?”

“I don’t mind sharing and... these bodies are meant to be enjoyed, succumbed to.”

“Beatrix has given Gabe a little whip with her tentacles and now he is lunging to get at Carly, pulling his cart along behind him!”



“And Gabe, our latex Minotaur, and Carly, our cowgirl, are fucking like a couple of cattle!”

“Carly has fallen forward, hands on the ground with her ass in the air, and Gabe is fucking her from behind, leaning over her as much as his harness will allow!”

“Yeehaw! Ride’em cow-people!”

“Oh! It looks like Beatrix is joining the fun!”

“That’s right, Doe, she has come up behind Gabe and is burying her long, flexible tongue in his white-latex leaking bovine snatch!”

*giggles* “Beatrix is in for a wild ride, with Gabe’s wildly thrusting hips smashing his super muscular ass into Beatrix’s face!”

“Beatrix has her eyes on the prize though, since she has also maneuvered the pails under her two bovine lovers and is milking both of them will they all fuck!”

“Her tentacles are squeezing Carly’s breasts, kneading milk out, which is dripping partially into one pail, but she is also milking Gabe’s testicle-udders, squirting his white latex ‘milk’ into the other bucket!”

“Beatrix really isn’t getting much milk from Carly, but she is getting tons of latex from Gabe!”

“Does that even count as milk in this contest?”

“The Producers have just ruled that because Gabe’s latex is technically edible and is produced by an udder, that it does indeed count!”

“It seems Couple #3 is back in the game!”

“Couple #2 has meanwhile filled their jug with milk and Archie is loading it onto their cart!”

“Suzie has given Archie a big, friendly lick in thanks for an expert milking.”


“Aw, shucks, it was nothing...”

“Archie just does happen to own just the nicest, right clever hands, dontcha’ reckon? Plays ya like one of his fine instruments. If’n ya joined our herd, Ah could make sure ya get that kind of service real regular like...”


“Lacey, enough recruiting, time to giddy up!” *Spank!*


“And Lacey is off, once again high steeping in perfect ponygirl dressage form, moving towards the next challenge area!”

“Couple #1 is finally pulling into the milking task station!”

“Josh looks absolutely bushed, bent over, both of his nipple mouths gasping for breath, making his huge fake tits wobble!”

“And Amber is leaping off their cart and landing lightly on all four of her paws, cool as a kitty.”

“Amber is trotting over to the third milking shed and has batted open their door revealing their Belial Idol cowgirl!”



“It’s Tina! And Janet!”

*giggles* “Two cowgirls for the price of one!”

“Tina is a quadruped cowgirl who was the most transformed in our previous Belial Idol contest: she stands on four cow legs, is covered in spotted cow fur, has a tail, her face has a long bovine muzzle and other cow features, and she has a full cow’s vagina!”

“Tina is also the proud owner of two udders: one with two teats on her chest made from her original breasts, and an absolute champion milker’s udder that hangs heavily between her hind legs!”

“She is an absolute milk making machine!”

“Janet meanwhile was transformed into a bullgirl!”

“Janet is a tall muscular woman standing on hooved legs, covered in brown fur, and has a tail and some other bovine features! Her most striking feature is a huge pair of bull horns growing from her head!”

“She has medium sized breasts which do lactate a little, but instead of an udder, Janet is blessed with a full sized bull cock and balls!”

“Janet isn’t much of a milk producer, but is instead here to help milk Tina, to really take advantage of her double udders!”

“Bobbi, this is a huge boost for Couple #1, who could really get back into this race here.”

“Janet has brought out two pails and stools and has started to milk Tina’s bulging, enormous main udder.”

“Amber meanwhile is still curiously circling Tina, studying her tits and sniffing.”

“Meow! Cream!”

*titters* “Amber has latched herself onto Tina’s breast udder is happily suckling on her milk!”

“Noooo! Bad Kitty! You are, like, supposed to be helping! Kitttty!”


*giggles* “So much for the double milkmaid advantage!”

*titters* “At least they are still in the race!”

“Speaking of the race, Couple #2 is approaching our second task area where Ken Chic is waiting on a wooden platform covered in straw!”

“He is holding a vial of alchemy and is waiting for his signal to drink it! Which is now!”

“Ken is currently a gawky, skinny guy who is short with a really small penis. He is also kind of twitchy nervous looking...”

“But not for long! He is currently scratching himself as... feathers push out of his skin!”

“Specifically white feathers with black fringes, kind of like a natural outline, as if the feathers were drawn on by an artist! It’s actually quite beautiful...”

“Ken is also getting bigger, growing both taller and thicker as his feathers grow in and plump him up even more!”

“I’d say he is about ten feet tall now, and very puffy with his black and white feathers!”

“Some of his new feathers, those on his butt and head are growing longer, becoming a wide fan of tail feathers and an equally wide fan of head feathers, like a fancy hairdo!”

“Y’know, Bobbi, between the coloration and the distinctive head plumage, I’d say that Ken Chic is becoming a Silver Laced Hen....”

“Ken is starting to take on a decidedly female figure, although he doesn’t seem to be growing boobies!”

“No, it looks more like his pectorals are growing into chicken-like flight muscles, which give him a prominent and busty-looking chest, but without any nipples or mammary tissues!”

“Ken is also getting very wide hips with downright plump thighs and ass!”

“His lower legs are becoming very thin and growing scales while his feet are reconfiguring into clawed bird feet!”

“Meanwhile his arms are growing long feathers and shrinking into useless little flightless wings!”

“His mouth and nose have merged and push forward into a cute little beak and checking the crotch-iso-cam, it appears that yes, Ken no longer has a micro-penis, but instead is now the proud owner of a giant hen cloaca!”

*titters* “Ken Chic is now a Chic-Ken!”

“And a decidedly pregnant one, as his, or I guess her, stomach is pushing out in an obvious bulge!”


“Oh Chic-Ken is now squatting and pushing an egg the size of a handball out of her cloaca!”

“She is flapping her stubby little wings and looks to be enjoying the experience!”



“Looks like Chic’s first egg is ready and waiting for Lacey and Archie to use in the next leg of the race!”

“Checking back on the milking challenge it looks like Couple #3 has managed to fill their milk canister and disentangle themselves from their steamed-milky threeway!”


“Beatrix’s face and tentacles are coated in white latex from Gabe’s udder and cunt; and a very satisfied looking Carly has white latex coating her thighs and crotch from Gabe’s ejaculate!”

“Beatrix is giving Carly a many tentacled hug and passionate goodbye kiss!”


“The display is making Gabe’s long, latex cock go from hanging to hard again...”

*snorts* “Trix we gotta go now before.... I lose it again...”

*clicks tongue* “Don’t rush me...”

“Get in the cart!”

“Beatrix and Carly are loading the milk canister into the cart and now Carly is boosting Beatrix aboard!”

“And they’re off, Gabe pulling the cart with his mighty legs, making them speed along the dirt barnyard track!”

“Hmmm... Beatrix is licking at her mouth with her long, flexible tongue and frowning thoughtfully... I wonder what’s up?”

“Something to look into later! Since Lacey and Archie have reached Chic-Ken’s nest!”

“So what happens in this section of the course, Doe? Do they just throw an egg or two into the cart?”

“Not exactly!”

“Do they... place the egg gently in the cart?”

*giggles* “Not at all! In this section of the course our Contestants are going to do a Belial Idol variant of an egg-and-spoon race!”

“Those eggs are the size of grapefruit, how are they going to carry them in a spoon?”

“How? By using a specialized jumbo spoon-slash-gag that our pony players will hold in their mouths!”


“Our ponies will have to carefully trot to the next stage of the race while balancing their eggs with their mouths! If they drop their egg they will have to backtrack to Chic-Ken to get another one!”

*titters* “Egg-cellent!”

“Archie has picked up an egg-holder gag and is showing it to Lacey!”

“The gag has a measuring cup sized bowl for holding an egg and a long, thick handle modded to look like a cock for the ponies to hold in their mouths. There is also a strap to secure the egg-holder gag onto the face of the pony Contestant.”

“Okay Lacey, are you ready?

“Ooooo Archie, this is... right sexy....” *shivers*

“I know you like it, but you need to keep it together just a bit longer...”

“But,” *pants* “Archie, can’t ya just make me come one little time?” *pants* “Ah’m wetter than a watering hole....”

“No, we have to keep going! We can win this thing!”

“Archie has pushed the egg-holder gag into Lacey’s mouth, making her eyes go wide with arousal, and is now bucking the straps closed!”



*titters* “Which has locked itself closed for the rest of the game!”


*giggles* “Lacey loves it!”

“Archie has gotten the egg from Chic-Ken’s nest and placed it into the egg cup! Lacey has to strain to hold it up and balance the heavy object!”

“Alright, girl, giddy up!” *slap*


“And off Lacey goes, walking on legs made rubbery with intense arousal, nostrils wide and panting!”

“What comes first? The Lacey or the egg?”

*giggles* “The Chic-Ken!”

“Speaking of chicken, Gabe and Beatrix have already made it to Chic’s nest!”

“Unfortunately, they will have to wait until she lays her next egg!”

“Which shouldn’t be long based on the size of her curved belly...”

“Meanwhile Couple #1 has filled their canister of milk and finished their milking challenge !”

“More like Janet and Tina finished the challenge for them...”

*giggles* “Amber looks quite happy and full of cream. She has climbed back onto the team cart and curled up for a nice catnap!”

“Josh has started to pull the cart, straining to pull all of the produce, milk, and his catgirl girlfriend!”

“But they are at least on the way!”

“Speaking of on the way! Chic-Ken is squatting, flapping her wings, and orgasming as she squeezes out her next egg!”

“Bokbokbokbok... cock-a-doodle-doooooooo!”

*giggles* “There she crowns!”


“Beatrix is holding up the egg-holder gag for Gabe...”

“Sorry dear, I’ll try and make this up after for you...”

“It’s okay, mmmhhhnnnffff...”



“And now Gabe is locked in!”

“Beatrix has placed their egg carefully in Gabe’s holder!”

“Which with Gabe’s enhanced strength seems not to bother him at all!”

“And they’re off!”

“Gabe is moving much more carefully than before, but Couple #3 is still gaining on Couple #2! Probably because Lacey is positively wobbling in arousal!”

“It’s a race!”

“Since two of our Couples are nearing the final task area, let’s check in with how it’s set up!”

“Our final four volunteers are standing naked in ankle deep mud inside a pen and looking around uncertainly!”

“We have Peggy Wood: a slightly chubby grad student and aspiring dietician!”

“Sarah Swinson: a very fit twenty-something triathlete!”

“Wilbur Hogstrander: a short middle-aged lawyer with a cute little beer belly!”

“And Bo Argo! Who has no listed trade except ‘fighting tyranny’, is in his thirties, is covered in tattoos, and has a long scraggly beard!”

“Our team of potty-trained alchemists have surrounded the pen with what look to be dart guns...”

“Except for the alchemist with the pea-hair who has a long bamboo straw?”

*Fwip* *Fwip* *Fwip* *Fooo!*

“Our alchemists have just darted all four of our volunteers! Presumably as a means for transformative alchemy delivery!”

“The skin of all four of our volunteers is becoming very...pink...”

“And their noses are flattening and becoming wider with very large nostrils!”


*titters* “Piggies!”

*Giggles* “That’s right, Bobbi, we now have Belial Idol pigs! Who are now growing little curly tails, floppy piggy ears, trotters on their feet, and hands with three trotter fingers!”

“They are also growing extra nipples, eight per piggy, boy and girl, and our two new boar’s cocks are changing to remain large and generally human, but now sheathed, red, and twisted at the end like a pig’s!”



“Our four piggy volunteers look very emaciated, with flat bellies, obvious ribs, and flat tits!”

“Emaciated? Bobbi, that’s a fantastic word!”

*titters* “Thanks, I learned it from our word of the day toilet paper you bought us! It means hungry!”

*giggles* “Just one of the unexpected learning opportunities of conjoinment!”

“But, Doe, why are the piggies so skinny? I was expecting them to be plump if nor downright fat!”

“Don’t worry Bobbi, it’s coming! The next phase of our race has our Contestants deliver their produce, milk, and eggs to our porcine volunteers! They will then wait until the piggies eat all of their food, and then our Couples will sprint to the finish line!”

“But before Couples #2 and #3 pull into the pig station, let’s check in with Couple #1, who is just pulling up to Chic-Ken who has managed to lay two eggs in the time it’s taken Josh and Amber to reach her.”

“Amber is looking at Chic-Ken and licking her lips, tail twitching!”

“Meow, pretty birdy!”

“Kitty, like, noooo. Just get the egg!”




“Amber has picked up one of the egg carrying muzzle cups and pushed it into one of Josh’s lipples!”

“The strap buckles won’t close, so Josh will just have to suck, suck, suck on the holder’s dildo-gag to keep that egg in place!”

“Amber has leapt over to Chic-Ken and picked up one of her eggs, now walking over on hind legs and carefully carrying the large egg to Josh, who is still trussed up and restrained by his pony gear!”

“She has heavily placed the egg in the cup, which has caused Josh’s big, round tit to wobble, almost making the egg fall out!”

“Kitty! Like, careful!”

“Joshua, mrrrow, keep your tit still!”

*titters* “Joshua, since he has two lipples, can speak and suck at the same time!”

“I can’t decide if that is an advantage or not?”

“Egg aboard, Josh, still walking in his hoof boots and pulling Couple #1’s cart, is taking his first careful steps forward, his tits wobbling and making the egg holder bounce dramatically!”

“Joshua! Careful!”

“I’m like trying!”

*giggles* “Whoops!


“Egg down!”

“Joshhhhhuaaaa! Mrrrowww!”

“Like, sooorrrryyy!”

“Looks like they will have to go back and get another egg!”

“Lucky for them, there is still an extra egg in the nest which Amber has fetched and placed in the holder sticking out of Josh’s left tit!”

“This time Josh is moving much more slowly and carefully, taking short, mincing steps!”

“Which is helping...but his boobs are still bouncing!”

“They are starting to make some progress....”

“Slow and steady....”


*giggles* “Egg down!”

*titters* “Again!”

“Oh! Frick-cicles!”


“Hey Bobbi, what does making an omelette have in common with using a lipple to carry an egg?”

“Dunno, Doe.”

“You can’t do it without breaking a couple eggs!”

*titters* “Heey-oohhh!”

“Now Couple #1 will have to swing back to Chic-Ken and wait for her next egg!”

“Meanwhile it looks like Couple #2 and Couple #3 are both pulling up to our pig pen at once, eggs still intact!”

“Archie and Beatrix have both gotten to work piling their food offerings up for the starving piggies! Boob tomatoes! Eggplants! Cowgirl milk! And of course one giant egg from each Couple!”

“The piggies are rushing over and sniffling the food... clearly very excited!”

“Peggy Wood has lifted one of the breast sized tomatoes with a green nipple and is taking a big old bite of it!”


“And now she is absolutely going to town on the thing, eating it completely while the other three piggies watch...”


“Peggy has instantly gained some weight from her treat, becoming less skinny!”

“But it seems that a disproportionate amount of that weight has gone to her tits which are now eight solid a-cups!”

*giggles* “And she has immediately grabbed another tit tomato and started chowing down on it too! Making herself even bustier!”

“It looks like Wilbur has decided to try a penis emoji, and whoop! His cock has grown substantially!”

“Sarah, our former triathlete, is taking an experimental drink of milk....”

*snort snort snort*

“And it appears to mostly just make piggies chubby, the milk instantly going to her thighs, butt, and tummy.”

“Oh, she looks a bit unhappy with this change and has pushed the milk aside...”

“I think she’s going to try and diet the game out....”

*tummy rumble*

*titters* “Good luck with that! This piggy has a better chance of flying...”

“Peggy, who continues to chow down mostly on boob tomatoes, has taken a break to drink some of the milk, making herself pleasantly chubby with round full d cup breasts!”

“Peggy is into the piggy!”

“Bo, our bearded... rougher... male piggy, has chosen an egg to eat and has cracked it open, swallowing the fluids inside raw!”


“And Bo is now the proud owner of a pig vagina below his now shrunken penis!”

*giggles* “It looks like he likes it! He’s going straight for the other egg!”

*snorts* *SQUEAL!*

“And now Bo is completely female and a totally feminized sow piggirl!”

*giggles* “She’s adorable! And now Bo is pushing Peggy aside to get at some tit tomatoes!”

*titters* “Piggy wants herself some titties!”

“Both Couples #2 and #3 are stuck waiting for the pigs to finish their share of the food before they can move onto the next stage of the race...”

“Lacey is trembling with arousal, rubbing her thighs together and gasping through her nose!”

“Being dressed as a bondage pony and gagged seems to agree with her!”

“Archie is yelling at the pigs to try and get them to eat his food first, but Beatrix has been trying to use her tentacles to move her food to better attarct the pigs!”

“Oooh but doing so has put her near Lacey and, I’m not sure Beatrix has realized it, but her tentacles have latched onto our horny ponygirl!”

*titters* “That’s right! Beatrix has Lacey constricted in her tentacles, which are binding her even tighter, teasing her breasts and pussy!”

*giggles* “Lacey looks super into it!”

*titters* “And Beatrix has just figured out what is going on!”

“Demons! I’m so sorry!”

“Lacey is breathlessly shaking her head and squeezing her thighs to hold a tentacle pressed against her labia...”

“You like it?”

“Lacey is nodding vigorously, making her harness rattle...”

“Well. Okay then.... you pretty pony....”

“Beatrix has latched onto Lacey like a horny octopus, pressing her breasts against her, letting her tentacles roam over both their bodies, knot them together, wiggle inside their pussies....”

“Ooooooh. Lacey is loving this! Like she is finally getting the weird fucking she’s wanted this entire game!”

“Hmmm... Beatrix is licking her lips vigorously with her lengthened, prehensile tongue!”

“Lacey is writhing in the tentacles, her entire pony costume clad body twisting....”

“There she blows! And still they’re going...”

“Oh! And Archie has just noticed that his girlfriend is being fucked by a competitor!”

“And... he’s decided to just masturbate to it! What a good sport!”

“I mean it is quite the show those two are putting on....”

“Gabriel is watching too, and based on his erect, rigid, black rubberized cock and it’s dripping white latex precum, he is also enjoying the show!”

“Poor bull can’t blow his own horn though...”

*giggles* “A tough break!”

“Speaking of tough breaks... Couple #1 has finally gotten their next egg and placed it into the egg holder clutched in Josh’s left lipple....”

“Joshua! Mew! Be careful!”

“Quiiiietttt! I’m like totally trying to concentrate here!”

“Josh is moving very slowly... but those boobs are still too wobbly....”




*Titters* “And there goes another egg!”

“Looks like Josh and Amber are heading back to the nest to start this leg over again...”

“Meanwhile at the front of our race the piggies are making quick work of their snacks!”

“Peggy and Bo have been fighting over breast tomatoes and drinking lots of heathy cowgirl milk and have become two plump pigs, each with eight huge, squishy tits!”

“Wilbur has been keeping after his diet of penis emojis, with the odd drink of milk, and has become quite the boar with a huge semi-porcine cock, tusks, and a body both muscular and fat!”

“A far cry from the soft little lawyer he was to start the game!”

*titters* “He’s the big pig now!”

“Poor Sarah is standing fast to her abstinence, clutching her belly and looking miserably at the other pigs pigging out....”

*tummy grumble*


“She better not wait too much longer, or else everything is going to be eaten!”


“Sarah has cracked and is finally pigging out!”

*titters* “She is grabbing whatever she can! Penis emojis! Titty tomatoes! Milk!”

“The mixed diet is having an interesting effect!”

“The boob tomatoes are going right to her boobs! All eight of them have gone from barely there to big and bouncey!”

“The penile eggplants have given Sarah a cock! She’s now a proud hermaphrodite!”

*titters* “This little piggy is sporting a huge hog!”

“Sarah has also had enough milk to fill out a bit and become chubby, but not as fat as the other pigs! Plus all the eggplant-male energy has left her with some solid muscle tone underneath her plump skin...”

“Is she thicc? I never know when to call someone thicc...”

“With that big cock of hers I’d say she is THICK!” *giggles*

*titters* “With Sarah’s help our pigs have managed to eat up all of Couple #2 and #3’s food meaning that our Contestants can proceed to the next stage of the contest!”

“This food delivery has left our four volunteers as a big, fat boar-man, two fat multiply busty pig-girls, and one curvy and thicc piggy herm!”

“And now our happy piggies are wallowing in the mud getting their fuck on!”

*various oinks, moans, and squeals*

“Bo Argo, our newly female pig, is really into being penetrated! She is sucking Wilbur’s cock and getting railed by Sarah, who is herself getting fisted by Peggy!”

*panting, grunting, squealing*


“There she blows!”

“Sarah has just obviously cum with her new penis! Just pumping Bo full of her boar spunk!”

*titters* “Maybe someone should have warned Bo that Chic-Ken’s eggs convey hyper-fertility....”

*giggles* “Anyway, our two leading couples are now on the homestretch! They just need to gallop to the finish line! First one there wins the race!”

“Of course there’s a twist: our couples must unhitch their pony team member, saddle them, and then the free contestant must ride their pony to the finish line!”

“Archibald has managed to untangle Beatrix and Lacey, both of whom look flushed but and happily post coital after their tentacle bondage fucking!”

“Lacey is blushing and avoiding Archie’s eye contact. She looks like she wants to say something, but remember, she is still gagged with the phallic egg-holder!”

“Archie doesn’t look mad though, if anything he is being extra tender and affectionate as he expertly unhooks Lacey from the cart and starts to saddle her.”

“It’s okay babe.... I know you just needed to get fucked, and I should have done it myself, sooner.”


“Plus it was really... stimulating to watch you get fucked like that by another hot lady....”


“I think it’s given me some ideas....”


“Alright, time for you to giddy up pony!”

“Archie has secured the saddle and is climbing up into it, sort of in a piggy-back ride position!”

*giggles* “More like a pony-back ride! Lacey is bending a bit under Archie’s weight, but is managing to hold him up and lurch forward on her hoof boots!”

“Meanwhile, Beatrix is having issues getting Gabe unhooked from his cart!”

“Yes, it seems like the buckles are giving her some issues!”

“Also giving her some issues is the fact that half her tentacles have started to molest a very horny Gabe!”

*giggles* “Those things certainly have a one-track mind of their own!”

“While Couple #3 struggles, let’s check in with Couple #1!”

“....Speaking of struggling! Couple #1 has secured another egg and placed it in Josh’s eggholder cup, which remember is gripped in one of his lipples!”

“He is walking as slowly and carefully as he can, and this time Amber is walking backwards in front of him, holding his tits to support them!”

“Their teamwork seems to be working and they are two thirds of the way to the piggy task area! They might be able to catch up!”

*titters* “Or at least feed the pigs...”

“Oh! Amber has just dropped back down to all fours and is winding around Josh’s legs, purring...”

“Kitty? What are you, like, doing?”


“Kitty? Amber, like, hey!”


“Oh, Kitty, are you... like, are you in heat again?”


“Oh you poor pussy! Like, okay, but you need to be totally gentle so we don’t, like break this egg too, okay?”

“Amber has turned around, lifted her fluffy cat tail up, and exposed her pink, wet sex!”

“Josh still wearing his pony costume with his arms tied behind his back, has gotten a very big boner!”

“And Amber has backed herself onto his cock, humping back against him, yowling!”


“Kitty! Careful! The Egg!”

“That horny pussy has no interest in being gentle!”

*titters* “And neither does Amber!”

“Oh no!”


“Demons, like, fuck it!”

“The egg is down!”

“So Josh is just going for it, railing Amber, who is caterwauling and screeching!”


“And there she blows!”

“Oh Demons! AHHHHH!”

“And there Josh blows too! Who it seems is a screamer!”

“Oh! Amber has just noticed the broken egg...”

“Jooooossshuuuaaa! You broke another one!”

“Hey Doe, why didn’t the catgirl notice the broken egg?”

“Dunno, Bobbi....”

“Because she was getting LAID!”

*giggles* “You CRACK me up!”

*titters* “I’m great at YOLKS!”

“Folks, at the front of the race, Couple #2 has a commanding lead, with Lacey carrying Archie slowly but surely to the finish line!”

“Behind them Couple #3 has finally gotten itself together, with Gabe all saddled up, and Beatrix climbing aboard!”

“I wonder how much faster Gabe can carry Beatrix with his fearsome new strength?”

“And they’re off!”

“Gabe is thundering down the course, just churning his enormously strong latex legs!”

“And Beatrix is clinging on for dear life with her tentacles!”

“Well, some of them! Some of her tentacles are stroking Gabe’s cock, teasing his pussy, and whipping him in the ass!”

“The combination seems to be motivating, since he just keeps running faster!”

“Archie has noticed that Couple #3 is gaining and has started to spank Lacey, trying to goad her into more speed!”

“Come on Lacey! Faster Pony, faster! Hiyah!”


*titters* “I think the spanking might be having the wrong effect!”

*giggles* “Lacey seems to be clenching her thighs and going a bit weak in the knees!”

“Couple #3 is gaining.... gaining... gaining.... past them!”

“Gabe and Beatrix have taken the lead!”

“And Lacey has collapsed to the ground....”

“Archie has rolled her onto her back, spread her pony boot clad legs, and has started to eat her out!”

*titters* “She might not win, but at least Lacey will get a happy ending!”

“And Gabe and Beatrix have crossed the finish line!”

“Couple #2 has won the Barnyard Race Challenge!”

“Oh... and now Beatrix and Gabe are celebrating by fucking!”

“For those at home who can’t see, Beatrix has swung herself around and is holding herself up by her tentacles and helping Gabe fuck her with his huge latex cock!”

“I’m impressed she can handle that monster....”

“Gabe? I hardly think he’s monstrous...”

*giggles* “I’m talking about that giant penis!”

*titters* “It’s amazing what you can fit inside yourself when you’re motivated!”

“And with that, let’s go to Cynthia Sparks!”


“Thanks comely commentors!

Hippity-Hip-Hip Hooray to Couple #3, the winners of the Barnyard Race Challenge!

As winners they are Immune from the next Transformation Round and win a marvelously modest Cash Prize!

But we still have one last super segment for you all tonight, fine friendly folks!

On behalf of The Producers, I’d like to apologize for the apparent voting irregularities that occurred this round. They were technical in nature and not intentional on our part. We are convinced we have a found a solution that everyone should enjoy!

And with that, let’s hop pity hop over to Cassia for her terrific transformative time!”


“Oh that sounds ominous...

*takes a big breath*

Hi! It’s me Cassia!

Tonight I’m getting a ‘Wild’ themed transformation and you guys voted for ‘Elephant’ I think? Or maybe ‘Giraffe’? The voting system had some issues...

But I guess the Producer’s sorted it out? So haha that’s a total relief and not worrying at all...

Okay, so... I’m still a smoking hot popstar with a great body, except now that includes eight large, perfect teardrop breasts that cover my torso from chest to my crotch. Each of my breasts has a cute, pink vagina instead of a nipple and leaks a sweet milky fluid. I have long, beautifully toned legs and arms, and a firm, but still round ass. I have my original vagina and a large human scale cock which makes me a saucy hermaphrodite, at least as far as my crotch area goes. I wonder how sex is defined when you have so many genitals? Anyway, I’m sexy and equipped for all kinds of lewd adventures!

I’m holding tonight’s vial of special elixir, designed by our Alchemy Team to give me my ‘Wild’ transformation.

Which... I hope they didn’t go too wild to compensate for the whole voting thing...

Oh well! Too late now!



Hmm... minty? That was blandly agreeable?

Oh! My skin is changing colour, becoming yellow with brown patches... like the pattern of a giraffe? I guess giraffe won?

And I feel like I’m stretching? Yeah, I’m definitely getting taller! And woah, my neck is so long! I guess I’m like, ten feet tall now? And more than two feet of that is neck!

Oh, ouch! I feel a pinching in my temples and I’ve grown cute little giraffe horns with fuzzy tips! And ahhh, a stubby giraffe tail like a cute little paintbrush!

Mlllaghh! Mlahhh! My tongue has turned purple and gotten very long and bendy! It’s like a little hand! Mlahhhgghh!

*moans* S-something is happening to my original pussy? It’s getting so hot! And growing and moving to face more backward? I can see it by bending my long neck and... woah! It’s a black ring of puckered flesh... like a giraffe I guess? I have a giraffe’s pussy now!

I guess I’m a multibreasted giraffe girl now?

Oh... something is happening to my hands and forearms... and also my lower legs and feet....

They are turning grey and my fingers are fusing into just two.... becoming wider and blunter?

My feet are expanding into flat wedge-like clumps, and my toes are turning into three hard bony bumps?

And I seem to be getting curvier? My giraffe changed stretched me out, made me really lithe, but now my ass, thighs, and breasts are filling out...

Demons! My nose! Something is happening to my nose! It’s getting longer and thicker and bendy! Like a tentacle on my face or a... trunk? I’m becoming part elephant too?

I have a two foot long elephants trunk! And I’ve grown cute little tusks too.

And my ears are growing, hanging down, but now spreading out, wide and fanlike, definitely elephant ears!

Ohhhhhh *gasps* now there is *moans* something happening to my penis! It’s getting bigger, changing shape! It’s *gasps* starting to move! To surge and wiggle, like it has a mind of it’s own! It’s over a foot long and thick as my wrist, and it *moans* it’s making my stumble with its strong rooting motion! My glans has been swallowed into a blunt club, and I’ve grown an animalistic sheath, and oh demons, is this *pants* what an elephant cock is like!?

Oh fuck, fuck fuck, I”m gonna, I’m gonna cum!


*pants* Oh... oh Demons that was good.

*laughs* looks like I’ve made quite a mess...

So... I’m now a giraffe-elephant-hybrid hermaphrodite with eight breasts that have lactating pussy-nipples...


I’m going to need to spend some time getting used to this, so back to you Cynthia!”


“Huh, ‘getting used to this’; is that a new euphemism for masturbating?


So this concludes our third Belial Idol: Couples Challenge Round!

The wacky winners of the Barnyard Race Challenge are Couple #3!

Congratulations Beatrix and Gabriel!

You have won another modest cash prize and gained immunity from this Transformation Round!

Since there are no skip weeks for transformed contestants, that means that both our other comely couples *are* available to transform this round!

YOU! The at home viewing audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!!

Your choices are:

Couple #1: Ambergris and Josh, a fine fancy feline catgirl and her bouncey bimbo boyfriend!


Couple #2: Lacey and Archibald, a country gal farmer with a penchant for bondage and a city boy musician who loves to eat pussy!

Who will it be!? All four contestants are unchanged! Which Couple will be transformed next!?

It is up to YOU! to VOTE!

I’m your happy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!


Note from the Producers: Happy New Year!

To vote for the next transformed couple go here: https://www.strawpoll.me/42376277


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

and again a nice part smile
keep them coming


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the Producers: only about one week left to vote for which Couple gets changed in the next Transformation Round:  https://www.strawpoll.me/42376277


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 3

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Ambiguously gendered denizens of message boards! Welllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show where Contestant Couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the hallowed home audience votes for who is changed by our salient salty celebrity judges!

Tonight is the terribly terrific Third Transformation Round where the couple YOU! Voted for will be transformed! Each Contestant in the couple will take a turn entering the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to figure out which judge will transform them!

At the end of this explosive episode both contestants in the couple YOU! Voted for will be changed forever!

But first let’s check in with our lactating cunt nippled and multiply busty, hermaphrodite giraffe-elephant friend Cassia to interview the wicked wonderful winners of our challenge round, Couple #3.”


“Thanks Cynthia. Hi Trix and Gabe!



“So you finally won a game! How does it feel?”

“Absolutely delicious!”

*laughs* “Yeah! It’s nice to win! And nice to say goodbye to a healthy chunk of student debt.”

“Although it’s a bit disappointing that we aren’t eligible for a transformation this week...”

“But it’s kind of nice that Lacey and Archibald might finally get a turn.”

“Ohhh... I hope it’s them. It’s always such a pleasure to see someone *fresh* transform....”

*chuckles* “You are such a fiend!”

*Laughs* “Wait until you’re in my clutches!” *wraps in tentacles*

*laughs* “Help! Help! I’m being molested by a sex beast!”

Mmmmmm... you love it!”

“Oh, Cassia, are you okay? You’re being awfully quiet...”

*pouts* “And standing just out of tentacle reach too, I’ve noticed...”

“Oh, yeah? I’m just feeling a little shy since my last transformation.... It was kind of a lot.”

“Oh! But you look so good! I love how big you are now! I just want to latch onto you, climb you, make you cum while I cling to you....”

“And I love how animalistic you smell! Your giraffe cunt is intoxicating!” *snorts* “And that elephant cock looks like it could stretch even my latex pussy out...”

“You guys really like it?”

“Of course!”

“I’ve always wanted to have sex with someone with a trunk!”

“Maybe you could help us celebrate our win after the episode...”

“Oh, yeah, I’d like that.”

“It is most assuredly a date...”

*laughs happily* “Back to you Cynthia!”


“Jealousy is unprofessional, jealousy is unprofessional, jealousy is unprofessional....

Oh! Hi again fine funky folks! The perambulation before the transformation moment has arrived!

I am super duper excited to announce that VOTES are in and the majority of our awesome audience wants to see...




Get transformed tonight!

*giggles* The audience apparently wants us to complete the set! Fresh flesh for the CHAMBER!

That’s right penetrated pussy people! Lacey, our strong country gal with a bias for bondage, and Archibald, our city boy musician who eats cunt, will be the Contestants transformed tonight on Belail Idol: Couples.

How wonderfully wet!

Cassia, how does our lucky couple feel?


“Thanks Cynthia! Well Lacey and Archibald, it seems it’s finally your turn!”

“Ah reckon that it couldn’t’ve lasted forever...”

“Although to go out on the *farm* challenge is a bit embarrassing!”

“Aw, Arch, ya did me right proud at the farmin’. Ah fear that Ah let the team down with mah slow prancin’

“Well, you were racing a hyper-muscular Minotaur, which is hardly fair. Besides, you made for a much prettier ponygirl.”

“Aw shucks!”

“Are you two nervous?”

“Of course, but we knew what we were signing up for.”

“Ah’m tryin’ to keep my view on the bright side. Mayhaps we’ll get a change that’s useful for the farm or somethin’ that suits our druthers.”

*laughs* “Yeah, a transformation can be pretty fun! If life changing and strange.”

*Chuckles* “I guess you’re living proof!”

*laughs* “Yeah, I guess so. I still can’t get used to how small everyone looks now!”

“Well, Ah think you look mighty winsome Ms. Cassia.”

*blushes* “Thanks! I guess it’s time to throw the broadcast back to Cynthia! Good luck!”

“Now that the cacophonous compliments for Cassia have concluded we can get on with the show!

Now is the moment you’ve all have been waiting for!

Since being in distress is kind of her deal, The Producers have declared that Lacey is up first tonight!

So Lacey, hippity hop-hop-hop on down to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then we will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

But first, let us welcome this week’s Guest Judge!

You know her from her time as the lovely assistant on our competitor gameshow Freyan Fusions and more recently as the host of the talkshow Broodmother!

It’s Mum herself: Evie Ova!”


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi.”

“And I’m Doe.”

“Tonight we get to see our next Couple get permanently transformed!”

“With the help of Evie Ova!”

“Evie Ova? Didn’t she used to work for that other gameshow that was just a ripoff of Belial Idol?”

“I believe the courts decided it was ‘inspired’ by us in a non-legally liable way...”

“So why did it go off the air!?”

“Bad ratings!”

*titters* “Boo-Yah! Suck it!”

*giggles* “I tried! We aren't that flexible!”

“Evie Ova started her career as a sexy little number who basically did Cassia’s job but without the weekly transformations... because Freyan Fusions was a much worse show....”

“Only four transformation options and so culturally appropriative!” *shakes head and clicks tongue*

“When the gameshow was cancelled Evie Ova took a gig as the spokesmodel for Fecundr and underwent their experimental fertility treatment...”

“And it totally worked!”

*titters* “Too well! Which was a problem when Fecundr went bankrupt...”

“These days Evie Ova is permanently hyper-pregnant and the hostess of Broodmother, the show where guests go to get the “the sex talk” with Mum!”

“And here Evie Ova is now!”

“Hullo my babies!” *mwah* *mwah* “Mum is here!”

“For the sightless at home, Evie Ova is an enormous woman, seven feet tall and hugely curvy, with hips as wide as doorframes and thighs as thick as hams!”

“She is hugely, spectacularly pregnant, with a round taught belly that visibly squirms with life and literally glows!”

“I heard that she actually has multiple wombs in there, each undergoing parthogenic fertilization so that she is always pregnant, timed so that she gives birth every couple of months or so....”

“She isn’t just fecund, she’s Fecundr!”

*giggles* “She also has multiple breasts, four big lactating boobs on her chest above her straining baby bulge and six more tits pushed to the side framing her round belly!”

“Evie Ova has a round face, puffy with pregnancy and long, beautifully cascading blonde hair that swirls around her body like a cape!”

“She is topless, as always, and is only wearing a sarong tied around her waist which is printed with a festive stylized sperm motif!”

“Evie has waddled to the desk and is carefully and heavily sitting...”

*sighs* “Oh, Mum is so happy to finally be here! Did you know, my babies, that we auditioned for this show? Yes, it’s true! Mum thought she could be the new interviewer since little Cynthia has replaced the irreplaceable Rex Dragoon. And isn’t Cynthia just trying her best, my babies?” *sighs* “Alas, The Producers decided not to choose your humble Broodmother and go with the lovely Cassia. Although, after seeing her work, we think They made the right choice. We don’t think Mum would have been able to bring the honest *simplicity* to the role that lovely Cassia does...

So who else do we have here....

Oh! Bree Kensingworth! Hullo!”

“Hello, Mum.”

“It’s been simply ages since we last saw each other! We believe we had you onto Broodmother to discuss your little movie, Avatar... the one with all of that... controversy around it?”

*frowns* “Yes, Mum.”

“And that horrible investigation! Such a terrible fuss! And now you’re here, hosting on a television gameshow instead of directing films! Well. I’m sure your career will bounce right back!”

*grates teeth*

“And who else is here? Oh... it’s you. Zoe.”

“Hmmm... Evie Ova doesn’t look like she is happy to see Zoe...”

“Zoe on the other other other other hand looks delighted to see Evie!”

“She is writing a message on a piece of paper with the penis-shaped pen that was one of her former assistants...”

“And handing the note to this weeks victim... I mean, assistant, a pretty and effeminate looking young man...”

“The note...” *voice cracks* “The note says: Hi Mum and has a smiley face drawn on it...”

“Zoe, you know that my legal settlement with Fecundr included a restraining order against you for your so-called consulting...”

“Zoe is shrugging with all her arms but one which is beautifully scribing another missive and handing it to her assistant...

“Zoe says: I was here first.”

“Well, just be sure you stay well away from us, and keep your hands where Mum can see them!”

*titters* “Zoe is making a grand show of spreading her six hands out and placing them flat on the table top.”

*giggles* “I wonder how long Zoe can sit still like that.”

*titters* “She is already starting to tap her hands!”

*giggles* “Just drumming out an increasingly complex rhythm!”

“Whatever keeps her busy I guess?”

“Back to you, Cynthia!”


“Ladies, Gentlemen, Genitals and Growths! Our contestant Lacey is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFOMATION!

...which is a job for Archie, the elegant musical boy-toy! Cum on up here, Arrrrrrrrr-chie and give us and spin! That! Wheel!”

“Oh, Demons, this is nerve wracking!”

*laughs* “And you have the easy part!”

“Well, it is my turn next... kind of puts it all into perspective, you know?”

“Pre-transformation jitters! Well there is only one cure for that!”

“There is?”

“Getting it over with!” *laughs*

“Okay. Love you Lacey! No matter what!”

“Okay Archie, spin that wheel in...”




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"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER TWO for today’s transformation!
Let the transformation begin!”


“Welcome back folks! It’s transformation time!”

“In the words of Lacey, our transformation subject: Yeehaw!”

*giggles* “I reckon we are in for a wild woolly rodeo, y’all!”

*titters* “The wheel of transformation has selected Judge Number Two: Bree Kensingworth to be this week’s judge!”

“For new viewers, Bree is a brilliant and renowned film director who is himself transformed. He is fiercely androgynous while also being generously hermaphroditic! He has carefully sculpted his body by incorporating animalistic changes, with the most obvious being  four bovine breasts, a mare’s vagina, and an enormous black stallion’s cock. Tonight Master Kensingworth looks dressed for business in a deconstructed navy blue suit jacket with narrow lapels, a skinny knit black tie, and a matching black silk knit codpiece cuddling his enormous equine balls.”

“He is leaning on the table, steeping his long elegant taloned fingers together and studying Lacey, turning his head this way and that to view her with his wide-angle goat-pupilled red eye and the narrow focus slit of his icy blue reptilian eye.”

“Hmmm... what to do with you?”

“Lacey for her part is standing nervously but defiantly in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Lacey is currently a baseline human with tanned freckled skin, long strong limbs, a moderate bust, and a loose tangle of red hair.”

*titters* “But not for long!”

“She looks like she is panting and trembling a little....I bet the confinement and loss of power here is a big turn on to our resident submissive.”

“Bree continues to ruminate on just what he wants to do with Lacey, stroking his pointed chin with his claws...”


“Evie Ova looks annoyed at how long Bree is taking with this...”

“Dear, you really are quite adept at *slowly* thinking through problems.”

“Bree has arched a scaly eyebrow and has glanced over at Evie...”

“Mum, if I wanted to hear creative advice I would rather ask Zoe.”

"Really!? But she’s completely mute!"


“Oh! Touché! A palpable hit!”

“Oh snap!”

*giggles* “Zoe, who has been entranced on her six handed drum solo on the table and twitching like a snake, but has managed to suddenly work clapping into her percussive arrangement!”

*titters* “Earning her a dirty look from Mum and a wink from Bree!”

“Bree has returned his focus to Lacey, has rubbed his hands together and has his finger hovering over the Alchemy release button!”

“Hold on tight buckaroo...”


“Lacey has just been sprayed with alchemical fluids!”

*Eeeep!* “Whelp yer in for it now, pardner...”

“And away we go!”

“I don’t see anything yet, except Lacey is scratching her head and.... her hair is falling out?”

“Yep! Lacey is loosing her long straight red hair, leaving her with a bald scalp!”

“Lacey looks shocked and is rubbing her smooth bald head...”

“Ah never signed up for this.... oh! What in tarnation!?”

“Lacey has just felt her ear which is lengthening and changing shape into a... horse ear?”

*giggles* “Ooooh, I think Lacey is going to love that!”

“Lacey’s newly equine ears have migrated to the top of her bald head, and she has poked one, making it flick in response!”

“Oh demons! Could this truly be happenin’? Am Ah really turning into a p-p-pony...”

“Lacey is being forced onto her tiptoes now, as her feet lengthen and her toes shrink into her foot, except her middle toe which is growing huge and expanding into a hoof!”

“Lacey’s legs are bending oddly, lengthening, and getting much more muscular!”

“We have ourselves another digitigrade contestant!”

“Oh demons! Oh yesss.....”

“Lacey’s fingers, meanwhile are growing hooves of their own!”

“Each one of her digits, from the middle joint to the tip is becoming covered in hard-hoof material!”

*titters* “Which Lacey is now putting to use scratching her skin!”

“Ah! Ah’m so itchy!” *loudly clops*

*giggles* “She is hopping around on her hooves, scratching up a storm as she grows a new pelt of fur, matching the colour of the red hair that she lost!”

“But with white fur on her hands and above her hooves like socks!”

“And a star-shaped white fur spot on her chest above her breasts, as well as a cascade of smaller star marks on her right ass cheek and outer thigh!”

“Speaking of breasts, Laceys moderate bust has expanded into a solidly large pair of tits!”

“Her nipples have turned black and she has grown a second pair of teats on the flat of her crotch, which are expanding to become a small black equine udder!”

“Mah face!”

“Lacey has grabbed her face, clutching at it as it stretches longer!”

“Lacey already had a long face and a strong jaw, but I dare say now she is totally horse-faced!”

*whickers* *snorts*

“That’s right! Lacey now has a long horse muzzle with a square boxy snout with wide equine nostrils!”

“She still has some humanity left in her face though, with forward facing human eyes and plush lips around her expanded mouth!”


“Lacey is stretching out her back as she grows a short tail nub on her ass, and a second matching tail nub on the back of her head?”

*giggles* “I guess she’s going to get a ponytail!”

*pants* “Oh demons! Ffffuuuuck!” *Whinny!*

“Lacey is orgasming as her anus puffs into an equine donut and her pussy becomes a black leathery and rear facing mare’s cunt!”

“Oh! And not only that... the back of her head has warped and split open to reveal a matching horse anus and vagina just below her head-tail nub....”

*titters* “I guess you can fuck her brains out now!”

*giggles* “And sex is always in her head!”

“And finally Lacey is growing in long, gorgeous silky hair on her tail nubs leaving her with cascading roan red horse tails on her rear and head!”

“Our farm girl is now well, even farm-ier!”

“And downright furrier!”

“Better call a farrier!”

“I’m out of things to riff on....”

*giggles* “Okay! Bree Keninsgworth looks quite pleased with the transformation, sitting with his hands folded and his equine cock fully hard and erect!”

“There are few things in this world more beautiful than a woman or a horse...” *sighs* “It’s a shame she doesn’t yet have the proper regalia...”

“Oh! Zoe has heard that and stopped her percussion symphony, looked at Bree in surprise, and stared at Lacey, her long tongue probing the air!”

“Uh oh....”


“Zoe has jammed four fingers into her cunt mouth to form a whistle and blown a sharp, high, wet note!”

“And emerging from backstage is her former assistant turned armless kangaroo girl purse!”

“Who is hopping, huge breasts swaying and bouncing, up to her mistress, her pouch stuffed with belongings!”

“Zoe has reach inside the pouch, much to the evident pleasure of her purse-a-roo, and pulled out shears, a leather punch, a riveter, some metal rings, and a sewing kit...”

“I don’t like where this is going....”

“The Producers made sure that Zoe’s purse was thoroughly searched for alchemy....”

“Zoe has just reached into her huge primary pussy and pulled out a silicon tube, which she has opened to pull out a syringe!”

“Oh no! Run away new assistant!”

“Too late!  Zoe has struck fast as a snake and grabbed her assistant, injecting him with alchemy!”

“Her assistant, who is a thin small man with a little penis, is deflating! And flattening!”

“More like their internal body is dissolving so that they are just a living skin...”

“Which is becoming a luxurious, shiny black leather!”

“Zoe has picked up the leather hide and is looking at with evident satisfaction at her former assistant, while the still animate eyes of her transformed leather look around wildly!”

“Zoe is now laying the living leather on her desk and is starting to cut it into strips....”

“What do we do?”

“Carry on with the show I guess?”

“Back to Cassia, to have a chat with Archie....”

“Thanks ladies... So hi Archie, how are you feeling after seeing Lacey transformed?”

*laughs* “Mostly nervous for my own change, but also pretty happy for Lacey.”

“Oh? You think she’ll like her new body?”

“Yes, I think so. She’s always liked horses and this body seems pretty easy to live with. All things considered, it’s pretty ideal.”

“Huh, I thought she’d maybe like something a little more... restrictive?”

*chuckles* “There’s no reason you can’t hobble a horse.”

*laughs* “Oh my! So are you ready for your turn in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be?”

“That’s the spirit! Back to you Cynthia!”

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Aware and immobile statuary! We still have a second sexy transformation tonight!

The second member of our honored couple, Archibald, is being sealed in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

Which means it’s time to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION! Again!

So Horsey Lacey, cum on down!”

*whickers* “Howdy!”

“How do you feel right now, Lacey?”

“Like Ah could gallop a whole marathon and be run train on by a whole team of cowboys and their mounts!”

*laughs* “Sounds like a rodeo party!”

*neighs* “Ah may be a filly, but Ah reckon that I buck like a bronco!”

“But do you *fuck* like a bronco?”

*snorts* “Game’s still young, Ah suspect...’”

“Speaking of the game...it’s time to Spin! That! Wheel!”




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"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER THREE for Gabe’s transformation!

Which is Evie Ova, the Broodmother herself!”

“Safe trails, Arch!”

“Let’s go back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”


“Hello again Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“If you are just tuning in, we’ve already transformed Lacey, our country gal cowgirl, in the human sense not the bovine one, into a country gal horsegirl!”

*giggles* “This time in the equine sense!”

“And now we’re going to transform Archibald, Lacey’s musician boyfriend!”

“Archibald is currently locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES awaiting his dose of alchemy!”

“Archie is of average height and is thing and elegant, with dark skin and long elegant hands and n above average cock!”

*giggles* “But all of that is about to change!”

“THE WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected the Guest Judge Evie Ova to do his transformation!”

“Evie Ova is lovingly stroking her protruding, multiply pregnant belly while milk beads and leaks from her multiple tits as she ponders what to do with Archie...”

“Meanwhile Zoe is still cutting and stitching together the living leather hide that was once her assistant into.... something!”

“Evie looks like she has made up her mind!”

“Oh my babies, Mum has had such a difficult time deciding what to do with the handsome Archibald! So very many options! So much room for improvement! And such disruptive behavior from my fellow judges; I cannot believe that the fine Hosts of this program allow this! If Mum were the host, my babies, such misbehavior would be sternly punished!” *tsk-tsks* “But The Producers made their decision and what’s done is done.” *dramatically sighs* “I believe Archibald is a good boy who just needs a little encouragement to accept his place in the world. And Mum has his medicine right here!”

“Evie Ova has presed down her Alchemical activation button!”


“Soaking Archie in transformative alchemy!”

“Away we goooooo!”

“Archie is poking at the fluid covering him, stretching it like saliva, snot, or cum!”

“It’s very thick!”

“Oh.... I feel funny....”

“Archie is rubbing his face with his hands!”

“Which is giving us a great view of his dick and balls which are both starting to grow!”

“His testicles especially are swelling immensely! His hairless scrotum going from coin purse, to actual purse, to a handbag size that fills his lap and pushes his legs apart!”

“Not to be outdone his rockhard dick has grown longer and wider!”

“It’s 12 inches! 14 inches! 20 inches! 24 inches! 36 inches long!”

“And as wide as a coke can!”

*giggles* “A regular trouser snake!”

*titters* “More like an anaconda!”

*meaty slap*

“Whooop! But now his long, long cock has gone entirely limp...”

“It’s not really flaccid and hasn’t shrunk in length at all... but it’s just hanging there engorged against Archie’s huge balls!”

“Oh Demons!” *grunts*


“Archie has just come! Ejaculating a huge load of semen that is flowing out of his long limp dick, making it sway around a bit like a fire house...”

“There he blows?”

“It’s a bit anticlimactic when the dick isn’t hard, isn’t it?”

“What, what’s happened?”

“Archie has lifted the thick rope of his cock and is inspecting it, and it’s just kind of dangling out of his hands....”

“It’s like his cock doesn’t have erectile tissue anymore?”

“Are there pills for that?”

“I don’t think so? Oh! Something is happening to Archie’s face!”

“Yeah! His delicate, thin lips are expanding, inflating into swollen beestung lips that fill his lower face!”

“Whath thappeningth?”

“Oh! Archie’s tongue is flowing out of his mouth and it’s enormous!”

“Just a giant pink slab of drooling flesh!”

“It’s almost six inches wide, squeezing through his mouth, and hangs down at least foot from his mouth!”

“Blagh! Mlapphh!”

“Archie has managed to pull most of his huge tongue back into his enlarged mouth...

*giggles* “but three or four inches hangs out over his swollen bottom lip!”

“My thongue!” *sniffle* “My Nothe?”

“Archie is rubbing his nose which is becoming a dark red-pink, swelling, and twisting into a very large cock glans!”

“But just the glans, and angled up in such a way that if he were eating pussy his new nose would rub against a clit, I would think....”

“Archie has stuck out his huge slab of a tongue and is licking his nose glans!”

*giggles* “But also just covering his whole face in tongue! Slathering himself in a thick salvia!”

*wet slathering noises*

“I see Archie’s chest is also changing!”

“It kind of looks like he’s growing breasts, but under his skin?”

“Yeah, he’s getting two round bulges like tits, but under a loose skin top...”

“It looks like he’s going bra-less and busty under a high-necked athletic bikini top... except that top is made of wrinkly skin?”

“Balls! He has chesticles!”

*giggles* “Oh definitely! Archie now has a scrotum filled with big, d-cup breast sized testicles growing from his chest!”

“I wonder if those connect to his nose?”



*giggles* “Archie has just sneeze-cum through his nose! Blowing his huge tongue aside and absolutely spraying semen from his... nostril I guess?”

*titters* “There he blows... HIS NOSE!”

*giggles* “Better grab a tissue!”

*titters* “A whole box!”

“We are getting the signal that Archie has finished his transformation!”

“Oh! Archie just grabbed his ropey dick, raised it to his face, and started to lick and suck on it!”

“I guess when life gives you a long limp cock, autofellate?”

*titters* “I’d suck our dicks if I had those lips...”

*giggles* “And if we were flexible enough!”

“I’m scheduling us for yoga!”

“Oh, I’d be your downward facing dog... Ruff! Ruff!”

*titters* “Heal girl!”

“Evie Ova looks happy with her work.”

“My dear Archibald, now you can focus on your true calling without any silly distractions. Mum always knows best!”

“Oh and Zoe looks to have completed her art project... what do you think it is?”

“It’s a black leather body harness and saddle, complete with a head piece and reins... I think for Lacey!”

“And oh! It still looks alive! I see little eyes worked into the saddle that are moving and the former assistants cock has been positioned as the riding horn!”

“Zoe has beautiful craftsmanship!”

“I’m still not sure I’d want to wear it...”

“Good point...”

“Anyway, let’s go now to Cassia!”


“Thanks Ladies! I’m here with Lacey!”


“I love the new look!”

*whickers* “Thank ya kindly!”

“And you’re new vaginas have a downright intoxicating smell...”

“Ah dare say that your intimidatin’ elephant cock there is lookin’ mighty invitin’... but this here pony is spoken’ for.”

“Speaking of your significant other, what do you think of Archie’s transformation?”

“Well... Ah must confess that Ah ain’t ever thought Ah’d see mah man suckin’ on his own cock... so Ah guess Ah’m surprised mostly?”

*laughs* “And now speaking of surprises, we have one for you! A gift from Zoe!”

“Demons! Is that there harness for me? It’s surely beautiful!”

“Want me to help you put it on?”

“Would ya?”

“Okay so step through this... and there....”

*rattling and fumbling sounds*

“Okay and now for the head piece and reins....”

*click, snap*

“What do you think?”

“Ah love it! It fits me perfect-like, like a too-tight glove...”

*clops feet* *metallic rattling*

“Makes me feel like a proper pony.”

*tosses head and whickers*

“Although these blinders and reins are gonna take some gettin’ used to...”

“Then let’s wrap this segment up so you can prance to your hearts content!

It’s time to announce my next transformation!

I’m currently a lot right now... I’m a giraffe-elephant-hybrid woman with an elephant’s cock, giraffes pussy, and a body that brings out the best of both animals! I also have eight large tits with lactating cunts for nipples!

The Producers tell me my next transformation will have a “math” theme and the voting options are:

1: Head
2: Arms
3: Legs
4: Hands

I’m pretty concerned about this next one, so please be gentle.”

“Oh if’n Ah was pickin’ for mahself Ah’d most surely choose the arms!”

“Why’s that?”

“Ah reckon that math’d mean either addition or subtraction of some sort. An extra arm or two would be handy, and Ah wouldn’t entirely mind if’n I was armless....”

“I’d be happy to trade with you... but anyway, let’s head back to Cynthia to close out the episode!”


“Well wasn’t that fun my fine funky fuckable folks!?

We finally managed to transform our entire collection of Contestants!

Next up is the Fourth Challenge Round: The Trust Challenge! So tune in next week to see which of our Competitive Couples will win immunity and who could be transformed next!

And remember to VOTE for Cassia’s next ‘math’ themed transformation!

I’m your hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Thanks for tuning in and goodnight!”

Message from the Producers: The game is officially halfway done! Thanks to The Light Fantastic for designing Mum and Archibald’s transformation. And as always, thanks to The_Wanderer and Ordos Tsceri for their contributions as Bree and Zoe!

To vote for Cassia’s next transformation visit this link: https://www.strawpoll.me/42586755    Poll closes in 2 weeks!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

This vote for Cassia’s next TF is super close, so vote now if you want to effect the outcome: https://www.strawpoll.me/42586755