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“That’s big of you, Macy,” he said sarcastically, laughing.

She giggled, “Oh, I’m an absolute giant!” Macy was having a delightful third date, even if it had only just started. The air was cold and crisp, it was just barely trying to snow, and there wasn’t a single criminal in eyesight. She laughed and took Greg’s gloved hand in her mitten. Mission status: optimal; outlook romance.

Macy smiled into a storefront window, enjoying their reflection as they walked by. She was dressed in her favorite red winter coat, a black scarf, her cutest wedge-heeled booties, jeans, and a floppy black winter hat that covered her short brown hair. She had her old figure skates draped over her shoulder by the laces and a too large purse filled with a few work items, because a girl in her profession always had to be prepared. Greg was wearing a smart grey topcoat and had left his cute curly hair exposed to the elements. He smiled at her in their reflection, making his cheeks dimple. They looked every part the cute ingenue going on a winter skating date with her leading man. She smiled and snuggled up to Greg, after the insanity of the last year she needed this.

The novelty of going skating aside, Macy really liked Greg. She knew most of her new coworkers tried not to date ‘civilians’, but things with Greg had been going great. They had been chatting online for a few weeks and their first two dates had gone really well. They seemed to share a sense of humour, liked enough of the same things, and she was certainly attracted to him; it was still early, but Macy was starting to think she wanted this to turn into something. Something ongoing. And this was the third date... Macy blushed, she wasn’t necessarily planning to invite Greg back to her place later, but she wasn’t ruling it out either. She liked him and figuring out if they had chemistry was important, wasn’t it? And it had been way too long since she last had sex with someone.

The pair rounded the corner and Macy could see the skating plaza, all decorated for Christmas with a tree and lights and a collection of seasonal market stalls. She smiled and bounced on her feet, she hadn’t gone skating in ages and was really looking forward to this! Hot chocolate, hand holding, maybe someone slipping and falling into a certain someone’s arms, maybe a laughing tumble or two. But hmmm. Despite her excitement, some part of her, her newly developed cop module, had noticed something. She stopped, eyes scanning the crowd, the buildings, looking for anything out of place. After all the plaza was flanked by the regional headquarters of a national bank and several tech firms, a not impossible spot for trouble. Greg stopped and looked back at her hesitantly, “Macy, is something wrong?” There! At the exit ramp from the secure loading zone of the bank was a group of four men wearing a lot of black leather and pulling touques, no balaclava, down over their faces. Shit! And they had guns! Crime!

Okay, okay, okay, okay. She could do this. Macy pulled Greg after her, turned down a short blind alleyway. Greg looked confused, “Macy, what’s going on?”

Macy handed her ice skates to Greg and started rummaging in her bag. “Remember, how I told you I worked in imports and exports? I’m sorry, but that was a lie; a cover story.” She sighed and smiled apologetically at him, “I’m actually a superhero...”

Greg blinked, “Really? Is this a joke?”

Macy shook her head, brandished the device, kind of a cross between a gas powered paintball rifle, nail gun, and dildo. “Just watch...” She took off her jacket and shoes, and blushing, wiggled out of her sweater and jeans, peeled off her socks. Greg was looking at her, perplexed but maybe still checking her out a bit. Macy sighed, she had wanted him to see her naked soon, but ideally in a more charming and favorably lit way. But duty called. She unhooked her bra, letting her small breasts slip free, and slipped off her nice third date underwear. Greg was blushing and staring, she figured this was the first time her date had randomly stripped naked in an alley. And things were only going to get weirder.

“You should probably stand back a bit,” Macy said as she turned on her device. She quickly checked the settings and steeled herself for the next part. Except, crap, her gas tank was empty! No compressed air meant no super power up. Fuck! A sharp crack of gun fire echoed in the distance. Shit, she didn’t have time for this! She needed to go right now!

“Jesus! Was that a gun!?”

“Greg, I know this is already bizarre, but I need you to do something for me...” Macy’s lip trembled, this was so unfair! Why did this stuff keep happening to her, especially when she was with a guy she liked. Macy hoped that Greg was open minded, or secretly had some very particular fetishes... “Greg, I need you to blow air into my vagina.”

“Macy, what!? This is getting too weird for me.”

Macy tried to keep her voice level. “Can you keep a secret? I’m Parade.”

“Parade? You mean Balloon-girl?”

Macy sighed, why did everyone keep calling her that? She picked the name Parade, it was on all of the promotional materials, and... “Yes, I’m Balloon-girl, and I need you to inflate me so I can go stop those bank robbers.” She blushed, “I need you to do it manually, which means blowing air directly into my pussy...”

Greg swallowed nervously, “Okay... So what do I do?”

Macy put her nice jacket down on the dirty alley and laid on top of it, using the rest of her clothes as a pillow to prop herself up. She smiled shyly and spread her legs open. “J-just put your lips against my pussy and blow into it like a balloon.” She drew in a big, deep breath, and blew it out to demonstrate. “Like that, okay? Over and over. I’ll start to inflate, quicker than should be possible, and pretty soon I’ll be big and ready to go stop the bad guys. Okay?”

Another burst of gunfire rang out, making Greg flinch. “Okay,” he nodded, dropped to his knees, positioned himself between her legs, bent forward. He lowered his face down, lips inches from Macy’s bare pussy. He looked up at her with his brown eyes, “Are you sure?” She nodded yes and then he was kissing her pussy, lips pressed firmly against her vulva. Macy suppressed a gasp, his lips were warm and despite everything she was getting aroused. This next part always felt so good. Greg took a long deep breath and Macy bit her lip in anticipation. Her legs trembled and Greg blew his first lungful of air into her, into her vagina. She gasped, feeling his wind blow impossibly through her, reach intimate places inside that shouldn’t exist. “Again!” she gasped, and Greg obliged by blowing another large puff of air into her. This time Macy moaned, she couldn’t help herself, as Greg’s air filled her completely, stretched her insides, made her bigger. She felt taught, squeezed wonderfully from within, “More!” Another breath and this time Macy felt herself really start to grow, filled so totally that she was expanding past her starting point; inflating. Another breath and she felt her breasts pop; suddenly, inexplicably expanding from her small buds to large, round, gravity defying spheres. She reached out and grabbed her enlarged tits, hands sinking into them like balloons. “Oh fuck! More!” Inflating this way always felt sooo goood. Macy held up her hand, watched the skin loose it’s fine texture, become vaguely plastic, her fingers plump up slightly and lengthen. Greg forced more air into her, and she felt her hips widen; her thighs and ass inflate, plump up into literal bubbles. She reached down, clutched Greg to her crotch with hands already bigger than dinner plates. Greg blew more air into her and she started to really grow, becoming taller, longer, wider. She moaned, bit her hugely swollen, inflated lips, felt their inhuman pliability. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! It felt like she was filling with pressure, become a vessel just waiting to burst. A zeppelin waiting to explode! She gasped as she felt her labia and clit inflate, become swollen and pressurized, her own special party balloons, somehow more sensitive in their new form. Oh fuck! Ohhhhh.... She looked down, squeezed her beachball tits aside, saw a diminutive Greg still gamely blowing into her vagina even as it grew big enough to swallow his face. She squeezed him between her thighs; her now huge, balloon thighs, and felt him displace the air in her legs as she compressed him. Of fuck! She wanted to come, to release all this built up pressure, to roar with her own wind! But she couldn’t come. Not yet. Not if she was going to stop the robbers! Fuck! She whined, “Greg you have to stop now, ooooohhh...”

Greg stopped blowing, wiggled free of her body, and Macy stood up on buoyant, shaky legs. She was more than thirty feet tall, which was plenty big to take down some small time thugs. “Th-thank you Greg,” she stammered in her helium-high squeaky voice, a byproduct of her transformation into Parade. She blushed, her now plasticized skin still able to show her embarasssment. “Can you get out my mask?”

“Oh sure,” Greg said, blushing himself. He reached into her bag and pulled out a large black piece of cloth. Macy carefully reached down, unfolded it, and pulled the giant domino mask over her face, became Parade. “Stay safe,’ she squeakily implored Greg as she bounced off to catch some criminals.

Ever since that fateful Christmas Party when she had huffed a balloon full of helium waste from the prototype hydrogen fusion reactor, Parade had wanted to use her new powers to fight evildoers. She had learned the weirdly intimate way to activate her growth and discovered she was basically indestructible while in her inflated form. Parade had gotten herself certified superhuman, taken the required heroic training program, and even joined the Fellowship of Justice where she was a salaried Junior Fellow. To her slight annoyance, Fellowship Command usually deployed Parade as crowd control and civilian rescue: she was big, hard to ignore, and simultaneously tough and squishy enough to help people in tough situations. While the work was rewarding, she often felt like she had more to give than being a big warning balloon or human crashpad. And today, she resolved, was going to be the day. Even she could take down a bunch of bank robbers, right? Parade bounded into the Skating Plaza, a zaftig three-story naked woman-balloon bent on justice.

Parade surveyed the scene. While she was getting blown up, the criminals had made their move. The happy Christmas crowds had already scattered, driven away by the gunfire, leaving the skating plaza weirdly deserted. The crooks had stopped an armored truck and managed to get the driver’s door open. They were wrestling a final guard out of it, pushing him towards the other fleeing guards. Good, the robbers didn’t appear to be interested in taking hostages, which really simplified things. “Stop in the name of Justice!” Parade squeaked as loudly as she could, wishing for the thousandth time her voice didn’t do the helium thing.

“Fuck off Balloon-girl!” One of the thugs yelled, apparently unimpressed.

“Yeah go find a Turkey Day parade, ya fucking Airhead!” shouted another, making a third goon laugh.

“Oh that fucking does it!” Parade launched herself at the goons as fast as she could. Her inflated limbs were a little clumsy and slow to move, but she was light and had a good tailwind, so she hurtled at the bandits. One of them panicked, lowered his submachine gun and rattled off a burst of gunfire. The bullets all struck Parade, but rather than pop her, they bounced off of her indestructible skin and ricochetted, one bullet clipping one of the robbers in the leg, making him drop and howl. Good riddance asshole! Parade managed to keep bouncing forward, line up a thug, and throw the hardest punch she could muster. Her giant fist smashed into the crook, but it mostly bounced off of him, staggering the man only slightly. Parade was big, but she was also very light and lacked any real momentum. She lashed out at another robber anyway, and this one panicked, fired his shotgun, and got a face full of ricochet birdshot for the trouble. He dropped to the ground holding his face and screaming. Two down.

“Get in the fucking truck!” The fourth goon yelled from the drivers seat. The crook she had punched ran for the door, smartly dodged her slow-moving grasp, and jumped into the armored car. Parade floated herself into the path of the truck, planning to cut it off. The truck revved its engine and drove straight at her. Parade girt her teeth, braced her feet against the ground, got ready to stop the truck. The truck rammed into her and boing! Parade went flying, tumbling lazily in the air like an untethered balloon. Fucking lack of momentum! As she floated back to the ground Parade wished she could’ve inflated herself inside the truck, neatly crushed the goons with her indestructible hugeness. But instead she was doing this the hard way. As she landed and bounced gently on the ground, Parade watched the armored truck turn left and roar out of the plaza.

Parade started to bound after the truck. While she was slow and awkward when inflated, with a clear runway and a favorable wind she could hop along like an astronaut on the moon and really pick up speed. The armored truck weaved through traffic, honking and slowing, while Parade simply skimmed along, bounding over cars and trucks, steadily gaining ground.  The armored truck did have a lead and a faster top speed, so Parade really only had one chance to catch it. At the end of the street was a T-intersection: a left turn that led deeper into the city, or a right which led to the river and the expressways out of town. If Parade guessed the turn, she could maybe get ahead of the truck and try to stop it again. Right, she decided.

Parade bounced as high as she could and got herself ready as she floated back down. Time to make like a balloon and fly! As she hit the ground, she pushed down with all her might, super double-bounced, and floated up up up and over the four story building to her right. She bounced across the roof and dropped down, watched as the fugitive armored truck rounded the corner and drove towards her. She’d guessed right! She willed herself to fall faster, to land in front of the truck. “Ooof!” Instead she fell right into its path, was slammed into, and pinned against its front, her huge inflated breasts mashed against the bulletproof windscreen. Which actually was pretty ideal. The blinded driver of the truck made the vehicle juke and sway, tried to dislodge Parade who held on as tightly as her slick balloon-fingers could manage. She growled, refused to let go. The truck jumped the curb, clipped a streetlight and a mailbox, and skidded back into the street, still racing forward. Parade reached out, managed to snag a post, hold onto both it and truck at the same time. She felt her arm stretch, which didn’t hurt, but she was trusting her inflated indestructibility to keep it from snapping off. “Oh fuck!” She squeaked, as the truck took the next turn too fast, lost the road, smashed through the barrier, and dive right into the river. Haha! Take that fuckers! The air-headed Balloon-girl strikes again!

Parade didn’t have time to savor her victory, since the truck splashing into the water dislodged her and snapped her back along her stretched arm. Parade rammed into a line of trees on the sidewalk next to the river, flipped over and over, her arms getting tangled in the branches, and her naked balloon butt drifting down to sit on the cold pavement. “Fuck!” She tried to move her arms, but she didn’t have the strength to break them free of the branches. She was caught like a kite or well, balloon. “Fuck fuck fuck...” If the other Fellows of Justice found her like this she would never live it down....

“Macy! Are you okay!?’

“Greg?” Macy looked down and there was Greg, red faced and out of breath. He must have run after her down the street. Macy blushed under her mask, just what she needed, another round of dating humiliation. “Actually,” she admitted, “I’m stuck...”

“Can’t you, like, deflate?”

“About that....” Macy blushed darker still, “I can only deflate if I orgasm...”

“What? That sounds way too porn parody logic to be true!”

“Ugh! I know!” Macy looked away from Greg. “Normally I would just rub one out, but with my arms trapped, I’m stuck!”

“Uh... M-maybe... I could h-help?”

Macy looked at Greg who was blushing nearly as much as she was. “Y’know... if you wanted me too...”

Macy nodded, smiled. Not only was Greg here to rescue her, he actually seemed eager to finish what he started, to give her release. Maybe she hadn’t scared him off yet. Macy opened her giant legs, baring her inflated, plasticized pussy. She watched Greg carefully approach her, game plan what to do. She trembled and bit her swollen lips, oh fuck but she wanted this. Greg stopped, face to face with a pussy at least a foot and a half long with an enlarged clit the size of a tennis ball. He took a breath, leaned over, and kissed her clit gently, then harder, pressing his face against it, making her inflated clit deform in shape. Macy gasped, bucked, felt her tree-tangled arms hold her steady. She was giant but restrained and helpless, completely at the mercy of her tiny lover. She moaned, oh fuck this was actually pretty hot! Greg brought his hands up to cup and caress her engorged, air filled clitoris, kissed it again and again, started licking it. Macy was panting, she tried to grind her ass into the pavement, made herself bounce a bit. Greg held on, grabbed a handful of labia, kept licking her big clit. Macy moaned again and Greg started to drag his hands over her labia, to slide his fingers inside her, to run his palms up and down the the inside edges of her opening. “Oh god, oh fuck!” This was amazing! Was this even happening? Macy never wanted it to stop, wondered if Greg could be her sexual sidekick. She squeezed her huge, balloon thighs closed on Greg, crushed him against her, into her. Greg kept his face pressed to her clit, kept licking and started nuzzling it, rubbing his face to stimulate her. He pushed his whole arms inside of her, made Macy whoop in surprise, try to sit up, and then gasp as he started to drag his hands along the sensitive roof of her vagina, to squeeze and grasp the hardened ridge of her clitoris from the inside. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” She was so close, she could feel all the pressure, all the air inside of her tremble, beg to be released. Could feel herself inflating in a different way, a new and better pressure, somehow more urgent. Oh fuck! Oh! Ah-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And then Macy burst! She came! Her body contracted, pushed the air out of her in a blast from her cunt!

Macy came back to herself, naked on the cold ground, back to her original size and thin body. She sat up and saw a very ruffled looking Greg pick himself up from where her escaping air had blown him. He smiled shyly at her and hurried over to help her up. She smiled, “Thank you.”  He grinned in reply.

Macy bent to fetch her fallen face mask, draped it over her shoulders and wrapped it around herself like a dress, pausing to readjust an eye-hole to hide a breast. “I have your clothes,” Greg said, holding up her stuffed purse. She smiled, such a good guy. “Do you want to get dressed?”

“I have a better idea,” Macy said, playfully sly. “I think you should come back to my place so I can thank you for the rescue, maybe test out what happens when I blow on your cock...”

Greg just smiled and nodded, blushing.

Maybe it was a good third date after all?