Topic: Wicked Mishaps

So it’s been a while since I told you the story of what it’s like to wake up between your own thighs, but what I didn’t tell you was how I screwed up, bigtime.  You see, Demons and Half-Demons have this thing called Demon-Cum.  And no matter how weak a Half-Demon’s potency is, if you keep having sex with one, that mana doesn’t go away, and even if it doesn’t immediately manifest, sooner or later it always rises up to say “Hello.”

              It began as any other morning, Waking up to a soft mouth teasing mine, four soft, toothless mouths and tongues tickling my four nipples and gently suckling, teasing with a warm, firm and delightful rod of flesh turgidly pressed into the soft cleft between my thighs.  Last night that cleft had been my mouth, and that turgid shaft was now slowly inching its way into Mikaela, my bodymate’s mouth, my pussy.  Her entire being.

After the better part of two full years I absolutely did not care that I had started as a guy, as had the pussy between my thighs.  It was even better as my bodymate had figured out how to contract her entire being at will, hitting me with what felt like an orgasm, and often triggering one at the most awkward of times.  Now was one of those times, as I shrieked with pleasure, suddenly fully awake and aware.

“Oh you bitch” I muttered as my bodymate clenched around Alisaundra’s cock as she slid out, then relaxed as she pushed back in, clamping down as the thing came to rest, fully tipping me over the edge as I moaned.  It didn’t help as the four sets of lips on the demonic redhead’s breasts were gently teasing my normal nipples.  I could feel a pair of her hands gripping my ass as she pushed into me, her other hands locked to mine with fingers intertwined.

It was truly a lovely way to wake up.

Cleaning up was less fun, but I managed!  After an hour of bed sports, Alisaundra headed home to “Change skins” and give attention to her pet former boyfriend, Charles, or Charlize as she called “Her” now.  The poor once-man occasionally made an appearance in the shop, dolled up and dressed in provocative clothing that left very little to the imagination.  Katja, my seeming near-twin with three eyes in the mannequin display Case was patiently enjoying me cleaning her in the shower, and letting her return the favor.  As I led the six-breasted woman back to her perch on the display, and let her go, she froze into position, unable to move without the touch and will of someone else.

One of the reasons I slept in the small bedroom in the shop, barely a cupboard, was because Katja drew attention, and more than once, we’ve had a break-in as some randy idiot entered to have his way with the living sex doll that complied with your every desire.  Fortunately I was well and truly sated, as was my sentient pussy, so we were able to resist the urge to molest her till another day.

Being an apprentice alchemist is hardly glamorous.  Mostly it involves a lot of boring book work, and unglamorous maid work.  But it has its perks.  For instance, I have had the privilege of working with one of the best classical alchemists that one might find, and access to at least eight separate Alchemists who all cheerfully share disciplines.  And I was due to begin my Journeyman training any day now.  But in order to do that, I would have to conduct a fully controlled change via alchemy.  And rather than risk some poor schlub who wasn’t fully aware of what apprentice alchemy truly meant, I was going to take the Alchemy Artistic Plunge, and Mikaela and I mutually decided that we would remake ourselves into a unique being that would be both a work of personal art, and adopt features in tribute to our teacher at the same time.

As I cleaned up the shop and arranged the display mannequins, thieves who had been rendered to fleshy blanks without features and used to showcase some of Alisaundra’s “Skins” that were for sale that she had become bored with, such as the dirty blonde-curled humantaur with several people making up her delicate pussyface, pussies that had replaced her hands, and the hoof-like pussies of her four feet, and six full, pussy-nippled breasts, a large, prominent cock behind her hindlegs and a pair of wide, perpetually-worried violet eyes peering out above her front pussy between her forelegs she was a lovely thing, but awkward to manage and run around in, perfect for someone interested in being a permanent sexual plaything.  There were more than a few people of either gender that had almost taken the plunge to permanently have Viola as their skin.

The Ally skin, a headless woman with a pussy on her neck, and the pair of eyes over her pussy wasn’t actually for sale, but a demonstration model.  Alisaundra actually very much enjoyed wearing her, and the perspective of being a sex organ controlling a woman’s body.  More than one eager customer had commissioned themselves as some variation on the theme.

The lorelei skin was another demo model, a red-haired woman whose lower body merged into a gigantic slug-like pussy that she could use to undulate across the ground.  Her mouth and nose were replaced by a pussy, and the ten breasts running down her front were capped with soft labia and pussy, and the twin row of breast-like clit-nubs that followed the line to the end of the tail, hidden behind thick, skirt-like labia and upper flesh made up of that of a clit, I had been tempted by her, wondering what it would be like to feel every movement as though the touch of a lover.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to basically be a slithering sex organ that thought it was a person, but she did make for some intense fantasy fuel.

Only my boss really knew what it was like to wear the skins without becoming trapped inside one.  In my own way, it made me insanely jealous.  Mikaela and I had already begun sequestering away most of our pay so that we could invest in and eventually try to pay for an identical contract with Mammon.  All the Demon wanted, seemingly was money.  And for what he offered, we would happily oblige.  When we discussed and thought about it, it was disturbing just how normal the idea of fusing another person as a body part seemed to us.

As I threw open the curtains downstairs and went up to put on clothing, I had to smile at the light wobble of the four full globes on my chest.  Even two years later, wearing a woman’s skin, having four breasts felt delightfully new some days, especially after good sex.  Today was one of those days as I took a white shirt that had been cut to be tied over large tits in two places, and contained my knockers, both of which presented a delightful bronzed cleavage.  One loose, knee-length white skirt and sandals completed the image as I skipped underwear.  Brushing out my long white hair was a chore, but I liked how it looked.  Set against my bronzed tan skin and ice blue eyes I looked like some exotic princess from a far off land in a story book.

It also was the type of look that guaranteed that when I took my rare nights out I never wanted for company either.  Letting my hair hang wild and loose, to my hips was a pain in the ass to control and maintain, but I had to admit, it made my body look like a knockout.  I wouldn’t cut it shorter for the world.

Are you done staring at yourself? Mikaela asked in my head.

“Naah, we’re hot as hell.”

Not like I can see with this white sheet in front of me

“Whine whine whine.  We’re headed over to the Tentacle’s Caress tonight after work.”  I loved that bar.  It was delightfully deviant.

Mikaela loved it too, and started quivering with anticipation, and having the doubled side effect of damping up.,  again.  Another reason why I rarely bothered with anything but skirts, so I could air dry naturally.

I also couldn’t afford to have Mikaela getting TOO bored, especially while I was working.  She’d mastered muscle control and being a very distracting pussy when she was between my thighs.  But she also enjoyed the experience a helluva lot more than I did when I was between her thighs every other day.  And I liked the experience quite a lot. So I found my favorite toy, and pressed it between her lips, into my pussy, and attached the gentle clips to my labia, her lips and let the soft, vibrating gel cock that just filled me enough to sate her without being too distracting.  The remote let be set up a pleasant vibration that would keep Mikaela in a state of massaged, relaxed bliss, and improve my day and moos as well.

As I said, my job does come with some amazing perks.  For either of us, the monotonous boredom of day to day life was relieved by this toy.  Honestly I prefered the monotony, it gave me time to think.  And plan.

Speaking of planning, as I opened the shop and wandered to the desk, I checked my calendar, enjoying the silent buzz of vibration between my thighs.  Mikaela was already drifting into happy delirium, and I got to enjoy it vicariously emotionally as well as physically.  A happy, contented pussy very much made the day a happy one.

The first customer was actually a courier.  She was a lovely brunette humantaur with a rather large dick between her hind legs.  She was also fast, and professional.  She delivered one of Alisaundra’s special orders for the Sisterhood of the Vulva.  It was a sample of a unique formula that was an unknown recipe outside Freya’s Realm.  She never told me what they do, but given the sisterhood, I could easily guess what the theme was.  These particular concoctions were supposedly to transform three volunteers into a Unique pet designed by a family near where she grew up.  Then the pets were to be auctioned for charity.

Then the chime rang as I was in the middle of doing final prep on my Stage Two transformative.  Since I only needed another forty seconds, I waited then took the concoction off the burner, and jotted a notation in my Alchemy Journal.  Stage two was complete, and once I got done with the customer, I could start on Stage Three.

What I saw when I exited was a surprise. “Nadia! Erend!  Good to see you!” I kissed the octopus-like, Lifetime member of the Tentacle’s Caress once on each cheek to greet her.  I’d met them shortly after Nadia had won the grand prize at my favorite club.  From the tentacles replacing her hair with their split tips and pussies inside, to the cock-tipped tentacles replacing her arms, and the eight massive cock-tipped tentacles replacing her legs Nadia was a lovely pale blue sextopus with lovely eyes and a wonderfully soft pussy replacing her mouth and Nose.  Very few realized that most of the Tentacle’s Caress specialty concoctions came from Casual Wickedry, and that I had a hand more and more in making the things for the club.  Nadia’s transformation was courtesy of my boss.

“Hellooooo Sexy!” sang the red lips on Nadia’s six naked breasts, which smiled as she winked at me.  Since her transformation the insatiable creature and I had enjoyed a tangled cuddle more than once with Erend, her shy boyfriend.

Erend just smiled.  “We decided to come here when we pulled enough money to buy the transformation from you all here.”  His voice was moderately nervous, and most guys would have fled a girlfriend with more and larger cocks than they had, but Erend has stuck to Nadia, especially since she had changed her mouth and nose solely for him even before winning the Tentacle’s Caress’ signature transformation grand prize into a vividly blue, pussyfaced cocktopus.  It also helped that each tentacle had a pussy six or seven inches below the cocktip, much to the delight of the many hermaphrodites who frequented the establishment.

I gave a delighted squee, I’m not ashamed to admit.  “I’m so happy you came!  While Mistress Alisaundra is out I can help you select your preference.  What’s your pleasure, treasure?  Finally going to become something that can make love with Nadia more completely and thoroughly?”

He nodded.  “I already know what I want, but I’d like it to be a surprise for Nadia.”

“Well, I could talk to you here, and let Nadia take Katja into my room to play with, and keep occupied.”  I smirked as Nadia’s eyes lit up like emeralds at the suggestion and Erend nodded.  “Room’s tight, upstairs on the right, but I’m sure you can squeeze in, since you’re mostly boneless.”

Nadia’s six breasts smiled.  “Oh I am looking forward to this” her six coices sang out in eerie harmony as she half-slithered, half-undulated to the display and delicately wrapped an arm-tentacle around Katja’s waist.  The living doll gasped and followed breathlessly up the stairs, which the cocktopus-girl navigated surprisingly easily.

I guided Erend to the couch, and sat across from him, giving the poor boy a full view of my twin cleavages.  “So,” I asked breathlessly, “What did you have in mind for this great leap in your relationship?”

His words caught in his throat, nervously, and his eyes kept flickering over towards the skin-mannequins.  “I… ah…  well I…”  Poor boy was going to ask for something unusual.  Men like him always got nervous when they were going to ask for something that would put their manhood into question.  Even young men in deep love with another man who were willing to become women to live their dream of living with their Desired, or just feeling like they were in the wrong skin rarely, if ever could just spit it out.

Women going the OTHER way, replacing the equipment between their legs with the male equivalent or just becoming hermaphroditic rarely, if ever hesitated at speaking their desires.  I knew the signs.

“Tell you what, love, how about I take you on a walk through our displ;ays and catalogs, and you point to what you’re looking for?”

Erend nodded.  Given the nature of his girlfriend I can almost guess.  He did stop and look at the imposing Roan skin, a mix of woman and draft Horde, seven feet tall with a massive horse cock, thick legs and massive hooves and hands with three large, black-skinned cock-fingers each.  Hell, I was curious about that one, but it didn’t seem to be what Erend was looking for.

The Lorelei pussy-slugtaur always elicited a semi-horrified/fascinated/aroused look in people, as they considered what being a mobile sex organ might feel like.  Erend shuddered slightly, and I saw his erection as he tore his attention away as his gaze settled on the humantaur Viola skin.  As he actually reached out and touched her, fingers probing the once-hands, now pussies at the end of her arms, and sliding fingers along some of her lush, pussy-capped six-pack breasts I knew that this was the transformation Erend had come in looking for.

As Erend looked at me I tried to keep my curious poker face, as he sought some kind of approval, then sighed and turned away, seeming resigned  as I slipped up behind him, breathing in his ear and pressing my four mounds to his back, breathing “Would you like to try her on for life?”  I used my fingertips to turn his face to the dirty blonde curls and pussymouth.

The reaction was instant, and I could feel him tense up, get hard between the legs and seize in fear all at once as he weakly let out, “Yes.”

“Come on then love, payment up front for Viola sadly.  She belongs to the boss.”

Erend nodded and numbly held up a small, gold bar.  Alisaudra’s preferred payment, and as I checked the stamp, then the weight, it was actually worth slightly more than Viola would cost, but that was for Alisaundra to sort out after the sale was made.  As Erend shakily signed the bill of sale, I noted that the notes he put on the bill of sale indicated he wished that I receive the difference as a tip.

“Just for the sake of legality, please mark out whether or not you were coerced in any way to do THIS!” the last word came out as a startled yelp as Mikaela chose that exact moment to clench down on the toy giving her a buzzing massage between my thighs and make every muscle that made up her being spasm and flutter in an unexpected and sudden orgasm that lasted for many moments while Erend relaxed slightly while I recovered, leaning on the desk as he filled in the requested bit, thankfully noting that the tip was of his own accord without prompt.  Alisaundra was a stickler about pressuring customers into anything.  It was a good way to get fired.

Or permanently fused into someone else’s skin.  Existing as a sex organ every other day was quite enough, thank you.  Fun sure, but I like having limbs.

“Mikaela reminding you she’s still there?”  Erend grinned.  My nightly transformation was a point of fascination to him and Nadia.

“You know it.  Fortunately she doesn’t get bored nearly as much since I figured out something for her to chew on.”

“HAH!  Maybe you can show me how you keep ner in line after…” His face turned red as he adorably gaped like a fish trying to vocalize what he was about to do to himself.

“I placed a finger on his lips.  “Don’t worry about talking, love.  In fact, think of it as practice for when I take your voice away.”  He gulped and nodded as I went to a specific case, and withdrew a vial and a small tub of what looked like skin cream.  “I’ll get your back.  Drink this, and then rub this into your skin, don’t miss an inch.”

I had to give Erend credit, he gulped down the vial before he could second-guess himself.  Then immediately stripped down as I locked the door and turned the sign to display that the house was busy.

I put on a long set of gloves and while he began rubbing the cream on his front, his skin began changing to a featureless pale grey color, while I rubbed the mix into his skin on his back.  As expected, he rapidly went numb as I drew him to one of Alisaundra’s massage tables.  As I rubbed the mix into his skin, all features vanished.  As I rubbed it into his skull , his hair vanished, transforming into a featureless bald head with pale gray skin.

As his ass fused and vanished I flipped him over as he looked up at me.  “Alright, love, this is going to take a lot of trust and patience.  Trust me, follow my lead and we’ll have you ready to meet Nadia in no time.”

He looked somewhat scared as I rubbed the mix into his feet and toes, fusing them into a toeless mass, moved up and at my touch his cock and balls, that I had enjoyed more than once, vanished into a flat, featureless crotch.  By the time I got to his head and face, Erend was an androgynous, featureless creature with pale gray skin, and as I rubbed the cream into his head, and ears, his ears flattened out and vanished, deafening him.

“Breathe out.”

As he did, before he could breathe in again, his entire mouth and nose became a flat, featureless mask with no openings, no way to breathe, and his eyes followed suit as I left him with only his sense of touch.

Erend panicked of course, thrashing and trying to escape the numbed prison of his own skin weakly as I strapped him down to let the cream fully absorb.  The blank mannequin cream was only offset by the concoction he drank, keeping Erend from sharing the fate of the poor bastards that tried to rob Alisaundra.

Weak was good enough.

I extracted the featureless blank mannequin doll and like Katja, in exactly the same way, in fact, I walked it to a closet and stood it inside with several of its brethren.  Then as Erend calmed and stopped thrashing, I squeezed his hand.  He squeezed back, and I undid the straps, helpung him upright, then picked up the weakened former man and carried the willowy, genderless thing to its new home.

His feet slid into the forelegs where the body joined the centauroid back half, and then I pulled up the now-empty skin up and forward, pulling his arms into Viola’s.  Then pulled Viola’s head over Erend’s featureless face, and settled him weakly, leaned back and unable to do much.  As I pressed the seams of the skin together, they began to fuse closed, then fuse with the former Erend’s skin.

I could only imagine the sensations he, or “she” now was feeling as flesh fused to flesh and new sensations ripped through her mind.  As the new humantaur began to twitch and jerk, I guided her to the ground and settled onto her back, giving a massage.  I’d seen a person infused with a skin before, and massage apparently helped the fusion.  I smiled as I remembered the flesh-into-flesh fusion that I’d experienced that first night as I spent my first night as a woman gracing the space between my best friend and bodymate’s thighs.

Once I heard the pleasured moan, I stepped off my friend and helped her raise her upper torso so she could look around.  Her lovely brown eyes searched as she let out a sultry moan, trying to form words from a mouth bereft of teeth, tongue, gums or palate.

“It’s a girl,” I said quietly.  “You’re looking lovely.  Would you like me to help you find your ah… feet?”

Erend let out another gurgling, incoherent moan, and got an irritated look.  Then nodded.

“Sorry love, the price you pay for having a mouth so well suited for playing with your lover upstairs.  Talking is now a thing of the past.”

Another moan.

I helpfully moved her hair behind her shoulders.  “So you can hear me just fine then?”

The new creature nodded.

“Can you feel my hands on your hips?”

A gurgle, then a nod as she remembered she still couldn’t talk.

“Perfect.  I’m going to go up your body, then to your backside.  Feeling strange yet?”


“Well Erend, or is it Elena?  Or would you like Viola?”

Gurgling, then she tried to gesture, and stopped, staring at the impossible labia and soft openings gracing the ends of her arms where hands once might have sat.

“Alright, moan if you can feel as I touch the parts of your body.”  I crouched and gripped her right ankle, and she moaned again, as I lifted her new hoof-like “Foot” and rubbed the fleshy labia of the pussy running up her leg as she gurgled and moaned as the pussy twitched and quivered.  Same with her other foreleg.

She responded well as I slid my hands up her legs, then pressed my hand to her front pussy between her thighs, and her eyes popped wide as I gently slid two fingers into the moist hole between her front legs as the surprised eyes embedded in her hips blinked, then rolled upward in pleasure.  The reaction as I cupped her lower, lush breasts, then teased the pussies in place of nipples was priceless as every labial flower on her body began to glisten.  I teased my infrequent lover with my tongue, teasing each of her breast-pussies, then the flowers capping her arms as she moaned.  Her mouth opened wider then semi-closed as she anticipated my touch, but I slid behind her and traced my finger down her back, and my other hand across her lower belly as she moaned, acknowledging the sensation. When my hand gripped her large dick behind her hind legs, and traced her pussy behind her, she almost gave a squeal that let out in a needy moan.

Her hindlegs were just as sensitive, and her entire body was glistening, heated, aroused.  As I pressed a finger to the clit where her vertical lips met her former nose, she quivered in anticipation as I rubbed, very shortly her face clenched and spasmed in a familiar way as she got to enjoy her very first female orgasm, moaning and gurgling as she lost herself in sensation.

“So, you think you might be able to enjoy your new form?” I was genuinely curious.  It wasn’t like the new humantaur with a literal crowd of people fused to her quivering body parts would have much choice but to adapt.  Every single sexual orifice, her skin, and the rear humantaur half were once separate people.  Now that sensation overload was part of Erend.

The wide eyes and hesitant nod was encouraging.

“You’re going to need to let Nadia take care of you.  You can do some things, but the body you picked is effectively a living sex toy for your tentacled girlfriend to play with.”  That’s me, Zasha, the describer of fate.

To her credit, the former Erend thoroughly examined herself.  She even indulged in her curiosity and pressed one of her pussy-hands to the tip of her cock behind her rear legs and pressed, sliding her own cock into her own pussy and moaning at the sensation, gurgling happily and looking at me as she explored her form.  Masturbation and sex were going to take on a whole new meaning.

“Might want to save some of that for Nadia, my lovely.”  Oh God I even sounded like Alisaundra, purring out the statement like that.  Bluntly watching this transformee explore herself was turning me on, and I was thoroughly enjoying the vibrations and happy bliss of my sentient pussy as I watched.

The look on her face was sheepish and priceless. But she slid the arm pussy off of her hindcock and stood while I inspected the final product.

“Well, i think you’re done, love.  You are going to need to be careful.  That body is going to be constantly stimulated and aroused, and you’re going to be dependent on Nadia for a lot of basic tasks, such as helping you clean yourself, so I recommend you take it slow and re-learn what you can and cannot do.”

The new Viola somehow managed to look excited and resigned and adorably helpless all at once as I wandered upstairs.  I knocked on the door then opened it to see poor Katja absolutely wrapped in vividly blue octopus-tentacles as she lavished deep, pleasurable kisses to Nadia’s lipples.  One of Nadia’s cockhead-tipped tentacles was pressed deep into the living sex doll and Nadia was manipulating the suckers on her arms to manipulate Nadia’s nipples gently.

“Hey girls, Erend is ready to see everyone now.”  I grinned.

Nadia’s eyes went wide as the head-tentacles writhed excitedly, and she began untangling herself from Katja, who managed to somehow look disappointed and relieved.  Nadia, for her part, walked over to me with nadia’s tentacle embedded between her thighs, then froze with a wistful look in her three eyes as Nadia found her “legs” and half-undulated, half-slithered out behind me as I walked over to the mannequin display that Katja graced and placed the smug, smirking minx back on her perch in a “come fuck me” pose looking out the front wondow of the shop with her leaning against a large stone with her ankles crossed and resting on the side of her hip in a mermaid pose.

When I turned around to the moaning, and six voices squeeing, I noticed that the tentacled little minx had wasted no time whatsoever feeling and exploring her new “Girlfriend” with her tentacled appendaged.  “Oh you look adorable!  I had no idea you’d pick to go into the skin suit like that!  How much did you spend on that?  Oh my god I can’t believe you’d do this just for me!”

All of the tension in the new Viola had gone slack as she leaned into the happy cocktopus.  Of course she couldn’t answer any of the questions and let out a happy, gurgling moan as all of her myriad orifices began glistening with moisture and her cock in the back of her legs got hard.

Nadia, for her part, was fascinated by the pair of violet eyes looking at her inhuman form worriedly.  “Can she see out of those eyes?” she asked curiously.

“No, those belong to one of the many people that came together to make that life suit, actually,  Specifically the girl who was fused as the rear half of the taur part.”  I grinned.  “Her mouth is the pussy your lover has in the front there.”

“Oh wow.  Don’t worry, little pussy, I’ll make sure to take good care of you.”  The many voices of the cocktopus sang out.  She put action to words by rubbing the tip of one of her arm-tentacles along the soft lips as Viola moaned incoherently again.

“Much more of that and you two are going to need to use my room again.”

The joke broke the spell, and suddenly I was wrapped in half-a-dozen tentacles in a happy hug.  “Thank you thank you thank you I love her!”

“You’re welcome.  I’ll be at the Caress tonight.  See you both there?”

To my surprise, both of them nodded at me.  I hadn’t expected the newly-changed Viola to be ready for public so much, but she surprised me as the pair headed out together.  Viola didn’t bother to collect her discarded clothing, so I tossed them into the bin to be washed, then distributed to anyone who they might fit that hadn’t planned out their changes too well.

I love it when a transformation comes together.  One more happy customer, and another goodly chunk of money for my future plans. 

I went back into the Lab after re-opening the shop and setting the door chime.  I began working on my personal project.  Stage Three and Four were very simple, and the shop had the procedures well-documented.  Since I wasn’t planning to mimic Alisaunra perfectly, that would blunely be plagiaristic, but to create an Homage to my teacher to later build into something exotic just like her main skin.  If a customer came in, I’d be alerted.

As I began my work, and set aside the last of my projects, then set about the task of what I called “Stage One.”  it was supposed to be an eye coloration change that would supposedly let me see even in the most pitch black environments, and most distant things.  It was based on Katja’s eyes, though I wasn’t looking to mimic her three. But I’d given enough room in the formula that if something went terribly wrong, it was most likely to give me another pair of eyes.

This was probably a key lesson in alchemy.  The more you try to force a transformation down a narrow path, the harder it is.  Sometimes you have to make room for the inherent chaos to say hello, lest you invite a catastrophic failure, as you hear about at least once a month.  It’s one of the reasons Mistress Alisaundra’s concoctions often have the unintended side-effects of transformation such as extra breasts, lipples and other aesthetic choices that might flow with her intended design and look like part of the package.  Not leaving the wiggle room for at least a little unintended randomness and chance would inevitably result in some customers winding up with horrific results, such as dissolving into a ball of serpents, or turning into a mass of transformatively random cock tentacles that would grab everything in reach and fuck them into a larger mass of cocks joined to itself.

Of course, it’s always surprising when it happens to you, even when you allow for it.  As I tilted the eyedropper up and let the single drop of fluid spill out onto my eye, then the other the itching, tingling, maddening sensation of warping change triggered.  This was the true test.  Did I do everything right?

A thrill of fear slipped through me as I briefly went blind.  Anything could happen as my eye sockets and cheeks burned with an intense but pleasurable heat.  I closed my eyes tight and waited.  In the minute or so of change, when I opened my lids I might have the eyes I wanted, or I might have more eyes than I wanted.  I could open my eyes and be blind, or open my eyes to discover that they had been replaced by pussies like Charlize, or my brain could turn into muscle and support flesh for a fuckhole on my forehead.

Fortunately, as I opened my eyes when the burning heat subsided, I could see, and well!  Everything was crystal clear, sharp, colors more vivid and things distant held easily discernible details as though under a magnifying glass.  But somehow the perspective was strange and unfamiliar, and as I turned my head, I got mildly dizzy, then moved carefully over to a mirror to look at my eyes.  All four of them.

The whites of my eyes had been darkened to black, and my blue irises had a metallic, vivid and near-glowing sheen to the lovely blue.  But what was surprising was actually seeing the pair of smaller eyes that had opened up on my cheekbones, just below my normal pair and offset slightly outward.  I was looking into four eyes, and seeing through them.  Against my bronzed skin and white hair the effect was eerie, disturbing and alluring all at once.  All four eyes blinked, and I found I was able to move the eyelids independently, normally, as though I had been born with them.

“Okay, that looks cool.”  I took a breath and moved slowly.  With a little care, while my brain got used to the added perspective, I was soon able to move normally.  Everything else felt normal, from the sway of my hips to the wobble of my four tits, so I took a breath, and continued my work.

One immediate benefit I noticed was a greater depth perception.  I could get a better feel for how distant everything was, and though I hadn’t planned for it, I had this funny feeling that I was not going to regret the extra eyes at all. 

Mikaela, for her part was being awfully quiet, “Hey there pussy you doing okay?”

Mikaela didn’t respond with words, just with a dreamy contented bliss as she was able to simply subsume herself in being my vagina than I could hers.  I was kind of jealous of her ability to simply go with the flow and subsume herself into her role.  Some days I got the impression that she wished she could just stay that way, as she was always slow to rise when she was in charge, always reluctant and distracted.  The only things that really seemed to wake her up were sex and interesting prospects for transformation.

“You actually like it better between my thighs than walking around don’t you?” I said mildly.

I do, came the unexpected, dreamy reply.

That surprised the hell out of me.  Mostly because I couldn’t imagine wanting to permanently BE nothing more than a pussy.  “Do you want me to find a way to make being a pussy permanent for you?”

Love, I thought you’d never ask, I would adore staying right where I am and just being able to enjoy.  You’re good to me, make me happy.  Feed me good vibrations and fun hard dicks.  And I get to relax, and enjoy the bliss, talk to you, and just not worry.  And i enjoy teasing you, making you squirm, making you cum with me.


Mikaela did not disagree, and it gave me food for thought.  If she really wanted what she was asking, I’d be more than happy to give it to her and treat her like nothing more than my pussy, and shared lover.

This also freed me from some constraints on how I might transform our shared body.  All of my current phased transformations were set up to only manifest when I was the one up and walking about, allowing Mikaela to create her own distinct look.  Little had I realized that she’d chosen vertical lips a long time ago.

And, almost as if to tease me and taunt me, she deliberately clamped on the gel vibrator clipped to her mouth and as quickly released it, then clamped again, releasing and clamping, making me moan in ecstasy like a whore as the real orgasm exploded in my thighs.  I almost lost my grip on the vial I had picked up as my Pussy delightfully demonstrated her well-trained knack for giving both of us a rollercoaster of pleasure at her whim.  I couldn’t keep any of my four eyes open at the sensations.

“Oh you bitch.”  The blissfully happy, silently smug emotions pouring from between my thighs were the only answer I got.  Fortunately orgasming as a pussy was tiring, so she sort of zoned out.  Multiple orgasms could wear you out to the point where you were mentally and physically nonfunctional for an hour or more after you woke up as a person the next day.

For my next trick, I was able to swallow the vial I had almost dropped.  Then I went to a chair and sat down as the churning and burning was accompanied by a moderately unpleasant “scraping” feeling that was the opposite of bodies merging in my arms and shoulders as my arms and shoulders thickened downward, bones and muscles dividing and splitting into four fully-formed appendages.  When the churning stopped, my whole body felt strange, like I was radiating energy from the inside out, it felt like a caffeine rush and being hyper all at once.  But rather like having four breasts, having four fully-formed arms was an alien, yet delightful sensation.  It’s a good thing that customers were so very infrequent, as in my haste I’d forgotten to remove my double-cleavage displaying blouse.  It tore open and ruined it, so I tossed it, opting to go bare-chested.

As alien as having four hands felt, I had apparently gotten the formula completely right.  Onto the next phase, which involved one of Alisaundra’s spare sets of gloves.

When you think of fingerless gloves, generally you don’t think of a seven-inch long dildo integrated into the palm.  In this case, the white leather of the four gloves fit my skirt, so I decided to use them.  A little primer smeared along the  flesh-like dicks and When I pressed the first one to my lower-right palm and it slid right through skin and bone I tried not to scream, instead jamming my hand through the finger holes and tying the delicate straps as my shaking hand and arm transformed internally.

As the strange sensation felt less paralyzing I found I could move my fingers and wrist again, each movement causing the glove’s integrated dildo to slide slightly in or out of the thin set of labia that met a clitoral nub between my ring and middle finger.  It felt strange, and it felt good.

Over the course of the next half-hour, the other three gloves went into my other three palms, and when my hands finally stopped feeling shaky and I could move again without instantly overwhelming myself with sensations, I went to my last bit of the homage.  A specially treated tube of lipstick was the last part as I delicately and carefully smeared the vividly red color all my nipples and areolas, completely covering the round nubs, and shuddering as my tits, all four of them seized moments later, one at a time, each forming a pair of lush lips matching the ones on my face, growing a tongue with a toothless passage as my tits settled into a combination of mouth and pussy with labia and clit behind human lips. The tongues shifted around and god it felt good.

When I recovered, I took a look at myself in the full-body mirror.  I could have gone further, and changed myself to match my employer more totally, but this was enough for me.  It was already almost too overwhelming to begin with, and it was going to take MONTHS to get used to the new sensations as a pair of tongues teased clits inset behind nipple-sensitive lips on my tits while the other pair lasciviously licked their lips at my reflection.  I actually had to sit down as my own body betrayed me, and even though I could control my new bits, I really didn’t want to as the pleasure washed over me.

I was, thankfully, saved by the bell, and was able to rip myself from my blissed-out reverie.  It was time to show the new me to my customer base!

Casual Wickedry tends to attract particular types of clients.  Alisaundra’s bent is one of femininity, beauty and sensualizing the human body, so, naturally most of her customers are of the type who want a transformation of a feminine variety that is sensual, exotic, openly sexual, you name it or they want to take advantage of her fine-tuned expertise in merging two people into one body.  Other Alchemists specialize in other thematics.  Nuvari Kas Specializes in Animal/human Chimera, Togresti specializes in the celebration of the masculine, and other, more distant alchemists such as Zoe specialize in once-human sex pets while Burton Corbin specializes in battleforms for arenas and military use.

So whenever we have a nervous young man looking twitchy like he’s half-committed and half-ready to flee, odds are he’s looking to undergo a change that would immediately result in his Man-Card being revoked.  The confident ones invariably want something ”special” for a wife or girlfriend.

He was about five-nine, an inch shorter than me, with a shock of brown hair and a thin build.  His eyes went wide as he saw me in all my topless glory.  I had seen that tear between fear and arousal when confronted with what might happen, but always directed at Alisaundra, almost never at me.  Having three or four breasts was common enough to be mildly exotic rather than a major thing, but lipples, extra limbs and eyes tended to be considered with a less… harmless light.

“Welcome to Casual Wickedry, I am Zasha, the apprentice of the house.  Welcome to our establishment.”  I smiled, both with my face and the lips on my breasts.  The erection tenting his shorts warred with his look of apprehension.

“Apprentice?” he was stammering slightly, obviously not used to being in proximity with transformers.

I nodded.  “Relax love, I don’t bite, and these aren’t accidents.  I actually just finished these features a little while ago for my Journeyman testing.  Still not used to them quite yet, but they’re fun!”

Now he was curious.  “You actually chose to…”

He paused at my grinning nod.  “Absolutely, love. Part of the point of an Alchemy Artistic shop is that mastery is not shown by how well you can avoid partaking in your own product, but by how you sculpt yourself to show you know what you’re doing.”  I wasn’t going to mention that the pair of eyes on my cheeks wasn’t intended.  If you have it, own it.  Make it yours.

He nodded.  “Then you’ll be making the commission I ask for?”

“Oh, Demons no, love, I’m still an apprentice, so the only way any of my training concoctions can be used is on myself, which I used to enhance the lovely figure, four breasts and face my boss gave me, sold to other alchemists who can work with raw or rough potion vials and refine them into something less risky, or to charity organizations that provide transformations free of charge.”  As I spoke, I ticked off on the fingers of my lower-left hand for emphasis while reaching for his hand and guiding him to the lush chair we usually reserved for shy customers.

I didn’t blame him.  I had taken a truly obnoxious risk, altering myself without supervision, but in the end, I had to take the plunge sooner or later, and I actually did better work without the Sex-monster Alchemist Half-demon standing over my shoulder evaluating my work.  But I was enjoying his mixed reactions.

I sat down across from him, and looked.  “Nervous about what you want to ask for?”

He nodded.  “I…”  he was looking at my body, not with that hungry eye I’ve seen on guys’ faces too many times.  Yep.  One of Alisaundra’s regular customers.

“Looking to discover what it’s like to have breasts of your own?” I asked lightly.

Yep.  Dead on again.  I’d seen it too many times.  He went pale and like a deer caught in the lights at night.  His mouth opened and closed.”

“Relax, sweetie, I’m not here to judge you.  In fact, the less complicated your request is, the more likely Mistress Alisaundra keeps what you’re looking for in stock.”  I stood up and spread my arms, giving a twirl, letting my skirt and hair flare and then settle sexily as I looked at him.  “This body isn’t the one I was born with, so I won’t judge you.”

The sigh of relief was palpable.  “My ah… Best friend, Maliya is a hermaphrodite, but she prefers the feminine look or I’d just ask to have… both.”

I smiled.  That was simple enough, and I could brew that much if Alisaundra wouldn’t kill me for selling my work before my Journeyman training began.  “Alright then, love, just feminine Hermaphrodite? Any special requests?”

He shook his head.  “No, just looking for the basics.  No frills.”

I nodded.  “Ok so, fair warning, you are aware that Alchemy is never exact, and that even with the best potions and serums, unexpected side-effects can, and often do occur?”

He nodded.  “I mean I wouldn’t mind breasts like yours, or something.  But I’m scared of really big changes.”

I smiled.  “No worries, sweetie.  Does your girl have a preference?  Blondes? Redheads?”

He shrugged.  “She seems to be an equal-opportunity looker.”

“Well love, I have three hermaphrodite serums in stock.  Simple change for the boss, but since all three are left over from someone who backed out of a change with a specific change, they’re set up for would-be porn stars who got cold feet.  You’re welcome to wait for Mistress Alisaundra to get done with business and return, or we can get you set up with what we have on hand.”

“What do you have on-hand?”

“So what I have is a hermaphrodite with six tits transformation, that’s the mild one.  The other two are a body pillow girl without arms and legs, but having both a cock and a pussy for whomever becomes your new owner.”

The young man shivered at that one, as I mentally crossed that one off the list.  “The last one would most likely be a redhead with a pussyface, ass-pussy and no arms.”

“I think I would be happy with the first one.” he said while nodding.

“If you wish, the boss can make you a unique one tailored to you if you wait.”

“If I take the abandoned one, do I get a discount?”

I grinned.  “Oh Mistress Alisaundra would like you.  Yes, Twenty percent off if you accept that one.”

“Now the scary part, how much does it Cost?”

“A bit more than your average Alchemist in town.  Depends if you’re looking for the risky parts of the transformations to be channeled towards things more in-line with what you’re looking for.  This kind of transformation?  The usual risks tend to run towards more breasts, a couple fewer, changes to the penis, or in your case, your butthole might become the pussy.  There’s a few ways this might play out, but usually there’s no major unexpected side-effects with the boss, but they happen even to the best.”

He nodded.  “So I have a bit extra, anything you’d recommend for an add?”

I smirked.  “Well if you plan on giving your would-be lover oral sex, I know a few add-ons that can make the practice more enjoyable.”

“Maybe.”  he handed over the coin, and I smiled and hunted up the correct rack and collected up the vial.  I also collected what looked like a pair of wax-paper wrapped lollipops on a whim. “Maybe” indeed.

I set the two lollipops on the table and held up the vial.  “You prefer to do this here, or when you get home?”

He bit his lip, and it was cute.  “Now, before I have a chance to lose my nerve.”

I grinned and nodded, handing the vial over.  “Bottoms up, love.  Might want to strip.”

He laughed and popped the stopper with a thumb and before he could think, emptied the small container into his mouth, and immediately his eyes went wide as I settled to watch, using one of my new hands to tease the lips on my lower-left breast.  I always loved watching the transformations, even the more mundane ones.

I never asked the boy’s name.  It didn’t matter in the long run, as it became rapidly clear that he was going to need a new one anyway.  As he stripped his shirt and pants off it became rapidly apparent that the serum would waste no time as his hips expanded and his ass swelled, waist tightening and a throaty moan that rose several octaves as the burn becan signalled that the creature with a pair of pants bunched up around her ankles shuddered and felt her flesh burn and ripple, shifting with unnatural heat as she closed her brown eyes, opening them with a vivid emerald color as hair thickened, darkened and lengthened rapidly.

She fell back into her chair and grabbed at swelling breasts, and trying to ward off the heat as the nipples and bumps rapidly formed while her face reshaped, lips swelled and cock went fully erect, thickening and growing to a full seven inch length before the tip split and her dick split into two fully-formed members.  I found myself biting my lip and teasing my lipples, one of my new mouths sucked on fingertips as the former boy’s balls wrinkled up and pulled in, forming a pair of sexy slits side by side between her thighs.  Pornstar elixirs all were more volatile, and that showed itself there.  The studios around town weren’t exactly worried about unexpected changes that could heighten the interest factor of the film, and it looked like the pretty thing got lucky.  At least until her tongue changed.

Now I sat up with interest as her tongue pushed out, and turned more cylindrical, erect and she stared incredulously as the dick her tongue had become stuck out and the frantic look in her eyes was on the verge of despairing panic.  It wasn’t what she wanted.

I wished I had the boss’ sensitivity to mana as the new hermaphrodite looked at her new tongue, sticking out more than six inches was freaking her out.  Time for damage control.

“Hey hey hey, love, calm,” I slid over and climbed onto her lap, straddling and got close, examining the protruding penis.  “Breathe calm, let me have a look.”

As she had me in her lap, warm, inviting and still wildly female and attractive even if my eyes were very odd, her twin dicks and tongue got harder, straining.  “I’ll help you release the strain in a minute.” 

She tried to calm her breathing as I gently pried her jaws apart and looked in her mouth.  Nothing was fused, her teeth were still there, but her tongue was as it appeared, though attached further back.  “Can you breathe ok?”

“Uh Huh.”  She could at least do that with a lovely, throaty voice.

“Ok, sweetie, I want you to relax and try to calm.  I’m going to take the strain off, ok?”

She nodded and closed her eyes.  I didn’t need to do what I did, but bluntly?  I liked what I saw, and if the former boy’s love interest rejected her, as often happened in situations like this, I might as well stake my claim now.  I took the tip of the tongue-dick in my lips and teased.  The perspective with four eyes was very different but the taste was the same as I pushed my lips over my teeth and sucked in the glans and about an inch of shaft, teasing my tongue across it before beginning to suck gently.  Her eyes shot wide and looked into my four.

I felt the head swell and jerk, then flood my mouth with salty spunk, filling my mouth as I swallowed gently, enjoying the salty taste.  Being a pussy for half of my last two years really killed my aversion to oral sex, though I did miss the sensations.  My new partner moaned and kept cumming, and on my third swallow, the flow petered out and the dick in her mouth went flaccid and began to withdraw.

“Oh God, that felt good.”  She looked almost surprised.  “Hey I can talk again!”

“Good thing too, sweetie, that voice of yours would be a waste without that ability.”  I smiled.  Want me to take care of the rest of your… issues?”  I rubbed my hips against her twin penises between her thighs.

“Please.” she said weakly, wistfully, disbelieving as I slid up and reached under my skirt and made Mikaela come awake as the deliriously delicious vibrations stopped, only to shut her up by pressing her lips to the unfamiliar cock and sliding down on the shaft as the second rubbed across her “face.”

As I slid down to the root and settled I smiled at the girl.  “I think you turned out lovely.”  I leaned in to kiss her, and moved my torso, doing something I’d always loved when Alisaundra did it to me and took her top four new nipples into my soft lipples and suckled them with my breasts, teasing with my tongue as I leaned in for a kiss.  I got another mouthful as her tongue went immediately turgid as I began to slowly, teasingly rock hips, flick tongues and suckle with my mouth on the creature stuck on the couch.

When she came, I wasn’t done, slipping out the spent shaft and making my sentient puss squeal as she got another soft, firm, fleshy rod to squeeze on.  When I finally felt her climax, and Mikaela decided to bring us both along for the ride, I opened all four of my eyes and just sank to her hilt and opened my four eyes and stared into her emerald soul-windows.  “Feeling better?”

“Oh yes, that was amazing.”  The dreamy look in her eyes was worth it.  “Those four blues you have are growing on me.”

I smiled.  “Well, if your Lady you pursue, doesn’t turn out to be the one, come by and visit sometime.  I also can be found in the tentacle’s caress at Week’s end.”  Oh Demons, Alisaundra’s overly archaic and formal speech modes have infected me!

She looked at me and nodded dumbly.  “I… Oh demons I’m tempted now.”

“Then I did it right” I said smugly as I slipped off her and grinned.  “Let me find you some…”  i went to a heavy trunk and rummaged around, bringing out a black wrap-around skirt and a corset with enough cups to contain her that looked big enough.

The good news was that the skirt fit well, but the corset was a little too tight, the cups too small, but pressed up her three sets of cleavage up in a rather fetching way.  “Gonna need new clothing, love.”

“That’s fine,” she said nonchalantly, “I’ll just use the discount you gave me on new clothing.”

I snorted as the bell on the door rang.  “Discounts?  In my shop?” came the incredulous voice as she looked at and evaluated.  The wasp-leather-clad redhead that was my boss instantly realized something was amiss.  “Who’s your friend, Where’s Viola and what’s going on.”

“Well I didn’t get her name, but I did get her wallet.” I smirked.  “She bought lot nineteen.”

“Ah!”  Alisaundra immediately cheered and held one of her four arms out to the new hermaphrodite.  “I’m Alisaundra, the person responsible for the imp that has been tormenting you.”

“Curt… I guess Caley fits better now.”

“Welcome to the sisterhood Caley.”

“Thank you!” The brunette blushed.  I think I need to go buy clothing before the tailors close!”

“Go love!” I grinned.  “See you later?”

“Oh I hope so.”  the new sexy creature said as she skipped out.  As the door closed I sighed in relief and slumped into the chair.

“Rough day without me?”

“No.” I sighed.  “Nineteen was a bit more volatile than expected.  Hermaphrodite yes, six breasts yes, but the doubled penis and vagina she was ok with but the dick-tongue was almost a deal-breaker.”

“I see you jumped on that issue.”

“Hell yes I did!  Did you see the girl?  She turned up gorgeous!”

“She was? Totally hadn’t noticed.” my boss deadpanned at me.  “And Viola?”

“Sold to a friend from the Caress, and fitted properly, before you ask.  She’s now fused into your former Play body.”

“Annd… Oh my” she said as she saw the bill of sale.  “Generous.”  Then she turned to me and unceremoniously took my four wrists into her hands, and pulled my arms out, examining my new limbs, how they joined my body, then teased my new lipples and examined my eyes critically, and looked at the white, fingerless gloves.  “Those had…”

“Still do.” I smirked.

“And how did all of this happen?” her lower-left hand waved at my new form.

“Well, my project I’d been mapping out?  I completed this part as my homage and acknowledgement to my teacher.  Most of the features should be obvious, the eyes I used the formula Katja’s eyes were based on.”

She took another look, sliding fingers along my body, teasing the four new pairs of lips on my chest.  “So you aren’t done?”

I shook my head.  “The rest I intend to do below the hips.  Now whether it’ll involve extra legs, changed legs, no legs, undulating or slithering?  I haven’t decided yet and I feel I have time.”

“And you took care to make sure the changes wouldn’t taint Mikaela?”

“I did, but in the future, that’s not a worry.”  I paused.  “Mikaela… prefers riding between the thighs than rubbing them together.”

“I see.”  She looked thoughtful.  The redhead’s eyes traced to the two lollipops on the counter.  “And those?”

“Oh I was going to try and make an extra sale for the new girl.  That clipped short when her tongue turned into a dick.”

“That only takes one.”

“I’m thinking about buying one.  If Mikaela winds up being my pussy forever, and I haven’t decided I’m consigning her to that, I would like to be able to enjoy it when I have a cock in my mouth, right?”

Alisaundra snerked, then set one of the lollipops back into the container, then handed the other to me.  “For a job well done.  You sold Viola, and you saved a sale.  Now even if you got a future infatuated girlfriend out of it later?  Just makes you an imp.”  The redhead paused as she walked back to her office, heels clicking on the hardwood. She turned towards me.

“Well done on the sculpting dear.  I particularly like the eyes.  We’ll start your Journey next week.”

All four of my eyes went wide.

(To be continued)


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