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Topic: Looking for old author and his stories

A good number of years ago when I started getting into tg tf and extreme transformation stories through deviantart I stumbled across an author who wrote stories I really enjoyed. I found out he had more stories on his own website that were more extreme. I tried to find the website again recently but couldn't and since I can't remember the site address I can't even use waybackmachine ore similar programs to look back. Of the stories I remember there was one where a boy spied on a coven of witches, got caught, turned into a girl via being covered in worms, a lesbian orgy happened involving a donkey. Another story had people putting on magical costumes including a centaur (2 people conjoined), a wolf/fox anthro (this was tg) and one other person. And the final story I can remember involves a person becoming a succubus and at one point was summoned by a nerdy girl. The circle gave the succubus extra power and she transformed to have a cock and wrecked the nerdy girl. If anyone finds the website or remembers the URL please tell me.


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Might be pgfalcon


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It is indeed pgfalcon. Thank you very much